may 23 2014

DO: low-masculinity heterosexual men get less heterosexual sex THAN the amount of homosexual sex gotten by high-masculinity homosexual men?

that is, do sissy girly beta men get less pvssy than manly butch bear gay men get d1ck?

probably, just because gay men regardless if they’re manly or unmanly, are gonna get a lot of d1ck regardless.

but, there are probably more unmanly gay men that manly gay men. so the manly gay men are definitely more in DEMAND by girly gay men, than the unmanly straight men are in demand from women!

although again, girly gay men are probably not starving for sex anyway, because I am sure girly gay men will have homosex with each other. and the RELATIVELY more masculine one would be the Top, hehehe.

what does it say about ME that I am a not very manly man, who often likes Tomboy or Dykey Gurls???


Do Tomboy or Asexual (not the same thing, hehehe) gurls prefer more manly men over less manly men? probably yes.

in other words, for a straight man, being more masculine can ONLY help you. whether you like girly girls, or less girly girls.

oh yeah here’s that picture. pretty sure i got it off an r9k somewhere. 4chan or 4chon or god knows. there are probably fresh new chans out there. i have been out of the chan loop.

enter qualifying rapport

seeing? getting a gril is EASY!

While modern women are indeed HORRIBLE, I don’t think pulling them is THAT hard and complicated, so if anything, this speaks to the Autism of these Autists more than the Flakiness of Girls, or to the Complicatedness of Game.

It’s not complicated: BE MASCULINE. Don’t be Autist.

Not to say I BLAME the guys more than the gurls. Well, maybe for not being able to get laid. But the gurls are by far the Worse, More Horrible People, because as I’ve said, the Modern Woman is HORRIBLE.  hehehe. how’s that for a solid argument.

They’re Just Horrible.

Doesn’t mean Banging them is complicated though.

That chart was made by an Autist Tryhard Unmasculine Virgin, in other words.


ok, now i am in 100% with the friend. that goes down in like 9 or 10 days then. honestly that is real exciting. this is indeed a sign from My Higher Power and I am glad to heed it. I prob would not be able to do this if I were not laid off, because I would have to take like 6 days straight off of work, which you don’t get to do unless you’re SUPER SUCCESSFUL, or laid off, hehehe.

Now he has a great job and of course I have an ulterior motive to talk to him about it and set him up for a bribe, hehe. now he has better work experience than me but about equal educational experience. no ridic masterz or phd degree.

most importantly he is a great guy, very positive person, real nice guy. not all cynical and sarcastic and annoying. he might not even be a leftist! just very happy and nice and bubbly and positive vibes and infectious optimism etc.

unfortunately many years ago I neglected him a little bit to blindly desperately pursue a gurl in another social circle. real lose lose situation there.

so i hope to restore good karma here. fix that. right that wrong. i seriously doubt he is butthurt about me neglecting him otherwise he would not be contacting me, but i will apologize and attempt to make amends anyway.

heh. and hopefully start a routine where i visit him a couple times a year. 3 times a year, hehehe. meet him at the halfway point.

went for powerwalk 2 of the day, instead of 1.6 miles did 3.2. so, 3.2 times 2 today, for a total of 6.4 miles. not bad.

logged back into fitocracy after 2 years to log that and get points. you should try fitocracy as a way to log and get points for ANY exercise that you do, even as weak as powerwalking, hehehe.

lets meet in the middle dot com. so you can find restaurants and meeting places exactly at the midpoint between two locations. either EXACT “as the crow flies” or exactly in the middle of the driving route. hehehe. Fun 4 Autists.

may 24

ok i don’t think i will allow this to get five months ahead. four is enough for now.

i would passionately bang just about all the wimmin on the weather channel. not just that kyla grogan but most all of um. and they always wear these tight dresses that show off their hot bodies. damn.

not very professional and not good for wimmin as a whole, or even TV Media as a whole, or WEstern Civ, but i would def bang them hard.

heh. here’s a protip. save some money and prepare a vacation to colorado, so you can buy legal weed and be high as a kite the whole time. stay at the cheapest hotel you can find with a sauna. and then just spend like a week smoking an oz a day, going in the sauna, swimming, and of course exploring the mountains and forests and beautiful nature out there.

now, i think some cities do NOT have “recreational marihuana.” so you might be limited to a bigger city like denver-boulder. however that would prob be MORE than good enough.

washington state too. but i imagine colorado might be closer, cheaper to travel, and a bit warmer. dunno.