april 24

sheeeeit. well i did not go out to the bar yesterday. next time i see the guy i will apologize profusely and buy him a drink and say i fell asleep by 11 pm which wasnt far off. actually slept ok. got into bed at like 10 pm, which is when people leave their house to go to the bar. nope cant do it.

so i guess thats my plan. go to the training, get paid, be a pain in the ass…..but do i want to establish a reputation as a troublemaker? this is highly unlikely. usually im so scared so i become a people pleaser and ass kisser. well i tell u what, i dont like level 2 bullshit and runarounds, and I support my level 1 people all damn day and want them to get the support and help and RESPECT they DESERVE.

also I want to fix problems. REALLY fix shit. REALLY help the callers. ALSO, i dont view the callers as IDIOTS. they are doing complicated shit that confuses ME most of the time too. and its MY job to fix it. they’re not idiots. whoever set this shit up and made all the hardware and software and websites such a spaghetti clusterfook is an idiot and and asshole. simplify. you could save money. oh but thats in the long term, and it would cost money in the short term, so we dont do it.

also, fook the metrics if they dont relate DIRECTLY to fixing shit for callers. is that what they MEASURE. i dont care about pleases and thank yous and using their name and i dont care if its 20 vs 25 minutes. and sometimes you CANT resolve the shit by yourself. you HAVE to send it up, and that shouldnt count against YOU. and then your handle time goes up because you are arguing with the level 2 trying to convince them to escalate it, this is beyond me, help me out here, so then by that time, youre at 30 minutes if not 50, AND you have lost the first call resolution.

so in other words I would like to see handle time and FCR just removed. well, I can see how they might be useful for statistical purposes, but DONT PENALIZE THE AGENTS FOR THESE. THEY CANT HELP IT. THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT. measure it, and work on level 2’s and above to manager these metrics, but dont blame level 1’s for it, because they have no control over it.

as you can see i am opinionated as fook! and these are the types of opinions I should make clear from day 1 of the training. And act as kind of a spartacus to the new people. I am here to support you and help us survive this war. fook everyone above us who wants us to work miracles all the time and dont understand what its like in the trenches. we have terrible leaders. we dont have a patton or macarthur that we respect and luv and would die for! we have a bunch of pvssy asshole idiots that dont know a god damn thing about our jobs!!!!!!

best case scenario, my state has recreational MJ (like colorado or amsterdam) in january 2017. but thats not gonna stop employers from testing for it hahaha.

and its not gonna stop MJ from being DEGENERATE!!!!!

I wish I didnt like it so much. But for me it is a pick me up from a disappointing life hahahaha. terrible jobs, disappointment, despair, loneliness, no good women, failure, worry, helps you unwind after a tough day and helps you sleep at night for another tough day ahead.

it helps you enjoy other recreational things like music and movies.

it taps into the feeelz of GODS LUV. ie those special feelings that you feel for special people. except maybe you dont know any more special people, or they are all out of your life. the MJ reminds you you still are not some kind of hateful monster!!!!!!

and in some ways you can develop a kind of RElationship with MJ that is sometimes an acceptable substitute when there are no real women for you. gets you through the tough times when you cant stop worrying and cant sleep and raging exercise is not enough to help you turn your mind off.

the thing is, most people at my old job were GOOD PEOPLE. most managers were good people. most level 2s were good people. almost all level 1s were good people. it was just a testament to how powerful Bad Upper Management can be, to overpower the good influence of all these good people. so long as the Director or VP of your department/division is kinda shady…..that is enough to do it.

also it helped to be able to see the level 2s who were “advising” you. someone can seem like a total asshole when you have never met them, they are 1000 miles away and you will never see, meet, or talk to them other than them giving you shitty directions in a chat room. if you met them in person, they would probably seem like better people.

but some of our first level 2 contacts were people we only knew from chat rooms and shitty chats.

naturally I liked the level 2s who were in my office a bit better. one in particular i became fairly friendly with. you could see the tired exhausted despairing look in their eyes and then you understood that their job wasn’t any better than yours. so what if they made 2 dollars more an hour than you. it wasnt worth it.

so maybe its like women. NAXALT. Since I only have one experience with one tech support place, it stands to reason that the second one could be better….or worse. if its worse i will quit with 2 week notice and beg the temp agency to find me a job for 4 dollars less an hour.

besides, my opinion of the job was HEAVILY influenced by my situation with HER.

in other words, if SHE hadnt been there, I still would not have loved the job, but I probably wouldnt have HATED it so bitterly, and wouldnt be SO apprehensive about trying another tech support job.

maybe its a sign from GOD. he WANTS me to try one more tech support job. and thats why a 17 dollar an hour job fell into my lap, and the lead recruiter is calling me saying “its a good idea, I understand your doubts, but just go to the training and get a better idea.”

life of agony, river runs red. forgot this is a great album for unresolvable teen angst hahahah.  1993 NYC/brooklyn tough guys, features first drummer of TON, produced by j00 from TON, has become a classic. i had it on a cassette tape but never listened to it enough. as an equally angsty adult i can see myself coming back to it hardcore now.

yes Im well aware the singer became a trannie hahahaha. that IS something that should be address.  I mean he is still a good singer. I just think he must have had a very fooked up home life as a child, probably molested like crazy. i mean it all checks out with the extreme angst on display in LOA. it just seems somewhat less degenerate to be a gay man than to be a MtF tranny. I mean you can’t really become a woman. how about you just be a very feminine man. like me hahahahahahaha. I mean most LOA fans dont really care because the LOA legacy is solid and nobody can deny. Also xir seems like a kind gentle person, never doin no harm, and I can appreciate that. its just weird and i wouldnt want to marry him now that hes a woman hahahaha. plus all musicians are bipolar anyway.

or maybe he was not molested at all, but his inner desire to be a woman that was the cause of all his angst.

yeah i forgive her. (not talking about the LOA singer any more hahahaha i am talking about THAT woman ahahaha) its starting to make more sense now. yeah i scared her and i pushed her, but she scared and pushed me too. we both scared and pushed each other to unreasonable extremes, and its just SAD as fook. and that is pretty much the conclusion of everything. all there is to say about it.

i learned about the importance of communication and courage. it wasnt worth it to have such a sad shitty thing happen though. but the important thing to remember is that she never wanted to be with me in the first place. the best i could have ever gotten was just a Better Ending. still that would have been less damn sad and awful.

but I never would have BEEN with her.

it was beyond my control, it was never meant to be, it was PREDESTINED BY GOD hahahaha.

NOTHING I could have EVER done could have made her EVER luv me.

she just didnt have it in her.

hahahaha ill tell ya what she DOES have in her!!!! tons of blaq diqz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha wawawaawawa

its like, it means nothing to you to take dicks, why not just take mine? why not just talk to me?

hehehe no it probably DOES mean something to her to take a dick, so I shouldnt SLANDER her, its not fair or right.

just listen to life of agony and slit muh wrists hahaha ya got time, but you aint got time for me, got time but u aint got time 4 me, yeah!!!!!!

perfect angst hahahaha

yes. have like one day of training.

second day, still keep all the new people in the training room. fook trainers, get in experienced level 1s who take calls and who know what theyre doing and who KNOW WHAT TO SAY. have at least 2 or 3 or 4 of them lead the training.

pipe inbound calls into the classroom and put a newbie in the hot seat starting the second day to take a call. have one or more of the experienced people to hold their hand from the very start, and essentially handle the call WITH them. guide them to show them what to do on the live call. make sure we can all hear the call and also see the screen as they work.

save all this shit as videos you can watch later. MY GOD.

each knowledge base article should have a video of a call and the agents screen as he remotes in and fixes the issue. here’s a great example of this case, the fix, and what to say.


fook thats SUCH a good idea!!!!! ideas man!!!!! thinking outside of the box here!!!!!!!

if people bitch at you for making the coffee too WEAK, but you cant drink it strong any more because it makes you diarrhea too much, simply mix the strong coffee with water until its weak. For You. hahahahaha

believe me, i WISH i could drink strong coffee! but weak coffee is so much better for muh stomach.


yea sing it mina you crazy degenerate trannie hahahaha hahahahahahaha

but does xir want to Date men or women?  if he still wants to date women…..why try to BECOME a woman. just be a feminine man. I am a hugely wimpy unmasculine man but I still want to be with a woman. I dont want to BE a woman hahaha.

what to do if you wanna dump someone search term.

GLAD YOU ASKED, rather than do it the WRONG WAY hahahaha

TELL THEM. you SHOULD talk to them and have a LONG talk and series of long talks and give them the courtesy and respect to say everything they need to say to you. it might take them months to even think of everything because they will be so GUTTED and BLINDSIDED and CONFUSED and OVERWHELMED.

also be firm. be firm and clear that we are never ever ever getting back together.

accept that they still love you so this is causing them pain. apologize deeply for all this. but still hold firm and dont give them hope.

let them write you emails. then respond with I read your message. youre a good person but we are not getting back together. im sorry to hurt you. i just cant do this. im sorry. youre a good person and not worthless. I just cant do this rel any more. Im sorry. feel free to write to say whatever you want to say but it wont change the fact that its over. im trying to let you down as gently as i can.

and just try to do that. cuz you deciding to single handedly end a rel with someone who loves you, is a very selfish and hurtful thing.

before anything, try to make it work. make an effort to meet them halfway like they are TRYING to do. give them another chance. give the REL another chance. actually make an effort and try.

also try going to a shrink a couple times.

and if they are willing to do all that and you arent…..recognize how much you are breaking their heart, and express you are sorry. beg them not to hate you hahahaha.

whatever you do, do NOT run away from the situation and ignore and avoid them completely. they want to be HEARD.

treat peoples HEARTS gently, with kindness and respect and courtesy and compassion and dignity!!!!

that would be my 2 minute quick and dirty answer. but it will get you where you need to go.

hey. im glad you asked rather than not asked, and dumped them by avoiding and ignoring them. shows youre concerned with how to do this right way. but most decent people will already know. deep in their marrow.

but women are weird. they dont have the curiosity and 2nd level thinking even the slowest, dullest men do. for example, she was a longtime partaker of MJ yet she didnt even know the difference between sativa and indica, didn’t know, didnt care.

maybe this is a Stoner thing rather than a woman thing?

but some stoners are very intellectually curious on their drug of choice!!!!!

I would hope anyone hired as a budtender or higher (hahahahahaha) would show that kind of initiative to know the difference between indica and sativa and hybrids of both.

so when I come in, i who dont give a shit about all the strains, come in and say I want something that is at LEAST 75% indica, gimme the strongest indica you got, because sativa makes me anxious but indica makes me chill, and anxious is bad and chill is good.

then they shuold be able to interpret that and give you a strong indica.

but after my old job I catch myself when I think, well, THEY WORK THERE, THEY”RE THE EXPERTS, they can point me in the right direction, even if I can’t articulate myself too well, and there are too many unknown unknowns for me.


and this is the companys fault for allowing these untrained feral people out there to deal with their customers!

its INSULTING to the customers!!!!! and its cruel and abusive to the poor low level employees!

be nice to the level 1’s, be RUTHLESS To the managers that ALLOW it!!!!!

but our managers were pretty good.

no, ask for the top manager at that location. the director. thing is, you will NEVER talk to them.

ONCE we had a caller who kept demanding to speak to whoevers manager. nope let me speak to YOUR manager now. until it went all the way up to the most powerful person in the 70 person office. who was a new manager and was just like sorry i dont even work with this shit, i have no idea what to say to him, all you know the technology better than me, i’m not a technician, im just a manager. i manage technicians and know nothing about the tech.

of course this person was not promoted from within.

anything OTHER than promoting from within is like SHITTING IN THE FACES of your talented, hard working employees. it never made sense to me before, and now I treat it as an act of hostile aggression. THIS MEANS WAR.

they brought in a new location manager from outside the company during my last 9 months there. everyone wanted and thought the Acting Manager would get the job. he didn’t. I showed him sympathy once, saying man I really thought you were gonna get that job, I wanted you to, Im sorry.

if i were him, I would be PISSED and would have QUIT. but he was much more emotionally stable than me hahaha. he was pretty much a decent guy i think. the nonwhite woman they hired above him, was pretty shady and twofaced. did not like or trust. was not going to help the department run smoother for the level 1’s. i dont care if she has a masters degree. I almost had a masters degree hahahaha. lets see you handle 1 hour of calls, let alone months and years of 9 hour days of nothing but phone calls beotch hahahaha.

i dont think its EVER called for to hire a manager/executive from outside the company. all the bullshit excuses companies give for doing this are ALWAYS bullshit.

new perspective? think outside of the box? THEY DONT KNOW THE BOX WELL ENOUGH TO THINK OUTSIDE OF IT!!!!! youre just saying your own employees arent good enough to do this job……when they ARE.

shitting in their god damn faces.

that was in like….i dunno august or september 2014. right when I STARTED changing over with my feelings towards her. things hadnt gotten BAD yet and I was probably at the PEAK of confidence for muh job.

the last YEAR has FLOWN by even though I havent been busy AT ALL, i have just been moping and wasting time like a loser.

it is SCARY. it is like time is in FAST FORWARD. till death hahaha.

good god. I am going BALLS OUT on my linkedin profile. I made it public and am just pimping it out with tons of useless and probably damaging, hurtful material, like shitty short jobs I had hahahaha, and obnoxious interests like theology and international cinema hahahaha.

before i had pride and shame and did not want people from high school who were just waiting for me to crash and burn, could then look me up and see that they were RIGHT, I DID crash and burn, and here I am, displaying it to all the world.

but since its such a drastic change from my previous LinkedIn posture, then maybe it will produce some results hahahaha. everyone else near my age in high school and college are now directors and Managers and Lead Analysts and Department Heads and all that, proudly wearing expensive suits, proudly listing their 80k+ a year Careers in words that dont even make sense to normal working class americans hahahaha. they’d have to call a tech support to explain what the persons job description even meant. but the tech support would not understand it either, and they are too low to transfer you to the person directly, who could explain what their own job is. their time is too valuable to spend it with people like us.

when you make 40 dollars an hour or more, you don’t need to talk to people who make 15 dollars an hour or less.

pot limit big O? badacey? how the f do you play these games? i barely grasp the concept of regular omaha, and now they want me to BET on my play????!?!?! hahahaha . i have no choice. people just arent playing NLHE  games, just weird pot limit omaha games. i guess its not THAT complicated….. but I already am LOSING money on a game I already DO know how to play.

nausea and muscle spasms and chronic pain baybee. will get you medical MJ every time.

so now the christian high schools give random drug tests to their students. this absolutely did not happen when I was in a christian high school long ago. yes they had drug testing technology way back then, and low paying jobs still gave drug tests way back then. just didnt do them in high schools, randomly.

interesting issue. i have always had a Libertarian view on drugs but I have been becoming more authoritarian lately. but not regarding our corrupt ZOG govt hahaha. there I am still very libertarian. but in a happy aryan fascist raceocracy Whitopia, drugs would be heavily shamed and shunned. but would they be ILLEGAL??!?!?!?!?!!!???!!?!?!

cuz im a special snowflake and i want to smoke MJ without consequences!!!!!!!!!