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the most direct route would be to have a conversation about how you feel.

Friendships can often weather a conversation about these feelings, even if starting the conversation is difficult or awkward.

try to choose a time and place that won’t be awkward and will make you both comfortable.

Of course, after a conversation of this nature, it may be a little while before the friendship gets back to “normal.” That’s okay.

However, an unexpected and unwanted advance may really catch him off guard and force him to react abruptly without having the chance to consider your feelings. Alternatively, he might welcome the physical aspect of the relationship, but without talking, it won’t be possible to know if he’s interested in a casual physical connection or a more serious relationship. Depending on your friend’s reaction, it might be difficult for the friendship to recover.

end of quotes from the alice article. this is how i cite and credit sources hahaha.

yeah i was trying to choose a time and place that wasnt awkward or rushed or stressful, ie, not at our ridic job.

it was def an unwanted advance by me, but i dont think so much unexpected. by that time she was picking up the hints and signals. defintely unwanted though.

ok they say “Jeb!” because the Jeb! campaign prints his name that way in their promotional stuff, with the stupid !.

anyway. so easily distracted. this is what multitasking does to your mind hahahaha. it makes you ADD and unable to focus on any one thing for more than 1 minute beucase you think OK its time to flip tabs to my secondary and tertiary tasks now!

ok. if YOU were in luv with a friend, and they werent in luv with you, and they had to turn you down, HOW WOULD YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU? now go ahead and treat me that way. treat me the way you would want to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot. your foot.


is this annoying like a pest and makes you say ugh, or is it like being stabbed in the heart repeatedly, leaving you broken and devastated and much much more than merely annoyed?

also i do not really listen to or read davis aurini anymore, he’s a good guy, he gets it, but his personal style is just too much for me. the way he talks and presents himself is annoying and makes you want to punch him in the face. like a walking self parody. that said he has his mind in the right place and i trust his judgement. i would just not make him my personal Mentor because i dont necessarily want to Be Like Him.

I would choose a mentor who has a loving loyal healthy non crazy nonslutty not fat wife, and some children. ideally at least 3.  and who maybe turned his own life around from being a loser, and now makes at least 15DAH and supports his family, stays strong, is a good father and husband etc. and is not Larping with black suits and clinking ice cubes hahahaha and a ridiculous way of talking. but again i wouldnt push aurini away. he is on our side. no enemies on the right hahahaha. unless they are Neocohen Cuckservatives like Yeb! and his potato looking mulatto wife hahahaha.

there is a theory that she was the first woman he fooked so like cameron in ferris bueller he fell in luv and married her. i dunno, i mean can we prove that? anyway jeb! is a successful politician and financial manager, worth a TON of money, very powerful family, he has to have masculine confidence and charisma to do well in those jobs, he’s not blatantly ugly, hes not a manlet, so…..he has to have some idea of his worth in other words, and wouldnt marry that brown potato unless he was truly in luv with her. well i guess thats the explanation then.

point is, even if jeb! would sell our nation and race down the river, he’s still MORE than alpha enough to pull an attractive white woman for marriage, so why didnt he.

heheheh one of the songs of the month jan 2016 and gets me hyped up to do exercise. one of my fav mancrush guys, and you know he is talking about some pretty good stuff, but uh cant even find the finnish lyrics for this song.

muh man sez: ” Many non-Finns has been asking about lyrics. Most lyrics has more impact on Finnish and some concepts might be hard to make as strong in “generic” english words what doesn’t carry same weight as they might in native language. However, working on translations of texts. Those who are interested, may ask English versions. ”

THX BUDDY hahahaha. i would just use google translate to get a GENERAL IDEA.

however some lyrics talk about fatherland, nation, bloodlines, no country without its people, anti marxism, so uh thats fooking AWESOME.

plus this guy is just a strong songwriter and a very strong producer. on the above song he sounds like a one man motorhead. yet he is just one finn and this is the least widely known of his projects. yet you get perfect production, perfect performance, and just a very well written song. if i did stuff like this i would be bragging about it to no end. yet he makes it intentionally obscure. what a guy. i hype him up because i luv him and after discovering this project, i luv him even more, because i see that his mind really is in the right place. this guy would be a good mentor. but, i would like him to find a good wife and have some children absolutely.

heh. i found a photo of him playing live with this band and you can see the hands of some men in the audience giving a “ROMAN SALUTE” hahahahahaha.

again I dont like connecting his name with this bands name too much because a. its already out there b. people already call him racist, but i dont think they realize how racist he really is hahahaha. personally i love it. but i do not want to force people out of the closet before theyre ready!

anyway his lyrics do not seem to be the crude vulgar moon man style lyrics, but the more classy uplifting “restore the glory of the glorious fatherland” type stuff.

yeah that 2010 demo hits the sweet spot for me. all killer no filler there. the 2012 demo has a much heavier sound and is also tasty. the 2014 LP has yet a different sound, but is very enjoyable. imho that 2010 demo has muh fav sound out of all them.

anyway point is i like the straightforward rocking masculine ballsy approach of motorhead but motorhead was degenerate as fook. give that sort of sound with a nondegenerate message. the perfect solution is a band like “cross of liberty” hehehehe.

they/he is inspiring me and is a great help for getting thru my own tuff times. kinda wish he had some english language songs though. 50 50. 40 60. you gotta have the finnish language songs tho.

i believe the most relevant motorhead albums at this point for me would be “no sleep til hammersmith” and “ace of spades.” i listened to parts of each while doing a grueling exercise the other day. they sounded very good. good choice.

but again they are all about getting drunk, getting high on speed, and banging diseased sluts who have been with 100000000 guys. this is a very thuggish, r-selected kind of masculinity. always choose K-selected masculinity.

action: you get feelings towards a friend and want to talk to them about it.

reaction: they treat you like you killed their family. like you stabbed them in the heart, now they stab YOU in the heart.

result: you may make a TERRIBLE association that getting feelings for someone is wrong or bad or harmful. IT IS NOT.

google got feelings for a friend, told them, they cut me off entirely


#566: My closest friend broke off our friendship, and now I don’t know how to stop feeling lonely and isolated.


Assign the responsibility for what happened between you where it belongs: with her. Whatever she was going through personally, whatever made her decide to stop being your friend was her right. But it was cruel to just dissolve the friendship by freezing you out. Even just telling you “I need some space from our friendship and do not want to be in contact for a while” would have given you some information you could use and saved both of you the period of time where you reached out and she got (presumably) annoyed by that.

Come up with the briefest possible story for what happened between you.A. was my close friend, but she decided to drop the friendship without telling me why. It really hurt my feelings when she left, and it really bugged me to never get a good explanation for what happened, but ultimately it’s out of my hands.” If anyone who used to know you both asks, you now have an answer. You don’t have to pretend that it didn’t hurt your feelings. You don’t have to offer reasons for why it happened – you’re allowed to say “Who the f0ck knows? It wasn’t my decision.” If you start finding yourself cycling through your history together, you have a way to skip to the end without making yourself live through every detail again.

end quotes



oh god. i forgot that dr nerdlove is a HORRIBLE PERSON. and that you should NOT listen to his POISON. God damn he is a horrible horrible fook. I forgot this until now. I hope not a lot of peopel read his BILE and take that SHIT seriously!

very triggering article saying yes i am a bad person for being upset about this and thinking i am OWED a Better Ending by her just because we knew each other for 2 years, and that if you get “PTSD” after a breakup you obviously should not be dating because youre not stable and secure enough.

i HOPE the comments were more sensible but my god what an infuriating article. dr nerdlove is the fooking WORST. and worst of all his audience is loveless hugless omegas like me, and his advice is, just let women walk all over you because if you dont youre a stalker. ignore dr nerdlove posts hahaha

could you imagine him saying that to a woman who was callously dumped?


heh.so for 1 month after the dumping i continued to reach out like a weak clingy bitch saying please reconsider, please respond. not 10000 texts a day, just 1 email every 11 days. 34 days after the dumping i sent my last email and that was the LAST TIME i ever contacted her. 5 months ago. so i dont think i was stalking or bombarding her like this needy guy in the relshiptak thread.

heck even that FAGGOT BITCH dr nerdlove would say i did all right.

well hed also say i dont deserve to date anybody ever because i have issues that give me “PTSD” whenever i get dumped, i should be more secure, therefore, no dating for me until i become more secure, which i prob wont ever hahaha. god i hate that little bitch. i hate to think he is white. what a fooking CUCK.


Searches related to got feelings for a friend, they cut me off entirely
friend cuts off contact
borderline personality disorder


maybe she felt i was drowning and that she was not strong enough to help me, and that i would pull her down with me. well that is acccurate, i was kinda drowning.

WELL THEN JUST TELL ME. tell me politely you cant do this any more. thats all i wanted.

and YES dr  CUCKLUV, i believe i was entitled to THAT much!!!!!!! fooking faggot fuck he is.


oh dear god


I have read and been told by female friends that when a man is friends with a woman and all of a sudden wants to take it to a romantic level, the woman will “freak out” and get turned off. She’ll feel betrayed, thinking that the man’s intentions all along were to gain her confidence and trust, then hit her with the romantic feelings. That probably explains why a female friend has shunned me.

Personally, I think it’s selfish to think a guy plans something like this and if some do, they are jerks and make all men look like jerks. Also, what is so wrong with a man being friends with a woman and after a while (in this case, 4 years) growing closer to her and developing feelings?
Now I put the blame all on myself and it is beating me up inside thinking it was my fault. I feel empty. There is still one more email address to which I can write her but I am not going to since it will make me look like a stalker. What’s your take on this? Do you think she will ever try and hear me out? Should I keep pursuing? Did I really screw it up?


he wrote angry emails though, i did not write angry emails. because if youre angry then youre automatically the bad guy hahaha.

irenes response:


Dear Ross,

Some platonic relationships do become romantic ones. So I strongly disagree with your female friends’ analysis of women. If a woman feels the same way you do, she’ll be only too happy to take the friendship in a new and more romantic direction.
Perhaps, in this case, there’s a simpler explanation for your friend’s behavior. Could it be that she felt safe with you as a friend—when you had a girlfriend—but doesn’t feel that way now? When you expressed romantic interest in her, she may have backed away because she simply wasn’t interested, not because she felt betrayed.
In either case, better to back off. No more emails! She ignored your earlier emails and calls; saying offensive things to her had to make things worse. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’ve lost both a girlfriend and a platonic friend in one fell swoop. You need some time to heal before you get involved in another serious relationship with another woman.

Hope this helps.



yeah i wasnt scheming to win her trust so i could stick the dick/knife in. i just won her trust, then gradually got feelings. some women find this very hard to believe i guess.

get a panoply/variety of sizes of sturdy plastic storage boxes, that you can store stuff in. ranging in size from shoebox size to that of a large Tub. this can help you really clean up clutter. once a year go through them and throw shit out you dont really need.

fook that faggot dr nerdlove, into the oven he goes. what a man hating misandrist. ok MAYBE the heartborken dork he attacked in his article WAS a little annoying, but to do into such great detail tearing him apart is SADISTIC of nerdluv. guy just got his niceguy heart broke, have a little sympathy, rather than counting the ways SHE OWES YOU NOTHING!!! YOU DESERVED THIS!!!!

i think when you have some kind of long term rel, be it a friendship or a secsrel, and one person wants to end it, the other doesnt, then the one who wants to end it OWES IT to the other person to try to end it as smoothly and gently and nicely as possible, rather than treating them like The Bad Guy for Wanting Better Closure. Not even GREAT closure, but something better than the shittiest closure ever. MAKE A GOD DAMN EFFORT. ANY EFFORT AT ALL. That is all i am saying. nerdlove. shut him down. what a loser. even more than me.