Statue of Sigmund Freud in London, with the Ta...
Statue of Sigmund Freud in London, with the Tavistock Clinic in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Let me give You a post that is not all Religious Angst. I gotta take a break from all this Religion, it’s too STRESSFUL and makes me too ANGRY, hahahaha. Give me something Peaceful. Like Nuclear Winter, hahahahaha.

yep it’s still dec 15.

anyway, to close that Religious Phase, we’ll just say that God Loves Us All and wants the best for us, he doesn’t get off in a weird abusive way with us being SLAVES to him, there’s a HUGE difference between being an unwilling SLAVE and being a willing Servant.  ANYWAY. will now move on to The Secular. aka Luv and Work.

Should probably try to do something Social and Fun at least once per week. For Socially awkward and anxious people with no friends, this is much easier said than done! or if you’re a workaholic working 100 hours a week and the only thing you do in your free time is SLEEP because you’re EXHAUSTED and you’d rather SLEEP than see any of your frandz, should you be privileged enough to have any.

yep just REAL nervous about starting new job, don’t want it to be HORRIBLE because I don’t want to have a Meltdown and get fired, or be “forced” to quit, when job searching is my #1 least favorite thing. It LITERALLY took me OVER THIRTY YEARS to find THIS job, hehehehehe.

but yeah. it takes me years and years to find a new job. first a few years of trying and failing, then a few years of not even trying any more, hehehehe, then GOD intervenes and by a MIRACLE I get a new job, after years and years.

Work And Luv, Luv And Work, sez Freud. Important Things. Don’t Agree With Alot Freud and I think he was a horrible person, but he got that one thing right. If you’re a loser at Work and at Luv, it is REAL hard not to feeeeeeel like a loser in LIFE.

anyway. point is, of those two things, work is a NEED and love is a WANT.

also, don’t get GREEDY over what KIND of love you want. You already GET Pure Life-Sustaining Luv from God and hopefully your FAMILY, and now you want MOAR LUV from some 18 yo pure Big Boned Curvy QT? Don’t get GREEDY! If you get love from your FAMILY, you’re LUCKY ENOUGH!

All righty then.

Anyway I tell all these ridiculous and boring stories not to be NARCISSISTIC, but to Learn the Lessons myself, and to Teach The Lessons to Other Losers Like Me. We can all Learn From My Mistakes. I could prob learn from Your mistakes as well!

What do you do if you Vomit on your Boss your First Day at a new job? you say solly solly SO SOLLY and buy them a new shirt, give them all the cash in your wallet (bring cash), you say PLEEEEEEASE forgive me. Not the end of the world. They can’t FIRE you for VOMITING on them.

I don’t think being Married to an Aging Woman is impossible as LONG as you met her when she was young, and you can say, DAMN am I Glad I got to Enjoy her bod when she was young and beautiful, well just take comfort in that it’s the same person, she has just gotten old, just like I have.

HOWEVER, if you meet the woman when she’s like 40, then I don’t think this is possible so much. You NEVER got to enjoy her when she was young and beautiful. But 9000000 other guys did!

Heh. Yes I was thinking about if I were to marry the Big Boned Blond gurl at church. Yes she’s “ONLY” about 18 right now, and that’s exactly why she makes muh D go HNNNNGGGG so strongly!

But I am Smart and Mature and Realistic and Reasonable enough to accept, that after 20 years of Wedded Bliss, she wouldn’t look as good at age 40 as she did at age 20! But I would be OK with that, because a. I myself am aging too and look older and older b. I was there with her all those years. So I wouldn’t necessarily Dump Muh Waifu just because she Got OLD!

Welp, will be seeing the Doctor for the first time in 1 year, try to give us a Lesson Learned. Cuz I finally ran out of my kleptocrat Big Pharm Mind Medz. My prescription expired 1 year ago, and I was on such a huge dose of Paxil, like 40 or 60 mgs a day; and then I swore off meds, that they were designed to kill us and enslave us and make us docile Tax Livestock, and I only took 5 mg a day; then I started taking 20 mg a day in August 2013 when I saw Girl7 and got really Crushed; and now its Dec 2013 and been doing 20 mg a day, I figure might as well stick with it, plus maybe GOD was workign through those Big Pharmacists who invented the drugs, and something about the Lowest Effective Dose was prob closer to 20 mg than 5 mg!

So now I see the doc, will tell him all that, and MAYBE try to switch to a different SSRI or SNRI (???) like Prozac after I tell him that certain SSRIs work differently on diff Neurotransmitters, and different Neurotransmitters are connected to different behaviors or symptoms. For example, anhedonia is related more to neuropinephrine and lethargy is related more to serotonin (CITATION NEEDED), and I am still very lazy and pessimistic and no energy. so switch me from paxil to prozac and we’ll see if that helps any.

also DOC, give me the rx for like 6 months, not 3; OR make it so I don’t have to pay $100 for an office visit in 3 months, and you can just rewrite the prescription when the pharmacy calls you in 3 months, and I don’t have to pay to come in. hehehehe.

When you are Over 30 years old, is it acceptable to go up to 18 year old girls in Church, who are there with their Mother and Father and Siblings, and go up to their Father and say “SIR, I’d Like to Date Your 18 Year Old Daughter, and I’m kinda a 30+ year old Loser, hehehehehe”.  Well, I’d argue it’s Not Necessarily UNAcceptable. IMHO it’s better than the 18 yo gurl going to some sleazy drunken drug induced party with artists and musicians and then she ends up having Drunk Party Sex with some guy she doesn’t really know how old he is, and he turns out to be 30+.  WAY Better than that.

First MAgic Bullet Protip in DAYS: * To Help Chapped Dry Lips in the winter, just use plain old fashioned VASELINE. Get a container, put it in your room, put a little bit on before you go to bed. No need to bring fancy Burts Bees or whatever with you everywhere. Get on $3 container of VASELINE and it will last you 2 YEARS at least.