sept 24

what i dont like about medical MJ is that you get put on a State List. that law enforcement and WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE can get access too. employers doing background checks? fedgov? aren’t background checks done BY law enforcement?

also if you have an MJ card, you CANNOT technically legally own a Firearm/Pistol. (what about a hunting rifle?)

you have to officially send back and revoke your MJ card if you want to legally own a firearm.

i have lived in two different worlds, one where owning a gun is UNTHINKABLE, and another where owning a gun is PERFECTLY NORMAL, NO PROBLEM MAN. And I personally much prefer the latter hahahahaha. its WEIRD that people can take SUCH HORRIFIED OFFENSE to the MERE IDEA of owning a GUN. but believe me, they absolutely DO. they are DISGUSTED at the very IDEA that people – working class, uneducated, trump supporting, WHITE people – even CAN own guns.

so youd think there wouldnt be a lot of MJ card holders who ALSO even WANT to own guns…..but youd be surprised! in the normie real world, people do have a healthy apprecation of their 2nd amendment rights hahaha and i cant blame them! so do i!

in other words, I SHOULD get a gun, but I’m too lazy and keep putting it off and havent done it yet because i;m too lazy to comply with the law and jump thru the hoops and do the paperwork and talk to the police.

anyway i REALLY dont want to have my name on a state list for something that is federally ILLEGAL .

also REALLY what are they REALLY doing about driving and MJ in legal states? like DUI arrests? i havent heard SHIT about that, but Im SURE its a big thing.

well, ive heard a little bit about the market for MJ breathalyzer tech. and i agree. i would not mind investing in such a company. i wish i could just invest 20 bucks hehehehe.

google invest in MJ breathalyzer

best clickbait title ever hehehehe

we arent sure the tech really works! they can short the stock!

i mean shit. i just want to invest 20 to 50 bucks. but one simply cannot do that.


i guess i could use one of those trading websites? maybe? to buy stock in this canadian company?

i might make enough on a 20 dollar investment to pay for the FEE on the trade! but probably not hahahaha. i would be better off putting the money in the BANK to get .1% interest.

anyway it strikes me as NAIVE AS FOOK that all these pro-legalization MJ people and MJ has 0 recorded fatalities in history maaaaaan, completely bury their head in the sand regarding MJ related car crashes, even though they would certainly take huge notice to alcohol related car deaths!!!!

methinks the local police would make JUST AS MUCH OR MORE revenue arresting people for MJ DUI than they did arresting people for MJ possession and dealing etc back in the day.  I WONDER.

even WORSE, many MJ advocated think alcohol DUI is immoral and disgusting, but they think its JUST FINE to drive under the influence of MJ. “oh i do it all the time, IT DOESNT IMPAIR YOUR DRIVING.”

bullshit hehehehehe. saying that as someone who has done it more than several times!

nonetheless i still want legal MJ so i can go into the store and buy some!

but employers are STILL gonna test for it! and companies who random testing of all their employees will STILL do that!

but i do agree that MJ test needs to be developed that tells you WHEN the person last blazed. 1 day ago? 1 hour ago?

and also measures exactly HOW IMPAIRED you are.

heh. this is pretty much why i drank. because it was fun. recreation. it blocked out the negative feels. could get stupified. kinda the very similar reason i want to sm0ke MJ!!!!!!!!!!

basically, if i hadnt totally screwed up with alcohol, I would probably be drinking right now!!!!

and then i would probably drink to excess and get in trouble. like i did. it was basically inevitable.

heh. i dont abuse nyquil simply because it isnt as fun! you cant get totally out of your mind on nyquil, if you do, the aceto will K you!

i guess i could just take a bunch of sleeping pills that have no aceto hehehehe.

then you are tired all the next day, kind of a big hangover.

alcohol has a TERRIBLE hangover, but its ALMOST worth it. it isn’t, but its easy to convince yourself it is!

and then you have a terrible hangover the entire next day hahahaha.

maybe i should go to the black ghetto and try to buy MJ from some shady looking thug on the street hahahaha.

ctrl f does not work on the chrome bookmarks page.

it does, but only on the current SCREEN. if you have a list of 1000 bookmarks, its only gonna search the 30 bookmarks or so that are on the screen without scrolling.

yes there is a separate search box, but that does not highlight the results, so you dont know where to find it in the NORMAL list.

but of course on regular webpages, ctrl f searches stuff on the whole page. because heads would roll if it didnt. that is a feature request the devs simply could not ignore. the users would come and crucify poor level 1 phone monkeys.

white women acting like muh dick negro apes. its disgusting. have a longer time preference. have less of a desperate need for instant gratification. muh dick. muh uterus. muh cl1toris. muh tingles.

since i am on NO social media, i FORGET how ANNOYING average regular normie women are on social media. facebook, twitter, and, my point right now, stuff like okcupid and i assume tinder. dating social media. the things they say and the way they present themselves is annoying as fook. unattractive. disgusting. lip curling. you say good lord, what a terrible annoying personality, but i guess id fook that body. which is a degen negro way of thinking of course!

i guess just keep in mind women come across as more unlikeable than they are in RL, as they do on Social Media.

in other words, tell yourself, she’s PROBABLY more likeable in real life. probably. less annoying than she seems here.

cuz i remember when i used to look for women on okcupid, after like 15 minutes, i would get discouraged and think THIS is what i have to pick from? i guess i will have to settle for negro muh dickin cuz none of these women are rel worthy. i will never find a woman i actually like, and its prob better to settle for degen negro casual sex and have SOME contact and experience and fun with women, than be celibate the rest of muh life pining for some perfect angel!

this was the some nihilistic mindset i had before i got feels for That Woman. welp, i will never get feelings for a woman again, but i GUESS I would be pretty happy with meaningless casual negro sex, thats good enough. get a harem of 10 gurls, i could be happy with that. its not like im getting any now anyway. just bang bitches and maybe one day meet a decent one but dont COUNT on it. dont get disappointed when you dont find that.

yesh this is pretty degen, and that degen is a lot easier to see when you take into account your new goal of Having Children. you want the mother of your children to be a god damn whore? to ask the question is to answer it!

so yeah thats the difference between now and 2012. in 2012 i didnt really care about having children, in 2015 i do. that also makes the dumping harder. and makes it harder to settle for meaningless, nihilistic, degenerate muh dick transactional “relationships.”

i mean in 2012 i was still pretty darn pro white, mind you!

i refer to 2012 because that was the last dumping/heartbreak. which was not nearly as bad. oh life was good then. i got heartbroken but i still had an easy job and i didnt quit it. i didnt have a 14 month and growing gap on muh resume. i had a new female friend i got along with which proved to me that women were normal human beings and that I Had What It Takes to Get Along with Them.

yep just break it into little chunks. do one application a day. then 500 days & applications later, you might have a job hahahaha.

prob closer to 600 hahahaha.

well i did 4 applications today, 3 at this one company where it went REALLY quick, like 5 minutes each. simply had to upload muh resume (in my case, the 10 page behemoth document) 3 times and just changing the name of the job in the cover letter. which is prob bad because i need to do MOAR TAILORING of the cover letter than just the damn job title. but why im the BEST candidate for this IT department job or that Scheduling department job or That HR department job.

how does that woman do it. how does ANY normie do it. how are you the best at something that pays 13 an hour or above.

how come 80% of all jobs posted are not entry level jobs? they should hire from within! where are the entry level jobs posted? or are they not posted, and they all go thru temp agencies? but many temp agencies POST these jobs. and indeed i am very close to going down that route. just as long as it isnt doing tech support phones. where i have to beg and argue to get something escalated. shit if i could escalate on my own authority, that wouldnt be super bad. some places you can. you go over 20 minutes, then boom you have blanket permission. of course they will prob try to fire you because you go over 20 minutes to much and escalate too many cases “due to time.” well then hire some dumb 85 iq negro and see if THEY fix it in under 20 minutes. well they’ll just bullshit to get the person off the phone in 19 minutes without solving the issue. and that’s fine. THAT’s ok. leave the problem unsolved, as long as its less than 19 minutes. i hate that mindset.

sept 25

on EVERY website its pretty easy to FLAG or REPORT something to the moderators.

but not on INDEED! for example, a big financial services company (bank?) with a listing on indeed, sounds like a decent entry level job, but the apply link takes you to this other site, and that site looks kinda fishy, and makes you think it’s not really the company it says on indeed.

maybe its a temp job at that company. well they should say that. i mean this is essentially a fancy swiss bank and i would HOPE they would contract with more professional people.

also, if you can only get entry level jobs at big companies thru AGENCIES (for example, assembly line jobs with major big manufacturers)…………… how do you find out WHICH agency to apply to to find the jobs at Company A or B or C?

ok on that kriegsmaschine prism i linked a little while ago, that is NOT the same awesome mgla drummer as mgla has now. it is actually the mgla drummer they had BEFORE him….who is still pretty darn good! this guy also played on the “altered states of divinity” lp.

basically, im trying to say, kriegsmaschine changed a LOT over the years, and i probably prefer the older, blastier stuff. there is no blasting on their 2014 album with the genius mgla drummer darkside. which is a SHAME because he is an amazing drummer and i WANT to hear him blast like a madman. he does it occasionally with mgla, so i dont think he considers himself above it. there are also normie pictures of him on facebook and he is HANDSOME! I bet he has NO problem getting a qt innocent polish trad waifu!!!! jelly!!!!!


here is another polish bm band i should be paying a lot more attention to. including fast blasts, great drummer, good production, and lots of melodic riffs, and a sense of “creativity” and “original style.”

yeah ive known about them for like 2 years but never really gave them a fair listen. new music takes a lot of effort but this group seems to be worth it.

i mean there is SO MUCH BLACK METAL going on in poland right now, its AMAZING, its not just graveland only anymore folks. its possible poland is the #1 black metal country in the world right now. which makes me very happy since poland is one of my favorite countries period, always will be.


on this earlier album they sound a little more black metally maybe hahaha. not so postmodern and hipster hahahahaha.


ok i am tired of metal for the day. i want to listen to something chill. for some reason i came to this album. it is described as “post rock slowcore” but we will see. rather phaggy sigur ros style singing. which is not inherently bad. i mean who am i to crap on “agaetis byrjun”. i am not informed enough to tell if this is a blatant sigur ros ripoff or not.


i am looking for some slow chill kinda “SAD BASTARD” music. older red house painters would be perfect but RHP reminds me too much of That Woman, so, no go. no can do little buddy.

baby steps. do one thing a day. one application a day.  baby steps. i only did 3.6 miles of walking today. but got under muh calorie goal of 1200, and also the whole week averaged under 1200 for all days. not that i even NEED to lose weight. but I lost about 18% of muh body weight starting in jan 2016 and it has been noticeable.

mazzy star and hope sandoval, their shtick is pretty obvious, and you will know right away if you like it or not. normally i hate everything about women, but i do like her voice hahahahaha. like when i used to listen to cat power hahahaha. no i cant crap on cat power. even if she is a marxist whore. so is hope sandoval probably hahahaha. they’re all race mixers mud sharks hahahaha.

like varg vikernes’ 23 year old beautiful daughter who i shudder to think how many brown guys shes sucked and fooked in britain and norway hahahahahahaha.

o god. well theres an internet rumor that this qt 23 year old norwegian singer is vargs daughter, and it is a fact that he has a 23 year old daughter from some random woman when he was very young.

and yeah i am troubled a bit by him being a “deadbeat father” to this gurl.

also we dont know for sure that this girl IS his daughter. but she kinda looks like him. I mean varg is a handsome man even though he looks old and haggard now. but he cleans up very well. and i would imagine his daughter would be 8/10 attractive hahahaha. i wont even say the gurls name because i dont want to contribute to the rumor.

but she likes miley cyrus and likes attention and likes dressing up and getting made up and i know varg wouldnt allow that if he were actually involved in the girls life. but he couldnt be, because he was in jail for most of her life!

i guess he got a women preggers right before he went to jail and the woman did the unnorwegian thing by not getting an abortion, so thats good…..i mean damn thats a hard situation. damn.

also, until varg comes out and says this girl is not my daughter, or she comes out and says varg is not my father, the rumor is actually pretty plausible!!!!!!!

but im glad varg married a young woman and had 4 or 5 children with her and is very involved with that family!!!!!

but yeah if this beautiful 23 year old girl IS his daughter, then I REALLY hope she hasn’t mudsharked, and what the hell would varg have to say about that.

i say this all as someone who is a fan of vargs music AND his pro-white ideology hehehehehe.

TIL that if you eat a huge bowl of special k cereal with 2 cups of whole milk (4 cups / 124 g of cereal hahahahaha) that is 780 calories hahahahaha.

i just ate a 780 calorie bowl of CEREAL and i am still hungry hehehehehe.

well to be fair that was 5 hours ago hehehehe.

heh. i hate that idiots can be gainfully employed but i cant because reasons hahaha. because i get nervous in interviews and i have a huge gap hahahaha. if i were a qt 25 year old gurl it wouldnt matter.

well got one app done today at least. baby steps. bit by bit. infinitely better than 0 hehehehe. i mean i  did 4 the other day, 5 the other day. sheeeeit.

never been a huge death fan but shit. i first heard about death when “the sound of perseverance” CAME OUT, just to once again whine about my age.

at my current age i would lean more towards the less progressive death hehehehe. also where chuck sounds less like his balls have been cut off.

yes i am aware that chuck is 50% jooish. believe me i can never forget it.

new darkthrone album just came out. welp i do like the production on this album and for some unknown reason i am optimistic about this album. i probably should have been optimistic about their previous album.

listen im old enough to remember when “the cult is alive” and then “foad” came out. i was like hmm what are you doing here darkthrone. and i was interested but both albums were boring as hell, so i just ignored everything they did since then.

while “transilvanian hunger” and “panzerfaust” were all time favorites of muh youth. smoking MJ as a 17 year old and playing riffs from those albums.

so they went from classic, to FOOKING BORING AF.

so really, i kinda EXPECT them to be BORING AF, and I expect this album to get boring after 3 songs, but it DOES have a great production sound. hopefully there is plenty of culto screams. i didnt like that culto rolled back his screams and then fenriz started singing more songs.

also its weird that they refuse to play shows. i can see not going on long tours, but wouldnt it be FUN to play a SHOW once a YEAR in NORWAY?

I mean they both seem like basic metal normies, not too weird, probably a fair amount of degen in there. like fenriz should have some CHILDREN and not be listening to METAL all day. i guess he used to be married but he got divorced. maybe his wife was tired of being married to a manchild hahahahahahahahahaha no i have no idea.

maybe his wife was a masculinized norwegian wimmin. all i know is that she did some artwork for famous black metal albums like “bergtatt” and maybe “transilvanian hunger.”

i mean i dont HATE fenriz’s power metal vocals. and yeah the drum sound and guitar sound is GREAT on this new album. and culto sounds pretty good. but what about the RIFFS? too early to tell.

making a pot of Chili, felt some agency today. the big value add was that I added some BACON. maybe even too much. theres a lot of bacon fetishizing going on the past 10 years, but i cant really argue against it…..well yes the FETISHIZATION of ANYTHING I can argue against. But basically Im saying that Bacon IS good and makes just about anything better. but what about muh chili. we will see. I just tore it up and threw it in there with the ground beef, browned all the meats, added tomato sauce, beans, spices, and letting it all simmer on low for at least 2 hours.

ok does nocturno culto have any children? he better. i mean fenriz should too.

they know how to get a great sound though. and i am 90% sure this is just them in their “studio” / rehearsal space. in a damn nondescript little room. nothing fancy at all. but this is NOT EASY TO DO. so I respect them for being able to do it well. IMO, it shouldnt be complicated. Id like to think I could do it too. also i can write boring riffs… darkthrone! but mine are even worse hahahaha.

ate the chili. it was bretty good. protein and fibre packed. yes i use beans, a lot of beans, i like the beans. mind you theres a lot of damn beef in there too. beef beans and bacon is what it is basically. thankfully the bacon taste did not overwhelm at all. i put like 6 strips of bacon in with 2 lbs of beef and about 2 lbs of beans hahahahaha. i absolutely did NOT drain any fat from the meat hahahahaha.

YUGE trump vs shillary first debate tonight. def pretty exciting there. i should really use the opportunity to get my rep up on TRS forum hahahaha.

just saw a jackass in the hofstra university crowd wearing a tshirt with a gorilla in red white and blue which said “HARAMBE FOR PRESIDENT” hahahahaha. or HARAMBE 2016. it defeinitely said HARAMBE hehehehe. well memed muh boy.

wonder if some TRS or related people are out there right now. pool parties.

baby steps every day. at least 1 job app a day (still need to do), and also i want to do 10-15 pushups every day.

everyones making a big deal out of fenriz being a “politician” but really he is just a SUBSTITUTE city council member and he didnt even WANT the job. literally ANYONE could have put their name in and got the job. in fact who knows if it even pays anything.

boo hoo let him have his fun, he wanted to put up a funny picture of him and his cat, why should i be a buzzkill.

i wonder if he is become a crazy old cat man!!!!!

i can appreciate cats, but dogs are better, and come on. you dont wnat to be a crazy old cat man.



may 31

so i was reading the list of the World Health Organizations Most Mandatory Medicines for All Nations To Have, and for “mood disorders” the only two meds they had were PROZAC and a TRICYCLIC. No Paxil. No anything else.

so then i thought i should persuade my doc to get me on a tricyclic. which are more old school and dangerous. it is what nick drake died taking an overdose of. but maybe they lifted him up enough to write those nice songs. and him dying is his fault because he should have followed the label.

NOT that I trust the WHO, and I put it on the same level as the IMF and UN and NATO and all those other multination one world gummint type of gloablist bankster cartels!!!

BUT I do trust dockers to have more medical knowledge than me. even that might be a bridge too far.

anyway think about giving old skool TRICYCLICS a try, but be warned they are much moar risky. but what if they work better? just gotta get yer foot in the door. of winning. and a taste of winning will build MOMENTUM. much better than even pvssy will! Because winning is so much better and more important than mere pvssy!

live life and win! as the saturday morning kids show says.

whereas “your mother” has been an effective insult for generations, I myself prefer “your WIFE” as even MORE scathing, because you ostensibly CHOOSE your wife, but you absolutely cannot choose your mother. so to call someone’s WIFE a wh0re can cut a little deeper than calling their mother a wh0re. besides, your mother jokes are often done in jest amongst friends, not meaning it seriously. “your WIFE” comments would be less acceptable here, thus more serious, more likely to instigate anger.

like “your WIFE is a horrible little Sperm Belcher. and I am the Magnificent Gentleman who plowed her 4ss while she called for your kids to watch.”

yes MG is an elliot rodger reference, he used that phrase 60000000 times in his manifesto and I thought it was really funny and catchy, and I see no reason not to coopt it myself.

NOTHING could have been done to prevent the rodger killings. he had been seeing shrinks and counsellors since age 8. and he just lied to them and ignored their advice. he never told anyone about his violent desires. if he had, then he prob would have been involuntarily committed and that would have prevented him from ever buying a gun. yep that would have prevented him. and then he would have been pumped full of drugs which would have prob stopped him from killing too.

but we are prob not seeing a breakdown in Gun Lawz.  i thought they did background checks whenever you buy a gun. what is on that background check?????

Note I am asking all this from a very pro-gun perspective. any law-abiding american that wants to buy a gun should be able to. except felons and…..violent crazies.

but would i be happy being denied a gun because I have taken an SSRI? what if I get other rx’s in the future, for example a tricyclic or a benzo? also i have 1 drunk driving misdemeanor on my record. i checked and that one certainly puts a kibosh on you buying a gun for a certain time period, which i have long ago passed!

heh. i know i had a post where i linked to the forum where a guy asked the exact same question: can I buy a gun if I have been prescribed an SSRI like prozac or paxil? and got varying answers.

anyway my point is, Rodger would have found a way. if he were denied a gun, he may have found a gun illegally, like many gun-wielding criminals do, OR he could have just gone on a stabbing spree – not like he didn’t stab 3 of his victims to death anyway! and he also wrote of kidnapping people and torturing them to death, or also running people over with his daddy’s SUV.

and Progressives whine about all this violence that wouldn’t occur if we didn’t have so many GUNS!!!!!

I thought a good way to cure this Progressive Whining would be a program that gives a gun to every (non felon) leftist as a way to prove to them that, for a responsible mature adult, which I’d hope some of Them are, a gun is nothing to be so AFRAID of.

expose them to guns to cure their GUNOPHOBIA, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

like, I know people who own guns, and I know people who are sickened by the thought of guns.

I do not own a gun (yet), but I would certainly like to get one in the future, and I believe responsible adults SHOULD be able to buy guns if they want!

just so You know where I stand on this issue, hehehehe.

also I think several gun-armed adults should be in SCHOOLS to prevent School Shootings.

“bbbbut what if THEY snap and start a skool shooting themselves? or use their guns to kill students who are just having a nongun fight? or the kill an unarmed student when there is a huge student riot?”

i’m not saying gun owners should not be TRAINED how to use those guns appropriately! for example, only use your gun if there is a school shooting or it looks like students are going to KILL each other. simple.

bbbbbut what if it turns into a stand your ground george zimmerman type thing?

uhhh then maybe suspend “stand your ground” in schools. that would be a reasonable gun control law.

another good thing is to go on amazon and buy a sweet t-shirt promoting your ethnicity, like hungary or ukraine or russia or greece or belarus or estonia or germany or poland or finland or lithuania or serb or so on.


may 26

remember how to deal with bullies?

say “f00k you, f4gg0t”, then when they come at you, be prepared to physically martial arts them down to the ground, then use a sleeper hold on them, not beating them up, but disabling them.

you can modify that to something like “go f00k yourself, cvnt”.

i might say to blatantly display the sidearm you are Openly Carrying to dissuade people from physically attacking you, but I don’t want you to get railroaded in court, get a gun felony, and then be prevented from ever carrying ever again.

i am staunchly pro-gun and believe more (legal) guns in the hands of responsible decent adults will lead to a decrease in gun violence, usually carried out by maniacs and criminals using illegal guns.

if a wimmin refuses to take your last name in marriage, she’s basically saying “i AM going to divorce you in under 10 years, take over half your wealth, use your kids against you, etc, and I want to be celebrated by you for it.”

so don’t marry her, hehehe.

again, to pick up cute young gurls, try going to a RAVE or an Electronic Music Festival / COncert / Dance Party. the gurls will all be on ecstasy and looking to Party. Take advantage of the situation. Not the gurl, hahahahahaha.

how 2 get action from gurls:

if needed, take benzos to make you not nervous when approaching gurls.

say Sup Gurl, Ima Buy You a Drank. then buy them a drink and dance with them. then say sup gurl, imma take you out to dinner.

then take her out to dinner and pay for it, and if she doesn’t at least bl0w you, MOVE ON to another gril.

and maybe she will even call you up later and beg to be banged. that is acceptable too.


simple right?

heh. i am no more misogynist than daniel tosh, who btw leftist progressive professionals think is so offensive and ignorant and the worst thing since nickelback and walmart and country music. daniel tosh is right up there for his women-hating and fat-shaming and being a big homophobic racist sexist bully. i think he’s pretty funny tho. not as funny as he thinks he is, and certainly too much of a DEGENERATE, like with his vomiting and bestiality vidyas, but at least he doesn’t apologize.

well its finally warm enough to open the windows and the neighborhood seems noisier than in years past. in particular some little kids who scream all day and dogs who bark all day.

it is at least 3 little kids under the age of 3 who just go outside and scream scream scream scream scream.

but i am not complaining, the nice weather is way better than the horrible winter!

i have got to get a career in a warmer place. texas, florida, arizona, i wouldn’t mind super hot.

why does godzilla have balls in front of his open mouth.

for example, as i sit here now, there are 3 little girls screaming all at the same time. they are about 100 feet away but they sound like they’re no more than 20 feet away!

if i were their father I would tell them to stop screaming or else…..

NOW, I used to be staunchly pro-spanking, then someone I respected said that spanking was not the ideal punishment. now i got spanked a couple of times and it never bothered me. and it’s not like you are savagely abusing your child or give them 50 lashes, I would just give them like 3 light spanks to get them to shut the hell up or stop acting like a brat and to show them who’s boss.

the expert i respect is not some left wing pvssy marxist who wants to raise empowered genderless antiracist kids, he is a rightist.

how do you discipline your kids without spanking?

well easy, i guess you just make them sit inside, away from their screaming friends, and give them a true “time out” meaning NO toys, no phones or vidya games or candy or snacks or anything.

or make them do some chores. some WORK around the house.

damn. you think the people that live even CLOSER to these screaming kids would tell their parents to control their damn kids.

#YesAllWomen Shows That Misogyny Is Everyone’s Problem

so there is this #YesAllWomen hashtag that started in response to elliott rodger killing those women and men, to point out how common “everyday misogyny” is and how we live in a patriarchal raep culture and the misogyny average guys have is the same as rodger had, just a diff in degree not in kind, bla bla bla.

Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite Argument

proof that time magazine is leftist as f00k. good job.

holy f00k. i wasted like 45 minutes reading a bunch of feminist anti-man bullcrap. to think they want you to become a feminist to be a “decent person”! hehe and that men are not entitled to sex just for believing that women do nto deserve to be raeped, hehehehe.

heh. i didn’t even know “not all men” was a “thing,” but I do remember “not all women” from several years ago. as in, not all women are like that, is what a woman-loving mangina says when he wants to point out that not all women are evil succubus wh0res!

heh. because it doesn’t matter that you’re not personally a raepist, it matters that we live in a raep culture. stop trying to make everything about YOU and what YOU are or aren’t! It doesn’t matter!

heh. this is what College turns normal women into. communist freaks, and horrible potential mothers.

hard to believe so many people read stuff like this on a daily basis and agree with it. yikes. glad that’s not me! or hopefully you!




jan 26, sunday, 3:48 pm

wowee. slept literally all day. had a fun night yesterday, dinner with frand, trip to mall to ogle high school gurls, playing vidya games and having good times and laughing and joking and clowning, petting a soft kitty heh. good times. went to christian church on saturday for once so I ‘was able to’ sleep in on sunday till like 11 am. Now I drank the TEENSIEST bti of nyquil sat night, not terribly proud of, but it happened, oh well. like less than half a proper dose. slept till 11 am, go tup, then went BACK To bed for a Sunday Nap, and NAPPED until about  3:40 pm, and here we are now. not bad uh. in midst of an Arctic Blast. might go for powerwalk, might not. who knows.

naturally a bit worried about the new job, if they’re gonna lay me off, just DO it already, i don’t want to wait 1 more day. yes at this point I officially WANT to get laid off so I can move on w my life, by trying to go back to muh old job, hehehehe. don’t even care about the HUUUGGEEE drop in pay. f00k it. don’t even care about the Loser Feels. Loser Feels are BETTER than being Worried and Stressed and Anxious all the time. Also I am trying my BEST, I have not GIVEN UP yet, which is good.

went to mall on a Sat night and saw so many qt high school gurls. at my advanced age it is hilariously clear that women are Obviously their most attractive at age 18, and that this is the IDEAL time for them to Get Married and Have Children. 18. No Later. Certainly not 30. Don’t go to college and focus on career when you’re young; when you’re young, focus on getting married and having children; and THEN you can do career when you’re OLDER.

So I am very confident in my LIfe PLan to marry an 18 year old when I am 45 or 50, and start having babies with her then, when I am financially stable and able to support a fam. and if that never happens, then I just have babies at age 50 anyway and just try my best. smart people are able to raise babies even when they are poor. and i mean good babies, that are able to fend for themselves, not live off the Fedgov, and able to have 3 children of their own some day, able to find a wife.

heh it sucks being a WEAKLING who can’t handle life,  who gives up and quits too easily, who can’t do the bare minimum of life, whose only resorts are to be taken care of by someone else, whether it is family, or gummint, or jail. and there are millions of weak losers in one of these situations. well, if you have a choice of who’s gonna take care of you, then thank GOD if it’s your FAMILY. that is the most winning of those 3 loser situations, BY FAR.

a beautiful thing I learned, was that they now sell Mt Dew Code Red in Big Cans of 24 oz. now. I was at a speedway gas station on my social saturday and felt like partying with some code red, as is my right. was planning to buy 2 20 oz bottles. that was for 3.50. then I looked up and saw 2 24 ox Big Cans for 3.00. WHOA. WHAT A DEAL. so I bought those instead. Drank one, and brought one home to save for Next Weekend. Everybody’s Working For The Weekend, hehehehe.

Gainesville Coins has a good price on silver rounds but it has a darn flat rate shipping of like 11$. Lesson: Amagi Metals is still best price for buying small amounts.

obviously if you have $1000 to spend on silver, where you can prob get the best deals, i am nto talking to you, hehehe.

6.10 pm cleared a little snow and then went for a powerwalk as the sun was going down. as of jan 26th you can still eat dinner at 5 pm and then take a powerwalk after dinner before it gets completely dark.

heh. all the people i know who get married are NOT doing what I would do re marriage, Ie wait till you the man are older, like at LEAST 40, and then marry an 18 year old (“MUCH younger”) gurl . no, they usually will be Dating a Woman around their same age, at about their same station/career level, for a few years solid, then engagement and mawwiage. very often the woman will be annoyingly career-focused and demand that her man be annoyingly career-focused as well.

imho i’d almost rather marry dumb white trash, hahaha. as long as they didn’t have kids, tattoos, or a high number, hehehe. although those are usu the defining characteristics of dumb white trash.

would LOVE to find myself a nice Country Girl or Farm Girl who is into Traditional Values, Marrying Young, and does not mind GOD and GUNS.

It is amazing how much Professional Leftists are SCARED of Guns and Gun Owners. And they seriously think Responsible Gun Owning White Proles are responsible for All Gun Violence, from Black On Black Illegally-Carried Gun Crime, to All Skool Shootings and Mall Shootings etc.  Because Normal People in Kansas Legally own a few guns and have never committed a felony with them.

heh. ok not a political blog. I just saw a post on facebook by a PhD at an Elite Institution and Shook Muh Head. And also thought of the Poor PhDs forced into Part Time Jobs at Insanely Unelite Institutions, ie, forced to teach English 101 to Gun-Owning Prole Students who have no interest, and rightfully so, in fancy pants marxist activist poets. good riddance.


Gucci Marxists who drive Daddy’s BMW and prattle on about Social Justice and Race and Class and Sex and Oppression and Intersectionality and Postmodernism, hehehe. to steal the term “Gucci Marxist” from a fav polit commentator of mine.




English: World production forecast Made by Khe...
English: World production forecast Made by Khebab of The Oil Drum According to right hand column of the cited page.Kgrr 08:24, 12 July 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

tues dec 3

WELP 625 pm instead of going to bed at 6pm, i was gonna stay up till 9 or so and do some homework, but need to install a huge update, take at least 30 mins here.

took a powernap after underwork, felt good.

if you’re kinda looking for new stuff to listen to, look for the stuff your favorite people like. when they drop names of stuff they like.

still looking for a good Jobs Report Truther. Where are the REAL Full Time Job Openings, REALLY? What fields, what job titles, what training. BLS does not match up with indeed. indeed is all part time and temp jobs. BLS and indeed do not match what is said in the Media. The Media is Pure Lies. I want complete and accurate information on Jobs, month to month, so muh children know what to major in and be able to get a decent enough job to live and have kids of their own. doesn’t have to be fancy. just live somewhere safe, without degenerates, afford health care, afford to save, be able to stay at the job for 30 years.

does not need to be a LUXURIOUS life, just needs to be safe and dignified. So you live in a multi-family home with your Friend Family, or your Cousins, and then you don’t Owe $1 million. sounds like a good deal to me.

Like I discovered this writer James Howard Kunstler who talks alot about “Peak Oil” and is very anti-sububs and urban sprawl, and all about Right Sizing COmmunities, and what to do when Gas costs $20 a gallon and you can’t afford to Drive To Work anymore, it costs more to DRIVE to work than you MAKE at work, you can’t afford to buy FOOD anymore, you have to grow your own food, live close to work, buy gold hehehehe. I am all about that gloom and doom collapse happening stuff because….it really seems like it’s coming. standard of living for this generation is less than it was for previous generation. Maybe that’s just a BLIP, but that BLIP is OUR LIVES.  Yeah I thought the US had huge oil reserves that could keep us well oiled for the next 50 years, the rest of my life hahahaha and that’s all that matters hahahaha, like the greedy Baby Boomers who couldn’t care less about how The Next Generation Lives. Well I care about how at least the next TWO generations will live. My Children and My Children’s Children. I do not want them living in a third world country.

so yeah politically, those are the right wing things I am interested in, hahahahaha.

and let me put in a plug for Responsible Gun Ownership. Learn how to use/shoot a gun and buy one while you’re still allowed to. But not if you’re Suicidal or Homocidal, obviously. definitely become more pro-gun in muh old age. you will feel better proving to yourself than guns are nothing to be AFRAID of. How about degenerate, savage, desperate, drug-addled thugs wieliding outrageously-illegal guns? you think THEY’RE afraid of guns?

Note: I have been pretty pro-gun since about 2011 but I have not actually bought a gun yet, which is a sad statement of muh laziness.

WARNING: Many of You, and possibly myself, may be prone to bouts of Crippling Depression (Morally Lazy Loserness) sometimes, which is scientifically proven to be associated with Suicide, Suicidal Ideation, etc, and so it may be risky to have a GUN around on those Dark Days. IDEALLY, you would cure yourself of all Depression before buying GUNZ. But, to rebut, a person can K themselves with just about anything, nongun items you already have in one’s house right now.

Warning: I think I am a product of My Age in some ways, I mean that the young 18 year old College Kids are a little BETTER than they were 10 years ago, there’s even been positive noticeable change in that short time. kids might be measureably less marxist and faggy than when I was College Age, thus happier, more productive, less lazy, less faggy, less virgin or neetish.

OK I promised not to get TOO political. But you HAVE to tolerate a little bit!


SIMPLY PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT, then use the arrow keys and pg up and pg down to your hearts content.

I was trying to select a HUGE amount of text from a HUGER document, and cut and paste it to a new separate document, and using the mouse to select it was HORRIBLE: holding down left button, dragging up, as the selection SLOWWWWLY scrolled up, and if your finger slips, you’re DONE. YES. JUST HOLD SHIFT. LIKE A BAUSSSSS. PWNT.. NINJA. 18 YO QT GURL, BEND OVER FOR MUH D.

YOU CAN EVEN DO THIS IN GOOGLE DOCS, which is where I do ALL muh typing now by the way. no more google gmail drafts.

GOOGLE DOCS is GOOD ENOUGH to get you a Full Time Living Wage Lower Middle Working Class Job. It did for me, heheheheh!!!!

SHIFT = SELECT. just hold it down. watch the ridiculous easy control you can get with the arrow keys, and pg up & pg down. GOOD GOD.

THAT’S WHY I GET PAID $9 AN HOUR, hahahahahahahahahaha.

whenever you pwn something at underwork and you help your coworkers and they say Thank You and are slightly impressed at your Pwnage, just say that. THAT’S WHY I MAKE $9 AN HOUR.

Hey there’s another great t-shirt! (title)

James Howard Kunstler and paintings
James Howard Kunstler and paintings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



849 pm wed sept 4 2013

well, shoulda been lights out 1 hour and 49 minutes ago, i am gonna pay for this tomorrow!

but the time was spent constructively, googling
“how to live in a van”

nice stuff there.

the HuffPo and Willamette Weekly articles both forgot to Check Their Marxist Privilege, hahahaha, You’d think they would take the Egalitarian, Antiplutocratic Ethos of Vandwelling more seriously, rather than some Hipster Experiment.

then remembered PROF STEVE ILARDI said something about laptop puters being blueshifted or being Too Bright, even more than Television Screens, so looking at your Laptop at night will hurt your sleep. So you can download a PRogram than Redshifts it, and makes it easier on your eyes, and hopefully gives you better sleep. I quickly found this program called f.lux which installed in 2 seconds, detects what time it is where you are, and automatically shifts the red up depending how much past sunset it is. Since I had sunset about 50 minutes ago, it went pretty quickly into the red.

not bad, really quite neat actually, I recommend it. unless it is spyware telling the nsa that I have cp on my computere or sommat, hahahaha. but they seem like open source hippies.

thurs pm

The redshift Seemed immediately easier on the eyes. Not Bad!

* Protip: Experiment with Fun Computer Programs like that. Also see Linux. Wouldn’t mind becoming a Linux Professional one day, especially if it resulted in a Sweet Fulltime Job with Benefits Like Your Parents could get the day they Graduated High School.

Of course, arguments between Linux Geeks are real stupid. But at least these Wizard Virgins have compelling enough hobbies to a. make them employable b. distract them from being wizard virgins.

Plus I swear it (all linuxes) run faster and better than windows, hahahaha.

I’m just happy if it doesn’t crash every 5 minutes like my old computer. but that was because of a BAD MOTHERBOARD. Protip: if your computer crashes every 5 minutes, and you’ve tried linux and windows, and reinstalled windows, reformatted hard drive, then it’s probably a BAD MOTHERBOARD.

Now pay me $9.

YEPPERS, It all boils down to: do you want to GROW UP, have a Good Work Ethic, do you WANT to WORK, will you just GROW UP and be an ADULT, take RESPONSIBILITY, take PRIDE in your WORK, stop SCREWING AROUND, have some AMBITION, have some DIRECTION, want to BE something, stop screwing around, too OLD to be acting this way, take something SERIOUSLY, pay your DUES, go to SKOOL and get TRAINED in a SKILL so you can make a LIVING, really UNDERSTAND the value of a DOLLAR, WORK for your money, not have everything HANDED to you like a Trust Fund Baby or a Welfare Queen. Jesuschrist you’re 26 years old already, you’re THIRTY years old already, the man’s 40 years old and never had a substantial JOB, you can totes see the theme I am Developing here.

“SOMF” = Sit On Muh Face. Oh Yeah that 18YOQT can TOTES SOMF. She can Somf too, ok, she can somf too, she’s 18, prob wouldn’t be able to somf in 10 years, but she’s 18, so what the hey, all 18yos can somf.

Heh. Just get COMFORTABLE with the LIE that you “HAVE ABOUT ONE YEAR TO GO on Muh CompSci / ElecEngin degree.”

Because you’re looked at as a Leper by Respectable Society if you say you’re Taking A Break From College. NonBurnouts see you as a Trashy Burnout. Lump you in with the JUGGALOS. Not that it MATTERS what people think, however it DOES matter when Most of your Acquaintances are WINNERS vs most of your acquaintances are Drugged Up Burnout JUGGALOS. COME ON.

So just LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, and LIE some more.

It’s fine because it’s not REALLY an important thing to lie about, like oh yeah honey I LOVE you or YES the baby’s yours, etc. It’s just small talk on something stupid that’s really none of those stupid son of a bitches business anyway. So Just LIE about it.

like the guy who wrote the wilamette weekly article about Why I Am Going To Live in a Van. He starts the article with how he was a loser, working at the coffeeshop after Graduation, sees his Successful peers passing him by, he stops being the “charismatic quaint underemployed young at heart dude” to being “the sad bitter pathetic too old for this useless degree service industry lifer”, and so he decided to quit his deadend job and go live in a van in portland.

and then there was a comment: oh i bet the author’s parents are real proud of their son, they paid for his college so he can be a huge loser, if he were a responsible person and paid for his own college and took out huge loans like responsible people, then he wouldn’t be screwing around in this screwoff job, he’d have to get a PROPER job FAST to start paying off his huge loan, not be paid to Navel Gaze About The Meaning Of It All, Maaaaaaan.

Responsible Adults don’t have that LUXURY!

But lemme make clear that I’m prob MORE on the author (Pete’s) side than against.  Although his Naivete and Privilege is a bit embarrassing. I could tell a similar story, but I WOULDN’T, because it’s like laying a weakass hand out on the table, so you better fold instead.

I’m kinda telling that LAME, STUPID, WEAK story right NOW, only I would NEVER tell it under my REAL NAME like he has, never as a Paid Writer For A Hip Weekly in a Hip City. But on a Free Anonymous WordPress Blog, sure!

heh. monday. sept 9 2013. moody monday. gonna have to start going on Longer Powerwalks. almost ridiculous how much time i have been spending In Bed (NOT with 18yoqt’s,  god that is starting to get annyoing and frustrating, have been Praying to You Know Who to Protect Me From: Lust, Anger, Hatred, Fear, Despair. Please help me not lose my mind over the 90000000 young girls I see all day, give me strength, protect me, have mercy on me, help me, help me to think no negative thoughts, be they anger, or hate, or pessimism, or lust, or despair, so many different kinds of negative thoughts!

Rearranging the NEtflix Queue is a good distraction. Job Search related stuff is NOT. Skool related is NOT. Young Girls is NOT. Breaking Bad IS.

Great Episode last night (Cliffhanger of huge shootout in the desert between DEA and the Nazis, no clue of who lives or dies other than Walt will live until the last episode. Jesse prob won’t die but he could. I really don’t want Hank to die but it’s not hopeful for him, he is the one most likely to die. Actually Gomez is even more likely and I don’t want him to die either.

I would like to believe that Vince Gilligan is more Morally Mature than most Hollywood Filth Peddlers and  even if the ending is ugly and Innocent People Die, also that Walt will somehow be punished for his own evil deeds. Getting Away Scot Free would be the Edgy Postmodern Postmoral solution, and even though BB/VG Plays with and frustrates the audience, I HOPE THAT is not his endgame. That would be wayyyy too SWPL and Marxist.

*Go On Longer Powerwalks. that is the only good thing I can come up with today. I am toying with the idea of walking next to the Roaring Major Road for 10 minutes just so I can extend my Powerwalk by 10 minutes. It will still be an 80% quiet peaceful walk.

So I am in the unique position of seeing 900000000000 18 year old girls a day. this is not normal. most men my age are “lucky” to see ONE 18yoqt per day. heh. so this is the unique cross I have to bear, hehehehe. but the lord wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. just a problem with a solution, and the solution is, call on the lord to help you contain your lust, that will naturally be stoked by seeing 10000000000000 qts every day, there would be a problem if you DIDN’T get aroused.  but to deal with the opposite problme of too much, you call upon your lord. The ROCK.

tuesday. mental impairment. cognitive impairment. bad decision making. Learning Difficulties. Hard To Learn. Hard To Think. Hard to Get good Grades and get into HYPSM. Moral Lazy Loserness can make Smart People DUMB. Just like it feels like your arms and legs weigh 900000 pounds and you can’t physically move, your brain feels the same way, you can’t Think, you can’t be Creative, you get intellectually lazy and only search for the quickest and easiest answer, you don’t like to think and learn, skool and college becomes impossible and you hate it.

think of the Inventive Spirit. some tv show showed An Inventor who was totally obsessed with Working to Put His New Technological Ideas into Action, he couldn’t think of anything else, and of course he won a Macarthur Genius Fellowship. We certainly don’t have that problem!!!

Or Motivated Students who Hit The Books with Passion and Intensity, vs Lazy Stupid Amerifats who can’t wait to get out of skool so they can watch TV and play vidya and become failures, because Thinking Is Too Hard and Not Fun.

You know which one is the better choice, it’s obvious, that doesn’t take a lot of Hard Difficult Thought!

But what? It’s so hard to Do the Mental Heavy Lifting without the Carrot Dangling in front of you? The 18YOQTs and the Good Lower Middle Class Fulltime Job Dangling in Front of you to make Taking Out An Unforgiveable Mortgage and spending 10000 hours of Mental Heavy Lifting Worth It????

Heh. yeah, Kinda, that’s what indeed.

Good News: I’m not sure that having a Three-Way with two 18yoqts could be considered decadent or perverted, as long as you’re not doing anything perverted within that three-way. IE any of the disgusting stuff you see in Porn.

OK here’s a good protip, thought as I was sitting in the car waiting to Start Underwork, Superearly in the morning: I am a big fan of Anger. I am sick and angry of people who say Anger Is A Bad Thing.

But you need to take a look at every instance of anger you Feeeeel and say, is THIS anger HELPING me?  and if not, then eradicate THAT anger. But not EVERY Anger! Just the anger that can’t help you directly.

Example: getting angry at annoying obnoxious stupid rude subhuman animalpeople. YES they’re annoying and awful, so your anger is NOT misplaced….however, you being angry at them does not HELP YOU. So Drop It.

If you HAVE TO see Too Many Young Cute Teen Girls every day, then simply call on God to Protect and Help you, and make an effort not to look at ALL the girls. Try to IGNORE them. You don’t have to look at EVERY Girl and think Perverted Thoughts about Every Single One. Think about yourself having a Nonperverted Threeway with your Two Favorite ones, if you HAVE to think of SOMETHING. Nonperverted = no roughness, no fetishes, no Gaping, no slobbering, no “money shots”, no bukkake, no stretching, no BDSM, no S&M, nothing Pornographic! Porn == Perversion!!! You know what those Perverted Lords Of Lies (tm Roissy/Heartiste) have come up with now? “Prolapse Party”!!! I don’t need to confirm that one for you! And they’re just gonna continue down that path.

If Men and Women can be so different, is it really so inconceivable that two races can be so different? Yeah there probably is a Large “Environmental Component”, but IMHO there’s a Large Genetic Component as well (50/50), AND, more importantly,

we have to LIVE with those differences. It’s not gonna benefit our own lives one damn bit to say WHY are there these differences. (It MIGHT benefit our children, but probably NOT!) ( AND, More importantly, in order to Live to HAVE children, you need to Benefit Yourself FIRST, by getting a good job, making money, and being successful! A Winner not a loser!!)

So don’t let Women (or Girly Men!!) give you stress about being a Little Racist or a Little Sexist. On the other hand, don’t get a Swastika tattoo on your Face (or Neck!) Because that’s just Trashy. RISE ABOVE THE TRASH AND FILTH OF LIFE.

I was just thinking, Men are way less STRESSFUL than Women; you will have a much more PEACEFUL life the more you remove Women from your life. Women Are No Fun. Stressful, Not Chill, make you Worry, and FOR WHAT?? FOR WHAT?? IS IT WORTH IT???

(This mainly applies to 18yoqt’s. If you have NonQTs that you are Platonic Friends with, I guess that’s ok. Or your Mom or female relative .

My new Pray’N’Ignore Plan isn’t working out too well. So don’t give up on it!!

* Useful Protip: If you stop and think of the last time you had some Delicious Chinese or Thai Comfort Food, and you can’t really remember, it’s been at LEAST a month, then by god, you have a new Priority #1. That is part of your Prescription For Curing Whatever this Satanic, Unholy, Nihilistic Soul Disease is.

Warning: Eat delicious Chinese and Thai Comfort Food TOO often and you WILL turn into a Fat Sack O’ Sh1t.

Amerilard. Amerifat. Don’t Be That.

But don’t FORGET to eat it ever, either. You know what I’m thinking!!

Heh. ROTATE your comfort foods. For example, if you eat too much PIZZA, then you forget to eat Thai, and then you’re getting Fat off pizza alone, and not even enjoying it as much, as if you had some delicious Thai in there.

Or some good ol Fashioned General TSow’s Chicken. Yum!

* Every Day, every hour you are at your Underjob, IS a RESUME BUILDER. You just need to think and write creatively about it. 5 hours at your underjob making minimum wage? 5 Solid Gold Resume Building Bullet Points. Whaddya mean Not Really?? Yes really. Simply BS Better. Bullsh1t Better. It’s ALL Bullsh1t. And it would be great to be making a Living Wage for your Bullsh1t. Maybe even Upper Working Class. Maybe even Lower Middle Class. MAYBE EVEN Upper Lower Middle Class!!!!!!!!!1

I like Spongebob and I like Regular Show, but this new show “Uncle Grandpa,” by god is that retarded as f00k. That is so stupid it WILL poison your mind. Not even funny.

Possible Netflix Hack: Put discs (disc mailing plan) that have a “SHORT WAIT” at the VERY TOP (#1) of your queue. Odds are, Netflix will mail you an EXTRA “courtesy disc” because your local warehouse is not as likely to have these discs. Not sure if this works for “long wait”. I think then, you just wait. But with Short Wait, both you and netflix are gambling, and sometimes you win. Not sure if you should do this ALL THE TIME. (There’s not that many “Short Wait” discs out there!) But Half The Time? Sure!

* The Slim Playstation 2 is HORRIBLE at playing DVDs. A Cheap $20 Walmart DVD player will play DVDs the Ps2 can’t even recognize. Heh. At least with my instances of these models.

Join the Army. Just do it already. chances are, when you score high on the standardized test, they will put you somewhere where you won’t be killed. And know that less than 50% of military enlisters are killed or even wounded anyway!

Unless you’re so angry and your mind so clouded that you underperform on the IQ test, so you look like idiot cannon fodder. Then prob your chances of getting killed increase. OOPS. well, if you get killed by terrists then you get remembered as A Hero, and you won’t go to Hell like if you Killed Yourself!

Hilarious Story Idea: Suicidal Religiouses who are too afraid of Going To Hell to Kill Themselves, so they “unconsciously” go to ridiculous lengths to get other things or people to kill them, kinda like “Death By Cop,” but getting hilariously creative with it.

Pay Me $9 For That Idea!

However it might explain why so many Drug Addicts and Alcoholics and Compulsive Types do the Self Destructive things they do! They don’t want to directly kill themselves, for whatever reason, so they INDIRECTLY kill themselves.

132pm  not as busy in terms of quantity, but quality of idiots is starting to wear me down, plus I am on an Energy Trough and can’t Deal as Effectively, plus loud noisy animals in the vicinity, creating a nonpeaceful setting. SERENITY NOW! PLEASE LORD HAVE MERCY! GIVE ME STRENGTH! PROTECT ME! JESUS AND MARY! and the 18 year old gurls continue unabated.

This is all part of the Karmic Debt I’m paying, so I can’t complain. I spent X years acting stupid, so now I’m gonna get X years of Punishment right back, it is right and just.

x = ?

At least 8 years Wasted, at most, 13. So what age does My Karmic Debt Paying end? At earliest, 34; At latest, 39. approximately.  Well that’s not so bad, can probably have a Useless Masters Degree completed and paid for by then! Berspankme University Online Masters Of Management Information Systems or Bust!

wed 9 11

yep 911 was 12 years ago. That was right about the time I (narciss) starting going off The Right Path.

Woke up at 3 am in the midst of a dream about a girl I hadn’t seen in 8 years. she was REAL cute, doesn’t take much effort to get REAL perverted there, lord she could have SOMF ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I never took action with her because she had a Boifran at the time, funny enough, a kinda soft pasty niceguy, that if he hadn’t had the real elite career ahead of him that he did, normally could never pull a girl that cute. Girl was bubbly and flirtatious even to me, gave me the thought that I could steal her if I tried, but I didn’t. Wouldn’t cross that line at the time, now I would.

Sucks to think of long gone people and times, however, there was never any Pain associated specifically with HER. so that was good. The thought of her SOMF may lift my mood thru the Long Day, hahahaha.

SOMF, I don’t think, is necessarily perverted, or TOO perverted. Just be careful. Cause it can GET perverted real quickly. Especially when the girl is THAT young and cute!

She wasn’t even 18, thank god, she was like 21, and STILL SMOKIN. College Girl, hahahahaha.

* if you really screw something up at underwork, because it was complicated, and you were flustered, and you can’t be everywhere at once, and you felt angry and horrible after, well then…… ask yourself what you could have done to make that situation a Win instead of a Fail….and THEN PRETEND YOU DID! because it’s not worth getting upset over.

* THEN: I was watching the Local TV News Daily Job Advice Segment, and today they talked about how you should “Speak In Stories”, and make everything a Story. Now they didn’t explain that fully but they didn’t need to, I got enough out of it. Basically speak in full sentences and tell brief but purposeful stories of how you achieved something specific. SO, write out a one-paragraph STORY of how you Pwned that Stressful Work Situation, then memorize that story and practice telling it in front of a mirror.

Basically, you can make stories even when you think you can’t. And you can turn bad things into good things, even if you’re just hypothetically saying what you COULD do. But make it sound like you Already Did that. And That is exactly the kind of lying you can get away with.  Pretend you did the good thing. And maybe you might get the chance to actually DO the good thing in the future, and then you WON’T be lying. Win Win.

Or just move to North Dakota, where you don’t have to have a Masters Degree to Get An Entry Level Fulltime Upper Working Class Job, you just have to have a PULSE and not show up DRUNK.

It probably doesn’t even HAVE to be an Oil Job, it can be a job in the booming Bakken/Williston area. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Moar Health Care / Physical Therapist / Medical Assitant jobs in that area too, from all the oilmen falling off oil rigs and breaking their backs immediately, or breaking their backs gradually over the 100 hour weeks of Hard Work, hehehehe.

if they ask you why you were underemployed before, tell them because you don’t have a masters degree and you don’t interview well, hahahaha. you get nervous in interviews. that’s why.

* If you haven’t had Ice Cream in a while, go to the store and get some SMORES Ice Cream. It is Delicious and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Smores flavor. Warning: eat too much and you WILL turn into an amerifat.

* don’t have kids, don’t get married, live in a van, save your money, invest in gold and guns, maybe try a Roth IRA, MAYBE.

take care and RISE ABOVE perversion and despair with the help of the LORD.


* Being MASCULINE generally correlates and probably CAUSES Being a WINNER. Stuff like Lifting Weights and Being Assertive will def make you more Healthy. Heck try being AGGRESSIVE while you’re at it. Aggressively go after what you want, short of criminal activity. Or Stalking. It’s not worth it to pursue WIMMIN THAT Aggressively. I’m talking about Jobs and Your Own Personal Stuff. Entrepreneurship. But NOT Wimmin. Well, you can pursue them Assertively I guess. Masculinely.

* Try going to the SHOOTING RANGE and Shooting a GUN if you never have before. Especially if you are a Fedora Atheist Neckbeard who thinks All Guns Are Evil and Should Be Banned By Barry. However don’t shoot guns irresponsibly. Respect their Deadly Power. If you find yourself acting like a Psychopath/Sociopath, uh….. then YOU NEED THERAPY hahahahahaha.

* It is better to be a “MANLET” than a Equally Short Fat Chubby Neckbeard. Heh. I just discovered the Term “MANLET” on 4chan and Bodybuilding Forums Misc, it means a Short Man with a Napoleon Complex who overcompensates by getting very muscular…but nothing changes the fact that he’s still 5’6″. There is a Happy Medium Sweet Spot here. Excessive Muscles don’t look great on Really Short guys, however if you’re Really Short you can’t really change that, nor should you want to. So just work out and be thin and trim and toned but not RIPPED per se. That will be MORE than good enough, plus you will PROB still be able to pull Attractive Wimmin even if you’re short, but you have the Chest and Abs of Fagan Fagling. Plus you won’t be that Big Of A Fag, so good for you!

* If someone, usually a Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag, sez You’re like a Playground Grade Skool BULLY because of you calling everyone Fags, and this only shows your own INSECURITY, then tell them THEY’RE an Insecure Fag who eats Bags Of D’s every day and WISHES they could be as SECURE and MASCULINE as you.

When people call other people INSECURE, they’re just PROJECTING their OWN Insecurity!

* If you’ve given an honest effort to calling everything and everybody a “FAG” and it just doesn’t do it for you, then you don’t HAVE to. At least you tried. But if you’re too SCARED to say “fag” just because of what some FAG would THINK of you, then it can be very LIBERATING to start saying Fag. Because think about it. Who has the biggest problem with the word “Fag”? Yes, Yes, that’s right! NOW you’re getting it!

* Your Mileage May Vary on this one, but Try making FLASHCARDS of Awesome Facts about yourself. Like I am a Good Guy Greg, I am a very Ethical and Moral person; When I do work, I work really hard; I am good at doing really nice thoughtful things for people and making them feel appreciated; I am a Hard Worker; I have the power to Pull Myself Up out of this; I Am Entitled to A Nice Attractive Waifu who I both enjoy spending time with AND Am Attracted To; I Will do Over 9000 Pushups a Day; I will get 1 hour of Sunlight a Day; I will get 8 hours of Sleep a day; I will not drink coffee after 12 noon; etc etc etc. Then flip through the flashcards in the morning and throughout the day. Then read the flaschcards onto an mp3 and listen to you saying those awesome things about yourself throughout the day. 578 words.

*Game / PUA / Tactic: Though Treating Women Like Meat IS Decadent and Perverted and You’re Better than that, even though They LIKE Being Treated like Meat, I recall I said I would allow Men to do One Decadent Sex Act a Month with Harlotz. Anyway the Pick Up Line to use is, “DON’T BE A RACIST! YOU’RE A RACIST!” this is very similar to my other patented line, “DON’T HATE! DON’T BE A HATER!” The KEY for All Pick Up Lines, of COURSE, is to say them with an Alpha SMIRK. MASCULINE ALPHA SMIRK. Wimmin are so scared of Haters and Rayciss, that when you call them one in this Playful, Smirking, Masculine, Teasing Way, they get all tingly. Try It Out. But no more than once a month. There are MUCH more important things in life than Getting Your D Wet.

* But don’t fantasize about your One Decadent Sexual Release Per Month too much right now, you have much more important things to worry about, like getting a Fulltime JOB. Not Parttime Jobs. Once you get a Fulltime Job, it will be SO EASY to Pull Attractive Wimmin that your biggest challenge will be turning them DOWN because to Bang more than once a month would be Decadent, Perverted, Shameful, and WEAK. Getting A Fulltime Job Will Magically Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life And Change You From Being A Lazy Loser Into A Masculine Winner.

* If some Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag gives you sh1t about being SARCASTIC, tell them to Suck your D. 835 wds.

* “Interview Dos and Donts for Job Seekers OVER 80.” I can’t wait till I see articles like that. I saw one today where it was “over 65”, and I can’t wait till that number is 80. If you’re looking for a new job and you’re over EIGHTY, don’t tell them in the interview that you wouldn’t mind working this job till you Retire. You don’t want them to think you just want to Coast By during the Twilight Years of your working life. Faggots. There are some good tips out there in these job search articles, but they’re written by faggots in a faggy tone. I will translate these articles for you so you can take the good stuff from them without wanting to punch the author in the face. I will Defaggify them for both of ours’ benefit.