yeah i think i am starting to move on thank god, over a month later. i mean i am not out of the woods at all. as i say, this is no better than 6% recovery. 6 percent in like 37 days. equals 100 percent in….. draw the two fractions and solve for x….using wolfram alpha to do this fairly quickly…. 617 days????? are you fooking KIDDING me???

almost TWO YEARS? to get over this bullshit?

maybe. the internet agrees, or at least the normal well adjusted normalfags of the internet agree, that Ghosting is a veyr painful way of getting dumped.

i do feel a bit vindicated after reading about that ghosting.

the media writes about it because of charlize theron. i think in THAT case, the Ghosting was Atrocious. she is a grown ass 40 year old woman who should know better; she was dating sean penn for a while in terms of hollywood things, at least 6 months, and ghosting is only acceptable for Perfect Strangers and Less Than 3 Dates; which they were not. So the articles should be slamming charlize for being a huge immature B and treating him with such disrespect.

thats what it all boils down to: you show the person NO RESPECT AT ALL. it HURTS to be DISRESPECTED in such a way, when you are not used to receiving such extreme disrespect from others, especially those who once respected you. it just doesnt add up.

i didn’t ABUSE her. I just pushed her to communicate, because there was an elephant in the room that any mature adult would agree needed to be communicated about.

but i was abusive and toxic because i pushed in the wrong way, or too hard, or in a toxic way. i was communicating wrong about wanting to communicate. jesus christ.

ok redoing that wolfram thing. say i am SEVEN percent Over It, then to get to 100 percent would only be… 529 days. ok little better. you see what a difference 1 percent makes! its at a very quickly changing region of the graph.

6 % ….. 617 days

7 % …. 529 days. uhhh expect to be over it end of december 2016. nice.

8 % …. 463 days

9 %…. 411 days

10%….370 days.

well wait. how do i make it a god damn straight line. i am getting a curved line. i want a straight line. i want to know it takes x days to Get Over It Y percent. consistently.

so, 6 percent in 37 days is approx 1 percent in 6 days. therefore, 100 percent in 600 days.


well, THAT graph IS curved because each situation represents a different RATE OF CHANGE. what the rate of change DEPENDS on is whether i am at 6 percent or 7 percent etc right now! So that is really an important decision to make!

welp, in that time i could probably start and finish HVAC training skool, although probably not find a job as well hahaha.

i kind of think that is what GOD is calling me to, sort of, and all this is another signal.

hahahaha I wish GOD communicated DIRECTLY using actual words, rather than using stupid SIGNALS like a COWARDLY IMMATURE WOMAN.


i have a very adversarial, not very friendly relationship with GOD. I resent his absolutely control over my immortal soul. I wish he were a better GOD hahahaha.

why, because i want to jerk off, and have premarital secs, and use birth control, and permit end of life cancer euthanasia, and have the option of abortion maybe be legal?

well yes because its ALL a slippery slope towards degeneracy, immorality, evil, and damnation! all a slippery slope away from GOD!


this article and series of articles was very instructive for me recently, cant remember if i posted them here, but they are valuable enough to be posted again and again.

a young man who found college only Set Him Up For Failure, because he naively didnt get a STEM degree, so his story has lots of paralells to mine. so after he graduated and couldnt find a job, he became an HVAC man and makes more than he would in an Entry Level Job with a Useless Degree.

he tells the stories of 3 or 4 of his peers, how they are in a similar boat, and how they are struggling in very sad ways, to become adults, throughout their entire 20s, and will more than likely become manchild failures, terminally underemployed or unemployed, in Toxic Relationships with Shitty Women, at best, and terminally forveralone at worst.

great set of articles. another sign from GOD for me.

top one is the first artcile, talk about his own story. here are the ones where he talks about his friends stories:


the mystic, a college dropout loser who got into buddhism in the worst possible way, to become a depressed nihilist loser and completely aimless


the gamer, another college dropout who smokes weed all the time and is content doing that and working as a waiter


the emt, another college dropout who is probably the most successful of the 3, got emt training, got a steady emt job, got a gurlfran, but the gurlfran sucks and he is still too beta to demand respect and demand a better woman. but at least he is much more gainfully employed than the other two college dropouts.  almost as gainfully employed as the college graduate in a trade skool job hahahaha.

lesson learned, dont go to college, go to trade skool. if you do go to college, do a stem degree, focus on your post graduation JOB ASAP, like RIGHT AWAY, like First Year or earlier, so you can get into it IMMEDIATELY after graduating, and do NOT get sucked into college debauchery or degeneracy.

well, if you’re a man, and you are able to pull Easy College Pvssy, i say go ahead, to build your confidence by banging many young beautiful women.

but that’s risky because you may get your heart broken by Flaky Gurls who just want sex, as happened to several of the guys in these stories.

definitely dont drink and party too much because it will hurt your mind and sidetrack your focus on your Career.

i mean you have to be Career Oriented from DAY ZERO if you are gonna go to college……. which is pushed on 100% of Smart Kids in high school.

great set of stories, related a lot with them, thought about getting in contact with the author, best set of articles ive read all year. read them, save them, print them out and give them to your children, if you can ever be gainfully employed and meet a good enough woman to HAVE children. or god isnt calling you to be a childless ascetic beggar virgin hahahaha.

anyway the slant of the website is pretty rightist and even somewhat racialist, so that makes it a far-right neo-nazi site, which may lessen its credibility to Moderates. but this set of stories doesnt get too much into Race i assure you!

i dont see a problem with talking about Race anyway. this is all part of eric holders brave conversation about race hahahaha. also the news says that RACE is like the number ONE or TWO topic in the presidential campaign. race IS a big deal, elephant in the room.

a less scary way of framing it, for whites afraid to talk or think about race lest they get on the sippery slope to becoming an evil closed minded stupid ignorant racist redneck bigot hater antisemite homophobe, is to think about “multiculturalism” and think about has the Melting Pot Experiment really worked out for the best in the past 60 years or so?

i told you i was a racist hahaha dont you read the about page. but i dont turn nonwhites away. i respect that there are nonwhites who are also depressed anxious lazy losers who need help and moral support. you are more than welcome to get that from me. because of course we are all members of the human race.

besides, race is talked about all the time in college classes. always in a marxist antiwhite way, but just saying. we talk and think about race every damn day, get used to it. im just tired of all the white privilege talk and decided to go a different way. because im white and my white privilege was not enough to lift me out of loserness hahahaha. just like all the other white pro-whites. you find this same inferiority complex among all white pro-whites hahahaha. they are trying to compensate for their own personal failures at life hahahaha.

no thats the argument you always hear. and as someone who is a personal failure, it does hit a nerve! maybe the evil marxists are RIGHT!



march 17

eh i will allow myself to get 2 months ahead.

so some people have a real EASY time Getting A Job…….and then there’s the REST of us, who have a Really Tuff Time, that we just Damn Give UP. Heh. that is where I am At now. I have Just Given Up on EVERYTHING. Everything productive that is. And thus cannot become a proper full grown man. don’t want to do the work necessary to be a proper grown man. just want to sit around and do nothing. wait for the hand of GOD.

heh time to distract self by starting the poker hehehe.

so, it is good to have an Hourly Win Rate. Right now I wouldn’t mind an Hourly Win Rate of 1 dollar hehehehe. not counting the blinds of course. so there you lose 15 cents every 9 minutes at a 9-max table….ok how about 6 times per hours, thus 90 cents an hour lost on blinds.

Asking For Help Is Hard. For example, I know A Guy who is leaving his old job for a new job. I could just ask him to Help Me regarding getting in at his old company, or getting his old job, because it is a far cry better than my current job. well, seems to be. he still goes out and has fun and is not stressed out to death and makes way more money. so, less stressful AND more money, yes, I’d say it’s better then!

I could say, hey you think you could HELP ME in getting in there? and the WORST he could say is Um NO, They’re already pissed about me leaving, so I can’t possibly recommend anyone; or they have no plans to replace me; etc, and that would be fine. Never Hurts To ASK. yet I am reluctant to EVEN ASK. Why? Because I don’t have a Passion for that field? F00k Passion, I have passion for nothing employable anyway! And he got the job Really Easily And Really Quickly after Graduating from College! Just said, WELP, just graduated college, better start sending out resumes, and BOOM within a few weeks got this job.

Now he has a much better attitude than me, harder worker, not as f00ked up and lazy, more ambitious, more energy, etc. I intentionally avoid talking to him, or anyone but muh shrink, about muh loserness! because it’s not a good topic, and it makes you sound like a b1tch, so thats why I have this blog, hahahahahahahahahaha.

but wouldn’t I be a bit butthurt if he said, Nope, I wouldn’t Feel Right doing That For You, because you don’t have a BUSINESS Degree, and then I’d have to say, but business degrees are just as bullsh1t as my current degree, you’re full of sh1t, 4sshole, what a lame excuse, go f00k yourself, like you learned anything in college that you couldn’t learn Autodidactically, ya arrogant prick. heh. but do I really think odds are I would have to say that?


i looked up trade school in google and found this money cnn march 2012 article and read the comments for a while.

sh1t i would LUV to make 40k a year! Then I would officially not be a loser! (38k is the Loser Cutoff. Or maybe 36.)

God damn, I really wish I could go back to my 18 year old self and Strongly Advise Him. That’s what this whole blog is about. because I WAS a moron. so what can I do now? Not make those same moronic mistakes. Well, the good news is i’m not, but the bad news is, I’m doing NOTHING AT ALL, have given up on EVERYTHING.  except poker and blogging hahahaha and eating like a fat pig, and powerwalking, and music and movies and internet.

ok got an email back from The Person. They gave me simple, straightforward instructions of who to call and what to do. I now have The Next Step of Muh Mission!!!!!!

CNC. Computerized Numerical Control. don’t forget about Trade Skool for CNC. basically “skilled manufacturing.” and I drive by Shops that post CNC openings right on their sign by the side of the road! If electrician sucks, try CNC. or Welding.

it is better than sucking f4g c0x i mean going to online college and paying 900000000000000000000$ to get a masters of business marketing informatics degree. and it’s not like you JUST pay the money and buy the degree, you pay the money and read stupid books and articles and write papers for hours and hours and hours and hours when you could be sleeping or working or banging 20 year olds or playing vidya or watching movies or working and making money. Losing money when you could be making money.

maybe try watching tv wrestling just to see the extremely tough guy way the wrestlers TALK to each other before having the ridiculous match. I enjoy the talking more than the “wrestling.” it is very tough guy alpha male definition masculine stuff that, if you imitate and emulate it, will help you become more Winning At Life.

Get Money, Pvssy, and Power.

I REALLY like my idea of find a role model 5 years older than you. it is important that they are a winner and not a loser. like if you are 16 years old and hanging out with a 21 year old loser but you think he’s cool because he buys you booze. NO. HELL NO. Find a 21 year old who is graduating from college and starting a Great STEM Job and befriend HIM. and you can bang the college gurls who hang out with him. win win.

at worst, go for the trashy tattooed tough guy and you might be able to get his sloppy seconds with slutty trash. just don’t get herpes or them preggers.

but seriously, go for a winner not a loser, you’ll be glad you did.


march 16

will studying higher hard maths and sciences help you in the job mkt IF you need a DEGREE to get Good STEM Jobs, BUT you don’t finish the degree because you wanted to take a break after the hard maths classes?

probably not. finish that stem degree. otherwise go to trade school.

but studying math for fun will definitely make it easier to pass calc 5 when you have to actually take it. yes i know there’s no calc. normally it goes, calc 1, calc 2, calc 3 (multivariable), then DiffEQz, seem to be the usual core maths, and then it would be a REAL GOOD IDEA TO take Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, and Heck Statistics 1 and Stats 2. but that’s still 8 classes.

Last College Class I took was Calc 2, and I was proud to get an A because it was SO HARD, sucked SO BAD (not as bad as muh job!), the book sucked, the tests sucked, if it weren’t for Khan Academy, damn.  anyway point is, it didn’t HAVE to be that way. I have several Common Sense Suggestions that would have made the class a lot better:

Break it up into two courses, there was way too much stuff squeezed in there, and then teach this stuff in 9th or 10th grade math.

let you bring in a sheet of notes/formulas/cheat sheet to the exams.

better yet, have no exams, just have a bunch of small homeworks and have that be the grade, maybe a few small quizzes that are not weighted too heavily, or for extra credit.

call each student up to the board to do a problem. not in an on the spot sort of way, they can ask questions the the instructor and other students. if the student is really spaghetti pockets and doesn’t want to go up, they don’t have to.

don’t be a Dick Instructor. Realize a Nice, Friendly, Competent Part Time $9 An Hour TUTOR can teach 9000x times better than you can, and they should thus take your job.

Go to the Nice Tutor after every class and do homework problems with them.

It’s ok to listen to your favorite music while doing problems.

Study Hardest Maths in your free time and only take the class after you have already looked at all the stuff the class covers and done problems for each chapter. (tryhard)

and my teacher was a real nice guy, NOT a dick, but not the greatest teacher, but I don’t want to complain about him because he was really, really nice. just hard as sh1t. but not because he wasn’t nice! it could have been a LOT worse, he could have been a big d1ck, but still the class was so ridic I had to take a break.

so i would recommend buying $5 older versions of textbooks for those classes and try to learn them by doing the problems while watching khan academy.

If you are uncertain or unsure about College after high school, just DON’T GO. If your family forces you to go, then go to Community College. But really you’d still be better off going to trade school or just working sh1tty jobs for 2 years to give you some motivation while you are still young, and to give you people skills when you are young and energetic and surrounded by 18 year old girls and can use your people skills, and the young girls are partying and haven’t gotten preggers yet. and don’t GET them preggers.

befriend a man who is five years older than you and Successfull, a Winner. Make Him your role model. really kiss his A and get in his good graces and do as he has done. this might be hard to do, if you live in a Poor Community where all the men 5 years older than you are dead or in jail. in that case go to trade skool and befriend a guy there or at your trade apprenticeship who is 5 years older than you. you are looking for a “Big Brother” type who is older than you, but still in the same generation as you, and has Won in the same set of circumstances and Work Environment and Job Market.

People WILL realize what a huge SCAM College is, it will just take about 10 more years, for anti-college views such as mine to Become Mainstream, for people to Wake Up. And so for the next 10 years I will be sounding that horn, pounding that drum.

Might as well, I said I might have like 5 more years to pay my karmic debt, but today i calculated I have WAY MORE than 5 years more years to go. from now. because I am working a job and at a station of life that could be done by an 18 year old. but I am much older than that. x years older than 18, which means I have wasted x years of my life, and thus must serve a sentence of x years to repent for that, it’s only fair.

wasted time looking at facebook again. the working class people have horrible jobs and fat wives and kids, the middle class people have great careers and attractive spouses and maybe one kid, hehehe.

anyway that was a waste of time, i should have just been losing money at the poker table.

monday march 17 st pattys day

all the successful mid twenties kidz are taking the day off from their not-too-stressful jobs to get drunk all day and bang their single co-working females who still have a few good partying years left before they start approaching 30 and then thus need to get married and have a kid. believe it. this is simple wimmin waking up to the reality, seeing the light. oh sh1t they say, by the age of 28. i’d BETTER at LEAST be MARRIED by age 30, and have a damn KID by 31 at the absolute latest.

unless you’re a trashy party girl who couldn’t keep your legs closed and you had a bastard kid when you were REALLY partying it up between then ages of 18-22.

This is, of course, the ideal time to have a baby, but these girls certainly not are doing it under ideal conditions: when they have a Strong, Masculine Husband and Father around to be Good Strong Masculine Role Models to help bring up the child. more than likely they will dump the babby off on THEIR own single momz, and continue partying till age 28. Good Job.


march 14 2014

went for a nice powerwalk, will be the warmest time all week, alot of the snow is metling, good.

switching to a 9 person table here,  seeing if it’s more chill, and i will definitely have to pay fewer blinds!

all of skool should be simply preparing for job interviews. all day long, having a Mock Interview, having to respond to those questions the right way, project the right image. I would be Peppering Mah Kidz all day with Mock Interview Questions from Grade 1. well, along with Hard Math, Sciences, Engineering, and Trades.

And also have them work Sh1tty Custo Svc Jobs like Fast Food or Restaurant as EARLY in life as possible. Now when they come home at night crying about how horrible it was, of COURSE I would Comfort my own CHILDREN! I’d say, this won’t last forever, your life will get way better, this is why you’re studying engineering and math and trades now, so you don’t end up in a job like that as an adult, and can have a nice chill job and a well-paid one to boot, and can make a nice living for yourself and YOUR children.

if they were really stressed out after like 6 months, I might relent. or doing degenerate things with the losers who work there, drugs and such. NOPE, NOT ON MY WATCH!

So I would be very strict but also very loving. And homeSchool them, but put them out in the Real World of WORK as soon as possible, dealing with people on the job, managers and customers. then they would come to homeschool to learn the REAL SKILLS that would save them from a lifetime of those kinds of jobs.

Now I worked a job since I was 16 or so, I got a job at a decent age, however it was an easy stressless boring job, god I wish I could have a job like that now, and I didn’t learn a DAMN thing about difficult stressful situaitons, or People skills.

Of COURSE I would let the kidz go out with Girls. Well, I wouldn’t let my daughters date Boyz. I would honestly prefer Sons to Daughters just because Daughters are HARDER, because it’s so EASY for them to become debauched wh0res and sl00ts. They need very strong fathers. I would maybe marry off my daughter at age 18 to a successful, virtuous, alpha male, but you’d be damn sure i would Vet the sh1t out of him.

Keeping the daughters out of Mainstream Public School would only help.

What if they wanted a Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer or College? Here it would be similar for the boys: go to trade school. go to community college. don’t get into debt. or become a NURSE. Nursing might be the best Career Choice for a Woman, as long as they get the BSN. Bad news is a lot of Nurses are Psychotic and terrible influences: drug addicts, wh0res, cheaters, satanic, pure evil, soulless monsters, social climbing to snag the richest doctor.

So, trades or Engineering would be just as good for Women too.

However, I would still say, ya know you can always go to college or school, but your body won’t always be so good at producing Healthy Babies! Have the kids young and you might find you enjoy being a Mother! IMagine that!

Meanwhile the Successful Husband would make enough money to support them. They could all live at My House if they wanted to save money. Yes the Extended Family Home is something I definitely Support. No McMansions or Mortgages for me or MY kin!!

What if my kid really wanted to Try Weed or Alcohol?

Good question. I guess I might let them try alcohol on very isolated occasions. Maybe their 18th birthday, let them get drunk and see what the big fuss is about. hopefully they can overdo it that once, and then never want to drink again.

OK, so how about they are allowed to get Drunk OR Stoned on Weed ONCE every THREE Months. Asbolutely no more.  When I was 18, I LOVED abusing Weed or Alcohol every chance I could get. BIG mistake. I turned into a regular WEed and Alcohol Fiend and that was a BIG part of how I RUINED ages 18 thru 26, AND beyond, because muh brain was still trying to develop under all that POISON. I wished I had never touched ANY of that POISON until after age 25.

But teens LOVE to do self destructive things.

Maybe I WOULD just be super strict and force them never to drink until age 25. Haven’t figured out the plan yet.

Or I’d make them go to AA meetings to show them what pathetic losers alcoholics are.

I would be trying to SCARE THEM STRAIGHT by confronting them with Total Losers as much as possible, so they can learn from a young age NOT to do the things that make you a loser.

But I would always be there to comfort and love them whenever they get stressed out or afraid or disturbed by the harrowing stuff I make them experience.  I mean I would go along with them to visit the alcoholics and bums and losers whenever possible.

Not an easy job being a parent, hehehe. I guess I would let them make mistakes, but I would also want to protect them from making the types of mistakes you can’t bounce back from: namely, wasting your youth and your potential, the same mistakes I made, which is why I’m a loser now.

No, having kids young is not necessarily a mistake. Though I wouldn’t want my sons to become fathers at too young of an age. but probably by age 25 they can be making decent money at their trade, and it would be perfectly alright then to marry an 18 year old girl, and start having children!

How do you like My Fanatasy World? Pretty sweet eh? HELL YEAH IT IS!!!


when she was college-age, at least 10 years before you even met her, and she looked at least 10 years better!


mon march 10

just got back from the shrink. it was bretty good. heh mainly I just complained about muh job and how stressful it was, hahahahaha. damn what a job that shrink has, to listen to people WHINE and COMPLAIN all day. well that’s their JOB. besides I don’t COMPLAIN to other people….because other people don’t want to hear you complaining. that’s how friendless virgins become friendless virgins, because they’re always complaining to anyone nearby.

i tried to think of some of the Greatest Hits of my Life Winning Protips.

Buying Creased Polyester Croft and Barrow Dress Slacks from Kohls is one of the best ones. Dress Pants, plus the Dress Shirts In The Plastic Bags. Boom. Instant Executive Professional.

ALSO: put CROUTONS in your SOUP. Along with Adding Noodles to your Soup. But Croutons in the Soup is FANTASTIC, my god. NOT FOR SALADS ONLY!!

When I was a kid I used to Munch on Croutons as a SNACK. That’s also a sweet idea.

When you go to the store next, buy two or three boxes/bags of croutons. or make your own croutons if you have the energy, hehehe.

Agree With Everything a Person Says, even if you really don’t. Kiss 4ss to Get Ahead.

Go for a nice Powerwalk every single day, even in the middle of winter, to not get morbidly obese.

get a proper winter coat. too big is better than too small. also, something that allows layering a Hoodie underneath it. But also pref something that can get a little wet too in the cold rain and snow.

if you are going bald, just buzz all your hair off on a level 2 or pref level 1 or 0. you can have your Mom do this and thus save you the money.

Pretend like you’re an expert even if you’ve never heard of the thing before.

TREAT EM MEAN, KEEP EM KEEN. This is an Iron Clad FACT of Attracting Women. Don’t beat or abuse them though! Maybe some MILD Verbal “Abuse” that could not even rightfully be CALLED “abuse!”

if your job makes you very stressed out, go to the docker and get some benzos. I think you can get generic xanax at a decent price. put the dockers visit on your credit card, along with the dress pantz mentioned above, then pay at least the minimum payment every month. take the benzos until you get laid off for taking benzos, then collect unemployment and stop taking the benzos because you no longer have the stressful job, which was the cause of you needing the benzos. Ithink it’s different if you have an RX, as opposed to showing up to work DRUNK, where you would get FIRED with NO unemployment. Aint no RX For Alcohol!

only take the benzos once every other day, like M W F. that is better than no benzos at all amirite?

Go for the Really Short Hair + Beard look, it looks very masculine, and you can pull 18 yo QTs even if you are going BALD.

Being able to talk to people on the phone is a Very Powerful Skill. Just make sure you 1. try to sound smart 2. agree with everything they say. on the surface. this will put them in a good mood, so then you can steer the conversation where you need it to go, and manipulate them to get what you want out of them, hahahahahahahaha.

this does not work with manipulating attractive women into Bed with you. DON’T agree with everything they say, or else you will be a Supplicating Beta Orbiter. I was talking about Job-Related stuff above.

it’s not that so many women are Sluts that is somewhat (not very) frustrating, it’s that a. they don’t think this MAKES them sluts and b. they won’t give it up to YOU. Ohh, you’re old and creepy and a loser. Oh yeah? well YOU’RE a slut who has taken 40 cox, I don’t think you have ANY right to think you’re so much better than me, ya dirty slut! Now get down and do what you’ve done so many times before! you think you’re TOO GOOD for me? you’ve taken 50 Cox! You’ve spread your Babymaker for 50 strange, swarthy men! I can’t even come CLOSE to having that Little Respect for myself! I’d have to go around Bending Over and taking it up the 4ss by 50 strange men, and I have no intention of EVER doing anything like that!

just BUY a hooker off backpage already. even if you don’t really LIKE it, you WILL like writing about it. Something GREAT to write about for a LONG time. That alone is worth the $400 or whatever! just put on two rubbers, plug your nose, bend the wh0re over, and get r done as quickly as possible! SexForTheBetaMale.bmp.


Well, I could care less, I care much more about Surviving in 2014 and making the Average National Wage, and, if possible, taking Direct Action to make ABOVE that average. Wouldn’t NEED to though, not materialistic or greedy. Just want to own a 500 sq ft home in a Safe, Low-Crime Neighborhood, make above avg wage, have 3 children, home school them, etc.

My Home School would be mainly MATH, then Social Skills and Social Intelligence, then Job Market Pwning, then Writing, then Athletics/Martial Arts, then Hard Science (well, maybe Science could be started after a full course of Math, after Calculus 5), little Philosophy in there, some music with emphasis on piano or actual performance, survival skills in the wild, survival skills in the job market, and trade internships in electrician, hvac, welding, and some health care work too, basic stuff like first aid and EMT training, phlebotomy, CPR, etc. forgot about history, yes there would be a lot of history, and learning a foreign language starting YOUNG, in a language that will give the child an EDGE, like Chinese or Arabic or Russian or Portuguese or Spanish or Indonesian.

Or maybe just starting teaching the kid a trade in GRADE skool. Forget GRADE Skool, replace it with TRADE skool!


mar 4 2014, fat tuesday, 11.07am

welp i was DENIED my unemployment bennies because my old, chill, fun employer, who I was employed by during most of my Base Period, is somehow EXEMPT under the State Unemployment Act. Period. Thus I get nothing. Well the real reason is that I did not MAKE enough wages during muy base period, because those wages were simply not COUNTED because of an EXEMPTION.

Was NOT expecting that. So I went ahead and did muh tax Return to get a little bit of money at least.

So really that SUCKS. Even just ANY money, I was thinking I would get like $100 a week, which is not enough to live on of course, but it’s something, rather than NOTHING. What a Crock of sh1t. f00k this state. I’m moving to North Dakota RIGHT NOW. I blame the Unions. And the Marxists. Where’s MAH Welfare Son.

I’ve actually become LESS racist. While I agree that “Wh1te N4t1on4l15m” is a valid and “suprisingly” reasonable ideology, and I am Well Aware of Certain Ingroup Favoritism, and perhaps ANY and EVERY group has a right to show ingroup favoritism, but if a member of an outgroup wanted to come live in my country and play by the rules and not hurt anybody, I’d probably let them!

I still want my ingroup to show favoritism to me, however, and I will show favoritism to them.

But of course, your “ingroup” can almost be whatever you want it to be: race, class, sex, Sexual Orientation, educational status, classic identity politics, right?

Heh, Lazy Losers, that’s muh Identity Politics Ingroup.

But yeah. I knew I wasn’t going to get a LOT of money, but I thought I was going to get SOME money.

THank GOD I do have an Emergency Fund, but STILL. Its the PRINCIPLE of the matter.

had no idea sh1t was getting so crazy in ukraine. now that I actually have time and energy to read/watch/pay attention to World News.

Bullying. What’s the deal with bullying. just another example of Marxist Infiltration and Subversion. Who CARES> Bullying has been around FOREVER. So teach your kids how to HANDLE it, don’t create 9 Billion Dollar Govt Agencies to Stop The Social INjustice of Bullying. No. Outsource that work to the Home and the Family.

Cigarettes Are Bullies. That’s my favorite new one. No Cigarettes are Not Bullies, and who cares if they were. If you don’t want to get cancer, don’t smoke 3 packs a day, idiot.

I still Smoke a little bit more than I’d like, I swear I’ll quit by 40, I swear I’ll never smoke more than 5 cigs a day, I have not smoked a cig in DAYS after getting laid off from muh stressful job. was planning on using this layoff time to cut WAY back on the cigs, like smoke 1 or 2 cigs only 1 or 2 times a week, so like 5 cigarettes per WEEK for example.

The perfect Resume and Cover Letter is already THERE. In the MARBLE. I just CHISEL it out.  (ripping off something Steve said in American Dad)

local IBEW has an electrician apprenticeship program but they only accept applications ONE DAY A MONTH, which is strange. naturally I found about that the day after they did it for the month of march, near the start of the month. first monday of the month. so I would like to go there in april. 5 year program, hey I got 5 years.

And I fully Truly Believe that Trade Skool is less a scam, and more useful than College or Grad Skool. I can get behind it Ideologically, in other words, really believe in what I’m doing, and think of it as a Good Bet rather than a Stupid Bet.

So what if when I’m 40 or 50, 18 year old gurls want nothing to do with me, heck they think 30 year old guys are old and creepy unless they’re huge handsome celebrity alpha males. well not a big deal, I just bang the youngest women I can pull, and not have children with them unless I can pull a REALLY young one, ie, 18. but WHAT IF I never do?  can’t think that way. continue to work on my game and improve until I CAN pull the 18 year olds.

or 19 year olds, that would be ok too by that point.

anyway, if you think college is a scam and that trade skool is not a scam, then don’t go to college, and DO go to trade skool is the main take home point here.

So what do you do if TRADE SKOOL turns out to be a bad deal?

Well, at least you can say you tried it, and you probably learned SOME skills while there, and it doesn’t COST as much as college, AND you still get SOME Real Actual Skills, like a month worth of how to Fix Wiring, that you damn sure didn’t know before.

AND if trade skool doesn’t work out, all the MORE justification to move to the Next Step, either go to North Dakota or Take Up Gambling As A Career.

luck is turning a bit with the cards. now I play with smaller buyins, and two tables at once, just to get more hands in.  if I get a top 3 hand, I am pushing harder preflop and being gen more aggressive. this is working out better for me than…..i dunno. the second table and the SLIGHTLY bigger preflop bets are really not a drastic change from what i was doing before. except then i was losing and now i am winning.

i think the idea is to have a time component, like, it’s a Good Sign if you are Winning X dollars per HOUR. an Hourly Win Rate. and you want to maximize that, obviously.


friday feb 21 2014 7:30pm

well muh frandz, it finally happened, I got LAID OFF. knew it was coming. I really expected it to happen LAST week. the fact that I lasted THIS long proves that I am a BOSS at muh job. but they are looking to lay off EVERYBODY. I was hoping for it as past posts have proven. still have one week of work left. previous people they just kicked them out the door immediately. one week left. and today i also got off early and was able to come home and watch jeopardy for the first time in months. this is sweet. very happy. though we’ll see how happy i am after a month of joblessness.

good news then is that i WILL get hired back in a few months because i performed well. so guaranteed a job basically. just don’t know exactly WHEN.

IDEALLY would like to find a Chiller FT Job before then though, AND perhaps go back to my old crappy PT job maybe if I don’t like collecting Unemployment, hehehe.

hoping to show off muh new people skills in interviews and really shine up muh res very nicely.

or i can just go back to skool, get a masterz degree in brand ambassadorship hehehehe. internet technology marketing analysis systems. or go to TRADE SKOOL. welding, electrician.

so say something interesting already. this blog has got real boring but now I predict it will get better. again. so i can get back to Helping YOU.

However I was just starting to get USED to my job and it was becoming slightly less stressful, because I was getting real knowledge and confidence.  this is ESSENTIAL when you have to TALK TO PEOPLE ALL DAY, being nervous really hinders your ability to listen to them and Try To Solve Their Problems.

i also have a possible Gift From GOD regarding a SWEET FT Job I would luv to have, but not gonna JINX it, will say moar if I am rejected there. The odds are Not Great, but it could happen.

ok here’s a protip for ya: buy a bag of egg noodles at the store, and then add those to your cans of soup that you make to make your soups more noodly and Substantial. Warning: May Make You Grossly Obese. and sometimes too many noodles can overwhelm the soup. just put in like a handful and let the soup simmer for 10 minutes until the noodles get soft.

protip 2: watch The Cleveland Show, it’s actually pretty funny. i look forward to watching Cleveland Show and American Dad on Adult Swim every single day after getting out of muh grueling stressful job, to relax and take the edge off. King of the Hill too if I get home early. GREAT cartoon lineup on adult swim right now. prob won’t last long as they continue to do their insulting stoner bullsh1t like dr steve brule. john c reilly is degrading himself, he actually is a good actor.

heh you know you dislike your job when rather than make decent money at it, you choose to go home early at the expense of not getting paid, just because you want free time to neckbeard on the internet for a few more hours, and not get paid decent money.

it is also a not-so-subtle sign to the management that you do not like your job, hehehe.

next day, sat 2 22 14 1 pm. welp i drank a full nyquil dose and still could not sleep past 1220pm or so, which was pleasantly suprising. now making a fresh mix cd (must do at LEAST once every 2 months as a record of your musical life), chilling out.

drinking coffee and playing cards and will take a powerwalk and go to church and treat self to a Comfort Dinner, maybe “Chinese” food today.

yes when you get a day off, you thank the lord for the chance to sit around and do nothing. no homework, no chores, just sitting around neckbearding on the internet. no wife, no kids, no housework. well for a few solid hours at least. more tryhard f4gg0ts would be working on their MASTERZ DEGREEZ right now. SUCKERS.

heheh there is at least one guy AT my current job, on my current pay grade, who DOES have a Masters Degree. Real Nice Guy. But I feel SORRY for him that he cannot make his masterz degree pay off, and I tell myself I do not want to be in HIS position.  real nice guy, and real smart, and does his job real well, he is nice to me and i am nice to him and he is very likeable.  but he works this ridic job because he’s got an infant child to support, he doesn’t have a choice.

won a decent pot (came in with 4.00, left with 7.00) with the rightfully awesome hand AA, where I rightfully raised preflop. the guy I showed down with had KK.  lesson learned: if you raise preflop with KK, you may well get beaten by a guy with AA.  i should step the f away from the table NOW. or soon i will be losing it all and spending 40 bucks a month on gambling instead of 20!!!!! and have crossed the rubicon into official Gambling Problem Territory! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!

sat 534 pm. skipped out 60% of the way thru church cuz it was boring, the sermon uncharacteristically lame (for the “turn the other cheek” gospel of tolerance and diversity and forgiveness), and i was starving, so got some “chinese” takeout and just gobbled it down and it was f00king rediculously delicious and i gave thanks to GOD. Sesame chicken, fried rice, extra soy sauce of course, nice greasy egg roll, and a QUART of egg drop soup, with a bag of “soup noodles”. No I did not eat it ALL. I ate maybe 57% of it all. but it was SOOOO GOOD.  I had been LITERALLY waiting all week for this delicious meal.

treat yourself to a nice meal like this once a week after a long hard godawful week of WORK.