dec 26 2016

welp the wholesome part of the holidays is over, now everyone is just gonna get drunk and fook like negros until they have to go back to Work on January 2 hahahahahahah.  and those are the lucky privileged people. More people will just continue to work as they do every other day. maybe struggle with drug and alcohol problems so they can keep their shitty jobs which make them work during the busiest time of the holidays, serving shitty customers. its enough to make a person want to abuse drugs and alcohol!

i think california getting legal MJ is a big deal, i mean its kinda surprising they didnt have it until now. maybe they needed smaller states like CO, WA, and OR to act as a pilot program before CA really threw open the gates.

i mean its possibly a bad thing, leading to an even more degenerate society. but one day it will make it 600000000000000000000 times easier for ME to obtain it. me me me me me. fook the greater good.

i think it should be legal, but SHAMED. i said earlier this might be impossible, but is it really? look at cigarettes and tobacco for example. those have been shamed pretty well. or have they? has that really worked in getting people to choose to buy/smoke less cigarettes? probably a little bit, and thats all that matters.

should you tax the shit out of MJ then? well, in that it might be an incentive for govt to legalize it, yes, but I have no faith that the tax money would be used for ANYTHING good. it would ALL be wasted on bullshit. i understand that. im just looking at the tax as purely an incentive for The Gummint to Legalize It.

and against i dont see this as some big crusade for justice, because it is a mixed bag. i’m not sure it…..well it probably SHOULD be legalized, but shamed as fook. shamed even more than cigarettes. which are currently more shamed than alcohol or porn.

but you can still get tobacco EVERYWHERE, and you have plenty of tobacco shops which themselves are not sleazy. well not all of them hahahaha.

i guess i would also take, instead of full legalization, then the state expanding its Qualifying Conditions for MMJ to Despair or Anxiety, hehehehe.

there already IS a NEET CURE, it’s called the MILITARY, thats ALWAYS been the NEET CURE. but I think this aspect has been played down in the past 20 years, and the military is pretending like they are moar selective, and they dont necessarily WANT neet losers. but they will prob take neet losers. provided you’re not too fat and provided you never took psych meds like prozac or paxil or citalopram hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

george michael, dead of “heart failure.” well thanks that explains a lot hahahahahaha. i could have told you that. i guess thats better than cancer tho! but was it heart failure from, for EXAMPLE, mixing coke and pills and booze and painkillers and heroin and meth? that will cause heart failure for sure hahahaha. probably some MJ in there too hahahaha.

just waiting for another 20 bucks of bitcoin to transfer into coinbase so i could hopefully sell it at 901. because i have to move everything back and forth from coinbase, because they are jooish and watch exactly where you send your money, meaning no gambling and i would assume no Darknet Markets hahahahahahahahahaha. they scolded me for sending it to gambling. i have NO IDEA how they found out. considering I thought the gambling site used separate wallets for each gambler!

over 1 hour and 0 confirmations. didn’t even modify the fee.  this is why bitcoin will never take off. good idea though. just need something with FAST confirmations and ideally some way to send messages with the money. like hey guy this money is from UFMLL. remember me because i’d like you to know i donate money to you every 3 months. i am a true blue cobber m8. you can count on me. im not some kind of hypergamous mercenary who’s gonna leave you in the lurch. i am a MAN OF HONOR(tm) (great phrase from Chapin book MGHOW). wihtout having you have to make notes and search weird addresses jsut to try to identify somebody, and what if it changes your address every time? or you having to send a email before you send every transaction is probably the easiest way to identify yourself. still not very practical IMHO.

you know i am very optimistic about our young kids with 1488 blood pumping thru their veins. they dont even have the DESIRE to take MJ. I feel the desire EVERY DAY. I know it’s wrong but I think I can GET AWAY with it. I think the rules dont apply to me. I think I can just keep it in the closet and be an exception. but really I am envious of those who dont even WANT it. i wish I didn’t WANT it. but shit do I ever.

went for 1.4 mile powerwalk, not bad.

so anyway, i should NOT become an outspoken activist for the legalization of MJ, because its degenerative for huhwhyte society.

ok so whats the best military route for white neets? i honestly cant say. some say we want our white warriors on the frontlines. i would say study something hard and technical where only white men pass the exam, and get yourself into a safe all white male unit doing technical shit.

heh havent been to this horrible site in a while but this guy was dumped, was just devastated. people give him decent advice that WHY never helps, never gives closure. but its also very hard not to ask why. because youre willing to do anything to fix it, to make them change their mind. but they just wont. that never works. just let them go. fook yes its hard as SHIT. will make you want to sm0ke MJ for the next 2 years hahahaha.


why dont any gurls want a second date with me? im not a racist hater, i don’t like that racist trump! i dont have any wrongthink! why arent women interested in me at all?

yet the same gurls who are rejecting him are probably getting fooked by ebil trump voting racists hahahaha.

dec 27

heh. now i remember why i stopped reading /relships. because it is a woman-dominated space, and these women are annoying and stupid af. but they think they are SO smart, about relships, about men and women, but they know nothing. about men, abotu women, OR about relships. that is why they are high number crazy carousel riding catladies who cant keep a man hahahahaha. so how do they make 60k a year at their high powered careers then? AND have time to read and poast on reddit?

but yeah obviously this guy needs to Explicitly Ask for a Second Date on Saturday at 7pm and he would have more success. getting a second date at least hahahahaha.

but i mean yeah a bitch being texting on her phone the whole time during your date implies they are not interested. i mean its rude. but they just dont KNOW any better. at age 25 they dont know this is rude. and you’re THIRSTY and DESPERATE enough that you still WANT a second date with a RUDE woman who texts and sexts during the whole first date and is too stupid to even KNOW that’s rude.

ARrrrrgh this makes no sense! Who can I ask for clarification here? who’s the SME for this Subject Area?……… mean I’M THE SME? IM THE EXPERT? BBBBBUT I have no idea how this works! I need an SME to help ME! I can assure you, I am absolutely no EXPERT in this! I know MUCH less than the USERS!!!!!!! why can’t we appoint one of them an sme?

welp, you better learn it fast, because it looks like you are the SME.

i can’t believe this is how things actually really work with large, successful businesses.

well, my business was in a Failure Phase tho. and if they dont pull out of it, they will end up selling the company.

you can sell a publicly traded company btw. prob need to cash out all the stock though. or maybe you can get out of that with bankruptcy. leave your stockholders in the lurch hehehehe. who knows. im no JQ bankruptcy attorney. though you can make good money in that career.

but it takes a certain TYPE to be a LAWYER. there are a few good huhwhyte lawyers like toilet law and this other guy. but i bet they are in the minority.

benedryl sleep last night, had dream featuring 2 female friends i had in muh crazy uni days. i was with one female friend reviewing a video of myself and the second female friend, and i was like, wow, its plain as day, look at her body language, she clearly wants the D, but its so weird I didn’t notice that at the moment, and had to see a video playback. hmmm. maybe I SHOULD give her the D. interesting idea.  I mean its really not a HORRIBLE idea. yeah i’m hung up on this other gurl, but some casual fook buddy secs might be good. and if its not, at least we can say we tried. lets give it a try.

and of course this never happened in real life. IRL I WAS too hung up on this “angel” i was in luv with, that I didnt’ even want anyone else, and I was even making female friends at the time who were arguably attractive women (21, 22 year old women! I should think so!!!!!) but I honestly had no interest in them in that way. but maybe i should have pushed myself towards being Casual Fook Buddy with at least one of them hahahahaha. how would that have played out? I will never know.

but this dream got me thinking. maybe that could have worked. me, doing a degen casual secs, fook buddy, FWB thing. whoda thunk it.

but yeah i put these other luv interests on such a pedestal, that i couldnt even THINK of other women.

i guess it was similar when i first met That Woman. I was still heartbroken over women2012 and couldnt even THINK of being with another woman.

And its ok to feel that way hahahahahahah. my feelings were valid. i don’t really REGRET not trying to bang that female friend hahahaha.

its so weird looking back on it. she was not just a leftist, but a leftist activist, and she was kinda a SLUT, she had told me about times she “HOOKED UP” with guys drunk at a party, i think she even said she had fooked a BLACK guy, and I knew she was a “little bit” crazy, (in hindsight I think very likely bipolar), but i also accepted her for who she was, and didn’t really judge her too harshly. we got along well and never really any tension. i kind of felt PITY for her having these meaningless relships. she was “dating” this guy tho and it was a CLUSTERFOOK. she wasnt happy and he wasnt happy and I just couldnt tell WHAT was going on. i still dont know.

anyway she went on to be a successful lawyer (hahahahahaha) and somewhere in there found a decent man, but I dont think that lasted, and she had some legit family tragedy, and I think went crazy and possibly had a breakdown, and did a complete career change and is doing pretty good with that. much better career than me hahahaha.  i mean she was always ambitious and a hard worker. is not gonna get lazy and slothful and despairing and neetish. but its the bipolar which will be a real risk for her. anyway i wish her well, she’s not a bad person.

so interesting. i can know a lot of shady details about a womans shady past and NOT be judgmental, say she’s NOT a bad person. when you would THINK I would judge her SAVAGELY. NOPE. it’s DIFFERENT when I actually know a person in real life. i give them the benefit of the doubt.

but yeah i was never in luv with her. but several people wondered if we had something going on. we did not hahaha. i was not really interested. but in hindsight, she was not unattractive, and it probably would have been good to try to get some Experience with her. while of course Respecting her decision if she didn’t want to hahahahaha. but she used to get REALLY ridiculous when drinking, even moreso than me. I would just fall down drunk. she would actively do crazy shit. including probably fook guys. black guys hahahahahahaha.

i actually met her father! he seemed like a good guy, was very successful, good father daughter relship, but pretty sure he was bipolar too. which became a problem for the whole family.  but yeah i think this is better than the alternative of an abusive or deadbeat father. he was successful and his children were successful even if his marriage failed.

but just making the point that she didnt become a crazy slut because she had a terrible father.  i think her father was pretty GOOD…..he was just legit CRAZY. she was too. but they both managed it pretty well. until they didnt. well, she’s doing allright. but he isn’t. it’s SAD!!!!!!!!!

so yeah. good people can be totally sidelined by Mental Illness. I totally believe it. I get it. I understand.

so yeah i wish her well, hopeyouredoingwell.wav, and that she safeguards herself against the bipolar condition. imho getting out of LAW was a good move. she can find other Careers to make Good Money. everyone I went to Uni with seems to have no problem makign good money! with me being the lone exception of course hahahaha.

selling the last of my bitcoin. huge. rally. to the moon. very bullish. sold at 890 yesterday, sell the last of muh btc at like 930ish today. and if it goes higher, OH WELL, im all tapped out.

ok sold it. done. no more bitcoin left. except 1 dollar in a btcjam account from deadbeats slowing paying me back on microloans. us citizens are now barred from loaning any more. oh well. it wasnt a great system for me anyway hahahaha. good riddance.

hehehhehehe this is starting right now. i would have shit my pants over this a few years ago. its a good move for roosh to move towards more serious men like uncle bern.  but both seem naive for just not reading the writing on the wall already. JQ. Race. WN. move past MGTOW shit. find a traditional woman. roosh go back to persia and stop ruining white women.

hehehe roosh really looks like a mudslim isis terrorist with that huge beard. i guess im glad he got TIRED of banging white sluts and realized there was more to life than MUH DICK.

with my superior white mind, i came to that conclusion and didnt even have to bang ANY white sluts!

and yeah i kinda envy him for having success with my race’s women where I have had NONE. literally. all the women i have had any success with have been nonwhite joos hahahahahahahahaha.  even white trash fatherless sluts reject me in favor of blacks and criminal toughguys.

well good riddance, i will go be a mgtow and get a damn realdoll HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk.

heh maybe bernard will become a WN in a few years. everybody moves at their own pace hehehehe. you cant really RUSH people.

ideally roosh would just marry a persian woman, have persian children, and repent for his past degeneracy, and encourage Racial, Noncivic Nationalism. encourage all his white male fans to become WN’s. Roosh is not a dumb guy. and he is gradually moving in the right direction.

but there are so many white omegas out there who can only think about women women women women women women women. i used to be one of them hahahahahaha. i STILL think about women ALL THE DAMN TIME. but now i keep Sex in its proper perspective – subordinate to RACE. whereas these mens movement people would disagree with that totally. and say race doesnt matter nearly as much as sex.

yeah sex does matter a lot. but race matters more.

just dump him and replace him with a better man! that is the answer to all womens relship problems. we men mean NOTHING to women. they are the REAL haters hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. women hate men WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more than men hate women. women MEAN a lot to men. Men mean NOTHING to women. hahahahahaha. ok thats an example of the type of thoughts i don’t want to have, and ideally would refute them with a convincing rebuttal.

Have you ever had Anal Sex with a man you knew for less than 2 weeks? less than 1 week? how many men?

in the questions to ask your prospective wife hahahahaha. ideally you should not know these men less than a year. buttsecs is a BIG DEAL and should not be given out willy nilly. yet these beautiful white 22 year old gurls are quickly becoming ANAL WHORES!!!!!! BUTT SLUTS!!!!!!!!

would you want your DAUGHTER becoming that?

or do you just not care, all you care about is muh dick and muh drugs and muh alcohol? like a negro!!!!!!

just call them white n199er5.wav hahahahahaha

yet my female friend from 11+ years ago did all sorts of DISGUSTING things, and I dont hate her for it!

i wasnt in luv with her though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

could I have been? maybe. anythings possible. but i knew all those unsavory things about her already, learned them pretty quickly, whereas That Woman didnt have any of those Disqualifiers.

and i STILL trust that That Woman wasnt HIDING anything. she was a trustworthy person. which made losing her very hard! and she still is trustworthy! she was and is a decent, valuable, good person! its really hard to lose that! it’s a lot easier to lose a total piece of shit!

anyway.  its all over. its finished. RIP.

but yeah. i am thankful for the few female friends i have had, i continue to learn from them 11 years later hahahaha. so yeah i hope that woman is doing well. that she finds a good man. although she would be hard to deal with. i dont think i’d want to. heck its possible she became a lesbian hahaha. but i dont think so.  but yeah she did disgusting things and i dont think any less of her as a person.

but yeah i didnt want to Be With Her and make babies with her and make her my waifu. at all hahahaha. whatsoever. i would have laughed at the thought. there was not that kind of Romantic Luv. I guess it could have developed. but now we are talking hypotheticals.

i mean what if she werent dating that guy? what if she was more “gf-ish” and sweet to me?  i mean she was nice to me but in that just one of the guys sort of way. and since i wasnt looking for any more from her, i didnt mind at all.

but yeah, bottom line, she was a good person and deserves good things and good people, but she was a little bipolar, but that shouldnt count against her. she could still be a good white wife and mother (and i hope she does!), provided she didnt screw it up.

she was weird though. she might not even WANT kids. she strikes me as possibly being one of those Weird Women that just has no desire to have children.

anyway my final word on her is that she is a good person and i hope she is doing well.

looked at hookers on backpage. technically that is not the same as looking at pron. i found at least two white hookers that caught my interest. 90% of the women were disgusting blaq hookers hehehehehe. not that the white ones are not white trash, but my god, i cant even imagine the type of man who would PAY these blaq women in the pictures, i mean they often looked fat and horrible.

funny that the majority of the white hookers BLATANTLY said no black men. so they are race aware and have a preference against black men, where Regular White Nonhooker Women do NOT! they are equal opportunity Cvm Bvckets!

well, as hookers, these women see the absolutely shadiest men right? so they probably saw tons of shady ghetto thug black men, not  talented tenth black men hahahaha. and arent the WHITE men they see shadier than the average white man? what kind of man uses hookers anyway?

Basically every man I know has been to a strip club. no big deal there. I heard of one guy who got drunk once and somehow a stripper offered to Suck His D for a price and he said ok sure i’ll pay 80 bucks for that! i dont think he found that all too horrible but it also wasnt the type of thing he did normally.

when i was in Uni a hedonist, sensualist acquaintance of mine talked about banging a hooker in amsterdam. this guy was a free luv kinda hippie type and very handsome, didn’t really NEED to bang hookers. i think he was just a sex freak and just honestly wanted to bang a hooker because it WASNT a normal nonhooker.

I heard about a middle aged alcoholic who would occasionally bang hookers. this kinda made the most sense. he was like 50 something, didnt want to waste time chatting with women, he had money from a business he miraculously ran, and he spent his money on booze and hookers. fantastic. TERRIFIC hahahaha.

i’ve known men who regularly go to strip clubs and it is PATHETIC. I have no desire to go to a strip club ever again. I would MUCH rather just hire a hooker for 30 minutes. strip clubs are just disgusting jooish places.

and yeah obviously i would rather be In A Rel with That Woman than ever go to a hooker. Still not over her! it will take about 2 years. but i am closer than i’ve ever been to getting over her. really all it will take now is meeting The Next Woman. I need to MEET WOMEN. and if that means going on fookin ok cupid, then thats what i have to do.

yep that FUATH – I album is really good. very listenable. dont even CARE if its a drum machine. album of the month hahahaha. dec 2016.

also looked on craigslist and backpage for “420” or “medical cannabis” or that type of thing. found some stuff, looked shady and or they blatantly said, you gotta have your card. which i’m sure they HAVE To say!!!!!!!

oh god heres a terrible woman. “sex worker” who got a phd in biology or some shit and is horribly sex positive and some of the trs goys are bullying her. GOOD! she is a monster. and jooish hahahahaha. OF COURSHE.

these women with phds in casual sex. fooking like negros. that is literally what their phd is in. then they make 600000000000000 tweets a day about how good casual sex is. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.




may 29

BBBBBBBUT ok so you like to think about politics because you’re SMART. you want a SMRT GRILL. but most grils who think/talk about politics ie talk smartish, are almost always leftists. isn’t that funny? where do you find the Smart Rightist Gurls?

heh. I don’t really know. marry that gurl if you find her! it might almost be easier to hook up with a leftist gurl, and then convert her to the right with your alpha charisma. which you would absolutely need to cause such a change in her thinking.

but at the end of the day, it might be best to marry a gurl who does not get into such things as politics or Intellectual Conversations. that is an INHERENTLY MASCULINE thing.

The Left is Politics For Women.

So yeah i am not too concerned with finding a wife who shares my political interests.

or any interests for that matter. but that used to be a BIG concern of mine when i was young.

like ohhhhh that cute young gurl likes stupid music, she’s out, why can’t i find a cute young gurl who likes….tom waits or something.

yeah well guess what, there are gurls who like tom waits, and they’re just as annoying as the ones who like Mainstream Modern Commercial Country music. probably MORESO.

we would complain that girls weren’t COOL. where are all the COOL girls. probably getting brainwashed at middle class marxist university. and that is VERY UNCOOL.

also, you could argue it’s not the domain of girls to be COOL. try to find an UNCOOL gurl. girls are meant to be Caring Nurturers who take care of Home and Hearth and provide Love and Kindness to their Husband and Children.

not wannabe alpha males competing with men in the workplace.

this USED to be common sense!

but if you go out and publicly say things like this, you will lose your friends, your job, all respect, all credibility, people will say you’re a loser, and they’ll try to make you unemployable so you actually become a loser. and then you’re just talking loser talk, ha ha ha.

i thought about becoming a lawyer because that’s a good career for people interested in Politics and you can make a lot of money……. but I decided the ROI of law skool was not worth it.  it is super expensive, law students are douchebag workaholics, i’m too lazy to be #1 in law skool, don’t want to take 200k in loans, really not a lot of growth in law jobs, full JD’s working as paralegals, etc.


plus you meet the worst kind of wimmin in lawyerdom, hehehe. nothing worse than a woman lawyer.

so sad. they would have turned out all right if they had just gotten married to a nice man young and had some children. so simple.

get MARRIED to a lawyer and he can teach you all about law if you’re so interested in law!

no, they are interested in the career and the status. kind of like I am, see earlier post abotu my GAY interest in Status Itself.

heh. well i am DONE being interested in status, I have come as far as I can go there, and it hasn’t benefited me at all, other than to be able to describe it well.

like RamZPaul says, don’t make Gurls or Getting A Gurl your main mission in life. ANYTHING but that. in fact, that will guarantee you will always be horrible with gurls, if GURLS are your main interest. Sure your hormones cause you to be horny, that’s fine, but be truly interested and motivated by something, anything else. sports, writing, STEM, math, military, sales, comic books, cooking, politics, music, movies, art, science, robots, computers, games, anything. but women, or how to Pull Women for that matter, so PUA is not a great interest.

what about the more at a distance male female relations like Heartiste does, and which I do too?

I guess that’s a little better. but it would be a lot better if you had already established your masculinity before that, or if it weren’t a cover for you “secretly” wanting and not being able to get a gurl.

like i am pretty sure heartiste is more than able to get a gurl, he has a fairly decent job, he is a winner in other words.

but we are losers, hehehe. who don’t have a good job or good mates. or any mates. or any job. let alone a GOOD one!

if you’re at all fat, any exercise at all is better than any non excercise. theoretically it would be ok to skip skool or work to exercise. nope, i wouldn’t officially recommend that.

but if you are underemployed, i might say that exercising is more productive than hopeless discouraging job search.

and exercise is DEF better than: TV, video games, movies, napping, being a lazy loser.

if you ever start feeling like a lazy loser, time to go for a Five Mile Powerwalk. Now.

Get a $10 a month Planet Fatness membership JUST so you can Powerwalk on their treadmill.

get a Manual Labor job like a Mexican. that is why their Souls are less Troubled than White Losers. Manual Labor is Good For Your SOUL. just don’t let it become a path to becoming a loser. like take precautions to protect your back and lungs and eyes by wearing any and all protective gear. and if your boss fires you for not killing yourself enough, f00k him. find another such job where you can lift only healthy amounts. and you will be surrounded by alcoholics and drugs addicts. do not get too close to them or pick up those horrible habits. that is probably where the REAL soul destroying associated with these jobs actually happens.


fri feb 28 2014 11.19pm


yep I am now officially laid off from the Worst Job Ever. it’s not a real JOB unless you are sh1tting your pants, scared sh1tless every day, thinking that K’ing yourself would mean you wouldn’t have to go to this living hell ever again, hehehe.

i suppose unemployment may get old after a week but my god. I put in for a half day on muh last day to see if they would give it to me, they did not. (note: of COURSE this is not PAID time off! you sacrifice your pay so you can get a few hours off.) the notion of 4 hours of work STILL scared me. becuase you never know what kind of weird, crazy, strange, unexpected stuff you will get next. and that you are getting judged by your supervisors when you go ask for help. and that you sound like a virgin when talking to the callers trying to explain things you don’t really know. it is all a very nerve wracking environment, every day.

so i usually start to calm down a LITTLE about 60% thru the day. thursday was pretty rough, and friday today was pretty rough too. Got a rough call in first half but good news is I handled it well. last call ever was a f00king abortion that lasted an hour, but thankfully the caller was nice.

heh. at this point i would RATHER be a JOBLESS BUM than WORK THERE hehehehe. i could not say the same about muh old Bumjob.

however it is a signif achievement for me that I WITHSTOOD and did not quit, hehehe. survived till my scheduled layoff without having a MELTDOWN or a BREAKDOWN. but it always felt like I was close, it was just a matter of time, just one bad call or one bad day away from it. did not like that at all. did not have that at old job.

and the people were mainly NICE, and even the CALLERS were mainly OK, none of the callers were really mean or godawful, the meanest ones weren’t that bad.

was talking to a ncie guy there and he said compared to another CALL CENTER he worked, this place was EASY and FUN. other place was a health insurance place where he talked to people dying of cancer and their parents and children dying of cancer, and he had to deny their claims as they died of cancer and bankrupted their families, and so they would get mad at him and scream and tell him they hoped him and his family died of cancer. that kind of sh1t. jeezum crow. pretty bad, amirite? and nothing even 1% close to that here. yet i still freaked the f00k out for almost 3 months straight.

but it was a good experience overall. got to face muh fears and get better at stuff, and a good res builder.

but it was still insufferable, and part of my PENANCE. for being a jackass from ages 18 to 26. so i figure I will pay karmic debt, penance, sentence, for 8 years to make up for those Bad 8 years, thus, Life Will Totes Suck and I will be a Huge Loser up till Age 34.  it’s only fair.

(getting close to revealing my age. won’t say how close I am to that. I could be older.)

heh now i can focus my mind on more important things, like the decadence and degeneracy of western civilization and how it is being poisoned by marxism and banksters.

the good news is i still don’t give a damn about women. the job has been the nail in the coffin for my libido. which is good, now i can focus on more important things, like finding a better job, or breaking lifetime even in gambling.

i honestly still cannot recommend Gambling as a good Job Choice…..let alone Career Choice. Though I got fake rich on poker stars, playing with more serious stakes is much, much harder. 9000000000X times harder. I will be lucky to break even.  when ideally you would MAKE more than you do at a JOB. FAT CHANCE.

so, might as well try to Get A Job. is the Lesson Learned.

heh. i thought that muh job sucked SO bad, how bad does it suck. it sucks SO bad, that I would rather get a job being the UNDERLING of one of the Gurls I used to be in love with, Girls 1 thru 7, a fair number of them became Successful Professional Career Women: Lawyers, PhD’s, Masters Degrees, Academics, Administrators, Solid Middle Class. they would not be caught dead being a MANAGER at my current job, that would be beneath them. They don’t MANAGER, they ADMINISTRATE and COORDINATE and DIRECT.

I would rather have THEM be my MANAGER, and have to face THEM every day, provided the job was chill. plus I could watch them get OLD (most have already gotten there), it would be a reminder of what a huge BULLET i dodged, I could watch them torment their husbands and children, and let them berate me for not being ambitious, I would just smile and say ok baby, now pay me a nice middle working class wage while you earn your middle middle class wage, i don’t give a damn, I’m a MGTOW, I’m living the dream.

then i will work for them till I’m 50, save up some money, and start having kids with 18 year old women. 3 kids, possib w 3 diff 18 year olds.  while my Female Bosses are divorcing their husbands, pressuring their kids to get into harvard, and secretly knowing I have the right idea. by that time i will be working from home, homeschooling my kids, and Prepping for Doomsday, hehehehehe.

not to mention enjoying my young female friends!