wed oct 23

ok. tues went to bed at 8 pm or 8.20. BRETTY GOOD. Marked improvement over mon, bed at 10pm. Nope. NINE at the LATEST. But SEVEN would be IDEAL. Get up early, start underwork early, get out early, eat lunch, and here’s the challenging part, do a minimum quota of Homework for the day, take powerwalk, eat dinner, watch movie, go to bed, hopefully all by 8 pm, lights out. easier said than done, and does not leave room for errands! would have to cut out the movie. and I am a f00king movie EXPERT. movies are my LIFE.

thurs oct 24th

went to bed at decent time again, around 8:30 pm. still tired, did NOT get Muh Work done yesterday cuz I just HAD to watch a movie, and it turned out to be stupid as f00k. but I still went to underwork, had a nice Social Experience, did a Powerwalk, and got to bed at a decent hour. But was still tired this morn, really gotta shoot for 7 or 7:30. And now I will be under the gun today trying to catch up with Homework. Can finally rest at about 5 pm, will take powerwalk then, but then what? any more productivity? muh new errand chore project is to get a winter coat. I know kinda what I want: a sturdy, hooded, “WarmEST”  Carharrt style coat. Something to keep me warm on Powerwalks in subzero winter.  Will cost about $80. I am ok with that as long as it lasts at least 2 years. My last coat “was” $40 and lasted 2 years, but it is very cheaply made and I tore a hole in the outer body quite easily walking past a fence or something and now the white stuffing is visible like offal and you look like an unemployable virgin loser walking around like that. you look like a bum who doesn’t take pride in his appearance, so why should anyone else.

this is a fundamental theme for us losers, we generally dress very shabbily, like we don’t take pride in what we look like. Very important. Take Pride in what you look like. Not so much for What Others Think, but for how YOU think About Yourself.

This I Believe: Like Exercise, Good Sleep, Good Food, and Prozac, Good CLOTHES are a MAGIC BULLET for Morally Lazy Loserness. Also Lifting, Praying, 18yoqt SOYF, 21yoqtSOYF, 26yo Reverse Cowgirl, Good Career Job, Good Friends, Good Family, Good Neighborhood. These are all factors.

5.18pm – breathing sigh of relief, finished with my homework related task, where I have my weekly report with my “Coordinator.” This is a great thing, a great great thing, it just makes me nervous all day thursday. especially since I have been rushing through my homework lately, or falling behind. computer related stuff, basically trying to become an expert in a computer language and it is complicated and intimidating and a lot of material and easily to feeeeel lost and confused. don’t want to talk about that too much, don’t want my enemies to out me and end my one career opportunity, my one last chance at working class adult succcess.

heheh. been up for over 12 hours now. tomorrow day off, so I could go out and party, but I tired, want to go to bed early, just ate dinn, now writing, will go for powerwalk before sun sets at 6:45 i mean 6.35pm. , then watch movie, or movie length of tv shows, will be lucky to get 2 hours of that before falling fast asleep.

real notable thing of the day was lunch with co-workers. they work in diff department and are gainfully bigboy adult upper working class fully employed. I am friendly with the one guy, who is just a real friendly talkative guy, and he invited me, I was nervous about having to talk to the other guys, but I did ok I think, thank god.

and yesterday I had also gone out for lunch with a coworker from my dept who I am quite friendly with. Turning into a regular social butterfly!!!!

The LESSON LEARNED is: become friendly with people at your place of underwork, someone, ANYONE, find the friendliest person there and GO TO LUNCH WITH THEM.

1. Just Find The Friendliest Person There, and

2. go to lunch with them.

It doesn’t even MATTER if you don’t LIKE them. (I DO like the people I mentioned.) You will BEGIN to like them if they are truly friendly. The world NEEDS more friendly, nice people. But there still are some out there. Glom onto them clingily for dear life, hahahaha.

And I also got some fresh Protips for you today:

* Absolutely buy Long Underwear for the winter. Before age 25 or so I never used to do this. Now I don’t know how I survived the winters without them. Think about it. Nothing between your bare legs and freezing cold but a pair of PANTS? HELL NO! get some LAYERS in there! The only downside is that it can be expensive to buy 14 pairs of Long Pants Underwear Thermals. That’s like $135 right there. But you could make those last 2 if not 3 years. THEORETICALLY you CAN Rewear those if you’re desperate. or not wear them every single day. YES of COURSE you should wear proper underpants underneath them!!

* Along with Big Fat Poofy Gloves for the Winter, you should also buy Cheapo Thin gloves that you can actually do stuff with your hands, grab stuff and smoke a cig and use your phone or music player or drive the car. Because with big fat gloves you can’t do any of that, but your hands get cold too fast. So just buy a pair of thin girly gloves for $2 at walmart.

* Are BOOTS more comfortable and supportive on your feet than SHOES? Maybe. Get shoes that are more Bootlike and go higher up.

* If you have a favorite Blogger or Vlogger and they’re not a super celebrity, maybe one day write them a nice email and start a mini conversation with them. Certainly you will have plenty to say because you’ve been reading/listening to them for years and are interested in the same topics. Ask them if you can talk to them for 30 minutes on the phone for Career and Life Advice, and if they will write you a Letter Of Reference and let you use them as a Reference. And then write them a nice thank you letter. You will feel Real Cool, having an exchange with one of your Heroes / Role Models. Just don’t stalk them or write them super long emails regularly. Of COURSE they’re busy.

* So November is Mustache Month for Male Cancer, that’s kind of Cool, but I suggest you just start growing a Full Blown Full Beard instead, as mustaches are too hipster. (not that beards aren’t!) plus by november WINTER IS COMING and you have more than a valid excuse. I have this habit of having a Full Beard during the Winter and Clean Shaven during the Summer, the constrast is nice. Try it out yourself. If you can’t grow a great beard, just know it WILL get better year after year. Hopefully you will be able to grow decent something by age 30, hehehehe.

* Oh yeah I forgot. get a scarf. get a LONG scarf. like long thermal underwaerz I always refused to wear a scarf. thus my face froze. it is much easier to tolerate winter with gloves, scarf, long johnz. but for some reason i saw scarfs as unmasculine or faggy or weak. NOPE. just get a black scarf. it has to be LONG so it can actually wrap around your face and not fall off. I have a shorter, normal scarf and it always falls off, I totes awnt to get a new one.




mon oct 7 854am

so the other day I was offering in-depth and expert customer service to a very very QT who was closer to 21 than to 18, a total perfect 8, hahahaha, and for the first time in a long time I was kicking myself viciously for not being flirtatious with her, or being more masculine with her, or simply Asking Her Out To Dinner Right Then And There. Now you say this is very unprofessional to do with customers, but I can assure you I would keep it all rather professional. Being professionally masculine, nothing inappropriate. Because By God she could have SOMF all day long. I was just so un-used to having such a Golden Opportunity that I didn’t even recognize it as an opportunity until it was too late. So if I ever see her again, I will try to right this wrong.

This was Natural Attraction At It’s Finest – it actually makes you WANT to put in the EFFORT.

Job Search Practical Tip: Your EmployerGod WANTS you to copy and paste from the job description into yer ResCL. It shows them you READ the job description. use the exact same action words (verbs) and buzzwords. And know that “Client Relations” is the EXACT SAME THING as “Customer Service.” Look for other 100% Equivalencies like that. “b-b-b-b-but it’s NOT the exact same! There are important differences!” No there’s not. How are you ever going to make $12 an hour with a Loser Attitude like that! How are you ever going to Mate With 8’s?

you know its time to buy new shoes when they still smell after spraying them with lysol every day, and not only are the soles all worn down, but now there is a sizeable hole in the sole and if you step in water your sock gets all wet. really reaching the end here. And it really doesn’t reflect well on you. People DO look at your shoes. Not that it matters what people think of you….. but yes it DOES matter if people think you’re a Lazy Neet Bum, AND you don’t want to Send The Signal of you being a Lazy neet Loser, when that’s exactly the image of you you’re trying to eradicate. So don’t send that signal.

Insurance Premiums. Health Insurance Costs To Be Brunted By The Employer. Obviously a 40 Year Old is going to have manny more Medical Needs than a 21 year old fresh outta Uni, who will be healthy as f00k and will continue partying throughout Grad Skool and Career, probably until 25 or even 29 if they push it. Because they are invincible, picture of perfect health, etc.

So employerz say, the 30 year old will be costing us a lot more re Health Insurance than the 21 year old, so let’s hire the 21 year old every time, because if we hire 30+’s, we will go bankrupt.

Heh. I am not sure how Health Insurance works for Companies, so maybe it’s less risky for them to hire older people as this grim picture I have painted. Heh. I have never held the power to interview and hire people, or Administer Benefits. I just know that 30 and 40 year olds Incur a lot more Medical Costs than 21 year olds: Diabetis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Hardening of the Arteries, Cancer, Kidneys, Bad Back, Chronic Pain, Gout, Obesity, etc.

tues oct 8, 1.11pm

well, I should be doing homework / work right now, but since I’m not getting paid for it, I am choosing to take an hour to do this fun thing of writing in the blog, uplifting the world.

my EXCUSE, and there’s always an excuse, isn’t there, is that my underwork sched is mixed up here, so i got to sleep in, get my classic 14 hours of sleep, hypersomnia, etc. i guess if you can sleep 14 hours, go right ahead.

heh heh. like this stupid forbes article I read recently. during your interview, explain how you use a real ATHLETE mentality. You believe in balanced mind and body. You know that to be at your best performance, you need your rest. And you eat healthy and exercise. and you don’t let defeat get you down. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. you get MORE creative and look for different approaches. you know you can’t succeed without the team, it’s all about your team, but you also know how to perform your role within the team excellently. and a whole bunch of other f4ggy horsesh1t.

So just say you’ve been giving 110% lately, and to continue giving 110%, you have to catch up on 14 hours of sleep here and there. To run the marathon of professional career victory.

anyway I had an interesting experience on monday, will share, try to deduce the Big Lesson out of it.

So every once in a while I hit the jackpot and this market research firm calls me and invites me to do a Paid Survey. Sometimes it’s really fun, and I get to go to a Big Company where the Top 1% of Engineers work with their HYPSM degrees, and then market research people ask me questions as I use a product, and I get paid BigBux.

So I will not say exactly what I was testing, and that’s not important anyway. What was important was the market researchers. One extremely Extraverted Woman possibly around 30 years old, still in good shape, as can be expected from Professional Career Women who want to Have It All, who succeed in College and Career, probably has a Masters Of Marketing.

i beat anorexia

What really shocked me was her partner, a very young girl who did not even look 21 years old. I wondered: was this the Unpaid Undergrad Intern, or was this the Recent 21-year-old Graduate who was winning enough to snag a sweet full time entry-level career job with a Viable Market Research Company? She looks so YOUNG! And indeed she was very cute, could ABSOULTELY SOMF for hours and days, and of course I have this weird prejudice towards College Girls, because I am obsessed with the Wester College Career Cult, KIds who Go Away To College, which she probably was, as opposed to Kidz who Go To College but don’t go AWAY to College, which is, of course, the much smarter and cost-effective way to do it, however I can guarantee you, the Go Away To College Crowd does sometimes feel superior to them. Wrongly!

So the young girl did hardly any talking, the older woman did 100% of the talking, and the young girl mainly took notes on a computer, typing away. This plus her obviously super young age is what made me think she was an Unpaid Undergrad Intern, but again, it can be hard to tell with these College Girls: are they 19 and still A Full Time Away At College Student Intern, or are they a 21 year old Recent Grad who just got their First Out Of College Fulltime Career Job? In which case I would have been bretty envious of her! Being a 21 year old total QT who was no more educated than me, having a Great Career Job and getting paid 90000000000000 times more than me, the superold loser, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And whose face was SHE sitting on? Not mine!

Heh. But of course extraverted normalfag Away To College Sorority type gurls are Tailor Made for Marketing and Market Research! And I would think that they have a Competitive Advantage over Old, Introverted, Creepy, Awkward, Chubby Neet Loser Men who Don’t Interview Well and who don’t Get Interviews Well, and especially who are not True Believers in the College Career Cult.  Heh, more excuses, the excuses never end.

At any rate, I performed quite well and just talked and talked and rambled and rambled and came across as a Talkative Extravert Really Well. The trick is to just start talking and not even think about what you’re saying.

I was not really impressed with the Intellectual Calibre of their work, it fits right in with my theory that An Uneducated High Schooler could be trained to do this work, and not have it be a Sweet Coveted Job For the Top 20% of College Grads ONLY.

But because there simply isn’t a big enough supply of these kinda jobs, there’s way less market research jobs than there are high school students in other words, we need a big stupid college scam to credentialize it. but who ever said life was FAIR??

Heh. It really doesn’t MATTER if life is unfair, or, life seems a lot less unfair when you have 21YOQTs to SOYF at your beck and call.

But talking so narmalfagly with the woman made me think of being on an INterview, boy what if I were in an interview being this relaxed and confident and normalfag, jeez then I might get that sweet fulltime entry level careerjob, and making fat stacks and getting 21yoqts to somf all day.

so that’s the lesson for You All: just start rambling, talk without thinking, thinking will trip you up, and when you start talking a lot, you will seem like a normalfag, and successful normalfags like to HIRE other normalfags to be successful too.

Yep, in theory, pulling 21yos to soyf is really, really easy: talk without thinking, seem like an extravert normalfag, not a introvert neet loser spaghetti pockets virgin, and really this all inherits from the base class of BE MASCULINE. but also you gotta dress nice, don’t dress like a neet loser virgin spaghetti pockets who has never hung out with a grill.

but in practice it can be super difficult to go out and buy those clothes, or to put yourself in those situations where you can talk to 21yoqts.  that’s even more difficult than buying the clothes. you KNOW where to get the clothes, and then you just exchange money for them. But where the f are the 21 yoqts? Either Away At College, or in the Expensive City working their Career Jobs, out at Noisy Dance Clubs, where you compete for their attention with men 90000000000000 times more masculine than you: rich, successful, nice dresser, great career, has never been an alien to the experience of 21 or even 18 yoqt’s sitting on their face, etc.  yeah even though they are men just like you, it’s real hard to put yourself in the shoes of a guy like that.

OK. So read Dale Carnegie’s classic “how to win friends and influence people.” It is really not brain surgery to talk to grills or employers. they really are just people, just human beings. just keep asking them simple questions, pulling their talk strings, and you sit there and nod your head and say mm hmm. yes. I see. Ah. How interesting. tell me more about that.

and if you’re talking to a 21yoQT, then you just be a little more masculine and edgy and tease them a little. get them tingling.

but the other point i wanted to make is, gainfully employed fulltime career job college edumacated nonvirgin normalfags will look at you like you’re a loser if you are underemployed or GOD FORBID unemployed. So you just don’t tell em. LIE to them if they are stupid and rude enough to ask. Pretend your underjob is actually a real job, but also tell them you’re Striving To Advance, and that you’re VERY INTERESTED in their career field and their company, you’d love to work at their company, you’re smart, you went to kollige too, whaddya say, help a brother out, get me an interview, I’ve got some great ideas on how 2 grow The Company, bla bla bla.

And then you’ll have a 900000000 times better chance at getting the interview than if you came supplicating before them like an underemployed loser. The Power Of Little White Lies!!! Use them to your advantage!!

All right that’s enough for today. Take It Easy on YOurselves, don’t take sh1t from ANYONE, stand up for yourselves, try doing a resume where you copy and paste SHAMELESSLY right from the KSA’s (knowledge skills abilities) in the Job Description. Absolutely Shamelessly. And then take a big VALIUM before the interview so you’re not nervous, and can start talking like a normalfag, and once those normalfag morons see you talking like a normalfag, you’ll have a real good chance of getting the job.  And then Hellllllooooooooo 21yoqts SOMF Citay!!!



* Do your own readings of stuff. for example I came back to one of my favourite blogs after not reading it for a few months, and found a few New Classic articles they’d written since, along with Epic Comment Threads. I thought, gee, wouldn’t it be neat if they could have this discussion in Talk Radio format. and then I thought of doing a dramatic, passionate Reading of the original post, the comments, interspersed with my Own Commentary as someone who has an Informed Opinion on these writers and Their Opinions.

Because I prefer listening to speakers rather than reading words many times. Speakers really bring the words to life. I would do a Reading of All My Blogs if I didn’t care so much about muh anonymity.

mon 852 am sept 23 2013

ok. so, do a “mood monitor” for every day. make a spreadsheet or graph. put down the WORST you felt that day (1 thru 10), what TIME that was; and then the BEST you felt that day, what time THAT was; and then estimate an AVERAGE of your mood throughout the day.

This will give you a much clearer picture of Your Moods Throughout the day. you already know you have good times and bad times throughout the day. mood changes from horrible to slightly better at various times. but it can be tricky knowing when you can expect what.  But this way, if you start feeling real bad, you have more evidence with which to say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS, I’m just as my relative minimum for the day.

Even use a Free Spreadsheet to log it if you want, and make a nice Graph of the Function.

Spreadsheet might be best and easiest. Because I KNOW you probably wanna Analyze this Data, because it’s about as relevant to your own life as it gets.

Alternately: check your mood at certain times every day, like 3 times a day. When you get up, middle of your day, and right before bed. that might be a little tryhard though, and also you’re focusing in on times, rather than on Best and Worst Moods, and those I think are the important things to rememb.

Anyway, say you feeeeeeeeeel like ending it all, then you notice it’s X o clock, and now you know that there’s a pattern there, so you can say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS, especially if you tend to Feeeeeel happier a few hours after that.

LUST is a Building Block of Love. Sometimes we slowly build up some quite signif love on top of a base of lust. And there’s nothign wrong with that, indeed, now I’m thinking lust is NECESSARY fro True Love to develop. Last wimmin I was in LOVE with, there was DEFINITELY a REAL portion of LUST in there. I mean I wanted her to SOMF All Day, Every Day, Till The End Of Time. But because I saw her semi regularly, and liked her personality as well as her body, and decided I was going to Make An Effort to Court Her. and as this effort grew and time passed, so was the Love I Molding in with the Lust. So not only did I want her to SOMF, I wanted ONLY her to SOMF, and For Ever, and also to do Massive Cuddling, and Marrying, and Growing Old, and Babies, and Handholding, and Summer Weekends At The Lake Cottage, and Winters Cuddling, and Movie Night, and Date Night, and Making Out, etc.

But that chapter is closed, that too has passed, though I still think about her sometimes OBVIOUSLY. But Thank GOD I don’t actually have to SEE her, hopefully that last time (2 months ago??) was THE last time.

Anyway. Love Does Include Lust. Perhaps the Lust is the source of the Craziness/Insanity of Love.

Love and Lust
hehehehehe I saw this in the suggested pics and just HAD to (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there’s a Woman I get along with Real Well and would prob be a good mother of my Chillunz, and a good Wife, however I have absolutely NO lust for her. However I would seriously consider Marriage and Children with her IF there were an agreement to get Muh Lust on Extramaritally. The gotcha is, what if one of those Extramartial Lusts turns into a True Love as with Girl7, ie becomes a wimmin I REALLY wanna WifeChilluns? Which Way is the Better way? WifeChilluns with a woman you get along with real well but No Lust, or, WifeChilluns with a Woman that’s The Whole Damn Package? Noting that with The Whole damn Package, it can be a lot harder to Get

* Force Yourself to Get Interested in Investment and Financial Planning so you can Save for the Long Term. Because if you’re Lucky Enough to have a JOb with a Pension, you prob won’t be Lucky Enough to actually GET that pension when you old, because the Plutocrats like it when you Die, and you have no legal protection against that. Your Pension is not guaranteed. The only thing that IS guaranteed is the Gold you bury in the backyard, assuming no-one steals that. pull a walter white with barrels of cash buried underground.

Put As Much Money as you can into your 401k if you have one. Real Good Employers will actually MATCH your contribution…….but that’s only if you’re a Top 2% Elite, went to HYPSM, and have a HYPSM Career Job, hahahaha, so, no need to even mention it here. If you had a decent job you wouldn’t BE a Loser!

If you

insert datetime



10:24 am, tues, sept 24 2013


* take a few minutes to Make A Spreadsheet like I described above. I went and did this. It Worked like a magic bullet. I made one google spreadsheet book, with three sheets.

1: MoodMonitor: Day, Date, Lowest, TimeLowest, Highest, TimeHighest, Overall, Comments

2: DailySched:Day Mon thru Sun,, date, 12 am thru 11pm, 1 hour per line, essentially a daily calendar, but more anal than Google Calendar, or maybe not. where needed, split into half hours.

3: Achievements: Day, Date, Task, Duration in minutes, enjoyment, difficult, achievement, comments. This is when you force yourself to do Responsible Person chores, errands, and Responsibilities. the stuff you should do, but always procrast on because you’re a lazy loser. homework, jobsearch, exercise, shopping, errands, cleaning, appointments. basically the idea is, you dread doing the stuff and put it off, but if you FORCE yourself to do it, it’s usually NOT as painful as you expect, AND you get a HUGE sense of accomplishment from actually doing the thing, and THAT is the pleasure or enjoyment you’re looking for. It comes AFTER, and offsets the sense of dread before. This is how Good Habits are Built, doing this kinda stuff every day. So you turn it into a spreadsheet, so now you have Tangible Physical Measurements and Data to Convince your Diseased Brain.

So now I have that. kinda a work in progress, just crapped it out as fast as possible, you can’t be a perfectionist with these spreadsheets, just start them. like that 3rd one, still not sure the terms to use / variables to measure / etc.

and then if you have a smartphone like all the other jerkoff degenerates, you can easily update this from the comfort of your bed or lazy chair.

* protip: watch JEOPARDY every day if you can. there is some real feelgood medicine right there. get real competitive with the people on the telly. shout out the answers. call them f4gg0ts and racist slurs. if you have any friends, watch jeopardy with them and compete with them too. it is a shame to forget abotu and not watch jeopardy, because it will improve your life and health. and it’s frighteningly easy to FORGET it’s even there. don’t forget to pick up the $500 bill on the sidewalk right in front of you!!!

schedule it in your Daily Activity Schedule, every day at 7:30 pm!!

* When you take your Pants off at the end of a Long Day, try Spraying Lysol into the Crotch/Buttocks/Thighs region to Freshen them up for the next time you wear them. Because you probably have less pants than shirts, and prob wear pants more inbetween washings, plus if you have a lot of pants, then that sucks for doing laundry because 1 pants = like 3 shirts. So this is a great Workaround to Freshen the pants inbetween wearings.

* Also do the same thing with your Shoes at the end of the day. Just a tiny spritz to kill the smelly bacteria.

* Lookup “fake name generator”, lord that is fun! It also conveniently links to a Fake Email Generator for every Fake Name. I used it to sign up for OKCupid and Adult Friend Finder using ridiculous fake names. Because you gotta Sign Up in order to view profiles on these sites. Anyway AFF is for all intents and purposes a PAY site, you have to PAY to view people’s full profiles! So that sucks. And on OKC you have to upload a picture to look at other people’s pictures. i guess you could upload a fake picture, but that’s not a recommendation, they can prob ban you for that.

anyway the fake email is not secure, anyone can look at it, and it gets deleted every 24 hours. it is good enough for clicking on the confirmation email to prove you’re not a robot, though.

not sure if this will work for facebook, cuz I think they do some stupid sh1t like needing a phone number.

yep the site autogenerates a Username and Password for your fake “identity” too! REAL convenient and easy! just make sure you save them in your browser so you don’t forget.

fri, 1146am, sept 27 2013

day off, scheduled to do a “godawful chore” for 1 hour right now, but I might do that later, gotta post a post at least ONCE a week!

#BreakingBadMarathon hahahaha

Yes, the entire SERIES deserves to be watched twice. 120 hours of Television Watching. Three Whole Fulltime Job Work Weeks. Probably enough to justify putting on your Resume as an Unpaid Internship (remembering it takes One Thousand Hours of Unpaid Internship to Prove Your Worthy of an Entry Level Fulltime $12 an Hour Job (assuming you also have your Educational Credentials.)).

“CREDENTIALISM”, there’s a tag/subject I should be using more. I fully believe it that people of average intelligence (100 IQ, maybe even 90, way dumber than US, is what I’m saying, we Neet Lazy Losers are prob closer to the neighborhood of 120!) can LEARN how to do MOST jobs with a little bit of training and time.

Perfect example: you shouldn’t need a HOSPITALITY DEGREE to work at a HOTEL DESK. You never USED to need to! Because you don’t NEED 4 years of College to learn how to serve customers at a Desk! A Grade school Dropout could learn, given a little bit of training, and some Time to get him over the Learning Curve! But NOW we have HOSPITALITY degrees to prove you really WANT to work in a HOTEL for your career. CREDENTIALISM. Too many people, too few JOBS.


hehehe. I hear the h1 tags are good for the search engine.

Anyway. all the people might be right that Breaking Bad is the best show of all time. I have been Caught Up for quite a while and haven’t seen the older seasons in a LOOOONNNGGGG time, so those almost seem like a Different Show. Jane Dying, the first appearance of Gus Fring, Hank getting shot, the FLy in the lab episode, Walter first telling Skyler about his secret life, Skyler lying to Marie about the “gambling”, etc. Really complicated show, and things really do grow bit by bit. quite amazing. Walt seems so Innocent when he is a Small Time Meth Dealer, than what he is now. Walt really changes, while Jesse doesn’t seem to change as much, he always stays The Good Guy despite all the stuff that happens to him. He gets Crippling Depressed and Moody and Shuts Down, but IMHO he always stays the good guy.

And it’s fun watching older episodes even when you know where it’s all gonna end up. can’t say that for most movies or shows. so yeah. quite amazing. watch it. twice. guaranteed 120 hours of fun that will Uplift You.  Much better than Game Of Thrones, which is Depraved, Violent, Immoral, Degenerate Filth.

Heck. Over your lifetime, you might even be able to watch it THREE times.  For example, how does Jesse go from Jane to Andrea so quickly, is he just “transfering”, is it for real, but more importantly, why do we believe it’s real?

And let me emphasize how HILARIOUS the show it. Especially in the older seasons, before it got Super Serious and Major People started Dying. Not just Hilarious, but Better Written, More Hilarious, Funny Comedy than The Average Comedy Show! So, truly Superior Laffs! TOP Lel!!

ok. perfect example of something important. I shceduled the “godawful chore” for ONE measly hour, that I would go to the store and buy SHOES as QUICKLY as possible, the whole idea was to do it all, back and forth, buying the shoes, as FAST as f00king possible, so that the WHOLE task, driving and all, would take less than one hour. I still might do this later today. And then write it down in that Spreadsheet under the Achievements page. I know there would be:

A HUGE sense of satisfaction

it wouldn’t be AS BAD as I’ve built it up to be

The huge sense of Accomplishment would even outweigh what I’ve built it up to be in my Worst Nightmare!

Not to be narcissistic me me me me I I I I. I want you to apply these situations to yourself too, since I know you’ve prob faced the exact same thing.

If you’re looking for a few more hours of Nondrug fun, check out the Deep Web for a while. There is some RIDICULOUS stuff there. I shouldn’t say nondrug per se, because many people use it to buy lotsa drugs. But other ridiculous stuff: there’s this thing where you can buy a HIT MAN for $10,000 USD per Hit. Heh. Makes you think about the Value Of Human Life. They do say, no people under 16, and no “Top Ten” politicians.  (NOTE: I AM MORALLY AGAINST AND DO NOT RECOMMEND MURDER OR PUTTING OUT HITS!)

Or buying Counterfeit Money. 100000 dollars worth of 50 dollar bills for 5000, hehehe. Now, passing counterfeit bills is certainly not as morally bad as MURDER, though I still don’t recommend it!!! If you get really desperate though, it might be a good last resort. heh. probably less morally reprehensible than welfare, hahahaha.

but yeah. like breaking bad, the deep web is a really FUN and INTERESTING thing that will get you out of your own head for a while. Just don’t do anything illegal or immoral! I Officially Recommend that you NOT do anything illegal or immoral on the Deep Web!

ok. get shoes. some real people really swear by zappos.com. that might be worth a try.

Edit/Update: ok i am looking at zappos for the first time, and i am actually impressed. not bad. might actually take the plunge. seem like better shoes than they have elsewhere. almost too many choices though. def worth looking at.  $50 and under OF COURSE.  hope there is a fool proof way of measuring your own foot.

if you do a lot of walking, get some bare bones “walking” shoes and add some fancy dr scholls inserts to them.

for underemployment, get the cheapest shoes you can that look nice, then add fancy inserts to them.

all right, take care of yourselves, DON’t K yourselves, It Gets Better, hehehehe, no but it really can, just do your spreadsheets, don’t marry, stay in skool, hahahaha, being a Secretary involves so much more Skill & Education than it did 40 years ago, hahahaha, tell your family and friends you Just Don’t INterview Well, get some new clothes, but don’t spend more than One Hour, go out and buy One piece of new clothing As QUICKLY as you possibly can and tell me you don’t feeeeeeeeeeeel haaaaaaaaaaaaappier.


july 4 2013 yaaaayyy yaaaayyyyy

chanarchive.org | Explain the first time you realized you weren’t a normalfag. | archived from 4chan /r9k/ – ROBOT9000

heh that one is bretty self explanatory.

so when did you realize YOU were not a normalfag?

I, the author, am prob MORE normalfag than r9k. I can find stuff to appreciate about normalfags and don’t just see the negative side of normalfags like r9kers do. They say normalfags are stupid, selfish, shallow sheep, that relationships are cold, calculating transactions, that women are evil wh0res. I say: well yeah Conformity is generally important to normalfags and alot of them like some real stupid sh1t. But I envy many Normalfags for their ability to Work Hard, Accompllish Goals, Have Goals, not be Angry and Hateful all the time, getting stuff done, not being parasites, gainfully employed, trying hard, following through, growing up, being mature, having Meaningful Relationships, having children, starting families, having Careers, not dropping the spaghetti, etc. I see healthy, happy, well-rounded people, and wish I could be more like that. Many r9ks would disagree with me, and certainly most v9ks!

(I realize there are many other chans, many of them have their own version of r9k, perhaps I should Cite Them more.


(I generally enjoy 4 chon, but I don’t want them raiding or trolling me)

ok for example I took 5 minutes and found a 4chon r9k post on College General, College Advice, what to do and what not to do when you Go To College and don’t want to end up a Neet Virgin Loser.

(4chon has their own archive but in case that link 404s, here is a pastebin of it:



And then you will be a winner with a good job and QTs and never have to read my blog or r9ks.

so yeah it’s really not brain surgery. if you’re a morally defective lazy loser with something deeply wrong with you, you won’t hack it, you’ll fail, you’ll get deeper in a rut, and by the time you’re 30, you’ll be a huge loser, and the people you went to college with will be huge winners.


SO NOW WHAT. LIFT. PRAY. go for a POWERWALK. Get some SUN. Bribe people with pizza parties to get you a sweet $10 an hour upper working class fulltime office cubicle job, and then you can at least tell your family that you’re working forty hours a week, Get the F off me, you’re not some part time working lazy layabout. If the job is Spiritually Draining, then just be thankful you have a job, and then smoke w33d and LIFT. And a Man can prob be as old as 40 and still bang 18 year old QTs! So that’s one good thing about being a man!

i might have contradicted myself several times there, heh. ok don’t smoke w33d more than once a week. but you can LIFT every day. well, different muscle groups of course, pulling a muscle will just push you back.

* Some Normalfag Winners use “college dropout” pejoratively and incorrectly, for someone who’s taking a Well-Advised HIATUS from School to Regroup and Replan and come back Stronger Than Ever. That is not a DROPOUT. That is a HIATUS.  A dropout is someone who FLUNKS out with bad grades, is KICKED out, or just STOPS GOING in the MIDDLE of the semester, not someone who soldiers through to the END of a semester and THEN takes a Hiatus!

* If it’s Too Late For Me To Succeed, I feeeeel I can still succeed by HELPING young men who are in the position I was in, and turn THEM from losers into winners. Keep One young man from killing himself, help one young man Floundering through College to find A Way, and then a few years later, he’s working and making money and getting QTs and feeeeeeling haaaaaappy and then he sez THANKS I Never Thought I’d get out of that alive! And I’ll say, GLAD TO HELP! Now Pull some strings to get me hired at your job, and get your QT gurlfran to hook me up with her young 19 year old friends.






















“Why is moving out such a monumental task these days?”


general feels thread, how did yer first luv break your heart permanently and turn you into the failure loser neckbeard you are today, stories about b1tches be b1tches


requesting stories about getting Prostitutes/Escorts/Hookers/Paid Sex. German boasts of getting Attractive Girls at a Reasonable Price.

just learned about this site The Erotic Review


which is like a database of reviews and info about Escorts. Wowzers!

heh heh. here’s a goodun:

burning out mentally


can’t argue with that! hahaha. appealed to me because I talk about “burning out mentally” a lot. and feeeeeling “burned out.”


like a girl, she actually shows some interest, get nervous, have bad game, blow chance cuz grill doesn’t think you like her………….(or does she know you’re interested but she just cringes that you are so beta and unmasculine and faggy and unconfident and spaghetti)


^^^how kids become neets, parenting, tough love, motivation, epic ontology o’ neetage, 9/10


when your parents have the “we’d still love you if you’re gay” talk because they’ve never seen you with a grill


men of r9k: why do you hate women? hehehe nice.



wed july 3 2013

* so you say, academic advisors / college counselors are USELESS, they’re not gonna tell me anything I don’t know, they’re just SALESPEOPLE trying to get me to buy as MUCH of their product as possible. I say, put all these thoughts out of your mind until you actually GO. Tell yourself the following mantra: “GOING TO SEE THE COUNSELOR IS A CURE FOR MY MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS. GOING TO SEE THE COUNSELOR WILL MAKE ME LESS OF A LOSER. IT WILL DIRECTLY SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF ME BEING LAZY. IT WILL MAKE ME LESS LAZY.”

* Come up with tons of Easily Memorizeable Mantras like that and put them on flashcards and memorize them for 5 minutes every day.

* You can’t PROVE the counselors are just SALESMEN. Maybe I’m just NAIVE, but, even the huge CYNIC that I am, I Want To Believe that MOST Counselors WANT to do a Good Job of Counseling The Confused. You don’t just WALTZ into one of these jobs because you’re somebody’s COUSIN. No, you gotta have a Masters Degree and Be a True Believer and have 10 Unpaid Internships and Outcompete 1000 other Counselors Vying For the Job; you can’t simply be a Morally Lazy Hamsterwheeling Clockwatcher. THEY WANT TO HELP YOU. THEY DON’T WANT TO SCAM YOU. If ANYONE wants to SCAM you, it’s the higher-up ADMINISTRATORS making 10 times more money than the counselors. The SUITS you NEVER SEE. The PLUTOCRATS.

* Is TOTO nothing more than a POOR MAN’s JOURNEY? I Think Not! Maybe they are a RICH Man’s Journey! [this is not a MUSIC blog!!!]

* As you go throughout your day at your Humiliating Underjob, ask yourself, HOW CAN I QUANTIFY THIS? Things that you’d think you could never put numbers on, you can put numbers on. And then put those numbers into gd bullet points on your resume. That’s the hot thing in bullet points in 2013, and prob in 2012 too: QUANTIFYING “ACHIEVEMENTS”. So If you don’t have any “ACHIEVEMENTS”, then just quantify boring day to day stuff, to try to DRESS IT UP.

* When I talked in last posts that it’s okay for you to “fap” about “nonperverted” stuff about some QT Waitress etc, lemm clarify: You can still go pretty far with Nonperverted. You can imagine Full Blown PIV. the line is drawn at anything Fetishistic, or Mean, or Abusive. What about Blasting on the Girl’s Face? I would try to steer clear of that, although her S’ing your D is probably ok. But Definitely steer clear of anything involving Stretching. If you’ve ever had S before, just PLUG THE GIRL INTO THAT IMAGE. (Chances are, you’re a virgin, or if not, you’ve only had S with unattractive wimmin out of desperation, and it totally sucked. However, as an Expert who has had S with An Attractive Woman One Time, I can guarantee you, the girl being attractive makes all the difference in the world!!!)

* But Don’t misconstrue me. Don’t do this 10 times a day, don’t do it more than….once every three days. And don’t get hung up / in love with that one girl. oneitis.

















* Ideally you would TALK to that girl and try to “HANG OUT” with her. But if you’re RAGING ANGRY at your Station In Life, I realize this can be impossible. Because you have no confidence and charm and can only talk about what a loser you are and how much you hate everything. Girls with that attitude can still Get Sex; Men with that attitude canNOT.

* Practice talking to people on Omegle to learn the basics of Small Talk. Then make the babby step of saying those same things to real people. Learn to love Small Talk. Women can get away with saying “I’m an Introverted Autist and Don’t Like Small Talk”; Men canNOT get away with that. Men have to be Charming, Confident, Outgoing, and learn how to convincingly fake being an Extravert. But the good news is, that’s well within your reach by doing the above things. Hopefully after a while you’ll be able to do small talk without even THINKING about it, and everyone will like you.

* heh. CONTRACTS for Rels with QTs, that is a damn good idea. I am SUCH a good Ideas Man. Like they’re not allowed to dump you before you’ve gotten your fill of Action from them, if they do dump you they have to pay you Severance, meaning you’re entitled to some Weaning-Off Action. Aaaaaannnnd you don’t have to worry about them dumping you at any time in the next 2 years, or 1 year, or 15 months, or however long you negotiate the contract to be. Like a Union Contract, or a Sports Contract, or a Gummint Contract, etc. So even if you’re not at the Top Of Your Game all the time, you don’t have to worry about them cutting you off cold turkey. Because they/you are under contract. It’s a Sure Thing. You know you can count on her to Make Out with you at the end of 2 years of 18 hour days. A Consistent Reward Schedule. That you know you won’t be left HIGH AND DRY. Won’t be LEFT IN THE LURCH.  SUCH a good idea. But it smacks of BETA, amirite? Because a REAL Masculine Alpha Man doesn’t NEED a contract to keep a QT in line!

* SUPPOSEDLY Men can get BORED with even Attractive QTs, that the novelty and excitement can wear off after The Honeymoon Period. I THINK IT’S SAFE TO SAY that THESE are not the Men I’m talking to. I wonder how long this takes. 2 months? 3 months? Pretty sure it takes at LEAST 2 months. That it takes approx 50 S Sessions.  But if I know you Betas, you get DUMPED WELL BEFORE this Exciting Period ends, and thus you remain Butthurt and Raging and Broken and Gaping Wound for YEARS, MUCH LONGER than it would have taken for the Excitement to Wear Off in the FIRST place!

* ANYWAY. Get Down And Give Me 20 Pushups RIGHT NOW. And Tomorrow call an academic counselor and set up an appointment. Have your MOM call them if you’re too NEET to use the phone! Which You may be! I HATE being PROACTIVE on the phone and don’t call people unless I’m absolutely FORCED to. Well, to combat that procrastination, get down and give me 20 pushups right now, then pray to the LORD for strength to Conquer your Fear and Anger and Laziness, and then go and make the most spaghetti pockets call you can, it’s THEIR JOB TO HELP YOU.


wed july 3

* I will be the last to deny that getting Emotional And Physical with a young QT can give a man a Confidence Boost that is pure adrenaline, pure Alpha, a Magic Bullet even more than Lifting or Praying, go to World’s Biggest Alpha overnight, and then Parlay that Alphaness into an unstoppable momentum. You have never felt anything like that before! It would be REAL NICE to keep that going, eh, and then achieve some career success maybe, start actually making some money, and have a nice young QT to Touch at the end of your hard working day.

* Of course, when the QT dumps you for being too beta or too unmasculine or falling in luv with her too early, then the pendulum swings back the other way, and you’re an even bigger omega than you were before! And might start some self-destructive habits like drinking too much.

* Anyway, a LOT of Omega Wizards have never experienced this before, and I am here to tell them that the bad perfectly negates the good, hahahaha. Except you never forget the good, you always want another “hit”, like a junkie chasing that First Magical Rush.

* For example: saw at least 2 young QTs yesterday than totes made me go HNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!, the one girl was so cute I could even see myself Dating Her. Dangerous Cute! (Early 20s, waitress. And I do not like or trust waitresses!) I thought, Good God, what would it TAKE to get Dat Body on mine. Thinking Erotic Thoughts but not necessarily PERVERTED Fetishistic Thoughts, just plugging her into the memories of Game-Changing QT Romance I experienced many years ago, when I was young: going on dates, having fun hanging out, teasing and playing, dinner, movie, the flirtation escalates into touching and making out, the making out escalates to the Couch Or Bed and gets more intense with the “Heavy Petting”…….and here the Beta can make a Big Mistake because he’s content with, say, just groping the girl’s bewbs or touching her Beef Curtains, but is a little nervous about tearing the clothes off and giving her the D, hell, you’re already experiencing something exciting enough, just keep doing THIS for a while and you can give her the D next week or next month, you don’t have a problem waiting till next month because this girl is AMAZING, etc.

* and SOME girls can interpret You Not Giving Them The D as You’re Not Interested, and then they Break It Off and you NEVER get to give her the D, you never get to even TOUCH her again.

* SOME Girls, but probably not ALL girls. Honestly can’t give you percentages on this one.

* and then next thing you know, 2 years have gone by, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, etc, and you haven’t done anything like THAT with a girl THAT young and cute in MANY YEARS, and now you’re officially OLD, and still Hung Up on YOUNG girls.






. jimmies cash baller









* So NOW what. I accept that men will ALWAYS want Young Girls, no matter how old the man gets. BUT I think that if, for example, a 40 year old man falls in luv with a 20 year old girl, and doesn’t get dumped, and actually marries the girl, that they can have a Stable LIfelong Monogamous Relationship, and even as the girl gets older, the man will still not be driven to Stray because they formed their Bond while she was young, and he’ll always have a powerful memory of her while she was young.

* so I thought of that waitress. So she runs around serving leering 40 year old men every evening, running back and forth like a slave, acting nice and friendly for tips, getting bitched out by 40 year old hambeast women who try to make her life a living hell for being young and beautiful. If I had to do this intensity of Customer Service, I would go straight to bed and not get out of bed until I had to go back to work. Dealing with Morons all day at a High Level. But many young waitresses are also going to…..you can fill in the blank!

* So I cannot understand that level of Energy and Motivation. I would drop out of college and start drinking, hahahaha. And get real angry and hateful at everything.

* and being angry, hateful, and no career prospects, old, out of shape, beta, omega, neet, loser, is NOT a good bargaining chips to get the attention and attraction of 20 year old waitress QTs!

* and then you think, what if I could just get in a Two Year CONTRACT with that QT, o boy, then I would go see a College Advisor TODAY and put my head down and study dawn to dusk with all the tryhard students in the liberry, get no sleep, it would all be ok if I knew I could Make Out, Cuddle, and Maybe More with HER for the next 2 years, and during that time I would knock out the STEM Degree With Top Extracurriculars and FINALLY, AT LONG LAST, get a sweet Lower Middle Class College Job. Depending How things go, might even shoot for GRAD SKOOL, get a masters degree, and get a sweet Upper Lower Middle Class Masters Degree Job!!! (Might have to renegotiate with the QT by that time though, that all could take longer than 2 years.)

* But then knowing, NOPE, it just doesn’t work like that, you need to produce your own bona fides first by yourself. MAYBE you can get a QT like that AFTER you finally get your Sweet Upper Lower Middle Class Masters Degree Job, but not a second before, and don’t you think she’s already got 10 guys already making 100k a year competing for her QT Waitress 4ss???

* I guess at this point, just Rub One Out thinking of you doing NONPERVERTED things with her, and then get up, PRAY, LIFT, DON’T OVEREAT, Make an Appointment with your Kollige Kounselor, and tell them, I’m really burning out, I’m really at the end of my rope here, here’s the 90000 classes I’ve taken, PLEASE HELP ME and give me 3 viable options I can do to Get An Upper Working Class Job As Soon As Possible because I just can’t take much more skool, O GOD. Then maybe after 3 months of being on the New Plan, you will be Less Angry, and actually be able to Turn On The Old Guitar-Plucking Charm for Prime Of Youth QTs. If not that one you saw that one day, then another that you will see another day.

* Heh. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a CONTRACT like that? Great STORY idea, uh? I came up with it first. Gimme money.


Because they’re not hatefully angry at everything all the time, and can actually accomplish things in life.

1750 words. with a break in the middle!
july 1 monday 2013

[reel fast movie review, skip if desired cuz doesn’t really Fit The Mission of this Blog:
Kanal By Andrzej Wajda. Uhhh 6.5/10. Started off good, got a little slow towards the end, not as gay and boring as you’d think a movie from 1957 would be hahahaha. deals with the warsaw uprising of 1944. I prepped myself by watching the extras FIRST, then the actual movie. extras were good, a 27 minute thing on the making of, this was a 2003 interview with Wajda, his asst director on the film, and a Famous Polish Film Scholar. Second was a 27 minute interview of Wajda talking to some kind of Polish Ambassador in 2004 who was involved with the uprising. to put it in context. The Old Guy’s opinion was that the Warsaw Uprising slowed both the Germans and the Russians and somehow kept the Russian Army from taking ALL of Berlin and not just East Berlin. Not sure how. Kinda confusing. But the bottom line of Recent Polish History is that Poland was taking it up the A55 from BOTH sides, Germany to the West and Russia to the East, and Poland probably got screwed worse than any other country in WW2. Anyway. Warsaw Uprising is the Polish Home Army “militarily” fighting the Germans trying to occupy Warsaw, but “politically” also fighting the Russians, who were right at the doorstep. The vistula River. Russians coulda jumped in and saved the day, saved the Poles from getting murdered by the Germans, but the Russians preferred to just sit there and “bleed the poles to death.” NOT sure if there was still a Russian-German Nonaggression Pact in 1944 like there was earlier in the war.]

kids taking calc 2 or 3 over the summer. sweet baby jesus. I hate them because I envy them, that they can do this without RAGING out. One of the TOP Things I Hate right now is Good Students. I Hate People Who Don’t HATE Everything like I do. I hate Students who can diligently do their 10 hours of Hard Math HW a day during the 1/6 of the year it’s actually NICE outside, because they’re Good Students with a Good Work Ethic, and I Hate them because I Envy Them for their Good Attitude and Work Ethic which I don’t have but I wish I had, so I hate them…well, I don’t really hate THEM, I ENVY them, and I hate that I am not like them.


* Heh. WHAT WOULD IT TAKE for me to Productively, Chillly do Calc 5 and Orgo 6 over the summer…..think about it…..yes a Nice Radiant QT Prime Of Youth 19 Year Old College Gurlfran to Make Out With after doing Stupid Problems for 10 hours a day, to be cute and 19 years old and say Oh Good For You, I knew you could do it, now let’s cuddle as I rub my 19 year old body over you and you exclusively, and next month we can slowly upgrade to the next level of intensity, because I’m a Nice Girl, I only do One Base Per Month, bla bla bla bla bla



I have determined that the best thing I can do regarding my HATE and ANGER towards SKOOL is to Beg For Mercy and Help from a College Counselor/Advisor. Make an appointment, show them my transcripts, say PLEASE can you HALP ME, I am really burning out here, what’s the quickest way for me to get an Upper Working Class 10$ an hour job already, I am sick of school, I need a little DIRECTION at least, can you PLEASE I BEG YOU give me a little direction, O GOD PLEASE HELP ME, I really HATE SKOOL at this point, but I’m SMART I SWEAR, just my lack of focus, work ethic, and my bad attitude and my hate and anger are really making it real HARD for me to use the good brain the lord gave me. Got the Brains, but the Feels get in the way. Got a lot of brains, but got a LOT of Feels too. TOO many feels. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus Hammercy On Me!

And maybe they can “connect the dots”, and say oh you’re real close to this this and this, so think about these 3 options, rather than the 9000000000 “options” out there right now.

*So, Brethren Losers, do yourself a favor and see your own College Counselor. Even if they ARE “Useless”, they can’t possibly be HURTFUL, especially if you’re at Rock Bottom right now as it is!









. born to feel








* another thing that MIGHT help is Learning College Study / “Survival” Skills, like a Programmed Method for Taking Notes and Studying. Because you never really learned these things in high school, because high school was way easier, now college is way harder. well, not like psychology class, but like fooking organic chemisty and biochemistry and calculus and thermodynamics and statics and plastics and mechanics and stuff like that, where some psychotic 4sshole instructor shouldn’t have a job. Maybe take classes like these at the Community College if you can. Since those instructors don’t really Do Research, then Theoretically they need to be able To Teach. Theoretically. Although I can tell you a lot of them don’t know how to teach either. Anyway, there are tons of books on this type of stuff: “becoming a master student”, “how to study in college” by pauk, the Cornell Note Taking Method, the right vs the wrong way to do flashcards, etc.

So find the people who CAN help you (counselors maybe, tutors maybe) and talk to them and beg them for help because you’re at the end of your rope.

When they say maybe you should go to a shrink too, tell em YEAH YEAH, I’m going to a shrink, why don’t YOU go to a shrink, hahahahaha. No, they probably WON’T tell you to go to a shrink, and they DEF won’t tell you to K yourself like 4chan would. It’s their Masters Degree Lower Middle Class JOB to HELP YOU. And besides it’s paid for by the OBSCENELY GENOCIDALLY OVERPRICED TUITION. YOU are their BOSS. THEY are accountable to YOU, who pays their salary. MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT.

I guess don’t be super hostile to them, or super emo. Just gently let them know you’re Not In A Good Place right now, and you really need some Help Plox. And that aint no lie!

(I am trying to pump myself up to make an Appointment with a College Counselor, if you couldn’t tell)

And I would guess that it’s in These People’s Job Descriptions to be NICE. Nicer than some f4gg0t INSTRUCTOR I’m sure! Those Who Can’t DO, TEACH! (Unless they really WANT to Teach, then they may be good teachers I guess.) These Counselors Probably WANT to HELP you! Let them HELP you! Go to them and say, ” I’m kinda pretty much near the end of my rope here, I really need some Guidance. Help Me Determine My Next Step. ”

Anyway. Their Job is to Help You, so Make Them Do Their Job. I really HATED going to the Academic Counselor because I was STUBBORN and I was also SCARED. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I should have probably visited the counselor at least two times per semester. Got as MUCH outside help as I could, rather than as LITTLE.

* Being CONFUSED about where your LIFE is going is a BIG cause of ANGER. Maybe if you get a little HELP with this, you will be LESS ANGRY AND HATEFUL, and you already KNOW that will help you in all aspects of your life. Like LIFTING. or PRAYING. Less Anger/Hate will make you Better and Stronger and Smarter.

* Although if you follow My plan, you start the First Day of College with your Major Declared (Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering) and know what classes you’re gonna take and what profs you’re gonna stalk and what internships you’re gonna get, for every semester, and every summer, from day 1. THEN maybe you can get away with visiting the advisor once a semester, instead of once a MONTH, once a month would be ideal for lazy layabouts who don’t know what they’re doing and thus shouldn’t even be Away At College in the FIRST place.

* If you are Privileged Enough to be Away At A Big College, then Visit your Advisor once a month, every month, even if you think you don’t need to.

* Also, visit a Psychological Counselor / Shrink at least once a month, even if you don’t think you need to. Do it ANYWAY, to make sure you aren’t developing any bad habits, like anger or hatred or alcohol or drugs or laziness. It’s their job to keep you on track. To make you better and stronger. Heck if you don’t visit them now, you’ll just end up visiting them LATER, when you REALLY need it, once you’ve REALLY hit rock bottom, and you’re reading r9k and v9k and My Blog, and thinking about Ending It All because you’re a Huge Neet Loser Virgin who still wants to bang College Girls, but has even LESS of a chance now that you’re Creepy and Fat and Old. So Go On Spring Break like I said last post. The Ugliest of the Young Drunken State College girls will be hotter than the Average 35 year old Real World Bar Skanks With Kids. No Contest!

* Heh. Neet semi-wizards like us view Sex in a Very Big Picture Sense: Normalfags get sex. Women get sex. But we Beta, Omega, Wizard Virgins do NOT get Sex, or Cuddling, or Hugging, Or Handholding, Or GFs, or makeouts, or anything like that. So Women are essentially just Normalfags then. I know my Target Audience! I have good enough social skills to have S with a Drunk 5/10 Woman….BUT I HAVE IMPOSSIBLY HIGH STANDARDS, hahahaha. Besides, I HATE skool, careers, and normalfags too much to ever fully BE a normalfag. Normalfags don’t have this much HATE, and it’s ultimately my HATE that keeps me from Succeeding in Skool, Career, Women, and Life.

* So I suppose the goal is….. BECOME A NORMALFAG. A Happy, Healthy, Handholding, Gurlfran-having Normalfag, who is able to Set Skool and Career and Relship Goals and Reach Them without raging out or giving up.