might be a misleading title. or depending how the future plays out, maybe not.

thurs 1 23, 9.45 pm

a rare weeknite post. thurs night. mon tues wed i would get out of ARBEIT MACHT FREI and IMMEDIATELY go to bed, took ALL my strength just to get thru the day. did NOT watch tv, did NOT unwind, well I had a small snack thank GOD, and it’s GOOD not to watch TV Filth, but I was also worried because they are STILL laying people off, and I kind of WANT to be laid off, because then I won’t have to go to that godawful job, and I’ll get paid unemployment, and can look for a better job, and be able to prove i was legitly laid off for business needs. rather than Quitting for being an Emotional, Unemployable Loser.

i honestly don’t know muh chances. by now the MAJORITY of the group of people hired at the same time as me are GONE. LAID OFF. maybe about 65% of them. But i’m sticking around because I have Good Attendance, and Good Performance.

Yesterday was Super Stressful, a MIRACLE that I got thru, but today was actually not so bad, maybe the best day I have had so far. 23 phone calls, about 17 minutes average call, and 6:20 total phone time.  I handled myself pretty well, had several very pleased callers. The trick really is to just Chill Out and not Worry, and get into that mindset even when you get something you’ve never HEARD of before, and then keep calm and Reach Out to the resources available to you without panicking or overthinking.  and then bringing that sense of calm confidence to the caller. this is of course MUCH easier said than done and has taken me a LONG time to even BEGIN to do so. other people have gotten LAID OFF because they did not do this FAST enough. It’s a miracle I have done it fast enough. this is the type of thing with a steep learning curve and PEOPLE NEED TIME to get good at it, and they’re UNJUSTLY laying people off before even letting them have that time! very nice people that I liked! the worst is when you realize “Oh sh1t I haven’t seen that person in a few days,” and then you never see them again because they’ve been LAID OFF. well I hope they are getting decent unemployment!!!

and tom is fri and i have a fun social event semi planned for this weekend, nice dinner and gaming with old frand. thank GOD.

AND I came home tonight feeling ok for once, and found muh new silver round waiting for me, which I got for a decent price. lesson: amagi metals is a much better price than apmex. although a smaller selection.

AND I finally got muh bitcoin delivered. I guess the REAL smart thing to do would be to Buy Bitcoin Low, wait for it to SKYROCKET, and then buy Silver with it. hehehe. would that even work? Or would silver skyrocket right alongside Bitcoin, and then silver would be like 800 dollars an ounce? hehehe.

So I look at muh 6 pieces of silver and can’t help but think of the old story of Judas betraying CHRIST for thirty pieces of silver. if we assume those were 1 tr oz pieces, and silver at ABOUT $20 an ounce, then that’s about 600$ to sell our LORD down the river.

and I play with muh nice little STACK and thank GOD for the PRIVILEGE of being able to enjoy this silver.

but yeah. kinda gonna slow down on the mad spending i think. first world privilege. thank GOD. THIS is why I thank GOD all the time. I could be getting LITERALLY raeped up the A every day.

i talked for 2 seconds but pretty normally with the QT Gurl  today as well. might be muh new #1 from that place. NICE. simple small talk whilst smoking a cig outside. I only try to smoke no more than 2 cigs thru the day, and 1 before the beginning. so 3. given the stress level of the job, one SHOULD be smoking like a whole pack for one 8 hour shift, hehehe. a cig after every call.

heh heh if you don’t wake up every morning DREADING going into your DREADFUL job, then YOU DON’T HAVE A REAL JOB. REAL MEN Dread Going To Their Job Every Day. Want to PUKE and Poop Blood.

Or I guess real men wouldn’t get so SCARED, they wouldn’t let it GET to them, but they’d also perform their job well enough not to get LAID OFF or god forbid FIRED.

so the job does get bearable i suppose. and that is all i can ask. It certainly hasn’t become permanently bearable, just starting to show signs that it could be. maybe. but it might get REAL bad in feb. really wouldn’t put anything past it. I don’t TRUST the job at ALL. but my COWORKERS are decent good people thank GOD. it’s just a f00ked up JOB.  heh but this is the best a person with a WORTHLESS DEGREE can do in 2014! a young smart man near me also has a Worthless Degree. But he is early twenties, still young. great guy though, he’s helped me a lot, very smart, hope he can find a better job before he gets Old, hehehe.

lord, just bought like 11 more dollars of bitcoin because the price is going down. then I realized it would be smartest to WAIT for it to HIT bottom, THEN buy, because now I’m losing money as we speak.

Heh. I do not trust bitcoin more than I trust SILVER or GOLD. But I wouldn’t mind making a Profit off bitcoin, and if I had bought before the Big Boom in OCtober 2013 or so, I WOULD have. would like to get on some of that. wait for it to crash again, then buy, then boom again, then get rich quick, hehehe.

but don’t spend too much because the FEDGOV could snatch this stuff willy nilly. so I immediately move btc from my coinbase wallet into a blockchain wallet, then download the dam wallet. not sure if that would keep FEDGOV from snatching it, hehehe.



sat jan 18 2014, 10.24a

ok just got up from previous round of marathon posting. muh “edible” is completely worn off, I feel pretty good, DEF could have slept another 2 hours, but wanted to be a tryhard with muh chores, including: laundry, grocery shopping, maybe a haircut, make 20 cigs, go to dinner with fam at 4 pm, hopefully do all muh chores today, oh yeah, and go for a HUGE powerwalk in there. HUGE. HAVE to. really WANT to.

had a dream where I was at muh Job, hehehe.

listening to classical music now. might switch to gregorian chant (monks) or hildegard von bingen (church music), might stick with classical. but do want to squeeze in as much music as possible todaym when i have a chance to enjoy it, and cut back on the poison tv. just weather channel. cold as hell and light snow. well, not cold as hell, like 20 degrees, that is a heatwave compared to -20.

yep just put the Darks in the Laund which justifies me writing a little bit and neckbearding on the net, drink muh large coffee, etc.

sorry for the narciss, but this blog ebbs and flows. i need to get out the narciss and then once in a while i come out with a huge Inspirational post like a couple posts ago, really hit the stride. its all part of the process. ebb and flow.

heh no time for a nap on muh day off, too much to do. should REALLY do some good job search today to actually send out apps for Chiller Jobs.

“But JOBS aren’t SUPPOSED to be CHILL. That’s not what A JOB IS.”

Well, my prev job was chill as f00k. I concede these jobs might be few and far between, but they are out there. but you will prob have to Schmooze and Kiss A and Buy Dinners  and Make Phone Calls in order to get them. WELL WORTH IT.

maybe go to your local pawn shop or gold/silver shop and ask about silver, see what THEIR premium is. ok so “premium” is just the price above “spot” or regular market price. and all sellers are going to add a premium, just a MARKUP like any seller does, and for mail order will include shipping, insurance, etc, extra charges to keep themselves in business and make a profit, etc. fine that’s understandable. but as the buyer you still want the lowest premium.  provident metals might be a good one for online??? sm metals? apmex is a great selection and service but pretty high premium it seems.

junk silver? I do not not recommend this! would like to talk to a trusted silver expert though. so you can buy one ounce of 90% silver coins….but is that one TROY ounce, which is like .12 oz more than an ounce ounce? I guess metals are SUPPOSED to be sold as a troy ounce, and it will be troy ounce but still say just “ounce” on the coin, which is why I’d prefer to buy rounds that say “TROY ounce” right on the round.

worst case scenarion: junk silver is about 90% silver, not 99.9% silver like “nonjunk” pure silver. so you buy 1 nontroy ounce (or is it troy?) of 90% silver…..then you should be paying like 89% the price you would for a 999 silver round troy ounce right??


got to read zero hedge moar!

yeah as I say you can get phd’s in currency and finance and money and it is pretty mathy and that is good. now say the rothschilds or bildbergs or whoever have secretly hoarded 99% of the silver in the world and the outside world doesn’t even know it EXISTS, then they could dump it and drive silver way down. thoeretically.

some people say that is whats happening with gold, but not with silver.

anyway. I am moderately interested in silver and bitcoin right now, but certainly not well informed on either enough to be an authority, or to want to invest large amts of money. just little. i mean i go to the casino sometimes too, and this might be a better bet than the casino.  plus it gives good FEELS to look at your little pile of silver and hold it; or to see you bitcoins in the wallet and watch their value increase, hopefully.

should we trust coinbase? I don’t even. tbh I just did a (SMALL!!) Bank Account Transaction with them because I trust them enough not be be able to drain my bank account. why? because they received a 25 million venture capital grant and have founders/developers from HYPSM? Yeah I guess, hehehe. and i can always transfer to a different WALLET if I don’t like their Wallet system. still learning this. should take a class in, hehehe.


does JUST what that url implies. NICE.

WARNING: though liberty metals looks good from there, and i’m sure they are great people, there is a HUGE shipping fee, HUGE, that essentially makes them not worth it for online buyers. but def stop in their store if you are in scottsdale! or san diego! tldr: that above website does not take into account shipping, which, IMHO, IS part of PREMIUM aka “above spot.” still trying to teahc myself this stuff.

if i were opening up my own online silver shop, which is not a terrible idea, i would tell the custo RIGHT AWAY how much the shipping is, just include EVERYTHING in the premium, in the price, ALL INCLUSIVE, so you know in 1 sec just how much you’re EXACTLY paying for 1 troy oz of silver. 22$? 26$? more like it, hahahaha. I would make the “hidden fees” right there on the first page, not make you sign in just to tell you you have to buy $100 minimum, or pay 10$ for shipping, or 3% extra for CC or paypal; NOTE: some places you can save by buying with bitcoin, hehehe.

buy yeah silver and Precious Metals can simply be a Welcome Distraction from worrying about your Job or how you may be a Huge Loser. Then you can become a Silver Expert one day and have a chill job doing that.



jan 4 2014 sat 1:58 pm

still doing laundry. i need to wait for my powerwalking wranglers to dry before i can go for a powerwalk. maybe should buy extra pair of powerwalking pants for laundry days hehe.

yep there is nothing like feeling inadequate to deal with the demands of life, to get hurled with stressful situations and just shut down or start crying, being a grown man, in front of other men. And I’m not talking about Grief Funeral Crying, that’s ok even for Masculine Men. I’m talking about I Can’t Handle this Stress Crying.

Like the soldier on the battlefield who SH1TS himself.

Of course soldiers usually get like what, TWELVE WEEKS of BOOT CAMP? ie Training and Practice?

Well, it’s a fact that there have been times in history where like 10 year old boy soldiers were recruited with no training, and just sent off to die.

so we are essentially being sent off to die, on the KILLING FLOOR, to be EATEN ALIVE, BUT the important distinction between this and WAR is that you won’t actually DIE, and you always have the choice to QUIT, because the idea of Total Unemployment and No Job sounds Better To You, and of course you don’t get to collect any unemployment bennies if you QUIT a job, and the job is SO BAD that you’d rather have ABSOLULTELY ZERO INCOME coming in, NOT EVEN WELFARE (Unemployment Bennies.)


heh if you are into Precious Metals INvesting, and you SHOULD BE, this is a great little site that lets you enter your purchases and track them over time. When you bought what, how much, what the price was that day, and how your collection Appreciates over time. Mint does NOT have something like this. I suppose a spreadsheet would be best, again; but I really wanted an App to play around with, and this looks like it will be good enough for that.

The bad news is that some of the graphs do not make Precious Metals appear to be such a Magic Bullet, and that perhaps “even” a 401k or an IRA will give you a better 30 year return on yer investment. who knows. who cares. k yourself, life is too hard. JUST KIDDING.

heh. I don’t even WANT 18yoQTs, I don’t even WANT a loving Waifu, I just want a Middle Working Class Fulltime Job that is not super stressful that I can stay at for 30+ years. And get a 3% raise every year. hehehe. and Medical Benefits. hehehe. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, GET A MASTERZ DEGREE F4GG0T AND BE THE BEST IN YER MASTERZ DEGREE CLASS. (Just getting A Masterz is Not Enough. You have to be Competitive.)

saw sth on Fagbook to make me think. a Peer was complaining about his own stressful job, and his Mother said (Facebook Momz, yikes!!!!) “Unhappiness leads to Change.” and she is a loving and well-meaning Mother, but I def took a little umbrage there.

Because I swear to GOD things are different in 2014 than they were in 1984, MOMZ, hehehehe.

A person with a Prestigious College Degree wouldn’t be working a stressful retail job, they’d have a chill office job right out of college and have been promoted two times by now. and this is for the Unambitious College Gradz that didn’t want to get a Masterz, or as is moar likely with Presitigious Univs, a PhD or JD or MD, or a HYPSYM Masters like Top MPH (that’s Public Health for all you WORKING CLASS PROLE RACISTS) or Top MBA or Top MPP (thinking masters of Public Policy, can’t remember the f4gg0t acronym) or Top Suck Muh D F4gg0ts.

So how does the unhappiness lead to change? does it turn back time so you could have taken the opportunities you had then, and only then, that now you’ve missed, and can never get back, because of your age and your station in life? for example foot in the doors of Prestigious Companies, FAST TRACK to presitigious jobs.

You can only get on the FAST TRACK when you’re YOUNG. When you’re TWENTY, NOT THIRTY. Did that ever cross your mind, MOMZ? Or did you just marry a man who was Thirty and Stable?

Again, not hating on This Mom in particular, and I don’t want to invade their privacy, but her patronizing advice is definitely influenced by HER situation and Station in life: 60 something, prestigious college educated bachelors but no higher, happy long fruitful stable marriage to a man with a very similar station in life, who had managed to Make It in a Non-Mainstream Field by Age 30, or 35 at the absolute latest, and then starting their fam in a progressive professional leftist semi-academic solid Middle Class bubble far away from Working Class Racist Theist Savage Proles. (oooh some great writing today hehehe.)

AND ALSO, sometimes unhappiness doesn’t lead to change, sometimes it leads to MOAR UNHAPPINESS and DOING NOTHING == NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER == REGRESSION, FALLING, FAILURE, MANY YEARS GONE, and LOSERHOOD.

and then what can ya do except get on Medz, hahahaha. No, you can come to ME and I will FIX you. You and I can get down on our knees and pray to GOD to make it through one more day at our jobz without quitting or crying. If we start crying, we can run out of the room before the other grown men notice us, and go to the least used bathroom until we stop crying. then get reamed by your boss, but that’s better than getting reamed by customers. then when your boss lays you off, you give your Pre-Prepared Layoff Speech, AND you will get to collect unemployment, AND you will NOT be blacklisted, AND you will have plenty of time to search for less stressful jobs, like toilet janitor, or oil roughneck. WIN WIN WIN.

So I had to write about that. No, I do not encourage Changing in the sense of OH GUESS I BETTER GO BACK TO SKOOL AND GET MUH MASTERZ DEGREE. That is WORSE than the World’s Worst Job, that is worse than Being Totally Unemployed with NO income.


sorry if i stole that title from anyone, it was just a great search term that brought someone here. we should become Blogroll Buddies cuz we talk about the Same Stuff!

nov 14

well stayed up late till 11.30pm doing Muh “INDEPENDENT STUDY” “RESUME BUILDER” “RESUME SILVER” “HOMEWORK”, kinda humbling nuts and bolts computer stuff, I wonder how Univeristies actually teach Web Dev in a Full Time Accredited Curriculum. The good news is that this is up to date tech that is actually used right now, rather than them teaching you how to write Hello World to a Console in some Oldass Language that is never actually used.

although it is good to understand hello world and console progs and the basics of classes and all that…..just try to do it in a language that is actually used By Employed People, like uhhhh def Java. PHP.

149 pm

woooooohooooo parrrtaaaaaayyy. this might be my favourite hour of the week: got day off tomorrow, can sleep in, can stay up “late” and watch a movie tonight, could go do something fun tonight if i wanted, just finished my stressful progress report where I try to deflect from the fact that I’m not trying as hard as I should be on muh homework.

kinda nervous because I am actually more likely than Not Likely to get called in for An Interview for a Full Time Job, I mean things look really hopeful there. Like they could veyr possibly call TODAY, like RIGHT NOW. And I am famously bad at interviews, which is why I stopped trying.

Actually I wasn’t that HORRIBLE at interviews, I was about average, but because the competition was so tuff, I never got the job….But why would they want to hire a 45 year old with 20 more years of experience, and a masters degree, if companies hate old people, and old people cost more in health insurance????? what’s my excuse now? that I wasn’t YOUNG enough for such entry level jobs?

but it’s like joyce meyer sez. you do your part and let GOD do GOD. Let HIM do HIS part.

Of course I would incorporate the things I talk about here. but yeah fact is I have not done an Actual Interview during the entire time This Helping Losers blog has existed. Just been working at muh underjob as a fairly discouraged underemployed.

anyway just want to capture muh Gr8 mood at a very powerful time of week. got 5 hours of sleep when I like to get Einsteins 10. Meaning I could get 15 hours tonight if I wanted hahahaha. Go to bed at 5pm and wake up at 10am friday, hehehehe. totes skip muh cherished movie, or say i had a hot date, or wanted to go buy a suit or some silver, or go to the casino, or go volunteer at the soup kitchen, or go pound the pavement in muh suit and try to sell muhself for a job like a responsible nonloser with dignity.

fri nov 15

lemme look at muh search engine stats:

“to be a late twenties loser” – yes sir, i can assure you it is not fun, and it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. but if I didn’t believe it could be done, I wouldn’t be here.

“are you a loser if your working class” – no, your a loser if you write YOUR, hahahahaha. I got news for ya baby, working class is the new MIDDLE class, bubbelah. Consider yourself LUCKY if Your Working Class with a sweet Fulltime Working Class Job and you can afford to responsibly reproduce and afford to live in a neighborhood where your family won’t be terrorized by the REAL underclass.

Working Class Dog
Working Class Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this is what I mean when I say UPPER Working Class: you’re working full time, you’re a step above Working Poor, you can afford to Live, you might have a Bachelors Degree Job, you might now, but as the Bachelors Degree continues to be devalue, it’s really irrelevant anyway: The Bachelors Degree JOb IS the same as an Upper Working Class Job, at best.  You could be a Underemployed College Graduate Working 20 Hours A Week for $9 an hour!

So go do a 900000 page dissertation on Marx and postmodern intersectional power and try to figure that one out, college boy f4gg0t b1tch!

ok friday day off. yesterday watched a movie, had to drink a lot of coffee to stay up for that, but it was good, went to bed at like 10:30 pm, slept till about 10:30 am, very nice.  now just being lazy, listening to music/spotify, when a person with human dignity would be out pounding the pavement trying to carry his own weight.

They always ask where do you see yourself in 5 years. so you just give a bs answer, related to that company and their field: oh I want to get my MASTERS DEGREE in management with a concentration in (insert field) and follow a natural professional trajectory to a project manager or team leader position with this company.

NO, you don’t say you want to be living on a BEACH Gambling and buying Gold and sipping W33d Smoothies with a harem of 18 year old girl servants with the 222$ you make per day gambling!

All right I should at least do some CHORES and so should you, try to show some Gratitude for not being homeless and dying of cancer or morbid obesity. And I also hope you get to do a grill doggystyle soon that really makes you go HNNNNGGGGG.



I am certainly no Family Law Attorney in any state, so I cannot comment on the ins and outs of Common Law Marriage. It’s very possible your Common Law Wife could steal all your stuff after you’ve been Going Out for X years, even though you’re not legally married.  So be sure to check the Common Law Marriage laws in your state, and get a legal separation right before the due date. If she really LUVS you she’ll do this for you. doesn’t mean you actually have to get separated, just something that shows in the eyes of the law you’ve been separated for at least a little while. I dunno. Ain’t no Lawyer, just want you to be aware of Common Law Marriage Laws.  Because the Woman who’s stayed with you for 10 years while you’ve refused to Marry Her has her Common Law Clock ticking and will CLEAN YOU OUT at the stroke of midnight, hahahahaha.

Gold has gone up 1866% in the past 20 years. Silver has gone up 384% in the past 20 years. just wanted to remember that.

nov 13

I mean, Silver is stll pretty risky because it’s always up and down, some years it’s up, some years it’s down, i’m just saying that over the past 20 years it’s performed better than savings accounts, CD’s, probably most 401k’s, etc etc.

Heh.  I wouldn’t recommend you take ALL your gambling winnings and invest it in silver. Gold would actually be the better investment IMHO. Buy some silver, buy some gold, buy some land, have a little in your 401k, of course I am paranoid that The Gummint will eventually engineer a way to STEAL YOUR money that You’ve put into your 401k. The way they freeze people’s savings accounts in Argentina.

The Successful Master Entrepreneur has FAILED more times than the Beginner has even TRIED. So say Management/Entrepreneurship Motivational Gurus on the Internet. It really does sound good. Maybe it even is true in a number of cases. There are some people who are extraordinarily persistent and resilient and who bounce back from failure and rejection more quickly and easily than others.

I have been mixing ACV in with muh water bottle, prob stop doing that actually, very concerned about the constant bombardment of acid on muh teeth enamel.

Prob go back to choking it down all at once. some say 1 Tblspn AVC and 10 Tblsp water. ok.

and then of course rinse yer mouth out with water right after. some “doctors” say you’re supposed to buy their special xylthol gum which strengthens your tooth enamel against acid erosion.

had a resume problem recently, had a good lead on an interview, sent in the res where I KNEW for SURE it would be looked at by the manager. It looked fine in LIbreOffice which I use because Office Ain’t Free. When I looked at it in Regular Office, even thoguh I’d saved it as RegOffice file, one line was off re margins. You prevent this by ALWAYS SNEDING A PDF. hope this does not disqual me fer the job.

But About that, that was a Golden Parachute Guardian Angel Lead delivered to me by Social Network, where I was offered a Sweet Employee Referral. Like TRAINING or HIRING FROM WITHIN, I thought this was one of those Good Old Traditions that THey Just Don’t Do Anymore, to society’s downfall.

But no, THE LORD was watching out for me today, so I apply for it, send in a res, then get a request to send in the res directly to the manager, and what do I do, I send a DOC file with one line jacked up, instead of playing it safe and sending a PDF. Heh. My FEAR OF SUCCESS leading me to sabotage myself AGAIN.

GOT to get some serious work done tonight. meaning: NO ZOOM poker. only Nonzoom, where I play one hand a minute and do productive stuff the rest of the minute, hahaha.

I hated skool back when I was in High Skool, but I still managed to get it done well enough to get admitted to a Highly Selective University!

I didn’t hate it much Less; maybe I just had more energy and felt younger, which I def was. Also, I took for granted that a “Boring Cubicle Job” awaited at the end of it all. I WISH. Not sure where I got that fantasy from. The idea of the “Unemployable College Grad” or “College Barista” was not really around yet.

ANYWAY. It would be sweet to get that job because a. Full Time b. Huge Increase in Pay, like 50% Increase! c. rumors that More Than Full Time Is Available.

Though it is the type of Job Job my peers at the Highly Selective Univeristy would be ashamed to have, I would be thrilled to have it because it’s Full Time and pays 50% better and rumor is the manager is nice. good enough for me!

Mainly it’s just so you can tell people, strangers and family and women, that YES your job is FULL TIME, you’re not Underemployed PART TIME like an underachieving LOSER DEADBEAT who DOESN’T WANT TO WORK. You’re doing Your Share, Carrying Your Weight, Working FULL TIME.  That’s a VERY important distinction. doesn’t matter if you can still make more money Gambling. Then Gamble during your off time. Buy sh1ttonnes of SILVER and GOLD.

But yeah I have heard rumors of people choosing to work 80 or even 100 hours a week. And others who chose to work 40. Heh. I might try 100 for 1 month.

See, in the Old Days, I wouldn’t NEED Graduate School because I would eventually get promoted to Manager WITHOUT an MBA or a Masters of Management or Masters of Business INformation Systems because because could see by the way I walk and talk that I’m a SMART GUY and that would be enough. But DEM DAYS IS GONE.

So Now I REFUSE to get a Masters Degree unless someone makes it DAMN CLEAR that it is actually WORTH the time and money: psst, hey you, get this masters degree and I guarantee you’ll get this job which pays 100% more.

Ten Years Ago, companies would actually PAY FOR YOUR MASTERZ DEGREE!!!!!

now, you pay at LEAST 30k for a masterz degree where it’s a BIG QUESTION MARK as to whether it will make you back that 30 grand.  LET ALONE an INCREASE of money past the breakeven point. Esp considering the two years of time and stress and study that went into it. You gotta monetize that. That is valuable time you could have used to make thousands of dollars GAMBLING!!!!!!!!!!

f00king balllicking f4gg0ts. they can lick muh ballz and suck muh D. let THEM waste 50 grand on a mastez degree that gets them nowhere.


tues oct 15th

If you are being Micromanaged at your Underjob and don’t appreciate it, all the more because you do a ridiculously good job, then write a brief story about it you can tell in an interview later. But specifically go out of your way to say that none of your previous employers did this, because you can’t speak poorly of prev employers. just say, hypoethetically, this is an example of poor management, and here’s what i would do instead. Because I’m a LEADER not a MANAGER. I don’t just do things right, I Do The Right Thing. I Inspire by Example.

Drink Tea / Iced Tea throughout the day instead of coffee all day if you have to stay up for like 36 hours straight to get all your werk done. Coffee is fine at the beginning and middle of the day, but too much too fast will dehydrate you and make you poop your pants. So have two coffee breaks, and rest of the day, drink strong tea.

If you don’t have time to use a Cigarette Machine to make Cigarettes, just buy Roll Your Own and Roll Each Cigarette as you “need” them. Like I’ve been too lazy to sit down and use the machine to make 20 cigs, but I would be willing to ROLL a cig, if I had some Papers.

Note: do NOT buy Zig Zag papers, because they turn brown easily and always look like you’re smokign a Huge Joint. It looks SO Bad.

Buy a bag of Bugler Tobacco, or even better, a huge bag of Pipe Tobacco, and just roll that.

This is all assuming you don’t smoke a LOT. For example, I am lucky to smoke 1 pack per week. less than 3 cigs per day. Usually just one.

Find your local friendly pawn shop and/or gold shop, and start out buying some SILVER there. Silver is like the Poor Man’s Gold. Be sure you check the Market Price before you get there. Right now the price was about $21 an ounce. So go and buy an ounce and see how much it is worth in a year. I remember around 2 years ago when silver was like $15 an ounce. Now it’s $22. Not Bad, uh???? Imagine if I had bought 10 ounces back then! 16 Ounces!

wed 16th

WOW, got home at 1 am, woke up at 453 am, in at 7am, now 752 am. DEF could not do this more than once every….3 weeks? 2 weeks? Anyway I showed largesse by doing a social call, the LESSON LEARNED, and there’s almost always a LESSON LEARNED, that’s the whole reason I tell STORIES, is that

* You should try to sacrifice your Sleep once in a while to Hang Out with your Friends especially if they are doing a fun event. Just to show you care. I was making a tradeoff of sacrificing a regular and beloved Social Event, because of Time Sched Changes, basically, wanting to get proper sleep for getting up Super Early in the AM. Super Early, like earlier than average even for normalfg successfuls with upper working class careerjobs.


10 pm should not be up so late but had to do a min quota of hw, and it’s still 3 hours earlier than last night. HAD to lay down to check my nap having privilege today. Said I would do for 2 hours but knew full well it would be longer. ended up being 3 or 4 hours, not suprising. wasted a bunch of time listening to lifelover and joy division and playing around with the long awaited new version of f.lux: darkroom settings, “ember” brightness at night, really quite friendly on the eyes, even set it to slightly dimmer for during the day, with the hypoth that the comp screen is Just Too Damn Bright Even During The Day.

Lifelover is real kewl, and great for us Emo Feelz Types. Wish they coulda lasted longer. You might think they’re corny but I still find them very honest. Honest Angst here. Anger, Hatred, Sadness, all wrapped up in catchy melodies and painful vocals. Dark haunting bits as well. One of a kind sound, even if all their songs sound The Same, it’s a good sound, hehehe. Would have liked to see them years from now, but the guy died at age 25 or so. pretty simple concept, amazing no one else did it sooner. what is a good “lifelover ripoff band” that can continue that sorta thing. I think you COULD “rip them off” in a respectful way and add new things to that sound. so much potential. Dark Metal combined with Dark Pop essentially. struggle to find the perfect production though. real hard to do programmed drums and make them sound good. prefer the live drums on “dekadens.”

Use f.lux to protect your eyes from the bright computer screen.

new shoes are breaking in ok, might take 2 weeks or more for full break in.

Go to Youtube , type in leadership, and watch vidyas by leadership gurus talking about leadership. Leadership is the same thing as “Management” but uses different BS Buzzwords, and ATM IMHO the Leadership Buzzwords will work better in an Interview than Management Buzzwords. Sounds more Emotionally Intelligent for Today’s Sensitive Managers. Unless you’re interview for a Manager Job, then maybe use a combination of Management AND Leadership Buzzwords. But if you’re a Loser reading this blog, then f00k no, you’re not gonna be managing anybody, you are competing for a spot at the bottom of the barrel.

Buy a little Wahl trimmer so you can trim the annoying hair by your ears that starts to look real bad after a few months.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough, DO NOT BUY WHITE T-SHIRTS. When you’re in the socks and underwear aisle reaching for a pack of 3 white tshirts, JUST SAY NO, and look directly to the left or right, and buy the Black or Grey ones instead. Pref Grey. Because after like one washing, the white shirt will look all yellow and shabby, like you never shower or wash your clothes, and will be immediately obvious underneath your dress shirt.  White shirts looks dirty even when they’re clean.

Now, it might look unprofessional to wear a black tshirt under a white dress shirt, if you’re an Investment Banker who always needs to look his best. But, more than likely, that’s not you, and you can get away with wearing a nonwhite tshirt under your Work Shirt. This is an improvement even if you’re just a loser working at mcdonalds or ralphs. Although they might have a strict dress code against that.

fri oct 18th

ok done prepping muh series of 4 shorter posts. u should be seeing this on oct 24th. here are a few last minute protips. You can come up with new, useful Protips Erry Day. Erry Day should be a neverending stream of protips and lifehacks and cheat codes on how to win at life.  good idea after good idea.

Protip: go into spotify and into your starred list of 3000 songs. then order them by DATE ADDED and copy the songs from the past THREE MONTHS to a new list, and then play THAT new list on Random Shuffle. This will give you like a greatest hits of the past 3 months.

HOWEVER, it’s not fool proof. I GUESS an alternate approach would be to make a similar list from your History from the Past 3 months. Because if what if during the past 3 months you listened to a lot of nonstarred songs, OR songs that were starred longer than 3 months ago! Note: HISTORY is under “PLAY QUEUE.” Spotify really needs to HIRE ME to make them better. That’s my VALUE ADD.