june 22

some things about women, like their lust for POWER and BRUTE STRENGTH, is understandable. it makes sense.

other things do not make sense, like: so men get into these friendzone situations sometimes because their ideal is a qt waifu who is super qt……..BUT WHO THEY ALSO GET ALONG WITH REALLY WELL. it makes perfect sense. what if you found a totally nice qt gurl, and you ALSO got along with her really well. it doesnt take much creative thinking to see how that is an ideal situation.

but that is too much logic and common sense for women. if they get along with a guy really well, then its almost GUARANTEED that she will friendzone the guy, and NEVER EVER EVER get feelings for him.

similarly: men can get feelings for female friends over time. the feels can DEVELOP from just friends to omg im starting to like muh female friend as more than a friend.

this does not happen with women and their male friends. either the women has feelings for the man RIGHT AWAY, or they NEVER EVER WILL.

so this doesnt make a lot of sense to me. wouldnt a man you got along with really really well give you some sense of SECURITY that you could TRUST him to PROVIDE and PROTECT for you and your children? (looking at the evolutionary shit here.)

but NOoOoOoOoOoOoOo. they guy needs to have brute strength AND you cant really know him well enough to trust him. trust never enters into the picture. actually if it DOES, thats BAD. bad for the woman LIKING you I mean.

thats the kind of shit that gets me fired up. not being attracted to sissies, i get. being attracted to big strong brutes, i get. but not being able to Develop Feelings over the long term for a trusted friend, i dont get at all.

heres the other thing. maybe related.


your typical friendzone beta will have ONE woman friend, and he will prob be in luv with her. but this one woman will have like TEN male friends, and MOST of them will be in luv with her. how cruel to string them along and give them false hope like that! no man would do that!

but jsut lookig at the numbers…..well it doesnt really add up. women have more male friends, so women should be falling in luv with their male friends MORE than men fall in luv with their female friends….

heh. forgot the point i wanted to make. besides women get too much luv and men get too little. but that makes SENSE, because sperm is dirt cheep and eggs are super expensive.

so dont get butthurt when one of the sperm gets butthurt when the expensive egg decides to go slumming and lower its price to that of sperm only for the biggest toughest most untrustworthy shady sperm hahahaha.

SPERM WARS hahahaha


well i deleted that picture because it might be interpreted as libel or slander against TRS people hehehe. plus i dont fully believe this. i dont know what to believe. in fact it could be just another in the “TRS ARE PHAG ENABLERS” drama that has gone on forever, like with common filth.

matt forney is a fat race mixing beta but hes not jooish and i dont think hes a LIAR.  but yeah stuff like this is worse than the joowife thing. good god. also greg johnson could probably dox me if he wanted. well i never did anything against him hahaha. but these accusations are INSANE. i mean even if 10% of that is true. i would pretty much HAVE to disavow trs and get rid of muh trs shirt!

how much personal responsibility does enoch have in this? johnson? richard spencer? do you get BANNED for talking about “THE THIRD JIMPACT” on TRS? probably hahahaha.

you might even get banned on DS.

so youre saying all of the VVN alt right are in league with satanic jooish pedophile pizzamakers??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!

of course women dont make sense! i guess we should be grateful that they make as much sense as they do, in that everything they do fits the MO of them being a retarded CHILD, and that they respond best to BRUTE STRENGTH and basically need to be DOMINATED, in that you need to show them who’s BOSS and NEVER LET THEM FORGET IT. it’s like dealing with a retarded child DOG. you dont have to ABUSE them, you just have to make sure they never forget youre boss. its like TAKING CARE of a CHILD or a DOG.

and you can understand a LOT of what they do within that framework….but not everything. and is that so suprising? men and women are SO GODDAMN DIFFERENT, its ALMOST as much as a difference between RACES.

speaks to the evil of you know who (YKW) when they try to make you think racial and sexual differences are all a social construct goy!

fook no, they are YUGE BIOLOGICAL WALLS.

yeah i would LIKE if i could just have a female friend i got along REALLY WELL with, and then we upgrade that to the next level, have a stable lifelong thing, children, etc. that makes total sense right? but not to a woman. and women just dont WORK like that. so how come men WORK in a way that just DOESNT WORK?

yeah but im defective anyway hahaha. i work in a lot of ways that just dont work well.

but yeah WHAT THE FOOK kind of drama is going on. i mean this shit makes joo wife and the associated avoiding look positively harmless. Grooming 15 year old boys for gay sex???!?!?!?!?! how much did the higher ups know? how exactly was greg stalking or harrassing people???? where is the proof of this stuff? i mean that shit is legit BAD.

i mean im a lenient forgiving guy. id even forgive a little gayness. its not as bad as the shit WOMEN do! except when it turns into gay fook parties. thats some woman-tier degeneracy right there. total sodom and gomorrah.

i mean i dont know if its as bad as jooish PIZZAGATE which itself is a whole other discussion. i mean that seems too ridiculous to even be a little bit true. well….i have no doubt that joos in DC and everywhere molest children.

that there might be rings of perverts in powerful political positions plundering puerile peepees in pizza parlours.

i just dont want the hwyte nationalists i respect to do disgusting, unrespectable, possibly evil things. some gay shenanigans is possibly forgivable. molesting children is immediate bvllet in the head in the public square.

what about fooking a 15 year old boy? i dunno. thats a little better than molesting a CHILD. definitely a few weeks in the public stockade though.

i honestly dont think anything new is coming to light. greg has been soft on gays for YEARS, everyone has thought he was a homo for YEARS.

we dont have PROOF of ghoul doing anything. maybe he went to a get together where a shady homo made up some lies.

all the google results to like 8ch and 4ch and anime right and shit are giving 404s and super SHORT chan threads.

oh it must be true if TRS is getting the stuff SHUT DOWN.

that, or they dont want terrible slander posted about them!

OR, you could make an official statement about it, kinda liek you could make a speedy, official statement about joowife, which i guess was the first jimpact.


yeah im not super convinced by that evidence hahaha. how do we know whose dick that is.

somewhat different greg vs arktos drama

its just weird that so much stuff related to the 3rd jimpact comes up in google results but the shit is taken down or very brief when you go to the actual website.

did trs contact those sites mods and say remove this shit, its LIBEL?

like i guess matt forney posted those things on gab and now those posts of his are GONE from GAB. i didnt think gab removed shit.

june 23

i just dont like women. the only woman i wanted to BE WITH was HER. And I dont see a reason Having Children with a woman, unless I feel like THAT with the woman. Seems stupid and negrish to have children with a woman when you just think of her as a casual slut because she IS a casual slut. and ive gotten to the point where I wouldnt mind having some casual sluts. but i sure wouldnt want to be monogamous with the slut, or ESPECIALLY have CHILDREN with the slut! its not fair to the CHILDREN! its negrish!!!!!

I want to have children, therefore i want to find a woman worth having children with, and im not finding any of those, just women i want to casually bang for a while and replace, which IS degenerate, but not as degen for ME NEARLY as it is for THEM. I do NOT want to have children with these women.

but 1, 2, 3 casual women? why shouldn’t I? they have 20 casual cochs! and THEY can get pregnant!

i just hate seeing what are essentially CHILDREN/DOGS winning more at life (career, jobs, money) than me. how can a CHILD make more money than me and do better in their career than me.

day off. now i dont work enough hours so i have too much time off. so i try to stay productive during some of it. like get out and do errands and shit as soon as possible.  do laundry. Fast a bit, not eat as damn much. drink bulletproof coffee hehehe.

went to walmart and returned muh white polo shirt which was the wrong size, got the right size, AND got a second polo shirt with a more fancy design. all for VERY good price.

is porn evil? YES Georgie Boy, I am glad you are making a video on this exact topic. it is total jooish depravity and degeneracy, right up there with female sluttiness. between these two jooish things the joos have done more damage than anything.

im not sure if that is a real gun, i hope it is, because guns are AWESOME.

i hope george is not going crazy but is just having a little fun with a very serious topic. there SHOULD be a EXTREME PURGE of Porn from the face of the earth.

i could care less about george being fat and having manboobs, other than i hope he loses weight as it would give him more confidence and be better for his health. the best way for any fat person to lose weight is to keep TRACK of their CALORIES and SIMPLY NOT EAT AS MUCH. this was how I lost 40 pounds over the past 1 and half years. i had gained weight because i liked to eat a LOT and i had no idea how many calories were in all that food. answer: A LOT. enough to make me gain a TON of weight.

so, just use myfitnesspal every day and OBEY IT and you WILL lose a LOT of weight George.

I will never mock or be a wiseass in the comments for George. I am a True Fan and truly Support George.

if you are reading this George, i sent you a Paypal dnation of 5 feckin dollars on or near december 25, 2016. you should have my email in there and PLZ dont DOX me!

hmm. i just learned florian geyer is involved with the jimpact podcast. now i like florian and i was pissed when he was banned from TRS. i enjoyed him a hella lot in his smart insightful comments and his participation in the nationalist review, a great podcast which needs to be brought back but it would probably not be allowed on TRS.

but yeah florian, like common filth, really saw TRS as phag enablers and this jimpact thing is really in line with that.

but maybe they really ARE phag enablers?

i am kind of a phag enabler myself. in that i will forgive a little of youthful phaggotry provided it never reached standard fook party levels of degeneracy, and that i believe female sluttishness is right up with there phaggotry in terms of moral degeneracy, AND a LOT more prevalent and destructive. because only 3% of men are homos, but at least 75% of women are sluts.

going for quick powerwalk here

welp started listening to jimpact and i am starting to think these guys just have a beef with greg and trs. but i thought greg was recently banned from trs. but that was for other stuff, not gayness, but general shady drama and his feud with daniel friberg.

so in other words its all lies and thats why these sites took it down, because this is LIBEL and SLANDER and LIES.  and shouldnt LIES be censored?

heh. if youre reading this greg, i never slandered you, so dont dox me! dont dox anyone! i dont think he’s doxed anyone, but i think that was one of the accusations. was that he might blackmail people. i havent seen any proof that he ACTUALLY blackmails people. like take this shit down or i will dox you.

so yeah. leaning towards this jimpact being BS but i will listen to it anyway.

telegony. the idea that you can fook a guy once and you sort of absorb his DNA somehow and pass it on to children you have with ANOTHER guy.

sounds ridiculous but……i guess it actually does happen with flies. but with something way more complex like humans? probably way less likely.

BUT i do believe there ARE important Mental/Emotional/Psychological effects from fooking a big black buck. basically that will psychologically impact a woman for life. she will never forget it.

so yeah. im not defending mudsharks. im just questioning whether TELEGONY is a good argument against mudsharking. there are WAY BETTER arguments against mudsharking, that dont make you look like a telegony-believing idiot hahahaha.

i mean im not saying telegony coudlnt be real. its way more believable than flat earth!!!! or lizard people!

and again it all ties back to THAT WOMAN! THATS where i get butthurt, is thinking about HER being a mudshark and a slut and fooking tons of guys and sneding noodz and getting abortions and getting knocked up by badbois. i dont care nearly as much abotu random women doing these things, other than i dont want women of my race to do degenerate things.  of course. but thinking of HER doing these degen things is REALLY REALLY unpleasant. well because i CARED about her and KNEW her more than i know some random woman. so of COURSE its worse when thinking of her doing horrible things. this only makes sense.

what sucks is that i still care about her at ALL, and she hasnt become equal to some random slut for me yet.  shows im not entirely over her yet, even though its almost the auspicious TWO YEAR mark.  so how many guys has she fooked in two years? lets just say 8. how many have been black? lets just say 4.

want to become anti-interracial fooking like me? Just imagine someone you luv breaking your heart and dumping you, and then imagine them fooking sleazy people of other races.  its a little WORSE than imagining them fooking sleazebags of the SAME race, innit?

in germany you can get ARRESTED for walking down the street and SINGING the horst wessel lied!!!!!


G-Man2h Excalibur
It’s a good vid. I think you do too much apologizing for “white knighting”, I think it’s just natural to want to preserve what’s good and pure. Though I like the pungency of the “White Shariah” meme, I actually want more emphasis on healthy male-female dynamics (re: men and women) and brotherhood (re: members of the alt-right).

For example, some things that could be added to your vid: I think you should have reminded Stell Belle about the importance of courtship, which is how the guys are supposed to prove their worth without resorting to muh dik, and also mentioned that we should stop men-shaming men who also choose to remain virgins. It takes two to tango, and while I don’t think f00king around is as psychologically harmful for men as it is for women (and may even have some benefits, in terms of getting rid of “puppy love” syndrome), ideally both would be going into marriage as virgins. Next to impossible in this porn-and-degeneracy saturated world, but still a good ideal I think. END

more of these disgusting videos, yet YT is getting more and more flagrant about banning even remotely right wing people. talk of black pigeon might be banned. sheeeit what if they banned stefan molyneux. that would be insane.

this kid is so dumb i think its a troll, but the good men of DS still give great advice.

anyway. its also stupid that the one woman i luved above all, gives herself up like a common slut, acts like all those common sluts who i dont give a damn about other than general disgust at their degen behavior. well SHES a degen like that to many other guy. fooking her young white ass. and she doesnt give a damn if i live or die.


are all women this stupid, childish, and immature? I THINK SO!

if i had a female friend who fell in luv with me, i wouldnt feel betrayed! i wouldnt stop caring if they lived or died! i would say THIS SUCKS. THIS IS UNFORTUNATE. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!!!! But Im sorry. heres 50 bucks for drugs or booze or a shrink, i think we need to spend some time apart, sorry i cant luv you, good luck and god bless you. go on tinder and fook some negros or badboy musicians, you’ll forget about me real quick. have a good life, good luck to you, god bless you. DONE. thats ALL you need to say. i wouldnt even NEED a shrink to professionally say that.

and if someone doesnt give a damn about me, why should i give a damn about THEM. its frustrating. i just cant turn that off on a split second.

thing is i dont think she did either, she was just too cowardly and confuse. but i couldnt force myself on her either, because that would make me the bad guy, plus she wouldnt listen anyway.  nothing was gonna keep her from running away except me physically restraining her. if i had actually dated ie fooked her, i prob would have been more inclined to touch her in that way! ive fooked you hard 90000 times, you’re damn right im gonna keep you from leaving this room, and spank you until you dont want to run away any more!

another powerwalk. more jimpact. this fashy phaggots facebook group…i mean how many trs higher ups were in this? it doesnt sound like really any. and of course the actual gays who are openly proudly gay want you to think everyones gay. they might even lie about having gay secs with a straight guy to make people think he’s gay. so yeah im thinking this is a Tempest in a Teapot.

not saying that some elements of pizzagate arent real though. i do believe that some powerful people do some degenerate shit and some corrupt LEO’s cover it up for them.

a guy whos opinion i kinda respect at DS says that pizzagate is The Linchpin in all of Jooish perversion and zog power.

well something is clearly up with lindsey graham. i wouldnt be surpirsed if he was doing some horrible shit.

but yeah not even the jimpact accusers are saying these people are doing anything remotely connected to pizzagate.

although richard spencer might know about some scandalous shit happening in DC. there is speculation that a good looking old money rich boy like him received attention from rich gay perverts and that some big donors to movements are rich old gay men trying to buy support for homos in the right and alt-right.

someone made the very interesting argument that what world joory fears the most is a unified germany and russia. or at least they used to fear it before they were able to permanently cut germanys balls off.

but yeah i cant remember a time when germany and russia ever got along. well AH briefly had a nonaggression pact with stalin in like 1941 but i think stalin violated that.



sat jan 27

june 19

oyvey ozzberg. meant to take a benedryl right when i got home but i took a citalopram! which i take 1 of those in the morning for despair. didnt even think  about it. didnt INTEND to take it. i fully intended to take a benedryl, i just opened the blatantly wrong bottle and took blatantly wrng pill. yep. hopefully i can get muh refill in time and not have to go thru withdrawals now. med sick hahahaha. took the benedryl right after. did not get great sleep last night. 5 hours and 45 minutes and up for muh day of WORK(tm) hehehe.

oh well. was moderately productive today and showed i knew how to Analyze and Filter Data in Excel after exporting complicated report data csv’s.

saw a woman in the parking lot who looked almost EXACTLY like one of the few women i Casually Fooled Around With 12 years ago and foolishly got feelings for her. I couldnt see her face, just the back of her head and her general body shape. yet that was enough. maybe if i had seen her face, from closer than 30 feet away, i would have been able to prove it wasnt her.

the point is, there are Doppelgangers in this world, where if you see a person from behind or the side from 30 feet away, look EXACTLY like people you never want to see again. i bet there are people who look EXACTLY like me!!!!

and better i see a woman that looks EXACTLY like THIS woman, than a woman who looks exactly like THAT woman!

anyway. i really wanted to get closer to this woman and see her face because i couldnt BELIEVE how much, from behind and 20 feet away, she looked EXACTLY like this other woman i hadnt seen in 12 years!

for all i know, this other woman is fat or ded!

really wish AH larped on his ideal society in the way i did last post. you can see i am narrowing down to basically a Family Based society. where government is very minimal, and families are their own little AnCap States hahahahaha. companies are run for the benefit of family and the society. no globalization or jooification allowed. im not even sure where the state comes in. i am viewing a state that is prob smaller than what the 3rd reich had. over course, they were literally at war with the world. because the world declared war on them hahaha.

basically, what should we do with 15 year old gurls and boys to make sure they grow up to be decent, productive, contributing members of a healthy society, and not fookups, neets, or criminals?

and how can we structure companies and the economy so its as hwyte as possible, with no exploitation, job security for everybody?

also does AH even talk in detail about the 25 Points in MK? he refers to them but I figured he would have a LONGASS chapter describing EACH of them. nothing yet, and only 200 pages left hehehehe.

and then we need that shit updated for 2017. because how to make a living in 2017 is a lot different than in 1917. also people are a lot more degenerate. AH would have gone Tactical Bowlcut if he saw the shit we have to deal with. no wonder we K ourselves with drugs and alcohol.  and some K themselves with Porn and TV and Vidya.

so yeah. im not even sure what to CALL my ideal state. clan? feudalism? it wouldnt be democratic.

who owns the land? the family who lives and works there. but should it be owned by the oldest son, or split between brothers? that can lead to problems. better than the state owning the land though.

who owns the companies? the employees, where probably The Family has a majority in their own company.

Would a Family Company employ any men who WERENT part of the family?

in other words, were there any families that didnt have companies of their own?


jimmy durante kinda looks like mike on breaking bad/ BCS. was he jooish? i dunno. i dont think mike (jonathan banks) is jooish at all. watching movie on tcm with jimmy durante playing the piano and singing and being charming.

oh dear hehe

so they were both stupid. she was stupid and prob shit testing when she asked about other people coming along, and he was weak when he didnt say, no, STUPID, its just you and me.

june 20

its just stupid that women treat secsy men as exciting new toys you quickly lose interest in.

I treated my toys better. I respected the time and money needed to buy them, and the sentiment they represented. Also I rarely got bored of new toys quickly when I was a child. shit i didnt even WANT toys. i wasnt some greedy little materialistic joo. i was happy with the toys i had.

respect your goddamn toys bitches hahahaha.

wow so the actual a wyatt mann posts on daily stormer as mann vs machine. i knew he did AWM type cartoons but i didnt realize he WAS AWM, or that AWM was a legit living person who legit knows The Truth About The JQ! and posts regularly on DS!

azzmador working with enoch might rehab enochs image a bit

what im saying is, i HOPE it doesnt HURT azzmadors image!

should azzmador cut his long hair? no but it would be nice if he got with the white shirt / khaki pants look. i really like this look and will try to incorporate it in muh daily life. its not gonna get the ladies but i havent gotten ladies in 12 years, hahahahahaha.

it just sucks that the last time you Pulled, you were young and promising enough that you could pull a 7.7, and you havent been able to Pull since, and if you could, you could only pull about a 4.

0.0284 ETH
@ $352.28 per ETH
ok i just bought 10 dollars worth of ETHERIUM on the sheer basis that it went up by +2892.15%
while BTC, with its YUGE soar upwards, has only gone up 260% hehehehe.
heh. i guess the only thing left is for me to buy LITECOIN. whcih i had some at one time. like 2 years ago. well before coinbase offered it.

basically im just TOYING around wth it because coinbase gives me the OPTION to buy it with a single click. very convenient. and THOSE joos obviously see a jooish profit to be made from it.

i guess its good women still like audrey hepburn because AH (hahahahaha) was a good example of decent feminine beauty, im sure she was a whore, but she seemed somewhat classy and feminine. only now the modern version of that is zooey deschanel whos an ever bigger whore and has taken at least 500 dicks hehehehe.

i dont really care about ALL women, i just care about THAT woman hahaha. i might have failed as a man but i didnt deserve that level of punishment for my crime.

but she wasnt INTENDING to dish out that punishment. she just did normal passive noncommunication, which is to be expected from women. and the punishment ALL came from my PERCEPTION. if ANYTHING, she INTENDED for me not to be so hurt!

the end hahahaha.

yeah i should have been more forceful and manly. course NOW i wonder about, should I contact her after 2 years and play a super manly role? i dont think I COULD. I think i would have a much better chance at playing manly with some random slut that I dont know and have no History of Heartbreak with.

in other words, i am SO butthurt over her, that I Would Fall To Pieces if I were to see her again. or, at the very LEAST, CERTAINLY not be able to come across as MANLY, let ALONE any manlier than I was BEFORE, when I need to  be MUCH manlier than that.

gen z is the future

oh this is an old article that was bumped with a recent comment. well its still good.

june 21

it is good for the health to listen to the horst wessel lied at LEAST 6 times a day. it is a very positive song. listen to the lyrics too. much better than thinking about women, or what a failure you are, or how you dont want to go back to Skool hahaha. because youre DEFECTIVE and even if you got a useful degree, you’d find some way to screw it up. not put in enough intiative or passion or creativity, and make a useful degree useless.

fact is, i dont know anyone with a masters degree who is technically NOT successful. they ALL, even with “shitty” online MBA’s, got middle class jobs paying 40k a year hahahaha.

well…..i sort of know a number of people that have been sucked into the part-time instructor trap, which is one of the worst fates that can befall a masters degree person, and the one that terrifies me the most.

basically, get a masters degree, and end up 50 years old piecing together part time jobs, no health care, no retirement, no raises, no stability, no guarantee of hours, driving around 100 miles a day to 4 diff workplaces, getting no respect from the full timers, never getting a full time position.

there are WAY too many people like this. I have the greatest sympathy for them.

then your masters degree wife leaves you because youre not successful enough, not making enough money, she makes more money than you with HER masters degree, you must be defective and have no AMBITION to just LET this HAPPEN to you so PASSIVELY.

tfw you find a video of a woman that used to work in your department, she has a masters degree like everyone else, but she was younger, about 25-29, and fookin SMOKIN HAWT. in ridiculously good shape, MORE than enough to drive a man CRAZY, and also SMART and CLEVER. no doubt she knows EXACTLY how to wrap men around her finger. so she decides her career isnt ambitious enough with a masters degree and goes to get a PHD from a Good Skool. and you see this beautiful young woman and think, well she’s not a fat white trash mudshark, but she’s just wasting her life in a different way. of course im wasting my life too! in a different way.

what im saying is, instead of being a CLEVER, CONNIVING, AMBITIOUS, SUPER CAREER ORIENTED super ambitious career woman, she could be a nice wife and mother.  but i am absolutely sure she has been on Coch Carousel.

Well now she is probably dating only guys 10+ years older than her who make 150k+ a year. and she’s still gonna bust their balls.

well i am older than her, but maybe not 10 years, and i certainly dont make that kind of money.

too bad she used her above-average woman intelligence to do a super ambitious career and not get married young and have 3 white kids. white woman. VERY attractive.

she was too smart for her own good. probably constantly encouraged on how good college and esp grad skool was for a smart, ambitious woman like her.

the type of person who RESIGNS from a GOOD job, so they can do a Full Time Graduate degree at a Top Skool, and then gets an even BETTER job.  these people DO exist hahahaha.

heh.  reminds me of a funny story. so i briefly hanging out with thsi woman 12 years ago and fell in luv with her like an idiot. she wasnt over her “ex” boifran and went back to him. thing is, he was a total milksop, just seemed totally unexciting, boring, and BETA as fook. i couldnt BELIEVE she was choosing HIM over me. i STILL dont get it.

BUT he was much more successful. he recently graduated our presitigious univ and then immed got a decent JOB on univ staff. the type of job i would K for now, he got at age 22 or something. then the woman got back together with him, and eventually he left the job to start a PHD program in another state in a very, very marxist field. i have no idea how he got into a competitive program, and i have no idea why he left a good job to do this. i was literally twice as charismatic and interesting as him. ME!!!!

and he spent like 2 years with this gurl i was in luv with, banged her 5000000 times, probably got BORED of her BULLSHIT, while she made an EFFORT with him, WANTED to be with him. i still dont know what she saw in him other than he was taller and more succesful than me. but he wasnt Ripped or Charming. I guess she was a nerdy weird gurl too, and hadnt been on the coch carousel long enough to be greedily hypergamous yet. she wasnt a terrible person but boy did I HATE her for a while after she dumped me. I wish I HATED That Woman like that, it would have been easier to get over That Woman.

how about someone who leaves a 50k+ a year job so they can get an MBA at a Top MBA program? theres no way i can put myself in these peoples shoes. i have no idea what it feels like to be so ambitious and successful. but i bet it feels pretty good hahahaha.

but all these programs teach that Globalism Is Good! and that humans are just Resources. and hwytes are the worst most evil most replaceable of those resources and we should replace them with smiling brown people. pajeet and ching chong. emerging markets. need some IMF loanz hehehe.

at muh univ, everyone went to grad skool at SUPER prestigious places, and if you didnt get a phd at harvard, you were a loser. if you only got in to the phd program at kansas state, you were viewed as a huge loser who didnt do good enough. didnt want it bad enough. didnt work hard enough. a slacker. unambitious. dump that loser. hehehe.

people would rather K themselves than get a MBA from an online program.

anyway i totally picked up that mindset, which SUCKS. fact is, you can have a great middle class career with a mba from an online skool. its not gonna be cheap though. its still gonna be a lot of work.

but yeah. people there were VERYYYYYYYYYY snobbish and conscious of STATUS of education and career. what school did you do grad at. what company are you working at. that kind of thing. and i unfortunately picked up way too much of that mindset. still have too much of it. prob never get rid of it entirely.

but still i dont really want to get a masters degree hahahahaha. the whole idea.

but really theres a 50% chance it would be useful!

harold and maude. this could have been a good movie but its degenerate AF. maude is a terrible role model with her hippie jooish nihilism!!!!

and who likes this movie. stupid ass pseudo intellectual masters degree women hahahahahahahaha.  fook it. fook women, fook movies, fook joos. glad i stopped watching degen jooish filth. it just happens to be on tcm right now, the only channel i watch, apart from investigation discovery and hgtv.


june 18 2017

had a dream i was with a fairly attractive young woman and it turned out “she” was a Transsexual with a Dick. boy i wonder what THAT means hahahaha. this might be because yesterday i saw some screenshot of a tranny porno starlet making some anti-sjw edgy libertardian pseudointellectual im the tranny porn whore with a brain remarks, as to demonstrate, look at the filth that is getting into the “alt-lite”, but the thing was, the tranny looked remarkably convincing. like most of them look like men in drag but this one actually looked like a woman. looked better than a fat 5/10 woman. and i thought, i might bang that tranny, and i realized shamefully how degen that was of me!

and even worse are the lewd comments from porn-addicted men who think they are straight, saying all sorts of things to the tranny like oohhh your beautiful, id fook you so hard, id lick your asshole and eat your beautiful ass all day. as if they dont quite get that she is really a MAN. cuz theyre essentially viewing “her” the same as a female porno slut.

i didnt look at any of the porno pictures, just the instagram, and believe me that can get PLENTY degenerate.

as soon as I found myself thinking, what is this thing really? it really does look like a woman, maybe i would bang it, I closed the shit and vowed not to tell anyone in the alt right hahahahaha.

i think in the dream the tranny looked even MORE like a woman, like this looks EXACTLY like an attractive woman, EXCEPT they have a dick. now I didnt actually see the dick, or any kind of Bulge, or feel anything.

then you ask, well do they have the SHAPE of a woman? with hips and all that?

but honestly some women dont have the shape of women!!! they are shaped like unisex potatoes, or have manshoulders, or no ass, no hips, stumpy legs, etc.

anyway not a great dream but still better than a dream with That Woman!

and of course wish i have never seen that tranny porn whore while casually browsing daily stormer hahahahaha.

but yeah they present as women, and i think their main audience is “straight” guys that like hot porno sluts, and girly bois who transition to look like hot porno sluts but havent chopped their dicks off yet.


anyway. back to the Logical Thought Question of, if WOMEN dont care about RACE, and we need WOMEN to perpetuate our race, then doesnt them not caring about race mean that race is subordinate to gender (secs) ?

and that we would have more in common, mentally, with a black MAN, than a white woman?

which is why you see tons of Interracial Solidarity between MRA’s and MGTOWs, who will readily tell you the same thing? I have nothing in common with white women, thats why i dont really care about RACE. I have MUCH more in common with a black or brown man.  thats why you can’t sell me on race. because white women are fooking garbage. maybe if men of all races stood together, we could defeat feminism.

i guess i would say, just because you have more in COMMON with somebody, mentally or life experiences, it STILL does not logically FOLLOW that sex is THEREFORE more important than race. although it KINDA LOOKS like it. its easy to make that logical error in this case.  the strawman looks a hell of a lot like a real man here hahahaha. its confusing!!!! it really is.

really all of this just keeps pointing to the End of White Sharia. i still dont like the word, but the IDEA just makes more and more and MORE sense as time goes on. women need to be CONTROLLED BY MEN. PERIOD. in a nonabusive way. you control your PETS, but you also love them and dont abuse them. and if you do abuse them, you should be punished.

but yeah. women ARE NOT CAPABLE of being full adults the way MEN are. and its not fair, and not right, and not smart, to think that they can. or will. they can’t. they won’t.

so im looking for AH speeches where a native english speaker delivers a good english translation of the speeches with some sort of passion or energy. so i can listen to them while Powerwalking, becuase i cant watch an actual german speech with english subtitles while i do that.

also from that woman i learned the lesson of applying WHITE SHARIA in my own life. while i cant guarantee that it would have made her fall in luv with me, i CAN guarantee that a Strong Hand on my part would have made the situation less painful. end better. and MAYBE i would have won the First Prize of a stupid fatherless mudshark for a GF for a while until I stopped exercising White Sharia hahahaha.

well in the future I will exercise white sharia, which in this situation would look like…..just treating them like a CHILD. that’s all it is. you dont abuse your CHILDREN. but you also dont let them get away with being a BRAT. thats called being a bad parent. know how and when to discipline your kids. SAME THING with women.


and the VAST majority of them are overgrown children who are WAY past due for a GOOD spanking and a GOOD grounding. period.

So lets spank the shit out of them and ground the shit out of them.

what people get confused on is that there’s NO burkas, NO punching

your wife in the face or kicking her in the chest, NO genital mutilation, NO rape squads. yeah those things are only for barbaric moslems. unfortunately the conan he-man woman-haters who came up with the meme liked to use jokes like that, so it was a bit unclear. and it made me very suspicious of white sharia. until i realized they were just joking and we wouldnt really do those things.

i’ll always prefer another word over sharia. like extreme white patriarchy, or traditional white patriachy.


I just get quite triggered when I see women being more successful in the Adult Male Real World than me. How can a CHILD be better at LIFE than me? because that’s how bad I am!

thats what really grinds my gears. ok its fine if women have to naturally be children. what burns me up is that these CHILDREN can be successful at things very important to me – career/work and relships – where i have been so abysmally failure. how can you be SUCCESSFUL in the ADULT WORLD if you are as mature as a CHILD????!?!?!?!??!

well its obviously easier for a woman to get a rel, im not saying thats wrong. but i think it is also easier for a woman to get a JOB. given two equally quialified candidates, the employer will PROB choose a woman over a man.

heh better to be a butthurt incel fascist 1433 VVN, than a butthurt incel male feminist!

AH was right, speeches are more effective than the written word. podcasts are more effective than blogs hahahaha.

i guess azzmador, k1ke enoch, and a bunch of guys did a thing very recently in texas, maybe austin, and antifa didnt even show up? apparently a lot of good speeches were made. i cant deny that enoch makes a good speech and that speech is a very effective tool and i dont want him to stop making speeches.  you know what, as he gets bigger in popularity, he’s gonna HAVE to revisit the joo wife situation and explain it better, because he just didnt explain it well enough the first time. so i am confident that time will come. i just wish he had dealt with it right the first time rather than just avoiding it.

but he is a great speaker and he should record all his speeches.

one good speech is worth 1000000 articles hahahaha.

hope people dont throw azzmador under the bus for working with enoch! but they prob will hahahaha. i dont see a problem there. him working with enoch i mean. thats fine. [update jan 2018: i am now as back on board wth enoch as i ever was. his life was turned completely upside down and he panicked a little bit. so would I. he ultimately gave up his livelihood for The Movement and continues to outdo himself with great work, great speeches, such that i dont really care about the j00wife thing any more. also she hasn’t been talking so good for her. still not sure if they are divorced or not. i almost dont even care. ]

the white polo shirt with khaki pants is probably the best A E S T H E T I C ive seen thus far. hopefully azzmador can get with the program next time.

who is this attractive young WOMAN in the white dress. my greatest fear is finding that THAT WOMAN joined the alt right pro white movement. that she rejected me but joined muh movement hehehe and got with stronger better man and now she is banging HIGHER UPS in the alt right hahahaha. fooking richard spencer hahaha. i mean its possible. all men like attractive young white women.

i was starting to gradually talk to her about this stuff. i taught her about the 14 words and david duke and that all white nationalists werent skinhead neo nazi freaks, and that its ok to fooking luv being white. yeah i am a racist baby. now lets start taking a look at these joos too. also check out this stefan molyneux video.

i wasnt even into TRS then but you can see i was pretty close. when the shit hit the fan with her, the dylan roof thing had just happened, so i used it to show her Antiwhite media, and talk about rhodesia and south africa.

also “BLM” and “police violence” was becoming a huge thing and she paid attention to that, so i tried to touch on that too.

i would have talked about all this a hell of a lot more if she ever hung out with me hahahaha but it was always excuses.

if i had implemented white sharia and said, were hanging out NOW, or I AM GONE, treat me with the respect I deserve or find some n1993r or ph4990t to be your highness’s servant because I AM DONE WITH YOU.

then ignored her for a week, then she would ahve been BEGGING me to put babies in her and tell her about how great our race is and how we have to STOP THESE GREAZY K1KES NOW!!!!!!

so i would hate to find that my IDEAS sunk in with her and she just found a better MAN to tell them to her. i would almost rather she became a dirty fat mudshark….which she also has a chance of. it could go both ways.

all this because i saw a young white woman with long hair in the azzmador video!

or maybe i was just in general longing for a racially-aware qt waifu!

could be. i mean PROBABLY she was just the gf of one of the guys, and he had TRAINED HER WELL. that is, gotten her on board with his racial stuff. rather than tolerated even the smallest amount of antiwhite bullshit out of her.

why WOULD your gf be AGAINST you being PRO your race?

because you are being angry and butthurt and flustered and not controlling her properly.

yep i guess in the end it IS mens fault. just like its the parents fault when their kids are huge fookin BRATS. you are disgusted at the misbehaved child, but you cant BLAME them. BLAME THE PARENTS.


and we LET our children GET AWAY with literally MVRDER.

we LET them get POISONED by the joo.

there is a TWENTY YEAR OLD young man who gives a great speech at the texas thing. that sort of stuff brings a tear to muh eye hehehe. generation zyklon.

sacco vandal is also really good at the speechmaking. very very high energy. glad he is getting noticed. he speaks at 1:20 right after azzmador.

but see i would be worried about an alpha male like this “stealing” muh woman. and she would be RIGHT to leave me for the stronger man! but how can i out-alpha guys like this? I dont even want to!

its stupid that you have to be constantly competing with other guys just to prove whos manliest and strongest just so you can keep your woman from leaving you for them!

but is it REALLY stupid? it makes sense for women to go for the strongest men. so, therefore, i would keep muh woman AWAY from events like this.

i would be much more willing to host a white party at Our Home, than to bring muh wife to a pro white EVENT.

anyway pretty sure sacco is married and has children. he is prob younger than me too hahahaa. not that i am young any more. but i remember when i was! it sucks not being young any more!

and then the wives and children would have their womens party within our Family Home White Party, and the men would drink scotch and tell stories and teach the Boys.

any woman caught cheating would be banished to chimpcongo or syria hahahaha.

well actually with a month of public stockades beforehand. that PUBLIC SHAMING is incredibly powerful and we should be making as MUCH use of it as possible.

no dont send her to syria. just a month of public shaming, then she gets one chance to be a good wife to an omega male, an older single man, and if she screws THAT up, then she can become a hooker.

but do we want hookers? for whom? the young men 15-19 training for their professions? they have young girls betrothed who are waiting for them when the boys start their careers at age 20, and it will be permitted for them to hang out chastely during 15-19, get to know each other, talk to each other, and stoke the flames of desire for when they can finally get married and be together unchaperoned. hookers will not be needed.

ok then the twice-convicted slut can be sent to syria. or MAYBE to the bttom 1% of the omega male neet incel virgins, like me and george feels hahahaha.

i mean im already looking at single moms, mudsharks, over-30s, etc. and i am not wholly comfortable sending a woman to syria to get raepd. nope. a month of public shaming and stockades, then give them a chance with a lesser quality male like myself hahaha. second strike, they would be given to an even lesser male. third strike, you could send them to prison to service imprisoned men. i dunno. still working out the details of this larp.

so, high school and college are unneccessary. at age 14 or 15, the boy can start training for his career. at age 19, the boy can start his career, and will marry a 16 year old gurl. ok 17. he will have known her for the past couple of years and both of them are bristling with anticipation for several years at the day they can marry. they will both be each others “first” and thus be pair bonded for life. the young man will work at a family owned business and the wife will have babies. the husband will move up in the company, training younger men, making more money, having more time to spend with his family, becoming the best at his craft, training young men how to do it well. nonwhites nowhere to be seen. jooish influence nowhere to be seen. imagine theres no jooish influence, its easy if you try hahahahaha. actually it isnt, because jooish influence poisons EVERYTHING.

get rid of college and high school. college is worthless. high school is just as worthless. start kids working at age 14. all job training will be done on the job as they make minimum wage at age 14. you will be an “apprentice” so you wont be expected to be an expert. they KNOW youre in training. but then you slowly move up and never make minimum wage past age 14. by age 18 or 19 you can make enough to support a wife and children.

men who do crime will be publicly punished. the most serious crimes will involve a public hanging or shooting in the head. no need to torture or do anything grotesque. rapists and molesters? no need to CASTRATE them, jsut shoot them in the back of the head in the public square and throw them in an unmarked grave.

drugs addicts? drunks? part of me says, give them their drug of choice and let them go to town and K themselves. but alcoholics can take YEARS AND YEARS to do that. so i say let them continue to be productive. like if they can still do their jobs, just let them drink on the job until they fook something up, then punish them for that.

i mean i think just having a steady job and making a decent living would keep people from becoming addicts in the first place.

also we would try to minimize firings and layoffs because companies would just be extensions of the family. you could work with people who had health or family issues and not fire somebody just because he was not as productive. like maybe let a person work 30 hours a week and keep his job and just pay him 25% less. better yet, a person should only have to work 30 hours a week to have a family.

no joos, i shouldnt have to say. this is a joo-free society. dna test will test for jooishness and other nonwhiteness. i might even allow up to 25% nonwhiteness in people so long as they didnt identify with it, and were committed to making white grandchildren.

men with porn would be publicly shamed in stockades much like women who were sluts or cheaters. i mean there wouldnt BE any porn.

the mother would homeschool all children up to age 14. then the father would take over and boys would work with their fathers. and gurls would be shopped around to boys, probably from the area, or the fathers company. i mean chances are she will have met the boy when they played around the neighborhood as children. i mean shit. in the homeschools the families and children would mingle and socialize with the other families in the neighborhood. each family would have 40 acres and the fathers company would be right there, he could Walk To Work.

somebody suggested, i think heartiste, that leftists hate cars and luv public transportation because its a way to force diversity. when whites own their own cars, they can live 40 miles outside the cities. gives them freedom of association – and of dis-association. because who the hell rides the BUS.

never thought of that. and i wish it didnt HAVE to be that way. cuz i hate cars and i kinda like the IDEA of public transport. but also realize this is an URBAN URBANITE thing. and WHO lives in and controls CITIES????

whats an example of a good white CITY? munich 1900?

cities are INHERENTLY jooish arent they? whats the hwytest city that ever existed? rome 50 BC? i honestly dont know.

i do know that joos have been getting pogromed and thrown out of cities in every country for the past 3000 years tho hahahaha. so which city did the best job of it and had the smallest or ideally no jooish ghetto?

what im trying to say is, are cities REALLY inherently jooish? can we MAKE an all whyte city? being that cities offer the benefit of what exactly? uh a multitude of businesses, services, products, potential wives, and potential customers. and art and culture and history hahaha. but cant you get all that in a town? a small city? i think you can!!!!

what if your job were driving you crazy, driving you to drink? well ideally by that time, you would have enough power and autonomy in the company to change it into a Productive, Ethical enterprise where you didnt have to lie, cheat and joo people. Productive, Ethical Enterprise would be what ALL businesses are. from trash haulers to doctors.

people doing economic corruption, like crime syndicates, like the russian mob, well there would be no need for this. they would be treated like any other criminal: public shaming, flogging, or execution.

maybe there would be no prisons, no jails. if its serious enough a crime, you are immediately executed and not supported by the state for 20 years.

or you get 30 days of shame and that wouldnt cost very much. you would get to eat water and potatoes.

you could just go back to your job when you were done.

but wouldnt your coworkers continue to shame you and gossip about you?

NO, because they are MEN! they’d give you a few minutes of crude jokes and then be back to work. maybe they’d experienced the same thing.

is 30 days too much? i mean it would be different. cheaters would get 30 days, maybe stripped naked. a drunken buffoon would get 1 day, clothed, or maybe just 30 lashes with a cane, done in 15 minutes.

abortion? shoot the woman in the head in the public square, same as any murderer. done.

hehehe. i kinda like this larping today hahaha.

if a man really wants to get out of his job, he could maybe transfer into a similar job, and get a demotion, but not down to the minimum. i mean he will have learned SOME skills that will be portable. like dealing with people, dealing with shit, thinking on his feet, talking to people, solving problems. he wont be at the level of a 15 year old boy.

again, if all businesses were conducted as Productive and Ethical Enterprise, and treated their employees as valuable, then people wouldnt hate their jobs so much.

for that matter the companies should be employee owned. profit sharing. all employees own a share of the company. now the 15 year old entry level wouldnt be allowed to own as much as the ceo, or you WOULD have to PAY to BUY these shares. but yeah give everyone a share in the company.

ok what about “mental illness.” well i think in this larp whitopia, all mental illness would be automatically cut in half at LEAST, because people would be much more fulfilled. not necessarily happy, but their lives would be much more STABLE and have much more MEANING. and there would be no joos. i assure you, joos are INHERENTLY mentally ill and the root cause of half of all mental illness.

the super serious shit that really cant be helped, like major schizophrenia and shit…..we’d let the people work in any capacity they could. be janitors or something. find them something to do to give themselves dignity and meaning. i mean we still would have DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS to come up with drugs and treatments for them.

or you could give them the offer of euthanasia.

and if they committed a violent crime, as many schizos do, then they would be treated as any other violent criminal, and not be a burden on society any longer.

yes, i mean a bullet in the head in the public square.

the optional euthanasias would not be public of course! because they didnt do any crime!!!!!

what about down syndrome types? same thing basically. and or their families would just take care of them. extended families would live in a series of nearby houses and really there would be some allowance built into the family unit for these defectives, assuming that 5% of people are defective. so just allow for that from the beginning. with all men making decent living, its totally possible.

like i say, men would just continue to make more and more and never be laid off or fired, so they have enough money to take care of the young, the old, and the defective. the women and children at home would help take care of the old and defective. no nursing homes needed.

boom. perfect society. done. that only took me 1 hour of work hahahaha.

notice AH said that manual labor jobs MUST be treated with the same dignity and respect as high society jobs like doctor, lawyer, engineer. i would agree with this. but im guilty of looking down on manual laborers myself. but i KNOW i SHOULDNT!

so i guess what im describing is basically National Socialism with maybe a somewhat more stripped down state and more of those duties given to the family. the family would take care of education and basically the economy.

so what is the role of the state in my larptopia above? just to shoot violent criminals in the head in the public square? yeah i guess hahahaha.

i guess we should also keep SCALE in mind hahaha.

but anyway MK has not, by page 460 at least, set out the basic description of how the ideal society should run at least. i mean maybe its described in the 25 points of NS, which he still hasnt got to.

basically i want to know about education, jobs, marriage, family, boys, girls, how people become productive adults. AH really hasnt described any of this.

oh yeah i guess boys of 15 could also go into the MILITARY if for whatever reason their fathers were not successful craftsmen.

but ideally all men WOULD be successful craftsmen and people would just act as their OWN military, thru their 2nd amendment rights hehehe. and if the country were under attack, the employees would just take up arms and defend their town. and at that point the children would do some work for the war effort.

sat jan 13

june 9

actually took a bit of a powernap. it was nice.

but yeah. how can you just force your kids to go to military or FT job when they turn 18. i mean its a GREAT IDEA!!!!!! but what if they get REJECTED from the military or FT jobs? what if they go on interview after interview and never get hired? what if they get rejected from the military because they took prozac once or saw a shrink once?

then i guess it will be clear by age 18 that you have SRS ISSUES and will hopefully start seeing a shrink and getting Intense Treatment at age 18 and not a second later!


a shrink and meds can prob do more help at age 18 than they can at age 25 or older.

also might as well go to a hooker if you are still a hugless virgin.

do scary things that will help you be courageous in the long run. but dont do risky dangerous things like drugs or alcohol.

i guess going into the military is risky because you risk getting your face, legs blown off for isntreal, getting PTSD from seeing brown savagery and maybe even participating in it.

but then there are other stories of people sitting on their ass all day and not getting blown up by IEDs. if you can get one of those jobs, then sure go into the military.

i guess get a mentor who is no more than 5 to 10 years older than you, 7 years older than you, who is essentially living in the same world as you are, and can give you very realistic, very practical, very real world advice for succeeding in the real world in the current year. your family may mean well but they lived in a different time, a different world, and what worked for them wont work for you.

well unless they got masters degrees and make 80k a year and live in a 95 percentile superzip hahahahaha.

met this 30 year old woman the other day who was pretty in a traditional, nonwhorish, nonjooish, kinda mousey librarian way, in some ways SORTA looked like That Woman but i still felt good about knowing that this this new woman would be a MORE than suitable IMPROVEMENT over THAT woman….if this new woman were choosing to Be With Me and not Hoe Me Out.

But she is also married and has a baby. I saw the baby. it was a healthy white boy. i wasnt meeting this woman for the first time, i’d met her first about a month ago and instantly fell in luv with her hahahaha.

but she looked GREAT for 30 and i was a bit jelly of her husby and wished I could have met her first. but husband is more sucessful than me and she prob would have dumped me anyway for being a loser. but she prob would have been NICE about it hehehe. and been like sorry i dont mean to break your heart but youll find someone someday. im so sorry, your not a bad guy. im gonna go marry this more successful guy, give him children, and be a good wife and mother.  buh bye.

also when you are in the military you cant use drugs on your free time to blow off steam, because they give random drug tests and you will be fooked if you have drugs in your system. so your only choice is to drink, and many military people get drunk as shit and beat the shit out of people because their military sluts are cheating on them with the black recruits.

so, just do an hvac or electrician appenticeship and do drugs on your free time but never let it interfere with your work. and maybe alcohol too if you can get away with it. there are plenty of full blown alcoholics who work 60 hours a week and make enough money to support a family and live away from nonwhite violence. they just manage to do their work hungover or even drunk, and not get fired. business owners who CANT be fired and who drink on the job. roofing and painting company owners hahahaha.

they might be drunk degenerates but they also WORK HARD for 12 hours a day at least and make decent money. can pay their child support if they dont blow it on hookers, gambling, drugs, cars, boats.  people spending THOUSANDS of dollars a week at the CASINO. mother fooker. they could be using that money to hire a white man at a good wage. allow a less degen white man to raise a better family.

june 10

the old sun altitude table hehehe. to calculate when the sun angle is highest in the day and most direct. went for 52 minute pwalk to get vitamin d on beautiful warm day.

breaking news. nice!

you should also donate to that freedom front, there are some good people there. dont care if you dont like enoch. the young attorney involved should be bigger than richard spencer IMHO. one of my favorite goys who doesnt get enough press. but maybe he doesnt want it. but the splc already wrote a huge hit piece on him, including news that his wife was dumping him and trying to steal their young child from him because she doesnt want the child raised in a household of hate where they sing the horst wessel lied. wow. sad! i really hoped he would have married a better woman, he certainly deserves a good woman, and now his bitch xwife is gonna RUIN their childs life because her handsome successful race aware husband loves his race. god damn.

anyway. this young man is a HERO and should be a LEADER and i feel is already kind of a leader behind the scenes but i think he needs to be a leader in front like spencer. he is handsome, a very successful well-dressed attorney who hasnt been disbarred, and if we could all be like him the world would be a much better place.

i will try to try to donate to this foundation this year hahaha. wish they had tshirts hehehe.

it is so sad to hear about his bitch xwife trying to DESTROY their FAMILY. sheeeeeit. i just heard about this TODAY reading the guys SPLC hitpiece. guess he didnt do strong enough HWYTE SHARIA at home. that sucks, but he shouldnt be punished like this.

lemme guess. he, as a successful middle class attorney, was meeting other succcessful middle class gurls who no doubt believed that racism was the most vile kind of hate, but she blinded herself to the fact that her handsome successful hubby was a true lover of his race. and it took a room full of men shouting “SIEG HEIL!” to convince this bitch that their baby child would be raised in a “HOUSE OF HATE”.

unfookin believable. is this HIS FAULT because he didnt have a STRONG ENOUGH HAND????? i will NOT blame this on him. I will totally blame it on her.

unless he’s really a MONSTER at home. but i think fewer men are total monsters behind closed doors, than there are evil bitch women who falsely accuse men of being total monsters behind closed doors!

even worse i think they said it was gurl child. so now the gurl child is gonna be raised by the bitch mother to become an antiwhite slut and hate her wonderful white father, when she COULD have grown up to have a wonderful hwyte family herseld. i mean this attorney should have had a beautiful, large white family!!!!!!!!! i hope the xwife gets NOTHING and he marries another young hwyte woman and she is faithful and loyal to him and gives him many more white children!!!!!!!!!

anyway its NOT HIS FAULT. its HER fault. yeah maybe he should have been firmer but its STILL not his fault. this is a great man any woman would be RIDICULOUSLY LUCKY to marry. FOOK THIS BITCH for BETRAYING a GREAT man. she is a TRAITOR and should be publicly shamed and should NEVER get ANY custody of the child.  but she will prob be celebrated for saving the child from the evil racist gun-owning father, and maybe ruin his career in the process. oh god i hope not. we need a LOT more people like this guy. a pro-white attorney. not talking about some neocohen isntreal-loving attorney.

plenty of basic bitch republican attorneys. total shabbos goys!!!! do not need any more of these.

he would probably tell me, we can’t do anything with losers. the BEST thing you can do for your race is to become a SUCCESSFUL WINNER, i don’t care what it is. just get a GOOD JOB and make GOOD MONEY. that is the BEST thing you can do. not be a maladjusted neet virgin, or, a fat hillbilly pill popper with deaths head tattoos who makes 11k a year or is on disability for bad back and then uses all that money for opioids and booze. out of shape, felons, criminals, white trash, white negros, bad teeth, bad clothes, fat, ugly.

no. be a successful, handsome attorney with a good reputation who makes 150k a year and has a nice wife and kids. until his wife divorce raeps him because he was too nice!

i should send his foundation a donation right now along with an email hehehehe.

im surprised the SPLC mentioned HER name!!!!

but yeah. now im really curious about The Dynamic of their Relship. her bitchily mentioning guns and his collection of AR-15’s as if that means he is a bad father or dangerous to the child. that poor, poor child. denied her awesome father because of her evil mother!

Im a 14Words attorney AND a MGTOW attorney hahahaha.

that would be pretty good man.

i dont want him to be broken by this b1tch hehehe. i want him to continue to be a respected attorney. some people know who he is and leave negative reviews, but these are dwarfed by the positive reviews of happy clients. but i dont think they KNOW he is a 14words guy! and maybe HE wants to keep it that way! so i never say his name. but you can find it really easily hehehehe.

i dunno. i hope things work out for him. i think anglin or weev contacted him about representing anglin for the splc case, but this guy was not licensed in montana or something. he has represented good goys like heimbach and spencer in the past.

we really need more lawyers on /ourside/. heh. i should go to a shitty and horrendously expensive law school so i can become one hahaha. but it really is a ton of work to become a lawyer, and then they work 80 hours a week. its not a good life heheehehe.

hister was not some kind of fat jobless neet basement dweller when he was a young man. he was a man of principle, a decorated soldier, a courageous top tier military man. not sure if he could be considered an “officer”. by todays standards he would be. serving at least 6 years. also he respected the german military while he was serving in it. it wouldnt be like a young goy joining ZOG, knowing he is joining ZOG, and trying to game it to his advantage while running the risk of being destroyed by it.

what else. that new clandestine blaze album is better than i expected. i expected a somewhat boring album. but it is not very boring at all. it is perhaps more “atmospheric” or “emotional” or soul-stirring. almost as if mikko is taking a lesson from his buddiez in mgla, who make very spine-chilling and beautiful black metal. there is a sense of beauty and awe to it. i mean its still dark as fook and still has some very very darkthrone/celtic frost type riffs. alongside some quite melodic, “atmospheric,” semi mgla type riffs. most nuanced, more engaging, bla bla. very recommended. the previous album kinda sounded like this too. this one is continuing further down this path. very nice.

i dunno. it just sounds deeper and hits you more in the Feelz. i think CB might just be getting better. which never happens after like 14 albums. usually you just get worse and worse with a few relative “comebacks” in there.

anyway maybe anglin will get more MSM coverage now hehehe. redpill normies. no prob not, he will just get portrayed as a CRAZY PERSON by all news. even fox or breitbart or rebel media. hehehe what if lauren southern made an anti anglin vidya hahahahaha.

actually i dont hate LS, she could be a great recruiter for wimmin and the thirsty betas who want them hahaha. together this is a lot of peopel.



may 31 2017

yep nothign to add here, soon enough this blog will just be me posting links to DS BBS threads that hopefully dont get ovened but prob will

same thread, archive of hahahahaha

pretty soon i will be banned from hahahaha

my struggle today, mein KAMPF if you will HAHAHAHAHAHA, was i was eavesdropping on another colleague today and they were talking about their daughter, a 23ish year old nurse who had just BOUGHT a home and they were all happy. close to their nursing job, making decent money. shit i thought young nurses were supposed to work 100 hours a week and not be able to enjoy their lives. might as well live with your family and pay back your student loans because youre gonna be workign too much at a VERY stressful job to enjoy living in a house you’re paying too much for.

and then i was jelly of the 23 year old gurl who had made better life decisions than me and was able to enjoy a good life.

the mother might have said something about her breaking up with her BF but she is a VERY high energy woman who talks very very very fast.  how can a 60 year old woman have that much energy?

then i thought, oh just throw away your BF, you’ll find a new better one, workign around all those DOCTORS.

then i thought, these women treat MEN like the men are so REPLACEABLE, and for all intents and purposes, they ARE! because they find a replacement and forget about them!

i know these men arent replaceable! I wish these WOMEN were replaceable! I wish we men could replace those women as easily as they replace us! we men arent replaceable!

but even honestly those women arent replaceable either. this womans daughter is the product of 23 years of parenting, tens of thousands of dollars and hours of time, much struggling and suffering and growth and achievement.

i dont want to talk too much shit because i like the mother, who is VERY VERY VERY nice to me, and I APPRECIATE that!!!! and also I think the father died tragically. not the type of thing you can talk about casually hahahaha.

but as a 23 year old nurse she can find a handsome doctor pretty easily. what about the BF she dumped?

That Woman in my life has replaced and forgotten about me LONG ago. I wish I had replaced, upgraded, and forgotten about HER, LONG ago too.

and im mad that an amoral 23 year old gurl can achieve more in her short life than i have in my much longer life! be more successful THEN than i am NOW! jsut because she made good education and career choices; and had good interview skills; and is able to throw people away like garbage hahaha; and is not totally destroyed by the passing of her father, driven to whoring and drugs and degeneracy. that she can be TOUGH and do the TOUGH JOB of a nurse. and have enough energy at the end of a long day/week to think about buying a house. that a 23 year old can make enough money to buy a house. a WOMAN.

so that was my trigger.

my other colleague has childen just about to go to college, or in the middle of college, so thats triggering too hahaha.

these kids succeeding right at the age i was failing bigly.

its much much much better to peak at 22 than peak at 18! in other words, much better to peak when you are Entering Grad Skool, than when you are Leaving High School!

because most likely, you’ll CONTINUE to rise to your peak AFTER grad school if you are already doing WELL when you start it. and then hit your life peak in mid-career by like age 49 hahahaha, making 150k a year, giving Plenary Addresses at Conferences and doing 10 Skype Meetings a day.  Have nice shoes and a wife who isnt a fat slob hahaha. and kids who arent loser white trash.

yes, but do you care if your daughter dates nonwhites, or she’ll just do what she wants?

i do not know the intimate details of how the man manages his 18 yo daughters Luv Life.  Maybe she fooks middle class arabs and pakis for all I know. I can’t imagine the father would be happy about that, but i just dont have enough info.

the father seems to me like a good guy, who would use the Iron Fist to guide his children down the Right Path in life, without being overly helicoptery, but also not afraid to put his foot down and say NOT UNDER MY ROOF. YOURE GROUNDED. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED. GET A JOB. GET A STEM INTERNSHIP OR IM PULLING YOU OUT OF COLLEGE and you will come home and work construction and pay me rent to live at home. and for muh daughter, no dating nonwhites, no dating at all unless I am chaperoning you. you are gonna be a virgin on your wedding night and your husband will be a responsible, successful white boy.

will he be a hardass to his son but let his daughter walk all over him?

i just can’t say. these are VERY PERSONAL questions to ask a man!

I have hinted, good for you for busting your son’s ass. he will appreciate it when he’s 25 and is making 50+ grand a year and never has to move back home because he can’t make more than 20 grand at age 30! because he’s done 30 interviews and still cant get a 20 grand a year job!

no! because he’ll be doing a 50 grand engineering career! by age 25! 24, 23 even if he doesnt do a masters degree! and theres prob a 50% chance he wont! why does everyone have to do a masters degree?????

because you want to make 50+ grand and HAVE A WIFE AND FAMILY AND A HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but when i was 21, i was very degen. i was like i NEVER want to have kids, kids are DEATH, then you cant bang SLUTS the rest of your life.

well sure you can hahahaha. also even when i was 21 i kinda wanted a WIFE. and if i got a wife, she prob could have convinced me to have KIDS. but i sure couldnt GET a wife hehehehe.

had dream last night where i was in a college dorm full of young people (common dream location) and i had gotten a delivery of a large box that i guess i was trying to order painkillers or something. and it had stamped right on the box a bunch of stamps an stickers like the painkillers chemical name and customs and postal inspector and you are being watched and you are going to be arrested and there is a warrant out for your arrest for ordering these illegal drugs illegally thru the mail, prepare to get arrested very soon scumbag. and i was like oh shit couldnt they have packed it with a little more STEALTH? wtf am i gonna DO??!?!?!?! and I ran out of the room and snuck out of the building. i did not get arrested.

kind of a weird dream but maybe that was me telling myself never to order anything SHADY off the INTERNET. DAMN. but i kind of want those shady things!

are there ANY fascist, National Socialist, Hwyte Supremists who DONT condemn MJ? I think I might be the only one. And I still condemn it. I just sort of accept that I want to do it, and I will keep it secret from most people.

june 1

beautiful day. need to do some serious 52 minute powerwalk out there today.

had ridiculous dream last night where i was going to a stripper. “she” had a hot young body but the head of a….35 year old beta male with balding hair and scruffy beard. maybe like a more italian-looking version of myself hahahahahaha. the stripper did super degenerate dancing including dildoing herself to Gushing Orgasms. “she” had a few dedicated fans who didnt mind her weird head. i dont know how i was one of them. “she” whined and tried to get me to do capn save a ho with this bad russian men who were after her. turned out she owed tons of money to russian gangsters. of courshe.wav.

we were whisked off to a huge facility where, among many other industrial and production operations, the russians used a machine saw to cut off bitches heads, drop the heads in a box, and have a camera attached the heads that would videotape the whole thing, from the POV of the person who is being beheaded. then i think the bodies were cut up further. this was horrifying and nightmarish.

just another standard dream!

got the edgar steele book today. defensive racism. havent even looked at it yet. i hope it talks a lot about JOOZ but i suspect it will talk about The Blacks a lot more.

supposedly steele got SET UP and wasnt REALLY conspiring to kill his wife. i hope this is true.

well maybe she was a huge cvnt hahahahaha.

then spank her, ground her, take away her phone, and continue to spank her every day until she changes her attitude hehehehe.

this is how adult women need to be and WANT to be treated.

this is a normal, healthy, mature woman. accept it or die foreveralone virgin and childless!

so from like 16-21 women date/fook men around their own age. at age 22 when they are supposed to start being career adults, they start dating men 10+ years older.

so i guess men who are 22-30 are supposed to date 16 year olds hahahahahahaha.

i dunno. i should just get a damn hooker already hehehe. even though all i want is a nice young woman to cuddle with. but that is rare and valuable as hell.  “all i want”, “just a nice woman to cuddle with”, like thats such a SMALL request. hell no thats a 600000000000000000000 times bigger request than wanting some skank to bang.

ok went for 52 min pwalk, finished chap 10 of MK, which is a VERY long chapter. got kind of boring in parts. some talk on the JQ. chap 11 is another long chapter called “nation and race” which I hope will have a LOT of talk on the JQ. at any rate, I agree with every word AH says hahahaha.

he is the greatest, wisest man who ever lived hahaha.

but things are SO much worse than they were 100 years ago when he was describing. what would he say about gays, and oh god feminism and the women. the women alone are 600000000000000000000000000x worse. he might have been driven to Drink by Today’s Women! the single mother homes, the feminism, the sluts, the career women, feminism, pornography, the gays, the trannies, and THEN all the racial diversity on top of that! if he was annoyed by czechs and poles, imagine how he would feel about even LARGER numbers of browns! violent negros! violent arabs! indolent mexicans! turks! asians! indians!

and oh god i bet he never even saw one single MUDSHARK. the only mudsharks that existed were syphilitic whores in berlin and vienna, simply taking paying customers.

AH would have been SO TRIGGERED by the extreme degeneracy today, which makes weimar germany look like……ideal aryan wheat field thousand year reich deutschland uber alles.

the degeneracy is WORSE, so we need someone TOUGHER than AH!!! WOW!!!

AH is gonna look like MICKEY MOUSE compared to the hero we need NOW!

anyway it just sucks that That Woman was REALLY the BEST woman I could find. I really really wish I could find a better woman. because how bad is it when the best woman you ever met dumped you and broke your heart and you never get over it hahahaha. kinda sucks.

she was a decent woman tho, and i was too weak to manage her properly. to do MY job. put her in her place and tell her what to do.

oh come on. wtf is going on NOW.

well it is disappointing that Greg never shows his face. I dont know how he hasnt been doxed. would it really be the end of the world if he were doxed? assuming greg johnson is not his real name. it might be!

i know he had a beef with richard spencer and hunter wallace and i never quite understood that. i cant recall what hes said about anglin. ive never seen a discussion between anglin and GJ.

so in other words, its possible greg might be a Drama Queen, and thats not a good way to be. im not gonna throw him under the bus but he really shouldnt throw other good people under the bus. him and heimbach feuding especially sucks.

and i dont like people bitching about greg. but if he does cause drama and bitch about others….doesnt he deserve it? i mean he shouldnt just get away with petty shit. if he’s done stupid shit he should apologize.

this is what i like about anglin. he rises above all drama or at least most of it. he never says anything remotely bad about other people. i am kidna the same way. when it comes to movement people of course hahahaha.

cuz i hate infighting and drama like this!

but what if its warranted? like its not GOOD for greg to talk shit! and its not GOOD for enoch to be so Circumspect about his wife!

at some point, whether you like it or not, you become a LEADER, and leaders need to SET AN EXAMPLE! sure we can be FORGIVING of them! but to say they are ABOVE THE LAW is too much. LEADERS SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE.

and when you have thousands of people reading you, writing to you, giving MONEY to you….you’ve become a leader, whether you like it or not, and should show a sense of responsibility to that role.

like i would never say “its him or me.”

so i would tolerate Gays and Joo Fookers?


lets just all join with AA and the DS because he’s got probably the best thing going and his own personal integrity is super high. and he gets along fairly well with people. if anyone has a problem with AA….that’s THEIR problem. he never STARTS shit, he never holds grudges. I respect that a lot.

I mean if I were Greg I would be Reaching Out to AA saying how can I work with you, DS is great and you’re reaching more peopel than I am. so let me partner up with you, support you, you get the full support of counter currents. and there hasn’t been that kind of outreach.

i mean sure maybe greg is jealous of the YOUNGER guy who has ultimately been MORE successful. hehehehe i might be jealous too! i am everyday jealous of young men who are more successful than me!

i would hope i could put aside that jealousy in the service of our RACE.

i mean greg is on real good terms with MW. who is also on good terms with spencer. i HOPE greg does not say “him or me!” to MW!

Heh i left a comment for MW encouraging him to do an interview with anglin or weev. that would be AWESOME but i dont think he will.

unfort if greg really is a gay, that would make sense him being a bitchly, womanly drama queen. believe me im not happy about any of this. greg was one of THE FIRST red pill, JQ, “alt right” people for me. I was reading him in 2012 before alt right even existed. maybe even 2011. before DS, before TRS.

then these newcomers came along and kinda overshadowed greg. not because they do Better work…..but they might Tap The Vein even better. finger on the pulse. really be in touch with the zeitgeist hehehehe. and greg could choose to be friendly with them…………..or not. and have his own little isolated world. kinda sad because greg is BRILLIANT. and it would BEHOOVE him to work better with other people.

he would be more successful hehehehe. like anglin.

this is not a bad idea. OP is a top tier poster on DS, one of my favs, and one of the few who puts MGTOW in a good perspective, wants to build bridges between MGTOW and VVN and makes a very good case for it. he obv understands the WQ all too well. but he is not Consumed by Hate like some of th epeople on the BBS who just flame and insult each other back and forth. stupid as shit.



may 12

i get a get ask alice email every friday and im sure this one came up before haha

never forget, weev is a great writer too

ok did some errands, beautiful day, should go for powerwalk.

11 hours of sleep hehehe. it brings muh average up only a few minutes, to about 8 hours and 27 minutes hehe.

i dont see how omar sharif could be less than at least half whyte. he looks very hwyte for having a shitty arab name like that. or turk.  i think he was a turk. but he was pretty handsome and very whyte looking. heh. dr zhivago on classic movie channel atm hahaha.

laid down for 2 hours, tried to take a powernap. prob got no more than 30 minutes actual sleep. still worth it!

watched part of the movie hacksaw ridge. i guess it was ok but it seemed TOO VIOLENT. I got tired of all the grim, gruesome, harrowing War Violence. people getting their legs blown off etc.

i KNOW its trying to say “WAR IS HELL” and that director MEL GIBSON is a GREAT man…..but i still think you could make a decent war movie without such Graphic Violence and still get across the point War Is Hell.

also, plenty of Boomers had fathers who were in ww2 fighting the natzees. these people can prob never be convinced that the natsees were really the good guys and that you should hail the hakenkreuz hahahahaha. they just wont buy it. they were raised thinking natzees were the enemy and that AH was the most evil person who ever lived and that being an NS is treasonous and UNAMERICAN.

well i say listen to GLR then. he actually fought in WW2 and still became a natsee. wearing an armband and everything.

sheeeeeit they had SMORES ice cream at the store. this is a weakness of mine hahaha. some stores normally have smores ice cream. i dont go to that store normally. i normally go to a store that does NOT normally have smores ice cream hehehehe.

kind of like drawing a “swazi” on your chest while pounding a B, you could also have a giant picture of AH near your bed or on the ceiling, that she could look at while you were pounding her.

are you fooking kidding me? my BMR is like 1490 (1433 heheheheh) calories. meaning if i eat 1500 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT.

1452. if i eat 1453 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT. well, up to the point that i will then need more than 1453 calories to sustain my new larger weight hahahaha.

ayyyy check this out. its an actual human reader with a decent voice. i hate the text to speech computer readers.  cant believe yt hasnt taken it down yet. im sure they will.

heh 50 pages in and its kinda boring. slow moving hahaha. he either needs to talk about women, jooz, or his feelz moar hahaha. well right now he’s talking about how the social democrats are using trade unions as a political tool. but that wanting better working conditions is not an inherently jooish thing. actually he has not really mentioned joos yet. i imagine when he does the book will be a lot less boring hahaha. hes only very briefly mentioned the Twin Evils of Marxism and Joory. and hasn’t really tied them into the Social Democrats or Trade Unions yet.

but i want him to talk more about surviving day to day. sheeeit by the time he was 21 he was no longer working contstruction jobs 80 hours a week and was working as a painter/artist and had time to read after work and was not constantly stressed out even though he wasnt rich. so he was a winner normie chad then hahahah.

his father died when he was 13 and his mother died when he was 15 of Breast Cancer. He had a brother named Edmund Hister who died when he was 2 or 3 hehehehe.

i would have liked to hear more stories about him interviewing for jobs and not getting them. not making enough money to rent a room or eat his bread and milk. getting fired from jobs for being incompetent. getting fired from jobs for not wanting to joo, scam, cheat and lie to his company’s clients.

and no talk of women! did he go to hookers? they had to have had gypsy hookers in 1910 vienna hahahahaha. i mean yeah hookers are degenerate but he had to have urges! did he have GFs he just didnt write about? why didnt he get married to them and have children? i mean we know he eventually got with eva braun and they prob banged a few times hahahahaahaha. i thought he “dated” her for a longass time, at least 10 years. too bad they didnt have any children. but think of the shame that would have been brought on any such children!

listened to some of taake noregs vaapen since he will def play some songs from here. guitar sound is great, drums sound a little like a machine though! also it doesnt seem as hot-blooded as the earlier stuff. (ie, more boring, more mid-paced, less adventurous, more going through the motions, less inspired hahahahaha, good lord, if this is his Good later album and “stridens hus” is “going through the motions”, i hate to hear how boring that one is hahahahahahahahhahahaha) also the banjo is not super ridiculous as you would think. all people talk about is the banjo. banjo banjo banjo. i would use a theremin in my black metal hahahaha.

but yeah i am sure it will be a great show. never been to the venue but i dont think its too large and more importantly its not in the god damn black ghetto.

at least in 1910 vienna the hookers werent covered in tattoos and were probably good looking and not fat and dressed less slutty than NORMIE women today hehehehe. and didnt fook blacks because there were no blacks, and probably didnt even fook too many turks. maybe they fooked dirty gypsies. just trying to think what kind of nonwhites would have been in 1910 vienna. there were probably a tiny number of turks. i imagine there would be more joos and gypsies! and they hadnt yet created a “popular culture” to turn normie hwyte gurls into whores! women were still getting married and having babies young. men could afford to have children at age 21.

i wish women had some loyalty. but this is holding women to mens standards and will always result in disappointment.

but heres the thing: race mixing is objectively bad. hehehe. IMHO.

yeah well for WOMEN its NOT inherently bad. if it means getting the STRONGER mate.

basically, race mixing is bad for men and women. therefore its BAD when women do it. even though they dont THINK its bad. and we cant EXPECT them to think that its bad. because in Woman World, race mixing is NOT bad.

but it IS bad! because it weakens our race!

but WOMEN dont think its bad, because STRENGTH, not RACE, is the only thing that matters!

also, even a young immature man can see that the black thuggish displays of “STRENGTH” are not real strength at all. but just thuggish apefrican bigman ooga booga jungle bullshit. we can see right away this man might appear strong but that he would be a horrible long term mate, terrible husband, terrible father, its all surface, it’s SO OBVIOUSLY all surface, and we woman haters rightfully resent women for not being able to see that OBVIOUS truth! cant you see THIS IS NOT REAL STRENGTH???????!?!?!?!?!?!

at least MEN are smart enough to know that a qt young gurl is not automatically a good wife and mother!

welll……not me. i ended up falling in luv with sluts, same way stupid women fall in luv with shitty deadbeat thugs. you are blinded by how HAWT they are that you think they HAVE to be perfect.

i just think its DISGUSTING how they can think these APE MEN are HAWT. at least the young sluts i fell in luv with were objectively qt. and didnt LOOK LIKE TRASH.

weev says that selling tshirts does not make much money, that its mainly good for “branding” rather than making money.

hes a jooish leftist writing for a jooish phagazine but he’s not entirely incorrect hahaha. you should delete your f4gbook. zucc is one sneaky sneaky joo.

may 13

new nokturnal mortum album, first in like 8 years since the ridiculously vaunted “voice of steel.” so, a band coming back after a HUGE hiatus, AND following up the HUGEST album of their career. LOT of hype here.

i especially like that they were “NS” for a while and hopefully are still JQ wise. hope they are not degenerate alcoholics.

also, 74 minute albums are not my thing, i prefer 40 minute albums. but i respect varggoth’s musical aesthetic and hopeful racialism hahahaha. would totally see them live but they will prob never do a us tour. but if they did it will be pretty soon!

slate article: you will hate your husbando after your kids are born, so dont have kids goyim hahaha

had weird nightmare last night where there was this weird grotesque sexual hell where people were doing these violent torturous torture porn shit in huge bloody orgies of death, sex was associated with violent torturous death, rooms full of people fooking each other with razor dild0z, women doing azz to azz with razor dild0z and tearing each other apart, all while being stung by swarms of bees and hornets, people being torn apart by fook machines. it was horrifying.

if something were not a degenerate orgy of blood right now, it would turn that way. but i was horny and there were all these qt young women. i was running to escape the rooms that had horrifying orgies of blood and death, and then found a room with qt nice soft nonviolence. and i was like, welp, i want to touch this qt gurl. buttttttt…….this is clearly some kind of hell, and this is gonna get really horrible, right?

i found myself with a beautiful yougn girl and then stuffed muh face into her young Flower hahaha and then it felt all cold, like cold raw meat, and i realized that the gurl was dead or dying and there i was eating her cold dead coont.

of course that was nothing compared to the people getting TORN APART in other rooms.

there was the implication that this was part of a book trilogy like “divine comedy” and this was the hell/inferno part, and the longest book of the three, and that the books may have been written by the mysterious black metal band deathspell omega or their evil sadistic degen singer, that crazy finnish guy hahahaha.

but i know he’s not really that crazy, and that none of them are THIS edgy as the stuff in this nightmare.  MA might even be a nationalist! but yeah his old power electronics stuff was pretty dark and evil and depraved. maybe the dream was a reference to all that. probably. i totally understand his interest in nationalism, i totally do not understand his interest in that Nihilistic, Evil, Degen, Pornographic stuff. he should focus on the former, and abandon the latter.

now certainly i dont like how joos have turned secs into a jooish, degenerate, pornographic, horrible hell on earth, but certainly its not as bad as seen in this dream, i mean thats why they call it a nightmare hahaha. but i am also butthurt about never being able to enjoy secs with a woman, really to never be able to enjoy being with women period, including cuddling and dating and hanging out.

it might not be like a living hell torture porn, but it still is a disgusting degenerate jooish farce of lies, disappointment, heartbreak, and butthurt ahahhahahahaha.

ok so i might have three diff versions of MK going right now hahaha. 1. manheim translation book. 2. audiobook above. 3. stalag edition online. in the first 2, they have AH using the word “K1KE” near the end of chapter 2 where he talks about the j being as a maggot in an abscess. in stalag, word “K1KE” does not appear. so….wat do hahahaha.

i dont care if he DOES use the word!!! i just dont want people putting words in his mouth!

anyway. point is, in the second part of chap 2, he finally begins talking about the J and hopefully does not stop.

heh. tfw when you are reading AH’s thoughts on the J and you realize you feel the exact same way hahahahahahahaha.

but yeah what a fooked up dream. im surprised it didnt affect me MORE. hey i think i would actually take this dream, over a dream with That Woman.

isnt that great. i would rather have dreams of women being torn apart by double ended ass to ass dild0s, in a sadistic jooish torture porn hell, than have any kind of dream with THAT WOMAN hahahaha. very telling.

you know that sense of sleaze and this is dirty and wrong that you get when you see porno? that is the essence of pure jooishness. and they want you to enjoy it. embrace this jooish sickness. become as sick and degen as they are.

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i might be alienating people who are willing to Stop Watching Porn but are unwilling to question the Jooish aspects of porn. that does kinda suck. well to you i say: FINE. just IGNORE my Vitriolic, Virtulent, Hister-tier Anti-Semitic Ranting, and Stop Watching Porn ANYWAY. it is such a SIMPLE task that will have such concrete, immediate results. PROVE ME WRONG. Prove the Joo-hater wrong. just stop watching the porn for your health. that is made by rich evil hwyte kleptocrats. white globalists hahahahaha.

its not globalism thats bad, its all the white males at the top who are exploiting workers globally thats bad!!!!!

anyway. who cares if porn is jooish or not. (it is.) just stop watching it and you will reap solid benefits very quickly. i cannot help but feel CONTEMPT and PITY for people who still watch porn. PATHETIC. i cant believe millions of white men watch it regularly. and their wives and gfs just think its normal.

maybe evil rich white males want you to THINK its normal. so you can watch it every day and be a pathetic, contemptible jerkoff who delights in depraved, sleazy sin.

they used to tell you you’d go blind, you’d grow hair on your palms, you’d never get a gf. well at least one of those things is true hahaha.

AH is implying that men should not vote until age 30. this is a very good idea. well, he says “should not involve themselves in politics until 30, so as to develop the weltanschauung” etc etc.

not sure if he means voting. but if voting were restricted to MEN ONLY, ABOVE 30, that would be a YUGE improvement over current.

heres a cartoon emily youcis did i guess somewhat recently. not bad. pretty good!

i mean she has seen both those worlds. hope she doesnt go back to the degen one.

yeah shes prob crazy. yeah shes prob fooked more than 20 guys hahahaha. yeah political / racial women are inherently CRAZY. yeah her previous art was so degenerate, it was like the stuff i saw in my awful nightmare last night. but i still generally like her and think she’ll stay on a good path. really a woman like her would be TOO GOOD for me hahaha.

That Woman was TOO GOOD for me. it was MY FAULT i lost her becuase i was TOO WEAK to HOLD ONTO a good woman like her. the perfect person at the WORST time. DAMN. how can i ever forgive myself for being At Fault in losing the Best Woman I ever met? How will I ever get over this?

ehehehe. MY MIND IS THINKING more of those that woman thoughts and its all my fault and ill never get over it thoughts. lets just play cards and read MK by AH.

i would get a masters degree in Hwyte Studies HAHAAHAHAHA. there will never ever ever ever BE a masters degree in Hwyte studies! there are many masters degrees in ANTI hwyte studies!!!!!!!!!!

Higher Education is DEEPLY Antihwyte! that is one of my big problems with it hehehe.

i cant say inherently because it wasnt ALWAYS inherently antiwhyte hehe

some 18 year olds are obsessed with becoming a nurse or doctor or engineer and getting all A’s in their college classes so they can get into MEDICAL SCHOOL and become a DOCTOR. why couldnt i have been like that. though medical schools are full of nonwhytes, i dont think actual medical education is itself very antihwyte in content the way all arts and humanities are. and “social sciences” dear god that word. how about social studies. thats what we used to call history in grade school. i think its a more honest term than social sciences!

Ernst Zundel sez that ANTIS3M1TISM IS A NATURAL REACTION TO S3M1TISM hehehehe. Started listening to that 2 hour interview he did wit the israeli journalist. it takes about 20 minutes to start getting good. but i think its gonna get real good, with him saying gems like that. DIS GON B GUD.gif

somebody on daily stormer suggested reaching out to “pro white celebrities like phil anselmo” for big time shekels.  i know he had semi apologized for his drunken “white power” remarks, when i hoped he would be like, yeah im a racist, so what. but hes just sorta cucked with shucks im sorry, i was drunk, i grew up in nola with tons of black people, all humanity is equally shitty, some of my heroes are black men, bla bla bla. CUCKING.

and now he’s saying he was MOLESTED as a child. well that sucks but him saying that NOW seems kinda bad timing. he shoulda just said that years ago because now it sounds like hes cucking again. oh im a damaged person because i was molested. its terrible to be molested, its NOT terrible to be a racist, and its like hes really groveling for the joos now. oh you cant hate me, i was MOLESTED.

so in other words, i REALLY dont think he’d support daily stormer. at all.

anyway just read that and you’ll see he’s not really pro hwyte hahahaha. he apparently doesnt think french is hwyte. he’s french and sicilian and well we know sicilians arent hwyte but certainly french are!

talks about his single mother fooking black guys. HORREE SHEET. im surprised THEY didnt molest him! or at least beat him! so thats why he became an angry nihilistic incoherent druggie.

and the people who think hes a racist STILL think hes a racist!

i dont even hate the guy. he used to be my role model for angry tuff guy manly man shit. he was tuff and masculine, but there was no real weltanschauung there. just a man who was angry at everything and rambled incoherently hehehehe. except he fried his brain even MORE on drugs and alcohol and is even MORE incoherent when talking to people and now he apologizes for pseudo racist stuff when he’s too tuff to ever apologize for anythign else.

heh. but i wouldnt mind hanging out with him and telling him to quit MJ, to maybe have a child with a decent woman, that might straighten him up. not sure he would be able to discern a decent woman though. he was married to some jooish slut 15 years ago or so!!! if that didnt make him race aware, nothing will! damn!

i dont think hes a bad guy. but he should just have some damn kids and stop fooking around with metal for 45 year old losers.

although i like that he bitched about scott ian saying ian is never gonna say thank you for your dnation to the SPLC phil hahahahaha.

though i would have liked it better if anselmo had just said fook you joo, im not donating shit to those joos! dont try to shame me!

cuz ian had made a really JOOISH statement (yes hes a joo) saying you not donating is COMPLICITY!

his public apology wasnt good enough for these joos!

anyway, im sorry he was molested as a child. no child deserves that. that’s PROBABLY why he became such a misguided fookup and made fooktons of bad decisions and kinda wasted his potential and became sad and pathetic hahaha.

if he didnt hang out with a bunch of other druggies and losers maybe he could have had a healthy hwyte male role model in his life to teach him how to be a proud hwyte male. yet another product of single mothers! mudshark single mothers! and he doesnt think that is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING that his own MOTHER was a MUDSHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!




may 8

saw a 32 year old woman today who was attractive in the nerdy girl next door way, not in the attention seeking nerdy gurl way, but jsut an honestly nerdy gurl next door way. got the feeling she hadnt taken too manny cox. That Woman kinda had a similar “nerdy innocent gurl next door” look too, that is prob a type for me. the woman had a 1 year old white baby with her. i was glad she had a white baby who was very healthy looking. but she was purty and i was slightly jelly of her husbando. i would be happy to marry her (nonlegally) and make a beautiful white baby with her.

i liked her because she did not look like a high number whore and she looked like she was not drinking fro the jooish cup of the jooish filth culture and that she was probably happy to live her nerdy life with her nerdy husband and have a little baby. she looked younger than 32 and i hope she had more babies.

i wish i had met her 10 years ago and married (nonlegally) her then!

shit she prob wont even abandon her husband with a surprise ambush divorce!

i just hate to see people ABANDONING other people. parents abandonign their children, wives abandoning their husbands. they dont even want to work on shit. they just want you to disappear. they cant make you disappear so they just disappear.

i guess by the time it gets to the point where people are going to see the shrink, the other person has checked out. they dont want to make an effort. you’ll see one person who really CARES, who really wants to make an effort, and then the other person, who is on the verge of just WALKING OUT. ABANDONING the other person.

fine ok i get that you cant FORCE a person to want to be with you. but show the common courtesy of paying a professional to break the news when you know its gonna hurt them and you dont know how to handle that. so pay a pro to handle it for you. pay the shrink to dump your heartbroken buddy in a way thats not gonna break his heart even more.

show him the courtesy of attempting to not break his heart even MORE.

i mean what fatherland ryan’s wife did is just fookin EVIL. shit. try not to be EVIL. god damn. I hope I never do something that EVIL. and this is not some random person. this is your god damn husband that you made VOWS with. who you created new LIFE with. how can people DO this? would a MAN ever do this to a WOMAN?

yeah i guess they really do. and thats probably what makes the woman do it to the men in THEIR lives.

anyway. it was nice to see a 32 year old woman who was still datably good looking hahahahahaha. hope she treats her man and child well. hope she has 3 children. hope she never abandons any of them. she seemed like a decent woman.

good one on the wq from anglin. see i just dispute they want “ultraviolent porn.” 50 shades of gray is not ultraviolent porn, its just soft shit, its the SAME THING as ripply chested ravisher in harlequin romance, just a small step up in jooishness. i dont think its near the same ballpark as pure joo brutal blown out 4nal abuse dot com or something. there is nothing of the sort in that book. i dont think. most women are not interested in the idea of getting their asses literally blown out, in ways you couldn’t even imagine a human body was capable of, until you had seen a disgusting joo test the limits of the body in disgusting porno.

yeah women want to be ravished and thrown on the bed by chris hemsworth but how is that anythign new?

but i think anglin has calmed down so thats good. he makes the point that women are Nonloyal rather than disloyal, amoral rather than immoral.

may 9

saw a young woman today who was generally “nice innocent nerdy girl next door – good” rather than “nerdy girl next door – bad (attention seeking wh0re)” hahahaha. she was plain and not Drop Dead Gorgeous but she was wearing a kind of Dress which showed the womanly shape of her body in a not wh0rish degen way. so i was staring there Slack Jawed at a gurl who probably wasnt used to being started at slack jawed! at her age i would have refered to her as a plain jane, 7 at best, but now that i am an old incel, she goes up to like an 8 hahahaha. then i thought i should ask her out right now. but she is probably studying to be a nurse or businesswoman and at age 22 she will be making more money than i am now.

i found the mother lode, a document that contains WHAT PEOPLE MAKE. HOLY SHIT. names and what people MADE each of the past 3 years. apparently the shit is Not Private and Confidential, however this mysterious document is jsut an open secret that i guess people must gossip about.

there was a ton of people that made way too much. that was the general trend.

there was one person who didnt make enough, IMHO, at a scant 40k hahahahaha. this is the type of job i would be looking at.

yet this 25 year old kid in tech support was making 50k! well, 2 guys i knew. 1 guy had a CS degree, other guy just had any old degree.

this woman i know 3rd degree who has no more education than me is making 50k, she is a few years younger than me. i didnt like her because she was a slut hahahahahaha. now she makes 50k and would be Creeped out that I even know who she is.

all these fookin people making 50k!

that the person I know who is making 40k and i was like DAMN! they should be making 50k TOO!!!!!!

learned how much muh direct boss makes. how much the top person in the org makes. Hint: he is by FAR the highest paid person. he makes WAY too much. the second highest person only makes HALF as much. sheeeeeeit.

older FT people make a shitload. younger FT people make less. but i think they will max out at a lower grade once they get old. becuase those people are getting paid WAY too much.

annnnnddddd the list does not include the fookloads of part time employees. who are getting fooked up the ass hahahahaha making NOTHING.

hint: you can hire professionals with masters degrees on a part-time basis and pay them no benefits. pay them like 15-20 dollars an hour, 25 hours a week.

one of the guys making 50k, he’s been here a few years, i talked to him a little bit years ago when i worked another job here. he was dating/fooking a QT gurl from my department. she dumped him and i dont think he was happy about it. but he wasnt making 50k THEN. he is about my age. i wasnt really interested in the gurl other than i acknowledged she was young and qt but she seemed like an overly dramatic, high maintenance, more flaky than average, not chill at all, fairly high number. i much preferred That Woman.

but yeah.

the young guy making 50 was “only” making 44 2 years ago. got a BIGGGGGG BUMP.

matt heimbach in his speech at pikeville said, as our comrade bob mathews said:


and i thought that was a VERY positive message. repeat it to yourself when you are getting negative thoughts.

like i do 6000000000000000000 times a day. thinking i could never pull a nice gurl like that qt “plain jane nice nerdy gurl next door” in the dress i saw in the parking lot. because im a huge loser, she’s in her prime, and she’s better at the game of life than me. not making any huge mistakes, doing well in college and career, making 40k by age 30 hahahaha. making 30k by age 25 hahahaha.

maybe im wrong that a woman wont care if you make less than them…..but i really dont think im wrong. and i make less than every woman except for fat opioid addicted mudsharks at walmart. americas best first job hahahahaha.

so IMPROVE YOURSELF! learn skills and market yourself to Jooish Capitalists hahahaha. Sell Yourself! BE someone WORTH selling and buying! make yourself into a valuable product/service/commodity!

stop complaining and DO something about it! youre not getting any younger! plenty of 40 year old men still pull 20 year old gurls! but they’re not broke ass ni99az!!!!!

tfw when the annoying dumb slut in the social circle who you sneered at because she fooked at least 3 gurls in the friends group, then later she gets a kinda useless degree but ends up getting a SWEET job making 50k when you are aiming at jobs there that start out around….34.  and you are at least 4 years older than her hahahaha and you KNOW she’s not anywhere NEAR as smart as you, she’s just a Better Worker and a Better Student and Tougher and doesnt give up as easily.

tfw when you get your 1570 calories of the day, you’re still over your goal of 1500, and you are STARVING and could totally eat a yuge 1500 calorie meal RIGHT NOW hahahaha.

but i wont hahahahaha. at least that much i can succeed at.

tfw when people talk about their college age kids who are on the path to being WAY more successful than you. but when you were THEIR age you went to a more prestigious univ and it looked like YOU were gonna be successful too! but now youre a nevergf, never30k loser hahahahaha.

negative thoughts!


robert jay mathew.

k’d in a standoff with the FEDS in 1984.

is this him?

yes it is.

may 10

dear god these women are EVIL!

i really hope not all women are like this. i understand MILITARY women are a special breed of horrible. killing animals on camera. i cant even imagine the most desperate thirsty omega approving of that.

dear lord

oh gawd its that hideous beotch elle reeve who is vices “alt right expert” hahahaha she is SO BAD. sucking off the joo cox all day.

how ugly is she really? we joke she looks like she had fetal alcohol syndrome. is this an example of the nerdy girl next door?

her mouth just looks so weird. i dunno. maybe she would have been cute when she was 20, and if she didnt talk like a fooking child, and if she just had babies instead of being this disgusting journalist for vice. she got sort of shredded when she went on the daily shoah but she should have gotten VICIOUSLY VIOLATED a HELL of a lot MORE, and millennial woes answered some questions for her. really anglin should have an interiview with her and VICIOUSLY VIOLATE her (stealing that line from an anglin headline, he has a new mini meme where he writes headlines about how tucker carlson VICIOUSLY VIOLATES his leftist guests on his show)

listened to bob mathews 1983 speech. sound quality was good but it was not super rousing. i mean it was sincere and he CERTAINLY names the j but it wasnt the greatest speech ever. i mean even the “joo loving traitor” k1ke enoch gives better speeches. 1 minute of him screaming passionately at pikeville was sweet. enoch needs to give a minimum 5 minute speech that builds up to him screaming passionately, and with decent recording quality, so you can understand what he’s saying.

whats really terrible is the k1ke gersh b1tch is probably better looking than any woman i could pull atm waaaaahhhhhh

not really related other than ernst zundel speaks out against the j too. i guess he went to PRISON for questioning the you know what.

may 11

just read the full text of the greatest book ever written hahahaha. the stalag edition does seem really close to the mannheim translation. real real close. it might even be the same damn thing hahaha.



saw episode for new twin peaks on tv. got pretty excited. david lynch was always one of muh biggest influences, got me excited about Cinema in a way very few people do. and he has pretty much been DONE for a long time.

like i said a few months ago, yeah he’s still degen, the old twin peaks was degen and a bit jooish, but its still pretty good. i hope the new TP isnt super jooish and SUPER degen. im SURE it will be a little bit. probably too many tits. he loves his tits. but i think he loves them in an almost nondegen way, like the beauty of the female form. i mean yeah. fine. the female body is a beautiful thing when it is 20 years old hahahaha. i dont believe it HAS to look like shit at age 40 either. anyway thats a tangent.

should i go see sigur ros live. yes probably once in my life. but 55 fookin dollars? (mostly including shitty ticketmaster fees which were at least 15 dollars.) see i MIGHT pay 40 to see them but not 55. would rather spend the money on MJ hahahaha. and then you gotta pay for parking. working class people can not afford to see decent music concerts ahahha.

ok so sigur ros is degen ph4ggots but they had a great aesthetic for a while.

still pissed that tom petty is SOLD OUT.

like i like to say, getting a masters degree is harder than quitting smoking, quitting heroin, losing 400 pounds, quitting drinking, quitting meth and crack, quitting delicious fatty foods, all combined. and getting a normie chad job might be even harder! it is literally the hardest thing in the world! you’d have an easier time building the wall, throwing out all nonwhites, and building a pure hwyte homeland than just getting a normie 30k a year job!

and finding a nice waifu is almost as hard hahaha.



Obstacles are placed across our path in life, not to be boggled at, but to
be surmounted, and I was fully determined to surmount these obstacles, says AH in beginning of Chap 2.

why SHOULDNT you compare future/present lovers to past lovers? if your present/future lover is obviously WORSE overall than a previous lover….then you havent gotten over the previous lover. and you shouldnt stay with the subpar current person.

i just see myself as a desperate 40 year old man that Settles For a 45 year old Hambeast Single Mom 4/10, and then being like, this woman is worse than That Woman in every conceivable way. i wish i were with That Woman!


Oh my mind is thinking another “i’ll never find a woman as good as her” thought, don’t listen to those, my brain is always thinking those WRONG thoughts. wrongthink. WRONG. hahahaha

trump wrong.wav.gif

i read that on a stop negative thoughts site recently. to do mindfulness by saying, OH, thats just my brain thinking another one of those Category X thoughts, which are wrong. There’s another I Am a Loser thought, theres another I’m such a pathetic loser thought, theres another I’ll always been a Neet Virgin Loser Foreveralone Loser At Life thought, there’s another I’m Not Tough Enough to Handle Adult Life Thought, etc.

god damn midsomer mysteries with their god damn RACE MIXING!!!!! always a god damn black man with a hwyte woman!!! it’s INSANE!!!!! this fooking brainwashing. used to be a fairly good show but so much god damn race mixing, they are BLATANTLY forcing it down our throats. these COUNTRY FOLK white women are with these gentlemanly, nice black men, and thats perfectly normal. its like fooking tv commercials. race mixing in at least one commercial per 2 or 3 minute commercial break. DEFOO THE ELECTRIC JOO. i cant even watch this shit any more. like porn. i guess thats a good thing. but i just wanted some innocent entertainment FFS.  so i usually watch TCM turner classic movies. but i liked watching BBC mysteries like midsomer cuz it was nice small town brit countryside. so of COURSE you need to POZZ that up with some MUDSHARKING. god DAMN.

just tell me what to do and i’ll do it.

that’s not my job. your job is to figure it out and do it.

i can’t figure it out. i dont know what i’m doing. just please take a look at this and tell me what to say with them.

UGH. SIGH. oh god are you an annoying idiot. see, this and that is happening, so that’s why they see this and that, so just tell them that’s because that and this, and we can’t do anything about it. just move them along. that’s your job. maybe we shouldnt have hired you. maybe youre not smart enough. or maybe you just a damn DISABLED person with all your stupid ANXIETY and you should get disability neetbux loserbux disabilitybux. you’re not TOUGH ENOUGH for the REAL WORLD. some of us are TRYING to WORK, not clean up your messes.

NOBODY TOLD ME thats what all jobs are, 50 hours a week.

hehehe. but my current job ISNT like that! that’s my OLD job. which i dont have any more, which I HAVENT BEEN IN FOR ALMOST TWO FOOKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also pissed because I got AA twice within 5 hands and lost on bad river beats to the same damn guy. fooking flush with FOUR suited cards on the board and the other losing hand was….probably two pair. jeezum crow.

in other words, going ON TILT here hahahaha.

and we can go on TILT in our daily lives, not just at the card table.

took 1 benedryl at about 6 pm. might take another at 8 pm and another at 930. this is muh first night of the weekend ritual wher i try to substitute for doing MJ because i dont have MJ but have set aside 300 bucks to buy MJ right now if it were on offer. give me 300 bucks worth. i think you can get a full oz for around that! maybe 320. welp ill pay that too. i will buy an OZ of MJ RIGHT NOW.

i dunno. it just seems so counterintuitive for the mothers of LIFE itself – women – to not care about race. you’d think they would care MORE about race than me.

but really it DOES make perfect sense for them not to care about race – to care only about STRENGTH. find the strongest man regardless of race. that makes sense, right? yes it does. and yes that is a bitter black red pill to swallow hahaha. strength trumps race, for women at least. a white woman will choose a strong nonwhite man over a weak white man. and this is EXACTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY what we are seeing in formerly hwite nations.

AA for a third time. got an all in after flop. other guy had TT and had flopped trips. buyin again. DAMN. i just moved some btc over into the casino last week.  and i am losing it all over again VERY quickly. on the lowest stakes tables. but bitcoin is SOARING to an UNHEARD OF 1800 dollars right now!

this is very relevant to AH’s first act hahahaha

ANOTHER MOTHER FOOKING GOD DAMN MUDSHARK on midsomer murders. white gurl with black man. good looking white gurl. TWO white mudsharks in literally TWO consecutive episodes. I HATE how these joos are just MOCKING us, thinking we dont notice or dont care. god fooking damn. i used to like the show!!!!!  but two fooking mudsharks in two back to back episodes is TOO MUCH. and I have seen AT LEAST THREE OTHER mudsharks in this show apart from these two!!!!!!


theres male oil drillers as well. absolutely ridiculous. yeah yeah blacks are awesome and all whites should mate with them. jeezus cripes.

here, a white man has a light skinned black wife. their son is the same amount black as the mother. this “mulatto” yuong man is with a white mud shark gurl. mother fooook. FFS. i dont even see this much race mixing at the local walmart!!!!!!!!!!

when youre on a Cold Streak, you cant help but constantly doubt myself: am i just on a cold streak? or am I fundamentally a BAD PLAYER. once again a great metaphor for life in general!

820 pm took benedryl # 2

very relevant map hahahaha i luv maps like this.

so are bosnians not an ethnic group? i thought they were. or were they considered serbs in 1910. many serbs LIVE in bosnia, this is the truth.

uhhh where is ruthenia hehehe. or are those just ukrainians. ruthenian is not an ethnic group, its a language spoken by galicians HAHAHAHAHA oh now theres a good joke

Remember and never forget: its not womens JOB to care about race. Becuase…………





ALOYAL or NONLOYAL would be the best word for them, rather than the active betrayal implied by “DISloyal.” they were never playing by that rulebook. loyal never entered the picture for them. loyalty is a MALE thing ONLY. its not FOR women. its FOR MEN, BY MEN.

yeah its hard to understand and accept because I probably place SUCH a high premium on loyalty, even for a man!

its the same as amoral vs immoral.

just as women are amoral, they are aloyal.

its better than being immoral or disloyal.

youre welcome for the hwyte pill hahahahahahaha.