apr 1

no foolin hahaha.

Wow stupidest job app yet, materials handler for hospital, seems like a warehouse thing. app had a 111 question personality test at the end where i blatantly lied and strongly agreed with the stuff i was supposed to agree with. strongly. and they also said they do a nicotine test and you are not allowed to smoke cigs on your lunch break hahaha. NOICE. wonder if they do random drug tests too. cuz if i get a shitty full time job i will want to take MJ like a DEGENERATE to cope.

welp i have a prescription for valium at least.

i don’t care enough that MJ is degenerate. if i’m doing a shitty job for the rest of my life and no nice waifu to cuddle, then i want to take MJ to deal with stress. period. yes it IS degenerate and I wouldn’t BRAG about it to White Winners. Nor would I want to hang out with Degen Stoners.

111 questions for a damn 12 DAHJ. and this was the most ridiculous HR stuff you could imagine. testing your empathy and your normieness and weirdness and do you like to multitask and do more with less and not need help and be a team player and love diversity and be easy to get along with and adapt to change etc. 111 stupid questions, 111 lies hahaha.

and that horrible cvnt gets to keep her 15 DAHJ!!!!!! and does not get a damn nicotine or drug test! and smokes MJ every day and doesn’t study for her job at all! and is still respected by people! fook her! fooking bitch! fooking cvnt! how dare she! she should have to suffer SOMETHING but she faces NO CONSEQUENCES for something she should have SOME GUILT and SHAME and PAIN about!!!!!!!!

but she does the WRONG thing and faces NO consequences!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fooking evil whore!!!!!!!!!!!1

she’s not GOOD ENOUGH to have a FT job making 15 DAH! she’s a terrible multitasker! terrible person! terrible communicator!! terrible under pressure! terrible service!!! nothing but runaround!!! terrible employee!!! terrible idiot! not creative! not thinking outside of the box! bitchy! stupid! unproductive! uneducated! she’s not GOOD ENOUGH to earn a living at a job! she hasn’t SUFFERED enough! hasn’t PAID ENOUGH DUES!!!!!! you should not be able to support yourself at age 25!!!!!!!! wheres your fooking masters degree bitch? you have terrible grammar and misspellings on your linkedin page!! you’re terrible at interviews! you’re awkward and not a people person!!! you deserve to suffer and be miserable the rest of your pathetic life bitch!!!!!!!

heh. no i’m not going to be the one who makes her suffer. not going to be the one who teaches her a lesson. im just mad i have to suffer all the pain and consequences and she goes along on her stupid idiot awful horrible person way. karma is not a bitch. karma lets her get away with bad karma.

Welp applied to 3 shitty jobs today hahaha. good for me.

i hate that my life has been turned COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN and hers, nothing, just stays on the same steady even keel, and going steadily UP UP UP!!!!!

And I know she’s quit jobs before when she was younger because emotions!!!! ragequit or despairquit or emotionquit just like I did here. I can secretly hope she emotionquits this job too. maybe she already did hahahahaha. good. keep smoking weed and choosing shitty men, idiot whore.

it’s like the good LORD BUILT women to be whores! and we can’t hate someone for doing their GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE!!!!!

No, GOD did not design women to be TRAITOR WHORES.  He designed them to use their Great Power with Great Responsibility. You get One Good Chance to pick a Good Man who can take care of you for life. you don’t get to make a TRAITOROUS WHORISH MOCKERY of that Choice. GOD has given you ONE good chance. any more than that and you are spitting in his face. choose a good man at a young age, get married young, move from your father’s house to your husband’s house, and start having children. then by the time you are 28 you will have 3 children and be a mature, sweet, caring, devoted, loyal, loving, yet also a mature and sensible and non batshit crazy woman. A trustworthy adult woman with a good head and a good heart.

hehehehe yes that WHOLE PARAGRAPH was worth bolding.

god damn. if she were a horrible slut this would be EASIER. easier to hate her and call her a dirty mudshark whore. but she never was a whore. she was a good person doing a cowardly but not evil thing that just happened to hurt me greatly, mainly because of my own investment.

god bless the people at Despair Forum (see links on side). I have been posting there like a madman, several posts a day, they have been liking the posts and giving me Rep.

ok it makes SENSE for women to be attracted to the strong man. to prefer rapists over racists. to prefer strong outgroup men to weak ingroup men. Because women NEED protection so NATURALLY they are attracted to pure, raw, brute STRENGTH.

I WISH they were more faithful to their ingroup…….but they are only faithful to STRENGTH.

plus i think once you lock down a woman and put a few babies in her, she will be more faithful to the ingroup.

it’s just like how men are attracted to young, fertile, innocent women. women are attracted to STRONG men. period.

i figure the analogy to a woman being a dirty slut, is a man being a pathetic porn watcher. it’s a way of chipping away at your own soul and dignity in the name of short-term sexual thrills.

but i think being a SLUT is of course WORSE, because you’re letting actual guys defile you. with omegas jerking to porn, they only hurt themselves, and I don’t think they desensitise themselves to real sex with real women, or love for that matter. but they’re just too weak and pvssy to actually get it, because their confidence is gone.

i mean yeah cuddling with a qt gurl is 600000000000000000 times better than the “hottest” porno.

I used to struggle with making fast decisions under pressure. I would often choke and get flustered and this would impact my critical thinking skills and communication skills. I overcame this shortcoming by constantly getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself in unique, unexpected, uncomfortable situations, where I essentially had to learn to swim, or sink. After some practice, I was able to “swim” much better, communicate much more confidently, and resolve issues more quickly.

more bullshit inmuh interview file hahaha. This is over 8 hours long. of me rambling manager type bullshit.

oh fook i just looked HER up in resumes on indeed.com. found her. nothing there, not updated since 2012 hahahaha what a moron whore. keep making 15 DAH while I struggle to make 12 DAH hahahaha. fooking traitor bitch. hahaha.

no i dont really HATE her, i LOVE her and want to be with her for the rest of my life. even though i havent contact her in 228 days, i still want only her and no one else, i want to marry her and luv her 4ever hahaha. but since i cant have her, then i say these hateful things to try to force myself to STOP LOVING HER.

apr 2

yeah i just dont WANT to meet anybody new, i still want HER. it wouldn’t be FAIR to anybody else I met on i dunno a dating site. i dont want to date anyone but her. maybe some casual sex hahaha. i guess this is why everyone on dating sites just has casual sex. like her on her damn dating site like a traitorous whore hahahaha. looking for some casual dick. its not like she can get pregnant or anything. and if she does, she can just get an abortion. no big deal.

what business of yours is it what i do with MY body? its not like you can get diseases from me because of the Other Guys I’m fooking and not telling you about!

common filth hahahaha.

who unfriends someone you’ve been friends with for 2.7 years? that you see every day? that you havent had a big argument with yet? that you still go through the motions of niceness with? you unfriend a long term friend that you see every day? you think hes NOT gonna notice? you think he’s not gonna be upset?

how about you send a little one paragraph message abotu WHY youre unfriending. thats what I would have done. ohh noooo but that would involve one paragraph of communication.

you only unfriend very loose acquaintances that you havent seen in years. you don’t EVER unfriend someone you were a GOOD FRIEND for YEARS, even if you’re not so close any more.

i found on my google drive a college transcript from a young man I briefly worked with in like 2011 or 2012. he was a decent young man who worked hard and deserved good things, including a good wife, a good job, a good life. i would always stealthfully copy peoples transcripts, cover letters, resumes, sometimes college papers, that they would leave on the workplace computers and forget about. i saved them on my google drive where they will remain till the end of time.

he had an associates degree from a technical college that advertises ridic stories of success on tv. like 76 credits that probably cost 35 grand. he left our job to take a 10 dah job at home depot in a “ghetto” area where robberies and shootings in the parking lot are not uncommon.

he was a good guy who was not afraid to Pay His Dues, in fact, he had done too much of this. he was a gentle soul who was very into enjoying and making music but he was not a degenerate like most musicians. we talked about music and artsy movies. i hope he found a good job and a good woman, but I fear he would not be perceived as Masculine and Strong enough by  Women.

anyway i say this because I was trying to find my college transcript among 100000000 job search related files. searching for files called transcript and one of them was this one i was not expecting, did not even know I had.

this was to apply for a 10 dah part time job at the former workplace where I could never get a FT job. but the workplace itself was chill and laid back and a good place to Work. would be even better if I could get a FT job. but they are all HIDDEN in secret private pools that only Popular People know about. the FT jobs pay allright but the PT jobs pay garbage and you need an official bachelors degree transcript to get a 10 dah job hahahaha.

yet SHE only has a lousy ASSOCIATES degree in like general studies and she makes 15 DAH!!!!! and will get a .25 cent raise every year hahahaha! she could theoretically live in her own place and have kidz!!!!! be an independent adult at age 25!!! something I have never been able to do at age 30+!!!!

she thinks shes so much BETTER than me because she can start a 5 year relship at like age 19 and have an adult job at age 25!!!! oh so much BETTER!!!!

no she doesnt think like that at all, that’s all on me. she has very very first level, dull female thinking. like UGH this is WEIRD. i’m done with this. this makes me feel good. that makes me feel WEIRD. let’s parrot this shit i read on the internet. i’m surprised she was able to get like a 3.8 gpa for her associates degree. she mispells shit all the time and is a horrible writer and thinker. maybe she is smarter than she seems but i am surprised she can even do her job.

i wish she had more COURAGE ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It’s not the womans JOB to have COURAGE. MEN are the COURAGEOUS sex. Women don’t HAVE courage, can’t be EXPECTED. That’s an unrealistic expectation to put on her!

Well it IS the woman’s job to provide warmth and love and mercy and kindness.

But not when it involves COURAGE, and not when it involves a Supplicating Beta you feel Withering Contempt for.

but yeah i just don’t see ever getting along with a woman than well again, and LUVING a woman that much ever again.

and I don’t really want to get married and have keeeidz with a woman I don’t luv.

but i do want to get married and especially have keeids.

and i wanted to do that with her, not some other random woman.

yeah its a lot to ask. but a LITTLE mercy is not a lot to ask for.

hehehe dont you CARE what HAPPENED to me? where’d I GO? what am I doing now? our friendship was such that those things would be very relevant and important. things that friends are supposed to care about about each other.

so yeah at this point i would have casual sex if the opportunity presented itself. but as i was boning the gurl,  i would say, dont expect anything out of this, this is strictly casual, im not interested in dating ANYONE right now, not you, not anyone. also i would never date a woman that degrades herself like this. decent women dont DO this. you’re a whore hahahaha. whores are not for dating. they are only for fooking. its really kind of sad. in the past a man would just go to an official whore. now regualr women are giving themselves away and acting as unofficial whores.  playing the role whores once did. its SAD.  i would gladly turn down casual sex in a world without these kind of women, offering casual sex. but you offer up casual sex once, and you’re done as a good woman. the LORD has only given you ONE chance. CHOOSE WISELY.

i didnt expect her to unfriend me like that! i didnt expect her to BLOCK me! at least scream at me and say FOOK YOU CREEPER WEIRDO, WE’RE DONE!!! and THEN unfriend and block me! when you make small talk with me and say of course we’ll hang out some day and you’re a good friend, that is MIXED SIGNALS! that doesnt add up with sudden unfriending and blocking!!!!!

i watched the big lebowski on tv last night and while it is indeed a hilarious and classic movie, and brought me a lot of youthful nostalgia, it’s also more degenerate than it should be. namely the Dude is a degenerate lazy bum and this lifestyle should not be glorified. so what if he’s basically a good guy. he’s not good ENOUGH. and the most important thing he did in his life was be a hardcore marxist agitator? this is not good at all. that’s what i mean. and also the idea of the stronk independent feminist woman maude who wants to be a single mother with the dudes sperm, and he’s ok with that too. ok whatever maaannn. just give me more weed and alcohol hahahaha.

it is a truly funny and classic movie though and i wouldnt mind a sequel. really the best part is john goodman, they could theoretically make a movie with him as the star and the dude as his sidekick.

and both men would find true redemption. the dude would stop being a loser who’s CONTENT in his loserness; and walter would get over his jooish bitch ex wife and find a better wife and have children. and also the dude would find a good woman, and maude would never get pregnant, and the dude would have children with a decent woman. maybe him and walter could start a business and then they could make money to raise their children.

me Unpozzing Pozzed movies hahaha.

also it would just be even SADDER to see the dude continuing that lifestyle at age 65 or howeever old jeff bridges is now. that would actually be an important lesson. see a sad old 65 year old bum, alone, no wife, no children, smoking weed alone as a wrinkled old man alone with no family. that would be the beginning of the movie. over the course of it, old dude and walter could redeem themselves.

also the dude could official renounce his leftism in the past and say yeah i was stupid and wrong. I would never do that now. here’s a statement to refute and renounce the port huron statement. some of the stupid stoners watching this movie wont even get that. other middle class collegefags WILL get it and LOVE it. only a tiny minority, such as moi, will get it and say NO. REMOVE DEGENERACY. INTO THE OVEN.

i mean cohen brothers movies always work on two or more levels and they are pseudointellectual j’s of the highest order. their verbal iq is very high and they write very very good dialogue though.

anyway. if i were an unstable emotional wreck, i might come to the wrong conclusion that its a bad, horrible thing to get feelings for somebody. that when you get feelings for someone, you are betraying and hurting them, and you should never get feelings. this is why decent women don’t try to shame you for the feelings. they don’t add insult to injury. they say AWWW!! IM SORRY!!!! YOUR A REAL GOOD GUY!!! REAL SWEET GUY!!! YOUL FIND SOMEONE SOMEDAY!!!!!!

nope. couldn’t even do that.

shit i wish if it were just a matter of courage, she could just send her MOM to do her dirty work. have her mom send me a message on her behalf. i would have totally accepted that. it would have meant she KNEW what she was doing was cowardly and that she INTENDED to show me some mercy, that she didn’t INTEND to throw me away. would shed some light on her actual intentions.

but noooooooooooo.

hey I explained MY intentions at LENGTH. I wrote a damn BOOK on my intentions and sent it to her and she prob never even read it, just threw it away like she threw me away.

and its so painful because we had such a good, real, serious, honest, beautiful thing for 2.7 years. that got cancer and died over the course of the last 10 months.

shit. i just wish she had DONE BETTER. so DISAPPOINTING. she was capable of SO MUCH MORE. she COULD HAVE been nice. i’m not asking for her to luv me. I’m asking for her to show a tiny bit of kindness when she kills the relship. not asking for luv. i know you cant ask for that. you CAN ask for kindness and respect and maybe courage though.

i couldnt ask her to luv me, but i damn well can ask her to DO BETTER. just do better with this situation. I didn’t deserve this and you know me better than to treat me like this.

but i forgive you for you cowardice. i know you are an avoider and you avoid shit and dont have the courage to do whats right sometimes, and just run away. i will survive and you probabyl didnt intend all this pain. i just want you still hahahah 8 months later. and i dont want anyone else.

have lost like 1 pound over the last month. average of 1100 calories a day. wtf. it HAS to be because of building muscle. its still not great to be like 5 pounds over what you thought you would be by now.

unbelievable. this situation is a lot more unbelievable than any other dumping. now I am just shaking my head and saying I CANT BELIEVE IT. I CANT BELIEVE IT. more than I ever did then. then I was like YOU FOOKING WHORE! YOU FOOKING TRAITOROUS WHORE!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! I accepted it quickly and went quickly to the anger phase. Not so much here. I still get angry of course but it seems more forced. I call her a fookin whore but I know she’s not really, she’s just a coward. can you really expect a woman to be more than a coward? more than immature? no really. but you sure CAN expect them to not be whore. just close your legs and stop taking dicks. simple. easy.

really asking them to not be a coward is to hold them to a higher standard. that i wouldnt even ask for random whores. but she wasnt a random whore! she was a good woman and my friend for 2.7 years hahaha 2.7 years!

oh they’re going to K that poor woman, no way dude, she kidnapped herself, these are a bunch of fookin amateurs.

Couldnt you just write me an email or talk to me before unfriending me, blocking me, ignoring me, and never talking to me ever again???!?!?!?!?! REALLY??!?!?!?!? Couldn’t you do just a LITTLE bit?!?!?!?!

Bbbbut maybe I was THAT BAD and dont even REALIZE it.

No I was a little bad but not NEARLY THAT bad.

bbbbut what if she DID talk to me! I would still be begging her and Nice Guying her!

ORRRR I could have been just be straight up and honest, same way I was in those Final Emails I wrote her!!!!

I dont WANT to MANIPULATE women!

I just hate getting dumped though!!!

so i had a choice: if she wasn’t horrible, then I must be horrible. I wasn’t willign to think of her capable of doing something horrible. therefore that leaves us with only one answer.

but that is wrong because she IS capable of doing something horrible, plus this isnt horrible per se, but just cowardly, and she’s CERTAINLY capable of that.

wow 7 long posts in 1 day on despair forums. i am quickly becoming Poster of the Month hahahaha. I am a lot more comfortable posting here than on TRS forum, which is a great forum, but you have to work SO HARD for upvotes, and everyone is a bigass winner at life. and even their shitposting is better and funnier than your effortposting. on DF i can shitpost and its as good as other peoples effortposting hahahahaha. no they are good peopel though.

i have some good posts now that are actually pretty relevant to this blog. cuz DF is probably more relevant to this blog than say TRS.

anyway i am perhaps more positive and constructive when i am talking to other people and directly talking to my audience hahaha. and this stuff here is a lot less focused. and probably more negative.

\apr 3

mainly i am responding to topics by men like me, near-30-year old losers who have huge trouble getting a job, keeping a job, meeting women, keeping the interest of women, just real neetlike r9k type men such as myself. men who want the “modest” goals of a job and a woman but seem unable to do them.

well, recall only 40% of men reproduce, while 80% of women do. most men DON’T have children. think about that one for a while hahaha. and i wonder if half those men who do reproduce are r-selected deadbeats fooking anything that moves, and abandoning their children.

maybe those of us lucky enough to grow up in good families were naive enough to just ASSUME that we’d be able to have a family like that of our own someday. that we too would have a decent job, meet a decent woman, and have a decent family.

so this mudslim umar was famous for conquering a lot, including all of persia (sassanid empire) and is responsible for iran being muslim, and not zoroastrian, which they were before. (i am probably grossly oversimplifying.) this happened in the 600s AD. I thought, wait was islam even AROUND then? how does this make any sense? turns out it was. Umar was a contemporary of mohamed when he started islam in the early 600s. then apparently it EXPLODED LIKE WILDFIRE and by the mid to late 600s muslims had conquered the whole iranian empire. within like 50 damn years.

therefore, within 50 years, all of europe could be muslim hahahahahahahahhahaha.

again i am probably oversimplifying according to my own anti-muslim and anti-arab bias. i would have to choose the persians over the arabs every time.  but since the iranians have be “arabicized” and “muslimized” I guess they have been brought down to that shittier level hahaha. so how iranian are the iranians in 2016? what is the blood and race like? that matters more to me than a religion. but religion and race can have a lot of overlap: convert nonarabs to shitty arab religion. rape the shit out of of nonarabs and make their race more arab.

how arab are turks? I thought the ethinc groups were pretty separate. why didnt the arabs rape the turks? how much did the arabs rape the persians?

google how to be TOUGH at work


shitty article filled with great, interview-worthy cliches, by tough GOD-fearing entrepreneur



emotional intelligence is a myth, you need REAL intelligence and to be tough. article for sensitive leaning in women to become more tough and narcissistic hahaha



mental toughness. GRIT.  TRUE GRIT hahahaha.

yep it really is the most important thing. better make up a lie in my interview file how I developed this. even though I didnt; even though i became LESS mentally tough and broke down because of a BITCH. hahahaha.

I used to struggle with being tough-minded at work. It’s universally recognized that mental toughness or grit is one of the most important and valuable attributes a person can have. You have to be able to make tough decisions, and deliver quality work in tough situations. I was too emotionally sensitive in the past, and I was able to gradually train myself to be more tough. This resulted in better performance at work, and I was able to add more value when I became better at detaching emotions and thinking with cold, clear logic. To handle tough conversations and tough tasks without backing down in fear.

hehe but none of those articles tells you how to actually be more tough. they all essentially are circular, saying become more tough by being tougher. go with the flow. just don’t get flustered. yeah well if i knew how to do that, i wouldnt be reading your article, you fookin asshole hahahaha.  dumb bastard.





no, im not looking for inspirational quotes to help you get through tough times. I’m looking for the ACTUAL PHRASES YOU SAY when you are trying to BE tough. TOugh Phrases that Get Results.

GIVE ME THE WORDS TO SAY. just give me a brief sentence to start me off. say it like THIS: “We need to talk. This behavior is unacceptable. It’s up to you. You change this, or this will happen. You dont have to like it. it is what it is. do this or youre fired. here’s your explanation. There is no explanation. It doesn’t matter why. I don’t care why, and I’m telling you not to care why. Or youre off the team. You wanting an explanation is a sign of weakness, and if I weren’t so kind, I would mock you mercilessly for your inferiority. You want an EXPLANATION. You want to know WHY. Get the fook outta here, ya fairy. ya fookin CHILD. ”

just channel donald trump doing glengarry glenross at ALL times hahaha. that is how you be tough.




In each case somebody wonders what changed. What happened? What should I do? In time, most people move on and let go, but until they do, it’s confusing, painful and stressful.

don’t say nothingAnd it’s all because we’re afraid to face tough conversations. We’re afraid to “just say it.” Usually the excuse is we don’t want to create hurt feelings. But, usually, the truth is we don’t know how to say what needs to be said and we just don’t want to feel so uncomfortable.

What strikes me as so ironic is that when we avoid the conversation to avoid hurting feelings, the other person is hurt anyway. They don’t know what to think. They have no closure or explanation, and there’s no opportunity to learn to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Skipping a difficult conversation does not spare feelings! It does not avoid hurt. It simply avoids your discomfort. Take a stroll down memory lane in your life. What challenging conversations have you skipped to avoid hurting someone, or to avoid your own awkwardness.


heheh that is more meant for HER totally ignoring ME haha.

google what to say when there is no explanation.



This is EXACTLY why “IT IS WHAT IT IS” is SUCH a popular phrase on the job. Because there are SO many things that are unexplainable, and it’s not WORTH it to figure out WHY. WHY becomes a Money Pit.

that blog has some great points and some good sample phrases….but not enough sample phrases. the most important thing is to have TONS of sample phrases, so you have something to actually say. don’t give a 50 item list of things NOT to do. just give me ONE thing TO do. damn.


dont say these things! well what SHOULD i say then, if apparently everything i do say is wrong. well just say nothing. nope thats wrong too.

SHE doesnt DESERVE to make 15 DAH or MORE! She doesnt DESERVE respect on the job!!!! She is a TERRIBLE COMMUNICATOR, and she is NOT TOUGH, and she is a terrible problem solver!!!!!! she deserves to make min wage the rest of her life!!!! she has NO skills WHATSOEVER!!!!! she is WORTHLESS!!!!!!!

when the sad thing is, women shouldnt even NEED to work. Their natural job of having babies and raising them is important enough. they shouldn’t be competing with men for jobs. I blame the J’s hahahahahaha.

In the fallen degen world, men DO need to compete with women for jobs. and it just adds INSULT TO INJURY that she can reject me as a person, and essentially Outcompete me on the Job. Be the Victor to me on all fronts. Better than me as a person, better than me at the job. Higher Value person. Smiting the weak.

really its just insult to injury. we weren’t fighting or competing with each other. well i guess we WERE fighting each other. the winner gets to do what they want with the relship. I wanted to keep it. she wanted to end it. she won. she ended it.



google what to say when there is no explanation

i understand the need for explanations. explanations are usually a GOOD thing! but sometimes its just a LUXURY we cant AFFORD. or it just doesnt EXIST. and it costs too much MONEY to try to find an explanation.

there should be an entire class in high school on how to bullshit your way when there is no explanation.

there should be an entire class in high school on being tough under pressure.

and you actually practice these skills every day in the classes.

“Explanations are for cowards.”
― J. Ross Clara, Citations: A Brief Anthology

thats a good one. it shames you for even WANTING an explanation.

well i would have liked an ATTEMPT at explanation by That Woman, but thats a much different issue than trying to explain stupid technical bullshit at my job!

just say, I can’t explain it to you because I don’t understand it myself. All I know is the answer is no. It is what it is. You don’t have to like it. We don’t have enough people who can explain it, to have you talk to somebody right now. The best I can do is have someone call you back within 72 hours. They’ll still say no, but they might have a better explanation.  More than likely you won’t like their explanation. The End. This conversation is over. If you continue to argue I will be forced to hang up on you to serve another client. Goodbye.

Then if you get scolded for hanging up, say your phone and computer rebooted suddenly. This used to happen to me all the time. Well, the computer wouldn’t reboot, but the phone call would DROP, the internet connection would be lost for about 10 seconds. Tell them THIS happened right when you explained nothing could be done, that the conversation was essentially over.

That would sometimes happen once or more a day. If you had a good handle on the call, you could call them back, and that was probably the policy. who knew the policy on anything. the policy is never written down, and it’s always changing. nobody knows what the current policy is, and there’s no place to look it up. because its not written down.


Well exactly how does one simply ride the tiger? or “go with the flow”?

that dumb bitch always used to tell me to GO WITH THE FLOW. hahahaha. I dont want to go with the flow, i wanted to answer their questions and understand shit. in the end she was right and i was wrong. explanations are just bullshit anyway. so just give them bullshit and go with the flow.

doesnt mean she’s entitled to throw me away like a piece of garbage and to never face consequences for her hurtful actions. i hope karma gets her one day hahahahahaha. have a fooking black bastard baby bitch hahaha.


no she is not a narcissist, but she did something that narcissists often do. and so this article is still very relevant. hell she MIGHT AS WELL have been a narcissist because this is a very narcissistic thing to do. Who cares if she really was a narcissist or not. This was the one thing that I will remember her by, and it was narciss as fook.


suggests that millennials are not as big promiscuous sluts as gen x or baby boomer. that half of all people currently in their 20s have not had Sechs in the past year.

hahahaha what about the past 10 years hahahaha. oh wait, i am not in my twenties any more hahahahahahaha.

some great arguments in the comments by millennial hating genxers and boomers. I would take the side of the millennials in this debate hahaha.

heh when I look at jobs, I get mad at HER, that CVNT, that she is still working the job, making 15 DAH, not going crazy, doing better than me, would never date a loser like me. fook that cvnt. that cvnt can get cvnt c4ncer. fook her. i would rather have casual sex with fooking whores and if they get preggers they can get a fooking abortion, it aint my kid bitch hahahaha. hey they WANT to take LOTS of dicks, so they can take mine too. And I will gladly treat them like the PIGS they treat THEMSELVES like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TREAT THEM LIKE THEY WANT TO BE TREATED!!! LIKE PIGS!!!!!  while that CVNT continues to make 15 DAH and she’s not tough under pressure! she can’t solve problems! She cant communicate with people!!!! she’s an IDIOT!!!! in an ideal world, she would be at home making white babies. not taking a 15 dahj away from a MAN who could use the money to support HIS white babies. fooking. CVNT.

our level 1’s got paid more than some companies level 2’s. this is because our shit was HARD and COMPLICATED as FOOK. We STILL didnt get paid enough IMHO. i hate that she, someone DUMBER than me, could have such an EASY time with something I found so HARD. It implies that she is smarter than me. When I am most assuredly WAY SMARTER than her! she came across as a stoned cow homer simpson dense dim dull dim bulb dull knife! how the FOOK could SHE explain anything? she cant even tell me why shes dumping me after 2.7 years, you think she can tell the office manager why the bla bla system is fooked up???!?!?!?!? FOOK NO!!!! FOOK HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how to train yourself to use the complicated and controversial healthcare software Epic EMR

I dunno! just google shit and teach yourself! and read the many reviews from nurses and other Practicioners saying this program sucks and my patients suffer directly because of it, but the fat cats at Epic dont care, they just want to ride the gravy train and keep scamming people with their lies and shitty product hahahahaha.  they dont give a damn about patients or helping people. they just want to milk this cash cow for all its worth and build another rock wall and gym at their corporate HQ hahahahaha while the people who have to use it, suffer, and their patients suffer.

hmm i cant imagine a company would ever work like that! hahaha


basically YOU have to get used to SCREWING people you are “supposed” to be helping or supporting. customers, clients, field staff, their customers. sorry nothing we can do here. no explanation either. explanations are for COWARDS. just can’t do it. don’t know why, don’t care. so you care. not my problem, man.

were not here to FIX PROBLEMS, we’re here to scam you or just tell you shits not gonna GET fixed. neeeexxxxtttt! nope cant help you. wont be fixed. NEXT! nope cant be fixed NEXT! nope it is what it is NEXT! what am i supposed to tell my patients? dont care not my problem NEXT!!!!!

really to be on either side of that conversation sucks. i don’t know which one sucks more.

people don’t give you shitty service because they’re dumb or lazy or assholes or they don’t want to. they WANT to help you, they just don’t KNOW how, and they have no one who can help them. it is literally the blind leading the blind. but you don’t believe the person leading you is blind. but they damn well are. believe it.

they’d LIKE to help you….but they CAN’T. and then after years of working that job, they soul gets eaten away, and then they don’t care about helping you. jobs turn nice people into assholes. and then they give that shit back to their family and children, like the korean human centipede hahahah . everyone is shitting on everyone underneath them all the time, and the people at the very bottom get ALL the shit from EVERYBODY above them.

you are acutely aware of the Power Pyramid every second of every day.

how come school doesnt teach you how to deal with THIS hahahaha

well i applied for a lab asst job at the same hospital that gave the 111 question personality test, apparently you only have to answer that test once. good because it was phaggy, bad because what if i screwed up the first and only time. I think i did pretty good, told them some pretty good lies hahahaha.  and the lab asst job says something like experience with EPIC preferred. just says EPIC. doesnt say “Epic-EMR” or “Epic software” or anything. so I assumed it was a piece of software and googled epic software and indeed it is a hugely used EMR program. if this ISNT what they’re referring to, i’d be VERY surprised. for a god damn 10 DAHJ when that bitch is making 15 hahaha.


disgusting cvm-belching cvnt.

i don’t really believe those things, i am just hurt by what she did. I am ENTITLED TO MY FEEEEELINGS!!!!!


mother jones is a leftist babykiller white hating marxist commie source, but i guess i agree with commies on Stopping Corporate Greed hahahaha. just stop SCAMMING people. don’t be JOOISH. It’s not the White Way to do things to maximize MONEY. we do the RIGHT thing.

we dont find legal loopholes so we can laugh all the way to the bank. GOTCHA!!! That is a VERY jooish thing to do.

fook. i am hurt more by the situation with HER, than she was “heartbroken” when her sleazy short term BF cheated on her. She was upset for a while but I bet she’s over that by now, fooking new guys like a damn easy to fook whore. way to be a woman. if you get preggers, just get an abortion. if you get a disease, just blame the guy and continue fooking raw dog. fooking disgusting whore. to think i wanted to marry her and have children wtih her!!!!! no joke.

shit i can’t bullshit very well but i can bullshit a lot better than HER!!!!!

yes you SHOULD be proud of being able to bullshit on your feet because its an important life skill that separates the winners from the losers in life. and she doesnt have it. i dont really have it either, but Im way better than her. the only reason she can even have relationships with people is because she has a cvnt. i feel sorry for her future children. unless she aborts them all hahahahaha. then i still feel sorry for those innocent lives murdered.

fooking murderous traitorous bloodthirsty bitch hahahaha. what is she like elizabeth bathory, bathing in blood or some shit? NO thats not sexy, it’s horrific! its EVIL! EVIL IS REAL!!!!!

I CANT BELIEVE IT. I didn’t think she was capable of doing this TO ME!!! we had a Special Relationship!

shit. i bet she talked to that GUY when she dumped HIM! screamed at him even! you could talk to a cheater who hurt you but you cant talk to me???!?!?! Didn’t you know me LONGER than him??!?!?!?!?!

hehehehe i REALLY didnt need this in my life. I wish I had never met her. what the FOOK was the good LORD trying to teach me by CURSING me with the curse of HER? was it just another PUNISHMENT, like my damn stupid job? well both those punishments are OVER, thank god. maybe that’s the gift GOD is trying to give me. releasing me from TWO punishments at once. yeah.

see thats the kind of creativity we need.

we losers can so easily think of creative huge arguments as to why we shouldnt do something good, talk ourselves out of good things. when if we used that same energy for good, we might be able to eventually pull ourselves out of this muck.

ok so i thought she was initally a huge blessing, a gift from GOD, but she turned out to be a PUNISHMENT. so I should be glad the punishment is over.

well, part of the punishment is living WITHOUT her. her dumping me IS the punishment.

so I would rather have her in my life, but have her reject me?

no, i just wanted her to be a little NICER when she rejected me!

how hard is it to NOT add INSULT to INJURY?

i wish she WAS (were) a horrible person beause then this would MAKE MORE SENSE. make it easier for me to make muh own closure. come to terms with it. explain it. understand it.  but she’s actually a bueaituful kind person with a very good heart and I wanted to spend muh life with her wawaawaawawawawawawawawawawawaw


But speaking truth like this gets you called a butthurt needledick woman hater. cuz you dont want to get grids off some damn walking disease factory.

when women are just as debased and disgusting and degenerate as standard fook party gay men. WHAT A WORLD!!!!!

but SHE’s not a damn dirty whore though. she just doesnt like me, and doesnt have any interest in doing the right thing regarding me. i dont know. i just want her to know that this sucks. that you shouldnt do this to people. but is that really my job to teach her? isnt’ that her FAMILYS job to teach her? and i think they DID. I think even her mother would be able to teach her that. at this point the responsibility is all on her. and she totally dropped the ball. but it sucks that she doesnt get any consequences for that.

but plenty of people have done bad things and GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT.