fri nov 22 2013

so fri is muh power day as i’ve said. day off, good times, just relax and neckbeard all day. OR be responsible like an adult and get chorez done. today I did something good for the karma, ie respond to Old Frandz who had contacted me more than a month ago. I fully planned to get back to them, it just wouldn’t be immediately. It’s OK not to get back to them immediately, as long as you eventually do! I like to take one to two months.

so wrote them nice long emails. WHen I did one, it was easier to get in the zone and do the other.


The other thing I thought might be fun, is to record yourself talking a long hourlong speech/lecture/rant to them, save it as a small mp3, and email that to them. heh. that way you don’t have to actually talk to them on the phone. hehehe. but it gives you another avenue to articulate your appreciation of them.

since last night been having fun listening to music, found some really hateful black metal that really scratches the itch. not gonna name the band, as when I name specific bands or movies, it identifies who I am. it’s bad enough I said “hateful black metal.” plus I still get a ton of searches for a specific guy I like who I prob shouldn’t have said I like, because again, it identifies me.

but yeah it’s all part of getting this new job. I felt a new leaf turning and felt, ok, now is the day to finally respond to those two old emials. and I did it.

again, if you’re a neet autist with no friends, alcohol can help you make friends. just don’t drink too much too often.

Protip: If you have a job, do everything you can to NEtwork. F00k College, F00k INternships, NETWORKING is the BEST way to Get Ahead. What I’d like to do is to NEtwork by going to relevant CONFERENCES and CONVENTIONS and MEETUPS and Seminars and Professional Developments and that sort of thing, where you can meet people in similar fields, but Different Companies, who you may be able to befriend with booze and food into getting you a better job at their better company.

SOmetimes these Conventions are presented to you on a silver platter, sometimes your boss makes you go, and that is great. sometimes you can forget they even exist because your boss doesn’t tell you about them, and you don’t think to seek them out until you are in a happy, clear-thinking mood, which is never.  So now I’m telling you, find the closest relevant convention and go. For example, there are no conventions for Part Time McDonalds Workers. But I bet there ARE conventions for Fast Food Managers. so go to those. or any sort of Customer Service Retail Manager Convention.

Or if you can do so without getting fired, constantly drop hints to your boss that you’d love to get sent to conventions or “PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT” meetings.

Or your boss hates going to so many goddam meetings, well meetings are a sign that you are a successful person with a good job, so offer to go to the meetings in their place and report back, after you have NEtworked with all the other Successful Winners at the meeting.

Less College, Less Internships, MOAR NETWORKING.

You don’t even have to TALK. Just buy them lunch and booze and get THEM talking. THen finish it off with

“I feel we’ve had an extraordinarily productive dialogue. I’m very interested in getting in on the ground level of your organization.”

Make flashcards with these stupid buzzword filled phrases if you are prone to forget them because they are stupid and gay, but they are your MAGIC BULLETS at one day making more than 37k a year and getting to bang women you can actually get it up to.

hehheheheh. No, you don’t need to make 37k a year to do that, you just need to B_     M_S___L__E. Go ahead and solve the puzzle, you know the answer!

Stefan Molyneux was saying some interesting things about “Love Lust and Attachment”

that it can be kinda shameful and unethical to use a woman just for sex, like oh I don’t like you, you have no VIRTUE, you just arouse my body, so I’m just gonna use you like a kleenex. Well, he’s technically RIGHT, but getting to use an attractive woman like a kleenex is a privilege most of us would be thrilled to have, despite if our friends roll their eyes at us trying to bang a dumb hot woman.  yes ideally we ALL want a virtuous woman, STEFAN, hahahaha. but we would also like to get some good banging in and sow our wild masculine oats too!

Obviously the ideal is the intersection, where we also lust for the person we find virtuous and admirable. Heh that is what happened with me for Girl 7. And I wasted like at least 2 years of my life on her because I didn’t Pull The Trigger soon enough, wasn’t masculine enough, and didn’t put my Bet in until I had wasted 2 years being in Luv with her! It wasn’t stupid that I was in Luv with her, because she WAS both Virtuous AND very attractive, but it was stupid that I didn’t take action IMMEDIATELY.  Stupid but still someone prudent, because it was understandable that I waited until we were out of Convergent Social Circles before I made my Big Gamble.

SInce then I have met Virtuous Women, but I haven’t been Attracted to them At All.

ANyway follow the advice in those articles below to try to get a GOOD internship. Not a BAD one. Only if you’re a young person though. If you’re an old loser like me, try to Network in Non-Internship Ways. And even if you get a “Loser” Full Time Starbucks Job, it’s still 900000000 times better than a part-time job, and you can still bang hotties, even if you don’t have the respect of Successful Careerfags who live in Solidly Middle Middle-Class Gayborhoods. F00k them. Let their crazy wives clean them out of all those careergolds they’ve worked so hard for, while you happily make 37k a year and bang hotties.

And you can still Do Good in the world by Volunteering for Good Charities or donating your money to Good Causes. Or by being the Cool Uncle to the Children of your Friends. Heck you can even have your OWN children if you want, provided you find a Virtuous Woman who wants to be impregnated by you, and that you can stretch the 37k far enough to raise children in a healthy manner. Hint: try to work from home and homeschool them. and maybe you can find a cheap house in a rural area.



sun july 14 2013

wow. just forced myself to write a new cover letter from scratch. The posting had Three “Desired Qualifications”, ie, things that will make you Seriously Callbackable, so I addressed each one of those specifically. THEN said I bring a certain je ne sais qua because I am that awesome. I am the most perfect candidate for the job over all the MIT gradz. Who, obviously, are too good for this job.

* but the main thing I wanted to write about today was a DREAM I had about the most recent Girl, Girl 7. I had my Official Rejection from Girl 7 in early October 2012, and swore it would take No Less Than Nine Months to Get Over Her. Well, that was just about right. Although maybe a YEAR would be even better. I certainly haven’t developed FEEEEEELINGS towards any other women, well, other than than HNNNNGGGGGG feeling I occasionally get for Young Prime Of Youth Girls!

In the dream I was meeting her out of the blue, a surprise chance meeting somewhere public. I tried to be pleasant and polite and charming and alpha, but I was still In Luv with her, still Butthurt about being rejected, trying not to show it. Adding to the Butthurt was that she was much more Successful than I. Now in real life, this is the case. She was a motivated, engaged, high-achieving student in a program that guarantees a Good Job for at least the Top 20% of Achievers in that program, which she certainly was. Good Lower Middle Class job at the Bachelors Degree Level. (Health Care field, won’t say more than that!) She was young, she clearly did everything right, and thus she reaped what she sowed. Got what she deserved. A Good Job immediately after doing Well and working hard in a Useful Degree.

So that adds to My Butthurt. That she was str8 up the kind of Hard Working Person and Good Student I always wanted to be, but I hate skool too much to do so. Plus I feeeeel way too old.  Anyway when I was her age and in skool I hated skool too much, then starting smoking too much w33d, not Overachieving, and performance slipping, hating everything. I didn’t just want HER, but I wanted her Healthy Mind, where she didn’t hate skool, and she did the right thing re skool, and now has a nice little lower middle class life, job security, making decent money at a young age, good stable respectable job right out of college, might go back for masters degree later, but doesn’t even really HAVE to!

The dream I pretty much already explained. I met her randomly, we talked, I was immediately feeling butthurt, and trying and failing to hide it, being all omega about her winning in life, me losing in life, and her rejecting me.

THANKFULLY that was about it, nothing extreme, no her getting Gangbanged in front of me. Dream ended pretty quickly. I USED to have TONS of VERY vivid dreams, even just like a year ago; now, hardly anything.

The point is, No Contact is Necessary. If I WERE to Real Life See Her again, that would be Ripping Open a Gaping Wound and the past 9 months would be Flushed Down The Crapper. Because when True Luv is THAT Real, it isn’t some fleeting thing that goes away in a few weeks or a few months. It’s FO LIFE. That’s when you KNOW it’s REAL. Thus, I must keep No Contact with her, FO LIFE.

Normalfags think this is creepy, omega, weird, obsessive, stalkery, scary, whatever. This Is What I Think True Love Is. You Go Literally CRAZY for the person. It is stronger than ANYTHING you’ve ever felt before. The idea of MARRYING them sounds GOOD. CRAZY In Luv.

So her, I totally wanted to Monogamously Date. Started as Infatuation, then the Infatuation LASTED months and months and months as I got to know her better. My mistake of course was obviously Taking Too Long, but I had an ok reason for that, which I won’t mention here. As soon as that reason disappeared, I more blatantly tried to Escalate, because I had already waited too long and couldn’t take it anymore, and needed some kind of answer, and boy did I get it!

Heh. At least I didn’t get FRIENDZONED, hahahaha.

TLDR: that dream sucked because it brought her back up after many months, but it didn’t suck as bad as it could have, and usually dreams only affect you only one day after you have them, so things will be fine starting tomorrow.

But yeah you know you were in LOVE with somebody when you have a DREAM about them 9 months after not seeing them. So continue not seeing them. No Contact is simply The Best Thing There Is. God Damn, I would be an even BIGGER loser if I were not in No Contact with her. Could you imagine. Me looking at her FACEBOOK for the next 10 YEARS, watching her Update her Career and her Relationships! I have a Fake Facebook that I use just to Log In to facebook, and I would use it just to look at her profile picture regularly; she was smart enough not to make anything else public. I couldn’t even imagine being REALLY on Facebook and having her as my Friend where I could actually SEE all those soul-crushing details!



* Also, if you can go to an ALL-MALE COLLEGE, DO IT. hahaha not too many of those. But you do NOT want to be DISTRACTED by the thought of WOMEN during your Make It Or Break It College Years. All it takes it One Wrong Woman and you will go CRAZY and flush your whole LIFE down the toilet, and you can’t even rightfully BLAME it on her, because it’s YOUR OWN fault to overreact so much…..but that doesn’t get your life back out of the toilet and your College Years Unruined!

* So they don’t have Tutors for the Hardest Classes, where you’d actually need the tutors the most. So whaddya do?

* BECOME STUDY BUDDIES WITH THE SMARTEST KID IN CLASS. Use HIM as your tutor. There’s always one kid who knows everything, has the highest grade, always answering questions, always studying, you know right away he’s gonna Succeed In Life. Real Good Work Ethic. So you GLOM ONTO HIM. Be like Hey Buddy Can I Go With You To The Library and we can study, No Homo? There you can do homework and study for tests and learn from him, emulate his habits, ask him questions about what led him to this point and what he’s gonna do in the future, and you can become his clone. More on that later. GREAT Idea. It doesn’t matter that there’s no tutor, you can Make Your Own Tutor with Smart Study Buddy!


wed july 3

* I will be the last to deny that getting Emotional And Physical with a young QT can give a man a Confidence Boost that is pure adrenaline, pure Alpha, a Magic Bullet even more than Lifting or Praying, go to World’s Biggest Alpha overnight, and then Parlay that Alphaness into an unstoppable momentum. You have never felt anything like that before! It would be REAL NICE to keep that going, eh, and then achieve some career success maybe, start actually making some money, and have a nice young QT to Touch at the end of your hard working day.

* Of course, when the QT dumps you for being too beta or too unmasculine or falling in luv with her too early, then the pendulum swings back the other way, and you’re an even bigger omega than you were before! And might start some self-destructive habits like drinking too much.

* Anyway, a LOT of Omega Wizards have never experienced this before, and I am here to tell them that the bad perfectly negates the good, hahahaha. Except you never forget the good, you always want another “hit”, like a junkie chasing that First Magical Rush.

* For example: saw at least 2 young QTs yesterday than totes made me go HNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!, the one girl was so cute I could even see myself Dating Her. Dangerous Cute! (Early 20s, waitress. And I do not like or trust waitresses!) I thought, Good God, what would it TAKE to get Dat Body on mine. Thinking Erotic Thoughts but not necessarily PERVERTED Fetishistic Thoughts, just plugging her into the memories of Game-Changing QT Romance I experienced many years ago, when I was young: going on dates, having fun hanging out, teasing and playing, dinner, movie, the flirtation escalates into touching and making out, the making out escalates to the Couch Or Bed and gets more intense with the “Heavy Petting”…….and here the Beta can make a Big Mistake because he’s content with, say, just groping the girl’s bewbs or touching her Beef Curtains, but is a little nervous about tearing the clothes off and giving her the D, hell, you’re already experiencing something exciting enough, just keep doing THIS for a while and you can give her the D next week or next month, you don’t have a problem waiting till next month because this girl is AMAZING, etc.

* and SOME girls can interpret You Not Giving Them The D as You’re Not Interested, and then they Break It Off and you NEVER get to give her the D, you never get to even TOUCH her again.

* SOME Girls, but probably not ALL girls. Honestly can’t give you percentages on this one.

* and then next thing you know, 2 years have gone by, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, etc, and you haven’t done anything like THAT with a girl THAT young and cute in MANY YEARS, and now you’re officially OLD, and still Hung Up on YOUNG girls.






. jimmies cash baller









* So NOW what. I accept that men will ALWAYS want Young Girls, no matter how old the man gets. BUT I think that if, for example, a 40 year old man falls in luv with a 20 year old girl, and doesn’t get dumped, and actually marries the girl, that they can have a Stable LIfelong Monogamous Relationship, and even as the girl gets older, the man will still not be driven to Stray because they formed their Bond while she was young, and he’ll always have a powerful memory of her while she was young.

* so I thought of that waitress. So she runs around serving leering 40 year old men every evening, running back and forth like a slave, acting nice and friendly for tips, getting bitched out by 40 year old hambeast women who try to make her life a living hell for being young and beautiful. If I had to do this intensity of Customer Service, I would go straight to bed and not get out of bed until I had to go back to work. Dealing with Morons all day at a High Level. But many young waitresses are also going to…..you can fill in the blank!

* So I cannot understand that level of Energy and Motivation. I would drop out of college and start drinking, hahahaha. And get real angry and hateful at everything.

* and being angry, hateful, and no career prospects, old, out of shape, beta, omega, neet, loser, is NOT a good bargaining chips to get the attention and attraction of 20 year old waitress QTs!

* and then you think, what if I could just get in a Two Year CONTRACT with that QT, o boy, then I would go see a College Advisor TODAY and put my head down and study dawn to dusk with all the tryhard students in the liberry, get no sleep, it would all be ok if I knew I could Make Out, Cuddle, and Maybe More with HER for the next 2 years, and during that time I would knock out the STEM Degree With Top Extracurriculars and FINALLY, AT LONG LAST, get a sweet Lower Middle Class College Job. Depending How things go, might even shoot for GRAD SKOOL, get a masters degree, and get a sweet Upper Lower Middle Class Masters Degree Job!!! (Might have to renegotiate with the QT by that time though, that all could take longer than 2 years.)

* But then knowing, NOPE, it just doesn’t work like that, you need to produce your own bona fides first by yourself. MAYBE you can get a QT like that AFTER you finally get your Sweet Upper Lower Middle Class Masters Degree Job, but not a second before, and don’t you think she’s already got 10 guys already making 100k a year competing for her QT Waitress 4ss???

* I guess at this point, just Rub One Out thinking of you doing NONPERVERTED things with her, and then get up, PRAY, LIFT, DON’T OVEREAT, Make an Appointment with your Kollige Kounselor, and tell them, I’m really burning out, I’m really at the end of my rope here, here’s the 90000 classes I’ve taken, PLEASE HELP ME and give me 3 viable options I can do to Get An Upper Working Class Job As Soon As Possible because I just can’t take much more skool, O GOD. Then maybe after 3 months of being on the New Plan, you will be Less Angry, and actually be able to Turn On The Old Guitar-Plucking Charm for Prime Of Youth QTs. If not that one you saw that one day, then another that you will see another day.

* Heh. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a CONTRACT like that? Great STORY idea, uh? I came up with it first. Gimme money.


Because they’re not hatefully angry at everything all the time, and can actually accomplish things in life.

1750 words. with a break in the middle!
july 1 monday 2013

[reel fast movie review, skip if desired cuz doesn’t really Fit The Mission of this Blog:
Kanal By Andrzej Wajda. Uhhh 6.5/10. Started off good, got a little slow towards the end, not as gay and boring as you’d think a movie from 1957 would be hahahaha. deals with the warsaw uprising of 1944. I prepped myself by watching the extras FIRST, then the actual movie. extras were good, a 27 minute thing on the making of, this was a 2003 interview with Wajda, his asst director on the film, and a Famous Polish Film Scholar. Second was a 27 minute interview of Wajda talking to some kind of Polish Ambassador in 2004 who was involved with the uprising. to put it in context. The Old Guy’s opinion was that the Warsaw Uprising slowed both the Germans and the Russians and somehow kept the Russian Army from taking ALL of Berlin and not just East Berlin. Not sure how. Kinda confusing. But the bottom line of Recent Polish History is that Poland was taking it up the A55 from BOTH sides, Germany to the West and Russia to the East, and Poland probably got screwed worse than any other country in WW2. Anyway. Warsaw Uprising is the Polish Home Army “militarily” fighting the Germans trying to occupy Warsaw, but “politically” also fighting the Russians, who were right at the doorstep. The vistula River. Russians coulda jumped in and saved the day, saved the Poles from getting murdered by the Germans, but the Russians preferred to just sit there and “bleed the poles to death.” NOT sure if there was still a Russian-German Nonaggression Pact in 1944 like there was earlier in the war.]

kids taking calc 2 or 3 over the summer. sweet baby jesus. I hate them because I envy them, that they can do this without RAGING out. One of the TOP Things I Hate right now is Good Students. I Hate People Who Don’t HATE Everything like I do. I hate Students who can diligently do their 10 hours of Hard Math HW a day during the 1/6 of the year it’s actually NICE outside, because they’re Good Students with a Good Work Ethic, and I Hate them because I Envy Them for their Good Attitude and Work Ethic which I don’t have but I wish I had, so I hate them…well, I don’t really hate THEM, I ENVY them, and I hate that I am not like them.


* Heh. WHAT WOULD IT TAKE for me to Productively, Chillly do Calc 5 and Orgo 6 over the summer…..think about it…..yes a Nice Radiant QT Prime Of Youth 19 Year Old College Gurlfran to Make Out With after doing Stupid Problems for 10 hours a day, to be cute and 19 years old and say Oh Good For You, I knew you could do it, now let’s cuddle as I rub my 19 year old body over you and you exclusively, and next month we can slowly upgrade to the next level of intensity, because I’m a Nice Girl, I only do One Base Per Month, bla bla bla bla bla



I have determined that the best thing I can do regarding my HATE and ANGER towards SKOOL is to Beg For Mercy and Help from a College Counselor/Advisor. Make an appointment, show them my transcripts, say PLEASE can you HALP ME, I am really burning out here, what’s the quickest way for me to get an Upper Working Class 10$ an hour job already, I am sick of school, I need a little DIRECTION at least, can you PLEASE I BEG YOU give me a little direction, O GOD PLEASE HELP ME, I really HATE SKOOL at this point, but I’m SMART I SWEAR, just my lack of focus, work ethic, and my bad attitude and my hate and anger are really making it real HARD for me to use the good brain the lord gave me. Got the Brains, but the Feels get in the way. Got a lot of brains, but got a LOT of Feels too. TOO many feels. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus Hammercy On Me!

And maybe they can “connect the dots”, and say oh you’re real close to this this and this, so think about these 3 options, rather than the 9000000000 “options” out there right now.

*So, Brethren Losers, do yourself a favor and see your own College Counselor. Even if they ARE “Useless”, they can’t possibly be HURTFUL, especially if you’re at Rock Bottom right now as it is!









. born to feel








* another thing that MIGHT help is Learning College Study / “Survival” Skills, like a Programmed Method for Taking Notes and Studying. Because you never really learned these things in high school, because high school was way easier, now college is way harder. well, not like psychology class, but like fooking organic chemisty and biochemistry and calculus and thermodynamics and statics and plastics and mechanics and stuff like that, where some psychotic 4sshole instructor shouldn’t have a job. Maybe take classes like these at the Community College if you can. Since those instructors don’t really Do Research, then Theoretically they need to be able To Teach. Theoretically. Although I can tell you a lot of them don’t know how to teach either. Anyway, there are tons of books on this type of stuff: “becoming a master student”, “how to study in college” by pauk, the Cornell Note Taking Method, the right vs the wrong way to do flashcards, etc.

So find the people who CAN help you (counselors maybe, tutors maybe) and talk to them and beg them for help because you’re at the end of your rope.

When they say maybe you should go to a shrink too, tell em YEAH YEAH, I’m going to a shrink, why don’t YOU go to a shrink, hahahahaha. No, they probably WON’T tell you to go to a shrink, and they DEF won’t tell you to K yourself like 4chan would. It’s their Masters Degree Lower Middle Class JOB to HELP YOU. And besides it’s paid for by the OBSCENELY GENOCIDALLY OVERPRICED TUITION. YOU are their BOSS. THEY are accountable to YOU, who pays their salary. MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT.

I guess don’t be super hostile to them, or super emo. Just gently let them know you’re Not In A Good Place right now, and you really need some Help Plox. And that aint no lie!

(I am trying to pump myself up to make an Appointment with a College Counselor, if you couldn’t tell)

And I would guess that it’s in These People’s Job Descriptions to be NICE. Nicer than some f4gg0t INSTRUCTOR I’m sure! Those Who Can’t DO, TEACH! (Unless they really WANT to Teach, then they may be good teachers I guess.) These Counselors Probably WANT to HELP you! Let them HELP you! Go to them and say, ” I’m kinda pretty much near the end of my rope here, I really need some Guidance. Help Me Determine My Next Step. ”

Anyway. Their Job is to Help You, so Make Them Do Their Job. I really HATED going to the Academic Counselor because I was STUBBORN and I was also SCARED. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I should have probably visited the counselor at least two times per semester. Got as MUCH outside help as I could, rather than as LITTLE.

* Being CONFUSED about where your LIFE is going is a BIG cause of ANGER. Maybe if you get a little HELP with this, you will be LESS ANGRY AND HATEFUL, and you already KNOW that will help you in all aspects of your life. Like LIFTING. or PRAYING. Less Anger/Hate will make you Better and Stronger and Smarter.

* Although if you follow My plan, you start the First Day of College with your Major Declared (Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering) and know what classes you’re gonna take and what profs you’re gonna stalk and what internships you’re gonna get, for every semester, and every summer, from day 1. THEN maybe you can get away with visiting the advisor once a semester, instead of once a MONTH, once a month would be ideal for lazy layabouts who don’t know what they’re doing and thus shouldn’t even be Away At College in the FIRST place.

* If you are Privileged Enough to be Away At A Big College, then Visit your Advisor once a month, every month, even if you think you don’t need to.

* Also, visit a Psychological Counselor / Shrink at least once a month, even if you don’t think you need to. Do it ANYWAY, to make sure you aren’t developing any bad habits, like anger or hatred or alcohol or drugs or laziness. It’s their job to keep you on track. To make you better and stronger. Heck if you don’t visit them now, you’ll just end up visiting them LATER, when you REALLY need it, once you’ve REALLY hit rock bottom, and you’re reading r9k and v9k and My Blog, and thinking about Ending It All because you’re a Huge Neet Loser Virgin who still wants to bang College Girls, but has even LESS of a chance now that you’re Creepy and Fat and Old. So Go On Spring Break like I said last post. The Ugliest of the Young Drunken State College girls will be hotter than the Average 35 year old Real World Bar Skanks With Kids. No Contest!

* Heh. Neet semi-wizards like us view Sex in a Very Big Picture Sense: Normalfags get sex. Women get sex. But we Beta, Omega, Wizard Virgins do NOT get Sex, or Cuddling, or Hugging, Or Handholding, Or GFs, or makeouts, or anything like that. So Women are essentially just Normalfags then. I know my Target Audience! I have good enough social skills to have S with a Drunk 5/10 Woman….BUT I HAVE IMPOSSIBLY HIGH STANDARDS, hahahaha. Besides, I HATE skool, careers, and normalfags too much to ever fully BE a normalfag. Normalfags don’t have this much HATE, and it’s ultimately my HATE that keeps me from Succeeding in Skool, Career, Women, and Life.

* So I suppose the goal is….. BECOME A NORMALFAG. A Happy, Healthy, Handholding, Gurlfran-having Normalfag, who is able to Set Skool and Career and Relship Goals and Reach Them without raging out or giving up.


june 27

Happy Fourth Of July.

* As I have Extreme Anger, this Blog will occasionally go some “Very Dark Places.” The trick is not to get Lost In The Darkness. Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness! Because the whole POINT of this “exercise” is to find a way out of the darkness and to help other lost souls too.

* By Lifting, Praying, Eating Right, getting enough sleep, cutting back on the carbs, balancing your calories in and calories out, more good habits, less bad habits, good attitudes, hard work, momentum, babby stepps, regular exercising, LIFTING, heh, not getting ANGRY, conquering Fear, conquering Anger.

* Some guy on r9k said that r9k robot autist neets should play POKER. I thought this was a GREAT idea. There was a time where I was playing Poker regularly and it felt like a Gift From God. A Welcome Distraction from the Anger, Fear, and Regret, making Calculated Decisions that led to IMMEDIATE gains or losses. A Real Fun GAME. I began to learn the game a little better, ie, so it just didn’t seem like Random Cards and Random Actions, because that’s no fun! and then convinced myself I was Real Good At It and should become a Professional, could make more money than an Upper Working Class. BUT you’d have to play 8 hours a day AND be real responsible. Not sure if I could do that. On Paper it sounds real good. But I just played with Play Money and LOST IT ALL going all in. Heh. So maybe don’t play NO LIMIT. Although Playing Live Games might be Scary for Shy, Fearful Autists.


sweet v9k post on nepotism and gettin yer Summer Internships lined up as soon as you grad high skool. haven’t had a good V9k pastebin yet. for when r9k is too normalfag. you get banned from v9k for accidentally admitting you have ever had a friend or ever TOUCHED a gurl. I kinda like this extreme approach. well, maybe you are allowed to have had a friend in the past. maybe. but absolutely no touching gurls ever. Not sure how many mods wizardchan has, who has the power to ban, who runs it. if i were a mod i would prob be too lenient. wouldn’t want to be a mod and waste all my time reading wizardchan. besides being lenient might increase crap posting and tarnish the sanctity of the original wizard community. ok. I would let normalfags troll the board for ONE thread just to have a good argument, and THEN ban them.


THANKS to Matt from the The Low Road Has No Exits Blog for following me and liking my post. Heh. I have followed you and liked one of your posts in return. Not just out of Polite Obligation but because I like the idea of you giving guidance and advice to the youngins, and that just because a person doesn’t have the best academic credentials (ie Ivy, Top 10% of Achievers at Ivy, Top Unpaid Internships, Miracle Worker), doesn’t mean they’re necessarily doomed to a Life Of Neet Unemployability, Slavery, and Virginity! You don’t need to be a Top Overachiever Tryhard to get a Job Teaching English in Jakarta! And he had a good time, he is not a NEET, he even got to touch american girls! Also this guy Matt seems to share my view that Occupy Trust Fund Hippies Suck Balls, but that the ideas of Corporate Greed and Rampant Globalization also suck balls, and we shouldn’t let the fagginess of the Occupy Movement keep us from protesting the same thing these gayfags protest.

Took me a while to get to this point. I had such a KNEE JERK reaction against Occupy, Leftists, Trust Fund Libruls, Hippies, Tumblr Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, and these are all Upper Middle Class Bourgeois University types. So I said f00k all them, I am the world’s biggest right-wing Capitalist.

But then I started learning the nuances of PLutocrats and Neocons and Globalization and how the current Corrupt Crony Capitalism is prob not the best kind of capitalism, it will lead to normal average people just trying to do the right thing and make a living and not be a parasite, well they end up becoming debt slaves just because they thought they had to go to COLLEGE.

Heh. I was shocked to learn Mainstream Media Personality Mike Rowe (“Dirty Jobs“) is starting this organization to promote TRADE SCHOOLS to high school students. Rowe sees the writing on the wall re College, and wants to promote Trade School as a Viable, Nonstigmatized, Alternative. REALLY, SMART PEOPLE GO TO TRADE SKOOL, DUMB PEOPLE GO TO COLLEGE. DON’T GO TO COLLEGE, GO TO TRADE SCHOOL. Nice to see such a Big Name dropping such a solid Red Pill. Good for him.

Heh. What blog am I on again?


But what if you’re too Fat and Neet and hateful and angry and sorrowful to go to trade school, to do anything but eat, sleep, Fap, and Neckbeard??


NO, I’M JOKING. Don’t K yourself, NEVER K yourself, even if you THINK about it more than a healthy person.

Let Merely LIVING, LIFE ITSELF, BECOME YOUR FORM OF REBELLION. Everyone thinks you’re useless and hopeless and you should just K yourself, well, tell them what f4gg0ts they are and SHOW it by NOT K’ing yourself. Really stick it to those normalfags.

and then get outside and go for a walk. keep doing that every day until you can start doing pushups. keep doing those every day until you can start LIFTING. then maybe you can do brief jogging. I HATE jogging and would NEVER recommend jogging more than 5 minutes at a time, so try for that, mixed in with your walks. Then once you go from morbidly obese to Normal Weight, and maybe even hanging out with Girls, and don’t want to K yourself any more, Then Start Going To Trade Skool. And try to PWN it, try to be in the top 10% there. Then you won’t just get a Decent Job, you’ll get a REALLY decent job. Maybe even Lower Middle Class!


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june 27 2013

* read the jargon the managers and Decision Makers read so you can talk like that gooder. Trying to give you a good list of example publications. Maybe Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Inc, right off the top of my head. But some of those are probably more FUN than others. I have been reading Business INSIDER semi regularly cuz it seems to be geared toward M-Muh Generation and Younger. The Student Debt Lost Stolen Genocided Generation, the Unpaid Internship Generation, the Unemployable Generation.

* Heh. there will come A Generation where, in order to work Full Time, a person will have to have FORTY PART-TIME JOBS at one hour per week. Did I already predict this here? Well I’m predicting it again. OK, how about TEN jobs at Four Hours per week. Because I can’t imagine even a Part Time Job scheduling anyone for a SHIFT that’s less than FOUR hours a shift. Per Week. Four Hours Per Week, Ten Jobs Of That BS. Welcome To The Global Community!

* a lot of negative feels boil down to basically anger and or fear. sometimes a mixture of the two! for example you get ANGRY when you see College Students studying hard Every Day during the summer because 1. you’re envious of their drive 2. the envy is bretty much anger 3. angry that you can’t disclipline yourself to study every day during the summer without getting angry at skool 4. skool in general makes you angry 5. anger that they are so different from you, and they have the Good Work Ethic it takes to succeed because they are Paying Their Dues while You would rather work a crap job and go on hiatus from school and lay in bed and watch tv, or hang out with your Friends if you’re a socialfag

* heh. I have actually talked to people and normal people do not Hate Skool NEARLY as much as I do. They don’t necessarily LOVE it, but they SURE as hell don’t COMPLAIN about it as much as I do. So they finish their masters degrees and get a Good Job during the YEARS that I waste COMPLAINING Angrily about how much I Hate College!

* But at the same time, skool is EASIER for them because they don’t get so ANGRY about it. They just do it. Not necess a walk in the park, but LIFE is generally easier when you’re not getting RAGING ANGRY EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY RAGE!!!!

* It’s possible ANGER is My Main Problem. The Root of all the other problems. SOME anger is ok and justified, like anger at Greedy Plutocrats who want to Genocide Your Generation, but stuff like my raging constant ever raging torrent of anger at Actually Being A Kollige Student is NOT ok. It’s ok to be angry at College-As-A-Plutocratic-Genocidal-Scam, but not ok to be raging angry at the idea of day-to-day Studying and Academic Work.

* There’s a lot of FEAR in there too. Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Fear of People, Fear of Social Interaction, Fear of Losing, Fear of Dying Alone, Fear of Regret, Fear of Fear, Worry, Worry and Anxiety are kinds of FEAR, and REGRET is a GREAT example of Fear MIXED with Anger.

Fight And Flight. Bad Fight and Bad Flight.

* I invented this great “You Don’t Deserve A Job” Meme, oh great, now Edward I Make 200k a year Snowden can find me on the internet, or any internet savvy 4chan geek who knows how to use google. but it’s a great meme and I am still proud of it. Then it evolved into a Darwinian Struggle To Survive thing, like You Don’t Deserve To Work, Mate, Or Survive IF you don’t do This Ridiculous Thing, like Wear a 6000 Dollar Suit 365 Days a Year, then when you go to bed, you wear SUIT pajamas, or if you’re a Blue Collar Worker, you wear a Carhartt/Dickies SUIT.

Basically Mocking the Lengths of Tryhardism. Like You Don’t DESERVE A Job IF you didn’t have at LEAST 5 Unpaid Internships with Fortune 50 Companies. You do 4 unpaid Internships with the Fortune 51 Company, and you don’t DESERVE a Job, you DESERVE to be a Neet Neckbeard Parasiting off Your Parents like the Obviously Morally Lazy Loser that you are. You don’t Have What It Takes, Loser. Shoulda Worked Harder. SHOW, don’t TELL, 4sshole. Slacker. Lazy PARASITE. You didn’t have enough EXTRACURRICULARS in COLLEGE to DESERVE a COLLEGE JOB. (aka Upper Working Class. OR IS IT LOWER MIDDLE CLASS? )

(Remember the solution to being a lazy loser who doesn’t deserve a job?

Obviously “You Don’t Deserve A Job” became very Cynical. Mocking with a Bitter Tone. Reflecting my own failure and Bad Attitude.

BUT I don’t see a problem with generally making a Parody of How Competitive the Job Market is, Parodying the Competition among College Students for Upper Working Class Jobs.

I still do this ALL THE TIME, I just kinda abandoned that Twitter Hashtag Friendly Meme. But I might explicitly bring it back! It’s always Crypto been there, though!

Sometimes you get so Angry and Discouraged and Angry and Sad and Mad and Fearful that you just want to DO DRUGS and Block It All Out, just Escape It All. I KNOW THAT FEEL. I FEEL YOU. But you CAN’T Do Drugs (Or DRINK.) You now know the one thing you must do. Not Drugs.


(Praying (for mercy and A Miracle) is not bad too. Lift And Pray.)

(TO BE HONEST, I’ve been HORRIBLE About Lifting lately, which is bretty hypocritical. I’ve been GREAT on Powerwalking and Getting Vitamin D on my Fatceps, and I have Upgraded my Pushups Regiment into SETS, resulting in Dramatically Moar Pushups, and indeed SETS are what you should do when you LIFT, but, unfortunately, I am not LIFTING SETS just yet. But I know I SHOULD. AAAAND I’m not Praying For Strength and Mercy as much as I should be.)

If you’re not willing to walk outside during a TSUNAMI HURRICANE to Take Calculus 5 Over the Summer and Do 8 Hours of Homework Every Night After 4 Hours of Class Every Day and being at the College Open To Close, and you can’t even wait inside for the RAIN to stop because you’ve got to HURRY to go to WORK at the end of that 12 hour School Day, Go To Work for 8 hours at least but prob 10 on the Midnight Shift(where your Managers, who get paid at least Three Times As Much As You, if not 400%, do not even know how to use Email Or Do Basic Math!), and then Class Starts again in 4 hours, and you never get more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep Every Night Monday Through Sunday January Thru December…….YOU DONT DESERVE A LOWER MIDDLE CLASS COLLEGE JOB.

Heh. and I am still this angry AFTER essentially QUITTING COFFEE and switching 100% to TEA. Maybe I’m drinking TOO MUCH TEA! At about 1 pot / 6 bags of Tea per day. COME ON. What about those people who drink like 2 or 3 Arizona Tea Tallboys a day! (Don’t Compare Yourself To Others.)

*If you can afford to go to a restaurant and get a Large Meal, NEVER eat the whole thing. THAT is how you get FAT. Get a box IMMEDIATELY and put HALF the meal in the box IMMEDIATELY. Then when you wolf down what’s on the plate real fast and wish you could have more, put your hand on your Big Buddha Belly and remind yourself THAT’s WHY you can’t have any more! Because You ALREADY HAD too much, THAT’s why you have such a FAT GUT!