april 10

i was bored with franks red hot sauce, and switched to “valentinas mexican hot sauce”. it is a little thicker and a more exciting, less vinegary flavour. i like it. praise the LORD.

fook. i should write my own Business Communication Book. seriously. theres SUCH A VOID out there. I CANT BELIEVE no one has written this DEARLY NEEDED book. You could make a MILLION BUCKS.

write something for BEWILDERED, FLUSTERED level 1 tech support agents who don’t understand shit and have to constantly deal with shit they dnt understand, and try to explain things they dont understand.

it could be as easy and honest as saying, listen, honestly I dont understand this, so I can’t explain it to you.

the risk there is that they think youre WRONG that nothing can be done. which is fair. how do you know nothing can be done if you can’t explain why? isnt it possible that you the newb are MISSING something?

most often you are just relaying information from level 2 : “tell them it cant be fixed.” level 2 should be smart enough to know that kind of shit MAKES the caller want to speak with THEM.

so you say ok i can handle it….but you really cant.

the trick is to, at the end of the day, review all 20 or so of your new cases and figure out what questions you have, what didnt make sense at the time. and then MAKE SENSE out of it, make flashcards, make podcasts, so that you understand it before the next work day.

you have your 8-10 hours at work, then you have you HOMEWORK to learn and prepare for work, hahaha.

if you work 40 hours a week, try to study 10 hours outside of work for that.

if yu work 50 hours a week, shit. just say fook it, no studying, im here 50 hours a week.

if you work 30 hours a week, study like 6 hours a week, and better yet, do it there, so they can see you staying late. or early. whenever the manager is most likely to see you.

i heard that florida panhandle is super duper REDNECK. REDNECK is code for area where I want to live and want to raise my children, around friendly, gun-toting, politically incorrect, white people. redneck is best neck hahaha.

redneck means WHITE MAN COME HOME.

I wanna take my waifu and live in a really REDNECK area.

now i would want to be within 10 miles of community college where my children could learn professional and trade skills. and also maybe not too much of snake handling religious evangelicals. catholics would be just fine though. ok where do catholic rednecks live. or orthodox hahahaha.

there are a lot of white rednecks in the deep south but also a lot of blacks.

but plenty of white rednecks use meth and act like blacks hahaha. and other rednecks drink too much.  and what if they dont like me APPROPRIATING their cultcha hahahaha.

it doesnt matter. we are all whites. its not really appropriating hahaha.

i dont think the people who like my posts realize that i am an out and proud white racist.

tallahassee area might be ideal for me. but the redneck small towns outside of tallahassee. but close enough to the amenities of the big city, and far away enough from the diversity hahaha. also i like a good state university sometimes. a place where mah keeids can get a good stem or business or medical degree. ivy league might frown on FSU but its more than good enough for me and my kin.

plenty of lakes and forests in the area, redneck riviera nearby. come on. perfect.

nearby midway is 86% black hahahahaha. i looked at it because i thought great, a nice white suburb of the big black citay. hahahaha its 86% black. this is why it helps to be familiar with an area.

not that i hate blacks, but i just dont want to live in an 86% black area, and I bet many of the blacks there dont want to live there either.

well the street view looks like what we would call the COUNTRY. martin luther king blvd doesnt look at ALL what I expect MLK blvd to look like.  i mean it doesnt look that bad at all. it looks very liveinable!

also i didnt like that i was willing to help her with the job, but she wasnt willing to help me, and I seemed to need so much help, and she didn’t need ANY, yet, honestly, i was much BETTER and SMARTER than her. I didnt need help as much as I thought I did, and she needed much more help than she thought she did. she was way overconfident and i was way underconfident.

i needed emotional, moral support more than anything. cuz it was a fooking tuff job. i hated that it was so tuff for me, and so easy for her.

no it wasnt easy for her, but god damn it was super tuff for ME. and she got me the damn job hahahaha. i wouldnt have been there if she hadnt essentially offered and encouraged me to take the job. now she wasnt gonna help me with it hahaha. talk about a betrayal hahahaha. here get this horrible job and im not gonna help you with it even though you will need tons of help hahaha. no its not a technical betrayal but it just sucked balls. huge disappointment.

try to get some lumbar support on your back when sitting. especially if you are sitting for 10 hours a day, glued to the desk, multitasking 10 different weird cases.

and when she started out, she had her longterm BF to help HER. this is the noncheater, the decent guy, i got along with him. when HE left, my feelings started to form. it was clear he was no longer invested in the rel. it was clearly over. anyway he was a lot tuffer than me and he was good at the job to. he could help her whenever she needed. also since they lived together she could talk to him at ANY time about job related worries. like wake up in the middle of the night and fear OH GOD WHAT DO I DO IF. and he will be there hahaha.

yeah that happened to me sometimes.

im not sure if HE studied outside of work, but he also had no problem working 90 hours a week, so im sure he learned a lot then.

you have got to be TOUGH to do that. I would get offered overtime but I would always turn it down. no I will not stay one extra hour for 20 DAH!!!!!

try really slowing down the speed to like 2.6 mph if you are going above 8 or 9 % incline on the treadmill. slow speed with high incline. can still burn a decent amount of calkories.

and if you can burn 1000 calories in one Gym Session, that is really good. it takes me like 2 hours at least hahaha.

you HAVE to know if the person you a dating or fooking is fooking somebody else. its your business because youre fooking them too and could get a disease from the other person. so if they say, its none of your business what i do with my body, say fook yeah it IS, because i can get a disease from the sleaze you do with your whorish body!!!!

same thing if you are dating somebody with a history of cheating. you dont want them to cheat on YOU.  have they repented for their sins and promised to never cheat again? and how are you supposed to believe them?

this is why i prefer to date women that have never been sluts, AND who have never cheated. this is like 1% of women hahahahaa.

well, maybe i am too harsh. maybe it is like 5% of women. that is still a small minority, BUT its FIVE TIMES more optimistic than my previous estimate!

the largest employers in my city  have like 3000, 2000, 1000 employees….but each of them list like only 2 or 3 openings for mid level engineers and managers with 10 years of experience!!!! where are all the entry level machine operators and warehouse people?

does the company not even list these jobs and the temp agency is the only person who knows about the openings?

in which case you CANT apply directly to the company, the company does not even BOTHER “sourcing talent” at such a low, untalented level? maybe.

and of course the temp agencies never say who their client is. client confidential.

so now you need to find the staffing agency so and so uses. toyota. general motors. microsoft. apple. well they get their shit manufactured in china. foxxconn. suicide nets and all that. dont know what I’m talking about? THEN YOU DONT DESERVE A JOBB!!!!!!

that was my big motto a few years ago in 2012 when I was working my fun, loser job, before I got my horrible bigboy job. I thought of all the people dumber than me who were gainfully employed and i was butthurt because they didnt DESERVE their jobs!!!!! they didnt know such and such piece of business related trivia!

well some of it is pretty relevant, important “trivia!”  just ask the families of the people who jumped out of the windows of foxconn!

that PERSON wouldnt know what I am talking about!!!! how is she smart enough to make 15DAH?

but I’m also not as smart as I thought I am. I have like 101 IQ. 115 MAX. so, not super smart.

also she doesnt really need to know about foxconn to be able to do her job WELL. she just needs to be able to reject people well, say it is what it is, i cant help you, there is no explanation, sorry, goodbye. and she is much better at that than I am. whereas I am much better at actually knowing things and understanding things and really solving problems at their ROOT cause. she is horrible at all these things. she just wants to smoke MJ and listen to music and Fight The System and maybe fook a few Tough Guys, maybe a few Blacks, try to find a father figure.

but she’s still more successful at job, luv, and life than me. she makes a lot more money than me. she has been in a 5 year monog rel. I have never been in a monog rel. just shitty pseudo rels for 3 months maximum.

and it wasnt because i had trust issues or narcissism issues or insecurity issues. well I DID but they didnt know me well enough to even realize that. women short term date guys ALL THE TIME like this. how many guys you fooked where you dated them less than 3 months?

oooooooo shit that is going RIGHT in my interview for wife file hahahaha.

how many guys you fooked where you dated them less than 3 months? fooked a guy but never really dated him; and he wanted a rel, but you didnt, and just fooked him a little and was DONE with him within 3 months? his TURN was over.

or maybe he didnt want a rel. you just casually fooked and then one or both of you lost interest within 3 months. no big investment. just fooking another man. another faceless chad in the cox WALL.


i just hate that she is going out and having casual secs with dudes. cuz this just what ALL PEOPLE do.  that she is giving away freely, what I would have basically given my LIFE for.  absolutely disgusting and horrifying.

you can get pregnant you MORON! secs SHOULD be more serious for women! the consequences are more SERIOUS for women!!!!!! thats WHY theres a double standard!!!! yet even decent, smart, nonslutty women don’t understand and will deny The Double Standard. Oh well. let them deny it as long as they don’t walk the talk and become sluts.

fookin sluts. have a baby with anyone.

how come women will have a babby with ANY man, yet men have STANDARDS about who they have babys with??!?!

how come women dont have standards, but men do?

hahahaha. see going down a bad cognitive path here.

its not even true. women have standards too. and some of them have reasonable standards. a sizeable minority even! at least 30% of women have reasonable standards. that is, they know how to pick a strong, secure man who is also not a thug or deadbeat or scammer or Player. a strong man who would be a good husband and father. 30% of women can pick a strong man and not be fooled by deadbeats.

doesn’t help you if you’re not a strong man! you are even less attractive than deadbeats then! and its probably easier to become a charismatic deadbeat than an actual strong man!!!!

need help to think outside of the box and innovate and PROBLEM SOLVE

when did SHE ever  BUY a book on Problem Solving , and another book on Communication, to help her at her job? When did she ever use Communication to help solve a problem in a Relationship? come on!

I hate how she is associated with my confidence in my JOB. how do I unassociate her from this.

this book would be worth assigning to our people at the Help Desk. but nooooo I only found it 9 months after quitting the job hahaha.

Heh. I just bought that book with the amazon gift card i earned from doing a market research study. along with a package of soft cotton hanes boxer shorts hahahahaha. i got $100 at amazon. want to use it wisely. i dont want to go back to to help desk service desk technical support shit but…..hopefully this book with its customer service principles can be extarpolated to other shit too. my technical skills were pretty good, but the technical reference / knowledge base we had was SHITTY. Oh yeah. thats not in the knowledge base.

i do quite enjoy this valentinas hot sauce over the franks hot sauce. franks is very vinegary and I am totally bored with it after eating it for years. the valentinas has a more complex and interesting flavor as well.

fooking bitch. then reading stuff to try to help me with jobs like THAT JOB makes me think of THAT WOMAN and how she doesnt have to work SO HARD just to not go crazy. she doesnt buy books off amazon. she doesnt study work shit on her free time. she doesnt have her mind racing on work stuff. she doesnt wake up in the middle of the night worried about work stuff and what if i get a call on this thing i dont know. or even we have no idea how this works, but we support it. how can you support something that you dont know how it works, or how to fix it?

no. she just leaves the work stuff at work and takes MJ.

for me it was IMPOSSIBLE to leave work at work. i kept bringing it home more and more until there was no separation. i wasnt working on projects, i was studying shit because there was so mcuh shit to know. and i wanted to be prepared for every possible type of call.

she didnt do that! she focused on her family hahahaha.

and now she is prob focuses on Badboy Cox! the darker the better!

anyway i hate losing all confidence in the job, then connecting HER to the job, and oh SHE can do it, and I cant. shes TOUGHER than me, she can HANDLE LIFE better, she can handle ridiculous situations better.

i hate that i broke down and she doesnt care.

if i had broke down but not gotten feelings for her, she probably would have extended care and comfort, like im sorry you couldnt handle the job.

help desk service desk

this is the closest think to a help desk trade/professional “journal” i have seen. again most of the shit is geared towards managers and not stuff thats really gonna help level 1 schmucks like me and her. some people just have a real hard time with it and flunk out, like me. others adapt and move up. like her.  maybe thats why she threw me away like a piece of garbage. because I was worthless at my job hahahaha.

well thats false. like i said before, i was a lot better than her.

i actually handled calls LIKE A BOSS for a while. when i used to sit next to her, she could hear all my calls and she said she was impressed by the way i handled calls so well, oh she could never handle calls like that!

we had internal forums where our users would comment on the software in a desperate attempt to try to learn from each other, because training sucked, and experts were hiding somewhere laughing at us idiots. they would say pleeease help meeeee and wait for an “expert” or “moderator” to read and respond, usually with shitty advice. you could tell that the first moderators to respond were contractors making 10 DAH, spelling errors, blacks hahahaha. and they would respond with something that clearly indicated they DIDNT understand the problem at ALL. it went WAY over their heads. and eventually boiled down to “call tech support so we can start a ticket.” then you could talk to an “idiot” that didnt understand you. and hopefully get your shit escalated to someone who does understand.

and all the knowledge is secret. everythings a big secret and you dont understand anything.

its somewhat useful stuff, but wasnt super relevant to Surviving In The Trenches. that’s what I want. how do so many people do it? how come theres nothing on the fookin INTERNET???!?!?!?! the internet is supposed to be full of information!!!!

this woman actually has some good sample bullshit phrases for when you dont know:


“Let me be sure I understand which information you’re looking for…”

“Based on what we know today, my thoughts are…”

“That’s a timely question, because I’m currently gathering XYZ information…”

“I can answer that in part, but would like to consider it further and get back to you.”

“Great question.  I’m just not familiar enough with XYZ to hazard a guess.  Let me connect you with…”


1. Here’s what I know. “I do know sales for X client are up from last quarter.”
2. Here’s what I don’t know. “However, I don’t know the exact sales numbers for this quarter off the top of my head.”
3. Here’s how I’ll figure it out. “So let me go back to the earnings release, double check the numbers, and get back to you. When do you need this information by?”


“I’m not completely sure, so I’d rather get you the exact and accurate answer by (give date).”

Then, in a very obvious way, write down the question and person’s contact information (or select someone else to do it), research it, and follow up on time as promised. Be specific, if possible, “I will contact our head of engineering today, and if his schedule permits giving me an answer quickly, I will get back to you no later than tomorrow afternoon. Is that okay?”


does SHE have a fooking 9000 page what to say during the interview file on how you answer questions like “what do you say and do when somebody asks you a question you dont know the answer to.”

no she just smokes MJ and GOES WITH THE FLOW. keep calm and carry on. god damn.

and got mad at ME because I actually wanted to really fix problems and udnerstand what the caller was saying.

dont take it out on ME just because youre a lazy moron!!!!!

hehehe i am taking it out on her that I couldnt handle the job. and that i couldnt handle HER. but in my defense, she handled me HORRIBLE. she couldnt handle ME!

shit. how does anyone handle life hahaha. why isnt everyone 30 year old virgin neets hahahaha.