july 15

ok in 10 minutes the guy reads…. 3.3 pages of MK? 3.5 about. therefore it would take 33 hours to listen to the whole book. ok. and thats about as bad ADD i have, that it takes me 3 minutes to read 1 medium print page. basically the same as a guy reading aloud in a medium pace.

so, better to just listen to the guy with the nice voice reading the book!

ok so new plan. eat i serving of cottage cheese for breakfast (110 cals, 10 gr protein, low carbs) and then fast till dinner hehehe. this way you can drink tea (unsweetened) without puking hahahaha. cuz if you are like me, if you drink tea on an empty stomach , you get very nauseous and puke.

did a bunch of pushups yesterday, about 50, and dont feel sore today, so thats good. wanted to have a day where i did a lot of sets of pushups and see what happened. becuase pushups are the greatest and every man needs to do more of them. esp me!!!!!

cottage cheese is borderline superfood for me. highly recommended.

HATREON oy vey great name. home this doesnt turn out to be a bunch of ballless bitches like every other free speech patreon that came before it hahahaha.

hope there are no joos involved like that thing pax dickinson started, he seems ok but……..not really because he doesnt seem jq wise.

or that other one that is take 15% to start an alt right political party. um no hahaha.

ok went for powerwalk, 41 minutes, listened to: mk ch 14 v2 10 minutes of, mike enoch scandza 2017 speech, tkr azzmador 10 minutes. everything i break into 10 minute files.

somewhat fasting again today, saturday. nice summer day, not great for sunbathing, lots of big puffy clouds like there was yesterday, but still warm and nice and perfet for powerwalking.

semi fasting. if the mudslims can do it every day for a month so can i. i mean they are essentially just doing all their eating during an 8 hour window, which is not ridiculous at all. not drinking water is. but no one ever said mudslims werent ridiculous!

but yeah. the main reason you get fat is because you EAT TOO MUCH. and the easiest, quickest, most effective way to lose that weight is DONT EAT SO MUCH.

in other words, if you eat a lot and try to burn it off with exercise…..youre going to need SO MUCH EXERCISE.

and its even harder to stay thin as you get older because you need less and less food.

12.29 – bought “the rational male” book by rollo tomassi. july 15 2017. 280 pages, includes shipping and tax. need something to help me with the sluts hahahaha.

i mean i should read the blog too, and recommend it, and should link it in the sidebar, but i like having actual physical books.

ok i added rational male and heartiste to the sidebar. these sites will teach you how to deal with women, period. full stop. just don’t do anything degenerate, and if you do, probably not a big deal if it doesnt involve abortion or the much less likely option of you hurting an actually good woman.

well i dont agree with the somewhat implication that the guy jerking it to joo filth is a good man but you can see the larger point.

the best man here is prob the one who k’d himself hahahaha.

i mean there should be a 4th option, basically showing a stronk hwyte man with beautiful hwyte family. THAT is where the BEST men have gone. clearly the healthiest, best choice here, and it’s not even presented, because 1433 has not gotten to some of the manosphere yet. but its coming.

the second best option is k’ing yourself hahaha. the third best is vidya. and pr0n is by far the worst.

10 years ago the “best” thing you could do is become a fedora wearing hedonistic race mixing moral relativist atheist libertarian. so i do THANK GOD that we have a much healthier alternative now. that is, to become a 1433 VVN. yeah you technically always had that, but 10 years ago, there werent NEARLY as many young people or winners involved and it wasnt taken NEARLY as seriously!!!!!!

racially awake young hwyte men are even more dangerous than a n1994 with a liberry card hahahahahahaha.

so yeah really this is a GREAT time to be alive. the best time since 1934 hahahaha. or was it 33.

july 15. hmm today i think is the 2 year anniversary of TSHTF with That Woman. the day it all went down. well there were 2 related big events that took place like 3 days apart. and it was all around the middle of july.

so yeah. def made some progress. got a new job and that is huge. its not a serious job but its fooking hard enough for me to get an unserious job that i can survive and withstand. lost like 45 pounds. became an even more red blooded 1433 and even more of a woman hater. which is good. i need to learn the lesson of how to PUT WOMEN IN THEIR PLACE, and i certainly did not put her in her place, but let her basically dominate me! NEVER AGAIN!

oh yeah i stopped watching porn. that is huge. i think that was in like sept 2015. for a little while im like, welp jerking off to porno sluts is HELPING me GET OVER HER and get distance from HER.

and maybe it did. but if it did, the effect was negligible. besides sept 2015 is not too long after july 2015!!! meaning, i didnt need porn for that long even when i might be tempted to use it the most!

got a lot better at interviewing and job searching, doing 28 goddamn interviews and like 530 applications.

i got to start doing this again.

got a nice suit to wear to interviews and weddings hahahaha.

became a full blown daily stormer / anglin fanatic.

bought some very important 1433 books.

smoked very very very little mj. like 2 or 3 times in 2 years.

no alcohol of course.

the no porn is huge too. and i really dont intend to ever go back.

wish i could be as vehemently anti MJ as i am anti porn. like yep ive quit that forever and i dont ever want to go back and im not even tempted to go back!

but i am tempted by MJ every day.

forcing self to listen to first racial skrewdriver album “hail the new dawn” 1984. just force yourself to suffer through that godawful music with godawful production. skrewdriver. how horrible and boring amirite hahahaha. so bad you have to FORCE yourself to listen to it. like FORCING yourself to read MK hahahahahaha.

heh. i have forced myself to listen to skrewdriver before. never really liked it. maybe i need to be on MJ. maybe i should just read ISD’s lyrics becuase they are supposedly very good.

i mean there was no doubt or ambiguity about him being fully 1433. he was not afraid to use the term HWYTE POWER. or was it HWYTE PRIDE. one or the other.

i mean there is no reason why a guy like me, a hardcore self identified hwyte power 1433 guy, and looking to get into RAC, should NOT make a serious effort to Enjoy Skrewdriver, who practically INVENTED RAC and is pretty much the most beloved hwyte power musical group that ever existed. and in this world were infighting and drama and everybody hates everyone, ive never seen anybody hate on ISD. never ever. in that sense he stands along with AH, GLR, and WLP. and i guess Robert Jay Mathews. people luv him. wish he had recorded more speeches because the one RJM speech i did hear was average at best hahahaha. but i know he gave his life for The Movement and Our People.

listened to the first 10 or 12 minutes of the album. i listen to everything in 10 minute chunks because its all i can take. it was ok. not great production, but somewhat catchy songs and possibly good lyrics. sometimes the vocals sounded passionate and good, sometimes they sounded mumbly and underwhelming. i mean i would try to make muh delivery as passionate as possible here, like i were AH giving a 3 hour speech.

ok i mean he had a somewhat promising music career and THREW IT AWAY so he could take the band in a Racial direction. and he got a hakenkreuz tattoo.

(not against that website, just dont want attention haha)

yeah the lyrics check out. 8.8/10 hahahaha.  could stand some more naming the J but he does name them a couple times.

come on. im not crapping on ISD. just saying the music sounds a little…..rough hehehe. to someone who is as OBSESSED with good production as i am. i mean its SO important and i dont believe you need a big budget to get it. just a fooking obsessed maniac like myself. even in 1984. they had fookin tape recorders in 1984.

and you dont need a jooish record company to pay jooish producers to give you a good sound.

well i admit its easier for the average hwyte to afford a good production in 2017 than it was in 1984.

i mean music is just not a priority for me any more. but i used to be OBSESSED with it for the longest time. i dont really regret that, but i do wish i had listened to some different music in there. switched some stuff out for better stuff. listened to some more hwyte power stuff hahaha. it had a better message than nihilistic 90s stuff. or satanic black metal.

We Older Millennials / Young Gen Xers were really Caught In Between. Really were kinda Lost in searching for an identity.  i guess it finally came but it would have been great to have had an identity as a youth. youth culture hehehe. instead i was always an outsider looking to nihilistically escape. could not find a POSITIVE identity. well at least i have one now hahahaha. hwyte power!

wow like 800 calories today, like 700 below the limit. this was accomplished by: fasting until dinner, eating fairly low cal dinner focused on white chicken, getting some good powerwalking in.

honey. maybe not so much of a superfood as i once thought. it is FULL of sugar and carbs and calories. a dab is all right but using it regularly in your tea? not good! better to get used to drinking unsweetened tea. unsweetened everything.

also didnt mean to imply that dark chicken was bad. i luv dark chicken and its not bad for you. just dark people hahahahaha.

ive gotten totally used to drinking black coffee. totally used to not drinking any soda pop. so its very possible i could get used to drinking tea with no honey (or sugar).

i would recommend this, getting SUGAR out of your diet as much as humanly possible. you will lose noticeable weight just by cutting out sugar. its useless AF. and so many fat slobs are drinking 2 liters of soda a day. holy shit. i used to be very fond of soda myself. i still miss it sometimes. i enjoy a good mt dew and maybe should allow myself 1 can of mt dew a week. code red, voltage, luv the exotic flavors as well as the original.

and diet soda sucks.

dont eat bread, dont eat potatoes. or pizza hehehehe.

if you eat pizza you support jooish pedophiles hahaha.

not not really. i luv pizza, its delicious. but you gotta be careful with it!

gosh darn btc crashing right now

so i should sell…..????

the woman you are foolishly in luv with has eagerly sucked and fooked negro c0ck, shown more luv and loyalty and kindness to negros than to you, and has photos of her fooking negros and with negro jizz on her pretty face. keep reminding yourself of that next time you start thinking oh what a nice GF she would make.

this is just what women do. don’t blame them. its their nature. this is what nature intended. blame men for not controlling these women and getting the women married BEFORE the women could get into these degenerate, albeit natural states. nature can still be degenerate. or it can be regenerate.

besides, we dont live in a state of nature. our WORLD is increasingly unnatural. in the natural world, all the mulatto sprog mutant bastards would have died off and the mudsharks and whores would be rightfully shamed. and their bastard children wouldnt have survived. they wouldnt have survived. but in this sick jooish world, the govt and the society supports whores and mudsharks and cheaters and liars and the worst women you can imagine. are given a black check for their horrible behavior.



july 13

so this is some good antigae propaganda when your shitlib acquaintances say THEYRE NORMAL PEOPLE JUST LIKE US hehehehe

only anon.toing because i dont want my blog to be a damn trackback comment. the content of his blog is prob good. an ex-gay who had a real come to jesus moment and turned his life around.

every saint has a past and every sinner has a future hahahahaha.

so i wonder. these women with all these gay male friends, how degen are these gays? i knew a couple of gays that did not engage in this sort of stuff and were Normal People Like You And Me. and then i was like, wew, now that i know a real life gay person, i can see they arent degen bug chasing monsters having anonymous orgies every night in bath houses and truck stops and public mens rooms!

well i think i just got lucky and met the 40% or less portion of gays who dont do that stuff.

like the “MODERATE MUSLIMS” and “MODERATE WOMEN”, these “MODERATE GAYS” need to LOUDLY and VOCALLY DISTANCE themselves from the large number of extremists.

weev on the krypto report (azzmador) july 2017


MSM = Men who have Secs with Men hehehe. nice alternate word for gaes or phaggots or sodomites or perverts.

so coffee is a “diuretic” and drinking too much will dehydrate you. so what about tea?  i seem to Urinate even MORE when drinking TEA.

yeah the main thing that bothers me about Uncle M1kk0 is that he is very talented and smart, but he hangs out with degenerate artists, is too interested in degenerate art, and isnt repentant about it AT ALL.

none of us is perfect. we all have a past. but by god i admit that what i did in the past was WRONG and im ASHAMED of it and i hope ive REPENTED. nothing like that from him.

i mean just come out and call a spade a spade. call degeneracy degeneracy. unless you just dont want to STOP WATCHING PORN.

and i think PORN is inherently different and worse than drugs. porn is inherently jooish and involves degrading at least one other person. drugs are just an inanimate object and, consumed in MODERATION, really is not degrading at all.

july 14

ok. day off. up at 10 am. had mini social thing yesterday which was nice. had to cut back on these due to peoples work schedules which is good for their money making (my own not so much) and bad for my limited social activity.

today would like to do some Official Sunbathing because it is sunny. some clouds but not major.

1040 am. want to be productive hwyte man on day off. did 14 pushups hehehe intend to do some more throughout the day. pushup are the single best exercise you can do.

doing laundry, about 25 minute left on wash, then dry.

want to go to store after Sunbathing hehehe and get usual weekly grocery shopping done.

plan to listen to the weev and azzmador show during the sun bathing session. see link above hehehe.

its amazing how a person leaving can leave such a VOID in your life, when they are just off degrading themselves, as women often do, into being a disgusting negro fooking whore doing absolutely ungodly things. THIS person left a VOID? this VILE TRASH was meaningful enough to recognize their absence for even a SECOND?

bbbbbut she wasnt VILE TRASH.

no she wasnt but she is gone diddly one so….IT DOESNT MATTER.

but it DOES matter! to ME!

ok fine yes it DOES matter. but that doesnt change the outcome. She is Gone Diddly One and will NEVER come back. it’s kind of like Accepting The Finality Of Death.  BEcause thats what it is. She is Dead to Me and I am Dead To Her. The End Forever.

Yes that is intense and SHOULD take at LEAST a YEAR to get over. not immediately jumping into bed with your next BF On Deck.

these fooking IDIOTS.

but this is what nature intended. i just wish nature could have intended for them to be a LITTLE Better and Smarter. I mean come on. did they really HAVE to be so shitty? i dont think so.

but Thankfully nature also made them gullible, malleable, manipulable, so that we can TRAIN them and CONTROL them into something good. but thats not easy either. it takes a truly strong and bold alpha man to do that.  only 20% of men can do this hehehe.

but the good news is that you can train yourself to become one of those top 20%.

for someone who was consistently in the top 10% of School up until age 18, this seems totally doable.

but to someone who is consistently in the BOTTOM 10% of achievers and money makers and success AFTER age 21, it seems FOOKING IMPOSSIBLE.

and its just so weird and sad and devastating to have such a DRAMATIC change in a person during probably THE most important, formative period of your life. During the most important years of your life, the peak of your youth, you transform from a Top 10% Winner, to a Bottom 10% Loser. HOW THE FOOK DOES THAT HAPPEN? AND WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT????

LETS FIND OUT hahahahahaha.

i mean 3-4 years is a good chunk of time and a lot of little things happened and it was a snowball effect. at this point it is monday morning quarterbacking hahahahaha.

the more relevant question to me and people like me, is how do we FIX it.

yeah it IS important to know how it happens and how to PREVENT it….this would be hugely important for 15-16 year old boys.

but thats over half a lifetime ago hahahaha.

also want to trim beard to level 1 today.

maybe charge batteries of stuff like phone and etc.


yeah want to get a good number of pushups in today.

and some hardcore Fasting until Dinner hehehe which will prob be a bigass dinner.

and then ideally a nice long powerwalk after dinner. while puffing a footlong MJ hahahaha and listening to good music.

doing a bunch of audio/podcast prep right now hahaha. basically truncating, tempo, compressing, dividing into 10 minute chunks if needed. stuff like MW, georgie boy, mike enoch scandza speech, azzmador and weev, couple of older anglin with carolyn yeager interviews, the more recent weev videos i havent already watched.

still got 50 pages left to read of MK. its gonna happen and i am trying to read a few pages or listen to 10 minutes every day. it takes 130 minutes of audiobook to cover 50 pages. DAMN.

i mean its basically 35 hours to listen to the whole book. probably can read it quicker. or not.

every hour, do as many pushups as you can at that time. push yourself but try not to pull any muscles.

repeat every 3 days and then you will be strong and will be able to pull 6/10’s. bang them mercilessly, ungently, unnicely, and then you will be able to level up to 6.5/10s hahahahahaha

ok so today i am getting kinda serious with that once an hour thing. do 14 pushups, then 12, then 11, then 10, then 9 hahahaha.

also “fasting all day” until dinner so energy seems kinda low right now at around 3 pm. maybe attempt powernap. was moderately productive earlier at least. well. thats arguable. i was productive….but prob not enough. did some things, but not ENOUGH things.

oh well its better than a negro or a neckbeard or a neet hahaha.

2 hours later

well laid down and got a powernap in. laid down for like 1 hour and 20 minutes but certainly didnt sleep for more than 15. got up when Recorded Sales Call called.

anyway it totally helped. slightly higher energy, slightly less Hungry. before i was so low energy i didnt even want to Neckbeard on the Internet, playing cards, writing, reading .

ok ate huge dinner. it was delicious.

it takes 35 hours to read MK. you should really set aside at least 2 months to do it. is it worth it? honestly not really hahahaha. now im just doing it to finish what i started. but it is worth proudly displaying it on your home bookshelf. but actually reading it is not very fun. GLR’s WP is much much more fun. or david duke my awakening. i am happy and thankful to now own all 3 books. cant beleive it took me till 2017 to do that. but i didnt make any money in 2016 ehehehehe so i could not justify buying books or anything.

i would take online classes if i could only take one at a time, and they were at least 15 weeks long rather than accelerated ~8 week courses. and that they were under 100 dollars a credit hour. and that i could get an actually useful masters degree and reference letter from the professors saying how i am in the top 10% of the class and deserve a 30k a year job.

all the online classes ive seen are less than 10 weeks. even for a 3 credit class this is way too much.

also if you have a job, you have to study and do homework for your job so you can supplement your productivity and learn to do your work faster. you dont have time for SCHOOL. 40 hours of work a week takes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING out of you. you cant even go grocery shopping, let alone do FAMILY stuff, raise CHILDREN, take care of your house, do HEALTH related stuff, do SOCIAL stuff, or go to SKOOL. all you can do is study work related stuff, do work from home, do MJ, and sleep, sweet sweet sleep.

ok that is more black pill than necessary hahaha. i dont do workstudy or homework at home any more. i leave the work at work hahahahaha. which i absolutely did not and COULD not do with muh last job.

caffeine does make you urinate but the water in coffee and tea does count for your hydration.



july 11


It is virtually impossible to find a woman who is a virgin after age 15 these days. I can say with little doubt that you have a .01% chance of ever marrying a woman who has not slept with or sucked on at least 3-5 guys before you. Society is entirely too corrupted and morals are entirely too inverted for you to find a virginal woman. Therefore, holding virginity up as the ultimate standard that women need to meet in order to be with you is going to result in you remaining alone for the rest of your life.

I have struggled with dealing with a woman’s sexual history many times before. When I was 18 it almost drove me to madness, and I practically wrecked a relationship I had with a beautiful, huge-tittied, blue eyed girl that was racially conscious and amenable to White Nationalism (she has since married and reproduced with some other White guy). I know what it’s like to obsess over how many dicks your girl has had in her mouth, believe me.

I would set the standard a little lower. Not a virgin? That’s fine, but have you ever done anything sexual whatsoever with a nonwhite (J00s included)? Have you ever taken it up the ass with anyone? Have you ever been pissed/shat on? Have you ever been DPed? If the girl answers “No” to all of those, I deem her a keeper. Even in this age of POZ, one should still be able to expect at least THAT degree of purity.

END QUOTE from DS, see link where it says 7h


I think that quote is very apropos to a happy valentines gay For You. hahaha.

i’m pretty much 100% agree with that guy. finding a virgin is impossible. we have to take some concessions. the only thing i would add is, how high of a number are you willing to go? i mean yeah, mudsharking, race mixing, ass blasting, all the things he mentions are all dealbreakers. but only 3 to 5 guys? i mean methinks he’s still being too demanding!

all women have taken it up the ass!

all women have well over 5 partners!

all women have race mixed at least once!

besides, i race mixed with a joo, so…..

so what. then i HAVE to permit that muh wife race mixes with one joo. big fookin deal. i can live with a woman fooking one joo boy, rather than fooking 10 negros or arabs.

mainly because joos are the most white looking nonwhite race. when i first met the joo slut i fooked, i thought she was white. she had pale white skin and like fooking blue or green eyes!

over the years i learned that yes some joos do look like this.

i mean this was the perfect example of ashkenazim mixed with a decent amount of white. i would have liked to see HER 23 and me!

im ecstatic i never had god forsaken mischling babies with her…..but i still didnt fook her as many times as i wanted. because i got dumped for being a needy, feelsy beta bitchboi who liked her too much. she wasn’t that likable to be liked THAT much. it was just the oxytocin. “just.” i mean this is totally NATURES WAY to help me bond to someone, and that “infatuation” could have TOTALLY been the start of a long term thing. i wanted it to be!

so yeah thats why i dont discount “infatuation.” NATURE INTENDS for infatuation to be the First Step To True Luv.

anyone who discounts infatuation is a slut who has taken too many cox, been infatuated too many times, burned out all their oxytocin, and can no longer become infatuated OR LUV anyone ever again, so they are just JELLY. THEY HATIN. on some level they know they will never feel those feels ever again.

they will always find some way to make you question, doubt, say, do i really want to accept this. like maybe shes only taken it up the ass from one guy…..but she was a crazy butt slut with him and he fooked her 5000000 times in the ass.

there will always be SOMETHING where you say, that is fooking DISGUSTING and DEGENERATE. am i REALLY willing to accept that in my wife, the mother of my children? then while you are debating it, she will dump you and then you will be devastated and think YASSS YASSS I AM WILLING TO TAKE THAT, NOW PLEASE JUST COME BACK, and she never will, and it will take you 3 years to get over her. then you will be a 40 year old man making 12k a year with no retirement, health care, anything hehehe.

well she was only with one or two black guys.

she only had one or two abortions.

she only made one or two sex tapes.

she only has one or two stupidass tattoos.

she only cheated on one or two guys.

she only totally devastated one or two guys.

i mean this is what women ARE and you cant be butthurt about it! you just have to find the needle in the haystack and then PHYSICALLY RESTRAIN her from….what? from doing WHAT NATURE INTENDED?

WEll, nature can intend one of two things. The natural path is a spectrum. on one end of that spectrum is total selfish negro bullshit, which women will NATURALLY gravitate to without supervision and direction.

when given direction, women will NATURALLY gravitate to the Healthy Natural Way Of Women: being loving, nurturing wives and mothers.

similarly, men can either be lazy, shiftless, muh dickin hedonistic fat negros stuffing their faces and lazing around all day, OR they can be proud, hard-working, masculine, tough men, good husbands and fathers.

both the good and the bad ways are natural.

i guess its comforting that there even IS a natural good way, and not just one way. natural bad hahahaha. so take solace in that white pill hahahahaha.

RAC influenced black metal?

really i just want something that is as high quality as vapaudenristi but with damn english lyrics. not sure if you can or should combine BM and RAC. i mean even MA doesnt do that in Vap, he just has a separate BM band hahahaha.

sniper is another rac band from finland which vap did a GREAT cover of. i guess sniper has maybe 50% of their albums in english and it is safe to say that they are an influence of vap.

juyl 12

mike e posts his 23 and me, shows 0.0% jooish. i didnt think he was anyway but i think its a good faith bona fide thing to do…..and not a moment too soon hehehe. i mean was that really SO HARD?

mike e at scandza forum.

did greg j not go to this? perhaps he was disinvited.

mike enoch, mill woes, and others gave speeches. looks like pretty good quality here. video and hopefully audio. no reason not to be. but 80% of the enoch speeches ive heard have been not great quality. which sucks because he is a great speaker. both in content and delivery. i wish anglin or weev did stuff like this. it does make a difference.

or maybe it only makes a difference to ME because i have a personal preference for Live Speeches.

yeah well there is also great Real Life Social Networking happening at these conferences.

nice hahaha

so now anglin is sort of commenting on the case and saying that he is living in nigeria hahahahahahahahahahaha. im guessing his lawyer said it was ok to lie about that because when this first happened anglin was not saying a single damn word. getting pretty excited for his day in court hahahaha.

ideally i would like to see him get up in front of the national news cameras every single day and make inflammatory, public anti-joo speeches in front of the courthouse until every person in the US knows who he is. and he becomes The Leader of the alt right, or the vvn movement, or whatever.

i would like to bang that gersh in a milf sort of way though. no not in a violent Raepey way, law enforcers, just saying she is a total 6.5/10 and that i deffo would bang. if given the consensual opportunity hahaha by the poor persecuted victim gersh.

i mean how do you like that SMUG look on her face in the damn CNN-produced video???!!?!?!?!

hey kid, theres a free xbox for you inside this oven, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA classic.

see i wish MA didnt do degenerate shit like this. this is from around oct 2016. well he’s not technically doing the painting.

its a ridiculous “art” piece where one side of the vinyl is MA’s noise project grunt, and the other side is a hand drawn painting by one of his artist buddies, and this artist demands that the submitted photo be a human face covered in male sperm, or female juices, and that the photo should be of the sender, or taken by the sender. then the artist paints a painting of the photo of the sperm covered face on side B of the vinyl.

i guess we are making the statement that “YOUR GF IS A GOD DAMN DIRTY PORNO WHORE” and all women are whores that are just as dirty and filthy as the porn produced by the joos.

yeah well i disagree. i dont agree at ALL that hwyte women are anywhere nearly as inherently degenerate as the porn that joos produce.

this is the type of thing i would have to have a long conversation with MA about. and also i probably could not convince him.

who’s that woman? is that MA’s GF? (i notice he has a ring on his finger.) i would not want to defile my GF like that. how would he respond to that statement? well, humans are inherently defiled. we are just defiled bags of flesh and its really no defilement at all to use our FACES as a JIZZ RAG. this is what nature intended. nature intended nothing.

so thats a little NIHILISTIC for me and i cannot support it at all, in fact, its downright JOOISH. this POWER ELECTRONICS shit is possibly the MOST jooish thing i have ever seen, even more than porn. it is like porn stripped of ANY ATTEMPT AT TITILLATION. and that’s probably the point. so maybe it IS making the implicit judgment that porn SHOULDNT be titilating?

so you just stare at ugly defilement and say IT IS WHAT IT IS?

no, in my Weltanschauung, you make an EXPLICIT CONDEMNATION of this. you DONT show it. you DO show and glorify pictures of hwyte wimmin in hwheat fields. that would be an acceptable painting MIKKO.

a guy with a nationalist RAC project SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

and i think that represents his MATURE adult side. whereas this power electronics is his EDGY IMMATURE ADOLESCENT side. but its also jooish, whether he knows it or not, and i’d really like him to put it permanently in the past.





thats the thing, is that i am TERRIBLE at SELLING things to people. convincing them to dump the old and get with the new. dump your old degenerate ideas and replace them with new, good, regenerate ideas.  stop even THINKING about faces covered in sperm and start thinking about having CHILDREN with your WIFE. if he had CHILDREN this would go a long way to fixing him IMHO.  he NEEDS to have CHILDREN.

bbbbbut what if he already DOES?

i would bet small money that he does not tho.

this is the closest thing i have to a Celeb Crush hahaha. well, i also have this for Anglin and Weev.

also the fact that MA still does shit like this in 2016 tells me that he is not a regular reader of daily stormer hahahaha. and he SHOULD be. or TRS. or stormfront. shit or richard spencers alt right dot com. shit how about counter currents. greg had kind of a scandal recently but counter currents is still classic. outside of greg’s drama, CC is GREAT reading.

i think he spends more time Creating and Working On Musical Art than reading stuff like that.

so i would advise him, less power electronics edgyness, and more vapaudenristi regeneracy. get into THAT mindset.

READ daily stormer hehehe. The Three Words hehehehe.


listen to me making podcasts where i narrate epic DS BBS threads HAHAHAHA.

sniper. the finnish rac band sniper appears to be a very catchy, fun, decently-produced hwyte power band hahahaha and a good band to continue with when wanting to branch out from vapaudenristi.

i mean sniper is very explicit about it. you have to be to call your album “HAIL THE HWYTE RACE” hahahahahaha. i mean there is nothing ambiguous about that, and i don’t want there to be!

its just weird to have someone who makes great nationalist music, but its hard to tell exactly what the lyrics say, but its hard to get a measurement of where he is on his journey exactly, because he still does shit no fully aware hwyte hwarrior would do. they wouldnt even THINK of ASSOCIATING themselves with degenerate Transgressive Art.

so i don’t understand the Power Electronics Aesthetic. and there is an aesthetic.

there’s something hwyte about it in the sense of it seems to be hwyte people showing What Happens When Whytes are Infected By Jooish Degeneracy, in the most Ugly, Painful, Starkest Way. Like here we are, suffering and dying of this moral, spiritual CANCER. isn’t this grim AF.

like, people who are so far in the depths of despair they dont even recognize that they are despairing. they just accept and observe the despair and say it is what it is.

i dont agree with this at all. will never understand it. don’t want to understand it. kind of like i will never understand or want to understand noise music. which, not coincidentally, overlaps hugely with power electronics. which is basically a subgenre of noise i guess.

there are way more productive things for whites to do with their time and energy. like blogging or playing vidya hahaha.

so women let themselves be treated like porn whores. NO SHIT. women can be manipulated into ANYTHING. you can take the virgin girl next door and videotape her prolapsing every orifice in her body while stabbing her own newborn baby to death over and over in the face with a stiletto heel. women will let themselves do the most defiled and EVIL shit.

theres no point in SHOWING it. you dont need to show it to know it. if anything, you should be promoting propaganda that encourages MEN to STOP women from going down this horrible evil road.

what GOOD does it do? even drugs and junk food serve a hedonistic good. wheres the reward system for Pure Degradation unless you are a true Sociopath?? I mean it makes more sense to make Amateur PORN out of Normie Girls with Jizz on their Faces – and tons of this IS made – than to make edgy outsider “art” out of it.

shit these outsider artists probably watch their share of actual pornography too.

well dont! STOP WATCHING PORN! and your edgy outsider art wont be so pornified!

i mean it doesnt even make sense to jerk off to this stuff the way peopel jerk off to porn. its as if the POINT is just to gaze at it and Savor The Degradation, not to be Actively Stroking Yourself tyring to Get Off on the Hottest Possible Video or picture. but to stroke your chin while stroking yourself slowly with no intention of even getting off.

i dont pretend to be an expert on it. it is very niche obscure esoteric shit and i probably DONT understand it. but i DO know that there’s never a good reason to show or look at pictures like this. there’s no excuse. not even for a normie masterbater. its specifically BY and FOR totally FOOKED UP PEOPLE.

and its NOT GOOD to be FOOKED UP. UNFOOK YOURSELF. dont make your identity about being a FOOKED UP FOOKUP. youre BETTER than that.

i mean you could almost compare to to TOTALLY taboo shit like incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality. and uhhhh im pretty sure some of that shit DOES get covered in power electronics.


i mean this isnt the end of the world that this one guy does some questionable degenerate things. WE ALL DO. im sure plenty of holier than thou hwyte hwarrior types have things they want to keep in the closet.

well hes not keeping it in the closet though.  and he doesnt Clearly Condemn Degeneracy how i would like him to.

i mean some of us still do degenerate shit but at least we KNOW its degenerate and hopefully feel GUILTY about it and try to Fix It!

or we dont, and think we’re a special snowflake and can get away with it because excuses. morally lazy hahahahaha.

for example, my desire to do MJ.

and then i say, doing MJ a few times a week is not NEARLY as degenerate as intentionally gazing into a nihilistic abyss of despair and degradation, and sociopathically enjoying degadation for degradations sake. i mean its kinda like a damn jooish sex fetish! like sadism or humiliation!

its INHERENTLY jooish to have any sort of FETISH! turning SEX into some weird fetish thing. porn does it, PE kinda does it. i dont think jerking off to Thoughts of you having Normal Secs with an attractive woman really does it.

i mean way to take something NATURAL and GOOD and turn it into something WEIRD and BAD. gee I WONDER WHO COULD BE BEHIND THIS.


sun feb 11

july 8

actually was invited to wedding for first time in almost 3 years. i was nervous because i have always been an acquaintance and never really a superfriend. in theory i dont mind the idea of meeting new people and i know most normies are generally nice, especially at something like this, but its still Stressful to be around a lot of people who are all talking to each other.

but it wasnt so bad, in fact it was good. but still i noticed how all the normies have a SENSE OF HUMOR and are CONSTANTLY JOKING with each other. the guy i was sitting next to, who i sort of knew, well he is also really funny and i like his jokes and i generally like him, largely because of his funny jokes and his good natured personality. but then i compare myself and think wow i wish i could be as funny as he is.

or this other guy i know who is also pretty funny but also a god damn true chad alpha male. i mean he absolutely has SLAYED the pvssy for over 10 years and still does. he is basically an alpha male and has the skills to pull basically every woman he wants. but he is also a great guy, not a douchebag or joo. he is very loyal to his friends and always tries to do the right thing.

but yeah i like him too and if i imitated him i would certainly have more success with women. he really should start a School For Incel KVs. He might have been a beta white knight briefly around 18, but he quickly learned how to deal with women VERY well.

i really should make an effort to get more friendly with him. i have technically known him for like 12 fooking years. real nice guy. but not nearly as nice with the ladies. and he shouldn’t be. niceness is not how you deal with women.

but i would LOVE to see him find a GOOD woman and get married and have many beautiful white children, simply because he would clearly make a GREAT father. and he is handsome and smart and charming and his children would be too.  but if he, who can have any woman he wants, can’t find a good woman, that is discouraging.

and he has medium and long term GFs as well as banging sluts. he was with some gurl for 2 years and i thought he might marry her but then that ended, she moved across the country, got an ambitious career, got married to some other guy. im not sure who dumped who there. with him its hard to tell because he has the power to get bored with women and has dumped his fair share of women.

there was a qt 24 year old woman at our table, i couldnt tell if she was dating this total niceguy beta who was sitting next to her. he seemed like a truly nice guy, and not in the bad way, but i knew this would be big trouble for their rel, if they indeed had a rel, because he was clearly not exerting ANY dominance over her. he was WAY too nice and sweet and meek to have a young qt GF. maybe a fat ugly slob.

now this gurl didnt seem like a huge whore. no tattoos, not obnoxious, not bitchy, not dressed like a whore. probably n<15 hahahahaha. maybe even <10 hahahaha.

yet my first thought was, wow, this guy is going to get eaten alive by her, even if she’s a decent woman, AND my charming alpha chad friend would be able to totally steal her from him if he wanted. then he would bang her 50 times and get bored with her and dump her hahahaha.

but overall the wedding was nice and good and fun, i am just making observations of people i like and respect and should try to hang out with more.

i had a hard time being witty because i have no sense of humor that doesnt involve gassing kykes and bullwhipping blacks and enslaving women and hwyte sharia raep gangs and women being awful rats, and really this type of humor understandably comes off as bitter and creepy to normies.

i took a valium before going to the church, and then a second valium while about 90 minutes into the reception. it worked all right.

a big win for me was when i went to the pub with a guy in between the wedding and reception and essentially just had a conversation with him for an hour one on one. now he did 80% of the talking at my probing questions about his exciting, top tier, alpha male, elite ubermensch career job where he has to be making at least 80k a year if not 100k and has ridiculous benefits. funny that you have to be in the top 5% elite for the company to Take Good Care of its employees in terms of health care, work life balance, time off, sick days, retirement, etc. that is a world i will never know.

but he is a really smart guy. but also insanely leftist. ive mentioned him before hahahaha.

what i learned is that i may not disagree with him so much on the idea that income inequality is a little ridiculous, and that real life global capitalism leads to wealth filtering up and up rather than benefitting society as a whole. we would just disagree on methods of “redistributing” income/profits and of course on race.  he would be like a bernie sanders socialist and i would be a histerian racial volkisch state nationalist socialist hehehehe.

but he knows his stuff really well on Econ and Statistics, which I appreciate. I mean I liked muh econ classes too. he just did a much more business major and is able to use his econ and stats and marketing knowledge on a daily basis as part of his career. i cant even explain a bell curve to a normie. but he sure can hahaha. in fact that was a topic we discussed.

so yeah that was a big achievement. just an hourlong conversation with a guy in a pub. i was started to get a little tired near the end of that though, even though i only did 15% of the talking. shit just LISTENING is pretty exhausting hahaha.

then at the reception i was able to Crowdsource all those social interactions and conversations, where basically all conversation is short term brief witty exchanges with the person next to. i have a hard time being witty to. So I am just Nice instead and laugh at their jokes and make lame follow ups on their jokes.

but at least i am fairly confident the people fairly like me and dont scorn me like when i scorn women in the abstract. shit when i meet women in real life im not scornful to them. shit probably if i WERE, they would be more secsy to me. you have to do it in the right way, not in a butthurt bitter way. ive seen people make that mistake too.

also my other big win was dancing at the wedding. i really dont dislike dancing that much even though i cant do it, i just go up and make a fool of myself with autistic, virginal spazzing.

but honestly people dont care, theyre not judging you on how shitty you are dancing, if anything, they’re really happy that other people are out there with them.

i guess i started doing this when i was a young man getting RAGING DRUNK at college parties, and the drunkenness helped. unfortunately i didnt do Dance Parties ENOUGH to actually get action out of them with muh drunken dancing.

the actual good news is that i can still be bold enough to do ridiculous dancing WITHOUT drinking. valium prob wouldnt hurt tho hahaha. i did take some valium.

actually got invited to a function tonight which i quickly agreed to going to. i will bring 10 dollars worth of beer for the others to hopefully drink.

went to store and got a bar of dr bronners natural vegan organic castile soap. i avoided it last week because dr bronner is an admitted joo. and there is super hippie “branding” on their label. but aesthetically i liked the label. and i liked the list of ingredients better than the j r watkins soap i got last time. i just got a small one. there were larger ones of the bronners i might get after i finish the other ones. obv i will use the larger watkins and the smaller bronners i have now. just saying i have a better feeling about the bronners. even though bronners is jooish as FOOK.

but he seems like a hippie dippie kind of hippie who is serious about using purely natural ingredients, which is exactly what i want in muh soap. unless those are all jooish lies. i mean the only way this could be a jooish scam is if the dr bronners soap is basically the same thing as dial.

should read some reviews. but they had good scents like lavender, tea tree, rose, peppermint. i got the tea tree.

check the amazon reviews. this is a large bottle of the liquid version. i just got a small bar.

amazon reviews seem pretty good.

july 10

tried the dr bronners joo soap and was very impressed. will buy again. just wish it wasnt so jooish.

but i kinda like “socially responsible” companies up to the point that they probably treat their employees well and dont try to screw their customers or employees. the hiring women and nonwhites, thats just stupid tho.  but if you can be successful enough to be a successful company, and then make a point about not maximizing jooish greed, thats good.

of course, companies like this are impossible to get a job with unless you have the most impressive of resumes with top college, extracurriculars, internships.

nobody ever told me that extracurriculars are even MORE important in COLLEGE than they were in HIGH SCHOOL!

in high school i knew i HAD to do a minimum of extracurriculars to get into college and to get into National Honor Society. those things were never questioned and i didnt really protest too much.

but once i got to college i never realized you HAD to do even MORE extracurriculars to get a JOB or grad skool.

how was i so stupid, naive, and immature not to realize that? because i was young, dumb, and full of jizz, and a young, dumb, stupid, naive, immature 18-21 year old!

also used the dr bronners soap on hair as i am now using Natural Soap as a Shampoo and staying away from jooish chemicoshampoos and sticking only to jooish natural soaps hahahaha.

i strongly recommend buying semi fancy “organic” or “natural” soaps as opposed to the more mainstream soaps.

this reichsmark is awesome. so glad i bought that. so worth it. i might buy a 5 reichsmark which has a higher silver content at 90% but it is at least 25 dollars if not 30. would just as rather buy an official currency coin (with silver of course) of poland. cuz i like poland and have blood there. but i also like AH and AH’s germany and wish they got along better with the poles. ideally a polish german reich would have been awesome. god damn that would have been great. so who was the asshole there. germany or poland. 625/690 pages into MK and he still hasnt talked at length about poland. he talks about how france is germanys natural enemy but hasnt said a damn thing about poland.

well even more ideally, a german polish russian block to fight against the degenerate globalised jooified west. but of course much of the east was jooified with gommunism for a very long time.

you can get jooed with jooish global capitalism or jooish global gommunism. your choice goy. actually not your choice at all.

i would recommend something more like a nonjooish, totally hwyte form of capitalism, where all employees were paid good wages, good benefits, and given a chance to buy ownership in the company, and as little was done “globally” as possible.





it is time that i start looking at old DS articles from 2013 and 2014. he started DS july 4, 2013, 4 years ago today.  i should also start looking up his total fascism articles.

the best of these articles should be read by men with decent voices and made into youtbe vidyas and downloadable mp3s that you can listen to anywhere. i should make some if i didnt want to get voice doxed.

july 4 2017

yeager interview with anglin, jan 2014, talks about secsual promiscuity hehe

yeager interview with anglin from july 2013 when he was staying in greece and starting DS and observing golden dawn

oct 2016 interview with anglin done by either yeager or john friend

how have i not listened to any of these hehehe


anglin promotes this channel where the guy does readings of articles, this one is a recent heartiste article

there is an adolfcoin hahahaha

another one of these hehehehe

ok went to store on 4th of july, kinda degenerate to do that, but wanted to buy some stuff to show gratitude to friend who invited me to holiday Cookout.  i said GOD HAVE MERCY on the poor white people that had to WORK at the GROCERY STORE on this day that probably werent getting paid any overtime or premium or anything.

well, these people are in a union i think. well hopefully their union has done them some good and havent been turned into bloated jooish bullshit working only for the bloated jooish union higher ups, but for the actual working people.

cream filled tim hortons donut really is “ONLY” 220 calories hehehehe i htought it would be 300 at least

ok went out into beautiful sun for about 45 minutes of straight sun on the bare chest. soaking up 14880000000 IUs of vitamin muh D. i havent really done this in years but i strongly recommend it. really taking your shirt off and getting as much skin as possible. now obviously this is hard for people who dont have a lot of privacy. i just do in the backyard and i have done in in the public park as well. i was able to get decent privacy there, but i prefer doing it at home in back yard. most people dont have that hwyte PRIVILEGE.  and i certainly wouldnt recommend it to WOMEN, baring their bodies in front of the whole world.

yeah well women could wear sleeveless shirts, not like they dont anyway!

but a woman going out in a tiny bathing suit to Sun Bathe? I dunno, i dont think they should do that in public. unless they want to be called a slut.

i dunno what to fookin tell you. men and women are different. why would you WANT them to be the same. men exposing their bare chests in public is not NEARLY as DISRUPTIVE, DISTRACTING, DRAMATIC, and DESTRUCTIVE as women exposing their chests in public. DEAL WITH IT.

oh dear god

View story at

worst article ever, by self hating hwyte lezbo

oh yeah i should link more to this. weevs classic thread where he discusses his R.A.C.E. method where you can turn normies into 1433 race warriors with a simple 1 minute conversation hahaha.

july 5

david duke book received hehehe. nice. maybe i should have went for the revised edition, but that would have been at least 10 dollars more.

hehehehe i just thought….well maybe MA is the better book than MK….but is it really necessary? meaning, there are TONS of regular avg hwyte people out there who believe RACE EXISTS and RACE MATTERS. ANY hwyte person who has noticed that Blacks Act Different would qualify as a Race Aware person.

but i’m oversimplifying. some of these people CERTAINLY dont make the connection to the J’s, or they think that J’s are white, or they just havent thought about j’s at ALL, which is EXACTLY WHAT THE J WANTS!!!!!!

oh they’re just white people with a DIFFERENT RELIGION. like orthodox greeks with big beards.

but seriously look up weevs RACE tactic in that MPC thread and study the screenshots he gave of his conversations.

BUTTTTT I would caution that you might have different results than WEEV because weev is a CELEBRITY with FANS and when he tells them to watch a video and think about something seriously, the person will DO it. and not just blow him off as a crazy racist.


since weev is known as a huge racist from the outset, anyone agreeing to a conversation with him MUST be there in good faith.

the point is, racists were always racists and antiwhites were always antiwhites. theres really no changing anyones minds, except maybe in making somebody a more sophisticated racist.

well, again thats oversimplifying! if being a more sophisticated racist means that you CHANGE YOUR MIND on the JQ to “theyre hwyte just like us” to “theyre NOT HWYTE” uh yeah thats a BIG goddamn deal. YUGE. and that is totally worth it.

so you wont change your mind much on blacks. big deal. you will see how the jooz have USED blacks.

i wonder if hwytes ever LIVED around jooz, they way they LIVED around blacks, would hwytes be more race aware of jooz. maybe. like people in j00 york who would see groups of alien looking hasidic jooz or something. did that ever redpill anyone?

but in Noncoastal areas, many hwytes go their whole LIVES without meeting a J. i never met a joo until i was 18-19 and went to a very middle-class jooish uni. if i hadnt did that, i may have never met a single joo.

also i never socially interacted with any adult joos. the only joos i really talked to were immature kids like me. i didnt see any full grown joos in their full power level, well apart from muh professors.  and over half muh professors were nonjooish plus i thought there wasnt necess anything “jooish” about Kewl Intellectual Leftists. that that was more of a College Professor PhD thing than a Jooish thing. PLus I LIKED it. i LIKED the Radical Leftist Intellectual Professors. because they were popular and powerful and respected and women wanted them.

so maybe race all IS a social construct and ive picked the wrong horse. but if thats the case, then we still have to sacrifice our lives to help “level the playing field” in future generations. and THATS a whole nother story. even if i believed race or sex was a social construct, i still don’t think id be willing to do THAT.

besides, i thought i had BETTER ideas that would work QUICKER towards fixing race problems. like sterilizing black criminals, or paying a bonus to blacks to get sterilized, or having Workfare Not Welfare, or sending blacks into the military at age 16, or having swift capital punishment instead of years of prison, or having vastly different types of schools for blacks vs whites, or just having things be more like pre-“civil rights” 1950s, when blacks were HAPPIER AND more productive. less savage, less criminal.

or better yet, not accepting any black slaves into this country EVER. sending those jooboats away saying NOPE NOT INTERESTED YOU CAN HAVE EM.

but yeah in much of the US at least, blacks are how most people learn about race. i suppose in some areas now, it could be browns. latinxs and arabs. fine whatever. just for me it was blacks. and to a lesser extent arabs. really whatever the main nonwhite groups in your area happen to be! i never had the privilege of observing many mexicans and i tell you hwat, im not really interested either hahahahahaha.

now this is rambling.

basically im interested in how do you turn a young marxist college kid into a hardcore vvn?

i sort of did, but that just proved i wasnt into the marxist stuff for real, and i admitted that long ago. i was just trying to go along with the crowd, be “normal”, make friends, and esp meet gurls. and it was seen as DUMB and IGNORANT to be a RACIST. as i child i grew up in a blacker area than most of the kids at uni. i should have doubled down on that. and been like, you privileged rich soft bourgie phaggots never had to LIVE around blacks. you dont know what ANIMALS they are.

and then I was super weak. i was like, maybe i shouldnt believe my lying eyes. because we are uneducated working class and these people are educated middle class, so they know something i dont. namely, that its Systemic Racism that created Social Systems that TURNED blacks into the savage animals we didn’t want to live around! They were the way they were not through any fault of their own……..but the fault of RACIST WHITES who saw them as INFERIOR!!!!!

i wish i had just said, fook you you joos, have you ever had to live around these animals? but i was THAT desperate for friends and gurls.

well i ended up making friends but never did too well with the women. i got to bang a leftist slut though hahahahaha. come to think of it, she prob wasnt as leftist as some.

and ultimately my friends didnt care that i wasnt really a hardcore leftist.

so really all it takes is good faith, some courage, and honesty to become a racist.

but i never had much COURAGE. if i were SUCCESSFUL, then it would have taken REAL courage to accept something that could COST me my success. but since i was never successful, i didnt have anything to LOSE by coming out as a racist. so maybe i wasnt courageous hahaha.

well so be it, but at least i was honest. and good faith. hahaha. that counts for something.

this one successful middle class intellectual guy i want to “convert”….i’m NEVER gonna convert him. he would LITERALLY need to be MUGGED by nonwhites ON A REGULAR BASIS to have his mind changed. or living in a multicultural AND working class area.

NOT a multicultural and middle class area where all the nonwhites act like swpl white antiwhites!

i never lived in a real city though. i only have muh ideas about what its like to live in brooklyn. i imagine something horrible like in lena dumpham’s “gurls.” how working class is brooklyn? how middle class? well i think the truth is, brooklyn is so big, there are middle class neighborhoods as well as workign class neighborhoods, and youd be more likely to be redpilled in the latter of course.

i really dont care since i dont want to live in brooklyn, i dont want to live in a city, i have passed that age.

so youre supposed to find your wife in the city, then move out by 25 and start raising your family?

well shit its better than at 30! or 35!

yeah the anglin and carolyn yeager january 2014 interview is very good. he had a good microphone here and sounds very clear. great.

great thread



This guy just knows how to distill pure truths into words.
This fact is something every man needs to remind himself of constantly while interacting with women.

Ever wonder why “creepy” is their favourite, go to, shaming accusation. It’s projection. Women are the creepy ones. Not men. By a decent margin. Their sexual needs are focused around some pretty rapey shit.


yep they are not wrong.

you would probably learn this by banging more than 5 women in your life or having ruff secs with a woman or even just dating a woman for more than 6 months and getting past the honeymoon period and she lets the mask slip and you see what savages women are and just want to be dominated. but that is hard because it requires the women to luv you enough to stay with you for 6 months which requires some Winnerness on your part, and we certainly do not know that feel!

ANOTHER QUOTE from another DS thread, the MJ one i linked before:

I saw a lot of pot in early adulthood and I despise it.

No one indoctrinated me with these opinions, I’m no self-righteous puritan, and these things are observations, not personal attacks. I concluded these things based on astute experiences with long term users.

I found dope-smokers, generally, to be a painfully uninspiring, slow-witted, apathetic bunch of burnout losers stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence. I am yet to meet these high-functioning, unusually creative surgeons, lawyers, and air-traffic controllers who light up a joint at the end of the day.

If they do exist then they are succeeding in spite of, not because of, marijuana.

At worst it is a brain-damaging drug with irreversible effects, and at best it is completely unnecessary indulgence, even in moderation. So I do not see why some people would defend it so fervently.

I think I’d rather be a recovering heroine addict than a brain-damaged pot head. I hear the effects of heroine use are reversible and indeed I once met an ex-user who turned his life around, later graduated college and got a stable career.

The dope smokers I know of seem to stay dumb forever, and 10 years on they are still in the same place. It’s pathetic.

That is why I despise marijuana.

j00z are the ones who push it, just watch that niche genre of teen “comedies” featuring dope:  en.m.wikipedia.org1

You can even listen to Richard Nixon complaining about j00z pushing it as far back as the Nixon tapes.


yeah i hear ya buddy. i wish i didnt want it.

maybe if i went and bought 100 dollars of MJ right now and got blazed, i would probably get paranoid and anxious AF and start freaking out about being a huge loser and be like WHY THE HELL DID I DO THIS? I CANT BELIEVE I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. THIS IS HORRIBLE. WHY DID I BUY THIS GARBAGE. THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL.

and then after that initial rush you get chilled out and relaxed and sleep well and then THATS what im chasing after.


july 6

welp got a little more sun today, vitamin d. can you still get vitamin d if you go outside at 7 pm and its still nice and bright?

welp at least i got way under the calorie goal for today. main thing was skipping lunch. basically if you want to be a decent weight and not an obese fatass, you can “only” eat two meals a day. not three. and not super large meals. one large meal, and one snack. two medium meals and no snacks hahaha.

saw 42 year old woman today with a masters degree that i was very attracted to and wanted to bang. it is nice to know women can be 42 years old and still that attractive. well, i did see a 55 year old woman the other week who was very attractive, and i still cant believe how OLD she is.

but i wonder if these women would be just as entitled as 20 year old women hahaha. like now that im a MATURE WOMAN, i know what i want, and that’s a mature man who makes 150k a year hahahaha.

so in other words, i’m not making it any easier on myself by “relaxing my standards” here. im not really relaxing anything!

would i MARRY the 42 year old woman? i mean i would def bang her many times. i wouldnt want to really MARRY her because i would want a woman who could have children. also i know this woman already has at least one child who is a “teenager.”

but i didnt see a ring on her finger and i would totally bang the shit out of her nice big 42 year old ass.

but she is 6000000000 times more successful than me and im sure doesnt like to associate with underachieving men. she also seemed rather bitchy.

oh well just nice to see a real life woman to be able to use for the spank bank hahahahaha.

if she were a hooker i would totally pay 300 dollars to bang her.

ooooh heres a first. ill never have to worry about this but i would try not to DESTROY the woman. probably because i would fear she would go PSYCHO and STALK me hahahaha.

so youre saying that that woman thought i was too much of a weak pussy to STALK her hahahaha ????

i mean im pretty sure she had had creepy guys messaging her before. but i think her main way of “Dealing” with it was jsut ignoring it. and honestly none of the guys WAS psycho enough to actually KEEP stalking her. like, nobody showed up at her house, or nobody kept makign new emails and facebooks to message her, or new phone numbers.

i guess you could mail letters USPS hahahaha.

you cant get a tan after 4pm hahaha

cant be done

you SHOULDNT like women. its not NATURAL to LIKE women. you SHOULD kinda hate them. i mean dont make it your whole life to hate women with the fury of 1433 suns, but you damn sure shouldnt LIKE them, because there’s not much REALLY worth liking! they’re bitches who act like retarded children and who are never fair to you and they dont like you and you’re not allowed to get angry at them for it because its totally NATURAL. this is what NATURE intended.

so then it follows that nature intended us for damn sure not to blatantly LIKE women. its STUPID to like women!

further proof i’m right: women don’t like men who like them too much! in general, the less you like a woman, the more she likes you….and the more you like her, the less she likes you!

i mean, theyre immature, theyre like children, they’re sluts, they have no loyalty to anything but brute animal strength, not even RACE. its hard to like someone whos not loyal to their RACE. its not their FAULT – this is just the way nature intended them – and while you cant get MAD at nature, you sure as FOOK dont have to LIKE it!

just because you ACCEPT it doesnt mean you have ot LIKE it!

i dont LIKE nature!

well, thats only half true. i dont like the way nature designed women, but i do like most other parts of nature. like how nature designed the white race, how nature designed men, thats all pretty good, and also women physically are all right.

but yeah you HAVE to be crazy to want women because you can easily see that logically, rationally, they’re horrible!

so the fact that you have ANY desire for them, thats NATURE telling you to reproduce with women! that you have any INTEREST in something so stupid and annoying and hazardous!

they dont like you! you dont have to like them!

yep wish i knew this when i was 24 like this guy. now im taking advice on life and wimmin from a 24 year old kid haha. because hes right.

theres literally no need to get your news and entertainment and discussion and socializing anywhere else but the DS. its LITERALLY a ONE STOP SHOP.

i should buy his book too. if you want to read a “game” or “manosphere” blog that is all about Dealing With Women, this one and Heartiste are probably all you need. and i need more nitty gritty details of how to deal with real women. more case studies and field reports. more if she does this, then you do that.



What I think most men, certainly all Blue Pill men, miss is that the ultimate form of vulnerability a man can engage in is ‘catching feelings’ for, or emotionally investing himself in, any particular woman. And this is especially so if that man’s Blue Pill conditioning makes him oblivious to the risks of that vulnerability.

Nothing leaves a man more vulnerable in life, love, family, career, finances and really power over the direction of his life than to invest himself in a woman. The very act, the very thought, of surrendering his life’s imperative to the trust that a woman wont exercise the unimaginable control and potential for damage she has in his life is a vulnerability no woman will ever recognize or acknowledge; nor will the sacrifices that come from this vulnerability ever be something she has a capacity to appreciate.


now he is not a 1433 VVN and i dont know his opinion on race….but his stuff on women is solid and WILL HELP race awakened hwyte men deal with white women. he will help us achieve our goal of the 14 words whether he likes it or not.

What is a Family Alpha?

this could potentially be interesting. hadnt heard of this guy. he is big into male female differences AND into the end goal of having a wife and especially children. a man who appreciates being a father and how to be a good father with these horrible modern women.

again he is not a vvn but his advice could potentially HELP vvns. because remember, the whyte women we hwyte men need to have hwyte children dont really GIVE a damn about race. they are basically born race traitors! its not their JOB to care about race, thats mens job!

being hwyte means NOTHING to women! shit its almost like they ARENT hwyte! i mean honestly, they do have the worst traits of blax and joos. bad news. i mean shit. hwyte women honestly really arent GOOD enough to be hwyte. shit. START ACTING LIKE IT.  but they dont, and they wont, because nature doesnt demand it. so we cant get mad at them when we dont.

we can’t get mad, but god damn do we not HAVE to LIKE it!!!!!!



july 2 2017

ok gotta stop this impulse buying. spend 26 dollars buying david duke book. 16 dollars on rockwell book. 11 dollars on a NAZI REICHSMARK. hahaha. yeah but i honestly think all those things were worth it.

would showing the reichsmark to someone prove that i am a true 14 words guy and not a FED?

hey I am willing to submit to a 15 minute interview. i am confident i can prove im not a fed. not at all confident that i could prove myself as a valuable member of an organization though. youre not good enough to join us, but we will take your money hahaha.

hehe. prob better than NOT being good enough for them to even take your money!

which i guess is essentially what women do when they dump/reject you haha.

who cares, all women are whores hahahaha. except for the ones who havent become whores yet. got married young and never got a high N. good for them. sure they “prostitute” themselves in a different way, but not a BAD way. that i don’t even want to use a negative word to describe it. they are doing WHAT NATURE INTENDED. an equal exchange of their childbearing and child raising skills for the protection and security and resources given willingly by her husband. no problem. that is the balance of nature hahahahaha. no complaints from me on that.

helped neighbor with some of their yard work. hard working white man. total respect. man and wife. good white people. they have a child who is like 20 years old and disabled living with them. so sad. i dont know HOW disabled. i guess they are kinda mentally disabled as well. like retarded. i dont think its like down syndrome because i have literally NEVER SEEN this person. can they even MOVE? i think there IS some physical disability there as well. so sad. i say you should bring your disabled child out no matter how fooked up they are.

im not sure if these people should be euthanized. certainly not at 20 years of age!

but i wish these nice white people had had at least ONE child who wasnt completely…..disabled. because they have good genes and i want them to have a healthy child who will give them grandchildren, which will OBVIOUSLY never happen with their current and only child.

lets say the child is a woman. i thought it would be a ridiculous Story Idea if a Huge Loser like me got an Arranged Marriage to a Severely, Extremely Disabled young white woman. she could still get pregnant and produce white children, but she is basically at the mental level of a 2 year old. and will probably not live much past 40. and will require 24 hour Daily In Home Care. eating, going to the bathroom, moving around. can’t talk to them. what the hell goes through these poor peoples minds.

but yeah. im just throwing this out there as a Story Idea, as someone who used to write ridiculous short stories. and this would definitely qualify! i’m not saying I ACTUALLY WANT to arrange a marriage with the young disabled girl, or that it even IS a female! this is all hypothetical. just saying, not-hypothetically, that My own Mate Value is about as low as that of a SEVERELY mentally AND physically disabled woman.

ok i should go for powerwalk now. beautiful day here. when you start thinking negative thoughts and writing them, STOP STOP STOP!!!! and do some sort of exercise. pushups, situps, Burpees, and powerwalking.

I did some physical lifting earlier as part of the yardwork, which also counted as a Good Deed to a Fellow White, so that was a win win.



Charlemagne2d BeanerWall
It should be illegal for women to drink alcohol or be in bars generally. We don’t allow children in bars; nor should we allow women.



mike enoch DOES give great speeches. could totally be used on normies or people in the fence. anyone of good faith. he gets right to the meat of the matter in ways that matter in 2017.

still want him to do a 23 and me and have a Pinned Announcement about whats happening with his wife. but damn he gives a good speech and we really need that. semi public speeches and events.

dear lord hehehe

azzmador tells the story of him working in a Porn Shop in the late 80s and how it was filled with gays cruising for gay secs with 10000000s of men

i never really thought about this. that a “straight” porn shop would be a hive for gay men having gay secs in the peep booths.

i actually went to a porn shop in 2014. we were making a long road journey and there were occaisionally these porn shops every so often, i assume to cater to truckers. we decided to go into one just because it was ridiculous. i knew at that time that porn was jooish filth, but i hadn’t fully stopped using it yet. i was close though!

it was just kinda said. just us 2 guys and a fat, lonely, 30 year old virgin white man clerk. store was filled with standard jooish porn dvds. dont think there were any peep booths.  at that point i basically used porn to jerk off quickly a couple times a week. or to force myself not to think of real life women i Could Never Have. not too long after I came to the conclusion, i dont need this garbage at ALL.

anyway azzmador should read his article in his great voice.

he needs a woman to validate him and he does not like being so weak and needy. well at least he recognizes the problem. you already know the answer. lift and become a confident winner.

also he probably has had too much secs and does not appreciate what it is. i could see feeling bad if you hadnt even made out or cuddled with a grill in 10 years HAHAHAHAHA. but no SECS for 2 MONTHS? methinks youre desensitizes to secs and SHOULD be celibate for a while!

welp he seems like a good young man, at least he is in college doing a stem degree. it is weird that he approaches a lot of women yet still gets rejected all the time. im thinking he is autistic and comes across as a weirdo and thats why he cant get laid with even easy english sluts.

its his attitude. and having that right confident attitude is SO HARD. you can basically be a winner in life, like this kid is, but if you dont have the attitude, you wont get any. and he is a bit angry and sad about his GF leaving him. and so he probably comes across as worried and stressed , and for good reason, because he is worried and stressed, but that also means he will not get any from sluts or even good gurls until he stops being worried and stressed.

there are a couple guys on DS who have been celibate for 5 years. 7 years. damn. i would be the longest at 13 years hahahaha. thing is, i would bang a dirty slut so long as she was white, young, and 6.6/10. but thats a lot to ask! it really is!

this is where arranged marriages start looking good for men too and not just women. i really think its unhealthy for men to go their most Libidinous years, like lets just say 16 to 21, without any kind of Satisfaction. they’re thinking about women all the time, then let them have a woman. and any real woman, even a slut or a hooker, is better than porn.  since i’m not sure how sluts and hookers could exist in a Moral Society, then lets just have everyone do arranged marriages at a young age.

if the man turns out to be a dud by age 22 or so, the woman could be remarried to a 22 year old man whos WIFE turned out to be a dud.

like some guys, even though they are getting attention from their wife, are still gonna be losers and deadbeats. blow off their work so they can go drinking and drugging and gambling. but its not because they cant HANDLE their WORK. they just dont WANT to go.

its really a horrible feeling when you feel you cant HANDLE your daily work.

so. get down to a good weight, then buy some clothes that you like that fit your new thin body well. then the moment those clothes start getting tight, thats your signal to SLOW DOWN.

esp regarding your waist and thighs and Love Handles hahahaha

its just super frustrating and sad that there used to be a qt, young, low number, no children woman who held me in high regard and would have been a good GF. but i pushed her away by being too weak and omega and needy and pvssy. she wasnt some worthless slut. and now she is gone because i screwed up.

yeah well she screwed up too. but the diff between men and women is that women will blame men for somethign that isnt the mans fault…..and men will take the blame for something that isnt their fault! and woman will accept no blame for things they did wrong. ITS ALWAYS THE MANS FAULT. ALWAYS ALL HIS FAULT.

this just happened and is pretty insane, no? good thing i hit that ace on the river! but what are the odds you have AA, KK, AND QQ in the same hand? i dont think ive ever seen that.

but yeah. it sucks to have a good woman, then lose her, then be lonely af and just wishing you could bang a dirty skanky slut once in a while, but you cant even do THAT, but once, not too long ago, you had a GOOD woman, that you lost because you were too much of a weak unmasculine loser, and now other men get to enjoy her. blacks too. and you will never have another woman that high quality ever again. you cant even pull plenty of fish single mom mudshark trash. and she was 6000000 times better than that!

she was a big part of my life and meant a lot to me. FACT. it doesnt matter i wasnt the same to her. well i know i was at one time. but then she started pulling away and i didnt want to believe it. and i also couldnt believe she could just shut down so completely.

but fact is, end of the day, i lost someone who was very important to me, in a way that was in some ways worse than a DEATH, so YEAH, thats gonna HURT A LOT and it will TOTALLY take TWO or THREE YEARS to get over.  as long as i dont become a huge fatass, or drunk, or opioid addict, then thats all you can ask of me hahahaha.

and indeed i am a healthy, sort of thin weight; not a drunk; not on any drugs. i just fantasize about MJ all the time, but never smoke it. i would smoke it though.

so the first MJ retail shops have opened recently, july 1, in nevada. now it takes a little while, like 6 months at LEAST, for things to move from state legalization, to damn actual shops you can walk in and buy. dont think they have these in california yet, but maybe jan 1 2018 they will. a full YEAR after legalization. i wonder if you can buy the shit off craigslist.

or maybe buy at the medical shops just at a higher price.

hahahahah hwo to read a boring book. i dislike that the boring book im thinking of is MK.

i already do the critiqueing the book while you read it. by saying, well, instead of rambling about this , he could be talking about tactics for getting the j’s out, or punishing racemixers, or creating jobs, or helping neets get jobs, or how to treat drunks and alcoholics, or why poles are not as bad as joos, and how we can peacefully negotiate a border with poland, and try to nonviolently get poles out of german areas. how about divide the area in half and this is the german side and that is the polish side. talk about how a young man can make 26k reichsmarks a year, get a wife whos taken less than 20 dicks, and have a good marriage. living in a world with no feminism, no blacks, no muslims, and the worst degeneracy is legal hookers and some jooish plays and whites who dont speak your language. its not really a world we can relate to in our SUPER jooified world of today. like i say, AH would have gone CRAZY in todays world, prob would have SNAPPED before he accomplished anything. any of the young white men who have SNAPPED in the modern world could have become AH’s back then. in better times.

well i guess this trade union chapter is ok, talks about some important stuff. like what kind of rel should there be between employer and employee. thats pretty important stuff.

july 3

ok actually got to go to job today, have super slow day, everyone took the day off except for me and 1 person. i could have probably taken the day off too but i dont get paid time off like the proper employees, so i would MUCH prefer to come in on the SLOWEST DAY EVER and get paid.

so i did that. literally did nothing but tried to move from google keep to evernote note keeping system. figuring out which one was better. converting my old notes to evernotes.

google keep….i dunno. it looks kind of neat and i like that its unlimited in space. its prob not as shitty as i think it is…..but i just want to know which one is BETTER. how many resources is google really putting into keep. are they sending their best to keep. meanwhile evernote is a Name, A Brand. but does that mean its better?

i tried microsoft onenote and I just didnt like it at all. so i had to decide between evernote and google keep.

and now i am using evernote. i kinda wanted to decide something by july 1. a new quarter. a new HALF of the year.

maybe if evernote ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, I can switch back to google keep on jan 1.

and i dont think it totally sucks. i know that much.

it was crucial for me to have separate notebooks. one for job, one for personal.  gkeep did not have that.

i mean the key thing is that you have many small notes and they are well organized and easily searchable.

heh. i hate to commit to evernote when then i get buyers remorse and decide i should have gone with google keep. this must be what women feel like when they have to choose a man. except i know that note taking apps arent as important and special as Human Beings.

anyway. came home and it was suepr bright and warm, beautiful, so went and sat in the sun in back yard on bare stomach. got shitloads of vitamin d im thinking. and slightly more sun on muh pasty stomach and chest. i dont like being super pasty during the summer. i dont want to get skin C but methinks if i just get a basic Sun Tan, not a BURN, during summer, that should be ok. it shows that i spend time outside and not inside all day like a neet virgin.

however i like when women are pale and tan, becuase it means they dont go tanning at the tanning booth like an idiot slut that wants to get skin C. they cant ever do it in moderation.  idiots. i h8 them so muchhhhh ahahahaha i just want that woman back wawawawaawawa i will never luv another woman like i luved that stupid mudshark white trash idiot gurl wawawawawawawa


tbh she was quite a fan of me before i started liking her. when we were Just Friends, she LOVED me. I was one of her favorite people. I’m not just making this up, its not just in my head. which is why it made it so hard to believe that she would Cut Me Off WITHOUT A WORD when I Told Her My Feeling Had Changed. I expected and felt somewhat entitled to a WORD at least.

i thought she would be like, welp, this is awkward now, sorry but i dont like you back, you’re not a bad guy or anything, but sorry.

and to get something like you opened up the ark of the covenant, i was not expecting that reaction.

oh well, that was TWO FOOKIN YEARS AGO now.

so close to being done with the worlds most boring book hahahahahahaha. no its not a bad book by any means. its just boring and long. and what i really want is something that i can spoon feed to normies and give them tiny samples of red pills.

its just gonna get worse. one of the guys shamed in the recent NYT article shaming men in tech for flirting with women in tech went and wrote a groveling, pathetic, im such a creep and im so sorry and to show it, im stepping down from my job article. whats even more pathetic are the comments. from women and ESPECIALLY men who talk and think like women.

some guy publicly groveling, begging for forgiveness and RESIGNING FROM HIS SUPER HIGH PAYING JOB FOR FLIRTING WITH AN UGLY (nonwhite) WOMEN!!

flogging himself and saying, see, i know why i was wrong, see, let me explain how and why i was wrong, i understand why i was wrong, i swear! i really dont hate women! i learned a valuable lesson about why what i did was wrong, and here it is!

its fooking disgusting. NEVER APOLOGIZE.

like trump you should say FOOK THESE FOOKING LIARS. journalists are a bunch of lying joos that should have gotten stuffed into garbage cans more in grade school.

andrew anglin is the most honest journalist alive. i hesitate to use the disparaging term of “journalist” to describe this great man!

he said he was gonna start encouraging more Stormer Boom Club activity and here he lays out some good ideas for that.

QUOTE from that thread

“There will be guys with girlfriends or wives, and guys without. The guys without presumably want girlfriends, or at least to meet girls.

The thing about women – and I’m going to write a guide about meeting women – is that they judge the worth of a man very much on how other men appear to be judging his worth. This is a scientific fact. So if you’ve got a crew of bros you’re rolling with, who appear to approve of you, you automatically have higher sexual marketplace value than a loner. Psychologically, this attractive to a woman because she knows if she is with you, she will also have access to the resources and physical strength of the other men. It also demonstrates that you are social, which women view as a positive trait.”

To add to this, this is why it is very important to be welcoming and jovial with all of the book club members. Even the obvious betas. Especially the obvious betas…you’re going to be cool with the alphas anyway, they don’t need help in this area. Help prop the betas up in the eyes of the women you meet. If you are an alpha chad, take one for the team and be a wingman, let the beta try for the hot girl and back him up. Act like you are socially supplicant to him. They need an injection of confidence, and the boost they will get from this will be massive.


thats what i would do if i were an alpha. i like helping fellow white men who arent as fortunate.

welp it just gets worse. ive thought of this concept but didnt know it actually had a name, and it probably didnt have a name until recently: RINSING. this is a “new” “fetish” where cuckold guys give skanks money for NOTHING. literally for NOTHING. that’s part of the fetish. that you are literally giving your money away to this slut to party it up and you will not receive ANY benefit from it, except for the cuckold satisfaction of being taken advantage of. MAYBE you get a message from the woman telling about how she used your money to go out and get fooked by blacks and pakis.

go join a stormer book club and donate some money to anglin.  and encourage him to do public events.



june 30 17

QUOTE from george video commenter

anon7 hours ago
No clear goals. No routine. Too much experimentation and vacilation. Too much idealism. Little pragmatism. All your basic needs are covered. The lack of a challenge to your mind and your body has left you bereft of the fight and the feelings that come with it, conditioned to fear the temporary sacrifice of soul-destroying comfort. Passively drifting back into the void with one hand on your dick and the other on a fork. Why fight? This is all for NOTHING, amirite? You are in America: you will not be around to defend this country, you most likely will always have clean water and easily accessible food, you will always have easily accessible entertainment. I hereby condemn you to a life of ennui and sedentarism-induced disease.

You have been given everything that your body could need. You drown in information. Yet you keep looking outside your body for that idea or object that will save you from having to accept the finiteness of your life, your talents, and your capabilities. “Better to feel despondent than to feel average,” “Better to be seen as a work in progress than to having to accept that this is the best I could do,” “Better to call myself depressed than not as good as I thought I would be,” “Better to use my parents as a crutch to not experience life independently than to having to take responsibility for my entire life,” “Better to minimize all aspects of life than risking finding out how much more complex and scary, and yet fulfilling, life can be,” “Better to listen to my own counsel than risking having my beliefs changed.”

You live in a shittiest kind of fear, the fear of facing the consequences of your words and actions, and you will continue being dead inside until your body is no more by repeating your same behaviors. Life is inherently pointless, cruel, unfair, and the majority of people on this planet put in more effort compared to what they get back, and the idea that one day it will end is comforting, but I need to remind you that as opposed to many of those people, you have chosen to make your life mostly terrible.

George, you are god damn self-advising, proud coward. We live in the country with the highest antidepressant intake and you still somehow believe it is embarrassing to talk about your problems with someone with the expertise or the right experiences. No mentors, no older friends, no therapists, no psychologists, an uninvolved father… just you advising yourself and taking what seems convenient from the internet, therefore no stigma in your mind. The “developed world” can be absolutely disgusting for those with limited social support. It is your biggest responsibility to rise above those poor fucks who refuse to spit out the kool-aid. Your biggest personal red pill will most likely be accepting that the internet was never a replacement for having a healthy social network and that it in fact caused you more harm by giving you the impression that all the knowledge you would gain from it would turn you into a balanced individual.

You keep repeating you are lazy when in reality procrastination and inaction are commonly rooted in anxiety. Write down your problems and start attacking them rationally and use your savings if necessary. What the fuck is the point of having an emergency fund if it is only sitting there? This is a call for help, one of a few already, to the f00king internet… What do you want the internet to do? Want me to go to your place, punch [George’s dad] in the face, give your mom an award for being hard-working and patient as f00k, and rescue you like a trapped princess?
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i normally dont like the critical hateful comments to george but this guy has a point. for george, for you and me.

tho i dont want to say george’s father is “uninvolved”, thats not fair. probably he just DOESNT KNOW WHAT TO DO about george. and neither does george!

hey well at least i go to a shrink once a month and take AD’s every day! 40 mg of citalopram.

i just sent a 1 feckin dollar “dnation” to georges btc address as kind of a TIP. like when you go to a restaurant you give them a tip. 1 dollar is muh standard tip for something that doesnt really have a common standard amount, like 20% tip at restaurant, 20% tip at barber, when in doubt i use 20% or 25% if feeling generous, which is often hahaha.

i dont see any other dnations in his wallet. either he changes the wallet or nobodies dnated. i kinda want to show him that somebody supports him, but i also wouldnt be surprised if he gets OFFENDED at the small amount.

so yeah i dont MEAN to insult george. but i mean shit. what if he sees that, thinks the whole world only thinks i am worth 1 dollar, now i should REALLY K myself, this PROVES it. because i think i am literally the only person who eer donated to his bitcoin. well unless he has used different wallets, which IS VERY possible. i mean you can use a diff wallet ID for EVERY transaction. that is very common.

ok he has used that same address in multiple videos and i am the first and only dnation oy vey

poor george. even just a good decent male friend would be very helpful to him. forget a decent woman.

if i lived near him i would attempt to be that guy. he sometimes speaks of some acquaintances he sometimes hangs out with, but they do honestly sound kinda lame, and he seems to recognize that.

when you find a real friend you really Click with and you have a mancrush on them, that is a wonderful thing. i am grateful its happened several times in my life. unfort is is not really happening at the moment. really i need to go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

and the same could be said of most good things in life.

fasting today, day off, decision: put butter in coffee, or whole milk. decided on the whole milk. 1 cup of milk mixed with large mug of coffee. then will “fast” until dinner which will prob be large af hahaha.

went to store and got some stuff for fam and self, including Twinkies Ice Cream. good lord hahahahahaha. will try not to go overboard with that.

it was sunny and warm so i said when i get home, i will go sit in the sun. so i did hat for 45 minutes, shirt off and all, hopefully got some good vitamin D.

back from that, doing laundry, drinking coffee, fasting, listening to easy listening music station.

tried to find some Natural Soap. I ended up getting this J R Watkins 97% natural soap body wash. could not find Organic Oatmeal soap.

i was gonna go with the dr bronners until i read the label and saw how proud he was to be JOOISH hahahahahaha.

there were still some weird ingredients in the jr watkins though. i just wanted to get something that was reasonably priced and then get the fook out of there. maybe i will try a more purely organic soap next time.

i want soething that is gentle enough to use on muh face. i have a special face wash which is pretty good but i dont like using that every single day!

had to go back to the store because i forgot to get some food items that were needed for tomorrow.

did that very quickly, came back home, did a brief powerwalk 1 time around the neighborhood. not as sunny but still very warm.

increasingly hungry from muh friday fast hahaha.

twinkies ice cream. limited time only hahahahaha. good lord.

heh. i forgot i signed up for the captioning service . basically “freelance” tasks that you can do and make a few dollary doos. like i signed up for mturk and actually made like 100 dollars with it last year…. but really its not worth the time you put it. you are getting paid like 2 dollars an hour at best. not sure how they get away with that hahaaha.

the captioning might pay relatively better than mturk. like 3 dollars an hour.

really its if i have a day off and feel guilty about being unproductive, i could do this for an hour and make a tiny bit of money from it.

ok earned 68 cents for 2 minutes of transcription which took more like 15 minutes trying to figure out what a Female Bogan was saying about australian social services organization. sounded like she fooked abos and buys petrol to huff from centrelink hahahahaha. and they think we seppos are bad.

ate some of the twinkies ice cream. it was good. “butter cream” ice cream with pieces of actual twinkie and a “frosting swirl.” the butter cream ice cream is great, the twinkies pieces are spongy and cold and not a great texture fit with the IC, and needs more of a frosting swirl. but this “butter cream”… that an actual IC flavor, or is it just bullshit. becuase isnt cream inherently buttery. either way its a good flavor.

1268 calories today. not bad. this is with fasting all day and pigging out with huge 1417 calorie dinner haha.

actually 1300 calorie dinner.

heh. posts from like 7-8 months ago where i just got muh new job, that was good. but i was still reading horrible REDDIT and getting TRIGGERED TO THE MOON by the worlds worst women and the supplicating omegas who supplicate to them. am i improving myself and my career enough to your liking, my princess? am i volunteering and seeing my therapist and life coach and working on my ISSUES enough for you, my darling? god damn.


sp4nk them, ground them, take away their phone!



go ahead, start chanting it until a group of men get fired up enough to actually DO it to their women!

but yeah im glad i stopped reading reddit. that shit wasnt helping me. it doesnt help the people who ASK for help there. because it goes against NATURE. and anyone who fights against NATURE will eventually be destroyed. Nature Always Wins. all of reddit needs to be thrown in the hottest part of the oven.

Women do not understand nature at all and eerything they say indicates this. they still operate according to the laws of nature, though.


if MK were written like THIS, it would be a MUCH better piece of propaganda.

propaganda does not imply lies or deception. its the joos, who through their deception, have given it that connotation. i mean, it CAN, but not NECESSARILY. you can TOTALLY have PROPAGANDA FOR THE TRUTH. and that’s what me and AH and anglin are doing hahaha.

just saying AH didnt do nearly as good job with that in MK as i hoped he would.

but it doesnt really matter, because look at his damn life and how he single handedly changed history. so what if he wrote a boring book.

but its just kinda weird considering he loved propaganda. i thought he would make better propaganda. but maybe he didnt consider MK to be propaganda. maybe he wanted it to be a long boring book that left important stuff out.

i just didnt want to be disappointed by the book. GLR LOVED the book! he couldnt stop reading it. it changed his life and made him into the GLR we know and love. he stayed up all night reading it, then when he finished, he went right back to the first page and read it again! i can only listen to the book in 10 minute chunks. and it takes at least 40 hours to read it that way.

ok went for powerwalk, trimmed beard, charging phone. saturday. got into a 2 person table and now its grown to 8. nice.

july 1 bought WP by GLR for 16.60 total. pullin the trigger. this I think is also a better written and more powerful and effective book than MK hehehe. something that might redpill normies in other words.

got from alibris for about 2 dollars cheaper than you could find on amazon. never forget to check alibris or abebooks if youre buying books.

sheeeeit i could have got it at barnes and noble for 15.95 hehehehe. SHAME ON ME!

prob be the last hwyte power racist book i get for a while hehehe.

i really should get some more books on fixing muh own female brain gone insane.jpg  hahahaha.

Image result for female brain gone insane


i guess the experience of reading MK has pushed me to buy what i consider to be better books – namely, my awakening and WP.

im not CRAPPING on AH. Just saying I was disappointed in THIS BOOK. he’s STILL the most important greatest man in history.

women have access to all sorts of interesting men. all across the gamut. rich men, poor men, interesting men, boring men, tall men, short men, white men, black men hahahaha. lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists, musicians, writers, poets, managers, executives, professors, chefs, entrepreneurs, politicians, men with top people skills, soldiers, military officers, police chiefs, powerful, influential, respected, somewhat famous men. huge winners as well as huge losers.

men dont NEARLY have the same access/supply/availability of women. you TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET. fatties. mudsharks. single moms. waitresses. nursing assistants. single moms over 30 who have taken over 30 cox. women with bad tattoos. women who have terrible people skills. women who dont know how to simply be nice, pleasant, and polite.

in short, the average woman has access to much BETTER men, than the average man has access to a lesser number, AND a MUCH lower QUALITY, of WOMEN.

yeah when you put it THAT way, you can start to be a bit butthurt about it, but its REALLY just a corrolary, a natural outcome of, WOMEN ARE THE SUPPLY, MEN ARE THE DEMAND. therefore women just have to sit there and be approached by men, including the best quality men. men have to FIGHT LIKE HELL just to get ANY woman, even a low quality one.



but im still kinda jelly of women that they have the option of meeting interesting Winners. If you want to improve your lot in life, it helps to hang out with winners. look at your friends. are they losers or winners.

its much easier for women to MEET WINNERS than men. i want to meet winners so one day i can become a winner.

its also very frustrating that woman have every chance to CHOOSE a WINNER, yet often they will choose a total loser – drugs, alcohol, crime, violent. you could have chosen a charming handsome masculine business executive making 200k a year! yet you chose a tattooed heroin addict! or a negro!

and im jelly because i dont have any friends, winners or losers hahahaha waawawawawawawa.

hey thats all on me. i admit thats my fault.

my one friend things are very tenuous and could go either way. he is potentially a bad influence due to a terrible alcohol problem. which has disgusted me therefore i dont make a huge effort with him. BUT when he chooses not to be a drunken degenerate, he is a good guy.

BUT i dont need to mansplain why if you want to be a winning hwyte man, you shouldnt hang out with drunken degenerates.

ive tried to sell him on the idea of porn being horrible. not sure if i made any progress but i tried hahahaha. and hes just like hell no im not gonna stop watching porn for a month, a mans gotta jerk off right? what the hell am i supposed to jerk off to, muh wife?

i mean the degen mindset goes SO FOOKING DEEP. its SAD and FRUSTRATING to see this in your friends.

i knew another guy who is a bigass winner in life, and this quality led him to move hundreds of miles away for an insanely good career job with a VERY well known company. he was a good influence to have BUT the drawback was, I always compared myself to him and felt like a huge loser, AND, probably the more real Actual Issue, was that he was a typical middle class shitlib who took every opportunity to educate whites about white privelege, structural racism, why affirmative action and reparations are necessary, why women and nonwhites are awesome, why white men are so fooking lame and bad, etc etc. so that was legitimately disgusting. but he was a decent white man, and it was FRUSTRATING that he couldnt be pulled away from his horrendous nytimes-reading antiwhite leftist marxist JOOISH BULLSHIT. i think the fact that he is a big winner at life kinda solidifies all this. like, im doing super well in life, so i MUST have the correct beliefs.

anyway all that is probably better than being a degen drunk.

well the leftist guy is a woman-loving feminist who wants to fight patriarchy and get more women in stem and business and everywhere, but he still watches porn. i guess i should have used that as my hook. youre such a huge feminist, yet……its kinda hypocritical the way you look at porn, or even have a healthy red blooded libido that makes you look at real life women as sex objects!

the porn is bad, the real life libido is GOOD and the hook I would hook onto to try to TURN him hehehehe. like good for you, you still have some real masculinity left, we can WORK with this! now lets apply that in all other areas of your life.

any rate he is a decent guy but because we were SO different we never became super close friends. also now he is 1000 miles away making 90k a year hahahaha. he will prob NEVER change his leftist ways unfort.

he is a big enough winner and masculine enough to pull a woman….but i think he is white knight enough to fall for a bad woman. that has happened before hehehe. so i hope he doesnt fall for a shitty woman, OR a nonwhite woman. and i dont think he’d have ANY problem with race mixing. which sucks hehehehe.

but yeah just like george, i really do need some more male friends ahhahaha. and not just acquaintances that i see every once in a while, but actual bona fide friends. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

i want a SMALL house, not a TINY house, but possibly a single wide trailer would be big enough, on a BIG piece of land, in a RURAL area. plenty of forests and shit. go out back to the forest near muh house and smoke MJ hahahaha. shoot guns. homeschool muh kids. drive 500 miles a day to get to muh jooish job in the diverse city. be too tired to manage my wife and kids. wife leaves me, takes kids, kids become mudsharks and degens and losers. i get muh land and house repo’d and die of drinking in a section 8 apt hahahahaha. the end. hows that for a hwyte pilling story.

i hate driving and cars, but hwytes basically NEED cars so they can live in the COUNTRY AWAY from DIVERSITY. and you have to have SOME money so you can afford the car and gas and COMMUTE UNGODLY TIME AND DISTANCE to WORK in the diverse shitty city.

solution is obviously to get a job in the country 1 mile from your home.


or get a work from home thing. that is more likely. more and more people are working from home and i see this only increasing. which is good for people like me who want to live in the middle of the BOONDOCKS.

anyway. i am kinda jelly of women who get to meet all these interesting men, then the women fook them, get bored of them, take them for granted, discard them.

shit i would be thankful to meet all these interesting people! to LEARN from them, to be a better, more successful, more interesting person myself! to learn more about engineering, law, working life, the decisions such and such a powerful person makes, etc.  i thought women were supposed to be all career oriented now. so is this your way of sampling as many careers as possible?

i mean women SHOULDNT be career oriented and they shouldnt be sampling a wide variety of ANYTHING. especially cox. or careers.



say it with me. one more time hahahaha.

so i guess houses with high ceilings stay cooler during the summer. like a house with 10 foot ceilings is way cooler than a house with 8 foot ceilings.

welp what about if you live in a colder area. do you want lower ceilings then?

i hate the cold winter and luv the warm summer. even if this is not implicitly hwyte hahaha. browns live in warm areas, hwytes live in cold areas.

well if i had to live in a cold area for a hwyte homeland, of course i would take it. i would maybe even live in the damn arctic for that.

there are nice small little houses for working class people near my area. problem is, these houses are in a TERRIBLY trashy part of town filled with hwyte heroin mudshark trash and a ton of violent blacks as well. its not as bad as living in the pure black ghetto…..but its still pretty bad. no way would i ever want to live there, let alone with wife and kids. the houses are great size, but the neighborhood is shitty and also the houses are CRAMMED next to each other. no land. just white trash and ghetto blacks living on top of each other. negros shooting their stolen guns and hitting people 3 houses down through the shitty walls.

when was the US military not jooed? obviously the US never should have joined ww2. what about ww1. was that necessary? PROBABLY NOT.

i mean all the wars and conflicts have been unneccessary. everything from at LEAST WW1 on. but this does not mean the military is unneccessary. just that its been used in a horribly jooish way. you might learn to be a man, but you have a very good chance of being sent off to die for the joos. huge gamble. prob not worth it hahahaha.

yeah but these terrible jooish wars allow many white engineers and white employees to make a good living in the Military Industrial Complex. building like tanks and MRAPs and planes and shit. BILLIONS of dollars there.

yeah well id be willing to give up those jobs if it meant no more jooish lies. i mean that is basically billions of tax dollars being stolen for jooish lies. so what if some whites make a decent living off it.


basically dump you, break your heart, start slutting it up with blacks, and disappoint you greatly. so just don’t like them in the first place. dont put the pvssy on a PEDESTAL!!! would someone worth LIKING do those stupid disappointing degen things?

anyway. so the us military probably ruins more lives than it saves. so i could not advise going into it unless you are absolutely hopeless at age 18. at age 18 i was not hopeless at all, i had a ton of potential hehehe.

i was wondering why the netherlands, the MJ capital of the world, does not produce REAMS OF RESEARCH every year on MJ. scientific, medical research done by tons of phds and mds. its a first world country filled with first world doctors.

people always say more research needs to be done on MJ. i fully agree. so why isnt that research coming out of the netherlands?

why isnt that research coming out of colorado or washington, who have prob even more phds and mds than the netherlands?

why isnt it coming from any of the medical MJ states, which there are many, and do medical MJ studies on patients approved for medical MJ?

in other words, MJ has been legal enough for long enough that we should have all the research and SCIENCE! that we need. so why hasnt this research happened?

the only answer I could think of was that SCIENCE!! requires lots of federal grants, and FEDGOV would not be springing to FUND studies on MJ.

well how about the states then? and why not netherlands? they have super high taxes.

also how much of Scientific or Medical research is dependent on federal (tax) money????

weev sez etherium is a jooish scam, its gonna crash, sell it all NOW hehehe. invest in TEZOS instead. i have never heard of tezos but chekcing it out now haha.

ok they are doing a crowdfunding right now which is NOT a sale or presale of ACTUAL COINS. and the minimum donation is .1, which is like 260 dollars. NOPE hahaha.

i would be interested in buying like 10 or 20 dollars of actual tezos coins but that is apparently not possible. and some jooish woman is the ceo of tezos hahaha. come on weev.

ok i dont know shes jooish but the name is breitmann and that is either german or jooish and i dont like women in tech, they are autistic whores.

SILVER 3RD REICH COINS hehehe. why have I not bought some of these.


ok i just bought this one for 11 bucks. for 5 grams of silver hahahahaha. .625 silver of an 8 gram coin.

hindenburg 2 reichsmark coin, 1937, with a hakenkreuz on the other side hehehe.

as far as being a good deal on the silver, its not at all. it is more a token hehehe. an actual 3rd reich coin from 1937 hehehehe. its probably not in the greatest condition.

Image result for 2 reichsmark

this is what it looks like. i guess its about the size of a quarter. fine.

i just hope its not in such bad condition you cant see the hakenkreuz or the word Deutsches Reich hahahahahah

then I can carry it around for good luck hehehehe

used the JR watkins body wash today. on face and scalp/hair as well. minimize the chemicalz in the head and shoulders shampoo. we will in time see if the “natural” soap is gentle enough on muh skin esp face.  and maybe miraculously muh hair will start growing in the bald spots because i stopped using head and shoulders. which makes you go bald hahahahaha. i didnt even use it every day. like once every 3 days.  no, honestly i think muh baldness is just bad luck and some sort of punishment for youthful degeneracy and sinfulness. fine. i deserve it. i’ll do my sentence. i just dont want the punishment to last THE REST OF MUH LIFE.

here something else i learned today:


Up for auction is a German Silver art bars. This is a 1 oz. German Silver bar with the Iron Cross design. German silver actually contains no elemental silver. German silver is an alloy made up of 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. It gets its name from its silvery appearance. German silver is extensively used because of its hardness, toughness, and resistance to corrosion for articles such as table wear, marine fittings, and plumbing fixtures. Because of its nigh electrical resistance it is used in heating coils. This unique item makes a great addition to any collection. This also makes a great gift .

These bars come individually packaged in their own plastic case. Their is a 15% restocking fee on all returns.

PLEASE note that german silver contains 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc only.



german silver. looks like silver i promise you. but no silver at all. they should call it jooish silver hahaha.

i get disconnected from network the second i win a big pot, so it makes it look like i am a hit and runner. what are the damn chances. i win a good pot hardly ever. but i do get disconnected all the damn time. so i guess the chances are good!


women in tech bitching about sexism oh god bless you anglin.

also anglins writing is at its peak here, and shows why he is one of the best living propagandists, his writing is more effective than MK, and he is my hero hahahaha.  one of the few people where i read his writing and shake my head in AMAZEMENT, that I can’t believe the POWER of what he’s saying and what the IMPACT could be if enough people in the right places with the right power heard them.

i imagine him speaking these words in a public event, which is what he SHOULD be doing.


great speech by mike enoch at texas is ours event. you can actually sort of hear what he is saying, and it is great. stuff like THIS could convert normies. and that is exactly what we need most. this is what anglin needs to do, because he is a good speaker too.

imho events and speeches are the best way to get propaganda across. AH was not wrong about that. enoch is a natural at it which is why i will not give up on him unless he blatantly BETRAYS the movement hal turner style. he was probably just like, wewlad, i hope i can just AVOID this whole situation abotu my wife being a half j00. (pretty sure she was just half joo. which still  sucks, but sucks half as less as a full joo hahaha.)

i mean its not like joos havent done some good things. but whites should not marry them or especially mate with them.

qualcomm atheros ar956x wireless driver. you have to download from a REAL shady unofficial site because qualcomm says you have to get them from the OEM.

installed the drivers thru device manager and it seemed to be stuck for 2 minutes installing….but then muh wireless is working again.

the true test is if it works CONSISTENTLY and i dont have to CONSTANTLY disabled and reenable it.