jan 21

so yeah ive definitely made good progress in getting over That Woman relative to the posts that are publishing now, which i wrote in like june 2016 hehehe. i was still pretty butthurt one year out. one and a HALF years out, doing a lot better.

which is not surpirsing. ive always said, these type of things take MORE THAN A YEAR to get over. youre looking at 1.5 to two years MINIMUM. so adjust your damn expectations. move the goalposts hahahahahaha.


in other words, its better to WANT to have a sense of humor, than to not have a sense of humor at all.

i totally appreciate the value of a sense of humor. even though i am not very funny, i am still miles ahead of those humorless assholes. j marxist antiwhites hahahaha.


andrew joyce, never heard of this guy until a few months ago when spencer mentioned him, i mean i haven’t really followed spencer til recently either. anyway the more phds we can get on our side, the better.


oh gawd

this woman SHOULD vote for trump because shes white, rural, working class, but she converted from right to left nao because her working class conservative white family fell apart due to drugs and alcohol and white people might seem nice sometimes but deep down they’re scary abusive monsters, and just like your abusive white husband beat you, this is how whites feel about nonwhites and women, which you are, so join the womens march hahahaha.

those mean vile small minded people. like her white male customers who say degrading things about women and have confederate flags. oh god this article is so poorly written and patronizing but i dont think it wants to be patronizing, its just like a 20 year old gurl wrote it, rambles on for pages introducing the story, its shitty writing.

ok its a cucky white male phaggot mccoy who writes on Social Justice ISsues for WaPo. barffffffffff

white boys should NEVER grow up to do this for a career. thing is he’s in the top 10% of success for journalists. good paying full time job at one of the biggest papers. most shitlib journalists do this shit for free while they work at starbucks hahahaha.

anyway i can probably get over my disappointment with the enoch thing, i wont say bad shit about him, he’s done a lot of good, and he will probably continue to do more good.

well did my saturday weigh in and was at the lowest weight ever. much closer to muh goal than i thought i was.

‏@BillKristol tweetz
I’ll be unembarrassedly old-fashioned here: It is profoundly depressing and vulgar to hear an American president proclaim “America First.”

this isnt even a joke. jooish neocohen writes jooiest nocohenest cuckiest tweet ever. whats depressing and vulgar about it schlomo?


oh sorry i didnt realize it was a reference to an antisemitic organization in the 30s heheheheheheh. well even better then. charles lindbergh is MAH N199A. GREAT goy there. actually im embarrassed i never heard of this.

so i’m sure trvmp wasnt referring to THAT. unless he was DOGWHISTLING again. i hope he was!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah i really should have heard of this org, i thought i was better at history and pro-hwyte history than that hahahaha. but i am super lazy.

sorry i wasnt educated enough to view it as a DEPLORABLE RACIST DOGWHISTLE. well now i like it EVEN MORE.

i could message THAT WOMAN and be like get me some MJ. that is all. i will have nothing to do with you. i’m just using you as a drvg dealer hahahaha. i dont give a shit how you and your family are doing. bring me the MJ, get fooked hard by me, then leave. I dont even remember your name.

i mean the plain fact was i DO/did care about how her and her family are doing! i DIDNT view her as a piece of meat.

but yeah i do want some MJ. yes i KNOW its degen. which is why if i had an influential podcast, i’d keep it in the closet.

but i flaunt it HERE? i mean i have two conflicting identities: the neet and the VVN. which one does MJ go more with?

so i cant have my cake and eat it too. I can’t denounce neetism, and encourage us to become hwyte hwarriors, and also proclaim that MJ is OK.  I Understand This Totally.

but its a way better vice than Pornography hahahahaha. or video games. or being a fat slob. or technically alcohol. although alcohol is the hwyter vice. but im a special snowflake because i already HAD an alcohol problem and vowed to never drink again until I am making 30k a year and have a nice whyte GF, prob never happen hahahaha.


i know i dont like women but i do kinda like emily youkkkkkkkkkis, i hadnt listened to her moonman rap till today. she uses eminem “my name is” which is an ok song regardless for degen google noise hahaha. i almost forgot about moonman. i think he fits very well with where emily is now going. also she makes moonman more than just h8ing n3gr0s, she brings in tons of very welcome anti-J-ism and such hhehehe.


some funny stuff on this site, it seems generally alt rightish hehehehe.

emily gives a very uplifting story here

this sounds like a great new show. made by azzmador and ken, both of whom already have great creeeeedentials, great to get them together, and guess who they have on for their second episode. download this one goys.

ken used to do intersectional alt right which used to be on trs but i dont think it is anymore. either he pulled it or they shitcanned him because he wasn’t cupping mikes balls unquestioningly hahahahaha. he is a regular guest on fatherland which is where i first heard him. very good charismatic communicator.

anglin comes right out and gives his take on the enoch situation, and i didn’t expect to agree with him so much, and i was pleasantly surpirsed that he didnt treat enoch with kid gloves. i dont hate enoch, but just understand we are disappointed and let us be disappointed. other trs “leaders” should be a little disappointed to. i dont want to throw mike in the oven, i am very willing to listen to him in the future, but just let us be disappointed, and you should be a little more disappointed too. not pretend like nothing happened.

but all three of these guys are amazing. i first heard azzmador sometime in 2016, not sure where. either a talk he did with anglin or grandpa lampshade. (GL is also good.)

azzmador i think is Doxxed, he’ll tell you his real name. i forgot what it was. also great to hear him actually confronting antifa and calling them phaggots to their faces. he has real balls hahahaha. i respect that.

i thought ken might be a SCHOOLTEACHER which if he is, that’s awesome. we need more of ours in education. like i said in the last post.

but yeah anglin or ANY of these guys will probably not be welcomed back with open arms at TRS like the used to be. and they’re not even saying anything hostile. they are simply, like me, legit disappointed, and i worry that that will be enough for TRS to ban them. hasnt happened yet tho, i’m just speculating.


heres a text of that great speech by the british guy at the beginning. i think this is national action. who themselves have their own controversy of are they legit or are they shills. i can say that speech is very hair raising and awesome though.


oh jeez. i shouldnt have even. this is now turning into a hot topic on muh new fav forum.

ok thanks azzmador hahaha. great speech here.

HOLY SHIT that is the best thing i have heard in a while. that is going on the mixtape hahaha. share that with your friends and fam. i dont care if NA is jooish shills hahahaha but that is some great content. it almost brought a TEAR to my eye. just listen to this one seriously.

hmm that divisive emily youcis thread was REMOVED. whos CENSORING us hahahaha. although I prob disagree from the average DS person in that i am pretty willing to give emily the benefit of the doubt.

i guess national action was designated by the UK as a “TERRORIST ORGANIZATION” and the govt shut them down basically.

i vaguely remember hearing about that but it didnt really register. why didnt MW do a video on it? maybe he did hahahaha i havent watched every single MW video.  i was busy job searching and moping and bitching and whining hahahaha. so i miss some alt right news sometimes.

i get butthurt and sad when i think i never had the chance to talk about TRVMP with that woman. i will never know what she thought about TRVMP. i will never be able to use trvmp to open a deeper discussion with her about things like the alt right and the JQ and race and redpilling.

it would have been a great opportunity to see if we were really actually compatible or not. if she had shown herself as a vocal nevertrvmp, that might make things easier for me now. because then i wouldnt have this PEDESTALIZED FANTASY that I could have redpilled her into my redpilled waifu. i mean shit she could have become a vocal anti trump, and be all into the stupid jooish womens march that is going on now. I’LL NEVER KNOW.

the only thing i have to go on, and build my stupid fantasy on, is that she seemed somewhat open to redpilling. somewhat anti establishment. pro working class. not into white guilt. possibly open to the realities of black savagery. and i never got to spend quality time with her to discuss these topics in depth. really probe at her, and gently push her in the right direction hahaha. she liked stupid alex jones type conspiracies, which is really the best you can ask of a woman, because if they are already GTKRWN1433 before you meet them, they’re probably super fookin crazy like sinead hahahaha.  so being a basic bitch alex jones conspiritard is actually the IDEAL woman. and SHE WAS IT wawawawawawawawa. you could be like ok im glad youre open to non mainstream ideas. now let me teach you something a little less retarded than alex jones. you’ll like the education, believe me.

because i am a firm believer in educating your woman. just aim for a NICE woman and YOU can and should do the redpilling. and she was the perfect woman for that wawawawawawawa.

maybe she found a better stronger nobler man who eventually redpilled her into 1433 and made her his hwyte hwyfu wawawawawawa.

see i can always spin it in a way to maximize muh sad feels.

or maybe she became a n3gr0 fooking anti trvmp moron. see, either option is sad for me! there’s no possible option where i can be happy! because i dont have HER!

so best to try to forget about her and move on. which i am truly doing. it takes at LEAST a year and a half though. 18 full fookin months. and not a day less.

shit yeah thats a long time. thats just what i need.

its hard for me to understand people who need less time, often MUCH less time. i cant help judging them as “sociopaths” who “treat people as disposable garbage.” but maybe they’re not. maybe they just don’t need 18 months to get over a person.

fine. well then i am not compatible with their sociopathic disposable values then hahahahaha. i want a woman who needs 18 months to get over a man!!!!!!

this is what a white man apologizing and being genuinely remorseful looks and sounds like, and you dont need special empath skills to see it. and i got none of that from mike.

NOW, fascist lemming is going on record as fully denouncing enoch here, saying that he believes enoch is a J. I don’t really agree with that at the moment, but i respect the sincerity and good faith and general hwyteness i’m seeing here, and i wish mike had shown 1% of that when he was talking about his shit, and he didnt. that is to say, mike’s behavior IS a little jooey, and FL’s is 100% hwyte, and you know which type of behavior I prefer.

now i can’t say i have such a damn strong opinion on “joos did 911” , where FL says he cant take anyone seriously who DOESNT believe that joos did 911. ok. well i mean its possible. i haven’t studied that theory enough. believe me i dont doubt that the joos COULD have done 911! i just dont find it hard to believe that terrorist muslims did 911 either!

maybe mike acts so j00ey because he grew up on the east coast SURROUNDED by them .

jan 22

brand new mw video with a longass story by the man himself.  noice.

and he just spoke honestly from the get go. I wanted mike to do something like this. you dont even need to be “interrogated”. just talk honestly and directly to your audience.

and yeah i DO give mike a break for having sacrificed a lot and losing a lot. but that just seems like even more reason to be undoubtably honest.


ok it was the FORMER  BASS player of WINTEFYLLETH who made “controversial racist” remarks by coming out and saying he supported the 14 words. then wintefylleth cucked and kicked him out of the band. FOR SHAME!

and guess what, they STILL got called racists and evil nationalists because they are somewhat right wing and happy about being “HERITAGE” metal.

Lesson: DONT CUCK. almost makes me not want to listen to winterfylleth. hehehe.

ok im listening to them anyway, even though daily stormer would DISAVOW them or cucking hehehe.

but their music pairs really well with the wodensthrone style I’ve been craving.

heh i feel like varg vikernes. thinking that all these metal bands are stupid and degen. because they ARE!

and its pathetic and fedoraish that they are so butthurt and against christians, but they are almost equally butthurt against nationalism and ESPECIALLY racial pride. So that any metal band that shows interest in “heritage” gets accused of being a vile racist and nationalist, and then even MORE disappointing, the band then cucks in response, saying, no, i’m just celebrating muh english heritage, but i’m not nationalistic and certainly not RACIST.

what kind of fooked up jooed up society is it where BRITONS cannot be even the least bit critical of tens of thousands of muslims flooding their country? Pretty sure the main man of winterfylleth was slammed by the weak, disgusting, jooish Metal Press when he made an anti-muslim remark. Then he responded by talking about cultural marxism, political correctness, and how they were bad, which was good, and made a convoluted, incomprehensible statement about the (((((italian))))) gramsci and how he described the kind of cultural marxism happening. I can’t remember if gramsci was a technical J, but he was close enough. I do know he was a far leftist marxist. close enough!

they’re gonna accuse you of being a racist anyway chris naughton! might as well go all in and say i am proud of being a Hwyte European Englishman, like your banished bandmate did.

but i am a sucker for atmospheric, epic, heritage-celebrating, melodic black metal with blast beats, so now I’M cucking by listening to them hahahaha.

so if i accept them, and i think me accusing myself of cucking is just stupid purity spiralling, and yes i should be able to listen to them…..is that the same as me “CUCKING” for mike enoch? the mans sacrificed his LIFE for THE CAUSE!!!!!!!

if he did a vidya like MW did today, i would be perfectly happy. not saying MW did anything wrong though. just talking about the sincerity and honesty and straightforwardness he showed. or FL last night. it’s not hard to do, and it’s not hard for the audience to SEE. you can easily see it in their face and hear it in their voice. it’s not brain surgery. mike could have faced the camera and given an honest, impromptu talk and that would have been good enough.

it sucks that he lost everything, it’s almost harder to appreciate that because that loss is paired with the idea of him doing something questionable, which was not the case with MW. MW didnt have a joo wife hahahaha. he just got harshy doxed.

it’s not a problem that cant be overcome, but it IS a PROBLEM, and we just wanted you to directly treat it as one, and ADMIT it, mike. hehehehe.

yes, i am more prone to HERO WORSHIP and getting attached to PEOPLE than you SHOULD be. i dont really care, but it is kinda immature and it does mean i open myself up to more disappointment. and probably make me softer.

i mean i dont want to be such a Purity Spiraler that EVERYTHINGS degenerate and EVERYONES degenerate and I can’t enjoy ANYTHING because its too COMPROMISED. Can’t enjoy decent black metal because they aren’t nationalist enough. can’t enjoy music made by blacks. cant enjoy muh pad thai hahahahahahaha. yeah well no ones saying you cant enjoy pad thai and curry and general chows chikun hahahahaha.



jan 16 2017

monday. dr rev mlk jr phd md pbuh edS SciD PC llc day. he was a joo-funded communist who beat and cheat on his wife with hookers. white hookers! he hated hwytes more than the average alt right 1433er like me “hates” nonwhites, and cheated and plagiarized his way to his fraudulent phd. and you know damn well who was behind it all! it’s like im making this stuff up, to be a neonotzee wet dream, but i’m not. that’s just the reality of it!


the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will come to know deep inner peace hehehehehe.

dark net markets. they are interesting as FOOK. i am amazed that there is so much on REDDIT about these “DNMs”. go on the clearnet reddit and yep we have a sale this week on oxycontin, big sale this week on Kind Budz and Fentanyl and Heron and C0c41ne.

so those could be LE people looking for people to nab.

so you look for the people with high good feedback ratings. it’s not like LE is running the markets or cooperating with the markets!

besides its prob a much more low hanging fruit and more beneficial to try to arrest actual drug dealers in your own communities. basically, blaq thugs selling heron and hard drugs and huge quantities. than to, at great expense, try to entrap small time nonviolent customers. probably costs a LOT of money.

so what am i really saying here. i cant even be thinking this hehehe. no im not gonna do anything stupid. but is it REALLY THAT stupid? a lot of people do a lot of really stupid things. like women being stupid sluts having secs with men they dont even know. hehehe. yeah well all that is perfectly legal.

i dont like it when women I treat as special, go ahead and act like stupid sluts, and do stupid slutty things, reveal them to be not so special, it really degrades them in my eyes and causes a ton of grief. i thought they were special! how could you do this? how could you BE LIKE THAT? i wanted to spend years cuddling with you and luving you and you wont even talk to me and let random scumbags fook you when to touch your body would have been a Transformative Religious Experience for me, maybe even Miraculously Fixed me from a Loser to a Winner. cant even talk to me and you give your bod and your time and your luv to Many Scumbags for Free.  THATS what hurts!

1:30 pm. took benedryl to prepare for early bedtime tonight.

totally rocking twin peaks sountrack. very chill, catchy, dark, and  beautiful.

worth poasting two posts in a row.  badalamenti is all good. also see mulholland drive soundtrack. excellent. glad that italian is still alive hahaha.

Mike Enoch doxed? who said his wife was a J? is TRS over with? wtf is fooking going on??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

forum is down. radio site is up, regular TRS site is up, enoch twitter is up.


check the comments here, got some doxing antifas arguing in their

oy vey. yep i guess enoch was doxed, his wife is a J, she works in a marxist J’ish career as a diversity officer, identifies as a J’ish leftist. Mike has a possibly J’ish russian name, not sure if he’s actually a J. Lies that Ghoul was a traitor and gave up some dox, but he didn’t, he was just spreading disinformation, yeah i don’t think ghoul is a traitor. shit i dont even think mike is a traitor, its just sad. i mean mike has gone on the record so many times and said such good stuff, even if he IS a J. I can’t imagine how he COULD be a J and say that stuff. his WIFE being a marxist J does however make total sense. like maybe he just cant ignore this bullshit any more because he sees it every day with his wife. and this is his outlet. (pure speculation here. just wondering what i would do as an increasing JQ VVN if my wife was a J marxist. I would be very conflicted hahahahahaha.) as I’m sure mike is. probably a divorce would be for the best. I guess he stepped down from TRS? WTF IS GOING ON!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!


antifa shit site its going down, who also posted dox of ghoul and seventh son


mother fooking SALON article published TODAY

like counter countersignal says thanks ghoul for the tips on doxing enoch, i dont really think ghoul did that, they are just tyring to alienate ghoul from his friends and make him look like a traitor to them

GOD FOOKING DAMN. this is ugly, this is horrible, this is very possibly the end of TRS. Mike is very possibly gonna lose his very well paying job.

does he actually LIVE in manhattan? he works there.

I HOPE he can find another tech job, he probably can, prob wont be as well paying. i hope his “liberal new jersey family” doesnt disown him. i kinda hope his J wife divorces him, because IMHO he needs a fresh start from that. he can’t remain married to that. it’s bad for him hahahahaha.

the surname. some say it is a J bastardization of an orignally croatian name. some VVN’s think it was a fbi mossad shill operation all along, that J Mike was scamming us all.

i dont think so, i think he is perfectly sincere in his beliefs. he was an “AnCap” or “Libertarian” as recently as 2010 and prob was married by that time. ie, was not JQ pilled.

modest cashflow. come on. yeah im sure TRS got decent money, but mike didnt need that money personally. he was making shitloads of money. i trust he was putting that money back towards TRS.

I still support Mike, in other words. even if he comes out and admits, yes I am myself a J, I will say……well thank you for the great content, but yeah you know now you really have to leave.


anglins statment

anyway i guess there was a TRS page from 2013 that had mikes normie normal email address in the source code.

some think weev should have noticed this as he was doing work for the site. i can’t say that’s a reasonable assumption. besides they had to go to archive.org cuz the page is not up any more.

so yeah i think mike is/was sincere, you could hear it in his voice, and he was no doubt very conflicted being married to the enemy like that. and maybe she was even an ok wife. which would make it harder for him to leave her. shit before I was JPilled I got feelings for a J gurl. what if i had MARRIED her? this is exactly what happened to mike.

so in short, i support mike, i don’t believe he is a TRAITOR, and I hope he is able to keep his job or find gainful new employment.

sheeeeeit this is BAD.

so now all the TRS people are refugeeing over to daily stormer. this will make daily stormer stronger which is good. but its just sad and disappointing. it does raise big questions about his trustworthiness. i mean his wife obviously KNEW what he was doing. apparently she came on a daily shoah in 2015 to do a alt right parody poem. so she gets to be the “honorary hwyte” because she essentially agrees with mike about the JQ?

maybe he felt hubris and didnt think he would ever be found out. maybe he was scared to come clean and admit the J wife thing early on, which probably is what he should have done. but he didnt plan to be become so BIG.

but having an Actively J Marxist Wife IS compromising as fook, even if she “LETS” him do sincerely pro-hwyte work!!! but maybe they both agreed to avoid and ignore the elephant in the room re their marriage? yeah probably.

but yeah he should have come out with this earlier. and honestly i dont think he can come back. i think he’s a good goy but he needs to get his personal life sorted out. there are problems there he is blatantly ignoring and he should not do that.

but yeah im not gonna crap on him and say he’s a traitor. but it is a pretty big lie of omission. SO MANY FEELS! I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I FEEL! i will DEF have to sleep on this one, and he DEF needs to take a big break, maybe divorce his wife. at least they didnt have any children. find a nice white woman who isnt a municipal diversity commissar. you can do that mike, you make 200 grand a year hahahaha.

but he married her before he was JPilled. Like I say, I fell in luv with J gurls before I was JPilled too!!!! but I was like 20 and he was more like 30 at that time.

he is in a tight spot for sure. it could have happened to any of us. so i am very sympathetic to him. but it’s also hard, prob impossible, to be a huge alt right leader, like he is, and have this business going on. again i see it less as willful deception, as more like him being afraid to confront an uncomfortable truth. and i think he still would have PLENTY of valuable things to say about Being an alt right, JQ pilled man, trying to navigate the living contradiction of Sharing His Life with a Leftist J.

I bet being married to her actually HELPED him get JQ. shit she probably AGREES with a lot of the stuff! like yes I agree this is what J’s are doing.

but its such a unique situation. if you are a gay, then yeah it’s ok and right to keep that in the Closet. This, i don’t think you CAN or SHOULD keep it in the closet. it would prob be BETTER if he were gay! because who you marry DOES matter. and if its a sham marriage, then just end it.

but if he wants to be a public voice again, and I think he SHOULD, because he’s said and done so many good important valuable things, he also needs to be BRUTALLY, unflinchingly honest about this, and openly answer EVERY question.

there was a similar situation with this guy tanstaafl who had a J wife. but he is not nearly as influential as enoch, and he came forward about his J wife long ago.

david duke show for jan 16, mentions the enoch dox, starts at like 18 or 19 minutes. 19:10. real meat at 26:40. ummm hmmm not really. speaks in general about strategy. 31:45 here we go.


the idea that she is “only” 25% J. still wanna see some 23 and me here hahahaha.

mike enoch has done GREAT work. full stop. you cant undo that. he didnt do any of that in bad faith. he was sincere. this work is STILL great. you should STILL listen to it. it’s just SAD and disappointing what is happening in his life. but he HAS to address this. you can’t sweep this under the rug. just do like tanstaafl did, be open and honest for it. admit you fooked up and ask for forgiveness. and in mike’s statement, he kinda sorta did this. like i wont blame you if you hate me, if this makes you leave TRS. there’s nothing I can say that can explain this. It’s all true. I hope this movement and our race continues after this scandal.

so i want him to say more. but i think he’s still in shock too. lets give him some time. shit i need some time hahahaha. but im not mad at mike at all. i would love to have him back. but he HAS to DEAL with the J wife. it IS our business. it ISNT something that can be kept in the closet. he could maybe still stay married to her. just make an announcement every few months, by the way, i’m married to a J, and we dont plan on having any kids.

but he really SHOULD get a hwyte hwyfe and have hwyte kids!

this is what happens when you get married BEFORE your political and racial awakening hahahahahaha.

his allegedy employer saying as of jan 14 that he is not an employee of our company. not he was ever an employee or not, or he was fired, or anything that clarifies anything.

also we dont know for sure what his 25% J wife does for a career. most i could find is some dumb music blog from 2008 hahahaha. what is this trannie diversity civil rights career?

supposedly she posted something about some drag queens at a jooish drag show saying “as a J, I approve of this.”

because some 25% J’s honestly do identify as full J’s so they can get all the J cred, muh shoah, all that. hip and cool to be part of an oppressed class.

but its possible she became redpilled along with mike.

so i can’t really judge. i have sympathy for him, i will give them all the benefit of the doubt, but i would like him to come back, and in order to do that, he’s got a LOT of explaining to do.

a decent number of people came to alt right or VVN from Libertarian or AnCap stuff, Mike included. nothing wrong with that.

i wish i had been a lame libertarian rather than an even lamer leftist back in the day!

looking forward to what sven is going to say tomorrow. he tweeted that he would make an announcement prob on the 17th.

cuz there is the idea of, who else knew and was covering for him? and if she is “only” 25%, i could see them going, welllllllll, let’s just keep it a secret and hope nobody finds out. just make sure you dont get doxed.

so yeah, even if a bunch of Higher Ups knew, i dont think that destroys their credibility either.

her coming out and saying something might not hurt either. like i am 25% J, not a drop more, and I agree with muh husband’s JQ views. He is right about this JQ thing and dont you J’s try to deny it. i am now non punitively divorcing him so he can marry a 100% hwyte gurl. when i married him even I didnt realize what this all meant. neither did he.

that would be a good statement of good faith hahahaha. cuz i believe she probably is “one of the Good J’s.”

jan 17


2000 disqus comments on mike enoch hehehe

listened to the sorta shoah with sven. still not sure how i feel, MAYBE he should have been more apologetic about concealing mike’s secret. but my questions are, and mike should answer them, is 1. how J is the wife? 25% isnt HORRIBLE 2. what does she really DO for a living? diversity officer? looks like she is chief marketing officer for “JIMPACT” which is just basically a team building workforce training firm that puts on workshops on how to give better service and shit, and in there they talk about the benefits of diversity in the workplace, but it doesnt sound like serious shit where she is bringing section 8 housing into hwyte neighborhoods or anything.  3. how red pilled is the wife?

and also it sounds like they are separating and his marriage is now over. his family has disowned him. he has lost his job. i think he’s done MORE than enough penance. I would be happy to have him back. he didnt deserve any of that. at best, he should have mentioned something earlier, but he just felt pretty normal human cowardice in confronting an uncomfortable situation. im pretty much over this and dont see it as the end of the world. except for the very real consequences its had on mikes life. that sucks. and also yes i do think its for the best that they stop being married.

life is complicated and we are all cowardly in some way and there are some good joos and i am fully prepared to forgive mike, i prob would have done the same thing in his situation. im not saying its right, im saying its forgiveable. its a lot better than throwing people away like a piece of garbage or a woman being a slut hahahaha. might as well ban people because their GF’s are “former” sluts hahahahaha.

no its a little worse than that because of the JQ, and that is a very important Q haha. but he’s lost his job, he’s lost his wife, he’s lost his family, its like Job. none of that needed to happen. he coulda just said, heres the thing, i’m actually married to a joo, and im pretty conflicted about it, and things prob would have turned out all right.

well he mighta been doxxed anyway because that is what antifa do.

which itself doesnt make sense, because once someone is doxed, then they have nothing to lose and can devote themselves openly to fighting you.

i dunno. i just want mike to bounce back because i believe he is a good guy, and he has done a lot of great work, and i want him to continue doing this great work.

so that makes me a race traitor who is soft on principles. and a strong woman like sinead would be disgusted by my softness and weakness. hey nothing new there, women have been rejecting me for being weak all of my life hahaha.

but heres the thing. who’s done more good for the movement, mike or sinead. whos less of a crazy unstable nutcase.

so yeah. i stand with mike hahahahaha.

yes principles are important. yes we have to be willing to punish people who do wrong. but really. this seems almost like a minor thing compared to the ways that regular people regularly hurt each other. white women throwing white men away like garbage and giving away their uterus easily to thugs and nonwhites and having no respect for human life or the process which creates it. people cheating and hurting each other. people abusing people. abusing children. cheating. child p0rn0graphers. people throwing each other under the bus. mike hasnt done anything of this magnitude. its not like he was caught with child pr0n or something like that. or even having gay secs.

it would be different if he had mixed children with her. it would be different if she were 100% J. it would be different if he didn’t believe in VVN. it would be different if he were abusing someone. this doesnt seem any worse than david duke being a degenerate gambler and being a bastard to his wives. its nowhere near as bad as hal turner being an actual fedgov informer. come on.

and mike kinda does deserve special treatment because he’s Added Special Value. That’s worth something.

so yeah i am leaning heavily towards being fully forgiving of mike. i don’t personally feel betrayed. i am greatly looking forward to hearing what he has to say, which sven says will be released tomorrow.

he’s lost his damn FAMILY. the people who should be supporting him thru this tough time. to be disowned by your own mother and father. i hope its not that bad! and that at worst, they are only a little upset about him not being a shitlib like them. but i hope they still luv and support their SON.

to lose your family, super high-paying high-status job, and wife in one big public shaming scandal. it’s EASILY enough to cause a man to K himself!

heh we should be much more concerned with the degeneracy and sin and treachery WOMEN commit every day! cheating, lying, hurting, abusing!

well yeah i agree that women only get as bad as they are because MEN LET THEM get that bad. weak men cause terribly-behaved women.

but i dont believe we need to fully fix men 100% before we can start fixing women and holding them more accountable! we can fix BOTH at the same time!


anyway. i dont participate in the bickering on the forums. i know enoch is not muh buddy or muh pal but I have listened to his ridiculous voice for many hours. couldnt help wonder who this guy IS. i guess he told real life people he trusted. there’s the argument that we dont OWN him and we arent ENTITLED to anything he doesnt want to share with us. ie, the fans.

and I find it hard to cast him out because i once had fee fees for a 100% Hebress. but i didnt marry her. but i would have willingly Dated her. if she didnt dump me after 6 dates and 2 bangs hahahaha.

he didnt molest a child, he didnt throw an innocent person under the bus, he didnt do a standard fook party, he didnt sell anyone out, he didnt lie about his beliefs, he was just SCARED to confront what his evolving beliefs were leading him to regarding his personal life, and possibly leaving someone he had committed to.

yeah it IS a dramatic soap opera of a story. would make a great movie or book hahahaha. and because he’s not doing something outright EVIL, it makes it all the more challenging.

i mean, race mixing really isnt as bad as murder or molesting children or cheating. but youre figuratively murdering your bloodline right?

and I am BRUTAL towards white women mudsharks. how could they DO something so DISGUSTING? where’s that same contempt and disgust towards Mike?

well because I think it IS more disgusting, the WF/BM, than a WM/JF. and WM/AF is more disgusting than WM/JF.

its probably due to how the ashkenazis are pretty “white seeming” nonwhites. I mean they LOOK pretty whyte, ffs. they look a lot whyter than an azn or a blaq. and when they look a little off, we have been schooled to say, OH THEYRE JUST RUSSIAN. THEYRE JUST EASTERN EUROPEAN. THEYRE JUST SLAVIC JOOS hahahahahaha. i mean think about how ridiculous that sounds. but thats how I used to think, and how many normies continue to think! you see joos as a religion and not really as a separate race!

and also the more aware you become of your own hwyteness, the less you want to mix that with others. shit when i was a 23 year old shitlib, i had nothing against race mixing, i said shit if i meet a nice brown gurl, i’d have no problem with that, some of them are very attractive.

and 20 year old women of ANY race are gonna be at their most attractive.

yes it DOES matter WHEN mike was redpilled!

a lot of the daily stormer people are quick to call him a traitor, put him in the oven. daily stormer is taking TRS “refugees” right now. will prob make DS stronger and thats a good thing. but i think some of them just never really heard of enoch until now.

so basically i am a too nice forgiving softie that is too willing to give people the benefit of the doubt hahaha.

anyway i just believe mike is a good guy who married a woman before he was redpilled on race, and that the horrendous fallout of this doxxing has been MORE than enough punishment for him, and he deserves forgiveness and acceptance by VVN’s. but i know plenty of people will forever view him as a traitor. such a ridiculous situation. damn.




dec 31 2016

wish saor hadnt shut down the idea of playing moar live shows. i guess its a lot of trouble for him and not worf it. well just play 2 shows a year instead of 4 shows hahaha. dont go on tour ever. just play one off shows every 4,5,6 months. imho he is too good to not play live. also the music is pretty good Live Music because its pretty epic.

great guy this Andy Marshall. Man of the month. probably man of the q4 hahaha. His music gives me feels I didnt even think were possible. reaches me in a way i didn’t think new music even COULD, my heart was closed off to new music. but he has broken through this icebox. GOD BLESS HIM hahahaha.

how did it take me until 2016 to discover this guy. he has been releasing albums every year since like 2009 hahahaha. highly regarded albums.

well, saor has only really been A Thing since 2013.

heh. pulled the trigger and bought the SAOR Guardians shirt


which was like 25.33 us dollars. dont want to spend money like a damn negro but…..i think i am ready to go all in with muh boifran andy marshall here. i didnt think new music could reach me but he proved me wrong. keep up the good work lad, heres some money for a sweet tshirt.

go buy one yourself and for your alt right waifu at the link above.

note: saor is not explicitly alt right and is probably horrified and disgusted by white racism like my own. HOWEVER his beautiful MUSIC embodies everything great about huhwhytes. this is exactly what i mean when i say that black metal is inherently huhwhyte. i dont even think you can say “implicit” because it’s a little bit more than merely implicit!!!

i wrote him a 300 character message kissing his ass and cupping his scottish balls about how great and inspirational his music is. because it really kind of IS.

AND he is playing shows in 2017. glad on that. i know shows can be a pain in the ass, but his stuff is too good for him not to play 1 show a year on his own terms. so far he has 3 shows lined up for july. dont want him to burn himself out but this is probably the best time of year for shows. DONT BURN YOURSELF OUT LAD.

of course i love that he is SCOTTISH. and that i was specifically looking for Scottish Atmospheric Epic Black Metal, and he delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for, and THEN SOME. he SURPASSED my expectations when 99.9% of music comes in WAY BELOW my minimal expectations. WEWLAD.

go give him your money hahahahaha. encourage him to make babies with scottish gurls.

that feel when you steal a glimpse of the private parish Prayer List and discover YOU are on there for being “unemployed for 1 and half years.” YIKES. alongside everyone else who is DYING OF STAGE 4 TERMINAL CANCER. pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors, brain cancer, lung cancer, the whole 9 yards. I am surprised the parish is even still around, because it seems like every WEEK 2% of the parish DIES OF CANCER. its insane. looking at this list, it’s like 50% of the parish has CANCER.

and to think i’m right up there with muh 1.5 years of unemployment. hopefully they take me off the list now that i’ve gotten a 13k a year job! hahahaha.

it doesnt feel that serious but in a way it IS that serious. you’re a grown adult, this is what you HAVE to do. make 25k a year or its as bad as terminal cancer.

and I like pity and sympathy, but that almost seems like too much! and i believe in the power of prayer……but i also recognize that its DESPERATE as hell! and i would like to not be that desperate…..but I AM!!!!! and I have become comfortable with my desperation. its become a laughing matter! shit yeah i’m so desperate for a job or a woman that I will take the bottom of the barrel! I’m literally HOPELESS fam, i am beyond all help, better take me to damn LOURDES, i literally need a MIRACLE. there is nothing humans or myself can do to help my situation, i need a damn MIRACLE from GOD.

in a way its like people have thrown up their hands and said “i just dont know what to do anymore. Ive tried everything and im so close to giving up.”

i should have not looked at the damn list. its a private list, not like anybody can see it. and i was on the second page. if i just looked at the first page, never would have seen it.

oh well. that happened. and hopefully within 1 month i will be off the list of desperate dying hopeless people.

new years eve. auld lang syne. thats a SCOTTISH thing. robert burns. RESPECT!

no im not scottish at all, but they are one of my favorite white ethnicities hahahaha. i mean i like ALL whites but some get special recognition by me hahahaha. for me its poles, in some ways all slavs, scands, and now scots. i suspect it will be a lifelong journey of appreciation as i come to appreciate each kind of white in due course.

bought the large tshirt, not extra large, as motivation to keep my body at a large tshirt size. dont want to go back to extra large body!!!!!!

gonna maybe try to “clean up” that live saor thing above with audacity esp for the benefit of the song which comes from his album “roots”…………….which uses a damn drum machine. but the live show is the guy who played on the “guardians” album. plays in this other scottish black metal band with a damn gaeldighd name hahahahaha. that is quite longer than “saor.”

there is another saor live show where they are wearing KILTS, good job lads.

another full show. not sure which one will have better sound. my intuition says the indoor show but i could be wrong. like maybe too much sound bouncing off walls, and outdoors it dissipates.

great guy, yeah ill gladly jerk him off hahahahahahaha. mancrush o clock.

wolves in the throne room, playing show in dec 2016. i thought they were done. i totally respect their music. i totally disrespect their communist, leftist, antiwhite ideology. its such dissonance to get antiwhite ideology with such huhwhyte sounding MUSIC. because for me, its another great of example of Black Metal Is Inherently White Music. but these shitlibs would lecture you for 60000000000000000 hours on why that is so problematic and wrong.

ANYWAY, i think this is a good way to play a show when you dont want to emphasize Your Personal Celebrity. just dim the fook out of the lights so you cant really see their faces.

like MGLA for example plays in these ridiculous hoods. i totally get what they are trying to say………i just think it would be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable as fook to wear that shit in a 100 degree club. just turn down the lights, dim the lights, use blue lights, and nobody will be able to see your face anyway.


welp. lost my 4.00 chip stack at the tables hahaha. thats usually a good sign for me to quit for the day. but because its NYE, i am back in for 4. heheheh. i am not a good gambler. i am down 130 dollars over the past 3 years on Poker Alone. not terrible for 3 years, only lose 43 dollars a year hahahahaha. but uhhh obviously making 1 dollar a year would be much much much better. i am LOSING OVER THE LONG TERM. when i should be winning. even the SMALLEST amount. 1 dollar a year. i can’t even make 1 dollar a year. i made 150 dollars a year on goddamn mTurk.

janu 1

holy shit, patreon just jsut down emily youcis for being pro-white. well….the page is just 404. but i KNOW thats what happened.


yep thats exactly what happened. maybe twitter will be next.

so in retaliation i sent her a d’nation on paypal.

found my “anonymous alt right” paypal was giving me same error sending to her, as when i tried sending to TRS a few days ago. thought hmm maybe the problem is me.

signed in with my NORMIE, DOXXED, REAL NAME paypal and the donation went though JUST FINE.


I do not like that at ALL. How dare they shut ME down just because I wanted to use an anon name with my normie credit card.  I trust Emily Youcis will not dox me, but its just the principle of the matter.

anyway you can find her paypal gmail address on the internet and it works as of today.

Hello Emily, sorry about the pathetically low amount. I just signed up to your (((((Patreon))))) in December, and it’s a shame what they did to that. Hope you find a nice goy husbando and have 1488 babies. Contact me if you have any trouble with that. . . . . . . . . but you shouldn’t. One great thing about Women in the Movement is that I think Women can speak to other Women very well and encourage wholesome, moral behavior among other women. Please get on Daily Shoah or Fatherland. Please record talks with Andrew Anglin and Weev. Please do not become a dumpster fire like Sinead, hahahahahaha. HAPPY NEW CURRENT YEAR!!!!! – alt right pseudonym (please no dox, I think Paypal has SHUT DOWN my “anonymous” account)

here’s the message i sent to HWYTE HWYFU EMILY with my generous 6.16 d’nation hahahahaha.

good lord. bitcoin STILL going up. 993. probably hit 1000. damn. welp, i dont have any more to sell. the end.

YUGE PROTIP LIFEHACK: instead of wearing your scarf wrapped “horizontally” around your neck, wear it “vertically” wrapped about your entire head! so it covers your neck, parts of your face, your ears. makes SO MUCH SENSE and I NEVER thought of it until I saw an old movie on TCM where a guy was wearing a scarf like that.

I am HORRIBLE at stuff like that. thinking outside of the box. unknown unknowns. because i had never seen anyone IRL wearing a scarf like that, so I never even THOUGHT of wearing my scarf like that until I saw it in a random MOVIE.

its REALLY fookin shady that paypal is doing SOME sort of restriction on my alt right account, BUT HASNT SAID ANYTHING TO ME AT ALL. no emails to any of the emails I used with that account, no messages when I log fooking in. At least when WordPress shuts me down they put an unmissable message on my dashboard hahahahaha. and then it is only for going over 99 scheduled poasts hahahahahah. im actually surprised they havent shut me down for “h8 speach”.

but yeah nothing from paypal. no notifications, no messages, just errors whenever i try to send that give no indication of the nature of the error. no doubt they have put me on a list so that i pretty much HAVE to contact them to find out what is going on. flagged. absolutely nothing. the ball is in my court, they are WATCHING me, waiting for me to make the first EXPLICIT move to their more implicit move. DAMN.

yep there it goes, bitcoin just went over 1000!!!!!!! jan 1 2017

anyway. i guess 2016 was a better year than 2015!

yeah it really was.

went the whole year without contacting That Woman.

Went the Whole Year without intentionally looking at Porn. Essentially Quit Porn in Oct 2015 or so.

Lost 35 pounds in 2016.

Got New Job in 2016.

I mean 2016 wasnt GREAT because I was still a jobless neet for 88% of the year.

but it was better than 2015, where I actively had a meltdown/breakdown. Lost That Woman, Lost Muh Job, was so devastated I could barely move. that was 2015. so yeah, 2016 was a LOT LOT LOT better than 2015.

end of 2015, i was BARELY getting over that woman AT ALL.

end of 2016, I was WELL OVER HALFWAY there hahahaha.

something about going through a FULL YEAR without them. january thru december. definitely made real progress.

uh i was good about going to Gym for some of the year, until it got nice outside, then i just went outside. i was actually really good about going to the Gym for the last 3 months of 2015 actually.

was shitty as fook in 2015 about jobsearching. in 2016 I got a lot lot lot better and did 99% of my jobsearch. and eventually got a job before the end of the year. THANK GOD.

uhh accomplished some decent stuff with muh mint personal finance in the last few years of 2016, just being more descriptive with categories, painting a more detailed picture of income and expenses, when i had kinda forgotten about mint for a while. but its really pretty good.

so yeah even though i was pretty much in a Rut for most of 2016….it was still better than 2015. 2015 in general being worse than 2014 hehehehehe. 2015 was a REAL bad year. relative minimum. good to have an….OK year after that. and HOPEFULLY 2017 is better than 2016 cuz i will be working. and hopefully not gaining 35 pounds. or melting down.

sheeeeeit i think i am getting a PRE-COLD. beginnings of swelling and irritation in the throat.  why couldnt i get this a few days ago. didnt even go out and socialize for NYE. watched the degenerates on TV and said get a room, you degenerate phaggots. why dont you just do a gangbang in times square, you degenerate cvm guzzling wh0re.

this is how i always worried i would feel about a woman if i were ever to get a GF. yet i savagely bash women for when they feel this way with a man, the unknown feeling that something doesnt feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel quite right, i dont feeeeeeeel haaaaaappppy, and i dont know what it is.

well because i saw women as having terrible intuition and horribly unrealistic expectations, who would dump a Good Man for the shittiest reasons.

and I saw myself as having realistic standards, yet still settling for less out of desperation. and just suffering through a boring, unsatisfying relship because i thought that’s what reality was supposed to be.

when really reality is somewhere in the middle. you SHOULD feel a Honeymoon Period at least for your GF, and she should feel the same for you. after 18 months tops this feeling goes away.

well, for me i could see it lasting 18 months, for women it usually lasts no more than 3 months. but they still get it.

I had that fear ever since i was like 16. then I finally got Honeymoon Feelings for a real woman when I was 20. then another women when i was 21. then another 2 women when i was 22. then another woman when i was 23. then another woman when i was 24. then another woman when i was 26 or 27. then another woman when i was 31. and thats all folks hahahahahahahaha.

so yeah basically yeah i am allowed to have some sort of intuition about a woman, which grants her the right to have some sort of intuition about me, about men, about a relship. but i just think that my intuition is right while theirs is way way way wrong and entitled and unrealistic and stupid.

but the reality is, Honeymoon Phase IS real and I am entitled to expect it with a GF/Waifu, esp if i experienced it with those other sluts hahahaha.  and yeah fine i concede that women are entitled to a honeymoon period of their own. honeymoon period is a standard thing of standard relships.

of course the phag enablers jump on it as a chance to proselytize gayness.

oh dear lord. monty python holy grail. honestly a great classic movie you should watch with your waifu. i have made parallels to my Previous job before, like the two guards in the castle tower with prince herbert, misunderstanding simple instructions.

ok how about when arthur talks to the crazy cackling old man, seek ye the bridge of death, and arthur is increasingly more direct in trying to gain confirmation: this cave, does it lead to the bridge? the bridge, does it lead towards the HOLY GRAIL, yes or no? and the old man just cackles and disappears. kinda reminds me of dealing with my superiors when i was trying to get help from them. I was trying to think 3 steps ahead and trying to pull teeth out of them, imagining possible unknown unknowns, and they would just leave me hanging.

in their defense i dont think they did it intentionally or were jolly about it. they were all run ragged just like me.

anyway. when you have to dump somebody you just dont feeeeeeeeeeeel right with, you BETTER take YUGE pains to dump them as gently and kindly as possible, because they will be DEVASTATED. also, don’t cavalierly mention how they came BEGGING to have you back YEARS later, like this one bitch in the thread mentions. yeah, because you broke his poor heart and he couldnt live without you and you did a SHITTY job of dumping him! RESPECT HIS PAIN!!!! dont just say, oh yeah im so great guys are devastated when i dump them and come BEGGING for me YEARS later, but i know to say no again because it just doesnt FEEEEEEEL Right. its exactly these kind of women that give a bad name to womens intiution and something not feeling right.

basically it was that same feeling that told me i was Really In Luv with a woman. that i had gone all in with her. that made me gamble everything for a chance with her. went all in and lost. i dont blame or hate them. i got over it all. but just saying. i dont want to NOT have that feeling for muh waifu. Honeymoon Period, Infatuation……or TRVE LUV. whatever you want to call it. I dont think it cheapens true luv to call it that. I think women burning out their infatuation oxytocin receptors for cheap cok thrills, that cheapens true luv.

they dont really go all in. i went in. they just want to hit the jackpot over and over and over just by FOLDING. doesnt work that way. you gotta go all in to get the real jackpot.

take it from the losing gambler hahahaha.

well, its good that you feel guilt for dumping someone and breaking their heart. did you try to be gentle to them? are you still leading them on? did you really try your best to end the rel in as mature of a way as possible, using a shrink maybe?

so she hits him with an unreasonable request, he says, ok thats big, but i will try to learn to cope with this, then she gets mad at THAT, and says NO, you dont GET to try to cope with this, you must accept it as final with no expectations. you’re not FEELING the right way about this. holy shit.

thankfully reddit is ok here, and gives him the voice of reason that he is entitled to feel bad about this and she doesn’t get to make him feel bad for feeling bad! jesus christ!!!!!!!! how about YOU make an effort cupcake! how about YOU accept that this is gonna hurt him! you telling him unilaterally that you dont want to have secs with him any more! instead of you getting mad at him for being upset about that BOMB you just dropped on him! god damn!

im glad he was able to overcome his issues at age 30, and get a decent job and aso a 26 yo GF who isnt a huge slut. but now they are having big problems hehehehehe.

check out this SUPREME GENTLEMAN hahahaha enjoy your virginity incel neet loser. think it sucks at 20? wait til youre 30 hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

ANXIOUS ATTACHMENT STYLE. thats what i have.

anxious with possibly avoidant on top of that hahahaha.

because maybe he didnt think his luvly GF was the type of woman who could murder her baby and then think HE was weird because he thought murdering your baby was bad! and she has not grown at ALL since the experience, shown NO remorse, and obviously is the same baby-murdering bitch she was 5 years ago, and probably always will be!

its not BIZARRE at all! it’s horrible that you THINK its bizzarre!!!!!! why not feel even a LITTLE bit bad for murdering your own baby?

hehehehe. you can see that I am strong PRO-LIFE, ANTI-CHOICE. ANTI-MURDER.

if you’re gonna have an abortion……let it CHANGE you. feel deep REMORSE for it. resolve to never do it again. to become a better person. repent for your huge sin. learn that abortion is horrible and you NEVER want to do it again. Become anti-choice and pro-life. not like OP hahahaha.


of course, reddit luvs murdering babies so they call the guy an asshole. fook reddit hahahaha.

mention the interesting idea of guys who are “pro choice in theory, but pro life within their relationships.” and then talk about what disgusting woman hating hypocrites these guys are hahahaha. sheeeeeit I hope more of the pro-choice guys are like this. it might be enough to turn them pro-life.


If she asks you if you are pro-choice or pro-life, just say you are pro-life.

ALL pro-choice women are fooked up. They might not be BEYOND REDEMPTION but by GOD it’s NOT YOUR JOB to redeem them. way above your pay grade hahahahaha. you’ve have an easier time redeeming a slut or mudshark than a damn baby murderer hahahahaha. I’m talking about one who wasn’t already on the road to redemption thru her own rightfully guilty conscience. thankfully that happens to a lot of women who murder their babies. they get a rightful guilty conscience about it, and eventually become pro-life and redeem themselves. but half of them don’t, and become evil wimmin on reddit hahahahaha.

anyway dont date wimmin who do not have SERIOUS Moral Reservations against Abortion. NEVER date a vocal, activist, pro-choice woman. if they are undecided that is ok. that means they are uncomfortable with baby murder. as they should be. they are open to questioning the pro-choice bullshit which has been shoved down peoples throats since roe v wade.

you can usually spot the pro choice woman because they will eventually make a pro-choice statement, unprompted, before too long. like oh that woman hater trump is gonna overturn roe v wade and it will be a war on women! that kind of bullshit hahahaha.

Dont be Anti-Life. Be Anti-Choice. Be Anti-Murder.