june 9

tammy wynette, stand by your man. what a great message. god bless her for advocating such a good idea.

if you are not addressing your cover letter to “TALENT ACQUISITION TEAM”, you dont deserve a 15 dollar an hour job hahahaha. laffs at the plebs who still think they are smart by address human resources. no. theres a special team within human resources now whos pupose is to Source Talent hahahaha. it’s all useless meaningless makework fro stupid women bullshit of course.

never date a woman in human resources or recruiting or talent acquisition or staffing. oh god. stupidest sluts ever.

kind of funny tho that I know two guys who are MARRIED to women with jobs like this, and the women are very nice and loyal and decent. not all recruiters are like that hahahaha.

heh there are a ton of reviews on the internet that andrew anglin’s father is a sleazebag who preys on vulnerable women who come to him for counseling. he is an unlicensed christian counselor who has been accused of breaking up families and manipulating people etc.

hmm well just because his father is a degen doesn’t mean AA is a degen…..right?

i am aware of what the haters say about AA. but Daily Stormer is a great thing and I still plan to donate $5 to him.

but can’t he get money from his degen daddy?

one angry ex-client estimates the father has seduced 40-50 women clients. yikes!

i mean im inclined to believe it because you cant make this shit up.

maybe this is why his son is such a woman hater hahahahahahaha.

welllllllllll. daily stormer is so good i will forgive any past degeneracy AA has. and maybe his father has repented. i hope so. proud white men dont NEED to act like that.

ok 5 job applications today. 4 was my goal but thats a little lazy no? maybe baby step it up to 5 per day now.

sheeeit i mean if i cant have a nice waifu i would just like to smoke MJ like a degen. it honestly gives a similar warm and fuzzy feeling. ive mentioned this many times before.

i see other women and thing god damn i will never be as close to a woman, and never have something as good, as I had with THAT WOMAN. that will be my Peak Woman in muh life hahahaha. never came closer to perfection. well, not perfection, she wasn’t perfect, but she was more than good enough.

Never came closer to More Than Good Enough hahahaha.

i mean shit. if I ever get with a woman, i’m gonna want a woman whos BETTER than one that didnt work out.

why would I want a woman who was WORSE than one who didnt work out.

and Im still not over her in terms of not wanting her any more. I still want her more than all others and compare all new women to her.

you gotta get past the stage where you compare everyone to them.

but remember……when i first met her, I was still in luv with the previous woman, and I compared That Woman to That Previous Woman, saying, yeah she’s nice as a friend, but I still want That Previous Woman…….well we see how that changed. I eventually stopped comparing her, and she eventually become More Than Good Enough.

so it still bothers me, but at least now I can be productive enough to do 4 to 5 job applications a day, and take a shower once every 3 to 4 days hahahahaha. take nyquil every 2 to 3 days. wish i had some MJ but i am gonna have some damn drug tests im sure.

shit i might even have to take a NICOTENE test if I keep applying at these hospitals!

ok i really gotta go for a good powerwalk, I was like 353 calories OVER yesterday.

might never come close to just good enough hahahaha.

got a nice 5.04 miler in, listened to some white power stuff. listened to the newest nile album from 2015, “what should not be unearthed.” I did not really like it and switched it off after the second song. of course nile is always difficult to listen to because of the piles of fast uncatchy riffs, so a lot depends on the production. the production seems ok here and the drums are quieter than i expected, which is fine, cuz although kollias is a very good drummer, he is also very clicky.

I was turned off by the shouty vocals which dont even sound like death metal vocals at all. that was a real turnoff. there is still karl sanders doing super low growls and that is what i MUCH prefer. He needs to do at least 75% of the vocals imho. but he doesnt.

but yeah I just couldnt really get into the non death metal shouting. and it didnt seem as brutal or as “dizzying.” i dunno. maybe it will grow. where is this 11-string fretless guitar. that sounds interesting.

so yeah it was kinda boring. I would rather listen to andrew anglin talking to david duke. or the latest epsiode of the fatherland. that was much less boring!

and I wished I could have gone on a nice 5 mile walk with that woman and just talked about stuff that we needed to talk about it. its just 90 minutes. that’s not a lot of time when it comes to two peoples lives.

now i’m gonna worry that whenever i have trouble wiht a woman….shes just gonna walk out. doesnt matter if ive known her for 2 year. ill wake up tomorrow and she will be gone, will have decided to never talk to me ever again. doesnt matter how much we know each other. how long weve known each other. 2 years. 3 years. 5 years. 10 years.

well, whenever ive have problems with a woman, the woman has ALWAYS walked out….they just normally do it in a nicer way, and say, sorry to disappoint you, but I have to leave you now. Sorry. bye bye.

so yeah i’ve NEVER experienced a woman that was willing to fight for me, willing to TRY for me. as soon as things get a little tough, BOOM. IM DONE. they said. cuz they didnt really WANT to be with me in the FIRST place. they simply didnt have those kind of feelings. and i did. its ALWAYS been one sided like that.

no woman has been WILLING to have a real rel with me, well i mean beyond Just Friends. sometimes i was fine wiht just friends. 99% of times.

heh. took some nyquil here.

hooray. got under 524 calories today, to cancel out the overage yesterday of 373 or whatever. and then some. therefore I should lose some weight hehhehe.

june 10

shit. got rejection from the city job that was my far and away #1 hope. muh dream job. but still quite a reach tbh. EVERYTHING is quite a reach. getting a job at walmart call center is a yuge reach, like getting into harvard hahaha.  so how do all these ingras do it. because they are ingras hahahahaha. and i am too proud NOT to always mark “WHITE MALE” on the applications hahahahaha. i am a VICTIM of REVERSE RACISM hhahahahahaahahahahhhhahahaha.


says Carl The Cuck. talk about a punchable face!

someone on TRS said “most men would betray their childhood friends just to get 2 pumps into a non-obese woman” which I found very triggering and hopefully completely untrue. but i also understood the thirst and desperation he was talking about. I am thinking his own personal situation led him to think the situation was worse than it really is…..although its still not really good out there.

but of course i thought….wawawawawaaw THAT WOMAN was not obese at all, she was not even OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!! she was legit attractive!!!! a non-overweight 25 year old white woman with no kids??? how did I think I even HAD A CHANCE????

how did she even Allow me to be friends with her for 2.7 years?????? because she didn’t realize her own value.

see i dont want to think thoughts like that. Its true she didnt realize her own value, but I dont want to think of myself as so lowly that a 25 year old white woman with no kids is so far out of my league that she shouldnt even want to debase herself by hanging out with a lowly peasant omega like me!

decided to line up my 4-5 jobs all at once while scrolling through indeed. then I moved the tabs to a separate window and can do those. so I am done SEARCHING for the day, now I just need to apply to the ones ive found.

its more of “Serial tasking” rather than “multitasking” if that makes any sense.

vs doing searching, then finding one applyable job, then switching gears into the application process right then and there. although some times thats not bad. depends if i am in an ok mood or a bad mood hahahaha.

how can you just LEAVE someone like that when they are begging you to talk to them. just damn talk to them and tell them youre done with them. you can say a lot in a medium length email. and its not that hard to write a long email. i write the equivalent of a long email every day. 2000 words a day.  you can’t even give me 50 words?  you text other people back and forth the equivalent of 50 words all the time!

it would be different, COMPLETELY different, if we had just met each other, had not been friends for 2.7 years. this wasnt some random crazy gurl who i didnt know and who didnt know me. we ALREADY HAD SOMETHING.

im not some stalker who just met her who demands an explanation when he is dumped.

i was a long term friend who was shocked that she couldn’t even say one word, one text, one post it note, one email, one message, one anything! and as time passed and she and I cooled off, she STILL did say antyhing.

ok better apply for another job sitting in my “queue” here hahaha.

ok did that hahaha. something for a pavement marking company. how do people get into these jobs. same way I do hahahaha.

Disabilities include, but are not limited to:

• Blindness
• Deafness
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy

• Autism
• Cerebral palsy
• Schizophrenia
• Muscular dystrophy

• Bipolar disorder
• Major depression
• Multiple sclerosis (MS)
•Missing limbs or partially missing limbs

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Obsessive compulsive disorder
• Impairments requiring the use of a wheelchair
• Intellectual disability (previously called mental retardation)

did I already post this list of disabilities hehehehe im sure i did.

but i like how having despair, OCD, bipolar, or ptsd is as bad as having AIDS, RETARDATION, SCHIZO, AUTISM, or CANCER hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

nao the autists go reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i should just go on damn disability already. if employers say i have a disability who am i to deny them hahaha.

whats next, people with ANXIETY will have a disability.

what about people with drug and alcohol problems.

i signed up for liberapay so I could donate money to both daily stormer and weev. now making a .14 euro (15 cents) per week donation to each hahahaha.


you have to donate weekly and you have to do it in euros. They let you put it on credit card.

I also invited millennial woes and the right stuff to liberapay hehehe.

there are only 555 people on liberapay, including me, daily stormer, weev, at least one guy from TRS forum, and a bunch of people who develop the liberapay platform hahahaha.

i suspect it will get SHUT DOWN when the media discovers that they dont shut down Nationalists.

I mean DS, TRS, weev, they have all been SHUT DOWN from paypal. thats why they dont use paypal.

and TRS is in the process of getting SHUT DOWN from teespring.

hehehehe ok today was big for my dnations. I set up recurring dnations to millennial woes, the fatherland, daily stormer, and weev.  tiny ass microdonations but I wanted to do something that recurs monthly. so that is good. also donated a tiny bit to TRS manually. discovered that bitcoin price was SOARING so now I am trying to SELL HIGH at coinbase. i mean its the highest its been in a YEAR.

heheheh vox day is like only 80% white but he has great points. basically a woman who has been with 2 guys is almost as likely to divorce you as a woman who has been with TEN guys hahahaha.

2 IS AS BAD AS 10!!!!!