hahaha I still do writing, it is just in the comment boxes to RIDICULOUS academic studies. in an ideal world there would be NO funding for WORTHLESS BULLSHIT like this. this is what PHDs do. this is their LIVES.

I am definitely not a true networker, at least not at the moment. I have made attempts to increase my LinkedIn presence, but it is slow and labored. I prefer to build relationships at work “naturally” or “organically”, in other words, I wouldn’t think of “networking” with someone until I had already established a fairly strong and friendly working relationship with them, or essentially become “work friends” with them. I have never gone to a “networking event” to meet people in other companies. This is certainly somewhat due to the fact that I am very low in my career and really feel quite powerless and worthless in terms of being able to “add value” to an organization. When I make friends with people at work, then I will feel more comfortable talking to them about our current job, and what they like and don’t like, and where they might be thinking of as the next step in their career. Certainly at this point I would feel comfortable connecting with them on LinkedIn, if not on Facebook! In short, I feel most comfortable “networking” with people when I get along with them very well, at the level of considering them “work friends.” I try to get along with everybody at my work, but as far as connecting more deeply with people, only a small number are in that “inner circle.” I am an introvert and very private person. I have no problem making shallow, surface acquaintances, but making deeper friends and having a deeper connection has always taken a lot of time and effort on my part.

study on professional networking. wants us to write a story as PART of the experiment! well done! next

We are asking each participant to generate one fictitious story that we can use for future stimuli. You have been assigned to the “negative story” condition. Namely, we want you to write a detailed story about an experience during which someone was not invited to a party by his/her co-workers because the (non-invited) person was rude to his/her co-worker, even though he/she is not typically a rude person. Think of as many sensory details as you can and elaborate on how the non-invited person in the story might feel during this experience. In addition, we want you to write this story in the first person as if you were the non-invited person (e.g., “I was…”, “I felt…”) to make the story as compelling and realistic as possible for future studies on this topic. Even if you do not personally agree with or have a first-hand experience with this topic, we ask that you write your response as directed.

Remember, please write a first- person account of this experience in as much detail as possible. ok go::::::

I was having a bad day. I was very unhappy with my job because it was extremely stressful by nature and I usually felt nervous, anxious, nauseous, stressed, overwhelmed, and full of doubt and confusion. There were plenty of nice people at my job, the one positive thing about it. I was starting to make a new work friend and I really enjoyed having someone I could talk to who could relate to how I felt about the job, and who could give me support and encouragement, and also just talk to like a normal person and bring a sense of normalcy and levity to the day.

Well, I was having another not-so-great day. I was stressed about the job and had been worried all yesterday evening about the confusing and unexpected events that would happen the next day, today. I couldn’t get good sleep at night because my mind was racing with jumbled thoughts. I had gone for a run after work to try to burn up some stress but it didn’t really seem to work. I took half of a sleeping pill to try to help me get to sleep at a decent time, but it didn’t seem to work either, and as I continued looking at the clock, I became more frustrated and worried.

I was also worried about other things in my personal life. My girlfriend had been very distant with me for months and I feared she wanted to break up with me. I very much wanted to work with her to address and fix any problems, but she did not seem nearly as willing to do this. I was much more willing to communicate and put effort into the relationship than she was. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I didn’t want to lose her and once in a while I perceived mixed signals from her that maybe we could work our way through this rough patch. But really it didn’t look good. However the thought of losing her was devastating to me, and I really hoped we could work things out. It didn’t seem hopeful though. I felt like I was the one doing all the work, and that she already had one foot out the door. Needless to say I was not happy about this.

I got no more than 2 hours of sleep that night and felt horrified on how I was going survive another day at my job. My mind was a confused jumble. How was I going to explain confusing concepts to my clients that even I didn’t fully understand? How could I project confidence when I felt like a wreck? I was terrified and felt like a lost child who just wanted his mother.

I was totally distracted when I spoke to my work friend that day. I didn’t mean to be short with him, but he responded by being short with me. At this point I determined he was simply reacting to me, and that he thought I was intentionally being rude to him. He left before I could apologize and clarify the situation.

I should have been more assertive in getting out in front of this, but just avoided the situation like a coward. Later I found that he had had a party and had not invited me. I felt terrible because we had previously gotten along well, and he had invited me to a previous party, where I fully enjoyed myself.

I felt terrible that such a stupid misunderstanding could interfere with what was starting to become a promising friendship. I felt ashamed that my unstable emotional state led me to push people away without even realizing it. I felt frustrated, lonely, misunderstood, sad, and angry, like I wasn’t given a fair chance.

It was tough times all around.


I don’t see the president as being wholly responsible for the state of US economy. I identify as being quite conservative politically but do not identify with the Republican Party, and would like to see a more “true conservative” party. Will probably vote Trump. Not a blind Trump supporter but I think economically we need to be more protectionistic and nationalistic and much less globalistic. I am against globalism and my main aim is creating jobs in America, and uplifting the lower classes by creating more working class jobs as were available 50 years ago. An average person could make a decent living with a high school education or less. It seemed easier to get a living wage job. Now we have college graduates in 30k + debt unable to get jobs that pay more than 12 dollars an hour. This is disgusting in my opinion. I don’t think college should be free, but I think much fewer people should go to college. At the moment it seems like a scam to prey on gullible children and their families. I believe high school should itself be much more focused on job training and a wide variety of internships. Skilled trades training should be made available from an earlier age.
I would cut social science and humanities programs and make college programs more focused on job placement. Simply, if a student could not place a 20 dollar an hour job before graduation (for example), he would not be allowed to graduate, and schools would develop relationships with companies to ensure 99.99999% job placement rates, even with students who struggled with the interview and job search process.
But college would be the choice for less than 50% of students, and the rest would be involved in trade school or on the job training. Too many jobs ask for a college degree that really do NOT require it. Most people can do most jobs without a college degree.

some study about your beliefs about the economy.


oh yeah i had a DREAM  featuring THAT WOMAN last night. in it I was talking to an old friend and he said well you should just talk to her and I said I KNOW, thats what Ive been TRYING to do, but she keeps AVOIDING me, if I keep trying to talk to her, it will look like I’m stalking her, she obviously doesn’t want to talk and yeah you’re right, she SHOULD want to talk and this is fooking RIDICULOUS and she is being RIDICULOUS, she should just talk to me, but I can’t MAKE her if she’s being THIS stubborn.

and my friend say hmmm well I still think you should try to talk to her.

and then I saw her and she was being ridiculous. I was technically talking to her but we were not having a real conversation. and it was clear we were not going to have a productive conversation about the important issue. she was not very cooperative and was not listening and was just acting very immature.

overall impact of the dream was very low. it did not ruin my day and I can barely remember it less than 12 hours later.

so thank GOD for that. but it still in general sucks just to see her face, to see her. I want to pretend she doesnt exist, and some days I have good days and that goal seems attainable. becoming obsessed with doing machanical saracen seems to be helping with that, occupying my mind and pushing HER out of it.

may 22

is it naive and ignorant and stupid and doomed for me to be anti-globalist? ie you just cant be antiglobalist, because thats the rules every nation has to play by now? you can choose to ignore it… your own peril. its a gloablist WORLD and if you deny that, youre doomed. you cant just close the borders to foreign goods and say, we are gonna manufacture our own tvs and clothing and goods. then a pair of underwear would cost $100. what about food. i know we actually import food. chickens from china. apples from brazil. bananas from brazil. but we grow a lot of food too. shitloads of corn. not that corn is healthy, but still. i would imagine most of the beef and chicken and pork we eat is raised in the US.

but not the computers we use, the clothes we wear.

so instead of paying 400 dollars for this laptop, it would cost at least 1000. if not 2000.

like we just cant go back to the world of the 1950s where we produced a lot of our own stuff because the rest of the world isnt playing by those rules anymore. it simpl would not work to create a bunch of low level manufacturing jobs making our own computers and clothes.

but why not?

there was some news blurb that venezuela has stopped producing beer, becuase they can’t afford to import barley any more. so I thought, well, then they just shouldnt make beer any more. or try growing their own barley. if you have to import it, maybe the good lord didnt intend for you to produce beer. maybe he wants you to produce wine or Liquor instead. there are other ways to get drunk and forget you live in a poor crime infested shithole like venezuela hahaha.

bbbbbbut in venezuela they wait in lines for 8 hours a day just to buy household goods! women cant even buy Tamponz because they are not available, and you have to pay huge amounts on the black market for such things! this is what happens when you ignore globalism! and this is a country with rich resources of oil!

so in other words, manufacturing jobs are good for GOOD, and we HAVE to ADAPT to the changing world, we HAVE to train our children for Technology and Knowledge jobs……..and service jobs IE answering calls in a call center.

call centers are the new factories. call centers are the new manufacturing jobs where you can make a living wage.

hehehe i would much rather work in a factory than take phone calls and talk to people all day.

some people are really extraverted chatty people people. I am not. i just want to do a TASK, i dont want to TALK to people all day. and its not just talking, its clever engaged talking with a lot of Active Listening and thinking creatively. you cant just tune out and say uh huh. uh huh. the whole time. your mind has to be working creatively the whole time, thinking, how can i explain this? how can i fix this? what additional information do i need that they don’t know I need?

its fookin gay. cease this f4ggotry at once.


Please recall a recent occasion when you overate. Describe the situation in details and tell us how you felt after that.

Great topic. I struggle with overeating for a long time. Recently I decided I was unhappy about started to get somewhat overweight, and decided to do something about it. I got serious about counting calories and exercising, using the MyFitnessPal website to track calories in and out. I discovered that a person of my age and height and weight did not need nearly as many calories as I was regularly consuming. I was gaining weight for a very obvious reason: I simply ate more than I needed. I made a conscious effort to do portion control. I was disappointed that I could not eat nearly as much as I usually wanted to. I started feeling hungry more often throughout the day, and frustrated that I could reach my calorie limit and still be a little hungry. I also began exercising much more diligently, burning off a lot of calories that way. I ultimately lost 20 pounds and officially stopped being “Overweight” (BMI), so in my mind, that’s all that matters. I would still like to lose about 10 more pounds. I still have days where I overeat. I feel pretty guilty and disappointed and frustrated when I do. Like, I have worked so hard, and it’s so easy to blow it all just by eating this “snack” while out with friends. It usually happens when out with friends in the evening and eating a “snack.” then I am 400 calories over my 1500 calorie daily limit and know I am going to have to cut back the next day.
I still love to eat, so this will always be a challenge for me. But I have made significant progress so I know that the challenge is not insurmountable.

Billed as the “only known recording of Hitler speaking in a normal, not-loud speechmaking voice.” I cannot recall hearing any recordings of Hitler not in his dramatic, emotional, speech-making voice, but I am still skeptical that this is the ONLY recording in which Hitler is speaking in a normal voice. It is an 11 minute recording of Hitler speaking with General Mannerheim. Mannerheim sort of sounds like he is speaking Swedish rather than German, but it could just be a different German accent. I know Hitler himself had an “Austrian” accent supposedly. I don’t speak German or Swedish, but I am pretty good at recognizing different languages. There are other people in the room and sounds of cups clinking. They are probably drinking tea, coffee or water. They speak of a tank factory in Donets, USSR (possibly Ukraine currently), where Hitler witnessed 60,000 men working on building tanks throughout a single day, in undesirable conditions. Hitler was shocked at the size of the Soviet army and the size of their armaments, ie, he was shocked they had 35,000 tanks or more. He felt he had vastly underestimated the strength of his opponent.
I have no idea how legitimate this recording is. I don’t recall anyone addressing Hitler by name. I am simply not well-read on Hitler’s experience with the Soviet forces. I believe that he could have initially underestimated them. I am less believing that this recording is actually Hitler, and least believing of all that it is the only recording of Hitler not shouting.

I might get rejected for that one because I might not have followed the instructions about “no critiques” hahahaha.  yeah well it sucks to get rejected because many tasks want you to have like a 98 or 99% approval rate, which is pretty high, and one rejection can knock you way down. one single rejection can disqualify you from many tasks, in other words.

he’s gonna reject that one because i interjected too much commentary. didnt follow directions hahaha. he didnt even have a 9000 word essay on all the directions.

i am a very below average worker, i am a very below average turker hahaha.

hey i get it. i understand totally how women feel, used and discarded and thrown away by men. ok im done with you now. bye bye. why are you still here? i’m done with you. i’ve forgotten about you and replaced you. time to move on. you were nothing more than a temporary thing for me. im done with you. bye bye. get over it.

well this is exactly how I feel treated by WOMEN. as such i am shocked that women can treat human beings and relationships like casual temporary throwaway objects! I’m a human being god damn it!!!!! I have feelings and a heart and I am worth something! I am not just a task that you get done with in 10 minutes! Im a god damn PERSON just like YOU!!!!!!

and if i expected ANY woman to treat me like a PERSON, it was HER.

thats all hahaha.

being thrown away and treated like less than a person is FUN, said no one ever hahahahaha.

so she treated me just like Alpha Chads treat the women they pump and dump.

is that because she felt pumped and dumped by her most recent boifran? probably. if he can do it to her, she can do it to me.

but honestly I felt me and her were closer than she and HIM were! she was just in luv with him and fooked his black dick and made videos of herself sucking his black dick and getting sperm on her pretty face and hair hahahaha.

ok this is not shaping up well.

well i am getting to the point of who cares. i really dont care. i still do care a bit, but i have definitely made some progress in 9.3 months of not contacting her hahaha.

stuff like the job interviews and mechanical turk does help.

but i can still think of how good we got along and think damn that sucks. we had a really good thing. i NEVER get along with women that well. how could she throw away something so valuable like that? didnt I mean anything to her? I never get along with women that well. Does she always get along with men that well? not at THAT point in her life! she was still very unexperienced with men, and I liked that, because I am very inexperienced with women.

I wouldn’t say I’ve participated in a VERY similar study, but a MODERATELY similar study, and the researcher’s name looks familiar. But I DEFINITELY did NOT participate in the exact same study. This study was probably about how political views correlate with your personality traits and how you rank various college departments. As an Arts and Sciences grad who felt my degree was rather Useless, I have strong opinions on this, and would like to see much less availability of social sciences, humanities, liberal arts etc in Universities, and more of a focus on STEM departments.  In the pyramid, I would have put Arts and Sciences at the bottom, engineering at the top. Law would probably be moved down because I think law school is too expensive for the limited opportunities new law grads face. Medicine (I supposed technically a part of STEM), Engineering (same), Math/Quantitative (same), and Business related should be at the top of the pyramid. If Education reflects this type of educational system, then good, more money for that. I believe Social Workers do important work but I don’t know how effective they are, and I don’t think they are compensated enough, and it seems to me that there are too many social work students. I would NOT encourage my child to go into social work. I want my children and the future generation to be well prepared and to have a reasonably good chance at getting an in-demand, well-paying job. College education should be MUCH more job-focused.

the study was about social dominance and hierarchies hahaha. of coursei am an equality hating FASCIST so, i am big on DOMINANCE. DOMINATE OR BE DOMINATED.


how can you just be done with a person?!?!?!?!

If i had the answer, would it make me any happier?


Plus I already KNOW the answer, in general: because she was abandoned by her father. because she was betaryed by her BF. bc she does not trust men. bc she is an immature coward. bc she had some family stress at the time. bc she was overwhelmed and didnt know what to do. bc she didnt have courage for any of these reasons. bc she was in fight or flight mode and she chose flight. bc she was like a frightened animal who runs away when you make the slightest sound.

but why was she like that? with ME! I guess I thought I was SPECIAL enough to her, that I would get Special Treatment, that I had gotten through her shield. i wasnt just some random person she could throw away. she would be CONFLICTED about it. i wasnt just some deadbeat betraying her or cheating on her. i didnt think she would IGNORE our entire friendship. but its like thats EXACTLY what she did. and ONLY saw the “bad” thing I did (which wasn’t really bad bad) and compeltely forget about ALL the good stuff.  that was how she felt no cognitive or emotional dissonance here. or did she? I’ll never know!!!!!

what if she HAD said, ok yes, i DO acknowledge that you think I am important. I’m still done though. its irrelevant.

so, i guess what I wanted most was HER to tell me that she thought I mattered. a feeling which would then lead her to show courage to me, to show kindness to me, to do one last thing for me.

she has a lot more SHE needs to learn out of this than I do!!!! I learned everything I needed: blurt out the truth ASAP and dont rely on signals and dont WAIT around for them. just a stupid kind of not super important lesson. her lesson is: dont dump people like this. show courage and tell them they meant something to you. ANDDDDD she is NOT likely to ever learn that lesson. even though its by FAR the more important of the two lessons.

a study about coupons for free burgers that I was “forced” to eat every few days, presumably to see if I got tired of them:::

I personally enjoy burgers quite a bit, so you might have gotten lucky with me. When I went to college, so many people were vegetarians and vegans that it might have been considered unsophisticated that the average person would enjoy a burger. Not that I really care, I just know that some of these studies focus mainly on college students, which I think is a big mistake, and hopefully these studies reach beyond these unique and non-representative populations.

Also, I would not go back “several days” later. I would want to wait at least a week between each burger, otherwise I would probably get sick or bored of eating the same burger. Plus I am watching my weight and would not want to eat a huge burger like that every few days. Once a week at most. But I would certainly fully enjoy it every time.

Also the picture suggests it is the same exact burger each time. If it is a burger-oriented restaurant, there would probably be several options of burgers, and I would probably try a different one each time, to experience the full variety of their burgers. Like a bacon burger one week, perhaps a “spicy” burger another week, perhaps a “BBQ” burger another week, I have even heard of a deep-fried burger which sounds interesting.

I hope these concerns will be addressed in discussions with the principal investigator and in the discussion section of your research paper.

another one, paying a whopping 50 cents, from HARVARD: ( i think the burger one paid 20 cents and it took longer)

Good fun. I can’t believe you can afford to pay 50 cents for that, many other HITs would have offered about 2 cents for a short study like that. Is this because a university as highly recognized as Harvard is flush with cash? Only somewhat kidding. I would love to do any other HITs you have. Also I hear Amazon is taking a much bigger cut of Requester’s money, that is, the commission you are supposed to pay Amazon jumped from 10% to 40% over just one year. It was suggested that this would hurt academic research by making academic HITs less prevalent, and with less money to entice participants. I might recommend contacting Amazon MTurk management about this policy, if it is something that concerns you.