setp 21 sunday

yep just drinking coffee, watching sunday news, waiting to poop and go to church and skip out there early and make a few talking files and do a scenic drive. nice.

then come home and take a nap.

then take a powerwalk and go to bed early, hehehehe.

7 pm. go to bed. get tonnes of sleep. be ready for tommorow. maybe make some cigarets. bought a new “house blend” of tobacco. the employee said it was bette than the other stuff. he would.

hehehe. i can’t believe it was just labor day. like 3 weeks ago. need another vacation day already. hehehe. but i do have a few hours off on wed morning following a fun concert this tuesday night, well it should be fun at least.

and then the saturday after that, i have staurday off for a wedding. not that that will be restful. it should be fun. but i have to prepare a decent speech too. yikes. never had to do this before.

urg gotta get out of bed and get ready for church. church should be more inspiring and relevant. so i should make it so, hehehehe. or at least participate in the band or choir.

gotta go. no choice. hands are tied.

later sunday

came back. took nap. it was nice. 5.47pm now. touching up settlers village. ate dinner. gotta go for powerwalk and hopefully make some cigarettes.  read muh pat buchanan book hahahaha. defeat the left.

yep i would be ok with multicultural diversity as long as it was limited, and all the immigrants were respectable, law abiding rightists. i think. if more people were rightists the world would be a better place.

the top o matic cigarette maker is about 40 bucks. but it is a lot sturdier than my premier maker. if (when!) that one breaks i will just splurge and get a top o matic.

yep hoodie weather, football waether etc. good time of year for a qt. but then you get roped in for the holidays.

the PEAK of the PRIME of youth is 18. The Prime of Youth is 18 thru 22, and the PEAK of that prime tends towards the beginning of that prime, as you can see. 18. it’s all downhill from there, baby. just give her ten years. heck, give her one year, bwa ha ha ha.

that’s right, 18 year old gurls are hawtter than 19 year old gurls, i said it.

not by a huge factor, but by a little factor.

i am sure i could still fall in luv with a 22 year old gurl if she were purty and nice! I’d be open to intimacy there.

but as i say, not too concerned about that now, just concerned with surviving day to day on the job. i might have to start smoking medical herbz to unwind at the end of a long, stressful, mentally challenging day.

thurs sept 25 2041

day off. nice. beautiful day. gotta do a long powerwalk. just doing my laundry right now and enjoying internet. saw a very very good concert recently that i am glad i took a half day the next day, and the concert was great, top 5 material for sure, maybe top 3. have seen two very very good concerts this year that have been both ridiculously good and solid and getting me back into those Artists and the parts of their catalogs i have missed.

probably shouldn’t say who the concert was, but he is a bit of a living legend for the past 20 years and i have been wanting to see him for years but he rarely plays in my area, till now. but this guy is great, love this guy, this totally brought him back for me. deep respect, mad luv.

today. get stuff out of laundry, cut grass, go to bathroom, go grocery shopping, get gas, long 100 minute powerwalk if at all possible.

already almost 2 pm and i have done nothing! perfect day off. but gotta get outside and do shopping before traffice starts.

back. i have been debating whether or not i should try to court my female friend even though I also moaned about there not being a “spark” as with gurls 1 thru 8.  and i have hemmed and hawed and shoegazed and navelgazed and ceilinggazed about that for months. but as i stalk her on facebook it looks like she has started something with some guy for the past 2 months or so. she is a very nice decent good person but is also very secretive about this sort of thing. of course just recently i was thinking, i hope she’s not in luv with me because i’m not in luv with her THAT WAY, she should be able to find a good man, why can’t she just do that. well i guess she has. so how do i feeeeeeeeel about that? not 100% awesome, as recently i have been warming up to the idea of marrying her and having babies with her and trying to become more attracted to her. and i might have finally succeeding in warming up the engine, and now it’s just too late.

well, the good news is, i can just let the engine cool down, and things will be back to Status Quo, and it’s not like i’m in Raging Luv with her anyway, but i do greatly like and respect her as a person, and obviously i don’t like and respect women all the time, hahahaha.

but life goes on, heck just a few weeks ago i was saying that the idea of sechs and making out with her would “JUST BE WEIRD”, and maybe recently i was trying to push myself to try to not find it so weird, when really she has been going out with some secret guy the whole while! heh. hope she does not think i am secretly in luv with HER and that is making her not tell me!

but yeah it’s just ironic. i thought i had made some headway finally in Pushing Myself to Think and Feel about her in a Different Light, only to find out about all this!

But again, not the end of the world like it was with gurls 1 thru 8. or, more accurately, Women 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Women 5 and 8 were definitely on a lesser Tier of Heartbreak, as in, not really at all.