oct 8

so the left and hillary and cuckolds are so disgusted by what trump said about “WOMEN”, as if he is endorsing Raep, telling men to go out and grab and force themselves on women, msnbc literally called him a “SEX CRIMINAL”, wen the point is, there are women, many women in the world for which this talk is accurate. sluts that give it up easy and allow themselves to be treated like meat, and on some level they enjoy it. short term gurls. sluts. not the type of gurls you bring home, not the type of gurls you invest in or marry or make the mother of your children. funtime gurls. these are the type of women trump is talking about, not ALL WOMEN. there are basically TWO types of women, hahahaha. the madonna and the whore hahahahahahaha.

well this is WRONG, we have to accept that all women have BOTH the madonna and the whore combined. that the same woman who likes being Grabbed By The Pvssy by Rich Powerful Men (or pushy negroes) is the SAME woman you need to have your children.

come on. do you REALLY think trump raised his DAUGHTER to be one of THOSE gurls??? does he want his daughters to be grabbed by the pvssy? no! he didnt raise those kind of daughters. and look at his children, all his damn children, they are wholesome as fook, well except his daughter married a joo. that might be a little better than being a disgraceful whore though. i mean she can always divorce the joo, or renounce jooishness. you cant renounce 40 cox you took in your whore past.

best song ever hahahahaha.

it hit me in feb 2015 during a very low and stressful point. my confidence was about as low as it is now, but my stress level was much higher as i was working terrible job. confidence was low because essentially muh rel with the woman Had Ended. She was DONE but i didnt realize it yet, i kept trying to hang out with her. talk to her. not realizing how DONE she was. not wanting her to be done. obviously. so at the end of long horrible days i would get blazed and listen to THIS SONG repeatedly and it actually calmed me down.  it was a truly positive memory. smokin spliffs and listening to this song. i remember that ritual fondly, even as it occurred in the middle of a pretty bad time.

i guess that is how much i enjoy degen negro MJ hahaha.

now i am glad to be rid of all that damn stress, but my confidence is just as low, or lower, because it sucks to be thrown away like that, and it takes a long time to bounce back, and, just as important, is it REALLY wrecks the confidence to be a jobless bum loser who cant get a job and cant keep a job and is thrown away by a woman he loves who makes more money than him and now hes struggling like hell to get a damn job that makes way less than she does.  in the long run the long term joblessness is probably affecting muh confidence MORE than the shit with HER.

cuz it means i can be a basic normie and work like everyone else. everyone gets dumped and heartbroken….but everyone else also carries on and works like a normie.

its a sad thing when a woman crosses over from being a good woman to a bad woman. the two types of women. to see a woman Spoil like that, its very sad, right up there with Losing A Child, losing a family member, being abandoned, losing your Livelihood.

fasting today because i somehow overate two days this week. damn. cut muh weigh ins to once a week, saturday afternoon, and today saw that i was EXACTLY THE SAME as last week. damn. prob cuz i had two cheat days in one week. and lemme tell ya folks, the cheat days dont feel like cheat days. its a damn struggle just to meet the goal.

stupid nyquil. i mean you just feel tired and low energy and kinda despairing and negative the next day, thats what i really dont like about it. wish i could just do MJ instead!

this was another big album for me when i was 17 or so, and by far MDB’s greatest album. the one two punch of “the crown of sympathy” and “turn loose the swans” near the END of the damn album is just brilliant and awesome. MDB would never even come close, which is kinda sad. 23 minutes of spine tingling musical perfection hehehehe and they  have been around longer than 23 YEARS hehehehe. more like 30 years. scary.

mixtape 2016 hahahaha

good thing i dont have a bitch to share this magical music with and take away my ability to enjoy it hehehehehahahaha.

ok “the cry of mankind” on their next album “the angel and the dark river” does come kinda close.

and then thats it folks, thats all the my dying bride you really need, sad to say.

good fathers dont raise gurls to become the TYPE of woman you just grab by the pvssy.

no NOT every woman has a little bit of this in her. but too many women do because they have been poisoned by our sick, degenerate, JOOISH culture which has been rammed down our throats since the SIXTIES.


transilvanian hunger at .5 speed on youtube hahahahahaha. now they do pitch shift it so that sounds pretty weird.

dont marry some slut that likes it when men grab her by the pvssy like a slut.

there are two kinds of women in the world. those that would make good wives and mothers, and those that dont. which kind do you think trump was talking about. what kind of woman do you want to marry. what kind of woman do you want to raise your daughter to be. 

i cant put it any more plainly than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont use question marks because these really arent questions.

funny. i remember a time BEFORE  i was in luv with her, and i thought clearly: you know, we get along great, and shes a great person, i really SHOULD be interested in her, but Im NOT. she would make a great wife and mother. maybe I should just FORCE myself to try to date her and see what happens. or make a PACT that if shes not married by 30, we can get married and have children, i mean I could do a LOT LOT LOTTTTTTTTTT worse, so WHAT if i dont feel a SPARK and im not in LUV with her.

and maybe I did “force” myself a little bit…….but when i did, it started an AVALANCHE, and the REAL TRUE LUV this avalanche unleashed was REAL AF and has taken 15 months to get over.

lesson: when i was being COMPLETELY LOGICAL about it, I logically saw that she was a good Mate for me and good wife and mother material. But I whined that I didnt have Special feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings for her. So I tried to FORCE myself to have special feeeeeeelings for her…………..AND IT WORKED “BETTER” THAN I EVER EXPECTED.

what exactly did i do that was so effective? i dont even know. I just THOUGHT about it. really thought about what it would be like to make out with or fook her, rather than just say ew weird and STOP thinking about it. thinking about what it would be like to cuddle with her, which certainly was never as “weird.” thinking about some other guy fooking her helped a lot too hahahahahahaha. if he could, why couldnt i, hahahahahaha.

honestly this si not so complicated. when she was with her long term BF, i respected their relship and there was NO QUESTION to me that she was OFF LIMITS. when THAT ended, she was no longer off limits. and her getting into a short term, degenerate dating did nothing to change that. I will respect a 5 year rel, i wont respect a few months of “dating.” besides, that ended TOO.

trump wasnt talking about WOMEN you dumb cvnts, he was talking about SOME women, a certain KIND of woman, the kind you DONT want to marry or have kids with. the kind you have Netflix Chill Tinder FUN with.

all these women getting mad are the SAME women who have been Grabbed By The Pvssy by Strong Men……and they ENJOYED it. although they might have felt shame and regret later when the strong man dumped them.

marry women and raise daughters who DONT enjoy being grabbed by the pvssy. marry wives and raise women that would kick that man in the Ballz and then who would tell her husband or father, who would then knock that guy out with a solid punch to the face. the end.

or i guess the woman could do that too, or taze or pepper spray the guy.

like james bond says, i am a gentleman, but i’m not always a gentle man.

not sure if that was james bond. but it could have been.

now james bond was a degen who grabbed more than few women right in the pvssy, including nonwhite women. they guy was a damn near sex addict muh dick negro!

anyway did pretty much a 24 hour fast, then ate a huge dinner that i wanted to make special, got a order of Curry Noodle from thai place for the first time in at least 9 months. it was great. i ate the whole thing hahahahaha so that was probably more than my daily limit of 1200 calories, hahahaha.

well i measured it out and it was like 4 cups worth of rice noodles, ridic curry sauce, and chicken. turns out rice noodles do not have as many calories as i expected. less than 200 per cup.

i suppose there could be coconut milk in that curry sauce, and that stuff is pretty caloried.

if trump needs vouching for this women remark, and he SHOULDNT, i think his daughters could do a pretty good job of that.  i mean all his children are huge winners and they all really need to be playing an even larger role. and i think they would all vouch he was a good father.

i dont even know why im thinking about it. well all these republicucks saying they are gonna write in pence instead of vote trump. never thought of throwing your vote away on a write in candidate. but is that a REAL risk with regular voters? i just dont know.

i mean at the very least we need to split the country into 2 countries, right and left, and then maybe the right country could further break up into Ethnostates, and the left side would become a big brown muddy shithole like venezuela or something. all the white leftists and mudsharks who wanted diversity and nonwhite dick would be welcome to go there.

oct 9

maybe we are reaching a time of such peak degeneracy that men simply dont CARE anymore that their GF has been with 30 guys. like yeah shes a slut and been with 30 guys but im a manwhore and ive been with 50 gurls, were all sluts nao, who cares, its just animals fooking, if it does work out big deal, ill find another slut, i mean long term rels are stupid and doomed anyway, ill just keep fooking sluts till i die, and its not like ill ever fall in luv, all these sluts are basically the same, you get bored of them after a few months tops. why would i want to get MARRIED to one of these sluts. and have children? thats too much responsibility, then i cant bang sluts, get drunk, plus it costs too much money, i dont have that kind of money.

yeah this plaguewielder album is better than i remember it! indeed does have a great ride cymbal sound! and yeah i like it when darkthrone tries to sound at least somewhat like a BLACK metal band, whereas lately they are more about being a “pan-old-skool-heavy-metal band” which is theoretically ok…….but i just want more BLACK metal in there: more black metal vocals from culto, more “blasting” (ie not super fast, TH style “blasts) from fenriz, and the more typical “black metal” riffs to go along with that.

i dunno the riffs sound familiar because i heard them 14 years ago or so……but now they sound better. really kinda weird.

on transilvanian hunger he does that same beat for the first 24 minutes of the 40 minute album hahahahaha.

its weird that reddit is so permissive for men to watch porn, like yeah its normal for all men even married men to watch pron reguarly. no big deal.

heh. apparently some people use the phrase “hooking up” and they DONT mean Secs. They just mean “MAKING OUT.” well just SAY Making out becuase i automatically assume its Secs. youre painting a negative picture of yourself. so when somewhat says hooking up, ask them what that means.

also what about women who Blow guys but dont Fook them? thats almost as bad in my book. do you want a gurl who has Sucked Off 40 guys? also, if a gurl will blow you, shell fook you. i mean a damn dirty dick in your mouth, thats a pretty whorish thing to do. good gurls dont suck dick before fooking the guy, and they dont fook the guy until they have established a monogamous official rel.

so a woman that jumps to suck your dick the same day as meeting you, holy shit. really signalling what type of woman she is then. thank her for it hahahaha.

i mean its really hard, and probably IMPOSSIBLE, to simply LIKE a woman like that.

so its heartbreaking when a woman you LIKE turns out to BE like that, and i really wish she werent. but she is.

and also you have 10 times the difficulty getting and keeping a job, and everybody makes more money than you, including women, and you cant deal with life at age 30 hahahaha.

even the 40 year old virgin was not a neet. there should be a movie called the 40 year old neet. maybe he would be a virgin too. or better, he had secs with one woman once when he was 20, and that was it.

ok trying to start a table of poker to get my mind off and its sunday and i dont want to job search hehehe.

ideally i would like to do MJ but….i gotta find a better way to Self Soothe.

and yes MJ is degen…..but so is sitting around in neet despair!!!!!!!!!!!!

and mj alleviates the neet despair and ALSO makes it easier to survive nonneet working life.

shit makes it easier to survive neet life too!

i mean really. during my darkest times, smokin MJ was literally a light in the darkness. a ray of sunshine. i still remember those times fondly, even though they were surrounded by even darker times. i get a ridiculous amount of fun and enjoyment and happiness from MJ that I just cant get elsewhere in Life, except by being with a Beloved Waifu. and I just dont see there ever BEING one of those again. ipso fatso, better get back on the weed train.

i mean i was

i could just get a job in a restaurant because everyone who works in a restaurant smokes MJ!!!!!!


how about this. give the sleazy waitress at this semi sleazy bar “restaurant” i go to a big tip and ask her where i can get some MJ. i guarantee she smokes MJ and probably does other stuff. supposedly the rule is front of house does coke and alcohol, back of house does MJ.

holy shit lisa link this is life doing an hour on The Pickup Artist Community

now she is talking to a 45 year old virgin who feels there is something deeply wrong with him and he just wants a normal loving relship and to be normal and confident and have a GF and eventually a wife and not be a damn weak weirdo virgin.

the show gets at the idea that this is not about secs, its about something deeper:

Pick Up is not about secs, its about finding a damn WIFE or a GF, from guys who are so unconfident and social failures than they cant even get SLUTS to have Secs with them. And its clear they dont really care about the secs as much as just having a damn long term rel with a woman. But They Can’t, because they cant even talk to a woman, they cant even date the EASIEST woman.

Its misleading that the pick up leaders talk about sluts and secs so much, but the lame weak virgin omegas who are the Customers, they want smething much less DEGENERATE: they just want an actual REL with a woman, they dont CARE about secs with sluts.

but apparently you need to practice your social skill on sluts before you can have good enough social skills to get a nonslut???!?!?!

i dont know, i’m close to the level of these pathetic customers myself! the only difference is that i DID have secs with an easy slut, i apparently had the social skills at age 21 to do that.

but never again! and really that was just a combination of me looking healthy and young, and being DRUNK!!!!

now i look about 20 years older and i dont drink any more.

interesting to see this is still around in 2016, but i guess im not suprised, there will always be desperate unconfident me.

telling that they have the men do confidence-building exercises, like walking on coals shouting “i like myself! i like myself!” hahahahahahahahahahaha. this truly does strike the root of the whole thing, that these men totally lack confidence, and thats the ROOT CAUSE of WHY they cant get women.

once i learned that simple lesson, i lost interest in pick up and got to the real deep political and racial and moral shit hehehehe.

but i STILL have no confidence and STILL cant pull women and would STILL benefit from pick up artist techniques!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

which is simply be masculine and be confident and you will get women. these arent really “techniques.” its a very natural way of being that its unnatural to not have those natural habits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who CARES if its “canned” if the women are responding to it and fooking the guys? the women dont really CARE!!!!! why should YOU?????

and women cant understand this because NO woman has EVER been THIS desperate and lonely. they can’t believe that another human being can get this bad. but men can! it so clearly points out the simple profound truth: WOMEN ARE THE SUPPLY, MEN ARE THE DEMAND, and woman just cannot accept that! well because it shows women in a position of strength and power and privilege, rather than a helpless victim.


one guy is handsome but a sweet niceguy virgin.

one guy was married but the divorce crushed all his confidence.

but all these men are lonely and want a real rel with a woman. theyre not antisex either, but they cant even get sex, cuz they are not confident or aggressive enough.

the pua vince something has some good lessons but he dresses in a ridiculous peacock style that undermines his credibility. why not just dress like a Rich Preppy. Brooks Brothers or something. none of this pink mohawk peacock shit.

also you will probably pull better wife tier women with the preppy A E S T H E T I C  anyway.

so yeah thats great advice for all neet virgins out there: dress like total Chad The Superrich Preppy. Look like a white man in a brooks brothers catalog.

so just build confidence in the men.



you can get some confidence WITHOUT women by being succesful in your JOB/CAREER (i and most neets are a total failure at this).

really the ONLY other option you can build confidence is by LIFTING.

these men are here because they are 29 years old and never had a GF and they are like holy shit this cant go on.

and sometimes much older than 29!!!!!!!

like we say, its not too weird if a guy is 21 and a virgin, even 23, maybe 25 at the latest. but after 25 it DOES start getting weird.

thankfully i stopped being a V at age 21, but I was more than weird enough, because i never really dated a woman by age 25, 30, etc. thats just as weird.

the show points out rightfully that men are becoming less masculine, more shy, etc.

this is very true, but WOMEN are also becoming more disgusting and degenerate and responding only to negro strongmen type masculinity. toxic masculinity hahahahahahahahahahaha.

women who have been with 40 guys and who have spent 10 years in relships just cant even relate to guys who have only been with 0-1 gurls and spent 0 months in relships. and vice versa.

of course i dont think these guys should be going to clubs either because these are full of nothing but degenerate gurls. i guess 1% of these gurls might be good women dragged along by their degen slut friends. well, with friends like that, it was inevitable theyd become sluts anyway.

besides banging 25 year old sluts would be good for their confidence, better than banging 35 year old sluts.

but yeah  i will give the tv show a littl crrrredit for realizing that its all about CONFIDENCE. because it really is.

i mean shit i wish i could buy confidence because its the most valuable thing a man can have.

well you can buy nice clothes and that does help.

well at least those guys, even the 45 year old virgin, had decent jobs. and a decent job didnt give them enough confidence to pull dirty negro fookin cvm bucket skanks!!!!!!!!!!! a good job didnt give them enough confidence to pull the cheapest, easiest, worst women!

also i think there is something to the “wolf pack” concept where average “beta” men can boost their confidence and “social capital” by going out in groups and giving them strength in numbers, that they might be able to Pull Easier than if they were completely alone.

so omega white men need to form GANGS instead of playing vidya in their basements hahahahaha.

just get some MJ and then invite Stoner Sluts to smoke MJ and then blow and then bang you. easy hahahahaha.

another great idea i had is that to find the more quality women on dating sites, you have to PAY for it. of course your competition i guess would get fiercer then, cuz its guys serious enough to PAY. also….if the women dont pay, wouldnt it be the same mudshark sluts you find on tinder or okcupid? but women shouldnt have to pay to be on a dating site! women are the supply, men are the demand!

well really women shouldnt be on ANY dating sites EVER for that very reason!!!!!!

so yeah i dont think i can really reach a conclusion here. either you will look better because the women wont be as bombarded with low quality men, so you’ll look better……..

or there will be a higher percentage of high quality men and you will look WORSE!!!!

so if you want to look better BY COMPARISON, then its best to go to free dating where there is a TON of shit so you can look good next to them! and the quality of women on ANY site, regardless of whether the MEN pay, is gonna be about the same!

so the REAL question is, are the WOMEN willing to pay to have access to the Higher Quality Men? and then you will pay to get into THAT pool.

because the goal is a high quality woman, not a low quality woman.

find a place that is is both a bar and a restaurant. then wait outside for the druggie degen workers to come outside for cig break. then ask them if they know where to get any MJ. give them 10 or 20 dollars for the info.

make sure the place is kind of sleazy and has some clientele who come there to get WASTED on cheap drinks. working class white people getting HAMMERED on 2 dollar big beers. and then they can order some burgers and fries to soak up all that beer and get food in the stomach to soak up MOAR BEER. then they stagger out, smoke some MJ, and fall right on their face and pass out and go to their Manual Labor Working Class Job the next day. that kind of place hahahahaha.

avoiding messages from their fat mudshark GF who eventually dumps them for a black guy, until they find another fat white trash mudshark, rinse and repeat hahahahaha.

what a life!

heh. i bet it DOES ruin a rel when the woman starts making more money than the man. never had that happen to me cuz i was never in a rel hahahaha but all the women i liked eventually went on to make more than me, and now, EVERYBODY makes more than me, and if i get a 12 dollar an hour job, most people will STILL make more than me, including women.

now im not talking about a situation where the woman has a medical degree and the man has a GED. then of COURSE she is gonna make more money than him. I ‘m talking about they ahve about the same level of education or the woman has LESS, and at the time they start their rel, they are making about the same, but over time, she just manages to fare better in her working life and get better paying jobs than her slightly-more-educated man.

like what happened with me and her hahahahahahahahaha.

sometimes i feel like my i dont want to say “hateful” but just disrespectful, contemptuous, chilly, cold attitude towards women, well if i feel this cold towards women, then what the hell does it matter if i look at porn? women are all dirty whores anyway!!!!!!!! i might as well use it to help me Jerk Off because I sure can’t think of anything real life to jerk off to!

so this is a slippery slope. WHAT DOES IT MATTER, WOMEN ARE ALL WHORES ANYWAY, and porn is a realistic representation of that!

well, WRONG, because even though normie women are huge whores, they are only HALF as bad as the whores in porno.

and its just harmful to the soul to watch porn and puts you in a degen mindset that is not good.

shit its better to just hate women and think all women are whores, than to WATCH whores being whores. i think i would just hate women even MORE and thats not good.

darkthrone. tried listening to “arctic thunder” again today. came out thinking welp the first song “tundra leech” is obviously the best, and i would be better served taking this reawakened interest in darkthrone and apply it to “mid era” albums: total death thru sardonic wrath. particularly, ravishing grimness thru hate them. 1999 to 2003, hahahaha. back when culto still tried to sound like a black metal singer and they still wanted to sound like a black metal band rather than a Heavy Metal band.

AND ITS NOT LIKE THEY DIDNT USE FOOKLOADS OF CELTIC FROST STYLE RIFFS THIS WHOLE TIME ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they never ever really got away from that except on fookin “transilvanian hunger!”

so just have those celtic frost riffs with sick black metal vocals, and the occasional “second wave black metal” (ie transilvanian hunger) riff!!!! and that pretty much sums up the albums of this 99 – 03 period!!!! or even on panzerfaust, the two styles are separated out into separate songs. not sure they have to be THAT autistic, but im also not complaining about one of muh all time favorite albums!

and yeah it is disappointing when one of your all time fav bands stops being so damn good!

REALLY transilvanian hunger is NOT a good representation of darkthrones style. overall. and i wish it were!

also, why couldnt ALL the songs on their new album be as good as that first one?

and why couldnt culto occasionally do an old style vocal once in a while? not that what he does on the album is BAD…..but his older style was BETTER.

i dunno. i just dunno. i am waiting to read more reviews of this new album, but i think people are holding back until the official release date.

listening to other sorta recent albums culto has done with sarke and “gift of gods” and again he is doing this kind of groaning vocal and not his vicious Black Metal vocal. unfortunate!. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit.




oct 13th or so:

OK, so you’re in the Bottom 1% of weird, awkward, neet, virgin, weak, omega, lazy Losers.  SOOOO different from all those normalfags, so fubared, so far gone, right? NOPE. While you ARE part of a Small, Select, Exclusive Group, the Cure is A Lot Simpler Than You Think. You Can Be Cured/Fixed. Very Possible. You just need a little help and guidance from someone in the know. Me. We WILL Implement these Simple Steps (Simple in theory, ie they can be comprehended by an 100 IQ Normalfag Idiot, but WILL take a bit of courage and forcing to actually DO.)

If you haven’t had a 21YOQT SOYF in a long time, well then maybe it’s time to Go Back To the Pick Up Artist Sex-Obsessed Stuff, because you’ve lost your edge, you’re getting rusty, and need to brush up on First Principles and Best Practices of How To Be Masculine and Pull 21YOQTs To Your Face.

“Little” stuff, like the dale carnegie, Daniel goleman, Emotional Intelligence, How To Talk To People, Social Skills kind of stuff, Back To Basics. because you need the basics, you’re not GETTING the basics. You SKIPPED the basics, but THESE basics you NEED. Go Back and do them. Git R Done. Or maybe you didn’t SKIP em per se, but it’s been so LONG since you did them, you got REAL RUSTY, it’s LIKE you skipped them.

What else. Well, I will Stand Up And Share that I FINALLY went and got those Shoes I’ve been whinging about for days and months and weeks and years. I did a fair amount of research on to figure out what I wanted. A Comfortable Work/Duty Shoe for people who walk and stand a lot. Dansko Croc style shoes are very big sellers here, however a bit expensive. I figured the Skechers “WORK” brand was better priced. Then I went to Kohls and looked for Skechers Work. I was unimpressed by their selection next to Next time, hopefully in no less than two years, I will try DSW or payless or burlington and not kohls. Kohls is good for everything BUT shoes. There was a Skechers Shoe which was not the “work” sub-brand, but which looked 80% like the shoe I was looking at on zappos. So I grabbed it and GTFO.

They seem bretty good, prob need some breaking in. Went a Little Bigger than usual, as that was a theme I was seeing. your foot should have room to wiggle around inside the shoe. And I can attest that having snug-fitting shoes throughout the day produces very stinky feet and permanently stinky shoes. yes your foot expands throughout the day, especially while you’re wearing shoes. At first the shoes seemed really loose but after a few hours now they feel a lot better. Hopefully they don’t either fall apart or start smelling horrible in less than 2 years. even 1.5 years. Next time, try Zappos for real.

Also, you are probably not a big spender on clothes for yourself, but definitely try to go above and beyond for your SHOES. I was seriously looking at some $150 Ecco brand shoes. Yes you can get away with $20 Jeans and Pants and Shirts, and save your money for Good Shoes.

I still can’t say if these new shoes are worth the $58 I paid for them, also that is about $18 more than I usually pay for shoes.


If you are given a task at your underwork, and you think, no WAY could anybody else do this, they would TOTALLY screw this up, good thing the manager gave the task to ME, now did they do that purposely, and this is especially if the manager is not around. In this case YOU are the de facto manager. YEAH. That’s right. Now they might never explicitly say “I’m Leaving You In Charge.” or “While I’m Gone, You’re In Charge.” So you never make the connection. Maybe THEY never make the connection. But look at the reality of the situation. And be sure to PUT IT ON YOUR RES/CL: “I WAS ACTING MANAGER. I MANAGED PEOPLE AND PROJECTS.”

Sometimes there is Resume Gold just sitting there under the surface of your Seemingly Boring Deadend Underjob.


What else. Oh yeah. If you’re whining “but I don’t waaaaaaant 21yoqt’s to SOMF, I WANT 18 yoqt’s to SOMF!!!! I Will Settle for nothing less than 18 yos! 21 yos aren’t good enough!”

Then You are beyond My help. Yes, you’re RIGHT, 18 yos ARE Cuter than 21 yo’s, but you have to at least meet me halfway here, and agree that 21 yos would still make you go HNNNNGGGGG and would get the job done. Besides, when’s the last time you had a 21 yo SOYF? That’s what I thought.

OK here’s yet another great Protip: If you are used to doing your Laundry on Sundays, try doing it on Saturdays. Or Mondays. plus or minus one day. I usually do laundry once every 2 weeks. On Sundays. but I would DREAD doing it, since sunday is my Day Off and I like being Extra Lazy on that day. So now I am trying doing it on Saturday, when I have to get up early for underwork. Usually I am so Lazy I take a nap right after underwork, but now in that time, I am gonna Stay Awake and Drink Coffee and try to Do Homework. And then it came to me: Why Not Do LAUNDRY during this time? So I popped it in.

NOW, the REAL challenge will be to actually DO HOMEWORK during this time. SInce I have an UNGODLY amount of stuff to do. not the type of thing you can finish in one 8 hour day, hehehehe. hrrrrmm.  maybe two serious 8 hour days.

ANOTHER PROTIP: Since you’re not allowed to put your IQ on your resume, just use big words and during the interview, TALK LIKE A SMART PERSON. You know how when you hear a dumb person talk, you can tell they’re dumb because they talk like a dumb person? So just make sure not to talk like that. Use proper english grammar and sprinkle in some big words. talk like A Professor. Watch CSPAN and talk like somebody on there. Make Hand Gestures as you use the Smart People Words so the people pay extra special attention that Your Smrt.

Yep. It’s all about showing and telling that you’re SMART, WITHOUT listing your High IQ. You wouldn’t think this would be so hard to do. So keep using the Big Smart Person GRE words. Who cares if you “sound like someone trying too hard to sound smart.” REALLY dumb people don’t even TRY to sound smart, they can’t even. If you TRY to SOUND smart, then you ARE QED smart enough to do 99.99999% of jobs, except for like the Smartest .00000001% of Medical Dockers, or The Smartest 1% of Math Professors Emeriti.

mond 14th, 830 am

did not get a lot of sleep, but feel uncharacteristically good. might be the new shoes. if you need new shoes, go out and treat yourself with a pair of GOOD new shoes. Will make you feel like a New Person for days and days, maybe even a week.

If you are bored of shaving with a Razor, then get an Electric Razor. Definitely easier and more fun, although no more than 20% faster. Certainly 50% or more less work/effort though.

I try to watch Joyce Meyer “Enjoying Everyday Life” from 6:20 am to 6:25 am every day on the Family ABC Channel. Today she said not to live in regret. You can be sorry and move on. Because regret steals your energy from fixing stuff RIGHT NOW.

Again, prob won’t become a Joyce Meyer Fanatic, because how much of a Bible Thumping MegaPreacher can a person take, but she does have some great ideas, and is well worth watching for 5 minutes a day.



mon oct 7 854am

so the other day I was offering in-depth and expert customer service to a very very QT who was closer to 21 than to 18, a total perfect 8, hahahaha, and for the first time in a long time I was kicking myself viciously for not being flirtatious with her, or being more masculine with her, or simply Asking Her Out To Dinner Right Then And There. Now you say this is very unprofessional to do with customers, but I can assure you I would keep it all rather professional. Being professionally masculine, nothing inappropriate. Because By God she could have SOMF all day long. I was just so un-used to having such a Golden Opportunity that I didn’t even recognize it as an opportunity until it was too late. So if I ever see her again, I will try to right this wrong.

This was Natural Attraction At It’s Finest – it actually makes you WANT to put in the EFFORT.

Job Search Practical Tip: Your EmployerGod WANTS you to copy and paste from the job description into yer ResCL. It shows them you READ the job description. use the exact same action words (verbs) and buzzwords. And know that “Client Relations” is the EXACT SAME THING as “Customer Service.” Look for other 100% Equivalencies like that. “b-b-b-b-but it’s NOT the exact same! There are important differences!” No there’s not. How are you ever going to make $12 an hour with a Loser Attitude like that! How are you ever going to Mate With 8’s?

you know its time to buy new shoes when they still smell after spraying them with lysol every day, and not only are the soles all worn down, but now there is a sizeable hole in the sole and if you step in water your sock gets all wet. really reaching the end here. And it really doesn’t reflect well on you. People DO look at your shoes. Not that it matters what people think of you….. but yes it DOES matter if people think you’re a Lazy Neet Bum, AND you don’t want to Send The Signal of you being a Lazy neet Loser, when that’s exactly the image of you you’re trying to eradicate. So don’t send that signal.

Insurance Premiums. Health Insurance Costs To Be Brunted By The Employer. Obviously a 40 Year Old is going to have manny more Medical Needs than a 21 year old fresh outta Uni, who will be healthy as f00k and will continue partying throughout Grad Skool and Career, probably until 25 or even 29 if they push it. Because they are invincible, picture of perfect health, etc.

So employerz say, the 30 year old will be costing us a lot more re Health Insurance than the 21 year old, so let’s hire the 21 year old every time, because if we hire 30+’s, we will go bankrupt.

Heh. I am not sure how Health Insurance works for Companies, so maybe it’s less risky for them to hire older people as this grim picture I have painted. Heh. I have never held the power to interview and hire people, or Administer Benefits. I just know that 30 and 40 year olds Incur a lot more Medical Costs than 21 year olds: Diabetis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Hardening of the Arteries, Cancer, Kidneys, Bad Back, Chronic Pain, Gout, Obesity, etc.

tues oct 8, 1.11pm

well, I should be doing homework / work right now, but since I’m not getting paid for it, I am choosing to take an hour to do this fun thing of writing in the blog, uplifting the world.

my EXCUSE, and there’s always an excuse, isn’t there, is that my underwork sched is mixed up here, so i got to sleep in, get my classic 14 hours of sleep, hypersomnia, etc. i guess if you can sleep 14 hours, go right ahead.

heh heh. like this stupid forbes article I read recently. during your interview, explain how you use a real ATHLETE mentality. You believe in balanced mind and body. You know that to be at your best performance, you need your rest. And you eat healthy and exercise. and you don’t let defeat get you down. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. you get MORE creative and look for different approaches. you know you can’t succeed without the team, it’s all about your team, but you also know how to perform your role within the team excellently. and a whole bunch of other f4ggy horsesh1t.

So just say you’ve been giving 110% lately, and to continue giving 110%, you have to catch up on 14 hours of sleep here and there. To run the marathon of professional career victory.

anyway I had an interesting experience on monday, will share, try to deduce the Big Lesson out of it.

So every once in a while I hit the jackpot and this market research firm calls me and invites me to do a Paid Survey. Sometimes it’s really fun, and I get to go to a Big Company where the Top 1% of Engineers work with their HYPSM degrees, and then market research people ask me questions as I use a product, and I get paid BigBux.

So I will not say exactly what I was testing, and that’s not important anyway. What was important was the market researchers. One extremely Extraverted Woman possibly around 30 years old, still in good shape, as can be expected from Professional Career Women who want to Have It All, who succeed in College and Career, probably has a Masters Of Marketing.

i beat anorexia

What really shocked me was her partner, a very young girl who did not even look 21 years old. I wondered: was this the Unpaid Undergrad Intern, or was this the Recent 21-year-old Graduate who was winning enough to snag a sweet full time entry-level career job with a Viable Market Research Company? She looks so YOUNG! And indeed she was very cute, could ABSOULTELY SOMF for hours and days, and of course I have this weird prejudice towards College Girls, because I am obsessed with the Wester College Career Cult, KIds who Go Away To College, which she probably was, as opposed to Kidz who Go To College but don’t go AWAY to College, which is, of course, the much smarter and cost-effective way to do it, however I can guarantee you, the Go Away To College Crowd does sometimes feel superior to them. Wrongly!

So the young girl did hardly any talking, the older woman did 100% of the talking, and the young girl mainly took notes on a computer, typing away. This plus her obviously super young age is what made me think she was an Unpaid Undergrad Intern, but again, it can be hard to tell with these College Girls: are they 19 and still A Full Time Away At College Student Intern, or are they a 21 year old Recent Grad who just got their First Out Of College Fulltime Career Job? In which case I would have been bretty envious of her! Being a 21 year old total QT who was no more educated than me, having a Great Career Job and getting paid 90000000000000 times more than me, the superold loser, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And whose face was SHE sitting on? Not mine!

Heh. But of course extraverted normalfag Away To College Sorority type gurls are Tailor Made for Marketing and Market Research! And I would think that they have a Competitive Advantage over Old, Introverted, Creepy, Awkward, Chubby Neet Loser Men who Don’t Interview Well and who don’t Get Interviews Well, and especially who are not True Believers in the College Career Cult.  Heh, more excuses, the excuses never end.

At any rate, I performed quite well and just talked and talked and rambled and rambled and came across as a Talkative Extravert Really Well. The trick is to just start talking and not even think about what you’re saying.

I was not really impressed with the Intellectual Calibre of their work, it fits right in with my theory that An Uneducated High Schooler could be trained to do this work, and not have it be a Sweet Coveted Job For the Top 20% of College Grads ONLY.

But because there simply isn’t a big enough supply of these kinda jobs, there’s way less market research jobs than there are high school students in other words, we need a big stupid college scam to credentialize it. but who ever said life was FAIR??

Heh. It really doesn’t MATTER if life is unfair, or, life seems a lot less unfair when you have 21YOQTs to SOYF at your beck and call.

But talking so narmalfagly with the woman made me think of being on an INterview, boy what if I were in an interview being this relaxed and confident and normalfag, jeez then I might get that sweet fulltime entry level careerjob, and making fat stacks and getting 21yoqts to somf all day.

so that’s the lesson for You All: just start rambling, talk without thinking, thinking will trip you up, and when you start talking a lot, you will seem like a normalfag, and successful normalfags like to HIRE other normalfags to be successful too.

Yep, in theory, pulling 21yos to soyf is really, really easy: talk without thinking, seem like an extravert normalfag, not a introvert neet loser spaghetti pockets virgin, and really this all inherits from the base class of BE MASCULINE. but also you gotta dress nice, don’t dress like a neet loser virgin spaghetti pockets who has never hung out with a grill.

but in practice it can be super difficult to go out and buy those clothes, or to put yourself in those situations where you can talk to 21yoqts.  that’s even more difficult than buying the clothes. you KNOW where to get the clothes, and then you just exchange money for them. But where the f are the 21 yoqts? Either Away At College, or in the Expensive City working their Career Jobs, out at Noisy Dance Clubs, where you compete for their attention with men 90000000000000 times more masculine than you: rich, successful, nice dresser, great career, has never been an alien to the experience of 21 or even 18 yoqt’s sitting on their face, etc.  yeah even though they are men just like you, it’s real hard to put yourself in the shoes of a guy like that.

OK. So read Dale Carnegie’s classic “how to win friends and influence people.” It is really not brain surgery to talk to grills or employers. they really are just people, just human beings. just keep asking them simple questions, pulling their talk strings, and you sit there and nod your head and say mm hmm. yes. I see. Ah. How interesting. tell me more about that.

and if you’re talking to a 21yoQT, then you just be a little more masculine and edgy and tease them a little. get them tingling.

but the other point i wanted to make is, gainfully employed fulltime career job college edumacated nonvirgin normalfags will look at you like you’re a loser if you are underemployed or GOD FORBID unemployed. So you just don’t tell em. LIE to them if they are stupid and rude enough to ask. Pretend your underjob is actually a real job, but also tell them you’re Striving To Advance, and that you’re VERY INTERESTED in their career field and their company, you’d love to work at their company, you’re smart, you went to kollige too, whaddya say, help a brother out, get me an interview, I’ve got some great ideas on how 2 grow The Company, bla bla bla.

And then you’ll have a 900000000 times better chance at getting the interview than if you came supplicating before them like an underemployed loser. The Power Of Little White Lies!!! Use them to your advantage!!

All right that’s enough for today. Take It Easy on YOurselves, don’t take sh1t from ANYONE, stand up for yourselves, try doing a resume where you copy and paste SHAMELESSLY right from the KSA’s (knowledge skills abilities) in the Job Description. Absolutely Shamelessly. And then take a big VALIUM before the interview so you’re not nervous, and can start talking like a normalfag, and once those normalfag morons see you talking like a normalfag, you’ll have a real good chance of getting the job.  And then Hellllllooooooooo 21yoqts SOMF Citay!!!



june 21 2013

health and fitness friday

just looked at v9k (wizardchan) for about 15 minutes

then looked at r9k (4chan) for about 15 minutes

I am DEF too much of a Normalfag for v9k, and lean more toward r9k. The v9k Wizards are WAY too intolerant of Omega r9k men who have kissed ONE girl or had S ONE time. v9k frowns on friendzone feels because friendzone is too normalfag, real wizards get acquaintancezoned or oblivionzoned.

Anyway. I don’t get Friendzoned any more because I am not a Nice Guy anymore. I am a total 4sshole, hahaha.

* rather than Tweaking your Cover Letter to make it sound incrementally better, just throw the mfer into the trash and start it from SCRATCH.

* Find a job posting for an MBA Managerial type, where the posting is full of HRspeak and Bizspeak and Buzzwords, and then just copypaste those words. Fill your cover letter with Manager Jargon, decrease the Self-Motivated Self-Started Job Seeker Jargon!

* Make the cover letter 20% shorter than it was.

* Use at least one GRE word in every sentence so it looks like you’re Smarter Than A Grad Student. Which you probably are, Grad Students are not-so-secretly retards that if they were confronted with the Real World, would all become huge NEETs on v9k, and then rejected By v9k because they had an Autistic Grad Skool Gurlfran once where they had Autistic Sex.

Never AGAIN, but with v9k, even ONCE is TOO MUCH! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!

* So you’re hateful and bitter towards women and women shame you for being so hateful and bitter because they don’t owe you anything for being a Nice Guy, which you’re really not, trying to manipulate them with niceness to get sex.

Well, I hope you know better than THAT, you MISOGYNIST, but really the PERFECT SOLUTION is, Don’t be a nice guy anymore. NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Tell Women “DON’T HATE!” TELL women you’re Not A Fan Of Them! Tell Women when they’re being Retarded Children or Too Promiscuous! It feeeeeeels better to tell the truth than to lie!

* Besides, not CARING what WOMEN THINK/feeeeeeel about you is quite MASCULINE. And Being Masculine really gets the women tingly.

* So just TELL Women you’re DONE with women, and here’s the endless laundry list of reasons why. And they say “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT”, and then what you gotta do is SMIRK like an ALPHA BOSS and say, “PROVE IT.”

* The Smirking is key. I don’t think enough of you are SMIRKING Enough!! Without smirking, then you look all Butthurt, like a Creepy Niceguy Stalker Virgin Rapist Woman-Hater. Save your Butthurt for behind closed doors.

* OK what this is still all doing is just APPEASING women. Finding another approach to GET WOMEN. Well, I won’t deny that young, attractive women are young and attractive and can still Stir The Loins of the most Butthurt Virgin!

* so just go to the damn strip club already, get like 5 dances in under 30 minutes, then GTFO of that hellhole, and maybe that will be enough Action to get you to stop Obsessing about Women for a while.

* in your cover letter use a ridiculous motivation quotation from a book Managers would read. Like Peter Drucker or The Personal MBA or Tweets from the CEO of some Tech Startup. Just one brief quotation because the CL has gotta be short.

* assuming you’re not a good STEM grad with tons of STEM internships and achievements. In that case, just Tell The Truth and you’ll have a high-paying job in no time and you’ll never be reading this blog, trying to figure out ways to Bribe and BS and Hustle and Swindle in order to get a Sweet $10 an hour Fulltime GED Level Office Cubicle Job.

* Don’t tell women or even people that you’re taking a break from skool. Tell them that you’re Working On A Computer Science Degree because that’s kinda what you were thinking about before you quit school because it sucked so bad. Don’t tell them THAT, but just tell them it’s really, really hard, so you look like some bigass MARTYR slaving away and working real hard to pull yourself up by your lazy bootstraps. Normalfags just don’t understand.

* This also applies to family members you don’t see regularly, so NATURALLY the FIRST topic of conversation is WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE other than being a NEET Loser. And you should be successful by now, you had a decent family, all your cousins are successful. So just say you’re going back to school for a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree. Don’t say Cisco Networking or HVAC or Electrician unless you are actually working in that field and making decent money. In which case you wouldn’t be HERE reading this!

* as a motivation to get you off the goddamn computer and go out at least for a goddamn WALK, reach down and feel not your peepee, but your bigass BELLY, and think, god damn, how did I get so fat, well I can turn back the process just as well, and get back in shape. I am Grateful to God that my belly is not as big as some NEET Losers, but it’s definitely Big enough to prohibit me from getting with the QT3.14’s I am attracted to! So close the computer and go outside and listen to f00king animu music while you do it, I don’t care what you LISTEN to, just get OUTSIDE!!

4chan Variety Show
4chan Variety Show (Photo credit: Scott Beale) get rid of your belly and your unmasculine niceguy attitude, smirk and tell em DONT HATE and that you’re NOT A FAN of Women because they’re IMMATURE and ANNOYING, while SMIRKING, and THEN you might be able to play with girls like this. you know you want to, even if she is kinda weird looking, you know she’d still be able to GIT-R-DONE, even if she is in the grey area between HNNNGGG and hrrmmmm!


june 12 2013

* My critics might say I’m like the Blind Leading The Blind. I say that’s Bullsh1t because even if I am 90% blind, that means I am still 10% Seeing, and that a 10% Sightful person leading the 0% Sightful is at least 10 times better than a 0% sightful person leading 0% sightful people!!

* So I may not always be right. I “might” be Too Angry. But I firmly believe that I have at least SOME dim light pointing the way to go. Better to Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness!!!

* Would like to share some more Luv Lessons if I can. Us Neckbeard Neets tend to get huge, ungetoverable crushes on our dream wimmin, our waifus, our Perfect QTs, TOTALLY put the girl/woman on a Pedestal. You know that’s wrong, but you still feeeeeel powerless about it. Acknowledged. I know that feel, bro.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Parable of the ...
Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind – WGA3511 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*So now it’s my turn to Stand Up and Share at the Meeting, without being too exhibitionistic because this IS the internet!  In October 2012 I had a Huge Rejection from MY own “Waifu” at the time. I wanted nothing less than to be Boifran and Gurlfran, Oh SHE could Cuddle with me ALL NIGHT with her 9000000 degree body sweating on me, and prevent me from getting any precious sleep ever.

Wanted to have babies with her, wanted to MARRY her, thought being with her would FIX everything, that being with Her would “Complete” me, and then, FINALLY, I would have the Energy, Motivation and Persistence to get up every day and Do Hard Work and Become a Winner, because I would be With Her and all was thus right in the world. Could keep Rewriting on Cover Letter and Improving Interviews until I FINALLY got that Dream Entry Level Full Time $10 an Hour Office Job, because cuddling with her once a week would RESTORE and REPLENISH and RECHARGE and REENERGIZE me.

I knew being with her would NOT be a Huge Mistake, I knew I would never want to Cheat on her, I wanted full-blown, family-building Monogamy. All Other attractive girls I simply looked at with indifference or contempt. I wanted her and NO ONE else.

Total Waifu in other words.  (noting that TECHNICALLY a “waifu” is a Fictional Character)

I imagine many other NEET NEckbeard Lazy Losers have had a similar experience! Whereas Normalfags may have had a couple of sort of similar experiences, but not as many, and not as intense. This has happened to me about 8 times. So that was “Girl 7.”  (Girl 8 was a composite of several Girls way before girl7 who had the potential to reach full-blown Waifu.) (Note: Note All Girls were as Intense as Girl 7.  Maybe 4 out of 8, hahaha.)

So Pick Up Artists tell you don’t put the Pvssy on a Pedestal, and well-meaning types tell you it’s just Infatuation and you’ll get over it, but both these are wrong. I think For US, infatuation basically IS the SAME as True Luv, and it often takes YEARS and YEARS to finally Get Over, if ever.

While this Rejection kinda sucked the life out of me, I also wanted to take the OPPORTUNITY to study it and reflect on it, especially since it was the First Rejection I’d experienced Without Alcohol; Especially since I could not write off the girl as a “Filthy Crazy Wh0re” because she was not. Note: some of the Girls HAVE been Bad Choices because they were Nutty or Slutty, HOWEVER I HAVE gotten better at “picking” girls who are Nice Decent Girls. Doesn’t mean they’re any more likely not to reject you unfortunately!

So I said, Welp, back to the ol drawing board. Time to do this the right way. No Contact, set reasonable expectations, lets say this will take at least 100 days to get over. 1% progress a day for 100 days.Then that became more like 200 days. around 6 months. somewhere in there I equated it to a WOMAN HAVING A BABY, and that it would take NINE months to get over. And right about NOW it has been Nine Months, No Contact, hopefully no future contact, and I think things are pretty much as good as they’re gonna get.

So we have to Know Ourselves. I was not even officially “Dating” this girl either! We were sort of friends, sort of acquaintances, I was trying to Sack Up and Hang out with her, and gradually began pushing a little harder in the direction I wanted things to go, and although my GAME is admittedly poor, AND she was kinda autistic (yeah, us NEET losers LOVE those autistic girls!!! see Rooney Mara), she eventually picked up on it, and that was that.


I can STILL get myself worked up if I TRY, like “oh new girls don’t COMPARE to HER, I wish things would have worked out because I haven’t liked someone like that since, o my autistic waifu, she was such a good role model too, such a good work ethic, and it really reflects on her moral character that SHE SUGGESTED some Time Apart, usually Wimmin say let’s Be Just Friends and You Can Watch as I get Really Promiscuous with New Masculine Guys I Just Met, etc”

So anyway, there is NO ONE I Really Like right now, and that’s a first for me for the past 10 years. Usually as one moves out, another moves in. ANd now there’s No One. But I can still get myself to daydreaming about HER, NINE months later.  However nine months later, it’s easier to force myself to STOP, so that’s good.

And I didn’t even “Go Out” with her. With Average Modern Wimmin Who Have Sex on the First Pseudo-Date, and who like Hooking Up and Open Relationships and No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits and Keeping Options Open and Free Love, that cavalier attitude can be Absolutely CRUSHING to Us Beta Neckbeard NEETS, because We Still Associate Sex With Love and Commitment…..which is THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, I have concluded after much soul-searching, and it’s a MASSIVE TRAGEDY that Modern Women behave in ways that attempt to Cleave Love and Sex in Twain, and they’re all the worse for it!

So in situations where I WAS more Physically and Emotionally Intimate, only to get DUMPED after a short period of Actual “Dating”, well that took even LONGER than nine months! but I was drinking back then too, which made me even more prone to emotion, looking at the woman on facebook, etc.

What I’ve Learned From My MIstakes:

* Quit Drinking Forever For A Better Life

* No Contact Is Best

* Takes 9 Months at LEAST, prob a YEAR if things got Hot n Heavy

I guess I MIGHT be open to Friends With Benefits with an Attractive Young QT just to get my “Sex Wants” filled, even though that is kinda Decadent, and I’m sure it would get too complicated for its own good. But I still see young girls and go HNNNGGGG. Would bang if they offered, but don’t want to DATE them, and don’t want to put forth the EFFORT to try and bang them. Permitted Decadence Schedule of Once per month.

There is one Young Girl who I DO kinda like more than Average Girls, who’s at the top of my Asking Out On A Date Queue, but what I feel for her is still not even 20% what I feel/felt for Girl 7. Like I would not want to be Monogamously Exclusive to this new girl! I’d want to keep the Door Open!

So I might Ask Her To Dinner, I might not. Heh, I would hate to lead her on, hahahahaha, because I think she is a Good Decent Traditional Nonpromiscuous Girl, the type of girl you Marry, the type of girl who has not yet separated Sex And Luv through Riding The Infamous C0q Carousel!

Yes, I believe the Coq Carousel Exists, and that it is not a good thing for women’s souls, and, finally, not a good thing for Men’s Souls. Because IMHO this Hedonistic Poolside approach is pretty decadent, and Men ultimately will realize they want Real Women just as much as Women want Real Men. The sexes were “designed” to be Different But Complementary.

So this points out too the nature of True Luv / Infatuation  / PEdestal / Waifu / QT Gurlfran / Cuddle / Obsession / Monogamy: there is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. No “maybes” and “I’m not entirely sure.” You are ENTIRELY sure, 100%. You are not sure of much in life, but of THAT you ARE sure. No Ambiguity or ambivalent or waffling or on the fence or back and forth. It can be nice to be so CERTAIN about something. Heh. Except when it only ever results in disappointment!!

Anyway, TLDR: nothing wrong with taking 9 Months No Contact, don’t let Immature Insecure Wimmin Bully You into Some Contact, take 9 months and be crushingly depressed and angry and lazy and learn to Love the Absence of anyone on the pedestal. Just focus on being Masculine, getting in Shape, getting Healthy, Quitting your Bad Habits, Building Your Good Habits. More later hahaha but this is already too long for 1 post.


* Being MASCULINE generally correlates and probably CAUSES Being a WINNER. Stuff like Lifting Weights and Being Assertive will def make you more Healthy. Heck try being AGGRESSIVE while you’re at it. Aggressively go after what you want, short of criminal activity. Or Stalking. It’s not worth it to pursue WIMMIN THAT Aggressively. I’m talking about Jobs and Your Own Personal Stuff. Entrepreneurship. But NOT Wimmin. Well, you can pursue them Assertively I guess. Masculinely.

* Try going to the SHOOTING RANGE and Shooting a GUN if you never have before. Especially if you are a Fedora Atheist Neckbeard who thinks All Guns Are Evil and Should Be Banned By Barry. However don’t shoot guns irresponsibly. Respect their Deadly Power. If you find yourself acting like a Psychopath/Sociopath, uh….. then YOU NEED THERAPY hahahahahaha.

* It is better to be a “MANLET” than a Equally Short Fat Chubby Neckbeard. Heh. I just discovered the Term “MANLET” on 4chan and Bodybuilding Forums Misc, it means a Short Man with a Napoleon Complex who overcompensates by getting very muscular…but nothing changes the fact that he’s still 5’6″. There is a Happy Medium Sweet Spot here. Excessive Muscles don’t look great on Really Short guys, however if you’re Really Short you can’t really change that, nor should you want to. So just work out and be thin and trim and toned but not RIPPED per se. That will be MORE than good enough, plus you will PROB still be able to pull Attractive Wimmin even if you’re short, but you have the Chest and Abs of Fagan Fagling. Plus you won’t be that Big Of A Fag, so good for you!

* If someone, usually a Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag, sez You’re like a Playground Grade Skool BULLY because of you calling everyone Fags, and this only shows your own INSECURITY, then tell them THEY’RE an Insecure Fag who eats Bags Of D’s every day and WISHES they could be as SECURE and MASCULINE as you.

When people call other people INSECURE, they’re just PROJECTING their OWN Insecurity!

* If you’ve given an honest effort to calling everything and everybody a “FAG” and it just doesn’t do it for you, then you don’t HAVE to. At least you tried. But if you’re too SCARED to say “fag” just because of what some FAG would THINK of you, then it can be very LIBERATING to start saying Fag. Because think about it. Who has the biggest problem with the word “Fag”? Yes, Yes, that’s right! NOW you’re getting it!

* Your Mileage May Vary on this one, but Try making FLASHCARDS of Awesome Facts about yourself. Like I am a Good Guy Greg, I am a very Ethical and Moral person; When I do work, I work really hard; I am good at doing really nice thoughtful things for people and making them feel appreciated; I am a Hard Worker; I have the power to Pull Myself Up out of this; I Am Entitled to A Nice Attractive Waifu who I both enjoy spending time with AND Am Attracted To; I Will do Over 9000 Pushups a Day; I will get 1 hour of Sunlight a Day; I will get 8 hours of Sleep a day; I will not drink coffee after 12 noon; etc etc etc. Then flip through the flashcards in the morning and throughout the day. Then read the flaschcards onto an mp3 and listen to you saying those awesome things about yourself throughout the day. 578 words.

*Game / PUA / Tactic: Though Treating Women Like Meat IS Decadent and Perverted and You’re Better than that, even though They LIKE Being Treated like Meat, I recall I said I would allow Men to do One Decadent Sex Act a Month with Harlotz. Anyway the Pick Up Line to use is, “DON’T BE A RACIST! YOU’RE A RACIST!” this is very similar to my other patented line, “DON’T HATE! DON’T BE A HATER!” The KEY for All Pick Up Lines, of COURSE, is to say them with an Alpha SMIRK. MASCULINE ALPHA SMIRK. Wimmin are so scared of Haters and Rayciss, that when you call them one in this Playful, Smirking, Masculine, Teasing Way, they get all tingly. Try It Out. But no more than once a month. There are MUCH more important things in life than Getting Your D Wet.

* But don’t fantasize about your One Decadent Sexual Release Per Month too much right now, you have much more important things to worry about, like getting a Fulltime JOB. Not Parttime Jobs. Once you get a Fulltime Job, it will be SO EASY to Pull Attractive Wimmin that your biggest challenge will be turning them DOWN because to Bang more than once a month would be Decadent, Perverted, Shameful, and WEAK. Getting A Fulltime Job Will Magically Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life And Change You From Being A Lazy Loser Into A Masculine Winner.

* If some Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag gives you sh1t about being SARCASTIC, tell them to Suck your D. 835 wds.

* “Interview Dos and Donts for Job Seekers OVER 80.” I can’t wait till I see articles like that. I saw one today where it was “over 65”, and I can’t wait till that number is 80. If you’re looking for a new job and you’re over EIGHTY, don’t tell them in the interview that you wouldn’t mind working this job till you Retire. You don’t want them to think you just want to Coast By during the Twilight Years of your working life. Faggots. There are some good tips out there in these job search articles, but they’re written by faggots in a faggy tone. I will translate these articles for you so you can take the good stuff from them without wanting to punch the author in the face. I will Defaggify them for both of ours’ benefit.