june 11 17

BEAUTIFUL day, 90 degrees, sunny, its a sunday so i can walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon without looking like a jobless bum neet. tried to get some sun. vitamin d.

went to grocery store on a sunday which usu dont like to do. but it was a good people watching thing today. saw some white trash sluts that i wouldnt mind banging. some 25 year old white trash slut with stupid tattoos all over her arms and a 6.8 at best hehehe. right in my wheelhouse hahaha. also saw a woman i thought was that woman but thankfully was not.

wow be perfect day to go to park with a special woman but i do not have any of those hahahaha. so i SHOULD go to the park myself and just enjoy it, but i never do.

well at least i can push myself to go walking outside hehe. listen to MK. finally got into Volume 2, over halfway through, and here its harder to find audio files. i think the english guy reading this might actually be sven longshanks. known pro-white guy and also a huge christian so the intolerant k1ke on a stick people hate him.

azzmador at the houston rally yesterday (june 10). the lefts line was that the rumor about the state taking down the sam houston statue was just “FAKE NEWS” which got the racists panties all in a bunch. who cares.

i think azz did some Time in the Pen and he has a somewhat questionable somewhat racist tattoo on his hand that suggests he was possibly in with old school Criminal Racist Gangs, and this of course is NOT the image we want to give…..but he is not COVERED in tattoos and he is a great speaker AND he is open to new ideas IE he is backing the Strong Horse Andrew Anglin. which IMHO is the best thing a 50 year old VVN 1.0 can do right now.

i have that same daily stormer shirt as well HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the vanguard guys have a great dress code. i like the white polo shirts with khaki pants. that is a good look. wish they didnt have to hide their faces, but its also a good sign in that it means they might be gainfully-employed winners in life.

i mean you can’t wear a SUIT on a hot day in texas.

plain white polo shirt and khaki pants seems to be a great choice however.

this SONG is ILLEGAL in germany. SAD!!!

maybe wear a plain white cloth covering your face and sunglasses. i mean you cant look like K3 wearing hwyte hoods. you have to look like a NORMIE so that normies want to join you. like hister said, you gotta have the masses. white normies.

the nsdap started really taking off in 1920 when hister gave a speech to 2000 people at the munich hofbrauhaus banquet hall. 2000 people out of a population of 700K i think munich had. ok. 666K.  so that is .3% of the city. that is really quite a huge number. you could never get 2K people at a pro-hwyte rally in a city of 666K in 2017.

munich seems nice, wouldnt mind going there. munchen.


from 8pol march 2017

the jooish gully hehehehe


maybe i should get back to 8chan hahahaha. thatsa spicy copypasta!

we need people who are successful AND young. most people in that group are middle class nytimes readers. wapo readers. huffpo, daily show, hillary or bernie voters, think civic nationalism is racist, want to dismantle systemic racism etc, make 50k at age 22, live downtown and ride bikes to their corporate or nonprofit cool career, hook up on the coch carousel. we need to get these young men into the VVN Movement. not neet losers like me! and i think we are getting more of these Cool, Young, Sexy Winners in The MOvement than ever before. but we still need more.

i mean shit. we need any healthy young white man, whether they make 50k a year with a college degree, or 30k a year as a working class slave. so long as they are not into opioids or drugs or alcohol or degeneracy or porn. i worry that the working class is very susceptible to many kinds of degeneracy. well, so are the middle class.

i really dont know many people, let alone young people, so i cant really say what they are. i dont know many people period.

heh. i never used to be Political. everyone else always used to be more political than me. usually HUGE marxists.


my point is, all the people i know that went to college and became successful are also Standard NYTimes reading SJW’s who are ashamed of white racism and always bending over backwards to show how not racist they are and to signal against boorish white racists.

and they will NEVER change or be “redpilled” because they are already past 25 years old AND they are SUCCESSFUL. and when you are SUCCESSFUL you see no need that it might need to change. shit youre an antiwhite nytimes reader and now you make 50k at age 25, so you must be doing something right! you must have a correct WORLD CONCEPT!

so yeah we must influence them well before age 25. like age 18 or so.

have an 18 year old hardcore 1433’er, who then goes on to be successful making 50k a year at age 25, so HE feels vindicated in his own 1433 World Concept. Folkish World Concept hahahaha.

i mean i cant sell the FWC to anyone because i myself am a huge loser. well, i was a huge loser when i was a jooish marxist too. but THANK GOD i reevaluated my world concept and said, you know, this is FOOKING PATHETIC. if im gonna be a huge loser, i might as well not have a Political World Concept that is equally pathetic!

so i made the right decision there. unfort it hasnt made me much less of a loser. it has been a small improvement though, hahahaha.

just saying though. a 33 year old loser is not going to INFLUENCE young kids. unless those kids are Wayward AF and are looking for ANY older adult to influence them. in which case, yeah, i guess i would be happy to steer them the right way, and be glad i got to them FIRST, because they would have just as easily been influenced by a Degenerate or negro or joo or marxist or druggie.

june 12

semi interesting dream. i was in a house with a bunch of college people. i was getting semi-“intimate” with a gurl in the house who i think was jooish, and certainly a slut. i enjoyed cuddling and making out with her and not sure if i banged her. i should have. and her lavishing attention and praise on me and saying i was so cool and interesting and sexy and fun and awesome.

then i wanted to spend more time with her, started to Get Feelings, then she turned off, completely went cold and withdrew and refused to hang out with me, ignored me and was totally annoyed with me.

i was angry and hurt and my female friends gave me the same “advice” that the jooish slut was telling me: it’s just a casual hookup, its just secs, don’t get feelings, its not a real relship, you’re not dating. it’s just secs, it’s immature to get feelings so quickly.

and i was like, its shitty and jooish and slutty to have SECS so quickly then!

and i came across as the bad creepy omega male, and the women were just like, this is the way real life is, either accept it or be a creeper who doesnt get any. this is how women are.

so that was interesting hehehe. this is the way women ARE. have secs FAST and DONT get feelings are the two key takeaways hahahaha.

ok fine.

PRO WHYTE BUSINESS!!!! we need a lot lot lot more of these. pro whyte businesses in every town.


link to DS page that has a bad word in the actual URL heheheh. i guess an article from january where beautiful “smart” hwyte gurl is being cut off by her father because she is fooking a very dark skinned negro and she is doing gofundme to get gibs to support her high achieving academic life now that her evil racist father cut her off

whole thread archive


Hi, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Allie Dowdle, and I live in Memphis, TN. I’m 18 years old and a high school senior at a local private school, where I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA since 9th grade and have taken 5 AP courses. I’ve jumped at every service opportunity available to me and completed a 2 month surgery fellowship this past summer at Regional One Health in downtown Memphis. My education has always been extremely important to me, which is why I am willing to share my story:
About a year ago, I told my parents that I’d started dating a boy named Michael, pictured with me above. Hoping to share him with my family, I showed my parents his picture, and the conversation was over before it even began. My dad did not give me an option: he told me that I was not allowed to see Michael ever again. Why? Strictly because of skin color. It wasn’t a quiet “no,” either. I’ll never forget the yelling my parents did, when they expressed how disappointed they were in me, that I could do so much better. I did not know what to do. I couldn’t comprehend how someone could be seen as less because of pigment. I still can’t comprehend it, and I never will be able to.

Michael and I continued to see each other, but discretely. Over the past year, I’ve fought so hard to make my parents see Michael as a human being instead of just someone who is African American. I’ve advocated as best I know how. Finally, about a month ago, Michael and I approached my parents, but their response was much more drastic than I could’ve ever expected. As I am 18, my parents have chosen to no longer support my future, stripping me of all my resources including my personal savings, my car, my phone, and my education and leaving me on my own to pay for college. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to attend college if I cannot come up with the money somehow. My parents also got involved with my school in attempt to get me removed from the organizations I’ve been a part of, like Coexist and Facing History and Ourselves, clubs that essentially encourage valueing and treating people equally.

I’ve applied and received some scholarship money through financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study, but I still need at least $10,000 to cover the first year of my remaining out of pocket tuition for college by May 1st. I’ve been applying for scholarships and have tried to get a job, but I am still living under my parents’ roof because I have nowhere else to live, and my dad has done everything in his power to make the world difficult for me. I am not able to get a job because I do not have consistent transportation available.

All of this because I love another human being, as I was taught to do. How could my love for another person be wrong because of his skin color? And why would that make me unworthy of a future I’ve worked so hard for? Because my parents have listed me, their own daughter, as someone who is not worthy of their time and money, I have turned to the public for support. It hurts me to have to ask for money, as I’d rather be out working for it myself, but I currently have no other options. Even the smallest amount helps. I cannot express how much your time and money means to me. I can assure you that I am doing everything in my power to create a future for myself, but it has come to the point where I must ask for help.

Again, thank you so very much for your support.

Help spread the word!


anyway she raised at least 15k of a 10k goal.

so much wrong here. she doesnt seem like fat white trash. the black guy is wearing a suit but is dark as hell.

cant believe i didnt see this until today hehehe but this is horrible. i mean it almost sounds like a huge TROLL.

its sad because the gurl is BEAUTIFUL and probably wasnt a huge slut. its sad because her father did not raise her right in this one way. im not sure the best way to respond to this.  i prob couldnt disown my own beautiful daughter unless she were a huge Problem Child, which it doesnt seem like she is. she just did this one thing and other than that, was a perfect angel. i would probably forgive her hahahaha but she needs to repent for this pretty big thing. a Smart Gurl should be able to see that race mixing is disgusting!

she should be getting married to a nice white boy who himself has aspirations of being a doctor.

antiwhite media article condemning the father

im sure theres plenty of other MSM articles from around that time.


i guess she got it to about 28k.

yet we have white men who cant get gurls that purty.

it really triggers me to see gurls who ARENT typical slut mudsharks, all fat ugly and tattooed. but nice low number white gurls who just start off fooking one negro because they just dont know any better. this is like what happened with That Woman and it broke my heart because she wasnt an ugly high number slut. Good looking, low number, young white women who Fook Their First Negro.  its heartbreaking and infuriating and you really think, why wasnt I man enough to stop this from habbening?

i mean i really really hope that in a few years this gurl is a disgusting fat mudshark with n=600000000000000 and mud babies and neck tattoos and looks like the white trash she is.

thing is, it was probably the one black guy in the whole private school. and he is prob white acting (despite being dark as shit) and will prob get a business degree and make 50k a year and be middle class.

anyway i dont want to research this story more because i will see tons of whites giving her money saying shame on your racist father.

i dont know what is best practice her. she doesnt seem like a bad evil mudshark. as the father i would give her another chance. hell as her cuck white husband i would give her a second chance. i would say we still luv you but damn we screwed up by telling you not to date blacks BUT NOT SHOWING YOU WHY. and to do that you drive a young 12 year old gurl through the ghetto and scare them straight. you show them gross fat mudsharks in walmart. i bet the father was a boomer asshole who didnt do it like that.

fact is, young kids will fook anything that moves, and most young people are phsyically healthy and secsy.  when i was 18 i would have race mixed like crazy just to have any attention from women.

of course i never did, because i had no Game, no Masculinity, no Charm, no Confidence. so i never had to face the reality of Would I Actually Date a Nonwhite.

well, i did want to date a jooess. but at that time i thought well sure, i would get along great with her jooish family, its just a religion, its not a race, and i dont care about religion!

in other words, kids under 25, especially women, DO need to be PHSYICALLY RESTRAINED by their fathers and brothers. does this gurl have brothers? uncles? male cousins?  that would help. or is the boomer father just dumping her off in the private school and hoping that is enough to keep her away from fooking balcks. ITS NOT. HOMESCHOOL YOUR KIDS.

shit it might be worse in the private skools with only 1 black kid. cuz if you see a group of blacks doing TNB in a regular high school, you might be able to train your daughter to see that TNB for what it is, and say, i want no part of that TNBS!

and, for reasons i shouldnt have to whitemansplain, women are given much more opportunities for race mixing than men are. and the consequences are much more dire.

women just dont understand the pain of race mixing because theyve probably never been dumped for a woman of another race. the chad they were in luv with rejected them for a negress. because it would more likely be an asian than a negress. but i imagine that would make women racistly anti-asian, which anything to encourage racism in white women would be great!

do white women care if their white daughters fook blacks? what does this gurls MOTHER think? yeah what women think doesnt really MATTER….but it would be NICE if white mothers dont want their daughters to race mix.

even though in the past i said women have no loyalty to race, they’re just not CAPABLE of it, so NEVER EXPECT it from them. they just dont have it in them. you’re gonna be struggling all your life to keep your wife and daughters away from the BBC. happy life.

went outside around 1pm to get Peak Sun. went to neighborhood park to try to get full upper torso sun. took off shirt and laid down on grass letting muh belly soak up all the sun. planned to do that no more than 20 minutes. elderly man from neighborhood came up while i was listening to MEIN KAMPF and asked if i was ok. thank you i said, just getting some sun. then i realize it probably did look weird. i was the only one in the park when i got there.

anyway the point is, it was good to get some sun on muh belly, have to try that again. i usually get good sun on muh arms but never on muh pasty belly and back.

need to find a less suspicious way of doing it i guess.

dont get feelings, because its JUST SECS and YOURE NOT THAT INTERESTING. youre just a fuccboi hehehe. there are TWO absolutely degenerate things here:

  1. the jooish degen shit that secs is hedonistic pleasure and not serious
  2. the confidence shaking thing that you just arent that cool or valuable or special. which you sort of knew but you thought a qt gurl wouldnt have SECS with you unless you WERE special to HER. WRONG. she does this with EVERYBODY, including blacks.

secs is nothing special and therefore just because she does it with you doesn’t make YOU special, ya pathetic wanna special snowflake hahaha.

ok. welp. i couldnt pass up such a nice sunny 90 degree day, to get sun and vitamin d on my pasty yet very beautiful and GOD-blessed white skin. GOD and AH also say its ok to get a little sun on the skin in the summer. and vitamin D is healthy AF. just dont sit out there and get sunburned.

so I just got a folding chair and sat in the backyard from about 2 to 3 pm, reading MK and getting sun on muh bare chest, stomach, arms, even some on the pasty thighs.

well, about 210 to 250 pm. dont think i was out there long enough to get sunburned. good. i dont want to get sunburned. but i do want to get as much vitamin d and sun as i possibly can. i really should get a Sunlight Box for the winter.

maybe i should do muh powerwalks with an increasingly heavy backpack on. dont have a backpack though and dont really want to buy a good one.

QUOTE by Vernon-Roche 1h
Casual sex culture is more degenerate, and expensive/damaging to society than seeing a prostitute. If legalized, there could be strict measures to ensure the whores are clean and treated properly. Organized pornography should be outlawed and masturbation should be culturally shamed. The only sex men should have is between their wife or a prostitute. END

i agree hehehehe

google online thrift store hehehe

i will pay a little extra for higher quality used clothes hehehehe.

tfw when you go to mcdonalds on very hot day for soft serve ice cream cone and see 2 beautiful HIGH SKOOL gurls with 2 somewhat normie looking hwyte (thank god) high school boys, and think, jeez, when you were THEIR age, did you ever think that one day many years from now, you would STILL be looking longfully at high school gurls? they were just beautiful and young and there was not a lot of obvious fakery going on, it was just 17 year old gurls in the prime of youth. this is just how they look! they could seriously get ANY man. sheeeit. these young boys almost dont DESERVE it. also the young gurls really get the protector and provider instinct going. i dont want to do degen things to these gurls. yet chances are they are already making jooish porn videos with the boys giving them opioids for secs!

but these are just average high school gurls, no makeup, no whore clothes, on a 90 degree day. well they might have had tiny little shorts on and little skimpy Tops on, but really nothing super whorish considering the 90 degree weather. beautiful day. i mean you want to see whorish see the gurls when they get to be 20 and go to the CLUB and try to pick up college student afletes hahaha. quintavious and dontravious. sheeeeeeit.

put pictures of ugly mudsharks in your teen daughters room.

i was just glad the beautiful high school gurls were being sluts with white boys and not black boys. it might take them till they are 21 before they start going black.

this is why women are supposed to marry YOUNG.

i guess they can stay nondegenerate enough through their first 2 or 3 boifrans. but after 5 or 6 boifrans/cox, its just another cok in the carousel and they start doing more and more degen shit. the human lives mean less and less to them. yet they still think they can pull the alpha.

AH put physical training VERY high on his list on how to educate children. he believed a good mind in a bad body was worthless. and that a healthy body would in turn encourage a strong mind. so you should devote the majority of time of education of youth to physical training.

not sure his specifics here.



june 4 2017

to sir with love. 1967. a black engineer unable to find employment in his field takes a teaching job in a tough east london high school.

so we have to assume he couldnt get an engin job because of RACISM.

the first 10 minutes show him surrounded by cockney chav british WHYTES who are probably all racist against well-dressed, well-spoken, educated middle class blacks like sidney poitier.

he goes into the Tough School and it is full of Rowdy Working Class Whites all chattering and throwing spitballs at each other.

i dont hate old quaint jooish movies nearly as much as modern jooish movies…..but you can still see how this movie is STUFFED with jooish ridiculousness.

sheeeeit how much race mixing is gonna be in this movie. it looks like this purty white gurl is immediately interested in black buck sidney. fawning all over him in a way that clearly means she wants to get FOOKED HARD by him. if anything he’s not acting nearly muh dick enough. he’s acting too white! the working clas whites are acting more negroish than him. its interesting and disgusting and absurd.

when has this ever happened in real life.

i kinda like the movie stand and deliver though as far as High School Teacher movies go.

KINDA. i mean theres no way youre gonna get 30 latinxos to get an A in AP Calculus. but I like edward james olmos and his acne-ravaged cheeks.

ok i went and pulled the trigger, bought the CROCS. croc classics. i said i was just gonna get black. when i got to the store i looked around a bit to see what kind of colors and styles were available. i knew they had a lot of ridic colors. right next to the plain black ones were these Realtree Camo colored ones. I was like awwwww sheeeeeeeit, these ones SCREAM “I AM A HWYTE RACIST REDNECK WHO LUVS GUNZ AND HATES NONWHITES and urbanites and arabs and blacks and messicans and im just a good ol boy” which is EXACTLY what I want to be screaming. its kinda ridiculous and obnoxious hehehehe. so i got those instead of the black ones.  i felt really good and happy about it. Camo is Explicitly White, especially Realtree camo says I am a hwyte guy who owns many guns and luvs to go hunting and hates sjw and sissy phaggots.

it may also say im an evangelical christcuck and isntreal is muh greatest ally. but i would simply say nope WRONG to anyone who asked me that.

it was hard finding a good size though. they do not have half sizes. i do not know how snug they are supposed to feel.

should really get some REALTREE camo colored tshirts from WALMART. that is all I need.

its a way of signalling that you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO hwyte guilt and would probably say something like WHAT ABOUT HWYTE HISTORY MONTH? hehehehe.

ate kelloggs Smorz TM cereal for the first time today. it was pretty good. i very much enjoy SMORZ ice cream so I figured smorz cereal would also be decent. it was.

OF COURSE we understand that NOT ALL women/muslims/blacks are LIKE THAT.

BUT WAY TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM ARE. AND the ones who arent need to disavow that shit even MORE. not just disavow but how about using some force to keep your people in line?

of course white men should be keeping white women in line and they are not.

but there was a time when white women were more vocal slut shamers than they are now!

october 2014 – drama between johnson and anglin. looks like johnson may have started it. dam son.

then anglin wrote a very long and well written article where he simply defended himself and didnt witheringly insult johnson. just said, I dont think you understand what I’m doing greg, so please dont bitch about it.

greg IS a very very good writer. but so is anglin! and anglin is better about reaching 10 times the people. including younger and working class and whites without masters degrees in humanities hahahaha.

anglin links to youtuber aaron kasparov who has done a few readings of anglins articles

its not the greatest and i dont like music in the background of readings, too distracting, but the general idea is awesome, that is, taking good writing and doing readings of it. podcasts. audiobooks.  i have done 90% of my “reading” of MK by listening to the audiobook, which is very well done.

hehehehe anyway

yeah what im saying is some of us are audial learners and stuff sinks in better when we hear somebody saying it.

now when i read the MK book, I imagine that english/australian guy reading it. which is fine, he does a great job of reading it.

this kasparov guy, not as great of a voice. it helps if you have a great voice, and read the shit with some enthusiasm. helps if you do not put in distracting music. you dont need to add in graphs and images and shit. most of us just want to LISTEN to these things in the car, in the Weight Room, or while walking Outside.

but it got people talking about doing this for more of anglins articles. and i think they should. shit i would if i didnt care about getting voicedoxed.

would there be less terror attacks in UK if there were better gun laws? meaning responsible law abiding citizens could Carry in public? i know gun laws in uk are strict as hell.

all the coutries where the terror is worst and the people are just laying down – UK, france, germany, sweden – the cuckiest countries if you will – i know they all have SUPER STRICT gun laws. they hate guns almost as much as they hate whites hehehehe.

and i think the comparatively awesome gun laws in the US will prevent Moslem Violence from becoming as big a problem as it is in these western yuropean countries.

david irving, histers war. this is prob worth reading hehehe

welp anglin is now 99% of the way on his wesearchr, so that is a done deal. i just hope chuck johnson doesnt take his Usual Standard 15% fee. how about just 5%. 15% is a little much.

hail hister! hail our race! hehehehehe.

taking me a while to get into it, but vapaudenristis latest album “IK” (wont attempt to spell the finnish words) is starting to grow. At first I didnt superlike the production, now I do. i mean he is a natural born goo producer, its just a matter if “getting” it for any particular album. but theres no mistakes or corner cutting or lack of quality control or laziness with this guy, big reason why i like him.

anyway yeah i couldnt much get into this album when it came out but im glad i am giving it another chance now. this guy would be #1 on my must see concert list but I dont think he would ever do shows in the US. i mean maybe big show in NY, LA, and…..i dunno. chicago. ideally do a double set of CB and then Vap. or maybe grunt and Vap. I think he is fond of his Grunt project. I would more than welcome a couple creamface songs for fun.  but it’d want the bulk of it to be CB and Vap. 35% CB, 55% Vap, 10% other. it would have to be a 3 hour show. and shit yeah you cant do that every night.

so the IK album might be the most “serious” Vap album. its got slow songs that are kinda dark. but its constantly rocking and pummeling. his voice sounds great as ever. drums sound great. that is prob the hook there, along with the bass, which has a great, warm, live sound.  guitar is REALLY fuzzy and takes a while to get into. just pay attention to the drums and bass. and the great vocals, as always.

and i still havent listened to the NEW CB album!!!!!!!

also that art appears to be venerating Motherhood and Children.  Now I’d like to see a Father in that happy finnish family, but from the guy who, in the past, appeared to be venerating evil filth like molesting children, this is a step in the right direction hehehehehe. one of my top guys i would like to meet.

hister, anglin, weev, uncle mikko, uncle varg, i would like to meet them all. mill woes.

but yeah Vap is the first RAC-ish thing I’ve ever heard that I really liked. in that it had great production, great performances, great songwriting. i wish i could see what mikko sees in it and how it inspires him. and i also wish he was MORE racist hahahaha.

i was thinking that hwyte power might be the better book to read than MK. its only half as long, GLR’s writing sounds more like its speaking directly to you, and ultimately its the better redpilling tool. really explains shit thoroughly and applies it to a fairly modern US.  that bears a lot more resemblance to our degenerate world even more than weimar germany, which was supposedly very degenerate. well hister hadnt seen nothing yet!

so yeah. I would ALMOST recommend hwyte power over MK. i mean definitely read BOTH, but read WP first. its an easier read and more of a punch you in the face book.  fooking awful that theres no audiobook of this insanely IMPORTANT book.

sven longshanks reading some of it

full text

read it!!!!!

june 5

there are vidyas on youtube of how to BUILD YOUR OWN pistol, for people in western yurop who cant just buy gunz like we can in gun world USA hehehe.

how hard is it to get a black market pistol in france or UK or germany?

i mean all the black felons have black market pistols in the US! stolen pistols with the serial numbers rubbed off, etc.

this is an excellent 9 part series on joos and p0rn by benjamin garland which somebody should read into an audiobook

so in yurop you can join a GUN CLUB and then you can buy a gun. DO THIS NOW!!!!

oh yeah. so heres my GREAT IDEA OF THE WEEK::::::::::

I was thinking of budgeting money and saving for a $20 Squatty Potty because I fully believe that Squatting is not implicitly nonwhite, and that working class whites used to squat, in a designated squatting area, before bourgeois softies invented the sitting crapper. i dont know if it was jooz. well jooz dont poop they just make it into television shows hahahahahahahahahahahaha stealing a joo woody allen joke there. they make it into TV, media, p0rno, popular culture, education, journalism, articles, art, music, bla bla

hey just because 75 IQ moslems BREATHE AIR doesnt mean whites shouldnt BREATHE AIR TOO, or that BREATHING AIR is inherently moslem or inherently nonwhite!!!!!!

i mean it sucks to breathe the same air that they do hahahahahahahahaha but i cannot deny that yes, we both breathe air and share that in common.

ANYWAY in muh toilet there is a small plastic bin for rubbish and kleenex and floss and beard trimmings and such, a plastic white bin about 1 ft tall. i was able to put muh feet on top of it and sort of approximate a squatting position, or at least get to a much smaller angle than the 90 degree angle from sitting.

not sure if it worked as well as a squatty potty but it seemed to kind of work. you are wise to use your hands to help balance yourself on the seat once you put your feet up.

it seemed to make muh morning #2 quicker and more efficient. so you don’t have the issue of shit or get off the pot. it just comes flying right out HAHAHAHAHAHA.

so i would say, save $20 to buy a squatty potty, but if you dont have that hwyte privilege, just use a $2 plastic bin you can get from walmart and may well have in your toilet anyway.

mother fookin mudsharking on call the midwife. somewhat watchable bbc period drama set in the 1960s with a bunch of nun nurses. adapating to the brave new degenerate world where white english girls are loyal to their black buck husabnds and have 3 shitsprog mixed babies who look much more black than white. and this is all hunky dory. some people, the old racists, dont like it, but they’re wrong, that’s not the way the world is going, thats nto what jesus would do either. he’s say one love, we’re all human, you go gurl.

like mudsharking was super common in the 60s!

ALL these fookin british shows. ESPECIALLY the period shows set in the past generations. they want us to think this shit ALWAYS HAPPENED and it was ALWAYS OK. it didnt and it wasn’t!!!!!!! this is straight up REWRITING HISTORY!!!!!

this one woke me up to the most recent vapaudenristi album. had to research the name.

so. alice in chains. great band, staley great singer. i think a lot of millennials are discovering AIC and they are having a bit of a revival. so now you have young millennial gurls falling in luv with staley and basically making him just as big as kurt cobain. who had the more immediate appeal for women. but now the younger women have discovered staley and fawn all over him and want to fook him and SAVE him, not realizing he was a SELFISH, LAZY, PATHETIC, DEGENERATE. who had so much potential as a very handsome, very talented hwyte man, and THREW IT ALL AWAY on NEGRO behavior. shitting on his friends, family, fans, the whole world, just for ONE MORE FIX. and then losing your TEETH and wasting down to 90 pounds, thats just HORRIFYING. and now youtube videos are filled with people talking all this drama.

oh layne wasnt 90 pounds when he died, he was 60 pounds.

oh i talked to laynes MOM a few years ago and SHE told me the TRUTH.

oh i talked to mike starr’s friend who had seen layne the day before he died. bla bla bla.

fact was, layne was holding the band BACK, they should have kicked him out, but cantrell was too loyal and principled of a hwyte man, constantly giving his friend another chance, so the degenerate junkie could disappoint him yet again.

and by the time of their SECOND album “dirt”, layne was fully on the junk.  but he still sounded good on that album.

well hell he sounded great on the mad season album, ok, thats a great album, and that was the perfect blend of he was fooked up on heroin, AND melancholy, AND could still SING. perfect storm there. that was a great album, always recommended, timeless. mad season “above”.

just dont listen to it like a fangirl and be like oooohhh poor tortured layne, i want to save u and fook u. really understand where its coming from, and this is not a place you want to go.

basically too many women love layne too much and dont understand how pathetic and frustrating he is.

well because he’s really THAT good of a singer. honestly. as far as singers go, I enjoy him more and more every year. when i was in high school, i was like yeah, i like AIC, laynes pretty good. NOW i’m like, damn, he was one of the greatest. so yeah thats why you have this CULT of fangirls sucking his heroin dick.

but cantrell wrote all the best songs hahahaha.

and layne sounded best when he was not on heroin.

and he was on heroin for 80% of his time with AIC.

and the other point i wanted to make is, AIC and esp layne PERFECTLY exemplify 90s Nihilism of Gen X.

Note that Layne was born in 1966, the exact END of baby boomers, the exact beginning of gen x.

most of the music I enjoyed was made by gen x people. early and middle gen xers.

i myself am a VERY early millennial that overlaps a lot with late genx. still have a lot of that self destructive, self loathing nihilism.

i think the self loathing began to wear off as the millennials continued, and gave way to pure hedonism and special snowflake bullshit.

and now there’s generation zyklon. kids getting out of high school in 2017 who reject the degeneracy of the millenials and, as young teens, want to fight a race war, not do drugs, not whore it up, want to get married young and have white children. in others, the first GOOD generation since I dont even know when. at least 100 fooking years.


Baby boomers    Typically, they range from the early-to-mid 1940s and end from 1960 to 1964.

Generation X, or Gen X,  starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) —typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years

Generation Z (also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation in the United States)— starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.

so yeah. i have been paying attention more to generations as i get older and the kids get younger hahaha and my Super Early Millennial / Super Late GenX status becomes more clear.

and then millennials are degen pvssies, and gen z shows some hope for having full racial nationalist youth. alongside even further degen’d pvssies and trannies.

listened to 52 minutes of vapaudenristi today while powerwalking. cannot do that with much music. this stuff absolutely speaks to muh hwyte soul and is one of muh greatest musical discoveries of the past 2 years at least. you just cant write music like this and NOT be racially aware….even if youre not FULLY aware yet. the guy talks like a jooish phd and I wish I could just get him drunk and talk to him in person and ask him about Being Hwyte. The way I see it, you can’t read EVOLA and luv RAC without having SOME racial awareness! i honestly dont think he’s STUDIED much alt right stuff yet, and there’s a good chance he might LIKE it if he did.

that should be my mission, to turn him EXPLICITLY alt right, VVN. just ask him, what kind of nationalist are you? civic nationalist or racial nationalist? what does being hwyte MEAN to you? What do you think about race mixing? do you want to see european hwyteness preserved? and dont give me some gibberish answer.

what do you think about: alt right, anglin, weev, hister, My Struggle, william pierce, GLR, richard spencer, VVN, the jq, the wq, the 14 FOOKING WORDS??!?!?!?!?!


thats what I would ask him.

why does it matter? because his music is THAT damn good and The Movement needs more good music.

it taps into something Primordial that feels like Racial Pride to me but you can’t really confirm it. but its positive and pure and good and principled. EXACTLY the type of thing that was MISSING in the music of early gen x people like AIC. They desperately were LOOKING for some meaning and tried and failed to find it in drugs.

late gen x guys like uncle mikko FOUND some kind of meaning or Telos. well, i dont know if thats TYPICAL of late gen x’ers, actually probably not. but that’s just the generation uncle M is. a couple years older than me. but probably not THAT many years older hehehehehe.

and the college age kids now are REALLY starting to get it. like to see the Principled, Meaningful, Race-Loving music THEY make!

Heh. if I ever do another song, I would like to do a song like this. the music would be full of pride and purpose and the lyrics would be all about crushing jooish degeneracy, whilst hailing our race and the 14 words hehehehe. something which speaks directly to the european soul and glorifies and hails it as the sacred thing it is!!!! which too many people of my generation and gen x and baby boomers and some millennials have plain fooking forgotten!!!!!

pathetic seeing a race without any racial hygience, racial health, racial awareness, racial pride. kinda like seeing a pathetic junkie throwing their life away on drugs.




may 21 2017

ok ill get on board with thsi white sharia for a little while , about 3 months, and see how it plays out. i’ll give it a chance. but i am on the fence too. but i trust anglin and weev. and i realllllly dont trust women. so my version of white sharia will not involve any wanton, sadistic, jooish abuse or violence. it is basically just spanking and taking away voting from women. no punching, no kicking, no closed fists, no clubs, no shilleleghs, just an open palm on the buttocks. period. and no no fault divorce. no alimony. no 100% custody for the woman. prob should be min 75 25 father mother. arranged marriages so all women are married by their fathers by age 18. this is my white knight mangina version of white sharia hahahaha.

and it would serve me WELL to think of WHITE SHARIA when i am actually interacting with a woman of breeding age, which is basically NEVER.

if i had acted with a WHITE SHARIA MINDSET with THAT WOMAN, things WOULD have worked out better.

no facebook. no texting.

terrible segment on cbs this sunday morning about teen vogue becoming a more and more political feminist magazine to help young gurls become Woke on social justice and white privilege and patriachy and diversity and heterocisativity and love equality and trans love and love is love and microaggressions and safe spaces and snowflakes and trump is GASLIGHTING america hehehe.

well he might actually be hahahaha while he sucks off ZOG and their pets the saudis hahahaha. trump basically becoming a full blown ZIOZOG SHILL hehehe.

was feeing a bit grumpy so i laid down and took nap for like 30 minutes. helped a little bit.

so how do you get women to tell you the TRUTH about how many guys they fooked? also, they are sucking off guys from the age of 15. there are plenty of of guys they have sucked dick but not technically “fooked.” but this is almost as bad.

ideally you would HYPNOTIZE them and then get them to tell the truth, or have them do a lie detector test.

or you could prime them with, yeah i know the real number is close to 50, so you dont have to lie. i know it’s a high number.

like i saw a really attractive waitress at a restaurant a few days ago and thought, i would luv to bang her, even though she’s PROBABLY been with about 20 guys. i mean she was young, maybe like 23. 25 by 23 isnt to bad right? of course it is, but it wouldnt stop me from banging her!

id just be like, baby, i KNOW youve been with a lot of guys. a LOT of guy. and that doesnt bother me. but i just want to know. is it more like 30? or or more like 50?

of course it DOES bother you and you DO care and i HOPE you are not getting feelings for that n>20 whore! but when a gurl is 23 years old, her body looks GOOD. i mean a 23 year old who has been with 23 guys will look better than a 33 year old who has been with 1 guy!

i imagined myself ungently pounding the 23 year old gurl and her beautiful body and say, how many guys ya fooked, ya dirty whore? 40? 50? 100? say im a dirty whore whos fooked 100 cox! and she luved and and gushed all over hhahahaha.

kinda pornographic and jooish really! on my part!

and even this dirty slut, i wouldnt do more than ruff secs, talk dirty, some spanking, maybe some face slapping hahahaha. that would be the extent of it. no punching or kicking. i am such a saint hahaha.

so basically i have no problem with banging gurls who have fooked 50 guys….as long as the gurls are young and attractive!

like its been such an issue for me so far. im banging SO MANY QT YOUNG GURLS….but they all turn out to be high number sluts hahahahah.

saw this in news today, never heard of it.

yaphank, NY,_New_York#Camp_Siegfried_and_Siegfried_Park

camp siegfried

good lord. some 20 year old white guy became a muslim and killed two other young white guys who were in a pro white group in florida. some others in the group are on DS, but I think they mainly used iron march.

ok well i worked up the energy to trim beard, which i usually try to do every week, to level 2. but because it takes 5 minutes, i usu procrastinate. welp finally did it.

theres really no need to read anything BUT DS hahahaha.

yeah i guarantee you if i had good looking, 7/10, 23 year old sluts to bang, and they had been with 50+ guys, i wouldnt give a DAMN, well i would give a damn about the principle of it, and that a hwyte gurl was so defiled, but i would not turn down the secs! but thats the problem, is that neet loser cant even pull HIGH NUMBER SLUTS, if these women are at all young/attractive.

so now i am looking for young but unattractive women hahaha because young women are inherently more attractive than older women hahaha.

honestly i think i’m not really misunderstanding white sharia, that my version is indeed exactly what the meme creators have intended, but that i am misunderstanding their follow up commentary on it?

in other words, if anglin and weev came out right now and said this is what we ACTUALLY mean, it would sound very much like what I have been saying.

this filthy wh0re who should be enslaved as a brood mare hahahahaha actually explained it pretty well.  dont want to sound like i am hwhite knighting for this disgusting, evil, high number wh0re hahaha. but honestly. i dont get why you have to be so mean and hateful to women. i do genuinely like emily youcis and she hasnt jumped the shark yet and what she says here si very very reasonable and a good argument for WS.

basically i just needed someone to reassure me that the women wouldnt wear BURKAS and they were not going to be ABUSED. and, in actual Hwyte Sharia, as I now understand it, women will NOT be abused and they will NOT wear burkas, so i am on board with it!!!!

i do think its a bit much to call the women on the DS BBS terrible names and say that they are shitty cvnts who deserve a good beating. the onyl women that should be talked to like that are actual disgusting sluts, mudsharks, race traitors, cheaters, home wreckers, etc.

sheeeit let me see if i can upload this in case it gets removed from youtube, which it prob will hahaha

well here is the autogenerated caption transcript of what she said hehehe

weev wrote a great article but he did more harm than good with the final paragraph. he should really edit it out because it sends the wrong message about WS.

good quote from the thread


so yeah. i hate to see a great idea spoiled by little drops of shit.  that were probably just weev getting carried away with perhaps drunken rage. but the end of that article comes across as very butthurt, even more butthurt than I am! and weev gets way more hot slut action than I do!

i dont want to VICIOUSLY beat any women, even traitorous women dont necess need to be viciously beaten, very very very few women, and probably none, would ever need to be viciously beaten! i mean if they are doing treason against the state like rosenbergs or something, fine, a quick bullet in the H.

but i forget that weev does have a penchant for violent fantasies. you should see some of the stuff he’s written on gab. stuff about flaying nonwhite infants alive, just to be edgy.

he’s just being edgy!

but yeah. basically women need to be strongarmed by fathers and husbands so that they dont become whores, which starts happening by the time they are 15. that may be too young to get married but 18 is not. prob 17 would be ok. i am not gonna say marriage at 16.

if a woman has been SO bad that weev thinks she needs have her ribs broken, I just say spank her for an hour each day for a week and then ignore her the rest of the time, and the only time you see her is when you spank her for an hour. or even 30 minutes. and just completely ignore her otherwise. i think this would be damn effective and a hell of a lot better than breaking their damn bones like a nonwhite savage.

again weev is an honorable white man and i dont think HE thinks we should ever act like nonwhite savages. but like i said he does get pretty violent fantasies sometimes which he prob associates with vikings hahahaha. oh the vikings raped and killed women so its ok hahahaha.

may 22

guy releases the full interview

no im not white knighting for her, im just saying her bit on white sharia was honestly good and made it clear that we do not support abusing women violently.

but we do have to show the women we are CAPABLE of violence.

but we dont HAVE to violently abuse the women if we dont want to hahahahaha.

also, fathers and brothers would make sure that women are not abused by their husbands.

but yeah imho anglin and weev need to go out of their way more to say they dont actually want to abuse women because there are a lot of autistic woman haters taking this the wrong way, who actually like the idea of abusing women.

but im giving it all a few months to settle in and hopefully it will all be clearer then.

anyway emily needs to obsessing over her overly sculpted eyebrows and yes she has crazy eyes. i mean she is clearly insane. but she’s done good work so far and im glad she disavows her degen past in this video. its really not that hard to disavow your degen past. just whenever you have to mention it, disavow it as well. i do the same thing. i had a degen past….and it was horrible! i wish it never happened.

watching a missing persons tv show last night where a police informer undercover was talking to a hwyte man who talked about how he liked to kidnap, torture, raep, and murder children. there was no proof of him actually doing it, he just talked about it glowingly, and had a ton of Child Pornography, for which he went to pound me in the ass prison.

but just the fact that someone can FANTASIZE about something so horrible! these are the true monsters!

and i wonder how this guy got this way! probably raeped by psycho phaggots when he was a child!

and then i thought, welp i might be broken and fooked up, but at least i dont like the idea of abusing and hurting people like these psychopaths!



hehehehe this poaster is great. he has dated dozens of academic career gurls with graduate degrees and knows how horrible these people and this world is. i hope he finds a nice woman who has his children and stays loyal to him.

may 23

the jooz do not want you to study this hehe

terror attack in manchester. mudchester hahahahahahaha.  pretty sad this has become normal and its not enough to cause an antimoslem backlash! lets #prayformanchester and #lovetrumpshate!

FLOPPED NUT FLUSH against an aggressive bettor. OH YEAH.

i dont like how anglin suggests that most hwyte women are easily seduced by nonwhytes. i am willing to hwyte knight for the women and say that NO MORE THAN HALF would be EASILY seduced by negros or mudslims. even that HALF of women would JUST NOT BE INTO the idea of race mixing.

of course i could be wrong and anglin could be right and 100% of white waifus want the BBC.

well i agree, the longer they stay “SINGLE” the more the 100% chance of them liking BBC.

if all women were married to good bois at age 18 by the parents, this wouldnt happen. you wouldnt get 28 year old sluts who liked BBC.

thats the thing. get them married young and this wouldnt be a problem.

have 18 year old virgin girls marry 18 year old virgin boys.

both sets of parents will be heavily involved. its not like youre giving away your daughter to just any guy.

great video. ive said the same thing. confidence doesnt really matter for a woman. it matters EVERYTHING for a man. without it, he is a loser both in the real world, and with women. MW points out both these points. what women find most attractive in men is confidence, and if you dont have it, you WILL be a total failure with women. period.

meanwhile, joo society encourages confidence in women, when its really not needed. women dont NEED confidence. men do.

and white men at least are the least confident, least successful with women as they have ever been in history.

men are the worst theyve ever been and women are the worst theyve ever been.

they really are trying to turn our men into ph4ggots and our women into whores. and they are succeeding!

just think, next time you are getting some Action, this person is TURNED ON by black guys (or brown refugees). do I really want to be with a person who thinks these savages are HAWT!!!!?????

then again you are measuring women by mens standards. setting yourself up for horrible disappointment! women will NEVER be able to live up to mens standards!

theyre not SUPPOSED to be loyal to race!

theyre not SUPPOSED to find brown thugs inherently unattractive!

theyre SUPPOSED to find dangerous, violent, ALIEN men SEXY!

they’re just choosing the strong horse over the weak horse!


WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, WHITEY? JUST SIT THERE AND TAKE IT?!?!?! NO! OF COURSE NOT. You’re going to join with US. The National Socialist Hwyte Peoples Party hahahahahaha.



may 24

AYO HOL UP. the thing is. heres the thing. i serving of peanut butter = 2 tblsp. this means nothing. so, understand that that means 32g. that means a lot more. this means that my usual Yuge Dollop of Peanut Butter is more like 64g, ie 2 full servings, ie 390 calories.  HORREE SHEET.

so, you can VASTLY UNDERESTIMATE the amount of peanut butter you are eating, therefore, VASTLY GO OVER on your daily calories.

i knew peanut butter has a lot of calories. but i didnt know how small 2 tblspoons was!!!!!! its TINY!!!!

lesson: always measure shit out in GRAMS.

so yeah. that heartiste thing above is GREAT. he asks the tough, simple, meaningful questions. quanitify this shit. MEASURE it. it’s bad, we know, but how bad?

how BAD is one black guy compared to one white guy in terms of the most meaningful number there is, a a womans number?

5 white guys? 10? 15? 20?

i’m GLAD so many people say infinity, this is unforgivable. yes it is.

BUT, what do you EXPECT. these are guys reading heartiste.

also, at LEAST 50% of women have been with blacks. you cant just BOYCOTT women who have been with blacks. you just grin and bear it. hold your nose and hope this leads to someone better. unless you want to be a foreveralone KV, youre gonna HAVE to be with women who have been with darkies. period.

so how bad is it REALLY? I’d say about 10. one black guy is as bad as 10 white guys on the womans number.

and i’m the biggest racist in the USA. And I’m only saying 10. bet you thought I would say 20 or 50 or 14 or 88. nope. just 10.

i mean 10 is bad! I wouldnt want a wife with 10! but i think I have accepted that 20 or hopefully less will be my new, worse standard.

went to arbys and say the BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL 18 year old white gurl again. she looked SO pure and innocent. i literally wanted to marry her right there. i saw her and INSTANTLY forgot about That Woman. I said, yep I could TOTALLY fall in luv with this new gurl and it would be better than ever. best waifu ever right here.  just a random 18 year old white gurl who works at the local arbys. serving up ROASTIES hahahahaha.



but she doesnt look like a roastie is my point. she has that LOOK of purity and innocence.

YES, i understand that SOME whores are able to FAKE this look.

but plenty of them dont bother faking it at all, because they LOOK like high number whores.

she did not. and this is really my type. all the women i have been interested in for the past 10 years all LOOKED pretty innocent and low number.

i wish i could have been a 22 year old man out of college making 45k as an entry level stemgineer. then i would have had a chance with a gurl like this.

but i was a huge loser then and didnt have that kinda job. or education hahaha.

i was also a pathetic woman worshipping feminist. a male feminist. but i think i wouldnt have turned down an 18 year old gurl hahahaha even though thats a sign of immaturity and misogyny and insecurity and ew creeper.

but yeah. i wish i could have been 18 and arranged a marriage with that 18 year old gurl at arbys hahahaha. it is possible, because when i was 18 i had a LOT of potential that could have been used to bargain a QT gurl from a good family!

and having a young qt wife at home would have made it more likely that i actually REACHED that potential. studied hard, got a good job, got to cuddle with Lovely Waifu for 20 minutes a day, really recharges the batteries. who wont leave you for the 6 years that you have to furiously TRAIN and prepare and get edj00cated so you can get a 40k job and have children one day with your lovely wife.

but it really is too much to ask of any woman, let alone an 18 year old gurl, to SEE YOUR POTENTIAL 6 years from now. so thats why her father sees your potential for her.

but youve still got to live with her.

well, then her father or your own father teaches you how to carry yourself like a super confident man who has already reached his potential.

well, also, a little spanking goes a long way. i am convinced that regular spankings will help give your young wife the correct attitude.

someone on DS says that the word mudsharks sounds too silly and funny and cutesy, so we should call them SHITSHARKS because they are putting turdlike brown cox in their coonts and mouths. SHITSHARKS sounds UGLIER than mudsharks.

i am ok with either term. i think mudshark sounds plenty ugly enough. but shitshark is great too.

he is happy as he should be in this situation. in a sane world, everyone would agree. that she should have been married at 18. and since she wasnt, theres nothing weird about marrying a much older man….when you are already an OLD MAID. at least he’s rich!

young man wants to get off SSRI meds, asks DAILY STORMER for advice. Brave!

well hes 17, he is still very young holy shit i might be able to be his FATHER hahaha.

but thats a complicated thing. i cant be firmly against meds like i used to be.

yeah when i was 17 i wish i was……i dont even know anymore. done anything different than what i did. maybe got a job in a machine shop with a bunch of hateful white boomer drunks hahaha then gotten schooled in the machines. and never touched MJ or alcohol. or rather, never ENJOYED them so much that I looked to them REGULARLY for ESCAPE.

maybe met with some real racists. they still had stormfront back then!

anyway this is always a bad train of thought to get on. shoulda woulda coulda.

had dream last night about a gurl from GRADE SCHOOL. she was very purty and could have had her pick of man. but she also seemed kinda high maintenance and bitchy. even at age 13 hahahaha. i felt she was high horse and uppity and way out of my league and maybe resented her for that, that she would only pick Cool Chads. well at least she didnt pick negros like the white trash did. even as early as 13 i was noticing the Red Pill Reality of Women, and it horrified and disgusted me. but it is what its always been. wish i had just deal with it in a realistic way.

anyway the gurl seemed like she wouldnt be a mudshark or a huge slut. some of the gurls you could ALREADY TELL were going down that path. some gurls were fooking negros AT AGE 13/14. HOLY SHIT.

anyway i dreamed of this qt high class gurl in the dream. she was super qt and had nice long legs. but in the dreams her legs were all hairy.

and i was like fook it, i dont care, shes still got nice legs, its not like she has a BEARD or something, so she’s got hairy legs, I’ll still take her.

thing is, an otherwise beautiful gurl isnt gonna “lower her price” by having hairy legs so only a guy who doesnt care about that is gonna get her. so as to filter out guys who only want her for a short term fook (not that most women even care about guys wanting them for that!) most guys would probably put up with hairy legs for a gurl that good looking, and, more crucially, the woman herself would find it super gross and never get hairy legs in the first place.

so not sure the meaning of the dream. maybe just that i have a hairy legs fetish plus that i still remember gurls from age 13.

i mean i wasnt in luv with her or obsessed or anything. but it just points out that if i had an arranged marriage with her at age 17 or even 16… prob would have worked out just fine! WELL, provided that i got my act together and lived up to my potential, and that she didnt become a hambeast. and didnt leave me in the lurch hahaha.

like millennial woes says, the best thing a woman can do for a man is to SUPPORT him, meaning, to be LOYAL to him and STAND BY him and not leave him in the LURCH. that when the whole world is AGAINST him, his woman says you can do it muh big strong man, i BELIEVE IN YOU, and I will be with you for the LONG HAUL and I’m not gonna LEAVE you just because you are having a rough patch. we will get through this together.

i mean you need to keep fighting and not totally lean on your waifu like a crutch. you both need to give GOOD FAITH in this department. you cant be TOO needy, and she cant say that you needing emotional support during a rough patch is you being TOO needy.

but yeah. thats what a man wants from his woman, apart from her being young and qt hahaha. but like MW says, mens side of the bargain is that we have to be confident fighters. which is hard af. i might never get there. prob wont be wealthy enough to pull a 30 yo woman when i am 50.

that feel when you watch a super confusing spy/thriller/mystery movie and you have no idea what is going on. and you have somebody calling you to explain the movie. and theyve seen it 10 times. you havent seen it even once, you have no idea whats going on, and they think youre stupid and incompetent because you cant explain this movie to them hahaaha. they want to speak to your manager but you cant do that. if you ask others for help too much, you will get fired. if you take too long trying to figure out their weird problem, you get fired hehehe.

well never again will i be in a situation like that. thank GOD. but yeah. if i had never met that woman, i wouldnt have gotten that terrible job and thown almost 3 years of my life away. but yeah thats 34% my fault too hahahahaha. 33% her fault, and 33% the jooz fault hahahahahahaa. but it DOES suck to lose 3 years of your life and it didnt really HELP you.

so yeah i cant blame her (100%) for that and I DONT, but damn it SUCKS. i already wasted too many years. I knew BEFORE those 3 years happened that i didnt want to waste any more years….and then i went ahead and wasted 3 years anyway.

well it wasnt a TOTAL waste. i did some downright MIRACULOUS MACGUYVER shit and was a HERO to some clients. I just cant REMEMBER those cases in great detail unfort!!!

and I got bretty good at job searching, powered through 530 applications and about 26 interviews before finally getting muh sweet 11k a year job hahaha. but its low stress AF. but unfort i am not really IMPRESSING people and CHARMING people. i mean its not easy to impress and charm people!

i mean i try to do a good job but to be COMPETITIVE in the MARKET you have to be ABOVE AVERAGE, not AVERAGE.

you gotta be above average to get an average job and an average woman. does that make sense? no it never did.

i never aimed for more than an average job, although maybe i was arrogant enough to want an above average woman. well because average women are so bad!

and really average jobs are a lot worse than i thought too. you make like 26k a year and get abused all day by fat assholes calling you a phaggot idiot. getting BLAMED for shit like a red headed stepchild. people ANGRY at you and thinking youre an idiot, making you the scapegoat. i guess i learned how shitty that feels hahaha. oh what a shocker, i thought it would feel GOOD!

also i wouldnt get treated like that PER SE. its ALWAYS WORSE IN MY MIND THAN IT IS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!

antifas who are phd students at very top univs. these people are the top intellectuals. in math and computer science. well the one jooess is a phd student in negro american sociology and racialized reproduction hahahaha. anyway duke is a VERY elite skool, it is NOT easy to get into phd programs there!

i just hate that these phaggots can be more successful and respected and smarter than me. getting top Smart People jobs and being the worst antihwyte joos ever.

we need OUR PEOPLE in jobs like this. phd intellectuals at elite universities and being activists for HWYTES!

also i hate math and science phds who are horrible commies.

they should be 35 year old basement dwellers. unemployable. unluvable. but they are respected for their “smart brains” and get 18 year old college gurl pvssy. yeah i mean its disgusting antifa pvssy….but ive been in an environemtn a lot like this. there are a lot of beautiful 19 year old middle class hwyte gurls (and tons of joos too) larping as communist bolshevik unionists. and yeah even the jooesses look good at 19 years old. yeah you do want to bang them when you see 600000000000000000 qt young gurls every day at a super middle class university!

in the real world you would not be REWARDED with YOUNG gurls for being a weak communist!

and i am butthurt because i couldnt become a phd intellectual, get a job at a big university filled with THOUSANDS of 19 year old gurls and live the rest of muh life in extended adolescence trying to bang all the 19 year old gurls I wanted to bang, make up for lost time, get it all out muh system hahaha.




may 12

i get a get ask alice email every friday and im sure this one came up before haha

never forget, weev is a great writer too

ok did some errands, beautiful day, should go for powerwalk.

11 hours of sleep hehehe. it brings muh average up only a few minutes, to about 8 hours and 27 minutes hehe.

i dont see how omar sharif could be less than at least half whyte. he looks very hwyte for having a shitty arab name like that. or turk.  i think he was a turk. but he was pretty handsome and very whyte looking. heh. dr zhivago on classic movie channel atm hahaha.

laid down for 2 hours, tried to take a powernap. prob got no more than 30 minutes actual sleep. still worth it!

watched part of the movie hacksaw ridge. i guess it was ok but it seemed TOO VIOLENT. I got tired of all the grim, gruesome, harrowing War Violence. people getting their legs blown off etc.

i KNOW its trying to say “WAR IS HELL” and that director MEL GIBSON is a GREAT man…..but i still think you could make a decent war movie without such Graphic Violence and still get across the point War Is Hell.

also, plenty of Boomers had fathers who were in ww2 fighting the natzees. these people can prob never be convinced that the natsees were really the good guys and that you should hail the hakenkreuz hahahahaha. they just wont buy it. they were raised thinking natzees were the enemy and that AH was the most evil person who ever lived and that being an NS is treasonous and UNAMERICAN.

well i say listen to GLR then. he actually fought in WW2 and still became a natsee. wearing an armband and everything.

sheeeeeit they had SMORES ice cream at the store. this is a weakness of mine hahaha. some stores normally have smores ice cream. i dont go to that store normally. i normally go to a store that does NOT normally have smores ice cream hehehehe.

kind of like drawing a “swazi” on your chest while pounding a B, you could also have a giant picture of AH near your bed or on the ceiling, that she could look at while you were pounding her.

are you fooking kidding me? my BMR is like 1490 (1433 heheheheh) calories. meaning if i eat 1500 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT.

1452. if i eat 1453 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT. well, up to the point that i will then need more than 1453 calories to sustain my new larger weight hahahaha.

ayyyy check this out. its an actual human reader with a decent voice. i hate the text to speech computer readers.  cant believe yt hasnt taken it down yet. im sure they will.

heh 50 pages in and its kinda boring. slow moving hahaha. he either needs to talk about women, jooz, or his feelz moar hahaha. well right now he’s talking about how the social democrats are using trade unions as a political tool. but that wanting better working conditions is not an inherently jooish thing. actually he has not really mentioned joos yet. i imagine when he does the book will be a lot less boring hahaha. hes only very briefly mentioned the Twin Evils of Marxism and Joory. and hasn’t really tied them into the Social Democrats or Trade Unions yet.

but i want him to talk more about surviving day to day. sheeeit by the time he was 21 he was no longer working contstruction jobs 80 hours a week and was working as a painter/artist and had time to read after work and was not constantly stressed out even though he wasnt rich. so he was a winner normie chad then hahahah.

his father died when he was 13 and his mother died when he was 15 of Breast Cancer. He had a brother named Edmund Hister who died when he was 2 or 3 hehehehe.

i would have liked to hear more stories about him interviewing for jobs and not getting them. not making enough money to rent a room or eat his bread and milk. getting fired from jobs for being incompetent. getting fired from jobs for not wanting to joo, scam, cheat and lie to his company’s clients.

and no talk of women! did he go to hookers? they had to have had gypsy hookers in 1910 vienna hahahahaha. i mean yeah hookers are degenerate but he had to have urges! did he have GFs he just didnt write about? why didnt he get married to them and have children? i mean we know he eventually got with eva braun and they prob banged a few times hahahahaahaha. i thought he “dated” her for a longass time, at least 10 years. too bad they didnt have any children. but think of the shame that would have been brought on any such children!

listened to some of taake noregs vaapen since he will def play some songs from here. guitar sound is great, drums sound a little like a machine though! also it doesnt seem as hot-blooded as the earlier stuff. (ie, more boring, more mid-paced, less adventurous, more going through the motions, less inspired hahahahaha, good lord, if this is his Good later album and “stridens hus” is “going through the motions”, i hate to hear how boring that one is hahahahahahahahhahahaha) also the banjo is not super ridiculous as you would think. all people talk about is the banjo. banjo banjo banjo. i would use a theremin in my black metal hahahaha.

but yeah i am sure it will be a great show. never been to the venue but i dont think its too large and more importantly its not in the god damn black ghetto.

at least in 1910 vienna the hookers werent covered in tattoos and were probably good looking and not fat and dressed less slutty than NORMIE women today hehehehe. and didnt fook blacks because there were no blacks, and probably didnt even fook too many turks. maybe they fooked dirty gypsies. just trying to think what kind of nonwhites would have been in 1910 vienna. there were probably a tiny number of turks. i imagine there would be more joos and gypsies! and they hadnt yet created a “popular culture” to turn normie hwyte gurls into whores! women were still getting married and having babies young. men could afford to have children at age 21.

i wish women had some loyalty. but this is holding women to mens standards and will always result in disappointment.

but heres the thing: race mixing is objectively bad. hehehe. IMHO.

yeah well for WOMEN its NOT inherently bad. if it means getting the STRONGER mate.

basically, race mixing is bad for men and women. therefore its BAD when women do it. even though they dont THINK its bad. and we cant EXPECT them to think that its bad. because in Woman World, race mixing is NOT bad.

but it IS bad! because it weakens our race!

but WOMEN dont think its bad, because STRENGTH, not RACE, is the only thing that matters!

also, even a young immature man can see that the black thuggish displays of “STRENGTH” are not real strength at all. but just thuggish apefrican bigman ooga booga jungle bullshit. we can see right away this man might appear strong but that he would be a horrible long term mate, terrible husband, terrible father, its all surface, it’s SO OBVIOUSLY all surface, and we woman haters rightfully resent women for not being able to see that OBVIOUS truth! cant you see THIS IS NOT REAL STRENGTH???????!?!?!?!?!?!

at least MEN are smart enough to know that a qt young gurl is not automatically a good wife and mother!

welll……not me. i ended up falling in luv with sluts, same way stupid women fall in luv with shitty deadbeat thugs. you are blinded by how HAWT they are that you think they HAVE to be perfect.

i just think its DISGUSTING how they can think these APE MEN are HAWT. at least the young sluts i fell in luv with were objectively qt. and didnt LOOK LIKE TRASH.

weev says that selling tshirts does not make much money, that its mainly good for “branding” rather than making money.

hes a jooish leftist writing for a jooish phagazine but he’s not entirely incorrect hahaha. you should delete your f4gbook. zucc is one sneaky sneaky joo.

may 13

new nokturnal mortum album, first in like 8 years since the ridiculously vaunted “voice of steel.” so, a band coming back after a HUGE hiatus, AND following up the HUGEST album of their career. LOT of hype here.

i especially like that they were “NS” for a while and hopefully are still JQ wise. hope they are not degenerate alcoholics.

also, 74 minute albums are not my thing, i prefer 40 minute albums. but i respect varggoth’s musical aesthetic and hopeful racialism hahahaha. would totally see them live but they will prob never do a us tour. but if they did it will be pretty soon!

slate article: you will hate your husbando after your kids are born, so dont have kids goyim hahaha

had weird nightmare last night where there was this weird grotesque sexual hell where people were doing these violent torturous torture porn shit in huge bloody orgies of death, sex was associated with violent torturous death, rooms full of people fooking each other with razor dild0z, women doing azz to azz with razor dild0z and tearing each other apart, all while being stung by swarms of bees and hornets, people being torn apart by fook machines. it was horrifying.

if something were not a degenerate orgy of blood right now, it would turn that way. but i was horny and there were all these qt young women. i was running to escape the rooms that had horrifying orgies of blood and death, and then found a room with qt nice soft nonviolence. and i was like, welp, i want to touch this qt gurl. buttttttt…….this is clearly some kind of hell, and this is gonna get really horrible, right?

i found myself with a beautiful yougn girl and then stuffed muh face into her young Flower hahaha and then it felt all cold, like cold raw meat, and i realized that the gurl was dead or dying and there i was eating her cold dead coont.

of course that was nothing compared to the people getting TORN APART in other rooms.

there was the implication that this was part of a book trilogy like “divine comedy” and this was the hell/inferno part, and the longest book of the three, and that the books may have been written by the mysterious black metal band deathspell omega or their evil sadistic degen singer, that crazy finnish guy hahahaha.

but i know he’s not really that crazy, and that none of them are THIS edgy as the stuff in this nightmare.  MA might even be a nationalist! but yeah his old power electronics stuff was pretty dark and evil and depraved. maybe the dream was a reference to all that. probably. i totally understand his interest in nationalism, i totally do not understand his interest in that Nihilistic, Evil, Degen, Pornographic stuff. he should focus on the former, and abandon the latter.

now certainly i dont like how joos have turned secs into a jooish, degenerate, pornographic, horrible hell on earth, but certainly its not as bad as seen in this dream, i mean thats why they call it a nightmare hahaha. but i am also butthurt about never being able to enjoy secs with a woman, really to never be able to enjoy being with women period, including cuddling and dating and hanging out.

it might not be like a living hell torture porn, but it still is a disgusting degenerate jooish farce of lies, disappointment, heartbreak, and butthurt ahahhahahahaha.

ok so i might have three diff versions of MK going right now hahaha. 1. manheim translation book. 2. audiobook above. 3. stalag edition online. in the first 2, they have AH using the word “K1KE” near the end of chapter 2 where he talks about the j being as a maggot in an abscess. in stalag, word “K1KE” does not appear. so….wat do hahahaha.

i dont care if he DOES use the word!!! i just dont want people putting words in his mouth!

anyway. point is, in the second part of chap 2, he finally begins talking about the J and hopefully does not stop.

heh. tfw when you are reading AH’s thoughts on the J and you realize you feel the exact same way hahahahahahahaha.

but yeah what a fooked up dream. im surprised it didnt affect me MORE. hey i think i would actually take this dream, over a dream with That Woman.

isnt that great. i would rather have dreams of women being torn apart by double ended ass to ass dild0s, in a sadistic jooish torture porn hell, than have any kind of dream with THAT WOMAN hahahaha. very telling.

you know that sense of sleaze and this is dirty and wrong that you get when you see porno? that is the essence of pure jooishness. and they want you to enjoy it. embrace this jooish sickness. become as sick and degen as they are.

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i might be alienating people who are willing to Stop Watching Porn but are unwilling to question the Jooish aspects of porn. that does kinda suck. well to you i say: FINE. just IGNORE my Vitriolic, Virtulent, Hister-tier Anti-Semitic Ranting, and Stop Watching Porn ANYWAY. it is such a SIMPLE task that will have such concrete, immediate results. PROVE ME WRONG. Prove the Joo-hater wrong. just stop watching the porn for your health. that is made by rich evil hwyte kleptocrats. white globalists hahahahaha.

its not globalism thats bad, its all the white males at the top who are exploiting workers globally thats bad!!!!!

anyway. who cares if porn is jooish or not. (it is.) just stop watching it and you will reap solid benefits very quickly. i cannot help but feel CONTEMPT and PITY for people who still watch porn. PATHETIC. i cant believe millions of white men watch it regularly. and their wives and gfs just think its normal.

maybe evil rich white males want you to THINK its normal. so you can watch it every day and be a pathetic, contemptible jerkoff who delights in depraved, sleazy sin.

they used to tell you you’d go blind, you’d grow hair on your palms, you’d never get a gf. well at least one of those things is true hahaha.

AH is implying that men should not vote until age 30. this is a very good idea. well, he says “should not involve themselves in politics until 30, so as to develop the weltanschauung” etc etc.

not sure if he means voting. but if voting were restricted to MEN ONLY, ABOVE 30, that would be a YUGE improvement over current.

heres a cartoon emily youcis did i guess somewhat recently. not bad. pretty good!

i mean she has seen both those worlds. hope she doesnt go back to the degen one.

yeah shes prob crazy. yeah shes prob fooked more than 20 guys hahahaha. yeah political / racial women are inherently CRAZY. yeah her previous art was so degenerate, it was like the stuff i saw in my awful nightmare last night. but i still generally like her and think she’ll stay on a good path. really a woman like her would be TOO GOOD for me hahaha.

That Woman was TOO GOOD for me. it was MY FAULT i lost her becuase i was TOO WEAK to HOLD ONTO a good woman like her. the perfect person at the WORST time. DAMN. how can i ever forgive myself for being At Fault in losing the Best Woman I ever met? How will I ever get over this?

ehehehe. MY MIND IS THINKING more of those that woman thoughts and its all my fault and ill never get over it thoughts. lets just play cards and read MK by AH.

i would get a masters degree in Hwyte Studies HAHAAHAHAHA. there will never ever ever ever BE a masters degree in Hwyte studies! there are many masters degrees in ANTI hwyte studies!!!!!!!!!!

Higher Education is DEEPLY Antihwyte! that is one of my big problems with it hehehe.

i cant say inherently because it wasnt ALWAYS inherently antiwhyte hehe

some 18 year olds are obsessed with becoming a nurse or doctor or engineer and getting all A’s in their college classes so they can get into MEDICAL SCHOOL and become a DOCTOR. why couldnt i have been like that. though medical schools are full of nonwhytes, i dont think actual medical education is itself very antihwyte in content the way all arts and humanities are. and “social sciences” dear god that word. how about social studies. thats what we used to call history in grade school. i think its a more honest term than social sciences!

Ernst Zundel sez that ANTIS3M1TISM IS A NATURAL REACTION TO S3M1TISM hehehehe. Started listening to that 2 hour interview he did wit the israeli journalist. it takes about 20 minutes to start getting good. but i think its gonna get real good, with him saying gems like that. DIS GON B GUD.gif

somebody on daily stormer suggested reaching out to “pro white celebrities like phil anselmo” for big time shekels.  i know he had semi apologized for his drunken “white power” remarks, when i hoped he would be like, yeah im a racist, so what. but hes just sorta cucked with shucks im sorry, i was drunk, i grew up in nola with tons of black people, all humanity is equally shitty, some of my heroes are black men, bla bla bla. CUCKING.

and now he’s saying he was MOLESTED as a child. well that sucks but him saying that NOW seems kinda bad timing. he shoulda just said that years ago because now it sounds like hes cucking again. oh im a damaged person because i was molested. its terrible to be molested, its NOT terrible to be a racist, and its like hes really groveling for the joos now. oh you cant hate me, i was MOLESTED.

so in other words, i REALLY dont think he’d support daily stormer. at all.

anyway just read that and you’ll see he’s not really pro hwyte hahahaha. he apparently doesnt think french is hwyte. he’s french and sicilian and well we know sicilians arent hwyte but certainly french are!

talks about his single mother fooking black guys. HORREE SHEET. im surprised THEY didnt molest him! or at least beat him! so thats why he became an angry nihilistic incoherent druggie.

and the people who think hes a racist STILL think hes a racist!

i dont even hate the guy. he used to be my role model for angry tuff guy manly man shit. he was tuff and masculine, but there was no real weltanschauung there. just a man who was angry at everything and rambled incoherently hehehehe. except he fried his brain even MORE on drugs and alcohol and is even MORE incoherent when talking to people and now he apologizes for pseudo racist stuff when he’s too tuff to ever apologize for anythign else.

heh. but i wouldnt mind hanging out with him and telling him to quit MJ, to maybe have a child with a decent woman, that might straighten him up. not sure he would be able to discern a decent woman though. he was married to some jooish slut 15 years ago or so!!! if that didnt make him race aware, nothing will! damn!

i dont think hes a bad guy. but he should just have some damn kids and stop fooking around with metal for 45 year old losers.

although i like that he bitched about scott ian saying ian is never gonna say thank you for your dnation to the SPLC phil hahahahaha.

though i would have liked it better if anselmo had just said fook you joo, im not donating shit to those joos! dont try to shame me!

cuz ian had made a really JOOISH statement (yes hes a joo) saying you not donating is COMPLICITY!

his public apology wasnt good enough for these joos!

anyway, im sorry he was molested as a child. no child deserves that. that’s PROBABLY why he became such a misguided fookup and made fooktons of bad decisions and kinda wasted his potential and became sad and pathetic hahaha.

if he didnt hang out with a bunch of other druggies and losers maybe he could have had a healthy hwyte male role model in his life to teach him how to be a proud hwyte male. yet another product of single mothers! mudshark single mothers! and he doesnt think that is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING that his own MOTHER was a MUDSHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!




mar 25

had dream about woman i like in  2007 or 8. she was very attractive and young but was a fatherless bipolar mudshark. good riddance. well shes been with the same mud guy now for like 2 years, thats not typical of muds fooking white gurls. shit im surprised shes capable of being with 1 man without dumping him for 2 years. i dont want the desperate thirsty man who is willing to settle for poor damaged me for the long term, better dump him.

anyway shes not a terrible person and in the dream she was being nice and interested in me, smiling at me, hanging out with me one on one, even grabbing muh d under the table. i was like well this is nice, cant wait to get you home and fook you like an animal several times in one night. i was totally enchanted just by her hanging out with me, looking at me, smiling and laughing and being flirty towards me. its not rocket science.

then i lost track of her and could not find her and was like OH SHIT that was a SURE THING and now I am gonna LOSE MUH CHANCE.

but yeah even if she is a crazy mudshark shes not a terrible person and i would have totally dated her and probably fallen in full luv with her if she had any interest in me. she was interested in being friendly with me for a few weeks, so that was enough for me! unfort she had a LOT of male friends and was always making new friends. VERY social. bad news. i was nothing special.  and i am sure i remember her a lot more than she remembers me, like 9 fookin years later. oh well. at least she looks older now.  but still totally bangable. and she is way more successful than me hahaha. and fooks negros. falls in LUV with negros. i mean thats pretty damning.

i dont need to say she was a huge slut ever since the age of 20 at least. becuase she was hahahaha.

and to think. many guys got to live out my dream of her being interested in them, then they got to fook her, then they probably got “too” interested in her, then she said UGH why are all these thirsty guys always falling in LUV with me, im not that luvable, then gave them the cold shoulder, fooked tons more guys, and only fell in luv with darkies, and still became way more successful than me hahahaha.

but yeah she’s not a terrible person. i wish her father were better to her and she had turned out better and had dated me hahahaha. then i never would have met That Woman.

you can probably get more than one oneitis in your life……but its way harder when you are older than 30 and looking at older women. it happens most readily when you are young and the women are young. then it happens maybe 3, 5 times and you better marry one of those gurls. doesnt help if they have no interest in you whatsoever hahaha.

anyway it was interesting to get a dream where a qt young gurl was being flirty with me and it felt good man, like do ALL NORMIES REALLY experience this in real life?

i actually experienced it with 2 women in my own life! 12 and 13 years ago hehehe. so i KNOW its real and not a myth.

i claim that its NOT weird to get attached to a person after you FOOK them, or even youve been making out with them. these things are supposed to generate bonding chemicals of oxytocin. so Thots who casually suck and fook, cant make oxytocin any more, cant get attached to any man. well except maybe THE MOST alpha, who already has His Choice of women throwing themselves at him.

also dont be captain save a child if the childs mother is a Ho and you are involved with her hahahaha. some men play captain save a ho and the ho has a young child that the white knight man gets attached to and wants to save the child along with the mother.

its ok to save the child, just ignore the mother tho. send the mother to a handmaids tale like breeding camp where she can breed white babies but not fook them up.

kinda shitty to have hwyte kids if youre just gonna fook them up. its very frustrating. you might ALMOST not have the kids at all if youre just gonna set them up to fail. but no abortions of hwyte babies. send the hwyte babies to a hwyte person who can take care of them. to a captain save a ho type man. give him a child to save instead. and he can continue to bang hos and thots. away from the childs eyes of course.

laid down cuz felt tired, didnt really Nap though. watching “mutiny on the bounty” with marlin brando from like 1961 and the hwytes are RACE MIXING like crazy with the tahitian THOTS. the captain should be condemning this race mixing abomination.

anyway point is, if some 20 year old girl with a healthy body is throwing herself at you, you conveniently forget about race. i probably even would too. but yeah i dont want to watch a movie from the 60s and see RAMPANT race mixing!

yeah yeah i get it, they are SAILORS, fine. i just smh when i see hwyte men getting YELLOW FEVER. pretty PATHETIC.

besides, what they dont say enough is that these gurls are huge sluts who treat EVERY guy like this. you think she’s gonna be faithful to YOU? or are you a degenerate who doesnt care if your woman is faithful? or hwyte?

well these men have been working hard like slaves on the sea and they are just looking for a little tenderness and now they are finally getting it. doesnt make race mixing RIGHT but i cant say id do differently in their position. id probably K muh self after 2 days on the SHIP!!!!!

like this guy chip gaines and his Triracial wife on the hit show fixer upper. he seems like a good man but seriously very very very GOOFY which probably made it harder for him to get a hwyte woman. so he gets with this….lets just call her asian woman. i know she is ASIAN, ARAB, and something else, maybe mexican. she is in good shape, very healthy weight, and has nice hair, and i would bang her too if i were a desperate thristy slave on board a ship. or right now, after 12 years of thirst hahahahaha. 12 years a thirsty slave.

but rather than pump and dump her, he fell in LUV with her and millions of people including me are watching the show. now thank god their kids look a lot whiter than she does and could prob PASS for whyte. shit you know i think the third race in her IS whyte. white, asian, and arab. i looked it up once hahahaa.

so that makes the kids 67% white. hmmmm. not quite good enough. POOR KIDS!!!! SAD!

only in a thoroughly jooed world would it make sense to have SECS with a person and NOT get ATTACHED to them.  this is EXACTLY how the joos DESTROY OUR race, by destroying the FAMILY, destroying CHILDREN, destroying relships between men and women, by saying that secs is casual and doesnt NECESSITATE ATTACHMENT.

every time you have casual secs, the J rubs his hands.

every time you don’t condemn casual secs, you murder your own race. just throw it into the oven.


MJ has been less disappointing to me than WOMEN. BY FAR. the women always leave and break muh heart. the MJ, i pretty much know what I’m getting, and it works as intended. i use it to fulfill a similar role as women: to get warm fuzzies, a sense of romance and transcendence and The Sublime and The Beautiful.

and it more or less WORKED! its honestly an effective reinforcement. like a dog getting a treat. pavlovs dogs drooling for their treat. the only thing that can come close to TRAINING and CONDITIONING me like that is a Special QT young Woman who I Like, and its WAY easier to find MJ than to find a woman like THAT. even right now. when MJ is very slim pickins. likable women are even slimmer hahahaha.

they say romance books and bullshit like 50 shades of gray are porn for women, which i can see the point, but it misses a HUGE point of what pornography is. namely, 50 shades of gray is not even 1% as filthy, degenerate, destructive as the hardcore vidya porn for men, where real women are destroyed, degraded and abused to the delight of the jooz, where pathetic men who will never get a woman beat off to it bitterly.

in 50 shades of gray, real women arent being destroyed gaping their assholes for black bulls on camera. there’s just some fantasy of being seduced by a powerful manly man. nothing new there. so theres some very LIGHT fetishism. i’m surprised its not MORE jooish. and when it gets more jooish – like the degen filth produced to emasculate MEN – then i’ll get worried. until its used as a weapon to destroy people, you cant call it “pornography.” you can call it retarded, low brow jooish (((entertainment))) though!

how WOULD you make something like pornography for women though? basically, women can ALWAYS reproduce. i guess the more destructive thing would be entertainment that blatantly promotes casual secs, polyamory, polyandry, and even still, its not like women Dildo Themselves to Sex and The City or Cuckold Porno. and even if they did, they would still reproduce. but they would be ruined children for sure. not that many of them aren’t.

but yeah honestly i don’t think you CAN make something as bad for women as bad as actual porn has been for men. something like “GIRLS” by digusting pig lena dunham is the closest thing, and that is over and done with. women liked that show for 2 years at most. then it went out of favor and lena went too far even for the joos and people are like yeah shes a little weird. GIRLS was bad and promotes the worst kind of women, but its still not nearly as bad as porno for men.

yeah the worst thing for women would be much complex things than “just porno”: stuff like ABORTION and FEMINISM basically and everything related to that. it all contributes to the idea of sexual liberation, culture of casual sex, disposability of human life, etc etc.

outlaw pornography and outlaw abortion. this would go a good way to changing the culture. outlaw no fault divorce. oh but muh freedoms, there should be no laws, no gummint. no this is not a libertarian website hahahahaha. we believe in law and order, for the protection of the fascist nation and our fascist hwyte race. laws to keep out da jooz. theyve been kicked out of 200 countries. i wonder why. because goys hate the poor jooz. the poor innocent victims that never did anything to get banned from 200 countries in 2000 years.

i guess tinder would be like porn for women to. give them a platform to HAVE casual sex and to make their OWN porno pictures and videos with the guys they casually fook like sluts.

but yeah life is a COMPETITION. FIERCE competition. for women, and for jobs.

heh. its funny though. it was easier for me to get into a Highly Selective University than it was to get an 11k a year job. WAYYYYYY easier.  I applied to like 3 universities and got accepted to them all. no i did not apply to harvard, yale, princeton, stanford, MIT, i just wasnt interested, and i prob WOULDNT have gotten in.

it was easier for me to get into a Highly Selective University at age 17 that it was to Win the Hearts of Sluts and Mudsharks.

so yeah i guess i wasnt prepared for HOW competitive the world really was. kinda wish i had just gotten rejected from that uni! i only went there because it was Highly Selective and a Really Good Name, so if i go here, i will be SET FOR LIFE, even if I do average work in a useless degree. WRONG.

anyway back from sat afternoon church, ate some dinner, took powerwalk, and gonna actually be under calorie goal for once.

anyway i guess that dream about that OTHER woman was good because it wasnt about THAT woman. but it still doesnt prove i could have feelings for a brand new unknown woman.

well, logically, if it were a young, nice, attractive woman,  i probably could. if she were about 7/10 and about 25 years old (or younger!) but as i get older, this age standard gets harder and harder to reach. also them being willing to spend time with you (one on one, not just in groups), and respond to you, and be nice to you, that can cause you to have feelings too.

so yeah i COULD. but to pull a woman that YOUNG when I am not YOUNG…that seems unlikely.

logged into my runescape game for the first time in 3 years. it looked totally different.  i then logged into “old school” which looked familiar but it had set me all the way back to the beginning. sad! i remember the game being kinda fun. now its making me type the stupid password in and wont even let me paste the long unique password i have for security. you have to type in the password every time. might as well save it as password123.

funny that the women you never forget have forgotten you like their fathers have forgotten about them. and the guys these women can’t forget have in turn forgotten about THEM.

well you know i bet their fathers havent FORGOTTEN about them. they are just too COWARD to do the right thing.

come on. was i really THAT forgettable? i dont think so. i know my male friends remembered me.

taake does a CURE cover. this sounds like a potentially good idea. havent listened yet. this is from the cure “pornography” album which is very very bleak and dark and which i imagine would be anti pornography. i guess i would have to look at the lyrics of the album to determine why they called it that.

just trying to psych myself up for his boring concert so i get my 22 dollars worth hahahahahahaha no it should be pretty good. also prepping his most recent 2 albums “stridens hus” and “noregs vaapen” which i have not listened to. in 2008 i was actually aware of taake and thought he was pretty good so i was excited about his New Self Titled Album in 2008. It turned out being very boring and underwhelming so then i stopped being so ecxcited about taake. the end. then 9 years later he came to my town and i said what the heck ill go see him. shit i cant believe i first heard taake more than 9 years ago. it doesnt seem that long ago. i certainly haven’t “been a fan” for 9 years hahahahaha.

seems like most fans agree: his 2008 s/t album was boring and uninspired, his next album noregs vaapen was a strong comeback, then his next album stridens hus was kinda lackluster again. well he never makes an album longer than 45 minutes, thats good.

this unartig usually has decent recordings of NYC shows on youtube. hear taake does a good live show. he looks like he’s into it and is not so grim he can’t interact with the fans. but not so silly he cant be grim either. i think his whole thing is to recreate classic 90s black metal. back when dissection and emperor and darkthrone and burzum and mayhem were the coolest bands ever. i am kind of this era too, not being THAT much younger than hoest, so hipster blackgaze young kids black metal still seems a little weird to me, as im sure it does to him.

i dont understand those shitty pants he is wearing though. literally the worlds most falling apart jeans. there was a photograph taken once of his D hanging out of his terribly shredded pants hahahahaha. i would just get a new pair of pants already buddy. but glad to see he hasnt gotten all fat and is still in good shape in his Late Thirties.

in 2015 he had a huge hipster beard hahahaha but in 2016 he cut it to normie length hahahaha. but seriously his long beard looked good. i cant grow a long beard like this because muh beard hairs grow in weird directions whereas his beard grows straight down and out so he can grow it long.

if you see pictures of him not looking made up or trashy or drunk but attempting to look semi presentable, he is handsome as fook and could easily pull a 20 year old 8/10 waifu. JELLY. CHAD HOEST.

mar 26

yeah actually pretty excited about this. one could do a lot worse than taake. i SHOULD be a bigger fan. i was big on metal in 1999 and 2002 when he was releasing his first big albums. i just dont recall reading about them! 2005 hordaland came out just as i was making out with a grill for the last time hahahaha but i was tuned out of metal at that time, and for a few more years after. then i came back sometime around 2008 because i remember when the taake album came out and everyone was disappointed.

but yeah. i wonder if he likes sacramentum. probably. taake should be my favorite band because they tap right into that sweet spot before black metal got young and weird, and old and boring. and never attempted to “innovate” in the embarrassing ways older bands like satyricon did. the younger bands did a LOT better job of that, shit i totally respect bands like alcest or wolves in the throne room (do they really count as younger though?) well, repsect their MUSIC I should say haha. also saor, winterfylleth, wodensthrone, 10’s UK black metal is bretty kewl, but nothing really weird about it: it is just straight up pagan heathen atmospheric BM with no funny stuff. you could say similar about taake. its bretty atmospheric, quite melodic.  the funniest he gets is occasional “black and roll” and using a banjo once which got way too much attention. well it doesnt help that he brings the banjo on tour with him to play during that one song.

yeah i am officially excited. i will relisten to the old taake albums because i have forgotten large portions of them. i will listen to the newer albums i missed entirely. i listened to the cure song today, it was ok but yeah the vocals were a miss hahahaha. would have been better off just impersonating robert smith, who has a good voice.

Image result for ørjan stedjeberg

but yeah this is what i mean, chad hoest. very handsome. a total 8.8/10 man hahahahaha. he could literally be a male model.

but it is degenerate to get an upside down cross tattoo. but i can totally understand why. he was probably drunk and 18. when i was drunk and 18 i just drew an upside down cross on my arm with a marker hahahaha. he goes and gets a permanent tattoo on his chest. SMDH.

when he is good, he is really, really, really good. he taps into the pure essence of black metal, which really covers a YUGE range of emotions. its not just “cold” or “grim” but it certainly includes those things. sorrow and beauty and nostalgia and epic and pride and and yearning and anger and hatred and angst and even romance and even some hwyte racial pride in there (but i dont expect any creators to acknowledge or even realize that last one. it still comes through implicitly. you cant escape becoming who you are, goy, hahahahahaha.)

and taake covers ALL these bases rather than just being hateful or just being depressive or just being grim, and keeps the music very dynamic, epic, interesting, hot-blooded, passionate, earnest, sincere.

except when it doesnt, then it’s just as boring as all other boring black metal.  but taake hits some very strong highs.

also hoest is a very powerful singer and has a recognizable voice.

he hangs out with some degenerates, so i hope he is less degenerate than them. i guarantee he is more degen than i would like him to be tho. he prob drinks too much, prob bangs too many dirty sluts, def has too many degen tattoos, has gone to jail, probably for drunkenly, stupidly fighting another drunk white man. (speculation). he sort of “apologized” as much as he could for the svastica incident in germany 2007.

he is an obvious narcissist who has HIMSELF on ALL of his album covers hahaha.  well a man needs to have CONFIDENCE in himself and not be a meek depressive self-loather!

would like to see video of him recording the albums. does he actually play the drums? on older abums I know he got a guest drummer.

what is his opinion on iron maiden? probably positive but what if its neutral?

does he have any illegitimate children? i could see him being a deadbeat father who leaves his bastard children with their metal/bar slut mothers so he can go on tour and bang more metal sluts. just speculation hahahaha. if he has children, i HOPE he takes care of the children. kinda hard to do when you are on tour months at a time though! which is why you should do like garth brooks and retire from touring when your kids are young. you can still play a few shows a year.

do like varg. release a string of classic albums when you are very young, then shift the focus from music to having 6 or more children.  music is a young man’s game. especially metal and black metal.

in other words, hoest should have retired from black metal in 2006 after hordaland, settled down with a NICE gurl and started having babies. how about he could get a job as a Music Teacher and still play music with a Norwegian Folk Group. but no more hateful drunken metal. he’s a family man nao.

but that didnt happen.

and we still would have had those classic first 3 albums, and he could have had 5 kids before he was 40. win win. instead he is making hit or miss albums and getting drunk at age 39. talk about despair. judge judge judge hahahahahahahaha. at least he is traveling the world and banging women and still makes 50% good albums hahahaha and has fans and is leaving some kind of legacy hahaha.

i bet he could just retire to bjoergvin and find a nice gurl even now. there are still good women left, even in the us, even in degen norway and sweden.

but would i let my virgin daughter marry hoest?

well, i would test the shit out of him first! no more tattoos, no more drinking, no more tours, no more sluts, from now on you are going to be a husband and father! i mean either that sounds good to you or it doesnt. to me it sounds great, except for providing for that family.

could he really be a music teacher? could he really make enough money to live off that in NORWAY, where they take 60% of your income in taxes and gas is 10 dollars a gallon and it costs 10000 dollars to rent a shoebox apartment?

would he want to be a music teacher? would he be a good music teacher? uhhh i think he’d enjoy it more than being a Call Center Agent or a Lidl/Tesco slave. maybe he has terrible people skills though.

well, you cant bang dozens of women and have terrible people skills.

how do i know he’s banged dozens of women? you can just tell.

men who bang dozens of women, even if they are horrible sluts, have what it takes to be successful in other areas of life. raw confidence and toughness and masculinity. he just has to be WILLING to give up the degenerate, sensualist life of booze and sluts.

i guess if you’re actually GETTING the sluts, it could be hard to give up. for me, even getting SLUTS was a huge struggle. for CHAD HOEST, I bet its as easy as a woman getting a chad.

i should clearly write a fanfic of chad hoests alternate life, then give it to him at the concert. then he will uh oh this guy is right, i better start making babies. i am 39 years old and a handsome hwyte man. what am i doing with my life. shit you can go to southern france like varg if norway has become too ridiculous. i dont doubt that it has. go to poland. go to hungary. go to romania. its all good. we’re all hwyte here.

russia and ukraine are great, i just worry that da J’s have too much power there. in poland possibly too.  guess its gotta be better than NORWAY. in terms of the current norwegian gummint.

lets make norway great again hahahaha.

hey i dont blame chad hoest for descending into sensualist degeneracy, look at what his HOME is BECOMING!

my home is becoming similar. and i descended into hateful nihilism of black metal and the hedonist sensualism of drugs and, in the past, alcohol and pr0n. never had the luxury of real live grills like chad tho. i hear that can be real hard to give up. i just cant put myself in chad’s shoes. and chad cant put himself in mine.

hey im no better. i just want to be lazy and do MJ all the time. muh brain and muh WILL is BROKEN.

i have bitterness towards women because they cant just injure, its always INSULT UPON INJURY with these demons hahahahaha. they cant just reject you and say sorry, they have to reject you and be huge mudshark sluts afterwards. you cant have me but all these other guys sure can. im a dirty degen slut, but im still too good for YOU, ya meek neet wimpy sissy loser child.

i guess they arent intentionally trying to “rub it in your face” when they do slutty shit after rejecting you and you just happen to hear about it because you are borderline stalking them hahahahahaha. then thats your fault. well shit. i argue they should be being sluts ANYWAY. no woman NEEDS to be a slut. fook that shit. its BAD, there is no use for it ever. makes schlomo say GOOD GOYIM. because it DESTROYS the goy race. not IMMEDIATELY, but in the long term. even 50 lousy years can do a hell of a lot of damage. that’s not too long term. that’s less than one lifetime.

can lead the horse to water but cant make them drink. this is one of the most important true cliches ever. very relevant for me and very relevant for others too. including that woman. its all about WILL. so do you blame yourself for FAILING TO INSPIRE WILL????!!?!???

did you really lead them to the right water?

why arent they drinking?

why arent you SELLING the water good enough? aren’t you SKILLED enough to SELL this water?

i would say dont blame yourself too much. sometimes there really is nothing you can do. GOD has to get in there and even HE might not be able to do anything. THE FREE WILL. what a horrible, horrible thing!

i had all the opportunities to succeed but i would rather sm0ke MJ, drnk alcohol, look at porn, and take it easy. coast.

i put myself all in for her and said take me or leave me and she left me as sure as you can leave a person.

KARMA hahahaha.

no im really not a bad guy i SWEAR. i never want to do anybody wrong. i just hated working hard when the payoff would come in longer than 4 years hahahaha.


the problem was the mistake wasnt just one big mistake, it was many little mistakes over like 4 years, that were not super visible to me, or to anyone around me. shit if my fam was convinced i was making a Big Mistake, they would have done something about it. but NO ONE KNEW what a big mistake i was making. thats what especially sucks. no one knew, no one could stop me. and if i could go back in time, i would damn sure stop myself.

average of 8:53 hours of sleep a night. DAMN. well, there it is. cant argue with the numbers hahahaha.

just trying to figure out the best time to go to bed when i get up at 5 am. apparently 8 pm hehehehe. OR EARLIER. 7:15 pm, because i take about 45 minutes to fall asleep after i get into bed.

i dont even know what would have been good for me. military, i prob would have private pyled.

i think just go to local comm college while continuing to work muh job i had at age 17. gotten into a machine apprentice thing. but i prob wouldnt even have THOUGHT of that. it took me till at least 28 to determine that that was a good idea.

i would have still been like college sucks, working sucks, everything sucks, just get the easiest degree there is and prepare for a life of sucking hahahaha. get used to it. deal with it. but maybe i would have been physically prevented from doing as much MJ and alcohol. not sure though. i STILL managed to do a lot of MJ and alcohol when i was home with the fam. quite a damn bit, now that i think of it. DAMN.

well, i would have stayed at the job i had until i found something better. it was a very easy job and i wuldnt just quit it. basically i had to leave it because muh college got in the way too much. ironic.

also i never would have gotten laid and never would have made out or cuddled with grills hahahaha. well i prob would have made out with grills but may well have never stopped being a V at age 21 like i did. i mean shit if were a 30 year old VIRGIN my confidence would be even LOWER. at least i can say oh yeah i stopped being a VIRGIN at a SOMEWHAT normie age.

hehehe whats def NOT normie is how i never had secs or GF or makeout or cuddles SINCE then hahahaha.

anyway, it really is impossible to say. maybe i would have just gone to another kollige and things would have turned out just as bad. maybe i would have stayed at home and gone to local college and things would have turned out just as bad hahahaha. I was BORN to become a neet failure nevergf 11k a year loser.

ok ok ok these are all horribly negative thoughts and i shouldnt even be THINKING THEM, let alone writing them down for all eternity as part of “MUH LIFE STORY” hahahaha.

i would not recommend putting all your money into MJ stocks, youd be better buying BTC hahahaha.

i would say if you get crabby like that, just lay donw and take a NAP if you can. if its a weekend and you dnt have to WORK or STUDY WORK hahaha. i did that, got at least 30 minutes, factored that into my Big Data. by number is inching closer and closer to 9 hours a night!

if i get 1 minute less than 9 hours of sleep every night, i get SO CRABBY i CANNOT FUNCTION hahahahaha.

i am like john cusack in high fidelity. thinking of all these women in the past, oh maybe she was the one, maybe she was the one, i should try to reconnect from this grill from 15 years ago, etc etc. not that ive actually done this. but it has crossed my mind. like lets give it another chance. and they are probably not gonna do the Reaching Out here. but im 40 and still single, what have i got to lose by Reaching Out to these people 10, 20 years later. i wasnt the one who ended this. i would have stayed with you and let it run its course if you didnt Prematurely Dump Me!

did he DUMP any of the women in that movie?

in real life, men actually DO dump women. hard to believe but its true.  i’ve never done it and dont really WANT to hahahaha.

and what an ANNOYING JOO cusack was in that annoying jooish movie!!!!!!! that is not how proud hwyte men act! this is not a man who is worthy of any woman! never act anything like that! its amazing he had been with like 5 women in his life! and not 0! he should have been a virgin!

stupid fookin jooish movie. cant believe i watched it like 3 times. this is why you stop being a big music fan when you become an adult. music is not a serious time consuming interest of successful, respectable adults. its like smokin MJ. its immature, arrested development.

why do you think people who smoke MJ listen to so much MUSIC hahahaha.

oh god i just want to sm0ke MJ.

GLR did not become joo wise until age 32 hahaha. i was 30 at the oldest. more like 28 hehehehe.

some people say you should get rid of all drunk driving laws and should only prosecute people for drunk driving if there is an accident and somebody gets hurt and the person at fault is drunk.

but no just pulling people over and giving them a misdemeanor 10k DUI for having 8% BAC.  no waiting to nab people coming out of bars. no dui checkpoints.


ok 730 planning to go to bed around 8. its science. did absolutely nothing productive this weekend. took naps, played cards, wrote whining shit. well i did do 2 loads of laundry, trimmed beard, took powerwalk on saturday i think. got concert ticket for furst concert in almost 2 years. worked on Budget. worked on Sleep Spreadsheet. wrote a ton of stuff, 25% of it good. created another spreadsheet showing the current sizes of all types of clothes i wear. measurements, sizes. dress shirts, pants, suits, chest, neck, legs, waist, arms, shoes, coats, shorts, undershorts, sweatpants, anything and everything as of mar 26 2017.

prepared a bunch of sound files. podcasts and taake albums.

crunched some serious analytics. gathered some good data and crunched some good numbers.

was just disappointing on muh job search, which i dont even want to really DO shit till like july, and also on muh powerwalking. yeah i should have gone to the gym but oh well. also gained almost 2 pounds hehehehe.



mar 19

wazzzup world hahahahaha

sunday morning today as well, just drinking coffee and farting and reading new blog post and watching rare history channel program on WW2.

  1. actual historical content on the HISTORY channel is so rare. you are lucky to see one program a week.
  2. naturally its very by the book shit of hitler and germany being monsters who need to be wiped off the face of the earth by the valiant allies.

not denying the bravery and courage and toughness of the allied soldiers. just that we were jooed into the war. jooed by literal joos and cowards into fighting against our german brothers. never should have happened.

did hitler really want to violently conquer all of france? i have to wonder if this is just another one of those joo lies. the idea of lebensraum did not mean he wanted to conquer all of europe by force. or did he. am i being to nice to AH.

yeah well it probably would have been a good thing if he had. introduced race conscious NS to all of europe. i do bet he would have allowed European Ethnic IDentity to be encouraged, like yeah you’re still FRENCH and youre still DANISH and youre still POLISH and youre still ENGLISH. i guarantee he wouldnt have tried to make everybody “german.” prob would have been flexible in allowing each nation to develop whatever kind of fascism worked best for its people. he wasnt trying to make some kind of pan european euromutts. and violently subjugate other europeans.

i mean shit he was allies with italians and spaniards and croatians, you think he would have genocided POLES? he just wanted 10% of some polish land that was pretty inhabited by germans anyway. i think they could have worked something out. or were poles actually the assholes who started ww2. yeah wel if they were i still blame the joos who were lousy in poland just like they were in russia. where did these people COME FROM. khazaria of courshe hahahaha. which was closer to poland and russia than to germany for example.

was winston churchill an ALCOHOLIC???? AH sure wasnt hahahaha. also FDR was a marxist j00 who was so crippled that his even more communist jooish lesbian WIFE was essentially president for 8 years.

i will single handedly change the current course of history and stop our hwyte women from being stupid racemixing sluts!!!!! and make them GOOD again! i will rise to that challenge and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!

this is the Talk Of A Champion that you are supposed to replace negative thoughts with, hehehehe.

take negative thoughts and say NO!!! NO!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! to them, and REPLACE them with POSITIVE thoughts of how you will WIN like a CHAMPION. HAIL VICTORY!!!!!!!

welp maybe i wont single handedly change the course of history, but i can certainly change one person. even if that one person is “only” myself. shit that would make all the difference in the world.

dont waste time trying to BE a womans father figure. THATS HER FATHERS JOB. and if her father didnt do HIS job, dont sacrifice yourself to clean up HIS mess. even if the gurl is not a huge whore hahaha. she will just find other ways to break your heart and be a huge disappointment.

better to not throw time and energy into a bad investment, and find a good investment, and find a woman you can have your own children with, and YOU can be a good father.

terrible few days for bitcoin, bad week for bitcoin, really a bad MONTH for btcoin hahaha. i mean its gone down 200 dollars just in the past 4 days or so. terrible.

ok. took huge dump, trimmed beard for weekly sunday #2 length beard. i guess #1 length would be The Don Johnson hahahahaha.

guy is a great father to his son but is a terrible cuck who lays down for his bitch ex who left him for a black guy.

if he’s such a great guy, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE LEFT HIM, MUDSHARK SWINE. she left him because he was WEAK and SOFT AND because she didnt have a father to slap some sense into her saying, whats WRONG with you? this guy is perfect and a great husband and father! DONT LEAVE HIM!!! EVER!!!! ya dumb broad!!!!


although its not the paxil/prozac/AD’s that do it, i take AD’s and I fully woke and Luv My RACE.

theres this meme that AD’s make you a sociopath, AD’s make you a cuck, i want to rebut that. I still have sympathy for other people and though i am kinda a cuck, i would NEVER do what this guy is doing, i would SHAME my shameful x for being a shameful MUDSHARK. Mudsharks REALLY trigger the FOOK out of me. that woman hahahaha. i cant believe she was technically a MUDSHARK. that should be enough to turn me OFF of her, but it just made shit MORE painful, harder to deal with, longer to get over. this is what happens when girls dont have fathers. Sad!

this guy describes a young mudshark from a decent family, good father, but is STILL an unrepentant mudshark. will be watching this thread for replies. maybe some will accuse him of being a joo planting a bullshit story thats too good to be true, NO decent hwyte gurl with a good father would EVER be a mudshark, ALL mudsharks are disgusting fat slobs. but i know this is not true. this is the real tragedy of mudsharkery, is watching a young girl BECOME a mudshark, to first cross over that line from good to ruined. Sad!

my theory is the father is a successful but swpl liberal middle class guy who is so nonracist that he doesnt care if his daughter fooks blacks, esp if they are not super thuggish. light skinned blacks who go to college and have no felonies.

i just cant understand whites who WOULDNT care about their DAUGHTER dating nonwhites. thats where the rubber meets the road. thats where people who don’t think they are racist discover that they are indeed a little bit racist.  and they dont mind it, beucase they’re not gonna cave on their daughter fooking nonwhites.

the SAD thing is, many hwytes WOULD cave on this, and would STILL be totally nonracist here. im so nonracists i REALLY DONT CARE about my daughter fooking nonwhites, and as proof, she’s already fooked 4 by age 22 and brought them home and they were all gud bois who dindu nuffin!

if the idea of your DAUGHTER fooking nonwhites doesnt make your SKIN CRAWL……i just dont know what to say to you.

i dont know about women. i WISH the idea of race mixing made THEIR skin crawl too…..but it just doesnt/ manage expectations. welp, turns out some MEN are just as cucked.  many MEN just dont care about race mixing either. sad! disgusting! unmanly!

again, i dont EXPECT women to know better. MEN, i DO.

so thats probably whats going on here, and shows you dont have to be white trash to be a mudshark slut.

really. honestly. i guess i’ll never understand these nonracists. you mean you JUST DONT CARE. have you NEVER got your heart broken by a woman and then that woman went on to fook blacks and browns and you didnt feel just a little bit angered by that? you REALLY dont care if your GF has been with nonwhites before you or after you? No they really dont. i guess i really cant reach these people. and i sure as fook can’t understand them.  WOW. JUST WOW. You really DONT care, do you. your gf has fooked blacks and you dont care. your daughter is fooking blacks and you dont care. WOW. you really dont care. well i guess you showed me! just how nonracist you are! feels good doesnt it!

i guess there are two types of peopel in the world, racist and nonracist, and never the twain shall meet. i am pretty happy being a racist. i mean i would rather be a racist than a nonracist!!!!!

and the dead giveaway is, do you CARE about your daughter, or your GF, fooking nonwhites. or yourself for that matter. do you really have NO PREFERENCE when it comes to the race of who you date.

some people SAY they have no preference but NEVER ACTUALLY date nonwhites. thats probably ok hahaha.

some people SAY they have no preference and MAINLY date whites….but occasionally date a nonwhite. not good. NOT EVEN ONCE. then what? did you learn something? did you develop a preference? i should hope so.

heh. i hope you never fall in LUV with someone who breaks your HEART AND does some mudsharking which ALSO breaks your heart too.

but the good thing is that it reduced my tolerance for race mixing degeneracy to absolutely zero.

i’m not even sure its inherently JOOISH, although it’s obvious why the joos exploit it. but it IS inherently degenerate in the most basic way. it’s just fooked up. entirely.

you dont have to be explicitly racist! just never fook a black! god damn! is that SO HARD??!?!?!?!??!!

you could even SAY you dont have any dating preferences! just don’t date a black! is that SO HARD?!?!?!?!?!?!

apparently, hahahahahahahaha.

i  have met maybe 2 black women that were attractive enough to bang, and i’m glad i didn’t hahahaha.

i’ve met many khazar jooesses who were attractive enough to bang. well, when i was young i did. but i didnt bang them. i probably would have if i had any idea how to talk to women. but i didnt. but i’m glad i only race mixed with jooesses only a TINY bit and not a LOT. better to be CELIBATE than to race mix.

have not read this one yet hahahaha

not bad!

but he has to know nicole 12 is degenerate. his past “pornographic” work is degenerate. i think he’s stepped away from this, has done less of them as time goes on, and more of Positive stuff like Vapaudenristi, but i still want him to SAY IT, say that yes i am making a moral judgment here, molesting children is wrong and degenerate, there’s a gray area where girls start to become women and start to become attractive that is probably younger than the legal age of consent, but we should still not “sexualize” them, and in general all pornography is degenerate, and race is real, and nationalism is good. this is what i want him to say rather than mental masturbation about “anti-anthropocentrism” hahahaha. just keep going in the direction of Ethno nationalism, and in saying mean things about k1kes hahaha.

i mean there’s NO DEBATE to be had on nicole 12 buddy. it’s not about studying a conditioned reaction like a “drooling dog.” i dunno. i think he should have just wrote a book about it because i just dont understand what he was trying to say with it. that everything is conditioned? that you can be conditioned into thinking pre-pubescent children are SECSY???? it just seems kinda JOOISH to try to say there’s nuances where there are none. yeah i KNOW he’s coming from the whole power electronics aesthetic, which has the same issues of jooish degeneracy.

i dunno. i guess i just want him to be something he’s probably not, and im gonna be disappointed with him in a few years hahaha. or maybe not! i mean over the past 4 or 5 years, he’s been doing more of the good things and less of the bad things!

like he needs to go into more specific detail about this “dynamic nationalism” and how he does NOT want a return to the past. how dynamic are we talking here? does race matter or not? i know he appreciates honesty but he talks too much like a damn………jooish academic artist???? thats just mean of me to say hahahaha.

no i think he’s just smart and autistic and this is the way he talks, he doesnt MEAN to sound jooish. he’ll be allright if he keeps hanging out with racist skinheads talking real talk hahahaha. also if he met a decent woman and had some children. i dont think he MEANS to sound so confusing, he’s not doing that on PURPOSE like the joos do.

he’ll probably be all right. i just dont want him to slip back into degeneracy and then make some jooish excuse about it when i KNOW he’s smarter than that! i dont want him to pull some FEDORA shit.

at any rate, he’s not really alt right and prob wont ever be as much as i would like him to be.

but would he let his daughter race mix? would he say NONE OF MY BUSINESS if muh gf race mixed before? hehehe i really dont think he would. i hope he wouldnt.

also i like some of the anti-individualist stuff he says in the interview. that these individualists are even more Conformist than normie Sheeple. basically suggesting that Individualism is Atomizing. Well….inasmuch as you can “understand” ANYTHING this guys says. I think he’s on the level, but this is why I want to TALK to him and get straight answers to straight questions. Would you let your daughter race mix? does race mean anything to you? do you care if Finns are wiped off the face of the earth? what do you think about Da JQ? Tell me what you really think about Da J’s. It’s ok m8, I dont like them either. I hope you dont like them hahahaha. what the FOOK kind of “discussion” do you think could POSSIBLY be had about nicole 12? its ok to say you have matured since that and maybe wouldnt do that again and maybe weren’t making the best statement with. molesting 12 year old girls is ALWAYS wrong and only a JOO would try to equivocate on that and it’s ok to say that. only a joo would WANT to have a discussion about the nuances behind wanting to Abuse Children.

which is totally not the same as saying, hmm that 17 year old gurl looks fairly attractive, and I would sign up to marry her when she turns 18.

just set up an email list for news on vapaudenristi and make english trans of the lyrics available so we know what you are talking about.

but if you listen to the albums of an RAC band like No Remorse and DONT say, OMG, these deplorable reprehensible nazi racist bigots! and instead say, hay I LIKE this, then you are kinda making a statement right there, aren’t you. Like how I realized that you can’t be a VVN Sympathizer without actually being a full-blown VVN and just not realizing it yet.

anyway me talking about That Man is even less interesting than me talking about Women or That Woman hahahahaha. if you want to have straightforward conversations about 1433, then there are a couple places you can go. like daily stormer. who i fully support. as of march 2017 hahahahaha. if andre turns out to be a joo i will cry mantears of grief and then move on somehow hahahaha. i really dont think he is though. also dont think he would marry a jooess.

however i wonder if k1ke enoch has divorced his joowife yet hahahaha. i aint mad at him. the shit is complicated. its still not good to have a joowife tho. but he is entitled to having a personal life. but none of us should be race mixing. he’s smart enough to know this is a problem. also its naive to do big things and say “im not a leader”. you have become KIND of a leader whether you like it or not, when you do big leaderlike things……and openly ask for dnations. i dunno. i think he learned something from all this. if anything i am more butthurt about sven banning people wantonly from the forums for weak reasons. and i still really like the hihg svenergy vidyas.  and there are still plenty of people on DS that crap on TRS for being j00 luvers. i still like em both, but i just had to take a break from TRS for a few weeks. to allow myself to not be so emotional about it.

NO ONE IS SAYING ITS OKAY TO HAVE A JOOWIFE. some of us just arent willing to believe it makes TRS traitors and shills and spies and plants and feds and mossad and controlled opposition and JFK MKII ULTRA hahahaha. it was just a guy in joo york and joo jersey who married a half-jooess before he was j00 pilled. it can happen. its not the end of the world unless they have joo children. AND THEY DONT!!!!!!!

basically how hard is it for mikko to just talk about HWYTES. just say the word. hwytes. europeans. its ok. its not a bad word. you can do it. say it. luv it. be it. huhwhyte. its a beautiful thing, its ok to FOOKING LUV being huhwhyte.

shit ive been saying it 14330000000000000 times a day for years.  no need to never say it once in years!!!!!!!!!! now THATS a little weird!

good luck finding a woman who says she prefers to date hwytes. just be lucky to find one who’s never “dated” a nonwhite YET. keeping the race pure is YOUR job. either the woman feels some kind of racial preference deep down inside or she doesnt, which will make your job of protecting the race and finding a woman who hasnt dated a nonwhite yet a little bit easier, if she’s not actively inviting them in like the sluts at the castle anthrax with a purpa drank shaped beacon.


but yeah. i just think its weird that not more hwytes are as anti-race mixing as i am. they just DONT CARE. or, worse, they say it’s AOK! no problem! i wouldnt care if i had mixed race kids!

that just seems weird and disturbing and unnatural to me. why WOULDNT you care? i want to find a woman who, on some unconscious level at least, CARES about this! and hang out with other men who explicitly care about this! become part of a mannerbund!

GLR prohibited drunkenness at ANP meetings. I think hahahaha.

andrew zimmern is pretty jooey but i also think he’s a good guy and i wouldn’t be against not deporting him hahahaha. but what is he teaching his kids at home? is his wife a joo? ideally she would be a latinx or something. why should we sacrifice a hwyte woman to make zimmern less jooish.

what about natives. injuns. there are rural communities where many of the hwytes are 10% injun. man i dunno hahahahaha. i figure if you are 13% or less nonwhite, then welcome to club hwyte. the hwyte race.  thats basically one fully nonwhite great grandparent at max.

it would be ironic if some nonwhite young woman was really really really really nice to me, and fell in luv with me, and wanted to be LOYAL to me and have muh babies. i mean that’s nothing to sneeze at when a woman gives you that loyalty. but i want that from a HWYTE woman, not a nonwhyte woman. go give that to a man of your own race. so what if they are shitty. the women of MY race are shitty. but i’d rather have no woman than a good woman of another race.

because i might be tempted! I have NO doubt that there ARE good women of other races. and being in that situation would probably be TEMPTING. oh ive been so lonely for so long, how can  REJECT this WONDERFUL woman who LUVS me just because she is not hwyte? come on. best not to BE in that situation to begin with.

GLR’s “HWYTE POWER” might be the better book for the beginner to GLR to read. i am kinda getting bored with TTTW hehehehe 65% of the way through.


from the first page, we can see that stuff in the US is HEAVILY jooed as far back as 1965.

ever since i was a young child, one of muh favorite movies was “the blues brothers”, which i have seen more times than i can remember. at first i was happy because it was one of the few R rated movies i was allowed to watch and had a few filthy f-bombs. overall it’s still a well written and constructed movie, stands the test of time, although does seem a little dated, but in a good way, shows the skills of john landis, who i’m not sure is J or hwyte, and of the players, not least of all the genuine comedy skills of albanian belushi and canadian ackroyd. also i believe john belushi was moreso a hwyte albanian than a turkish mud albanian. his brother jim looks basically hwyte while john was a bit more swarthy.

belushi was a drug doing degen like chris farley, but like farley, he was genuinely funny.

and yeah MY POINT and I DO have one, is I can look back now with new eyes and see the jooification of even this Quaint Old Movie. The blues brothers were antiracist from the beginning, hanging out with tons of blacks and IDOLIZING black musicians.

MY POINT is this was one of my first exposures to NEO NATZEEZ, with the Illinois Nazis in the movie with….John Daniels? John Glover? the Laugh In Guy, as their leader. Even from a young age I was impressed by the impressive speech he made: “white men, white men, the svastica is calling YOU. the Joo is using the Black as muscle against YOU. so what are you gonna do about it, whitey? just sit there and take it? no! you will join us, the national socialist hwyte people’s party.” which i recently learned was actually the original name of GLR’s ANP. and i am sure the character was based heavily on GLR hehehehe.

i didn’t understand why there was SUCH an angry crowd against the nazis. was what he was saying so bad? why did the blues brothers HATE the illinois nazis? then we see that the fuhrer’s second hand man has been secretly in gay luv with him. there is also a scene where we see him blatantly smoking a corncob pipe, which has got to be a reference to GLR.

also look at the country rednecks in the country bar and the way they and Country Bob and the Good Old Boys are portrayed as Uncool Rednecks.

It’s all still pretty funny and I can never CONDEMN the movie, and I will never not want to watch it while cuddling with a Nice Hwyte Hwaifu…..but I will be sure to HWYTESPLAIN the parts of the movie is not so nice to hwytes.

plus i generally like the black music too: blues, old time rock and roll, etc. the band is SOLID. and you can’t crap on a classic performer like ray charles. well other than to say he was probably a horrible person who was a heron addict and beat his wife and cheated on his wife and was prob a horrible father hahahaha. some good songs tho! and that makes it all ok!

so yeah, still a good movie, but it has a lot of questionable stuff in there that you dont notice when you are young.

no i dont think seeing it 60000000 times since a young age really HARMED me. it still give me good feels of nostalgia of being A Young Child. I just want the Notsees to be portrayed more sympathetically hahahahaha. more stuff about blacks and joos bad nooz hahahahaha.

mar 20

it is easy to survive the low stress workday thank god, but i hate not being a TOUGH as a WOMAN, to handle a stressful job 60 hours a week. im surpirsed MORE peopel dont abuse drugs and alcohol. well because they would probably LOSE THEIR JOBS if they did. you cant just half ass your job, because then you lose your job.

but i was so tired upon coming home i immediately laid down, watched law and order, and took a bit of a powernap. maybe it was because i took a benedryl last nite.

normal people cant take a powernap after their job. they have to drink gallons of coffee and 10 monster energy dranks to get thru their busy 10 hours a day, then come home and crash but you cant sleep because your mind is reeling from the busy day but you need to sleep but cant so you have to take some kind of drugs to slow you down. either sleeping pills or alcohol is a very popular choice hahaha. MJ would not hurt either haha.

and i went to bed at a decent hour and drank a lot of coffee while i was there!

i do a decent job and act pretty normie while i am there. but i hate that at the end of the day, i am still not as TOUGH as a 22 year old GURL. very emasculating. its GOOD to feel TOUGH. its BAD to feel WEAK and SOFT.

i was thinking of “erotic fiction” which is kinda pornographic but not AS degenerate because you arent using and destroying actual live gurls in order to produce it. other than maybe perverting the mind of the person writing (and of course reading) it.  but its not a machine that destroys heaps of young women. so yes i think it is less degen than actual porno. still not ok though. MIGHT be useful to wean off a porno addict. thats a big maybe though.

anyway i dont really care. im not tempted to look at porno. i AM tempted to do MJ all the time. just think about it all the time like a gurl thinking of her loverboi and the day he can get out of prison and they can finally be togther again.

damn have this god damn ice cream and ate too much of it. thankfully this is not a regular thing. it is caramel ice cream which i really like. ate too much of it. is this “emotional eating” because i was feeling weak and soft and pvssy and weak? eating too much ice cream certainly doesnt HELP those things! thankfully i dont often buy or eat ice cream. so its not like im gonna eat the whole container in 1 day then run out and buy another. fook no.

my good idea for the day was to get a thick black marker and draw a huge Hakenkreuz on your chest like the tat sported by weev or american history x. do this before you bang a broad. that way she can see the beliefs of the man who is drilling her, and it is bound to have an effect on them, subconsciously at the very least. looking down at the man pounding you and see the symbol of the ebil natzees. wow. maybe it would make the woman less likely to be a race traitor in the future. i cant see any downside to it. JUST DO IT. i would seriously luv to do this myself. chip away at her idea of herself as a nonracist. well if you were such a nonracist, then you wouldnt be loving getting fooked hard by a natzee with a svastica on his chest staring right at you!

well, i guess this could backfire and she could say, welp now i HAVE to run out and fook a negro ASAP to prove im not a natzee.

then she would have done that at some point ANYWAY, you’re just speeding up the inevitable and can NEXT her quicker and save more of your valuable time for a woman who is worth your time.

fooking DO this. draw a svastica on your chest with a black marker and bang the woman. make sure she is facing you hahahahahahaha.

tom brady goes to bed at 8:30 pm because he is serious about his sleep. not that i idolize a feetsball sportsball negroball j00ball player, but he seems like a healthy goy. so what time does he get up in the morning? dont know. probably about 5 am.  that is when i get up. alarm rings at 5 am, i sip coffee till 5:30 and watch the news, see how negros shot each other, get the weather and traffic. the time passes very quickly. at 530 i get out of bed, continue drinking coffee, take a shower, get ready.

yeah you should start with GLR’s hwyte power book. it is written in a very weaponized style, to shake you up, from the very first page, for the next…30 pages or so. it has not stopped shaking me on every page and i am on page 23 now. just comes out with all guns blazing. describes the problem explicitly: disgusting degeneracy. describes the SPIRITUAL SYPHILIS which afflicts hwyte youth and how religion wont work on them. he hasn’t talked so much about the JQ yet, but I am 1433000000000% sure he will soon.

it is easy to imagine him reading this in the form of a powerful passionate speech. you could go around reading passages to people like speeches.


i have never read something written in the 1960s that reads like it was written TODAY. RIGHT NOW.


hehehe. that feel that if someone asks you who would you want to meet of anyone who lived in history and you can’t even tell them. you can’t say AH. you can’t say GLR. people don’t know who GLR is but you can’t explain who he was without making you look like a psycho for wanting to meet him. i guess you could LIE and say He was a Political Activist in the 1960s. He was anti-Communist like Joe McCarthy!

why the hell would you want to meet joe mccarthy?

lemme google this rockwell guy- american NATZEE PARTY??!?!?!?!?!?!?! he’s as bad as HITLER! he has a SVASTICA on his arm!!!!!!!!!

believe me. i took AP US history in high school and they never mentioned rockwell. i never heard of him until a few years ago.

yeah they mentioned mccarthy. but by that time i think i was getting tired of skool. i recall AP history involved a ton of reading and i barely remembered any of that stuff.

i was getting sick of school and homework and reading stuff that wasnt important to me; i was starting to get interested in MJ and alcohol; i didn’t realize the importance of history like this.

shit i took AP european history and obviously SHOULD have enjoyed it, reading an in depth history of hwyte people. I started out enjoying it but a few months into it, i was like this is too much reading. i dont remember any of this stuff. what does all this matter.  didnt understand how the history of the joos mattered, the turks and ottomans and muslims, common law and all that. shit i still dont hahahaha. it was a lot to bite off and hard for a 15 year old to put into perspective. maybe if you explained to me, these joos are the reason gurls today are such stupid sluts hahahaha. and then traced THAT back to communism. and kinda worked backwards from the present, stuff that mattered to me at the time. which admittedly most of it was stupid and degenerate.

nonetheless the average kid in my high school did JUST FINE in life, so i was/am just an OUTLIER. a BAD SEED. I would have been a WEIRD CASE ANYWHERE I went to school. but i feel that in the “right kind” of “radical” high school i might have done better. like homeschool, or artsy fartsy high school, or STEM high school, or Manufactuing Machining Shop High School. really, any one of them would have been a GAMBLE.

would I have been less Angry and Nihilistic if I had been successful with Gurls from a young age? yeah probably hahahaha tbh. but MOST boys ARENT successful with gurls when they are 16, and they have to watch all the gurls their being sluts with older scumbag guys.

i bet i would have liked reading GLR at age 16 just for the SHEER EDGINESS of reading a NAZI. i know I was interested in the evil natzis, hitler, the evil svastica, because i was interested in The Bad Guys. Anything Evil or bad. serial killers. varg vikernes killing guys and burning churches.

pretty ironic that varg turned out to be a really GOOD guy who I would be sticking with 20 years later, an similar thing with AH and the natzees – they weren’t REALLY the bad guys. so even though I’ve outgrown my edginess and interest in Bad Guys, I’m more interested in these Good Guys than ever before.

I probably would have found mein kampf to not be a fun read, but I bet I would have liked GLR. I have even worse ADD now and his writing is very to the point and not a problem for people with the attention span of a fly. like me.

a book like “hwyte power” could have HELPED me at age 16, but I didnt really read ANYTHING back then. i did all my reading for school, i did ENOUGH stupid READING.  i never developed a LOVE OF READING like ALL Smart and Successful people do. Sad!

READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. BUY IT and read it over and over again. give it to all young men you know. buy cases of it and go to the nearest middle school and give it to all the white boys. maybe even the hwyte girls too.

mar 21

hwyte power. this shit is real. saw something on local tv news of an ALT RIGHT WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO NAZI flyer at a place, the police are trying to figure out who put these EVIL NAZI FLYERS up. the photo was very nonthreatening. it just talked about how white population percentage has gone way down and gave links to two very awesome websites and contained the words alt right.

but the way the media reports on it, they are clearly trying to frame it so that the FIRST THING ANYBODY THINKS OF when they hear the words alt right is “EVIL NATZEE.” alt right? whats that mean? oh. even racist natzis who want to oven jooz and lynch blacks and genocide nonwhites.

well are they wrong? hahahaha.

yes because we dont advocate violence or genocide. like GLR we are willing to pay BILLIONS of dollars to Send These People Back. wouldnt you pay TRILLIONS of dollars in taxes for a Nice Hwyte Country? Transport the people back to africa, asia, middle easy, and give them each fookin 100k USD to make a new life with. why the hell not.

i hope the police are not looking very hard for these ebil natzees. as GLR said, the local police are not our enemy. they probably sympathize with us. i should be trying to JOIN this local alt right group. but they would prob say nope youre too big of a loser to join us, we WILL take your money though.


the real problem is me wanting to give money to a group that wouldnt have me as a member. the real problem is me not being good enough to join the groups  want to be a member of!

i mean i have come to the acceptance that i am not high quality enough to represent The Movement, but I want to SUPPORT and HELP the movement, possib by giving money. yeah i guess it does suck to think, well, YOU are not good enough, but your damn MONEY is. thank me for my money and give me a roman salute at least hahahahaha. LET ME STUFF ENVELOPES AT LEAST hahahahahaha.

well we dont stuff envelopes any more. thats VVN 1.0. there will be no flat earth renegade radio flyers hahaha.

yeah small business cards leading to daily stormer or TRS, that’s fine.

i mean thats basically a hate crime goy. let’s try to find the hateful natzees who left these tiny cards with a website on them. literally.

maybe i will be ARRESTED if i wear muh DAILY STORMER t shirt in public hahahaha. what a THOUGHT CRIMINAL!!!!!!


its a big deal when he posts a 10 minute video from his toilet hahaha.  did he really have to call out richard spencer as a trust fund baby in the description. i’ll allow it as long as it doesnt turn into a high investment thing, but i think spencer is tougher than weev thinks he is. weev is prob tougher than spencer is though. well, nothing probably about it. he almost certainly is.

weev also had a good recent interiew with cantwell

i know i watched it and linked it but should watch it and link it again

weev should do vidyas every DAY

and yes you should send him dnations I DO hahahahahahahahah

and yes he certainly does NEED them more than spencer

went to bed early yesterday but took like 90 minutes to fall asleep instead of usual 45 hehehe.

i guess weev has a GF nao. well good for him, im sure she’s hwyte. i just didnt think i would see him settle down with a woman bc he is an alpha male and has hsi choice of women. well maybe he has made his choice now! obviously he SHOULD choose a wife and start having children. shit a man of his stature needs SEVERAL wives producing children SIMULTANEOUS so that he can eventually have 100, 1000 children.

create a new human life ERRY DAY!!!!

i would prob be okay with dating a single mom where her kid was weev’s baby hahahahaha.

so hypothetically let’s say weev responded to one of my semi-bantzy comments with possibly some own bantz of his own, and then i bantzed him back saying, yeah im already donating to you hahahahahaha. well WEEV I am only giving you like 20 dollars a year, maybe  WEEV is saying he is too good for my money. or he’s calling me a joo for giving him an OFFENSIVELY SMALL donation. that would be hilarious if weev bitched about that just like fatherland jim did when i gave him a TEENY WEENY donation.

although i would prefer weev’s approval because I respect and admire him , hahahaha.

but yeah not much we can do if the people we want NOT to reject us, reject us. wouldnt be the first time, wont be the last time. it sucks though. but its not like weev can BAN me from watching his videos and listening to his stuff. he can make me feel like an idiot for donating to him, since NOBODY is Cucky enough to Donate to the hand that Bites Who Feeds It!!!!

so i would just donate more to the daily stormer until something happened where they complained about me donating, hahaha.

oh least i am putting myself out there, making moves, learning things. well, at least doing things. saying, i least i tried with so and so, and then they rejected me, the end.

im still scared to go back and see how people responded to my daily stormer post. still scared to see how george responded to my questions in his q&a vidyas. i have new evidence that he is a 1433 bad goy and i couldnt be happier. this is a great way to be, but i wont blow his cover. ideally i would like him to Come Out, but that’s his right to do that when he wants.

i just dont want people i admire to scorn and reject me hahaha. i want to be part of their club. but im not cool enough. im not tough enough. im not hardcore enough. i dont give enough money. im not interesting enough. i dont work hard enough etc etc etc always SOMETHING. FOOK it. FOOK it. no good deed goes unpunished.

i dont care, everyone i like can reject me, its not gonna kill me. i can always find another pro white thing to donate to. hey i can always give money to stormfront hahahaha. or vnn. or counter currents hahahaha. dr greg is nice enough to write me a THANK YOU NOTE for a tiny donation! HA!

bbbbut these are all old men in version 1.0 who are lonely and bitter and dont have wives or children because they were born too early! they were born during the dark ages when you were Too Weird To Mate if you advocated for hwytes.

Well I too lost my YOUTH to the joos. now all i can do is secretly donate tiny amounts of money to people who dont want it hahahahaha. and sm0ke weeeeeeed secretly. never be tough enough for a 28k a year job, or hwyte wife or children. damn. so what the hell do i look forward to? the fact that my RACE, with miniscule and unwatned help from ME, is finally turning the tide. that the sleeping goy finally woke up.

i am jumping to conclusions, nobody has said stop donating to me, weev hasn’t rejected me, he was just having ONE playful BANTZ, this is what men do many times a day. i wouldnt last a DAY in australia!!!! and probably they do this in russia and ukraine too, where weev is now. call each other cyka blyat all day. its a TERM OF ENDEARMENT!

i always forget this. i cant handle the bantz with real MEN!

i guess i can, it just takes longer and i have less tolerance for it hahaha.

i guess the MMPI is the most scientific personality test. it has 560 questions and measures 50 diff things, none of them good.

ok. chill out. take it easy. just say NO to negative thoughts. NO. STAHPPPP.  I will conquer negative thoughts and turn them OFF. I will be aware and Mindfull of the current year. I am watching “double indemnity” on tcm and  i hear this is a good movie, i should pay attention to it. i am playing .02/.04 poker when i usu like to play .01/.02.  i am charging mp3 player and have a new episode of fatherland on it which just came out today.

double indemnity. insurance scam. were insurance companies as jooish scams in 1938 as they are now? the idea is that they minimize risk for people so that entrepreneurs can take risks, start businesses, create jobs, make money, GDP Growth. not sure it happens this way. not sure gdp growth is an always good thing. who cares if you create jobs if they are part time walmart type jobs? or the jobs are so stressful you cant even handle them and snap like private pyle going postal? how does that improve your quality of life? because you’re not homeless on the streets sucking dick for a place to sleep indoors, or clean clothes, or a meal.

billy wilder was a joo, i do know that much, and “some like it hot” was pretty degen and jooish. and the stars of double indemnity are bad immoral and jooish, trying to get away with murder. but supposedly a classic movie. it seems pretty watchable. better with a waifu to cuddle of course hahahaha.



sat aug 12



saw this super qt young blond gurl i have seen about 3 to 4 times at public social event. i noticed her the first time i saw her, where she was sitting pretty near to us, and i was like wow that girl is super qt, but i think average guys would say meh she is ok but no big deal, maybe 6/10 hahahaha. a little Mousey.

i guess MOUSEY IS MY TYPE hahahahahahaha.

this is really the first time where i was like wow i SHOULD go talk to that woman and try to Ask Her Out On A Date hehehehe. the worst she can say is no.

but i would be 100% satisfied with her qt body and if she had a decent personality, WHICH IS NOT HARD TO DO, JUST BE NICE AND MAKE AN EFFORT NOT TO BE AN OBNOXIOUS BITCH, then I could see myself TOTALLY getting over and forgetting about That Woman. This Woman has the potential to replace and erase That Woman completely. would probably be an improvement if she’s not a mudshark and tries to not give silent treatment.

main qualm is that i have nothing to talk about and i am OLD and an omega male with several years of huge setbacks on muh career. she is maybe 8 to 10 years younger than me, and probably on the Average Path to a Middle Class Career. University, graduate at 21, get a decent entry level 30k job at 21, get a promotion and/or a grad degree by age 25, etc. what do you say to normie winners like this? what do you say when you have WEIRD INTERESTS that you cant talk about with normies, like jooish subversion of our culture, the future of huhwhyte people, plus women shouldnt be talking about political stuff anyway.

well ok i guess i could keep the conversation on the Common Interest we clearly have, and talk about careers in general, or her career, minimize talk about my career. talk about morality in broad general terms, like do no harm and dont treat people like shit, and Tinder Dating Culture is Gross, i hope you’re not into that. no i dont just want to “FOOK” you, I WANT to put in the due diligence and dating and extreme vetting in order to get to that point, and i dont WANT you to fook guys right away anyway. i mean you SHOULD be taking at least 6 months anyway.

the other thing is she really does look kinda YOUNG. i dont have a problem with that…..but ALL OF SOCIETY DOES, so she would be getting a lot of pressure, and prob a lot of her own personal preference to not date an old loser creeper, find a nice boy at college closer to her own age who didnt screw up so much in life, has a good career.

ideally, i would have talked to her that VERY FIRST DAY i noticed her and ASked Her Out On A Date then. now I’m THINKING about her and ALREADY building up a stupid FANTASY.

but you CAN tell something just by looking at people. not everything, but still some meaningful stuff. some poeple just LOOK LIKE dirty mudshark sluts. some women look young and innocent and nerdy and mousey, like they havent been with 100000 guys.

sure, some sluts can look innocent, especially the young cute ones, but they can’t hide that slutty c0khungry gaze forever. cold, dead, black eyes, like a dolls eyes hahahaha. damn disgusting sex addicts hahahahaha.

sex is very important and im very interested in it…..but i put it in a proper perspective! and realize it is in service of something even MORE important!!!!!!!

women might not UNDERSTAND this, but they dont NEED to, they just NEED to not be a slut. when something they cant understand is just in their bones and says no, i dont want to BEHAVE like a dirty slut, even if my peers do, even if tinder encourages it. im just not wired that way. nope. its gross. it doesnt feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel right. im not that kind of gurl. if some guy is a player pushing for secs, i dump him. i want to really get to know a guy first and i dont have secs unless we are In A Relationship.

DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER that is the correct answer. she doesn’t need to do on some bitter diatribe like you do about degeneracy and sin and the sanctity of human life and da joos and a culture of disposability and bla bla bla. you can gently push her towards that and then after 6 months of dating she can be a raging antijooish crusader with you hahahaha.

so what my plan hahahaha. take a shower next time i go, so i dont stink like a person who hasnt taken a shower in 3 days hahahahaha. dont talk about jooish degeneracy, dont say ive been staring at you the past 4 weeks, dont say im a neet omega 35 year old virgin who makes 13k a year. just emphasize the positives. say i am a nice person and a good person and want to meet a nice woman who is Compatible with me. I dont go in for Tinder Culture and you like to play this game i like to play and frankly you are kinda QT. For me. i dunno most other guys would think you are a 6.8 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha like that neg?

but 6.8 is my 10 hahahaha. shit 6.8 is out of my league, im a 6 at best!

got first paycheck in 17 months hahahahaha. feels pretty good. someone who makes 13k a year should not be paying out 18% in taxes…..but really its only 9% in taxes and 9% in DEDUCTIONS like state pension / health care. which doesnt really benefit me at all. and social security hehehe. i have tried to minimize my state and fed income tax byt claiming allowance, or exemptions on the w4, which i never do, but now i am, because i would rather the money made .0000001% jooish interest for me, rather than go to uncle shmuley.

like to cut back on the coffee here hehehehe. i literally drink coffee all day, over a pot of coffee a day. it doesnt even have an effect on me any more. which is good as regards muh sensitive stomach, but uhhhh i would like to be more awake and alert and energized!!!!!

having a qt mousey 6.8, less than 10 guys gf would prob help with that hahaha.

go to therapy weirdo. hahahaha. well if you make 26k a year and dont go mad and have serious emotional probs that stop you from making 26k a year, be thankful, and prepare to live a Life Without Women.  and go to therapy for at least 10 years, thousands and thousands of dollars, before you are minimally qualified to date a disgusting pigwoman hahahaha. that’s how low your market value is.

i just hate this lie women tell t hat women are not aliens, they are just like men. well, it’s really a JOO lie, the women don’t know its a lie, they are just repeating jooish trash, they dont need to know any better.

but yeah. when i was friends with women, i was like, this is pretty nice, see women arent these weirdass ALIENS, theyre PEOPLE just like you and me.

of course, i didn’t have any Romantic Interest in them. when i DID, then came the whole ALIEN thing.

no, women arent technically aliens……UNTIL you want to interact with them in an Heterosexual, Dating, Relship, Intimate capacity. THEN they are total aliens. and you have to Learn and Use GAME hahahahaha.


if youre just trying to be friends with women, you need no game whatsoever. you can be a neet omega virgin.

then shit gets ridiculous when you start getting more than friendly feelings for your female friend.

just because Our Past makes us the Awesome People we are now, doesn’t mean you can’t be deeply ashamed of the horrible, degenerate, disgusting, shameful things you did in your past!

it’s not the PAST per se that makes you who you are, its you LEARNING from the MISTAKES you made and WORKING to become a better person! doesnt mean you should be HAPPY about those mistakes!!!! you can say, yeah that SUCKED, i was shitty, and I never want to be shitty like that again! NOT i fooked 10000000 guys and im not ashamed at all, i chose you, so you better accept my past!

i’ll accept your past once you REPENT for it.


i will FORGIVE just about ANYTHING. my mercy and forgiveness is almost as infinite as GOD’S. but even GOD asks you to be REMORSEFUL for your sins. no you dont have to live in shame for years, but you DO have to realize what you did was WRONG, and genuinely, honestly be sorry for it, and willing to do a penance for it. Can you say this about your GF and her Slut Past? If not, be very afraid. because she’s not done with her slut past. its looking like a slut present and slut future. hell yeah you should judge, especially if she’s not going to!

im very judgmental of other people, but how about myself? EVEN MORE SO! you’re god damn right i am even MORE judgmental of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woman wants to get revenge on her bf who legit betrayed her. i can totally understand revenge. but she wants to go too far for even a legit betrayal. like pushing the guy back into being a drinker, hurting his dying mother, even some say Ghosting is too much, Ghosting seriously fooks people up, don’t do it, its bad karma.

heh. my idea of revenge would be, just send all the noods and sex pictures they sent you, to their family members to show them what a slut they are. probably dont send the pictures to any family who is known to be super old, or dying, cancer, MS, etc. basically to mother and father, if they are not dying.

maybe plastering the noods all around her neighborhood. or sending them to her boss and colleagues. post on facebook wall.

or putting a bag of dog shit on their porch.

i mean i dont WANT revenge any more. i just want her to know what she did was WRONG, that it HURT me, and to be REMORSEFUL for it. also shes not a bad shitty person. so,more than likely, she DOES feel bad about it. well, that doesnt’ make me feel any better, because if she’s a good person, then i want to Be With Her!!!!!! and she is, and I do!

yeah well maybe this qt gurl at the game night is also a nice person. there are lots of good people out there. i tend to stay away from Bad People! that woman not a bad person, she was a pretty darn good person!

the people i associate with are good people! i would be hard pressed to name a single bad person that I actually know! if i get the intuition a person is a real piece of shit…..i stay away from them!

i mean i’ve know some Very Troubled people….but they are still Good people despite their flaws.

yet i WASTE all this time and energy THINKING about BAD people who don’t even really EXIST in my life!!!!!! these FICTIONAL degenerate sluts!

i mean they’re not strictly fiction….. but point is, iTS NOT WORF IT wasting time and energy thinking about this shit for more than 1 minute, unless i actually have a bad person or degen slut in my life giving me Issues!

so i waste a lot of time and energy, cause a lot of pain and anger, thinking about ABSTRACTIONS!!!!!! i mean these things really DO exist, but i tend to shun them in real life! even the sluts i’ve actually dealt with, i can’t say they were horrible people! just troubled and misguided!

heh. i was thinking about starting a Despair Forum where members pay x dollars and in return, they get a shrink or social worker who responds with expert advice every day, every thread. kind like Despair Forums only with an active team of experts who posted on all threads hahahaha.

maybe limited to men only.

i mean its sad. on /relships you see PLENTY of people with despair, or their gf or bf has issues with it, plenty of requests to Go To Therapy for Despair, yet if you look at /despair, its the shittiest sub ever. like, even shittier than /relships. for such a serious problem, it needs more serious discussion on reddit hahahahaha.


hehehe thats pretty funny

i guess this is a sign from GOD tellng me now is the time to become a sam hyde fan, sam is one of ussssssssss……

well i believe sam is a grad of RISD, ie a very top tier art skool, and he is prob butthurt because it didnt make him any money and he is 3000000000$ in debt now hahahahaha. well if THAT doesnt wake you up to the jooish college scam, nothing will. and there are THOUSANDS of college educated middle class shitlibs who are 50k in college debt and still LUV joos and blax and muslims and gays and cheating and abortions. at least sam has seen the light. id like him for him to seriously come out and say “I AM A HUHWHYTE NATIONALIST” but pretty sure he is anyway hahaha.

i just enjoy serious honest interviews more than “playing a character” for comedy. and of course you can be witty and funny in your serious interviews. shit i think he has done some normal talks, i just dont have the time to listen to his 6000000000000000000000000000000 vidyas hahahaha.  i mean i would like if the SPLC just did a report on him already, sam hyde is a WN racist terrorist hahahaha. i mean besides all the school shootings he did hahahahahaha. the fact he got his tv show on adult swim for even a month is insane.

i mean, i see attractive young women pretty regularly…..but rarely do i feel the urge that I SHOULD REALLY APPROACH THAT WOMAN. I will regret not approaching her.

when really i should be bold like a negro and approach every woman i find attractive, which, as i say, is a decent number. well, it wont be after all these 18-21 year old white gurls go back to ((((COLLEGE)))) hehehehe.

they dont need to understand how jooish it is. they just need to not DO THE JOO hahahaha. dont have tinder sex. dont treat people like garbage or objects. dont JOO people.

so GOD is calling me to talk to this gurl somehow. honestly the thing that concerns me most is that she looks really YOUNG. i dont have a problem with that, but the whole world does. if she is like 22 years old, yeah i risk looking like a real CREEPER in public. like why the hell am i interested in a CHILD hahahaha. yeah well fook that. shes a super qt gurl and i am a Single Man. in my heart i know its all right hahahaha. its not like she is 16 or even 18.

besides when i first became friends with that woman, she was 22 hahahahahaha. a CHILD.

really trying to improve my Mint system, and i have. trying to eliminate vague categories like “groceries” or “shopping.” because it had automatically moved stuff from the local supermarket or amazon or paypal or target into one of these categories when something like “clothing” is much more descriptive and useful. shoes, gratitude for fam, coffee, food, etc. books.

heh. i could make up a little business card with a link a Dating Website that i could give to that young woman for her to learn more about me than i can give in a 30 second elevator speech hahahaha. a nontinder nondating website profile hahaha. a general social website. like facebook. but not because i am not on facebook hahahaha. because i am creepy about womenhahahaha.

basically women on Dating Sites go on a lot of Dates, even on the rare chance they are not having lots of gross slutty secs with a lot of sleazy dudes. at the very least, they are going on lots of DATES and sitting through HOURS of guys trying to entertain or interest or impress them. that is a lot of competition. you have to be more interesting than all these guys. guys who have had a LOT more dating and women experience than you. you think, jeez, i wish there were some OTHER way to meet women, i just dont want to meet the types of women who use dating sites. therefore, you have to find women in the Wild who dont look like dating site sluts, and approach them. realizing they could very well still use dating sites and be huge sluts even if they dont LOOK like it hahahahahaha. like That Woman. did not look like a mudshark or a dating site woman, but she was a mudshark and on okcupid and probably tinder.

in her defense, she wasn’t all in on any of those things. she had just dipped the toe in. she could have EASILY turned back. being a decent person, she probably did, and married a nice white boy, gave him many children, and they lived very happily ever after.

heh i have known about devlin for YEARS, ever since bernard talked about him YEARS ago. little did i know that devlin was proto-alt-right! but yeah i should buy devlins books already. great guy with great perspective on WOMEN. not sure if he has great advice for normal men to find decent women. wish he would talk more about that. maybe he does in this interview. good that he says yes to appearing on a TRS podcast.

took benedryl.

that feel when you have been using your gf as an “emotional beast of burden” without being aware, and she resents you for it, and says youre very immature and need lots of therapy, but in reality you’re well within your rights, and she should be your beast of burden in this situation by just giving you some comfort when your parent is dying and you are sad. but now you are immature and need therapy.

thankfully reddit agreed that the gf was being rdiculous and immature and he didnt’ necess need therapy just because he vented at her once and was a BUZZKILL at that time.

hehehe i have had severe derpression for almost half muh life and i would never think of doing this to a person, giving them a bullshit ultimatum like that! a guy who would act like this could never get a gf in the first place!

thankfully reddit gave good advice. they DO give good advice 50% of the time!

woman ghosted  by man. i took it alot worse than this hahahaha.

good god. making good money at age 24 AND getting a full ride scholarship and hes not even finished with uni? getting a total POS for a gf when he DESERVES a nice white waifu.

smokin MJ and listen to saor, fuath….and gris again hahahahaha.