sat jan 13

june 9

actually took a bit of a powernap. it was nice.

but yeah. how can you just force your kids to go to military or FT job when they turn 18. i mean its a GREAT IDEA!!!!!! but what if they get REJECTED from the military or FT jobs? what if they go on interview after interview and never get hired? what if they get rejected from the military because they took prozac once or saw a shrink once?

then i guess it will be clear by age 18 that you have SRS ISSUES and will hopefully start seeing a shrink and getting Intense Treatment at age 18 and not a second later!


a shrink and meds can prob do more help at age 18 than they can at age 25 or older.

also might as well go to a hooker if you are still a hugless virgin.

do scary things that will help you be courageous in the long run. but dont do risky dangerous things like drugs or alcohol.

i guess going into the military is risky because you risk getting your face, legs blown off for isntreal, getting PTSD from seeing brown savagery and maybe even participating in it.

but then there are other stories of people sitting on their ass all day and not getting blown up by IEDs. if you can get one of those jobs, then sure go into the military.

i guess get a mentor who is no more than 5 to 10 years older than you, 7 years older than you, who is essentially living in the same world as you are, and can give you very realistic, very practical, very real world advice for succeeding in the real world in the current year. your family may mean well but they lived in a different time, a different world, and what worked for them wont work for you.

well unless they got masters degrees and make 80k a year and live in a 95 percentile superzip hahahahaha.

met this 30 year old woman the other day who was pretty in a traditional, nonwhorish, nonjooish, kinda mousey librarian way, in some ways SORTA looked like That Woman but i still felt good about knowing that this this new woman would be a MORE than suitable IMPROVEMENT over THAT woman….if this new woman were choosing to Be With Me and not Hoe Me Out.

But she is also married and has a baby. I saw the baby. it was a healthy white boy. i wasnt meeting this woman for the first time, i’d met her first about a month ago and instantly fell in luv with her hahahaha.

but she looked GREAT for 30 and i was a bit jelly of her husby and wished I could have met her first. but husband is more sucessful than me and she prob would have dumped me anyway for being a loser. but she prob would have been NICE about it hehehe. and been like sorry i dont mean to break your heart but youll find someone someday. im so sorry, your not a bad guy. im gonna go marry this more successful guy, give him children, and be a good wife and mother.  buh bye.

also when you are in the military you cant use drugs on your free time to blow off steam, because they give random drug tests and you will be fooked if you have drugs in your system. so your only choice is to drink, and many military people get drunk as shit and beat the shit out of people because their military sluts are cheating on them with the black recruits.

so, just do an hvac or electrician appenticeship and do drugs on your free time but never let it interfere with your work. and maybe alcohol too if you can get away with it. there are plenty of full blown alcoholics who work 60 hours a week and make enough money to support a family and live away from nonwhite violence. they just manage to do their work hungover or even drunk, and not get fired. business owners who CANT be fired and who drink on the job. roofing and painting company owners hahahaha.

they might be drunk degenerates but they also WORK HARD for 12 hours a day at least and make decent money. can pay their child support if they dont blow it on hookers, gambling, drugs, cars, boats.  people spending THOUSANDS of dollars a week at the CASINO. mother fooker. they could be using that money to hire a white man at a good wage. allow a less degen white man to raise a better family.

june 10

the old sun altitude table hehehe. to calculate when the sun angle is highest in the day and most direct. went for 52 minute pwalk to get vitamin d on beautiful warm day.

breaking news. nice!

you should also donate to that freedom front, there are some good people there. dont care if you dont like enoch. the young attorney involved should be bigger than richard spencer IMHO. one of my favorite goys who doesnt get enough press. but maybe he doesnt want it. but the splc already wrote a huge hit piece on him, including news that his wife was dumping him and trying to steal their young child from him because she doesnt want the child raised in a household of hate where they sing the horst wessel lied. wow. sad! i really hoped he would have married a better woman, he certainly deserves a good woman, and now his bitch xwife is gonna RUIN their childs life because her handsome successful race aware husband loves his race. god damn.

anyway. this young man is a HERO and should be a LEADER and i feel is already kind of a leader behind the scenes but i think he needs to be a leader in front like spencer. he is handsome, a very successful well-dressed attorney who hasnt been disbarred, and if we could all be like him the world would be a much better place.

i will try to try to donate to this foundation this year hahaha. wish they had tshirts hehehe.

it is so sad to hear about his bitch xwife trying to DESTROY their FAMILY. sheeeeeit. i just heard about this TODAY reading the guys SPLC hitpiece. guess he didnt do strong enough HWYTE SHARIA at home. that sucks, but he shouldnt be punished like this.

lemme guess. he, as a successful middle class attorney, was meeting other succcessful middle class gurls who no doubt believed that racism was the most vile kind of hate, but she blinded herself to the fact that her handsome successful hubby was a true lover of his race. and it took a room full of men shouting “SIEG HEIL!” to convince this bitch that their baby child would be raised in a “HOUSE OF HATE”.

unfookin believable. is this HIS FAULT because he didnt have a STRONG ENOUGH HAND????? i will NOT blame this on him. I will totally blame it on her.

unless he’s really a MONSTER at home. but i think fewer men are total monsters behind closed doors, than there are evil bitch women who falsely accuse men of being total monsters behind closed doors!

even worse i think they said it was gurl child. so now the gurl child is gonna be raised by the bitch mother to become an antiwhite slut and hate her wonderful white father, when she COULD have grown up to have a wonderful hwyte family herseld. i mean this attorney should have had a beautiful, large white family!!!!!!!!! i hope the xwife gets NOTHING and he marries another young hwyte woman and she is faithful and loyal to him and gives him many more white children!!!!!!!!!

anyway its NOT HIS FAULT. its HER fault. yeah maybe he should have been firmer but its STILL not his fault. this is a great man any woman would be RIDICULOUSLY LUCKY to marry. FOOK THIS BITCH for BETRAYING a GREAT man. she is a TRAITOR and should be publicly shamed and should NEVER get ANY custody of the child.  but she will prob be celebrated for saving the child from the evil racist gun-owning father, and maybe ruin his career in the process. oh god i hope not. we need a LOT more people like this guy. a pro-white attorney. not talking about some neocohen isntreal-loving attorney.

plenty of basic bitch republican attorneys. total shabbos goys!!!! do not need any more of these.

he would probably tell me, we can’t do anything with losers. the BEST thing you can do for your race is to become a SUCCESSFUL WINNER, i don’t care what it is. just get a GOOD JOB and make GOOD MONEY. that is the BEST thing you can do. not be a maladjusted neet virgin, or, a fat hillbilly pill popper with deaths head tattoos who makes 11k a year or is on disability for bad back and then uses all that money for opioids and booze. out of shape, felons, criminals, white trash, white negros, bad teeth, bad clothes, fat, ugly.

no. be a successful, handsome attorney with a good reputation who makes 150k a year and has a nice wife and kids. until his wife divorce raeps him because he was too nice!

i should send his foundation a donation right now along with an email hehehehe.

im surprised the SPLC mentioned HER name!!!!

but yeah. now im really curious about The Dynamic of their Relship. her bitchily mentioning guns and his collection of AR-15’s as if that means he is a bad father or dangerous to the child. that poor, poor child. denied her awesome father because of her evil mother!

Im a 14Words attorney AND a MGTOW attorney hahahaha.

that would be pretty good man.

i dont want him to be broken by this b1tch hehehe. i want him to continue to be a respected attorney. some people know who he is and leave negative reviews, but these are dwarfed by the positive reviews of happy clients. but i dont think they KNOW he is a 14words guy! and maybe HE wants to keep it that way! so i never say his name. but you can find it really easily hehehehe.

i dunno. i hope things work out for him. i think anglin or weev contacted him about representing anglin for the splc case, but this guy was not licensed in montana or something. he has represented good goys like heimbach and spencer in the past.

we really need more lawyers on /ourside/. heh. i should go to a shitty and horrendously expensive law school so i can become one hahaha. but it really is a ton of work to become a lawyer, and then they work 80 hours a week. its not a good life heheehehe.

hister was not some kind of fat jobless neet basement dweller when he was a young man. he was a man of principle, a decorated soldier, a courageous top tier military man. not sure if he could be considered an “officer”. by todays standards he would be. serving at least 6 years. also he respected the german military while he was serving in it. it wouldnt be like a young goy joining ZOG, knowing he is joining ZOG, and trying to game it to his advantage while running the risk of being destroyed by it.

what else. that new clandestine blaze album is better than i expected. i expected a somewhat boring album. but it is not very boring at all. it is perhaps more “atmospheric” or “emotional” or soul-stirring. almost as if mikko is taking a lesson from his buddiez in mgla, who make very spine-chilling and beautiful black metal. there is a sense of beauty and awe to it. i mean its still dark as fook and still has some very very darkthrone/celtic frost type riffs. alongside some quite melodic, “atmospheric,” semi mgla type riffs. most nuanced, more engaging, bla bla. very recommended. the previous album kinda sounded like this too. this one is continuing further down this path. very nice.

i dunno. it just sounds deeper and hits you more in the Feelz. i think CB might just be getting better. which never happens after like 14 albums. usually you just get worse and worse with a few relative “comebacks” in there.

anyway maybe anglin will get more MSM coverage now hehehe. redpill normies. no prob not, he will just get portrayed as a CRAZY PERSON by all news. even fox or breitbart or rebel media. hehehe what if lauren southern made an anti anglin vidya hahahahaha.

actually i dont hate LS, she could be a great recruiter for wimmin and the thirsty betas who want them hahaha. together this is a lot of peopel.