july 7 2014

ok son. today i go visit docker. prepare my arguments.

as i lay in bed last night, i got an epiphany: maybe i should ask him for MEDICAL MARIHUANA. holy sh1t. that would be ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous.

i mean, it can’t hurt to ASK, right?

he would probably say no…..but what if he didn’t? obviously MM is growing in popularity.

do you have to get that refilled like you do with regular prescriptions?

i KNOW you have to get a card from the state. could you or the docker just send in a little prescription pad thing saying “YES I APPROVE”?

was forced to shave my magnificent, majestic, confidence-building long beard. but i maintained a short level 2 beard all around for masculinity purposes. because i am such a nice sensitive guy, i need to have some kind of beard to prove i’m not gay. or weak.

“homophobia” is a stupid leftist / academic / media myth to slander / hate on whites and men, but my god i think some of the most truly “homophobic” people i’ve ever seen are women! not gonna say white women per se, but all women have contempt for effeminate men, kind of like how men have contempt (not hate! not violence!) for promiscuous women with loose moralz.

anyway that would be RIDICULOUS if docker approved me for MM, BUT I don’t think he would, AND I don’t think i’d have the ballz to ASK. but i should. i mean i am paying him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes dockerz are drug dealerz. little more than legal drug dealerz. pusherz.

i have no respect for dockers or nurzez. hehehehe. especially nurzez. little pill popping, methhead wh0res, thinking they are so compassionate and caring, as they destroy their own families with drugz and cheating hehehehe.

gotta get some hate on herre.

ok. go to the shoppe at… 1.15pm or 1pm; docker at 3.15pm. huge powerwalk later in the day.

if dockerz are little more than legal drug dealerz, nursez are little more than HOSPITAL H0REZ.

hehehehehe. fook u all!

but yeah it would be sweet to get MM.

but i would be happy with “merely” ZBX.

Zoloft, Buspar, Xanax. M. MM. ZBXMM.

ok. just got back from kohlz. spent around $100. 1 benjamin. yikes. thank god i can sort of afford this. i mean i did need new clothes. i got rid of perhaps more old shabby sh1tty neckbeard virgin loser clothes in volume, than volume new winner clothes i bought. so it is good to look like a winner rather than a loser.

2 nice button up short sleeve summer shirts; 1 nice polo shirt; 1 nice pair of khakis; kohls was real BAD with sales on pantz on july 7 2014; and also a fancy t-shirt.

anyway the sonoma pantz were like 27 bucks. the other pantz where buy one get one half off. all pantz were like 58 bucks. wow. so, 2 pairs would be…58 plus 29…. like 87 bucks. or like 43 bucks each. NO THANKS. i thought everything at kohls was supposed to be like 20 bucks always. fook you mr kohl.

if you get an rx filled/produced, and then you don’t like the price, do you HAVE to pay for it? will they send you to a collections agency or take you to court if you don’t want to pay?

prob wont have the ballz to ask docker for MM.

did i suggest that u simply deactivate your facebook for at least 6 months a year?

i would recommend keep it on during the summer and december, off during the rest of the year, def off during the chill of winter, but the 6 month schedule is up to you. maybe even 1 on, 1 off, etc. this is a great idea. will cut your time wasted on fb by half.

of course you can post a message before each break explaining why you are doing this, namely, fb is overrated and a time waster and everybody should cut their time wasted on it in half. you are still happy to talk to people at this phone number and that email. see you in a few months, SUCKERZ!!!

ok. back from docker. didn’t even take a good look at rx. i know i got paxil renewed for 5 months. couldn’t remember if he increased from 20 mg or not. don’t think so.

not real concerned about that, moreso wanted some sort of anxiety thing. well he gave me an rx for VALIUM which is good. no buspar. i really did not work my “now listen here doc, i want this drug and that drug and that drug” speech of “give me zoloft, buspar, AND xanax.” i mentioned and he mentioned buspar. but the ultimate rx is for valium, so, whatevs. i only wanted to take the benzo 3 days a week anyway so as not to get hooked.

hehehe. the old shave beard, buy clothes, see docker scheme, which means yer about to start work again. oy vey. it’s like going back to skool after summer vacation. BUT WORSE! but you do get paid. so.

never got valium before, this might be interesting.

hopefully not too expensive. i made sure to ask for generic at both the docker and the bharmacy. just dropped off at bharm, will return later today. generic low dose of valium cannot be TOO expensive!

it is amazing how reflexively one (I) can turn on the tv. wow. tv is anxiety and schizo inducing.


ideally calm classical or chanting music and not hateful, suicidal heavy metal hehehehe. that stuff will ruin yer life!

did not have the ballz to ask him about MM. i suppose i can try to get non-medical M from people at muh job, hahahaha.

or get it off s1lq r04d 2.0 hehehehe.

i think the trick to that is to take no more than one puff at a time. none of this passing it around and taking 10 puffs. just take 1 puff. by yourself. the end.

and make it a SMALL puff too, not a HUGE puff like you took back in the DAY. the DAY is not something you want to go BACK to.