may 21 2017

ok ill get on board with thsi white sharia for a little while , about 3 months, and see how it plays out. i’ll give it a chance. but i am on the fence too. but i trust anglin and weev. and i realllllly dont trust women. so my version of white sharia will not involve any wanton, sadistic, jooish abuse or violence. it is basically just spanking and taking away voting from women. no punching, no kicking, no closed fists, no clubs, no shilleleghs, just an open palm on the buttocks. period. and no no fault divorce. no alimony. no 100% custody for the woman. prob should be min 75 25 father mother. arranged marriages so all women are married by their fathers by age 18. this is my white knight mangina version of white sharia hahahaha.

and it would serve me WELL to think of WHITE SHARIA when i am actually interacting with a woman of breeding age, which is basically NEVER.

if i had acted with a WHITE SHARIA MINDSET with THAT WOMAN, things WOULD have worked out better.

no facebook. no texting.

terrible segment on cbs this sunday morning about teen vogue becoming a more and more political feminist magazine to help young gurls become Woke on social justice and white privilege and patriachy and diversity and heterocisativity and love equality and trans love and love is love and microaggressions and safe spaces and snowflakes and trump is GASLIGHTING america hehehe.

well he might actually be hahahaha while he sucks off ZOG and their pets the saudis hahahaha. trump basically becoming a full blown ZIOZOG SHILL hehehe.

was feeing a bit grumpy so i laid down and took nap for like 30 minutes. helped a little bit.

so how do you get women to tell you the TRUTH about how many guys they fooked? also, they are sucking off guys from the age of 15. there are plenty of of guys they have sucked dick but not technically “fooked.” but this is almost as bad.

ideally you would HYPNOTIZE them and then get them to tell the truth, or have them do a lie detector test.

or you could prime them with, yeah i know the real number is close to 50, so you dont have to lie. i know it’s a high number.

like i saw a really attractive waitress at a restaurant a few days ago and thought, i would luv to bang her, even though she’s PROBABLY been with about 20 guys. i mean she was young, maybe like 23. 25 by 23 isnt to bad right? of course it is, but it wouldnt stop me from banging her!

id just be like, baby, i KNOW youve been with a lot of guys. a LOT of guy. and that doesnt bother me. but i just want to know. is it more like 30? or or more like 50?

of course it DOES bother you and you DO care and i HOPE you are not getting feelings for that n>20 whore! but when a gurl is 23 years old, her body looks GOOD. i mean a 23 year old who has been with 23 guys will look better than a 33 year old who has been with 1 guy!

i imagined myself ungently pounding the 23 year old gurl and her beautiful body and say, how many guys ya fooked, ya dirty whore? 40? 50? 100? say im a dirty whore whos fooked 100 cox! and she luved and and gushed all over hhahahaha.

kinda pornographic and jooish really! on my part!

and even this dirty slut, i wouldnt do more than ruff secs, talk dirty, some spanking, maybe some face slapping hahahaha. that would be the extent of it. no punching or kicking. i am such a saint hahaha.

so basically i have no problem with banging gurls who have fooked 50 guys….as long as the gurls are young and attractive!

like its been such an issue for me so far. im banging SO MANY QT YOUNG GURLS….but they all turn out to be high number sluts hahahahah.

saw this in news today, never heard of it.

yaphank, NY,_New_York#Camp_Siegfried_and_Siegfried_Park

camp siegfried

good lord. some 20 year old white guy became a muslim and killed two other young white guys who were in a pro white group in florida. some others in the group are on DS, but I think they mainly used iron march.

ok well i worked up the energy to trim beard, which i usually try to do every week, to level 2. but because it takes 5 minutes, i usu procrastinate. welp finally did it.

theres really no need to read anything BUT DS hahahaha.

yeah i guarantee you if i had good looking, 7/10, 23 year old sluts to bang, and they had been with 50+ guys, i wouldnt give a DAMN, well i would give a damn about the principle of it, and that a hwyte gurl was so defiled, but i would not turn down the secs! but thats the problem, is that neet loser cant even pull HIGH NUMBER SLUTS, if these women are at all young/attractive.

so now i am looking for young but unattractive women hahaha because young women are inherently more attractive than older women hahaha.

honestly i think i’m not really misunderstanding white sharia, that my version is indeed exactly what the meme creators have intended, but that i am misunderstanding their follow up commentary on it?

in other words, if anglin and weev came out right now and said this is what we ACTUALLY mean, it would sound very much like what I have been saying.

this filthy wh0re who should be enslaved as a brood mare hahahahaha actually explained it pretty well.  dont want to sound like i am hwhite knighting for this disgusting, evil, high number wh0re hahaha. but honestly. i dont get why you have to be so mean and hateful to women. i do genuinely like emily youcis and she hasnt jumped the shark yet and what she says here si very very reasonable and a good argument for WS.

basically i just needed someone to reassure me that the women wouldnt wear BURKAS and they were not going to be ABUSED. and, in actual Hwyte Sharia, as I now understand it, women will NOT be abused and they will NOT wear burkas, so i am on board with it!!!!

i do think its a bit much to call the women on the DS BBS terrible names and say that they are shitty cvnts who deserve a good beating. the onyl women that should be talked to like that are actual disgusting sluts, mudsharks, race traitors, cheaters, home wreckers, etc.

sheeeit let me see if i can upload this in case it gets removed from youtube, which it prob will hahaha

well here is the autogenerated caption transcript of what she said hehehe

weev wrote a great article but he did more harm than good with the final paragraph. he should really edit it out because it sends the wrong message about WS.

good quote from the thread


so yeah. i hate to see a great idea spoiled by little drops of shit.  that were probably just weev getting carried away with perhaps drunken rage. but the end of that article comes across as very butthurt, even more butthurt than I am! and weev gets way more hot slut action than I do!

i dont want to VICIOUSLY beat any women, even traitorous women dont necess need to be viciously beaten, very very very few women, and probably none, would ever need to be viciously beaten! i mean if they are doing treason against the state like rosenbergs or something, fine, a quick bullet in the H.

but i forget that weev does have a penchant for violent fantasies. you should see some of the stuff he’s written on gab. stuff about flaying nonwhite infants alive, just to be edgy.

he’s just being edgy!

but yeah. basically women need to be strongarmed by fathers and husbands so that they dont become whores, which starts happening by the time they are 15. that may be too young to get married but 18 is not. prob 17 would be ok. i am not gonna say marriage at 16.

if a woman has been SO bad that weev thinks she needs have her ribs broken, I just say spank her for an hour each day for a week and then ignore her the rest of the time, and the only time you see her is when you spank her for an hour. or even 30 minutes. and just completely ignore her otherwise. i think this would be damn effective and a hell of a lot better than breaking their damn bones like a nonwhite savage.

again weev is an honorable white man and i dont think HE thinks we should ever act like nonwhite savages. but like i said he does get pretty violent fantasies sometimes which he prob associates with vikings hahahaha. oh the vikings raped and killed women so its ok hahahaha.

may 22

guy releases the full interview

no im not white knighting for her, im just saying her bit on white sharia was honestly good and made it clear that we do not support abusing women violently.

but we do have to show the women we are CAPABLE of violence.

but we dont HAVE to violently abuse the women if we dont want to hahahahaha.

also, fathers and brothers would make sure that women are not abused by their husbands.

but yeah imho anglin and weev need to go out of their way more to say they dont actually want to abuse women because there are a lot of autistic woman haters taking this the wrong way, who actually like the idea of abusing women.

but im giving it all a few months to settle in and hopefully it will all be clearer then.

anyway emily needs to obsessing over her overly sculpted eyebrows and yes she has crazy eyes. i mean she is clearly insane. but she’s done good work so far and im glad she disavows her degen past in this video. its really not that hard to disavow your degen past. just whenever you have to mention it, disavow it as well. i do the same thing. i had a degen past….and it was horrible! i wish it never happened.

watching a missing persons tv show last night where a police informer undercover was talking to a hwyte man who talked about how he liked to kidnap, torture, raep, and murder children. there was no proof of him actually doing it, he just talked about it glowingly, and had a ton of Child Pornography, for which he went to pound me in the ass prison.

but just the fact that someone can FANTASIZE about something so horrible! these are the true monsters!

and i wonder how this guy got this way! probably raeped by psycho phaggots when he was a child!

and then i thought, welp i might be broken and fooked up, but at least i dont like the idea of abusing and hurting people like these psychopaths!



hehehehe this poaster is great. he has dated dozens of academic career gurls with graduate degrees and knows how horrible these people and this world is. i hope he finds a nice woman who has his children and stays loyal to him.

may 23

the jooz do not want you to study this hehe

terror attack in manchester. mudchester hahahahahahaha.  pretty sad this has become normal and its not enough to cause an antimoslem backlash! lets #prayformanchester and #lovetrumpshate!

FLOPPED NUT FLUSH against an aggressive bettor. OH YEAH.

i dont like how anglin suggests that most hwyte women are easily seduced by nonwhytes. i am willing to hwyte knight for the women and say that NO MORE THAN HALF would be EASILY seduced by negros or mudslims. even that HALF of women would JUST NOT BE INTO the idea of race mixing.

of course i could be wrong and anglin could be right and 100% of white waifus want the BBC.

well i agree, the longer they stay “SINGLE” the more the 100% chance of them liking BBC.

if all women were married to good bois at age 18 by the parents, this wouldnt happen. you wouldnt get 28 year old sluts who liked BBC.

thats the thing. get them married young and this wouldnt be a problem.

have 18 year old virgin girls marry 18 year old virgin boys.

both sets of parents will be heavily involved. its not like youre giving away your daughter to just any guy.

great video. ive said the same thing. confidence doesnt really matter for a woman. it matters EVERYTHING for a man. without it, he is a loser both in the real world, and with women. MW points out both these points. what women find most attractive in men is confidence, and if you dont have it, you WILL be a total failure with women. period.

meanwhile, joo society encourages confidence in women, when its really not needed. women dont NEED confidence. men do.

and white men at least are the least confident, least successful with women as they have ever been in history.

men are the worst theyve ever been and women are the worst theyve ever been.

they really are trying to turn our men into ph4ggots and our women into whores. and they are succeeding!

just think, next time you are getting some Action, this person is TURNED ON by black guys (or brown refugees). do I really want to be with a person who thinks these savages are HAWT!!!!?????

then again you are measuring women by mens standards. setting yourself up for horrible disappointment! women will NEVER be able to live up to mens standards!

theyre not SUPPOSED to be loyal to race!

theyre not SUPPOSED to find brown thugs inherently unattractive!

theyre SUPPOSED to find dangerous, violent, ALIEN men SEXY!

they’re just choosing the strong horse over the weak horse!


WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, WHITEY? JUST SIT THERE AND TAKE IT?!?!?! NO! OF COURSE NOT. You’re going to join with US. The National Socialist Hwyte Peoples Party hahahahahaha.



may 24

AYO HOL UP. the thing is. heres the thing. i serving of peanut butter = 2 tblsp. this means nothing. so, understand that that means 32g. that means a lot more. this means that my usual Yuge Dollop of Peanut Butter is more like 64g, ie 2 full servings, ie 390 calories.  HORREE SHEET.

so, you can VASTLY UNDERESTIMATE the amount of peanut butter you are eating, therefore, VASTLY GO OVER on your daily calories.

i knew peanut butter has a lot of calories. but i didnt know how small 2 tblspoons was!!!!!! its TINY!!!!

lesson: always measure shit out in GRAMS.

so yeah. that heartiste thing above is GREAT. he asks the tough, simple, meaningful questions. quanitify this shit. MEASURE it. it’s bad, we know, but how bad?

how BAD is one black guy compared to one white guy in terms of the most meaningful number there is, a a womans number?

5 white guys? 10? 15? 20?

i’m GLAD so many people say infinity, this is unforgivable. yes it is.

BUT, what do you EXPECT. these are guys reading heartiste.

also, at LEAST 50% of women have been with blacks. you cant just BOYCOTT women who have been with blacks. you just grin and bear it. hold your nose and hope this leads to someone better. unless you want to be a foreveralone KV, youre gonna HAVE to be with women who have been with darkies. period.

so how bad is it REALLY? I’d say about 10. one black guy is as bad as 10 white guys on the womans number.

and i’m the biggest racist in the USA. And I’m only saying 10. bet you thought I would say 20 or 50 or 14 or 88. nope. just 10.

i mean 10 is bad! I wouldnt want a wife with 10! but i think I have accepted that 20 or hopefully less will be my new, worse standard.

went to arbys and say the BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL 18 year old white gurl again. she looked SO pure and innocent. i literally wanted to marry her right there. i saw her and INSTANTLY forgot about That Woman. I said, yep I could TOTALLY fall in luv with this new gurl and it would be better than ever. best waifu ever right here.  just a random 18 year old white gurl who works at the local arbys. serving up ROASTIES hahahahaha.



but she doesnt look like a roastie is my point. she has that LOOK of purity and innocence.

YES, i understand that SOME whores are able to FAKE this look.

but plenty of them dont bother faking it at all, because they LOOK like high number whores.

she did not. and this is really my type. all the women i have been interested in for the past 10 years all LOOKED pretty innocent and low number.

i wish i could have been a 22 year old man out of college making 45k as an entry level stemgineer. then i would have had a chance with a gurl like this.

but i was a huge loser then and didnt have that kinda job. or education hahaha.

i was also a pathetic woman worshipping feminist. a male feminist. but i think i wouldnt have turned down an 18 year old gurl hahahaha even though thats a sign of immaturity and misogyny and insecurity and ew creeper.

but yeah. i wish i could have been 18 and arranged a marriage with that 18 year old gurl at arbys hahahaha. it is possible, because when i was 18 i had a LOT of potential that could have been used to bargain a QT gurl from a good family!

and having a young qt wife at home would have made it more likely that i actually REACHED that potential. studied hard, got a good job, got to cuddle with Lovely Waifu for 20 minutes a day, really recharges the batteries. who wont leave you for the 6 years that you have to furiously TRAIN and prepare and get edj00cated so you can get a 40k job and have children one day with your lovely wife.

but it really is too much to ask of any woman, let alone an 18 year old gurl, to SEE YOUR POTENTIAL 6 years from now. so thats why her father sees your potential for her.

but youve still got to live with her.

well, then her father or your own father teaches you how to carry yourself like a super confident man who has already reached his potential.

well, also, a little spanking goes a long way. i am convinced that regular spankings will help give your young wife the correct attitude.

someone on DS says that the word mudsharks sounds too silly and funny and cutesy, so we should call them SHITSHARKS because they are putting turdlike brown cox in their coonts and mouths. SHITSHARKS sounds UGLIER than mudsharks.

i am ok with either term. i think mudshark sounds plenty ugly enough. but shitshark is great too.

he is happy as he should be in this situation. in a sane world, everyone would agree. that she should have been married at 18. and since she wasnt, theres nothing weird about marrying a much older man….when you are already an OLD MAID. at least he’s rich!

young man wants to get off SSRI meds, asks DAILY STORMER for advice. Brave!

well hes 17, he is still very young holy shit i might be able to be his FATHER hahaha.

but thats a complicated thing. i cant be firmly against meds like i used to be.

yeah when i was 17 i wish i was……i dont even know anymore. done anything different than what i did. maybe got a job in a machine shop with a bunch of hateful white boomer drunks hahaha then gotten schooled in the machines. and never touched MJ or alcohol. or rather, never ENJOYED them so much that I looked to them REGULARLY for ESCAPE.

maybe met with some real racists. they still had stormfront back then!

anyway this is always a bad train of thought to get on. shoulda woulda coulda.

had dream last night about a gurl from GRADE SCHOOL. she was very purty and could have had her pick of man. but she also seemed kinda high maintenance and bitchy. even at age 13 hahahaha. i felt she was high horse and uppity and way out of my league and maybe resented her for that, that she would only pick Cool Chads. well at least she didnt pick negros like the white trash did. even as early as 13 i was noticing the Red Pill Reality of Women, and it horrified and disgusted me. but it is what its always been. wish i had just deal with it in a realistic way.

anyway the gurl seemed like she wouldnt be a mudshark or a huge slut. some of the gurls you could ALREADY TELL were going down that path. some gurls were fooking negros AT AGE 13/14. HOLY SHIT.

anyway i dreamed of this qt high class gurl in the dream. she was super qt and had nice long legs. but in the dreams her legs were all hairy.

and i was like fook it, i dont care, shes still got nice legs, its not like she has a BEARD or something, so she’s got hairy legs, I’ll still take her.

thing is, an otherwise beautiful gurl isnt gonna “lower her price” by having hairy legs so only a guy who doesnt care about that is gonna get her. so as to filter out guys who only want her for a short term fook (not that most women even care about guys wanting them for that!) most guys would probably put up with hairy legs for a gurl that good looking, and, more crucially, the woman herself would find it super gross and never get hairy legs in the first place.

so not sure the meaning of the dream. maybe just that i have a hairy legs fetish plus that i still remember gurls from age 13.

i mean i wasnt in luv with her or obsessed or anything. but it just points out that if i had an arranged marriage with her at age 17 or even 16… prob would have worked out just fine! WELL, provided that i got my act together and lived up to my potential, and that she didnt become a hambeast. and didnt leave me in the lurch hahaha.

like millennial woes says, the best thing a woman can do for a man is to SUPPORT him, meaning, to be LOYAL to him and STAND BY him and not leave him in the LURCH. that when the whole world is AGAINST him, his woman says you can do it muh big strong man, i BELIEVE IN YOU, and I will be with you for the LONG HAUL and I’m not gonna LEAVE you just because you are having a rough patch. we will get through this together.

i mean you need to keep fighting and not totally lean on your waifu like a crutch. you both need to give GOOD FAITH in this department. you cant be TOO needy, and she cant say that you needing emotional support during a rough patch is you being TOO needy.

but yeah. thats what a man wants from his woman, apart from her being young and qt hahaha. but like MW says, mens side of the bargain is that we have to be confident fighters. which is hard af. i might never get there. prob wont be wealthy enough to pull a 30 yo woman when i am 50.

that feel when you watch a super confusing spy/thriller/mystery movie and you have no idea what is going on. and you have somebody calling you to explain the movie. and theyve seen it 10 times. you havent seen it even once, you have no idea whats going on, and they think youre stupid and incompetent because you cant explain this movie to them hahaaha. they want to speak to your manager but you cant do that. if you ask others for help too much, you will get fired. if you take too long trying to figure out their weird problem, you get fired hehehe.

well never again will i be in a situation like that. thank GOD. but yeah. if i had never met that woman, i wouldnt have gotten that terrible job and thown almost 3 years of my life away. but yeah thats 34% my fault too hahahahaha. 33% her fault, and 33% the jooz fault hahahahahahaa. but it DOES suck to lose 3 years of your life and it didnt really HELP you.

so yeah i cant blame her (100%) for that and I DONT, but damn it SUCKS. i already wasted too many years. I knew BEFORE those 3 years happened that i didnt want to waste any more years….and then i went ahead and wasted 3 years anyway.

well it wasnt a TOTAL waste. i did some downright MIRACULOUS MACGUYVER shit and was a HERO to some clients. I just cant REMEMBER those cases in great detail unfort!!!

and I got bretty good at job searching, powered through 530 applications and about 26 interviews before finally getting muh sweet 11k a year job hahaha. but its low stress AF. but unfort i am not really IMPRESSING people and CHARMING people. i mean its not easy to impress and charm people!

i mean i try to do a good job but to be COMPETITIVE in the MARKET you have to be ABOVE AVERAGE, not AVERAGE.

you gotta be above average to get an average job and an average woman. does that make sense? no it never did.

i never aimed for more than an average job, although maybe i was arrogant enough to want an above average woman. well because average women are so bad!

and really average jobs are a lot worse than i thought too. you make like 26k a year and get abused all day by fat assholes calling you a phaggot idiot. getting BLAMED for shit like a red headed stepchild. people ANGRY at you and thinking youre an idiot, making you the scapegoat. i guess i learned how shitty that feels hahaha. oh what a shocker, i thought it would feel GOOD!

also i wouldnt get treated like that PER SE. its ALWAYS WORSE IN MY MIND THAN IT IS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!

antifas who are phd students at very top univs. these people are the top intellectuals. in math and computer science. well the one jooess is a phd student in negro american sociology and racialized reproduction hahahaha. anyway duke is a VERY elite skool, it is NOT easy to get into phd programs there!

i just hate that these phaggots can be more successful and respected and smarter than me. getting top Smart People jobs and being the worst antihwyte joos ever.

we need OUR PEOPLE in jobs like this. phd intellectuals at elite universities and being activists for HWYTES!

also i hate math and science phds who are horrible commies.

they should be 35 year old basement dwellers. unemployable. unluvable. but they are respected for their “smart brains” and get 18 year old college gurl pvssy. yeah i mean its disgusting antifa pvssy….but ive been in an environemtn a lot like this. there are a lot of beautiful 19 year old middle class hwyte gurls (and tons of joos too) larping as communist bolshevik unionists. and yeah even the jooesses look good at 19 years old. yeah you do want to bang them when you see 600000000000000000 qt young gurls every day at a super middle class university!

in the real world you would not be REWARDED with YOUNG gurls for being a weak communist!

and i am butthurt because i couldnt become a phd intellectual, get a job at a big university filled with THOUSANDS of 19 year old gurls and live the rest of muh life in extended adolescence trying to bang all the 19 year old gurls I wanted to bang, make up for lost time, get it all out muh system hahaha.