may 11

jsut because you’re more concerned about wild oatz at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to SHUT DOWN any and all possibilities of finding a good monog wief, true luv, etc.

for example, I can’t even IMAGINE finding a girl9, ie a gurl I am in true luv with, i feel like muh heart is all burned out, however I am more than happy and willing to bang wild oatz. however I am open to the possibility that I might fall in luv. but DAMN she has got to be YOUNG, PURTY, and MORAL as f00k.  it may never happen and I am ok with that. but in that case I would need wild oats. need SOMETHING.

If you have a wimmin you Love, you don’t need wild oats as much; if you have wild oats, you don’t need true luv as much.

but having NEITHER def sucks!!!

do you absolutely NEED to have a wild oats phase before you can fall in true love? well of course not, I fell in luv 8 times without ever having a wild oats phase!!! hehehehe. but that is not the question you Meant. you MEANT, IF you were to actually Go Out with a True Luv Gurl and had not yet had a Wild Oats period, would that tear you up inside and you would ruin the Rel? I don’t think it necessarily would, because the strength of the True Luv would be strong enough.

Of course, that is hugely moot, because if you had EVER made it work with a True Luv Gurl, you wouldn’t BE here, hehehe. Me neither!

And, right now, muh mind just can’t fathom True Luv with a New Person, and Wild Oats simply seems to have Better ODDS, that’s why I’m all into the idea. However if the LORD sends me True Luv, I would embrace it!

ok one potential problem with my New Rating System is that the Worst Possible Thing still gets 1/9, or 11/99, or 5.5%. just for showing up. they get that.

should it theoretically get Zero? But Zero is kinda sucky for any kind of math, so I say .1 is close enough to zero. if you’re not willing to give it 1/9, then give it .5/9. or .1/9, hehehehe.

You are more likely to Fall In Love when you are Young. So Get “Married” Young. This is because both you are not too cynical and jaded; AND you look better; AND the women your age look better; AND the women are less used-up. All these contribute to you being more likely to fall in Love more when you are young moreso than when you are old. Frequency/Rate of.  ANd as you get older, you will still want the younger women (FACT!) but it will be harder to pull them unless you are real fit, which is harder to keep fit the older you get.

DON’T WASTE YOUR YOUTH. hehehe. that could be the main theme of this whole blog.

and so what if you did. like i did. that’s a big part of why you’re a loser now, now that your youth is gone.

uhhhhh get in shape by walking 5 miles a day and sow your wild oats, not gonna be finding a marriageable wimmin any time soon, hahahaha. well if you do you do, but being in good shape can only help you, it can NEVER hurt you. and then all you gotta do is get a fulltime upper working class job, plus if you are in good shape, you WILL be more hireable too.

may 12 monday.

when you see a job you might like to have (like department of public works “equipment operator”) but you don’t know how to do the “technical skillz”, but the job doesn’t call for a masterz degree, and it actually lists a wage (90% of postings dont!!!!) that you think you would be deserving of, well then apply for the job ANYWAY, lie as much as you can to get the job, then come in early to train yourself off the clock. then in a few months you will be an expert and have a sweet chill union city gummint job.

ok. big plan today is to leave the house and get some shoes that are good for “long distance walking.” at a good price. i mean i usually wear out these shoes in under a year. totally worn out, the tread all worn down to the point where there are HOLES in the bottom, etc. either that means i am walking way above average, which you’d think would lead to mah belly not being so big, or I regularly buy bad shoes.

how about u?


taking a new tack with muh settlers game, to NOT “get creative” in focusing my military production, and just following the instructions of “the tutorial” ie the main quests. ie building an ironsmith, tearing down an “Extra” stable, possibly tearing down an “extra” brewery, and just having a real balanced and diversified military force. my more stable production across all sectors implies that this has been a good move.

the game is very “addicting” and it can be best to just close the browser tab quickly rather than force yourself to log out properly, cuz you can get really sucked in.

3.02pm. ok got the shoes. done. went to DSW which I never do. scared. conquered the fear.wav. it wasn’t bad. specifically looking for RUNNING shoes build for the UNDERPRONATOR, ie, you wear out the outside of the shoes quicker and need more reinforcement there, because your foot rolls towards the outside. ok. it said on the website which i checked beforehand, whether the shoes were for under or over pronator. but once you got to the store, no way to tell. So I eyeballed the soles and found an attractive shoe for an ok price: the nike “revolution 2” for $53. I said a prayer that I was privileged enough to spend $53 on a pair of running shoes.

they have “walking shoes” but I went for a running shoe because I figured they would last longer becuase they’re built to WITHSTAND 3 times more force and pressure and abuse that The Running Foot inflicts.

they are very lightweight, very very. time will tell if they suck. they felt immediately very comfortable and I knew right away that these were the ones. hopefully they are comfortable on my Underpronating feet.

sh1t. the website says they are best for neutral pronators. f00k it, they look real good and felt real good in the store. i mean they look real good too, can pull some 18 yoz with these. at worst they will wear out just as quickly as my other shoes.

how about u?



tues oct 15th

If you are being Micromanaged at your Underjob and don’t appreciate it, all the more because you do a ridiculously good job, then write a brief story about it you can tell in an interview later. But specifically go out of your way to say that none of your previous employers did this, because you can’t speak poorly of prev employers. just say, hypoethetically, this is an example of poor management, and here’s what i would do instead. Because I’m a LEADER not a MANAGER. I don’t just do things right, I Do The Right Thing. I Inspire by Example.

Drink Tea / Iced Tea throughout the day instead of coffee all day if you have to stay up for like 36 hours straight to get all your werk done. Coffee is fine at the beginning and middle of the day, but too much too fast will dehydrate you and make you poop your pants. So have two coffee breaks, and rest of the day, drink strong tea.

If you don’t have time to use a Cigarette Machine to make Cigarettes, just buy Roll Your Own and Roll Each Cigarette as you “need” them. Like I’ve been too lazy to sit down and use the machine to make 20 cigs, but I would be willing to ROLL a cig, if I had some Papers.

Note: do NOT buy Zig Zag papers, because they turn brown easily and always look like you’re smokign a Huge Joint. It looks SO Bad.

Buy a bag of Bugler Tobacco, or even better, a huge bag of Pipe Tobacco, and just roll that.

This is all assuming you don’t smoke a LOT. For example, I am lucky to smoke 1 pack per week. less than 3 cigs per day. Usually just one.

Find your local friendly pawn shop and/or gold shop, and start out buying some SILVER there. Silver is like the Poor Man’s Gold. Be sure you check the Market Price before you get there. Right now the price was about $21 an ounce. So go and buy an ounce and see how much it is worth in a year. I remember around 2 years ago when silver was like $15 an ounce. Now it’s $22. Not Bad, uh???? Imagine if I had bought 10 ounces back then! 16 Ounces!

wed 16th

WOW, got home at 1 am, woke up at 453 am, in at 7am, now 752 am. DEF could not do this more than once every….3 weeks? 2 weeks? Anyway I showed largesse by doing a social call, the LESSON LEARNED, and there’s almost always a LESSON LEARNED, that’s the whole reason I tell STORIES, is that

* You should try to sacrifice your Sleep once in a while to Hang Out with your Friends especially if they are doing a fun event. Just to show you care. I was making a tradeoff of sacrificing a regular and beloved Social Event, because of Time Sched Changes, basically, wanting to get proper sleep for getting up Super Early in the AM. Super Early, like earlier than average even for normalfg successfuls with upper working class careerjobs.


10 pm should not be up so late but had to do a min quota of hw, and it’s still 3 hours earlier than last night. HAD to lay down to check my nap having privilege today. Said I would do for 2 hours but knew full well it would be longer. ended up being 3 or 4 hours, not suprising. wasted a bunch of time listening to lifelover and joy division and playing around with the long awaited new version of f.lux: darkroom settings, “ember” brightness at night, really quite friendly on the eyes, even set it to slightly dimmer for during the day, with the hypoth that the comp screen is Just Too Damn Bright Even During The Day.

Lifelover is real kewl, and great for us Emo Feelz Types. Wish they coulda lasted longer. You might think they’re corny but I still find them very honest. Honest Angst here. Anger, Hatred, Sadness, all wrapped up in catchy melodies and painful vocals. Dark haunting bits as well. One of a kind sound, even if all their songs sound The Same, it’s a good sound, hehehe. Would have liked to see them years from now, but the guy died at age 25 or so. pretty simple concept, amazing no one else did it sooner. what is a good “lifelover ripoff band” that can continue that sorta thing. I think you COULD “rip them off” in a respectful way and add new things to that sound. so much potential. Dark Metal combined with Dark Pop essentially. struggle to find the perfect production though. real hard to do programmed drums and make them sound good. prefer the live drums on “dekadens.”

Use f.lux to protect your eyes from the bright computer screen.

new shoes are breaking in ok, might take 2 weeks or more for full break in.

Go to Youtube , type in leadership, and watch vidyas by leadership gurus talking about leadership. Leadership is the same thing as “Management” but uses different BS Buzzwords, and ATM IMHO the Leadership Buzzwords will work better in an Interview than Management Buzzwords. Sounds more Emotionally Intelligent for Today’s Sensitive Managers. Unless you’re interview for a Manager Job, then maybe use a combination of Management AND Leadership Buzzwords. But if you’re a Loser reading this blog, then f00k no, you’re not gonna be managing anybody, you are competing for a spot at the bottom of the barrel.

Buy a little Wahl trimmer so you can trim the annoying hair by your ears that starts to look real bad after a few months.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough, DO NOT BUY WHITE T-SHIRTS. When you’re in the socks and underwear aisle reaching for a pack of 3 white tshirts, JUST SAY NO, and look directly to the left or right, and buy the Black or Grey ones instead. Pref Grey. Because after like one washing, the white shirt will look all yellow and shabby, like you never shower or wash your clothes, and will be immediately obvious underneath your dress shirt.  White shirts looks dirty even when they’re clean.

Now, it might look unprofessional to wear a black tshirt under a white dress shirt, if you’re an Investment Banker who always needs to look his best. But, more than likely, that’s not you, and you can get away with wearing a nonwhite tshirt under your Work Shirt. This is an improvement even if you’re just a loser working at mcdonalds or ralphs. Although they might have a strict dress code against that.

fri oct 18th

ok done prepping muh series of 4 shorter posts. u should be seeing this on oct 24th. here are a few last minute protips. You can come up with new, useful Protips Erry Day. Erry Day should be a neverending stream of protips and lifehacks and cheat codes on how to win at life.  good idea after good idea.

Protip: go into spotify and into your starred list of 3000 songs. then order them by DATE ADDED and copy the songs from the past THREE MONTHS to a new list, and then play THAT new list on Random Shuffle. This will give you like a greatest hits of the past 3 months.

HOWEVER, it’s not fool proof. I GUESS an alternate approach would be to make a similar list from your History from the Past 3 months. Because if what if during the past 3 months you listened to a lot of nonstarred songs, OR songs that were starred longer than 3 months ago! Note: HISTORY is under “PLAY QUEUE.” Spotify really needs to HIRE ME to make them better. That’s my VALUE ADD.


oct 13th or so:

OK, so you’re in the Bottom 1% of weird, awkward, neet, virgin, weak, omega, lazy Losers.  SOOOO different from all those normalfags, so fubared, so far gone, right? NOPE. While you ARE part of a Small, Select, Exclusive Group, the Cure is A Lot Simpler Than You Think. You Can Be Cured/Fixed. Very Possible. You just need a little help and guidance from someone in the know. Me. We WILL Implement these Simple Steps (Simple in theory, ie they can be comprehended by an 100 IQ Normalfag Idiot, but WILL take a bit of courage and forcing to actually DO.)

If you haven’t had a 21YOQT SOYF in a long time, well then maybe it’s time to Go Back To the Pick Up Artist Sex-Obsessed Stuff, because you’ve lost your edge, you’re getting rusty, and need to brush up on First Principles and Best Practices of How To Be Masculine and Pull 21YOQTs To Your Face.

“Little” stuff, like the dale carnegie, Daniel goleman, Emotional Intelligence, How To Talk To People, Social Skills kind of stuff, Back To Basics. because you need the basics, you’re not GETTING the basics. You SKIPPED the basics, but THESE basics you NEED. Go Back and do them. Git R Done. Or maybe you didn’t SKIP em per se, but it’s been so LONG since you did them, you got REAL RUSTY, it’s LIKE you skipped them.

What else. Well, I will Stand Up And Share that I FINALLY went and got those Shoes I’ve been whinging about for days and months and weeks and years. I did a fair amount of research on to figure out what I wanted. A Comfortable Work/Duty Shoe for people who walk and stand a lot. Dansko Croc style shoes are very big sellers here, however a bit expensive. I figured the Skechers “WORK” brand was better priced. Then I went to Kohls and looked for Skechers Work. I was unimpressed by their selection next to Next time, hopefully in no less than two years, I will try DSW or payless or burlington and not kohls. Kohls is good for everything BUT shoes. There was a Skechers Shoe which was not the “work” sub-brand, but which looked 80% like the shoe I was looking at on zappos. So I grabbed it and GTFO.

They seem bretty good, prob need some breaking in. Went a Little Bigger than usual, as that was a theme I was seeing. your foot should have room to wiggle around inside the shoe. And I can attest that having snug-fitting shoes throughout the day produces very stinky feet and permanently stinky shoes. yes your foot expands throughout the day, especially while you’re wearing shoes. At first the shoes seemed really loose but after a few hours now they feel a lot better. Hopefully they don’t either fall apart or start smelling horrible in less than 2 years. even 1.5 years. Next time, try Zappos for real.

Also, you are probably not a big spender on clothes for yourself, but definitely try to go above and beyond for your SHOES. I was seriously looking at some $150 Ecco brand shoes. Yes you can get away with $20 Jeans and Pants and Shirts, and save your money for Good Shoes.

I still can’t say if these new shoes are worth the $58 I paid for them, also that is about $18 more than I usually pay for shoes.


If you are given a task at your underwork, and you think, no WAY could anybody else do this, they would TOTALLY screw this up, good thing the manager gave the task to ME, now did they do that purposely, and this is especially if the manager is not around. In this case YOU are the de facto manager. YEAH. That’s right. Now they might never explicitly say “I’m Leaving You In Charge.” or “While I’m Gone, You’re In Charge.” So you never make the connection. Maybe THEY never make the connection. But look at the reality of the situation. And be sure to PUT IT ON YOUR RES/CL: “I WAS ACTING MANAGER. I MANAGED PEOPLE AND PROJECTS.”

Sometimes there is Resume Gold just sitting there under the surface of your Seemingly Boring Deadend Underjob.


What else. Oh yeah. If you’re whining “but I don’t waaaaaaant 21yoqt’s to SOMF, I WANT 18 yoqt’s to SOMF!!!! I Will Settle for nothing less than 18 yos! 21 yos aren’t good enough!”

Then You are beyond My help. Yes, you’re RIGHT, 18 yos ARE Cuter than 21 yo’s, but you have to at least meet me halfway here, and agree that 21 yos would still make you go HNNNNGGGGG and would get the job done. Besides, when’s the last time you had a 21 yo SOYF? That’s what I thought.

OK here’s yet another great Protip: If you are used to doing your Laundry on Sundays, try doing it on Saturdays. Or Mondays. plus or minus one day. I usually do laundry once every 2 weeks. On Sundays. but I would DREAD doing it, since sunday is my Day Off and I like being Extra Lazy on that day. So now I am trying doing it on Saturday, when I have to get up early for underwork. Usually I am so Lazy I take a nap right after underwork, but now in that time, I am gonna Stay Awake and Drink Coffee and try to Do Homework. And then it came to me: Why Not Do LAUNDRY during this time? So I popped it in.

NOW, the REAL challenge will be to actually DO HOMEWORK during this time. SInce I have an UNGODLY amount of stuff to do. not the type of thing you can finish in one 8 hour day, hehehehe. hrrrrmm.  maybe two serious 8 hour days.

ANOTHER PROTIP: Since you’re not allowed to put your IQ on your resume, just use big words and during the interview, TALK LIKE A SMART PERSON. You know how when you hear a dumb person talk, you can tell they’re dumb because they talk like a dumb person? So just make sure not to talk like that. Use proper english grammar and sprinkle in some big words. talk like A Professor. Watch CSPAN and talk like somebody on there. Make Hand Gestures as you use the Smart People Words so the people pay extra special attention that Your Smrt.

Yep. It’s all about showing and telling that you’re SMART, WITHOUT listing your High IQ. You wouldn’t think this would be so hard to do. So keep using the Big Smart Person GRE words. Who cares if you “sound like someone trying too hard to sound smart.” REALLY dumb people don’t even TRY to sound smart, they can’t even. If you TRY to SOUND smart, then you ARE QED smart enough to do 99.99999% of jobs, except for like the Smartest .00000001% of Medical Dockers, or The Smartest 1% of Math Professors Emeriti.

mond 14th, 830 am

did not get a lot of sleep, but feel uncharacteristically good. might be the new shoes. if you need new shoes, go out and treat yourself with a pair of GOOD new shoes. Will make you feel like a New Person for days and days, maybe even a week.

If you are bored of shaving with a Razor, then get an Electric Razor. Definitely easier and more fun, although no more than 20% faster. Certainly 50% or more less work/effort though.

I try to watch Joyce Meyer “Enjoying Everyday Life” from 6:20 am to 6:25 am every day on the Family ABC Channel. Today she said not to live in regret. You can be sorry and move on. Because regret steals your energy from fixing stuff RIGHT NOW.

Again, prob won’t become a Joyce Meyer Fanatic, because how much of a Bible Thumping MegaPreacher can a person take, but she does have some great ideas, and is well worth watching for 5 minutes a day.