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English: World production forecast Made by Khebab of The Oil Drum According to right hand column of the cited page.Kgrr 08:24, 12 July 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tues dec 3

WELP 625 pm instead of going to bed at 6pm, i was gonna stay up till 9 or so and do some homework, but need to install a huge update, take at least 30 mins here.

took a powernap after underwork, felt good.

if you’re kinda looking for new stuff to listen to, look for the stuff your favorite people like. when they drop names of stuff they like.

still looking for a good Jobs Report Truther. Where are the REAL Full Time Job Openings, REALLY? What fields, what job titles, what training. BLS does not match up with indeed. indeed is all part time and temp jobs. BLS and indeed do not match what is said in the Media. The Media is Pure Lies. I want complete and accurate information on Jobs, month to month, so muh children know what to major in and be able to get a decent enough job to live and have kids of their own. doesn’t have to be fancy. just live somewhere safe, without degenerates, afford health care, afford to save, be able to stay at the job for 30 years.

does not need to be a LUXURIOUS life, just needs to be safe and dignified. So you live in a multi-family home with your Friend Family, or your Cousins, and then you don’t Owe $1 million. sounds like a good deal to me.

Like I discovered this writer James Howard Kunstler who talks alot about “Peak Oil” and is very anti-sububs and urban sprawl, and all about Right Sizing COmmunities, and what to do when Gas costs $20 a gallon and you can’t afford to Drive To Work anymore, it costs more to DRIVE to work than you MAKE at work, you can’t afford to buy FOOD anymore, you have to grow your own food, live close to work, buy gold hehehehe. I am all about that gloom and doom collapse happening stuff because….it really seems like it’s coming. standard of living for this generation is less than it was for previous generation. Maybe that’s just a BLIP, but that BLIP is OUR LIVES.  Yeah I thought the US had huge oil reserves that could keep us well oiled for the next 50 years, the rest of my life hahahaha and that’s all that matters hahahaha, like the greedy Baby Boomers who couldn’t care less about how The Next Generation Lives. Well I care about how at least the next TWO generations will live. My Children and My Children’s Children. I do not want them living in a third world country.

so yeah politically, those are the right wing things I am interested in, hahahahaha.

and let me put in a plug for Responsible Gun Ownership. Learn how to use/shoot a gun and buy one while you’re still allowed to. But not if you’re Suicidal or Homocidal, obviously. definitely become more pro-gun in muh old age. you will feel better proving to yourself than guns are nothing to be AFRAID of. How about degenerate, savage, desperate, drug-addled thugs wieliding outrageously-illegal guns? you think THEY’RE afraid of guns?

Note: I have been pretty pro-gun since about 2011 but I have not actually bought a gun yet, which is a sad statement of muh laziness.

WARNING: Many of You, and possibly myself, may be prone to bouts of Crippling Depression (Morally Lazy Loserness) sometimes, which is scientifically proven to be associated with Suicide, Suicidal Ideation, etc, and so it may be risky to have a GUN around on those Dark Days. IDEALLY, you would cure yourself of all Depression before buying GUNZ. But, to rebut, a person can K themselves with just about anything, nongun items you already have in one’s house right now.

Warning: I think I am a product of My Age in some ways, I mean that the young 18 year old College Kids are a little BETTER than they were 10 years ago, there’s even been positive noticeable change in that short time. kids might be measureably less marxist and faggy than when I was College Age, thus happier, more productive, less lazy, less faggy, less virgin or neetish.

OK I promised not to get TOO political. But you HAVE to tolerate a little bit!


SIMPLY PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT, then use the arrow keys and pg up and pg down to your hearts content.

I was trying to select a HUGE amount of text from a HUGER document, and cut and paste it to a new separate document, and using the mouse to select it was HORRIBLE: holding down left button, dragging up, as the selection SLOWWWWLY scrolled up, and if your finger slips, you’re DONE. YES. JUST HOLD SHIFT. LIKE A BAUSSSSS. PWNT.. NINJA. 18 YO QT GURL, BEND OVER FOR MUH D.

YOU CAN EVEN DO THIS IN GOOGLE DOCS, which is where I do ALL muh typing now by the way. no more google gmail drafts.

GOOGLE DOCS is GOOD ENOUGH to get you a Full Time Living Wage Lower Middle Working Class Job. It did for me, heheheheh!!!!

SHIFT = SELECT. just hold it down. watch the ridiculous easy control you can get with the arrow keys, and pg up & pg down. GOOD GOD.

THAT’S WHY I GET PAID $9 AN HOUR, hahahahahahahahahaha.

whenever you pwn something at underwork and you help your coworkers and they say Thank You and are slightly impressed at your Pwnage, just say that. THAT’S WHY I MAKE $9 AN HOUR.

Hey there’s another great t-shirt! (title)

James Howard Kunstler and paintings
James Howard Kunstler and paintings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



nov 11?

Had to lay down and take a powernap, My new thing is to say I’M JUST GONNA LAY DOWN FOR AN HOUR to meditate and rest because I just got done serving a bunch of customers which makes muh introversion flare up, and muh no energy as well. then that turns into an even longer nap and I feel much better afterwards…..although this makes it VERY hard to get homework/independent study done AND go to bed at 7pm.


Put that Factoid on your WALL and NEVER FORGET.

THEN I discovered THE WORST NEW GAMBLING DRUG EVER, it was like CRACK or METH of Problem Gambling……the “ZOOM” feature of PokerStars. I know they have it at Real Money Casino as well, prob any Casino worth its while with a focus on THNL/NLH (No LImit Holdem).

To explain it in actually clear terms, which is what GOD put me on this earth to do, to educate people: In NLH you FOLD at least 85% of the time, actually closer to 90% I’ve found. If you are a “newb.” You will get bored and antsy folding NINE out of every TEN hands and say, I just want to play a hand already, often leading you to play a crappy hand, or to overestimate your hand.


ZOOM NLH solves this problem by instantly whisking you away to a new table with new players and a new deal as soon as you fold. It is instantaneous. Fold, get whisked away, get dealt, fold, repeat until you finally get that good hand, then you don’t fold, and play it just like normal.

Playing at least 3 or 4 or 5 times the hands you would just sitting around waiting for the other people to finish the hand.

So there I was, couldn’t tear muhself away for at least 90 minutes. Even better, I started with 1000 chips (maximum) aka “dollars”, and left 90 minutes later with SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. aka “chips”, hahahaha. Which would be like a MONTH of “work” at least. Well, more like two months really! Aka gambling as a good career choice.

see, College Career Cult is a SCAM exactly because it’s Gambling Labeled as NonGambling. Gambling is NOT a Scam because it’s honest about calling itself What It Is: GAMBLING.

And you can make more money in 90 minutes than you can in 90 DAYS with a Masters Degree.

And 100k of Credit Card Debt due to Gambling might be easier to discharge thru Bankruptcy than 100k in Student Loan Debt!

My official position is, as soon as you become a PROBLEM Gambler, quit Gambling. Just like Problem drinking or drugs.

And then I couldn’t sleep thinking giddy thoughts of how a Real Life Casino might implement a version of ZOOM. Like get a little circle of 10 Tables? And then as soon as a person folds, have them move clockwise to the next table, until that table gets like 8 people for a new hand? It would be like musical chairs, always on your feet, but that’s okay. Just keep moving until you find a table that’s in the process of filling up.

The key is, you’d need at least 5 tables and 40 people or so….but that shouldn’t be THAT difficult right?? Not for a Real Casino! You ever BEEN to a Casino? They’re PACKED 24 hours a day! you go there at 3 am on Christmas and it’s packed with The Worst Of The Worst Gambling Degenerates, who have thrown away their FAMILIES for GAMBLING!!!!!

Anyway. It’s ENTIRELY LIKELY that I got Beginners Luck on ZOOM, Indeed, my 6000 Profit came from Two Big Pots where I did pretty risky all-ins, I very easily could have lost it all!

However I DO officially argue that if you’re just looking to make a Daily Quota of 222 Dollars, you could do that a lot quicker and easier than you could at the reg nonzoom tables. unless you play about 4 tables at once.

that’s the one thing that consistently amazes me: you could make a perfectly good living if you were to win ONE POT A DAY on LOW blinds , 1 & 2 dollars, and there a 222$ pot is….maybe a little above average, but certainly doable. Certainly on a 2&4 blind it would be closer to average!!

(Or does the Average Pot Size depend moar on the Maximum Table Buy-in than on the Blind Size?)

Anyway, my point is, there’s NO NEED to move beyond LOW STAKES to MAKE GAMBLING YOUR CAREER. Mid and High Stakes are for the greedy who WILL be cleaned out by their own greed and HUBRIS.


I learned there is also MICRO stakes, below Low Stakes, with a 1&2 CENT blinds.

WARNING: when I won all that money real fast on ZOOM, that was with 5&10 dollar blinds, which is much higher stakes than I like! (1000 dollar max buy in).

NOTE: not sure how they determine the blinds in ZOOM. I think it’s Totes At Random, but I did not get the impression that you were paying blinds any more than you would at a traditional table. Like 1 big blind every 8 hands or so.