mar 14

good posts on exaholics, topic something you feel ashamed about and why:


That I still have feelings for someone who didn’t love me or want to be with me when I didn’t know even know it until I confronted him.

That I have to fight the urge to contact her when I know she doesn’t even have the slightest interest in speaking with me

How weak i appeared to my ex.

How long it has taken me to get over him


I can’t recommend the site any more since they made it a pay site and you have to pay TEN DOLLARS A MONTH. are you fooking KIDDING me. that is OBSCENE. pay TEN DOLLARS A MONTH for an internet forum. plus the forum layout is shitty. but there are some good people there. and you shouldnt have to PAY to talk to them. maybe ONE dollar a month. and they were getting donations!!!! but apparently the donations weren’t enough, that they’ve been FORCED to make it $10 a month for everyone. well, every new member. all us old members are Grandfathered in and dont have to pay anything. still its not fair and they are gonna kill their membership. and or the few people crazy enough to pay that will be posting 10000000 posts a day, which might be good for the site????!?!?!

the second they make ME pay I am gone. there are other Luv Forums.

I wonder: if you have a “GOOD” breakup, will you be as heartbroken? going on exaholics and taking 2 years to get over the person? well you WILL still be heartbroken. but it might only take 1 year.

now by GOOD i dont mean a Mutual Breakup where you and her agree that breaking up is for the best. Nope. you’re still getting DUMPED. but she is making an effort to be nice and gentle to you, because she knows this is gonna hurt you, and she doesnt want to hurt you too bad.

she CARES about your FEELINGS at least a little bit.

anyway i am getting over that BITCH. that mudshark WHORE. i DODGED A BULLET there. I deserve WAY better than that white trash mudshark whore. hehehehe. she wasn’t even a whore yet…….but she will become one hahahaha.

They say don’t be ashamed of your mistakes. don’t feel bad. because making mistakes is the best way to learn!!

I would agree…but what if when you make constant mistakes on the job because there is so much to know, and so little guidance, and so much pressure……and other people DO judge you on the mistakes? both your customers who say dont you know what you’re doing, and your superiors who roll their eyes that you need too much hand holding!

oh no sir, i dont really know what i’m doing, im new, so I’ve got to make tons of mistakes on YOUR issue in order to learn. thank you for this learning opportunity! in the meantime I will severely botch your case and it will take twice as long to get solved. So sorry. so so sorry.

Or when a case needs to be escalated to Tier 3 to get resolved, tier 3 does something mysterious, does not write it in the notes, you’re not sure they understood the issue, you’re not sure if they verified that the shit was fixed, becuase they never talked to the customer, and then they kick it back to a lower tier to call the customer back.

essentially the people who actually fix and understand shit talk to customers the least, and the people who are left with the shitty task of EXPLAINING are the ones who don’t really understand!

well did this really happen though? wouldnt the tier 3 want to CLOSE the case to increase his case closing numbers? absolutely. unless that doesnt matter for them. now, i would think their managers would want them to contact the customer right before closing the case. it SEEMS like a best praactice. but no one ever agreed on what best practice was. maybe its just a money wasting time waster.

what definitely did happen a lot was the tier 3 / tier 2 would send the customer a brief EMAIL which essentially explained NOTHING, and THEN close the case. THEN the customer would call back because they undersatndably couldnt understand the email, the issue wasnt really fixed, and we would say oh it looks like they emailed you this obtuse crap and closed the case. “they CLOSED THE CASE? they didnt FIX anything!” yep Im sorry for their incompetence. Now let me try to fix it for an hour becuase I know less than they do. After an hour of flailing helplessly I will have grounds to escalate it again to someone who will hopefully actually call you this time. I’ll write in all caps in the notes with many asterisks next to it, ****************** PLEASE CALL THE CALLER BACK BEFORE CLOSING THE CASE. CALLER WANTS A CALL, NOT AN EMAIL. PLEASE VERIFY WITH CALLER VIA PHONE CONVERSATION THAT THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED AND EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD TO THEM. CALLER HAS BEEN CALLING BACK AND REOPENING CASE WITH PERSISTENT ISSUE***********************

and they can’t miss that. of course they don’t HAVE to call you, because we can’t hold them accountable for anything. only the low levels are accountable for anything, and they know the least, and understand the least. hahahahahahah you think you can get an EXPLANATAION from level 1? we don’t understand anything! we are literally running around like headless chickens!

it’s like having a LIFEGUARD to save drowning people, and the lifeguard is awkwardly doggy paddling because he had to teach himself to swim the day he was hired!!!!! thats what you want to see when you’re drowning!

you go in for an operation and you get dr nick riviera and he is hung over and shaking.

that feel when making old school simpsons references shows you to be OLD, and kids under 30 wont know what youre talking about.

so you just throw level 2 and above under the bus. say, yeah they really should be more accountable. but they have special advanced skills and knowledge and tools that we just dont have access to. and i will probably get in trouble if i give you the contact info for their manager. of course everybody hates us! thats why we dont want to talk to anyone! you dont have to like it! it sucks, that’s the way it is! IT IS WHAT IT IS! It comes from the VERY top. we literally need a CEO who will approve more millions of dollars going to Technology. ni99a please, hahahaha.  Call the CEO, hahahahaha.  muh sides. train people better. thousands of dollars in training. take the idiots off the phones and train them until they’re no longer idiots. make the higher levels more accountable. set an example. if they dont pass the buck, we wont pass the buck. let us get help easier. dont make us pull teeth from level 2. make level 2 help level 1 more, not treat them with disrespect. there are level 1s who are much older and wiser than you. you only got this level 2 job because you were in the right place at the right time, phaggot. you don’t deserve it. we do.

which is not to say all level 2s were like this! most were actually good! but the way our jobs were set up, we were each put into boxes which were naturally antagonisitic to each other. we were both handcuffed. they didnt want to escalate cases because they already HAD too many cases because there werent enough level 2s because there werent enough people who KNEW the shit that well. and the level 1’s who knew the shit left for better job because they werent getting promoted quickly enough! And I had persevered and withstood and I was becoming one of those more knowledgeable level 1’s. I would help newbies and tell them what to do. Don’t get flustered, just do this. Level 2 cuts corners, we’ll cut corners too. we can alawys blame it on them. they want to blame stuff on us, we’ll blame stuff on them, and no one can really prove anything, cuz no one has the time to actually listen to the phone calls unless that order comes from above, which it wont.

or how do you convince somebody that something isnt really as serious  as they think it is? When you dont really understant why yourself? but you know this case is not going to be VIEWED as serious by level 2 and above, even though the caller thinks its pretty serious??!?!?!

well you go home and study study study. write a flashcard “this issue is not super serious because…..”

i mean these are NOT simple straightforward questions, like what’s the capital of liechtenstein.

why is this weird multifaceted problem not as serious as they THINK it is. are THEY wrong? are WE wrong? what are the costs and benefits really?  is it a serious problem, BUT it’s just COST PROHIBITIVE to fix it? how can we report this for someone who has been here a few years and makes at least 40 grand a year to keep an eye on it? is there anyone here who really cares about long term solutions, being accountable, and not passing the buck or blaming someone else????!?!?!?!?!

these are all valid questions that level 1 has no idea how to answer.

thank you for reporting this bug. it may be fixed in a week, a month, a year, or never. we won’t follow up with you on this. when you call back we’ll just tell you the same thing. i guess its not as serious as you think. its cost prohibitive to fix quickly. just tell your customer to go to our competition. sorry. what you do tell THEM? i dunno. tell them whatever you want. imagine a boogeyman to throw under the bus. blame it on the CEO for not budgeting enough money for Technology. yeah. tell them they can call the CEO if they want, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

angry caller insists on staying on the line until he is connected to the president / ceo of the company . wav

this is an actual youtube video.

not even funny, just crinegworthy. I would have said uhhh please hold while i get ahold of him, then would have hung up on the caller, possibly by physically disconnecting the phone cord. don’t know if that would be detected as a Hang Up.

or the alternative, get another level 1 to pretend they are a manager or level 2 or the CEO. we didn’t do that around our parts simply because no one had time. everyone was always on calls all the time.

now there are some companies where the CEO HAS personally taken calls, gone head to head with the angry client, and said, if you can get better service for a better price elsewhere, FOOK OFF and run back to them, we don’t need your business, we don’t want your chump change, we’re losing money on you and don’t want you. you are BANNED. see ya, hit the bricks moron. knowing FULL WELL they WEREN’T going to get a better price elsewhere.

but as a level 1 i don’t feel confident enough to tell people that, plus my ballz are not that big. you need a ton of confidence to pull that off.

i mean how do you make people work harder and faster when they are already overloaded?

you force them to cut corners to get their NUMBERS UP. increase quantity at the expense of quality, and try to cut corners and hide shit so your quality numbers don’t suffer too much either. find jooish little loopholes. really think like a joo. and these loopholes are NOT obvious to the newbie. it takes some strong mental gymnastics to find them yourself. because no ones gonna TELL you about them. no one’s gonna TELL YOU about ANYTHING. you train YOURSELF. you TEACH YOURSELF EVERYTHING.

so yeah. everybody becomes like feral children. thrown to the wolves, raised by wolves. they learn to survive if they don’t die, but boy are they rough around the edges.

do we get any confirmation of anything?

probably not. I dont know, but probably not.

that doesnt make sense. you should get confirmation that this transaction went through. my client is paying $400 for this.

I understand what you mean. it’s just and unknown unknown if you can show them confirmation of the transaction. why dont you speak to your manager.

i am the manager.

ok, why dont you speak to your regional manager.

he always says to call you. why can’t anyone give me a straight answer?

because frankly, no one really KNOWS.

well can you transfer me to someone who DOES know?

that I KNOW I cannot do. I definitely cannot transfer you to ANYBODY.  I can put you on hold to try to get your answer, but it wont be quick. it might even be quicker for you to call us back and hope you get a level 1 that is smarter and better than me, i so sorry for being an inferior moron who doesnt know how to do their job, but that really is part of the company culture. that is the majority of people here.

so do you see why you might start bullshitting people and making shit up just so you dont have to go through this struggle?

nope there’s no confirmation. Sorry, that does suck. and it doesn’t make any sense. They’re thinking of putting a confirmation in there, but no ETA on that. It could be 6 months. I agree with you, i wish they would fast track it. I’ll pass this case along to them as evidence this is becoming a problem they can’t ignore any longer. it’s always pulling teeth with these bastards. they don’t care about us and they damn sure don’t care about you.

hehehe. lower level employees talking to other low level employees they are tasked to help, and throwing high level employees under the bus when you CANT help them.


shitlord / pol version of cards against humanity, which is a game where degen sluts and fags show how clever they are by making fun of cis white nondegen men. where evil mocks good!!!!

fooking mudshark whore. let her throw her life away. she’ll never find a better man than me!!!!!!! and I will find a way better woman than her, who proves her to be the worthless piece of shit she is!!!!!!!!

hehehe. no i dont REALLY feel that much hate. im trying something new now. I really am getting over it a little. but just trying to be ultra hateful when i do mention her.


did i link this one yet hahahaha probably. this site is full of very interesting, yet very discouraging information and stories and advice. might as well blow muh brains out now and save muhself some time.wav

march 15

had a ridic dream last night with THE WOMAN in it. much worse than the last one, because it looked like her, she was being nice to me, she was being REALLY nice to me, and essentially was agreeing to BE with me. she snuggled right up to me and i think we were making out and possibly more, as I touched her soft skin and her long beautiful hair. and she showed me true luv. wow thats intense. a girl staring you in the eyes, she is clearly being vulnerable FOR U, opening her heart to you, putting herself out there to possibly be hurt by you, but you’d never want to hurt her, cuz you are in luv with her! you have found your ((((soulmate)))) hahahah.

so yeah i didn’t need this dream, that was rough.

what made it a little better was that she was essentially “switched out” with another woman I was in luv with many years before. over 10 years before. woman1. woman2003. and i didnt really notice much difference.

the point is, you can fall deeply in luv with several people in your life, and i felt as deeply for woman2003 as i did for woman2015.

but isnt this like The Carousel for women? doesnt falling in luv too many times eventually wear out your Oxytocin System, then you can never really fall in luv again?

Well its MUCH different falling in LUV, each one taking a few YEARS, vs taking cok after coq after cok after cok in a very short timespan!

two very diff things. apples and not even oranges. apples and fooking cok carousels.

but yeah that dream was bad. cuz she was right in my face. it was like face to face make out cuddling and her whole body was pressed up to me. many guys get to experience that with very little investment. i never did hahahahaha.

not that i was entitled to it! i just think its STUPID these bitches give their bodies up so easily, for such a low price, yet they can’t even have a TALK with their friend of almost 3 years, who was once one of their closest friends. im not saying i was entitled to her body. but she STILL shouldnt give up her body so easily! and she STILL should have TALKED to me!

well no one says life is fair.

maybe the dream was telling me i’ve been in luv before her and i will be in luv after her, with someone different.

but yeah its a powerful feeling when someone you luv is smashed up against you like that. that is what i wanted her to be. and she never will be. yeah the dream sucks cuz it reminds me the luv was real, and how much i want/ed her. brings it all right back. fooking bitch.

I am losing weight more slowly because I think I am gaining muscle which weighs more than fat hahaha. but the key thing to remember is that gaining muscle is NEVER a bad thing, even if you are not dropping the pounds as fast as you thought you would.

plurality: a large number of people or things.;  the number of votes cast for a candidate who receives more than any other but does not receive an absolute majority.

mar 16

sheeeeeit. i am entitled to muh feelings ok. as friends we were close and arguably intimate in a way. this is probably just the way some women are. you talk about emotions and sheeeit and good lord am I a feminine man in that way. you feel a different kind of closeness with your female friends than you do with your man friends. it may wake up your desire for closeness with a female. nothing WRONG with that. men and women are MEANT to get together.

it was hurtful that she could be so OFFENDED and DISGUSTED that I could get feelings for her. she was never disgusted by me before!

well, i have no proof she was disgusted or offended. im reading too much into it again. i have very little information on how she felt, on the emotions behind not wanting to see me or talk to me. just assumptions. again the best explanation is: she just didnt want to deal with a very uncomfortable situation. heck thats a lot easier for ME to understand.

humans are INCENTIVE based creatures. she had no incentive to talk to me, other than long term karma. the short term discomfort was a yuuuge disincentive. and she was more of a short term thinker.

why are women such short term thinkers when they face such long term consequences from sex? pregnancy and basically raising the child? plus its way easier for a father to walk out on a child than a mother.

who knows WHY. no one knows WHY. they just ARE and they need shitloads of guidance from men. i slipped in my frame and she was no longer willing to receive guidance from me, when i needed help from her.

are women EVER willing to help men during a MANS time of need and weakness?

usually not. if they are, though, thats a great sign of real luv and commitment from them to you. good wife material there. if she sticks with you through YOUR hard times, theres a good woman 4 you.


as an OLD very low mate value man, I HAVE to accept a woman with SOME baggage or red flags. however, most of the most common red flags turn me off entirely, are dealbreakers: been with too many guys; too many black guys; single mom with bastard kid(s); fat; ugly; old; blatantly crazy, bipolar, borderline; annoying, obnoxious personality; high strung and bitchy and dramatic; super flaky and flighty and unreliable.

it’s hard to find a woman with the RIGHT KIND of Issues and Baggage. And I found one. She had baggage from an Absent Father and a Rough Childhood, but that was about IT. she didn’t react to that by becoming a horrible slut. she was chill and nice. she didnt dress like a slut. she was 25 or under. no kids. very low number of lovers. not blatantly crazy, but laid back and undramatic. she was physically good looking, a solid 7/10, if not an 8,9, or 10 when i had my Waifu Goggles on!!! not overweight at all, long legs, nice hair, nice skin, nice face and eyes, although early on I thought her face might have been vaguely, inexplicably weird. But I grew to love her face hahaha.   her mother took good care of her despite absence of real father. ie mother was not a neglectful druggie whore, but a fairly decent mother.

and fact is, i need a woman with Baggage because I have baggage too! I need someone who kinda matches my baggage, and that is hard to do, cuz my baggage is weird and unique. essentially having a good heart and good morals, but i was/am weak, lazy, unmotivated, underachieving.

i liked that she was smart enough to do some college, like half a degree, but was not a super ambitious careerist career woman. became disenchanted with college and just wanted to Work. she was not rocketing towards a graduate degree in a high powered field like the previous woman, who, by comparison, was really Too Good for me. way out of my league. I need someone with a bit of a Dark Past like me. problem is, with women, that USUALLY involves lots o cox. drugs, raep, absolutely batshit crazy. i mean like borderline or bipolar or hysterical or just super neurotic. That Woman didnt have any of that. a couple of other women in my past have. at least 2. but yeah i wanna steer clear of that.

yes im crazy too, i might even have bipolar, but i dont HURT people with it. i would not hurt muh lover with it. I would keep it all to myself hahahahaha.

besides people don’t really get close enough to me for me to hurt them anyway. i rarely get close enough to people for them to hurt me……….but when i do, i get REALLY REALLy hurt!!!!

yeah she was just low on courage and high on avoiding and was more incentivized to do nothing, where doing something was pretty disincentivized. for her. its really not surprising at all. i just hate it when my life is ruined and muh heart broken. i hate losing a very important person in my life. actual death would have been easier, because no one CHOOSES to remove themselves from your life by DYING.


so making mistakes is the best way to learn, but mistakes are frowned on by customers, management, and the colleagues / “team members” you INCONVENIENCE with your asking for help. this is exactly why people are afraid to make mistakes. but just make them anyway, take your daily valium as you are Scolded for your mistakes, better to be scolded for mistakes than scolded for being meek and needing hand holding and checking up. a strong confident man just barrels through, damn the consequences (on the job, daily operations that is.)

i’m not afraid to make decisions without having adequate information hahahaha! cuz i know action needs to be taken QUICKLY!!!! who cares if you don’t have all the information! you’ll never know if you are missing unknown unknowns anyway, unless someone scolds you later!

flashcards are very effective for quickly memorizing things you dont understand yet. just make 100 flashcards as quickly as possible and memorize them. even if you dont understand shit yet, it will make people think you know more than you do. constantly make flashcards and memorize them. prepare to memorize at least 500-1000 flashcards.

then go home and cover an entire wall with paper or a wall sized whiteboard. draw a concept map with thousands of lines linking everything and drawing pictures and diagrams to help you understand how things are connected. if you have a complicated 15DAHJ you will need the whole wall for all the complicated confusing shit you need to know.  welcome to the big boy world. nobody told me how to do all this hahahaha.

that dumb bitch didnt do any of this and she still works there! everybody loves her because she is a cute young gurl and she will prob get a promotion!!!! and she is way dumber than me! but she doesnt let the stress get to her. she just listens to music all day while livechatting with the customers. i was so jealous of the chatters privilege of being able to listen to music, because we phones people had to actually TALK to people on the phone. later when i finally got a non phones, non customer project, i couldnt bring myself to listen to music like everyone else because i was too neurotic and on edge and afraid i’d miss something or screw something up plus i was going crazy wth her there. my mind was not in a good place whatsoever to do any job hahaha. well, any super complicated confusing job.

i had never had a job before that was even CLOSE to this level of CONFUSING and COMPLICATED. EVERYTHING was RIDICULOUSLY, LAUGHABLY complicated. like constanza i serious hope you don’t think any of us is supposed to understand this obviously incomprehensible spaghetti clusterfook bullshit! are you just playing games with us, making this more confusing than fooking mortgage agreements and health insurance policies hahahaha

You just pretend you understand even though you know you don’t. fake it till you never make it. bullshit all the time. with constantly new stream of new shit to learn how to bullshit because you cant really learn learn it.

am i angry at her because my expectations of her were too high? she’s a WOMAN!!!! you think she is gonna be REASONABLE?? more accurately, you think she is gonna be NICE, when i am being a omega weak pussy? women HATE this more than a Cheater!!! They hate weakness more than they hate actual abuse!!!

Weakness is NOT abuse, but women hate it WORSE than actual abuse.


I’m just observing something interested and kinda sad. a hard red pill for a weak man to swallow.

a person tries to do a thing over and over and fails, then calls YOU for help. you have NO IDEA what they’re talking about, youve never HEARD of the thing before, yet YOU have to show them the right way to do it, by looking at it, and figuring it out within 20 minutes. many times the person missed a small but very very important detail that you had to notice the first damn time. you had to be so much sharper than your callers. they tried and tried and tried and gave up and called you. you don’t know the shit EITHER. you just have to be so SHARP when doing it the first time, that you also get it RIGHT the first time.

its like you go to a piano teacher and they are a worse player than you. they are obviously learning with you as they are trying to “teach” you. they look at the book and say uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i THINK this is right…..right? and THEY are the fooking TEACHER.

sounds awful right? and that was the role i was put in. well its like they say, those who cant DO, TEACH.

so how do the people that DO know how to DO, learn how to DO it?

SIMPLE, THEY FIGURE IT OUT THEMSELVES hahahaha. and then make the big bucks hahaha.

well i figured a ton of weird shit out, didnt fully understand it, but understanding is a luxury tier 1 could not afford. you just barrell through the calls and pretend to understand. try to fix shit within 20 minutes or else start arguing with level 2 why they need to escalate the case, because long calls hurt your numbers, but they dont care about that, they just want fewer cases going to level 2, because they have their own numbers that are suffering. like takes too long to close a case because there are too many cases and not enough level 2 people.

and you only get to level 2 by suffering through 3 years of level 1. just to learn ALLLLLLLLL the crazy confusing complicated chaotic SHIT.

but you dont need to have certs or degrees to do it. you just need to be SHARP and NOT GET FLUSTERED.

I was pretty damn SHARP, but i got FLUSTERED way too easy.

i gradually became a little less flusterable but the risk was always there, with the constant stream of new stuff.

and level 2 was starting to see how sharp I was!

and then it all went to hell.

I was way way way sharper than she will EVER be, but she was less flusterable than I will ever be. ultimately that was really what mattered more.

i am more flusterable than a damn WOMAN. thats great.

well its just cuz she smoked ni99er w33d all the time hahahaha.

yeah well so did i, to chill out, and it sorta worked. but it chilled her out more. she was the type to never get nervous and anxious or paranoid when smoking w33d.  fookin normie hahaha

ok oxytocin can get burnt out for women when they ride the carousel. oxytocin can probably get burnt out for MEN if they bang too many women.

well what if you’re not really a Promiscuous Man, but you have a solid heartbreak every couple years or so? how many times can you get your heart broke, before you permanently start losing your ability to love as deeply, or pair-bond as strongly????

march 17

how to not get flustered

how to ask for help without being a nuisance

how to figure stuff out on your own without asking for help when you are not sure where to look and you have no confirmation that you did the thing correctly

how to make decisions quickly, under pressure, when you dont have enough information

how to never make mistakes

how to sound confident at all times and bullshit your clients

how to pull a gotcha on your clients and say welp this is clearly in the contract, goy!

how to tell someone bad news when you dont have an explanation and higher levels refuse to talk to them

how to train yourself to do something when you dont even know where to begin. just use google.

how to convince your new coworkers to train you in your job

heh at this point i would be willing to take valium every day if thats what it takes to survive a shitty job for at least a year. fook this every other day shit. crank up the valium, crank up the prozac, shit even crank up the degenerate MJ if it helps you survive day to day. sometimes you have to be focused on the short term more than the long term hahaha.

saw a slutty woman at this place and was attracted to her, wanted to bang her hard, but felt no luv for her. would never want to marry her or make babies with her. just wanted a no strings attached, casual fook. then i realized this is how most normie degens feel about secs. do i really want to develop that attitude. but do i really want to Date her, when I know she has given it up easily before? hell no!

how to explain things you  dont really understand to stressed out customers looking for answers

interesting thing is that the exaholics forums are probably 60% or more WOMEN going CRAZY because they were DUMPED by MEN that THEY, the WOMEN, CANT get over.

both the men and the women express very similar feelings though, much like the stuff i feel. good people, great stories, but its SO STUPID those idiots are charging ten fookin dollas a MONTH. MAYBE a year I MIGHT pay that. how much does it cost to run a forum? TRS doesnt force you to pay to use their forum. now they get lots on donations, but exaholics got donations too, but went to this exorbitant price because the dnations were enough. bullshit. how much are they paying these god damn experts to come in and do a one hour webinar once a week. i mean some of the webinars are ok but dont pay too much to these people.

how to show someone how to do something you dont know how to do.

its like being in calculus 5 and you can’t figure out a frustrating problem, so you go to a math tutor, and they clearly know less than you. they say welp lets look at the ole textbook and say hmm not sure where to start on this one, hmm i forgot how to find derivatives, i forgot whats the difference between derviatives and integrals, uhhh wtf is a csc mean? i am wayyyyy over my head hahahaha tbh i’m not sure why i was hired for this job, you have more experience and knowledge than me, and you’re asking ME for help?!?!?! thats just hilarious ridiculous! well, not hilarious for you, cuz you need help, and all i can tell you is that i can’t help you, maybe try that guy over there. i mean i don’t know if this even CAN be helped, but MAYBE he knows more than i do. or maybe he’s just as new. you want to complain to my manager? well, if i give you their phone or email I’ll get in trouble. they dont want to hear it.

can you hide someone on facebook but not BLOCK them hahaha

went to fatclub and was dismayed to find the elliptical machine seems to burn MORE calories at a LOWER speed than at a HIGHER speed. at least with say 4.5 vs 5.5 mph. basically i found i could burn ABOUT the same amount of calories whether i was Taking It Easy, or Busting My Ass with a Higher Setting. this did not seem right. and then i thought what if i were taking that technical support call.

i would be tasking with fixing it, or coming up with a (bullshit) explanation. i would first have to determine if the machine was actually broken. checking to make sure something is error free is difficult. one doesnt’ simply run a one size fits all test that says, everythings ok! unless you do. you’re not sure if such a test/program exists for this machine. all you have is the caller telling you something Really doesnt SEEM right. and you agree, yeah, that’s WEIRD that you can burn ABOUT the same amount of calories whether you are working hard and SOAKED WITH SWEAT, or not working so hard, and barely sweating at all, you still get about 95% of the same calories burned. this machine seems broken.

so then you have to explain why the machine is Working As Intended, it only SEEMS broken because that’s just how our bodies work. its a Brain/Body Trick. an Illusion.

when you are just making 15 DAH and you don’t know how the machine works or how bodies work, you just want to tell them something, get them off the phone, and hope you didnt do anythign that will come back to haunt you, and hope the call you are gonna receive immediately after you finish this one will be a little easier.

like having a nonstop exam all day where people hover over you nervously saying whats wrong? what are you doing? what does this mean? when you haven’t studied for the exam, and you have the shittiest teacher in the world, who just waves his hand at the internet and says “read and understand. seek and ye shall find.” when you don’t even know what you’re looking for, and the stuff you read makes no sense.

ok. this is a 4000 dollar machine. youd THINK it would measure calories accurate. tell your caller that. the machines not broken, because its an expensive machine, and expensive machines never break. hahahaha. i dunno man i just started here.

this machine is not broken! its expensive!

uhhhh we have no way to test it. you say its broken. i say its not. i win because i work for the company. don’t like it, then buy another $4000 machine from our competitor sucker.

it STANDS TO REASON that you shouldn’t burn 95% the same amount of calories while Taking It Easy that you do while Busting Your Ass!

However people are Wrong alot of the time. that’s why they need someone KNOWLEDGEABLE to EXPLAIN shit. so what happens when that person is not knowledgable? You don’t believe them! and Their job is stressful as fook!

cuz they dont know how to tell there caller that the machine is “WORKING AS INTENDED” when the caller doesnt’ BELIEVE them, and you dont know HOW TO CONVINCE them! you just asked for advice from a level 2 in the chat room and they said “Tell the caller its working as intended.” period. shit I myself dont believe its working as intended! i dont think the caller is calling In Bad Faith!!!!! I think they have a legit concern and I want to help them! and I say this looks weird to me too!

level 1 (me, has to talk to caller, stumped, looking for help and advice and explanations) : “Is there any way we can test this to CONFIRM its working properly.”

level 2: “Not really. We can only do something when its showing an error message.”

level 1: “whta you mean not REALLY. is there or isn’t there a test or some sort of diagnosic program to test this machines accuracy? lots of machines have ways to CALIBRATE the machines. Is there a way we can CALIBRATE or TEST this machine to make sure its calculating calories correctly.”

level 2: “Not really.”

level 1: “but this machine costs $4000!!!!!! How can it not have a way to Calibrate it? How does the Manufacturer test its quality? what kind of quality tests do they do at the factory to make sure they’re not sending out defective equipment?”

level 2: “That’s out of our scope. They’d have to contact the manufacturer to get that info. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

hehehehehe. meanwhile level 1 has to explain shit that makes no sense, and makes 3 dollars an hour less than level 2.

and she is headed straight to level 2 even though she is way dumber than me. i was much better level 2 material than her.

just TRAGIC that i worked in THAT kind of place, with a Good Female Friend who I unfortunately fell in love with, who reacted in THAT way. Shit could not have gone more wrong!!!!!!!!!

are there any kind of online tests to test how you can solve confusing problems you know nothing about?