july 13

so this is some good antigae propaganda when your shitlib acquaintances say THEYRE NORMAL PEOPLE JUST LIKE US hehehehe

only anon.toing because i dont want my blog to be a damn trackback comment. the content of his blog is prob good. an ex-gay who had a real come to jesus moment and turned his life around.

every saint has a past and every sinner has a future hahahahaha.

so i wonder. these women with all these gay male friends, how degen are these gays? i knew a couple of gays that did not engage in this sort of stuff and were Normal People Like You And Me. and then i was like, wew, now that i know a real life gay person, i can see they arent degen bug chasing monsters having anonymous orgies every night in bath houses and truck stops and public mens rooms!

well i think i just got lucky and met the 40% or less portion of gays who dont do that stuff.

like the “MODERATE MUSLIMS” and “MODERATE WOMEN”, these “MODERATE GAYS” need to LOUDLY and VOCALLY DISTANCE themselves from the large number of extremists.

weev on the krypto report (azzmador) july 2017


MSM = Men who have Secs with Men hehehe. nice alternate word for gaes or phaggots or sodomites or perverts.

so coffee is a “diuretic” and drinking too much will dehydrate you. so what about tea?  i seem to Urinate even MORE when drinking TEA.

yeah the main thing that bothers me about Uncle M1kk0 is that he is very talented and smart, but he hangs out with degenerate artists, is too interested in degenerate art, and isnt repentant about it AT ALL.

none of us is perfect. we all have a past. but by god i admit that what i did in the past was WRONG and im ASHAMED of it and i hope ive REPENTED. nothing like that from him.

i mean just come out and call a spade a spade. call degeneracy degeneracy. unless you just dont want to STOP WATCHING PORN.

and i think PORN is inherently different and worse than drugs. porn is inherently jooish and involves degrading at least one other person. drugs are just an inanimate object and, consumed in MODERATION, really is not degrading at all.

july 14

ok. day off. up at 10 am. had mini social thing yesterday which was nice. had to cut back on these due to peoples work schedules which is good for their money making (my own not so much) and bad for my limited social activity.

today would like to do some Official Sunbathing because it is sunny. some clouds but not major.

1040 am. want to be productive hwyte man on day off. did 14 pushups hehehe intend to do some more throughout the day. pushup are the single best exercise you can do.

doing laundry, about 25 minute left on wash, then dry.

want to go to store after Sunbathing hehehe and get usual weekly grocery shopping done.

plan to listen to the weev and azzmador show during the sun bathing session. see link above hehehe.

its amazing how a person leaving can leave such a VOID in your life, when they are just off degrading themselves, as women often do, into being a disgusting negro fooking whore doing absolutely ungodly things. THIS person left a VOID? this VILE TRASH was meaningful enough to recognize their absence for even a SECOND?

bbbbbut she wasnt VILE TRASH.

no she wasnt but she is gone diddly one so….IT DOESNT MATTER.

but it DOES matter! to ME!

ok fine yes it DOES matter. but that doesnt change the outcome. She is Gone Diddly One and will NEVER come back. it’s kind of like Accepting The Finality Of Death.  BEcause thats what it is. She is Dead to Me and I am Dead To Her. The End Forever.

Yes that is intense and SHOULD take at LEAST a YEAR to get over. not immediately jumping into bed with your next BF On Deck.

these fooking IDIOTS.

but this is what nature intended. i just wish nature could have intended for them to be a LITTLE Better and Smarter. I mean come on. did they really HAVE to be so shitty? i dont think so.

but Thankfully nature also made them gullible, malleable, manipulable, so that we can TRAIN them and CONTROL them into something good. but thats not easy either. it takes a truly strong and bold alpha man to do that.  only 20% of men can do this hehehe.

but the good news is that you can train yourself to become one of those top 20%.

for someone who was consistently in the top 10% of School up until age 18, this seems totally doable.

but to someone who is consistently in the BOTTOM 10% of achievers and money makers and success AFTER age 21, it seems FOOKING IMPOSSIBLE.

and its just so weird and sad and devastating to have such a DRAMATIC change in a person during probably THE most important, formative period of your life. During the most important years of your life, the peak of your youth, you transform from a Top 10% Winner, to a Bottom 10% Loser. HOW THE FOOK DOES THAT HAPPEN? AND WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT????

LETS FIND OUT hahahahahaha.

i mean 3-4 years is a good chunk of time and a lot of little things happened and it was a snowball effect. at this point it is monday morning quarterbacking hahahahaha.

the more relevant question to me and people like me, is how do we FIX it.

yeah it IS important to know how it happens and how to PREVENT it….this would be hugely important for 15-16 year old boys.

but thats over half a lifetime ago hahahaha.

also want to trim beard to level 1 today.

maybe charge batteries of stuff like phone and etc.


yeah want to get a good number of pushups in today.

and some hardcore Fasting until Dinner hehehe which will prob be a bigass dinner.

and then ideally a nice long powerwalk after dinner. while puffing a footlong MJ hahahaha and listening to good music.

doing a bunch of audio/podcast prep right now hahaha. basically truncating, tempo, compressing, dividing into 10 minute chunks if needed. stuff like MW, georgie boy, mike enoch scandza speech, azzmador and weev, couple of older anglin with carolyn yeager interviews, the more recent weev videos i havent already watched.

still got 50 pages left to read of MK. its gonna happen and i am trying to read a few pages or listen to 10 minutes every day. it takes 130 minutes of audiobook to cover 50 pages. DAMN.

i mean its basically 35 hours to listen to the whole book. probably can read it quicker. or not.

every hour, do as many pushups as you can at that time. push yourself but try not to pull any muscles.

repeat every 3 days and then you will be strong and will be able to pull 6/10’s. bang them mercilessly, ungently, unnicely, and then you will be able to level up to 6.5/10s hahahahahaha

ok so today i am getting kinda serious with that once an hour thing. do 14 pushups, then 12, then 11, then 10, then 9 hahahaha.

also “fasting all day” until dinner so energy seems kinda low right now at around 3 pm. maybe attempt powernap. was moderately productive earlier at least. well. thats arguable. i was productive….but prob not enough. did some things, but not ENOUGH things.

oh well its better than a negro or a neckbeard or a neet hahaha.

2 hours later

well laid down and got a powernap in. laid down for like 1 hour and 20 minutes but certainly didnt sleep for more than 15. got up when Recorded Sales Call called.

anyway it totally helped. slightly higher energy, slightly less Hungry. before i was so low energy i didnt even want to Neckbeard on the Internet, playing cards, writing, reading .

ok ate huge dinner. it was delicious.

it takes 35 hours to read MK. you should really set aside at least 2 months to do it. is it worth it? honestly not really hahahaha. now im just doing it to finish what i started. but it is worth proudly displaying it on your home bookshelf. but actually reading it is not very fun. GLR’s WP is much much more fun. or david duke my awakening. i am happy and thankful to now own all 3 books. cant beleive it took me till 2017 to do that. but i didnt make any money in 2016 ehehehehe so i could not justify buying books or anything.

i would take online classes if i could only take one at a time, and they were at least 15 weeks long rather than accelerated ~8 week courses. and that they were under 100 dollars a credit hour. and that i could get an actually useful masters degree and reference letter from the professors saying how i am in the top 10% of the class and deserve a 30k a year job.

all the online classes ive seen are less than 10 weeks. even for a 3 credit class this is way too much.

also if you have a job, you have to study and do homework for your job so you can supplement your productivity and learn to do your work faster. you dont have time for SCHOOL. 40 hours of work a week takes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING out of you. you cant even go grocery shopping, let alone do FAMILY stuff, raise CHILDREN, take care of your house, do HEALTH related stuff, do SOCIAL stuff, or go to SKOOL. all you can do is study work related stuff, do work from home, do MJ, and sleep, sweet sweet sleep.

ok that is more black pill than necessary hahaha. i dont do workstudy or homework at home any more. i leave the work at work hahahahaha. which i absolutely did not and COULD not do with muh last job.

caffeine does make you urinate but the water in coffee and tea does count for your hydration.




it is time that i start looking at old DS articles from 2013 and 2014. he started DS july 4, 2013, 4 years ago today.  i should also start looking up his total fascism articles.

the best of these articles should be read by men with decent voices and made into youtbe vidyas and downloadable mp3s that you can listen to anywhere. i should make some if i didnt want to get voice doxed.

july 4 2017

yeager interview with anglin, jan 2014, talks about secsual promiscuity hehe

yeager interview with anglin from july 2013 when he was staying in greece and starting DS and observing golden dawn

oct 2016 interview with anglin done by either yeager or john friend

how have i not listened to any of these hehehe


anglin promotes this channel where the guy does readings of articles, this one is a recent heartiste article

there is an adolfcoin hahahaha

another one of these hehehehe

ok went to store on 4th of july, kinda degenerate to do that, but wanted to buy some stuff to show gratitude to friend who invited me to holiday Cookout.  i said GOD HAVE MERCY on the poor white people that had to WORK at the GROCERY STORE on this day that probably werent getting paid any overtime or premium or anything.

well, these people are in a union i think. well hopefully their union has done them some good and havent been turned into bloated jooish bullshit working only for the bloated jooish union higher ups, but for the actual working people.

cream filled tim hortons donut really is “ONLY” 220 calories hehehehe i htought it would be 300 at least

ok went out into beautiful sun for about 45 minutes of straight sun on the bare chest. soaking up 14880000000 IUs of vitamin muh D. i havent really done this in years but i strongly recommend it. really taking your shirt off and getting as much skin as possible. now obviously this is hard for people who dont have a lot of privacy. i just do in the backyard and i have done in in the public park as well. i was able to get decent privacy there, but i prefer doing it at home in back yard. most people dont have that hwyte PRIVILEGE.  and i certainly wouldnt recommend it to WOMEN, baring their bodies in front of the whole world.

yeah well women could wear sleeveless shirts, not like they dont anyway!

but a woman going out in a tiny bathing suit to Sun Bathe? I dunno, i dont think they should do that in public. unless they want to be called a slut.

i dunno what to fookin tell you. men and women are different. why would you WANT them to be the same. men exposing their bare chests in public is not NEARLY as DISRUPTIVE, DISTRACTING, DRAMATIC, and DESTRUCTIVE as women exposing their chests in public. DEAL WITH IT.

oh dear god

View story at

worst article ever, by self hating hwyte lezbo

oh yeah i should link more to this. weevs classic thread where he discusses his R.A.C.E. method where you can turn normies into 1433 race warriors with a simple 1 minute conversation hahaha.

july 5

david duke book received hehehe. nice. maybe i should have went for the revised edition, but that would have been at least 10 dollars more.

hehehehe i just thought….well maybe MA is the better book than MK….but is it really necessary? meaning, there are TONS of regular avg hwyte people out there who believe RACE EXISTS and RACE MATTERS. ANY hwyte person who has noticed that Blacks Act Different would qualify as a Race Aware person.

but i’m oversimplifying. some of these people CERTAINLY dont make the connection to the J’s, or they think that J’s are white, or they just havent thought about j’s at ALL, which is EXACTLY WHAT THE J WANTS!!!!!!

oh they’re just white people with a DIFFERENT RELIGION. like orthodox greeks with big beards.

but seriously look up weevs RACE tactic in that MPC thread and study the screenshots he gave of his conversations.

BUTTTTT I would caution that you might have different results than WEEV because weev is a CELEBRITY with FANS and when he tells them to watch a video and think about something seriously, the person will DO it. and not just blow him off as a crazy racist.


since weev is known as a huge racist from the outset, anyone agreeing to a conversation with him MUST be there in good faith.

the point is, racists were always racists and antiwhites were always antiwhites. theres really no changing anyones minds, except maybe in making somebody a more sophisticated racist.

well, again thats oversimplifying! if being a more sophisticated racist means that you CHANGE YOUR MIND on the JQ to “theyre hwyte just like us” to “theyre NOT HWYTE” uh yeah thats a BIG goddamn deal. YUGE. and that is totally worth it.

so you wont change your mind much on blacks. big deal. you will see how the jooz have USED blacks.

i wonder if hwytes ever LIVED around jooz, they way they LIVED around blacks, would hwytes be more race aware of jooz. maybe. like people in j00 york who would see groups of alien looking hasidic jooz or something. did that ever redpill anyone?

but in Noncoastal areas, many hwytes go their whole LIVES without meeting a J. i never met a joo until i was 18-19 and went to a very middle-class jooish uni. if i hadnt did that, i may have never met a single joo.

also i never socially interacted with any adult joos. the only joos i really talked to were immature kids like me. i didnt see any full grown joos in their full power level, well apart from muh professors.  and over half muh professors were nonjooish plus i thought there wasnt necess anything “jooish” about Kewl Intellectual Leftists. that that was more of a College Professor PhD thing than a Jooish thing. PLus I LIKED it. i LIKED the Radical Leftist Intellectual Professors. because they were popular and powerful and respected and women wanted them.

so maybe race all IS a social construct and ive picked the wrong horse. but if thats the case, then we still have to sacrifice our lives to help “level the playing field” in future generations. and THATS a whole nother story. even if i believed race or sex was a social construct, i still don’t think id be willing to do THAT.

besides, i thought i had BETTER ideas that would work QUICKER towards fixing race problems. like sterilizing black criminals, or paying a bonus to blacks to get sterilized, or having Workfare Not Welfare, or sending blacks into the military at age 16, or having swift capital punishment instead of years of prison, or having vastly different types of schools for blacks vs whites, or just having things be more like pre-“civil rights” 1950s, when blacks were HAPPIER AND more productive. less savage, less criminal.

or better yet, not accepting any black slaves into this country EVER. sending those jooboats away saying NOPE NOT INTERESTED YOU CAN HAVE EM.

but yeah in much of the US at least, blacks are how most people learn about race. i suppose in some areas now, it could be browns. latinxs and arabs. fine whatever. just for me it was blacks. and to a lesser extent arabs. really whatever the main nonwhite groups in your area happen to be! i never had the privilege of observing many mexicans and i tell you hwat, im not really interested either hahahahahaha.

now this is rambling.

basically im interested in how do you turn a young marxist college kid into a hardcore vvn?

i sort of did, but that just proved i wasnt into the marxist stuff for real, and i admitted that long ago. i was just trying to go along with the crowd, be “normal”, make friends, and esp meet gurls. and it was seen as DUMB and IGNORANT to be a RACIST. as i child i grew up in a blacker area than most of the kids at uni. i should have doubled down on that. and been like, you privileged rich soft bourgie phaggots never had to LIVE around blacks. you dont know what ANIMALS they are.

and then I was super weak. i was like, maybe i shouldnt believe my lying eyes. because we are uneducated working class and these people are educated middle class, so they know something i dont. namely, that its Systemic Racism that created Social Systems that TURNED blacks into the savage animals we didn’t want to live around! They were the way they were not through any fault of their own……..but the fault of RACIST WHITES who saw them as INFERIOR!!!!!

i wish i had just said, fook you you joos, have you ever had to live around these animals? but i was THAT desperate for friends and gurls.

well i ended up making friends but never did too well with the women. i got to bang a leftist slut though hahahahaha. come to think of it, she prob wasnt as leftist as some.

and ultimately my friends didnt care that i wasnt really a hardcore leftist.

so really all it takes is good faith, some courage, and honesty to become a racist.

but i never had much COURAGE. if i were SUCCESSFUL, then it would have taken REAL courage to accept something that could COST me my success. but since i was never successful, i didnt have anything to LOSE by coming out as a racist. so maybe i wasnt courageous hahaha.

well so be it, but at least i was honest. and good faith. hahaha. that counts for something.

this one successful middle class intellectual guy i want to “convert”….i’m NEVER gonna convert him. he would LITERALLY need to be MUGGED by nonwhites ON A REGULAR BASIS to have his mind changed. or living in a multicultural AND working class area.

NOT a multicultural and middle class area where all the nonwhites act like swpl white antiwhites!

i never lived in a real city though. i only have muh ideas about what its like to live in brooklyn. i imagine something horrible like in lena dumpham’s “gurls.” how working class is brooklyn? how middle class? well i think the truth is, brooklyn is so big, there are middle class neighborhoods as well as workign class neighborhoods, and youd be more likely to be redpilled in the latter of course.

i really dont care since i dont want to live in brooklyn, i dont want to live in a city, i have passed that age.

so youre supposed to find your wife in the city, then move out by 25 and start raising your family?

well shit its better than at 30! or 35!

yeah the anglin and carolyn yeager january 2014 interview is very good. he had a good microphone here and sounds very clear. great.

great thread



This guy just knows how to distill pure truths into words.
This fact is something every man needs to remind himself of constantly while interacting with women.

Ever wonder why “creepy” is their favourite, go to, shaming accusation. It’s projection. Women are the creepy ones. Not men. By a decent margin. Their sexual needs are focused around some pretty rapey shit.


yep they are not wrong.

you would probably learn this by banging more than 5 women in your life or having ruff secs with a woman or even just dating a woman for more than 6 months and getting past the honeymoon period and she lets the mask slip and you see what savages women are and just want to be dominated. but that is hard because it requires the women to luv you enough to stay with you for 6 months which requires some Winnerness on your part, and we certainly do not know that feel!

ANOTHER QUOTE from another DS thread, the MJ one i linked before:

I saw a lot of pot in early adulthood and I despise it.

No one indoctrinated me with these opinions, I’m no self-righteous puritan, and these things are observations, not personal attacks. I concluded these things based on astute experiences with long term users.

I found dope-smokers, generally, to be a painfully uninspiring, slow-witted, apathetic bunch of burnout losers stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence. I am yet to meet these high-functioning, unusually creative surgeons, lawyers, and air-traffic controllers who light up a joint at the end of the day.

If they do exist then they are succeeding in spite of, not because of, marijuana.

At worst it is a brain-damaging drug with irreversible effects, and at best it is completely unnecessary indulgence, even in moderation. So I do not see why some people would defend it so fervently.

I think I’d rather be a recovering heroine addict than a brain-damaged pot head. I hear the effects of heroine use are reversible and indeed I once met an ex-user who turned his life around, later graduated college and got a stable career.

The dope smokers I know of seem to stay dumb forever, and 10 years on they are still in the same place. It’s pathetic.

That is why I despise marijuana.

j00z are the ones who push it, just watch that niche genre of teen “comedies” featuring dope:  en.m.wikipedia.org1

You can even listen to Richard Nixon complaining about j00z pushing it as far back as the Nixon tapes.


yeah i hear ya buddy. i wish i didnt want it.

maybe if i went and bought 100 dollars of MJ right now and got blazed, i would probably get paranoid and anxious AF and start freaking out about being a huge loser and be like WHY THE HELL DID I DO THIS? I CANT BELIEVE I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. THIS IS HORRIBLE. WHY DID I BUY THIS GARBAGE. THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL.

and then after that initial rush you get chilled out and relaxed and sleep well and then THATS what im chasing after.


july 6

welp got a little more sun today, vitamin d. can you still get vitamin d if you go outside at 7 pm and its still nice and bright?

welp at least i got way under the calorie goal for today. main thing was skipping lunch. basically if you want to be a decent weight and not an obese fatass, you can “only” eat two meals a day. not three. and not super large meals. one large meal, and one snack. two medium meals and no snacks hahaha.

saw 42 year old woman today with a masters degree that i was very attracted to and wanted to bang. it is nice to know women can be 42 years old and still that attractive. well, i did see a 55 year old woman the other week who was very attractive, and i still cant believe how OLD she is.

but i wonder if these women would be just as entitled as 20 year old women hahaha. like now that im a MATURE WOMAN, i know what i want, and that’s a mature man who makes 150k a year hahahaha.

so in other words, i’m not making it any easier on myself by “relaxing my standards” here. im not really relaxing anything!

would i MARRY the 42 year old woman? i mean i would def bang her many times. i wouldnt want to really MARRY her because i would want a woman who could have children. also i know this woman already has at least one child who is a “teenager.”

but i didnt see a ring on her finger and i would totally bang the shit out of her nice big 42 year old ass.

but she is 6000000000 times more successful than me and im sure doesnt like to associate with underachieving men. she also seemed rather bitchy.

oh well just nice to see a real life woman to be able to use for the spank bank hahahahaha.

if she were a hooker i would totally pay 300 dollars to bang her.

ooooh heres a first. ill never have to worry about this but i would try not to DESTROY the woman. probably because i would fear she would go PSYCHO and STALK me hahahaha.

so youre saying that that woman thought i was too much of a weak pussy to STALK her hahahaha ????

i mean im pretty sure she had had creepy guys messaging her before. but i think her main way of “Dealing” with it was jsut ignoring it. and honestly none of the guys WAS psycho enough to actually KEEP stalking her. like, nobody showed up at her house, or nobody kept makign new emails and facebooks to message her, or new phone numbers.

i guess you could mail letters USPS hahahaha.

you cant get a tan after 4pm hahaha

cant be done

you SHOULDNT like women. its not NATURAL to LIKE women. you SHOULD kinda hate them. i mean dont make it your whole life to hate women with the fury of 1433 suns, but you damn sure shouldnt LIKE them, because there’s not much REALLY worth liking! they’re bitches who act like retarded children and who are never fair to you and they dont like you and you’re not allowed to get angry at them for it because its totally NATURAL. this is what NATURE intended.

so then it follows that nature intended us for damn sure not to blatantly LIKE women. its STUPID to like women!

further proof i’m right: women don’t like men who like them too much! in general, the less you like a woman, the more she likes you….and the more you like her, the less she likes you!

i mean, theyre immature, theyre like children, they’re sluts, they have no loyalty to anything but brute animal strength, not even RACE. its hard to like someone whos not loyal to their RACE. its not their FAULT – this is just the way nature intended them – and while you cant get MAD at nature, you sure as FOOK dont have to LIKE it!

just because you ACCEPT it doesnt mean you have ot LIKE it!

i dont LIKE nature!

well, thats only half true. i dont like the way nature designed women, but i do like most other parts of nature. like how nature designed the white race, how nature designed men, thats all pretty good, and also women physically are all right.

but yeah you HAVE to be crazy to want women because you can easily see that logically, rationally, they’re horrible!

so the fact that you have ANY desire for them, thats NATURE telling you to reproduce with women! that you have any INTEREST in something so stupid and annoying and hazardous!

they dont like you! you dont have to like them!

yep wish i knew this when i was 24 like this guy. now im taking advice on life and wimmin from a 24 year old kid haha. because hes right.

theres literally no need to get your news and entertainment and discussion and socializing anywhere else but the DS. its LITERALLY a ONE STOP SHOP.

i should buy his book too. if you want to read a “game” or “manosphere” blog that is all about Dealing With Women, this one and Heartiste are probably all you need. and i need more nitty gritty details of how to deal with real women. more case studies and field reports. more if she does this, then you do that.



What I think most men, certainly all Blue Pill men, miss is that the ultimate form of vulnerability a man can engage in is ‘catching feelings’ for, or emotionally investing himself in, any particular woman. And this is especially so if that man’s Blue Pill conditioning makes him oblivious to the risks of that vulnerability.

Nothing leaves a man more vulnerable in life, love, family, career, finances and really power over the direction of his life than to invest himself in a woman. The very act, the very thought, of surrendering his life’s imperative to the trust that a woman wont exercise the unimaginable control and potential for damage she has in his life is a vulnerability no woman will ever recognize or acknowledge; nor will the sacrifices that come from this vulnerability ever be something she has a capacity to appreciate.


now he is not a 1433 VVN and i dont know his opinion on race….but his stuff on women is solid and WILL HELP race awakened hwyte men deal with white women. he will help us achieve our goal of the 14 words whether he likes it or not.

What is a Family Alpha?

this could potentially be interesting. hadnt heard of this guy. he is big into male female differences AND into the end goal of having a wife and especially children. a man who appreciates being a father and how to be a good father with these horrible modern women.

again he is not a vvn but his advice could potentially HELP vvns. because remember, the whyte women we hwyte men need to have hwyte children dont really GIVE a damn about race. they are basically born race traitors! its not their JOB to care about race, thats mens job!

being hwyte means NOTHING to women! shit its almost like they ARENT hwyte! i mean honestly, they do have the worst traits of blax and joos. bad news. i mean shit. hwyte women honestly really arent GOOD enough to be hwyte. shit. START ACTING LIKE IT.  but they dont, and they wont, because nature doesnt demand it. so we cant get mad at them when we dont.

we can’t get mad, but god damn do we not HAVE to LIKE it!!!!!!



may 25


Some men can’t get laid at all
I think this is a bigger issue than most men care to admit. The Reddit subs r/incels and r/ForeverAlone were real eye openers for me. Sure, some of those guys are straight up freaks and weirdos, but most of them are normal dudes. There’s a story on one of those subs where a guy went 12 years without any affection. He said he would have been better off in prison, because at least he would now have some street cred.

I work with a guy who makes about $50k a year, is 30 or 31 years old, and, as far as I know, is a virgin. He’s been there 7 years and has never dated anyone nor mentioned an ex-girlfriend. It’s very doubtful that he’s gay.

Now that I’m thinking about it I know like 3 other dudes like that. Most are above average income, college grads, late 20’s to mid 30’s, have their own place, decent cars, and so on. Normal by all accounts looks and personality wise.

Speaking of college, there was a huge survey done a few years ago on college sexual culture. It had something outreagous like 20k participants. END

good point sir hahaha

yeah i like the idea of anglin bringing in more young men by writing about women. i agree. da jooz caused all this, but the WQ hits more men right in the feels.

backup of whole thread hehehehe

I just bought Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences @AbeBooks

hahahahahaha yes i did

in fact yes. it may be anglin reaching out to the mgtow/manosphere types, as doctor mayhem encourages, and so do I, that brings The Movement to The Next Level. rather than shaming and shunning mgtows. but yeah mgtows are pretty shameful hahahaha. but i was one of them! and atm, only a minority of DS guys really understand mgtows hehehe. i mean theyre not all bad. its natural to avoid a group that has caused you great harm!

normies can get the WQ a lot more readily than the JQ. and then we can use the WQ to redpill them on the JQ. it was a big part of how i was redpilled on JQ!

chris cornell dying has got me thinking of layne staley and AIC, who i used to like quite a bit, and staley perfectly captured the plight of the modern white male. he was RIDICULOUSLY good looking before he got too into the drugs. and then he quickly got swept away with the drugs. it was amazing he lasted as long as he did. apparently he was in REALLY bad shape near the end.

but in spite of all this, he was a topkek singer.

and facelift is by far the AIC album i’ve heard the LEAST, which is SHAMEFUL, because its clearly got great songs. Prob their heaviest album and not as Drug Degenerate as Dirt or self titled. and of course I dont bother with the new stuff at all.

its amazing the music isnt MORE despairing. I think “self titled” reflects that despair most actually. is the most nihilistic and ugly and degenerate album they ever did. pretty good album too!

but on facelift they were super young and full of energy. high energy, high inspiration. layne was still healthy and secsy.

also i didnt really want to listen to AIC the past 2 years because That Woman was a big AIC fan. I thought that was very very kewl about her. Now i realize lots of millennial sluts like nihilist 90s grunge stuff. never get fooled by a womans musical taste. it doesnt mean theyre cool. if anything she was as big a degenerate as layne staley was. its all about feels and feeling good and chasing the next high.  not understanding that you have to try to rise ABOVE the despair, not glorify it and wallow in it and sink deeper in it. AIC was a great mirror of the symptoms and the frustration, but never really the cure for our spiritual and racial disease.

again, dont measure a woman by a mans standards. you will ALWAYS be disappointed. its not FAIR to them, and not fair to you. its like measuring a CHILD by an ADULTS standards. see what im saying? nome sayin ?

gonna listen to taake album stridens hus. they say this is boring but basically i want to see if the drums sound more real than they do on noregs vaapen. everybody luvs NV but I think it sounds boring and lifeless because those drums sound like a damn machine and i cant believe no one has noticed.

hehehe.  speaking of degenerates who never saw a way out of their degeneracy and take the lazy way out of drugs or alcohol hahaha. whereas staley K’d himself with heroin, this guy is slowly k’ing himself with alcohol.

i dont even know that hes a Big Drinker! Im just ASSUMING! i’m only assuming because he is a bit edgy and degen (“making out” with that degen kvarforth was a super degen thing to do hehehe. i keep forgetting about that shameful incident.)

listened to a bit of the stridens hus album. i do not like the production. guitar sound on NV is better. but drum sound on SH is better. BUT I think it might still be a machine on SH. i mean its not a BAD sounding machine in EITHER case, but yeah. overall the album sounds worse. guitar sound is too thin. i dunno. it didnt strke me positively and i hate being FORCED to put in a huge effort with music. that was a luxury i cant afford, only thought i could afford it when i was young. now im old, have wasted too much time, and have WAY bigger fish to fry. better to struggle thru reading MEIN KAMPF than struggle listening to a boring album hahaha.

took 2 benedryl. took powerwalk. now it is 744 pm. not going to take any more benedryl.

damn i want some MJ. is the start of muh weekend here. thankful to have an easy job with very nice people. but then feel guilt for being a timid meek non charming weirdo whos only doing an average job and not really impressing anyone with great work or great witty banter.

but everyone is still nice to me and i still make an effort to BE nice and I think that gets across. but im just not IMPRESSIVE, like wow that guy is AWESOME, i’d let my daughter date HIM. he deserves to make 30k a year! i want to hang out with him, he’s so much FUN and so FUNNY and SMART and has such great STORIES and makes me LAUGH! i dont do any of that. it has never come naturally. there was a semi social workplace lunch today and i had great trouble bantering at the same level as everyone else. i just sat there and smiled and tried as hard as i could to see normal. yeah he’s quiet, but he really is normal, i swear.

one day i would like to go to an RAC/Hwyte Power Music show. ideally it would be vapaudenristi and that guy would start explicitly calling for VVN rather than a New Dynamic Nationalism, which sounds really bad and sends a worse message than he intends. But its SO HARD to UNDERSTAND that guy, i’d have to talk to him in person because unfortunately he writes a bit like a joo. i dont think he means to. i think he is just an autist. hes def not a joo. he just writes like a huge autist.

anyway he cites full blown 1433 RAC bands like Sniper, Bully Boys, and No Remorse as influences. I tried listenign to Skrewdriver and was unimpressed. Tried listening to No Remorse and was kinda unimpressed as well.  i think you need to go to a live show and actually watch skinheads getting pumped up about hailing victory. but you cant just play a show of NEO NATSEE SKINHEADS in a public place.

nice hehehe. also a new CB album which i had not heard about. very nice.

woody allen can go in the oven, there is no redeeming value to him. kubrick, on the other hand, is possibly the greatest joo who ever lived, approaching a level of greatness that i thought could only be dreamed of by hwytes, which makes one think kubrick was joo wise and loathed his own jooishness, as he should hahahaha.

there is conspiracy that he was K’d by hollywood joos for coming too close ot the truth in “eyes wide shut” which is an amazing, haunting movie which ive long enjoyed and should really watch again soon.

contains some of kubricks best scenes and haunting moments.  yes it depicts a degen world and i dont think its glorifying it. but rather showing the joos as a horrifying synagogue of satan hahahaha.

also very redpilled on the WQ as well. with nicole kidmans haunting confession that she would have abandoned her family for just one night with the secsy sailor.

the movie blew me away when i first saw it and it still blows me away. kinda like mulholland drive. now that is a good movie weekend hehehehe. holy shit. not sure which one you should watch first.

may 26

oh jeebus the jooish kike coont who  bitched at richard spencer in the alexandria virg GYM and got HIM KICKED OUT of his gym membership is writing an editorial for the WaPo right now on how its our duty to shame and shun and shut down hateful hwytes like spencer.

thankfully there are tons of comments on the jooish wapo stating that this is too much, she is in the wrong, this is stupid af.

small souled bugmen hahahahaha. i guess weev got this “meme” from MPC. i guess PMAN is signalling against DS and TRS and spencer, and they are signalling against him. i dunno anymore hahaha but MPC has had a lot of great, smart discussion. i wont countersignal them. of COURSE PMAN is an asshole and says assholey things about everybody because he is really a lonely middle aged man that gets NO pleasure hahahaha.

but yeah facelift might be layne’s best vocal performance. (AIC). he is in good health and it shows. and he was certainly STILL doing too many unhealthy things i’m SURE. it just hadn’t caught up to him yet. and yeah 54 minutes is way too long for an album. their LPs were too long. EPs were a good length.

back in the nihilistic 90s, all you could do to express your hwyte despair and angst was to do heroin and grunge. there was no positive channel for you. no solution to the Questions. nowadays we have an Answer to the Questions and young men don’t have to turn down a path of drugs, degeneracy, despair, and nihilism, and turn into layne staley or worse.

yeah i mean hwyte racial consciousness was always there, but it is at a PEAK RIGHT NOW, which is awesome. back in the early 90s, you were already a confirmed loser if you fell in with the neo nazi crowd.

but i you do have a respect stormfront for being around WAY back in the day. i mean they were around in the early days of the internet. just not sure how much they ever appealed to 20 year old kids, as opposed to just 40 and older demographic.  you NEED the young people to give ENERGY and “Coolness” and….YOUTH! gives it a sense of being a really passionate, hot-blooded, forward-looking movement. young people starting their lives and hopefully having children.

you absolutely NEED the young people, I hope I never disagree with this. the young people are the future!

day off. 2 benedryl last night, got good sleep for 10 hours and 30 minutes hehehe. did grocery shopping, got some smores ice cream. have to make separate stop for that.

had dream with woman i was in luv with 14 fookin years ago. well like 13.5 years hahahaha. i lost my mind over her and handled that terribly. she clearly was not into me and i did not know how to handle it. still she wasnt a horrible bitch and i wish her well. i still would have committed a solid 2 years to her hahahahaa. she was a little crazy but i dont think she was sluttier than average. she married a white guy and i hope they have children. but yeah in the dream she was showing a little bit of interest in me so i advanced on her and started making out with her. that was nice.

great feeling. youve got to MAINTAIN that level of confidence however, or else the gurl will dump you for being underconfident. and i do actually know that from actual experience hehehe.  it becomes a self fulfulling prophecy, because you’re constantly worried you’re gonna fook up. and then that translates into you actually fooking up. and then the gurl BOLTS. as is their nature when a guy loses his cool. cant really BLAME them. can only blame yourself for being so weak and pvssified hahahaha.

that EXACT weakness that women hate, i mean i can FEEL that within myself. it is a real thing. i cant blame them for hating it. i dont like it either! i just wish they were a little bit more forgiving of it!

gave you THREE strikes instead of ONE!

well you can tell them EAT SHIT, N1GLET hahahaha. (MPC meme)

tfw when you see the word mudslides on the weather website and your first thought is that it says MUDSHARKS


took powerwalk, beautiful day, listened to MK and emily youcis’s nice long interview of may 2017. real good interview, needs to be shared far and wide.

so really I was off base by thinking white sharia means savagely abusing women. i blame weev for writing about breaking womens bones and beating them to death hahahaha. even he doesnt really MEAN it, he’s just a true woman hater like me. and even hardcore women haters like us dont really want to savagely abuse women!!!!! we KNOW its wrong! but he should really edit the end of that article so as not to give people the WRONG idea. anglin has an article a few days ago that puts things into perspective. i figured it would take a few weeks for things to clear up. i was right hahaha.

27% thru MK hehehe. i have resolved to read the ENTIRE book. cover to cover. boring bits and all.

bought 40 dollars of bitcoin today. wanted to make a bigger buy. still buying 10 dollars a week. but i wanted to make a substantial buy as it is currently going TO THE MOON. if i had bought a substantial buy a few months ago……i would ahve made a lot of shekels by now.

i think early alice in chains was partially trying to be KINDA like a seattle version of a Hard Rock band like GUNS N ROSES. which is not a problem. what im saying is that its hard to label the facelift album as “GRUNGE” and there are parts that are kinda guns n rosey. alongside with some arguably grunge riffs, but wtf is “grunge” anyway. in a way you could also compare it to the “groove” metal of pantera, which was coming out around the same time.

it was all degenerate hahahahaha

young white men getting drunk and high like negros.

i can judge it and condemn it because I DID IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

except i didnt get .000000000000000000001% of the pvssy these guys got. could BARELY even pull ONE woman. while they banged hundreds of sluts. which is not something to be PROUD of. but i think i’d rather bang 100 sluts than bang 1 or 2 sluts and then have a 13 year drought during my entire 20s hahahaha.

i think i would take too much over too little. at least then i would have the skills to pull The Unicorn Woman. and i would just need the Discernment. Well now I have the Discernment but not the skills!

some people have the skills but never learn the discernment!

how did i learn the discernment but never the skills?

ive technically LEARNED the skills. theres not much to learn: be masculine. be confident. be dominant. and doing those things is not complicated. its just a matter of NOT CHOKING when you are Up To Bat.

drinking SORTA helped me with liquid courage….at first. i prob wouldnt have gotten the very limited action i did without it. but there were PLENTY of times when i was at parties with tons of young sluts around, and I was getting RAGING drunk, and it still wasnt enough to give me the courage to talk to damn SLUTS. shameful! i would just start blubbering incoherently and i knew that wasnt gonna pull the skanks. sure as hell wasnt gonna do any good with the good woman either! who would not be going to big drunken parties anyway!

but yeah i liked to drink. it was all to ESCAPE the feelings of being a weak undesirable uncool loser failure. an unmanly man, a coward, a pussy, etc.

Image result for adolf hitler 1 weltkrieg

AH looked a little more normie when he was young and just had a much more normal mustache. he was very handsome and kinda looks like varg vikernes hahahaha. i am sure VV would appreciate me saying that hahaha.

this was around 1915 when he was 26.



may 19

great article on the WQ by WEEV. bbs link will prob be dead by the time you read this hahaha

well honestly its kind of extreme and i luv weev but im not 100% on board here. i am probably a traitor and an enemy for wanting to be nice to women and not kick them in the fooking stomach hahahaha.

like i said, i am def in favor of regular spanking, i am prob ok with a slap on the face, but kicking them in the stomach or “smashing their face into a countertop” is not something that sits well with me.

and for that i am a white knight pvssy worshipping enemy of the race.

weev is a great writer but like anglin he uses some very extreme violent words in this article. i see this and think this could Divide the Movement.

just weird that i would be considered MODERATE because i dont want to break womens faces and have them beaten to death by sharia rape gangs. no, i’m happy with spanking and removing all voting rights and divorce rights and abortion. lets try that first. i think we would see a lot of improvement.

also i dont think you should raep your wife if she is not in the mood.

some more sensible people in the thread say that if you maintain a proper lead, you never HAVE to beat or raep your wife. you can just say, im going for a walk. when i come back, you better have changed your attitude, woman. and that is enough to work. having to savagely beat your wife is the mark of a man who cant find a more civilized way to control her.

and if you got a batshit batshit crazy schizo wife, you could take her back to her father for a refund hahahahaha. like yeah, this one is defective. send her to the nunnery because she is bad news for any man.

but yeah. you can guilt trip a man very very easily, because he has a sense of guilt. women dont have that. you try to guilt them, they will just lash out at you, cheat you, make a fool of you, cuck you.

women dont know guilt, they only know SHAME. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

SLUT SHAMING WORKS. thats why the worst of the sluts fight against it. but deep down, they know they shouldnt be sluts.

ok day off. slept like 10 hours and 50 minutes. did small load of laundry. about to go out and do errands

this poor young man is in a Tough Spot in Life hehehe and gets some good encouragement from BBS men.

maybe  i could have Managed that Woman better if i spanked her, slapped her face. then she would respect me and i wouldn’t need to respect her, because respecting women is just misguided and misunderstanding on your part. don’t ABUSE them, but dont be too GOOD to them either.

and then she could have stayed with me, been loyal to me. wawawawawawaaaaa

ok back from doing muh errands. spent gratitude money on family. appease muh guilt hahaha.

saw horribly qt blond gurl, about 19/20 years old, at grocery store with her potatoey mom. gurl was qt, not too slutty looking, was wearing shirt of university where she was prob Away At College and coming home for the summer. she didnt look like she had hit her Away At College Slut Phase yet. i instantly felt the urge to marry her and protect her from the degen slut world that is seducing her. i could see what she was destined to become in 25 years but i didnt care. i said nope, ill control her better so she doesnt turn into a frumpy stumpy potato.

someone on BBS offered theory that maybe chris cornell decided, ya know, my life is going well, things are good, now would be an ideal time to try just one drink, or a few drinks.

and then he had a few drinks and saw it didnt work like that, and he just kept drinking and in that moment felt crushing despair and HAD to end it all. realizing i am sloppy drunk for the first time in 10 years, i havent gotten any better at all, guess i couldnt just enjoy 3-5 drinks like a normie. i will never be a normie.

in other words, a tiny percentage of drinkers are problem drinkers and literally cannot have ANYTHING to drink at all. even just one triggers something in their fooked up brain. and it sucks that i am prob one of those fooked up people!!!!!! cant even drink ONE drink, EVER again!

role my ideal homeschool, i would role play REAL LIFE SITUATIONS, namely, tough customers, tough situations, dealing with WOMEN, and being cool under pressure, and have the children PRACTICE those situation in role playing until they had some idea of how to do it in real life. it would be a very accurate real life simulator. unlike how College, for example, does NOT prepare you for Real Life WOrk Situations at all. in my school, the situations would be very much like real life situations, except without the terrible consequences, so you could practice them in a safe space hahahahaha. and have a winner Coaching you to do the right thing. because if you make any mistakes in REAL life, you get utterly SKULL FOOKED. you get utterly destroyed, decimated, pounded into the ground, disemboweled, chopped in half, in a way that its VERY hard to bounce back from. ONE STRIKE AND YOURE OUT. might as well become an opioid junkie and k yourself with fentanyl. because you sure arent gonna help secure the existence of your people or a future for hwyte children! you wont even be able to take care of YOURSELF!

heheheh see the STREAM of negative thoughts?

just STOP the neg thoughts and REPLACE them with images of AH and the Hookcross, with the horst wessel lied playing triumphantly hahaha.

hmm only took 1 benedryl last night, got almost 11 hours of sleep, drank a ton of coffee today, but STILL tired and thinking of a nap at around 2:30pm on day off hahaha.

ok laid down for about 1 hour.  it was ok.

maybe just as i am one of those peopel who cant even handle one drink, i am one of those people that cant ever handle being with a woman even ONCE. that women are like alcohol or drugs to me.

that sucks!

thats a problem with ME, not with the drugs, alcohol, or women!

ok but thats like apples and oranges. alcohol is just a nice luxury that normies enjoy moderately once in a while and arent really a super important part of life. for married normies, women and rels with them ARE an important part of your life. you live with your wife, you have children with her, you make Vows and she is supposed to be committed to you.  it just cant be compared to alcohol. its a living breathing real person. a very childlike immature property person, but a person nonetheless!

women are like children. you dont need to like or respect your children. but it is probably good that you LUV your children. so it IS ok to LUV your wife. but dont expect to LIKE or RESPECT her…..because women are NOT MEANT to be liked or respect by men, becuase theyre not capable of the things that men like and respect!

but its very tempting to like a woman when she is NICE to you. i admit. just be aware that does not make her a nice person, and she can still fook you over, doesnt mean she’ll be loyal to you because she was relaly nice to you once, doesnt mean shed be a good wife and mother. its not HARD to be nice. ANYBODY can be nice if they make 1% effort. YOU ARE OVERVALUING NICENESS.  IT’S NOT THAT GREAT!

but it IS pretty great! its such a big reward for so little effort! people should be more nice! its not hard! its a big payoff!

yes yes and yes. they SHOULD be more nice. but they dont, because the world is not fair!

Anglin QUOTE:

Yes, I believe very strongly that women deserve to be physically disciplined in situations where it is clearly required. I don’t think it should leave marks.

I’m not sure how it is that this is associated with Islam. It was the norm in all white societies throughout the entirety of history, before the enlightenment and 19th century social reforms.

You know where the term “rule of thumb” comes from, no?

I do not believe it is GENERALLY appropriate to beat a woman bloody. END

ok thank u hahahaha. i would agree. spanking is ok, but breaking their ribs and face and beating them to death like weev was suggesting, is too far. i think he was using Hyperbole though. Or trying to move the Overton Window, so that “JUST” taking away voting for women, and being in favor of spanking them, seems reasonable to EVERYONE. maybe weev got dumped by his gf. we KNOW his mother was crazy and probably bossed his father around and adopted nonwhites into the weev family. so there are certainly issues with weevs parents, that contribute directly to his honestly inflammatory rhetoric.

but some of the lower iq people take every word literally.

i would discuss it with weev himself but you have to pay him 1050 dollars to be a special guest star for the day hahahaha.


so we can save our own copies of threads on DS BBS, which uses the discourse software and sometimes important threads get lost forever, but the pages are loading with a kinda javascript “just in time” way which makes it impossible to save the page as, or copy and paste the whole thread.

do CTRL P when scrolled to the bottom of the thread. brings up print dialog in chrome. choose print to PDF. save the pdf. DONE. i have been trying to do this forever. its appalling the developers dont BUILD A BUTTON to do something like this.

anyway, tldr, weev had a terrible mother and a weak father, so that shapes his opinion on women, AND he is deliberately trying to make a provocative propaganda piece.  its not like im turning my back on WEEV. he’d pretty much have to turn his back on hwytes for me to do that!

i mean i havent even turned my back on k1ke enoch ahahaha. i havent turned my back on That Woman….and I really SHOULD! because she turnd her back on ME.

i would ENJOY spanking a woman. i would do it with enthusiasm. but punching a woman in the face, kicking them in the stomach, crushing their skull with a fire extnguisher, i would take no pleasure in it at all. i dont want to violently abuse women hahaha. i want to like them hahahaha.

i guess im just misunderstanding what white sharia really means, and that weev isnt calling for women to LITERALLY be beaten to death by raep gangs. he’s using hyperbolic language to push the overton window and counter an equally extremely jooish poison popular culture that has turned women into 50 foot slutty godzillas.

anyway. im just here to be the white knight and to say just spank your damn women. also ignoring them when they are being bitchbabies would be good. i should have just ignored that woman. instead i was going crazy, writing her emails every week.

well after several of those i never contacted her again, so that was kind of like ignoring. and then she never contacted me. she was so far gone she didnt care if i “ignored” her forever. now that stings! when a woman hates you so much she doesnt care if you ignore her! because she wants to ignore YOU!!!!! and wants YOU to disappear forever!

yeah well i did. fookin mudshark slut hahahaha.

may 20

white sharia. damn. yeah i think this is not the greatest meme. its honestly kind of forced. no you dont have to be super autistic to not understand it. its easily misunderstood by anyone. yeah i guess its good in that it makes leftists unable to defend moslems. basically if you disavow white sharia, then you HAVE to disavow brown sharia. that is KIND OF clever, but also kind of confusing too.

so which parts are you exagerrating about, and which parts are you not? and how do you expect all people to agree on this?

like, i hope youre exaggerating about kicking women until their bones are broken, and putting them in burka like suits, and generally violently abusing them like nonwhites abuse poor dogs.

the parts about slut shaming and taking away women voting and no fault divorce and false raep accusations and all that, hell yes! that is awesome!

someone said that women combine the worst of the negro and the J. they are not wrong! this is EXACTLY why women need to be put back into their place, have their freedom restricted. but not violently, abusively, or hatefully!

women are BY NATURE DESTRUCTIVE. they are like BOMBS.

but we NEED them to have children, and i might argue that children raised by a good mother and a good father turn out better than children raised by a good father alone. in other words, a good mother can add definite value to childrens life. and weev is as hateful to women as he is partially because he had a bad mother! and that sucks!

i want to hear more from people who ACTUALLY have wives and children, not 25 year old virgin woman haters hahaha. but 38 year old men who have good rels with their wives and children. not seeing a lot of that on DS.

still all of this drama is nowhere near enough to turn me away from DS! its just disappointing to see such otherwise great Thought Leaders go kinda off the rails on this one point.

but they arent wrong, in that WOMEN ARE DESTROYING OUR CIVILIZATION.


I agree with that entirely!

I guess I’m just too much of a nice guy, I like women too much, too nice to them.

i just dont like being called a traitor to my race, or at least unintentionally aiding the destruction of my beloved race, because i am TOO SOFT on WOMEN, who are agents of jooish destruction.

I guess the proper frame to be in with women, if you start to get nervous, is just always imagine yourself spanking them. maybe even slapping them in the face, but no further than that. just imagine spanking them. constantly. get nervous talking to a qt woman, just imagine shes taken 30 dicks (prob has!) and imagine yourself spanking her for being such a degenerate disgusting slut!

hey i can link to TRS forum right? the articles are no longer locked down, forum is open, theres still some good stuff on there, anyway here’s there discussion of weev’s Controversial article.

basically many people at DS are too autistic and losery to realize the meme is maybe hyperbole. and its really not clear that it is!

look we can ALL AGREE that extreme conditions call for extreme solutions. but we dont need to chop off womens arms and legs and use them as a “breeding vat” to get 15 kids out of, as a guy on TRS pointed out, the absurdity of how extreme the meme is. it just doesnt seem to be a Good Hand to start betting so much on.  there are better memes out there.

the WQ IS very important. but we can do a better meme, and i was surprised at how many people jumped on board with this so quickly. and i think TRS is more intelligent on this point. can appreciate the nuances and not want to turn women into STUMPS.

and if anyone should hate women violently, its ME! and i see men who do violently hate women and think nope, thats not me.

and then think of That Woman being a dirty slut in great need of white sharia to control her destructive, stupid nature. me brutally doing white sharia – or at least my moderate white sharia of SPANKING – would have benefited me directly because it would have kept muh favorite woman from dumping me and breaking muh heart, but i was just too weak for her. not good or strong enough for her. couldnt pass her shit tests and put her in her place.

welp officially 1/3 thru MK and its still not super thrilling hahahaha. he needs to talk about the J a lot more.

holy fook bitcoin has hit 2000. 2031 atm. all time high.

ok i think what anglin and weev are doing, is pushing things as far as humanly possible. to make DS the single most extreme site on the whole internet ever. they might not mean the shit literally. but are delib trying to make THE most extreme, provocative site that ever existed, in preparation for anglins upcoming TRIAL with the SPLC. as if to say, you call us hateful, you aint seen nothing yet, we are going to make AH look like mickey mouse! we are literally going to turn white women into sex slaves and beat them to death with impunity! if you are not throwing a J in the oven RIGHT NOW then you are a TRAITOR and should get in the oven WITH them!

so if that’s the case, i support them fully. anglin and weev both are probably the two most brilliant propagandists alive.

as if they are trying to make the news by how extreme they are. im surprised there hasnt been MSM coverage of weev’s article, for example. maybe they want to have MSM report on them whenever they write an article. like oh god, just when you think they couldnt go any further, they did. how can this not be against the law? this is the worst hate speech ever encountered since AH!!!!

to really make a point about free speech and hate speech and to find that line.

if thats the case, hell yeah, i luv it.

but i personally think beating women within an inch of their lives is a terrible idea.

and i do luv the cognitive dissonance. but that is really subtle that it even took a genius like me a long time to grasp it. that is, globalists and leftists wont be able to complain about white sharia WITHOUT condemning brown sharia, which they are slow to do, because you cant be ISLAMOPHOBIC!

so this could all be a huge psyop to make Islamophobia Acceptable! which is great.

but yeah. its the super anti woman idiots on DS, the peanut gallery if you will, that are cancerous. they clearly dont understand the hyperbole. they take this literally. and to an extent, anglin should be responsible for them. because he’s not being entirely clear how much he is exaggerating.

maybe he is delib trying to get arrested for inciting violence or harrassment. or trying to make history in how close he can get to that line.

but wouldnt this not be good for his court case though?

but maybe he is doubling down because he WANTS to look like the biggest monster since AH. and then lose his court case, and maybe declare bankruptcy beforehand so he doesnt really lose anything? i mean its not a criminal case, there is NO chance of him going to JAIL.

we need more 1433 vvn lawyers. attorneys. sam dickson doesnt seem to do much. toilet law disappeared because of dox threats. matt hale is rotting in federal prison, solitary confinement because of some total jooish bullshit. edgar steele went to prison…..but he might have been an actual scumbag who tried to kill his wife. but K’ing your wife should be legal right, cuz she’s your property hahahaha.

then theres this other attorney who is basically already doxed and i have NO IDEA how he isnt facing much more opposition. like antifa protesting outside his office, which they never have.

“Serial Monogamy” IS the Coch Carousel. Just a nicer word for it. SAME THING. A new BF every 6 months = +2 to your number every year = by the time a gurl is 25, shes been with AT LEAST 15 guys. AT LEAST. If that doesnt sound like the coch carousel 15 guys by 25, then what the hell does?

heh another great thread showing that mgtow does have some good points re women. i suppose we are looking for a mgtow that is joo wise, nationalistic, traditionalistic, believe in 14 words, and glorifies having children.


PRESS CONTROL P. this gives a DIFFERENT view than right click > print. dont know why, it just DOES. da jooz, thats WHY. if you have to ask why, you’ll never understand why. why ask why. never ask why. it means you’ll never understand why. because GOD. because jooz. because SCIENCE! aka a bunch of jooish lies hahaha.


wed nov 22

april 8

ok made 3 oz meatballs with walmart 80 20 beef. the beef looked pretty good actually. hope it wasnt totally GMOd to hell. used regular hamburger buns with 2 of the 3 oz meatballs on them. essentially making a 6 oz burger or meatball sandwich. made 6 of these. put in freezer.

weev has been saying for years that you should teach your kids how to CODE. its more important than teaching them how to use a firearm. because the wars of the future will be fought with drones and robots and those with the best software, the best code, are gonna win, so learn how to code when you are YOUNG so you can be really really good when you are an adult.

this sounds sorta like coding academy for kids, coding summer camp for gurls, etc. of course weev is not about the social justice aspect of coding for GURLS, weev has a very good view on women.

but i am just butthurt because to get a 14 dollar an hour job coding, you have to be DAMN GOOD, you have to be in the top 10% of of coders. you better be an EXPERT in SEVERAL languages. i mean there is SO MUCH. you cant just learn a little, or even a lot. you need to learn a SUPER LOR and that is the BARE MINIMUM.  THEN you are at shit tier h1b indian chinese level. which is not good enough to get a job in the west. you are just replaceable by indians.  heh. i guess i wish i was more prepared for exactly HOW MUCH coding you need to be REALLY GOOD at, in order for the skill to be worth ANYTHING to you.

however, if i had started learning this stuff at age 5 or 6, maybe i wouldnt have hated it so much hahahha.

that was the problem with SKOOL and EDUCATION, is that it made me hate learning, hate knowledge, lose interest in everything, and not want to try or work, but just to obliterate my mind with drugs hahahahaha. i dont care about shit. nothing is interesting, everything is stupid and gay and pointless. who cares about any of this shit. how can i make money or get women with this shit. what is the payoff for knowing this stupid ass shit. id rather be jerking off to jooish porn and fookin up my mind with jooish drugs and jooish vidya games.

i was fooked up in the mind by the joo since like 7 years old hahahaha. hopeless. lost cause. bad seed. i shoulda just been born a joo. DAMN. THAT is a bad feel!

PORN is SO DESTRUCTIVE that it is the ONE THING the joos will give away FOR FREE.  i wish I had NEVER looked at porn. i think the first time i saw it, i was like 14 years old and looking at the sleazy “club” magazine, which was way more hardcore than playboy because the sluts would be bending over and showing their assholes and spread cvnts. and as a super horny 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 year old, I thought it was the HOTTEST THING EVER. and the joo poisoned my brain and muh whole secs drive for 8 years of my young life!

i never thought at age 14 that this was a horrible jooish thing! i was like WOW this is the greatest hottest thing ever! damn i cant wait to jerk off to that tits and ass and pvssy 10 times a day! wow!

and i dont even think i was a porn ADDICT like some of the more unfortunate cases. i just think i was slightly above average. i think the average teen boy is horny af and wants to jerk off 10 times a day. that’s natural. thats NORMAL. that’s your body telling you to REPRODUCE.

hmm. well i was thinking that you make prostitutes or sluts or skanky milfs available for horny young teen boys. that would be much better than PORN. as ive said before, if a 15-16 year old boy can hook up with a 19-20 year old SLUT and just bang the shit out of her, i think that would be ideal. unless the boy falls in luv with her. which he well may! so why am I recommending this? is the reward worth the risk? theres a 50% chance he will fall in luv. but theres a 100% chance he will get the reward of confidence and masculinity around women, which will help him when it comes time for a real woman and not a practice gurl hahahahaha. so yeah reward outweighs risk. and of course you can have redpilled education for the boy on exactly why he shouldn’t fall in luv with the slut. and clear instructions on HOW not to.

clear fooking instructions. do this, this, and this.

john dewey is the biggest name in education. how jooed was dewey? probably pretty!

ok making a pot of tea instead of coffee for the first time in a while. putting some honey in it. honey is a miracle food hahahaha.

honey. chicken. cottage cheese. beef. butter. eggs. coffee. tea. i hear walnuts are supposed to be bretty good.

weev is not wrong. coding IS a very valuable skill. hwyte kids SHOULD learn it. but they cannot half ass it like i did. only take 2 classes of c++ and get up to Pointers and Polymorphism and Inheritance and be like IM DONE. FOOK THIS SHIT.

you need to get to pointers in like 1st grade and then just keep on truckin. so by the time you are 14 you have a bachelors in CS. this is what weev means when he says white kids must learn coding hahaha. and i agree with him!

well he might change his tune once he has kids. and he abolsultely SHOULD!

there are plenty of weev haters who think he is a Deep State Joo. oh just LOOK at him, he LOOKS like a joo, hes workign for the CIA. i dont think so. i could be wrong. if i am wrong, i will be very disappointed!

maybe i should get a c++ book and pick up where i left off haha. ummm i have a c# book! c# for dummies!

it just seems so hard to Bounce Back when you have Wasted Your Youth!

when i was young and jerking off to porn, i did not realize how jooish and wrong it was, but i did know that i wanted a special monog, trad, longterm rel with a woman, and i did not like sluts. but i was just SO HORNY that i couldnt resist the jooish temptation of porn. also i am one of the last generations that ever used actual porno magazines simply because we didnt have high speed internet, just dial up. heh. and of course i STILL managed to view some pron on it. remember saving pron on FLOPPY DISKS and eventually a CD ROM. good god. have mercy on us.

i became interested in bitches taking it up the ass, which certainly the INTERNET enabled that OBVIOUSLY JOOISH fetish. the most you saw in magazines were just the sluts showing their asshole. and that is jooish ENOUGH!

anyway enough of the walk down memory lane hahahahaha. gonna go for nice walk here outside, BEAUTIFUL day today.

anyway i just thought porn was a sin against the uncool christian god, and i was rebelling against that anyway. that porn being a sin was just as stupid as Premarital Secs being a sin.

premarital secs is doable (although still risky.) but if anything was ever INHERENTLY sinful, it is porn. you cant even joo a good excjuse for it hahahahahaha. other than you are young, extremely horny, and want to jerk off 10 times a day. i mean at that age you are basically a secs ADDICT anyway even WITHOUT the porn. but porn just makes it WORSE. just beat off 5 times a day WITHOUT porn. explain to your son or younger brother that the more he looks at this poison which was engineered by our Racial Enemies to destroy US, the less he is going to be able to talk to actual real women. you dont want to be a 30 year old virgin, do you? the less you look at of this propaganda poison, the sooner you’ll bang a realgurl!

i mean i ABSOLUTELY had a concept of Race by the time i was like 10 years old or younger because of The Blacks. However I had absolutely NO concept of jooz at that time. none whatsoever. and I’m sure the first time i did learn of joos, i thought it was Just Another RELIGION.

ok drank the whole pot of tea very quickly. 6 tea bags.

i am all about Powerful Phrases. since I have ADD  and millennials are proven to have an attention span less than a GOLDFISH (see time magazine) i can only understand brief soundbits. phrases. powerful phrases. give me one sentence on a flashcard that I can memorize and practice. a powerful sentence where each word is carefully placed to Get What You Want. Persuade and convince and Sell your audience on what you;re selling. because you always have to be selling something. very often it is your self. invest in me. pay me. hire me. dont fire me. spend time with me. be loyal to me. don’t leave me. have my children. dont cheat on me.

is this the same as begging and pleading? please do what I want? why can’t we ever want the same thing. why cant we be on the same team hahaha.

april 9

ok back to job tomorrow. today i want to do the “homework” of figuring out the best Process, the best Workflow, for this Project, so I can hit ground Running tomorrow, because I wasted like a whole day last week, which normal people would be FIRED for, and which proves i am a loser, inferior human being, a failure at life, cannot handle normie adult life, etc etc etc, will never make 27k a year, will never get a wife, never have children, etc

yeah well wife and children suck, they suck all your hard earned money! you dont want wife and children! just bang young sluts for the rest of your life and leave no legacy!

basically, because i have issues, i want to find a woman with issues, but not Too Many or the Wrong Kind of Issues, esp having too high of a number, being a mudshark, and being Borderline or Bipolar. but these are the most common issues women have!

so i was “lucky” enough to find a woman that had issues, but not the wrong kind of issues.  COME ON.

but it is true. a woman who is totally NORMIE would seem WAY out of my league. plus it would be OBVIOUS that she makes 4 times the money in her career. i mean at a certain age it just becomes NAIVE to IGNORE the money/success aspect.

heres an interesting idea: it is BETA/OMEGA/WEAK/REPULSIVE to perform cunnilingus on women. They immediately begin seeing you as a doormat wilting weak omega and start looking for ways to dump you, leave you, cheat on you, because what kind of strong, tough, protective man is gonna be down there munching the rug? its a sign of weakness and SUBMISSION. this is why its perfectly FINE for a woman to s your D, and you wouldn’t disagree THATS a sign of submission, no? so, its very likely to be a sign of submission when you munch the rug. and WOMEN HATE SUBMISSIVE MEN. they dont just dislike them. they HATE them. WOMEN are supposed to be submissive to MEN, not vice versa.

now, there are some men who hate munching rug and refuse to do it.

there are other men who LUVVVVV it.

there are some women who are ADAMANT about it. like its a DEALBREAKER if this guy wont munch muh rug.

as far as me, its something I am totally open to. in fact if I really like the gurl, I am very excited by the idea. in fact, the more I know and the more I like the woman, the more I am into the idea of rug munching.

but if its some brand new strange slut off the street, hell no, i dont want to get near that STANK BOX where 9000000000 guys have been! shes probably got a bunch of sperm swimming in there right now! EW! GROSS!

so theres the idea that if you munch rug TOO SOON, its viewed as submissive and disgusting by the woman. if you have a longterm rel, it’s probably safe for you to do once in a while and she wont lose any respect for you.

hard to say because I only did it once hahahahahahahaha. but i thoroughly enjoyed it! it didnt hurt that the gurl was qt as fook, solid 7.9, and 18 years old. the notion of licking an 18 year old gurl is a lot better than a 30 year old woman!

so yeah that was ALL GOOD, BELIEVE ME. I was happy to experience it, I wish i could have experienced a lot MORE of it, and I prob enjoyed it more than the actual PIV secs, because it felt like there was less pressure, it was less serious, I can be more confident about this.

but I wonder if it signalled to HER that I liked her too much and therefore  turned her off and she had to dump me? because at the time, I didn’t know her that long, because she was a SLUT who bangs guys within a week of first meeting them.

LIFE LESSON: dont risk it. dont get feelings for SLUTS, dont munch box on SLUTS, dont munch box until you have had a legit rel for a while, because its a SIGNAL of WEAKNESS AND SUBMISSION on your part, and will make the gurl DUMP you, so dont do it unless you WANT TO BE DUMPED. TOUGH MANLY MEN DONT MUNCH BOX.  until you have been like legit monog dating for……6 months. just estimating there.

this fookin guy mocks every move i make or dont make at the poker table. not betting enough. not betting correctly. betting out of position. how to lose with top pair. he tried to warn me, i didnt listen. i dont know how to read the cards, read the board, read other players. i am like a child who has no idea what im doing. i have no concept of the bare fundamentals. come take money from this FISH who doesnt know what he’s doing. whyd you do that. whyd you do that? are you an idiot or something? you CLEARLY dont understand how this game works.

it is VERY annoying and also confidence shaking because i am particlarly susceptible to having my confidence shaken that I dont UNDERSTAND the way things WORK. like yep this makes NO SENSE and I should JUST QUIT because its too confusing.

because i honestly dont know how smart i am. when I was 16, 17, I thought I was way smarter than normies. now I was like, wow, these normies know something I dont, they are smarter than me, I took an online IQ test that said I had 105 IQ and I thought I would be more near 120.

so when i run into Challenges, im like, hmm, maybe this is just too confusing for me to handle. i need an adult! but I am a grown ass man. but not REALLY! i am a pathetic excuse for a grown ass man! I am a manchild with SEVERELY arrested development!

and I HATE that. I just wish I was an official grown ass man.

yeah but MANY people are super immature hahahaha. some people NEVER grow up.

yeah but no one EVER RESPECTS those people.

anyway. so i dont think i made a big tactical mistake by slurping that sluts wh0re hole. at WORST, it was a SYMPTOM of my larger Submissive Supplicating Weakness that prevented her from having any loyalty to me. more importantly, she was a known quantity as a known slut, and her loyalty was diminished ANYWAY.

main point: use your D to establish DOMINANCE early on.

but yeah I remember being like, this is great, the girl cant get PREGNANT from this, I can actually fake my way a little easier at this, not so nervous, she seems to like it, this is hot as shit, maybe shes a slut but her 18 year old pvssy is pretty sweet nonetheless, i could do this EVERY DAY.

so yeah I dont blame myself or regret it one bit.

I do regret not POUNDING her more and not taking tons of pictures and vidyas hahahaha. I didnt take ANY.

ok i was grumpy and it was a sunday so i laid down to take a brief nap, that was not a bad idea

i gotta be careful with this rwriting, it has been even more negative than usual lately.  honestly just been avoiding it because its always bitching about women or about being a lsoer hahahaha. oh im just discovering this NOW ?!?!?!?! hahaha

but yeah the thought that you have been weak, less than a man, a weak little neet loser, failure at life, failure with women, cant reproduce, cant take care of your kids even if you could reproduce, just a failure at the Game Of Life in every way. bad feels man! and women and Employers rejecting you because they can see you are OBVIOUSLY a failure too! it’s not just you that can see it! the outside world CONFIRMS it! its not just you being HARD on yourself! you really DO suck that much at everything!

and then writing tons of stuff like this doesnt really help you pull yourself out of it.

if i ever have to dump a woman and i dont think i can handle it, i will pay a shrink 50 bucks to do it professionally. also i think i know the mechanics of how to do it. write them a nice letter saying i dont think they are a terrible person, but i dont feel the same way, sorry, the end. heres the number of a good shrink, heres some drugs to help you cope hahahaha.

apr 10

ok back to job monday. will really feel better once i KNOW WHAT IM DOING on this project, where I did succeed in making some progress today. basically by forcing myself through sheer force of will, not getting sidetracked, not getting autistic, really, just doing more of a halfass job hahaha rather than Analysis Paralysis hehehe.

foRcing shit onto kind of a messy spreadsheet rather than doing nothing at all.

so, feel a LITTLE bit better about that.

so this guy took his 17 year old daughter on vacation and let her drink alcohol and acted like that was normal hahaha. i was a little disappointed tbh hehehe. i just hope to GOD he gave her a curfew and said be back here by 10pm and dont fook any BOYS. he apparently let her hang out and talk to boys that were at the resort. i hope he took precautions to make sure she wasnt out FOOKING the boys.

so then i thought, is there ANY father out there who is OK with his daughter fooking boys? dont ALL fathers want their daughters to be a pure princess? that practically NO father is going to take a LAISSEZ FAIRE approach here and say, OH WELL, shes just gonna fook boys and theres nothing I can do about it?

I assumed that most fathers would not feel this way. most fathers would not be ok wth their daughters being casual secs sluts on vacation.

then i wondered if normie fathers had a forum on the internet where they talked about how to keep their daughters off the D.

like, do you let your 17 year old daughter drink on vacation, but make DAMN sure she comes back by 10 o clock?

i suppose if she wants to sneak off and fook a boy before 10 pm, then shes already a huge whore and theres nothing you can do.

i mean i trust this guy to be a good father. so i am studying his Fatherhood style. to make sure his son turns out not to be a Loser and his daughter turns out not to be a Slut.

Honestly. thats all people care about. is your daughter becoming a slut? is your son becoming a LOSER. or maybe its all I care about hahaha. well its true, I do care alot about that.

heh. there is a secret ladies club on DS then. well these women should realize, if you arent a dirty race mixing slut, the mean things AA is saying about women dont apply to you!!!!!

unabomber manifesto hahahaha. recommended by anglin. not the first person to recommend this work! i really should read it. really he should just write a damn book from prison, or give interviews, or just make his own damn recordings. we would ALL be better served by listening to ted kaczynski rambling off the top of his head for 60 minutes than watching a damn shitty tv program.

i wonder. children might naturally rebel. but will they rebel LESS against the idea of RACE than they do the idea of RELIGION? I rebelled against Religion because I felt it was Unjust, Unfair, saying you couldnt jerk off to jooish porn, and that everything was a SIN. this did not go so well with my Adolescent Urges.

I wonder if Race would have seemed a more Natural thing for me to be schooled in. like, you are so horny because thats your body telling you to make hwyte babies. and that is a beautiful thing. and porn is horrible because look how it treats white women. shit even nonwhite women dont deserve to be treated like that. youre not going to go to HELL if you bang your high school sweetie. and if you keep looking at that porn you’ll never HAVE a high school sweetie.

and focus on your career because every drink you take and MJ you puff and opioid you take and pron you jerk off to, then another step you take AWAY from having a hwyte waifu and hwyte children, and being a miserable childless neet loser who has nothing to offer anyone. just a damn useless parasite.

Uncle A and the NSDAP probably had a good program for raising boys into decent young men.

shit i cant blame my religious upbringing! 90% of people who went to my religious school turned out all right.

I was def SPOILED too much between the ages of 17 and 21 or so. some hardcore Chinee shit like we are going to lock you in this room and you are not going to come out until you are an engineer making 50k a year might have worked. ITS FOR MY OWN GOOD!!!!

ok to be a successful adult you have to be able to bullshit and sell shit all day. some people have the gift of Blarney, you can see it as young as age 14, these extravert normies have a high verbal intelligence and are makign friends and influencing people from a very young age. they dont struggle so much with it. the italians are good at this hahahahahaha.



mar 19

wazzzup world hahahahaha

sunday morning today as well, just drinking coffee and farting and reading new blog post and watching rare history channel program on WW2.

  1. actual historical content on the HISTORY channel is so rare. you are lucky to see one program a week.
  2. naturally its very by the book shit of hitler and germany being monsters who need to be wiped off the face of the earth by the valiant allies.

not denying the bravery and courage and toughness of the allied soldiers. just that we were jooed into the war. jooed by literal joos and cowards into fighting against our german brothers. never should have happened.

did hitler really want to violently conquer all of france? i have to wonder if this is just another one of those joo lies. the idea of lebensraum did not mean he wanted to conquer all of europe by force. or did he. am i being to nice to AH.

yeah well it probably would have been a good thing if he had. introduced race conscious NS to all of europe. i do bet he would have allowed European Ethnic IDentity to be encouraged, like yeah you’re still FRENCH and youre still DANISH and youre still POLISH and youre still ENGLISH. i guarantee he wouldnt have tried to make everybody “german.” prob would have been flexible in allowing each nation to develop whatever kind of fascism worked best for its people. he wasnt trying to make some kind of pan european euromutts. and violently subjugate other europeans.

i mean shit he was allies with italians and spaniards and croatians, you think he would have genocided POLES? he just wanted 10% of some polish land that was pretty inhabited by germans anyway. i think they could have worked something out. or were poles actually the assholes who started ww2. yeah wel if they were i still blame the joos who were lousy in poland just like they were in russia. where did these people COME FROM. khazaria of courshe hahahaha. which was closer to poland and russia than to germany for example.

was winston churchill an ALCOHOLIC???? AH sure wasnt hahahaha. also FDR was a marxist j00 who was so crippled that his even more communist jooish lesbian WIFE was essentially president for 8 years.

i will single handedly change the current course of history and stop our hwyte women from being stupid racemixing sluts!!!!! and make them GOOD again! i will rise to that challenge and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!

this is the Talk Of A Champion that you are supposed to replace negative thoughts with, hehehehe.

take negative thoughts and say NO!!! NO!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! to them, and REPLACE them with POSITIVE thoughts of how you will WIN like a CHAMPION. HAIL VICTORY!!!!!!!

welp maybe i wont single handedly change the course of history, but i can certainly change one person. even if that one person is “only” myself. shit that would make all the difference in the world.

dont waste time trying to BE a womans father figure. THATS HER FATHERS JOB. and if her father didnt do HIS job, dont sacrifice yourself to clean up HIS mess. even if the gurl is not a huge whore hahaha. she will just find other ways to break your heart and be a huge disappointment.

better to not throw time and energy into a bad investment, and find a good investment, and find a woman you can have your own children with, and YOU can be a good father.

terrible few days for bitcoin, bad week for bitcoin, really a bad MONTH for btcoin hahaha. i mean its gone down 200 dollars just in the past 4 days or so. terrible.

ok. took huge dump, trimmed beard for weekly sunday #2 length beard. i guess #1 length would be The Don Johnson hahahahaha.

guy is a great father to his son but is a terrible cuck who lays down for his bitch ex who left him for a black guy.

if he’s such a great guy, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE LEFT HIM, MUDSHARK SWINE. she left him because he was WEAK and SOFT AND because she didnt have a father to slap some sense into her saying, whats WRONG with you? this guy is perfect and a great husband and father! DONT LEAVE HIM!!! EVER!!!! ya dumb broad!!!!


although its not the paxil/prozac/AD’s that do it, i take AD’s and I fully woke and Luv My RACE.

theres this meme that AD’s make you a sociopath, AD’s make you a cuck, i want to rebut that. I still have sympathy for other people and though i am kinda a cuck, i would NEVER do what this guy is doing, i would SHAME my shameful x for being a shameful MUDSHARK. Mudsharks REALLY trigger the FOOK out of me. that woman hahahaha. i cant believe she was technically a MUDSHARK. that should be enough to turn me OFF of her, but it just made shit MORE painful, harder to deal with, longer to get over. this is what happens when girls dont have fathers. Sad!

this guy describes a young mudshark from a decent family, good father, but is STILL an unrepentant mudshark. will be watching this thread for replies. maybe some will accuse him of being a joo planting a bullshit story thats too good to be true, NO decent hwyte gurl with a good father would EVER be a mudshark, ALL mudsharks are disgusting fat slobs. but i know this is not true. this is the real tragedy of mudsharkery, is watching a young girl BECOME a mudshark, to first cross over that line from good to ruined. Sad!

my theory is the father is a successful but swpl liberal middle class guy who is so nonracist that he doesnt care if his daughter fooks blacks, esp if they are not super thuggish. light skinned blacks who go to college and have no felonies.

i just cant understand whites who WOULDNT care about their DAUGHTER dating nonwhites. thats where the rubber meets the road. thats where people who don’t think they are racist discover that they are indeed a little bit racist.  and they dont mind it, beucase they’re not gonna cave on their daughter fooking nonwhites.

the SAD thing is, many hwytes WOULD cave on this, and would STILL be totally nonracist here. im so nonracists i REALLY DONT CARE about my daughter fooking nonwhites, and as proof, she’s already fooked 4 by age 22 and brought them home and they were all gud bois who dindu nuffin!

if the idea of your DAUGHTER fooking nonwhites doesnt make your SKIN CRAWL……i just dont know what to say to you.

i dont know about women. i WISH the idea of race mixing made THEIR skin crawl too…..but it just doesnt/ manage expectations. welp, turns out some MEN are just as cucked.  many MEN just dont care about race mixing either. sad! disgusting! unmanly!

again, i dont EXPECT women to know better. MEN, i DO.

so thats probably whats going on here, and shows you dont have to be white trash to be a mudshark slut.

really. honestly. i guess i’ll never understand these nonracists. you mean you JUST DONT CARE. have you NEVER got your heart broken by a woman and then that woman went on to fook blacks and browns and you didnt feel just a little bit angered by that? you REALLY dont care if your GF has been with nonwhites before you or after you? No they really dont. i guess i really cant reach these people. and i sure as fook can’t understand them.  WOW. JUST WOW. You really DONT care, do you. your gf has fooked blacks and you dont care. your daughter is fooking blacks and you dont care. WOW. you really dont care. well i guess you showed me! just how nonracist you are! feels good doesnt it!

i guess there are two types of peopel in the world, racist and nonracist, and never the twain shall meet. i am pretty happy being a racist. i mean i would rather be a racist than a nonracist!!!!!

and the dead giveaway is, do you CARE about your daughter, or your GF, fooking nonwhites. or yourself for that matter. do you really have NO PREFERENCE when it comes to the race of who you date.

some people SAY they have no preference but NEVER ACTUALLY date nonwhites. thats probably ok hahaha.

some people SAY they have no preference and MAINLY date whites….but occasionally date a nonwhite. not good. NOT EVEN ONCE. then what? did you learn something? did you develop a preference? i should hope so.

heh. i hope you never fall in LUV with someone who breaks your HEART AND does some mudsharking which ALSO breaks your heart too.

but the good thing is that it reduced my tolerance for race mixing degeneracy to absolutely zero.

i’m not even sure its inherently JOOISH, although it’s obvious why the joos exploit it. but it IS inherently degenerate in the most basic way. it’s just fooked up. entirely.

you dont have to be explicitly racist! just never fook a black! god damn! is that SO HARD??!?!?!?!??!!

you could even SAY you dont have any dating preferences! just don’t date a black! is that SO HARD?!?!?!?!?!?!

apparently, hahahahahahahaha.

i  have met maybe 2 black women that were attractive enough to bang, and i’m glad i didn’t hahahaha.

i’ve met many khazar jooesses who were attractive enough to bang. well, when i was young i did. but i didnt bang them. i probably would have if i had any idea how to talk to women. but i didnt. but i’m glad i only race mixed with jooesses only a TINY bit and not a LOT. better to be CELIBATE than to race mix.

have not read this one yet hahahaha

not bad!

but he has to know nicole 12 is degenerate. his past “pornographic” work is degenerate. i think he’s stepped away from this, has done less of them as time goes on, and more of Positive stuff like Vapaudenristi, but i still want him to SAY IT, say that yes i am making a moral judgment here, molesting children is wrong and degenerate, there’s a gray area where girls start to become women and start to become attractive that is probably younger than the legal age of consent, but we should still not “sexualize” them, and in general all pornography is degenerate, and race is real, and nationalism is good. this is what i want him to say rather than mental masturbation about “anti-anthropocentrism” hahahaha. just keep going in the direction of Ethno nationalism, and in saying mean things about k1kes hahaha.

i mean there’s NO DEBATE to be had on nicole 12 buddy. it’s not about studying a conditioned reaction like a “drooling dog.” i dunno. i think he should have just wrote a book about it because i just dont understand what he was trying to say with it. that everything is conditioned? that you can be conditioned into thinking pre-pubescent children are SECSY???? it just seems kinda JOOISH to try to say there’s nuances where there are none. yeah i KNOW he’s coming from the whole power electronics aesthetic, which has the same issues of jooish degeneracy.

i dunno. i guess i just want him to be something he’s probably not, and im gonna be disappointed with him in a few years hahaha. or maybe not! i mean over the past 4 or 5 years, he’s been doing more of the good things and less of the bad things!

like he needs to go into more specific detail about this “dynamic nationalism” and how he does NOT want a return to the past. how dynamic are we talking here? does race matter or not? i know he appreciates honesty but he talks too much like a damn………jooish academic artist???? thats just mean of me to say hahahaha.

no i think he’s just smart and autistic and this is the way he talks, he doesnt MEAN to sound jooish. he’ll be allright if he keeps hanging out with racist skinheads talking real talk hahahaha. also if he met a decent woman and had some children. i dont think he MEANS to sound so confusing, he’s not doing that on PURPOSE like the joos do.

he’ll probably be all right. i just dont want him to slip back into degeneracy and then make some jooish excuse about it when i KNOW he’s smarter than that! i dont want him to pull some FEDORA shit.

at any rate, he’s not really alt right and prob wont ever be as much as i would like him to be.

but would he let his daughter race mix? would he say NONE OF MY BUSINESS if muh gf race mixed before? hehehe i really dont think he would. i hope he wouldnt.

also i like some of the anti-individualist stuff he says in the interview. that these individualists are even more Conformist than normie Sheeple. basically suggesting that Individualism is Atomizing. Well….inasmuch as you can “understand” ANYTHING this guys says. I think he’s on the level, but this is why I want to TALK to him and get straight answers to straight questions. Would you let your daughter race mix? does race mean anything to you? do you care if Finns are wiped off the face of the earth? what do you think about Da JQ? Tell me what you really think about Da J’s. It’s ok m8, I dont like them either. I hope you dont like them hahahaha. what the FOOK kind of “discussion” do you think could POSSIBLY be had about nicole 12? its ok to say you have matured since that and maybe wouldnt do that again and maybe weren’t making the best statement with. molesting 12 year old girls is ALWAYS wrong and only a JOO would try to equivocate on that and it’s ok to say that. only a joo would WANT to have a discussion about the nuances behind wanting to Abuse Children.

which is totally not the same as saying, hmm that 17 year old gurl looks fairly attractive, and I would sign up to marry her when she turns 18.

just set up an email list for news on vapaudenristi and make english trans of the lyrics available so we know what you are talking about.

but if you listen to the albums of an RAC band like No Remorse and DONT say, OMG, these deplorable reprehensible nazi racist bigots! and instead say, hay I LIKE this, then you are kinda making a statement right there, aren’t you. Like how I realized that you can’t be a VVN Sympathizer without actually being a full-blown VVN and just not realizing it yet.

anyway me talking about That Man is even less interesting than me talking about Women or That Woman hahahahaha. if you want to have straightforward conversations about 1433, then there are a couple places you can go. like daily stormer. who i fully support. as of march 2017 hahahahaha. if andre turns out to be a joo i will cry mantears of grief and then move on somehow hahahaha. i really dont think he is though. also dont think he would marry a jooess.

however i wonder if k1ke enoch has divorced his joowife yet hahahaha. i aint mad at him. the shit is complicated. its still not good to have a joowife tho. but he is entitled to having a personal life. but none of us should be race mixing. he’s smart enough to know this is a problem. also its naive to do big things and say “im not a leader”. you have become KIND of a leader whether you like it or not, when you do big leaderlike things……and openly ask for dnations. i dunno. i think he learned something from all this. if anything i am more butthurt about sven banning people wantonly from the forums for weak reasons. and i still really like the hihg svenergy vidyas.  and there are still plenty of people on DS that crap on TRS for being j00 luvers. i still like em both, but i just had to take a break from TRS for a few weeks. to allow myself to not be so emotional about it.

NO ONE IS SAYING ITS OKAY TO HAVE A JOOWIFE. some of us just arent willing to believe it makes TRS traitors and shills and spies and plants and feds and mossad and controlled opposition and JFK MKII ULTRA hahahaha. it was just a guy in joo york and joo jersey who married a half-jooess before he was j00 pilled. it can happen. its not the end of the world unless they have joo children. AND THEY DONT!!!!!!!

basically how hard is it for mikko to just talk about HWYTES. just say the word. hwytes. europeans. its ok. its not a bad word. you can do it. say it. luv it. be it. huhwhyte. its a beautiful thing, its ok to FOOKING LUV being huhwhyte.

shit ive been saying it 14330000000000000 times a day for years.  no need to never say it once in years!!!!!!!!!! now THATS a little weird!

good luck finding a woman who says she prefers to date hwytes. just be lucky to find one who’s never “dated” a nonwhite YET. keeping the race pure is YOUR job. either the woman feels some kind of racial preference deep down inside or she doesnt, which will make your job of protecting the race and finding a woman who hasnt dated a nonwhite yet a little bit easier, if she’s not actively inviting them in like the sluts at the castle anthrax with a purpa drank shaped beacon.


but yeah. i just think its weird that not more hwytes are as anti-race mixing as i am. they just DONT CARE. or, worse, they say it’s AOK! no problem! i wouldnt care if i had mixed race kids!

that just seems weird and disturbing and unnatural to me. why WOULDNT you care? i want to find a woman who, on some unconscious level at least, CARES about this! and hang out with other men who explicitly care about this! become part of a mannerbund!

GLR prohibited drunkenness at ANP meetings. I think hahahaha.

andrew zimmern is pretty jooey but i also think he’s a good guy and i wouldn’t be against not deporting him hahahaha. but what is he teaching his kids at home? is his wife a joo? ideally she would be a latinx or something. why should we sacrifice a hwyte woman to make zimmern less jooish.

what about natives. injuns. there are rural communities where many of the hwytes are 10% injun. man i dunno hahahahaha. i figure if you are 13% or less nonwhite, then welcome to club hwyte. the hwyte race.  thats basically one fully nonwhite great grandparent at max.

it would be ironic if some nonwhite young woman was really really really really nice to me, and fell in luv with me, and wanted to be LOYAL to me and have muh babies. i mean that’s nothing to sneeze at when a woman gives you that loyalty. but i want that from a HWYTE woman, not a nonwhyte woman. go give that to a man of your own race. so what if they are shitty. the women of MY race are shitty. but i’d rather have no woman than a good woman of another race.

because i might be tempted! I have NO doubt that there ARE good women of other races. and being in that situation would probably be TEMPTING. oh ive been so lonely for so long, how can  REJECT this WONDERFUL woman who LUVS me just because she is not hwyte? come on. best not to BE in that situation to begin with.

GLR’s “HWYTE POWER” might be the better book for the beginner to GLR to read. i am kinda getting bored with TTTW hehehehe 65% of the way through.


from the first page, we can see that stuff in the US is HEAVILY jooed as far back as 1965.

ever since i was a young child, one of muh favorite movies was “the blues brothers”, which i have seen more times than i can remember. at first i was happy because it was one of the few R rated movies i was allowed to watch and had a few filthy f-bombs. overall it’s still a well written and constructed movie, stands the test of time, although does seem a little dated, but in a good way, shows the skills of john landis, who i’m not sure is J or hwyte, and of the players, not least of all the genuine comedy skills of albanian belushi and canadian ackroyd. also i believe john belushi was moreso a hwyte albanian than a turkish mud albanian. his brother jim looks basically hwyte while john was a bit more swarthy.

belushi was a drug doing degen like chris farley, but like farley, he was genuinely funny.

and yeah MY POINT and I DO have one, is I can look back now with new eyes and see the jooification of even this Quaint Old Movie. The blues brothers were antiracist from the beginning, hanging out with tons of blacks and IDOLIZING black musicians.

MY POINT is this was one of my first exposures to NEO NATZEEZ, with the Illinois Nazis in the movie with….John Daniels? John Glover? the Laugh In Guy, as their leader. Even from a young age I was impressed by the impressive speech he made: “white men, white men, the svastica is calling YOU. the Joo is using the Black as muscle against YOU. so what are you gonna do about it, whitey? just sit there and take it? no! you will join us, the national socialist hwyte people’s party.” which i recently learned was actually the original name of GLR’s ANP. and i am sure the character was based heavily on GLR hehehehe.

i didn’t understand why there was SUCH an angry crowd against the nazis. was what he was saying so bad? why did the blues brothers HATE the illinois nazis? then we see that the fuhrer’s second hand man has been secretly in gay luv with him. there is also a scene where we see him blatantly smoking a corncob pipe, which has got to be a reference to GLR.

also look at the country rednecks in the country bar and the way they and Country Bob and the Good Old Boys are portrayed as Uncool Rednecks.

It’s all still pretty funny and I can never CONDEMN the movie, and I will never not want to watch it while cuddling with a Nice Hwyte Hwaifu…..but I will be sure to HWYTESPLAIN the parts of the movie is not so nice to hwytes.

plus i generally like the black music too: blues, old time rock and roll, etc. the band is SOLID. and you can’t crap on a classic performer like ray charles. well other than to say he was probably a horrible person who was a heron addict and beat his wife and cheated on his wife and was prob a horrible father hahahaha. some good songs tho! and that makes it all ok!

so yeah, still a good movie, but it has a lot of questionable stuff in there that you dont notice when you are young.

no i dont think seeing it 60000000 times since a young age really HARMED me. it still give me good feels of nostalgia of being A Young Child. I just want the Notsees to be portrayed more sympathetically hahahahaha. more stuff about blacks and joos bad nooz hahahahaha.

mar 20

it is easy to survive the low stress workday thank god, but i hate not being a TOUGH as a WOMAN, to handle a stressful job 60 hours a week. im surpirsed MORE peopel dont abuse drugs and alcohol. well because they would probably LOSE THEIR JOBS if they did. you cant just half ass your job, because then you lose your job.

but i was so tired upon coming home i immediately laid down, watched law and order, and took a bit of a powernap. maybe it was because i took a benedryl last nite.

normal people cant take a powernap after their job. they have to drink gallons of coffee and 10 monster energy dranks to get thru their busy 10 hours a day, then come home and crash but you cant sleep because your mind is reeling from the busy day but you need to sleep but cant so you have to take some kind of drugs to slow you down. either sleeping pills or alcohol is a very popular choice hahaha. MJ would not hurt either haha.

and i went to bed at a decent hour and drank a lot of coffee while i was there!

i do a decent job and act pretty normie while i am there. but i hate that at the end of the day, i am still not as TOUGH as a 22 year old GURL. very emasculating. its GOOD to feel TOUGH. its BAD to feel WEAK and SOFT.

i was thinking of “erotic fiction” which is kinda pornographic but not AS degenerate because you arent using and destroying actual live gurls in order to produce it. other than maybe perverting the mind of the person writing (and of course reading) it.  but its not a machine that destroys heaps of young women. so yes i think it is less degen than actual porno. still not ok though. MIGHT be useful to wean off a porno addict. thats a big maybe though.

anyway i dont really care. im not tempted to look at porno. i AM tempted to do MJ all the time. just think about it all the time like a gurl thinking of her loverboi and the day he can get out of prison and they can finally be togther again.

damn have this god damn ice cream and ate too much of it. thankfully this is not a regular thing. it is caramel ice cream which i really like. ate too much of it. is this “emotional eating” because i was feeling weak and soft and pvssy and weak? eating too much ice cream certainly doesnt HELP those things! thankfully i dont often buy or eat ice cream. so its not like im gonna eat the whole container in 1 day then run out and buy another. fook no.

my good idea for the day was to get a thick black marker and draw a huge Hakenkreuz on your chest like the tat sported by weev or american history x. do this before you bang a broad. that way she can see the beliefs of the man who is drilling her, and it is bound to have an effect on them, subconsciously at the very least. looking down at the man pounding you and see the symbol of the ebil natzees. wow. maybe it would make the woman less likely to be a race traitor in the future. i cant see any downside to it. JUST DO IT. i would seriously luv to do this myself. chip away at her idea of herself as a nonracist. well if you were such a nonracist, then you wouldnt be loving getting fooked hard by a natzee with a svastica on his chest staring right at you!

well, i guess this could backfire and she could say, welp now i HAVE to run out and fook a negro ASAP to prove im not a natzee.

then she would have done that at some point ANYWAY, you’re just speeding up the inevitable and can NEXT her quicker and save more of your valuable time for a woman who is worth your time.

fooking DO this. draw a svastica on your chest with a black marker and bang the woman. make sure she is facing you hahahahahahaha.

tom brady goes to bed at 8:30 pm because he is serious about his sleep. not that i idolize a feetsball sportsball negroball j00ball player, but he seems like a healthy goy. so what time does he get up in the morning? dont know. probably about 5 am.  that is when i get up. alarm rings at 5 am, i sip coffee till 5:30 and watch the news, see how negros shot each other, get the weather and traffic. the time passes very quickly. at 530 i get out of bed, continue drinking coffee, take a shower, get ready.

yeah you should start with GLR’s hwyte power book. it is written in a very weaponized style, to shake you up, from the very first page, for the next…30 pages or so. it has not stopped shaking me on every page and i am on page 23 now. just comes out with all guns blazing. describes the problem explicitly: disgusting degeneracy. describes the SPIRITUAL SYPHILIS which afflicts hwyte youth and how religion wont work on them. he hasn’t talked so much about the JQ yet, but I am 1433000000000% sure he will soon.

it is easy to imagine him reading this in the form of a powerful passionate speech. you could go around reading passages to people like speeches.


i have never read something written in the 1960s that reads like it was written TODAY. RIGHT NOW.


hehehe. that feel that if someone asks you who would you want to meet of anyone who lived in history and you can’t even tell them. you can’t say AH. you can’t say GLR. people don’t know who GLR is but you can’t explain who he was without making you look like a psycho for wanting to meet him. i guess you could LIE and say He was a Political Activist in the 1960s. He was anti-Communist like Joe McCarthy!

why the hell would you want to meet joe mccarthy?

lemme google this rockwell guy- american NATZEE PARTY??!?!?!?!?!?!?! he’s as bad as HITLER! he has a SVASTICA on his arm!!!!!!!!!

believe me. i took AP US history in high school and they never mentioned rockwell. i never heard of him until a few years ago.

yeah they mentioned mccarthy. but by that time i think i was getting tired of skool. i recall AP history involved a ton of reading and i barely remembered any of that stuff.

i was getting sick of school and homework and reading stuff that wasnt important to me; i was starting to get interested in MJ and alcohol; i didn’t realize the importance of history like this.

shit i took AP european history and obviously SHOULD have enjoyed it, reading an in depth history of hwyte people. I started out enjoying it but a few months into it, i was like this is too much reading. i dont remember any of this stuff. what does all this matter.  didnt understand how the history of the joos mattered, the turks and ottomans and muslims, common law and all that. shit i still dont hahahaha. it was a lot to bite off and hard for a 15 year old to put into perspective. maybe if you explained to me, these joos are the reason gurls today are such stupid sluts hahahaha. and then traced THAT back to communism. and kinda worked backwards from the present, stuff that mattered to me at the time. which admittedly most of it was stupid and degenerate.

nonetheless the average kid in my high school did JUST FINE in life, so i was/am just an OUTLIER. a BAD SEED. I would have been a WEIRD CASE ANYWHERE I went to school. but i feel that in the “right kind” of “radical” high school i might have done better. like homeschool, or artsy fartsy high school, or STEM high school, or Manufactuing Machining Shop High School. really, any one of them would have been a GAMBLE.

would I have been less Angry and Nihilistic if I had been successful with Gurls from a young age? yeah probably hahahaha tbh. but MOST boys ARENT successful with gurls when they are 16, and they have to watch all the gurls their being sluts with older scumbag guys.

i bet i would have liked reading GLR at age 16 just for the SHEER EDGINESS of reading a NAZI. i know I was interested in the evil natzis, hitler, the evil svastica, because i was interested in The Bad Guys. Anything Evil or bad. serial killers. varg vikernes killing guys and burning churches.

pretty ironic that varg turned out to be a really GOOD guy who I would be sticking with 20 years later, an similar thing with AH and the natzees – they weren’t REALLY the bad guys. so even though I’ve outgrown my edginess and interest in Bad Guys, I’m more interested in these Good Guys than ever before.

I probably would have found mein kampf to not be a fun read, but I bet I would have liked GLR. I have even worse ADD now and his writing is very to the point and not a problem for people with the attention span of a fly. like me.

a book like “hwyte power” could have HELPED me at age 16, but I didnt really read ANYTHING back then. i did all my reading for school, i did ENOUGH stupid READING.  i never developed a LOVE OF READING like ALL Smart and Successful people do. Sad!

READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. BUY IT and read it over and over again. give it to all young men you know. buy cases of it and go to the nearest middle school and give it to all the white boys. maybe even the hwyte girls too.

mar 21

hwyte power. this shit is real. saw something on local tv news of an ALT RIGHT WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO NAZI flyer at a place, the police are trying to figure out who put these EVIL NAZI FLYERS up. the photo was very nonthreatening. it just talked about how white population percentage has gone way down and gave links to two very awesome websites and contained the words alt right.

but the way the media reports on it, they are clearly trying to frame it so that the FIRST THING ANYBODY THINKS OF when they hear the words alt right is “EVIL NATZEE.” alt right? whats that mean? oh. even racist natzis who want to oven jooz and lynch blacks and genocide nonwhites.

well are they wrong? hahahaha.

yes because we dont advocate violence or genocide. like GLR we are willing to pay BILLIONS of dollars to Send These People Back. wouldnt you pay TRILLIONS of dollars in taxes for a Nice Hwyte Country? Transport the people back to africa, asia, middle easy, and give them each fookin 100k USD to make a new life with. why the hell not.

i hope the police are not looking very hard for these ebil natzees. as GLR said, the local police are not our enemy. they probably sympathize with us. i should be trying to JOIN this local alt right group. but they would prob say nope youre too big of a loser to join us, we WILL take your money though.


the real problem is me wanting to give money to a group that wouldnt have me as a member. the real problem is me not being good enough to join the groups  want to be a member of!

i mean i have come to the acceptance that i am not high quality enough to represent The Movement, but I want to SUPPORT and HELP the movement, possib by giving money. yeah i guess it does suck to think, well, YOU are not good enough, but your damn MONEY is. thank me for my money and give me a roman salute at least hahahahaha. LET ME STUFF ENVELOPES AT LEAST hahahahahaha.

well we dont stuff envelopes any more. thats VVN 1.0. there will be no flat earth renegade radio flyers hahaha.

yeah small business cards leading to daily stormer or TRS, that’s fine.

i mean thats basically a hate crime goy. let’s try to find the hateful natzees who left these tiny cards with a website on them. literally.

maybe i will be ARRESTED if i wear muh DAILY STORMER t shirt in public hahahaha. what a THOUGHT CRIMINAL!!!!!!


its a big deal when he posts a 10 minute video from his toilet hahaha.  did he really have to call out richard spencer as a trust fund baby in the description. i’ll allow it as long as it doesnt turn into a high investment thing, but i think spencer is tougher than weev thinks he is. weev is prob tougher than spencer is though. well, nothing probably about it. he almost certainly is.

weev also had a good recent interiew with cantwell

i know i watched it and linked it but should watch it and link it again

weev should do vidyas every DAY

and yes you should send him dnations I DO hahahahahahahahah

and yes he certainly does NEED them more than spencer

went to bed early yesterday but took like 90 minutes to fall asleep instead of usual 45 hehehe.

i guess weev has a GF nao. well good for him, im sure she’s hwyte. i just didnt think i would see him settle down with a woman bc he is an alpha male and has hsi choice of women. well maybe he has made his choice now! obviously he SHOULD choose a wife and start having children. shit a man of his stature needs SEVERAL wives producing children SIMULTANEOUS so that he can eventually have 100, 1000 children.

create a new human life ERRY DAY!!!!

i would prob be okay with dating a single mom where her kid was weev’s baby hahahahaha.

so hypothetically let’s say weev responded to one of my semi-bantzy comments with possibly some own bantz of his own, and then i bantzed him back saying, yeah im already donating to you hahahahahaha. well WEEV I am only giving you like 20 dollars a year, maybe  WEEV is saying he is too good for my money. or he’s calling me a joo for giving him an OFFENSIVELY SMALL donation. that would be hilarious if weev bitched about that just like fatherland jim did when i gave him a TEENY WEENY donation.

although i would prefer weev’s approval because I respect and admire him , hahahaha.

but yeah not much we can do if the people we want NOT to reject us, reject us. wouldnt be the first time, wont be the last time. it sucks though. but its not like weev can BAN me from watching his videos and listening to his stuff. he can make me feel like an idiot for donating to him, since NOBODY is Cucky enough to Donate to the hand that Bites Who Feeds It!!!!

so i would just donate more to the daily stormer until something happened where they complained about me donating, hahaha.

oh least i am putting myself out there, making moves, learning things. well, at least doing things. saying, i least i tried with so and so, and then they rejected me, the end.

im still scared to go back and see how people responded to my daily stormer post. still scared to see how george responded to my questions in his q&a vidyas. i have new evidence that he is a 1433 bad goy and i couldnt be happier. this is a great way to be, but i wont blow his cover. ideally i would like him to Come Out, but that’s his right to do that when he wants.

i just dont want people i admire to scorn and reject me hahaha. i want to be part of their club. but im not cool enough. im not tough enough. im not hardcore enough. i dont give enough money. im not interesting enough. i dont work hard enough etc etc etc always SOMETHING. FOOK it. FOOK it. no good deed goes unpunished.

i dont care, everyone i like can reject me, its not gonna kill me. i can always find another pro white thing to donate to. hey i can always give money to stormfront hahahaha. or vnn. or counter currents hahahaha. dr greg is nice enough to write me a THANK YOU NOTE for a tiny donation! HA!

bbbbut these are all old men in version 1.0 who are lonely and bitter and dont have wives or children because they were born too early! they were born during the dark ages when you were Too Weird To Mate if you advocated for hwytes.

Well I too lost my YOUTH to the joos. now all i can do is secretly donate tiny amounts of money to people who dont want it hahahahaha. and sm0ke weeeeeeed secretly. never be tough enough for a 28k a year job, or hwyte wife or children. damn. so what the hell do i look forward to? the fact that my RACE, with miniscule and unwatned help from ME, is finally turning the tide. that the sleeping goy finally woke up.

i am jumping to conclusions, nobody has said stop donating to me, weev hasn’t rejected me, he was just having ONE playful BANTZ, this is what men do many times a day. i wouldnt last a DAY in australia!!!! and probably they do this in russia and ukraine too, where weev is now. call each other cyka blyat all day. its a TERM OF ENDEARMENT!

i always forget this. i cant handle the bantz with real MEN!

i guess i can, it just takes longer and i have less tolerance for it hahaha.

i guess the MMPI is the most scientific personality test. it has 560 questions and measures 50 diff things, none of them good.

ok. chill out. take it easy. just say NO to negative thoughts. NO. STAHPPPP.  I will conquer negative thoughts and turn them OFF. I will be aware and Mindfull of the current year. I am watching “double indemnity” on tcm and  i hear this is a good movie, i should pay attention to it. i am playing .02/.04 poker when i usu like to play .01/.02.  i am charging mp3 player and have a new episode of fatherland on it which just came out today.

double indemnity. insurance scam. were insurance companies as jooish scams in 1938 as they are now? the idea is that they minimize risk for people so that entrepreneurs can take risks, start businesses, create jobs, make money, GDP Growth. not sure it happens this way. not sure gdp growth is an always good thing. who cares if you create jobs if they are part time walmart type jobs? or the jobs are so stressful you cant even handle them and snap like private pyle going postal? how does that improve your quality of life? because you’re not homeless on the streets sucking dick for a place to sleep indoors, or clean clothes, or a meal.

billy wilder was a joo, i do know that much, and “some like it hot” was pretty degen and jooish. and the stars of double indemnity are bad immoral and jooish, trying to get away with murder. but supposedly a classic movie. it seems pretty watchable. better with a waifu to cuddle of course hahahaha.



feb 22

milo resigning. i think i already mentioned this. as trs says, we didnt realize the MSM lugenpresse thought pedophilia was a bad thing hahahaha. i guess they hate rightists even MORE than they LUV joos and degeneracy! wow!

taing benedryl today, did not sleep well last night unfort. today got a new project, well, technically was reminded of an old project that i forgot about. basically i need to “Create Some Documentation” for this device that I dont know how to use, so I have to figure out how to use it, write up some FAQs and How Tos and Fact Sheet and a report or something. produce our own documentation on how to use this thing. i can def source heavily from the manufacturer. big part of it is also teaching myself how to use android and ios, which is hilarious that ive never owned a smart phone,. basically every random normie 80 IQ is an expert at android OR ios because every normie has a phone! i do not have a smart phone so all this is news to me.

i dont see the value in the device. i think its too expensive and no one uses it because no one knows how. well….other people in our office do, but we gotta essentially try to SELL IT to our “clients”, and i use these terms very loosely. i dont REALLY need to SELL this overpriced thing. weve already wasted the money on it. now we just gotta convince people to use it. which imho is tricky enough. and imho there is easier, cheaper ways of doing a similar thing. real weird position to have a budget to by Tech Toys no one really NEEDS and then convince them to get Value out of it hahaha. and i cant really tell muh manager yeah no ones gonna use this, just cancel our subscription when this year is up because its a waste of money. but i should try to find some Usage Stats and include that in my Report. be like hey this thing is being used once a year and its costing us 200 dollars a year.

basically just busywork makework, not really adding value. real adding value would be never buying the thing in the first place!

its just WEIRD to be in this position, never expected to be in a place that was this FLUSH with CASH to spend on shit you dont really need, rather than trying to CUT COSTS EVERYWHERE and sending people home early and doing away with Quality.  but thankfully The Union wont let them send people home early, guarantees people X number of hours a week.

i am still learning the basics, like how our department adds any value at all. why are we NEEDED. just fire everyone and we could still get out a low quality product. does quality really matter THAT much? was the bad lesson i learned from my prevous job.

and the answer obviously is, YES IT DOES, when your product means fixing broken shit, and you don’t fix it.

but here we’re not really fixing shit. we are basically window dressing on a product that could get by without us. it would be a lot less presentable, but it would prob still SELL, and would still WORK. its like buying a kia vs a cadillac. do our Customers really need Cadillacs? well they arent really paying cadillac prices though. so where the hell do we get this money? other departments get federal grants. we could very possibly get fed grants but i cant name them. always forget to ask about that. i should ask about it. show the manager that i care how shit is run hahahaha. not that i want to take his job, not that I COULD, but to show I Think Like A Leader.

ok did some more at-home work on muh job project. going to bed at 8 instead of 7 because 7 was too early yesterday. took 2 benedryls tho today: one at 3ish, another at 5ish.

George is up to video FIVE on his 20 minute q and a responses. he’s HAD to have answered my questions in there, mentioned me. I am SCARED to listen. I might give it a few more weeks till I am less scared. he can email me if he wants, he has muh topkek topsecret email.

GOOD GOD I got an email from GREG JOHNSON hahahahaha personally thanking me for a donation I gave in december. Actually TWO emails ten days apart. WTF do I even say to that. I quickly send him a blabbering message back saying no, thank YOU, hahaha. I was just surprised that he’d send me an email for a damn paltry 5 dollar donation! What a Top Goy!!!!

Greg Johnson. Grindr Greggy, sending ME an email, hahaha, thats just ridiculous. I dont even care if hes a gay hahahahaha. guy’s done some great, unimpeachable work, and he was one of the first people I read when getting into This Huhwyte thing.

feb 23

greg johnson. say what you will about his private life, but that was a very HUHWHYTE thing of him to do, thank widdle ol neet me for a goddam 5 dollar dnation. just for that I will visit CC for the first time in months, find a great new interview hes doing with kievsky, one of muh oldskool fav guys, and think seriously about getting gregs nice hwyte country book. he is a great writer in addition to a good speaker/conversationalist.

real good guy greg hahahaha. does anybody even remember that meme. its still a good meme.

steve bannon speaking at cpac. nice. i would like to hear alot more of bannon speaking. not because i’m suspicious of him, but i think i would really like him even more than i expected. but shit, if he is suspicious, id want to know about that too. i just hope he is a YUGE badass, and unfort we often forget he’s there. never forget!



This was actually the second Maiden album I ever got, after “Powerslave.” I saw Killers in the used CD section and got it. Not sure if I realized Dianno was on it. at any rate, he sounds GREAT. it’s pointless to compare him and bruce. both are great. ok, bruce is better, but i don’t think bruce would have fit on this album, and I think dianno could have have a good effort on later maiden. he has a great, masculine voice, brings out the masculine energy of the music very well. more of a tough guy than bruce. i mean i hate to say he’s MORE masculine because bruce is pretty damn masculine.

havent listened enough to the debut but killers seems to be the way stronger dianno album.

and it more than accomplishes the Health Benefits of Maiden: ie, Upping Your Confidence. UP THE IRONS, UP YOUR CONFIDENCE. high-energy, feel-good, masculine, confident, pulse-pounding music that makes you feel very alive. hard rocking. no mopey navel gazing. no negative emotions. good vibes all around.

not that i dislike sad music at all! but i prob enjoy too MUCH of it, and need more Happy Music! and so do you!

there is NOTHING wrong with Dianno era maiden. would be great at the GYM for POWERLIFTING and POWER SPRINTS.

now i’m obsessing about this darn job-related documentation project. in a good way, I think. but yeah def spending a lot of TIME on it, outside of job, no less. people better be impressed hahahahaha. write me a good reference for this one. i dont feel super pressured, feel more like a detective on the verge of cracking the case. in other words, feel good not bad, thank GOD. ACTUALLY LEARNING something and figuring something out. It takes some struggling with the concepts though. But this is NORMAL. But I tell you, I REALLLLLLY hate struggling with something and NOT learning it, and remaining in a state of confusion. that was the bulk of my last job. it made me doubt my ability to LEARN things. i felt like I had a LEARNING DISABILITY. And thought shit, maybe I still DO have a learning disablity. from sm0king all that MJ, and drinking too much when I was young, and also from having a super confusing job for over a year, combined with a year and a half of mind-numbing NEETness. It’s amazing my brain still works AT ALL and that I could learn something as simple as 1+1. But today I learned something. Not something super complicated. pretty embarrassing i had to struggle for a whole day with such a simple concept. WELP THAT JUST PROVES IM AN IDIOT. Thankfully I don’t really feel that way. Well if they think I’m an idiot…..I mean I was name dropping Bunuel today in reference to Dali, and I actually knew this architect this other guy was talking about. if were a total idiot I wouldnt know these names hahahahahahaha. It might just take me a day to learn a very simple technical concept, like you don’t plug this thing into that thing, it won’t work correctly. And I wanted to work with TECHNOLOGY????!!?!?!?!?!?!!? I was actually pretty good at it though. but the LEARNING CURVE was absolutely BRUTAL and VERY hard to SURVIVE.

i cant overstate how bad that year and a half of neetness was for my brain. i mean i HATE FEELING LIKE AN IDIOT. I USED to be pretty smart, I SWEAR. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!!!

feb 24

please respond! please believe me! please give me the benefit of the doubt! please treat me like a human being! please! I beg you! im not an idiot and im not a weird monster!

hahahaha. ok weekend. obv would luv huge thing of you know what. degenerate. bbbbbut i just want to get it out of muh system. give me one big bag o degen and thats it for a good while.

so in protest i have taken a benedryl, will take 2 valium  and 1 more benedryl with about 2 hours in between each.

ooooh sventh son has done his first post doxing video with face. very nice. would like to see moar. tons of great banter in the comments about him not being hwyte hahahaha. he is even more charming when he shows his face hahaha.

heh. tfw you go to dailystormer for the first time in a few weeks and see he has an official tshirt so you have to buy it now. it’s not the greatest design but these campaigns are limited time only. hope he doesnt come out with a better design immediately after this one closes.

oh dear god hahahahahahahaha. his first video AFAIK directly addressing MGTOW. is MGTOW even a thing any more? kind of embarrassing that I identified with it….like FOUR YEARS AGO hahahaha. to be MGTOW in current year is simple naive at best and J at worst.  see the mgtows bitching at varg in the comments, you can see how pathetic mgtow is.

took valium 1 at 630 pm. settling in with coffee and water and no one at the poker tables, damn. listened to abunch of yt vidyas at 1.5 and 2x speed. george feels you can do at 2x hahaha. hey im not hating. im a very slow talker to, i sound a lot better at 1.5 at LEAST.  wish i could do that in real life. might make me sound like less of a tongue tied idiot. only when im in interviews do i talk fast. still sound like a tongue tied idiot though.

oh god. came so close. i actually watched matress girl emma sulky’s retarded “raep” video for a few minutes today, i mean i had seen it when she first did it. she is not even attractive, but i would prob still bone her because she is an early 20s and non obese. and i get really titillated by scenes where the girl is on top and grinding her ass into the guy as he fooks her. great visual. i would really have fun with something like that. thank GOD i turned it off before i got too stimulated. i mean really? chinese joo mattress girl doing fake art that is closer to porn than art? however i almost wanted to jerk off to it to condemn her for being such a dirty disgusting dishonorable joo making a perversion of secs. it honestly cant be called “porn”, but it absoultely CAN be called mind-bogglinging jooish. layers and layers of jooish inception. thank GOD i did not jerk off to it, because then SHE would have won with her jooish filth. that isn’t TECHNICALLY porn, its more of a jooish perversion of Art and Aesthetics and Truth. not that porn isnt a jooish perversion.  but my god her artists statement on that video. read that fookin statement. dont watch any of the video unless you promise not to jerk off to it. cuz then the joo and their lies WIN, and you LOSE.

maybe i wanted an excuse to jerk off to something that wasnt “technical” porn.

wow. ALMOST slid down the slippery slope there. kinda disappointed i even took a step down that path, but glad i turned back. i mean it would be better to just jerk off to pictures of aryan women in wheatfields hahahaha. i mean i just feel kinda HORNY for ONCE, probably partially due to Weekend Party Time.

the title song is so good and i want seventh son to do a version of it. i would totally do it at karaoke. might have to do karaoke tomorrow. im thinking iron maiden, dio, danzig, maybe tom petty.

is steve miller a poor mans tom petty? is that unfair to steve miller? maybe he is a middle class mans tom petty hahahaha.

oooh nice been having a hot streak today:


well played but he culd have beat me. on one of my long cold streaks, he would have. and i have been cold a lot more than ive been warm! im 100 dollars in the hole all time!

this is what we need a LOT more of. this is a real guy named smerff in straya who is an electrician with his own electrician business. and on his business website he blatant says pro-white things and says he is a proud sponsor of daily stormer, who also proudly links him on their site. fookin awesome. we need stormer/white-supporting BUSINESSES in EVERY town.

his twitter account has been suspended. smerff. stormer’s was banned years ago haha.

i mean this guy makes no bones about his vehement pro-whyteness on his website, his facebook page, surprised that’s not banned.

check out the site. he employs at least seven proud white men and has classic aussie banter. does not tone anything down to try to increase his business. he obvious does well and STILL has STRONGLY pro-whyte message. amazing. terrific! this is awesome and we need companies like this in every town in the US, straya, the hwyte world.

see their contact information and tell them how awesome they are. send them money for doing no work. in a way this is even better than great journalism like stormer or TRS. they are out in the community providing hugely valuable electrician and AC service ANNNDDDDDD spreading a very positive pro-whyte message to their customers. i cant even wrap my mind around this, i have to sleep on it hahahaha.

daily stormer tshirt hehehe. apparently the company isnt actually alt right or pro white, but SO pro freedom of speech they will print pro white shirts as well as awful BLM and pro-abortion shirts. hmm. i was hoping it wouldnt be like that. i dont want to support baby murderers. but it is pretty good for a FREEZE PEACH advocate to actually not be a lying hypocrite when it comes to pro hwyte stuff. most freeze peach joos are anti freeze peach when it comes to HWYTES.

welp hope he doesnt sell my name and address hahahahaha. i mean it would never stand up in court hahaha unless he were subpoenaed for my name hahaha. which isnt gonna happen. what am i a lawyer all of a sudden?

i mean the chances of me not getting a job because somebody spilled the beans about me on an internet site that i bought a daily stormer (and trs) shirt……i dunno i just dont see it happening.

took valium 2 around 9pm

i sometimes have post titles that have nothing to do with the content, just saved from perhaps long before. did this with about 3 posts recently. 80% of posts I try to have somewhat relevant titles hahahaha.

the hacker wars, been meaning to watch this. large part from weev, dont think he talks about hwyte stuff tho. but hes def thinking it hahaha. he’s just a really interesting smart guy.

weev on illusion of sanity 2016, alawites. a harder to find interview hehehe. have to use a libsyn downloaded to download it.

trying to find and follow all the pro-hwyte hwytes on gab hehehe. did my first repost today re the daily stormer shirt

yeah the two valiums dont do much but i guess its nicer than the alternative hahaha. the alternative being absolutely nothing. a bag of MJ would be so much better tho. but kind of scary to think that MJ is 600000000000 times more power than VALIUM, which is well known as a habit forming, addictive drug that can K you in super large doses. well im clearly not taking enough! should I take a third? but its already almost 11pm and i am getting tired and it would just be a waste. if i had MJ i would certainly be blazing it all day until the moment i crashed into oblivion.

yeah but at this time in the short term, isnt the valium in infinitely greater supply than the MJ? meaning, i have 80 valiums and 0 MJ.

heh. listening to NOTHING but iron maiden the past week. been pretty productive there.  whoops havent listened to the early 90s albums. ok putting on “no prayer for the dying”, which came right after 7th son. people crap on this album but it doesnt sound immediately horrible hahaha.

hmm well i made executive decsion and took valium #3 at 11pm just now. maybe it will be a waste, but i do have a lot. once i get down to like 10 then i will save them for “emergencies only”, for example, going out to a social function, or god forbid a “date”, or a job interview, or maybe a big Job Presentation. don’t think I will have to do any serious presentations for a while tho. if ever. i mean it would be a good thing to have that kind of responsibility and actually do an average job on it. good for resume, good for future interviews.

heh. started playing around with zillow to see where i you could get a “cheap”, small home in a somewhat hwyte boondocky area. basically get a trailer. white pride single wide (credit fatherland jim.) get good deals here but wonder about the white trash in close proximity. i believe that hwyte trash is better than black trash, although the Opioid and Meth Epidemics are making the hwyte trash even worse. why dont they have trailers that are on like an acre of land and dont have other trailers 10 feet away. but then you would basically be paying as much for the land as you are the trailer. trying to understand mortgages, 30 year fixed rate, 5/1 ARMs, etc. they should teach this in middle school or first year of high school. no later than age 14.

1 am here. should go to bed. been up since 5 am. meaning i have been awake for 20 hours. pretty serious. might take a benedryl just to be ultra idiotic. a pill popping machine on friday party night. 3 valiums and 2 benedryls. that can’t be good. but you could make an argument that its better than MJ! or is it? i mean im not so incoherent i cant type or look at zillow for 45 minutes hahaha.

i might actually be a good Real Estate guy. cuz i am very interested in finding decent homes at a good price and especially in good, safe, hwyte neighborhoods. but i would want to be honest and not bamboozle people into jooish mortgages. cuz it honestly is confusing. predatory lending. and i cant figure out what is the best deal. 30 year fixed is higher payment but supposedly more stable over the long term. so you pay extra for “piece of mind.” i kinda like that. but i certainly wouldnt want to live in the trailer for 30 years. 5/1 is built for people who want to move within 5 years. uhhh do they have a 10/1? i might like that better hehehehe.

ideally you just buy the house outright with cash. show up with 20 grand cash and buy the 20 grand house. but there is also homeowners insurance and property taxes. why cant they just include this in the price of the house. why cant they teach this stuff in high school instead of fookin english and spanish and diversity social studies and more bullshit sciences like geography. teach you stuff that will actually help you live a better life. how to be smart when buying a home, getting the most bang for your buck. you can always study the stuff that interests you from the comfort of your nice little home that you are not getting jooed on. of course, why would the joos want to teach the goys how NOT to be jooed.