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This was very silly. I can see why these young women are anxious. They have invested in feminism to a degree & don’t want to lose it. They are young. They think they have needs, but they are only wants. Men, you will have to decide what kind of existence is needed, then you have to entice the women in if you want to steer this thing yourselves. First and foremost, if you are only prepared to have sex with someone you’re prepared to die for, that helps a lot.


yeah that is an interesting idea.

for men and women both, i would add. of course if women adopt that concept first, because they are the gatekeepers/sellers of sex, men will eventually follow. logically, they have to, unless they turn gay hahahaha. but it helps a LOTTTTTTT, i would agree with TheBearWoman.

so for men, sex itself is very expensive, high price, like 500 dollars or more.

for women, the price/value of sex is very low, like 1 cent. because they are essentially the sex sellers.


the CONSEQUENCES of sex for men are 1 cent, but for women, the CONSEQUENCES of sex are 9000000000000000 dollars. see what i mean?

hahaha i just want women to have more of a long term view, realize how “expensive” sex REALLY is, ESPECIALLY for them, and not give that away for free, and have some sort of sexual morality.

9 miles later….922 calories

yeah the point is, its a LOT easier to put on weight than lose it. i can eat 1500 calories in one big delicious gluttonous meal. done it before. YET if i want to lose 1 pound a week, i can eat no more than 1570 calories PER DAY.

then i would lose 1 pound a week with no exercise.

basically the point of a LOT of exercise is so you can eat a LITTLE more hahhahahaha.

was i confusing NURTURING with INTIMACY? maybe. that is definitely something i would be risky for. basically fall in luv with some qt young girl if she she simply NICE to me. because i like when gurls are NICE to me.

and that woman used to be really nice to me and i liked it and that helped me fall in luv wiht her.

but i argue there WAS SOME intimacy. you cant not have some intimacy when you have known someone for over 2 years, and they have told you secrets and important things about themselves.

i didnt share as many big secrets about me but i was getting there. i would have if she hadnt thrown me away hahahaha.

well shes a classic avoid confrontation at all costs type of person. she was gonna avoid this confrontation. there was nothing she could gain from it…………other than good karma hahahahah. but IF she were in luv with me, she would have said yaasssssss lets hang out, i accept your invitation, in like fall 2014, and wouldnt have been avoiding hanging out with me for 10 months. 10 fookin months! damn!

you dont avoid hanging out wiht someone for 10 months if eveyrthing is all right!

well i am starting to lose weight, now at 166 pounds. i want to be 159 pounds MAX. yes i am a total MANLET hahahaha so i am not able to weigh a lot.


women women women. jesus i need to do something productive!

but yeah what hurts is, i lost someone i genuinely liked and loved and cared for. and that luv was real and not based in delusion.

like with some of the other women in 2004-5. there i got physical with them and that made me think i had feeligns for them because i thought we were Sharing Something Special. well really we WERE and my feelings were not WRONG, this is just how sexual liberation destroys/ruins women.

bu the fact was, i didnt really KNOW those women. we had SHORT rels that felt just like a Rushed Simulation of a Rel: hang out a few times, have casual secs, hang out a few more times, then they lose interest and dump you, all within the space of 2-3 months. you sort of start to get to know them………but not really. this is not true intimacy!

so i DID have that with this woman. and there was no physical bullshit to FOOL me into Merely Thinking I liked her. i liked her BECAUSE I knew her for a long time.

not just because i fooked some sloot who gave it up TOO FAST and FOOLED me into thinking we had something hahahaha.

yeah i was naive but that was moreso their fault, because i was reacting the way normal traditional nondegenerates reacted. by taking secs seriously and not burning out their damn bonding hormones on casual secs!

i liked her because she was the same way, not giving it up easy, realizing that it was an important thing…..maybe.

was it mark twain who said, never attribute to treachery what can be attributed to stupidity.

meaning, a persons intentions may not be to deliberately betray you…..they are just STUPID. or weak or lazy or cowardly or avoidant. hahahaha.

so when women leave you in the LURCH, they arent TRYING to be EVIL. they are just being weak and stupid and cowardly.

i mean i dont expect women to be STRONG LEADERS. or not to be cowards. they need men to be strong for them and lead them. take them in hand hahahaha.

i dont have a problem with this.

however i could not lead her to even write me a damn email!

i should have said: im not gonna tolerate this any more. Write me a long email and lets have a long talk RIGHT NOW. get started on that email RIGHT NOW, i expect it within 48 hours, and then the talk within 48 hours of me getting the email.

i wasnt asking her to be a leader, i was just asking her to do one damn favor for me. to pull her damn weight and not have the rel be 100% one sided.

there is a division in the Alt Right which i would describe as almost medieval muslim mgtows on one side who want womens rights taken away, because women unleashed is destructive. and the other side which is more “egalitarianism” saying white men and white women complement each other and women should be allowed to drive, but probably not to vote hahaha.  and that europeans RESPECT their women, and look how the mudslims treat women. the men obviously HATE the women! european men dont HATE their women, they LOVE them!

and i can see the points of both sides. men and women are different. women are much more emotional. women should be restricted in ways that they arent now, regarding secs. lock that pandoras box back UP. keep them away from colleges and careers at least until they are done having and raising kids. women should be more focused on the home and children and education their damn children. stop trying to be ceos and managers and scientists and entrepreneurs. thats mens job.

then i realize i am not very masculine. never have been. never had that leader spirit. was never entrepreneurial or trail blazing. more of a follower than a leader.

another thing i liked about her was that she was feminine, but not super girly. dressed rather plainly, very little makeup, but also was not dykey or a tomboy either.

was nice and nurturing and kind and sweet, but was not emotionally hysterical. she was calm and chill and laid back. i REALLY liked that. maybe it was from all that MJ smoking. i really wanted to do MJ with her and cuddle, make out, and having loving Pair Bonding Oxytocin Vasopressin Demisexual Secs. yaaaayyyyy bonding time!!!! squeeee!!!!

shit i can still feel those chemicals when ithink about it! whereas secs with anyone else seems like a Meaningless Chore.

ok got a haircut, level 2 buzz. i wanted to ask if they could do shorter on the sides so i could look real FASHY, but i got nervous, didnt think i could explain myself, it was good enough that i was going out there at all. heh. these are the Exceptional Commuincation and RElationship building skills i am trying to get a job with hahahaha. and a woman.

so i just ended up getting a level 2 buzz cut all the way around. it was good enough. then i came home and trimmed the beard to a level 2 as well hehehe as it was at about a level 3 by now.

of course i will shave the beard off when i get a j interview. might have to get another haircut then too.

yep i hate the feeling that this is it, its all over, she was the best woman ill ever know, that was the best job ill ever have, muh life is OVER. if i ever meet a woman ever again shes gonna be ugly and bitchy and old, WAYYYYY lower SMV hahahaha. i got dumped because i wasnt good enough for her, she is so out of my league, how dare i even get feelings for her, i will always compare women to her and they will come up short, she was as good as it gets, i will never luv a woman that way again.

because i actually KNEW her, it wasnt RUSHED.

and because she was CHILL and i liked that.

the thought of hugging her and cuddling with her and then the deep luving demi secs (though i am NOT a demisexual, i totes understand how knowing someone turns the secs into a profound, almost religious experience, worth being treated seriously, truly a matter of life and death!)

i get flooded with warm fuzzies. i just cant get that from other wimmin. i try to get it up thinking about banging other women, and nothing. well, not so much nothing to the point that i would identify as DEMISEXUAL. i can still find other women secsually attractive. i just have 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times more feelings for HER, and the special luvy feels when you think about having secs with the person you luv. vs jerking off to some attractive rando stranger, thoughs of secs with them. its a WORLD of difference……at least it SHOULD be.

you see where they get the expression “making luv” hahaha

hehe theres a picture somewhere on the TRS forum that is the cover of “culture of critique” photoshopped to put in stefan molyneuxs name in as the author. i thought thsi was hilarious now i cant find the picture. this was one of those jokes i had to LURK MOAR to get. and now its funny to see newbs saying “bbbbbut he didnt write CoC” hahahaha.


so basically diet/food/calories is MORE IMPORTANT than exercise if you want to lose weight, and most amerifats need to lose a lot of weight! cuz they eat WAY too damn much! i do too so im not above it. i LOVE to eat. i am a bit of a degenerate glutton.

last night went to bed and jsut felt awful despair about everything and anything. all things. mainly general despair: i have failed at life, i cannot handle life, what am i gonna do, i cant DO anything, i cant be a damn functional adult in the world, i never asked for this, why am i so  defective, i came from a good family, i had all the opportunities, there was just something stubborn in me that didnt want to take responsibility and be a man, etc. just not tough enough. the things that should make me tougher have made me weaker, i will never be able to take care of myself and be more of a producer than a consumer, etc, i will never be a admn normie with a living wage job, decent wife, kids, etc. i will never stick with a job long enough to be promoted, etc.

i mean ive never been promoted! ive never been above a strict entry level position! where i was, well i was never gonna be promoted, but i was doing good work that might have resulted in me getting a higher position elsewhere…..until i threw it all away because i couldnt emotionally cope with a WOMAN!!!!!!!!

now i gotta start at the bottom AGAIN. hahahaha people way younger than me who never went to college are managers of shit hahahaha.

perhaps an even gayer word than “fuccboi” is “boipucci” hahahahah im not even sure what it means really. because men dont have vagz. nor do boys. nor do gayboi fuccbois. therefore we can only assume that a boipucci is simply a gay ahole that gets plowed like a pucci.

ended up finally seeing the movie “the purge” on reg cable fx channel. it was ridiculous. great concept that was totally botched while making a nice 85 minute movie that is worth watching once and then fun to complain about. i started about 20 minutes in so i wondered if i missed some of the premise. cuz its all about the premise. well i didnt miss much. all crime is legalized for 12 hours a year, the only rules are you cant use heavy explosive weapons like rocket launchers, and you cant kill high ranking fedgov officials/employees. like probab the prez or congress etc.

so questions come to mind constantly, even when you have a fuzzy, confused, broken mind like mine:

and the writers should have been asking these same questions, and then addressed them in interesting ways. both about the PRemise, and about the Plot.

the guy sells Purge Security systems for a living yet says they are not built for the worst case scenario, they work only 99% of the time.  IF ANYTHING IS OBVIOUSLY A WORST CASE SCENARIO WHERE 99% IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THIS IS IT.

what about people in prisons? do the guards just go HAM and exterminate everyone in prisons in their cells?

there is a clear division between psychopath sociopaths and people with Morals. whats the root cause of that?

why does his son have the access code to the sec system?

why doesnt anybody address the obviosuly sociopathic connotations? the people clearly have no value for human life. they kill their FRIENDS, also their Class Neighbors/Peers, as well as the Underclass Scum/Swine/Filth. when you kill them, its purging filth. but its like you dont have a choice to kill your peers because this is a sacred, profound, almost religious thing, to purify the hate and violence from your soul.

and the purgers are portrayed as sadistic sociopaths, not morally conflicted at all. i guess i found this a weak cop out. i wanted everybody to have a moral conflict like ethan hawkes family.

its a VERY interesting concept/premise that could have made a MUCH better movie.

so they give shelter to this christlike martyr black man who dindu nuffin hahahaha.

why do the Purgers care if the guy is alive or dead? because theyre sadistic sociopaths who just want to kill as many people as possible, even other fellow upstanding citizens like themselves. and that if hawke doesnt deliver the dindu to them ALIVE, the purgers will kill the WHOLE FAMILY once their “special equipment” arrives and they break into the house.

they could just say, welp you kill him for us, but i guess that would not have made for much of a movie would it hahaha.

BUT chances were pretty damn good hawke might have killed the black guy ANYWAY during that time when they were all scrambling around the dark house. they dont know this guy isnt armed. they could have shot him as soon as they saw someone who wasnt a family member. then hawke would say welp i killed him and the purgers would still break in and kill the family.

why not get to his stash of guns, give guns to his wife and son, then rather than leaving them in the room, hawke takes the whole group of them around the house till they find the daughter, then give her a gun, THEN find the black guy, then be like buddy you gotta go.

even the black guy himself agrees with hawke that this is the only thing that can be done!

anyway. great concept that made for an extremely frustrating and stupid movie. that was great fun to watch once and bitch about the whole time, saying well why dont they do this.

of course you wish you had a loving woman to cuddle with while watching it hahaha.

after that i went to bed and mind was flooded with scary, despairing, negative thoughts, about my bleak future and how i had wasted my life and youth and now it was over. and she could watch the purge with other guys and fook and luv them, but never me hahaha.

yeah its like being haunted by a ghost.

how could i be so ARROGANT as to think a noncrazy nonslutty attractive womedn would ever want to be with ME?

well i didnt think there was a good chance hahaha. however she didnt have to be so mean.

even if she was out of my league for Dating, that DOESNT MEAN that she had to be so mean and cold and end it like that, especially since i was not out of her league for being friends.

the other women, i didnt have a real relationship with. her, i most certianly did. and i never had such a real, good rel, end in such a bad way before. it is overwhelming and devastating and disorienting. i have no frame of reference for this. those other women, i didnt really know them. HER, i DID truly know.

and i can understand wanting to avoid confrontation, but i cant understand why she just couldnt write an email or send a message or send a messenGER after a month or so after she had cooled off, saying something like, sorry, but i dont hate you, but i just cant do this, but i wish you the best. if you respond to me after this i wont respond. sorry.

i guess just the idea that i know the friendship was important to her at one time, and i wish she would just admit that.

not gonna happen!

ive heard it said somewhere that many people who K themselves dont do it because they dont want to LIVE, but they do it because they are desperate to end the pain. its not life itself that bothers them but the pain or suffering hahaha.

anyway my confidence is super low. less than zero. even  when i am exercising 2+ hours a day. some say we dont need all these big pharm j00 medicines for “derpression”, just exercise moar! well i am exercising a LOT and its not super helping. im like shit this isnt ENOUGH, i still want a higher damn dose of SSRI meds hahaha.

are you allowed to take SSRIs or BENZOs when you are in the MILITARY? the POLICE? can you be like shit i am super nervous about my stressful job, so im gonna take benzoz all day on the job. would the military frown on that? and they give you drug tests of course.

so you will be “DQ”d from the AF (armed forces) if you have a felony, or if you have taken antideps for at least ONE YEAR before entering. you cannot currently be taking them.

of course when you join the military at age 18, most psych stuff simply has not presented……yet.

shit i started taking paxil at age 20, then did not take it for very long, less than 1 year…..then started it again at age 25 or so and have been on it ever since hahahaa. no military for me hahaha.

so all those normies you met who were in the military hahahaha. military is NORMIE as FOOK hahaha.

BUT if you join at 18, then you can develop all sorts of shit LATER. just make sure you develop them AFTER successfully getting IN.

so i say i should have gotten in the military, but……. not sure if i would have been able to handle it!

ok i was very lightly concerned that muh medz were not the right dosage, its supposed to be 20 mg as on the label, but the pills dont look 20 mg, they look smaller. and how can i trust anyone? at my job the only quality was based on measurable metrics, like time and amount of times you said thank you. it didnt measure at ALL if you were competent in your job, like knowing the technical skills. so you could fudge the FOOK out of your technical skills. say you did something in the notes, yet you dont know and nobody knows if you actually did it correctly.

so maybe they just said well i dunno MAYBE i gave him the 20 mg, maybe i give him the 10 mg, they both look alike, and the level 2’s dont have time to check my work, and i will just say i gave him 20 mg and them trying to prove that i DIDNT, will take more time than its worth.

and this isnt a life or death pill so maybe there are more loopholes. gotta save money. budgets.

QUALITY costs money. so better you can give shitty quality if you cant prove that the shitty quality came from YOU, or was just an act of god. oh well it was just an act of god, sorry you gotta live with it.

well your products sure are susceptible to a lot of acts of god lately.

yep isnt that weird. sorry cant help you goodbye!

SO…..i empowered myself by checking the IMPRINT on the pill, and the internet said that indeed this was a 20 mg citalopram. and that was a good enough confirmation for me. IG 207 i think it was.

heh. i hope SHE goes crazy and quits the job.

she was always SO AGAINST people who took meds. i dont tell ANYONE i take the meds unless they’ve told me THEY take meds. so, i dont tell a lot of people. i have told maybe 2 or 3 people in my whole life. friends that i trusted, and who i think were on some sort of pschy meds themselves!

anyway i didnt tell HER that. i told her i have derpression and anxiety tho. but she was convinced the meds are plutocrat mind control. shit i have felt the same way. i get it. in 2012 or 13 i tried to Get Off on Principle, get this POISON and mind control out of my system.

but she prob would have not understood if i told her I took the stuff. she would go the wrong way. she wouldnt say, oh a friend of mine uses this, lets try to keep a more open mind. she would prob go the way of: well if he takes mind control drugs, then hes no friend of mine, hes a psycho weirdo.

do i really want to be with someone like that?

shit yeah if they make me FEEL as lovey dovey as she did!

just cuddling on the couch watching bad movies; and having loving pair bonding oxytocin secs. fook yeah.

1570 calories a day. good lord.

i mean i can do it, i am more confident about losing weight than i am about getting a living wage job or finding a good wife.

just sucks that something SO good can go SO bad. SHE thinks it was MY fault because i was so wrong to get feelings for her. I think it was HER fault for just ignoring and throwing me away and refusing to end the rel in a Respectful, Kind, Nice Way.