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may 27

new years eve hahaha

this guy is interesting. he has the same reservations i do about weev’s infamous article. some great, important points that get overshadowed by extreme, violent words that may ultimately do more harm than good.

honestly weev. just delete the 4 damn sentences talking about smashing womens faces into a countertop, kicking them in the stomach, and beating them to death. replace it with unambiguous calls for nonlethal spanking and that’s all you gotta do.

pretty sure john de nugent would be in support of spanking as well. he went thru a divorce raep himself. TIL he is the guy in that MPC meme of the two guys shaking hands in that weird masonic way hahaha. i dont think he’s a mason. i think he’s staunchly anti-mason!

12 years an incel? how about 13 years an incel HAHAHAHAHAHA

no ive read that article many times on whoism. he is def not a VVN hehehe.

yeah i should back up that one. heres a great quote from one of muh fav posters:

QUOTE I still remember the moment of my epiphany about women.
In my very early twenties I was Mr. Nice Guy. I could get women
but found myself getting walked on or the women would seem to
lose interest in me quickly.
One day I was talking on the phone with a girl I was dating and
she sounded ambivalent about where things were going between us.
I became very annoyed and just hung up on her.
It was like a I flicked a switch on her because soon she was calling me
all the time but I would ignore her. It’s like she was on a mission to win me back.
I couldn’t believe how weird women were. You treat them better than they
have ever been treated and they are wishy washy, then you treat them like crap and they pursue you!
My God, it’s true, women are like dogs, the more you run away from them the more they chase you.
I still thought this had to do with just certain women. Women who may have various psychological issues. Nope, over the next few years I realized being an asshole worked on all of them. I refined my game more and more, testing how much I could get away with. Things like never spending any money on them, staring at other women in public when I was with them. Not wanting anything exclusive, bragging about ex girlfriends to make them feel jealous and insecure.
Once in a blue moon I would meet a woman who was so my type, so cool, into the same things I would make the mistake of thinking I could retire Mr. Asshole and return to being Mr. Nice Guy with this one.
WRONG. Those were exactly the ones I should have been the most aloof with, given the least compliments to.
I’m glad there are forums online where young men don’t have to learn these things the hard way.  END

verbal judo heheheh i keep forgetting about this

ok very nice day, i should go fr powerwalk

sheeeit bought 40 dollars of btc yesterday, bought 32 dollars of btc today, (.01488 btc HAHAHAHAHAHA) ok now i am gonna slow down.

i wonder if coinbase will shut me down for intentionally buying a racist NUMBER of bitcoins hahahaha. probably. i mean the j’s are themselves buying tons of btc.

basically, treat women like garbage, but don’t violently abuse them, and dont get ANGRY at them. cuz they will see the anger as them having power over you. you CARING too much. you need to have power over them. make them get angry at YOU. make them care about YOU. if you ghost them, they will come after YOU. hang up on them. don’t respond to THEM. i was always too scared to do this. oh a GURL is talking to ME???!?!?! I better respond because this might be my LAST CHANCE!!!!!

gregg allman dead at 69. i truly do get all my news from DS hahaha. so i truly liked/like the allman brothers. i had a big phase. i still come back to them. they had a really great style. i would have liked to see them. gregg used to have a great voice. but its true he was a total degenerate. TOTAL degenerate baby boomer hehehehe.  he really should have died years ago hehehehe. i think he almost did. i think liver shit related to his degenerate drinking and drugging.

meaning give up your job to someone who isnt a cis white male.

why? here is her rationale: QUOTE

“This is not about shame or guilt. Those things are useless. This is about shifting perspective. I know you’re not going to quit your job, but I want you to understand that you should. And to understand that by keeping your job and your other unearned privileges, you are running a continued debt to marginalized people and you should always be seeking ways to pay us back.”

She ends her article this way: “Not to alarm you, but statistically speaking you are the problem. Your very presence. I can’t tell you what is the best strategy for you to stop blocking my path. I can just ask that you please get out of my way.”  END

good GOD. this is a black female MATH professor.

i mean i expect this shit out of a sociology professor. i just get hella rustled when i see it in a STEM/engin/math/CS prof.  im starting to think they are almost as bad!

all the articles/news ive seen about Activist Professors…there has been a STEM prof in there. Terrible!

may 27 : FLOPPED QUADS. QQ. flopped QQ something. was able to go all in and finally get above muh buy in.

i have gotten quads a number of times, semi regularly, but dont think ive ever FLOPPED quads.

high school. high school is terrible. 14, 15 year old boys should be hanging out with ADULTS, even 20 year olds, training them in real world skills, one on one or in small groups, instead of retarded girly cliques of high school. boys competing to be cool. you know whats cool? having a skill that’s worth 15 dollars an hour. getting respect from real men for having real skills in the real world. not competing for popularity by doing degenerate shit for sluts and worshiping negros. getting fooked up on MJ, booze, opiates, “molly” so you can show what a bad boi you are to gurls and other bad bois.  this is what happens when you get 800 14 to 18 year olds together. high schools are a jooish cancer that need to be abolished. just partner 14 year old boys up with working adults who can train them in jobs skills. 1 adult could train like groups of 5 boys at a time.

might want to tack on 7th and 8th grade as well. i think this is when it all started going wrong for me hahahaha. basically adolescence. adolescent kids should not be spending so much damn time together in large groups. spend more of that time with adults, learning real shit, rather than being in your fake, bullshit, DEGENERATE teenage world.

you can have same-age friends, just dont spend fookin 30 hours a week with them, in this shitty social scene. and you should have friends of all age groups. have a 22 year old friend who is like an older brother and who wants to see you succeed, who is still in the same generation as you, can understand Your Generation and Your World better than your parents can. who at the very least can get you a 14 dollar an hour FT job when you are 18 and dont know what you want to do with your life.

was thinking it might be best for 21 year old men to marry 17 year old gurls. just guarantee the young men that they will have a 17 year old virgin waiting for them if they work hard until they are 21.

if i knew i was absolutely guaranteed a good life when I was 21 or 22 for the years of delayed gratification, maybe i would have been more high energy about it hahahaha.

well, i kinda thought I WAS guaranteed a FT 13 dollar an hour job at least. a boring 9 to 5 M thru F office job making 13 dollars an hour.


instead you might be able to get a 60 hour a week including afternoons and weekends, where you dont have time to be BORED, because you are being put in front of a FIRING SQUAD for 60 hours a week, having to explain your way out of the weirdest shit. you’ll be too anxious and panicking and nervous to be bored!

but you might get overtime for 20 of those 60 hours and therefore make like 32 grand a year instead of 26 hehehehe.

and people think you are stupid and you cant even pull milfs or gurls your age who have been with 25+ guys, they are all going for your managers.

today i got the idea of going to a HOOKER and I felt pretty positively about it. maybe it was the nice weather, like its the start of summer, muh fav time of year. memorial day weekend hehehe.

i mean really. assuming a 25 year old women has been with 10 or less guys is a little naive. its prob gonna be more like 20 to 30.

cant believe there is no audiobook of GLR’s hwyte power. well, theres a text to speech robot one, and unless youre a total autist neet virgin, you cant listen to that shit. alex linder has done a few audiobooks but not this one.

i would do it for minimum wage hehehe. also i dont want my voice out there, so i wouldnt do it hehe. but if i did, i would do it for very cheap, and i would use a 20 dollar microphone to sound good.

emily youcis might do something with VVN 1433 Metal band Bound For Glory. who i should really listen to a bit more. i heard a couple of their songs and they did not sound bad. kinda like slayer i guess. source: the hourlong may 2017 interview with nick something.

here is the newest (2017) album from them. they have been around literally forever. sounds not bad! they have always had kinda lame artwork tho. i guess you gotta go to joo skool to learn how to be a visual artist hahahaha.  but the music sounds good, drums and all.

i mean its like they TRIED to make a good cover art but had a total dilletante do it. somebody who thinks they are good…..but really isnt that good at all. you want to see a version of the guy hammering shit on a forge done right, look at voice of steel by nokturnal mortum. GREAT cover art there. they can get GREAT cover art and they are poor ukrainian racists. at least i HOPE they are still racist!

i luv being a racist hahaha.

big taake concert in about a week. i should make it my mission to confront hoest and SELL him on the idea that he should adopt Full Blown VVN. Be like, you can still hate mudslims and draw hookcross on your chest. but you have to stop being a drunken degenerate and start caring about the 14 words. yes you can also still be a tree worshiping pagan and hate the k1ke on a stick. just stop drinking, stay away from degenerates like kvarforth, dont try to be so edgy, find a nice woman and have kids, and start studying the JQ moar. go talk to varg. youre like 39 years old brah. come on. get with the program.

hey i get it. i luv 90s black metal too. but look at varg. be more like varg. you dont need to abandon 90s black metal. but you havent made a good album in 14 years hhahahaha. since you were 25 or so. ever since then youve been a washed-up drunken degenerate.

somewhat later

ok did 2.4 mile powerwalk in beautiful sun, warm weather, may 28. trying to introduce Slow Jogging back into these things hehehe. because it is good for a mans health to step things up a notch hahaha.

this guys channel has good stuff it seems. racial stuff. hehehe. in 2017 racist russian black metal is well-produced and listenable and catchy!

in other words, there is PLENTYYYYY of pro-white, anti-jooish, racial music you can listen to. extra bonus if you already like black metal!

i mean maybe they are drunks or on krokodil. but they look pretty healthy. thats usually a good sign. USUALLY.

i was listening to this interview with kelly brogan MD who has a very bourgeois jooish MD establishment edjoocation, but then became a bit of a renegade after getting her big credentials. believes SSRIs are over prescribed, that depression is a symptom not necessarily a disease, we need to take a more holistic look, anyway she sounded very promising, and the pharmajooz hate this goy shiksa. now all she needs is to become 1433 hhehehehe. she is rich enough to be a psychiatrist in manhattan yet she is saying these very non jooish things. i can respect that!

this is not the interview i am listening to but she prob says a lot of the same stuff. discussing the ideas in her book “a mind of your own.”

hmmm didnt realize it was a best seller. or targeted mainly to WOMEN. i dont care about WOMEN, but the book might be helpful to men with the condition as well. i was impressed with her interview. book came out in 2016.

she is also very attractive and hwyte. she has 2 young children apparently. why not 3? i HOPE her husband is not a joo or asian or other nowhite. hes prob a joo. i dont want to look him up hahahaha.  i h8 joos more than AH did hehehehe.



so of course there is anxiety and dread and panic mixed in with that confusion.  and total lack of confidence and cool. its very unsecsy. makes you look VERY bad to both employers and women. and clients in case you are self-employed hehehehe.  it will make you a loser at life.

i first heard about this peterson a few years ago but i keep noticing him more and more. he’s prob a joo, but he offended the pc police by being TRANSPHOBIC hehehehe. because he refused to call a trans student xir and oppressed them by misgenderpronouning them. shit even when I was in college it wasnt THIS bad. there was very little trans shit. plenty of antiwhite, communist, revolutionary, gay shit though. but not TONS of trans shit like there is now.

why the hell havent i watched this multiple times? its only 6 short hours!!!!!

its really more entertaining than MK. the use of “unchained melody” in the very first scene is quite off putting though. you get over it quickly though.

honestly for all the infighting that goes on, nobody has anythign bad to say about TGSNT or dennis wise. maybe he’s just a really nice guy hahahahaha. well good for him. the movement needs more people who are slow to bitch about other people in the movement. divisive infighting bitches.

but i was always annoyed at how wise doesnt immediately tell you where he got all that damn film footage from, like young AH at war. its part of a movie he def didnt produce himself. what movie is it?

who is the “expert” he is talking to about 6 minutes in? you dont even know who this guy is. it could be wise himself. or is wise the english guy narrating? i mean the narrator is GOOD, so thats good at least.

you use a damn caption to indicate who is speaking and what their qualifications are. john doe, MA, part time instructor of history at bumfook junior college. HailVictory1433, posted 1000 posts on stormfront and got a xmas card from don black hahahaha.

ufmll, internet racist since 2012, who donated 5 dollars to greg johnson and got a thank you note from him. that kind of shit.

so it just comes off as INCREDIBLY AMATEURISH AND UNPROFESSIONAL to NOT CITE SOURCES like that. even HIGH SCHOOL KIDS needs to cite sources in their papers. if i were writing something for my 11k a year job, i would try to cite sources when i was saying something that wasnt obvious.

lauren southern is always a divisive topic hahaha. atm i believe that if she is encouraging young women NOT to be whores, to get married young and start having many children, to focus on family not career……uhhhh how does that hurt us. yeah i dont like that SHE might be a mudshark slut but she is prob less mudshark slut than 66% of women.  the message she is getting out to 240k subscribers is a great message. if she saves even one white gurl from being a slut, then shes worth it.

so IOW there is too much LS-h8 on DS hehehehe. but DS is filled with such woman haters they get angry seeing a qt young woman saying good things like being a slut is bad.

well because we wish we had a young qt gf who thought being a slut was bad!

also you look stupid when you claim she is a J. she revealed her 23 and me which is more than k1ke enoch has done hahahaha.  but shes apparently jooish because she said her grandparents in denmark escapes the ebil natzees.

do you really expect a MAINSTREAM MEDIA CELEBRITY to say ANYTHING good about natzees or ANYTHING bad about joos?  this is the best it can get, is her being Anti Feminist. its surprising she can even get away with that.

there was no expectation she would ever name the J. i mean shit she LEFT the J ezra levants rebel media, while gayvin mcanus stays for those sweet joo shekels. makes out with milo, shoves dildos up his ass, has hapa kids with an asian. literally.

the younger generation is better than my generation. the women and the men.

but yeah it is a bit triggering when you are a 35 year old incel foreveralone neet to hear a qt 21 year old gurl telling other college gurls that being a slut is shameful, dont do it. youre like DAMN where was any sort of push for this when I was 21?????

yeah i was a degenerate in many things, but i also wanted a virginal waifu and a nondegen monog rel.

anyway. lauren southern has more potential to redpill people than something like TGSNT. which present an immediately favorable view to AH, and no sources. someone who’s not ALREADY sympathetic to AH is gonna be like, what is this neo nazi amateur bullshit, guy plays unchained melody, steals film footage, doesnt cite sources, doesnt even tell you who’s speaking. typical redneck holocost denier!

but LS can reach 250k people because shes a young qt gurl and presenting as being on this young hip new cutting edge of right wing “journalism” thats younger and hipper and edgier and smarter than fox news.

im not saying TGSNT is crap, im just saying youre not gonna redpill anyone with it. youre not gonna CHANGE ANYONES MIND with it.

which is kinda unfortunate! i bet dennis wise DID want to change peoples minds with it!

that being said TGSNT is certainly well worth watching. but i say that as one of the Converted hehehehe. i already luv AH and h8 the jz.

ok this is the 2003 tv movie it uses heavily

basically in 1916 it looked like a done deal that GERMANY would win ww1. but da jooz ruined all that and instead germany ended up getting HUMILIATED and DESTROYED.

because at this time the US was brought into the war, to defeat germany, and the UK gave the US palestine in the infamous balfour declaration. well the didnt give it to the US outright i guess.

bromberg = bydgoszcz where poles slaughtered many germans in 1939. this was “west prussia” were there was many germans getting persecuted by poles. really wish the poles hadnt done that.

really wish poland could have just negotiated with germany and given them some of this land.

Image result for map of germany before ww1

this is useful map, but wish it showed cities.

but yeah i basically need to get a 23 and me because i believe most of muh dna is pole, but its in that weird area where there were lots of germans. basically silesia.



may 25


Some men can’t get laid at all
I think this is a bigger issue than most men care to admit. The Reddit subs r/incels and r/ForeverAlone were real eye openers for me. Sure, some of those guys are straight up freaks and weirdos, but most of them are normal dudes. There’s a story on one of those subs where a guy went 12 years without any affection. He said he would have been better off in prison, because at least he would now have some street cred.

I work with a guy who makes about $50k a year, is 30 or 31 years old, and, as far as I know, is a virgin. He’s been there 7 years and has never dated anyone nor mentioned an ex-girlfriend. It’s very doubtful that he’s gay.

Now that I’m thinking about it I know like 3 other dudes like that. Most are above average income, college grads, late 20’s to mid 30’s, have their own place, decent cars, and so on. Normal by all accounts looks and personality wise.

Speaking of college, there was a huge survey done a few years ago on college sexual culture. It had something outreagous like 20k participants. END

good point sir hahaha

yeah i like the idea of anglin bringing in more young men by writing about women. i agree. da jooz caused all this, but the WQ hits more men right in the feels.

backup of whole thread hehehehe

I just bought Defensive Racism: An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences @AbeBooks

hahahahahaha yes i did

in fact yes. it may be anglin reaching out to the mgtow/manosphere types, as doctor mayhem encourages, and so do I, that brings The Movement to The Next Level. rather than shaming and shunning mgtows. but yeah mgtows are pretty shameful hahahaha. but i was one of them! and atm, only a minority of DS guys really understand mgtows hehehe. i mean theyre not all bad. its natural to avoid a group that has caused you great harm!

normies can get the WQ a lot more readily than the JQ. and then we can use the WQ to redpill them on the JQ. it was a big part of how i was redpilled on JQ!

chris cornell dying has got me thinking of layne staley and AIC, who i used to like quite a bit, and staley perfectly captured the plight of the modern white male. he was RIDICULOUSLY good looking before he got too into the drugs. and then he quickly got swept away with the drugs. it was amazing he lasted as long as he did. apparently he was in REALLY bad shape near the end.

but in spite of all this, he was a topkek singer.

and facelift is by far the AIC album i’ve heard the LEAST, which is SHAMEFUL, because its clearly got great songs. Prob their heaviest album and not as Drug Degenerate as Dirt or self titled. and of course I dont bother with the new stuff at all.

its amazing the music isnt MORE despairing. I think “self titled” reflects that despair most actually. is the most nihilistic and ugly and degenerate album they ever did. pretty good album too!

but on facelift they were super young and full of energy. high energy, high inspiration. layne was still healthy and secsy.

also i didnt really want to listen to AIC the past 2 years because That Woman was a big AIC fan. I thought that was very very kewl about her. Now i realize lots of millennial sluts like nihilist 90s grunge stuff. never get fooled by a womans musical taste. it doesnt mean theyre cool. if anything she was as big a degenerate as layne staley was. its all about feels and feeling good and chasing the next high.  not understanding that you have to try to rise ABOVE the despair, not glorify it and wallow in it and sink deeper in it. AIC was a great mirror of the symptoms and the frustration, but never really the cure for our spiritual and racial disease.

again, dont measure a woman by a mans standards. you will ALWAYS be disappointed. its not FAIR to them, and not fair to you. its like measuring a CHILD by an ADULTS standards. see what im saying? nome sayin ?

gonna listen to taake album stridens hus. they say this is boring but basically i want to see if the drums sound more real than they do on noregs vaapen. everybody luvs NV but I think it sounds boring and lifeless because those drums sound like a damn machine and i cant believe no one has noticed.

hehehe.  speaking of degenerates who never saw a way out of their degeneracy and take the lazy way out of drugs or alcohol hahaha. whereas staley K’d himself with heroin, this guy is slowly k’ing himself with alcohol.

i dont even know that hes a Big Drinker! Im just ASSUMING! i’m only assuming because he is a bit edgy and degen (“making out” with that degen kvarforth was a super degen thing to do hehehe. i keep forgetting about that shameful incident.)

listened to a bit of the stridens hus album. i do not like the production. guitar sound on NV is better. but drum sound on SH is better. BUT I think it might still be a machine on SH. i mean its not a BAD sounding machine in EITHER case, but yeah. overall the album sounds worse. guitar sound is too thin. i dunno. it didnt strke me positively and i hate being FORCED to put in a huge effort with music. that was a luxury i cant afford, only thought i could afford it when i was young. now im old, have wasted too much time, and have WAY bigger fish to fry. better to struggle thru reading MEIN KAMPF than struggle listening to a boring album hahaha.

took 2 benedryl. took powerwalk. now it is 744 pm. not going to take any more benedryl.

damn i want some MJ. is the start of muh weekend here. thankful to have an easy job with very nice people. but then feel guilt for being a timid meek non charming weirdo whos only doing an average job and not really impressing anyone with great work or great witty banter.

but everyone is still nice to me and i still make an effort to BE nice and I think that gets across. but im just not IMPRESSIVE, like wow that guy is AWESOME, i’d let my daughter date HIM. he deserves to make 30k a year! i want to hang out with him, he’s so much FUN and so FUNNY and SMART and has such great STORIES and makes me LAUGH! i dont do any of that. it has never come naturally. there was a semi social workplace lunch today and i had great trouble bantering at the same level as everyone else. i just sat there and smiled and tried as hard as i could to see normal. yeah he’s quiet, but he really is normal, i swear.

one day i would like to go to an RAC/Hwyte Power Music show. ideally it would be vapaudenristi and that guy would start explicitly calling for VVN rather than a New Dynamic Nationalism, which sounds really bad and sends a worse message than he intends. But its SO HARD to UNDERSTAND that guy, i’d have to talk to him in person because unfortunately he writes a bit like a joo. i dont think he means to. i think he is just an autist. hes def not a joo. he just writes like a huge autist.

anyway he cites full blown 1433 RAC bands like Sniper, Bully Boys, and No Remorse as influences. I tried listenign to Skrewdriver and was unimpressed. Tried listening to No Remorse and was kinda unimpressed as well.  i think you need to go to a live show and actually watch skinheads getting pumped up about hailing victory. but you cant just play a show of NEO NATSEE SKINHEADS in a public place.

nice hehehe. also a new CB album which i had not heard about. very nice.

woody allen can go in the oven, there is no redeeming value to him. kubrick, on the other hand, is possibly the greatest joo who ever lived, approaching a level of greatness that i thought could only be dreamed of by hwytes, which makes one think kubrick was joo wise and loathed his own jooishness, as he should hahahaha.

there is conspiracy that he was K’d by hollywood joos for coming too close ot the truth in “eyes wide shut” which is an amazing, haunting movie which ive long enjoyed and should really watch again soon.

contains some of kubricks best scenes and haunting moments.  yes it depicts a degen world and i dont think its glorifying it. but rather showing the joos as a horrifying synagogue of satan hahahaha.

also very redpilled on the WQ as well. with nicole kidmans haunting confession that she would have abandoned her family for just one night with the secsy sailor.

the movie blew me away when i first saw it and it still blows me away. kinda like mulholland drive. now that is a good movie weekend hehehehe. holy shit. not sure which one you should watch first.

may 26

oh jeebus the jooish kike coont who  bitched at richard spencer in the alexandria virg GYM and got HIM KICKED OUT of his gym membership is writing an editorial for the WaPo right now on how its our duty to shame and shun and shut down hateful hwytes like spencer.

thankfully there are tons of comments on the jooish wapo stating that this is too much, she is in the wrong, this is stupid af.

small souled bugmen hahahahaha. i guess weev got this “meme” from MPC. i guess PMAN is signalling against DS and TRS and spencer, and they are signalling against him. i dunno anymore hahaha but MPC has had a lot of great, smart discussion. i wont countersignal them. of COURSE PMAN is an asshole and says assholey things about everybody because he is really a lonely middle aged man that gets NO pleasure hahahaha.

but yeah facelift might be layne’s best vocal performance. (AIC). he is in good health and it shows. and he was certainly STILL doing too many unhealthy things i’m SURE. it just hadn’t caught up to him yet. and yeah 54 minutes is way too long for an album. their LPs were too long. EPs were a good length.

back in the nihilistic 90s, all you could do to express your hwyte despair and angst was to do heroin and grunge. there was no positive channel for you. no solution to the Questions. nowadays we have an Answer to the Questions and young men don’t have to turn down a path of drugs, degeneracy, despair, and nihilism, and turn into layne staley or worse.

yeah i mean hwyte racial consciousness was always there, but it is at a PEAK RIGHT NOW, which is awesome. back in the early 90s, you were already a confirmed loser if you fell in with the neo nazi crowd.

but i you do have a respect stormfront for being around WAY back in the day. i mean they were around in the early days of the internet. just not sure how much they ever appealed to 20 year old kids, as opposed to just 40 and older demographic.  you NEED the young people to give ENERGY and “Coolness” and….YOUTH! gives it a sense of being a really passionate, hot-blooded, forward-looking movement. young people starting their lives and hopefully having children.

you absolutely NEED the young people, I hope I never disagree with this. the young people are the future!

day off. 2 benedryl last night, got good sleep for 10 hours and 30 minutes hehehe. did grocery shopping, got some smores ice cream. have to make separate stop for that.

had dream with woman i was in luv with 14 fookin years ago. well like 13.5 years hahahaha. i lost my mind over her and handled that terribly. she clearly was not into me and i did not know how to handle it. still she wasnt a horrible bitch and i wish her well. i still would have committed a solid 2 years to her hahahahaa. she was a little crazy but i dont think she was sluttier than average. she married a white guy and i hope they have children. but yeah in the dream she was showing a little bit of interest in me so i advanced on her and started making out with her. that was nice.

great feeling. youve got to MAINTAIN that level of confidence however, or else the gurl will dump you for being underconfident. and i do actually know that from actual experience hehehe.  it becomes a self fulfulling prophecy, because you’re constantly worried you’re gonna fook up. and then that translates into you actually fooking up. and then the gurl BOLTS. as is their nature when a guy loses his cool. cant really BLAME them. can only blame yourself for being so weak and pvssified hahahaha.

that EXACT weakness that women hate, i mean i can FEEL that within myself. it is a real thing. i cant blame them for hating it. i dont like it either! i just wish they were a little bit more forgiving of it!

gave you THREE strikes instead of ONE!

well you can tell them EAT SHIT, N1GLET hahahaha. (MPC meme)

tfw when you see the word mudslides on the weather website and your first thought is that it says MUDSHARKS


took powerwalk, beautiful day, listened to MK and emily youcis’s nice long interview of may 2017. real good interview, needs to be shared far and wide.

so really I was off base by thinking white sharia means savagely abusing women. i blame weev for writing about breaking womens bones and beating them to death hahahaha. even he doesnt really MEAN it, he’s just a true woman hater like me. and even hardcore women haters like us dont really want to savagely abuse women!!!!! we KNOW its wrong! but he should really edit the end of that article so as not to give people the WRONG idea. anglin has an article a few days ago that puts things into perspective. i figured it would take a few weeks for things to clear up. i was right hahaha.

27% thru MK hehehe. i have resolved to read the ENTIRE book. cover to cover. boring bits and all.

bought 40 dollars of bitcoin today. wanted to make a bigger buy. still buying 10 dollars a week. but i wanted to make a substantial buy as it is currently going TO THE MOON. if i had bought a substantial buy a few months ago……i would ahve made a lot of shekels by now.

i think early alice in chains was partially trying to be KINDA like a seattle version of a Hard Rock band like GUNS N ROSES. which is not a problem. what im saying is that its hard to label the facelift album as “GRUNGE” and there are parts that are kinda guns n rosey. alongside with some arguably grunge riffs, but wtf is “grunge” anyway. in a way you could also compare it to the “groove” metal of pantera, which was coming out around the same time.

it was all degenerate hahahahaha

young white men getting drunk and high like negros.

i can judge it and condemn it because I DID IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

except i didnt get .000000000000000000001% of the pvssy these guys got. could BARELY even pull ONE woman. while they banged hundreds of sluts. which is not something to be PROUD of. but i think i’d rather bang 100 sluts than bang 1 or 2 sluts and then have a 13 year drought during my entire 20s hahahaha.

i think i would take too much over too little. at least then i would have the skills to pull The Unicorn Woman. and i would just need the Discernment. Well now I have the Discernment but not the skills!

some people have the skills but never learn the discernment!

how did i learn the discernment but never the skills?

ive technically LEARNED the skills. theres not much to learn: be masculine. be confident. be dominant. and doing those things is not complicated. its just a matter of NOT CHOKING when you are Up To Bat.

drinking SORTA helped me with liquid courage….at first. i prob wouldnt have gotten the very limited action i did without it. but there were PLENTY of times when i was at parties with tons of young sluts around, and I was getting RAGING drunk, and it still wasnt enough to give me the courage to talk to damn SLUTS. shameful! i would just start blubbering incoherently and i knew that wasnt gonna pull the skanks. sure as hell wasnt gonna do any good with the good woman either! who would not be going to big drunken parties anyway!

but yeah i liked to drink. it was all to ESCAPE the feelings of being a weak undesirable uncool loser failure. an unmanly man, a coward, a pussy, etc.

Image result for adolf hitler 1 weltkrieg

AH looked a little more normie when he was young and just had a much more normal mustache. he was very handsome and kinda looks like varg vikernes hahahaha. i am sure VV would appreciate me saying that hahaha.

this was around 1915 when he was 26.



may 21 2017

ok ill get on board with thsi white sharia for a little while , about 3 months, and see how it plays out. i’ll give it a chance. but i am on the fence too. but i trust anglin and weev. and i realllllly dont trust women. so my version of white sharia will not involve any wanton, sadistic, jooish abuse or violence. it is basically just spanking and taking away voting from women. no punching, no kicking, no closed fists, no clubs, no shilleleghs, just an open palm on the buttocks. period. and no no fault divorce. no alimony. no 100% custody for the woman. prob should be min 75 25 father mother. arranged marriages so all women are married by their fathers by age 18. this is my white knight mangina version of white sharia hahahaha.

and it would serve me WELL to think of WHITE SHARIA when i am actually interacting with a woman of breeding age, which is basically NEVER.

if i had acted with a WHITE SHARIA MINDSET with THAT WOMAN, things WOULD have worked out better.

no facebook. no texting.

terrible segment on cbs this sunday morning about teen vogue becoming a more and more political feminist magazine to help young gurls become Woke on social justice and white privilege and patriachy and diversity and heterocisativity and love equality and trans love and love is love and microaggressions and safe spaces and snowflakes and trump is GASLIGHTING america hehehe.

well he might actually be hahahaha while he sucks off ZOG and their pets the saudis hahahaha. trump basically becoming a full blown ZIOZOG SHILL hehehe.

was feeing a bit grumpy so i laid down and took nap for like 30 minutes. helped a little bit.

so how do you get women to tell you the TRUTH about how many guys they fooked? also, they are sucking off guys from the age of 15. there are plenty of of guys they have sucked dick but not technically “fooked.” but this is almost as bad.

ideally you would HYPNOTIZE them and then get them to tell the truth, or have them do a lie detector test.

or you could prime them with, yeah i know the real number is close to 50, so you dont have to lie. i know it’s a high number.

like i saw a really attractive waitress at a restaurant a few days ago and thought, i would luv to bang her, even though she’s PROBABLY been with about 20 guys. i mean she was young, maybe like 23. 25 by 23 isnt to bad right? of course it is, but it wouldnt stop me from banging her!

id just be like, baby, i KNOW youve been with a lot of guys. a LOT of guy. and that doesnt bother me. but i just want to know. is it more like 30? or or more like 50?

of course it DOES bother you and you DO care and i HOPE you are not getting feelings for that n>20 whore! but when a gurl is 23 years old, her body looks GOOD. i mean a 23 year old who has been with 23 guys will look better than a 33 year old who has been with 1 guy!

i imagined myself ungently pounding the 23 year old gurl and her beautiful body and say, how many guys ya fooked, ya dirty whore? 40? 50? 100? say im a dirty whore whos fooked 100 cox! and she luved and and gushed all over hhahahaha.

kinda pornographic and jooish really! on my part!

and even this dirty slut, i wouldnt do more than ruff secs, talk dirty, some spanking, maybe some face slapping hahahaha. that would be the extent of it. no punching or kicking. i am such a saint hahaha.

so basically i have no problem with banging gurls who have fooked 50 guys….as long as the gurls are young and attractive!

like its been such an issue for me so far. im banging SO MANY QT YOUNG GURLS….but they all turn out to be high number sluts hahahahah.

saw this in news today, never heard of it.

yaphank, NY,_New_York#Camp_Siegfried_and_Siegfried_Park

camp siegfried

good lord. some 20 year old white guy became a muslim and killed two other young white guys who were in a pro white group in florida. some others in the group are on DS, but I think they mainly used iron march.

ok well i worked up the energy to trim beard, which i usually try to do every week, to level 2. but because it takes 5 minutes, i usu procrastinate. welp finally did it.

theres really no need to read anything BUT DS hahahaha.

yeah i guarantee you if i had good looking, 7/10, 23 year old sluts to bang, and they had been with 50+ guys, i wouldnt give a DAMN, well i would give a damn about the principle of it, and that a hwyte gurl was so defiled, but i would not turn down the secs! but thats the problem, is that neet loser cant even pull HIGH NUMBER SLUTS, if these women are at all young/attractive.

so now i am looking for young but unattractive women hahaha because young women are inherently more attractive than older women hahaha.

honestly i think i’m not really misunderstanding white sharia, that my version is indeed exactly what the meme creators have intended, but that i am misunderstanding their follow up commentary on it?

in other words, if anglin and weev came out right now and said this is what we ACTUALLY mean, it would sound very much like what I have been saying.

this filthy wh0re who should be enslaved as a brood mare hahahahaha actually explained it pretty well.  dont want to sound like i am hwhite knighting for this disgusting, evil, high number wh0re hahaha. but honestly. i dont get why you have to be so mean and hateful to women. i do genuinely like emily youcis and she hasnt jumped the shark yet and what she says here si very very reasonable and a good argument for WS.

basically i just needed someone to reassure me that the women wouldnt wear BURKAS and they were not going to be ABUSED. and, in actual Hwyte Sharia, as I now understand it, women will NOT be abused and they will NOT wear burkas, so i am on board with it!!!!

i do think its a bit much to call the women on the DS BBS terrible names and say that they are shitty cvnts who deserve a good beating. the onyl women that should be talked to like that are actual disgusting sluts, mudsharks, race traitors, cheaters, home wreckers, etc.

sheeeit let me see if i can upload this in case it gets removed from youtube, which it prob will hahaha

well here is the autogenerated caption transcript of what she said hehehe

weev wrote a great article but he did more harm than good with the final paragraph. he should really edit it out because it sends the wrong message about WS.

good quote from the thread


so yeah. i hate to see a great idea spoiled by little drops of shit.  that were probably just weev getting carried away with perhaps drunken rage. but the end of that article comes across as very butthurt, even more butthurt than I am! and weev gets way more hot slut action than I do!

i dont want to VICIOUSLY beat any women, even traitorous women dont necess need to be viciously beaten, very very very few women, and probably none, would ever need to be viciously beaten! i mean if they are doing treason against the state like rosenbergs or something, fine, a quick bullet in the H.

but i forget that weev does have a penchant for violent fantasies. you should see some of the stuff he’s written on gab. stuff about flaying nonwhite infants alive, just to be edgy.

he’s just being edgy!

but yeah. basically women need to be strongarmed by fathers and husbands so that they dont become whores, which starts happening by the time they are 15. that may be too young to get married but 18 is not. prob 17 would be ok. i am not gonna say marriage at 16.

if a woman has been SO bad that weev thinks she needs have her ribs broken, I just say spank her for an hour each day for a week and then ignore her the rest of the time, and the only time you see her is when you spank her for an hour. or even 30 minutes. and just completely ignore her otherwise. i think this would be damn effective and a hell of a lot better than breaking their damn bones like a nonwhite savage.

again weev is an honorable white man and i dont think HE thinks we should ever act like nonwhite savages. but like i said he does get pretty violent fantasies sometimes which he prob associates with vikings hahahaha. oh the vikings raped and killed women so its ok hahahaha.

may 22

guy releases the full interview

no im not white knighting for her, im just saying her bit on white sharia was honestly good and made it clear that we do not support abusing women violently.

but we do have to show the women we are CAPABLE of violence.

but we dont HAVE to violently abuse the women if we dont want to hahahahaha.

also, fathers and brothers would make sure that women are not abused by their husbands.

but yeah imho anglin and weev need to go out of their way more to say they dont actually want to abuse women because there are a lot of autistic woman haters taking this the wrong way, who actually like the idea of abusing women.

but im giving it all a few months to settle in and hopefully it will all be clearer then.

anyway emily needs to obsessing over her overly sculpted eyebrows and yes she has crazy eyes. i mean she is clearly insane. but she’s done good work so far and im glad she disavows her degen past in this video. its really not that hard to disavow your degen past. just whenever you have to mention it, disavow it as well. i do the same thing. i had a degen past….and it was horrible! i wish it never happened.

watching a missing persons tv show last night where a police informer undercover was talking to a hwyte man who talked about how he liked to kidnap, torture, raep, and murder children. there was no proof of him actually doing it, he just talked about it glowingly, and had a ton of Child Pornography, for which he went to pound me in the ass prison.

but just the fact that someone can FANTASIZE about something so horrible! these are the true monsters!

and i wonder how this guy got this way! probably raeped by psycho phaggots when he was a child!

and then i thought, welp i might be broken and fooked up, but at least i dont like the idea of abusing and hurting people like these psychopaths!



hehehehe this poaster is great. he has dated dozens of academic career gurls with graduate degrees and knows how horrible these people and this world is. i hope he finds a nice woman who has his children and stays loyal to him.

may 23

the jooz do not want you to study this hehe

terror attack in manchester. mudchester hahahahahahaha.  pretty sad this has become normal and its not enough to cause an antimoslem backlash! lets #prayformanchester and #lovetrumpshate!

FLOPPED NUT FLUSH against an aggressive bettor. OH YEAH.

i dont like how anglin suggests that most hwyte women are easily seduced by nonwhytes. i am willing to hwyte knight for the women and say that NO MORE THAN HALF would be EASILY seduced by negros or mudslims. even that HALF of women would JUST NOT BE INTO the idea of race mixing.

of course i could be wrong and anglin could be right and 100% of white waifus want the BBC.

well i agree, the longer they stay “SINGLE” the more the 100% chance of them liking BBC.

if all women were married to good bois at age 18 by the parents, this wouldnt happen. you wouldnt get 28 year old sluts who liked BBC.

thats the thing. get them married young and this wouldnt be a problem.

have 18 year old virgin girls marry 18 year old virgin boys.

both sets of parents will be heavily involved. its not like youre giving away your daughter to just any guy.

great video. ive said the same thing. confidence doesnt really matter for a woman. it matters EVERYTHING for a man. without it, he is a loser both in the real world, and with women. MW points out both these points. what women find most attractive in men is confidence, and if you dont have it, you WILL be a total failure with women. period.

meanwhile, joo society encourages confidence in women, when its really not needed. women dont NEED confidence. men do.

and white men at least are the least confident, least successful with women as they have ever been in history.

men are the worst theyve ever been and women are the worst theyve ever been.

they really are trying to turn our men into ph4ggots and our women into whores. and they are succeeding!

just think, next time you are getting some Action, this person is TURNED ON by black guys (or brown refugees). do I really want to be with a person who thinks these savages are HAWT!!!!?????

then again you are measuring women by mens standards. setting yourself up for horrible disappointment! women will NEVER be able to live up to mens standards!

theyre not SUPPOSED to be loyal to race!

theyre not SUPPOSED to find brown thugs inherently unattractive!

theyre SUPPOSED to find dangerous, violent, ALIEN men SEXY!

they’re just choosing the strong horse over the weak horse!


WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, WHITEY? JUST SIT THERE AND TAKE IT?!?!?! NO! OF COURSE NOT. You’re going to join with US. The National Socialist Hwyte Peoples Party hahahahahaha.



may 24

AYO HOL UP. the thing is. heres the thing. i serving of peanut butter = 2 tblsp. this means nothing. so, understand that that means 32g. that means a lot more. this means that my usual Yuge Dollop of Peanut Butter is more like 64g, ie 2 full servings, ie 390 calories.  HORREE SHEET.

so, you can VASTLY UNDERESTIMATE the amount of peanut butter you are eating, therefore, VASTLY GO OVER on your daily calories.

i knew peanut butter has a lot of calories. but i didnt know how small 2 tblspoons was!!!!!! its TINY!!!!

lesson: always measure shit out in GRAMS.

so yeah. that heartiste thing above is GREAT. he asks the tough, simple, meaningful questions. quanitify this shit. MEASURE it. it’s bad, we know, but how bad?

how BAD is one black guy compared to one white guy in terms of the most meaningful number there is, a a womans number?

5 white guys? 10? 15? 20?

i’m GLAD so many people say infinity, this is unforgivable. yes it is.

BUT, what do you EXPECT. these are guys reading heartiste.

also, at LEAST 50% of women have been with blacks. you cant just BOYCOTT women who have been with blacks. you just grin and bear it. hold your nose and hope this leads to someone better. unless you want to be a foreveralone KV, youre gonna HAVE to be with women who have been with darkies. period.

so how bad is it REALLY? I’d say about 10. one black guy is as bad as 10 white guys on the womans number.

and i’m the biggest racist in the USA. And I’m only saying 10. bet you thought I would say 20 or 50 or 14 or 88. nope. just 10.

i mean 10 is bad! I wouldnt want a wife with 10! but i think I have accepted that 20 or hopefully less will be my new, worse standard.

went to arbys and say the BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL 18 year old white gurl again. she looked SO pure and innocent. i literally wanted to marry her right there. i saw her and INSTANTLY forgot about That Woman. I said, yep I could TOTALLY fall in luv with this new gurl and it would be better than ever. best waifu ever right here.  just a random 18 year old white gurl who works at the local arbys. serving up ROASTIES hahahahaha.



but she doesnt look like a roastie is my point. she has that LOOK of purity and innocence.

YES, i understand that SOME whores are able to FAKE this look.

but plenty of them dont bother faking it at all, because they LOOK like high number whores.

she did not. and this is really my type. all the women i have been interested in for the past 10 years all LOOKED pretty innocent and low number.

i wish i could have been a 22 year old man out of college making 45k as an entry level stemgineer. then i would have had a chance with a gurl like this.

but i was a huge loser then and didnt have that kinda job. or education hahaha.

i was also a pathetic woman worshipping feminist. a male feminist. but i think i wouldnt have turned down an 18 year old gurl hahahaha even though thats a sign of immaturity and misogyny and insecurity and ew creeper.

but yeah. i wish i could have been 18 and arranged a marriage with that 18 year old gurl at arbys hahahaha. it is possible, because when i was 18 i had a LOT of potential that could have been used to bargain a QT gurl from a good family!

and having a young qt wife at home would have made it more likely that i actually REACHED that potential. studied hard, got a good job, got to cuddle with Lovely Waifu for 20 minutes a day, really recharges the batteries. who wont leave you for the 6 years that you have to furiously TRAIN and prepare and get edj00cated so you can get a 40k job and have children one day with your lovely wife.

but it really is too much to ask of any woman, let alone an 18 year old gurl, to SEE YOUR POTENTIAL 6 years from now. so thats why her father sees your potential for her.

but youve still got to live with her.

well, then her father or your own father teaches you how to carry yourself like a super confident man who has already reached his potential.

well, also, a little spanking goes a long way. i am convinced that regular spankings will help give your young wife the correct attitude.

someone on DS says that the word mudsharks sounds too silly and funny and cutesy, so we should call them SHITSHARKS because they are putting turdlike brown cox in their coonts and mouths. SHITSHARKS sounds UGLIER than mudsharks.

i am ok with either term. i think mudshark sounds plenty ugly enough. but shitshark is great too.

he is happy as he should be in this situation. in a sane world, everyone would agree. that she should have been married at 18. and since she wasnt, theres nothing weird about marrying a much older man….when you are already an OLD MAID. at least he’s rich!

young man wants to get off SSRI meds, asks DAILY STORMER for advice. Brave!

well hes 17, he is still very young holy shit i might be able to be his FATHER hahaha.

but thats a complicated thing. i cant be firmly against meds like i used to be.

yeah when i was 17 i wish i was……i dont even know anymore. done anything different than what i did. maybe got a job in a machine shop with a bunch of hateful white boomer drunks hahaha then gotten schooled in the machines. and never touched MJ or alcohol. or rather, never ENJOYED them so much that I looked to them REGULARLY for ESCAPE.

maybe met with some real racists. they still had stormfront back then!

anyway this is always a bad train of thought to get on. shoulda woulda coulda.

had dream last night about a gurl from GRADE SCHOOL. she was very purty and could have had her pick of man. but she also seemed kinda high maintenance and bitchy. even at age 13 hahahaha. i felt she was high horse and uppity and way out of my league and maybe resented her for that, that she would only pick Cool Chads. well at least she didnt pick negros like the white trash did. even as early as 13 i was noticing the Red Pill Reality of Women, and it horrified and disgusted me. but it is what its always been. wish i had just deal with it in a realistic way.

anyway the gurl seemed like she wouldnt be a mudshark or a huge slut. some of the gurls you could ALREADY TELL were going down that path. some gurls were fooking negros AT AGE 13/14. HOLY SHIT.

anyway i dreamed of this qt high class gurl in the dream. she was super qt and had nice long legs. but in the dreams her legs were all hairy.

and i was like fook it, i dont care, shes still got nice legs, its not like she has a BEARD or something, so she’s got hairy legs, I’ll still take her.

thing is, an otherwise beautiful gurl isnt gonna “lower her price” by having hairy legs so only a guy who doesnt care about that is gonna get her. so as to filter out guys who only want her for a short term fook (not that most women even care about guys wanting them for that!) most guys would probably put up with hairy legs for a gurl that good looking, and, more crucially, the woman herself would find it super gross and never get hairy legs in the first place.

so not sure the meaning of the dream. maybe just that i have a hairy legs fetish plus that i still remember gurls from age 13.

i mean i wasnt in luv with her or obsessed or anything. but it just points out that if i had an arranged marriage with her at age 17 or even 16… prob would have worked out just fine! WELL, provided that i got my act together and lived up to my potential, and that she didnt become a hambeast. and didnt leave me in the lurch hahaha.

like millennial woes says, the best thing a woman can do for a man is to SUPPORT him, meaning, to be LOYAL to him and STAND BY him and not leave him in the LURCH. that when the whole world is AGAINST him, his woman says you can do it muh big strong man, i BELIEVE IN YOU, and I will be with you for the LONG HAUL and I’m not gonna LEAVE you just because you are having a rough patch. we will get through this together.

i mean you need to keep fighting and not totally lean on your waifu like a crutch. you both need to give GOOD FAITH in this department. you cant be TOO needy, and she cant say that you needing emotional support during a rough patch is you being TOO needy.

but yeah. thats what a man wants from his woman, apart from her being young and qt hahaha. but like MW says, mens side of the bargain is that we have to be confident fighters. which is hard af. i might never get there. prob wont be wealthy enough to pull a 30 yo woman when i am 50.

that feel when you watch a super confusing spy/thriller/mystery movie and you have no idea what is going on. and you have somebody calling you to explain the movie. and theyve seen it 10 times. you havent seen it even once, you have no idea whats going on, and they think youre stupid and incompetent because you cant explain this movie to them hahaaha. they want to speak to your manager but you cant do that. if you ask others for help too much, you will get fired. if you take too long trying to figure out their weird problem, you get fired hehehe.

well never again will i be in a situation like that. thank GOD. but yeah. if i had never met that woman, i wouldnt have gotten that terrible job and thown almost 3 years of my life away. but yeah thats 34% my fault too hahahahaha. 33% her fault, and 33% the jooz fault hahahahahahaa. but it DOES suck to lose 3 years of your life and it didnt really HELP you.

so yeah i cant blame her (100%) for that and I DONT, but damn it SUCKS. i already wasted too many years. I knew BEFORE those 3 years happened that i didnt want to waste any more years….and then i went ahead and wasted 3 years anyway.

well it wasnt a TOTAL waste. i did some downright MIRACULOUS MACGUYVER shit and was a HERO to some clients. I just cant REMEMBER those cases in great detail unfort!!!

and I got bretty good at job searching, powered through 530 applications and about 26 interviews before finally getting muh sweet 11k a year job hahaha. but its low stress AF. but unfort i am not really IMPRESSING people and CHARMING people. i mean its not easy to impress and charm people!

i mean i try to do a good job but to be COMPETITIVE in the MARKET you have to be ABOVE AVERAGE, not AVERAGE.

you gotta be above average to get an average job and an average woman. does that make sense? no it never did.

i never aimed for more than an average job, although maybe i was arrogant enough to want an above average woman. well because average women are so bad!

and really average jobs are a lot worse than i thought too. you make like 26k a year and get abused all day by fat assholes calling you a phaggot idiot. getting BLAMED for shit like a red headed stepchild. people ANGRY at you and thinking youre an idiot, making you the scapegoat. i guess i learned how shitty that feels hahaha. oh what a shocker, i thought it would feel GOOD!

also i wouldnt get treated like that PER SE. its ALWAYS WORSE IN MY MIND THAN IT IS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!

antifas who are phd students at very top univs. these people are the top intellectuals. in math and computer science. well the one jooess is a phd student in negro american sociology and racialized reproduction hahahaha. anyway duke is a VERY elite skool, it is NOT easy to get into phd programs there!

i just hate that these phaggots can be more successful and respected and smarter than me. getting top Smart People jobs and being the worst antihwyte joos ever.

we need OUR PEOPLE in jobs like this. phd intellectuals at elite universities and being activists for HWYTES!

also i hate math and science phds who are horrible commies.

they should be 35 year old basement dwellers. unemployable. unluvable. but they are respected for their “smart brains” and get 18 year old college gurl pvssy. yeah i mean its disgusting antifa pvssy….but ive been in an environemtn a lot like this. there are a lot of beautiful 19 year old middle class hwyte gurls (and tons of joos too) larping as communist bolshevik unionists. and yeah even the jooesses look good at 19 years old. yeah you do want to bang them when you see 600000000000000000 qt young gurls every day at a super middle class university!

in the real world you would not be REWARDED with YOUNG gurls for being a weak communist!

and i am butthurt because i couldnt become a phd intellectual, get a job at a big university filled with THOUSANDS of 19 year old gurls and live the rest of muh life in extended adolescence trying to bang all the 19 year old gurls I wanted to bang, make up for lost time, get it all out muh system hahaha.




may 19

great article on the WQ by WEEV. bbs link will prob be dead by the time you read this hahaha

well honestly its kind of extreme and i luv weev but im not 100% on board here. i am probably a traitor and an enemy for wanting to be nice to women and not kick them in the fooking stomach hahahaha.

like i said, i am def in favor of regular spanking, i am prob ok with a slap on the face, but kicking them in the stomach or “smashing their face into a countertop” is not something that sits well with me.

and for that i am a white knight pvssy worshipping enemy of the race.

weev is a great writer but like anglin he uses some very extreme violent words in this article. i see this and think this could Divide the Movement.

just weird that i would be considered MODERATE because i dont want to break womens faces and have them beaten to death by sharia rape gangs. no, i’m happy with spanking and removing all voting rights and divorce rights and abortion. lets try that first. i think we would see a lot of improvement.

also i dont think you should raep your wife if she is not in the mood.

some more sensible people in the thread say that if you maintain a proper lead, you never HAVE to beat or raep your wife. you can just say, im going for a walk. when i come back, you better have changed your attitude, woman. and that is enough to work. having to savagely beat your wife is the mark of a man who cant find a more civilized way to control her.

and if you got a batshit batshit crazy schizo wife, you could take her back to her father for a refund hahahahaha. like yeah, this one is defective. send her to the nunnery because she is bad news for any man.

but yeah. you can guilt trip a man very very easily, because he has a sense of guilt. women dont have that. you try to guilt them, they will just lash out at you, cheat you, make a fool of you, cuck you.

women dont know guilt, they only know SHAME. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

SLUT SHAMING WORKS. thats why the worst of the sluts fight against it. but deep down, they know they shouldnt be sluts.

ok day off. slept like 10 hours and 50 minutes. did small load of laundry. about to go out and do errands

this poor young man is in a Tough Spot in Life hehehe and gets some good encouragement from BBS men.

maybe  i could have Managed that Woman better if i spanked her, slapped her face. then she would respect me and i wouldn’t need to respect her, because respecting women is just misguided and misunderstanding on your part. don’t ABUSE them, but dont be too GOOD to them either.

and then she could have stayed with me, been loyal to me. wawawawawawaaaaa

ok back from doing muh errands. spent gratitude money on family. appease muh guilt hahaha.

saw horribly qt blond gurl, about 19/20 years old, at grocery store with her potatoey mom. gurl was qt, not too slutty looking, was wearing shirt of university where she was prob Away At College and coming home for the summer. she didnt look like she had hit her Away At College Slut Phase yet. i instantly felt the urge to marry her and protect her from the degen slut world that is seducing her. i could see what she was destined to become in 25 years but i didnt care. i said nope, ill control her better so she doesnt turn into a frumpy stumpy potato.

someone on BBS offered theory that maybe chris cornell decided, ya know, my life is going well, things are good, now would be an ideal time to try just one drink, or a few drinks.

and then he had a few drinks and saw it didnt work like that, and he just kept drinking and in that moment felt crushing despair and HAD to end it all. realizing i am sloppy drunk for the first time in 10 years, i havent gotten any better at all, guess i couldnt just enjoy 3-5 drinks like a normie. i will never be a normie.

in other words, a tiny percentage of drinkers are problem drinkers and literally cannot have ANYTHING to drink at all. even just one triggers something in their fooked up brain. and it sucks that i am prob one of those fooked up people!!!!!! cant even drink ONE drink, EVER again!

role my ideal homeschool, i would role play REAL LIFE SITUATIONS, namely, tough customers, tough situations, dealing with WOMEN, and being cool under pressure, and have the children PRACTICE those situation in role playing until they had some idea of how to do it in real life. it would be a very accurate real life simulator. unlike how College, for example, does NOT prepare you for Real Life WOrk Situations at all. in my school, the situations would be very much like real life situations, except without the terrible consequences, so you could practice them in a safe space hahahahaha. and have a winner Coaching you to do the right thing. because if you make any mistakes in REAL life, you get utterly SKULL FOOKED. you get utterly destroyed, decimated, pounded into the ground, disemboweled, chopped in half, in a way that its VERY hard to bounce back from. ONE STRIKE AND YOURE OUT. might as well become an opioid junkie and k yourself with fentanyl. because you sure arent gonna help secure the existence of your people or a future for hwyte children! you wont even be able to take care of YOURSELF!

heheheh see the STREAM of negative thoughts?

just STOP the neg thoughts and REPLACE them with images of AH and the Hookcross, with the horst wessel lied playing triumphantly hahaha.

hmm only took 1 benedryl last night, got almost 11 hours of sleep, drank a ton of coffee today, but STILL tired and thinking of a nap at around 2:30pm on day off hahaha.

ok laid down for about 1 hour.  it was ok.

maybe just as i am one of those peopel who cant even handle one drink, i am one of those people that cant ever handle being with a woman even ONCE. that women are like alcohol or drugs to me.

that sucks!

thats a problem with ME, not with the drugs, alcohol, or women!

ok but thats like apples and oranges. alcohol is just a nice luxury that normies enjoy moderately once in a while and arent really a super important part of life. for married normies, women and rels with them ARE an important part of your life. you live with your wife, you have children with her, you make Vows and she is supposed to be committed to you.  it just cant be compared to alcohol. its a living breathing real person. a very childlike immature property person, but a person nonetheless!

women are like children. you dont need to like or respect your children. but it is probably good that you LUV your children. so it IS ok to LUV your wife. but dont expect to LIKE or RESPECT her…..because women are NOT MEANT to be liked or respect by men, becuase theyre not capable of the things that men like and respect!

but its very tempting to like a woman when she is NICE to you. i admit. just be aware that does not make her a nice person, and she can still fook you over, doesnt mean she’ll be loyal to you because she was relaly nice to you once, doesnt mean shed be a good wife and mother. its not HARD to be nice. ANYBODY can be nice if they make 1% effort. YOU ARE OVERVALUING NICENESS.  IT’S NOT THAT GREAT!

but it IS pretty great! its such a big reward for so little effort! people should be more nice! its not hard! its a big payoff!

yes yes and yes. they SHOULD be more nice. but they dont, because the world is not fair!

Anglin QUOTE:

Yes, I believe very strongly that women deserve to be physically disciplined in situations where it is clearly required. I don’t think it should leave marks.

I’m not sure how it is that this is associated with Islam. It was the norm in all white societies throughout the entirety of history, before the enlightenment and 19th century social reforms.

You know where the term “rule of thumb” comes from, no?

I do not believe it is GENERALLY appropriate to beat a woman bloody. END

ok thank u hahahaha. i would agree. spanking is ok, but breaking their ribs and face and beating them to death like weev was suggesting, is too far. i think he was using Hyperbole though. Or trying to move the Overton Window, so that “JUST” taking away voting for women, and being in favor of spanking them, seems reasonable to EVERYONE. maybe weev got dumped by his gf. we KNOW his mother was crazy and probably bossed his father around and adopted nonwhites into the weev family. so there are certainly issues with weevs parents, that contribute directly to his honestly inflammatory rhetoric.

but some of the lower iq people take every word literally.

i would discuss it with weev himself but you have to pay him 1050 dollars to be a special guest star for the day hahahaha.


so we can save our own copies of threads on DS BBS, which uses the discourse software and sometimes important threads get lost forever, but the pages are loading with a kinda javascript “just in time” way which makes it impossible to save the page as, or copy and paste the whole thread.

do CTRL P when scrolled to the bottom of the thread. brings up print dialog in chrome. choose print to PDF. save the pdf. DONE. i have been trying to do this forever. its appalling the developers dont BUILD A BUTTON to do something like this.

anyway, tldr, weev had a terrible mother and a weak father, so that shapes his opinion on women, AND he is deliberately trying to make a provocative propaganda piece.  its not like im turning my back on WEEV. he’d pretty much have to turn his back on hwytes for me to do that!

i mean i havent even turned my back on k1ke enoch ahahaha. i havent turned my back on That Woman….and I really SHOULD! because she turnd her back on ME.

i would ENJOY spanking a woman. i would do it with enthusiasm. but punching a woman in the face, kicking them in the stomach, crushing their skull with a fire extnguisher, i would take no pleasure in it at all. i dont want to violently abuse women hahaha. i want to like them hahahaha.

i guess im just misunderstanding what white sharia really means, and that weev isnt calling for women to LITERALLY be beaten to death by raep gangs. he’s using hyperbolic language to push the overton window and counter an equally extremely jooish poison popular culture that has turned women into 50 foot slutty godzillas.

anyway. im just here to be the white knight and to say just spank your damn women. also ignoring them when they are being bitchbabies would be good. i should have just ignored that woman. instead i was going crazy, writing her emails every week.

well after several of those i never contacted her again, so that was kind of like ignoring. and then she never contacted me. she was so far gone she didnt care if i “ignored” her forever. now that stings! when a woman hates you so much she doesnt care if you ignore her! because she wants to ignore YOU!!!!! and wants YOU to disappear forever!

yeah well i did. fookin mudshark slut hahahaha.

may 20

white sharia. damn. yeah i think this is not the greatest meme. its honestly kind of forced. no you dont have to be super autistic to not understand it. its easily misunderstood by anyone. yeah i guess its good in that it makes leftists unable to defend moslems. basically if you disavow white sharia, then you HAVE to disavow brown sharia. that is KIND OF clever, but also kind of confusing too.

so which parts are you exagerrating about, and which parts are you not? and how do you expect all people to agree on this?

like, i hope youre exaggerating about kicking women until their bones are broken, and putting them in burka like suits, and generally violently abusing them like nonwhites abuse poor dogs.

the parts about slut shaming and taking away women voting and no fault divorce and false raep accusations and all that, hell yes! that is awesome!

someone said that women combine the worst of the negro and the J. they are not wrong! this is EXACTLY why women need to be put back into their place, have their freedom restricted. but not violently, abusively, or hatefully!

women are BY NATURE DESTRUCTIVE. they are like BOMBS.

but we NEED them to have children, and i might argue that children raised by a good mother and a good father turn out better than children raised by a good father alone. in other words, a good mother can add definite value to childrens life. and weev is as hateful to women as he is partially because he had a bad mother! and that sucks!

i want to hear more from people who ACTUALLY have wives and children, not 25 year old virgin woman haters hahaha. but 38 year old men who have good rels with their wives and children. not seeing a lot of that on DS.

still all of this drama is nowhere near enough to turn me away from DS! its just disappointing to see such otherwise great Thought Leaders go kinda off the rails on this one point.

but they arent wrong, in that WOMEN ARE DESTROYING OUR CIVILIZATION.


I agree with that entirely!

I guess I’m just too much of a nice guy, I like women too much, too nice to them.

i just dont like being called a traitor to my race, or at least unintentionally aiding the destruction of my beloved race, because i am TOO SOFT on WOMEN, who are agents of jooish destruction.

I guess the proper frame to be in with women, if you start to get nervous, is just always imagine yourself spanking them. maybe even slapping them in the face, but no further than that. just imagine spanking them. constantly. get nervous talking to a qt woman, just imagine shes taken 30 dicks (prob has!) and imagine yourself spanking her for being such a degenerate disgusting slut!

hey i can link to TRS forum right? the articles are no longer locked down, forum is open, theres still some good stuff on there, anyway here’s there discussion of weev’s Controversial article.

basically many people at DS are too autistic and losery to realize the meme is maybe hyperbole. and its really not clear that it is!

look we can ALL AGREE that extreme conditions call for extreme solutions. but we dont need to chop off womens arms and legs and use them as a “breeding vat” to get 15 kids out of, as a guy on TRS pointed out, the absurdity of how extreme the meme is. it just doesnt seem to be a Good Hand to start betting so much on.  there are better memes out there.

the WQ IS very important. but we can do a better meme, and i was surprised at how many people jumped on board with this so quickly. and i think TRS is more intelligent on this point. can appreciate the nuances and not want to turn women into STUMPS.

and if anyone should hate women violently, its ME! and i see men who do violently hate women and think nope, thats not me.

and then think of That Woman being a dirty slut in great need of white sharia to control her destructive, stupid nature. me brutally doing white sharia – or at least my moderate white sharia of SPANKING – would have benefited me directly because it would have kept muh favorite woman from dumping me and breaking muh heart, but i was just too weak for her. not good or strong enough for her. couldnt pass her shit tests and put her in her place.

welp officially 1/3 thru MK and its still not super thrilling hahahaha. he needs to talk about the J a lot more.

holy fook bitcoin has hit 2000. 2031 atm. all time high.

ok i think what anglin and weev are doing, is pushing things as far as humanly possible. to make DS the single most extreme site on the whole internet ever. they might not mean the shit literally. but are delib trying to make THE most extreme, provocative site that ever existed, in preparation for anglins upcoming TRIAL with the SPLC. as if to say, you call us hateful, you aint seen nothing yet, we are going to make AH look like mickey mouse! we are literally going to turn white women into sex slaves and beat them to death with impunity! if you are not throwing a J in the oven RIGHT NOW then you are a TRAITOR and should get in the oven WITH them!

so if that’s the case, i support them fully. anglin and weev both are probably the two most brilliant propagandists alive.

as if they are trying to make the news by how extreme they are. im surprised there hasnt been MSM coverage of weev’s article, for example. maybe they want to have MSM report on them whenever they write an article. like oh god, just when you think they couldnt go any further, they did. how can this not be against the law? this is the worst hate speech ever encountered since AH!!!!

to really make a point about free speech and hate speech and to find that line.

if thats the case, hell yeah, i luv it.

but i personally think beating women within an inch of their lives is a terrible idea.

and i do luv the cognitive dissonance. but that is really subtle that it even took a genius like me a long time to grasp it. that is, globalists and leftists wont be able to complain about white sharia WITHOUT condemning brown sharia, which they are slow to do, because you cant be ISLAMOPHOBIC!

so this could all be a huge psyop to make Islamophobia Acceptable! which is great.

but yeah. its the super anti woman idiots on DS, the peanut gallery if you will, that are cancerous. they clearly dont understand the hyperbole. they take this literally. and to an extent, anglin should be responsible for them. because he’s not being entirely clear how much he is exaggerating.

maybe he is delib trying to get arrested for inciting violence or harrassment. or trying to make history in how close he can get to that line.

but wouldnt this not be good for his court case though?

but maybe he is doubling down because he WANTS to look like the biggest monster since AH. and then lose his court case, and maybe declare bankruptcy beforehand so he doesnt really lose anything? i mean its not a criminal case, there is NO chance of him going to JAIL.

we need more 1433 vvn lawyers. attorneys. sam dickson doesnt seem to do much. toilet law disappeared because of dox threats. matt hale is rotting in federal prison, solitary confinement because of some total jooish bullshit. edgar steele went to prison…..but he might have been an actual scumbag who tried to kill his wife. but K’ing your wife should be legal right, cuz she’s your property hahahaha.

then theres this other attorney who is basically already doxed and i have NO IDEA how he isnt facing much more opposition. like antifa protesting outside his office, which they never have.

“Serial Monogamy” IS the Coch Carousel. Just a nicer word for it. SAME THING. A new BF every 6 months = +2 to your number every year = by the time a gurl is 25, shes been with AT LEAST 15 guys. AT LEAST. If that doesnt sound like the coch carousel 15 guys by 25, then what the hell does?

heh another great thread showing that mgtow does have some good points re women. i suppose we are looking for a mgtow that is joo wise, nationalistic, traditionalistic, believe in 14 words, and glorifies having children.


PRESS CONTROL P. this gives a DIFFERENT view than right click > print. dont know why, it just DOES. da jooz, thats WHY. if you have to ask why, you’ll never understand why. why ask why. never ask why. it means you’ll never understand why. because GOD. because jooz. because SCIENCE! aka a bunch of jooish lies hahaha.



may 17


making 37k per year at 30 years old

theres a great search query. i WISH i were making normie chad bigoy bigbux of 37k per year at the young spring chicken age of 30 years old!

every day i try to say something simple to someone and sound like a tongue tied, low IQ IDIOT. thing is, i dont REALLY need to IMPRESS people. but i wonder if i ultimately am disappointing people who are like, welp, he hasn’t really impressed us yet. he seems kinda low energy, underachieving, and uncreative. content to be a brick in the wall. not an out of the box thinker by any means. certainly not the type of guy i would want my daughter to date. seems like a nice guy but he’s gotta learn it’s not enough to be nice. sometimes you gotta be ruthless to get what you want, or opportunities will pass you by.

that kind of shit.

well i dont worry about it TOO much. just try to get thru each day. did some more video stuff today. i actually like doing the video stuff. but the early videos are super rough as i learn the software, how to make a video, etc. just doing screen capture videos demonstrating how to do a task with some software.

it doesnt NEED to be fancy, you can make these videos very easily, and i wish they had done that at my old job, to TEACH the employees how to DO shit. videos are a great way to teach people how to do tasks with 600000000 little steps on a computer.

but yeah it still takes time for me. how do i do a freeze frame. how do i add this type of Annotation. what parts can i cut to make this shorter. timing of shit.

but it still looks like beginner shit. but i happen to be such a strong believer in The Pedagogical Power of videos. probably because i believe in the MYTH of learning styles and I am DELUDED into thinking I learn better with videos.

but I DO!!!! dont tell me how I feel hahahaha.

so maybe i dont actually learn better, but i THINK i learn better with videos, and that CONFIDENCE and peace of mind is real, and valuable!!!!!

i mean shit. when i had a ton of confusing complicated shit to learn, i WISH we had videos. that were 10% as well produced as the ones I make! I mean just record your screen, and record yourself talking as you explain what youre doing! DONE!

mother fookin sheeeeeit.

but yeah the world is a COMPETITIVE place, and you have to WIN to get ahead. if you are just average, you stay in the same place and eventually fall behind. you always need to be BETTER. and I guess I am OK at muh job but its a below avg job, and also im not as AWESOME and ELECTRIFYING as I hoped i would be. that i would be SO awesome that people would LUV me and say, here’s a secret job in this department, i’ll talk to the Director and make sure he hires you for 30k a year. done deal.

but the people are nice to me and dont hate me and I think most of them know I want a more substantial job with The Organization.

BEAUTIFUL day today, should go for longer powerwalk than 2.5 miles. i mean it is INSANE. its always far below avg or high above avg temp around here. and today it is super warm for mid may. would like every day of the year to be this NOICE.

its not like i was slacking today either! i felt i was honestly doing my best. i just wish my best were better! in high school and sometimes college i would get an A. measure me! grade me! metrics! scorecards!

i mean I get in 15 minutes early every day. i buy a tub of maxwell house coffee whenever we run out. i mean i drink 88% of the coffee hahaha. other people use the keurig. i should buy keurigs. well actually i only drink about 75% of the coffee! this other guy drinks at least one big cup a day, we usually get at least one client in a day who drinks a little bit, and sometimes another person will drink some. i mean i definitely drink 60% of it minimum tho. but i make 3 times less than the next lowest paid person!

oh yeah. i guess i wanted to ask WHY AH felt that the hapsburg austrian monarch was so anti-german and so pro-slav. why would they be anti-german? i though hapsburgs WERE german! austrian germans hahaha. but there was the threat of “czechization” from the czechs. I guess a hapsburg married a czech.

i guess we can say wherever there is a question of WHY…..its da jooz stupid hahahaha. but AH has not suggested the austrian parliament was compromised by literal joos. just that the Weltanschauung of Parliamentarianism is inherently kinda jooish, cowardly, and weak.

soooo…..why would austrian germans sell out to czechs? i luv the czechs, i dont want to blame them for ww1!!!!

german empire, , The German Empire (German: Deutsches Kaiserreich, officially Deutsches Reich)[5][6][7][8] was the historical German nation state[9] that existed from the unification of Germany in 1871 to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918, when Germany became a federal republic.

By ziegelbrenner – own drawing/Source of Information: Putzger – Historischer Weltatlas, 89. Auflage, 1965, CC BY-SA 3.0,

ok all this is pretty useful i guess but it still doesnt answer my question of WHY would austria/hapsburgs be at all anti-german? because they were Cucking to the Czechs by intermarrying with Czechs?

oh well. but fact is, AH felt they were anti-german and too czech-loving.

i mean fact is, this area of “central europe” was practically as bad as the goddamn balkans in terms of balkanization hahaha. but much hwyter because there were never any turkroaches.

i mean there were czechs and poles especially were probably the biggest problems for germans. tfw when you are largely a pole hahahaha but you luv AH and germans. but you luv poles and “western” slavs too. lechitic and czechitic hahaha.

i wish poles and germans could have just negotiated their boundaries peacefully like the hwyte gentlemen they are.

so who was The Bad Guy there?

Who was more jood?

I think there were a lot of joos in germany….but there was a SHITLOAD of joos in poland. god damn i hope im not related to any of them. i mean. honestly im much more likely to have a wee bit of german blood than any joo dna. thank GOD.

how much did germans intermarry with poles?

how good or bad is that? i mean i want them to get along….BUT… i want them to meld together like that? not really!

university of phoenix we can do it commercial

0h god heres a horrible new phoenix commercial

About University of Phoenix TV Commercial, ‘We Can Do IT’
When the factory she works in upgrades to automated machinery, this young mother decides to upgrade her skills with a degree from the University of Phoenix. With her kids and Rosie the Riveter encouraging her, she begins anew with a career in information technology.

i offer it without comment, just watch it and you know exactly what im gonna say!!!!

get training to use the next version of that machine. if you get an IT degree from u of phoenix you will just be taking angry clusterfook phone calls all day of people with broken machines or just dont know how to use them. and neither do you!

its funny you can get a job “helping” people who think their shit is broken but they really just dont know how to use it, when YOU dont know how to use it, and can’t tell if its broken or they dont know how to use it…and its your job to fix this clusterfook situation! and even your managers dont have phoenix IT degrees. you just wish you had a lot more training before being thrown to the wolves, because you cant handle this!!!!! you cant handle adult life!

if ZOG could make TRILLIONS of dollars on MJ TAX….wouldnt they have legalized it by now? so…..why havent they? because they COULDNT make a lot of money on tax? but how could they NOT! Wouldnt people GLADLY pay HUGE taxes on it?

i mean OF COURSE the tax money would be ALL WASTED on zog salaries, No Public Good would be done with the tax money, but i would still gladly pay it for legal MJ.

It would NEVER save schools or roads or infrastructure or health care or ANY of that. it would go right into beaureacrats pockets. but still.

may 18

having a gf/wife is just like having a KID. just another person to work for and be completely responsible for. an employee to manage. the worlds shittiest and most disloyal employee. the worlds shittiest and most disloyal kid. at least kids deep down they luv you and wont really abandon you. a deadbeat parent is more likely to abandon his kids, or a wife abandon her husband, than a kid is to abandon his parents.

i cant even handle the responsibilities of my own life. and i think i would prefer the responsibility of a kid over that of a wife. there is more potential reward, less potential risk. a kid isnt gonna intentionally ruin your life like a wife will hahahaha. wont BETRAY you like a wife will hahaha. yeah the kid may ruin your life but they wont MEAN it hahaha.

the joos love that i am thinking these horrible why even BOTHER type thoughts about wife and children.

i say, skip the wife and just go for children! and bang hot sluts all life long and raise your kids as a single father. use the most attractive, youngest sluts as your surrogates. then minimize their degen influence in the childs life afterwards. get sole custody.

no need for sexdolls and cuddledolls and artificial wombs! just use real women for these things.

mixed day at job. on one hand, had decent job related conversation with coworker where i showed i wasnt a complete idiot.

on the other hand, i worried about disappointing the same coworker because i panicked about a phone call later in the day and transferred it to him when i really should have taken more time to try to figure it out myself. i quickly apologized and showed i was aware of what i had done.

but i dont want him to think that the loser new guy doesnt have what it takes, cant handle the tough situations, not ready for prime time, not ready for a real 30k bigboy job, better go back to grad skool, college boy hahahaha, because you dont have the real skills needed to survive in the real world at real jobs have real tuff conversations and making real money of 30k a year!!!

and a whole ICEBERG of related Im Not Good Enough Thoughts!!!!!!!

and thinking, well, this is how i because the huge failure I am now. just not being good enough on enough things, enough tasks, day after day after day. many small disappointments compounding after the years, and then you’re a HUGE FAILURE.

real bad thoughts! think thoughts like this for years will guarantee that you become a huge failure! self fulfilling prophecy! or at least damn sure FEEL like one!

chris cornell K’ing himself. i mean he was successful. good job, children, handsome, didnt look like a drug addict. unless he was a degenerate doing auto erotic asphyxiation. but who does that at age 50? all the other medium profile “celebrities” who died of it like kill bill and inxs guy. but latter might have been despair-related suicide. sometimes its hard to tell i guess.

well i can say that chris cornell was handsome and had a good voice and i hope he was not too degen in his personal life. pretty shitty to do that to your CHILDREN though. not the type of thing the worlds greatest father does to his children.

but yeah i dont want to disappoint muh coworker. he is raising children to be successful. when his daughter gets her masters degree in a few years at age 23 she will be making like 60k when i cant even make 30k at age 33!

his son getting a stem degree and he will make 60k too! and have no trouble getting a wife and kids and supporting them!

how did HIS kids get so TUFF at HANDING THE REAL WORLD????

i mean really. i wish a whole year of high school was devoted to Handling Tough Phone Calls. The important thing is that you can not panic, remain calm, and win the confidence of the person. this should be a whole year of high school where you role play situations like this over and over and over and over and over and over again, until you can bullshit with the best of them.

i always feel like im MISSING something BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL that makes me DISABLED at doing the basic fundamentals of real adult life!

basically, i want nothing more than what this guy has: middle class job, making 55k a year, home in safe neighborhood, good looking wife, several smart good looking kids who are all going to Decent Colleges for Useful Degrees and who will PROBABLY turn out successful and themselves end up making more than 55k and not Lose at the War of Life.

i try not to gawk at the pictures of his beautiful family! where we can see that his late 40s wife is not a fat slob, and his children look happy, healthy, and NORMIE. and he himself is good and talking to people and HANDLING SHIT.

he is a smart guy, has good people skills, has a not super useful masters degree but still made it work. keeps himself in shape in his early/mid 50s, exercises, is not fat at all, gets on his kids cases for them to DO shit so they dont turn out losers like me hahahahahaha. so what does he think of a loser like ME that cant handle a PHONE CALL.

so thoughts like this can kinda ruin my day. if it wasnt that it would be something else, like i wasnt productive enough. although the phone call situation is worse, because it was an actual specific conversation/issue that i failed at pretty obviously.

i hate failing! but ive also gotten used to it. i guess i never hated it ENOUGH to work hard to STOP failing hahahah.

its like gambling and losing over and over and over and over and over again. which i also do hahaha. i am a losing gambler at the card table. it is partially being a bad gambler, and partially being unlucky.

and right now i am NEEDY for THAT WOMAN to cuddle with me and be luving to me and tell me im a big strong man who can handle all the adversities of life, and i will always be here to cuddle u and not leave you in the lurch.

hehehehe. of COURSE i know thats ridiculous. but its SO compelling and desirable. to want something SO BAD. its not the THING that’s so ridiculous, its the person I want it WITH.


taake noregs vaapen. there must be something im not getting. how is this album not considered as boring as the previous, self titled album. this HAS to be a drum machine. HAS to be. and drum machines sound LIFELESS. compared to hsi first three albums, which is certainly a real drummer, and it sounds FULL of life.

see 1st song on NV. it sounds as lively as you can with a drum machine, because of hoests signature Interesting Catchy Riffs. ok fine.

but then the album stops being this catchy!

how can you NOT hear the difference IMMEDIATELY when you compare this to his first three albums?

oh thats not fair you say. well, lifes not fair. being an ARTIST isnt fair. he’s not being FORCED to make albums. this tells me he’s a DEGENERATE LAZY DRUNK on AUTOPILOT.

hahaha. well to go THAT far is a little unfair. ill always give him a chance. even when hes boring his aesthetic is good.

its kinda neat to hear some of his signature Weird Time Signature riffs with a drum machine.

and probably, the lack of Great Riffs is prob worse than having a drum machine.

but having a drum machine is just FOOLISH and NAIVE and INSULTING really.

no mentions of a drum machine. one guy thinks it sounds very similar to HD or NSPV, that you might ahve to double check which album you’re playing! wtf?!?!?!?! nope. WRONG.

all songs are midpaced 6 minute songs. all the songs song basically the same. it starts getting boring after 15 minutes which is NEVER a good sign. and the first 6 minute song is GOOD!

WOW bitcoin fees are SUPER high right now. I cant even SEND 10.15 with a .60 (USD) fee included because that fee is too small. the minimum recommended fee, in other words, is at LEAST 15 damn percent of the amount I want to send! so, in other words, 11.50 to send 10 dollars!

hmm. at 8.88 i am only pay at 10% fee. but trying to send 9.50 i’m paying like a 15% fee. it all has to do with the BYTES of the transaction….which this is not a linear progression as the amount goes up.


in other words, its a better value to send 8.88 than it is to send 8.90. literally. right around there, the fee-as-a-percentage-of-total-transaction SPIKES EXPONENTIALLY.

and price of btc is NOT crashing, in fact, its still at an ALL TIME HIGH.

had to do a 2.8 mile powerwalk and listen to some vapaudenristi to get muh mood up. felt like such a pathetic failure loser after my disappointing performance today. its like i LIKE losing, or INTEND to lose. I HATE disappointing people, and myself. and i’m certainly not consciously slacking off. i just get a person on the phone and I PANIC like a DEER IN HEADLIGHTS.

i guess the important part is that I LEARN from this and not let it happen EVER AGAIN hahaha.

yeah well in sports you get 3 strikes and youre out. but then you get to come BACK, many times per game. getting OUT is not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

this would be like you are only allowed like ONE STRIKE per entire baseball SEASON.

yeah but this ISNT baseball. it baseball getting many strikes per game is NORMAL. HERE, in the real world, getting more than 1 strike per….3 months? 6 months? is really really BAD.

but WHY?


its not like it was the END OF THE WORLD. so this guy takes a phone call. i listened with him on speakerphone and also talked to the guy at the same time.

also, maybe this coworker gets too easily annoyed by stuff that he shouldnt get annoyed by. sometimes, yes. other times, he is perfectly chill and relaxed. maybe he is BIPOLAR hahahaha.

then i am JELLY he  can be bipolar and be a HIGH FUNCTIONING member of society.

like, better to be a raging alcoholic and functional and make 50k a year, rather than a sober person making 10k a year and NOT being functional hahahaha.

i dont have that woman to help boost me up. instead in my head came visions of The Hakenkreuz, and The Fuhrer standing proudly and courageously. those were the images that gave me some hope and strength. when in the past I might have thought of that woman’s smiling face, or some people think of images of jesus or mary. now im here powerwalking and imagining hister and the crooked cross hahahaha.

really WHATEVER WORKS i guess.

its just weird. most people thing of these things as evil and chilling. and now i am kinda treating them as MUH NEW GOD. The old god wasnt good enough so i got a new one hahaha. and his name is hister and his symbol is the Hooked Cross.

when AH was my age he had already accomplished quite a lot right? i think he was literally writing MK when he was about the same age I am now. so it makes sense that I should read MK at this age hahahaha.

I was talking to a colleague in a neighboring department about books and almost said I was reading MK. and then what would I say? shieeeeet.

i mean honestly. lots of people have interest in ww2 and the natzees and hister hahahaha. its not THAT weird.

took 1 benedryl but dont think i will take any more.

i should really make an effort to go see classic movies at The Movie Theater. even if i have to drive into the City to do so. like movies from the 40s and 50s, before the joos were too mean spirited and degen, and a joo could still make a not unwatchably degenerate movie.

DS is my #1 news source for all types of news hahahahaha

ok so cornell was possibly 50% joo. white father and mother “came from a jooish family.” so, cornell is 25-50% j.

ok this is not confirmed hehehe.

Anglin QUOTE How many men under 35 do you know who are happily married with kids? Even if you know several – and statistically, the probability is that you do not – most people do not know anyone in such a situation. So claiming this is because “men are all defective and just need to be better” is just about the stupidest f00king thing I’ve ever heard. Nuremberg trial-tier horseshit. END


i liked the OP and AA seems to be disagreein with OP. but this is a great point. i know several people OVER 35 with nice families, like the work colleagues, but they are all in their 50s.

i know one guy who is about 36 and has 2 young kids and he is one of the greatest guys i have ever met. I don’t know much about how he gets along with his wife though. they have been married for like 10 years tho. she seems ok.

i know another guy who is about 35 and has 1 kid and i hope he has more.

but again, i dont know details of how these guys marriages are. maybe their wives have TURNED on them and are looking to DIVORCE them. which would be TERRIBLE because these are both GREAT men who only a TRAITOROUS BITCH would divorce.

another guy quote: If you date, make sure you’ve known the woman for months beforehand. I will tell you that being friends with a woman will likely make you hate them more. They are shit friends and do horrible things.  END


as a man, i LIKE those who I RESPECT. and its almost unnatural to respect a WOMAN. Men respect things like morality, honor, loyalty – all things that just do not matter to women at all. they’re not made for it, you cant expect it out of them, therefore you should never expect to really RESPECT a woman. i mean do you RESPECT your CHILDREN? u luv and protect your children, and are hopefully proud of them, but it’s just not appropriate to really “respect” your own children.

so STOP TRYING TO RESPECT WOMEN! you will only be disappointed! its about as IRRELEVANT, MISGUIDED, and CONFUSED as wanting to respect your children. it’s just NOT THEIR PLACE TO BE RESPECTED.

YOU are wrong for WANTING to respect them!

basically, in their inner natures, women are IMPOSSIBLE to like, and IMPOSSIBLE to respect, because the things that men like and respect, women don’t have, women CANT have them, women SHOULDNT have them, because they are jsut not capable of them.

and im just kinda buttmad that what women NATURALLY are, by nature or GOD, is something that men CANNOT like. because I WANT to like women.

but i guess thats my big mistake!

it is much better, healthier to LIKE hister and the hookcross than to LIKE women.

i wish women WERE likable!

but i SHOULDNT! thats WRONG of me!

so how you get rid of a WANT. of a DESIRE. its like WANTING something wrong or bad, like WANTING to use drugs and get fooked up on fentanyl hahahaha.

thats what WANTING to like and respect women is like. like a disgusting, pathetic alcoholic just wanting to get drunk again.

dont put the pvssy on a pedestal, put the fuhrer on a pedestal


if you Treat Women Right, they dump you and fook negros and rapeugees. PERIOD.

DO NOT TREAT WOMEN WELL hehehe. but you dont need to ABUSE them. per se. just dont treat them WELL.

ok so its fine to LIKE women who are over 50. ive stated that before. but i guarantee you would have HATED them when they were 20-49! and at every age in that 29 year range they are hatable in a different way!

the young ones because they are off fooking chads, at all ages really; and as they get closer to 30, they get more crazy with baby rabies and wedding rabies; then in 30s they get different crazy with divorce rabies and hypergamy rabies. thinking they are hotter and younger than they are.

the mother fooking WQ. like AA says, you prob dont know anyone who had their life DIRECTLY ruined by a J (but really we have all had our lives indirectly ruined by the horrible J culture and world!!!!) but you prob know SEVERAL people who have been royally skrewed by WOMEN.

WOMEN is one of THE major ways that the joo hurts us. they also hurt us thru SCHOOL and WORK and the Culture, but with women, it’s one on one shit, its PERSONAL!!! the women reaching into your chest and tear out your still beating heart in a way that these other jooish institutions dont, they just slowly rot your soul from the inside hahahaha.




mon dec 25

may 14


not confident this will be actually pub on dec 25, but will prob be close hahaha.

whats worse, that your gf has been with 20+ guys including nonwhites, OR that you’re getting feelings for this slut youve been banging whose been with 20+ guys, including nonwhites, and she doesnt even want to be your gf and dumps you and doesnt let you bang her or even hang out with her anymore? youre not exciting or interesting or man enough to be with a real catch like me! thats why so many guys are interested in me! and theyre more interesting than you! you had your chance! guess you just weren’t good enough! your fault!


i almost wish I HAD done something bad and horrible rather than Just Not Being Good Enough. That is almost harder to get over!

you WANT to COME BACK when you ARE good enough! and see if they’re accept you THEN!

so because annoying feminist slut laci green expressed interest in “debating” an antifeminist, the sjws have turned on her as being white gurl feminist who cant into intersectionality, throwing women of color under the bus to talk to hate spewers.

laci green! shitty feminist slut! is now a fake feminist because she doesnt want all antifeminists banned frm youtube!

at times she has identified iranian and joo in her ancestry. in other words, shes a mulatto hahaha. and her face and huge mouth are very very annoying. i cant blame a man for wanting to bang her fat tits though.

these college sjw snowflakes are like what can possibly be LEARNED from ann coulter speaking on campus. all these people do is SPEW HATE. you cant LEARN from somebody where all they do is SPEW HATE.

this is these jooish liars excuse every time. just claim its not speech, its SPEWING HATE.

you could say THEY are just spewing hate too!

i might think people are Free to Spew Hate. spewing hate is not the same thing as inciting violence!

also i dont think that hate is such a BAD thing that needs to be STOPPED.

why shouldnt you hate your enemies?

i also dont like the “I AM DISABLED”  thoughts. like, uh oh, here comes another “i am disabled” thought, one of those thoughts that say i will never be a normie, never be able to work that hard and withstand that much, and because i cant be a normie adult, i am pretty much disabled.

basically, dress code should be:

DRESS LIKE A MAN YOU WOULDNT MIND YOUR DAUGHTER MARRYING. LOOK LIKE THAT MAN. and thats how you should present yourself when going out in public. for political events or just normie socializing. if some skank thinks you look too preppy, you dont want skanks anyway. you want nice gurls, that is the kind of gurl you woudl try to raise as a daughter with your nice wife. and do you want your daughter socializing with a dirty anarchist, or with a handsome, well-dressed richard spencer looking goy?

basically wearing khaki (tan) pants is a pretty white thing to do. well, i guess i could see asians and indians also doing this.

may 15

i dont have to listen to you, youre jsut spewing hate. tell that to your gf next time shes nagging you. oh man. best shit test tactic ever hahaha.


and then she just leaves you. sorry not sorry, not good enough, next.

i fairly regularly dream that i have a tattoo. its usually a stupid tattoo, which i blame on being drunk, and at least i can cover it up.

then when i wake up i feel thankful and grateful and blessed that it was all just a dream and i dont actually have a tattoo.

ok i’ve almost got to the point where I udnerstand and dont hate women for being Race Traitors. you cant be a traitor if you never had any loyalty to begin with. all they care about is strength. race does not matter. only brute strength is real.

ok. fine. i accept that. argument accepted. is an argument.

but what i NEVER want to understand is how women – the MOTHERS of LIFE – can justify them MURDERING their own BABIES with ABORTION.

that makes negro fooking look downright SENSIBLE.

i cant think of any stupid rationalization that can make sense of murdering your own baby.

other than perhaps “MUH BODY, MUH CHOICE.”

or how about, well i couldnt give this child a good life anyway, it would be better for this child to never be born.

that makes almost as much sense as banging a criminal negro thug because he seems STRONG, right?

so yeah i guess im saying that abortion is probably morally worse than race mixing hahahaha.

more specifically, a hwyte gurl killing her baby is morally worse than her fooking a black guy.

sooo……why the hell was austria hungary not a technical part of germany?

because even germany didnt exist yet. it was the “holy roman empire” until…….1850? 1898?


arious Germanic tribes have inhabited the northern parts of modern Germany since classical antiquity. A region named Germania was documented before 100 AD. During the Migration Period the Germanic tribes expanded southward. Beginning in the 10th century, German territories formed a central part of the Holy Roman Empire.[11] During the 16th century, northern German regions became the centre of the Protestant Reformation. The remains of the Holy Roman Empire formed the German Confederation in 1815, while the German revolutions of 1848–49 established major democratic rights first.

In 1871, Germany became a nation state when most of the German states were unified into the Prussian-dominated German Empire. After World War I and the German Revolution of 1918–1919, the Empire was replaced by the parliamentary Weimar Republic. In 1933 the Nazi seizure of power quickly led to the establishment of Nazi Germany which was built upon a dictatorship and consequently led to World War II and one of the biggest genocides in history, the so-called “Holocaust” [citation needed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA]. By 1945 Germany and most of Europe were left in destruction and ruins. After the end of World War II in Europe and a period of Allied occupation, two German states were founded: the democratic Federal Republic of Germany (commonly known as West Germany) and the socialist German Democratic Republic (commonly known as East Germany). On 3 October 1990, the country was reunified.[12]

END QUOTE  (from )

there you have it. proof. concrete evidence of what and when germany was.

so what the hell was AUSTRIA then. no not the place where where bruce and mick drink veebs and eat vegemite next to the coolibah tree while the band played waltzing matilda and they shitpost all night long while the seppos sleep hahahahahaha.

apparently austrians ARE an ethic group. a subgroup of germans though. so why didnt they join with germany or the HRE. why arent they joined with germany NOW.

QUOTE The origins of modern-day Austria date back to the time of the Habsburg dynasty, when the vast majority of the country was a part of the Holy Roman Empire. ENDQ

ok got it thats all i need to know hahahahaha.

in 10th grade i took an exhaustive, super detailed AP European  History class. it was a difficult class and the amount of detail and time covered was RIDICULOUS. on one hand i did appreciate it, on the other hand, it was overwhelming and burnout. it was hard taking those ap classes for an entire 9 months of school year.

we covered a lot of this stuff. popes, HRE, germany, ww1, ww2, hister, hahaha. but by the time it got to THAT stuff we were REALLY cramming it in and couldnt POSSIBLY appreciate the 20th century stuff.

i wish i had just taken basic bitch regular history, and then just studied euro history in my own time, at my own pace.

i guess lviv ukraine was the main city of galicia



there is a part in MK Ch 3 where AH refers to lemberg and laibach which i figured were kinda “nationalistic” big cities within the austrio hungarian empire, which were standing up to the influence of vienna, etc.

i guess was semi productive at the job today, which is good, all i can ask for. to FEEL PRODUCTIVE hahahaha. even though I wasnt really productive. well i was a LITTLE bit. made some progress in doing a video. have been trying to learn a video production program and making some videos to teach people how to do shit. i think videos are super useful, hwyte, and not jooish. just straight up great ways to teach people how to do shit. i wish we used them at my old job to teach us how to do the crazy shit, rather than have people K themselves trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel 6000000000 times a day.

just have a higher up person in the know make 1 video demonstrating each issue or fact or skill or whatever, then we watch the videos, learn what to do. very efficient use of resources. ie people and time and shekels.

adolf shekelgrabber was his real surname hahahahaha.

qt young gurl lives in neighborhood with her youngish husband and i cant tell if they are hwyte or turkish. when you get a lot of balkan people. plenty of serbs. nothing wrong with serbs. tons wrong with albanians. oh god. they have this dog they cant control. the young gf/wife with nice long hair walks the dog who looks like he is gonna drag the little gurl with him. dog wants to run up to every person in a 50 foot radius. if it was a negro dog like a pit bull, that would be a huge problem. there are news reports EVERY DAY of dog bites. most of them trash pit bulls. ban the breed. terrible.

the dog came running up to me yesterday and jumped up on me. the gurl apologized to me. i saw the dog running up to some other people walking today. the husband apologized. i was just like, put a leash on your damn dog. control your damn dog. tame your damn dog so it doesnt go chasing after everyone. you guys look kinda balkan. so are you serbian or albanian? are you white or a damn turk? i would still bang your young wife though.

i mean they could be macedonian.

dont think theres a ton of croats around here tho. prob a few.

had a dream last night where very briefly a qt young gurl was showing interest in me, appeared to be open to cuddling with me, was standing real close to me. i think it was this loudmouth gurl from my old job. that woman hated this woman but i thought she was qt. but obnoxious. i didnt luv her personality so much. but i dont think she was a huge slut either. so, i had not ruled her out hahaha. she was qt and not super girly and possibly low number, so that was all good. no known dealbreakers yet.

how much money can i lose at poker table today. how fast can i lose my entire bankroll again. i mean its “only” a 10 dollar bankroll but still. its the damn principle of the matter.

although technically my bankroll SHOULD be at least 20$.  my bankroll im playing with is too damn low to play this table.

is there a version of the handmaids tale that wasnt written by a damn man hating feminist? how about by a smart man who realizes how patriarchy and brood mares will indeed make the world a better place?

not even brood mares. just damn no voting for women, and no voting for men under 30.  and pref the men should not be mgtow childless losers.

you gotta Risk Half Your Shit in order to Leave A Legacy. only you can decide if that is worth it. and I think men who decide that it is not worth it are pathetic and wrong.

you Manage The Risk with the Insurance of picking as virtuous of a woman as you can find, namely a low number young woman with truly traditional morals and a good father, and then you maintain a strong hand throughout the rel so she doesnt betray you and take half your shit.

until we can make the artificial wombs to help us leave our legacy hahaha. but arguably women do play an important role not just birthing the children, but raising them as well.

some real white knight shit here!

insightful data. data insights. scale. business intelligence. insights. get the fook out of here. this is the bullshit you “learn” for a 50k dollar MBA. insights. suck muh insightful dick bitches.

heh. why didnt i start reading MK when i was 16 years old. WELL, i wouldnt have understood it. in a way i am reading it at exactly the right time. i might have needed a lifetime to Prepare myself for it. to get ready for it.  you just cant read it before youre 30. but boy i wish every hwyte man could read it at age 13 and even 30% understand it.

it is certainly not lessening my appreciation of the man. more and more i enjoy the idea of being able to meet him and talk to him. the most misunderstood and mischaracterized man who ever lived.

i wish he were around right now to comment on what is happening now and to give us his wisdom. his INSIGHT hahahaha. cuz basically its the same shit he describes, its just worse.

well, i guess in some ways weimar germany was worse. like more economically desperate. maybe. but in terms of j degen, its much worse now. holy shit. if he saw what they were up to now, he would gladly authorize throwing 6 million into ovens and publish that executive order far and wide.

but i would just like to hear what he had to say. or even if he had just lived for 10 years after the war and just wrote another book or something. or i wish he made some tapes. it is kinda weird that he never made any audio tapes of him just talking, dictating, recording semi private thoughts, esp near the end of his life. maybe he did and they were destroyed? what a tragedy that would be!

i imagine some people would want to meet him just to Ask The Madman Why He Hated The Jooz So Much To Genocide Them. I would want to meet him just to enjoy a damn conversation with him and learn from the greatest man since jesus christ hahahaha.

tfw you are well on your way to becming a full blown hister LOVER hahahaha.

and what would he say now, and who’s REALLY the closest to him since? maybe rockwell. big maybe. certainly nobody’s been that actually successful. but yeah rockwell, pierce. how would AH get along with them? would there be bitchy infighting the way there has always been with VVN’s? you’d think AH could stop all that hahaha. but VVNs are YUGE infighters that maybe even AH couldn’t stop it hehehehe. someone would call him a joo enabler or a purity spiraler hahahaha.



may 12

i get a get ask alice email every friday and im sure this one came up before haha

never forget, weev is a great writer too

ok did some errands, beautiful day, should go for powerwalk.

11 hours of sleep hehehe. it brings muh average up only a few minutes, to about 8 hours and 27 minutes hehe.

i dont see how omar sharif could be less than at least half whyte. he looks very hwyte for having a shitty arab name like that. or turk.  i think he was a turk. but he was pretty handsome and very whyte looking. heh. dr zhivago on classic movie channel atm hahaha.

laid down for 2 hours, tried to take a powernap. prob got no more than 30 minutes actual sleep. still worth it!

watched part of the movie hacksaw ridge. i guess it was ok but it seemed TOO VIOLENT. I got tired of all the grim, gruesome, harrowing War Violence. people getting their legs blown off etc.

i KNOW its trying to say “WAR IS HELL” and that director MEL GIBSON is a GREAT man…..but i still think you could make a decent war movie without such Graphic Violence and still get across the point War Is Hell.

also, plenty of Boomers had fathers who were in ww2 fighting the natzees. these people can prob never be convinced that the natsees were really the good guys and that you should hail the hakenkreuz hahahahaha. they just wont buy it. they were raised thinking natzees were the enemy and that AH was the most evil person who ever lived and that being an NS is treasonous and UNAMERICAN.

well i say listen to GLR then. he actually fought in WW2 and still became a natsee. wearing an armband and everything.

sheeeeeit they had SMORES ice cream at the store. this is a weakness of mine hahaha. some stores normally have smores ice cream. i dont go to that store normally. i normally go to a store that does NOT normally have smores ice cream hehehehe.

kind of like drawing a “swazi” on your chest while pounding a B, you could also have a giant picture of AH near your bed or on the ceiling, that she could look at while you were pounding her.

are you fooking kidding me? my BMR is like 1490 (1433 heheheheh) calories. meaning if i eat 1500 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT.

1452. if i eat 1453 calories a day, i will GAIN WEIGHT. well, up to the point that i will then need more than 1453 calories to sustain my new larger weight hahahaha.

ayyyy check this out. its an actual human reader with a decent voice. i hate the text to speech computer readers.  cant believe yt hasnt taken it down yet. im sure they will.

heh 50 pages in and its kinda boring. slow moving hahaha. he either needs to talk about women, jooz, or his feelz moar hahaha. well right now he’s talking about how the social democrats are using trade unions as a political tool. but that wanting better working conditions is not an inherently jooish thing. actually he has not really mentioned joos yet. i imagine when he does the book will be a lot less boring hahaha. hes only very briefly mentioned the Twin Evils of Marxism and Joory. and hasn’t really tied them into the Social Democrats or Trade Unions yet.

but i want him to talk more about surviving day to day. sheeeit by the time he was 21 he was no longer working contstruction jobs 80 hours a week and was working as a painter/artist and had time to read after work and was not constantly stressed out even though he wasnt rich. so he was a winner normie chad then hahahah.

his father died when he was 13 and his mother died when he was 15 of Breast Cancer. He had a brother named Edmund Hister who died when he was 2 or 3 hehehehe.

i would have liked to hear more stories about him interviewing for jobs and not getting them. not making enough money to rent a room or eat his bread and milk. getting fired from jobs for being incompetent. getting fired from jobs for not wanting to joo, scam, cheat and lie to his company’s clients.

and no talk of women! did he go to hookers? they had to have had gypsy hookers in 1910 vienna hahahahaha. i mean yeah hookers are degenerate but he had to have urges! did he have GFs he just didnt write about? why didnt he get married to them and have children? i mean we know he eventually got with eva braun and they prob banged a few times hahahahaahaha. i thought he “dated” her for a longass time, at least 10 years. too bad they didnt have any children. but think of the shame that would have been brought on any such children!

listened to some of taake noregs vaapen since he will def play some songs from here. guitar sound is great, drums sound a little like a machine though! also it doesnt seem as hot-blooded as the earlier stuff. (ie, more boring, more mid-paced, less adventurous, more going through the motions, less inspired hahahahaha, good lord, if this is his Good later album and “stridens hus” is “going through the motions”, i hate to hear how boring that one is hahahahahahahahhahahaha) also the banjo is not super ridiculous as you would think. all people talk about is the banjo. banjo banjo banjo. i would use a theremin in my black metal hahahaha.

but yeah i am sure it will be a great show. never been to the venue but i dont think its too large and more importantly its not in the god damn black ghetto.

at least in 1910 vienna the hookers werent covered in tattoos and were probably good looking and not fat and dressed less slutty than NORMIE women today hehehehe. and didnt fook blacks because there were no blacks, and probably didnt even fook too many turks. maybe they fooked dirty gypsies. just trying to think what kind of nonwhites would have been in 1910 vienna. there were probably a tiny number of turks. i imagine there would be more joos and gypsies! and they hadnt yet created a “popular culture” to turn normie hwyte gurls into whores! women were still getting married and having babies young. men could afford to have children at age 21.

i wish women had some loyalty. but this is holding women to mens standards and will always result in disappointment.

but heres the thing: race mixing is objectively bad. hehehe. IMHO.

yeah well for WOMEN its NOT inherently bad. if it means getting the STRONGER mate.

basically, race mixing is bad for men and women. therefore its BAD when women do it. even though they dont THINK its bad. and we cant EXPECT them to think that its bad. because in Woman World, race mixing is NOT bad.

but it IS bad! because it weakens our race!

but WOMEN dont think its bad, because STRENGTH, not RACE, is the only thing that matters!

also, even a young immature man can see that the black thuggish displays of “STRENGTH” are not real strength at all. but just thuggish apefrican bigman ooga booga jungle bullshit. we can see right away this man might appear strong but that he would be a horrible long term mate, terrible husband, terrible father, its all surface, it’s SO OBVIOUSLY all surface, and we woman haters rightfully resent women for not being able to see that OBVIOUS truth! cant you see THIS IS NOT REAL STRENGTH???????!?!?!?!?!?!

at least MEN are smart enough to know that a qt young gurl is not automatically a good wife and mother!

welll……not me. i ended up falling in luv with sluts, same way stupid women fall in luv with shitty deadbeat thugs. you are blinded by how HAWT they are that you think they HAVE to be perfect.

i just think its DISGUSTING how they can think these APE MEN are HAWT. at least the young sluts i fell in luv with were objectively qt. and didnt LOOK LIKE TRASH.

weev says that selling tshirts does not make much money, that its mainly good for “branding” rather than making money.

hes a jooish leftist writing for a jooish phagazine but he’s not entirely incorrect hahaha. you should delete your f4gbook. zucc is one sneaky sneaky joo.

may 13

new nokturnal mortum album, first in like 8 years since the ridiculously vaunted “voice of steel.” so, a band coming back after a HUGE hiatus, AND following up the HUGEST album of their career. LOT of hype here.

i especially like that they were “NS” for a while and hopefully are still JQ wise. hope they are not degenerate alcoholics.

also, 74 minute albums are not my thing, i prefer 40 minute albums. but i respect varggoth’s musical aesthetic and hopeful racialism hahahaha. would totally see them live but they will prob never do a us tour. but if they did it will be pretty soon!

slate article: you will hate your husbando after your kids are born, so dont have kids goyim hahaha

had weird nightmare last night where there was this weird grotesque sexual hell where people were doing these violent torturous torture porn shit in huge bloody orgies of death, sex was associated with violent torturous death, rooms full of people fooking each other with razor dild0z, women doing azz to azz with razor dild0z and tearing each other apart, all while being stung by swarms of bees and hornets, people being torn apart by fook machines. it was horrifying.

if something were not a degenerate orgy of blood right now, it would turn that way. but i was horny and there were all these qt young women. i was running to escape the rooms that had horrifying orgies of blood and death, and then found a room with qt nice soft nonviolence. and i was like, welp, i want to touch this qt gurl. buttttttt…….this is clearly some kind of hell, and this is gonna get really horrible, right?

i found myself with a beautiful yougn girl and then stuffed muh face into her young Flower hahaha and then it felt all cold, like cold raw meat, and i realized that the gurl was dead or dying and there i was eating her cold dead coont.

of course that was nothing compared to the people getting TORN APART in other rooms.

there was the implication that this was part of a book trilogy like “divine comedy” and this was the hell/inferno part, and the longest book of the three, and that the books may have been written by the mysterious black metal band deathspell omega or their evil sadistic degen singer, that crazy finnish guy hahahaha.

but i know he’s not really that crazy, and that none of them are THIS edgy as the stuff in this nightmare.  MA might even be a nationalist! but yeah his old power electronics stuff was pretty dark and evil and depraved. maybe the dream was a reference to all that. probably. i totally understand his interest in nationalism, i totally do not understand his interest in that Nihilistic, Evil, Degen, Pornographic stuff. he should focus on the former, and abandon the latter.

now certainly i dont like how joos have turned secs into a jooish, degenerate, pornographic, horrible hell on earth, but certainly its not as bad as seen in this dream, i mean thats why they call it a nightmare hahaha. but i am also butthurt about never being able to enjoy secs with a woman, really to never be able to enjoy being with women period, including cuddling and dating and hanging out.

it might not be like a living hell torture porn, but it still is a disgusting degenerate jooish farce of lies, disappointment, heartbreak, and butthurt ahahhahahahaha.

ok so i might have three diff versions of MK going right now hahaha. 1. manheim translation book. 2. audiobook above. 3. stalag edition online. in the first 2, they have AH using the word “K1KE” near the end of chapter 2 where he talks about the j being as a maggot in an abscess. in stalag, word “K1KE” does not appear. so….wat do hahahaha.

i dont care if he DOES use the word!!! i just dont want people putting words in his mouth!

anyway. point is, in the second part of chap 2, he finally begins talking about the J and hopefully does not stop.

heh. tfw when you are reading AH’s thoughts on the J and you realize you feel the exact same way hahahahahahahaha.

but yeah what a fooked up dream. im surprised it didnt affect me MORE. hey i think i would actually take this dream, over a dream with That Woman.

isnt that great. i would rather have dreams of women being torn apart by double ended ass to ass dild0s, in a sadistic jooish torture porn hell, than have any kind of dream with THAT WOMAN hahahaha. very telling.

you know that sense of sleaze and this is dirty and wrong that you get when you see porno? that is the essence of pure jooishness. and they want you to enjoy it. embrace this jooish sickness. become as sick and degen as they are.

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i might be alienating people who are willing to Stop Watching Porn but are unwilling to question the Jooish aspects of porn. that does kinda suck. well to you i say: FINE. just IGNORE my Vitriolic, Virtulent, Hister-tier Anti-Semitic Ranting, and Stop Watching Porn ANYWAY. it is such a SIMPLE task that will have such concrete, immediate results. PROVE ME WRONG. Prove the Joo-hater wrong. just stop watching the porn for your health. that is made by rich evil hwyte kleptocrats. white globalists hahahahaha.

its not globalism thats bad, its all the white males at the top who are exploiting workers globally thats bad!!!!!

anyway. who cares if porn is jooish or not. (it is.) just stop watching it and you will reap solid benefits very quickly. i cannot help but feel CONTEMPT and PITY for people who still watch porn. PATHETIC. i cant believe millions of white men watch it regularly. and their wives and gfs just think its normal.

maybe evil rich white males want you to THINK its normal. so you can watch it every day and be a pathetic, contemptible jerkoff who delights in depraved, sleazy sin.

they used to tell you you’d go blind, you’d grow hair on your palms, you’d never get a gf. well at least one of those things is true hahaha.

AH is implying that men should not vote until age 30. this is a very good idea. well, he says “should not involve themselves in politics until 30, so as to develop the weltanschauung” etc etc.

not sure if he means voting. but if voting were restricted to MEN ONLY, ABOVE 30, that would be a YUGE improvement over current.

heres a cartoon emily youcis did i guess somewhat recently. not bad. pretty good!

i mean she has seen both those worlds. hope she doesnt go back to the degen one.

yeah shes prob crazy. yeah shes prob fooked more than 20 guys hahahaha. yeah political / racial women are inherently CRAZY. yeah her previous art was so degenerate, it was like the stuff i saw in my awful nightmare last night. but i still generally like her and think she’ll stay on a good path. really a woman like her would be TOO GOOD for me hahaha.

That Woman was TOO GOOD for me. it was MY FAULT i lost her becuase i was TOO WEAK to HOLD ONTO a good woman like her. the perfect person at the WORST time. DAMN. how can i ever forgive myself for being At Fault in losing the Best Woman I ever met? How will I ever get over this?

ehehehe. MY MIND IS THINKING more of those that woman thoughts and its all my fault and ill never get over it thoughts. lets just play cards and read MK by AH.

i would get a masters degree in Hwyte Studies HAHAAHAHAHA. there will never ever ever ever BE a masters degree in Hwyte studies! there are many masters degrees in ANTI hwyte studies!!!!!!!!!!

Higher Education is DEEPLY Antihwyte! that is one of my big problems with it hehehe.

i cant say inherently because it wasnt ALWAYS inherently antiwhyte hehe

some 18 year olds are obsessed with becoming a nurse or doctor or engineer and getting all A’s in their college classes so they can get into MEDICAL SCHOOL and become a DOCTOR. why couldnt i have been like that. though medical schools are full of nonwhytes, i dont think actual medical education is itself very antihwyte in content the way all arts and humanities are. and “social sciences” dear god that word. how about social studies. thats what we used to call history in grade school. i think its a more honest term than social sciences!

Ernst Zundel sez that ANTIS3M1TISM IS A NATURAL REACTION TO S3M1TISM hehehehe. Started listening to that 2 hour interview he did wit the israeli journalist. it takes about 20 minutes to start getting good. but i think its gonna get real good, with him saying gems like that. DIS GON B GUD.gif

somebody on daily stormer suggested reaching out to “pro white celebrities like phil anselmo” for big time shekels.  i know he had semi apologized for his drunken “white power” remarks, when i hoped he would be like, yeah im a racist, so what. but hes just sorta cucked with shucks im sorry, i was drunk, i grew up in nola with tons of black people, all humanity is equally shitty, some of my heroes are black men, bla bla bla. CUCKING.

and now he’s saying he was MOLESTED as a child. well that sucks but him saying that NOW seems kinda bad timing. he shoulda just said that years ago because now it sounds like hes cucking again. oh im a damaged person because i was molested. its terrible to be molested, its NOT terrible to be a racist, and its like hes really groveling for the joos now. oh you cant hate me, i was MOLESTED.

so in other words, i REALLY dont think he’d support daily stormer. at all.

anyway just read that and you’ll see he’s not really pro hwyte hahahaha. he apparently doesnt think french is hwyte. he’s french and sicilian and well we know sicilians arent hwyte but certainly french are!

talks about his single mother fooking black guys. HORREE SHEET. im surprised THEY didnt molest him! or at least beat him! so thats why he became an angry nihilistic incoherent druggie.

and the people who think hes a racist STILL think hes a racist!

i dont even hate the guy. he used to be my role model for angry tuff guy manly man shit. he was tuff and masculine, but there was no real weltanschauung there. just a man who was angry at everything and rambled incoherently hehehehe. except he fried his brain even MORE on drugs and alcohol and is even MORE incoherent when talking to people and now he apologizes for pseudo racist stuff when he’s too tuff to ever apologize for anythign else.

heh. but i wouldnt mind hanging out with him and telling him to quit MJ, to maybe have a child with a decent woman, that might straighten him up. not sure he would be able to discern a decent woman though. he was married to some jooish slut 15 years ago or so!!! if that didnt make him race aware, nothing will! damn!

i dont think hes a bad guy. but he should just have some damn kids and stop fooking around with metal for 45 year old losers.

although i like that he bitched about scott ian saying ian is never gonna say thank you for your dnation to the SPLC phil hahahahaha.

though i would have liked it better if anselmo had just said fook you joo, im not donating shit to those joos! dont try to shame me!

cuz ian had made a really JOOISH statement (yes hes a joo) saying you not donating is COMPLICITY!

his public apology wasnt good enough for these joos!

anyway, im sorry he was molested as a child. no child deserves that. that’s PROBABLY why he became such a misguided fookup and made fooktons of bad decisions and kinda wasted his potential and became sad and pathetic hahaha.

if he didnt hang out with a bunch of other druggies and losers maybe he could have had a healthy hwyte male role model in his life to teach him how to be a proud hwyte male. yet another product of single mothers! mudshark single mothers! and he doesnt think that is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING that his own MOTHER was a MUDSHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!