apr 8

yeah a jooish movie but that line is one reason why it is a classic and why i think its funny so i will put it in the oven last hahahaha.

i am looking for a forum for support to the tech support hahaha. mainly its just phags complaining about how bad tech support is. but what about the poor bastards who have to WORK there? whos supporting them? I want something from people who work in the trenches. stuff to say and do to make their job easier.

i empathize with the OP hahaha

ok i am definitely not cut out for it hahaha

oh dear god: QUOTE from above link

I have worked in tech-support in some mode or another for bout 9 years. It is summed up for me with the following:

A man in a hot air balloon is lost. He sees a man on the ground and reduces height to speak to him.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?”
“You’re in a hot air balloon hovering thirty feet above this field,” comes the reply.

“You must work in Information Technology,” says the balloonist.
“I do,” says the man, “How did you know?”

“Well,” says the balloonist, “Everything you told me is technically correct, but it’s no use to anyone.”
“You must be in business,” says the man.

“I am,” says the balloonist, “How did you know?”
“Well,” says the man, “You don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going, but you expect me to be able to help.
You’re in the same position you were before we met, but now it’s my fault.”




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Yes! I worked for an extended warranty company for 6 years and just quit in October. The first few years were ok, but then they were bought by another company that cared about metrics above ANYTHING else. In 3 years, I gained almost 100 pounds, I started having panic attacks, became depressed and was drinking heavily every night just to escape. I wouldn’t quit until I found another job and had several interviews that never panned out. Towards the end, I got sick and the supervisors treated me horribly. I was having to go to the bathroom like every 30 minutes. Even though I went to the doctor and brought a note explaining what was wrong, my supervisor still insisted on following me into the bathroom to “make sure” I really did have diarrhea every single time. She would stand outside the stall door and listen to me shit. It was insane. I started having panic attacks daily, every morning before work. I just couldn’t make myself go anymore. I thought “I need to call the dr and have them up my anxiety meds!” And then I realized that job was slowly killing me. I didn’t need more meds, I needed to not work there anymore. So I called my supervisor and quit. I was unemployed for 3-4 weeks with no money and no savings, which should have been super stressful, but I just felt free. I finally found a job that I love and I’ve been doing great ever since. I’ve lost weight without trying, I’m off all my depression and anxiety meds, I haven’t had a single panic attack and I don’t abuse alcohol anymore.


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Worked in pharmacy benefits management. One of the big bads. We were outsource for much of the nation, a buffer for the insurance companies themselves. Dead spouses. Addiction. Mental illness. Rage. Ineptitude. Countless system and account errors. I remember once having to deny a request for an infant’s siezure meds because their insurance company hadn’t replied to the doctor’s request for an authorisation. [ufmll: i have worried about this exact situation, well, dyring relatives cancer treatments, hahaha, even though i never worked in such a place, and never want to!!!!!] All day every day constantly streaming down the phone line. 10 seconds between calls.
I wound up with serious depression. An existential crisis. Cold, ugly resentment for my fellow humans. I can safely say it contributed to the demise of my marriage. When I finally got turned loose there was a jaunty tune in my heart and a bounce in my step that hadn’t been there in over a year
Nowadays I work light induatrial in a union shop. With earplugs. All blessed day. Sometimes I’ll even leave them in during my lunch break.


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Not me personally, but I know people who have. One guy I worked with left work one day at the end of his regular shift, went to the parking lot, took the tire iron out of his trunk, and demolished his own vehicle with it, broke all the windows on it, smashed the mirrors, huge dents everywhere. Imagine John Goodman showing what happens when you f00k a stranger in the ass, basically that. Then he went over to the bus stop, got on the bus, and went directly to the local mental hospital and checked himself in.
He was there for 3 or 4 weeks before they let him out, and when he came back to work he claims that he just completely blacked out after he punched out. Doesn’t remember anything until he work up in the hospital except for vaguely knowing that he had to go there and get help.
He was back for about 2 months before he handed in his notice. And he made no secret of the fact that he was only still there because he couldn’t afford to quit and then look for a job.
He had a pretty good sense of humor about it at least, anytime anyone called him crazy he’d answer with “No I’m not, I’ve got a piece of paper that says I’m better!”


good job guize hahaha

the type of job that you barely survive every day and want to go home and hug your waifu or husbando…..but you dont have one because you are not TOUGH ENOUGH to handle weird phone calls all day hahaha.

its worse than working in the COAL MINES!!!!

i dont mind technical support per se. i do mind the CALL CENTER. being chained to the desk all day. doing from one mind fooking problem immediately to the next. you get disoriented and discombobulated. it is completely unnatural. stories of people snapping. walking out. never coming back.  it is not for everybody.

applied for county department clerk job with animal control department, sweet 13 DAH job, i would rather put orphaned abused animals to death than deal with constant weird phone calls hahahaha. i mean i love animals, no nonpsychopath wouldnt, but……… god damn fooking call centers are such an abomination they must have been invented by a J. that is no way for white people to WORK.

and another job as record clerk at local credit union.

neither are call centers and neither focus 100% on customer service. i dont think.

its like taking a test all day every day. you cant go out after work because you have another 8 hour exam tomorrow youve got to study and rest for. you can’t relax and enjoy music. your sex drive is GONE. you dont even want to jerk off. you just want peace of mind for your job.

you dont know what youre doing, nothing makes sense, you cant explain anything, you lose ability to use normal logic, you feel like you are going crazy! you dont know what to do! you feel weak and flustered like a cornered animal.

you really need nerves of steel.

when there is SO MUCH that doesnt make sense. some Techs think all callers are idiots. i never thought that. I felt like an idiot because i didnt understand our damn companys technology because it was so complicated and confusing. yet I was the expert who was supposed to fix shit.

how does SHE do it?

because SHE doesnt care. SHE is unhelpful and wrong. also she has Thirsty Men willing to Bend Over Backwards to do her work for her. or at least HELP her. HELP is crucial. but in so many companies peopel refuse to give you HELP.

i disrespectfully disagree with this n199er bitch hahahahaha but she is a better writer and speller than You Know Who.

want coworker to take on new responsibilities, but WONT EVEN TELL THEM WHAT THE RESPONSIBILITIES ARE, let ALONE how to do them. jeeeeez.

no comments. literally. there are 0 comments from readers. but i agree, sink or swim “TRAINING” SUCKS.

USE THE TEN MINUTE RULE, if yu cant figure it out in 10 minutes, THEN ASK.

use torrent sites to download ebooks in epub or mobi format

see i wouldnt last long at a place like AMAZON. everything ive heard about their cutthroat environment sounds horrible. not that i could get into that corporate level. but even the “fulfillment team associates” job sounds terrible. probably YUUUGE turnover there.

but yeah. the unfriending, followed by the blocking, and you couldnt even have a third party deliver a message. these things made me think you were mad at me, hated me, didnt care about causing me pain!

and it hurts when you dont even care about causing me pain! just as bad as the pain itself.

how could you jsut stop caring about me? just turn that OFF?

yeah that metaness. its almost worse to realize that she COULD just stop caring about me.

which made me think, oh god, i must have done something horribly wrong to make her do this!!!!

i never unfriended someone, but i was thinking about unfriending her. i would accompany it with a message saying this doesnt mean i hate you. it means i LIKE you but i dont think you like me.

she sent me NO message with the unfriending.

id rather think she was just a scared avoiding coward, rather than she HATED me. i dont like being HATED by someone I LOVED. that makes you think you did something WRONG. i never wanted to do anything wrong to her!!!!

didnt she want to have me NOT think that i did something horribly wrong? couldnt she have her mom or this mutual friend contact me?

interesting story. a mutual friend is also someone who approved me to use them as a REFERENCE for JOBS. email, phone number, a nice letter, we had a conversation about it. now i am starting to use them in some job apps as my 3rd or 4th reference for a 12 DAH job hahahaha.

because in the back of my mind I want them to get called, get asked about me, then the mutual person could contact me, oh how you been, and then I could tell them The Story. And maybe they could tell me a story about Her too. or did That Woman get to the mutual friend already and tell them UNTRUTHS about ME? I sorta want to know!!

I buy my own office supplies for Work: pens, pencils, notepads, printing paper, post it notes, rubber bands, white boards, even my own little file cabinet and storage shelving. and a fan hahaha. and my own coffee machine. i can also chip in for printer toner cartridges. also you can garnish my pay for every mistake i make, so that i only make $1 per paycheck hahahaha. way less than minimum wage. just say i made too many mistakes so you gotta dock my pay. thats fine. thats what sink or swim is. mistakes have consequences!

waiting to pounce, sneak attack, biding his time, ulterior motives, etc. i can understand being mad about these things….but I WASNT DOING THAT!!!!!! and I wanted her to undnerstand that. but she refused to listen to me.

otherwise i would have “POUNCED” the instant she was finished with her main BF!!!!!!!!!!



that prob wont work, but my traveler iq is 122. i wish my real iq were that high! then i might be able to make $12.2 dollars an hour hahahaha

i simply cant believe the average hourly wage is 24 dollars an hour (US). there are SO MANY people making less than 15 DAH.

you are not given the tools to succeed, you have build your own tools. thrown to the wolves. become a wolf hahaha.

What do I do here?


I dont know HOW to figure it out.


I….HOW do I figure it out?


doesnt it seem like this would cost the company shitloads of money?????

How do you figure something out when you dont know HOW to figure it out?

fix this broken car. figure out how to fix it. that’s your job.

figure out how to remove this tumor from the persons brain.

if i had any inkling how to figure it out, i wouldnt be asking you!!! i dont even know where to begin!

this looks SO BAD when you are struggling in front of customers!

i like the 10 minute rule. surely your god damn manager could understand that its better for you to get help from another employee (“team member”) than to be UNPRODUCTIVE for 10 minutes!!!!

google how to figure things out on your own

come on. if people are asking you for help, its because they need help now. their caller is waiting on hold waiting for them to fix a problem they’ve never seen.

what if your brainstorming takes you down a totally wrong path because you are in a dark cave and have no idea what is right and what is wrong?

i just say do shit WRONG and then when they tell you you did it wrong, you say, ok, whats the right way to do it then? ok thank you im sorry i’ll never do it again, you can see me writing this down right now. thanks for the feedback phaggot hahahahaha

april 9

yes stuff like this causes anxiety, worry, and panic.

trying to find books by phds on anxiety and panic now.

i dont get full blown panic, i get half blown panic. just really flustered. it still makes it really hard to DO shit when you need to. or especially to sound confident and competent.

1 piece of pie from the grocery store freezer, the pies in the ice cream aisle, 1 slice has 310 calories hahaha. therefore, never eat these pies.  i would much rather blow 310 calories on pad thai than on a pie.

i tried the lastpass program.  i wanted to have different strong passwords for the most important sites, rather than reusing versions of the same password everywhere.

its a good idea but lastpass had a few big cons. namely it doesnt update chrome with any passwords you change in lastpass. and if you change all your passwords in lastpass then decide to go back to chrome, that sucks.

you can export a text file of all the passwords though. so i did that and uninstalled lastpass then manually updated chrome with the 3 passwords i had changed.

even that took like 2 hours because I had trouble getting chrome to offer to save the gosh darn GOOGLE password.

because chrome is connected to your google user account. yes not a good explanation but thats the best i got.

so you have to go into settings, disconnect google account, clear cache, sign into google, THEN it offers to save password, THEN you can sign into the BROWSER, ie connect chrome with your google user account.

it felt kind of workaroundy. kludgey. it would be nice if one of those google developers making 300 grand a year could fix this, rather than getting workaround advice from their indian level 1 tech support people hahahaha. well are they gonna FIX this? is a VERY relevant question. but I also don’t expect the indians to know that. most assholes WOULD expect them to know that though.

anything that has a workaround is not gonna be fixed soon. just use the workaround forever.

honestly. the first line of support has about as much access to higher levels of support as YOU do.

so you are basically asking YOURSELF to fix something for you. that you dont know how to fix. except the person knows even less than you because theyve never used the program! so they try to fix it by struggling with it for an hour, with you on the phone. struggling the same as you did. except you only struggled for 5 minutes then called Tech Support and got bitchy when you watched them struggle for an hour.

well can you struggle then call me back? nope our policy says we must keep you on the line. we have to be on an active call at all times hahaha. hold for 5 minutes, let me ask permission if I can go into after call mode so i can call you back. 5 mins later….no i can’t, we have too many people holding. nope we cant hire more people, that would cost money.

i would say welp let me continue to work on this and get back to you every 10 minutes. better than interrupting them every 5 minutes saying yep still struggling and getting nowhere because this whole time ive just been waiting for level 2 to respond to me with useless shitty advice.

basically the company policies were not helpful to level 1 or the people it was our job to help. our real job was to give the appearance of giving them help, while satisfying the metrics of the service level agreement. the SLA hahahaha. some items in there were relevant, others were deceptive. and you had to cut corners to make the metrics. naturally customers are not happy about this.

am i the only one who has trouble with this? absolutely not. other employees complain about not knowing how to do their job, and or being put into impossible situations.  but actual useful information on how to DEAL with this is SO difficult to find.  whether its actual job related explanations and answers you can use, or its meta type help on just how to survive in these situations written by phds who know how the mind works hahaha and know the mind hacks to train you to survive here.

all you can do is say: it is what it is, there is no explanation for that, OR give them some bullshit.  period. and its impossible to bullshit when you are new.

you CANT simply say “good question, let me find the answer for you” because that is going to take at LEAST 10 minutes.

so i guess you could say, good question, are you willing to wait 10 minutes to find out the answer? and it probably wont be a good one? like they say, if you NEED an explanation, you’re probably not gonna like it or understand it once you get it?

now these are all real skills for dealing with difficult situations. but you can’t explain them like THAT, to managers. cuz managers are the best bullshitters of all, plus they totally lose track with reality, because they dont DO the job, so they push you to unreasonable “targets.” do more. do more than can possibly be done. we are already at the breaking point. so just push us harder. becuase you have to be constantly “growing.” short term is better than long term. these are our LEADERS.

9 months since i talked to that person. 7.9 months since i contacted that person. hehehehe. i figure it makes sense that it takes at LEAST 9 months to make some real progress. that the analogy of a gestating Baby is very apt. its the amount of time it takes for a new life to be born. and you are really trying to be reborn yourself. start life alone without your Soulmate hahaha.

and that’s just bare minimum, to get to 51% or so. therefore, about 18 months before you are normal again. ready to be Emotionally Available for someone new. i guess till then just have casual sex with bitches and whores hahaha if you CAN.

sometimes the dumper contacts YOU even though they dont want to apologize OR get back together. this has not happened here hahaha.

shit when i imagine what would a person have to do to get ME to unfriend and block them. they would have to BETRAY me and do something TERRIBLE to me. which is why i was horrified to think that I BETRAYED her and wasnt even aware of it. how could I be SO HORRIBLE and not even be AWARE of it? I was just a Horrible Person without even knowing it!!!!!

that is what you are left with when someone leaves you like this!

they say a woman is never really WITH you, it’s just your TURN. someday your TURN will be over, and another guy will get HIS turn. certainly your TURN is over before you want it to be.

I just thought we were having trouble, but we could work through it. i didnt realize my TURN was OVER.

if you want my turn to be over, have the decency to tell my my turns over. cuz some people actually want ot talk about problems and fix things, not just END things.

i didnt think it was the END. I thought it was just a rough patch. COME ON. the signs are ambiguous. they can indicate both or either of those things.  naturally i hoped they just indicated a rough patch. we can work thru a rough patch, i thought! and the end is just horrifying, incomprehensible, a part of you DIES! hahahaha. well at least it couldnt get any worse. And I got a good story out of it hahahaha. i mean this is is Life Motherfooker. LIVE IT hahaha.

but yeah i cant even put myself in her position. it is too far off of anything i can even imagine. i cant imagine hating a former friend like that. and of course i dont like being HATED by former friends.

I never had a really super big falling out with a friend like this before!

i have grown apart from many friends, but no real animosity or regret there. I had a feud with a guy where I really hated him, but he was never really my FRIEND. I hated this gurl I “dated” after she dumped me, but I got over that as I got over her. I hated her for leading me on, but she was just doing what gurls do, this was not the worst leading on. It was more something I really really really WANTED. I was leading myself on!

Yeah I might have blocked HER. but I always wanted to look at her damn facebook page, so I couldnt bring myself to block her. I think I might have unfriended her like a year since I last saw her.  yeah I eventually unfriended her at least a YEAR later.  which is super different than what happened here: her unfriending and blocking ME while she still knows me! I have no frame of reference for this! its disorienting! i had honestly never had anything CLOSE to this happen to me before! so much new shit!

first time I got feelings for a female friend.

first time I was rejected LIKE THIS. totally blocked, abandoned, ignored, avoided, silent treatment, ghosted, thrown away.

first time I was ever blocked by somebody on FB.

first time I quit my job over a WOMAN.

first time I ever sent long emails telling the detailed story of how I feel, and begging PLEASE RESPOND.

first time, one day someone is a big part of your life, next day, they’re GONE. they HATE you. and wont even give you the courtesy of telling you. because maybe YOU did something horrible without even knowing it. because youre a horrible person. but you are dead to them, they want to be dead to you too.

yeah its very disorienting. how long did they feel like this? what do they really feel? ultimately I was given a lot more information by the other women when they dumped me. i knew they didnt HATE me, they didnt feel BETRAYED by me, they just didnt want to DATE me, they simply didnt feel the same way.

it was such a painful thing for me, and I couldnt believe she was capable of doing something that caused me such pain.

yeah a lot of that pain was self inflicted. because i luved her. I could have just hated her immediately and said fook her, i’ll throw HER away now. but i couldnt.

really its just a matter of she freaked out like a cornered animal. she blocked me not because she HATED me, but because she just couldnt DEAL with me. heh. I would have been more ok with that if she had just sent one final message saying im blocking you know and heres why.

well, i would probably still beg her to respond to me!

hey. when women get dumped by men they luv, they go BATSHIT crazy. they STALK the guy, they BOMBARD him with messages, they contact him CONSTANTLY.

i wonder what SHE did when that guy cheated on her hahaha. I know she was upset.

well I’m upset too when she throws away a 2.7 relationship without a word!!!!! who does that!!!!!

I was a weak thirsty beta but I dont think I deserved THAT!!!!!

but its a just an avoiding coward being a damn avoiding coward!

i never had someone who was DESPERATE to talk to me and I was REFUSING to talk to them. the few people I hated, they were never desperate to talk to me. quite the opposite! they were having a grand old time not talking to me!

and HER, its harder to hate, because we were friends for such a long time! it’s easier to hate them when you only knew them for a couple months. then you know you never really knew them. but her I did!!!!!!

2.7 years!!!!

i knew her well enough that I thought I did really know her; and it happened before my mind was CLOUDED with LUV.

sometimes callers call in and just request ridiculous things.

what do you do when you have no sense of what is actually ridiculous and what is not?

how to explain that they are being ridiculous?

33 tips for giving great technical support at a small software company without being swamped

here is an ok article, where its hard to find ok articles like this. but I would need much, much more. I would need Regular training and REgular meetings with people in my workplace, who knew my workplaces tech and procedures and policies and cases, to  give very specific advice. cant find that on the internet. couldnt even get that after working there a year hahahaha.

no there was acutally a knowledge base. my best research came from reading the knowledge base and the case notes from home. make sure you can at least do that. some of the more serious stuff you needed to log into a VPN, which i didnt have access to. but I could log onto the company intranet from home and see some stuff: knowledge base and case notes. that was yuuuuge.

i am just googling how to provide tech support. for help with people who have been thrown into the deep end of level 1 and panic that they dont know how to do their jobs…because they DONT….yet they still have to talk to people and solve their problems. there should be a BOOK. by a mentor or guru type. there was that kindle book by the steffy guy.

ok article but more helpful for level 3 and management above. not the level 1 bastards, which you and me are most likely to be. doing the HARD work. the REAL work.

kinda shitty no brainer article. how about training your tier 1 people on all the fooking issues? make them experts in issues and solving them? this would involve a bigger, better knowledge base. up to date, clear articles on every issue, that answer the question of why and how and give you an EXPLANATION, and a paragraph that can be digested by the client. we had 10000 page articles that were confusing as fook. the users couldnt understand it, and we couldnt understand it. basically we tried to fix stuff by reading a complicated manual and hope we understood it correctly, which is impossible.

a very good spirited article but again nothing meaty here jeff. he is clearly a developer who knows his product inside and out, therefore, he can confidently know when a caller is wrong and he is right. how do you train the bum off the street desperate for a job who is gonna be answering the phone, taking those crazy calls?

also what if you cant give them a discount. because you work for the same company. then its reasonable that there customer gets a discount for having to wait for tech support to fix the product. but see tech support cannot offer those discounts. the people in the field have to offer the discounts for tech support delays. so ideally the field office managers should be aware of this. maybe they are but they havent made their office staff  aware of it.

well YOU fooked up, cant YOU reduce the price? not like you dont have access to the program?

nope, only the field can change the price, and it has to come out of their discount budget.

this is EXACTLY why the field gets angry at tech support, because they dont want to go into THEIR budget for dscounts, when they dont see it as THEIR problem. this is understandable and reasonable, and I still dont know what to say to that. I would probably say yeah I agree with you. best way to change policy would be to have your Area Manager talk to one of my managers. but I cant give you their phone number. welp….our call has gone over 20 minutes here so the quality people prob wont listen to it, so I will give you their phone number and this will be our little secret ok? you didnt get this from me. please dont tell them you got this number from me. tell them you got it from your district manager. actually….tell them you got this number from the darn intranet directory. you can look it up yourself!

or does the intranet restrict people of certain Job Codes of looking up certain people?

i have no idea and I don’t think a level 2 or 3 could answer that question either!

thats an exmaple of a question that cannot be answered in 10 minutes! MAYBE 72 hours! that is like 400 times longer timeframe!

and when you are just in your first 3 months, you dont have any idea of what kind of questions take 10 minutes, vs questions that take 4320 minutes!!!!!

its FINDING the one person out of 10000 corporate employees who might know the answer that is the trick. the person who knows the answer will be able to answer the question in 1 minute. has good videos, but you have to pay DEARLY for them. also there is nothing here on how to handle a barrage of calls, and what to say to not sound like a total idiot. nothing on “call management.” just technical stuff.

tech stuff is very important, and you can’t have too much, but it has to be CLEAR and COMPLETE; AND you ALSO need stuff on Call Management. How To Handle Calls Like A Boss.

ehehe need a minimum of 15 days of training. not 10 hahaha.

and 6 training days throughout the day. shit. I would like to see 1 full training day a MONTH.

ok how about 1 hour a week? thats about 1 day per 2 months. 6 days per year. shit i would have loved that. 1 hour a fooking week of training.