june 4 2017

to sir with love. 1967. a black engineer unable to find employment in his field takes a teaching job in a tough east london high school.

so we have to assume he couldnt get an engin job because of RACISM.

the first 10 minutes show him surrounded by cockney chav british WHYTES who are probably all racist against well-dressed, well-spoken, educated middle class blacks like sidney poitier.

he goes into the Tough School and it is full of Rowdy Working Class Whites all chattering and throwing spitballs at each other.

i dont hate old quaint jooish movies nearly as much as modern jooish movies…..but you can still see how this movie is STUFFED with jooish ridiculousness.

sheeeeit how much race mixing is gonna be in this movie. it looks like this purty white gurl is immediately interested in black buck sidney. fawning all over him in a way that clearly means she wants to get FOOKED HARD by him. if anything he’s not acting nearly muh dick enough. he’s acting too white! the working clas whites are acting more negroish than him. its interesting and disgusting and absurd.

when has this ever happened in real life.

i kinda like the movie stand and deliver though as far as High School Teacher movies go.

KINDA. i mean theres no way youre gonna get 30 latinxos to get an A in AP Calculus. but I like edward james olmos and his acne-ravaged cheeks.

ok i went and pulled the trigger, bought the CROCS. croc classics. i said i was just gonna get black. when i got to the store i looked around a bit to see what kind of colors and styles were available. i knew they had a lot of ridic colors. right next to the plain black ones were these Realtree Camo colored ones. I was like awwwww sheeeeeeeit, these ones SCREAM “I AM A HWYTE RACIST REDNECK WHO LUVS GUNZ AND HATES NONWHITES and urbanites and arabs and blacks and messicans and im just a good ol boy” which is EXACTLY what I want to be screaming. its kinda ridiculous and obnoxious hehehehe. so i got those instead of the black ones.  i felt really good and happy about it. Camo is Explicitly White, especially Realtree camo says I am a hwyte guy who owns many guns and luvs to go hunting and hates sjw and sissy phaggots.

it may also say im an evangelical christcuck and isntreal is muh greatest ally. but i would simply say nope WRONG to anyone who asked me that.

it was hard finding a good size though. they do not have half sizes. i do not know how snug they are supposed to feel.

should really get some REALTREE camo colored tshirts from WALMART. that is all I need.

its a way of signalling that you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO hwyte guilt and would probably say something like WHAT ABOUT HWYTE HISTORY MONTH? hehehehe.

ate kelloggs Smorz TM cereal for the first time today. it was pretty good. i very much enjoy SMORZ ice cream so I figured smorz cereal would also be decent. it was.

OF COURSE we understand that NOT ALL women/muslims/blacks are LIKE THAT.

BUT WAY TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM ARE. AND the ones who arent need to disavow that shit even MORE. not just disavow but how about using some force to keep your people in line?

of course white men should be keeping white women in line and they are not.

but there was a time when white women were more vocal slut shamers than they are now!

october 2014 – drama between johnson and anglin. looks like johnson may have started it. dam son.

then anglin wrote a very long and well written article where he simply defended himself and didnt witheringly insult johnson. just said, I dont think you understand what I’m doing greg, so please dont bitch about it.

greg IS a very very good writer. but so is anglin! and anglin is better about reaching 10 times the people. including younger and working class and whites without masters degrees in humanities hahahaha.

anglin links to youtuber aaron kasparov who has done a few readings of anglins articles

its not the greatest and i dont like music in the background of readings, too distracting, but the general idea is awesome, that is, taking good writing and doing readings of it. podcasts. audiobooks.  i have done 90% of my “reading” of MK by listening to the audiobook, which is very well done.

hehehehe anyway

yeah what im saying is some of us are audial learners and stuff sinks in better when we hear somebody saying it.

now when i read the MK book, I imagine that english/australian guy reading it. which is fine, he does a great job of reading it.

this kasparov guy, not as great of a voice. it helps if you have a great voice, and read the shit with some enthusiasm. helps if you do not put in distracting music. you dont need to add in graphs and images and shit. most of us just want to LISTEN to these things in the car, in the Weight Room, or while walking Outside.

but it got people talking about doing this for more of anglins articles. and i think they should. shit i would if i didnt care about getting voicedoxed.

would there be less terror attacks in UK if there were better gun laws? meaning responsible law abiding citizens could Carry in public? i know gun laws in uk are strict as hell.

all the coutries where the terror is worst and the people are just laying down – UK, france, germany, sweden – the cuckiest countries if you will – i know they all have SUPER STRICT gun laws. they hate guns almost as much as they hate whites hehehehe.

and i think the comparatively awesome gun laws in the US will prevent Moslem Violence from becoming as big a problem as it is in these western yuropean countries.

david irving, histers war. this is prob worth reading hehehe

welp anglin is now 99% of the way on his wesearchr, so that is a done deal. i just hope chuck johnson doesnt take his Usual Standard 15% fee. how about just 5%. 15% is a little much.

hail hister! hail our race! hehehehehe.

taking me a while to get into it, but vapaudenristis latest album “IK” (wont attempt to spell the finnish words) is starting to grow. At first I didnt superlike the production, now I do. i mean he is a natural born goo producer, its just a matter if “getting” it for any particular album. but theres no mistakes or corner cutting or lack of quality control or laziness with this guy, big reason why i like him.

anyway yeah i couldnt much get into this album when it came out but im glad i am giving it another chance now. this guy would be #1 on my must see concert list but I dont think he would ever do shows in the US. i mean maybe big show in NY, LA, and…..i dunno. chicago. ideally do a double set of CB and then Vap. or maybe grunt and Vap. I think he is fond of his Grunt project. I would more than welcome a couple creamface songs for fun.  but it’d want the bulk of it to be CB and Vap. 35% CB, 55% Vap, 10% other. it would have to be a 3 hour show. and shit yeah you cant do that every night.

so the IK album might be the most “serious” Vap album. its got slow songs that are kinda dark. but its constantly rocking and pummeling. his voice sounds great as ever. drums sound great. that is prob the hook there, along with the bass, which has a great, warm, live sound.  guitar is REALLY fuzzy and takes a while to get into. just pay attention to the drums and bass. and the great vocals, as always.

and i still havent listened to the NEW CB album!!!!!!!

also that art appears to be venerating Motherhood and Children.  Now I’d like to see a Father in that happy finnish family, but from the guy who, in the past, appeared to be venerating evil filth like molesting children, this is a step in the right direction hehehehehe. one of my top guys i would like to meet.

hister, anglin, weev, uncle mikko, uncle varg, i would like to meet them all. mill woes.

but yeah Vap is the first RAC-ish thing I’ve ever heard that I really liked. in that it had great production, great performances, great songwriting. i wish i could see what mikko sees in it and how it inspires him. and i also wish he was MORE racist hahahaha.

i was thinking that hwyte power might be the better book to read than MK. its only half as long, GLR’s writing sounds more like its speaking directly to you, and ultimately its the better redpilling tool. really explains shit thoroughly and applies it to a fairly modern US.  that bears a lot more resemblance to our degenerate world even more than weimar germany, which was supposedly very degenerate. well hister hadnt seen nothing yet!

so yeah. I would ALMOST recommend hwyte power over MK. i mean definitely read BOTH, but read WP first. its an easier read and more of a punch you in the face book.  fooking awful that theres no audiobook of this insanely IMPORTANT book.

sven longshanks reading some of it

full text

read it!!!!!

june 5

there are vidyas on youtube of how to BUILD YOUR OWN pistol, for people in western yurop who cant just buy gunz like we can in gun world USA hehehe.

how hard is it to get a black market pistol in france or UK or germany?

i mean all the black felons have black market pistols in the US! stolen pistols with the serial numbers rubbed off, etc.

this is an excellent 9 part series on joos and p0rn by benjamin garland which somebody should read into an audiobook

so in yurop you can join a GUN CLUB and then you can buy a gun. DO THIS NOW!!!!

oh yeah. so heres my GREAT IDEA OF THE WEEK::::::::::

I was thinking of budgeting money and saving for a $20 Squatty Potty because I fully believe that Squatting is not implicitly nonwhite, and that working class whites used to squat, in a designated squatting area, before bourgeois softies invented the sitting crapper. i dont know if it was jooz. well jooz dont poop they just make it into television shows hahahahahahahahahahahaha stealing a joo woody allen joke there. they make it into TV, media, p0rno, popular culture, education, journalism, articles, art, music, bla bla

hey just because 75 IQ moslems BREATHE AIR doesnt mean whites shouldnt BREATHE AIR TOO, or that BREATHING AIR is inherently moslem or inherently nonwhite!!!!!!

i mean it sucks to breathe the same air that they do hahahahahahahahaha but i cannot deny that yes, we both breathe air and share that in common.

ANYWAY in muh toilet there is a small plastic bin for rubbish and kleenex and floss and beard trimmings and such, a plastic white bin about 1 ft tall. i was able to put muh feet on top of it and sort of approximate a squatting position, or at least get to a much smaller angle than the 90 degree angle from sitting.

not sure if it worked as well as a squatty potty but it seemed to kind of work. you are wise to use your hands to help balance yourself on the seat once you put your feet up.

it seemed to make muh morning #2 quicker and more efficient. so you don’t have the issue of shit or get off the pot. it just comes flying right out HAHAHAHAHAHA.

so i would say, save $20 to buy a squatty potty, but if you dont have that hwyte privilege, just use a $2 plastic bin you can get from walmart and may well have in your toilet anyway.

mother fookin mudsharking on call the midwife. somewhat watchable bbc period drama set in the 1960s with a bunch of nun nurses. adapating to the brave new degenerate world where white english girls are loyal to their black buck husabnds and have 3 shitsprog mixed babies who look much more black than white. and this is all hunky dory. some people, the old racists, dont like it, but they’re wrong, that’s not the way the world is going, thats nto what jesus would do either. he’s say one love, we’re all human, you go gurl.

like mudsharking was super common in the 60s!

ALL these fookin british shows. ESPECIALLY the period shows set in the past generations. they want us to think this shit ALWAYS HAPPENED and it was ALWAYS OK. it didnt and it wasn’t!!!!!!! this is straight up REWRITING HISTORY!!!!!

this one woke me up to the most recent vapaudenristi album. had to research the name.

so. alice in chains. great band, staley great singer. i think a lot of millennials are discovering AIC and they are having a bit of a revival. so now you have young millennial gurls falling in luv with staley and basically making him just as big as kurt cobain. who had the more immediate appeal for women. but now the younger women have discovered staley and fawn all over him and want to fook him and SAVE him, not realizing he was a SELFISH, LAZY, PATHETIC, DEGENERATE. who had so much potential as a very handsome, very talented hwyte man, and THREW IT ALL AWAY on NEGRO behavior. shitting on his friends, family, fans, the whole world, just for ONE MORE FIX. and then losing your TEETH and wasting down to 90 pounds, thats just HORRIFYING. and now youtube videos are filled with people talking all this drama.

oh layne wasnt 90 pounds when he died, he was 60 pounds.

oh i talked to laynes MOM a few years ago and SHE told me the TRUTH.

oh i talked to mike starr’s friend who had seen layne the day before he died. bla bla bla.

fact was, layne was holding the band BACK, they should have kicked him out, but cantrell was too loyal and principled of a hwyte man, constantly giving his friend another chance, so the degenerate junkie could disappoint him yet again.

and by the time of their SECOND album “dirt”, layne was fully on the junk.  but he still sounded good on that album.

well hell he sounded great on the mad season album, ok, thats a great album, and that was the perfect blend of he was fooked up on heroin, AND melancholy, AND could still SING. perfect storm there. that was a great album, always recommended, timeless. mad season “above”.

just dont listen to it like a fangirl and be like oooohhh poor tortured layne, i want to save u and fook u. really understand where its coming from, and this is not a place you want to go.

basically too many women love layne too much and dont understand how pathetic and frustrating he is.

well because he’s really THAT good of a singer. honestly. as far as singers go, I enjoy him more and more every year. when i was in high school, i was like yeah, i like AIC, laynes pretty good. NOW i’m like, damn, he was one of the greatest. so yeah thats why you have this CULT of fangirls sucking his heroin dick.

but cantrell wrote all the best songs hahahaha.

and layne sounded best when he was not on heroin.

and he was on heroin for 80% of his time with AIC.

and the other point i wanted to make is, AIC and esp layne PERFECTLY exemplify 90s Nihilism of Gen X.

Note that Layne was born in 1966, the exact END of baby boomers, the exact beginning of gen x.

most of the music I enjoyed was made by gen x people. early and middle gen xers.

i myself am a VERY early millennial that overlaps a lot with late genx. still have a lot of that self destructive, self loathing nihilism.

i think the self loathing began to wear off as the millennials continued, and gave way to pure hedonism and special snowflake bullshit.

and now there’s generation zyklon. kids getting out of high school in 2017 who reject the degeneracy of the millenials and, as young teens, want to fight a race war, not do drugs, not whore it up, want to get married young and have white children. in others, the first GOOD generation since I dont even know when. at least 100 fooking years.


Baby boomers    Typically, they range from the early-to-mid 1940s and end from 1960 to 1964.

Generation X, or Gen X,  starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) —typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years

Generation Z (also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation in the United States)— starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.

so yeah. i have been paying attention more to generations as i get older and the kids get younger hahaha and my Super Early Millennial / Super Late GenX status becomes more clear.

and then millennials are degen pvssies, and gen z shows some hope for having full racial nationalist youth. alongside even further degen’d pvssies and trannies.

listened to 52 minutes of vapaudenristi today while powerwalking. cannot do that with much music. this stuff absolutely speaks to muh hwyte soul and is one of muh greatest musical discoveries of the past 2 years at least. you just cant write music like this and NOT be racially aware….even if youre not FULLY aware yet. the guy talks like a jooish phd and I wish I could just get him drunk and talk to him in person and ask him about Being Hwyte. The way I see it, you can’t read EVOLA and luv RAC without having SOME racial awareness! i honestly dont think he’s STUDIED much alt right stuff yet, and there’s a good chance he might LIKE it if he did.

that should be my mission, to turn him EXPLICITLY alt right, VVN. just ask him, what kind of nationalist are you? civic nationalist or racial nationalist? what does being hwyte MEAN to you? What do you think about race mixing? do you want to see european hwyteness preserved? and dont give me some gibberish answer.

what do you think about: alt right, anglin, weev, hister, My Struggle, william pierce, GLR, richard spencer, VVN, the jq, the wq, the 14 FOOKING WORDS??!?!?!?!?!


thats what I would ask him.

why does it matter? because his music is THAT damn good and The Movement needs more good music.

it taps into something Primordial that feels like Racial Pride to me but you can’t really confirm it. but its positive and pure and good and principled. EXACTLY the type of thing that was MISSING in the music of early gen x people like AIC. They desperately were LOOKING for some meaning and tried and failed to find it in drugs.

late gen x guys like uncle mikko FOUND some kind of meaning or Telos. well, i dont know if thats TYPICAL of late gen x’ers, actually probably not. but that’s just the generation uncle M is. a couple years older than me. but probably not THAT many years older hehehehehe.

and the college age kids now are REALLY starting to get it. like to see the Principled, Meaningful, Race-Loving music THEY make!

Heh. if I ever do another song, I would like to do a song like this. the music would be full of pride and purpose and the lyrics would be all about crushing jooish degeneracy, whilst hailing our race and the 14 words hehehehe. something which speaks directly to the european soul and glorifies and hails it as the sacred thing it is!!!! which too many people of my generation and gen x and baby boomers and some millennials have plain fooking forgotten!!!!!

pathetic seeing a race without any racial hygience, racial health, racial awareness, racial pride. kinda like seeing a pathetic junkie throwing their life away on drugs.




sat nov 4

mar 18

yeah buddy

saturday morning, sleeping in, get thoughts about Women and That Woman. like can you really compare women to Drugs? It’s inherently good and natural to have a wife and have children, it’s not inherently bad like being addicted to drugs.

but not all men are GOOD ENOUGH, TOUGH ENOUGH to have wife and children. less than half.

so i get butthurt when i see men display FAKE toughness so they can knock up the white trash stupid slut, have an innocent white baby, then run off like a deadbeat and make another stupid white trash fatherless slut. basically acting liek a hwyte negro. disgusting. they’re not man enough or good enough or tough enough to have children, but they do anyway,  because they can go through the motions, and because women have become stupid and slutty enough because of generations of no fathers, of negrolike fathers.

of course the root cause is Political Policies engineered by Jooz and Joo-Luvers. Great society, welfare, anti-male, anti-family, anti-human, anti-hwyte, antisocial poison laws and policies.

i am a parasite too but i dont take any gov entitlements hehehehe. and i pay muh taxes. which are like 20% of muh shamefully small 11k income!

feed2mail is only free for the first 30 days. fook these J’s.

wesearchr seems like a good thing. basically…crowdfunding against mainstream media joos??? saying lets fight this enemy of the people?

ok i will listen to the soundtrack from “witcher 3” because even though vidya is degen, this is a polish game from polish devs and the music done  by polish composers. basically im here mainly for the music, because i know gaymz sometimes have good music.

and basically witcher seems like something less jooed than other games, or tv shows, or movies, that could potentially attract good music composers into making a coherent, semi symphonic score.

like gaym of thrones had a decent theme music but the show is degen jooish trash so, kinda makes the music less enjoyable.

witcher is a polish thing created by hwytes and seems like a less degen of a vidya, so, it gets the pass.

really, vidya is BETTER and less degen than sitting around complaining about what a loser you are!

and its less degen than PORN!

its less degen than alcohol.

is it less degen than MJ? thats a tough call.

right now i would not mind getting blazed af and playing a hwyte slavic game like witcher and NOT complaining about what a loser i am who will never get or secure a good job and a good waifu.

how do you turn private pyle from a weak cowardly untough loser, into the tough drill instructor? well you do what has been done to countless marines before: break them down until they are crying themselves to sleep every night, then rebuild them anew.

but private pyle threw a monkey wrench in, because after he broke down crying, he was not built up anew, but just flipped out and K’d people. went postal.

so yeah i guess, do MJ and play vidya as long as you are NOT:

  1. complaining about being a a lonely loser
  2. fat and getting fatter
  3.  watching porn

but if you are playing vidya then those other things overlap with that venn diagram quite a damn lot.

but i would be the special snowflake!

no im serious, i am not worried about ever Going Back to porn, i am DONE with that. going back to OVereating and becoming Fat again is the much more real risk that i need to be vigilant about.

unlike porn, eating tasty food is not inherently bad. even drinking alcohol is not inherently bad or jooish. its just doing it in MODERATION. IN MODERATION.

theres no moderation for porn. no one should watch it ever. it is trash and all of it belongs in the oven. you cant say the same about food, alcohol, or women. MJ is more up for debate, and i’m leaning towards, it does have its legit uses. for pain or cancer or seizures. so no. its not inherent bad or jooish like porn. VERY FEW THINGS ARE. im not lying when i say porn is one of the worst, most jooish things ever, and that very few things are THAT bad. well, TV, mainstream media, journalists, movies, popular culture, modern women, jooniversities, education, jooish scams, those come close in their level of jooishness.

how jooed is it? and porn is one of the MOST jooed things about it. you can unjoo tv and vidya, you CANNOT unjoo porn, becuase its INHERENTLY jooish. there is NO reason for it to exist except to joo and harm people. it is the pure essence of jooishness laid bare and in that sense it could be instructive. but still not worth watching. just think about how bad it is, and that will teach you everything you need to know about da j00z.

they turn hwyte women into sluts who fook negros on camera. they turn hwyte men into opioid popping deadbeats who abandon their daughters and let them fook negros on camera. i can’t put it any more plainly, folks.

and if these things dont rustle you, you should be ashamed of yourself. unfort i think too many hwytes would NOT be rustled by these things. well, they wouldn’t believe there is any jooish interest in these things, thats just a wild antisemitic conspiracy theory. i make 50k a year with my degree and have 1 kid i’m painstakingly educating not to be racist and to learn about hwyte privilege, and I read the JY Slimes and I know that hwytes are just getting the karma they deserve for centuries of being bigoted racist oppressors. shrug. oh well. you reap what you sow. karma.

the EXCITEMENT and the THRILL of wanting some MJ and then you HAVE it!!!! and now you are going to enjoy it! the anticipation! the preparing of your preferred method. and then finally the almost relgiious ritual of partaking. i really try not to take it for granted like many of the sloppy degen st0ners. its all very special and sacred hahahaha.

i mean honestly. why dont i just go down to the Bad part of Town, hang around a Liquor Store, and ask guys who look like they would know how to get MJ, if they can get me 20 dollars of MJ? and then later, ask if they could get more? because i am too much of a PVSSY. otherwise i would have DONE it already. and been enjoying some MJ.

glad this is still up

the hosts could be a bit more high energy, but they are hwyte and they are smart as hell and talking about important SCIENCE! topics with a right wing, pro hwyte bias hahahaha.  which is the best way to talk about SCIENCE! there are at least 5 podcasts here which you must listen to immediately. wish there were one on secsual morality and man woman relshits and sluts but oh well.

SCIENCE! used to be a very hwyte, principled thing, but it has gotten jooed quickly in the recent past. lets turn that around hehehe.

should put darwin digest in the sidebar because though their execution is not PERFECT, its still more than good enough and what they did was IMPORTANT and they should have not stopped! i am technically still dnating like 10 cents a week to them hahahahaha. just look up darwin digest liberapay.

how about a freeze peach patreon for bitcoin. so you can have recurring dnations to creators, and small regular dnations, weekly or monthly, but let yourself be pseudonymous and also avoid blockchain transaction fees for every transaction.  BIZ OPPORTUNITY HERE!!!! GET IN!!!!!

heh. this witcher soundtrack is like modern boortzum if it were any GOOD hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oh thats horrible im sorry uncle varg. but you got a lot of filler on your modern albums and the production could be a lot better too. but im not mad, you have 6 kids to raise and your work there is much more important than making new music. keep having kids and making pro-hwyte videos, living out the 14w.

but yeah. grab those darwin digest podcasts as long as they are still up. suprised they are. put the link in the sidebar. they earned it hahahaha. just glad they can WORK in SCIENCE! and not have their right wing beliefs compromised.  and im not even butthurt that there is a WOMAN on the show. i NEVER said women arent SMART enough to do SCIENCE! just that average women arent that autistic, but some are. and ALL women should have CHILDREN before doing CAREERS, and this woman cathy princess does have at least one young child and hopefully more.

also married women with young children are not gonna put other young men in competition with each other so much and therefore wont cause tension in the movement just by being young, single, available women in a room filled with lonely, single men who want GF’s and waifus and children.

here is witcher 1 soundtrack by some different pole composers hehehehe

if i had to play a vidya, i would prob play witcher hahahahaha. but i dont even have that platform. console. whatever.

i am a bit jelly of georgie boi because he doesnt have any DESIRE to do MJ. he jsut says, thats degenerate, fook that shit, and doesnt ever do it even though its fully legal in his state, he could WALK to a STORE 5 minutes AWAY and buy high quality legal MJ for a good price. in his situation i would be fully in the throes of a BAD MJ HABIT. but he’s NOT.

i KNOW its mostly degen but i STILL want to do this VICE. i have a ton o excuses and i still know its degen. so i would not expect support in this. i would hide it, rightfully, from winners and esp from fellow VVN’s. i just desperately want to enjoy my vice in private.

big bitcoin dip yesterday. damn. bad week for bitcoin. i have to pay attention to this now that i am buying a LITTLE bit of btc every single week. 5 to 10 dollars worth. hoping to do this over the long term, 1 to 3 years, and watch it GROW at….5% per year hehehehe. 4%.

yep the woman you put on a pedestal and want to spend the rest of your life with and have children with and luv, would rather be treated like a piece of jooish pornography by a negro, than even TALK to the likes of YOU, because you are THAT DISGUSTING. this “lovely” woman would rather let herself become a piece of PORN than hang out with or talk to YOU. DAMN.

aint no thang, just a fact of life hahahaha. happens all the time. deal with it .gif. youre in love with that woman? she doesnt care if you live or die. she would rather make a movie of her ass getting gaped by a big black bull than go for a nice walk in the park and cuddle with you. she would rather suck and fook 10 dicks in a gangbang like a disgusting trash wh0re used as a cvmbucket by hand rubbing jooz to make jooish filth with.

def not a good feel!

would rather destroy her own hwyte soul than have anything to DO with the likes of YOU because you are such a disgusting loser who is not worthy of even the most ruined woman!

feels bad man!

oh well, life goes on, deal with it.gif. do tonnes of MJ and play vidya but do NOT overeat and do NOT look at porn.

read 1433 stuff and curse da jooz for ruining your women and your men. shake your head at how your own race could have been DUPED by these rats!

was it hubris on your part? maybe a little, but moreso softness and comfort IMHO. yeah but even The Greatest Generation of Tough Men were duped by you know who into an absolutely unholy war that they never should have been in. this is really worse than Millennial Degeneracy I always moan about. but i recognize its part of a longer arc of history.

shit world war ONE was part of it. the federal reserve. these rats have been jooing us since the beginning of the 1900s and probably before then too hahaha.  well they pushed some african slaves on the US in the 16 and 1700s didnt they?

im only against them because they are against US. if they took a more laissez-faire attitude, so would I.

im ok with never looking at porn again. i have no real desire.

i’m kinda ok with never drinking alcohol again, i dont have a burning desire. not comparing alcohol to porn because alcohol is not inherently degenerate, porn is. just comparing my historical vices and appetites and bad habits hahahaha.

i am not ok with never being with a woman again. women are not inherently degen….but so many of them are deeply, irreversibly degen. ruined women. even if they are professionally successful!

i am not ok with never doing MJ again. it is not inherently degen, but the extent i want to do it IS degen, and i accept that and dont expect any validation for it. i am willing to pay the price for that one hahahaha. i yam what i yam. it is a bad habit i am not willing to give up. and its better than porn or being an alcoholic or opioid popper hahahaha. its just kinda disturbing that i want it SO goddamn MUCH, and I would be SOOOOOOO excited if i Got Some. it would almost be better than getting a woman because with a woman…. there are so many unknowns. you dont know what youre getting. you know its gonna disappoint you in unknown ways. with MJ its much more of a known quantity that doesn’t disappoint you NEARLY as much. you might get paranoid/anxious, or you might run out. and those are very obvious, unsurprising risks. you know that shit going in. you’re not naive about that.

with a woman, yeah you know it’s probably gonna be disappointing, but you so want things to be different this time. you willingly delude yourself a lot more. oh i hope this ones gonna be DIFFERENT. and it IS, but not in a good way. you just find yourself BLINDSIDED in a new and horrible way hhahahahaha. you dont get that with MJ.

also MJ is an inanimate object, not a human being, and its even more disappointing to see Fellow Human Beings acting the way Women do. MJ just is what it is. its a plant. it is what it is.  its a special plant with special powers and should be treated with great respect and reverence and many human beings DONT, but its still Just A Plant. it cant make decisions, it cant break your heart, it cant be a coward, it cant hurt you.  its much less threatening and risky than Women.

stories of people that think “hmm maybe i sm0ke too much MJ and should cut back” but its just SO available to them that they have to make a really conscious effort to do so; vs my pathetic story of wanting SO BAD to do MJ but not because its just not AVAILABLE for me because i dont know any good ways of GETTING it.  and i have thought long and hard about 3 diff ways of getting it and im not really liking any one of them. all i can do is wait for this one person, and that is clearly going to take several months. its already taken 3 months and it could very likely take 3 more.  at LEAST. if EVER. that is not a sure thing at all, i never expected it would be.

i saw a working class apt bldg today where in the windows one person had a huge murkan flag, and a huge CONFEDERATE flag. before i would have though, oh dear lord, what low class racist white trash, now i am like hell yeah, i should go talk to this guy, that’s the best signal you could have besides flying a huge natzee flag, which you can’t do. confed flag is still 60000000000 times more socially acceptable, and of course they have been trying to suppress it in the past few years, after dylan roof and michael brown and BLM. so it means you have pretty big balls to fly that flag in 2017 hahahaha. i should really get one to signal to other Hwyte Rednecks. the only caveat is that they might be opioid-popping zionists hahahahaha. that is a risk i’m willing to take. you could PROBABLY sell them on the idea of sleazy, degenerate, hand-rubbing merchants and scammers, though. i am very sure about that. then just explain that’s what zionists are too, hahahahaha.

so yeah. get a confederate flag and proudly fly it if you dont already. you can fly it next to a US flag, that’s perfectly all right.

displaying a svastica is too far, but displaying a rebel flag is perfectly fine, well within your rights. so just do that then. women might like your brashness. whereas if you display a svastica, they might just think youre a psychopath. or they wont even know what it is hahahahahaha. because they were too busy texting and sexting tyrone during the 13 years of K-12 natzee-bashing, muh 666 gorillion, to notice that the svastica is the eternal symbol of hate, evil, hwyte men.

wear a rebel flag tshirt. ESPECIALLY if you are a yankee hahahahahaha.

this is a great idea, would like to get such a shirt in the short term. a lot of hwytes really like the “REDNECK” lifestyle of hunting, camo, 4 x 4’s, trucks, gunz, country music, etc, and the rebel flag fits nicely in this, and while these people are prob not explicitly 1433, they are VERY implicitly hwyte, and thats all we need. is people who arent ASHAMED of being hwyte, and who like guns, and aren’t ashamed of the rebel flag. GOOD ENOUGH. they are basically ASKING to be redpilled and turned full 1433. so its YOUR duty to gently start redpilling them on the JQ.  start with feminism, though they might already know about that. and be dating qt hwyte gurls who are not feminist at all. and well on their way to having hwyte children. just hard working hwyte “redneck” “country” types. we need more of these people.

ohhhh that woman, she was so perfect, one of her family members had a rebel flag and she didn’t hate it. and she thought the anti-rebel flag shit was stupid. wah wah wah.

who cares, she’s d to me and i’m dead to her, i dont have to like it, but thats just the way it is, that is a stone cold truth. and i cant really MOURN her the way you MOURN a loved one who died too soon, and some people mourn them for 20, 30, 40 years, never stop mourning these untimely deaths, well i cant do that here, because there was no death, it was HER CHOICE.

however i AM entitled to be upset about it, and boy was i, for a long damn time. still am! it comes in waves atm and i have been thinking about her more often than usual. cant say theres any reason. it comes in waves now.

this mother fookin guy. a damn chatty cathy in the poker chat. i was nice and responded to him. hope he does not keep chatting hahahaha. i think he is nonwhite, possibly arab. american tho hahaha. the type who likes chatting with strangers at the poker table hahahaha.

well like ive before, there’s nothing REALLY wrong with small talk, and its MY issue that i am annoyed by it sometimes. its really not THAT annoying. its weird that i am annoyed by it at all.

well ill tell you what was really annoying, was this woman in church today who say 2 rows behind and was huffing and puffing like crazy. every breath was like she was gasping for air after running a marathon or holding your breath for 5 minutes.

i tried to view it in the light of, god have mercy on that poor woman, and thank god i do not have whatever godawful COPD or breathing problem she has which is killing her and costing her literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to the jooish medical scam system.

instead i was like oh god its so infuriating having to listen to her, i cant wait to get out of here. and she wasnt even fat or nonwhite.

but damn this guy is encouraging me to play more hands and stop being so tight. he is not wrong per se……he is prob a good player, taking note of my style and everybody elses, well i make notes on other players sometimes hahaha.

i also dont pay attention to other players a hell of a lot hahahaha because i am multitasking. this guy i dont think is. he is studying his opponents like a good player should.






sept 11

heh. not to insult the old friends of mine who are unfortuantely, sadly leftist, but……. i just remembered something that happened on our recent reunion that made me shake my head and told me that there was no hope in trying to Turn these people hehehehe.

basically it was simple, just talking about LB Johnson and how he was such a old school white racist who wanted segregation for blacks. it didnt matter that he was huge democrat and the great society and that he might have done more than any one president to turn our once great nation into a marxist progressive antiwhite disgrace. immigration, welfare, etc. they touched on this, but were like, YEAH BUT he was also a huge old school white racist from texas. he wasn’t a real modern democrat….even though he probably did more SJW shit than any modern democrat. all they saw was an evil white racist.

basically they should be worshipping this guy like he was the next MLK! but no, all they see is a white racist!

because he simply LOOKED LIKE a white normie from texas! just a masculine white man with a texas twang. never mind that his policies opened the door to giving BILLIONS to nonwhites!

really I should have said, YEAH BUT dont you think you’re underestimating the effect of the great society? i mean really, isnt LBJ the greatest person for Civil Rights since MLK? do you really think thats fair just to write him off as an evil white racist? he really wasnt old school at all!

i was just caught off guard by the ridiculousness of it, and also my communication skills were compromised by MJ!

and yet these are decent, moral white people parroting this nonsense!

they cant get past LBJ looking like a FOOKING WHITE MALE to realize the pretty obvious truth that he was a YUGE SJW and pretty much sentenced the white race to death hahahahaha. the fact that he has a twangy accent and wasnt a Marxist Community Organizer is enough for them!

and ultimately he went to do one of the single biggest Marxist Actions our country has ever seen!

doesnt matter, cuz he LOOKS like a traditional white family man. so somehow he was a “conservative democrat”. wtf???????

you could not have a more marxist prez if KARL MARX had been prez!!!!!!!!

why the hell would they signal against LBJ of all people?

because in their mind, he represents Traditional Old School White Racists.

EVEN THOUGH HE DIDNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in hindsight I should have probed on this absolutely ridiculous discussion, but again, MJ makes me unable to have even simple small talk.

oh and LBJ probably owned a GUN too. he was the type of guy to go HUNTING. and he probably didnt want his daughter to be a race mixing slut. what a racist sexist woman hating black hating bigot racist.

they cant look past these tiny details to see the YUGE OBVIOUS LASTING LEGACY of LBJ!!!!!!

Maybe i am OVERESTIMATING LBJ and the great society pogams in particular.

i mean im sure there were tons of marxist j’s advising him.

hmmmm i have found the new evalion hahahahahah

i bet this channel will be shut down by the time this post posts.

well after 1 minute of inspection she seems less slutty than evalion, but she does have crazy eyes!

not gonna get my hopes up too much here.

but I would wager that shes taken less cox than evalion and might be a better wife and mother.

gonna try to manage expectations tho.

i guess she already did an interview with sinead. i hope sinead does not latch onto her and turn her into even more of a psychopath.

i would feel a lot more comfortable if she (crusader gurl) were doing this with her father or something. what does her father think of all this?

it feeeeels really weird and wrong for very young gurls to get on the frontlines of a very real ideological war. just like with Combat, women SHOULDN’T be doing this. you can support your father or husband or brother who is doing it. make white babies with your white husband. maybe make videos about how awesome being a mother is. and cool it with the hitlers and the swastikas. they make you look like a shill hhahahahahaha.

men can do that, women cant. and even most men dont fathom what theyre getting into when they do that. i say, err on the side of caution and dont go full 1488 until you know exactly what youre getting into. like me hahahaha. and even i dont post hitlers and swastikas. it just looks fishy when a 17 year old gurl on the internet does.

girl on the internet syndrome. beware.

maybe do a show with your strong white boifran. or father.

i should really write to her and try to become her handler. i mean women can REACH alot more people than men. she can get 1000 subscribers in a day where it would take a guy a YEAR. people pay a lot more attention to young purty wimmin. so, tread carefully. she is gonna be under a TON of scrutiny, like evalion, and it didnt take long for evalion to be shut down and probably discredited.

and yes their secs lives ARE relevant, because you want a person with GOOD CHARACTER.

and really….yeah its nice to see women getting into this stuff, but I have NEVER heard something explained MORE profoundly or powerfully by a woman than by a man. NEVER. in other words, a man can ALWAYS say this stuff more persuasively. More Better, hahahahaha.

but the women get more initial views.

and im sure part of it is me being Lonely for a Woman that is Against Race Mixing.

here’s a fun game for you: test women you meet by getting them talking about idris elba or denzel washington. I reckon the MAJORITY of them will take the bait and say DAYUM WHAT A SEXY MAN. MMM HMMMM. I WOULD SUCK HIM OFF RIGHT NOW. I WOULD FOOK HIM ALL NIGHT AND LET HIM BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

this is a blatant signal that the woman is open to race mixing.

the ideal woman would get uncomfortable talking about secs, would not say anything publicly, then in private, would tell you shes just not into black guys.

just look for any remark where a white woman talks about a black guy being Handsome or Secsy.

if you’re against race-mixing, you JUST WOULDNT DO THAT.

I never talk about how nonwhite women are good looking! because I honestly dont care! I DONT WANT TO RACE MIX!!!!

well there are a couple jooish and maybe indian women i would bang. but they would probably stink like curry!

and also i have fully thought through the implications of having children with them, and that is something i would never want to do!

but yeah, its just not the DOMAIN of cute innocent doe eyed 16 year old gurls to be talking about this stuff!!!!!

KIND OF like how its not the domain of innocent little gurls to be huge cvm guzzling sluts!

well….i say kind of because those are two VERY different things.  i’m just trying to say that young gurls are JUST TOO INNOCENT for this kind of stuff. it’s TOO MUCH for them. it’s not RIGHT for them to be in it.

kind of like a woman forgoing being a wife and mother so she can be a damn CEO.

it’s just not her natural place. its weird and wrong.

so yeah i hope this gurl acts honorably because its SAD to see a qt innocent young white gurl be a DUMPSTER FIRE. just do what michelle k did and Resign. or do what the truth will live did and stop youtube but just do twitter only.

of course TTWL is 100% jooish. but uhhhh she was really qt and had great alt right ideas and was converting to Catholic. real interesting case.

but yeah its DISTRACTING unless you have your OWN alt right waifu. and probably most waifus could be MADE alt right with your firm, fair guidance.

this crusader gurl looks like a purer, more innocent, lower number gurl than evalion, and i dont want to see another young white girl turn into a dumpster fire for the whole internet to see.

dont look for a gurl with political opinions. find a gurl with basically no political opinions, but who has deep moral opinions about not being a slut, about not fooking blacks, about not murdering her babies. that’s all you need. and finding that will be difficult enough!

heh i am actually tempted to write this girl a message because she might actually read it now, rather than 2 weeks from now, when she has EXPLODED in popularity.

well, sinead has probably already told her how horrible TRS is.

basically TRS needs to take this girl under their wing and use her as a TRS propaganda person. TRS are good, strong, smart men. I trust them hehehe.


also i saw some bitch saying that its normal for a 30 year old man to take only 6 months to get over a 2 year relship. yeah maybe if you are some sociopath who just views people as bags of meat, BITCH!

loveshack has like 1700 people on it right now, relship forums has like 400 tops. go with loveshack. i am looking for something with a LOT of people.

plus they have a great subforum that is all about That Gray Area where you might be becoming more than friends, or wanting to.

yep the big 400th job app.  next it will be the big 500th hahahaha.

How to Choose a Wife in a Feminist Society by PA

good blogger, i should directly link to him, got a good alt right racist white mind. i just dont want anyone to know i link to them. go look at his blog and give him a dollar hahahaha.

twitter can be fun sometimes

oh yeah this one was florian geyer. well he doesnt really use it. and his NRx blog only has 2 posts. i was looking to try to find the origin story on this guy cuz i like him. he is great. he is very smart and very funny and will be a great priest but he should have some keeids tho.

here is a guy that is on the fatherland sometimes, seems like a real good guy, and he does a pro family podcast with his WIFE. should prob check that out at some point.

sept 12

welp, was very decisive about getting a haircut today, even though probably didnt really NEED it…..but previous i usually waited TOO long, and today i just wanted to be decisive and get a haircut fairly earlier than last time, PLUS whenever i get a haircut, it boosts confidence, so, really no risk, high reward. waited 66 days this time, 9 weeks or so. this isnt TOO early, I dont think.

had ridiculously disturbing dream with HER in it and it just gets worse. i was bitching at her like  a little bitch, please stop avoiding and ignoring me, just hang out with me already, don’t dump me LIKE THIS, and getting really bitchy and passive aggressive about it, then she was like FINE. FINE. what do you want from me. and then she got up on this ladder or lege or something about 14 feet off the ground and dove headfirst into the ground, grotesquely breaking her own head and neck. absolutely horrifying. that’s not what i was asking for!!!!!! i just wanted to sit down and have an hourlong private talk!!!!

there was an implication that some other guy was also heartbroken and HE had K’d himself the same way, diving headfirst into the ground.

also in another part of the dream, I was grotesquely deformed, like missing half my face, and also that side of my body was all grotestquely deformed. naturally people reacted to the sight of me with horror.  I couldn’t really see myself though, and I didn’t really FEEL horrific.

then I met a qt young woman who was nice to me, did not react with horror, and I wondered, wow, did I miraculously get better somehow? do I really look normal now? or is she just super nice?

so yeah, lot of symbolism there hahahahahahahaha.

and then it went into that super disturbing part with HER and the neck breaking etc. good god how does my brain come up with this horror.

so yeah i am surprised i was not MORE affected by the dream (nightmare!!!!!) but I guess forcing myself to get out and get haircut helped with that.

also in the dream she seemed like a different person. it sorta looked like her, but a more crazy, unstable, bitchy, evil version of her.

basically she did what she did because:

  1. she didnt have Special Feelings for me
  2. She could Get Away with Not Dealing with it.


some things you are FORCED to deal with. you cant escape from them. this was not one of those things.

i bet she DID feel bad about hurting me. but she did not HAVE to deal with it….so she didn’t. The End. Period. Thats All Folks. That’s ALL it boils down to. I bet she DID feel bad. (Im sure she’s gotten over that LONG ago, though)

2pm sept 2

sheeeeeeeit. sitting at car dealership, they have free wifi thank god. look like a real phaggot wiht muh laptop but this is gonna take at LEAST 90 minutes.

hope nobody steals mh password who is out there packet sniffing hahahahahah.

321 pm

wow that was quick. they said 90 minutes, i expected 2 hours, and i was out of there within 1 hour.

there was a young arab girl reading a Yuge Law Skool Torts Textbook. Good for her going to Law Skool. She looked very bitchy and high maintenance but young and bangable and in Healthy BMI range. not that I advocate Race Mixing but I would bang her if i had to. would not make babies with, OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!

why am i saying this? i guess to get a pity party for my desperation, to describe my desparation, that i would rather bang a healthy young nonwhite than a fat ugly unhealthy white hahahahaha. but i would never BRAG about it or RECOMMEND it hahahahaha.