heh in a way I feel betrayed. i know she didnt LUV me but I thought she still liked me as a friend and cared abotu me as a person. well maybe she did. all im saying is i didnt think she would or was capable of throwing me away like that. because really. its not that hard to write one email or one text, or delegate your mom as your messenger even.

and again this wasnt drifting away. ive had the drift away occur, and there you always remember the other person fondly. and could probably pick back up again with the person if you saw them again. nobody did anything betraying or hurtful.

there is something called “the slow fade” which doesnt make sense to me. this is when you gradually stop responding to someone. that sounds kinda shitty.  i am terrible about initiating contact with people but i always RESPOND.

anyway my god. i will never do this to someone. say some undesireable woman falls in luv with ME and i say oh god this has to end, i def dont luv you. i would treat her like a human being at least and tell her baby this has to end, i just dont feel that way, IM SORRY, i cant be who you want me to be, so this has to end, best wishes, the end. dont waste your time with me, find someone who does luv you.

see how quick and easy that was?

well maybe she didnt want to deal with me trying to Negotiate Afterwards. like Pushing after the Breakup and refusing to accept it. kinda like i did with woman2005. she dumped me but i didnt accept it and continued talking to her and trying to get her to take me back.

not that woman2015 knew anything about that hahahaha. besides i am a little more mature now than i was then.

heh. all the trouble people have with relationships are due to womens shitty communication skills. period. men are natural born high verbal IQ, good communicators, and problem solvers. women are like bratty sullen children that expect you to read their crazy chaotic confused mind. period. hahahaha. its amazing men CAN get feelings for women. well, women can control that by turning on that “feminine charm” of being nice, warm, and supportive, interested, add some cuddling and secs and boom the ans oxytocin is turned on. then she does a 180 and is a cold brick wall. wtf. so stupid.

SELF SOOTHING. this is a phrase i had never heard a year ago but ive been paying more and more attention to it. i could never self soothe. when you get anxious or mad you have to be able to soothe yourself. beating off to pron was a way i THOUGHT i was self soothing. oh yes goy its a good way to relieve tension and anger, just beat off erry day to degen pron. NOPE.

other big methods of self soothing were alcohol and MJ.  NOPE. also not self soothing.

cuz all those, you’re taking an EXTERNAL STIMULUS. dependent on somehting outside of you.

now cuddling with another person is indeed very soothing and better than all those things, but its still external. besides, they dont really understand you goy, theyre losing interest in you anyway hahahaha and wont be around to cuddle for long.

so you need to be able to self soothe and just sit there by yourself, no external ANYTHING, and say, ok, calm down, keep calm and carry on, everything is gonna be ok. and this is very hard to do! many of us are horrible at this!

i sure am! if anythign we self blame and self torture and get yourself even MORE stressed out when left to your own internal devices! and using external poison like drugs or pron might even be BETTER! because it gives at least some minor short term comfort.

shit i know what she would say: “he was just acting TOO WEIRD and i just couldnt take it anymore.” the end.

yeah well like it or not you played a role in this baby.  i didnt decide to just turn weird overnight. if you were willing to listen to me explain the weirdness then it would be so weird.

feels like -3 outside yikes hahahaa.

someone on TRS said to neets, go get yourself a shitty min wage job, because thats not a job a nonwhite could be taking. if for nothing else.

yeah things were weird. i agree. but i was willing to talk and exchange thoughts and feelings and words and essentially willing to face this like an adult. she was not. not willing to talk. not willing to share anything. just run away. and



this kind of stuff implies that women have no agency hahahaha well the xkcd i mean. i will eventually tell grils that i like them and then things will go horribly wrong. i think the xkcd is implying a weak guy who is in luv with the gril from the beginning but does a Deception Friendship because its Safer.

thats NOT what i did. we just became friends naturally with no deception. then a long time afterwards, i got feelings. this xkcd is not relevant to that at all.

but maybe she thought i was deceiving her. which would be a horrible misunderstanding. that she wasnt willing to listen to me mansplain haahah.

also unlike the wapo letter writter, i did not have feelings “FOR YEARS”, also i did not see any HURDLES other than her dating other guys.  so when she became single i began showing my feelings, she got increasingly uncomfortable, she refused to hang out with me, and that escalated till it exploded, she stopped talking to me, AND i confessed my full feelings hahahaha.

i never really made myself a martyr FOR YEARS and watched her get with SEVERAL guys. when i met her she was with one guy. that was ok with me. i didnt have feels. then then broke up. then i kinda got feels. then i deduced she was dating some other guy. then i really got feels! then soon after she was done with him. then i turned up the hints to her. then she got more and more uncomfortable. then shit blew up and she walked away forever hehehe. although i did tell her how i felt. but maybe she didnt read it cuz she was already blocking me by then hahaha.

either way i took a lot more action, a lot more quickly, than the wapo guy.

there is a male commenter who says that all men are passive agressive patient predators. i would disagree of coursh, but what if she thought i was being a Patient Predator? I WASNT! IT LEGIT CAME ABOUT LATE, NOT EARLY!!!! this is a point i tried to hammer home because i realized it could be misunderstood as deception., if she thought i had dual intent all along. WHICH I DIDNT. i am not a fooking liar who was “secretly waiting to pounce.”

besides if she wasnt reading my signals, then she wouldnt have reacted the way she did. in other words, she WAS reading my signals BECAUSE she was reacting by pulling away / shutting down. I changed, she changed. not i changed, she stayed the same. if she stayed the same, she prob would have hung out with me and continued being friendly to me!

so yeah i am glad to be morally superior to the pussy beeta letter writer hahaha.

anyway women get feelings for their male friends all the time, usually the alpha ones who have their choice of women.

it was never on the back burner, it was never discontinuous, it really couldnt have gone on any longer than the almost 10 months the feelings did. the started and then it was off to the races. and grew and boiled until they boiled over. they never cooled off. or simmered for YEARS.

europeans spell kebab kebab, and some americans spell it kabob hahahaha.

its hard to find advice on the internet here because this is a very unique situation. because she was not actually my lover, but she was not quite my friend either. its a former friend abandoning you and flipping out when you fall in luv with them.

here is some great copypasta reagrding gay degeneracy which ifound on TRS, but was originally posted on MPC i think, these are the type of people you want adopting children and raising families:


I worked in an inner city major hospital as an ED nurse for 12 years. I have so many stories I don’t even know where to start. The accidents, illnesses…things people couldn’t control should not be talked about. But the others….insanity. For a period of time in Houston there was a trend among certain members of an extreme segment of the gay community to have “mummification parties.” A man comes into the ED in a home-made body cast, head to toe, with openings for his nose, mouth anus and genitals. The idea, I was told was to force ejaculation through the use of a cattle prod, rectally, and to use the other openings as the participants wished, while the “mummy” was helpless to resist. This one group decided to use direct 220 V current from a dryer outlet, placing a metal rod into his rectum, and a clamp on his scrotum. The man had expelled all fluids he had to expel, and had essentially cooked in the body cast. His eyeballs had exploded. I was never sure why he was even brought in by EMS, because he was obviously dead, but I got the initial job of cutting the cast off. The smell of burnt flesh was something that was intense enough to make me retch. Describing the state of the body is probably not even required…just think of a human hot dog, cooked far too long, and left to die in a plaster cast. His abdomen, unable to expand in the cast, had split and cooked feces and viscera had saturated the cast. Once the autopsy was done, it was found he had dozens of broken bones. This was perhaps one of the most horrific deaths I had ever seen. I’m sure someone will say I am bashing gays here…bullshit, I’m bashing human stupidity and the fact that a human life was utterly wasted.


this could just be an urban legend which never happened. there was a similar story about a dead gay mummy in houston, in the weekly world news. not nearly this horrifying tho.


i am butthurt about not being communicated with, about being thrown away and treated like dirt……but maybe women just arent ABLE to be any more mature than this, and EXPECTING them to be mature is just unfair to them! men and women are DIFFERENT! so we should expect different levels of Relationship Management Maturity!

yes i believe men and women are very different but i dont believe they are different in this way. i mean i already know for a fact that not all women are like this. shit.  in fact the MAJORITY of my rejections from women have been dealt thru verbal communications.

those are just so long ago and this one seems more real. yeah its more recent but those other things REALLY happened too.

note: there are tons of women complaining about men who are not mature. but we know there are plenty of mature men out there. these women are just mad they CHOSE POORLY.

i didnt choose poorly though. i thought she WAS mature. she SEEMED mature. mainly because she was chill, undramatic, not hysterical, down to earth, and didnt open her legs to every chad, tyrone, and mohamed.

well the lesson learned was to be autistic about maturity hahaha because just because a girl isnt a SLUT, doesnt mean she can handle her rel with YOU like an ADULT.

also the only reason she was chill was because she was addicted to MJ hahahahahahaha.

EXPAND YOUR MIND and RELAX in a safe holistic non addictive way, goy!!!!!

really this probably enabled her to become so good at IGNORING and AVOIDING and ABORTING things. just smoke MJ and FORGET IT ALL………

well she handled other guys maturely….maybe the common denom here is ME. i am so fooked up i dont deserve to be treated maturely. or with any respect. heh. well other women had the guts to tell me, rather than just avoiding me.

now i didnt believe them.

WELL thats wrong, i believed woman2012!!!!!

and i sorta beleive woman2015……..i just really wish shed done it differently! i mean i believe she doesnt want to date me hahahahaha. but why do it so hatefully. well it wasnt hate it was just cowardice and immaturity and avoidance. end result ie muh pain is the same though. muh fee fees.

gotta get TOUGHER!!!! how do you do that? LIFT! and go out there and approach every day, and get rejected every day!

i really dont even care about approaching though, i still want HER even though i know its over. i dont want anyone else. i mean i dont even notice gurls anymore who arent super hawt…..and those are out of the league anyway. like if they arent a 20 year old perfect 10, they are invisible to me.

even though she was a 25 year old 6 or 7! but to me she was muh perfect 10 because loving somebody brings them UP a few points. not all men can appreciate this or even understand it. some men would say i am lying, but i am not. she was a 7 at BEST but to me she was the purtiest gurl in the world.

just be moar alpha bro. this wouldna happened if i had just been more alpha. so qed it was my FAULT.

not all women are like that. the vast majority of women who have rejected me have been mature enough to TELL me.