nov 24 2014

heh. a guy  sorta know who is 1 year older than me got a computer science degree and now he is working similar  am. because he went to an average university and took like 6 years to complete the degree and had only one sub-average internship.

but he is a really smart guy, above average intelligence, way above, and handsome and funny and have a mancrush on him.

he joked that he diagnosed himself as having “atypical depression with INTERPERSONAL REJECTION SENSITIVITY” or hypersensitivity.

That was great,  thought. that made my day. Me and him should start a club. The lonely hearts club. have the same thing.

see, no one likes being rejected, but normalfags get over it in like 2 weeks, and don’t become foreveralone nevergf kissless virgins. but if you have INTERPERSONAL REJECTION HYPERSENSITIVITY you get very depressed when someone rejects you, and it takes you like two years to get over it, and you become foreveralone and nevergf.

so am with you there.

another young man seems to like me and gave me his phone number and suggested hanging out.  was honored because he is a nice young man. no he is not gay, he has a wife  and she is very nice. they are both “non-mainstream” so she accepts him being a big soft niceguy unmasculine.

we started talking about music which was nice. could not bring myself to tell him  don’t have time to listen to new music, and  also don’t have time to hang out with new friends. and both these things are very sad.

u r just TIRED of being foreveralone, have not Dated a gurl since  was 22 and even then that was only like a month and got quickly dumped, and was in luv with her, and had interpersonal rejection hyperhypersensitivity. and then Never Dated Again. and it would be Nice to Date Woman8 for like a year. come on.

anyway  just had to write about that. IRS. IRHS.I thought it was hlarious. because what healthy person isn’t sensitive to being rejected? it SUCKS!!!!!

but then it got me thinking, that some of us foreveralone kissless virgin nevergf types, it suck MORE than for normalfags, because it takes us like a year to get over a b1tch rejecting you, whereas for normalfags, it just takes a week, those f00king normalfag degenerate sleazebags.

nov 25

well  not necessarily BITTER about my experiences with wimmin,  over it, but  AM DISAPPOINTED. There was a lot of disappointment.

also being foreveralone isn’t that bad UNLESS you have someone you actually like and want to date. Then foreveralone sucks. It was a LOT better when didn’t like ANYONE.felt just fine being Single and Alone. Not a big deal. Now that there is someone  Like, now everything sucks. damn.

heh. the guys that don’t deserve to bang cute gurls get to. the guys that do deserve to bang cute gurls either are foreveralone virgins, or they bang really ugly gurls.


try to help the new people  because know that feel, of not knowing what youre doing, of being hugely overwhelmed, of panicking and crying and the people you go to for help are b1tches to you and no one wants to help you, and you’re trying not to sound like an idiot. hardest stuff in the world. takes balls of steel. you have to remain calm, but that’s really hard to do. it is EXHAUSTING, never an easy day, and you are exhausted every day.

so  helping them because noone else will and don’t want them to lose their jerbs because they’re “not getting it fast enough.” that is not how you train people! don’t want these people going back to walmart. 50 year old women working part time at walmart for 8 bucks an hour. f00k you k1ke.

so help the new people whenever can. good karma too.



monday nov 17

meh. it wouldn’t be TOO bad of karma if i just “forced” female fren to reject me. I can simply say, do you want to go out with me, yes or no, you can tell me no. It might be a bit awkward but it wouldn’t heap any more bad karma on me. negligible to the tons of bad karma i brought on myself doing stupid things when i was young. and not even regarding women! mainly regarding college and career.

i made mistakes with women but nothing too bad considering i was young and stupid. so i wasn’t masculine enough. b1tches just couldn’t understand and appreciate my style of masculinity.

anyway she admitted to being distant recently, and she’s not wrong there. really the best thing i can do now is just chill out and wait until she figures her thing out. i will not wait 2 to 3 years however.

heh. i have always wanted a gurlfran but i have never been able to get that. either i get rejected before physical action, or i get rejected shortly after physical action. it sucks! so what do i learn? uhhh pick better women. be more masculine. don’t waste time.  i think i have learned those lessons pretty well. so what, now i’m still not masculine enough? I am a far cry more masculine from when I LAST got rejected! So thats the best i can ask. progress not perfection, hahahahahahaha.

i had to do unpaid online training for muh job and because it was unpaid, i half-4ssed it and didn’t really read th emodules, and guessed at the questions, and got enough right to pass in in 15 minutes, when they said it would take an hour. hahahaha, suckerz. want me to take the full hour, then pay me.

anyway.i would give her support she is not willing to give me. i would sacrifice and make changes for her,in ways that she would not be willing to do for me. i like her more than she likes me. that old familiar feel, hahahahaha.

but isn’t it unladylike for a woman to request a man to hang out? sure, but 99.99% of women wouldn’t be able to meet that old-skool standard of ladylikeness.

if a gurl really wants a guy, she makes it EASY for him to BANG her. he doesn’t need to think or worry or try at all.

sh1t. i remember a few months ago she was pretty forward about inviting ME to dinner. this was before i was in luv with her. so i went out to dinner with her and hoped she wasn’t secretly in luv with me, and just enjoyed the platonic frenship dinner. now that i’m in luv with her, i can’t get her to hang out with me. heh. maybe i should pretend not to like her again so i am more like i was a few months ago.

why worry about women when i have career and life to worry about? because i have always wanted women but have NEVER been successful with them, that’s why. If I could “just” go out with a woman for like… year, i could accomplish a LOT in Life and Career during that Year.

But for like the past 12 years i have been wanting to Go Out with Grillz and have always struck out.  Thank GOD I can still focus on other things, like keeping my very hard job, but i don’t have much energy for other things, like getting f4ggot masterz degree and advancing my career. i would much rather advance my love life. despite what skools and colleges and media telling you that career is much more important than luv. or sechs.

heh. i was always jelly of those more winner types who could do BOTH, guys who could go out with grills AND advance their careers. got sechs and cuddles on the reg with college QT’s, while building their own resume towards winning. do not need to be mutually exclusive. well until they move across the country for grad skool or career, then they have to break up because their lives are going separate ways. oh well. life goes on, career is god, all for career.

but these people can leverage their winning careers into winning social power and then always be in demand with the ladeez, so they are rarely wanting for sechs at least, even if they can’t find a gr8 m8 because all these women are Career Women, who make horrible wives and mothers.

heh. one of the few gurls i “went out with” where i went out with her for like a month and i thought she was gonna be muh first gurlfran and i was in luv with her, and she was super young at the time, she has graduated college and graduated grad skool and gotten married and gotten divorced in the past 10 years.

and she probably still looks ok, hahahaha. i refuse to look her up though, too middle class for my blood, hahaha. also she’s crazy and has taken 10000000000 cox.

my female fren woman9 has not taken too manny cox, which is one reason why i would not mind dating her. that and she is attractive and nice and we get along very well. but we have been not getting along as well since i fell in luv with her, hehehehe. i just gotta stay cool for the next couple of weeks until we can finally hang out. it is the up in the air ness which is causing great tension to me. i just want to have a fooking APPOINTMENT to hang out already. none of this MAYBE i’ll text you. it’s like fooking “call me maybe.”



nov 16 sunday 934a

got up early to blog, play settlers, watch local news, drink coffee, go to church with mass 30 minutes earlier.

ideally female fren would have texted me before i got out of work yesterday, i would have come home, freshened up, gone over there and been over there by like 7 pm, cuddle with her till 2 am, come home.

but nooooooooooooo.

anyway she can still redeem her strike here. plus we were real friends before i fell in luv with her, so i still like her as a person, i know you’re not supposed to do that with wimmin, hahahahahaha.

also had a dream last night with Girl3, who i was raging in luv with, who i thought was gonna be my first real gurlfran at age 22, but i was young and stupid and naive and beta and she broke muh heart hahaha. in the dream she looked like she had been doing a lot of tanning and her brown hair was dyed blond and she looked sorta bad, but still bangable and not old and fat. and she was talking on and on in middle class, masterz degree, new york times, career woman, cultural marxist, frankfurt school, progressivist, relativist, pseudo intelligent, smartypants talk, which is kind of a turn on for me in gurls believe it or not, although it shouldn’t be!!!!!

she gave me a hug but i still wanted to bang her and it was obvious i would not be able to bang her.

thankfully that dream was short and relatively painless.

Woman 9 is much more working class and doesn’t talk like that and did not go to a prestigious elite university like Girl3.

anyway. like i say. my entire life is a story of Straddling Working Class and Middle Class. Born Working Class, went to a middle class college and had a chance to do a middle class career, but I went astray, and now i’m back to working class again, and finally beginning to appreciate how stupid and gay the middle class is, and how great and awesome the working class is. but not without its problems. like being poisoned into degenerate losers and mouth breathing prole idiot fat slobs, crystal meth, neck tattoos, jail, trailer trash, juggalos, messy homes, “Sticky countertops” [citation needed] hahahaha, single mothers, broken families, drugs, alcohol, mcdonalds, gambling, neocons, first level thinkers at best, being too weak and gullible sheeple to the elites and their degenerate poison. Not me!


took a nice sunday powernap. now watching jeff dunham, he is pretty funny.

if your pants are most comfortable when they are unbuttoned and unzipped, try buying pants that are 2 waist sizes bigger, hehehehe. 2 inches i mean. look at how many inches are in between the flaps of pants when they are unbuttoned and you are laying down breathing in and your big belly is all the way out there.

monday next day

welp things are not looking good. back to 80 20. sh1t even 90 10. i “joked” that my female fren should have texted me and hung out saturday, i would have liked that. she said sorry i was tired. i was tired too but i would have still hung out! so now for sure i am gonna pull the reins in. don’t beg to hang out with someone who doesn’t want to hang out with you. i certainly will not text her tonight!!!!  if she wants to hang out with me, she can make an appointment like a grownup working adult and say let’s hang out on saturday and none of this i’ll text you if i feel like it crap.

also i will hold back from explicitly inviting her to anything this week. she knows i want to hang out. last week i sent her a blatant text asking about it, and then mentioned it in person too. this week i will not, and at most, say, text me if you want to hang out, although i can’t guarantee i’ll be available haw haw haw.

gotta pull it back. the ball is so in her court it’s not even funny, so when i keep making overtures…..that’s not boding well either.  so pull back for 1 week even 2, because the ball is in her court. heh. i think NEXT week i would be ok to invite her again. this is the same sh1t i did with Woman7: ask her to hang out, then say I would ask her again in 2 or 3 weeks not to seem desperate.

and then 2 or 3 years slipped away hahahaha.

but yeah getting rejected never sucks less. it always sucks horribly. you just can get better at dealing with it. you become a better person. but it itself doesn’t get any less sucky.

you want a type of Emotional Comfort that cannot be provided by friends or family, but only by a Hetero Lover, or Gurlfran if you will. You are willing to give that same comfort to them. but they are not willing to give it to you.

When a gurl’s heart gets broken ONCE, she often goes batsh1t cray cray and or becomes a huge slvt. A Man can survive having his heart broken time and time again, TEN TIMES, and he just becomes more and more resilient.

Men are MANY TIMES more emotionally resilient than women. Men can deal with negative emotions many times better than women can. What one thing of can destroy a woman, a man can take time and time and time again.

We always knew men were physically stronger than women, but it bears repeating that men are also many times emotionally stronger than women, too.  They are emotionally stronger than women even moreso than they are physically stronger than women. You think of women being more “in touch” with their emotions than men, but when it comes to actually dealing with and living with and handling their emotions, men are much stronger than women.


nov 15 sat 808pm

ok female fren has till 9 pm to text me. maybe 930 at the very latest but damn will i be p1ssed then.

thats if she even texts at all. hey i can’t complain i knew what i was getting into, and she never promised anything, and i estimated my odds at 35% at best. so really i am ready to just stay in for the night and chill out at home and be thankful for all my comforts. watch tv, read antisemitic websites hahahahahaahahhahaha.

actually i am too tired to do that. wouldn’t mind smoking some W. and to be honest that would be another nice perk of hanging out with my female fren, is that she likes to do that sometimes. not too much. but pretty sure she would do that with moi. and i wouldn’t discourage her!!!!!!!

but i don’t even really feel like doing anything else. not reading, not even reading 4chan. kinda feel like blogging, this is bretty good mang, i’m thankful for it.

i could also eat like 9000 bowls of spicy stir fry beef with noodles. smoke weed and go do that and then poop brains out for my whole sunday off.

that is not the type of thing i could do if i went out to dinner with my female fren.

hmmm. maybe drink another throwback mt dew w real sugar, real good.

bought a small back of “menthol gold” tobacco at the tobacconist. of course i prefer to smoke non menthol but every once in a while i want the luxury of enjoying a menthol for maybe 5% of my cigs. and why not.

sure, working class people smoke menthols. but there aint nothing wrong with working class. it is where i come from. well, upper working class of unions and stuff, the type of thing where they like to call themselves middle class, and unions protecting the middle class though. i call it upper working class though, while lower middle class have like college degrees and careers.

middle middle class have real good careers, and upper middle class would be like doctors and lawyers and VP’s.

upper class are so rich we don’t even need to describe them, we will never meet them. PLutocrats, top 1%, CEO’s, banksters, the ruling class, elites, etc.

if you’re in the working class you will probably never meet one of these. and even the highest of the middle class are not going to meet a lot of them.

if you have be above average intelligence to have a fulltime working class job……… then how is the average person employed fulltime in a working class or above job????

also shaving your own neck is the best thing ever. i am so happy i did it. i should have been doing this for years. yes. you can shave the back of your own neck and it will look great and you will be very happy about it.

920pm. got 10 minutes baby. honestly. i was going to bed at this time last saturday!!! watch she will text me at like 945 or 10 pm or something. when i said that 930 was my cutoff time.

next day

858 am. early to bed, early to rise. by 10 pm last night i was so tired. turned everything off and went promptly to sleep. got up early today and wanted to play on internet, wanted to blog and sh1t.

can’t really complain because female fren did not COMMIT to anything. sneaky eh? i gotta learn how to do that, when it comes to wimmin, hahahahaha.  no i don’t think she is deliberately screwing me, besides, i knew the odds were NOT in my favor to begin with. also she is not likely to be out partying taking d1k, but more likely to be staying at home just tired.

heh she might be at three strikes by now hahaha. but she can clear it if she texts me today and says sorry and even better come hang out on sunday. i can hang out on sunday, just has to be early.

had a weird dream where i got into big trouble at Werk for making an honest mistake where i didn’t realize the consequences. This stems from a message i actually got at werk saying please don’t do this because the consequences could be serious. i said thank you, duly noted, i did not know that, thank you, sorry. and that will hopefully be the end of it. but in the dream, there was a huge meeting with all of my managers and it was like they were telling me i had cancer or something. they said i was a great worker which made this all the more unfair. they didn’t want to have to do this, but i still had majorly screwed up.

they said i was going to be able to keep my job and i said thank god thank god, i swear i was not being negligent or incompetent, i just didn’t know!!!! later i said to a manager, you can garnish my wages to help pay for the damage i cause, and then they said, yeah, yeah. Oh yes, we will be garnishing your wages. Not saying the amount, but in a way that implied they were gonna garnish the HELL out of me for a long time because it was a HUGE amount of money, much larger than I thought. so that kinda backfired on me, i  was hoping only for a small garnish at worst. and why didn’t they tell me during the meeting that they’d be taking a huge chunk of my pay? wtf? should i quit? could they still come after me for the money??

first real stressful work-related dream, hahahaha. in real life it wasn’t that bad. the guy just said it as an fyi. i guess it could blow up into a big thing, but i don’t think it will. i will take the warning to heart though and not make the same mistake again. see, there are so many potential mistakes you can make, that you should never make, and it’s hard to remember them all. no easy job.


nov 15 2014 saturday 709pm

done with day of work. no easy day. never an easy day! but now i am actually getting good or ok at muh job. so i have more confidence. but i still get nervous answering the phone. every. damn. time. so it’s challenging to get over that and think clearly and calmly and act quickly, like i need to do.

muh female fren said she might be able to hang out tonight so i am waiting for her to text me. of course about only 35% chance she actually will, so my expectations are managed. it is 712 and i wish she would text me sooner rather than later because i have had a long day and don’t like going out too late.

went for powerwalk just now, went for powerwalk yesterday, bought a little blinking light to clip to your clothes so you can be seen at night. i went outside and it really wasnt THAT dark and i ended up barely using it. good news is i am powerwalking again, which i need to do ERRY DAY so as not to become a huge fat4ss.

did not take valium yet. i will bring some valium if i go out to visit her and offer her some. ideally will smoke w33d and take valium and just hang out and cuddle and watch tv or movies and make out a little. or get rejected from any sweet cuddle or make out action.

i prepared the perfect text which tells all. i will never send it, but everything i need to say can be said in 5 texts:

” [event] made me realize how  lucky i am to know you [name]. i wouldnt mind trying to become closer friends with you, if you would be willing to try that. it took me a long time to get to this point, but it finally happened. if it could happen to me, maybe it could happen to you too. i have to be honest and let you know soon though. I still think you are a great person! i think i just started to get feelings for you though. like a switch got flipped. thats why i’ve been acting so weird lately. it doesn’t seem like you feel the same way,  but i hope you do at least a little bit, or are open to the possibility. not that i am crazy in love with you, haha! more like a small crush, or like liking. sorry to make things complicated, but i dont want to hide it from you.”

the end.

we had a decent texting session last night of Intimacy Building. Or maybe i’m just sealing my doom in the friendzone. because i’m too much of a faggy niceguy. i don’t even care, a faggy niceguy is what i am. i am just trying to act natural and be myself honestly and fook what the pickup artist faggots say. of course i’m not gonna lie and pretend like i don’t like her! and will try to show that thru the body language when i hang out with her! it’s just getting to the hangout that is taking a while. and we both work like working class stiffs that we are, working class work takes up all of your free time and all of your social life. you don’t have time for a social life.

but at least you’re not a scumbag parasite loser and can hold up your head high and say i am gainfully employed full time in a middle working class job!!!!!!! and i pay taxes!!!!!!

anyway i would prefer scheduling a definite time a few days in advance, rather than this maybe i’ll text you if i get done early stuff. it wouldn’t be so bad if i could hang out during the week at any night. which i could do if i had an easy job and could do it without sleep. but i dont and i cant.

anyway she stays up late but i dont stay up late. if she does want to hang out, she better text me before 9 pm hehehehe.

anyway there is only a 35% chance of me winning here.

but what if i do? i never have been winning with a grill before. will def be interesting blogging material. i will not give away any info about her. of course it will be all about me, as a nevergf who might get their first gf after age 30 hahahahaha. but i don’t want to jinx it.

but yeah i am fully invested in her, it’s gonna take a while to get over her, hahahaha. all the more reason to ACT NOW. ACT ASAP. get it over with. get it out of muh system. unpause the pause button.

i don’t really have any backup grills. i don’t know any other grills. theres a cute gurl at my job but i still like my female fren better, she is more ladylike and probably lower number. and i like her moar.

so if she rejects me, i can go back to liking zero gurls like i did not too long ago. that wasn’t so bad. i mean if i knew a lot of eligible gurls i might like more than zero or one gurls at the same time. when i was 21 and in college i liked THREE gurls at the same time, would have dated any of them, if they hadn’t ALL rejected me, hahahaha. since getting out of college, the number of Eligible Gurls has been reduced by 99.9%. it’s absolutely ridiculous how different college is from the Real World.

but i do prefer the Real World because it’s Real. i sometimes wish it had Moar Gurls though.


nov 9 2014 sunday day off.

slept, went to church, recorded talking file, came back, took nap, now its 430pm, will be dark in 1 hour.

go to bed around 8 pm hehehehe.

“male virgins have no clue how to do anything sexual or romantic, they are absolutely clueless. I’m beginning to see why women hate them.”

-r9k anon hahahahaha from that classic thread before

and it’s true. it’s harder to “date” a woman over a the long or medium term, that it is to bang them. thru dealing with women heterosexually over the long term you get to know how to deal with them, you get practice, you get better at it. and if you can’t even have short-term SECHS with a woman, you can’t even begin to make a dent in the hours of practice you need to be normal with women. it does suck!

for example, i’ve never been heterosexually active for more than one month or so. a few sweet dates and romantic nights, a few awkward but fun sechsual encounters, then boom dumped, because i was too beta and niceguy and sweet and unmasculine to know how to really treat women the way they wanted to be treated.

or maybe i’m generalizing too much, hahahahahahaha.

maybe the trick is to have platonic female friends just so you get used to spending TIME hanging OUT with women, then you sorta practice on them and pretend they are your gurlfran. hehehehe. Kinda like, but not exactly, how i fell in luv with my own female fren.

what would you tell your SON? what advice would you give to your son, who you wanted to see become a winner who was good with women and had a good job and suceeded in life and was happy?

you’d tell him rein it in from the gurl, be cool, don’t get mad at her, just be cool.

it is amazing how many parents want their children to “go away to college” even if makes the children both financially and morally bankrupt. it’s like parents want to kill their own children. but they don’t realize this is what they’re doing.

now you can be a winner in life with a good job and still be a total degenerate scumbag. it is better to be a loser than a degenerate. at least i got THAT going for moi!!!!!!

anyway, you should should teach your children to be nondegenerate winners. do not let SCHOOLS teach them “knowledge” OR “social skills.” it is your responsibility to make sure YOUR teach YOUR children social skills so they do not grow up to be autistic, ie, virgins with social skills so bad they can never lose their kissless virginity, and/or neet shutins that can’t even pass an interview to get a minimum wage job.

don’t be stupid enough to trust SCHOOLS to teach your children social skills and job skills to win at lyfe. they won’t. to assume so is naive and stupid and borderline CHILD ABUSE.

you MUST teach YOUR children skills 2 win. social skills and job skills.

that is what i will do if i ever have my 3 children, namely find a wife who is not a degenerate and who agrees to mate with me.

and who is hopefully of the same race as me, hahahahahaha.

welp i went and washed my teeth grinding mouth guard, which is good to do on a regular basis, and also used beard trimmer to trim the “sides” by the ears, and also attempted to shave the back of my own neck, where those hairs grow at the base of your hairline and look sloppy. these two problem areas often force me to go in and get a haircut before i’d really like to. so now that I can trim them myself, that means i need to get 50% as many haircuts.

i set the beard trimmer to level 1 and used a mirror and attempted to view the back of my neck. it probably looks all uneven, but since i am growing a mini-mullet back there, it is probably hard to tell its uneven.

oh well. i can’t fooking see it. i could ask a person to trim it for me but i wanted to do it myself.

i could ask my family or my male friends. but i am too stubborn to ask for help, hahahahaha.

going to grow a HUGE long beard for the winter, both to keep my face warm, and also to grow the beard of sorrow because of my 80 20 chances with my lady fren. i will be sure to keep the edges neat. but i thank goodness for duck dynasty because i can just say i’m growing a duck dynasty beard, and f4gg0ts can’t accuse me of being a hipster or a middle class f4ggot, who have been playing with beards lately, and made them less of a manly thing. fook that sh1t. suk muh d1k.

so i guess i am thankful i have a job where i can grow a long beard. heh no health care, not getting paid enough, very stressful, horrible training, no stability or security, but at least i am allowed to grow a long beard. and people can come to work showing the tattoos on their arms and such.

not me because i think tattoos are gay. the one guy who has a bunch of tattoos on his arms is really nice and funny and friendly though.

fook just bought a sunshine minting 1 oz silver round. silver is dropping right now. very bearish hehehe. buy buy buy.

at this point, i have most of my vanity coins, so i just want rounds that are the cheapest and also from a respectable mint, line sunshine, OPM, or maybe republic metals. but i lean towards sunshine for some reason. maybe because i heard they supply the silver for the US mint to make silver eagles.

bought it from modern coin mart on ebay, my go to precious metals store. if i were to buy more than 1 oz at a time maybe i could find better deals elsewhere but i’ve always been very satisfied with MCM and I give them my full recommendation.


nov 8 2014, saturday, outta werk for the day, day off tomorrow

well i promised i would not text my female fren, woman9, do a bit of a blackout there, and i was pleasantly surprised when she texted me saying sorry for being not very friendly the past few days, because she has been stressed out and sad. i said that’s ok, no worries, i appreciate u telling me, we can hang out if u want, feel better, etc. and not gonna overwhelm her with texts now of course.

she could be sad because she’s still in luv with this douchebag who doesn’t luv her, and she’s warming up to the idea that i’m in luv with her, but she can’t luv me back, bla bla bla, combined with stressful sh1tty job and that will do it every time.

but i do appreciate her texting me with that saying sorry for being weird. apology accepted, hehehe. but i am still gonna tone it down.

one of “my” better pastebins, ie a great classic r9k thread that embodies everything good and bad about r9k. i will permalink it in the side link list.

Get over there as chill as you can and get her to suck yours.

>ey gurl since youv ben sucking dat guy u have no prublem suckin yer fren off rite 😉
>b-but anon ur ma fren
>exacly n frends help eachother :3

Piss easy,mate,you now know she’s a wh0re and you can f00k her like crazy.F00k yeah.
Your mistake for telling here you’re a virgin.Phucking phaggot.

great advice from r9k!

ok permalinked it.

took a valium after coming home. very tired. it is hard to go out after a long day of work, just want to play on the internet. of course if i have to work the next day i cannot go out at all, so i can only go out two nights a week, and here i am, not going out and doing something fun.

however it IS fun to listen to iron maiden and blog and take a valium and play on internet, might play a little poker, a little settlers.

actually saturday night would be the best time to play poker, i am theorizing there will be a lot of FISH and Newbies and people just begging to give you their money.

it is better to do something imperfectly, or even downright sh1ttily, than not to do it at all. just go in there and half4ss it, at the very least you will build character and learn something.

it is better to half4ss something, than to no-4ss something, in other words.

heh. i do not feel this valium AT ALL. wish i had some w33d. i just worked 40 hours a week at a not easy job and now i want to cut loose in a chill way. either cuddling with a qt and then cuddlesechs true luvsechs, or a fat blunt and some music or reading or bed.

playing settlers AND poker AND listening to IM. muh computer is gonna explode.

my female fren texting me did make me feel better about that whole sh1tty situation. now i can go back to 70 30 and she can go back to 1 strike, hehehehe. still doesn’t look good though. who cares. but i feel better now that i felt yesterday so that is all that matters, hehehehehe.

>ey gurl since youv ben sucking dat guy u have no prublem suckin yer fren off rite 😉
>b-but anon ur ma fren
>exacly n frends help eachother :3

words to live by.

i might even repeat that a third time:


anyway i do not mean to say my female friend is a dirty wh0re like the decadent degenerate wh0re in that r9k thread. no i don’t think she is. really.

also i do not mean to say that we never were really “friends”, when in fact and in truth we were good platonic friends, until I caught Feelingz almost two years into the Friendship.

so i learned i can Catch Feelings during a Friendship.

However, I am still not sure if once I get feelings, I can turn them off, and go back to being regular friends. I have never done that, and I am not optimistic that it could happen. however, i was not optimistic that I could turn that switch ON in the first place, but i i did.

and so can you, hehehehe. how about you.

other choice quotes from that classic r9k thread

The only way to stay sane at university is to move out into your own place and concentrate on your studies.

I almost failed out of school due to heartbreak, then I followed this advice and Im not top of my class and looking at some very promising post-grad opportunities.

Modern women are put on earth by satan to drive good men to evil and give evil men pleasure. The bible warned you about them, OP. They are wicked deceivers.


well think about it like this OP, if she’s the kind of person who will suck off a random dude just because you’re a virgin then she wasn’t worth it and you would’ve been miserable anyway. As for real advice, this is what you do
>start working out 5 days a week, go on /fit/ to see what you need to do get in shape
>get a good looking, work on boosting your confidence, talk to a lot of girls in the meantime
>don’t worry about hooking up with them, just learn how to read expressions and body language
>practice skills with flirting
>while you’re doing that, find a really good looking dude with some kind of STD (herpes or hepatitis would be best)
>pay him to f0ck this girl without a condom then drop her completely
>assuming you’ve gotten better at getting girls by now, find one who isn’t a complete b1tch and woo her and proceed to have lots of loud sex in the house
>if things go accordingly, your crush should find out she has the herpes
>now she’s sitting in her home, crying because no guy wants to touch damaged goods like her, while she has to deal with you and your gf banging like animals