june 21

happy joo year, same as the old joo year hahaha.

interview this friday for part time temporary job. but its in a great company. but getting a full time job here, you have to be like best friends with somebody. i have been trying to get an entry level full time job here for 8 years or more hahaha. persistence is not enough.

this job uhh lets just say they do some “workforce training” which is actually very good and positive. like training people in semi-skilled factory type shit. almost like skilled trades. basically i want to see about getting like training from them. how to use a cnc machine. how to do injection molding. grinding. fooking dorning and boring and metalwork and woodwork and concrete work and treatments and stuff. tool and die. shop. production. using expensive machines to make expensive parts that go on even more expensive cars, planes, vehicles, boats, buildings. real mans work. solid working class jobs where men work hard and fook white trash bitches in bars where shitty bands play and people get falling down drunk in public hahaha and manage to hold down their jobs despite their drinking problems, until they come up with a way to get hurt on the job so they can go on Disability or Workmans Comp, then sit around all day drinking, smoking w33d, and doing pain pills, hahahahahaha.  and their wife leaves them for a black guy. the weed dealer hahahaha. and your daughters grow up to be mudshark sluts and your sons grow up to be druggie losers. and everybody gets shitty tattoos and listens to kid rock and eminem.

june 22

its just very dangerous and bad for me to think “she left me because i am a loser. we all want to be rid of bad influences and negative people who drag us down. I was one of those people. I just dragged her down. just like a deadbeat or a cheater or adrug addict or a loser or someone going NOWHERE in life. she is GOING PLACES and deserves to hang out with BETTER people than me.”

and we have all cut out the dead weight in our lives. recognized negative people and been like this person is bad news. and it sucks when you are the bad news for someone else, but they are very good news for you!

also the thought that she is stronger than me. better at Working Life than me. better at Jobs. More employable, more hirable, more promotable, worth more on the job market.

she passed me by on that journey and can’t be bothered with people who have no plan for their lives, no ambition.

so i hate those thoughts. we dont have any CONCLUSIVE proof that she rejected me for being a loser dead weight bad influence. even if some of the things point that way. she rejected me because she was horrified by me liking her and she couldnt deal with that properly.

no i was just thinking of her as a supervisor in her new job, making more money, handling stressful situations, when i snap under pressure and have never been promoted and cant find a way to make any money, and she is 8 years younger than me and passing me by on the Journey of Life. Well I mean I am at least 11 years behind on the Marathon of Life anyway. i just hate having that rubbed in.

i guess the REBUTTAL to the COGNITIVE DISTORTION is: this is jumping to conclusions, we have insufficient evidence. there is REASONABLE DOUBT. the preponderance of the evidence does not conclude.

yeah but there is no EVIDENCE for the alternative explanations. there is EVIDENCE she thought I was a huge loser.

well….not really. I dont know WHAT she was thinking. I am MIND READING.

it is MUCH MORE LIKELY she got distant from me and Threw Me Away because she couldnt deal with my feelings towards her….NOT because she thought i  was a hueg loser . besides, at that time, she was just as big of a loser as me. doesnt matter if she had a good reason, being 8 years younger than me. she probabyl wasnt thinking about that when she threw me away. she was probably thinking omg i cant even omg he needs to STAHP right now i cant even.

hey. i wasnt GOOD ENOUGH for woman 2012 but she in NO WAY treated me like shit or garbage or a cancer.

its one thing if you are ambivalent about that person, ie nto sure if you really like them or not. this is more likely if youve only known them a short time, ie you dont really KNOW them. then when they say youre not good enough for me, you can say FOOK YOU BITCH, YA STUCK UP BITCH, Im too good for you, i never wanted to be with you anyway!

but when you think they are awesome and they think you are shit…..horry sheet that is bad. not good for the masculine confidence.

paper mag, o god, the significance of dat boi frog meme to a conversation about white privilege, racial intersectionalist, and AAVE (african american vernacular english) oh jeezum crow these vermin.

DAT BOI IS A PROBLEMATIC, RACIST, PUNCHING DOWN MICROAGGRESSION that serves only to mock AAVE and not validate it.


thankfully most commenters on the article recognize how ridiculous the article is.

i only know DAT BOI because andrew anglin has been appropriating it, and i am a Sustaining Member of Daily Stormer hahahaha. i give him .12 euros a week. that is like 14 cents! every week!

might not be GOOD ENOUGH for the fatherland, but its GOOD ENOUGH for DAT BOI andrew anglin!

so my new thing is to find a decent company in the area, then apply for everything with that company i can. pretty common sense but this only occurred to me after 188 applications hahahaha.

just harvesting “leads” from New Jobs on LinkedIn. this gives you a lot of companies. but you can tell right away which companies seem better. so look and see if theres anything on that company you didnt apply to. who gives a shit if its not brand new.

its good to Purge Negative People from your life…..but its HORRIBLE when YOU ARE the negative person in someone elses life and they want to PURGE YOU. and they are a very positive person to you, that you want to keep in your life.

if you ever have a total CLUSTERFOOK at your job, come home and WRITE about it. but ALSO turn it into a one-page STORY that you can use in a future interview. strip the emotion out of it and bend the truth to make you look like you saved the day even if you didnt.

STORIES are VERY important and if you don’t have TEN good stories to tell in great detail…..YOU DONT DESERVE A 15 DOLLAR AN HOUR JOB, OR A WIFE, OR CHILDREN.

usually stories on how you solved problems and dealt with high pressure situations and very angry customers.

but yeah i just hate how its a RED FLAG when you are a certain age and you havent been a Supervisor yet. you have NEVER BEEN PROMOTED by age 32 hahaha. what does that say about your long term vision. you are not committed. you are a job hopper hehe.  you have no plan for your LIFE. you have EMOTIONAL problems!

and at age 25 she is a level 2. and at age 30+ i have never been a level 2.

that feel when you interview with people who are OBVIOUSLY way younger than you. and they went to your rival school hahahaha or worse. normies gonna norm. nonvirgins reeeeeeeeeeeee nonvirgins can suck muh dick, i hate them more than they hate virgins! because they are fooking degenerates who HURT PEOPLE and DONT CARE!!!!

thats why sex is degenerate! because you HURT PEOPLE and DONT CARE!!!!!!

if a person is gonna get rejected, heartbroken, thrown away like garbage, replaced, downgraded, dumped……that person is probably gonna be me hahaha. thats why i hate this shit. because it hurts ME, and people like me, DIRECTLY. my brethren.

it devalues and shows blatant disresepct for HUMAN LIFE — very often MINE or YOURS, DIRECTLY!! because YOU are just being thrown away like you don’t matter.

THAT is why I find casual sex disgusting and degenerate. it hurts ME, it hurts YOU, it hurts the beta niceguys who are THROWN AWAY, and it hurts the innocent CHILDREN who are MURDERED!

just ate a Pure Protein – Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter, 200 calories, 20 g of protein. it was a bit like eating a brick and i can see it being used for a “meal replacement” as I am eating my Big Meal later in the day.

daily stormer “temporarily suspended” from liberapay?!?!?! but not weev. well, dailystormer is def higher profile than weev. welp that sucks hehehe. maybe its just a temporary thing and he will be back. i thought they were big on FREEZE PEACH.


see how stupid the memes made by leftists are? they are LOSING the meme war. right wing racists have WAY better memes.

hey i wouldnt be such a broken record on women being evil degenerates, if THEY weren’t such broken records of evil degeneracy!

having secs with no regard to the human life it creates!

breaking hearts with no regard to the humans they are hurting!

throwing people away like they were nothing!

THAT is why I don’t like women!

well, i like a few women. a few women who aren’t like that. and they are all above 45 years old. basically menopausal, nonfertile women that have no Sexual or Reproductive value. Eunuch, Desexed women essentially. Those are the only women I like.

well…i dont hate woman2012. and really i dont give a shit about any of the women before that. dont love them, dont hate them. so really, That Woman (2015) will become HISTORY once I manage to develop feelings for another woman.

But I can’t develop feelings for another woman until I’m done having feelings for That Woman!

well, that’s what I said abotu That Woman: I’d never be able to get feelings for her because i was still hung up on woman2012. well after 2 years of being friends and then finally confronting the issue in my mind, really considering it…..that was all it took.

so i guess if i become Really Good Friends with a Young Attractive Woman again, I could get feelings for her after 2 years of knowing her, hahaha.

i mean 25 is the perfect age. because they are not 20 and they are not 30 hahaha. 20 is fine but WAY out of my league. 30 is probably above my league considering i am older than 30! (but not 35 hahahaha).

heh. i dont want to be with ANYBODY. but HER. and its been almost a YEAR since i talked to her, since the shit happened, since she baleeted me. a fookin YEAR.

well today i discovered careerbuilder. it might be worse than indeed. I am hoping it has some shit indeed doesnt. yeah it just has a bunch of recruiters, even more than indeed. because companies think its too much of a cost to make their own postings on indeed and careerbuilder, so they pay recruiters to make the postings for them. good god.