sept 24

what i dont like about medical MJ is that you get put on a State List. that law enforcement and WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE can get access too. employers doing background checks? fedgov? aren’t background checks done BY law enforcement?

also if you have an MJ card, you CANNOT technically legally own a Firearm/Pistol. (what about a hunting rifle?)

you have to officially send back and revoke your MJ card if you want to legally own a firearm.

i have lived in two different worlds, one where owning a gun is UNTHINKABLE, and another where owning a gun is PERFECTLY NORMAL, NO PROBLEM MAN. And I personally much prefer the latter hahahahaha. its WEIRD that people can take SUCH HORRIFIED OFFENSE to the MERE IDEA of owning a GUN. but believe me, they absolutely DO. they are DISGUSTED at the very IDEA that people – working class, uneducated, trump supporting, WHITE people – even CAN own guns.

so youd think there wouldnt be a lot of MJ card holders who ALSO even WANT to own guns…..but youd be surprised! in the normie real world, people do have a healthy apprecation of their 2nd amendment rights hahaha and i cant blame them! so do i!

in other words, I SHOULD get a gun, but I’m too lazy and keep putting it off and havent done it yet because i;m too lazy to comply with the law and jump thru the hoops and do the paperwork and talk to the police.

anyway i REALLY dont want to have my name on a state list for something that is federally ILLEGAL .

also REALLY what are they REALLY doing about driving and MJ in legal states? like DUI arrests? i havent heard SHIT about that, but Im SURE its a big thing.

well, ive heard a little bit about the market for MJ breathalyzer tech. and i agree. i would not mind investing in such a company. i wish i could just invest 20 bucks hehehehe.

google invest in MJ breathalyzer

best clickbait title ever hehehehe

we arent sure the tech really works! they can short the stock!

i mean shit. i just want to invest 20 to 50 bucks. but one simply cannot do that.


i guess i could use one of those trading websites? maybe? to buy stock in this canadian company?

i might make enough on a 20 dollar investment to pay for the FEE on the trade! but probably not hahahaha. i would be better off putting the money in the BANK to get .1% interest.

anyway it strikes me as NAIVE AS FOOK that all these pro-legalization MJ people and MJ has 0 recorded fatalities in history maaaaaan, completely bury their head in the sand regarding MJ related car crashes, even though they would certainly take huge notice to alcohol related car deaths!!!!

methinks the local police would make JUST AS MUCH OR MORE revenue arresting people for MJ DUI than they did arresting people for MJ possession and dealing etc back in the day.  I WONDER.

even WORSE, many MJ advocated think alcohol DUI is immoral and disgusting, but they think its JUST FINE to drive under the influence of MJ. “oh i do it all the time, IT DOESNT IMPAIR YOUR DRIVING.”

bullshit hehehehehe. saying that as someone who has done it more than several times!

nonetheless i still want legal MJ so i can go into the store and buy some!

but employers are STILL gonna test for it! and companies who random testing of all their employees will STILL do that!

but i do agree that MJ test needs to be developed that tells you WHEN the person last blazed. 1 day ago? 1 hour ago?

and also measures exactly HOW IMPAIRED you are.

heh. this is pretty much why i drank. because it was fun. recreation. it blocked out the negative feels. could get stupified. kinda the very similar reason i want to sm0ke MJ!!!!!!!!!!

basically, if i hadnt totally screwed up with alcohol, I would probably be drinking right now!!!!

and then i would probably drink to excess and get in trouble. like i did. it was basically inevitable.

heh. i dont abuse nyquil simply because it isnt as fun! you cant get totally out of your mind on nyquil, if you do, the aceto will K you!

i guess i could just take a bunch of sleeping pills that have no aceto hehehehe.

then you are tired all the next day, kind of a big hangover.

alcohol has a TERRIBLE hangover, but its ALMOST worth it. it isn’t, but its easy to convince yourself it is!

and then you have a terrible hangover the entire next day hahahaha.

maybe i should go to the black ghetto and try to buy MJ from some shady looking thug on the street hahahaha.

ctrl f does not work on the chrome bookmarks page.

it does, but only on the current SCREEN. if you have a list of 1000 bookmarks, its only gonna search the 30 bookmarks or so that are on the screen without scrolling.

yes there is a separate search box, but that does not highlight the results, so you dont know where to find it in the NORMAL list.

but of course on regular webpages, ctrl f searches stuff on the whole page. because heads would roll if it didnt. that is a feature request the devs simply could not ignore. the users would come and crucify poor level 1 phone monkeys.

white women acting like muh dick negro apes. its disgusting. have a longer time preference. have less of a desperate need for instant gratification. muh dick. muh uterus. muh cl1toris. muh tingles.

since i am on NO social media, i FORGET how ANNOYING average regular normie women are on social media. facebook, twitter, and, my point right now, stuff like okcupid and i assume tinder. dating social media. the things they say and the way they present themselves is annoying as fook. unattractive. disgusting. lip curling. you say good lord, what a terrible annoying personality, but i guess id fook that body. which is a degen negro way of thinking of course!

i guess just keep in mind women come across as more unlikeable than they are in RL, as they do on Social Media.

in other words, tell yourself, she’s PROBABLY more likeable in real life. probably. less annoying than she seems here.

cuz i remember when i used to look for women on okcupid, after like 15 minutes, i would get discouraged and think THIS is what i have to pick from? i guess i will have to settle for negro muh dickin cuz none of these women are rel worthy. i will never find a woman i actually like, and its prob better to settle for degen negro casual sex and have SOME contact and experience and fun with women, than be celibate the rest of muh life pining for some perfect angel!

this was the some nihilistic mindset i had before i got feels for That Woman. welp, i will never get feelings for a woman again, but i GUESS I would be pretty happy with meaningless casual negro sex, thats good enough. get a harem of 10 gurls, i could be happy with that. its not like im getting any now anyway. just bang bitches and maybe one day meet a decent one but dont COUNT on it. dont get disappointed when you dont find that.

yesh this is pretty degen, and that degen is a lot easier to see when you take into account your new goal of Having Children. you want the mother of your children to be a god damn whore? to ask the question is to answer it!

so yeah thats the difference between now and 2012. in 2012 i didnt really care about having children, in 2015 i do. that also makes the dumping harder. and makes it harder to settle for meaningless, nihilistic, degenerate muh dick transactional “relationships.”

i mean in 2012 i was still pretty darn pro white, mind you!

i refer to 2012 because that was the last dumping/heartbreak. which was not nearly as bad. oh life was good then. i got heartbroken but i still had an easy job and i didnt quit it. i didnt have a 14 month and growing gap on muh resume. i had a new female friend i got along with which proved to me that women were normal human beings and that I Had What It Takes to Get Along with Them.

yep just break it into little chunks. do one application a day. then 500 days & applications later, you might have a job hahahaha.

prob closer to 600 hahahaha.

well i did 4 applications today, 3 at this one company where it went REALLY quick, like 5 minutes each. simply had to upload muh resume (in my case, the 10 page behemoth document) 3 times and just changing the name of the job in the cover letter. which is prob bad because i need to do MOAR TAILORING of the cover letter than just the damn job title. but why im the BEST candidate for this IT department job or that Scheduling department job or That HR department job.

how does that woman do it. how does ANY normie do it. how are you the best at something that pays 13 an hour or above.

how come 80% of all jobs posted are not entry level jobs? they should hire from within! where are the entry level jobs posted? or are they not posted, and they all go thru temp agencies? but many temp agencies POST these jobs. and indeed i am very close to going down that route. just as long as it isnt doing tech support phones. where i have to beg and argue to get something escalated. shit if i could escalate on my own authority, that wouldnt be super bad. some places you can. you go over 20 minutes, then boom you have blanket permission. of course they will prob try to fire you because you go over 20 minutes to much and escalate too many cases “due to time.” well then hire some dumb 85 iq negro and see if THEY fix it in under 20 minutes. well they’ll just bullshit to get the person off the phone in 19 minutes without solving the issue. and that’s fine. THAT’s ok. leave the problem unsolved, as long as its less than 19 minutes. i hate that mindset.

sept 25

on EVERY website its pretty easy to FLAG or REPORT something to the moderators.

but not on INDEED! for example, a big financial services company (bank?) with a listing on indeed, sounds like a decent entry level job, but the apply link takes you to this other site, and that site looks kinda fishy, and makes you think it’s not really the company it says on indeed.

maybe its a temp job at that company. well they should say that. i mean this is essentially a fancy swiss bank and i would HOPE they would contract with more professional people.

also, if you can only get entry level jobs at big companies thru AGENCIES (for example, assembly line jobs with major big manufacturers)…………… how do you find out WHICH agency to apply to to find the jobs at Company A or B or C?

ok on that kriegsmaschine prism i linked a little while ago, that is NOT the same awesome mgla drummer as mgla has now. it is actually the mgla drummer they had BEFORE him….who is still pretty darn good! this guy also played on the “altered states of divinity” lp.

basically, im trying to say, kriegsmaschine changed a LOT over the years, and i probably prefer the older, blastier stuff. there is no blasting on their 2014 album with the genius mgla drummer darkside. which is a SHAME because he is an amazing drummer and i WANT to hear him blast like a madman. he does it occasionally with mgla, so i dont think he considers himself above it. there are also normie pictures of him on facebook and he is HANDSOME! I bet he has NO problem getting a qt innocent polish trad waifu!!!! jelly!!!!!


here is another polish bm band i should be paying a lot more attention to. including fast blasts, great drummer, good production, and lots of melodic riffs, and a sense of “creativity” and “original style.”

yeah ive known about them for like 2 years but never really gave them a fair listen. new music takes a lot of effort but this group seems to be worth it.

i mean there is SO MUCH BLACK METAL going on in poland right now, its AMAZING, its not just graveland only anymore folks. its possible poland is the #1 black metal country in the world right now. which makes me very happy since poland is one of my favorite countries period, always will be.


on this earlier album they sound a little more black metally maybe hahaha. not so postmodern and hipster hahahahaha.


ok i am tired of metal for the day. i want to listen to something chill. for some reason i came to this album. it is described as “post rock slowcore” but we will see. rather phaggy sigur ros style singing. which is not inherently bad. i mean who am i to crap on “agaetis byrjun”. i am not informed enough to tell if this is a blatant sigur ros ripoff or not.


i am looking for some slow chill kinda “SAD BASTARD” music. older red house painters would be perfect but RHP reminds me too much of That Woman, so, no go. no can do little buddy.

baby steps. do one thing a day. one application a day.  baby steps. i only did 3.6 miles of walking today. but got under muh calorie goal of 1200, and also the whole week averaged under 1200 for all days. not that i even NEED to lose weight. but I lost about 18% of muh body weight starting in jan 2016 and it has been noticeable.

mazzy star and hope sandoval, their shtick is pretty obvious, and you will know right away if you like it or not. normally i hate everything about women, but i do like her voice hahahahaha. like when i used to listen to cat power hahahaha. no i cant crap on cat power. even if she is a marxist whore. so is hope sandoval probably hahahaha. they’re all race mixers mud sharks hahahaha.

like varg vikernes’ 23 year old beautiful daughter who i shudder to think how many brown guys shes sucked and fooked in britain and norway hahahahahahaha.

o god. well theres an internet rumor that this qt 23 year old norwegian singer is vargs daughter, and it is a fact that he has a 23 year old daughter from some random woman when he was very young.

and yeah i am troubled a bit by him being a “deadbeat father” to this gurl.

also we dont know for sure that this girl IS his daughter. but she kinda looks like him. I mean varg is a handsome man even though he looks old and haggard now. but he cleans up very well. and i would imagine his daughter would be 8/10 attractive hahahaha. i wont even say the gurls name because i dont want to contribute to the rumor.

but she likes miley cyrus and likes attention and likes dressing up and getting made up and i know varg wouldnt allow that if he were actually involved in the girls life. but he couldnt be, because he was in jail for most of her life!

i guess he got a women preggers right before he went to jail and the woman did the unnorwegian thing by not getting an abortion, so thats good…..i mean damn thats a hard situation. damn.

also, until varg comes out and says this girl is not my daughter, or she comes out and says varg is not my father, the rumor is actually pretty plausible!!!!!!!

but im glad varg married a young woman and had 4 or 5 children with her and is very involved with that family!!!!!

but yeah if this beautiful 23 year old girl IS his daughter, then I REALLY hope she hasn’t mudsharked, and what the hell would varg have to say about that.

i say this all as someone who is a fan of vargs music AND his pro-white ideology hehehehehe.

TIL that if you eat a huge bowl of special k cereal with 2 cups of whole milk (4 cups / 124 g of cereal hahahahaha) that is 780 calories hahahahaha.

i just ate a 780 calorie bowl of CEREAL and i am still hungry hehehehehe.

well to be fair that was 5 hours ago hehehehe.

heh. i hate that idiots can be gainfully employed but i cant because reasons hahaha. because i get nervous in interviews and i have a huge gap hahahaha. if i were a qt 25 year old gurl it wouldnt matter.

well got one app done today at least. baby steps. bit by bit. infinitely better than 0 hehehehe. i mean i  did 4 the other day, 5 the other day. sheeeeit.

never been a huge death fan but shit. i first heard about death when “the sound of perseverance” CAME OUT, just to once again whine about my age.

at my current age i would lean more towards the less progressive death hehehehe. also where chuck sounds less like his balls have been cut off.

yes i am aware that chuck is 50% jooish. believe me i can never forget it.

new darkthrone album just came out. welp i do like the production on this album and for some unknown reason i am optimistic about this album. i probably should have been optimistic about their previous album.

listen im old enough to remember when “the cult is alive” and then “foad” came out. i was like hmm what are you doing here darkthrone. and i was interested but both albums were boring as hell, so i just ignored everything they did since then.

while “transilvanian hunger” and “panzerfaust” were all time favorites of muh youth. smoking MJ as a 17 year old and playing riffs from those albums.

so they went from classic, to FOOKING BORING AF.

so really, i kinda EXPECT them to be BORING AF, and I expect this album to get boring after 3 songs, but it DOES have a great production sound. hopefully there is plenty of culto screams. i didnt like that culto rolled back his screams and then fenriz started singing more songs.

also its weird that they refuse to play shows. i can see not going on long tours, but wouldnt it be FUN to play a SHOW once a YEAR in NORWAY?

I mean they both seem like basic metal normies, not too weird, probably a fair amount of degen in there. like fenriz should have some CHILDREN and not be listening to METAL all day. i guess he used to be married but he got divorced. maybe his wife was tired of being married to a manchild hahahahahahahahahaha no i have no idea.

maybe his wife was a masculinized norwegian wimmin. all i know is that she did some artwork for famous black metal albums like “bergtatt” and maybe “transilvanian hunger.”

i mean i dont HATE fenriz’s power metal vocals. and yeah the drum sound and guitar sound is GREAT on this new album. and culto sounds pretty good. but what about the RIFFS? too early to tell.

making a pot of Chili, felt some agency today. the big value add was that I added some BACON. maybe even too much. theres a lot of bacon fetishizing going on the past 10 years, but i cant really argue against it…..well yes the FETISHIZATION of ANYTHING I can argue against. But basically Im saying that Bacon IS good and makes just about anything better. but what about muh chili. we will see. I just tore it up and threw it in there with the ground beef, browned all the meats, added tomato sauce, beans, spices, and letting it all simmer on low for at least 2 hours.

ok does nocturno culto have any children? he better. i mean fenriz should too.

they know how to get a great sound though. and i am 90% sure this is just them in their “studio” / rehearsal space. in a damn nondescript little room. nothing fancy at all. but this is NOT EASY TO DO. so I respect them for being able to do it well. IMO, it shouldnt be complicated. Id like to think I could do it too. also i can write boring riffs… darkthrone! but mine are even worse hahahaha.

ate the chili. it was bretty good. protein and fibre packed. yes i use beans, a lot of beans, i like the beans. mind you theres a lot of damn beef in there too. beef beans and bacon is what it is basically. thankfully the bacon taste did not overwhelm at all. i put like 6 strips of bacon in with 2 lbs of beef and about 2 lbs of beans hahahahaha. i absolutely did NOT drain any fat from the meat hahahahaha.

YUGE trump vs shillary first debate tonight. def pretty exciting there. i should really use the opportunity to get my rep up on TRS forum hahahaha.

just saw a jackass in the hofstra university crowd wearing a tshirt with a gorilla in red white and blue which said “HARAMBE FOR PRESIDENT” hahahahaha. or HARAMBE 2016. it defeinitely said HARAMBE hehehehe. well memed muh boy.

wonder if some TRS or related people are out there right now. pool parties.

baby steps every day. at least 1 job app a day (still need to do), and also i want to do 10-15 pushups every day.

everyones making a big deal out of fenriz being a “politician” but really he is just a SUBSTITUTE city council member and he didnt even WANT the job. literally ANYONE could have put their name in and got the job. in fact who knows if it even pays anything.

boo hoo let him have his fun, he wanted to put up a funny picture of him and his cat, why should i be a buzzkill.

i wonder if he is become a crazy old cat man!!!!!

i can appreciate cats, but dogs are better, and come on. you dont wnat to be a crazy old cat man.




yeah i WILL get over this which is good, but it will also naturally leave a void in muh life where she used to be, so i guess i have not felt this void since say 2012 maybe. getting over the inital shock, but now have to get used to the idea of Life Without Her. damn. not easy.

even before i got feelings for her, there was still the Benefit of Having A Friend and that meant something, that is never easy to lose. she was an Important Person to me before i got feelings!

or was she? during that time i was keep her at a distance because i was worried abotu her getting feelings for me. BUT IT WAS A FRIENDLY DISTANCE! it foreshadowed some of the communication problems because we didnt talk about those things, however i didnt avoid her either. i hung out with her, i responded to her, we had friendly talks about other things. plus i really dont think she had feelings for me, at least nowhere near as strong as the feelings i later got for her.

a FRIENDLY distance, as opposed to the completely UNFRIENDLY distance she was giving me!

great way to end things! damn!

but while we were friends she was a sweet and tender and gentle gurl, feminine in the best possible way, without being overly “girly” in the sense of stupid fashion and such. she did not dress or look like a typical MOdern girly girl but she was sweet and kind and gentle like a traditional woman was. i really appreciated that and certainly it was one of the things that eventually led me to Get Feelings.

but yeah i am not supposed to remember the Good Times too much. just shrink them down and let them disappear. remember the Bad Stuff. that is why the Rel Ended.

like her completely ignoring me and refusing to talk to me, and losing interest in me, and just Stopping Liking Me. what did i do to make you stop liking me? well i got feelings and was Annoying about wanting to hang out. the end.

but yeah i am makign some progress. but now the more long term stuff begins: getting used to life Without Her. life just seems emptier and more drab and less exciting and beautiful and fun, more gray and boring and hopeless hahaaha.

i guess she was MORE fun and exciting when i finally transitioned over and “allowed myself” to Luv her. Maybe I COULD have done that earlier if she hadnt had the long term boifran when i met her! I honestly respect the rel she had with him and wanted them to fix it. only when they ended like a year and a half later, did i start thinking in a different way: well she is now AVAILABLE, and we are good friends, get along well, and she is young, and not ugly, no kids, not a whore, low number, the idea was planted in my head.

THEN the new boifran came along very mysteriously and under the radar and THEN i thought wtf, if him, why not me? and that really sealed the deal.

see i wanted to TELL her all this stuff, kinda just tell her the STORY, but never got the chance. i told the story basically in emails 2 thru 4 but not sure if she read those. MAYBE 2, but not so likely on 3 and 4.

yeah when you have a good thing you hope for it to END in a good way, not the shittiest way ever. oh well life goes on hahahaha.

anyway if you ever have a decent female friend where you ask yourself, what the hell is wrong with me that i do not have feelings for her, then talk to her about it and give it a few months, you can probably GET feels.


no long term rel which you sincerely dont want to interfere with.

she is not fat and ugly and old and has kids and you find her blatantly unattractive. that really is important.  cuz i would look at muh female former friend and say you know its not like she is ugly, or fat, or old, or has kids, what the hell is wrong with ME that i dont find her attractive?

well, you will probably get over that sense of “weirdness” once she is out of her Serious Relationship and starting to date someone new, and then you will think “why not me” and then you will be Deep In The Feels before you know it! and then you will be in a World of Pain before you know it! and pray to GOD to take these painful feels away and put the horse back in the barn! put the genie back in the bottle!

heh now reading woman hating comments on websites like women are stupid retarded sluts who do not deserve respect, and i think, yes many times they are, but my female fren wasnt like that, but oh wait we are no longer frens and she rejected muh feelings. so i found the .0001% woman who is good looking AND nice AND young AND not slutty AND not crazy, where even the woman haters would say DAMN you better lock this one UP, well i tried to date her but she was not into it AT ALL.

it hurts moar to get rejected by a decent woman than a total pig slut wearing yoga pants to high school letting all the boys see dat 16 year old ass hole & beef curtainz.

but mah gurl would never wear yoga pants like a huge slut.

well maybe she DOES, i only ever saw her at the job because she STOPPED hanging out with me hahaha.

yeah to go from hanging out, to never hanging out, that sucks. cuz you had something and then you lost it.

now all the sluts call me a woman hater because i use words like slut, and slut shame a bit. well because i thinks its shameful to gamble on you getting preggers like that.

well at this moment i wouldnt mind a slut to s muh d and help me forget about the perfect woman who rejected me.

muh perfect angel!

i fell in luv with her because she was the best woman i knew. i cannot imagine meeting one who is as good or better. wawawawawawawawa. all the other women pale in comparison: sluttier, uglier, older, meaner. wawawawawaw.

or how about i go a few more years being hateful and lonely and then meet another woman who is nowhere near as good as her, but i think she is, just because its been so long since i had any contact with a woman.

fook yeah i still want her to take me back! i am sorry for cheating on you and beating you and ignoring you and forgetting your birthday and never showing affection and making you feel worthless and never communicating and being so distant and never hanging out with you and losing interest you and falling out of luv withyou and …… oh wait hahahahaha.

possibly my problem was i apologized TOO MUCH. i was apologizing because i was desperate to get along with her. but apologizing basically means that you acknowledge being a horrible asshole who was in the wrong; an admission of guilt!!!!!

so i was saying yes master i am just as bad as you think i am! yes i am horrible for wanting to talk about the things that will eventually kill our relship because i couldnt read the stupid signals that you wanted to be done permanently because i thought you might want to reconcile after a while, because we had a good couple of years, and i am not a fookin MIND READER.

did a 3 miler. getting fall like out there. good time of year to cuddle with a female friend hahahahahahaha fook that bullshit.

maybe i should just trip out on acid and mushrooms erry day. well, erry 3 days.

going to see old friend today for first time in a while, he has no idea muh life is ruined. last time i saw him i was still working and talking to female fren hahahahahahahaha.

anyway sometimes he greatly disappoints me with his drinking however sometimes he impresses me with his not drinking. basically he should learn from me and never drink again. besides i could probably start drinking moderately again. he def cannot. and it is very disappointing when he starts drinking around you, because he starts slamming drinks and getting drunk fast and making everyone around him angry and disappointed. but i think he might be in a good phase now. when he is in a good phase, he is all right.

npr does patronizing story about millennials going into the trades rather than college even though npr is for college liberal arts fags who either get masters degrees and work at nonprofits, or phds and and become academics, or work at starbucks or become neets like me, or SJW communist marxist traitors hahahaha

SEX should be PRIVATE, INTIMATE and SACRED (or at least SPECIAL), something you dont talk about, something you do only with Special, Trusted, Intimate People. not a lot of people!

Kristopher Heinekamp • 7 months ago
As a millennial looking to possibly transition into a skilled trade (since teaching has zero job security), I’m a bit cautious
One of the difficult things about our modern economy is acknowledging that automation and outsourcing has eliminated a lot of jobs. The media likes to try and mask this problem by harping on these “high growth” fields or some “skills gap” myth (wages aren’t increasing, so there isn’t really a skills gap).
While it SOUNDS GOOD to say that resolving the unemployment of young people by encouraging them to go into these skilled trades, this really isn’t going to solve much of anything. Of course, we have the “shocking” stories now about how the Boomers/Gen X made mistakes by encouraging everyone to go to college, because now there is a surplus of college graduates. It looks like this is exactly what we’re preparing to do with skilled trades. There are just not enough jobs, but admitting that is politically problematic, so what is the response? We push and corral kids back and forth, chasing whatever fleeting glimmer of “jobs” we see. The Millennials are a larger group than the Boomers, and Gen X’ers are still working. After automation and outsourcing, there are not going to be enough jobs. That’s the problem. Pushing Millennials to get MORE education and MORE training is laughable. Once we have that, then we’re STILL turned down for jobs because we don’t have “experience.” I was at a job fair today. “We’re DESPERATE for machinists!” I say I’d be willing to do it if they’re willing to train, and the response is, “Oh…uhh….well, we really are only hiring experienced people.” Must be that SKILLS GAP, eh!?
The concrete numbers are quite startling. I found the number for the state of Wisconsin:…

Welding is often mentioned (and something I did in High School, and I liked, so what I was considering), but let’s look at what we’re really talking about. For ALL welding related jobs in Wisconsin, we’re talking about an increase of 730 jobs over a TEN YEAR PERIOD. Even assuming each and ever welder in Wisconsin retires (which they won’t), we’re talking about 3,560 jobs available in 2020.
AND, the kicker? The welding training program at my local community college is already at capacity…they aren’t taking anyone else in for now.
Now, JUST for this 2014-2015 year, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has 29,302 undergraduate students. That’s only four years worth of Millennials at ONE college.
Do we seriously think we can transfer all these college-bound students into the skilled trades?
What we’re going to do is exactly what we’ve done with college graduates; force a huge mess of kids into a career path, causing oversaturation, causing increased unemployment. Then, we can have self-righteous articles about how smart we are because these dumb kids made bad decisions.

When it gets REALLY FUN is when we look at ACTUAL JOB OPENINGS:…

There just aren’t really enough good jobs to go round anymore. Our parents and grandparents spent the last 30 years outsourcing and automating jobs in order to bolster their 401(k)’s, and this is the reality we’re left with. Go ahead, lecture us on how “irresponsible” we were for listening to you all. Tell us about the “high growth” sectors. Tell us about “STEM” jobs. Make sure you do this right after you get that pension and Social Security money. Just don’t – whatever you do – look at the actual numbers.
Let’s go yell at kids on the Madison campus! We can tell them how dumb they are for going to college. Let’s tell them about how hard it was to get a job at the Union factory when you were their age, with that High School diploma. Let’s tell them about a “high-growth” industry like HVAC! Let’s tell them about those 130 new jobs over the next TEN YEARS! Boy, they’re going to feel silly! And we’re going to feel smug! A real win-win!

comment in that npr trades article basically saying its hopeless hahahaha i like this guy

what skilled trade should i do

they recommend electrician or hvac hahaha

something about skills gap but apparently skills gap is bullshit because even vocational skools dont train on these skills? and its impossible to get into an actual on the job training / apprenticeship program?