[ NOV 9 2016::: yep pretty big deal about this election. just enjoying the schadenfreude, taste the tears of shitlib losers hahaha. obviously happy about the YUGE BIGLY victory. we are going to DRAIN THE SWAMP and BUILD THE WALL. glad to see a VINDICATION for FOOKING WHITE MALES. these are MY PEOPLE and I am glad that real everyday Working White people have some Real Political Power. I thought hillary was gonna win so this is a pleasant surprise. the shitlib tears and butthurt is absolutely AMAZING, i LUV it, though wish I knew some more IRL trump fans. and sometimes i do get triggered by the butthurt, esp white males crying about how much white people SUCK, thats very rustling, but you know what, YOU LOST, TRAITOR hahahahaha. there is talk that it was WHITE WOMEN who pushed trump towards victory, if that is true, then that makes me feel a HELL of a lot better about white women. selling out their gender to submit to the white patriarchy. just do me a favor and look at how antiwhite the anti-trump people are. really think about that. there’s nothing you can do, whitey, to keep the left from hating you. you have to become like THAT, and constantly say whites sucks, whites suck, whites suck, for the left to like you.

oh yeah. in case muh READERS were unaware, and I appreciate my 30 followers, THANK YOU!!!! but you HAVE to realize by now, I am a trump supporter, I am a part of the Alt-Right Movement, I am a White Racist, and I am Pro-White and all about The 14 Words: We Must Secure The Existence of Our People and a Future For White Children. I don’t HATE anybody, but I can’t possibly convince anyone of that, and its not worth the effort trying. I mean I HATE that people have become so anti-white!!!!!

But its because its all karma for slavery and oppression the white man has perpetrated, right, so now we have to pay it back, always and forever. karmas a bitch, and it will be SO GREAT when these WHITE PEOPLE are out of power, but we gotta go thru 4 more years of suffering, maybe 8, hahahahaha.

these people are antiwhite as fook and I just cannot accept that. and there are plenty of whites who are like, yeah, but white people DESERVE IT. Whites have done SO much injustice! Whites DESERVE it! hell yeah I’m gonna check my privilege and fight for a world where whites are no longer a majority!

Yeah well I’m not that kind of white and I am happy Our Guy won. Yeah we are definitely projecting a ton of shit onto him, he will probably end up selling out and softening, but i say give him a chance. he tapped into REAL white working class populist shit like no candidate has in my lifetime, and I appreciate that fully. (Plenty of college edumacated white professionals certainly do not!)

anyway enjoy the shitlib tears, you’ll get to enjoy them for the next 4 years, hopefully 8 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. and if trump ever falters, there will be another to take his place. he’s opened the gate and we will certainly see more blatantly alt-right (pro white) candidates in the future…..and we will NEED them.

BUILD THE WALL, repeal the immigration act of 1965 hahahaha.

you will get moar election related poasts in like june 2017, thats how far behind this thing is.


april 29 2016:::

i was listening to the fatherland podcast and they started talking about the Neet Question in such a serious way that it nearly brought a tear to my eye. The host Jim is very good at that, i think he was getting emotional too, as he shared the story of his sad, pathetic, 40 year old neet brother.

I wouldnt mind a whole show talking like this about neets, but yeah it IS really sad and despairing and might even make the tuff marine NO1 cry like a baby when you confront the stark sad reality of it, rather than treat neets like a joke. co host and executive longsuffering produce bradan agrees, that we treat the neet question with too much jest, when in reality, being a neet is GRIM and SAD as FOOK.

but yeah this show is so good, thats the reason i have permalinked in in the sidebar. and the show is just getting better with honest talks such as this.

a 40 year old neet whose life never really moved forward after high school. he is a weirdo with a small world and a small mind and can only play or talk about vidya games. he is too weird to spend much time with his young niece. jim admits some similar tendencies but was able to overcome them and find a good wife and some kind of tolerable job.

believe me, i dont like being a neet at ALL. its HORRIBLE.

but also being at a terrible job is also terrible. its honestly about as bad. the shame of being a neet will seem like a good bargain. in fact i think it still is a good bargain. and i TURNED DOWN a job on a SILVER PLATTER to go back to another call center.

also I learned my lesson, to not even look at her NAME on facebook. I can write her name or talk about her, but to see her actually writing or saying things herself is too much.

yeah shes got a right to exist and i will not infringe that, but I am dead to her, so she should be figuratively irrelevant and invisible to me. its not good for me to SEE her living her life in any way. she’d rather talk to other people than talk to me ever again.

but yeah it sucks to have someone be a good influence on you and you want more of them in your life…..but you are a bad influence on them and they want you out of their life. this is devastating to the self confidence.

in other words I should have not gone to that facebook page where she was likely to post. then I saw the most innocuous post ever from her and was triggered just by her saying 1 sentence to other people. cuz thats more than she would say to me. imagine if her picture showed her face or body or her with a new BF or she was making lots of in depth posts like I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway that was yesterday this is today. new day.

its not like i was looking for her. I was looking for Public News Stories about the Job, about the center being SHUT DOWN and about 50 ft jobs being cut in the city. easily the type of thing that could appear in a business news section. i guess I should have known better about clicking on a FACEBOOK page in the google search results.

its like deep down i WANTED to see if her name was there, and when I did see it, I got bad sad fee fees hahahaha. DONT DO THAT!!!!!

damn that TON album slow deep and hard is really good. one of their best. it is arguably more carnivore than TON but I don’t mind. also I don’t find the production as shitty as the band does. I think the production is great, everything sounds great. There is a great arrangement ear for songwriting here. great songs made up of great riffs. almost every song is coverable. yeah ok some parts are stronger than others and one song starts to drag after 9 minutes, but this is all excuseable. Pete’s vocals are very very on point. he is a very good scream/shouter.  the album perfectly captures heartbreak and betrayal and despair and anger and all that. I have just enjoyed the album more and more over the past 17 or 18 years since I first heard it hahahaha wow. I could always come back to this album.

And yeah the goth/rock/fun influences they added on bloody kisses are great too. I enjoy that album greatly too. but SDH has a real edge to it. And some argue that “Der Untermensch” aka “Waste of Life” does not fit the theme…..but DAT RIFF is so good I don’t care. plus it kinda does fit the theme. Often when you are heartbroken the only thing that can get your mind off The Woman, is the idea of how Shitty And Disgusting Other People are, hahaha. Degenerate Deadbeat Parasites, hahaha.

Origin of the Feces is also very good despite its completely degenerate, 3edgy5u cover art. the covers of hey joe and paranoid are outstanding. they even play the waste of life riff once, at a super slow snails pace, which is how I would do my cover of the whole song hahaha. They should have done the whole song like that on OOF. The rearrangements are somewhat hit or miss, but even the “misses” are enjoyable.

i am very good about going to the Gym….but my GOD are the people ANNOYING. they are not intimidating as I once worried, but they are just ANNOYING as FOOK. at this point I crank up the speed or incline and listen to “waste of life” again hahaha. arabs that bathe in cologne. arabs and albanians that speak loudly in arabic or albanian. people talking on their phones loudly. blacks who listen to their rap music and move their arms and legs in an obnoxious “swagger” sort of way as the rap guys say profound, inspiring, admirable, noble, good things about crack and bitches be bitches and dolla dolla bills yall and gettin turnt up on purple drank and banging ratchet white becky bitches and going to the trap house and smoking blunts erry day. shit I would rather be a 40 year old neet virgin hahaha than a degenerate moron.

did I mention the story of the older arab woman who was chattering loudly in arabic and couldnt figure out how to use the treadmill and then turned it up too high and then fell down on the treadmill right next to me. Now I want to help any elderly people regardless of race, but I just froze and couldnt think quickly. now I know that you should just press the stop button on the treadmill hahaha. i stood there like an idiot and quickly a staff member who spoke arabic came rushing up, and i snuck away and went to a treadmill on the other end of the facility.

the staff has been very very good. friendly and professional and I have been nothing but impressed by these decent young people.

or people with stupid tattoos, and attractive young women with skin tight clothing. they dont need to do this.

but overall it has been a good experience because i am exercising reguarly and burning a lot of calories. and putting up with the annoying people. but my god are they fookin ANNOYING. it makes me feel very hateful, like i could never relate to people or make friends or get along with women hahahaha. feel very misanthropic.

but hey it gets my mind off that woman, and it helps me lose weight, so its all good.

also I have definitely made SOME progress in the past 9 months. I dont think about that woman AS much. it IS slooooooooooooooooooowly getting better. so thank GOD for that.

im still not sure what I WANT from her. as in, do I WANT her to contact me and apologize? sort of, but I also WANT her to be with me, and I would use that towards that end, unsuccessfully. get my hopes up again. or be disappointed that she wasnt apologizing well enough, didnt seem to understand. disappointed if she wanted to be just friends, while she fooked guys and lived life and makes money and we went to a much more superficial shallow friendship than we had in the past.

i mean the shit that happened between us is MAJOR and really the only way to get through it would be to have HOURS of conversation about it, and probably for her to wholeheartedly commit to me as a monog long term GF. t show me a lot of luv and support and effort. make time for ME. WANT to spend time with me. dont nag me because you make more money than me.  these are all pretty big things to ask, which she prob wouldnt be willing or able to do.

we’d have to both get back to the level of closeness we had before, in the good times, AND move that forward into a Definite Dating Rel. THAT is what I want, and that is VERY unlikely to happen even if she DOES contact me at some point. at BEST she would give a halfhearted apology, talk about how good she’s doing, and then move on with her successful life after appeasing her guilt with this one small token.

still not ready to return to facebook yet. that will take at least a year hahahah. and really. how useful was facebook anyway? I dont really miss it. I’m kinda glad to be RID of it. stalking people I never talk to, reading peoples bullshit news feeds, comparing myself to them. I very well may NEVER go back to facebook. facebook is a net negative.

all my real friends have my email and phone and I have THEIR email and phone.

I would recommend You All try deactivating your facebook for at least a month or 3 and see how it works for you! It’s been a pretty good thing for me!

trump protestors. what pathetic subhumans hahahaha. i don’t like any of the non trump candidates but Im not gonna fooking PROTEST them. carl the cuck and aids skrillex losers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW. WOW. JUST WOW. I CANT EVEN. YOURE A FOOKING WHITE MALE.

shit i give the recruiter a list of thirty names, and they respond with yeah the center closing is not confidential because we already know about it. if you have any referrals id greatly appreciate it.


you’re making 50 grand a year and this is the level of cluelessness you show?

it’s just been really hard for me to understand people making good money for being clueless, incompetent, and inefficient, in the business world, which is supposed to trim fat and increase efficiency.

they aim to do that on paper…….. but give the surface the SLIGHTEST scratch, and you will find HORRIFYING disorganization and incompetence. managed by a team of college educated managers. its an OBVIOUS DISGRACE the way these companies are run. if their CUSTOMERS saw this, they would RUN AWAY and the company would RIGHTFULLY go out of business. I hate this shit. I guess I have THAT much respect for asshole customers hahaha. i just REFUSE to scam and bullshit people.

I suppose “referral” must mean here is the persons phone number, you can call them, and I’ve gotten express permission from them to have you contact them and say I referred them. I didn’t say this. I wanted to be kept anonymous and really gave them a bunch of “leads” as opposed to “referrals.”

hey I dont know best practices in the recruiting field!

But I guess that makes me just as smart and competent as someone WORKING IN the recruiting field!

You want to hope that people are skilled experts……but you know JUST AS MUCH as the “EXPERTS!”

your shot in the dark is just as good as their best practices!!!!!!!

THEY DONT KNOW THEIR OWN BEST PRACTICES!!!!!!! and they are PAID for this service!!!!!!!


i am VERY frustrated by this.

then you take it too far and start doubting all experts and start becoming anti-science and anti-intellectual. evolution is just a “THEORY” hahahaha. dinosaurs are just a “THEORY”.

but questioning authority is generally a good thing.

it would suck if trump has a heart attack or something. he is like 70 years old, how can he be so high energy all the time. I know he is in great health, but….i mean I just dont want him to overexert himself. he has to live for at least the next 8 years hahaha. he is our only hope hahaha.

questions for potential wife.txt: why don’t you have any respect for human life or the process that creates it?


ok took some time to complete a decent application for a university FT clerk job I would be stupid not to apply for.

a few months ago i would have been like noooo the whole application process is too excruciating. but i have come a long way baby. i converted my txt files to doc files this time around, see if that helps.  included link to shiny new linkedin profile.

open office, when you save as a doc file, does not show the god damn date modified whatsoever! so stupid! this is persuading me to try libre office now.

I lost somebody who was important to me in a very hurtful way and it hurt me a lot! and they dont seem to care at all! these facts cannot be denied hahaha. that is the basics of the situation. show some care and concern about me and the good, valuable, important friendship we had!

well i am not the worst neet becuase I care about lifting myself up from neetness. I dont want to be a neet. I apply for jobs and talk to recruiters and take assessments and put on semi nice clothes and shave. I apply for dozens of jobs. I exercise regularly and am successfully losing weight. I care about things other than anime and vidya. I dont like these things at all. all this puts me WAY ahead of the average neet.

but yeah if i had to do a masters degree, it would probably be a psychology related thing to neets and or marriage and relationships. all with a heavy counseling angle.

so you see why I am not chomping at the bit to do a masters degree. there is NO WAY you can make this degree profitable. unless you get into a decent all expenses paid PHD program…..and that is not gonna happen.

it would literally be more profitable for me to work in a call center the rest of my life.

hahahahha some phaggot protester is holding a sign saying TRUMP = NAZI omg hahahaha. this is literally the level of these people. it sounds like a parody but its REALITY.

literally literally literally. heh. get this word out of your vocabulary. you’ve been hanging out with WOMEN too much. fook that shit. dont talk like a WOMAN hahahaha.

come on. WOMEN arent that bad. even SHE wasnt that bad. sure she was a little dumb and annoying when i mattered THE MOST but that doesnt make her a bad person. i just wish she had been better to me, and that she recognizes the error of her ways and asks to BE with me. not gonna happen, hahaha.

fookin recruiters. another jackass bitch from linkedin wanting to recruit for a “technical support ENGINEER” who “enjoys solving complex technical problems.”  this wouldnt be so bad if it didnt mean CALL CENTER where you are forced to cut corners and bullshit people on complex problems just to “handle” the most calls as quickly as possible.

email us back with the exact error code and we will get back to you within 72 hours. even though you told them exactly when and where it happened.

also they tell YOU to be more specific and to give more information……but they are not specific about what information. tell us the line number and your computer properties. COMPUTER PROPERTIES??????

I would ASSUME that what they want is the stuff under “computer properties” when you press shift+pause break. excuse me, win+pausebreak. =  System Information.

normies don’t know how to win+pausebreak and I wouldnt expect them to. I bet SHE didnt know about win+pausebreak.  that INCOMPETENT MORON who didnt DESERVE her job!!!!! hahaha. i only learned about it from an autistic level 1 guy. he loved the shit out of vidya and anime.

MAYBE i could go back to a tech support call center later in life when i have more strength and confidence and toughness, and then actually make some good money. some people actually do make a good living in this field. like she is shaping up to be one of those people. i was shaping up to be one of those people until i had my breakdown. because of HERRRRRRR hahahaha. no because of my Inability To COPE with Herrrrrrrrrrr.

unsuccessfully coping with the natural beauty of being thrown away like a piece of garbage hahahaha

thats a TON reference

(type o negative)

see I think my jokes are funny but you kinda need other people to think the jokes are funny in order for them to be REALLY funny.

literally funny.

its not funny if NO ONE GETS the joke.

ok libre office documents show the date modified. that settles it. i am switching over.

shit i cant believe i looked at porn in november hahahah. that brings my streak back to under 6 months.

actually its techincally less since i saw some SLUT on TUMBLR in like february…….but I eventually forced myself to stop looking at that and didnt Jerk Off to the dirty degenerate fatherless whore spreading her cvnt and asshole to the whole world and calling it erotic art.

heh. anti hillary and anti bernie protesters are not as degenerate and uncouth and barbaric as these disgraceful anti trump protestors. just fooking riff raff.

yeah it would have been so nice to have a normie relship with a woman i really liked and really got along with. i have not cuddled with a gurl in like 11 years, havent had good heterosexual fun in 11 years. the closest was a retarded very random drunken make out session with a random drunk gurl a little over 10 years ago, but even that was a big dropoff in fun from the 11 years ago action. that (the 11 years one) was with some bitch i was in luv with…..but we didnt actually KNOW each other or really get along with each other, they way I did with woman2015. it just felt really good to have a cute gurl making out with me rubbing against muh d hahahaha. you get harder than you ever could to porno.

and if i could have done that with HER, it would have been even better. cuz we had something REAL hahaha.

it just sucks that she has experienced being in a rel for 5 years, and me for never more than 3 shitty months hahahah.

so when we had a good 2 year friendship, that meant a lot to me. thats a LOT to get from a woman. for me. women usually want nothing to do with me, and i want nothing to do with them. a total mgtow hahahaha.

i mean i dont want random secs, i want a rel. and in a way, i did have a rel with her. so its no surprise i got deep feelz for her.

those other gurls i made out and cuddled and fell in luv with…..we never had a real rel. I had a more real rel with That Woman. and a real rel means a lot to me.

All Yall Bitches an Hoes just cannot understand this and need it severely Mansplained haha.

Men understand Relationships and Luv much better than Women do.  Such a shame men need women to have a Hetero RElationship hahahahaha.

no not all women are so incompetent at relationships. in fact SHE was VERY competent in OTHER relationships! she just didnt want to be competent with ME! i’m not even TALKING about her wanting a rel with me! I’m talking about her wanting to be COMPETENT with me!

its not fair to her and really not fair to me either to blame it on her being a dumb whore…..because shes not. i purposely stay away from dirty whores. i am DONE with dirty whores and refuse to associate with that filth. you see too much of that, and you begin to think all women are like that, and thats how you become a true woman hater.

she was not a dirty whore but she STILL hurt me deeply. just a difficult, sad, tough situation with no easy answers hahahaha. well other than i need to be more assertive and timely with my communication. just take charge of shit and not let it get out of hand.

why dont companies give good training to their employees?

because it costs too much money!

why dont companies give good service to their customers?

because it costs too much money!

now you’re getting it!!!!!!

believe me i am not anti-business!!!!! and i say fook “corporate social responsibility!” but i say companies should have a responsibility to train their employees to provide GOOD service to their customers!

just run a business like a good decent honest white man would! thats it!!!! and that really IS too much to ask.

its really not too much to ask to ask women to be decent and mature people. i dont want this event to make me think that all women are horribly immature and cant act responsibly in a relationship.  they just never have with ME hahahaha.

well thats not even true. the sluts i never even really knew treated me more responsibly and maturely than the woman I Truly Knew did.

oh well. just find some damn dirty whore because thats all women are anyway.


Well maybe they respect human life……..just not the process that creates it.  thats acceptable right?


because its a slippery slope to not respecting human life period. getting abortions and cheating and lying and screwing and j00ing and abandoning and betraying.

they dont understand this though.

I guess they dont need to udnerstand it, as long as they dont Act like whores and do all those horrible things. actions speak louder than understanding or not understanding hahahaa.

also they might not UNDERSTAND it but they still have a solid moral code that says “casual sex is gross and I Just Don’t Do That.” that’s MORE than good enough for me hahahaha.

Casual Sex to me is when you know the guy less than two months before fooking them. Shit I would LIKE at least SIX months, but if you were to look at the Distribution Curve…’d probably find a Big Hump at like ONE month.

we need to bring that up to six months, at least.

sex before two months, abortions, cheating, these bitches have no guilt or shame about these things.


she probably felt SOME guilt about the way she dumped me, rightfully so. she just probably got OVER that guilt a LOT quicker than I got over the pain and got over her. I want the pain of guilt for her to be at LEAST 50% of the pain I felt from being Walked Out On by an Important Person.

not 100, not 90, just 50. i take responsibility for 50% of my feelings hahahahahahahaha.

also, if she had TRIED, she could have saved me 10% of my pain, at least. it doesnt sound like a lot……but 10% of a billion dollars is still a LOT of money. so she would have saved me a LOT of pain, and i would have APPRECIATED it a LOT. I would have been a LOT less bitter.

this was a very SAD thing and I was/am very BITTER as well as sad.

yeah i will get over it all, it will just take a LONG time and she could have helped make that time shorter with just a LITTLE effort on her part. show ANY effort. a LITTLE effort is a LOT better than NO effort.

also it would have been nice if, as a part of quickly getting over her guilt, she did SOMETHING, made a GESTURE of penance and amends as part of appeasing that guilt.

i mean if she did that now….well i would just ask her, is there any chance you would want to go out with me. yes or no. NOT i dont know. if theres a chance lets try it. if theres not, tell me NO. not MAYBE. if maybe, lets just try it. like you dont fook guys you know less than two months hahahaha you cvmhungry whore. cvmgry.

i am indecisive and dont know on alot of stuff. confused and unsure and on the fence. but when it comes to the women i luv, i am All In for Them. of that there is no doubt. certainly I have never been on the receiving end, but I would like a woman to give me a CHANCE for more than 2 or 3 months hahahaha. how can I not even last 3 months. that is a bit humiliating. theyd rather get their ass pounded by swarthy strangers than hang out with ME. you start to develop an inferiority complex. like you arent Cool or Sexy or Exciting or Manly enough for Women.

heh. at this point i dont care that the women from 11, 12 years ago are WAY more successful than me. And one day I will not care that woman2015 is way more successful than me hahaha. I do wish I were a little more successful though. successful enough to pull a decent woman ahahaha.

and i found a decent woman and we were good friends for a long time wawawawawawawa. and then it ended in the worst way ever wawawawwawa.

hahahahaha i was more than cool enough for her until i started liking her hahaha. then that was just GHASTLY and ABOMINABLE and HORRIFYING to her. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. thanks i appreciate that hahaha.

fookin .05/.10 holdem hahahaha. getting into the big leagues now.  this is about 2 to 4 cents. when i sit down with a 10.00 chip stack that is about $4.54 USD.

heh. well maybe in january 2017 my state will have legal w33d and i will be getting blazed all the time hahahahaha. like that is a good thing.  then i would fail all these goddamn drug tests.

i mean when an important person in your life goes away, it leaves a VOID. i wouldnt mind filling that void. sometimes smoking MJ is a way you can filled various voids. probably not a good thing though.

i am just mad she can handle a grown up job and make good money. yes it is discouraging to have women who reject you also make more money than you and be more career successful than you. whatever happened to the wage gap. i thought men were supposed to make more than women. and if you are a man who is very bad at making money, you will be considered invisible or repulsive by women. I mean she is 8 years younger than me and makes 3 dollars an hour more than I am looking for!!!!

when a MUCH younger WOMAN makes a LOT more money than you…..that is humiliating. especially when she has rejected you extremely harshly.




it’s no fun being a weakling loser who can’t meet the demands of Life even on EASY MODE. you can’t even handle an EASY life. that is not very empowering! and people who have a HARD life make a much better go of it, because they are stronger and better and superior to you, ya loser! They can work hard and persevere and have a good attitude and life themselves up and go to school and better themselves and not give up. do things they don’t like in the short term, like stressful work and no sleep and no respect and no pay, so they can be a winner in the long term, 5 or 10 or 20 years later. you don’t become a winner overnight! it takes at LEAST 10 to 15 years!

not only is gambling funner than work or school, it’s better than sitting around thinking what a loser and failure you are, and how you hate everything and have no future because you don’t want to work for anything!

heh. never move up from the lowest stakes tables until you are GOOD. Ie, winning consistently, and winning quite a BIT consistently. it might take YEARS to move beyond micro stakes, to get THAT good.

went for a nice powerwalk in the cold. just lost 10$ going all in and then he hit a straight and cleaned me out. heh. well, once again, my limit is $500. if I am ever down $500 then I will quit poker altogether.

then what? heh then I go to trade skool.

heh. i keep forgetting i will be rehired by my awful job.

i keep forgetting how bad i hated that job and how i SWORE I was going to use my time off looking for something better, yet all i have done is sit around and play POKER.

sometimes read about transgressive stuff.

anyway, being lazy is the worst. i saw a guy in the poker chatroom complaining about not being able to get a job, they recommended starbucks “its easy” or burger king, he said they give jobs only to students and immigrants, another guy said he could find 10 jobs within 5 miles, OP said you can FIND the jobs but you can’t GET me the job, guy2 said well you’re just LAZY then.

but i would agree that actually GETTING the job is tricky. you’ve got to show a great winning attitude and really try not to appear lazy, appear as a social nice normalfag so you can get that sweet burger king job. actually you could probably still pull teen pvssy at burger king.

heh. maybe i will start a loser support group that meets in person once a week and helps unemployable losers make money and get pvssy. like a real life r9k.

hate looking at facebook and seeing people i went to Success School with being Successful Winners, and everybody else being proud of being Idiots, Fat, and Ugly.

Well that’s a stretch. mainly it’s just women I don’t like. Men are just fine, women are just pretty gross.

heh. i have tried to fit it and find a group to belong to, i find some good candidates sometimes, but eventually end up moving along. but I do cherry pick the things I like!

for example, I was really into Racial stuff and White stuff for a while. I still enjoy it to an extent, but I don’t agree with them 100% because I’m just not that racist, hehehe. but I like (white) racists better than antiracists! and I generally like whites better than nonwhites, I don’t really hate nonwhites though. not that they do either.

Also I like r9k but they are too big of losers for me to ever want to be a part of that group.

Lately I’ve been enjoying a Noise Music Forum in the non-music area, we share a nice misanthropic and pessimistic worldview, however I don’t like noise music at all, too noisy.

time to look for a new forum! i think My Identity is already there in the marble, I just gotta chisel it out.

How about Tiny Govt Paleo-consevative with mild-to-moderate Racial Awareness, anti-Marxist, anti-Leftist, religious and theistic and gnostic but very ambivalent to Christianity, really on the fence there, yet i still go to Church, who are butthurt and lazy about being losers, but want to be winners, and one day sow wild oats (if desired) and then after that, find wives and have a traditional family, with homeschooling of course. That’s my “tribe”, hahahahaha. maybe i should start my own f00king forum, hahahahahaha.

PROPOSITIONAL PLAYER. There are SOME casinos that PAY you to fill seats at the tables basically. They give you House Money to Gamble with to get Marks Butts in Seats at the Tables. Laying awake last night thinking about what a loser I was, I realized THIS was the PERFECT job for me. way better than a casino DEALER, would NEVER do that unless the job fell into my lap (much like my current job did!!!)

(OK so I think the average Prop Player uses their OWN money to bankroll, but is paid an hourly wage by the casino. STILL, I’d take that job.)

this article is designed to take the wind out of muh sails!!! says the job sounds great, but really sucks, that you need a second source of income, that at BEST you will make 5 to 10 dollars an hour in the long run, you don’t get free food, etc etc.

but it is funny, that Professional Gambler is viewed as one of the Sleaziest professions for a man. certainly won’t make you a hit with the right kind of ladies! Women HATE Gamblers. not that it matters what women think. unless you are trying to sow your wild oats and then have a wife and family after that!!! so yeah, it DOES kinda matter what women think of you, when no women you find attractive find YOU attractive!


Obviously, MORON.

But the EASIEST AND the most effective way of doing this is to go for a nice powerwalk RIGHT NOW. and then go to kohls and buy some nice dress pants and dress shirt, and to walmart for some nice comfortable wrangler super comfort jeans, and continue to go on powerwalks and cut back on the Old Country Buffet, until you are no longer Morbidly Obese, and then you will DEFINITELY pull more attractive women, who hate fat men way more than men “hate” fat women. WAY more.

and then we will work on turning you into a Professional Gambler.


sunday, setp 29 2013, 155pm, day off, lets have a LIVE POST here for the first time in a long time. 1000 words tops just like the good old days.

Don’t mean to be narcissistic, this is more like a person standing up and sharing at the Lazy Losers Anonymous meeting. You hope others can learn from your experiences, or maybe YOU can learn from your experiences by Talking about them.

got the #BreakingBadMarathon going on here, 7 hours till the series finale, I’ll actually stay up late and watch the Talking Bad too. I think even if Walt Lives, Gilligan and Co will find a way to punish him, like he’s got nothing to live for: his family will die, or they won’t accept his money, etc, he’ll be doomed to wander the earth alone. or get arrested and die of cancer in prison alone. or shanked in prison. or shot to death 1000000 times by police, dea, nazis, AND his family all getting shots in. OR he dies AND they all die in a final shootout with him and his huge gun. any of those would be ok. just be sad to see prob The Best TV show Ever come to an end, they could have EASILY done one more season. Pretty exciting to be experiencing TV history, hehehehe.

But the point is, you should be experiencing some exciting history for yourself. One of my favorite bloggers sez, don’t get stuck in a Boring Life, go move to an Exciting City, so you can be around Energetic Exciting Young People, have an exciting social life and romantic life, maybe find a nice wife even.  (not that I recommend Legal Marriage, although I do support Monogamous Partnership and Having Lots of Children.)

Still thinking about my Love Vs Lust thing, and how the best Love is build from a foundation of Lust. Like you see the 18YOQT and IMMEDIATELY think HNNNNGGGGG!!!! I’d LOVE to have HER Sit On Muh Face ALL DAY! as opposed to, well, she’s a nice girl, and not even ugly, but I really DON’T want her to SOMF. That’s the struggle. If you get along with a Nice, Decent Woman, but you don’t have LUST for her, then why the hell SHOULDN’T you “cut your losses” and have Kids with her? ANd I do not have an answer for this.

Of course it is real hard to have children if you’re not making enough money!

Of course the solution is Multi-family, multi-generational, extended family houses. And I certainly don’t have a problem with THAT!

Is it more worthwhile to do something FUN, or to SLEEP, noting of course that sleep is INHERENTLY fun.

Like I was debating whether to NAP right NOW, or to watch #BreakingBadMarathon and do a little writing. Because I was having a kinda grim day and knew some writing might turn the ship around. So here I am.

How To Not Blow Off Your Friends

Well, I guess let them know the Price of Admission for You is that you never call, so they have to do all the calling, hahahahaha.

But Ideally you would push yourself to do a little MORE calling, and break your Bad Habit and replace it with a Good Habit.

Also let them know you are a Planner, and don’t mind planning something even a Week in Advance, rather than waiting till a couple days before a day and Seeing How You Both Feel.

Heh. I remember I was Courting A Grill and she refused to make plans with me because it wasn’t SPONTANEOUS enough. Heh. There were a couple Grills I Liked where it was a Bad Idea, a Bad Choice on my part. I should have told her to S my D right then and there, is that spontaneous enough. But I was desperate and In Love.

Anyway it’s perfectly ok to not like being spontaneous. It’s ok to think spontaneous sucks. And to want to make Solid Plans a week in advance. So what if you’re not in a Good Mood by the time the Day comes around. Put on your Damn Happy Face and try to enjoy the time with your Friend. do something nice for them like buy them dinner. Then neither of you will know or care that you’re in a bad mood. Unless you try to bring them down with your bad mood. Don’t do that!

And just go out for an hour or two, you don’t have to stay out partying all night, you can still be in bed by 9 or 10 o clock.

To get yourself to do Errands Better, force yourself to go to stores that are directly on the way to or from Underwork. For example, I stopped at the Supermarket Directly on the way home from Underwork, rather than go to my USUAL Supermarket, which is the complete opposite direction from Underwork. Even though this New Supermarket is a little more expensive. I considered that a “convenience charge” for being right on the way, and for getting me to actually Get The Errand Done.

* Buy a Big Bag of CANDY for yourself once in a while. something bite sized. Little chocolates or caramels or I myself am partial to Starbursts or Butterfingers or Nerds or Mike and Ike or Jolly Ranchers or Now and Later or Mambas or Sour Patch Kids

English: College student studies while eating ...
English: College student studies while eating Sour Patch Kids sour candies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or Skittles.  Something like that. I say, Start Out With Starbursts.

Obviously don’t do this ALL THE TIME because you will get FAT and also all your TEETH will fall out from the godawful sugar and HFCS, which is HORRIBLE for you. I’m talking more like a few little candies to help you celebrate on your Day Off, not stuffing your face with candy and ice cream all day every day. Like on Saturday Night or something, when you would REALLY like to have an 18YOQT SOYF or even just go on a Romantic Date with some Making Out and Cuddling, but you’re too old, loser, and omega to pull an 18YOQT to make you go HNNNGGG. Then on a day like that, watch your movie and eat a little candy. or take yourself out the movie theatre like I said in a previous post and really spend some money on yourself, getting soda and popcorn.

* The American Education System is Designed to KILL a child’s Intellectual Curiosity, to make them Hate Learning and Hate Skool, and fail at skool, and become losers who just want to smoke weed and play vidya and eat junk food all day, and become welfare parasites, or unemployable or underemployed losers with no power of any kind. And this Curiosity-Killing doesn’t stop with High School! College is Just As Bad!

* So use Youtube and Problem Solving Books as opposed to reading your godawful textbooks or listening to your godawful instructors. Get the Powerful STEM degree, checking eveyr month on JObs Numbers and Employability of Majors, so you can switch to a More POwerful STEM degree if necessary.  If you don’t want to think about this too much, Electrical Engin + Math Double major should get you a good Lower Middle Class Job and Wife.

* So you see an 18YOQT at College or Church and think, god damn, that would have made ALL the difference in the world, to have an 18yoqt to cuddle and SOMF, then I would have been the world’s best student in the world’s usefullest degree, and gotten the best lower middle class job ever, and maybe eventually have married one of those 18yoqts when I was 23 and On Top Of The World.

And MAYBE that’s accurate. I cannot deny the power of a man’s lust for 18yoqt’s! Damn, I still get those thoughts whenever I see an 18yoqt and I go HNNNGG and want them to SOMF! I think how good would THAT be, I would put up with a LOT to have some of THAT, I would pay a LOT of dues.

So yeah. A Man’s Lust for 18yoqts is a very, very powerful Force of Nature. It’s no surprise that Real ETernal Monogamous love can be built on top of that, or successful careers, etc.

But if you DON’T have that, and of course you don’t, none of us omega losers has anything close to that, we pull SIngle Mom SeaCows or more likely nothing at all, because we don’t LIKE single mom seacows, we like 18yoqts, but we’re too omega and old and fat and loser to pull 18yoqts! vicious circle!

SO my response to that is, uhh go volunteer at the soup kitchen to see some people who really have it bad, and get your sleep, take it one day at a time, talk to a college counselor and tell them, listen, I just want something to get me an upper working class fulltime job as quickly as possible because I HATE SCHOOL, don’t eat too much wheat or corn syrup or corn or soybeans or processed food or fast food or carbs, get your omega 3’s, get a light box or get some sun, get some exercise, get 30 mins of exercise a day, even if it’s “just” a brisk walk, a brisk walk is better than sitting around watching tv , don’t watch too much tv, if you HAVE to watch tv, make sure it’s something GOOD like breaking bad or jeopardy, turn the sound off on the unholy commercials, give thanks to the lord, thank god if you have a decent family, beg god for strength and help and a miracle, move to a safe City like Pittsburgh or Fargo or Boise or Eugene and get the cheapest place you can and finally get some 18YOQT action, well, maybe more like 25YO semi-QT action, but that’s GOOD ENOUGH, try some apple cider vinegar, don’t deny your animal instincts, but don’t be a nihilistic decadent hedonist either, eat a little bit of candy once in a while, get some delicious comfort food for lunch/dinner once in a while, but realize it will be 900000000 times easier to pull 25 yo qt’s if you’re NOT FAT, Schedule something A Week In Advance with Old Friends and then buy them dinner to show you appreciate them, I guess maybe try a damn Temp Agency because anecdotale evidence proves they can get you jobs at good companies and some of those jobs can turn into full time things (not sure if the temp agency would still take their 30% Cut or whatever at THAT time), set up spreadsheets and use numbers to quantify your Moodz over the days, quantify what you feeeeeel before and after doing Godawful Chores and Errands, Do as many errands on your route directly to and/or from Work as possible, try to find an Enjoyable Way to Get Out In The World With People, try to find a way to Enjoy and have fun with people, I know that sounds mind-boggling, because people are annoying and you enjoy yourself the most when those annoying d!ckheads are NOT around, but I guess the point there is to find people that are fun to hang out with, because the Healthy Human does need that, think of a time in your life when you WERE more social (checking muh privilege because I appreciate than many of you NEVER had that!), spritz lysol in the crotch of your pants, use to buy shoes as well as all sorts of other clothes from the comfort of home, good selection at decent prices, I really am quite impressed, and very well may take the plunge very soon, maybe save up and spend a little extra on GOOD shoes that will actually LAST a long time, rather than cheap pieces of chinese crap that fall apart in 1 year, don’t hate yourself if you’re a little racist once in a while, it’s natural and healthy for humans to be a little racist, it’s GOOD not bad like the godawful unholy tv sez, don’t watch too much tv, hell don’t watch ANY tv, perpare a personal Budget, look into Financial Investments like gold or land or oil, try your hand at farming and grow your own food and cook it and eat it and know that you literally made that from the ground up, all right, take care of yourselves and I will be back in a few days.