i was watching “married at first sight” and at least 2 of the 3 couples were having communication problems where the woman was SHUTTING DOWN and the man was getting frustrated trying to communicate with them. looked real familiar! and it was implied that the man had to do all the work here, and learn how to communicate differently, to make their wife open up to them, to break through that wall.

well how about the wife learn how to communicate differently, namely, not shut down when there husband tries to communicate?

they go see dr pepper (oh wow i just got that dumb joke haha) and neil the bearded beta who i dont think is fully white says he is committed to working on this. his bitch wife says she is indifferent, and is totally ruled by The Hamster. she is not attracted to neil at all, therefore she doesnt have to try. its all up to him. and then when he does the work, she gets resentful and distant to him. she just wants him to Be More Manly.

which is understandable, he’s not super manly. but hes trying. he goes and shoots guns with her father. he looked like a liberal pantywaste who would be afraid of evil white oppressive hateful bigoted punching down guns.

how do leftist gun hating men ever get women? if leftist men are basically very very very unmasculine men.

anyway is it NORMAL for the man to do MORE than the woman? the man has to do all the heavy lifting, the woman shuts down because he’s not reading her mind, he gets understandably frustrated, she becomes “indifferent” and shuts down. then its time to go to the marriage counselor becuase hes not reading her mind and doing what she wants.

like the guy david who is asking for just 15 minutes to talk about Their Rel with his new wife, then she gets frustrated and shuts down because idk lol. and he gets frustrated very understandably. it is worse than pulling teeth. he wants to communicate but she just does want to or know how to! and HES the bad guy for trying!

you cant use logic and communication on women!

maybe communication is a manly masculine thing because its logical. to try to negotiate and fix problems and figure shit out. thats all masculine. they just need to put the wmen in their place.

but women are so damn emotional, i wish they could communicate abotu their emotions better. but its always idk stop bothering me. theyre mad but dont know why theyre mad, other than to know YOU are making them mad. its YOUR fault.

i wish that were not normal, that women had more agency and maturity and communication skills than that.


i honestly do not know.

communication is a masculine thing. therefore men cannot communicate with women logically. really these men need to MAN UP and its funny that neils wifes father told neil that. now mgtow virgins take offense at that and i agree its not the best way to say it. especially to the modern man who has no idea how to be a man!

give them good actionable deliverables. like, just give her a good spanking. put her in her place. next time she shuts down, tell her to stop acting like a BABY and just go in the kitchen and make me a sammich! thats what they WANT even though they cant articulate it! and if you asked them if thats what they wanted theyd say no! they dont know what they want!

they have so little agency, so poor communiation, so little self-knowlege (yet lots of narcissism!) that they dont even know what they want!!!!! and what they do want, theyll tell you they dont want!

is this ALL women, or is this just bad unhealthy toxic women?

it sounds stupid as fook.

i like the Odinist European Ideal, where men and women worked together as a team, they respected each other, and respected each others natural roles, and luved and respected each other.

give her a spanking. tell her to make you a sandwich. essentially act as her FATHER and give her DISCIPLINE to make her stop throwing a childish TANTRUM. loving discipline, but discipline nonetheless.

of course all the dr peppers in the world and LMFT’s wont and cant tell you this!

but i just wish women had a LITTLE more agency, awareness, and maturity than this.

i think about varg v and marie, the perfect traditional family. you think SHE acts like such a fookin RETARD all the time? does varg have to treat her like a CHILD and discipline her all the time? maybe once in a great great great while. but then again she/they have FIVE YOUNG KIDS. i think that forces a woman to become more mature too.

so another possible solution would be, get that woman pregnant NOW. and as soon as she has that baby, put another in her ASAP. then another. none of this take a year off nonsense. I think the experience of being preggers for 18 or more straight months has a PROFOUNDLY POSITIVE effect on a woman.

(site expired, AJG is currently trying to focus on Real Life Activism)

mgtow, not for real white men, by ajg

this gets at why i am moving away from mgtow. that it is just too defeatist, anti-woman, divide and conquer, just the mirror image of feminists, meninists. i cant stop believing that men and women exist to complement each other and be together as a kind of team. a nuclear family. and mgtow divides men from women JUST LIKE FEMINISM DOES.

hehehehe i remember i told That Woman about stuff like MRA and MGTOW and how i used to be into that. maybe she dumped me because she thought all mgtows were pussies. and now whenever she sees a mgtow thing she will think of me and how weak i was and what a piece of shit i am.

i never got a chance to talk to her about my transition AWAY from mgtow towards racial stuff. WELL, i talked about it a LITTLE. I talked about j00s and zionists, i told her about david duke was a decent guy to listen to sometimes, i think i even talked with her once about “white nationalism” hahahaha. so yeah i did talk about these things with her a little. but its kinda hard to have an in depth serious talk when someone never wants to hang out iwth you!

like this MAFS tv show. they were at least still ahnging out with each other, talking small talk to each other, the woman might not be willing to work on their rel, but the woamn was at LEAST willing to go to the marriage counselor with the man.

this was ALL a LOT more than she was willing to do with me. we culdnt even have a 30 minute CONVERSATION. we couldnt even go out to DINNER together. she didnt even want to go to a MOVIE with me. or DINNER. or a walk in the PARK. or a 30 minute TALK.  hey i would have been more than willing to go to a rel counselor too hahaha! i was desperate to do ANYTHING to keep her!

when the bottom line is, we NEVER HAD that kind of serious rel!

well, we DID have a pretty long term friendship! that counted for something i argue!

archive of that hahaha

the reddit thread was in response to AJG’s video ^^^

then AJG made a vieo in response to reddit vvvv


im not sure if mgtow was ALWAYS this bad. i dont think it was. but as the world gets worse, so does mgtow, and in 2016 i believe mgtow is Too Far Gone, and alt-right is the way to go.

but yeah there are more important things than complaining about women, such as women getting raped by rapeugees, yet these mgtows are so bitter and woman hating they end up getting shadenfreude, you reap what you sow bitches etc. this is not the appropriate response!

in other words, the mgtows should be a little MORE of a white knight. i think part of being a MAN is being a white knight, TO AN EXTENT. dont be a white knight when it hurts you. it is becoming ridiculously obvious that these men had bad experiences with horrible women, now they think all women are like that. and truly TOO MANY women are like that due to a horrible culture. many but not all! i just want them to find a good woman already to show them that WOMEN are not the problem. the joos are the problem hahahahahahahahahahaha.

no not just the joos but the elites who create and manage our world and culture and lives. of which the joos are a big part hahaha.

but yeah when you have your own personal problems with wimmin……..that can overshadow more important things in the world and lead you to go mgtow.

anyway never did i ever say stuff to her like “I will K muh self if you leave me” cuz i know thats a really bad thing to say to a wimmin or anyone hahahaha. just wanted to make that clear.

registered for TRS forum.

yeah i just hate that the Quantity AND quality of my mate POOL is shrinking as i grow older hehehehe.

and i hate thinking That Woman was TOO GOOD for me. i wasnt GOOD enough to MERIT a woman THAT GOOD.

she wasnt a piece of shit, but she did a shitty thing, and i AM a pretty omega (gamma?) male, but i hate thinking she was TOO GOOD for me.

ok, she wasn’t too good to be friends with me, but she IS too good to date and fook and luv and have churren w me.

but she luvs badbois and blax because…..she never had a good masculine role model. the end. next chapter plz.

becoming a member of TRS alows me to see the secret standard pool party page, which i was hoping it would! TRS people meet up in real life aka “MEATSPACE” and i think this is fooking GREAT. it only makes sense. there are even a few people in my general area. i should really try meeting up with them!

but yeah. i think damn i will never even BE FRIENDS with such a high value woman again:

25 years old

very few lovers, under 5

no known slut phase



no children

no huge mental craziness

never been raepd/abused

no drug problemz

there were a few yellow flags: no real father, no real stepfather, mother not good with men, one of her very few secs partners was a nonwhite, and something else i dont raelly want to mention here.

but i say yellow flags not red, because in light of her whole person, i was able to look past these non dealbreaking things.

her single mother was/is a decent mother to her as well, takes good care of her children despite not being able to pick a good man.

they say to get better with women, have female friends.

heh welp you might end up falling in luv with them.

also, why should you be friends with degenerate women? women are so degenerate and its a bad influence to hang out and be friends with degenerates. dont hang out with degen losers. you are better than that! so why become friends with a huge crazy slut?

bbbbbecause she might be a good person and a good friend, just has flaws like we all do?

well, does YOUR degeneracy involve gambling with human life?

like it does when women drunkenly, quickly open their uterus to strangers????


i thought of that one while at the fatclub the other day hahahaha.

dont think with the little head, think with the big head.

long time preference. i mean low time preference.

time preference is a great code word “dog whistle” that you are a right wing shitlord. a good signal you can send to other possible shitlords in a public setting.

anyway degen modern women think only with their clitoris. or vag. just in terms of the physical pleasure. with NO REGARD to the fact that there is a baby making uterus at the end of it. which men dont have. which makes secs much much different for men.

currently there is a big raid #NRORevolt of alt right people like TRS and daily stormer and maybe pol raiding national reviews comment sections, i am just watching. it is funny and interesting to watch. seeing super racist stuff on the “moderate cuckservative” website. i am still not sure the point, like why raid a cuckservative site, over a full leftist site, or maybe even a less cucky right wing site like breitbart or taki or whatever. conservative treehouse? they might welcome the traffic and be open to the ideas!

some of the trolls are just stupid and spamming with long nonsense comments that dont really do our/my side any good. others trolls give very insightful or very clever or hilarious comments. i prefer those.

also some of the cucky legit nro regular commenters seem to think We Are leftists from salon or something pretending to be nazis. hehehe.

i am not personally involved in this raid! apparently its best to have a VPN as well as at least 10 disqus accounts ready to go and create them with throwaway mails.


───▄▄██▌█ beep beep
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ gay porn delivery


stuff like that is bretty funny tho



professional snugglers/cuddlers for hire oy vey. i was talking about something like this

heh see moden women think its WEIRD to say lets hang out on friday because thats not spontaneous enough. saying a specific date and time makes it sound like a date, which is CREEPY, because its not casual sex. anything that is not casual sex is creepy and unsexy. only casual sex is sexy. taking human life seriously is unsexy and creepy.  you say lets hang out sometime ahahhaha.

redacted forum thread about doing a degen Practice Gurl

26 yo virgin wants a nondegen trad wife; finds a degen dtf easy whoreslut. should he bang her just to get the experience even though its a degen act and he’s technically anti degen?

yeah i would.

QUOTE from pseudanon guy giving his 2 cents: ”


I’m old, and don’t have enough fingers to count the number of my friends who paid over $1,000 per month in government-mandated child support payments FOR 18 YEARS to some skank they poked in a nightclub parking lot.

Remember: Your semen might be worth (12 x 18 x $1,000) $216,000 to that slut.

“Pulling Out” does not work.”

and you thought sperm was CHEAP! hahahaha

but the sperm only gets is value FROM the value of the egg.

still thats 216 GRAND out of YOUR pocket. that is the value of human life hahaha.

another guy ” The worst thing of all is not the getting repeatedly tested because you’re paranoid and have reason to be, or the suspicion the strange guy in your hallway at night is a silently enraged cuckold hunting his woman’s lover, or the fear a woman you can’t possibly be with is gestating your child… those drove me insane… the worst part is breaking with them. One breakup is devastating for any normal person, even if he hates the bitch. I didn’t know how to live anymore, didn’t eat, got down to a weight I hadn’t been at in my adult life, developed a hundred yard stare and I could never focus at work. ” [me: shit, sounds like HE got dumped by someone he luved, but rather he was guilty about merely dumping a b he did not luv!]

he then recommends traditional longterm monog rels.

the OP is possibly a troll but i gave him the benefit of the doubt because i could totally relate with his question.

redacted thread: how many young women are ACTUALLY unmarriageable/ruined? how many good women are still out there?

best forum either. young college man has some of the same concerns i have, that white women are disgusting slut mudsharks and that easily 50% of youngish women have Coal Burned, and only 1/100 is marriageable.

others try to give him a more positive outlook that its not THAT bad, and that he is just poisoned by the ((((media)))) which rubs its greedy hands when white boys think such things. a mgtow in training. divide and conquer men and women.

the enemy WANTS to demoralize us and discourage us and make us feeeeel defeated. defeatism. so we become mgtow omega neet failures who cant even make babies with sluts.