corny title, but I don’t care. good song!

* If you’re fortunate enough to have an Easy 25k a year Fulltime Entry Level Office Job where nobody abuses and hates you all day, even better if you’re in a Union and Can’t Get Fired, do not obsess over the 25k being LOSER MONEY. Even though it technically is, those other perks – union, office, no abuse, easy, possib good benefits – you gotta take into account what THOSE are worth. CERTAINLY enough to bump up your 25k loser salary to 30k! And that’s a little better!

* This f00king f4gg0t on 4chan saying that 37k a year is LOSER MONEY really stuck with me. And maybe he’s right. The people I/We know who Succeeded at College, Career, and Life make WAY more than that, while You, The Lazy Loser F00kup, make way less than that.

* Just ask yourself, is it a Step Up from what you’re doing now? If so, who CARES about ANYBODY else.

* If your family is ashamed of you for THAT, then be ashamed of THEM. It is SO tragic that SO many families are SO Dysfunctional and don’t even love their OWN CHILDREN. These families are essentially Cruelly Depriving Their Children of A Family. That Ain’t Right!

* And THEN there’s the families that are ACTIVELY bad, like deadbeat dad or deadbeat mom, physically abuses or molests the children, abandons the family, in jail, violent, addict, criminal, etc. HOW AND WHY DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE CHILDREN?

* HAVING CHILDREN IS SRS BUSINESS. It seems like the majority of people, like 60% of Parents, SHOULDN’T BE Parents. Why O Why. f00kthisgayearth.gif


* However, Winners DO need to reproduce more, and have LOTS of WINNER CHILDREN, because right now, THE BUMS ARE HAVING WAY MORE CHILDREN THAN THE WINNERS, so each generation becomes more and more loser. See: Demographics, Welfare State.

* To get better at Talking To People, just pretend You’re TALKING ON THE INTERNET, like you do on 4chan. Or Omegle. Heh. I never post on 4chan and I WILL NEVER use Omegle, if I’m gonna talk about Bullsh1t with f4gg0ts, I’d almost rather have them be REAL LIFE f4gg0ts, at least then you have the benefit of talking to real people. I mean, if they’re gonna be f4gg0ts regardless, just go for the real people! Most Benefit 2 U!

* If the idea of College is such a Huge Black Plague on your mind, just Go On Hiatus. Jesus Christ. Like for Me. I can’t POSSIBLY think about College or Education in a REMOTELY positive light, the very THOUGHT of college and taking classes MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE, would rather SUCK MANY DONKEY’S D’s than go to faggige. Then when I actually TAKE classes, I do the bare minimum to get an A or B, stress out about it, get burnt out on it, and DEFINITELY don’t connect it To The Bigger Picture Like I should, because I f00king Hate it so much, and am only going through the motions, and hating that. When you hate it THIS MUCH, you DEF need at LEAST SIX MONTHS off. If not 9 hahaha. F00k take the whole YEAR off of school, if you’re 33 and not 18, one year off will only hurt you 1%, whereas at 18, it hurts you 100%. Well, maybe. You can also do UFMLL’s Gap Year ™ at 18 and that will actually HELP you. IE Insanely Prepping Every Day of the Next 4 Years in PAINSTAKING detail, your Exact Plan for SUCCESS and WINNING. (Note, if you end up diverging from that path A LITTLE, that’s ok. The important thing is that you had the plan in the FIRST PLACE, and thus you prob won’t diverge from it TOO much. So you got an Internship at Company B instead of Company A. So you picked Mechanical Engin and not Elec Engin. As long as it still results in you Winning At Life, It’s All Good!)

* Ok I’m writing for 30 year olds who WASTED their life, not 18 Year olds at the START of their life, with tons of opportunities, hahahaha.

* If you’re so angry and hateful and tired and rushed in the morning that you can’t make a Lunch for yourself, like the 5 minutes it takes to make a PBJ Sammich on Toasted Bread (note: Bread Is Bad!), then BY GOD, make the lunch the night before and put it in the fridge. If you toast the bread it won’t get TOO soggy.


*Heh. Writing in All Caps is an ok way to express anger. NOW DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME, but don’t be afraid to use it for a Good Stead when you want to express anger like above.

* of COURSE you don’t wish ill on his innocent family, it’s just a way to express contempt for HIM. Unless his family are smug pricks too.


may 30, 2013

* If you are a Regular Coffee Drinker, NEVER regularly buy coffee from Starbucks. They are SO Expensive. Some f4gg0ts buy coffee from Starbucks EVERY DAY. This adds up to like $10000 a YEAR. MAKE YOU OWN COFFEE, you will save SO MUCH money that way. Go To Walmart and buy one of those Ridiculously Big Mugs that can hold an Entire Pot of Coffee, if you wanna be ridiculous about it.

* Go to Walmart and buy a BPA-Free water bottle to drink your water from.

* If you make Super Repetitive Bedroom Black Metal, at least try to come at it from an Electronic Music Producer perspective and do some Studio Trickery to play with the sounds a little bit. If you repeat the same music for 15 minutes straight, it’s gotta at least SOUND good. ishygddt.jpg Something can be “Ambient” without being BORING.

* If Modern-Day Deathspell Omega sounds too TRYHARD to you, do not neglect to give OLD Deathspell Omega a try. But not “Infernal Battles” because the sound is GODAWFUL. But “Inquisitors of Satan” and “Manifestations”, stuff from that period, is VERY tasty, and VERY different from their TRYHARD stuff. OK this is not a MUSIC blog.

* If you HAVE to Jerk-off, then at LEAST jerk-off to your IMAGINATION, NOT watching that Porn POISON. And imagine Good Clean Wholesome Sex, not decadent perverted weird sex. IMHO, both the Religiouses AND the mainstream media get it deadly WRONG re Sex. Religious is too Sex-Negative, and Mainstream is Too Sex-Positive, to the point that it Celebrates Perversion and Poison. It can be hard to find that Goldilocks sex, our Men don’t even know HOW to IMAGINE it. So Practice imagining it. Good Old Fashioned PIV, Bond-Forging, Intimate S with a Beautiful Young Moral Woman. Almsot forgot, And then there’s also Emo F4ggy The Unmasculine Beta Male CRIES during/after Sex. You don’t want that either. Although those poor f4gg0ts probably are closer to the correct mindset, of Sex Not Being Separated From Love, of Sex Being Important and Meaningful, as opposed to Throwaway Decadence. They just need to BE MOAR MASCULINE about it.

* Take A Gap Year to Work A Crappy Job And Prepare For College. Plan every single goddamn SECOND of the next four years. The three months of summer will prob not be long enough to do this, hence the Gap Year. You want to Hit The Ground Running SO Hard and SO Fast because this is your ONE CHANCE to be a Winner at Life, Screw It Up, and you’ll be a Loser At Life, always wishing you could get in a Magical Nonexistent Time Machine and go back to this moment. The preparation will involve: picking the best STEM major; researching the Profs so you can start researching with a Prof AS A FRESHMAN. Then, researching with AT LEAST FOUR different Profs, a different one per year, AND getting AT LEAST THREE GOD-TIER INTERNSHIPS, one for each of the three summers. Any Less than that, and you WILL be a failure, but if you pass that test, you’ll be SET FOR LIFE.

* So now you see how this can take some TIME to PREPARE FOR. If you don’t have a VERY detailed plan from your FIRST DAY AS A FRESHMAN, GTFO, YOU SHOULDN’T BE THERE. You don’t need to KILL YOURSELF because you’re still young, so take a Gap Year, come back when you ARE ready.

* ALSO: during that Gap Year, GO SEE A MASCULINE, JUNGIAN SHRINK/COUNSELOR even if you think you don’t need to. Think of it as a TUNE UP so that you can Stay At The Top of Your Game The Next Four Years. Because if you have any Chinks in the Armor, you WILL be weakened, and if you’re weakened, you WILL fail in life. You don’t want to fail in life, so you have to come in strong and stay strong, and going to see a Masculine Jungian Shrink Before all this is HOW you COME IN strong. DO IT. You don’t need to see HIM EVERY DAY, just a couple times.

* Heh. I don’t want TOO MUCH of this to be directed to 17 year olds. No more than 40%. At least 60% needs to be directed to people who Screwed Up In The Past. I can’t just tell you all to KILL YOURSELVES, because then I’d be telling myself to kill myself, and I don’t want to do that! We HAVE to find a way to bounce back from the Huge Mistakes of our past, it won’t be EASY, it won’t be QUICK, but we HAVE to find a way!!

* Write extremely ANGRY STORIES where you Sublimate your anger. They can be the angriest, most negative stories ever written, ending with huge murder suicides, not merely punching people in the face! I wonder if there is a site with stories like this. Because they aren’t made into Mainstream Books or Movies.

* Obviously do not ACT on the angry, violent things in these stories.

* Also try to make there be some underlying Good Moral to the story, not completely nihilistic or decadent. Like the protagonist does not kill people just because he’s a psychopath, or his goal in life is to kidnap young women and keep them captive in a Sex Dungeon and do Godawful Fetishes. Heh. Unplug your mind from Torture Porn Filth, you’re being poisoned.














* If you see some job with 900000000 requirements that you don’t technically have but could easily LEARN, then LIE about SOME of them in your Cover Letter, drop some of the names, so that you cover 73% of the things listed. Lie To Get An Interview. Now hopefully they will grant you an interview because you mentioned 73% of the 900000000000 specific things they wanted. Schedule the interview for anything but the very next day so you have time to prepare. Then CRAM YOUR BRAIN with Youtube Vidyas about How To Use InformationManagementSystemByLipschitz9000(tm). If you don’t want to lie and say you use these systems On-The-Job, because certainly you don’t, but perhaps you SHOULD think about Lying, but if you don’t feel like lying about that, lie and said you studied the system in a Management Informationships Systems Course (point to a course on your transcript that MAY be conceivably related to that) and say you were so Interested in it that you did an Independent Study on the System, far above and beyond what was covered in the class. (Even though really you just watched VIDYAS for an HOUR. An Hour Per Buzzword.)

* Lie About Your Experience Basically. In an Ideal World, they would be able to see you’re OBVIOUSLY INTELLIGENT, but Intelligence Is RACIST. However TRAINING is EVIL. So you have to somehow Demonstrate, with lies, that you are PRE-TRAINED. This is the kind of Advanced F4GG0TRY we have to contend with!

* I was referring to a “bla bla technician” job that listed an Associates Degree for Education and which starts at 31k. Technically Loser Money, but still a Fulltime, Benefits, Office, UNION job. Meaning you can’t get LAID OFF, and you could go all the way up to 45k. NOT BAD UH? Of course by that time, you will have gained enough Momentum, showed them what a f00king BOSS you are, and use this as a stepping stone. But sometimes you need a stepping stone to get to the stepping stone. Heh. You need an Unpaid Internship BEFORE the Unpaid Internship, College BEFORE The College. Jesus Christ Almighty God In Heaven.

* Copy and paste right from the Qualifications/Responsiblities directly into your Cover Letter, then once in the Cover Letter, move the stuff around to make it look like you didn’t direct copypaste.

* if you have to fill out a 10 hour application, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIND SOME WAY TO EXPORT IT BEFORE YOU SEND IT OFF. They won’t GIVE you a way to “export” it, so get creative. Copy and Paste everything to a Text File, so you can Recopy and Repaste it later, and the future applications will only take 5 hours rather than 10 hours. But that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in cutting down the FRUSTRATION of having to LOOK UP and WRITE all that tedious stuff down. ONE AND DONE. DON’T LET YOUR WORK GET THROWN INTO THE TRASH.

* If you ACT Score Is Less Than OR EQUAL TO 34, To A Total Loser You Will Amount, And Nothing More! hahahahahahahahahahaha ya like that poem DONTCHYA

1284 ok done. I mean 1500.



may 30, 2013

it is better to do a Sh1tty job on your job search than to give up entirely and not do ANYTHING. Better to have a boring, into-the-trash-it-goes cover letter than NO cover letter. Because it’s just like going to the casino or playing the lottery. Maybe you’ll get lucky this spin, and they’ll interview you for a crappy resume; or they’ll hire you after a crappy interview. Begging to GOD would not hurt either.

* Take some time to Rewatch some of your Favourite Movies of All Time. For EXAMPLE: I have difficulty picking “new” movies to watch because everything looks stupid and gay, however “I Stand Alone”, Gaspar Noe 1998, is one of my All Time Favourites. I watched it again for the first time in a year and it was inspiring. It made me more confident to Take Action in my Job Search and just start sending out some BS already. Movie is about a Jobless Man in Recession-Plagued France. He is very angry and bitter and hateful and cynical and pessimistic and politically incorrect, a man on the edge, my kinda guy. All the reviews talk about how scary and shocking he is, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we can really identify with him a LOT and feel like His Buddy. In one scene he really swallows his pride and goes crawling back to an old supplier of his; he can’t get a job In His Field of Butchery, all the Butchers tell him Times Are Tuff and they are, try the slaughterhouse, try the slaughterhouse, it’s your best and only hope, so finally he goes back, talks to the manager, who gives him the runaround, tells him to call back next month, there’s a lot of people looking for a job here, did you fill out the APPLICATION? Have you ever done a CRIME? As the butcher walks away, very discouraged and angry, he gives yet ANOTHER great Internal Monologue on how that guy is such a f4gg0t. CLASSIC movie. SO glad I watched it instead of trying out a new movie.

Or another scene when he swallows his pride and gets a job at a supermarket deli and is fired WITHIN 30 SECONDS because he refuses to SMILE.

Lazy Underemployed Losers everywhere WILL benefit from watching this CLASSIC, UNDERRATED movie. Search it on Youtube, as of May 2013 the full movie is on there, hope it never gets taken down.

* at the beginning of summer, to force you to get outside, just think about how SOON it will be the END of summer, and back to the sh1tty 10 months of winter again. spend an hour a day in that Summer Sun, even if it’s just doing something as easy as Walking. Walking is better than sitting inside neckbearding on the computer eating garbage, besides Jogging is gay as f00k anyway. Walking is sweet, our Paleo Ancestors stayed in SHAPE by simple Walking 8 hours every day. And Absolutely you’re allowed to listen to whatever you want to listen to. I like listening to Hitler Speeches, hahahahahahahaha.

* learning a New Language can be a fun hobby to keep your mind off your Feelz and your Disappoints, esp if you’re Tired and Burnt-Out of Studying MATH for fun. So switch to Languages for a while. Get your brain working in a new fun way. F00k LUMOSITY. I would suggest learning a useful language for Life Networking, like Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Albanian, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian (???), Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, but technically any new language will get your Brain Working.

* If someone Rejects You, then vehemently reject THEM right back!!!! You don’t WANT someone who doesn’t want YOU! F00k them!!

* Start writing a Blog or a Book or Making Vidyas of things that you really want to teach your children. Important Life Lessons you wish you had known when you were young. Because you would not want to have the kids and then FORGET to say these things. Or you might be too busy WORKING, or you might be too old, or you might die. So write that stuff down and make sure the kids get it.

* During the Winter, try to go to a Sauuuuuna once a week, if not twice.

English: Chimneyless sauna building in Enonkos...
English: Chimneyless sauna building in Enonkoski, Finland. Suomi: Savusauna Enonkoskella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saunas are Pretty Much the Most Refreshing Thing in the World, MUCH better than a Hot Tub, those Filthy, Festering Pools of Fornication. Sign up for Planet Fitness for $10 a month even if you’re just using their Sauna, that would be worth $10 a month itself. Hopefully the do have a Sauna, that’d be f00king gay if they didn’t.

* Once I went to a Real Fancy 1% Place that had a “Wet Sauna” and a “Dry Sauna.” That was MAGNIFICENT. The Wet Sauna was basically a Steam Room with Tiles and Thick Misty Fog. I think it was even Hotter than the Dry Sauna, which is the typical what you think of when you think of A Sauna: Hot Dry Wood, Hot Rocks. These should not be privileges extended only to the Rich and Successful.

* growing a BEARD is a MAGNIFICENT way of Being Masculine. Although many f4gg0ts impugn the masculinity of beards by doing f4ggy beards, it’s still a risk well worth taking. there are a lot of caveats though: nothing f4ggy, shave your NECKBEARD, but don’t shave it TOO high up on your jaw like a tryhard. Try this: Imagine a nice smooth ellipse going from one earlobe to the other, so technically you are leaving a LITTLE “neckbeard”, you’re just shaving the bottom half of the “neckbeard.” Then buy a Beard Trimmer and keep the rest of the beard on a short setting. Unless you want to grow it long, then by god, grow the whole thing RAGING TERRIST LONG. That is masculine as f00k. Believe me after “only” 3 months it gets real long, what else you gonna do in the WINTER, and then people start giving you weird looks, and unless you’re VERY confident, which you’re brobably not, you might want to trim it short again.

* if you are a 30 year old man, don’t Feel Weird about Asking A 20 Year Old Girl out on a “”Date””, even though the Mainstream Media Says this is weeeeeeeird and creeeeeeeepy. BE MASCULINE, BE CONFIDENT. Note: It’s VERY possible she will say no, but you’re WELL WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS TO ASK, BECAUSE IT’S PERFECTLY NATURAL FOR 30 YEAR OLD MEN TO WANT TO MATE WITH 20 YEAR OLD GIRLS. I would say you could even be FORTY and still get away with this.

* most Good Jobs won’t let you grow a beard, unless you’re a Top 1% Computer Engineer who went to MIT and is working at a Cool Tech Company like Google or Apple, but you (or me!) will NEVER get a Job THAT good. Even Top 1% is misleading, it’s more like Top .00000000001%. Top 1% is giving false hope to us 99.999999999999% of Losers, hahahahahahaha.

1071 words. done. hehe. more like 1170.


may 29, 2013

* I read an Anecdote that people who work in LONDON often travel FOUR HOURS EVERY DAY on the TRAIN because their job in the city is not nearly enough to pay for rent in the city so they must like TWO HOURS AWAY by train in one of the suburbs.

* alternatively you could live in the Worst Neighborhoods. Or a Project!

> butthurt because students with High GPA in High School are never encouraged to take a “GAP YEAR” in US like they do elsewhere

>of course europe sucks too, see above

* I heard a piece of trivia that the average person laughs 15 times a day. So you should try to Get Angry LESS THAN 15 times a day.

* I encourage young americans to take a Gap Year. Only don’t TRAVEL like a Bourgeois Rich Faggot, sucking D’s. No, I want You to Work At McDonald’s.

* No, you can work somewhere nicer than McDonalds, Walmart, or Best Buy. Why don’t you work at LOWES. Lots of People Make Their Careers at Lowes (Home Improvement Warehouse Retail Store, National Chain. Like Home Depot or Menards. Sell Two By Fours and Wood and Faucets and Toilets and Paint and lights and kitchens and sh1t.)

* Or join the army. If you get you legs blown off then you’ll be more justified in killing yourself. JUST KIDDING! But at the very least, you get money for college, you get toughened up and MASCULINE, looks good on the resume, gives you people skills, gives you good work ethic, so you can outcompete everyone else for that sweet Lowe’s job when you get back, get a nice $9 an hour fulltime job while everyone else goes 100k in debt to get a social work degree.

* They say that Gap Year is for Lazy Losers, But what if you end up taking SEVERAL Post-College “Gap Years” because you can’t get a job with your stupid f4gg0t loser degree? Then next think you know, you’ve taken like FIVE Gap Years, But they’re not really GAP YEARS, and then you look in the mirror and see a very old face, and Employers would prefer to hire Younger People, Gap-Year-Age people, hahahaha.

* Basically, Why NOT take a Gap Year, Why RUSH College, if College Is Worthless? If College Is Going to HURT You?

* However, if you ARE good at school, I would say continue along that path until you screw up. Just push yourself and compete because it’s much better to be a Young Burnout than an Old Burnout, because Youth is favored over the Old, for Good Jobs, and for Attractive Young Women. If you fail, well at least you TRIED and failed before giving up. But you only have ONE chance, and that’s when you’re YOUNG.

* So what if you blew it, and now you are the shame of your Overbearing, High Expectations Asian or Indian Parents? See Previous post. Do whatever you can to get out of there, and scream at them what huge faggot failures they are, and then never talk to them again. Kinda sucks that you got unlucky with a d1ckhead family like that.

* however they weren’t entirely wrong. it IS a good way to Win In Life to go to an elite school, then get an elite job, then make good money till you retire. that’s all they wanted you to do, and they pushed you hard because even though it SOUNDS simple, it’s HARD as hell to actually do.

* But I argue you can push your kids HARD without being Huge Evil Dickheads about it. I would push my kid hard, but if he/she f00ked up and burned out at MIT or Harvard, I’d say, well, Life is just gonna get harder and more disappointing now, but I still Luv You just as much as I did before, and I’M not disappointed in you. Heck, I can relate, I’m a failure too!

* Heh. Assuming I ever have children assuming I ever bounce back from my OWN failure at life, hahahahahahahahahaha.

* when you are high school age, you should be exposed to Plenty of Adult Losers, to motivate you Not To Be A Loser when you’re that age. Basically any JOB which a young person gets hired at, like McDonalds, any OLD person there will by definition be a loser, because they’re old and should have a better job, but they didn’t try hard enough, or dropped out of college. This is why it’s a problem in Western Schools that the Age Groups are Strictly Segregated.

17 year olds with Lots of Potential should spend plenty of time with 30 year olds who Wasted Their Potential, as a CAUTIONARY TALE: DO NOT WASTE YOUR POTENTIAL, OR YOU’LL TURN OUT LIKE THAT LOSER.

* Do not TRAVEL like those Gap Year proponents suggest. TRAVELING is for F4GG0TS. Use your Gap year to WORK A SH1TTY JOB.

* Get down on your knees right now, and BEG GOD for Forgiveness and Mercy. How could that POSSIBLY HURT?

* Ok how about this one: if you’re tired and burnt out and feeeeeel so bad like GIVING UP, just go ahead an Give Up. But put a time limit on it, say, OK, I’ll Give Up for One Year. And then at the end of that year, when you see how far off track One Year of Giving Up Puts you, then you’ll have no choice but to Give Up for the Rest Of Your Life, because you’ll never get back on track, you’ve fallen too far behind, beyond the point of No Return! FUBARed!

* I APOLOGIZE that this article and maybe the last one too have been real DOWNERS. Heh. I was ANGRY about the J Search when I wrote them. AND REgretting my past mistakes, making the wrong decisions, doing the wrong things, not doing the right things, having too many bad habits, not enough good habits, etc. But at least I’m not such a Big F4gg0t that I’m SCARED to use the word “f4gg0t.”


Loser (film)
Faggot Loser (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* Being A Loser from a Loving Family sucks bad enough, so GOD have MERCY on you if you are a Loser from a Unloving Family. And, Anecdotally, MANY Parents TELL their OWN CHILDREN what LOSERS they are because they didn’t go to HARVARD, or they’re not doing as good as the parents were at that age, or their job isn’t prestige enough, why aren’t they getting promoted by now, why aren’t they making x0,000 by now, why aren’t they working at this good company instead of that bad company, why didn’t they get that good unpaid internship over that bad unpaid internship.

This kind of pressure on your own kids is HORRIBLE. If that’s what your family is like, you have to get out of there by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, short of violence, and I wouldn’t blame you if you had THOUGHT about violence!

This is Bad, Horrible Parenting. What you should do is say, “Things were a LOT EASIER for you FAGGOT BABY BOOMERS, you didn’t have to WORK AS HARD, you didn’t have to TRY AS HARD, if you lived NOW, you would be ten times the failure I am, and would have never HAD me because you wouldn have been TOO BIG A LOSER in This Modern World. YOU COULDN’T HACK IT. You  Didn’t Work Hard And Smart Enough to be able to make it in THIS World.  I Work Harder And Smarter now, being a Loser, than you ever did, becoming a Winner, because you were riding on the high point of a wave. You didn’t deserve your success, and I don’t deserve this failure. In today’s World, you would be an Even Biggest Loser because You Are A Deadbeat who Didn’t Even Have 3 Top-Tier Unpaid Internships, you Fat Faggot Failure.”

Say THAT. Word for Word. Because Every Word is 100% TRUE. No lies there!


Say All that. Because it’s TRUE.


I am VERY THANKFUL I don’t come from a family like that, but some people do, and I feel SORRY for them. Unless the kids actually DID go to MIT and started making 100k a year at age 21 and only continued making more. Then f00k them, they can go suck their daddy’s D even MORE.

* Buy a Cheap Trailer and Equipment and Start Your Own Lawn Cutting Business. Don’t even do legal stuff until the law notices you. This is more or less PRACTICE for Starting A More Serious Business. Get Clients By Going Door To Door and practicing your Sales Pitch. Give The Lowest Bid. Do All The Work Yourself. Don’t have Tattoos and piercings all over your body. Don’t Talk like a Prisoner or a Grade School Dropout. Because You’re a COLLEGE Dropout, hahaha.

* If you have completely given up, then use the Break Things Up Into Small Chunks Policy. Say you’re going to work on this Job Application for a FULL FIVE MINUTES. THAT is your goal for the DAY. Then the next day work on it Five Minutes Again. Keep doing that until you get good enough to complete One Job Application before the Position Closes.

* Live at Home With Your Parents While You Go To Local College. Going Away To College will Make you both Financially AND Morally Bankrupt. It costs waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much, and the Girlz Gone Wild will give you an unhealthy hatred of Wimmin. The Women who Live At Home While Going To College aren’t Like That!

English: This is a photograph of Loser Hall on...
English: This is a photograph of Loser Hall on The College of New Jersey’s Campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* Lifting HEAVY Weights Increases Your Testosterone. Testosterone Increases your Masculinity. Masculinity Increases Your Chances of Winning, makes it easier to win, makes you A Winner. LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS.

* Don’t watch TMZ, that show is PURE POSION. Not that you do! But sometimes you flip channels and suddenly it’s there. God almighty it’s worse than bad. It rots the soul.

* If your wife or gurlfran has sucked too manny cox in her past, str8 up TELL her. BE HONEST. Say “You’ve sucked and rode too manny cox in your past. Your number is Too High. Not even just in my OPINION, but OBJECTIVELY. You’re WAY above average, or what a Healthy Average Would Be. I don’t like it, and since you can’t get in a time machine and change it, I’ll NEVER like it. So me Accepting You represents me making a Concession, because my Ideal Woman wouldn’t have such a grossly high number.”

* see, that’s why my target audience is MEN, not WIMMIN. Lord, the WIMMIN would be SCREEEEEEEECHING about THAT one! “It’s JUST Sex! You’re So Insecure! You’re So Sex-Negative! You’re Such a Racist and Rape Apologist! You’re so Unmasculine! You’re not a real man! Man Up!”




* If you can’t stop think about Your First Love, if that had only Worked Out you would have been Happily Married for 10 years now, your Perfect Loving Union would have kept you “grounded” and you would have gotten a Good Degree and/or a Good Job, you would be making enough money to support children, you would have already had some children with your Loving Wife, Sure, your wife would not be in the Prime Of Youth any more, she would look a little older, but you would still see that Radiant-Skinned young woman you first met; you would have your ups and downs as the Honeymoon Period was over and you stop Idealizing Her; But you still don’t feel any regrets about Marrying Her and Having Children With Her, you don’t get doubts that are So Severe like “I’VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE”, and you continue to look forward to your Life with Her. Yep You coulda had that with her, and you never really felt that way about anyone since, ESPECIALLY since you got closer to 30 and further from 20, you haven’t met anyone Special in Years, Women Your Age are getting OLD because you’re getting OLD, the wimmin aren’t “more mature,” they’re more IMMATURE and waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more CRAZY, SO much HARDER/IMPOSSIBLE to Fall In Luv With compared to the girls Closer To 20 Than to 30, and you wish you had Gotten It Done When You Were Young, because Old SUCKS when it comes to finding and Falling In Luv with A Mate.

* Well, when you get thoughts like that, start doing your pushups, or go for your walk, and just tell yourself she is Dead To You; She doesn’t EXIST any more. Even if she got married years ago to some guy more Masculine and Winning Than You, and chances are they are still Happily Married, with Children, and He gets what you so desperately wanted. Well you don’t want it any more, because she’s Dead To You.

* save up $1000, by working 143 hours at mcdonalds – come on, that’s less that four measly (fulltime) WEEKS -, so you can buy a Treadmill for the Winter and just WALK on it an hour a day during the long, long, 364-day winter.

* anecdotal evidence: but mcdonalds doesn’t HIRE fulltime people any more, just part time. Response: they are more likely to hire fulltime MANAGERS, so be the best part time employee you can, until they hire you as a Fulltime Manager At McDonalds. That will prob entail a nice little RAISE and you will only have to work 120 hours to buy the treadmill to walk on one hour a day for the 364 days of winter.

* YES, you can listen to all your favourite Podcasts and Talks and Radio Shows while walking on the treadmill. Or even watch TV or movies.

* Do Pushups at WORK whenever you can sneak away from public view. Tell your gay boss you’re trying to get in better shape. If he threatens to fire you, call him an alcoholic child molester who molests his own children, then quit.

* if you go to a real Loser College during the summer, you will see Regulars who spend 12 hours a day, every day, there, doing homework and taking Super-Condensed, Fast-Paced, Crammed Summer Classes. 30 and 40 and 50 year old men spending more time doing that, doing stupid homework, taking stupid classes, than they would at a Fulltime Job; simply because they don’t HAVE a Fulltime Job, they can’t GET a fulltime job, so they’re convinced the Best Thing They Can Do With Their Time is Go To School and Get A Degree; The Degree Will Be Their Ticket To A Good Full Time Entry Level Job, so they spend as much time on skool as a Chinese MIT student, yet of course they’ll be lucky to get 10% of the Payoff that MIT student will, because they’re just getting a Business Degree from Average College, and competing against Masters Degrees from Average College, all for Average Jobs at best.

You almost want to shake them and say, what are you doing this for, this is hopeless, you’d be better off becoming a DRUG addict, or jerking off to PORN all day, or at least reading 4chan all day, or blogging all day. f00k this college degree sh1t, a degree will get you NOWHERE, and it’s HARD as f00k to get to boot, and expensive as f00k, guaranteed to put you into a minimum of 25k of slavemaking debt, all for something that’s frustrating and useless.

Heh. Then I realize that’s just my Angry Anti-College Attitude talking, and that Truly Motivated, Nonlazy Students like these HArdworking men, will make their degrees work for Them, because they know that the Degree Alone is a Necessary but Not Sufficient Condition for the Job. You gotta Bust your ass for the degree, then once you have the degree, you gotta bust your 4ss some MORE for the job. BOTH.

* Heh. And this is why I have a Bad Anti-College Attitude, hahaha. Just go to trade skool with all the low-IQs, learn a skill, get paid, the end. Hire Attractive Young White Hookers from Backpages. use “gallery” view to quickly find the attractive young white hookers.

* Or just go a strip club, get a Lap Dance or two, then GET OUT.

* strip clubs and hookers are decadent as f00k so you should not do them regularly. These are poisoned, poisonous wimmin and you simply don’t want to spend that much time around them. maybe once every 6 months.


may 29, 2013

*stop using word “gormless”, technically a great word, but it’s “trending” right now due to tumblrfagz screeching about how much they want to S Jon Snow’s D on “Gay of Thrones”, which is a bretty good show which I DO watch, BUT I think GRRM is a Pervert, he probably used “gormless” because it looks/sounds like his name, and the show-runners are EVEN WORSE, Filthy Perverts who pretend they’re intellectuals. GTFO.

* Though Porn is Bad, Evil, Decadent, Perverted, Soul-Poisoning, makes you unable to interact with Real Wimmin…. if used in a Non-Addictive Manner, it can break you of your Addiction to Specific Real Wimmin. Keep you from being a slave to Real Wimmin. You could argue you’re then just a Slave To Fake, Perverted, Disgusting Wh0res….but the possible benefit there is that you can  Git R Done as fast as possible and then immediately close the Porn.

* Don’t do that more than every other day. And it HAS to be as fast as possible. 5 minutes or under.

* Do not SAVE or DOWNLOAD any of the stuff.

* At the end of the day, I still GOTTA say No Porn is Way Better Than Porn. The world would be a better place if Porn never existed. If you HAVE to Beat The Meat, then think about a nonperverted, relationship-worthy Woman. NO, not some x-b!t(h who DUMPED you. Just some Cute Real Girl Who Looks Nice.

* Even though I think some hobbies for example BMX Biking or SKATEBOARDING or Dirtbiking or 4-Wheeling or Working on Cars are Gay and Boring, they really ARE great hobbies that get you out of the house and doing something, and in the working on cars example, learning a great skill you could potentially get PAID good money for, so I am all in favor of them, even gay hobbies.

* tired of my use of “gay”? then you don’t read 4chan enough. note that my target audience is straight white underachieving/underemployed/lazy deadbeat males who think everything is gay, not “gay” homosexuals. Gay doesn’t even really MEAN “homosexual” any more.

* I don’t really mind homosexuals if they are very friendly and nice; Nonflaming; nondecadent, meaning not going to turkish bath houses and gay orgies and spreading gaids and having 9000 gay partners, and realllllly indulging in “the gay lifestyle.” Your SEX LIFE should not be your LIFESTYLE. If it is, you are a decadent Sex PErvert, Gay or Straight.

* heh. now I’m getting political. My feeeelz used to Creep into my POlitical Blog, and now Muh Politix are creeping into my Feels blog!

* Apparently the Generic Copy’n’Paste Copypasta Cover Letters you find on the internet, when you let The Internet do your thinking for you, by searching “admin asst cover letter”, will never get you an interview, into the trash it goes. You’re supposed to Take The Job Search Seriously Enough to write a Good, Specific Cover Letter that really sells Yourself and your Unique Skills that No ONe Else Has, like Word, excel, phones, customer service, hahahahahahah. F00king Faggots.

*I was gonna find a really smarmy smug Job Search Advice Article From Recruiters, pastebin it for your persual, because I don’t want to link to those f4gg0ts, and then essentially REWRITE it, translate it, interpret it, in an Us-Friendly Tone that doesn’t make you want to go on a punching everyone in the face spree. There are technically good things in these articles, but you almost don’t want to do them just because of who’s writing them. If I said them, or your Best Frand said them, or your Cool Uncle said them, you might be more likely to view them Unemotionally and actually do them.

* But today will not be that day because I can’t even bring myself to look at these articles.

* So Engineering degrees, esp Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Computer have the best ROI for Degrees….but that does not necessarily mean that they are the fastest-growing fields, and it doesn’t mean that the job competition will not be STIFF, like at least twice as many grads as jobs, and then you take into account Ageism, and Skool Prestige, etc. Like some f4gg0t company would hire a Brand New Grad from MIT any day over a 60 year old with a degree from Kansas State. Heh. YES, I’m taking the side of the guy from Kansas State. And Crappier Tier.

* So maybe it’s equally if not better to check the “job outlook” or “job growth” or “fastest growing” jobs, because I’m not sure if you see Engineers in there, but moreso stuff like NUrsing, Vet Tech, Accountants, Physical Therapy, DIFFERENT stuff is what I’m getting at. So do you take the ROI path or the More Jobs Path? I might be switching from the former to the latter simply because I hate putting in the effort to LOOK for jobs, I do not COMPETE well against stiff competition. Would rather go for the “low hanging fruit” of there being a Larger SUPPLY of Actual Jobs. Not that those jobs PAY as well as Engineering, mind you!

* MIT Grads: Design software that Job Seekers can use to quickly breeze through filling out the Details of Every Job They’ve Ever Had, when filling out THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONS. It does not take an MIT grad to see that cutting the Application Time down from TWO hours to ONE hour, over thousands of applications, will save the person a THOUSAND hours, thus allowing them to fill out a THOUSAND more applications, theoretically DOUBLING their chances of Getting A $9 an hour job!

* if you get a job, be the hugest f4ggiest KISS-4SS to your boss, yes sir, yes sir, what else can I do for you sir, be his House Slave, S his D. at first. Just getting him to like you more than the other employees.

* However, if he really starts ruining your life, abusing you, realize that yes he’s not your friend and you don’t owe him jack sh1t, and then put in a 2 week notice right there, SIR. If you’re feeling REALLY EMO, you can also say, “take this job and shove it up your 4ss, you disgusting, evil, degenerate, child-molesting, alcoholic, deadbeat, family-abandoning, coward, traitor faggot”, although that might be a minor inconvenience in your future job search.

* Get your Business “Education” from watching Business Channels like CNBC, reading Wall Street Journal, some business magazines. Buy one subscription to an actual business magazine.

* one day, get like 10 hours of sleep before going to your job, then while at your job, while doing EVERY LITTLE THING, ask yourself “HOW CAN I MAKE THIS SOUND GREAT ON MY COVER LETTER?” Even if its doing the most mundane sh1t like looking at the mail or email or referring a customer to someone else. Get creative. Find a Way To BS EVERYTHING. If you can BS the small stuff, you can BS the Big stuff EVEN BETTER! Then BOOM! $10 an hour full time job For You! (No Benefits)

Decadent & Desperate
Decadent & Desperate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)