may 19 2013

anyway this new blog really IS a good idea, the most useful feel related thing I’ve done in a while. It helps to write With A Purpose, Prompted, For A Reason, rather than Pure Venting All The Time. And when I write with the tone of Me Helping You, Advising You, it Helps me.

So give that a try. Start your OWN blog of you Helping Others.

On 4chan they only tell you two things: KILL YOURSELF or GO TO THERAPY. This is because they are internet tuff guys. They wouldn’t tell their Real Life Friends and Loved Ones this! If they had any!

So that is the tone I will take with you. Gentle, Kind, yet Firm push in the right direction.

Because Killing Yourself is weak and cowardly and terrible to those you leave behind; and going to therapy is not a cure-all; just like taking boatloads of Plutocrat Pills is not a cure-all. (though Therapy is probably better because it’s not Physically, Permanently Destroying Your Brain!)

I would say give therapy a TRY if you can get something convenient, close, and cheap. Sometimes you can go to a “Family Services” center and talk to a Clinical Social Worker or Clinical Counselor (Masters Not PhD or MD) for reasonable sliding-scale rates. closer to 30 bucks an hour rather than 100 bucks an hour. Having a Real Person you can Whine and Complain and Vent to for one hour every 2 weeks might be helpful. Call around, or have Your Mom call around if you’re too scared, hahahahaha.

Maybe try to find someone in line with your own personal values, worldview. For example, I might ask if they have a MAN who is fairly MASCULINE, or conservative/traditional, who is more Jungian than Freudian, who is big on Holistic and CBT rather than Pharmz.

Getting 8 hours OR MORE of SLEEP is VERY IMPORTANT. Every night. Monday Thru Sunday Thru Monday again. Now there’s this Sleep Hacking stuff, and the Ubersleep, where you take 6 20 minute naps over a 24 hour period, where your sleep matches up exactly with your REM cycle. This is super advanced and I would not recommend it right now. Save it for a few years from now when you have a good job and a good waifu and are in good shape.

. go take a break,










Some “Depressed” Lazy Loser Weakling Loser Omega Virgin Failures tend to sleep too little, others too much. you prob know which category you fall into. I personally was a Too MUCH type. Especially after quitting alcohol/drugs, Sleep became my new Escape Drug. I would make a great Heroin Addict. Don’t want to face life? Just sleep, sleep, sleep. It’s like being dead.

As soon as i would get a chance, I would lay down to take a nap. Napping became my favorite thing to do. Getting ready for my underjob at 5 am I would be very angry and couldn’t wait until X o clock when I was done and could come home and take a NAP.

Then I would drink a TON of coffee to force myself awake. That prob didn’t help.

So now I am cutting back on my coffee, quite successfully. The amount of coffee I was formerly drinking was not going to help my sleep schedule anyway.

But don’t stay out late, don’t drink. Try to get 8 hours. I like to tack on an extra hour for laying in bed Trying To Get To Sleep, because you can’t fall asleep immediately upon laying down. so, 9 hours. Say you have to get up at 5 am. That means you should get into bed, lights out, at EIGHT PM the previous night. Yep that sounds early because it is. DO IT ANYWAY.

Get thick curtains to darken your room if it’s summer and the sun is still out. Heh. During the winter when it gets dark at 4 pm you will just want to go to bed at 4 pm and sleep 13 hours a day.

Get all of your coffee drinking done early in the day. The half life of caffeine is like 6 hours, which means it takes forever to get out of your system. If you get up at 5 am and start drinking coffee which is understandable because THAT’S EARLY SON, try to be done drinking coffee for the day by…..9 am. DEFINITELY by noon. No lunch coffee, def no dinner coffee.

If you don’t feeeeeeel like exercising, and you rarely will, be thankful for the times that you DO, then just look at your Big Fat Gut and Awful Stretch Marks in the Mirror, grab it and jiggle it around a little, and say, just go out for a goddam WALK. WHY do you have this gut? because your diet is not good and because you don’t exercise enough.

But even at your weakest, you have the power, one day at a time, to choose not to eat or do unhealthy things. You can choose to do and eat healthy things one day at a time. Throw that piece of bread away. Eat only half of your fried chicken, hahahaha. Go for a 15 minute walk. Do 5 pushups. Babby Steps.

Also, THROW OUT ALL SODA POP. High Fructose Evil.

I am also very against DIET SODA POP. I am convinced the aspartame either causes CANCER (maybe not, but good enough reason to quit it!), or, that more likely, it fools your body into Wanting Sugar. I don’t like fooling my body, I like to think my body has been programmed to know what’s best for it.

So I quit Diet Soda and Switched to Regular Soda. Would buy 2 liters of My Fave Soda, Mountain Dew Code Red or Blue, and drink maybe the equivalent of one 12 oz can per day. That’s prob not too bad. Huge Soda Addicts will drink a liter or 2 per DAY. THAT’s bad.

Then I stopped buying it. Now I will drink a couple of sodas a week at the restaurant or bar, and that is good enough.

When you drink Regular Soda, you will want to drink LESS of it on the whole. So that 2 sodas a week is more than enough. And 2 sodas a week is not gonna make you fat and unhealthy!


Don’t put SUGAR in your coffee, or cream. If you MUST put something in your coffee, put a little bit of Organic, Grass-Fed BUTTER in it. This is called “Bulletproof Coffee” and I have had great times experimenting with it. This does not mean put a whole stick of butter in with your morning coffee if you are also eating 10 pieces of buttered toast for breakfast. Remember what we said about BREAD. It’s prob about as bad as ENERGY DRINKS.

Next post I will talk more about SQUAT POOPING.


may 18 2013

heh gonna do one more today. Intro Series.

I will also talk about Luv, Infatuation, whatever you want to call it. I think they’re basically the same thing, and when people say “It’s just infatuation, it’s not true love.” then why does it crush your soul for like two years at least per person?

And I will be talking alot about Careeeeeeeers and Money and How To Make A Living.

So that’s about it. Let the repetition on these themes outlined in the past 5 posts commence.

Luv is when you want to monogamously be with a Special Someone, you put them on a pedestal, you want to marry them, you want to have babies with them, you don’t just want to have S with them, you want to have loving, tender, stare em in the eyes Bond Forging S with them and only them for the rest of your life, you want to Cuddle with them always, they are your Waifu, you are obsessed thinking about them every minute of the day, for years and years.

And you probably have very little experience of these things working out. at best you might “date” the girl for a few months and then she Dumps you, which you take VERY badly and take years and years to get over. At BEST.

More typical I think would be Friendzoning. I guess that would be the worst. I would MUCH prefer just to be rejected outright. Because friendzone is gay as f00k on both sides. The woman should know better, and the guy should know better.

I have been in Luv with 7, possibly 8 women in my life. The last one I was rejected outright and that was way better than Friendzone. I wasn’t gonna TAKE friendzone. I would have said, TAKE your friendzone and shove it up your 4ss. which is the proper response! I honestly don’t understand all this fuss about the Friendzone, when All Guys have the Power (even huge omegas!) to END the Friendzone with that one simple sentence! That does not take 200 credits of Hard Maths and 100000 hours of Unpaid Internship and Years of Grinding. That just takes one simple sentence anyone, even the world’s hugest omega virgin, can say. Never forget that.


Heh. I will talk about The Friendzone more, because it gets talked about a lot, but it’s SO EASY to fix.

It indicates that Many Wimmin are Too Rude, Narcissistic, and Horrible to realize how Bad it is; AND it indicates how faggy, omega, unmasculine, and Sissfied these “niceguys” are.

Women aren’t attracted to Douchebags BECAUSE they’re Douchebags; they’re attracted to Douchebags because they’re MASCULINE. You can be Masculine without being a Douchebag. I don’t see why anyone would WANT to be an annoying douchebag. But I can TOTES see why every man should want to be MASCULINE!

Just Being Masculine will fix a lot of your problems with Women.

I call annoying or awful women “Wimmin”. These are the kinds of women you should STAY AWAY FROM because they Poison Your Soul with their own Poisoned Soul. If you can Use them as “On-Demand Booty Call,” I guess go ahead, but even that has its risks, plus it’s not upholding a good World Morality. In your Ideal World women wouldn’t do that, would they.

I also prescribe NO CONTACT when you get rejected or dumped or Friendzoned (if you weren’t smart enough to use the Immediate One Sentence Fix It, if you got Friendzoned!). NO CONTACT. It’s the best and only way. DELETE EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, and have NO CONTACT, and maybe in about 9 months you can move on. Assuming you didn’t actually Date or God Forbid have Intimate Tender Moments with the girl. Then it would prob take longer!

But you do have time. Unless you’re dying of Cancer. Time that you can use to write a Blog or Book like This and Help Other Men who are having similar problems.

Heh. Time to work on your careeeeer. Sort of joking. Because skool is so horrible and evil that MAYBE you can finally graduate with an Electrical Engin degree at age 80 and then maybe hope for a minimum wage part time dishwashing job.

Some might say, time to work on your Game and Bang B1tches. See I am very concerned with DECADENCE, and that might give away my other blog, hahaha. It’s DECADENT and UNBECOMING of a man to go around Banging B1tches left and right like a PERVERTED SEX ADDICT. There are MORE IMPORTANT things in life. Plus just because Wimmin Like Being Treated As Meat, doesn’t mean YOU should like treating them as meat. Better to SHUN them at this point. But I will let you be Decadent Once A Month. And I’m sure many of you Kissless Virgins would be JUST FINE with that. I know I would!

I’m also generally against Pornography as a kind of Poison. Poisons the women in it, poisons the men who watch it, the more regularly they watch it. How often is too often? Once a day is DEF too often. Once a WEEK might be too often. Once a month is prob ok. But that sh1t is still HORRIBLE, that is NOT what Women Really Are. That Is The Worst Women Can Become….and you’re JERKING OFF to THAT??? Rots the soul. You can only help yourself by cutting back on the Porn.

I don’t care if the gurl you were in luv with sexts noods of herself taking it the 4ss from the whole lacrosse team. Then she’s a filthy f00king WHORE and you should have nothing to do with that kind of Human Garbage. RISE ABOVE.

Heh. As for me, I got better and better at picking women who were Not Whores to fall in luv with. Unfortunately, that didn’t make the luv any more successful. But I do think by Number 9, I will have learned my lesson. But for the first time in many, many, many years, I don’t have ANYBODY I’m Currently In Luv with. A Fresh and probably Positive Feeeeeeling, compared to being In Luv with somebody, and that SUCKING for whatever reason. Better to have NO ONE in that position. So I’m thankful for that.

So yeah. Just invite the girl to dinner at a halfway decent place, look her in the eye, BE MASCULINE, pay for her meal, make charming jokes, look her in the eye, BE MASCULINE, touch her arm a few times, and even if she’s st00pid as f00k she’ll get the hint that you like her.

But even with niceguy faggots who can’t even do Babby’s First Game like above, it’s AMAZING these gurls are so stupid they can’t understand that this Beta Orbiter who’s always around them doesn’t LIKE them, but is too omega to know how to show it, too feminized by the stupid culture and his broken family. “HUUURRRRR DURRRRRR Of course I friendzoned him, I didn’t KNOW that he LIKED me, he never SHOWED that he liked me, he just orbited around me for 900000 hours a day and was My Crying Shoulder.”

THEY KNOW. They HAVE to know. They just have THAT much of a knee-jerk reaction against beta, feminised, niceguy, UNMASCULINE men, that they will never be honest and say “Yeah, I KNOW you Liked me, even though you were too unmasculine to know how to show it.”

So it would be Great if they were more honest, but it’d also be great if You, and me, hahahahaha, were more MASCULINE.


heh may 18 2023

So after I drove away all women and nonwhites and white men who find Muh Racism APPALLING, heh, ok, now I can speak to the Real Hateful Neckbeards that Hate Everyone and Everything.

Continuing my Intro Posts. I break these up into about 1000 words because nobody wants to read more than 1000 words. moderateness.

I don’t like the WORD “depression” because it’s weak and gay and incomplete and confusing and misleading and ununderstandable, but it would be a reasonable search term to bring somebody here. Can’t suggest a better word though: morally lazy loser is one I like to use; soul cancer; soul death; soul crushing; despair is a great one. was reading about the sin of sloth ie LAZINESS and how it can lead to despair.

I am VERY interested in the idea of Laziness, and sometimes how it gets mixed up with what People (not me!) call “depression.” and virgins arguing “No I’m not lazy I’m DEPRESSED! No, he’s not depressed, he’s just LAZY!”

It’s hard to tell. Real hard to tell. I think rather than draw a line between them, we should acknowledge that yeah maybe there IS some laziness in there. But it’s so politically incorrect to talk about laziness.

The one book I found, “The Myth of Laziness” by Mel Levine, started out breddy good until I learned Levine was horrendously disgraced by allegations of molesting boys over like 30 years and then he killed himself. Innocent or not, I already convicted him in my mind.

So I have taken up the burden of writing about laziness. And I agree with Levine: NOBODY WANTS to be LAZY. Being Lazy does not Feeeeeel good.  The Problem of laziness is more complex & nuanced than Normalfags think. And I agree that we should not Morally Judge The Morally Lazy, hahaha.

So How To Fix Laziness would be another main goal of this blog.

Basically you sit around not wanting to DO anything, because nothing is worth it. It’s not worth it to do anything because everything you’ve tried before has failed. You feel you don’t have enough WORK left in you to work as goddam hard as it’s gonna take to succeed. Because you tried before and failed because you just didn’t work hard enough, and now you’re BURNT OUT and don’t want to, feel like you CAN’T try again. You’re done. FINISHED.

I know that feel, bro! all too well!

So Winners, even well-meaning winners, might say, oh well, going day to day, one day at a time, is no way to live life. you have to have LONG TERM GOALS.

I agree that Long Term Goals are GREAT, but I don’t poo poo One Day At A Time. What’s the alternative? Heh. Getting Drunk or f00ked up Every Day.

It is absolutely no surprise that Lazy Losers turn to Drugs and Alcohol. I myself used to drink like a bastard. Mostly binge drinking. But the binging went on too regularly and too long. Maybe from the ages of 16 to 26. Then I got a DUI and quit drinking Cold Turkey and still remain a Cold Turkey. Stone Cold Sober for X years.

Compared to how I was drinking prior to that, that is a pretty big accomplishment, and something I’m Rightfully sorta proud of, but it’s just Not Enough. I still have the Feels of Anger and Inadequacy and Laziness and Giving Up that tempted me to drink in the first place. Thankfully though, I’m not at all tempted to drink. Not drinking is EASY. I can go out the BAR and not want to drink. I am fully prepared to not drink at ALL for the rest of my LIFE, and this is not too terrifying.

Sometimes I do have DREAMS where I have drunk and THAT is terrifying, because I think “Oh Sh1t, X YEARS down the drain, I don’t even remember drinking, how did this happen, now my life is REALLY over” and then when I realize it’s just a dream I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

I was not an Everyday Drinker like Lots of Drinkers (well, I guess I DID have several Everyday periods), I would get terrible hangovers that lasted for days and made me more despairing, then wait a couple days, then on “The Weekend” or something I would get insanely drunk, sometimes Weekend-Long Benders. I am VERY thankful and happy to be out of all that. I just can’t go back to that, don’t want to. That is all the incentive to not drink that I need. No Thank You. That’s what drinking got me, so I can easily choose never to drink again.

The only way I would ever drink again, I told myself, was that if i Got My Life Together with a Good Job and a Good “Wife.” Then I might drink In Moderation. But since those two things seem impossible….

In contrast to Alcohol, I DO have a temptation to smoke Marijuana. I had a period during my drinking days where I smoked a lot of Marijuana. Chronically. EVERY DAY. Several times a day. Morning Noon And Night for like 2 years. Maybe as many as 3! When I did that it was enough to get me to cut back drastically on the drinking.

When I cut back on my MJ, THEN I upped the Drinking again, and Drinking became a bigger problem.

Mixing the two would almost always end in vomiting, or getting completely blacked out and raging and crazy.

MJ would make me VERY anxious, it’s amazing I kept doing it. I only really LIKED it when alone, or when with a small number of VERY good friends.

Anyway I’m tempted to use it again as an “aid” for physical exercise and music/movie enjoyment. But I know it’s prob a slippery slope. If someone offered to sell me some I would probably buy it. Hahahaha but I would not have a place to enjoy it because I cannot afford to move out of Home because my job doesn’t pay well because I got the wrong degree and because I am horrible at job searching and I have a horrible resume and terrible internships and graduated too long ago so thus I cannot get a Good Job and Move Out and Smoke Weed all day like a Weed Addict, like THAT is a good goal!

I am also open to the idea of using Psychedelics Timothy Leary style  for Medicinal Purposes, to help people with their lazy loserhood.

So I fully appreciate that you may be On Drugs or Alcohol. I might try to help you Quit it. But I can only speak for myself. I quit Drugs and Alcohol (other than the lingering DESIRE to smoke MJ, but I don’t act on it; have NO desire to ever drink again unless I have a Good Job and a Good Waifu) but, Awesome and Important and Essential and Necessary as Quitting Alcohol was, it’s STILL not enough. Necessary but not sufficient. I have to quit alcohol AND totally change my life.

So join me as I do that and help you totally change your life too.

And lemme make it perfectly clear: You SHOULD Quit alcohol at the very least, pref all drugs. because even if it doesn’t solve everything, you have NO HOPE of Fixing Yourself until you DO quit Drugs. And Alcohol is a Drug. I guess if you wanted to smoke weed like once a…every couple months that would be ok, but with Weed it’s SO easy to start doing it EVERY DAY, and THAT would be VERY BAD. Even once a week might be too much. Try once a month if you absolutely MUST. But the state you’re in, ANY drugs would be bad. Drugs are best enjoyed by Healthy Winner Normalfags, hahahaha, funny how that works.



update may 2014: yep this is still the most popular page. pretty sure it’s that PICTURE why. or perhaps wizardchan or r9k has a permalink to this particular page. but this page for all intents and purposes is the Front Door to this blog.

i guess all the stuff here is pretty accurate, i’m still a little racist. i don’t mind other races when they behave peacefully and civilizedly. and how do we fix problems of racial disparity? make better schools for blacks? what is the best way to make such better schools?

i have no idea, these problems will NOT be fixed in our lifetimes, the best we can try to do is improve our own loser selves over our lifetimes. that would be good enough for me! Got to fix the self before you can fix society. make yourself gainfully employed, and in good health, and have good Relationships, before you can impose yourself upon others and tell them how to live, hahahaha.

But when you are an Unemployed Virgin Beta Omega Loser, larger social problems are a moot point, you have enough problems of your OWN to contend with. like wtf kind of force is it in yer brain, that makes you lazy, makes you give up, tells you not to try or work hard?

heh. at this time I would say start with the newer entries and work your way back. also I am not writing so much about gambling any more, as I have cut my own gambling WAY back. Gambling is probably not THE magic bullet. Banging 18 yo QTs is a MUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better magic bullet, but good luck pulling those QTs! However you know a good first step: BE MASCULINE!


Hello Friends, Welcome Back.

may 18 2013 heh i could do 5 in one day i am sure. i am on a roll here.

yeah i will talk more about all these topics, math, etc, but just trying to get a good introductory set of posts going here.

scheduling your time so you’re not doing nothing, thinking about negative stuff, would be good. like going for a walk for 20 minutes might be better for you than 20 minutes of JOB SEARCHING, O GOD. Might be, heck, I GUARANTEE it’s better, no matter how bad you NEED that job.

Religion may or may not be useful to you. I hate Fedora Atheists because they’re so liberal and smug and gay, but perhaps you’re soured on the Christian Church, which I guess might be fair. I will have to talk more about Religion later because there is a lot to say. I would just say for now, don’t be a smug Fedora Wearing Atheist Faggot and think you’re above it. besides, if you’re REALLY Desperate for some relief from being a Lazy Loser, you will not be above getting down on your hands and knees and BEGGING to some sort of god! more later.


I am writing mainly for MEN, specifically kissless virgin omega male types. IMHO Women can become lazy losers too, but IMHO they are more likely to become Borderline or Cluster B or Bipolar than just simply “depressed.” Plus it’s a lot easier for women not to be kissless virgins because guys are always throwing themselves at women. You know this is true.

Being a Man who has been unable to get his Heterosexual Wants filled gave me a lot of Angst, it probably gives YOU a lot of Angst, in a way that even Well-Meaning Women cannot relate to or understand. Just be yourself, just be honest, etc.

It led me to reading a lot of Game stuff, Pick Up Artist Stuff, how to seduce wimmin. Which led me to MRA stuff, led me to MGTOW stuff, and now I’m into some different stuff too hehehe.

But I can boil down all the YEARS of study I’ve done on How To “Get” Women, all the trillions of pages I’ve read on Heterosexual Relations, How Not To Be A Hugless Virgin, and it basically ALL boils down to: BE MASCULINE. BE MASCULINE. That’s ALL it is. Women like a MASCULINE MAN. Not a Feminized Wishy Washy Indecisive Sensitive NiceGuy Faggot.

I also use the word faggot and fag a lot. I would suggest you too not be afraid of using these words. It is sometimes GOOD to be angry and hateful. You KNOW sometimes you just want to call some 4sshole a FAGGOT but then you hold back because you think, well, My Waifu Gurl would disapprove of me using Hateful Homophobic Rhetoric like that! and then you hold back and think you’re more educated and enlightened. Might as well break out the fedora right now, FAGGOT!

Obviously I’m not using the term as Homophobic Hate. More like anti-Normalfag hate. the way everyone on 4chan calls everyone fags ALL THE TIME.

As far as ACTUAL Gays. I used to be in LUV with gays, I identified with their Oppression and Misunderstoodness and supported them whole heartedly, and I still appreciate how Gay People can become Cripplingly Clinically Depressed because their Religious Families would disown them.

But I will be writing this from a Heterosexual Perspective. Besides, lots of Gays end up going to College or Cities and “Exploring Their Sexuality.” And I am writing mainly for Heterosexuals who are so socially awkward and unmasculine that they cannot fulfill their Heterosexual Urges.

I am also Pretty Conservative, but I will TRY not to talk about that TOO much.

I am also a White Man, and I have strong beliefs about RACE, but I will try not to talk about those right now. I think that  becoming more Racially Aware might be a Good Thing for Lazy Losers. Sometimes. I know it helped me.  Plus I think Whites have more of a tendency to become depressed because they turn their anger inward, while nonwhites turn their anger outwards. on AVERAGE.

So While my Intended Audience is White Men, I also think that Women and Nonwhites can benefit from My “Advice.” The advice is pretty general, sometimes. except when I’m telling men to try to be more MASCULINE, or for whites to really get into Being White. Then OBVIOUSLY that will not apply to women or nonwhites.

But yeah. I do think we are living in a Poisonous Culture where White Men are especially vulnerable to the type of NEET Lazy Loser Depression which I am trying to help you with. Of course, You might agree we live in a Poisonous Trashy Culture but it doesn’t cause THAT. Heh. Rest assured I don’t think that’s the ONLY thing it causes, so I probably AGREE with you 90%!

But yeah, for any Moral or Freethinking or “Red-Pilled” person, white or nonwhite, man or woman, or Culture CAN be pretty soul-crushing and negative.

Just saying that I am a White Man, I’m mainly writing FOR White Men, and it’s PROBABLY White Men who would identify with and benefit most from this. Say 10 years from now scientists do a study and find that I’ve helped Black Women more than I’ve helped White Men. I wouldn’t be all butthurt as long as I helped SOMEBODY.

Basically I will TRY to leave my MOST controversial Racial and Conservative and Gender stuff on my OTHER blog, which I will not divulge here!

What about Liberals? I didn’t tell LIBERALS to stay away like I did with Women and Nonwhites, haha! What about Liberal White Men? Yep I think I could help them too.  I could probably help a Liberal White Man more than a Conservative Asian Woman. Come on. Let’s not be retarded. I was just giving a FULL DISCLOSURE.

Basically just to say that Racism is held up as The Worst Thing A Person Can Possibly Be in this day and age, but that I think that A Little Racism is healthy, and you should not be ASHAMED of your own “Racist” thoughts. Embrace Your Inner Racist!

That and I think Whites are especially likely NOT to embrace their Inner Little Racist. So go ahead, do it, I don’t mind, heck, I’m ENCOURAGING it. I’m PRETTY sure you’re not going to go out and burn crosses and lynch blacks and suicide bomb jews or muslims.

TL,DR: Whites are My Team and Male is my Gender,and White Males will prob benefit most from this, but if women or nonwhites find it helpful, I’m not gonna stop them. But I am biased towards my own Home Team.


heh. may 18 2013. just finished the second post. could prob do 4 or 5 today. on a roll.

My newest experiment is, and this is gonna sound Disgusting and Shocking, especially to the Wimmin, is “No Soap Showering.”

Now I like to be clean and hygienic, and still firmly believe that if you can nothing else, if you’re having a real bad day, for gods sakes at least try to have a shower or bath and scrub the 4ssjuice and Cold Stale Sweat off your body!

Still good advice. but now I’m wondering, how good is it for your skin to scrub it with soap every day? maybe just wash with a real gentle soap every other day. Or a mixture of Organic Lemon Juice or Baking Soda.

Back when I had hair, hehehe, I was breddy vain about it, even had beautiful long hair. I wanted it to be soft and healthy and strong and I got into the idea of “natural oils” and how all oil your body produces is not something bad that needs to be scrubbed away with abrasive soap and shampoo, then replaced with a conditioner or oils or creams developed by Plutocrats!

So I reduced my shampooing to maybe 2 or 3 times a week, still do. Hardcore people do it less, I am trying to get there.

Basically it boils down to not being disgusted by your own body, and having faith that your body has evolved or been designed to keep its own skin and hair healthy without throwing chemicals developed in the past 80 years on it.

Do you really think cavemen didn’t like WASHING themselves in a flowing stream? that they liked being filthy and dirty? NO, of COURSE they WASHED themselves. ANIMALS wash themselves. They just didn’t use all these soaps and creams and oils and stuff.

Again, not something you should tell on the mountain because Everyone Will Think You’re A Dirty Hippie Who Hates Being Clean. But I just suggest it as something to TRY for 30 days.

Unfort this will prob have little effect on yer feelz, but you might feeeeel proud of trying a Paleo Life Experiment.

Instead of wasting excessive time blogging or whining or 4channing or neckbearding or watching TV (THROW OUT YOUR TV! THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM RIGHT THERE!), try to spend some time every day LEARNING, and NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SCHOOL.

[WARNING: I USE THE WORD “f4g” A LOT. MANY TIMES IN EVERY POST. You HAVE to get used to this.]

School is evil and awful and faggy and frustrating and soul-crushing just like work, hahahaha. It is a Huge Rip Off that IS DESTROYING MORE YOUNG PEOPLE THAN DRUGS, making young adults into SLAVES, debt slaves, that can’t get a job to pay off the “Education” that they thought would get them a job. I could have a whole blog talking about how much I Hate College and Education. Good LORD does the whole idea of Education need to be thrown out and began anew. It is HORRIBLE.

I will talk more about this, I can assure you. Later. In short, right now I am all about STEM Homeschooling for Children, followed up by Hardcore STEM University. If not that, then Trade School or Entrepreneurship. But on the whole, on average, right now in Murka, High School and College are HORRIBLE and need to be ERADICATED. Not sure about Grade School. Yeah that prob sucks too. Just Homeschool Yer damn kids. High Investment Parenting. More later.

But I think Math and Science are the Bedrock of a Strong Mind. F00k Lumosity, learn CALCULUS. and then when you’ve learned calculus, learn linear algebra and Diff EQ’s and Statistics. There is SO MUCH MATH beyond Calculus it’s not even funny, and the avg high schooler doesn’t even get to Calculus. The ones who do have a HUGE advantage and usually end up becoming Successful Engineers who make a TON of money and would never be reading these words. Unless they’re “depressed” about being Kissless Virgins, but to them I say, be happy because you make 80k a year and don’t live at home at age 30.

Not that living “at home” at age 30 is inherently bad, but MORE LATER. in short, it’s better to live at home and be thought a NECKBEARD LOSER by WIMMIN, than to Live Above Your Means and go into SLAVEMAKING DEBT just to PROVE something to somebody.

Now I recently have been taking College Calculus and it moves too damn fast and the classes were EXCRUCIATING and I totally BURNED OUT. But I still respect the value of math. just not the way they were taught in your typical Calc 1 or Calc 2 class. Oh God Calc 2 really crushed my soul. Just took that one. It was HORRRRRIBLE. I did the work and got a good grade but GOD DAMN. That came close to killing my interest in MATH, and I just can’t have that.


Use MIT Open Course Ware Vidyas. Use Khan Academy Vidyas. Use Dummies Books. Buy a textbook off amazon for $5 and go cover to cover at your own pace, doing all the problems, even if it takes you a year. it might take you a year to get through that fat Calculus book which prob covers Calc 1, 2, AND 3.

But I’m convinced that if you do it at your own pace, still doing the PROBLEMS because DOING PROBLEMS IS KEY to LEARNING MATH, that will do you a world of good.

I would suggest only taking the particular thing for College Credit only AFTER you’ve done all the material by yourself. because the class WILL go too fast otherwise, cramming too much stuff in, killing your appreciation and understanding.

It would really be best to DO THE PROBLEMS. I’m not joking. But I guess watching the vidyas would be good enough if your main goal at the moment were simply Not To Get Too Rusty. But IDEALLY you would do the problems.

Plus doing problems is GREAT Mental Workout and makes you feel SMART and is SO much better than WORRYING about stupid sh1t or WORRYING about what a loser failure you are.


OK I just finished the first post but it really is for the best that I keep these to 1000 words. Believe me.

may 18, 2013: I wrote like 14 posts in 2 days but will just “dribble” them “out one day at a time”, hahaha. So consider these first 14 posts or so “introductory”, and then it gets real interesting (or just boring and rehashy) after that.

So after you’ve cleaned your one plastic shopping bag of junk out, what now.

at best you will clean out 10 bags of trash, vacuum all over, clean your entire house, and develop a habit of not letting stuff build up, and cleaning semi-regularly. at worst you will have cleaned out one small bag of trash, which is better than what you would have done doing your Regular Bad Habits of:

Writing About It

Going on r9k or something similar to read about similar people

taking a nap

eating trash

watching trash

not that all these things are inherently bad. I am glad we have r9k, it is good to know there are other people out there with similar feels. but we need to Temper that with something a bit more productive.

sometimes jobsearching or doing hw can seem like too much for our brains and bodies and soul to bear. it seems a lot simpler and a lot more doable to do something SIMPLE, like clean up one bag of trash, or go for a 20 minute walk.  so just do these things, even if they sound pathetically small!

doing something pathetically small is better than not doing anything at all!

if you’re anything like me, you have given srs thought that maybe the stuff you put in your body might have something to do with your feels.  Drugs and alcohol maybe have helped you escape from your feels, but eventually made them worse, and then you decided to quit them. good for you. that is the smart thing to do, IMHO.

But then you think, maybe i have no energy and want to sleep all the time because i eat too much CARBS, or too much HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, or there’s TOXINS in muh foodz, or GMOs. Or I’m not getting enough VITAMINS or SUPPLEMENTS or IRON or what have you.

I am always experimenting with supplements. For a while I would take tons of St John’s Wort. Didn’t really do anything for me, hopefully it works for you.

Right now I am taking: 2000 IU of Vitamin D (D3), about 1500 mg per day of Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil, which generally comes from Doubling the recommended dose on the fish oil bottle, and a daily multivitamin.

In the past I have tried Iron because I thought I had Anaemia or Thryoid which was making me tired. Didn’t really do anything. Have had blood tests indicating no problems with anemia or thryoid.

Taken zinc in the past since I heard it might boost testosterone, and that my lack of energy and vitality is related to lack of testosterone. this is still prob true, though now i believe the much better way to boost T is with regular exercise, and for T in particular, to LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS. Not quite there yet!

Have been sticking with the Fish Oil for the longest time. A lot of supplements have come and gone but that one is pretty solid by me.

Along the way I became interested in the Paleo Diet and alot of this fits in with that.

I also would try to eat Organic Foods wherever possible, although if you’re a Loser Like Me, you won’t have a good enough JOB to PAY for the hella expensive organic food.

And some science nerds say that GMO foods are perfectly healthy and safe and us anti-GMO types are uneducated, ignorant, tinfoil hat paranoid conspiracy types, going off a WRONG intuition.

Also try to drink Organic (With the “Mother”) Apple Cider Vinegar when I can remember to.

Try to stay away from BREAD and GRAINS as much as possible, but it’s hard to leave the house without getting smacked in the face by 100000 pieces of bread.

High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn is not a Vegetable, it is a GRAIN. All the Cows and Chicken and Livestock Meat Animals who EAT corn and hormones and GMO feed.

Paleo Life. Living like a Caveman. They did not eat bread or grains or highly processed foods. nuts and berries and veggies and meat. they also walked around for 8 hours a day trying to get this food, so that was enough exercise for them. You ever tried Simple Walking for 8 hours? You can see how that would work well!

For some evil, unfair reason, it’s not quite the same as Being On Your Feet For 8 Hours A Day At Your Job, walking back and forth there. And I wish it were.

Ideally you would go to nice park or forest or mountain or natural beauty and walk/hike for 8 hours there, relaxed pace, taking in the vitamin d from the sun, enjoying the fresh air and nature scenery. Yes I realize this is a First World Privilege!

Where I live we have crappy weather 7 months a year and Good Weather 5 months a year. I don’t even want to leave the house during those 7 months, not even in the car. It is similar to “Seasonal Affective Disorder” if indeed “Depression” itself wasn’t some MedicalPharmaceutical Industry Myth, to make a Disease out of LAZY LOSERS BEING LAZY LOSERS!

Yes that’s intended to offend. If you’re a lazy loser rest assured I am a bigger lazy loser.

The weather has just finally started to get nice so I would LIKE to walk outside for 1 hour every day, especially when sunny. Really sold on this vitamin D. Because I HATE jogging, plus I’m not convinced that jogging is even GOOD for you. I am sold that WEIGHT LIFTING is AWESOME for you, but that’s too much for me right not. Trying to work up to  it with

PUSH UPS. Push Ups are the SINGLE BEST EXERCISE YOU CAN DO. If you can do NOTHING ELSE – and I KNOW that feel where it feels like you absolutely CANNOT do anything else – JUST DO PUSH UPS.

I will be back. Baby Steps. One Day at a time. Clean One Bag. Do ONE Push Up. Walk for 15 minutes. Take some supplementz. Throw away all the f00king BREAD and cereal in your house. Swear Off Grains.


May 18, 2013

Hello world of lazy loser NEET autismal kissless jobless friendless gormless virgins. I am here to save your souls, as I save mine as well. We will be working together. That is what qualifies me to help u with your FEELZ, because I am right there myself. At least kind of. I think I’m actually above avg considering some of the NEETs and wizards and r9kers I’ve seen, however I’m definitely not in Normalfag Winner territory.

I mean normalfag in the best possible way. I remember a thread where r9ks were asked about their wildest dreams, and it usually was something breddy reasonable and traditional: having a decent job, a sense of Self-Worth, and very often a Wife and Children. Nothing too greedy. Same thing your Grandparents wanted.

Most of us are huge LOSERS. LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS. It is a soul crushing thing to finally realize in every fibre of your being that you are a loser, you are clearly a loser, you’ve accomplished nothing with your life, you can’t bring yourself to do anything, you feel OLD, you feel weak and soft, you have disappointed yourself and others; you have a crappy job at best; you have a tenuous and awkward and anxious social life at best; you have no love life, and “at best” only “friendzone” or “acquaintancezone”. You dropped out of skool; you got a degree and are now 80k in debt and can’t get a job and wish you had never taken that loan or gone to college; the weight of the world on your shoulders;

or you don’t have any job; you are a BASEMENT DWELLER LAYABOUT well into your adulthood. You know if you had made better choices in the past, had better habits, worked harder, worked smarter, you could have been one of those winners, or at least had a bare minimum of winning, be good enough: an average job, a decent gurlfran/waifu, friends who respect you, respect for yourself.

But somewhere you got off track, took a misstep, and your Trajectory started getting off and now you’re a huge loser in almost every way.

Probably when you were 18, actually probably when you were a child. You can trace back the roots and the indications way, way back until you were an angry weird kid in grade school.

So I am going to help you save your LIFE. We are gonna do this together.

49% of this blog will be me whining like an r9k faggot first world virgin, just like we all do sometimes, just as a bona fide to You.

But we all know that constant whining doesn’t fix anything, even if it is Good for a little bit. Venting. But we have to do more than Just vent. Therefore, 51% of this blog will be Practical, Unambiguous, if not PERFECT, Bullet Points to help you develop good habits. Babby Steps. One day at a time. Become a Gradual Winner. You know this isn’t gonna happen overnight.

try to keep the posts near 1000 words because this is just an ideal length for posts. plus losers also have ADHD and can’t focus on long posts.

But I am not here to fool ya, I am here to serve you up Useful, Good Stuff on a Silver Platter!

For example, and there should be plenty of For Examples:

I am not a HOARDER but I do tend to let Crap and Junk Build Up. Stuff in my room stacking up on tables, then on the floor near the table, then begin to cover with a coating of dust. Stuff like papers, folders, mail, notes, slips of paper, little gadgets, business cards, letters, junk mail, nonjunk mail, wedding invitations from successful old friends, weird USB/electronics cords don’t know wat do, index cards, pens and pencils, post it notes, largish casino cups filled with useless stuff from 20 years ago, like my “dice collection” (????), some foreign coins, paperweights, my movie ticket stub collection, some 3.5 floppy disks from 15 years ago. old shoes falling apart and covered with dust. anything covered with a sh1tload of dust! I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE and then VACUUMED as much of the dust as I could, in the corners of the room and where the floor meets the wall.

I started out saying I would just filled up One Walmart Plastic Bag with trash. Babby Steps. Well I filled that up in like under 10 minutes, and then said f00k this, I’m moving to a full-blown garbage bag! when the garbage bag started filling up with heavy stuff I put a second bag around it so it wouldn’t break. You could also just use super thick heavy duty bags, because likely you’ll be throwing away bigger things that will eventually break a Normal bag.

I don’t need to tell you that the bag breaking and all the stuff spilling out all over your room would be very demoralizing. buzzkill. harsh the mallow. infuriating at the very least.

the carpet near the walls and corners were gray with sh1tloads of dust. so i went in there like a madman and vacuumed it up. It took less than TEN MINUTES. It wasn’t 100% perfect, but good LORD is it a DRAMATIC improvement.

There is a reason they have the term Spring Cleaning. I have skipped Spring Cleaning for Years because I have been a lazy loser NEET neckbeard virgin can’t get out of bed for the past 20 years heh heh. But boy am I glad I did it this year. And now I can enjoy a dramatically cleaner room and be proud of myself that I have Literally Risen Above the Filth, and that I deserve a Nice Clean Nondusty, Noncluttered Room.

Again not even 20% a Hoarder, but Jeezum Crow I have a lot of junk. I filled up a full garbage bag just from the junk in One Room in under 30 minutes.

You CAN listen to your favourite music while you do this!

OK that’s 1000 words. If you can’t look at f00king for another second and yer feeeeeelz are coming back, try filling up One Standard Walmart Sized Bag with stuff in your Room you don’t really need, then see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised.