sun 12.32 am feb 9

yep when you get a BAD BEAT like that, it makes you reconsider Gambling As A Career. Well, it wasn’t the worst beat, but it wasn’t a decent beat either. I got rightfully happy with KK draw and got a flop 997 i think. then turn K. then river 9.  of COURSE the guy beat my KKK99 full house with FOUR OF A KIND, and he “got me” to go all in right before. Lesson Learned: never go all in unless YOU are the one starting it.  and then I lost like 16 bucks.  holy sh1t. well it’s not bucks. i bought in with .01, got up to .017, and then got CLEANED OUT. was doing GOOD to, OBV should have left at .017 and spent that .007 profit on Gigahashes, hehehe.

so the question is, should i get back to a table NOW, at 12.37 am??? yes, yes of course I should. GAMBLING PROBLEM.

heh. i bet a gambling problem is even worse than a drinking problem. but prob not worse than a Hard Drug Problem.

to know that you could have been UP 7 dollars….rather than DOWN 10 dollars, all in the space of one hand. but it is way more fun than Work.

Church is way more fun than Work, wish I could just sit in church for 40 hours a week. i would rather sit in church for 80 hours a week than work 40 hours a week.

but would i rather PAY to go to SCHOOL and GAMBLE at BETTERING Myself to get a Better/Chiller Job? Because I could get a Business Degree at Online U and not get a chill job, or I could get a Sociology Degree at Harvard and get a very chill job, hehehehehehe. but i could not get into harvard obv, bc i am an old loser wiht no energy and i hate harvard.

but what i COULD have done is get an engin degree at a noname school when i was young, and done VERY well for myself, MUCH better than I am doing now. or would i have found the engin program too hard and gay and quit that like i quit lots of other stuff?? impossible to say.

but i like to think i had tons more energy and drive when i was young. but i’m not sure i did. i still hated doing stuff, everything was a chore. but the record stands, that i still got more done… getting a useless stupid degree, biggest mistake of muh life, hehehe. one of them at least. but even that was a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. not sure how i did that. why didn’t i quit THAT though? that would have been a GOOD idea to quit. actually I DID sort of quit, because I didn’t like it. then I decided that powering through and finishing it would be a good thing. which it usually IS a good idea. but NOT if you’re powering through to get useless degree. get a useFUL degree. remember what that is? engineering.

but i am not gonna go back to school NOW unless somebody makes it worth my while. but paying 100 grand to do engin homework might just be better than this stupid JOB.


Sunday feb 9 2.38 pm; job you don’t worry about all the time is ideal job.

finally got out of bed. really should go to the store today. and go to bed super early to get my 10 hours to prepare for JOB.

but at least thank GOD i have less of a cold coming in to this week.

so i am not sure how much of a sure think and buying gigahashes is. probably better over the short term than the long term. i think you can actually start LOSING money over the long term.

today: Sunday: like to powerwalk while it’s nice and sunny thank GOD; go grocery shopping; prepare some cigarets for the week; go to bed early; play a little cards and try to win today, hehehehe.

i became rusty while not playing for a few months. i’ve had to re-learn. so:

1. don’t even call to see the flop when the cards look “kinda good”, like say you have an AT unsuited; nope; you will prob lose money because some idiot will make large bets that you don’t feel comfortable calling.

2. never go all in unless you are the one to raise it to all in, it is of YOUR own decision, not the other idiot

3. if you just DONT WANNA call such a big raise, even if you like your cards, especially if you just LIKE your cards but don’t LOVE them, then say f00k it an FOLD. WHEN IN DOUBT, FOLD. otherwise you’re throwing away little bits of money on many hands. which is just as bad as going all in and losing all on one hand.

4. PLAY THE ODDS. PLAY SUPER TIGHT. THE ODDS are not great, so just wait until you have great cards. Play Top 5 or Top 10 cards ONLY.

5. Still be tight/conservative when you have good cards because you can still be killed by a bad beat. note your position. it is hilarious when i say, “just CHECK it, you moron, you don’t HAVE to bet every time”, because i’m in early position and I REALLY don’t want to have to call a raise so idiot with a better position makes. so just FOLD, WAIT, BE PATIENT, until you have great cards, great position, AND great flop, sharpen the Long Knives of Sweet Vengeance, and finally you will get yours.

6. and if you don’t, might have to reconsider Gambling as a Career, and get an Engineering Degree.

ok i got JJ draw and won a sweet 4 dollar pot, came out ahead, and promptly left the table, but the whole time i was angry at the moron who kept raising. STOP RAISING MORON!!! I said, because i didn’t want to be throwing my money away. I won the hand with JJJ over his two pairs, and he was truly a moron, and I enjoyed winning the money, but was still angry at his style of play. so i left the table and said DONE for the day.  quite a reasonable stopping point.




feb 2, 6.29 pm, sun, super bowl just started w0000t

i am more interested in the Commericials as a State Of Society Address, if you will = Decadence and Degeneracy. Hell in a handbasket.

of course I got muh bitcoin poker game going.  i promise to never bet more than $20 a month. I have already lost almost $16 since…. jan 25th. Heh. so I will mark up that up to january. see I bought .02 btc which was somewhat LESS than $20, because market value.  USD might be going downhill and BTC going uphill, but right now, USD is still more Stable than Bitcoin! meaning, better to think of bitcoins in terms of dollars than dollars in terms of bitcoins. dollars is the stronger currency as of right now, hehehehe.

so how much am i allowed to lose at the REAL brick and mortar casino, if I shoot my $20 a month budget at the online? Uhhh I only go to the nononline casino like once every 2 months at the MOST. i will build it into the budget if i need to.

poor philip seymour hoffman. I really liked his performance in the Master, big Lebowski, almost famous, still need to see Savages, oh god, Happiness he was great.  I guess he started doing lots of drugs and alcohol after he graduated from College, then went to Rehab at age 22 or 23 and got clean, then fell off the wagon again at age 45 or so, now dead of heroin at age 46. Wow. heard something about him snorting heroin or opiates, now he was found dead with a needle in his arm, prob heroin, def opiates.

ANNND now I am on the hottest streak I’ve ever at this game, I went from like 3.25 to 11.00 in UNDER TEN MINUTES. just winning decent pots with decent hands: QQ, AA, AK suited. was uncanny how many top ten hands I was being dealt, and then I was succeeding in converting them to cash. wow. just too fast. I don’t like that. because you can lose it all even faster. and yet gambling is like being in love with an 18 year old qt. because you can lose that in an instant too, hehehe.

so i have several options: 1. get with a new 18 year old QT, or 20, or up to 23 I guess. .. 2. try to rekindle with any one of girls 1 thru 7, because they will ALWAYS be rekindlable, even if they are old now. well at least 2 or 3 of them are married now; at least 2 of them are over 30 now; how many have kids now. none that I know for sure, but the 2 married ones wouldn’t be surprised to see kids soon after they become more established in the careers, maybe after the phd, after getting a sweet job at a Good COmpany, etc. COME ON.

orrrrr 3. just bang women left and right willy nilly, do whatever i want whenever i want, have a variety of young qt’s on call. yep that sounds like a plan man.

but what sounds like a better plan is getting a lower stress job. how about a laboratory assistant. math tutor. computer tutor. but these are not FT jobs. I never realised till recently that they weren’t!

Anyway. thinking that not only is getting married young good for women, it’s also good for MEN too. Like I coulda gotten married to any of those young women, girls 1 thru 7, and it probably would have turned out all right. but now I am just too old and bitter to Luv anyone else ever again, hahahaha.  but not actively hot bitter. more like cold bitter. ice cold. ice king. hot bitter, cold butthurt. heh now i am talking like a woman. DON’T TALK LIKE A WOMAN, they talk STUPID.

Heh just gimme a 20 yo QT with a low number and I will marry her and put some babies in her stomach.

WHENEVER I SAY “MARRY” FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THIS BLOG, PAST AND FUTURE, I mean Nonlegally binding marry. EVERY TIME. ALL LEGALLY BINDING MARRIAGE IS BAD FOR MEN, AND A BAD IDEA FOR MEN, AND I DON’T RECOMMEND MEN DO IT. But you can still have a Special Monogamous Childbearing Loving Marriage-LIKE Rel with a Woman, I think that is Natural and Good.

It is just difficult to get all weak in the knees for a 35 year old CareerCvnt who has taken 900000 c0x and has lost the glow and radiance and innocence and charm and niceness of Youth. You can pump em and dump em sure, but no way do you want to marry them or have CHILDREN with them. And CHILDREN are the Way Of The Future. Without Children, you got nothin. when I see Career Yuppies, Especially Women, boasting about how they never want children, I Shake My Head. What is WRONG with This World when WOMEN don’t want to have CHILDREN?

And yet I don’t think that’s the majority of women. That’s not Normal Women YET. But the Lords of Lies and Media Elites are trying to make that abomination LOOK normal. Why have and love your Children when you have your CAREER to worship? I don’t understand how people can be such WORKAHOLICS. I don’t like Working and I like to spend as little time as possible doing it, the Bare Minimum.  I prefer blogging and internetsing and gambling and watching movies and eating food and sleeping and playing vidya and young women and powerwalking and saunaing and buying silver and bitcoin and prepping for doomsday and all that. but not working, and not PAYING to STUDY for WORK, or PAYING trying to GET Work.  F00k THAT.


dec 29 2013

ok might as well move into the New Year here.

watching the movie “waiting” for the 9000000th time on comedy central, it really is one of those profound Life Comedies like Office Space, and we as Huge Losers and Falers can all identify with these characters painfully well.

HOWEVER it does leave out important, Profoundly Important “Little” details:

1. What the hell does Dean (early 20s loser who is starting to get a real sense of himself becoming a loser) do when he quits the restaurant? shouldn’t he regret not taking the asst manager job? would joining the army like Mitch says really fix him? (young teen boy new hire who unloads at the end, calling everyone out brutally for being the losers they are)

More importantly, would Dean going to College and getting a Bachelors Degree like his high school buddy Chet get him a Career Job at FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND A YEAR like Chet?

Or would he just have a bachelors degree and CONTINUE working at Shenanigans, while his Bald Loser Manager “only” has an Associates Degree?

2.  heh well those are the most pressing questions.

So we need a more bleak, dark, hopeless, bottom of the barrel version of “waiting” for 2014, where there are no exits, no magic bullets, no escape, no hope, and you have to find the Will To Live in that milieu.

It is VERY telling how the only glimmer of hope they have is possibly banging drunk 18 year old gurls. And that will continue to be their only glimmer of hope in Waiting 2014. Because there will still be drunk 18 year old gurls in ANY year, so take comfort in that!

It just might be harder and harder to bang them when you are a 50 year old manager of a sh1tty restaurant. Maybe a high class restaurant for the rich and powerful, but you aren’t that AMBITIOUS, are ya?

anyway one of the movie’s biggest and only misstep is in presenting The Bachelors Degree as a Magic Bullet. Worshipping the College Career Religion. I would ASSUME that chet got a Useful Stem Degree and outperformed 90% of his peers, THAT’S why he’s making 48k a year right out of college.

So yeah, I want to see Waiting 2014 where Dean is 10 years older, has a Bach Degree, comes crawling back to his manager to ask for his OLD job back, and he still lives with his Mom, is going Bald, and gets less pvssy than the Huge Shy Niceguy Beta Calvin (can’t get over xgf, can’t pee in public, too nice, too beta), and drinks more than the Angry Psycho Waitress, (Anger, Alcohol, Bipolar, Borderline) and becomes a huge Depressed Burnout Wirgin drinking and doing drugs, hehehehe, and boys 20 years younger than him make 48k a year, bang 18yoqtz, and tell him to join the army or to get a Masterz Degree. The only thing that keeps him alive is that once every 5 years he gets to bang a Fat Young Drunk Party Gurl. (Because when they’re young, it doesn’t matter so much that they’re Fat. It’s only when they’re Old that Fat becomes a Totes Dealbreaker.)


Oh well, I yam what I yam!

Heh freaking out about Muh Layoff even though that is like 4 to 5 months away. Skurred that even with muh Newfound Confidence – and CONFIDENCE is easily one of the Top Magic Bullets, next to be masculine, pray, lift, STEM Internships, Math, etc. – that muh confidence and muh new and improved better resume will NOT be enough to gettajob.  Just a Nauseating Fear.


Well this is DISCOUNTING and DISQUALIFYING a lot: my resume IS OBJECTIVELY stronger, I HAVE OBJECTIVELY learned alot, and I will objectively know how to at least Fake Confidence Better, even if all muh new confidence wears off.

And I have nice new Business Professional Dress Pants to wear to interviews, and Dress Shirts, and possibly might even Pull the Trigger on a Proper Business Suit. Dressing well during the interview is a HUGE magic bullet, its an ACE IN THE HOLE, because say you get spaghetti pockets talking, you still LOOK great.

magic bullet: if you get a warm day in the middle of the winter, OPEN THE WINDOW in your bedroom until the heat comes on, because your room most likely smells like Farts and Stale Sweat and Butt and Armpits and Socks and Feet and Funk and Dirty Laundry and Crotch Juice and Moar Fartz, although you can’t tell because you never have A Gurl in there.


Songs of Love and Hate
Songs of Love and Hate (Photo credit: Wikipedia) i can verify this is a great album

this post is a little shorter, next post will be a little longer.

dec 7, sat, 11.15am

well, things have been going so WELL lately, the LORD GOD has been so GOOD to me lately, that I guess it’s about time that He TESTED me, and I can’t say I LIKE it! Because the Test strikes the root, cuts to the bone, clouds over all the good stuff, makes a man feeeeeeel like garbaggio…… by Sending In Girl7 to appear out of the blue again. last time this happened was 2 times in july or aug (see posts) and I did not like it then. now, this time, I have not talked to her yet, she has not seen me, but I have seen her, and now I am avoiding her and trying to lay real low. if she finds me and talks to me, I will have to struggle to be alpha and to not be a passive aggressive beta, like oh, studying real hard for your MASTERS DEGREE that has already been incentivized for you by your already demonstrated Career Success and now this is the Next Logical Step for you to take at 25 years of age, so that when you’re 26, you can move up the ladder into an 80k a year job, while I REFUSE to get a masters degree because I don’t see the incentive to get a business-related masters degree unless you are a real tryhard student, of course she is not in the business field, and was she not interested in me because I was an Unsuccessful Unambitious Unmasculine Loser, Or because she is an Asexual Dyke hahahahahaha, which she has a DEFINITE Asexual Dyke streak in her, so that’s def NOT out of consideration.

But Still I looked FORWARD to NEVER seeing her again because she was the last, and possibly the final ever, grill I was ever In Luv with. I mean I thought she was A Virtuous Person, there was no Tradeoffs, just pure monogamous babymaking biblical God‘s Love.


(working on coining a new term there, to describe True Love as the Miraculous Gift From God and Glorification of God that is truly is. this kind of luv is monogamous, lifelong, babymaking, familymaking, unambiguous like a sign from God, and, when rejected, you HAVE to go no contact, and in a Tiny Way, you will never get over it, it will feel like you’re giving a Little Piece Of Your Heart to them Forever, but I guess maybe the better way to think of it is that GOD is taking some of your heart and soul back.)

And now I am a cold hard mean cynical woman-hater who just wants to bang a revolving door of 18 year olds, although I have not lost the ability to make Female Friends, thank GOD. Heh. Maybe that IS the Lesson from God. Maybe I need to say 9000 more hail marys until I can get out of this Triggering Situation and get back to sweet, sweet No Contact.

so it sucks to get reminded of that God’s Love, which was quite literally the most powerful thing in the world, better

Love and Hate in Dub
Love and Hate in Dub (Photo credit: Wikipedia) i like godflesh, but not familiar with this album, hehehe. though God does not want you to like Godflesh because they are blasphemous

than music and art and anything, to have a Love so Profound and Deep, which you will never feeel again, and to have that rejected, and to go no contact, and then have them pop back in every now and then.

Well I didn’t make my demands for No Contact super clearly, nor did she ever truly know how Deeply I loved her, I think I just tried to laugh it off and say “yeah it would prob be for the best if we took a little break from seeing each other for a while”, and she thought that I MERELY liked her or had a crush on her, not that I was deeply madly in God’s Luv with her, heh heh.

But God Damn why can’t she go be RAGING SUCCESSFUL somewhere ELSE. f00king dyke can go die of cvnt cancer. rejecting ME. god damn b1tch. I am SO DONE with her. SO OVER IT. let her get raeped by a pack of mountain gorillas.

Heh. I contend that, in order to be able to have the capacity to Really Truly Madly Deeply LOVE, you also have to be able to go the other way and truly madly deeply HATE as well, all these little pvssy f4gg0ts are scared of hate, scared to hate, but I’m not!

Heh. Now I can never get REJECTED by another Woman again because I will never LIKE another woman that much to want to Date Them Exclusively! Now its yep you can join my rotating Harem of Friends With Benefits, sure, but after 7 times Of Failure,, muh heart can no longer truly Luv, hahahahahaha. I wish it COULD, but nope. All Done.

So what is GOD trying to TEACH me with this test? Not to hate women? Not to hate HER? probably. So I will say 90000000000000 Hail Marys and try not to hate her, like say that stuff about cancer or gorillas. Nope. Can’t do that! SO SOLLY!!!

900000000 hail marys later……
nope not really hehehe. But I should get started on that rather than typing here. ok go.


heh heh THANK GOD my actual life is not in ruins, I am very thankful for that. But I thought that would be a hilarious response to the Small Talk Introduction Question of “How You Doin” or “How Are Ya”, instead of saying “Good” or “Just Fine, And You” like is expected, you throw a little curve ball with “My Life Is In Ruins”.  Of COURSE this is meant as a joke, you’re not supposed to get all negative nancy and debbie downer and try to get sympathy. it’s a JOKE. learn to have a sense of HUMOR.  Unless your life really IS in ruins. Then I will try to save you.

nov 30, sat, 11:02am

really hope to get muh traffic up hurr with one a day posts hahaha. lord I gotta stop writing like a 16 year old gurl. anyway still on vacation, still blowing off my Independent Study Homework, although to be fair I HAVE been busy about 60% of that blowoff time with New Job related stuff.

Let me clarify that maybe I’m not against The Career Cult wholesale. Like if you really like college and you really like your career and you’re doing ok and not a ridiculous workaholic neglecting your family, and generally moderately happy, then good for you, keep succeeding at your career. If career is really working for you and helping you win and make money and mate and have a good family, by all means, keep doing Career.

But Careers don’t work like that for all of us who attempt them. sometimes they blow up or fizzle out right in our f00king face, and then it seems we can’t do ANYTHING right, and have become huge losers At Life, and just want to give up and not try any more.

Heh. What do you call it when you don’t want to K yourself, don’t want to End The Pain, there’s not really PAIN per se, but you just want to give up and never try any more??

Morally Lazy Loserness. Heh. wish they had a pill to cure that. or at least heal it a bit, hehehe.

Yeah, it’s called 18yo gurls bending over 4 U. And if you can’t pull that, then maybe 26 yo wimmin.

heh. bad luck in cards. got dealt AA TWICE within 10 minutes (#1 best hand ever, you can wait HOURS to get it ONCE). I THINK it’s not a BAD idea to go All In when you get AA, or even KK or QQ. I ramp it up gradually to suck the people in rather than scare them away. finally get all in, have a nice 3000 chip pot, and then lose it all, TWICE, to some guy getting 3 of a kind or a full house or flush. lost 2000 chips that way, and now just lost 1000 more to the same guy because I was (understandably) frustrated.

heh. times like that i am glad I am not playing with real money!

even though I’ve STILL made more “money” in the past 2 months than I have made in 2 years at Muh Underjob!

I guess the Lesson Learned there, is leave the table, don’t buy back in, take a break, and go back to a lower stakes table if you really want to play more that day (I was at the second lowest stakes, not Bottom Barrel Lowest Stakes.)

But yeah. to lose a lot of money on the best possible hand is very frustrating, makes you reconsider Gambling As A Career Choice, makes even College and Internships start to look better! Because the Lesson Learned is, “Best Possible Hand” is a misnomer, because it depends on the f00king FLOP and community cards, which could make AA a sh1tty hand for you, and 2-7 unsuited a Winning hand for your opponent. because say they get 3 4 5 6 suited, heh heh heh. Bad Beats R Us.

And then of course, you can get BAD BEATS in Real Life too, even when you appear to have a great hand, and are wise to make a Big Bet. And then you get a Bad Beat: you get cancer or lose your job or your wife takes your kids and puts you in jail and your LIFE IS IN RUINS.

What makes a man LEbowski, what makes a success. Getting a job? Getting a mate? Getting a good job? getting a good mate? or just banging as many women as you can and having as many mates as possible and spreading your DNA as widely as possible? Don’t worry about SUPPORTING your children, leave that to the Taxpayers and Beta Males. The main goal is to have as many bastard kids as possible. Do kids REALLY need two loving parents? Heck No! We’re just animals! Some kids grow up just fine without two loving parents! While some kids a SCREWUPS even WITH two loving parents! It’s all a crapshoot! just get as many broads pregnant and LEAVE em! so your kids hate you, but at least you have 90000000 kids and they may hate you, but they can’t take your DNA out of them! So start knocking up women as soon as you hit puberty! they try to nail you with child support, you skip town and become a Deadbeat and try to knock up as many broads as possible before you inevitably go to Jail for your Antisocial, Sociopathic Behavior!

Is Morality Itself Inherently Beta? ABSOLUTELY!

Heh heh. All in moderation. Gotta have a balance of Alpha AND Beta traits. And I personally am a BIG fan of Morality, much moreso than I’m a fan of Betaness. I would aim to be a Moral Alpha if you can. Just don’t let people Walk All Over You.


I might have already HAD a post with that title. Still, it’s important enough of a Point, that I could prob just change the name of this blog to that!

nov 29 2013, fri, 2:01pm

YEP  fully enjoying “Thanksgiving Vacation”, sleeping in, time off, relaxing, R and R, great times, here I can really do some serious Blog Work. like schedule posts every day so there isn’t such a huge backlog. and sit in bed and drink coffee and give you a Live Post of 1000 words right off the top of muh head, in one fell swoop, playing a few poker hands in here as well.

Again, I would be doing youtube videos, just talking to yall, but again, my Voice would IDENTIFY me even more than these words, and I want to be Anonymous atm. I will de-anonymize for no less than 40 grand a year. For the next 30 years. at least.

had thanksgiving dinner with the fam, tried to analyze a case history of The Working Class Family. Adults can get a decent Upper Working Class Fulltime Job right out of high school and continue working it for 20+ years. Nowadays the younger Millennial Gen can’t get that, and the only full timers are Old people who have been there 20+ years, trying to hold on to their jobs, while the company is trying to squeeze them out with Young Kid Part Timers making 8 bucks an hour.

Adults in their 50s who are completely Not Into the College Career Cult. Because they didn’t have to be. Meanwhile I’m actively HOSTILE towards it, because I’ve experienced it, and can see how bad it really sucks.


So one way to do it is to find a Big Govt Agency that hires part-time seasonal workers, then do that, then HOPE you get hired in to Permanent Part Time, then HOPE you get hired it as Full Time. Not sure how long that would take, or if you could improve your chances with Good Performance. Why would you? that would make too much sense!

Then I laid awake thinking of everyone I know who has gotten married. I thought of Men and Women and Careers and Families and the State of the Nation 2013. I thought about who invented the word “CAREER.” When did CAREERS become a thing, and when did JOBS become such a Loser thing?

Especially when JOBS are so hard to come by….let alone CAREERS!

I was invited to a Huge Thanksgiving Party and there will be people there I do want to see and people there I don’t want to see. Heh. Ideally I would just see the people I DO want to see, and in a much smaller non-party situation. at the same time I don’t want to insult the host, who is a great guy, who I DO like, hehehe. I would prefer NOT to go in muh gut, but I wonder if it would be Good Karma for me to make a brief appearance.

Women LOVE careers. They love careers more than they like men. Women are the biggest True Believers in The College Career Cult. They LOVE it. If you’re a man who’s not Huge On Career, to Women, that’s admittance of you being Proud to be A Loser. They can find PLENTY of Career-Oriented Men in their Own Careers! (see great recent HEartiste article about “THE CORPORATE CAREER HAREM”!!)

And with that comes the Raft of Everything else that appeals to College-Educated Women: Left-Leaning Media, Big Government Worship, Democrat Worship, Career Worship, College Worship, Atheism Worship, Change for the Sake of Change, Feminism, Daily Show, MSNBC, Blatantly Choosing Career Over Family/Children. How are the CHILDREN of these women going to turn out?

And then I thought, even though I have these strong opinions, it doesn’t really lead me to any solid answers. The best I got was, hope I am making a Good Living by Age 40, in the Middle Of Muh Career, MAYBE age 50, and THEN find a young VIRTUOUS woman to have children with. Love and attraction would be VERY secondary; Virtuous/Moral/Good MOTHER would be PRIMARY. then have Children and try to not be senile by the time they’re 18. And at least 3 children would be ideal.

Heh. I’m DONE with CAREERS, I’m DONE with WOMEN.

A Full Time JOB is more than sufficient for me, and My Women have to be OK with that, and not WORSHIP THE FALSE GOD of Career being The Most Important Thing In Life.



The Careers Day poster they rejected
The Careers Day poster they rejected (Photo credit: Alun Salt)

Warning: When I talk about Being Against Women and Careers, it’s more Marketing/Business/HR/PR/Advertising/Media type careers rather than STEM Careers………..obviously. STEM careers are a lot better than Business Careers hehehehehe. Get a Health Care Career if you want a Career so bad, and leave Business to the Men. Not that Women can’t DO business as good as men do, but because Business kinda RUINS Women, just like taking too Many D’s can ruin a woman. It crushes their natural Feminine Beauty.

Heh heh. Of course it must be muh Hateful Sexist Attitude that is making me an Unhappy Loser who is not having success with Career and Women.

One last thing. Wizardchan makes (or USED to make, several months ago) a big deal out of banning people who weren’t STRICTLY Virgins. My target audience is much wider and inclusive. I will totally take Nonvirgins. You just have to be Unhappy with the Quality or Quantity of Women you’ve pulled thus far. Maybe a huge Drought of 1, 2, 5, 10 years. Maybe you’ve only had S with one or two women. And they were all Hideous Hambeasts. Or Hookers.

Come one, come all. I am going to help you Sow Your Wild Oats Once and For All. I am going to help you get Sex On The Reg with Attractive Women. Although they might not be Virtuous Women, and they might be closer to 30 than to 20, heh heh.


nov 25 mon

roissy / heartiste recently offered up a great Magic Bullet Point on a Silver Platter, so I’d like to “retweet” that here: To obtain the correct attitude when dealing with Women, to get that Alpha Frame, Confidence, and Attitude, Simply Imagine that you are Currently being Serviced by THREE young cute 18 yo QT’s catering to your every whim, rubbing their bodies all over you. Then you won’t slip up and say something beta, like you are Afraid of losing this one grill’s favor. Because you got THREE on ya RIGHT NOW. Make THEM work for YOU. What VALUE can they add. What can THEY do for YOU.

He also has great examples of Ellipsis Game. He’s got some great examples that you can put into practice immediately. magic bullets.
Like this one beta whose gurlfran looks very emo and unstable but ridic cute, she always looks sad or mad and there he is scoochign in close to her, trying to console her, rubbing his hand in little circles on her back like consoling an upset baby, when really what she needs is a good pounding. all his sensitive awwww baaaaaby what’s wooong, oh i wuv you, itll be okay baybee, our wuv will get us thru, you can do it babee. Thing is, he is a bigger and more naturally masculine guy than me. That was prob enough to pull such a cute girl in the first place, but damned if he isn’t gonna lose her with this super beta behaviour that thank god I know better. and THANK YOU ROISSY. not even kidding. his tone is harsh and mean but you can use his tips to become a solid alpha winner. I am gonna tell you pretty much the exact same stuff, but deliver it in somewhat more compassionate of a tone, because i’ve been there.

nov 26 tues

The real bad thing about Women is that They Lie and they don’t even KNOW they’re lying. Lord that is crucial. So you can’t hold them fully accountable for something they don’t know they’re doing. You should hold them a little responsible though, perhaps it will get them to Think More Insightfully About their Constant Unconscious Lying and hopefully stop themselves before they do it again.

Or maybe Constant Unconscious Lying is just an Innate Quality of All Women, like a Uterus and a Vag.

Either way, don’t let it harm you. Fake it till you make it: act like you got three 18yoqt’s on your D, until the day that you actually DO. And then you’ll never worry or stress about Women ever again!

Women Lie more than Men, Women CHEAT more than men. Women will Cheat without even really knowing it’s cheating. That’s the Rationalization Hamster for you! It’s powerful, but as a masculine man, you are MORE powerful and can TAME it!

READ HEARTISTE AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. It gives you the IDEAL mindset regarding women. It can be a little “negative” seeming at first, but once it sinks in, this mindset is Comforting and really quite Zen and Peaceful. The Red Pill is bitter and nauseating at first, but once it digests, you will be a much more Peaceful Person.

But yeah Heartiste is a little meeeaan. You can live out Roissy’s lessons but not be wuite that mean about it. It’s just because he lives in washington DC. I’d be a lot more bitter if I lived in that hellhole too! guy should quit his job and move to a tropical island. not worth the money to live, work, and suffer in DC. NO THANK YOU.

Every man owes it to himself to Sow His Wild Oats, and with that implies that you should Give Nonmonogamy a CHANCE. “But I just want One Nice Girl I can Trust and Luvvvv!!” Betas whine. ok granted ok, but have you even ever TRIED having 2 or 3 qt’s at once? Give it a FAIR SHAKE, try to actually experience it before you claim that MOnogamy is the BEst BE-All End-All.

At the very least, you can only benefit from going through a Nonmonogamous Phase. It’s very possible that later, after your Wild Oats Nonmonog phase, you might then want some Monogamy.

But By god, wouldn’t you like to have a 3-way at least once in your life? Or even a FOUR-way???? you know the answer to that, look deep in your heart.

And you can even still Be Friends with Women too. Well, the ones you have no interesting in Banging that is.

“But Women Are more than pieces of meat to be banged!!”

yeah, some of them will be more than this to you. but most women will allow themselves to be treated like meat by the right (masculine) men. I just want you to finally get yours, and not to be a pathetic supplicating beta all of your life!!!!

HEh. betas’ problem is they WANT to RESPECT Women too much, and MEn and Women have inherently different Ideas of Respect. Indeed, it’s very, very hard to Respect a Woman on Men’s Terms. This is a classic Fool’s Errand: don’t waste your time and energy trying to Respect Women, because 99% they will fall far short.

And, as a win-win, it’s not really that HARD for a woman to be a respectable NAWALT, in other words, when you DO find a respectable woman, it should be easily apparent, and not drain too much of your time, energy, resources ANYWAY.

heh. just saying you should focus your time and effort on something more productive than women….like GAMBLING.

yep. if you don’t have the right attitude, women can be just as big and horrible and destructive of a SCAM as COLLEGE or CAREER. And I am here to help you get the right attitude. because that is both simple and excruciatingly difficult. not nearly as easy as successful careerfags would have you think! you can waste your whole life trying and failing to change your damn attitude! So i am here to show you the RIGHT way to do that.

“B-B-But I don’t want to HATE women!”
Only pathetic supplicating betas and scumdog feminists think what i’ve just described is “hating women.”