june 4 2017

to sir with love. 1967. a black engineer unable to find employment in his field takes a teaching job in a tough east london high school.

so we have to assume he couldnt get an engin job because of RACISM.

the first 10 minutes show him surrounded by cockney chav british WHYTES who are probably all racist against well-dressed, well-spoken, educated middle class blacks like sidney poitier.

he goes into the Tough School and it is full of Rowdy Working Class Whites all chattering and throwing spitballs at each other.

i dont hate old quaint jooish movies nearly as much as modern jooish movies…..but you can still see how this movie is STUFFED with jooish ridiculousness.

sheeeeit how much race mixing is gonna be in this movie. it looks like this purty white gurl is immediately interested in black buck sidney. fawning all over him in a way that clearly means she wants to get FOOKED HARD by him. if anything he’s not acting nearly muh dick enough. he’s acting too white! the working clas whites are acting more negroish than him. its interesting and disgusting and absurd.

when has this ever happened in real life.

i kinda like the movie stand and deliver though as far as High School Teacher movies go.

KINDA. i mean theres no way youre gonna get 30 latinxos to get an A in AP Calculus. but I like edward james olmos and his acne-ravaged cheeks.

ok i went and pulled the trigger, bought the CROCS. croc classics. i said i was just gonna get black. when i got to the store i looked around a bit to see what kind of colors and styles were available. i knew they had a lot of ridic colors. right next to the plain black ones were these Realtree Camo colored ones. I was like awwwww sheeeeeeeit, these ones SCREAM “I AM A HWYTE RACIST REDNECK WHO LUVS GUNZ AND HATES NONWHITES and urbanites and arabs and blacks and messicans and im just a good ol boy” which is EXACTLY what I want to be screaming. its kinda ridiculous and obnoxious hehehehe. so i got those instead of the black ones.  i felt really good and happy about it. Camo is Explicitly White, especially Realtree camo says I am a hwyte guy who owns many guns and luvs to go hunting and hates sjw and sissy phaggots.

it may also say im an evangelical christcuck and isntreal is muh greatest ally. but i would simply say nope WRONG to anyone who asked me that.

it was hard finding a good size though. they do not have half sizes. i do not know how snug they are supposed to feel.

should really get some REALTREE camo colored tshirts from WALMART. that is all I need.

its a way of signalling that you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO hwyte guilt and would probably say something like WHAT ABOUT HWYTE HISTORY MONTH? hehehehe.

ate kelloggs Smorz TM cereal for the first time today. it was pretty good. i very much enjoy SMORZ ice cream so I figured smorz cereal would also be decent. it was.

OF COURSE we understand that NOT ALL women/muslims/blacks are LIKE THAT.

BUT WAY TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM ARE. AND the ones who arent need to disavow that shit even MORE. not just disavow but how about using some force to keep your people in line?

of course white men should be keeping white women in line and they are not.

but there was a time when white women were more vocal slut shamers than they are now!

october 2014 – drama between johnson and anglin. looks like johnson may have started it. dam son.

then anglin wrote a very long and well written article where he simply defended himself and didnt witheringly insult johnson. just said, I dont think you understand what I’m doing greg, so please dont bitch about it.

greg IS a very very good writer. but so is anglin! and anglin is better about reaching 10 times the people. including younger and working class and whites without masters degrees in humanities hahahaha.

anglin links to youtuber aaron kasparov who has done a few readings of anglins articles

its not the greatest and i dont like music in the background of readings, too distracting, but the general idea is awesome, that is, taking good writing and doing readings of it. podcasts. audiobooks.  i have done 90% of my “reading” of MK by listening to the audiobook, which is very well done.

hehehehe anyway

yeah what im saying is some of us are audial learners and stuff sinks in better when we hear somebody saying it.

now when i read the MK book, I imagine that english/australian guy reading it. which is fine, he does a great job of reading it.

this kasparov guy, not as great of a voice. it helps if you have a great voice, and read the shit with some enthusiasm. helps if you do not put in distracting music. you dont need to add in graphs and images and shit. most of us just want to LISTEN to these things in the car, in the Weight Room, or while walking Outside.

but it got people talking about doing this for more of anglins articles. and i think they should. shit i would if i didnt care about getting voicedoxed.

would there be less terror attacks in UK if there were better gun laws? meaning responsible law abiding citizens could Carry in public? i know gun laws in uk are strict as hell.

all the coutries where the terror is worst and the people are just laying down – UK, france, germany, sweden – the cuckiest countries if you will – i know they all have SUPER STRICT gun laws. they hate guns almost as much as they hate whites hehehehe.

and i think the comparatively awesome gun laws in the US will prevent Moslem Violence from becoming as big a problem as it is in these western yuropean countries.

david irving, histers war. this is prob worth reading hehehe

welp anglin is now 99% of the way on his wesearchr, so that is a done deal. i just hope chuck johnson doesnt take his Usual Standard 15% fee. how about just 5%. 15% is a little much.

hail hister! hail our race! hehehehehe.

taking me a while to get into it, but vapaudenristis latest album “IK” (wont attempt to spell the finnish words) is starting to grow. At first I didnt superlike the production, now I do. i mean he is a natural born goo producer, its just a matter if “getting” it for any particular album. but theres no mistakes or corner cutting or lack of quality control or laziness with this guy, big reason why i like him.

anyway yeah i couldnt much get into this album when it came out but im glad i am giving it another chance now. this guy would be #1 on my must see concert list but I dont think he would ever do shows in the US. i mean maybe big show in NY, LA, and…..i dunno. chicago. ideally do a double set of CB and then Vap. or maybe grunt and Vap. I think he is fond of his Grunt project. I would more than welcome a couple creamface songs for fun.  but it’d want the bulk of it to be CB and Vap. 35% CB, 55% Vap, 10% other. it would have to be a 3 hour show. and shit yeah you cant do that every night.

so the IK album might be the most “serious” Vap album. its got slow songs that are kinda dark. but its constantly rocking and pummeling. his voice sounds great as ever. drums sound great. that is prob the hook there, along with the bass, which has a great, warm, live sound.  guitar is REALLY fuzzy and takes a while to get into. just pay attention to the drums and bass. and the great vocals, as always.

and i still havent listened to the NEW CB album!!!!!!!

also that art appears to be venerating Motherhood and Children.  Now I’d like to see a Father in that happy finnish family, but from the guy who, in the past, appeared to be venerating evil filth like molesting children, this is a step in the right direction hehehehehe. one of my top guys i would like to meet.

hister, anglin, weev, uncle mikko, uncle varg, i would like to meet them all. mill woes.

but yeah Vap is the first RAC-ish thing I’ve ever heard that I really liked. in that it had great production, great performances, great songwriting. i wish i could see what mikko sees in it and how it inspires him. and i also wish he was MORE racist hahahaha.

i was thinking that hwyte power might be the better book to read than MK. its only half as long, GLR’s writing sounds more like its speaking directly to you, and ultimately its the better redpilling tool. really explains shit thoroughly and applies it to a fairly modern US.  that bears a lot more resemblance to our degenerate world even more than weimar germany, which was supposedly very degenerate. well hister hadnt seen nothing yet!

so yeah. I would ALMOST recommend hwyte power over MK. i mean definitely read BOTH, but read WP first. its an easier read and more of a punch you in the face book.  fooking awful that theres no audiobook of this insanely IMPORTANT book.

sven longshanks reading some of it

full text

read it!!!!!

june 5

there are vidyas on youtube of how to BUILD YOUR OWN pistol, for people in western yurop who cant just buy gunz like we can in gun world USA hehehe.

how hard is it to get a black market pistol in france or UK or germany?

i mean all the black felons have black market pistols in the US! stolen pistols with the serial numbers rubbed off, etc.

this is an excellent 9 part series on joos and p0rn by benjamin garland which somebody should read into an audiobook

so in yurop you can join a GUN CLUB and then you can buy a gun. DO THIS NOW!!!!

oh yeah. so heres my GREAT IDEA OF THE WEEK::::::::::

I was thinking of budgeting money and saving for a $20 Squatty Potty because I fully believe that Squatting is not implicitly nonwhite, and that working class whites used to squat, in a designated squatting area, before bourgeois softies invented the sitting crapper. i dont know if it was jooz. well jooz dont poop they just make it into television shows hahahahahahahahahahahaha stealing a joo woody allen joke there. they make it into TV, media, p0rno, popular culture, education, journalism, articles, art, music, bla bla

hey just because 75 IQ moslems BREATHE AIR doesnt mean whites shouldnt BREATHE AIR TOO, or that BREATHING AIR is inherently moslem or inherently nonwhite!!!!!!

i mean it sucks to breathe the same air that they do hahahahahahahahaha but i cannot deny that yes, we both breathe air and share that in common.

ANYWAY in muh toilet there is a small plastic bin for rubbish and kleenex and floss and beard trimmings and such, a plastic white bin about 1 ft tall. i was able to put muh feet on top of it and sort of approximate a squatting position, or at least get to a much smaller angle than the 90 degree angle from sitting.

not sure if it worked as well as a squatty potty but it seemed to kind of work. you are wise to use your hands to help balance yourself on the seat once you put your feet up.

it seemed to make muh morning #2 quicker and more efficient. so you don’t have the issue of shit or get off the pot. it just comes flying right out HAHAHAHAHAHA.

so i would say, save $20 to buy a squatty potty, but if you dont have that hwyte privilege, just use a $2 plastic bin you can get from walmart and may well have in your toilet anyway.

mother fookin mudsharking on call the midwife. somewhat watchable bbc period drama set in the 1960s with a bunch of nun nurses. adapating to the brave new degenerate world where white english girls are loyal to their black buck husabnds and have 3 shitsprog mixed babies who look much more black than white. and this is all hunky dory. some people, the old racists, dont like it, but they’re wrong, that’s not the way the world is going, thats nto what jesus would do either. he’s say one love, we’re all human, you go gurl.

like mudsharking was super common in the 60s!

ALL these fookin british shows. ESPECIALLY the period shows set in the past generations. they want us to think this shit ALWAYS HAPPENED and it was ALWAYS OK. it didnt and it wasn’t!!!!!!! this is straight up REWRITING HISTORY!!!!!

this one woke me up to the most recent vapaudenristi album. had to research the name.

so. alice in chains. great band, staley great singer. i think a lot of millennials are discovering AIC and they are having a bit of a revival. so now you have young millennial gurls falling in luv with staley and basically making him just as big as kurt cobain. who had the more immediate appeal for women. but now the younger women have discovered staley and fawn all over him and want to fook him and SAVE him, not realizing he was a SELFISH, LAZY, PATHETIC, DEGENERATE. who had so much potential as a very handsome, very talented hwyte man, and THREW IT ALL AWAY on NEGRO behavior. shitting on his friends, family, fans, the whole world, just for ONE MORE FIX. and then losing your TEETH and wasting down to 90 pounds, thats just HORRIFYING. and now youtube videos are filled with people talking all this drama.

oh layne wasnt 90 pounds when he died, he was 60 pounds.

oh i talked to laynes MOM a few years ago and SHE told me the TRUTH.

oh i talked to mike starr’s friend who had seen layne the day before he died. bla bla bla.

fact was, layne was holding the band BACK, they should have kicked him out, but cantrell was too loyal and principled of a hwyte man, constantly giving his friend another chance, so the degenerate junkie could disappoint him yet again.

and by the time of their SECOND album “dirt”, layne was fully on the junk.  but he still sounded good on that album.

well hell he sounded great on the mad season album, ok, thats a great album, and that was the perfect blend of he was fooked up on heroin, AND melancholy, AND could still SING. perfect storm there. that was a great album, always recommended, timeless. mad season “above”.

just dont listen to it like a fangirl and be like oooohhh poor tortured layne, i want to save u and fook u. really understand where its coming from, and this is not a place you want to go.

basically too many women love layne too much and dont understand how pathetic and frustrating he is.

well because he’s really THAT good of a singer. honestly. as far as singers go, I enjoy him more and more every year. when i was in high school, i was like yeah, i like AIC, laynes pretty good. NOW i’m like, damn, he was one of the greatest. so yeah thats why you have this CULT of fangirls sucking his heroin dick.

but cantrell wrote all the best songs hahahaha.

and layne sounded best when he was not on heroin.

and he was on heroin for 80% of his time with AIC.

and the other point i wanted to make is, AIC and esp layne PERFECTLY exemplify 90s Nihilism of Gen X.

Note that Layne was born in 1966, the exact END of baby boomers, the exact beginning of gen x.

most of the music I enjoyed was made by gen x people. early and middle gen xers.

i myself am a VERY early millennial that overlaps a lot with late genx. still have a lot of that self destructive, self loathing nihilism.

i think the self loathing began to wear off as the millennials continued, and gave way to pure hedonism and special snowflake bullshit.

and now there’s generation zyklon. kids getting out of high school in 2017 who reject the degeneracy of the millenials and, as young teens, want to fight a race war, not do drugs, not whore it up, want to get married young and have white children. in others, the first GOOD generation since I dont even know when. at least 100 fooking years.


Baby boomers    Typically, they range from the early-to-mid 1940s and end from 1960 to 1964.

Generation X, or Gen X,  starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) —typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years

Generation Z (also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation in the United States)— starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.

so yeah. i have been paying attention more to generations as i get older and the kids get younger hahaha and my Super Early Millennial / Super Late GenX status becomes more clear.

and then millennials are degen pvssies, and gen z shows some hope for having full racial nationalist youth. alongside even further degen’d pvssies and trannies.

listened to 52 minutes of vapaudenristi today while powerwalking. cannot do that with much music. this stuff absolutely speaks to muh hwyte soul and is one of muh greatest musical discoveries of the past 2 years at least. you just cant write music like this and NOT be racially aware….even if youre not FULLY aware yet. the guy talks like a jooish phd and I wish I could just get him drunk and talk to him in person and ask him about Being Hwyte. The way I see it, you can’t read EVOLA and luv RAC without having SOME racial awareness! i honestly dont think he’s STUDIED much alt right stuff yet, and there’s a good chance he might LIKE it if he did.

that should be my mission, to turn him EXPLICITLY alt right, VVN. just ask him, what kind of nationalist are you? civic nationalist or racial nationalist? what does being hwyte MEAN to you? What do you think about race mixing? do you want to see european hwyteness preserved? and dont give me some gibberish answer.

what do you think about: alt right, anglin, weev, hister, My Struggle, william pierce, GLR, richard spencer, VVN, the jq, the wq, the 14 FOOKING WORDS??!?!?!?!?!


thats what I would ask him.

why does it matter? because his music is THAT damn good and The Movement needs more good music.

it taps into something Primordial that feels like Racial Pride to me but you can’t really confirm it. but its positive and pure and good and principled. EXACTLY the type of thing that was MISSING in the music of early gen x people like AIC. They desperately were LOOKING for some meaning and tried and failed to find it in drugs.

late gen x guys like uncle mikko FOUND some kind of meaning or Telos. well, i dont know if thats TYPICAL of late gen x’ers, actually probably not. but that’s just the generation uncle M is. a couple years older than me. but probably not THAT many years older hehehehehe.

and the college age kids now are REALLY starting to get it. like to see the Principled, Meaningful, Race-Loving music THEY make!

Heh. if I ever do another song, I would like to do a song like this. the music would be full of pride and purpose and the lyrics would be all about crushing jooish degeneracy, whilst hailing our race and the 14 words hehehehe. something which speaks directly to the european soul and glorifies and hails it as the sacred thing it is!!!! which too many people of my generation and gen x and baby boomers and some millennials have plain fooking forgotten!!!!!

pathetic seeing a race without any racial hygience, racial health, racial awareness, racial pride. kinda like seeing a pathetic junkie throwing their life away on drugs.





may 25


Some men can’t get laid at all
I think this is a bigger issue than most men care to admit. The Reddit subs r/incels and r/ForeverAlone were real eye openers for me. Sure, some of those guys are straight up freaks and weirdos, but most of them are normal dudes. There’s a story on one of those subs where a guy went 12 years without any affection. He said he would have been better off in prison, because at least he would now have some street cred.

I work with a guy who makes about $50k a year, is 30 or 31 years old, and, as far as I know, is a virgin. He’s been there 7 years and has never dated anyone nor mentioned an ex-girlfriend. It’s very doubtful that he’s gay.

Now that I’m thinking about it I know like 3 other dudes like that. Most are above average income, college grads, late 20’s to mid 30’s, have their own place, decent cars, and so on. Normal by all accounts looks and personality wise.

Speaking of college, there was a huge survey done a few years ago on college sexual culture. It had something outreagous like 20k participants. END

good point sir hahaha

yeah i like the idea of anglin bringing in more young men by writing about women. i agree. da jooz caused all this, but the WQ hits more men right in the feels.

backup of whole thread hehehehe

I just bought Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences @AbeBooks

hahahahahaha yes i did

in fact yes. it may be anglin reaching out to the mgtow/manosphere types, as doctor mayhem encourages, and so do I, that brings The Movement to The Next Level. rather than shaming and shunning mgtows. but yeah mgtows are pretty shameful hahahaha. but i was one of them! and atm, only a minority of DS guys really understand mgtows hehehe. i mean theyre not all bad. its natural to avoid a group that has caused you great harm!

normies can get the WQ a lot more readily than the JQ. and then we can use the WQ to redpill them on the JQ. it was a big part of how i was redpilled on JQ!

chris cornell dying has got me thinking of layne staley and AIC, who i used to like quite a bit, and staley perfectly captured the plight of the modern white male. he was RIDICULOUSLY good looking before he got too into the drugs. and then he quickly got swept away with the drugs. it was amazing he lasted as long as he did. apparently he was in REALLY bad shape near the end.

but in spite of all this, he was a topkek singer.

and facelift is by far the AIC album i’ve heard the LEAST, which is SHAMEFUL, because its clearly got great songs. Prob their heaviest album and not as Drug Degenerate as Dirt or self titled. and of course I dont bother with the new stuff at all.

its amazing the music isnt MORE despairing. I think “self titled” reflects that despair most actually. is the most nihilistic and ugly and degenerate album they ever did. pretty good album too!

but on facelift they were super young and full of energy. high energy, high inspiration. layne was still healthy and secsy.

also i didnt really want to listen to AIC the past 2 years because That Woman was a big AIC fan. I thought that was very very kewl about her. Now i realize lots of millennial sluts like nihilist 90s grunge stuff. never get fooled by a womans musical taste. it doesnt mean theyre cool. if anything she was as big a degenerate as layne staley was. its all about feels and feeling good and chasing the next high.  not understanding that you have to try to rise ABOVE the despair, not glorify it and wallow in it and sink deeper in it. AIC was a great mirror of the symptoms and the frustration, but never really the cure for our spiritual and racial disease.

again, dont measure a woman by a mans standards. you will ALWAYS be disappointed. its not FAIR to them, and not fair to you. its like measuring a CHILD by an ADULTS standards. see what im saying? nome sayin ?

gonna listen to taake album stridens hus. they say this is boring but basically i want to see if the drums sound more real than they do on noregs vaapen. everybody luvs NV but I think it sounds boring and lifeless because those drums sound like a damn machine and i cant believe no one has noticed.

hehehe.  speaking of degenerates who never saw a way out of their degeneracy and take the lazy way out of drugs or alcohol hahaha. whereas staley K’d himself with heroin, this guy is slowly k’ing himself with alcohol.

i dont even know that hes a Big Drinker! Im just ASSUMING! i’m only assuming because he is a bit edgy and degen (“making out” with that degen kvarforth was a super degen thing to do hehehe. i keep forgetting about that shameful incident.)

listened to a bit of the stridens hus album. i do not like the production. guitar sound on NV is better. but drum sound on SH is better. BUT I think it might still be a machine on SH. i mean its not a BAD sounding machine in EITHER case, but yeah. overall the album sounds worse. guitar sound is too thin. i dunno. it didnt strke me positively and i hate being FORCED to put in a huge effort with music. that was a luxury i cant afford, only thought i could afford it when i was young. now im old, have wasted too much time, and have WAY bigger fish to fry. better to struggle thru reading MEIN KAMPF than struggle listening to a boring album hahaha.

took 2 benedryl. took powerwalk. now it is 744 pm. not going to take any more benedryl.

damn i want some MJ. is the start of muh weekend here. thankful to have an easy job with very nice people. but then feel guilt for being a timid meek non charming weirdo whos only doing an average job and not really impressing anyone with great work or great witty banter.

but everyone is still nice to me and i still make an effort to BE nice and I think that gets across. but im just not IMPRESSIVE, like wow that guy is AWESOME, i’d let my daughter date HIM. he deserves to make 30k a year! i want to hang out with him, he’s so much FUN and so FUNNY and SMART and has such great STORIES and makes me LAUGH! i dont do any of that. it has never come naturally. there was a semi social workplace lunch today and i had great trouble bantering at the same level as everyone else. i just sat there and smiled and tried as hard as i could to see normal. yeah he’s quiet, but he really is normal, i swear.

one day i would like to go to an RAC/Hwyte Power Music show. ideally it would be vapaudenristi and that guy would start explicitly calling for VVN rather than a New Dynamic Nationalism, which sounds really bad and sends a worse message than he intends. But its SO HARD to UNDERSTAND that guy, i’d have to talk to him in person because unfortunately he writes a bit like a joo. i dont think he means to. i think he is just an autist. hes def not a joo. he just writes like a huge autist.

anyway he cites full blown 1433 RAC bands like Sniper, Bully Boys, and No Remorse as influences. I tried listenign to Skrewdriver and was unimpressed. Tried listening to No Remorse and was kinda unimpressed as well.  i think you need to go to a live show and actually watch skinheads getting pumped up about hailing victory. but you cant just play a show of NEO NATSEE SKINHEADS in a public place.

nice hehehe. also a new CB album which i had not heard about. very nice.

woody allen can go in the oven, there is no redeeming value to him. kubrick, on the other hand, is possibly the greatest joo who ever lived, approaching a level of greatness that i thought could only be dreamed of by hwytes, which makes one think kubrick was joo wise and loathed his own jooishness, as he should hahahaha.

there is conspiracy that he was K’d by hollywood joos for coming too close ot the truth in “eyes wide shut” which is an amazing, haunting movie which ive long enjoyed and should really watch again soon.

contains some of kubricks best scenes and haunting moments.  yes it depicts a degen world and i dont think its glorifying it. but rather showing the joos as a horrifying synagogue of satan hahahaha.

also very redpilled on the WQ as well. with nicole kidmans haunting confession that she would have abandoned her family for just one night with the secsy sailor.

the movie blew me away when i first saw it and it still blows me away. kinda like mulholland drive. now that is a good movie weekend hehehehe. holy shit. not sure which one you should watch first.

may 26

oh jeebus the jooish kike coont who  bitched at richard spencer in the alexandria virg GYM and got HIM KICKED OUT of his gym membership is writing an editorial for the WaPo right now on how its our duty to shame and shun and shut down hateful hwytes like spencer.

thankfully there are tons of comments on the jooish wapo stating that this is too much, she is in the wrong, this is stupid af.

small souled bugmen hahahahaha. i guess weev got this “meme” from MPC. i guess PMAN is signalling against DS and TRS and spencer, and they are signalling against him. i dunno anymore hahaha but MPC has had a lot of great, smart discussion. i wont countersignal them. of COURSE PMAN is an asshole and says assholey things about everybody because he is really a lonely middle aged man that gets NO pleasure hahahaha.

but yeah facelift might be layne’s best vocal performance. (AIC). he is in good health and it shows. and he was certainly STILL doing too many unhealthy things i’m SURE. it just hadn’t caught up to him yet. and yeah 54 minutes is way too long for an album. their LPs were too long. EPs were a good length.

back in the nihilistic 90s, all you could do to express your hwyte despair and angst was to do heroin and grunge. there was no positive channel for you. no solution to the Questions. nowadays we have an Answer to the Questions and young men don’t have to turn down a path of drugs, degeneracy, despair, and nihilism, and turn into layne staley or worse.

yeah i mean hwyte racial consciousness was always there, but it is at a PEAK RIGHT NOW, which is awesome. back in the early 90s, you were already a confirmed loser if you fell in with the neo nazi crowd.

but i you do have a respect stormfront for being around WAY back in the day. i mean they were around in the early days of the internet. just not sure how much they ever appealed to 20 year old kids, as opposed to just 40 and older demographic.  you NEED the young people to give ENERGY and “Coolness” and….YOUTH! gives it a sense of being a really passionate, hot-blooded, forward-looking movement. young people starting their lives and hopefully having children.

you absolutely NEED the young people, I hope I never disagree with this. the young people are the future!

day off. 2 benedryl last night, got good sleep for 10 hours and 30 minutes hehehe. did grocery shopping, got some smores ice cream. have to make separate stop for that.

had dream with woman i was in luv with 14 fookin years ago. well like 13.5 years hahahaha. i lost my mind over her and handled that terribly. she clearly was not into me and i did not know how to handle it. still she wasnt a horrible bitch and i wish her well. i still would have committed a solid 2 years to her hahahahaa. she was a little crazy but i dont think she was sluttier than average. she married a white guy and i hope they have children. but yeah in the dream she was showing a little bit of interest in me so i advanced on her and started making out with her. that was nice.

great feeling. youve got to MAINTAIN that level of confidence however, or else the gurl will dump you for being underconfident. and i do actually know that from actual experience hehehe.  it becomes a self fulfulling prophecy, because you’re constantly worried you’re gonna fook up. and then that translates into you actually fooking up. and then the gurl BOLTS. as is their nature when a guy loses his cool. cant really BLAME them. can only blame yourself for being so weak and pvssified hahahaha.

that EXACT weakness that women hate, i mean i can FEEL that within myself. it is a real thing. i cant blame them for hating it. i dont like it either! i just wish they were a little bit more forgiving of it!

gave you THREE strikes instead of ONE!

well you can tell them EAT SHIT, N1GLET hahahaha. (MPC meme)

tfw when you see the word mudslides on the weather website and your first thought is that it says MUDSHARKS


took powerwalk, beautiful day, listened to MK and emily youcis’s nice long interview of may 2017. real good interview, needs to be shared far and wide.

so really I was off base by thinking white sharia means savagely abusing women. i blame weev for writing about breaking womens bones and beating them to death hahahaha. even he doesnt really MEAN it, he’s just a true woman hater like me. and even hardcore women haters like us dont really want to savagely abuse women!!!!! we KNOW its wrong! but he should really edit the end of that article so as not to give people the WRONG idea. anglin has an article a few days ago that puts things into perspective. i figured it would take a few weeks for things to clear up. i was right hahaha.

27% thru MK hehehe. i have resolved to read the ENTIRE book. cover to cover. boring bits and all.

bought 40 dollars of bitcoin today. wanted to make a bigger buy. still buying 10 dollars a week. but i wanted to make a substantial buy as it is currently going TO THE MOON. if i had bought a substantial buy a few months ago……i would ahve made a lot of shekels by now.

i think early alice in chains was partially trying to be KINDA like a seattle version of a Hard Rock band like GUNS N ROSES. which is not a problem. what im saying is that its hard to label the facelift album as “GRUNGE” and there are parts that are kinda guns n rosey. alongside with some arguably grunge riffs, but wtf is “grunge” anyway. in a way you could also compare it to the “groove” metal of pantera, which was coming out around the same time.

it was all degenerate hahahahaha

young white men getting drunk and high like negros.

i can judge it and condemn it because I DID IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

except i didnt get .000000000000000000001% of the pvssy these guys got. could BARELY even pull ONE woman. while they banged hundreds of sluts. which is not something to be PROUD of. but i think i’d rather bang 100 sluts than bang 1 or 2 sluts and then have a 13 year drought during my entire 20s hahahaha.

i think i would take too much over too little. at least then i would have the skills to pull The Unicorn Woman. and i would just need the Discernment. Well now I have the Discernment but not the skills!

some people have the skills but never learn the discernment!

how did i learn the discernment but never the skills?

ive technically LEARNED the skills. theres not much to learn: be masculine. be confident. be dominant. and doing those things is not complicated. its just a matter of NOT CHOKING when you are Up To Bat.

drinking SORTA helped me with liquid courage….at first. i prob wouldnt have gotten the very limited action i did without it. but there were PLENTY of times when i was at parties with tons of young sluts around, and I was getting RAGING drunk, and it still wasnt enough to give me the courage to talk to damn SLUTS. shameful! i would just start blubbering incoherently and i knew that wasnt gonna pull the skanks. sure as hell wasnt gonna do any good with the good woman either! who would not be going to big drunken parties anyway!

but yeah i liked to drink. it was all to ESCAPE the feelings of being a weak undesirable uncool loser failure. an unmanly man, a coward, a pussy, etc.

Image result for adolf hitler 1 weltkrieg

AH looked a little more normie when he was young and just had a much more normal mustache. he was very handsome and kinda looks like varg vikernes hahahaha. i am sure VV would appreciate me saying that hahaha.

this was around 1915 when he was 26.


wed dec 20

may 5

more on the spanking thread. neet white knight comes in but he is open to all the good ideas. he misunderstands and thinks he needs to start slapping faces. people in the know correct him and say, no, not the face, just the ass.

im glad they clarified because i am still open to slapping a woman in the face if it really works, but i would much prefer just to slap them on the ass only. and its good to see that confirmed!

and like ive always said, i have no desire to do even more creepy abusive things like punch in the face or violently choke. slap in the face would be the highest i would go, and i’m glad to hear even that shouldnt be necessary.


ive said it before and i hop to say it again, many times every day, until it sinks in.

spanking. slapping asses. that’s all you need to know. its so simple, so beautiful.

QUOTE Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental disorder marked by a pattern of ongoing instability in behavior, moods, self-image, and functioning. These constant fluctuations may seriously hinder a person’s impression of their self-identity, work relationships, family life, and personal and professional growth. Some people with BPD also have high rates of co-occurring mental disorders, such as mood, anxiety, and eating disorders, along with substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal thinking and behaviors, and suicide.  END

maybe i do have borderline hahahaha. that would SUCK.

ok. day off today. normies dont have this day off. i do because i am working a non normie, neet, borderline fookup, not real job. so i try to be somewhat productive on days like this. by doing laundry, trimming beard, charging things, going to store, doing errands, SHOULD BE doing job interviews so i can get a new JOB so i would be WORKING right now instead of LAZING ABOUT like a NEET or a negro!

little later. ok. went to store. its raining. got a usb cable to try to connect muh nonsmart phone to muh computer. having a DRIVER issue now. damn. the phone is charging over usb but the computer is not able to read the files on the phone.  tired of reinstalling the driver and rebooting the phone, rebooting the computer. got email saying muh sleep sound machine was ready for pickup at target. a lot earlier than expected. leave to go get that soon. excited but i could VERY WELL be disappointed by how shitty it is hahaha.

cinco de mayo hahahaha.

just watch TCM turner classic movies. very few commercials and by far the least degen jooish tv channel out there. and these movies are still totally jooed. but it was back before joos were wholly degen in movies and still made comparably “harmless” movies that didnt cram shit down your throat. plus the lack of jooish commercials is a big deal.

ok gonna go to target to pick up shitty sound machine hahahaha.

ok picked it up, that was quick and easy, tried it out, it was actually great. surpassed expectation in the sound quality and variety. it has a thunderstorm, ocean, babbling brook, normal rain, basic white noise, and summer night with crickets. all are very nice. 15, 30, and 60 minute sleep timer. NICE! i am impressed. the volume/on/off knob is a little shitty and would prob be the first thing to fail.  welp if i can get 3 months out of it, i will be happy hahahaha. and then keep buying a new one every 3 months. shit. cant they make ANYTHING to last like the good old days hahahaha.

wow. awesome beard on david letterman, just fooking fantastic beard. hope he never cuts it short. not all men can grow a great long beard. i cannot. i have to trim it short because it doesnt grow straight.

ok laid down for 1 hour but did not sleep for more than 15 minutes. oh well. it was good though. sall good man hahahaha.

hahahahahaha i got first comment on a new MW video and he said congrats. to me. SSSSSEMPAI NOTICED ME!!!!!!!

i mean hes responded to me before. usually i just say something very nice and supportive and he says thank you hahaha.

they can put that on muh tombstone. millennial woes responded to me. technically so has WEEV hahaha. would liek to add anglin to that list hahaha.

ok dnated 10 dollars to anglins wesearchr just because there are all these people being like im putting in half muh paycheck and i worked 10 hours overtime yesterday just to make this 200 dollar dnation, just dnated 400 bucks, etc. so i figure i can dnate at LEAST 20 right? so this brings me up to about 25, now i am out. and i wanted to help push the wesearchr a bit hahaha. 10 dollars closer.

i dunno anglin, you might be missing the mark here. the women who search for “painful anal brutal gangbang” and “violent torture raep” are NOT reflective of Average Women who want to see 50 shades BDSM Lite. those peopel are just watching 50 shades of gray. these are just the most fooked up of women.

soo……does this mean women DO like being punched in the face? spanking fine no problem. pulling hair etc. but punching in the face? what about slapping in the face?

im FINE with spanking a woman, i’m not fine with choking them or punching them in the face! do they really liked being punched in the face? gang raeped by disgusting swarthy arabs? really?

there is a huge part of very important truth in what anglin says. i just think he has gone too far with it, probably because he has been with too many dirty sluts in his life. sad!

he’s probably been with numerous skanks who liked being choked and punched.

ok i can sorta understand choking.

and i can TOTALLY understand the Ravished By a strong man sort of against your will, giving up ALL responsibility and control and letting the big handsome man dominate you.

but i dont think this extends to swarthy, smelly immigrants raeping you with a knife in your face.

and i really doubt they watch violent pr0n which is mainly watched by pathetic porn freak virgin men.

yes, theres a few super degenerate women who DO watch this, im sure.

no its not white knight f4ggotry, anglin hahahaha.

i wont stop supporting him tho. its not a big deal. unless he bans me for not being woman hating enough!

i mean its not like hes married to a joo and banning people for asking questions about that hahahahaha.

yes i believe women like being dominated, i just dont believe women like being dominated SO violently, well, some do, but they are legit fooked up! healthy women like to be dominated in a not-brutally-violent manner!

how does THAT attitude make me a white knight ph4ggot?

i mean i am chomping at the bit to spank a woman! gimme a break hahaha.

also anglin does risk losing support over The WQ and his rather extreme take on it.

purity spiral anti-enoch people are seeing him as soft on enoch and will stop supporting him over that.

hey there were feuds and divisions in VVN well before DS, TRS, or the alt right ever existed. its really all fookin stupid.

but if someone bans you from their forum, it’s pretty weak to still like them hahahaha. kinda like pining for the bitch who dumped you hahaha.

well, not that bad hahaha.

fookin group dynamics hahaha. i have no doubt most of TRS are great guys with good correct beliefs. i just disagree with how trs leadership handled this one incident. i mean its not a small incident tho.

it is ridiculous when you’re willing to forgive somebody……but they’re unwilling to apologize or admit they did anything wrong!!! how stupid and weak does that make YOU!!!!!!!

well i guess they DID open the forum up for open registration. that’s a good move right? yes it is. i give them a little credit for that. but really what i want to see is enoch say “IM DIVORCING MY WIFE, here’s a 23 and me to show im not a joo, and everyone is now unbanned from the forum.”

you can always ban people a second time who really deserve it.

but yeah i would be on the side of the hwyte knight woman luvers on DS.

honestly the Vitriol and Hate poured on women here sounds like the type of stuff you SHOULD be saving for da jooz. and i dont think its a good tactical move for anglin to encourage that!

hate da jooz, not the women!

so scott roberts is in the thread arguing in favor of the pro-women, white knight f4ggt side, and i am agreeing with him. i’ve seen this guy around for a few years, he puts his face and name out there, but i never watched him, because he looks sorta like a….Whegro hahahaha and i think Anglin was sort of fighting him, saying hey this weirdo scott roberts is always messaging me, he’s obsessed with me, kinda creepy tbh.  but on The WQ, I find myself taking roberts’ side. the women are all liking him because he’s defending the women and saying not all women are searching for VIOLENT BRUTAL RAEP Porn. which i think is a very reasonable thing to say. I think Roberts is being reasonable and anglin is not. anglin has gone over the line here. muh red line hahahaha.

again its not the end of the world, but i dont think this is a Hill worth Dying on. YES the WQ is VERY important, thats why WQ threads are so HOT, and YES an extreme solution is needed……and that extreme solution is spanking. well, spanking AND taking away womens vote, and banning abortion, and getting women out of careers. but spanking is something very simple and practical all men who arent neet virgins can do at home.

even the women on DS agree with this, and anyone who agrees with a woman ever is a white knight f4ggot. the anti-woman stuff has gone too far!

i think it has to do with the women you’ve met. these men have met the worst women have to offer. i’ve only personally experienced the tip of the iceberg there. in comparison, all the women i’ve met have been angels! thats why i’m such a mangina woman lover hahahaha.

i’ve never had awoman directly betray me or do somethign cruel and spiteful and evil to me. just women being flaky and immature and childish, which broke my heart sure, but its nothign out of the ordinary. like them cheating on you with 10 nonwhites, them walking out with your children, cheating on you with your best friend, taking “half your money”, spending 1000 dollars per month of child support on jooish consumer shit, etc.

TRS wasnt this anti-woman! hehehehehe.

what also bothers me is that TRS has MUCH better local meetups than DS. on TRS, apparently there was a Thriving, regular local meetup (pool party) system in my area. on DS, the book party thread for my area is absolutely DEAD. Sad! this means more people in my area use TRS than DS, and i was interested in doing some real life stuff, meeting real life people. TRS is without a doubt MUCH better in this department!

and they have a MUCH healthier view of women!

so i should go back to TRS obviously??!?!?!?!

they’re great smart non-woman-hating people who are very active in real life……..but their top leadership is somewhat compromised. well theyre probably not even really compromised, theyre just huge stubborn assholes. which has always been a thing in the movement. see harold covington. but i guess hes done some super shady shit.

oh yeah. the jooish media says that if you use the word “GLOBALIST”, its a dogwhistle for joos. so if you use the word GLOBALIST, youre a natzee anti semite racist. dont take anyone who uses the word globalist seriously cuz they really mean jooz.

this is dangerous because why the fook CANT you talk about globalists? it is serious problem. but yeah it is a largely jooish thing. of COURSE the jooz dont want you TALKING about GLOABLISM!!!!!! and what better way to SHUT IT DOWN than to say if you even use the word globalism your a stupid RACIST natsee!??!?!?!?!

but the fact is, whoever these globalists are (hehehehe), they exist, and they have a global agenda!!!!!!

die hard is not on netflix streaming? thats stupid.

down 2 pounds from last week, that is nice.

was thinking of that woman again, how NICE it was just to spend time with her and she would smile and be nice to me, then i get yuge regrets that i didnt move on her then. well i honestly didnt want to, plus i was respecting the sanctity of her rel. its her fault because she shouldnt even have been HANGING OUT with guys. but thats how committed she was to her BF. she wanted to make him jealous. not that that was the only reason she was hanging out with me. not that she even realized that was at all even partially a reason she was hanging out with me!

but it was nice having a sweet kind nice low number woman jsut being nice and sweet and tender to me! really lets you know what youve been missing! and poor georgie boy has never even experienced that! i dont think hes even had a nice female FRIEND like i have!

ok enough of the moping hahahaha.

ok another 2 mile powerwalk, listened to taake for 41 minutes. so autistic hahaha. but very very emotional for an autist.

went back on TRS forum and it was readable without login. apparently open registration too. lot of new names. seemed overall more silly and slightly more degenerate than DS. but not horribly jooish degen, more just like there is a much larger aussie presence and they are doing their aussie shitposting. which i enjoy, which does not really happen on DS. i am fond of the aussies.

i dont know if mentioning The Scandal would get you banned. probably.

just put a god damn ignore button up so you can ignore people. that would solve all problems. no need to ban anyone. just ignore people. block them. whatever. i guess TRS has that feature now, which is good. DS might have it, or it has something liek it , but it is very hard to find and hard to use.

i have not been banned from trs. reading it. i do like their family issues section. where they talk seriously about wives and children and such. rather than sound like a bunch of woman haters who will never have wife and children. there needs to be more FATHERS on DS.  not these god damn woman haters who just bang the worst sluts and never have children.

no im not abandoning DS. yes im still butthurt about the joowife and the bannings. i just want a place that isnt AS hateful to women, has some fathers, and has decent local meetups.

we cant just blame women. we have to blame jooz and ourselves for letting women get into this state.

similar to how i got into my state. its complicated. many factors:

  1. myself
  2. my fam
  3. da jooz
  4. just plain unlucky
  5. there might have been a 5th, or maybe it could be filed under jooz or unlucky.

myself,  i was young and stupid af. and my fam had the best of intentions. so we’ll say 20 20 30 30 for each of those factors.

20 20 30 30.

shirley mcclaine looked pretty good in 1955 hahahaha. but i think she is jooish.

apparently paypal is not letting you contribute to the DS wesearchr any more.

cant weev go back and change it to 100k so that way anglin is guaranteed 85k right now? its slowing down and i can totally see why, bc 150k is a huge goal to reach!

when i was a young man in univ, a total fookup idiot, there was one wimmin i recall who was very nice to me and i was like GULP she seems interested in me and i could probably bang her if i wanted. but i didnt really WANT to because i didnt think she was QT enough hahahaha and i was in luv with some stupid b’s instead.

well the important thing was that she was not 100% hwyte. she was some kind of latina. veyr middle class bourgie hwyte presenting latina, but she was no more than 50% hwyte and certainly had some squat indios in her ancestry!

despite all that she wasnt horrendously ugly. no i mean she was a 20 year old gurl in good shape and she was very nice to me.

so why did i Deny Her? i mean i didnt break her heart or anything, she found another man readily hahahaha.

but yeah maybe she was just super nice and wasnt really interested in me. she WAS one of those super nice types. whatever. she was a decent person even if she was nonwhite. she became a successful scientist with a masters degree and possibly phd hahahaha.

i tried to think of the sluttiest slut i knew at uni. there was this gurl that I could confirm at least 5 or 6 specific guys she had fooked over the course of maybe 2 years. appalling!

she was very qt and very young, but also very stronk independent feminist activist who Owned Her Secsuality, very very bourge middle class background. it was strange and confusing for me to see a qt 19 year old gurl acting like this! but i didnt trust her overly promiscuous, intellectual, jooish ways! everybody liked her but me. i talked shit about her. i dont trust her. she’s a damn slut and obnoxious. and she was!

i still do not know if she was jooish or not. she was qt and looked hwyte. but the way she ACTED was THOROUGLY jooish. so, pretty good chance. kinda hope she is, because thats how she’s acting. she later went on to prob get a masters degree in social justice and was able to make a living in a social justice career. maybe she ultimately went to law school or phd now that she is 30 and totally batshit insane. maybe became a lesbo.

yeah i would have banged her but i was so disgusted by her that i didnt show any interest, and i didnt show my disinterest in the right way so that it registers with the woman and then they want to get your attention/approval.

but she was annoying and obnoxious, thought she was so SMART, parroting out total NYT/atlantic bullshit all the time. It took me aback to see a 19 year old gurl doing this. when i was 19 all i cared about was smokin MJ and gurls hahahaha. i didnt care about leftist political activism and SJW shit.

im sure there were bigger sluts than her. but she was pretty slutty. 6 confirmed guys in prob less than 2 years. so you can onyl wonder about the grand total over the years. i guarantee her “slut phase” lasted a lot longer than 2 years!

but she probably takes such satisfaction about her SJW career uplifiting nonwhites and speaking against white racists, that she hasnt even turned into a fat miserable seacow by now, and is perfectly happy with her antiwhite career, cats, and poly bisecsual luvers.

i mean shit if she ever has children those kids are gonna be FOOOOOOOOKED up. it’s better that she doesnt have children. besides theres a decent chance she was jooish.

nice sunny day, but also pretty “cold” and windy. will go out for powerwalk soon.

goddamn intellectual sluts. she was huge on that jooish verbal intelligence. not like that woman, who was a fookin retard hahahaha. what kind of woman gets a phd you ask? this kinda woman (the college slut, i mean.) ultimately i much prefer the nonintellectual women. its much more natural and less obnoxious. i cant believe it took me till like age 28 to figure that out!

and then a nice nonintellectual woman broke muh heart anyway!

night of the hunter, 1955, robert mitchum. this movie was pretty good, right? confuse it with cape fear.

i wonder if i had “hatefooked” that gurl it would have made me more confident with women in general. probably! then i woulda been happily married to a decent woman by now hahaha.

but yeah. that college woman was def a terrible coont. you wouldnt have been able to fix her. you would need the most alpha male pulling the strongest game ever, just to keep her in line. for what? so she could be a terrible mother? the marxist jooish shit had taken root too deep. like i say, at age 19, she was spouting perfect sjw bullshit. she was prob a slut since age 15. her middle class high school prob had a sjw club. if she had been married off at age 15 as a virgin to a very traditional man, maybe that would have saved her. well i mean of course it would. who got her pregnant immediately. and again. and again. at least 3 back to back pregnancies would be needed to turn her back on the straight and narrow.

but no her fam was prob pushing her to go to this super middle class univ, and she was of course totally on board with the idea! she was the most stereotypical middle class univ sjw you could image. no dredlocks or tats though.

i wouldnt have a problem doing white sharia on HER. still wouldnt punch her in the face though. could probably slap her in the face, give her brutal spankings and brutal ruff secs tho hahahaha.

maybe thats the trick, to find an attractive woman i actually DISLIKE the way i disliked her! so i don’t have ANY qualms about being a huge super rough asshole with her!

but at the end of the day i would still want a sweet, nice, kind, gentle, likable wife who i didn’t HAVE to dislike.

yes i still listen to the fatherland hahahaha.

they have ryan back from deployment and i always really liked him and now he shares he is getting a DIVORCE and his wife has taken his 2 year old child away and moved across the country. thousands of miles away. WTF.  he is handling it a little too well. i would be like that bitch that bitch that evil bitch, i am going to hunt you down. im going to chain you up, then you cant divorce me.

supposedly the wife “HATED” him and had no desire to Work On the marriage.

and just dropped the bomb on him when he was overseas/jsut came home. guess what, were getting divorced, SEE YA! gone like the roadrunner.

so that was horrifying. i mean he seems like the perfect guy. manly, successful, charming. the only thing is that he might be deployed a lot but thats no reason to hate and divorce a guy and steal their children!

here is another show the godcast which has an anti-porn discussion. not that we really NEED that, but I am anti porn crusader hahahaha.

but yeah if a top ubermensch like ryan can get abandoned by his shitty wife, so can we all. fook that bitch. fooking him over and fooking up their poor innocent daughter who will prob become a evil slut bitch like the mother now, removing her awesome father from her life!!!!!!!!!!!



i couldnt think of a more manly, confident, man, who wouldnt let his wife walk all over him.

it seems liek the SHITTIEST of women go for our great military men. cheaters and wh0res and deadbeats. they might be good looking but they will joo you over without a second thought.

and ruining the poor daughters life just because you dont want to stay with your husband. and moving 2000 miles away. did you have to do that?

i dont know what to do about deployed men. maybe their families should go with them. but thats a big thing to ask of children.

i guess ideally many deployed men would have their families with them and the kids could play with each other and be homeschooled along with each other by the wives.

also deployments would be greatly reduced because why do you really need them. he was in like kuwait doing jack shit while his wife was betraying him.

or deployments could be more optional, for single men who wanted to make extra money. but men with families? hell no.  like they NEED to be in iraq or afghanistan or ANYWHERE.

this other guy on the show salty seaman, great guy too, very very manly and masculine, very tuff, takes no shit from bitches, turns out HE was close to divorcing as well. his wife was all upset over something he said on the podcast, but she only heard 2 sentences of what salty had said. she was ready to leave him and probably take their 2 children just over something she took completely out of context. salty needed to confront the issue head on and they were able to patch things up. for now. until the next time she goes nuts.

i guess she was upset about him being away from home so much, which he is away 75% of the time because of his job as a tuff as shit merchant mariner.

well its good i guess she wants to see him more rather than see him less!

but these women are so shitty! think about the damn children!

so then ryan says if you parents absolutely hate each other, it is prob best for the children for the parents to get divorced. and i would actually prob agree, i htink salty agreed with that too.

but its the WOMEN doing all the HATING! they hate their poor husbands and the husbands luv them, the husbands jsut want everybody to get along for the sake of the children!

so now does arranged marriage at 16 sound so damn bad?

thing is, these are charming, manly men who could have their pick of women! not pathetic incels who need to settle for table scraps! so are they to blame for “choosing” these shitty women?

no! because how can you predict if your wife is gonna BETRAY you?

i bet their wives are attractive. an attractive woman will ALWAYS betray you hahahaha. thats prob why that woman betrayed me hahahahaha. because she was attractive. hahahaha. i am being somewhat facetious. she didnt really BETRAY me. but she was attractive!

well maybe she can go out and pull ryan or salty hahaha. i think producer kenny on that show is also divorced. by some idiot for idiotic “reasons.” wish he talked abotu that more. these guys should be HUGE woman-haters, but they aren’t!

was peter sellers jooish? im gonna say yes. he was pretty funny tho. he was also not terribly ugly for a joo.

his father was a goy and his mother was a joo. yeah i know it passes thru the mother but really this means he was “only” HALF joo. it was enough to give him a Complex tho! in his own identity. he didnt ask for that!

although i guess he was not a great father and was bipolar and borderline and just an asshole. welp he should have been a better father to his kids. fookin half joo hahahaha. he was only a half joo but the way he acted was 90% joo. sad!

he had some good roles though.

french election over, “centrist” macron won over the “right wing nationalist” le pen. of course i was hoping for le pen because people think shes a racist, and racist wold be great for france, get the moslem scourge out, but nooooooooooooooo.

i mean perhaps le pen would sell out just as trump has, but i figured the french would be fed up with all the moslem problems and vote for le pen, but i guess voter turnout was very small. and they voted for the weird bilderberg rothschild guy with the 70 year old wife hahahahahahaha.

macron? is that jooish? hahahaha.

might as well be!!!

heh i am angry at those guys wives for being such jooish bitches! i mean what is the guy supposed to do? literally lock you in a jail cell to keep you from walking out on your responsibilities and commitments?  these are not omega cuckolds, nor are they cheating deadbeat whegros. they are hard-working ubermensches!

so their mistakes were marrying women who were too attractive, and for having gainful employment that took them away from home?

you could also have your brother or friend live with the wife at home, to make sure she doesnt cheat.

or, have her move in with the husbands family so she can help with the other children and also not cheat. and be reminded of her husband who is working hard for their family.

well producer kenny didnt have a job away from home. but that still doesnt mean he deserved to be dumped! he is a smart, charming, masculine, and probably handsome man! maybe he was a manlet hahahahahahaha.

anyway my point is, none of these men EVER DESERVED to get dumped by their wives. they never did anything so bad.

men will look for excuses to stay with bad women. women will look for excuses to dump good men hahahaha.

well i guess if they were a bad women, they would dump the man first, rather than it coming to the point where he is lookng for excuses to stay with her. she would have been LONG GONE by that point.

god damn.

well they are finally talking on fatherland about just getting married in church but NOT getting joo married by the state. i have been suggesting this for years hahahaha. so you are not “legally” married.  but then you have to get the woman to admit that legal marriage gives women insane power over men. and they are not willing to admit or give up that power.

so ryan fatherland said he and his wife went to counseling before he deployed and the shrink said they were doing really well. nobody saw this coming. not him, not his family, not her family, she just AMBUSHED him one day wth I HATE YOU IM LEAVING and took the damn daughter. insane.

kenny said he was working so much and so hard that he ended up in the hospital but his wife did not appreciate his sacrifices at all, that the house would be a mess and the kids not wearing pants. sounded like she was just a goddamn bitch who didnt appreciate a good man. just like with ryans wife. bitches!

these are way stronger and better men than me, and yet they carry on, trying to be good fathers to their children. not going completely insane. at least with kenny i think he either has custody of his children or they live near him. ryan, his bitch ex wife took his daughter away from him!!!!!!

turbo rage hehehehe

i dont care if women dont INTEND to be THIS evil. taking a child 1000 miles away from their father is EVIL. when the mother is clearly an evil bitch and the father is clearly a good, great man.

this is CHILD ABUSE!!!!! how can the judge ALLOW CHILD ABUSE!!!!!

well because ryan is deployed sometimes, so therefore he cant have custody of his child.

well at least in these cases its pretty clear whos the good guy and whos the bad guy. in my situation it was unclear and i thought i was the bad guy hahaha. but of course their situations were 60000000000000 times worse because it was divorce, children involved, etc.

i think the women pick this jooish shit up from FACEBOOK and their FRIENDS. so make them hate facebook and hate their degenerate friends. easier said than done. how do you turn them against it.

well find one that never liked facebook, and one who has no degenerate friends. easier said than done!

welp 8 pm on a sunday. gotta get to bed here hahahaha.



feb 2

start of The Weekend, just want to do MJ like a loser hehehe.

feels of inferiority that i am not ATTACKING my job as much as I SHOULD be, not showing as much initiative, not being CREATIVE enough, not taking charge enough. usually when i do this i am blowing things out of proportion. and i worry what they say about me when im not there, um im getting second thoughts about this new guy, he’s kind of underwhelming, i expected more, he can do better than this, what kind of damn mental problems must he have, i mean just look at the facts, how old is he again? damn. DAMN. and he obviously doesnt have strong communication skills like he said he did, everything he says is an awkward meaningless jumble of words.  im sure he doesnt have a gf. i wonder if he lives with his fam. PROBABLY. WOW. how did he ever let his life get so OFF TRACK?

that is the type of shit i worry about now hahahaha.

i just dont want the nice people to be disappointed in me because i am uhhh kinda underwhelming and dont have a yugely confident charismatic presence. i mean i try my best folks. its a day by day thing. i have only been there 2 months. is this normal hahahaha. its normal to feel like an impostor. it took at least 3-4 months before i stopped feeling like an impostor at muh old job.

heh some MJ would help take the edge off that time hehehe.

its just different. its the type of thing where people work on a bunch of medium and longer term projects, rather than very short term cases. and when i end up with Downtime, well hehehe i feel guilty, because other jobs, when you get Downtime, you dont sit there and study work related stuff, you get your HOURS CUT, you get SENT HOME EARLY, so youre not costing the company money.

well today i was given a project and it was sort of challenging but people were offering with ideas but i didnt want to BUG them, plus i had enough to get me started, so i continued down that path, presented my results at the end of the day before i left for the weekend, essentially showed some work of what i had been doing the past 3 hours hahaha. it involved me trying to figure out something i wasn’t really strong on. i just hope they werent disappointed in me in that they expected me to Totally Fix It by the end of the day. i mean im not given super urgent tasks at any rate.

i THINK its gonna be OK, but yeah. always doubts and insecurities in my MIND.

feb 3

day off.

got some walmart george 12 dollar pants, gray. classic fit, flat front. they fit perfectly and were not that horrible “modern fit” which “sits lower on the waist.” I HATE that shit. totally satisfied. would totally buy another pair, and i might do that next week to replace another pair of pants that has gotten too big for muh incredible shrinking body hahahaha. 32 waist hehehe but im sure its a little more, tape meaure says more like 33, but most companies run a little big thankfully.

struggled against satan today and WON. got up, day off, wanted to be productive and no idle, run errands, not immediately sit on the internet for hours. get something done early, first thing in the day. got good 9 hours of sleep. did not turn on tv or computer. intended to go get haircut and to walmart and other store. felt anxiety and doubt but pushed self to do all those things. got nice haircut, boost in confidence, good. wanted to get new shirt for job at walmart, maybe pants. ended up getting nice shirt and pants. the pants are awesome but the shirt is a little bigger than desired. ideally will return it next week.

got groceries as well and then came home and made food to last me the next 3-5 days. AND did 1 load of laundry AND made 30 cigarets while the food cooked.  listened to new fatherland while doing the food and cigs.

and now its 543 pm, starting to get dark, and playing some cards and listening to new moonsorrow album for the first time

not bad, no surprises here. but for me i need to be in the mood, and i havent been in the mood since this album came out months ago.

ideally i would have a ton of MJ and would be blazing it like MAD right now. and similarly yesterday. but i dont. i laughed when thinking of finding a shady character at walmart and seeing if i could buy 20 dollars of MJ from a random shady black or brown person. i did not have the balls.

also i brushed teeth which i sometimes “forget” to do on day off, which i shameful.

also trimmed beard to level 2, ideally do this once every 2 weeks. last did this 2 weeks ago.

ok want old school epic metal, should listen to this hehehe. i recall the first song being awesome. and it is. varg v’s fav bathory albvm. he makes a comment here and there are shitloads of people calling him a shallow minded disgusting racist nazi and quorthon would have hated him too.  metal antiracists are the worst. go read that j trash metalsucks dot com. i thought you people prided yourself on being tough and iconoclastic and nonconformist. the best way you can do this is be a racist hahahahahahaha. and you have idiots loving a Heritage Loving band then bitching about people who say muslims get out. oh no, you get out you terrible racist, quorthon would have wanted hordes of muslims taking over europe.

well, maybe he would have, we cant say, he has been dead for years. but yeah it grinds my gears to see metal degenerates be all like yeah stabbing somebody to death and burning churches is cool, but being a racist who loves the hwyte race is so ignorant and offensive.

and i hold these “heritage metal” people to a higher standard because being Proud Of Your Heritage is really not that far from being Proud of your RACE, and willing to DEFEND it against its ENEMIES. but so many of them just shit on the idea of that second part. just bend over and get fooked. literal cuckolds hehehehe. metalcucks. bunch of pron obsessed degenerates hahaha.

heh. gay milo making big news with riots at berkeley. the next damn day people are rioting in nyc for gay gayvin mcanus hahahaha. what would they do with a REAL racist like richard spencer hahahaha. speaking of i thought he was gonna do a big college tour. he needs to have more of those like his thing at texas AM. do shit like that every week.

so yeah. glad i got a lot accomplished today rather than just neckbearding on internet.

so my gameplan was to “PARTY” tonight by taking a valium, then a little later, taking a benedryl. this could potentially be dangerous, cuz mixing anything with benzos is risky hehehehe. so thats why im gonna wait at least an hour before taking the benedryl.

had dream, erotic dream, that i was banging this qt gurl i knew tangentially in kollige, and i regret not noticing and pursuing her more. i just forgot she was there. but i might have had a chance with her because she was really nice to me the few times i did see her. and she was super duper qt. so now i occasionally have dreams about her hahahahahaha. prob always will. better her than THAT woman.

in this dream we were in the room with another person, and the qt woman was THROWING herself at me, just jumping on me, wanted to get fooked hard NAO. i was like, uhh theres somebody else in here, lets get a room i mean, then ill be happy to fook you hard. eventually i just let myself get taken in having public secs like a degen, because how do you say no to a young qt gurl. you cant. but i was like hmmm i really dont like sluts, i was hoping she wasnt like this, and god damn shes gotta be bipolar. and how long is this gonna last. shes probably gonna dump me within a month. why cant she just be a nicer, less bipolar, less degen, less slutty gurl. but oh well i might as well enjoy this for the brief time it lasts. but its gonna suck when she loses interest in me quickly. and she is REALLY interested now. but thats nothing. shes gotten like this for lots of guys. im not the first and sure wont be the last. and THIS is not gonna last. its not gonna get any better than this. damn. i hoped she was a better woman than this, i kinda liked her, had a fictional pedestal fantasy of her.

listening to newest 2015 iron maiden album book of souls. never listened. bruce still sounds great. not sure how they will hold attention for NINETY fookin minutes. WAY too long. but it sounds good so far.

meh you know what i will come back to this one hehehehe.

so took the valium. see if that even works. it is old valium. but i have like 90 of them, might as well use them while i dont have any MJ. i guess its kicking in a little bit. barely noticeable. not like MJ where you DEFINITELY notice it. how is MJ going in MA and NV right now? i know in ME they dont even have retail stores. or in CA either. i dont think. it still takes a year to get that shit set up. weak hahahaha. they dont immediaetly turn into CO overnight.

But in fact, recreational sales don’t become legal until next year. (2018). in california. ok.

n Diego legalized recreational pot dispensaries on Tuesday and the city also opened up the possibility it will allow pot farms, manufacturing facilities and testing labs.

San Diego is the first local city to approve recreational marijuana sales since state voters approved Proposition 64 in November, and no other cities in the county have indicated they intend to follow suit.

jan 2017. ok so go to san diego if you want to buy MJ.


until recreational dispensaries set up shop, which Metro said could happen as early as March. nevada 2017. cuz i mean vegas is a popular tourist destination and plenty of cheap flights. probably cheaper to fly to vegas than to CO.

state legislators in December passed a law delaying the sale of recreational marijuana products in approved retail dispensaries until July 2018. MA

yep. winterfylleth. signed up for songkick just so i could get a notification if they tour in the US. hehehehe. listened to the whole 1 hour album. thats a long album and its a really good sign if i can sit through the whole damn thing.  just glad to really enjoy a new band.

anyway that dream. i ultimately dont like when women throw themselves at you like slutty bipolar nymphomaniacs because that means theres something wrong with THEM, and also theyre gonna lose interest in you REALLY quickly, and that is very jarring. i mean its only happened to me once but i never forgot it hahahaha. yes that gurl was bipolar confirmed and taking lithium before the age of 20.  heh. wish i had had more time to actually have a serious discussion with her about Bipolar and how she dealt with it. but that would involve her hanging out with me for an appreciable amount of time.

thats a good sign. is a woman willing to spend a decent amount of TIME with you or do they just want to fook and LEAVE ahhaahhhaaha. thats what i liked about That Woman is that she liked me enough as a person to want to hang out with me for hours. sometimes hahaha.

i mean come on. im really not THAT lame. i might be a little boring and an underachiever, but you could do a LOT worse than spending a nice solid 4 hour hangout session with me hahahaha. smoke some MJ, watch some youtube, talk about 1387, talk about JQ, talk about degeneracy, watch some TV and talk about how degen and J it is, play some games, watch jeopardy, play some mario kart, smoke some more MJ, cuddle up and watch the decalogue hahahaha, make some food, go get some food, go for a scenic drive, go for a scenic walk in the park, watch the sunset. sounds like a fookload of fun amiright? go to an ethnic club, where hopefully you dont dump me for an alphaer guy, go to an artsy fartsy movie, go to a concert, go to an 1433 meetup where hopefully you dont dump me for an alphaer guy, go to the gym together where hopefully you dont leave me for an alphaer or blacker guy, hahahahahahahahahaha.

im secure about that because i really CANT compete with other guys for women. so if im hanging out with a woman in public where there are other Willing Guys, of course i worry that she’s gonna get a wandering eye and lose interest in me for a Better guy. also because women have historically lost interest in me really quick and gotten with other guys who they liked more.  shit yeah that is a big blow to your confidence.

and really i havent had a women interested in me in that way, even the slightest short term one month interest, in like…..holy shit TWELVE fookin years hehehehe.

but it was nice having a woman be interested in me as even Just A Friend when that happened like 3 years ago. 3 years ago might have been the peak of muh friendship with that woman. and holy shit even that is a long time ago. it doesnt feel liek that long hehehehe.

heh was a REAL BOSS today and put on track time starts on two youtube vidyas for good albums where the uploader nor any other commenters were generous enough to do that. you know. where you can click on the time and jump right to any song on the album for full album videos. hopefully will get plenty of upboats and thank you comments hahahahahaha. cuz these degen metal fans dont even think of taking 3 minutes to do this. well i wasnt any better until today, i never did this till today.

took the benedryl several hours after the valium.

went and installed f.lux on the computer to soften the harsh bright light of the screen at night time. with my tons of ram it does not have any noticeable memory footprint hehe.

george brand. for the man who wants to dress professional but also wants to buy his professional clothes at WALMART hahahahahahahahaha.




jan 21

so yeah ive definitely made good progress in getting over That Woman relative to the posts that are publishing now, which i wrote in like june 2016 hehehe. i was still pretty butthurt one year out. one and a HALF years out, doing a lot better.

which is not surpirsing. ive always said, these type of things take MORE THAN A YEAR to get over. youre looking at 1.5 to two years MINIMUM. so adjust your damn expectations. move the goalposts hahahahahaha.


in other words, its better to WANT to have a sense of humor, than to not have a sense of humor at all.

i totally appreciate the value of a sense of humor. even though i am not very funny, i am still miles ahead of those humorless assholes. j marxist antiwhites hahahaha.

andrew joyce, never heard of this guy until a few months ago when spencer mentioned him, i mean i haven’t really followed spencer til recently either. anyway the more phds we can get on our side, the better.

oh gawd

this woman SHOULD vote for trump because shes white, rural, working class, but she converted from right to left nao because her working class conservative white family fell apart due to drugs and alcohol and white people might seem nice sometimes but deep down they’re scary abusive monsters, and just like your abusive white husband beat you, this is how whites feel about nonwhites and women, which you are, so join the womens march hahahaha.

those mean vile small minded people. like her white male customers who say degrading things about women and have confederate flags. oh god this article is so poorly written and patronizing but i dont think it wants to be patronizing, its just like a 20 year old gurl wrote it, rambles on for pages introducing the story, its shitty writing.

ok its a cucky white male phaggot mccoy who writes on Social Justice ISsues for WaPo. barffffffffff

white boys should NEVER grow up to do this for a career. thing is he’s in the top 10% of success for journalists. good paying full time job at one of the biggest papers. most shitlib journalists do this shit for free while they work at starbucks hahahaha.

anyway i can probably get over my disappointment with the enoch thing, i wont say bad shit about him, he’s done a lot of good, and he will probably continue to do more good.

well did my saturday weigh in and was at the lowest weight ever. much closer to muh goal than i thought i was.

‏@BillKristol tweetz
I’ll be unembarrassedly old-fashioned here: It is profoundly depressing and vulgar to hear an American president proclaim “America First.”

this isnt even a joke. jooish neocohen writes jooiest nocohenest cuckiest tweet ever. whats depressing and vulgar about it schlomo?

oh sorry i didnt realize it was a reference to an antisemitic organization in the 30s heheheheheheh. well even better then. charles lindbergh is MAH N199A. GREAT goy there. actually im embarrassed i never heard of this.

so i’m sure trvmp wasnt referring to THAT. unless he was DOGWHISTLING again. i hope he was!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah i really should have heard of this org, i thought i was better at history and pro-hwyte history than that hahahaha. but i am super lazy.

sorry i wasnt educated enough to view it as a DEPLORABLE RACIST DOGWHISTLE. well now i like it EVEN MORE.

i could message THAT WOMAN and be like get me some MJ. that is all. i will have nothing to do with you. i’m just using you as a drvg dealer hahahaha. i dont give a shit how you and your family are doing. bring me the MJ, get fooked hard by me, then leave. I dont even remember your name.

i mean the plain fact was i DO/did care about how her and her family are doing! i DIDNT view her as a piece of meat.

but yeah i do want some MJ. yes i KNOW its degen. which is why if i had an influential podcast, i’d keep it in the closet.

but i flaunt it HERE? i mean i have two conflicting identities: the neet and the VVN. which one does MJ go more with?

so i cant have my cake and eat it too. I can’t denounce neetism, and encourage us to become hwyte hwarriors, and also proclaim that MJ is OK.  I Understand This Totally.

but its a way better vice than Pornography hahahahaha. or video games. or being a fat slob. or technically alcohol. although alcohol is the hwyter vice. but im a special snowflake because i already HAD an alcohol problem and vowed to never drink again until I am making 30k a year and have a nice whyte GF, prob never happen hahahaha.

i know i dont like women but i do kinda like emily youkkkkkkkkkis, i hadnt listened to her moonman rap till today. she uses eminem “my name is” which is an ok song regardless for degen google noise hahaha. i almost forgot about moonman. i think he fits very well with where emily is now going. also she makes moonman more than just h8ing n3gr0s, she brings in tons of very welcome anti-J-ism and such hhehehe.

some funny stuff on this site, it seems generally alt rightish hehehehe.

emily gives a very uplifting story here

this sounds like a great new show. made by azzmador and ken, both of whom already have great creeeeedentials, great to get them together, and guess who they have on for their second episode. download this one goys.

ken used to do intersectional alt right which used to be on trs but i dont think it is anymore. either he pulled it or they shitcanned him because he wasn’t cupping mikes balls unquestioningly hahahahaha. he is a regular guest on fatherland which is where i first heard him. very good charismatic communicator.

anglin comes right out and gives his take on the enoch situation, and i didn’t expect to agree with him so much, and i was pleasantly surpirsed that he didnt treat enoch with kid gloves. i dont hate enoch, but just understand we are disappointed and let us be disappointed. other trs “leaders” should be a little disappointed to. i dont want to throw mike in the oven, i am very willing to listen to him in the future, but just let us be disappointed, and you should be a little more disappointed too. not pretend like nothing happened.

but all three of these guys are amazing. i first heard azzmador sometime in 2016, not sure where. either a talk he did with anglin or grandpa lampshade. (GL is also good.)

azzmador i think is Doxxed, he’ll tell you his real name. i forgot what it was. also great to hear him actually confronting antifa and calling them phaggots to their faces. he has real balls hahahaha. i respect that.

i thought ken might be a SCHOOLTEACHER which if he is, that’s awesome. we need more of ours in education. like i said in the last post.

but yeah anglin or ANY of these guys will probably not be welcomed back with open arms at TRS like the used to be. and they’re not even saying anything hostile. they are simply, like me, legit disappointed, and i worry that that will be enough for TRS to ban them. hasnt happened yet tho, i’m just speculating.

heres a text of that great speech by the british guy at the beginning. i think this is national action. who themselves have their own controversy of are they legit or are they shills. i can say that speech is very hair raising and awesome though.

oh jeez. i shouldnt have even. this is now turning into a hot topic on muh new fav forum.

ok thanks azzmador hahaha. great speech here.

HOLY SHIT that is the best thing i have heard in a while. that is going on the mixtape hahaha. share that with your friends and fam. i dont care if NA is jooish shills hahahaha but that is some great content. it almost brought a TEAR to my eye. just listen to this one seriously.

hmm that divisive emily youcis thread was REMOVED. whos CENSORING us hahahaha. although I prob disagree from the average DS person in that i am pretty willing to give emily the benefit of the doubt.

i guess national action was designated by the UK as a “TERRORIST ORGANIZATION” and the govt shut them down basically.

i vaguely remember hearing about that but it didnt really register. why didnt MW do a video on it? maybe he did hahahaha i havent watched every single MW video.  i was busy job searching and moping and bitching and whining hahahaha. so i miss some alt right news sometimes.

i get butthurt and sad when i think i never had the chance to talk about TRVMP with that woman. i will never know what she thought about TRVMP. i will never be able to use trvmp to open a deeper discussion with her about things like the alt right and the JQ and race and redpilling.

it would have been a great opportunity to see if we were really actually compatible or not. if she had shown herself as a vocal nevertrvmp, that might make things easier for me now. because then i wouldnt have this PEDESTALIZED FANTASY that I could have redpilled her into my redpilled waifu. i mean shit she could have become a vocal anti trump, and be all into the stupid jooish womens march that is going on now. I’LL NEVER KNOW.

the only thing i have to go on, and build my stupid fantasy on, is that she seemed somewhat open to redpilling. somewhat anti establishment. pro working class. not into white guilt. possibly open to the realities of black savagery. and i never got to spend quality time with her to discuss these topics in depth. really probe at her, and gently push her in the right direction hahaha. she liked stupid alex jones type conspiracies, which is really the best you can ask of a woman, because if they are already GTKRWN1433 before you meet them, they’re probably super fookin crazy like sinead hahahaha.  so being a basic bitch alex jones conspiritard is actually the IDEAL woman. and SHE WAS IT wawawawawawawawa. you could be like ok im glad youre open to non mainstream ideas. now let me teach you something a little less retarded than alex jones. you’ll like the education, believe me.

because i am a firm believer in educating your woman. just aim for a NICE woman and YOU can and should do the redpilling. and she was the perfect woman for that wawawawawawawa.

maybe she found a better stronger nobler man who eventually redpilled her into 1433 and made her his hwyte hwyfu wawawawawawa.

see i can always spin it in a way to maximize muh sad feels.

or maybe she became a n3gr0 fooking anti trvmp moron. see, either option is sad for me! there’s no possible option where i can be happy! because i dont have HER!

so best to try to forget about her and move on. which i am truly doing. it takes at LEAST a year and a half though. 18 full fookin months. and not a day less.

shit yeah thats a long time. thats just what i need.

its hard for me to understand people who need less time, often MUCH less time. i cant help judging them as “sociopaths” who “treat people as disposable garbage.” but maybe they’re not. maybe they just don’t need 18 months to get over a person.

fine. well then i am not compatible with their sociopathic disposable values then hahahahaha. i want a woman who needs 18 months to get over a man!!!!!!

this is what a white man apologizing and being genuinely remorseful looks and sounds like, and you dont need special empath skills to see it. and i got none of that from mike.

NOW, fascist lemming is going on record as fully denouncing enoch here, saying that he believes enoch is a J. I don’t really agree with that at the moment, but i respect the sincerity and good faith and general hwyteness i’m seeing here, and i wish mike had shown 1% of that when he was talking about his shit, and he didnt. that is to say, mike’s behavior IS a little jooey, and FL’s is 100% hwyte, and you know which type of behavior I prefer.

now i can’t say i have such a damn strong opinion on “joos did 911” , where FL says he cant take anyone seriously who DOESNT believe that joos did 911. ok. well i mean its possible. i haven’t studied that theory enough. believe me i dont doubt that the joos COULD have done 911! i just dont find it hard to believe that terrorist muslims did 911 either!

maybe mike acts so j00ey because he grew up on the east coast SURROUNDED by them .

jan 22

brand new mw video with a longass story by the man himself.  noice.

and he just spoke honestly from the get go. I wanted mike to do something like this. you dont even need to be “interrogated”. just talk honestly and directly to your audience.

and yeah i DO give mike a break for having sacrificed a lot and losing a lot. but that just seems like even more reason to be undoubtably honest.

ok it was the FORMER  BASS player of WINTEFYLLETH who made “controversial racist” remarks by coming out and saying he supported the 14 words. then wintefylleth cucked and kicked him out of the band. FOR SHAME!

and guess what, they STILL got called racists and evil nationalists because they are somewhat right wing and happy about being “HERITAGE” metal.

Lesson: DONT CUCK. almost makes me not want to listen to winterfylleth. hehehe.

ok im listening to them anyway, even though daily stormer would DISAVOW them or cucking hehehe.

but their music pairs really well with the wodensthrone style I’ve been craving.

heh i feel like varg vikernes. thinking that all these metal bands are stupid and degen. because they ARE!

and its pathetic and fedoraish that they are so butthurt and against christians, but they are almost equally butthurt against nationalism and ESPECIALLY racial pride. So that any metal band that shows interest in “heritage” gets accused of being a vile racist and nationalist, and then even MORE disappointing, the band then cucks in response, saying, no, i’m just celebrating muh english heritage, but i’m not nationalistic and certainly not RACIST.

what kind of fooked up jooed up society is it where BRITONS cannot be even the least bit critical of tens of thousands of muslims flooding their country? Pretty sure the main man of winterfylleth was slammed by the weak, disgusting, jooish Metal Press when he made an anti-muslim remark. Then he responded by talking about cultural marxism, political correctness, and how they were bad, which was good, and made a convoluted, incomprehensible statement about the (((((italian))))) gramsci and how he described the kind of cultural marxism happening. I can’t remember if gramsci was a technical J, but he was close enough. I do know he was a far leftist marxist. close enough!

they’re gonna accuse you of being a racist anyway chris naughton! might as well go all in and say i am proud of being a Hwyte European Englishman, like your banished bandmate did.

but i am a sucker for atmospheric, epic, heritage-celebrating, melodic black metal with blast beats, so now I’M cucking by listening to them hahahaha.

so if i accept them, and i think me accusing myself of cucking is just stupid purity spiralling, and yes i should be able to listen to them… that the same as me “CUCKING” for mike enoch? the mans sacrificed his LIFE for THE CAUSE!!!!!!!

if he did a vidya like MW did today, i would be perfectly happy. not saying MW did anything wrong though. just talking about the sincerity and honesty and straightforwardness he showed. or FL last night. it’s not hard to do, and it’s not hard for the audience to SEE. you can easily see it in their face and hear it in their voice. it’s not brain surgery. mike could have faced the camera and given an honest, impromptu talk and that would have been good enough.

it sucks that he lost everything, it’s almost harder to appreciate that because that loss is paired with the idea of him doing something questionable, which was not the case with MW. MW didnt have a joo wife hahahaha. he just got harshy doxed.

it’s not a problem that cant be overcome, but it IS a PROBLEM, and we just wanted you to directly treat it as one, and ADMIT it, mike. hehehehe.

yes, i am more prone to HERO WORSHIP and getting attached to PEOPLE than you SHOULD be. i dont really care, but it is kinda immature and it does mean i open myself up to more disappointment. and probably make me softer.

i mean i dont want to be such a Purity Spiraler that EVERYTHINGS degenerate and EVERYONES degenerate and I can’t enjoy ANYTHING because its too COMPROMISED. Can’t enjoy decent black metal because they aren’t nationalist enough. can’t enjoy music made by blacks. cant enjoy muh pad thai hahahahahahaha. yeah well no ones saying you cant enjoy pad thai and curry and general chows chikun hahahahaha.


jan 18

mike enoch gets interrogated wooooot

soundcloud comments dont seem to optimistic, suggest there are no really tough questions, that stuff is brushed off, and the first 5 minutes are not diving into tough questions like i would have liked. i do not have a great feeling tbh.

takes 36 minutes to start maybe getting good??? maybe 43.

heh i expected him to be more shaken up. honestly this is getting boring hehehehe.  uhhhh i was kinda hoping he would act like something happened. to take like 10 straight minutes talking about why its really not ok to marry j00s, or something. i dunno.

how about distraught from losing your family and your 100k job. I would be going CRAZY. Couldn’t even do a conversation with people. i dunno i guess i wanted him to be a little more emotional about it all, even if emotions are womanly.  strong men also have SOME emotions lebowski hahaha.

he doesnt sound like a man whos life has just been ruined.

i dunno. little disappointed. did not meet my expectations. didnt expect to listen to a 2 hour podcast for him to say “i am conflicted about this.” i mean he SHOULD be conflicted about this!

whoa many JCC’s around the nation target for some threats. now here’s some hot news!!!!!

i wanted him to put something personal out there. share something. i guess he doesnt HAVE to, we dont OWN him, i was just hoping for a lot more reassurance than I got. I am glad mike is not K’ing himself and not so worried that he can’t go on…..but what do you really have to SAY about your J wife? he said yeah she’s a J, hasn’t said 25%, 50%, or 100%. this stuff matters! does she have a really J lifestyle and ideology? has TRS’s anti-J’ish caused real problems with their marriage? it probably SHOULD!

i realize he’s not a LEADER, he certainly doesn’t see himself as a leader, and yeah that really comes across here. he may not be a LEADER, but his opinion carries some weight, and i wish he had a stronger opinion about this!  yeah this is “drama” but its also LEGIT drama!

if anything, Sven has stronger leadership qualities than Mike, and Sven is not really pushing Mike to talk about the tough stuff.

im not saying accuse mike as a betrayer, but also he should WANT to address people LEGITIMATE CONCERNS!!!!!!

ok he clarifies that he was notified today he was not welcome at his workplace anymore.

listened to 1:51 and nothing really jumped out at me. i wanted it to jump out. this is kinda a big deal.

so maybe the higher ups have lost a little credibility with me. maybe i will end up spending more time at DS than TRS hehehe. i mean TRS still has great podcasts though. the fatherland.

but man they ban people like crazy on that forum. i kinda like how DS forum is a lot more laid back re the banning. trolls talk mad shit and no one gets banned. i figure let the trolls talk shit, the rest of us will just ignore them. (AN IGNORE BUTTON WOULD BE NICE, THO hahahaha)

i dunno. just not what i really WANTED from mike i guess. but mike is not the leader of trs. and trs has plenty of people who would be more conflicted about their race mixing hahahaha. i just dont want to see a pattern of softening amongst the trs higher ups like sven, i dont want to be disappointed in him too.

WELL, THERES ALWAYS daily stormer at least hahahaha.

i guess i have become a bit less enthusiastic about donating shekels to TRS, where my enthusiasm for donating shekels to stormer has not waned one bit. that probably means something.

heh. i just wanted answers and resolution NOW and i guess im just gonna have to WAIT and see if mike gives anything better. i wish i had a better feeling about it.

i mean mike was never my number 1 favorite podcastfu anyway hahahaha. but he was part of my top tier! i didnt have all my eggs in that one basket tho, which i guess is good.

dear lord

i dont want to have children so i can benefit humanity by being a phd research scientist . well just close your legs ya science slut.

you need the hormones for your acne or whatever. how about stop slathering chemicals on your skin and use a very diluted mix of very light salicylic acid hehehehe. maybe lemon juice. maybe just plain water. maybe dove sensitive skin soap.

how about you just stop fooking guys and if you dont want to get preggers, dont have secs with guys when you are on the period!!!!!!

how about be a lot more careful about the secs you do have?

dont have secs for like 7 days around your period. have the guy pull out or wear a condo. have him put it in your degenerate ass hahahahaha.

jan 19

oh dear. i remember when this happened but never really read any follow up on what derek black is doing now. i guess he hasnt come back to VVN and writes shitty articles for the JY Slimes about how trump is a racist and he’s so glad he’s matured past that.

theres the wapo one with a lot of tldr hahahaha. anyway he honestly seemed like a pretty smart kid from a young age, BEFORE he got to college. knew all the red pill stuff many of us only learn AFTER college. and then he was blue pilled by some jooish guy who invited him to a diversity dinner? that made his whole system come crumbling down? he still seems like a smart intelligent guy!!!! this is really weird shit.

i can understand distancing yourself from his father who might be a little corrupt. but distancing himself from the whole movement is insane. why didnt he just join up with some of the young alt right people? newer groups like daily stormer or TRS?

he used to mock the ideas of white privilege! how did going to a leftist college where they took “white privilege” seriously just totally change his mind where he did a total 180??????????

its implied that the antiwhites had better SCIENCE for why race is a social construct, and how IQ diffs can be explained by education and opportunity and all that. that convinced derek black. a seemingly smart young man. the SCIENCE and STATISTICS were more convincing to say that there was no white genocide hahahaha.

what i’m saying is, he’s smart enough to weigh the evidence of both sides. and smarter people than him have done so and concluded that Race Is Real. I just want to know what was REALLY the deciding factor.

Him trying to make friends? but he was pretty open about it before going to the college.

maybe he got a super antiwhite Jooish gurlfran while he was at the college, who made it her project to convert him. this seems more likely than the above. i mean he didnt sound like a friendless autistic virgin dying for acceptance like i was hahahahahaha.

or maybe it was “just” being his fathers son. his fathers whole life is VVN 1.0. i am thinking don black was a halfway decent father and wasnt really cramming it down dereks throat though. and it sounded like derek willingly got on board.

i would bet theres subconscious father rebellion going on here. and thats why he couldn’t “just” go to VVN 2.0, he had to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

it’s sad because he seemed like a smart guy and could have been valuable to the movement. despite looking like a huge jackass with his hair and style. i mean he looked like a fedora libertarian virgin hahaha.

what really happened here? you dont just get hit with antiwhite statistics from J’s in J00niversity and say wow i never considered that before, and then do a 180.

i mean i was an antiwhite shitlib in jooniversity, but i never put much EFFORT into it. i was just like rabble rabble white privilege hurr durr institutionalized racism hurr durr imperialistic white males punching down, because that was what everyone around me was parroting, and i wanted to make friends, and especially to make gurlfrans hahahaha. I didn’t put extracurricular effort in going to meetings, or doing activism, or writing articles, or reading howard zinn. Many of my peers certainly did. i would rather sm0ke MJ and be like fight the man, maaaaan. like a lebowski deadbeat. and when i did meet trve believer marxist activists, they kinda weirded me out. like these people are WAYYYYY too tryhard. I’m not LIKE THEM, AM I? and maybe THAT started me on really questioning my not-so-strongly-held “beliefs” that white men were oppressing everyone.

derek black did the exact opposite of what I did. it’s a great STORY. but a sad one. fooked up.

so yeah he would be the bigger traitor than mike enoch hahahahaha. but I really don’t like how enoch basically did not talk about the tough questions. left me with no confidence hahahaha. ok mike, you’re not a leader, we get it. maybe i will really stop viewing you as one after all this.  have a very fishy weird feeling about how he has handled all this so far. it just seems like too little. like that’s it?!?!?! that’s the best you can give us?!?!?! you can and should do better than that.

so yeah i wouldnt quite call him a dirty traitor like black hahaha. because i think mike is gonna continue to say Savage Stuff about Da J00z. but he has not removed the Seed Of Doubt in many people’s mind. And I’m MORE than willing to give him the BENEFIT of the doubt!

but he’s not addressing the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!

The rank and file of TRS forum are great people. i guess i identify with them more than the TRS higher-ups. this could very well be the start of distrust with the higher ups. stormer forum is less banhappy and i like that.

no im not aguing for more freedom or democracy or less fascism hahaha.

maybe im saying i am losing a little faith in the TRS higherups.

but who are the MODS of stormer forum? anglin and weev sure, and I am FINE with them! if thats the whole of “stormer leadership” i would be 100% happy with that. ….but are there others with the power to BAN?

dunno, just wanted the “higherups” (if not “leaders”) to take this a LITTLE more seriously and not treat people asking reasonable questions as spergs or shit stirrers. shit i thought i was a moderate pvssy compared to many others…..who have prob already been banned from TRS hehe.

and derek black. im just trying to distract myself from the enoch drama. theres just better ways for him to rebel against his father. maybe become a successful engineer who doesnt even write about race hehehe. or be somewhat moderate and normie rather than turn into a damn far leftist.

if youre gonna be FAR anything, be a far rightist hahahaha.

YES don black has some shady stuff going on with the “unrealized projects” and I hate to agree with the splc on this. but that is fishy and derek is right to be critical of it. but dont turn your back on your race man. not cool.  i mean you dont have to go -1433. just go to 0.

maybe he’s rebelling against don and he doesnt even realize it. don seems like a better father than william pierce but im sure its still intense growing up in VVN 1.0. if stormfront were smart they would engage more with stormer and TRS. like david duke has! funfact: don black married david duke’s ex-wife and created the new human life of derek black with her, hehehehehe.

i guess derek is on this thing now where he was like hwyte europeans were SAVAGES and they didnt invent shit, the MUSLIMS were doing all this shit like ALGEBRA while white barbarians were in caves. good lord.

i mean its a FAIR QUESTION as to WHY the muslims went from being SOMEWHAT scholastic and academic and scientific and intellectual in their golden age of algebra and math and architecture and all that……SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED in the meantime??!?!?!?!

theres a disqus thread on the first official shoah and everyone that isnt kissing mikes ass is being denounced as a renegade-tier moron. wow.

you dont need to divulge too many personal details…..but ADDRESS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. don’t pretend like thats NOTHING. and then call the people with understandable doubts and skepticism abotu that PURITY SPIRALERS. Come on. I am as SOFT and MODERATE and wishy washy as they come. but I just wanted a little better from him.

shit yeah I’m welcome to leave. there’s the door. yeah well right now i will take one step towards the door because theres still plenty of good stuff at TRS. and I am SURE mike will say plenty of good stuff in the future. but he didn’t do much to DISPEL THE SEED OF DOUBT.

believe me, im no PURITY SPIRALLER. I’ve dont degenerate shit. I am a huge neet loser virgin untermensch hahaha. mike makes 14 times the money i ever will. i just think i would shown more integrity in this situation, hahahahahahaha.

well wheres MY podcast? wheres my forum? wheres my influential Media Platform? thats what i thought hahahaha.

well i’ve had 3 other longass blogs that went nowhere hahaha but I HAVE been associated with pro-hwytes since 2012. I bought a grindy greggy book in 2012 and I got culture of critique in 2013 hehehe. i recognize this guy on stormer forums from comments on heartiste in like 2007 hahaha. he’s found his way over there and I can’t blame him! welcome!

yeah i mean i KNOW in j00 york and j00 jersey EVERYONE is at least 25% jooish hahahahahaha. and its really not the end of the world to be married to a part J. it’s how you talk about it with the damn hwyte nationalist group you started hahahahahahaha. i guess there is not gossip like “is TRS really actually “VVN” or are they gonna disavow or equivocate on that term?

I’m very comfortable with the label, just as I’m very comfortable with “alt-right”, and i admit this can cause confusion, because not everybody conflates alt right with VVN. MY BAD!!!!

But I kinda thought TRS of all people would openly self-identify as VVN.

well, i am more confident that they are pro-hwyte, and thats really good enough. i mean, i would happily take an 88% hwyte nation hahahaha. just no less. dont want to get into a purity spiral here hahaha.

hey at least im not fooking googles like some hwyte trash woman hahahahahaha.

i just hope the fatherland guys maintain their integrity. they MIGHT say more on the next episode. i mean i dont really EXPECT them to, its much less their place than it is mikes place. but i wonder: would they get kicked off TRS if they were too critical of mike? also, they are close with sven. and one of their hosts has essentially become a higherup himself, doing a lot of forum technical work. I’ve really liked this guy BOF and I hope he doesnt start “cucking” or “shilling” hahahahahahaha.

welp better pack muh bags for renetard express, toot toot. go eat a mile of sinead’s shit hahahahaha. heh. i will start my own 1433 media empire before i do that hahahaha. i will meet goys in real life before i do that hahaha.

derek black. this guy is saying all white trvmp voters are extreme VVN’s like stormfront. WRONG. they are just normie hwytes who have had enough. they dont HATE anybody. they arent EXTREMISTS. sheeeeit even many VVN’s dont HATE anybody. I dont HATE anybody. I just want an 88% hwyte country and i want the J’s to stop attacking and slandering and libeling and lying about hwytes, and i want whytes to stop apologizing for it and to be less damn SUICIDAL as a race.

jan 20

hahahaha stupid linkedin GURLS WHO CODE news item in muh feed and leave it to some arab to say LOOKIN BEAUTIFUL LADEEZ hahahaha which i’m not opposed to saying in principle, but you should be smart enough to know not to say on lindkin, but there are so many arab, streetshitter, and chinese trolls and sock and spam and fake accounts on linkedin making stupid comments everywhere. in the past ive seen SJWs take them to task on this is EXACTLY the kind of comment we DONT want to see, but now I think people just assume quite rightly that these people might be BOTS.

i just think its funny that they are nonwhite bots, often indians who themselves are writing code in sweatshops for a dollar a day. bet they wish they could code as good as these 16 year old black girls!

saw a guy today i first met several years ago. but this guy is just great. absolutely great. total mancrush on this guy. he is highly educated and very successful and very respected and also just one of the nicest, sweetest people you could ever meet. i mainly knew his son who was also a real nice, good, decent guy, but, very much like me, he had a hell of a hard time adulting. a lot of that was due to health issues, being born into a bad body, hahaha. so he has a much better excuse than him. but he was a great guy. his father is a great guy too, but way more successful. so i saw the father today and shook his hand heartily and said give my regards to your son, he’s a good guy, you’re a good guy, i’m happy to see you again, and i was. i was in the next room as he gave a presentation to other people with masters degrees and phds and his presentation/lecture was very high energy and interesting. lets just say he’s into educating and listening to him in this “classroom” it made it clear that he would probably be a VERY good educator, teaching, with students. i had never really heard him in this mode before, but big surprise, he’s great at that too.

give this guy an award! the rest of the day i was like holy shit, he is such a great guy, wow, what an awesome dude, was so nice to see him again.

(he completed his phd later in life, within the past 5 years, after he was already successful and had a good career and a nice family. I think I saw him shortly after that happened and congratulated him on it.)

great, great, great, great guy. he seemed to remember me even though i hadn’t seen him in…..over 3 years.

and i was like holy shit. i was in a GOOD MOOD for HOURS after that. I was like DAMN I gotta meet MORE people who are this awesome.

then i thought, well, that’s a little GREEDY. and what’s wrong with the people I already know? are they chopped liver?

but fact is, only 10% of people are in the top 10% of awesome like this guy is. not everybody can BE that awesome.

so i thought, it’s ridiculous to want to meet more people as awesome as him. first, theres not that many people that awesome, second, how am i worthy of knowing so many of them and having them hang out with me?

and then i thought, it would be LESS ridiculous for me to get married to this man so i can cup his balls all day and bask in his awesomeness. that would generally give me the same effect hahahahaha. being around one super duper awesome person all day every day.

and that’s greedy in another way, greedy and needy on one person. im just one man, find some other people to fill your needs. so yeah, having a Team of Many Awesome people would be best.

the trick is FINDING these people and IMPRESSING them so that they LIKE you.

How did I find this guy? I knew his son, who was/is a great guy, but not nearly as AWESOME in terms of being a successful adult. but this endeared me to the son in a different way. i could relate to the son being a “neet loser”, and I couldn’t RELATE to his father, but I had/have a huge mancrush on his father and see him as a great role model.

and it’s terribly mean to call the son a “neet loser” because he was SUCH a nice guy! probably got that from his father, who is SUCH a nice guy as well! so i can’t disparage the son, other to say that its SAD he’s not getting the great life he deserves for being such a nice man like his father.

anyway i looked up the father on linkedin today when i came home and requested a connection. chances are he wont even SEE it, but if he does, that would be nice.

the son doesn’t have linkedin. prob has facebook but i dont have facebook. i hope the son is doing well…….but i wouldnt be surprised if he wasnt. which is sad. he deserves better and is probably depressed af but doesnt even know it. so i didn’t want to push the father too much on this aspect. i just i hope your son is doing ok, he’s a great guy and deserves great things.

anyway im not alone in thinking the father is a great guy. he has LITERALLY touched hundreds of lives as an educator and i’m sure many of those people are cupping his balls as well. he deserves it.

there are sneaky J’s in this world, and sad things happening to good people, but there are also people who are just so god damn awesome you can’t believe they even EXIST, but they do. and if you can meet as many of those people in real life and spend as much time as possible with them……maybe one day you could BE that awesome. wow. what a thought.

the guy is AMAZING. he is an INSPIRATION. I mean every damn word. if it sounds like im gushing its because i am.

all people cant be this cool, unfortunately……….. but you can STILL recognize the awesomeness of regular average joes. i would like to be able to do that more. i just need an EXTREMELY awesome guy to break through my thick shell. but even less awesome people are still awesome enough.

im talking about hwyte people of course hahahahahaha. nonhwytes, i just dont really care about. i dont wish them any harm, but i’m not as concerned about recognizing their awesomeness.

(i guess if you are an educator dealing with a lot of black kids, you might get passionate about recognizing the awesomeness in each one of them. ok fine. in fact i think that’s a mark of an Awesome Educator. which this guy is. except he doesnt teach a ton of inner city black kids hahahahahha.)

but yeah. spend enough time with this guy and you will want to become a TEACHER hahahahahahaha. he’s one of those. one of those that probably ends up in many students “Muh Favorite Teachers Of All Time” lists. really blowing minds, melting hearts. good for them. we all need as much of that as we can get. but i think this can’t be taught in teachers college really. you have to be born with that spirit.

actually i might have some of that spirit! but i do NOT want to go to teachers college and be a damn teacher.

so yeah seeing him was a wake up call for me. that within every hwyte, there’s a spark of that same awesomeness. i might not see it right away. they might not see it right away. but I should FIND it and then SHOW them that I appreciate them for it. be a real cheerleader.

shit i wish i could cheerlead muh SELF in that way, but uhhhh never been able to do that in 30+ years.

it goes without saying this guy is charismatic af. you HAVE to be. it goes hand in hand with all that.

now muh new coworkers, ive said before they are all awesome in their own ways, and they are. i should try to appreciate them for that and to show them that appreciation… that they can recommend me for good jobs hahahahahahahaha. you need all the recommendations and references in life that you can GET. for jobs and Grad Skool hahahaha. not that i promise to ever GO to grad skool……but i also want to prove that I’m smart hahahaha. because that’s a legit reason to go to grad skool hahaha.

2 of muh coworkers are pretty charismatic guys, including muh direct manager. good role models, in other words, and i REALLY dont want to WASTE the OPPORTUNITY, the PRIVILEGE of getting to know these people.

this is what every young man needs………but im not a young man any more. i might be too old to really benefit from this stuff hehe. it IS especially valuable to have access to people like this when you are YOUNG.

it’s my HWYTE PRIVILEGE that i had access to types like this when i was young. but i was so fooked up, immature, and sissy anxious, that i AVOIDED people like this. AVOIDED NICE PEOPLE WHO COULD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i’ve gotten better about not avoiding them any more hahaha.

and i just want to be good about being a NORMIE and having normie conversations with my good guy manager, for example. have normal conversations and over time build a real Relship, so that i can talk to him about his life and family and career, and even more importantly for muh narcissism, talk about my life and my career hehehehehe.

i’m a total narcissist who is AFRAID to talk about muh self with other people!

now thats a weird ass situation to be in.

because i am ashamed of how little i’ve achieved and how i’ve never had any real career goals.

who doesn’t have career goals?


well, no one’s a LOSER, but uhhhhh at this point its beyond the scope of an educator, you need a different kind of professional help, have you thought about seeing a shrink or a psychiatrist hahahahaha.


So he was talked to this other woman who is currently doing a PHD in a marxist as hell field and is being advised by a marxist professor, and i was like oh great, im gonna have a field day listening to this woman’s lecture.

and yeah there was bullshit in there about hwyte privilege and closing the achievement gap with blacks……but at the same time, these people at least were still genuinely concerned with Just Helping Students Succeed.  Period. and I had to respect that. they weren’t k1kes rubbing their hands with how to keep evil whites down. they just sincerely want to help all students succeed. and i can totally respect that.

i just think they would have a much better go at that if they acknowledged the reality of racial differences.

however i might just agree with them on the class differences. like this woman was talking about the experience of growing up in an honestly shitty town, no one goes to college, let alone gets a phd, and she talks about stories of smart kids who just didnt get the right direction by their teachers. and i can totally sympathize with that . in a way i kinda feel like that.

but most of that is On Me, because I Actively AVOIDED the people who COULD direct, guide, advise, help me put my life on a good path. because i was afraid to Talk To Professors. I do regret that.

not just professors, but just successful middle class winner people in general.

i overheard them talking that middle class kids get more direction in thinking creatively, thinking outside of the box, while the working class kids are more like “just tell me what to do. am i doing this right? tell me what to do and i’ll do it. please.”

which was haunting for me, since I felt like that ALL THE TIME at muh old job, and still feel like that a little bit, generally. i said FOOK creativity, we need to GET THINGS DONE. RESULTS. what do i do to make this work now. creativity is a bourgeois, effete, phaggy luxury that real working people in the real world don’t have time form. creativity is NAIVE and SOFT and WEAK.

i honestly dont put high value on being creative. i would rather get things done. be charismatic, be good with people, do good strong work.

so, according to her, i definitely have more working class values than middle class. which i kinda already knew hahahaha. the whole story of my life has been torn between those two worlds, and failing in both of them.

i would talk to them all day about class. but just stfu about RACE hahahaha.

because i have ALWAYS identified with and support the working class……but i always had class/status anxiety about becoming middle class. using muh SMART BRAIN to go to COLLEGE and get a nice middle class CAREER and marry a woman who’s also “smart” enough to get a college degree and spell words correctly and not get Working Class Tattoos hahahaha.

because there’s parts of the working class I dont like, the white trash shit, but honestly i think those are WAY outweighed by the positives.

so here’s this woman talking about all this stuff and it was honestly very interesting. i wish they had recorded the lecture, or that i had tried to talk to the woman more before the lecture. but i didnt because i felt like a nervous idiot who didn’t know how to talk to phd’s. besides she was a commie antiwhite feminist.

technically yes……..  but i guess i agree with the antiwhite marxists when it comes to class. i am very very pro-working-class. i just dont want a marxist revolution. maybe i want a nonmarxist workers revolution? maybe. one with a huge racial component hahaha. white workers. NSDAP hahahaha.

would REALLY like to meet an awesome inspiring person like this who is closer to muh views on Race. hehehehe.

listen if i were in the position of these educators and had black students who were honestly smart and honestly working hard, no way would i brush them off or try to keep them down. i would want to help them succeed.

if i were ever in a position to really truly literally DISCRIMINATE against someone based on race alone, i would hope i wouldn’t do it. i really wouldnt WANT to be in that position.

i just HATE how these altruistic, noble, good motives got wrapped up with horrible jooish marxism!!!!!!!

like all these admirable educators are also damn democrats who parrot the benefits of diversity to their dying day. can’t we just take that shit out? you can STILL HELP STUDENTS, regardless of race!

like the woman was talking about a student who was smart, but got bad grades. the student wanted to be a lawyer, but because they were a working class person with bad grades, their teachers were like, uhhh you might want to become a paralegal instead. because to be a successful lawyer you need to get on the right PATH: good grades. good schools. and this student was smart enough to be capable of that, but they are guided to be a paralegal instead of a lawyer. that discussion particularly interested me. as a smart person who ultimately got mediocre grades and never ascended to the Successful Track……..BUT PROBABLY COULD HAVE.

and this teacher is concerned with being a good teacher who helps those kinds of students get to that track. and i totally admire that.

i just wish they didnt have to be goddamn diversity loving, trump hating, SJW marxists!!!!!!!! who are scared and sad about the bigotry and hate of white trump voters!!!!!

why cant you be a white trump voter who loves the white working class but ALSO wants to see all students succeed and get on the right path? so that would be my niche hehehehe.

of course LAW is a risky choice anyway. dont become a lawyer OR a paralegal. is what i would tell the student. do a damn trade instead. and i think this woman teacher i was listening to was very open to that idea as well. appreciated the value of trades and trade education/educators. and i am thankful to be around educators who understand that. rather than humanities professors in the ivory tower with soft pink bitchhands hahahaha.

but yeah to be a successful lawyer you should aim for top tier…..or not try at all. its the best or nothing. i mean that’s just how it is with law. i wish it weren’t!

and yeah i wish college weren’t so expensive. i dont even know who to blame anymore.

but i think pushing trades education is always a good idea.

like how about get rid of high schools in black neighborhoods and have them do trades education starting at age fooking 14. get paid working experience starting at age 14, so that they can get a decent paying job at age 18. rather than have these shitty public high schools of teachers babysitting savage, uneducable “Students”. take those students at a young age, 14 at the latest, and get them into military or trade school, before they have time to become savages. that would be my recommendation as a huhwhyte nationalist educator who wants the best for students of ALL races.

lets just move this post into the BEST OF right now hahahaha.


i mean heres the thing. i might just AGREE WITH J MARXISTS on some aspects of Education and Socioeconomic Class.

and i dont want J Marxists to have a MONOPOLY on those ideas. I want VVN’s to be able to claim those ideas too.

heh. there was another educator there who has very good reviews from students and teaches a class in Religion. he is a huhwhyte goy who seems to be a Good Teacher. i didnt get to talk or listen to him at all. i mean i have fears that he is a diversity loving shitlib. now his specialty is RELIGION. handsome youngish guy who SHOULD have a wife and 3 young children. does he? i worry that he is a fedora atheist who teaches why religion is stupid and right wing. but why would he get a graduate degree in RELIGION?

but why wouldn’t he get a graduate degree in THEOLOGY or DIVINITY and become a PRIEST?

he seems like a smart guy who knows alot about religion, but would he be good to go to for actual SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE????

i should have asked him why didnt he become a PRIEST hahahaha. i think its because he’s really into ((((buddhism)))) hahahahaha.

no i dont think theres anything inherently wrong with that. ive known some great people who were heavily into buddhism. thinking of an old college friend who was a GREAT, classic, inspiring guy, and he got a grad degree in something buddhist related.

excuse me “professor” but why do you hate christians? are you varg vikernes or something hahahaha at least then we would agree that HOLY FOOK I LUV BEING HWYTE hahahaha.

they might not explicitly luv being hwyte, but if they have a whyte wife and hwyte children………then ITS ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!

and shit i really like the issues that ((((SOCIOLOGY))))) looks at, like race and culture and status and class and society and men and women…………..but i wish there were a hwyte-friendly version of sociology, because currently, its about THE WORST field there is. the absolutely fooking WORST. SAD.

i mean if there were a Hwyte Sociology, I would get a phd in THAT. but there isn’t. there wont be in my lifetime. and i dont have the charisma or awesomeness or influence to make one myself. lets be realistic here. i mean yeah i often underestimate myself, but not here.

its so frustrating. to have smart people talking about very interesting things…..but to take the worst possible perspective on it. except for a few points about wanting to help working class students, or working class people in general. THAT I agree with them on. NOTHING else. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

and theres ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could have a conversation with these masters and phd-level Educators and convince them that Hwytes are Awesome and plz drop this marxist white privilege bullshit. because I can’t argue, and I sure can’t argue against people who a large part of their jobs is arguing, in favor of shit I want to argue against. they would give me 6000000000 citations from other marxist phds why institutional racism is real and hwytes have a big debt they need to repay.  and i would give a few citations from RACIST, DISCREDITED sources like kmac and uh……cant say dr duke or dr pierce obviously. maybe could say rushton or bell curve or the DNA guy watson. but they already think these people are horrible racists!

uhhh well what about putnam. he was a shitlib who didnt like the conclusions he was reaching, that Too Much Diversity was Bad!

but i didnt even read the book!

supposedly kmac became gradually more redpilled as he did his research and wrote his books. he didn’t want to become a racist but by the third book (CofC), he had arrived, like it or not.

maybe just give copies of CoC to these people hahahaha. let them read it and say, this is hwyte supremacist bullshit thats no better than david duke hahahaha.

and i havent even read all of CoC myself!!!!!!!! its too try and dense hahahahaha.

and doing a phd in ANYTHING requires reading TONS of dry and dense stuff.

this will ALWAYS be inherent to ANY phd. its not going away. so yeah i am leaning away from the phd like i always was.

i mean i always wished i were better at arguing. ive never liked it because ive never been good at it. and certainly my lack of confidence doesnt help. you HAVE to be CONFIDENT to be a good arguer.

and to be a right wing ACADEMIC, you have to be confident and bold as fook. just couldnt do it. so i hate that The University has become so goddamn left wing. i dont need to tell you who to blame for that.

otherwise it might have been a good career path for a smart young man hahahaha.

and i’ve always been interested in this stuff more than any STEM or science, unfortunately. that would have made things a hell of a lot easier too.

so, what should a super right wing person DO for a career?

become a huge capitalist businessman like trump obviously hahahaha.

but i didnt really luv business classes. but if i had gotten a business bachelors degree, prob could have gotten an Entry Level Business Job hahahahahaha. but i would prob hate it because i dont like the way businesses are run. in very jooish, dishonest ways. fuzzy exterior at best, and rotten to the core. exploitin the workin class hahahahahaha. cutting corners and treating human beings as objects to make money.

and NOW i’m talking like a FAR LEFTIST!!!!!!!!!

but i swear. I’m really a far rightist but with strong pro-working class views. so i guess i should go cup matt heimbach’s balls HAHAHAHAHAHA.

no i like, respect, and admire heimbach and should read his stuff more. we need more men like that in the university.

or anglin or weev. or even k1ke enoch hahahaha.

but i also would like to have some role models who are Crazy Hwyte Supremists, but just total damn normies.

this is where that first guy comes in. he teaches in a field that is pretty Apolitical. and he would probably be the most open to listening to Right Wing stuff than the other Decent People I work with.

HOWEVER, I do want to take advantage of the fact that I work with decent people, with great careers, who are Kinda Leftist, but not Ragist Marxists like a Sociology PHD or something, thank GOD, and jsut have normal conversations with them, build Real Relationships with them, so I can Use Them as references and help muh own career, hahahaha. i mean i would buy them dinner in return, and give them good work. but it just involves me being charismatic on a daily basis.

and im not charismatic. i just try to be nice and friendly and smile and ask smart questions and show i’m smart and have initiative. but today i had a chance to make Good Witty Small Talk and I blew it and there was an awkward silence. I could have asked the guy about ANYTHING. movies, his family, his masters degree. but I choked. I mean later in the day I interacted with him and was friendly and smiled and made Good Eye Contact and said Have A Good Weekend so I think I did OK there.

but I want to do BETTER than OK!!!! I have a lot of lost time to make up for! I’m in a hole and have to dig my way out! OK isnt good enough!!!!!

OH YEAH. another reason this is a topkek post: had a dream last night with THAT WOMAN. She looked a little slutty and was acting a little slutty. which was rough because she never looked or acted slutty around me, and i LIKED THAT A LOT.  I wonder if she DID look slutty around me, if that would have made it EASIER in the long run, to shatter my pedestal fiction image of her. probably!

and maybe she DID act and dress slutty around other guys, guys she wanted to FOOK.  black guys hahahahahahaha.

anyway in the dream she was dating a hwyte guy, who was tougher and more badass than me. dressing and acting kinda secsy towards him. I was all butthurt and remember yelling at her: “N1993R FOOKER! you dirty degenerate N199ER LOVER!!! you god damn fooking wh0re!!!!” which really did not look good for me. at that point I look like the butthurt bad guy.

then she responded with hostility, not suprisingly. said no you’re wrong, see i’m not even WITH a black guy, i just needed a real man, not a little bitch like you. and i was acting like a little bitch.

and in real life, i was never that hostile or hateful towards her. i would never say that to her. i was a little angry and hostile, but i was more sad and disappointed and crushed. i still dont think she was a degenerate wh0re. i think she’s a good person who was in a tough situation and took the easy way out. we’ve all done it. i was a little disgusted at some things she was alleged to have done, but not to the extent i was in the dream!

i still view it more with sadness and disappointment, rather than hateful hositility.

not that i had NO anger towards her.

then later in the dream she started attacking me and “my team” of men with a sharp meat cleaver. turning into a horror movie villian who wanted to chop us up. And I brought it all upon myself by being a mean butthurt bitch to her. which then somehow justified her attacking me with a meat cleaver.

so i was humiliated that i lost control and appeared so weak and butthurt in front of her.

and in real life yeah this did sorta happen. i HATED appearing weak and needy and clingy to her. making her push me away. i pushed her away by needing her so much.

but i never said anything like n1993r lover hahahaha. i just said pleeeeaassseeee hang out with me i miss being frinedsssssss with you and she said stop it stop it stop it! leave me alone!

not my finest hour and yeah i am ashamed of being so weak.

so the dream brought alot of that back up. and showed her being Secsy, towards a tougher manlier man. another hwyte man. so i couldnt even bring Race into it hehehehe.

it was a pretty disturbing unpleasant dream! but thankfully it didnt ruin my day, I was over it about 2 hours later, and ultimately had a Pretty Good Day because of seeing That Awesome Guy. totally outweighed the cons of me being Awkward with the coworker and awkward with the other Professional Woman. i wasnt even awkward with her, i just focused on my task. and let other people chit chat with her.

but my job is so low stress, its NORMAL for people to chit chat! i TOTALLY could have left my “work” for 2 minutes to chit chat with her about Her Interests, some of which where 180 to my own, but others which were……360 hahahaha. right dead on.

but she’s a mature educator, i don’t think she is constantly judging people as WEIRD and AWKWARD. she wants the best for her students for gods sakes. she has probably learned NOT to be judgmental to people for being awkward.

i mean MOST people, they WONT judge you for being awkward, they wont even NOTICE IT, BECAUSE ITS ALL IN YOUR FOOKING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to make a pretty good day even better, theres this. oh GOD BLESS YOU LAD.

though i would have liked if he called them k1k3s rather than dinosaurs hahahaha.

see i wish mike had just been more like woes. at this point, i have more respect and faith and confidence in MW. I feel he is more honest, has more integrity. take the gay scandal. woes didnt blow it off and not talk about it. he made it perfectly clear that he did not support the gay agenda, that gayness was generally degenerate, and that he was glad to put his degen past in the past. he handled that VERY WELL so the people still bashing MW about it do indeed look like autistic shills. i wish mike had approached the JWife situation with similar openness.

i still technically support mike. he has done more good than i will EVER do. i’m just disappointed at how he handled this, which has lessened my faith in him a little. 10 to 20%. there was no such lessening of faith with MW.

heh i found george feels making a comment on another guys video where he HEAVILY suggests that he is JWise and that he listened to Dr Pierce in the god damn 1990s. WOW. i wish george would talk about this in his own videos. i think he will! i hope he does!!!! im being deliberately vague here because i dont want to push him before he’s ready. but i think he will be ready soon. i hope he keeps going down this road, it could help him, it helped me with similar problems. didnt fix them entirely, but it HELPED.

being part of something larger, and very very meaningful, and this holy thing is under attack. 1433 brothers hehehehe.

i listened to dr pierce in 2012 and it was pretty influential to me at that time. he had some GREAT content but his Activism was still VVN 1.0.  also i hear he wasnt the greatest father. SAD. but he could still redpill you on the JQ.

if anything it makes me want to talk to george more. i’ve messaged him briefly and gently encouraged him to look into this stuff…..and apparently he’s already pretty far in. GOOD! GREAT!!!

hopefully by the time this comes out in sept 2017 he will be moar forward about it.

wodensthrone curse – really good. think the second half is maybe stronger than the first! and thats always good. i was getting hair raising chills for like the last 10 minutes STRAIGHT. WELL DONE. i didnt think music could do that any more. that i couldnt get any joy or awe out of music. WODENSTHRONE.

good for george. good man. this increases my confidence in george. i was worried he was just gonna do the same thing for 5 years hahahaha. IMHO he needs to run with the racial stuff, but i wont push him to talk about it before he’s ready. i mean he is putting his actual FACE out there. and its more harmful to be doxxed for VVN than to be doxxed for neet loserness.

i am tempted to email him about this hahahaha but he might think i am a stalker. maybe i will email him in a couple months about it.

friday night, tom off, normally i would have been in bed 2 hours ago, now i am rocking out to WODENSTHRONE and really WRITING like an absolute madman. finally got some people at the card table to will do a little of that.

REALLY wish i had some MJ, AS DEGEN AS IT TRULY IS. that will be my damn VICE.  but on a night like this, i would stay up late, smokin MJ till 2 am hahahaha then crash to sleep a long solid unbroken dreamless refreshing sleep.

well the awesome guy accepted my linkedin invite same day and sent me a message asking for my email, i emailed him back with the info and Cupped The Cajones a little more, hahaha. unfortunately the sent email was formatted all weird so now he prob thinks i am an unemployable weirdo who needs more help than an Educator can provide, hahahahaha.

no i’ll buy him lunch if he wants, shit hes such a nice guy he would probably buy me lunch with his huge paycheck hahaha. i gently suggested to him he should write a book or do a youtube channel. shit maybe hes already written a book. probably a sizable minority of people we get have written books.

also today was inauguration day. did i mention that hahaha. trvmpenfuhrer is now no longer president elect, but full blown president. not bad. now watch him cuck for ZOG hahahahaha. but let us bitter fearful bigoted working class ammosexual trumpanzee hwytes have our brief moment of happiness hehehe.

i mean educated people treat you like youre IGNORANT if you say you dont believe nonwhites are OPPRESSED. period. oh you cant be SERIOUS. how can you not SEE the institutionalised racism! a person today was talking about “cultural capital” and yeah these sociology concepts are potentially useful, but they just take it to the wrongest conclusion.

i mean shit, maybe nonwhites ARE oppressed. but you wanna play that shitty game, you know who else is oppressed? HWYTES!!!! hahahaha. oppressed by J plutocrats and media masters and Globalist Banksters.

maybe my holy mission is to organize all goyim against the eternal international J hahaha. goyim here meaning whites and blacks and browns.

maybe i will get banned for even using the word g0yim hehehe. stupid g0yim. the G0YIM KNOW, SHUT IT DOWN!

what if i lived in the UK where they have no freedom of speech? dont tons of UK people use wordpress????

listen man i’m not inciting anything and i don’t HATE anybody. this is not a rabid hate channel hahahahaha. and these scumbags still went after MW. so glad he came back with his new video saying FOAD you scum.



jan 16 2017

monday. dr rev mlk jr phd md pbuh edS SciD PC llc day. he was a joo-funded communist who beat and cheat on his wife with hookers. white hookers! he hated hwytes more than the average alt right 1433er like me “hates” nonwhites, and cheated and plagiarized his way to his fraudulent phd. and you know damn well who was behind it all! it’s like im making this stuff up, to be a neonotzee wet dream, but i’m not. that’s just the reality of it!


the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will come to know deep inner peace hehehehehe.

dark net markets. they are interesting as FOOK. i am amazed that there is so much on REDDIT about these “DNMs”. go on the clearnet reddit and yep we have a sale this week on oxycontin, big sale this week on Kind Budz and Fentanyl and Heron and C0c41ne.

so those could be LE people looking for people to nab.

so you look for the people with high good feedback ratings. it’s not like LE is running the markets or cooperating with the markets!

besides its prob a much more low hanging fruit and more beneficial to try to arrest actual drug dealers in your own communities. basically, blaq thugs selling heron and hard drugs and huge quantities. than to, at great expense, try to entrap small time nonviolent customers. probably costs a LOT of money.

so what am i really saying here. i cant even be thinking this hehehe. no im not gonna do anything stupid. but is it REALLY THAT stupid? a lot of people do a lot of really stupid things. like women being stupid sluts having secs with men they dont even know. hehehe. yeah well all that is perfectly legal.

i dont like it when women I treat as special, go ahead and act like stupid sluts, and do stupid slutty things, reveal them to be not so special, it really degrades them in my eyes and causes a ton of grief. i thought they were special! how could you do this? how could you BE LIKE THAT? i wanted to spend years cuddling with you and luving you and you wont even talk to me and let random scumbags fook you when to touch your body would have been a Transformative Religious Experience for me, maybe even Miraculously Fixed me from a Loser to a Winner. cant even talk to me and you give your bod and your time and your luv to Many Scumbags for Free.  THATS what hurts!

1:30 pm. took benedryl to prepare for early bedtime tonight.

totally rocking twin peaks sountrack. very chill, catchy, dark, and  beautiful.

worth poasting two posts in a row.  badalamenti is all good. also see mulholland drive soundtrack. excellent. glad that italian is still alive hahaha.

Mike Enoch doxed? who said his wife was a J? is TRS over with? wtf is fooking going on??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

forum is down. radio site is up, regular TRS site is up, enoch twitter is up.

check the comments here, got some doxing antifas arguing in their

oy vey. yep i guess enoch was doxed, his wife is a J, she works in a marxist J’ish career as a diversity officer, identifies as a J’ish leftist. Mike has a possibly J’ish russian name, not sure if he’s actually a J. Lies that Ghoul was a traitor and gave up some dox, but he didn’t, he was just spreading disinformation, yeah i don’t think ghoul is a traitor. shit i dont even think mike is a traitor, its just sad. i mean mike has gone on the record so many times and said such good stuff, even if he IS a J. I can’t imagine how he COULD be a J and say that stuff. his WIFE being a marxist J does however make total sense. like maybe he just cant ignore this bullshit any more because he sees it every day with his wife. and this is his outlet. (pure speculation here. just wondering what i would do as an increasing JQ VVN if my wife was a J marxist. I would be very conflicted hahahahahaha.) as I’m sure mike is. probably a divorce would be for the best. I guess he stepped down from TRS? WTF IS GOING ON!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

antifa shit site its going down, who also posted dox of ghoul and seventh son

mother fooking SALON article published TODAY

like counter countersignal says thanks ghoul for the tips on doxing enoch, i dont really think ghoul did that, they are just tyring to alienate ghoul from his friends and make him look like a traitor to them

GOD FOOKING DAMN. this is ugly, this is horrible, this is very possibly the end of TRS. Mike is very possibly gonna lose his very well paying job.

does he actually LIVE in manhattan? he works there.

I HOPE he can find another tech job, he probably can, prob wont be as well paying. i hope his “liberal new jersey family” doesnt disown him. i kinda hope his J wife divorces him, because IMHO he needs a fresh start from that. he can’t remain married to that. it’s bad for him hahahahaha.

the surname. some say it is a J bastardization of an orignally croatian name. some VVN’s think it was a fbi mossad shill operation all along, that J Mike was scamming us all.

i dont think so, i think he is perfectly sincere in his beliefs. he was an “AnCap” or “Libertarian” as recently as 2010 and prob was married by that time. ie, was not JQ pilled.

modest cashflow. come on. yeah im sure TRS got decent money, but mike didnt need that money personally. he was making shitloads of money. i trust he was putting that money back towards TRS.

I still support Mike, in other words. even if he comes out and admits, yes I am myself a J, I will say……well thank you for the great content, but yeah you know now you really have to leave.

anglins statment

anyway i guess there was a TRS page from 2013 that had mikes normie normal email address in the source code.

some think weev should have noticed this as he was doing work for the site. i can’t say that’s a reasonable assumption. besides they had to go to cuz the page is not up any more.

so yeah i think mike is/was sincere, you could hear it in his voice, and he was no doubt very conflicted being married to the enemy like that. and maybe she was even an ok wife. which would make it harder for him to leave her. shit before I was JPilled I got feelings for a J gurl. what if i had MARRIED her? this is exactly what happened to mike.

so in short, i support mike, i don’t believe he is a TRAITOR, and I hope he is able to keep his job or find gainful new employment.

sheeeeeit this is BAD.

so now all the TRS people are refugeeing over to daily stormer. this will make daily stormer stronger which is good. but its just sad and disappointing. it does raise big questions about his trustworthiness. i mean his wife obviously KNEW what he was doing. apparently she came on a daily shoah in 2015 to do a alt right parody poem. so she gets to be the “honorary hwyte” because she essentially agrees with mike about the JQ?

maybe he felt hubris and didnt think he would ever be found out. maybe he was scared to come clean and admit the J wife thing early on, which probably is what he should have done. but he didnt plan to be become so BIG.

but having an Actively J Marxist Wife IS compromising as fook, even if she “LETS” him do sincerely pro-hwyte work!!! but maybe they both agreed to avoid and ignore the elephant in the room re their marriage? yeah probably.

but yeah he should have come out with this earlier. and honestly i dont think he can come back. i think he’s a good goy but he needs to get his personal life sorted out. there are problems there he is blatantly ignoring and he should not do that.

but yeah im not gonna crap on him and say he’s a traitor. but it is a pretty big lie of omission. SO MANY FEELS! I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I FEEL! i will DEF have to sleep on this one, and he DEF needs to take a big break, maybe divorce his wife. at least they didnt have any children. find a nice white woman who isnt a municipal diversity commissar. you can do that mike, you make 200 grand a year hahahaha.

but he married her before he was JPilled. Like I say, I fell in luv with J gurls before I was JPilled too!!!! but I was like 20 and he was more like 30 at that time.

he is in a tight spot for sure. it could have happened to any of us. so i am very sympathetic to him. but it’s also hard, prob impossible, to be a huge alt right leader, like he is, and have this business going on. again i see it less as willful deception, as more like him being afraid to confront an uncomfortable truth. and i think he still would have PLENTY of valuable things to say about Being an alt right, JQ pilled man, trying to navigate the living contradiction of Sharing His Life with a Leftist J.

I bet being married to her actually HELPED him get JQ. shit she probably AGREES with a lot of the stuff! like yes I agree this is what J’s are doing.

but its such a unique situation. if you are a gay, then yeah it’s ok and right to keep that in the Closet. This, i don’t think you CAN or SHOULD keep it in the closet. it would prob be BETTER if he were gay! because who you marry DOES matter. and if its a sham marriage, then just end it.

but if he wants to be a public voice again, and I think he SHOULD, because he’s said and done so many good important valuable things, he also needs to be BRUTALLY, unflinchingly honest about this, and openly answer EVERY question.

there was a similar situation with this guy tanstaafl who had a J wife. but he is not nearly as influential as enoch, and he came forward about his J wife long ago.

david duke show for jan 16, mentions the enoch dox, starts at like 18 or 19 minutes. 19:10. real meat at 26:40. ummm hmmm not really. speaks in general about strategy. 31:45 here we go.


the idea that she is “only” 25% J. still wanna see some 23 and me here hahahaha.

mike enoch has done GREAT work. full stop. you cant undo that. he didnt do any of that in bad faith. he was sincere. this work is STILL great. you should STILL listen to it. it’s just SAD and disappointing what is happening in his life. but he HAS to address this. you can’t sweep this under the rug. just do like tanstaafl did, be open and honest for it. admit you fooked up and ask for forgiveness. and in mike’s statement, he kinda sorta did this. like i wont blame you if you hate me, if this makes you leave TRS. there’s nothing I can say that can explain this. It’s all true. I hope this movement and our race continues after this scandal.

so i want him to say more. but i think he’s still in shock too. lets give him some time. shit i need some time hahahaha. but im not mad at mike at all. i would love to have him back. but he HAS to DEAL with the J wife. it IS our business. it ISNT something that can be kept in the closet. he could maybe still stay married to her. just make an announcement every few months, by the way, i’m married to a J, and we dont plan on having any kids.

but he really SHOULD get a hwyte hwyfe and have hwyte kids!

this is what happens when you get married BEFORE your political and racial awakening hahahahahaha.

his allegedy employer saying as of jan 14 that he is not an employee of our company. not he was ever an employee or not, or he was fired, or anything that clarifies anything.

also we dont know for sure what his 25% J wife does for a career. most i could find is some dumb music blog from 2008 hahahaha. what is this trannie diversity civil rights career?

supposedly she posted something about some drag queens at a jooish drag show saying “as a J, I approve of this.”

because some 25% J’s honestly do identify as full J’s so they can get all the J cred, muh shoah, all that. hip and cool to be part of an oppressed class.

but its possible she became redpilled along with mike.

so i can’t really judge. i have sympathy for him, i will give them all the benefit of the doubt, but i would like him to come back, and in order to do that, he’s got a LOT of explaining to do.

a decent number of people came to alt right or VVN from Libertarian or AnCap stuff, Mike included. nothing wrong with that.

i wish i had been a lame libertarian rather than an even lamer leftist back in the day!

looking forward to what sven is going to say tomorrow. he tweeted that he would make an announcement prob on the 17th.

cuz there is the idea of, who else knew and was covering for him? and if she is “only” 25%, i could see them going, welllllllll, let’s just keep it a secret and hope nobody finds out. just make sure you dont get doxed.

so yeah, even if a bunch of Higher Ups knew, i dont think that destroys their credibility either.

her coming out and saying something might not hurt either. like i am 25% J, not a drop more, and I agree with muh husband’s JQ views. He is right about this JQ thing and dont you J’s try to deny it. i am now non punitively divorcing him so he can marry a 100% hwyte gurl. when i married him even I didnt realize what this all meant. neither did he.

that would be a good statement of good faith hahahaha. cuz i believe she probably is “one of the Good J’s.”

jan 17

2000 disqus comments on mike enoch hehehe

listened to the sorta shoah with sven. still not sure how i feel, MAYBE he should have been more apologetic about concealing mike’s secret. but my questions are, and mike should answer them, is 1. how J is the wife? 25% isnt HORRIBLE 2. what does she really DO for a living? diversity officer? looks like she is chief marketing officer for “JIMPACT” which is just basically a team building workforce training firm that puts on workshops on how to give better service and shit, and in there they talk about the benefits of diversity in the workplace, but it doesnt sound like serious shit where she is bringing section 8 housing into hwyte neighborhoods or anything.  3. how red pilled is the wife?

and also it sounds like they are separating and his marriage is now over. his family has disowned him. he has lost his job. i think he’s done MORE than enough penance. I would be happy to have him back. he didnt deserve any of that. at best, he should have mentioned something earlier, but he just felt pretty normal human cowardice in confronting an uncomfortable situation. im pretty much over this and dont see it as the end of the world. except for the very real consequences its had on mikes life. that sucks. and also yes i do think its for the best that they stop being married.

life is complicated and we are all cowardly in some way and there are some good joos and i am fully prepared to forgive mike, i prob would have done the same thing in his situation. im not saying its right, im saying its forgiveable. its a lot better than throwing people away like a piece of garbage or a woman being a slut hahahaha. might as well ban people because their GF’s are “former” sluts hahahahaha.

no its a little worse than that because of the JQ, and that is a very important Q haha. but he’s lost his job, he’s lost his wife, he’s lost his family, its like Job. none of that needed to happen. he coulda just said, heres the thing, i’m actually married to a joo, and im pretty conflicted about it, and things prob would have turned out all right.

well he mighta been doxxed anyway because that is what antifa do.

which itself doesnt make sense, because once someone is doxed, then they have nothing to lose and can devote themselves openly to fighting you.

i dunno. i just want mike to bounce back because i believe he is a good guy, and he has done a lot of great work, and i want him to continue doing this great work.

so that makes me a race traitor who is soft on principles. and a strong woman like sinead would be disgusted by my softness and weakness. hey nothing new there, women have been rejecting me for being weak all of my life hahaha.

but heres the thing. who’s done more good for the movement, mike or sinead. whos less of a crazy unstable nutcase.

so yeah. i stand with mike hahahahaha.

yes principles are important. yes we have to be willing to punish people who do wrong. but really. this seems almost like a minor thing compared to the ways that regular people regularly hurt each other. white women throwing white men away like garbage and giving away their uterus easily to thugs and nonwhites and having no respect for human life or the process which creates it. people cheating and hurting each other. people abusing people. abusing children. cheating. child p0rn0graphers. people throwing each other under the bus. mike hasnt done anything of this magnitude. its not like he was caught with child pr0n or something like that. or even having gay secs.

it would be different if he had mixed children with her. it would be different if she were 100% J. it would be different if he didn’t believe in VVN. it would be different if he were abusing someone. this doesnt seem any worse than david duke being a degenerate gambler and being a bastard to his wives. its nowhere near as bad as hal turner being an actual fedgov informer. come on.

and mike kinda does deserve special treatment because he’s Added Special Value. That’s worth something.

so yeah i am leaning heavily towards being fully forgiving of mike. i don’t personally feel betrayed. i am greatly looking forward to hearing what he has to say, which sven says will be released tomorrow.

he’s lost his damn FAMILY. the people who should be supporting him thru this tough time. to be disowned by your own mother and father. i hope its not that bad! and that at worst, they are only a little upset about him not being a shitlib like them. but i hope they still luv and support their SON.

to lose your family, super high-paying high-status job, and wife in one big public shaming scandal. it’s EASILY enough to cause a man to K himself!

heh we should be much more concerned with the degeneracy and sin and treachery WOMEN commit every day! cheating, lying, hurting, abusing!

well yeah i agree that women only get as bad as they are because MEN LET THEM get that bad. weak men cause terribly-behaved women.

but i dont believe we need to fully fix men 100% before we can start fixing women and holding them more accountable! we can fix BOTH at the same time!

anyway. i dont participate in the bickering on the forums. i know enoch is not muh buddy or muh pal but I have listened to his ridiculous voice for many hours. couldnt help wonder who this guy IS. i guess he told real life people he trusted. there’s the argument that we dont OWN him and we arent ENTITLED to anything he doesnt want to share with us. ie, the fans.

and I find it hard to cast him out because i once had fee fees for a 100% Hebress. but i didnt marry her. but i would have willingly Dated her. if she didnt dump me after 6 dates and 2 bangs hahahaha.

he didnt molest a child, he didnt throw an innocent person under the bus, he didnt do a standard fook party, he didnt sell anyone out, he didnt lie about his beliefs, he was just SCARED to confront what his evolving beliefs were leading him to regarding his personal life, and possibly leaving someone he had committed to.

yeah it IS a dramatic soap opera of a story. would make a great movie or book hahahaha. and because he’s not doing something outright EVIL, it makes it all the more challenging.

i mean, race mixing really isnt as bad as murder or molesting children or cheating. but youre figuratively murdering your bloodline right?

and I am BRUTAL towards white women mudsharks. how could they DO something so DISGUSTING? where’s that same contempt and disgust towards Mike?

well because I think it IS more disgusting, the WF/BM, than a WM/JF. and WM/AF is more disgusting than WM/JF.

its probably due to how the ashkenazis are pretty “white seeming” nonwhites. I mean they LOOK pretty whyte, ffs. they look a lot whyter than an azn or a blaq. and when they look a little off, we have been schooled to say, OH THEYRE JUST RUSSIAN. THEYRE JUST EASTERN EUROPEAN. THEYRE JUST SLAVIC JOOS hahahahahaha. i mean think about how ridiculous that sounds. but thats how I used to think, and how many normies continue to think! you see joos as a religion and not really as a separate race!

and also the more aware you become of your own hwyteness, the less you want to mix that with others. shit when i was a 23 year old shitlib, i had nothing against race mixing, i said shit if i meet a nice brown gurl, i’d have no problem with that, some of them are very attractive.

and 20 year old women of ANY race are gonna be at their most attractive.

yes it DOES matter WHEN mike was redpilled!

a lot of the daily stormer people are quick to call him a traitor, put him in the oven. daily stormer is taking TRS “refugees” right now. will prob make DS stronger and thats a good thing. but i think some of them just never really heard of enoch until now.

so basically i am a too nice forgiving softie that is too willing to give people the benefit of the doubt hahaha.

anyway i just believe mike is a good guy who married a woman before he was redpilled on race, and that the horrendous fallout of this doxxing has been MORE than enough punishment for him, and he deserves forgiveness and acceptance by VVN’s. but i know plenty of people will forever view him as a traitor. such a ridiculous situation. damn.