dec 25 2016

merry xmassssssssssssss

hehehe i like this brand new tradition i just started where i give xmas donations to decent people. paypal or bitcoin. gave donaations today to fatherland podcast, counter-currents aka grindr greggy, NPI aka richard spencer, daily stormer aka andre, smaller dnation to good morning huhwhyte america with adam and mary. i only listened to 1 episode but i know they are great people, adam appeared several times on fatherland, and GMWA is a beautiful family-oriented husbando and waifu pro-white podcast, which is comfy AF and just good stuff. also very pro-christ hahahaha.

also gave small dnation to GEORGE FEELS and hope he reads my message talking about using small amounts of medical MJ to help with his despair, doing a skype talk one day, using myfitnesspal to count calories and lose weight, and to look moar into the alt-right. really should have given him moar than 5 dollars, but hey he works 30 hours a week hahahahahaha. more than i do!!!!!!

have now dnated 190 dollars to alt-right causes in my life hahahaha. 45 dollars was in bitcoin hahahaha.

heres the message i sent to GEORGE FEELS:

Merry Christmas George! Just found your channel this year and I can relate. Don’t listen to the haters in your comments! But I would respectfully recommend 2 things: 1. do an in-depth experimentation with the legal MJ in your state and make a series of videos fully describing your experience. I suspect that MJ, at the right dosage, can alleviate despair somewhat. 2. MyFitnessPal is a GREAT tool for measuring calories in one’s diet and exercise. It helped me lose a ton of weight fairly quickly. The main thing was that I was simply eating WAY more than I really needed! See the actual numbers helped me discipline my raging appetite haha. You should also check out more Alt-Right stuff like The Right Stuff forums, great positive group of people that can help you feel good about your legacy as a Huhwhyte Man. One day I would ideally like to have a Skype talk with you, but maybe in 2018 haha. Maybe think about recording skype talks with other like minded people. (NOT the hecklers in your comments!!!!) Take care and next time you feel like sipping the Fermented Joo, please try a SMALL dose of The Herbal Joo instead, hahaha. Best wishes to you and your family! Also, are there any young fresh off the boat Ukrainian girls arriving in your area? You could potentially show them around, hahahaha. Take care buddy.

hehehehe. arent I SO NICE???!?!?!?!

I wouldnt send him any money if he were not HUHWHYTE.

There’s a chance he could be a JQ because a lot of JQ’s came from Da Ukraine, I’ve met some IRL. But pretty sure he said something about his family being somewhat christian. of COURSHE j’s can convert to christian, and i don’t like that, but…..gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. i guess there’s a chance he might have uzbek or kyrgyz in him. also gonna give him benefit of doubt. he looks more than 50% huhwhyte. despite the brown hair and brown eyes hahahaha. if he reveals he is not huhwhyte, i will not give him anything next year hahahaha.

if he is 25% jooish and 75% huhwhyte, i would also give him the benefit of the doubt. i am remarkably generous towards quadroons who choose to identify with their huhwhyte side.

played some poker on xmas eve and had a remarkably good day. doubled from 4 to 8 basically after 3 or 4 good hands. PRAISE GOD.

hahahaha i had the first and so far only xmas day dnation to andre anglin hehehehe YOURE WELCOME. he cashed it out within 30 minutes. which is smart, considering the VOLATILITY of btc, and that its own a downswing right now. ENJOY your 6.16 USD goy hahahaha. buy fookin 6 shitburgers on christs bday. how cheap and JQ am I?????!?!?!?!?!?!?

and not many people are dnating to good morning white america at all.

that feel when you are watching the travel channel and you see a jooish gurl you used to go to jooniversity with, and now she is a phd scientist commenting as an expert for TV shows hahahahaha. then you look the tv clip and confirm it is actually the person. she is about your age. well it doesnt say PHD after her name, but she is probably a PHD hahahahahahaha.

well i didnt really hate the gurl. she was a little autistic and weird and jooish, and i knew her because she was dating an acquaintance of mine who was super weird and super autistic and rather jooish hahahaha. this was like 11 years ago. yeah she looks older of course, but it still looked so much like this woman, i had to do some internet research. confirmed it is indeed her. well good for her, i never really hated her. well, other than i was suspect that she didnt give my jooish male acquaintance a fair enough chance. he could not have been easy to date though, he was confirmed super autistic. and they dated for pretty much a long time.

see, i used to be friendly and social with Literal Joos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i would give them both a pass to get out of the oven hahahaha. i wouldnt have a problem with them going to israhell tho hahahahaha.

not gonna donate any money to THEM, they are jooish professionals making like 60 grand a year each hahahaha. at least.

but yeah they werent individually wrecking nations and genociding whites and promoting degeneracy. they were pretty neurotic joos tho!

where do you get off being a BLUE EYED JOO? I just dont get or like that. I mean this gurl was not an ugly ratfaced joo. now i’m wondering, was she even really a joo? I thought she WAS, but yeah, nonugly, blue eyes, you start to wonder. maybe only half JQ?

she wasnt a horrible person though. i would spare her the oven. and him. i liked him better hahahahaha.

just an unexpected thing to see on tv on christmas while watching travel channel with the fam.

i actually sent an EMAIL to george feels because after d’nating to him, I had a concern that concerns him. not going to talk about it here, but we’ll see if he emails me back. used muh new alt right email hahahaha. maybe he will be too intimidated. i tried not to be too intimidating, overwhleming, or pushy, or overbearing.

super JQ tv station vice showed terminator 1 last night, which is a great movie, and my god was linda hamilton not bad looking when she was 24 years old. horry sheet. unfort she shows her bare bosoms like a jooish wh0re. but its a very white knighting sentimental true luv secs scene. i still dont think they should have made her show her milkers though. show true luvsecs without any nudity. other than that the movie is good and not very jooish at all. but yeah my god was she a qt in 1984. in the healthy non-woman-hating man, this will kindle a natural white knight urge. in the mgtow woman-hater, it will kindle nothing, it will make you say, fook you, i’m not gonna white knight for some damn skank, thats how they GET you.  hahahahahahaha. hell no im not gonna fall for this TEMPTRESS’S TRICKS!!!!!!!!

rather you identify with kyle reese and say yes i am going to protect this woman. i mean thats what you SHOULD do.

not resist your NATURAL urge to white knight because bitches be bitches taking advantage of this urge to get gibs! which they DO….but not all women hahahahahahahahahaha.

hmm. i mean if women were damn crafty parasites looking to scam as much gibs as possible…..they would be approaching me and trying to scam ME, thinking, what can i use this poor neet omega virgin for? but that literally NEVER happens!!!!!!!

maybe im just not good enough to even be scammed hahahahahahahahaha.  i mean ….

well i DO have resources that can be scammed!



i guess im not considered the LOW HANGING FRUIT because i am invisible and im literally NOT advertising that i have a lot of resources to easily scam. like, they’d actually have to WORK to scam me. and yeah, they WOULD. I mean I actually VET people. EXTREME VETTING. I vetted HER too. and she passed the vetting! I still wont retroactively flunk her there! because what she did was simple cowardice, not really a 180 of character, even though it FELT like it at the time, because it was SOOOOO painful.

like they say, never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance. or cowardice. or laziness. she was ignorant and lazy and especially cowardly, but i really dont think she was EVIL.

not gonna donate any money to HER though hahahahaha. she doesnt do anything to strengthen our huhwhyte race hehehehehe. refuses to have anything to do with me.

they say you are over someone when you just don’t care if they are with someone else. well i guess im not there yet but i guess i am kinda close. i mean i dont want to know that she is with someone else! i just dont want to hear about her EVER AGAIN.

well yeah in a way i always care. because im like b1tch, you coulda been WITH ME. damn. i just dont want to hear ANYTHING about them EVER again, unless they want to be with me.

hmm hope paypal didnt shut down my account because im not using my real name. using my alt right name, just opened this account a few weeks ago, to start sending donations under a fake name. tried to send one to TRS and it wouldnt let. either me or TRS has the prob. i would think they would have more of a problem with TRS. “h8” group receiving thousands of shekels. rather than me donating like 20 dollars to various people.


hahahahahahahahaha SO GENEROUS!!!! SO HUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is how i stroke muh ego and muh conscience. i mean i am totally getting something out of it too. a lot. lets not pretend to be SELFLESS about it! the satisfaction is really THAT strong. it’s almost unfair to THEM. i get WAY more Satisfaction out of donating 5 dollars than they get by GETTING 5 dollars!!!!!

but some people wont donate to george because they feel his current videos arent really doing anything. i disagree. and i give him a LITTLE money just as a good faith thing, to put my money where my mouth is, and maybe he will take my advice more seriously. I really WOULD like to see him try some MJ, make videos about it, and i think myfitnesspal really COULD help him lose weight.

as far as getting women, i don’t even know. i’m almost as much a foreveralone virgin as him.

and i also think becoming more racially aware and alt right could help him the same way it helped me.

so i give him this advice and give him a cash tip to show I’m serious hehehe. i mean i dont think he is getting TONS of donations. i bet he gets BARELY ANY. so when somebody donates ANYTHING, he’s likely to LISTEN to them.

i mean shit. he makes more money than I do. probably TWICE as much money as me. ANd I’m donating to HIM?

want to donate ME money? send bitcoin to


please hahahahhahahahahahahaha.

uhhhh i dont want to give any of my paypals, i’d have to set up a third paypal for this blog, becuase i don’t want to blatantly confirm my alt right WN identity on this blog, though you can probably figure it out, and thats not even a huge deal to me. i just dont want to make it EXPLICIT, exactly because I don’t want to brag about being a neet loser basically. and being a neet loser undermines my credibility as a WN.

it doesn’t go both ways, me saying I Am A WN on this blog doesn’t undermine my credibility as a NEET……because as I neet, I by definition HAVE no credibility!!!!!!!

Neets are more Punished and Shamed than WN’s! Neets are more hated than White Racists!!!!!!!!!

heh. good thing i have both bases covered.

funny how we can see linda hamilton go from being 24 year old beautiful waifu qt, to being like 57 years old in 2016. An Old Menopausal Infertile Withered Old Hag. She’s prob not obese though. could be tho. I heard Shelley Duvall is now obese.

i am not even gonna look up 2016 photos of either of these women. even by T2 in 1996, linda hamilton had certainly lost a lot of her youthful beauty. it’s a direct function of youth!!!!!!! and that was TWENTY fookin current years ago!!!!!

have invested about 130 dollars GAMBLING since i started gambling at the bitcoin poker room in early 2014. almost 3 years. 130 dollars.  43 dollars a year. thats not horrible. i have seen people blow through like 500 dollars in 2 hours at the real casino. HORRIBLE.

dont know what else to say about that!

but i tell you what, i wouldnt mind to have the privilege to go down the street and buy some dank MJ like George Feels can hahahaha. its really weird how he doesnt really mention it. I’m sure he prob mentioned it for 1 minute, or maybe 1 comment, probably something like “i’m not interested in it” or “i tried it once and didnt like it.” but i think he should at least do a full video on it, and he hasn’t done that. he’s mentioned alcohol blatantly in the title of several videos!

and i think MJ would do him better than alcohol.

not saying he should smoke an oz a day, or get so blazed he has a panic attack. which is a very real possibility for many people, including myself, and the THOUSANDS of people who go to EMERGENCY ROOMS in colorado now that mj is legal, and people get SUPER blazed, have a panic attack, think they’re dying or having a heart attack. i’ve BEEN there, DONE that. it HAPPENS, don’t DENY it, you damn degen stoners. anyway, just saying he should take one puff, get a little blazed. better than getting drunk thats for sure.

it just seems WEIRD that a person who lives in a state with LEGAL MJ would not even TRY MJ and make a big obvious statement on it. while others of us daydream about taking a trip to colorado and smokin tons of legal MJ hahahahahahaha. i mean i might just do it. and visit george while i am there. convince him to sm0ke with me hahahahahahahaha. be like try this maaaaannnn, your life isnt getting any better, you arent getting any younger. hahahaha.

wow looks like george michael dead is NOT a hoax. died on xmas. today. kinda ironic because of his huge hit xmas song. last xmas by WHAM! of course. age 53. nothing saying cause of death. i dont think he had GRIDS tbh. maybe drugs then.

one simply does not pass away peacefully at home at age 53. coulda been cancer. that sucks worse than GRIDS. dying of cancer at 53. sheeeeeeeeit.

i mean yeah he was a gay degenerate but so many Famous People died this year. and really, george michael is not as significant as leonard cohen, david bowie, or prince. but you see what i mean. and cohen was the only one that was really OLD and dying at what i would say is a natural age.

yeah well not even degenerates deserve to die on christmas day at age 53. he had a greek name, not sure how white he was. i guess he was a greek cypriot. cypriot greek. i mean its borderline fam. the ancient greeks were absolutely huhwhyte i know. but modern greek cypriots?????? i mean the man was swarthy af. he had the thickest beard I have ever seen. he was pretty handsome tho. but degenerate. he didnt HAVE to be so degenerate.

sheeeeit i wish i had been born in like 1996. kids these days dont WANT to do drugs, they dont WANT negro secs, they WANT to be alt right traditionalists!!!!!! this new generation is interested in the old morality! and NOT in being degenerates, like my older generation was/is!!!! we were all like, yeah lets get FOOKED UP because getting FOOKED UP is FUN and FEELS GOOD and IF IT FEELS GOOD, DO IT!!!!! nothing was sacred, absolutely nothing. all women were dirty sluts. the only pleasure in this world was to get fooked up on alcohol and drugs, cuz everything else sucks.  beat off to porn, go to strip clubs, maybe bang some sluts at best.

young kids these days are rejecting this garbage, AS THEY SHOULD.

so yeah i have a lot of hope and optimism in the young kids of today, in other words. like the kids who are 16 to 20 right now, in 2016. but people who are 26 or older? fook no. they’re finished. beyond redemption.

hey i WANT to be redeemed. I am done with being a degen. HOWEVER I still want to sm0ke MJ. I’m not WILLING to give that up entirely. i want a PASS on that one. i AM willing to keep it a SECRET from the alt right hahahahaha because i totally udnerstand why they don’t like it. i wouldnt want my kids doing it. more than once a year hahahahaha.

i just need it for medicine because i am irreparably broken hahahahahaha.

i know its shameful and i dont have a problem keeping it in the closet!!!!!

but as long as i dont have it i will continue to talk about it hehehehehehe.

also i would only talk about it in the “CLOSET” of muh neet blog, and NEVER in the out of the closet on my alt right blog, which I don’t really have. I guess muh neet blog would be it!

i mean its gonna happen in the next 10 years. each state is falling one by one to the legal MJ train. and you cant just have a country where half the states have it and half dont. each of those states will EVENTUALLY vote in legal MJ. its INEVITABLE. and i am happy about that. just impatient.

well…..SHOULD i be so happy? because i can agree MJ isnt a generally GOOD thing. i just want to be the exception. so why should i want a society that encourages it? i shouldnt!!!!!!

could it be legal AND socially shamed? fook no. come on. look at alcohol and porn. those are tolerated and celebrated!!!!!! if you are an alcoholic yeah thats kinda shameful, but in every town there are bars full of people celebrating alcohol and getting drunk.




i forgot where i read that, as an example of a horrible life philosophy. and i completely agree. and then a friend and i made a huge joke out of the phrase, it is a great turn of phrase. but think of it in reference to short-term hedonism, or self-destructive behaviors that give a high, like drugs, alcohol, gambling, casual sex, etc.

sat feb 8 2014, 7.25 pm.

sitting here on sat night, listening to dissection “the somberlain” album, playing bitcoin poker, just about to grab a cold can of code red and really go hogwild. bitcoin is “crashing” right now, ie you should buy when it finally hits bottom. but when will that be? i just bought $10 worth just for lulz.

had a chance to work overtime last night, but I said NO, I would not do 30 minutes more of work for a HUNDRED dollars an hour, i refuse. well, i didn’t SAY that, I just snuck out and then afterwards went and socialized with the people I knew there. that was very fun and we stayed up late just socializing and playing with computer and youtube and music and eating snacks and chit chatting, very nice social time w very nice people, and I was thankful to do that.

put the kibosh on my plan to come home, drink nyquil, do a little gambling, then be asleep by 11pm, and sleep till 3 pm.

instead I got home around 2:30am, drank HALF a dose of nyquil (am still Sick), and slept till about 2 pm. did some more nice email writing. wanted to go for a nice powerwalk before church but didn’t happen. instead went AFTER church. was starving then and ate some din. and now here i am. partying.

so i should be able to survive thru 40 more days of work right? how many exact Work Days? around 45.  then mandatory layoff. survive sentence of 45 days. how do. realize you won’t get beat or killed or raped like you would in prison. give thanks. the end. the worst is that you will be verbally shamed&shunned.jpg, or laid off and paid welfare. the end.

welp. just got cleaned out by f4ggots on poker. now transferring my Month of February Gambling Budget of $20 over. I PROMISE YOU I will not add any more money until March. $20 a month is the rule.

which is WAY less than I spent on Alcohol, when I used to drink! Sh1t you can spend $50 in one night at the BAR on yourself EASY! (i would often sneak my own cheap booze into the bar, and then drink the cheapest beer they had at the bar, while drinking my sneaked in stuff in the Bathroom. Nice idea, eh?)

ahh there’s muh money in the bitcoin casino. looking for computer “equalizer” so i can fiddle with settings and “re-produce” albums that I wish had a slightly different production. like on a certain metal album, turn down the drums, turn up guitars, turn up mids, etc. do not have a EQ on muh sound card, i don’t think.

of course we would all bang the black haired woman on the “prospectors” show on the weather channel. absolutely.

trying this thing called where you buy Gigahashes which mine bitcoins. I think that’s what the GHS do. and then you make money that way. buy buying into a pools of miners mining bitcoin with their powerful mining hardware. cuz i know buying your own hardware is very expensive. but would like to dabble in tiny amounts. and if i can make a profit of even 1$ a month, why the hell not? will let you know. just dabbling now with $10 to start. is there a bigger reward if you invest more? is it less risky if you invest more? maybe. who knows.  i am prepared to lose $10 here. just waiting for the damn transaction to go through with the confirmations.

get a f00king bachelors degree at age 42 finally from online university so your wife and 4 year old daughter can be proud of you, and if you’re REAL lucky you can get a fulltime job an make TWELVE dollars an hour. but odds are you won’t. and that’s why you graduated from COLLEGE. that’s why MILLIONS of Adults are finally graduating from COLLEGE, and achieving their dreams of have a less than 50/50 chance of getting a TWELVE dollar an hour fulltime job. But Probably NOT. Thanks College!

heh. won a sweet 6 dollar pot with a good flush, think i had AK suited in the draw. good hand to play, good win, good pot, PROB could have gotten MORE.

get rich on bitcoin, buy gold and silver with bitcoin.  i think. no, buy low and sell high w bitcoin, then immediately turn around and spend that usd on silver before silver price skyrockets; OR win huge amts of btc in btc poker and use winnings to buy gold and silver.

that’s my advice. or get an Engineering Degree with a Minor in Math and internships starting in summer 1 or even summer 0.

or participate in something creative that makes you feeeeeeeel real good. i am jealous of musicians that can do this. i would have been a GREAT musician, if i had musician level musical talent. but it was always too much WORK. but i still might become a PRODUCER because I know what SOUNDS good. but of course music production is a HORRIBLE career choice, even worse than Musician career-wise!

so i bought .52 ghs on a few hours ago and i have already mined .00000035 btc. yes it cost me about $10 to buy that .52 gigahash.


june 5 2013 yeah I kinda have been “on break” for a few days from this. big deal. I can assure You I’m not QUITTING it!

* i read somewhere that the main reason B.O. stinks is because of Bacteria. This may or may not be true but it sounds good to me. so what you can do is spray antibacterial spray, ie LYSOL, on the clothes. You ARE allowed to use Lysol on fabrics. and stuff like Febreze I’m not sure if it’s as powerful. Basically you just spray the Pits section of the shirt and see if it smells any better. Buy one bottle of Lysol and keep it in your room and see how it works. Give it a shot. If you are forced to wear a shirt that might start smelling bad quickly once you start moving around or it gets warm, then spray the shirt before you leave.

* heh. This is for if you’re TOO LAZY TO BUY NEW CLOTHES, which you probably are.

* Maybe there’s a Laundry Detergent that kills Bacteria? I don’t get how if you’re using warm water, THAT doesn’t kill them, or at least wash them away with the water. I guess not. Maybe Bacteria LUV warm water.

* This is all based off a rumor I heard on 4chan that Bacteria are what causes shoes to smell bad, not SWEAT per se. Then you can kill the bacteria by putting your shoes in the FREEZER overnight. So maybe try putting your SHIRTS in the Freezer, if you have Bad BO like me from Sweating Ridiculous Onion/Garlic Sweat from your Armpits all day!

* I also thought about putting a few squirts of Dial Antibacterial soap in with the cuppa laundry detergent. Warning: this might stain your clothes. Or it might not work. But this is for Morally Lazy People that are Morally Desperate enough to try these morally desperate measures!

* But I should clarify, we are not yet morally lazy enough to never wash our clothes! This is just what happens to shirts mainly when you’re running in and out of the shower, cold bathroom, warm house, warm outside, cold outside, warm car, cold car, warm job, cold job, cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon….all these drastic changes in temperature can make you Sweat a little bit! and why the hell should you waste HARD-EARNED money buying New Shirts every couple of months?

* communicating with people and old friends via email can be good, can be great, but if you’re having 4 serious conversations at once it can be Very Stressful and make you say, “f00k this sh1t, Imma Just CALL them!” and that can be good too!

* use a Personal Financial Planning system, be it your own Spreadsheets or or a damn NOTEBOOK where you invent your own style of accounting and ledger.

* Now I’ve stated before that you should go to Unorthodox Extremes to stay out of debt, like taking 10 years to graduate kollige/f4ggige; now what about a HOME. Yeah I’m working on that. You think, why take a loan on a depreciating investment, but if you can find a home that’s gonna Appreciate, then why not? But again, that’s another very risky gamble where the odds are against you. But obv its frustrating to pay 1000$ a month to rent a place when you think, oh well, i could pay $1000 a month and OWN the place…..IN THIRTY YEARS!  IF I don’t go bankrupt,  lose job, house goes underwater, etc. So yeah, trying to find a Third Way apart from Mortgages AND Renting. Might just involve Living in a VAN down by the RIVER.

* But wut’s wrong with say living in a TRAILER? Doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice clean presentable friendly welcoming trailer! So it doesn’t signal to WIMMIN that you’re a PROVIDER?? We gotta get you out of that Pleasing-Wimmin MINDSET! Besides, decent traditional Women might be able to figure out that you’re SAVING money to HELP RAISE CHILDREN.

* What’s better, having money to help raise children, or not having any money and being in debt because you spent it all on a MCMANSION????

* Did I mention the thing I learned from my SuperControversial Blogger Buddy who I can’t name here? That you should practice VIGOROUS HIP-GYRATING exercises. Of COURSE you must do them in private, because such movements send quite a provocative message, basically thrusting your genitalia every which way. But the end goal is to develop a more assertive, masculine posture and way of walking, which will positively influence all your interactions with The World. To be more FLUID and athletic and less Stiff. But you will NOT be thrusting your genitals at people!

* some people say that quitting COFFEE was a great move for them, that they have more and more consistent ENERGY. So it’s worth thinking about. As a 30 day experiment, hahaha. This would be A Real Challenge For Me, but I think I COULD Do it. I have cut back about 50% anyway, I have quit other things 100%. And it’s not like you’re not allowed to use aspirin/tylenol to Halp You with the headaches at first! Anyway it would probably take a few weeks of Cold Turkey for you to be able to feel the positive effects.