yeah its all stupid. i am just angry that it will be near impossble to find a young qt woman who is less of a slut. i mean she was only with 2 guys ever!!!!!!!! that is so attractive hahahahaha. most girls her age have been with 10+ guys!

but whats better, a nonslut who shows you no love or loyalty, or a slut who does? tis better to be luved by a woman whos been with 30 guys, thant to be completely thrown away by a woman whos had only 2 hahahaha.

i dunno i just dont like sluts hahaha.

chekcing out this site called myfitnesspal.com which seems to be good

tfw you eat 1200 calories for breakfast hahahahahaha

well my goal was to burn 1000 calories on the fatclub and i did that.

did not see any women there that looked like HER.

i saw a woman in the parking lot and my first thought was, oh that looks like her, but it totally was not.

saw a guy i worked with at That Job. i avoided him. weird that he sees HER every day. maybe he has fooked her hahahaha and would tell me, damn why would you lose your mind over that crazy bitch slut hahahaha i totally blew her ass out! she is a filthy whore who gives up her ass so easily now!

but i am ambivalent about the guy. we had a few friendly chats but he increasingly became an annoying dickhead. might make him successful with the ladies but it seemed more annoying than charming. but he does drive a motorcycle, btiches like that hahaha.  well hes white and has 1 or 2 kids so thats good…..dont think hes with the mother. because she is a bitch? or because he is an annoying prick? why couldnt they figure it out? whose FAULT was the breakup? why couldnt they stay together for the kids?

he is also a SCIENCE!!! leftist atheist libertarian type. o god. be as degenerate and antiwhite as you want, just dont tread on me hahaha. shit he might even be anti guns, but dont quote me. most basic bitch white people in my area, from Cuckservatives to Labor Union Democrats, are pro gun, which is good. guns are good hahahaha.

do women have ANY AGENCY?

some say they dont. i hope to god that they do. cuz if they dont, then you only have yourself to blame, becuase they are like infants who cant be held responsible. baby with a gun hahaha.

heh. if she just said “BE MORE OF A MAN” i probably would have made an honest effort to do just that hahaha.

but they never TELL you what they want. they just send SIGNALS and if you dont read them correctly, they DUMP you hahahaha.

i suppose i might have a better understanding of all this if i ever dumped somebody.

well i CAN tell you that i would be NICER when i did it!

but i mean maybe its not as ridic as i said. like when you dump someone, its because the other person cant do anything really. you couldnt tell them, just be more manly, just be more loyal to me, cuz IT WOULDNT MATTER. you just dont love them, you dont WANT to be with them at all, even if they did change for you.

but yeah if theres no real luv from them to you, you could jump through hoops changing for them, and they’d always find something new to hold onver your head. like ehhhh not manly enough. ok now not successful enough. ehhh but id really like it if you had a motorcycle. ehhh but i wish you made more money. ehhhh but i wish your Lats were bigger. ok now i want you to dress this way. why wont you get a tattoo. that pro white tattoo is so stupid why dont you erase that and get this kewl tribal african design lol. omg i cant take it any more there is so much wrong with you im done i cant even. see its a SLIPPERY SLOPE!!!!!! always trying to APPEASE someone.

so i wouldnt MAKE anyone appease me. i would see that appeasement doesnt WORK, and sit them down and say listen this has to end.

well she realized appeasement didnt work but was too cowardly to sit me down. just wanted me to figure it out from signals.

like shit. getting feelings is not the crime of the century. not like i was torturing animals. it just happened! sorry i started LIKING you, jeez.

on the scale of absolute objective morality, its about a -1 hahahaha whereas throwing someone away that you knew for 3 years who is begging you to respond, is at least a -10 or -20.

bbbbbut nnnnnnotice me sempai.

i just wanted to be noticed by her hahahaha.

yyyyyyyou too

so she wasnt slippery sloping me to change this and change that, it was more like leave me alone, and i thought it was a COOLING OFF PERIOD.

i gave her as much of a cooling off period as i could. but she didnt really give me anything for that, such as a Good COnversation.


also i would think a cooling off period lasts no more than a week. not montsh and months, to avoid and hopefully never have an important conversation!!!!

i said i couldnt do that forever, told her we had to communicate more. she said nothing.

i mean yeah shes like a frightened deer who runs away from everything.

ive been rejected by decent nonslut women before, but never this harshly! ive never been rejected this harshly ever before even by indecent sluts!

so yeah when a decent good person rejects you harshly, you really think you did something really wrong!

i wish she had just explained to me that i didnt do anything really WRONG!

getting feelings for someone is not WRONG but i think she thought it was, that i was betraying her. i wasnt.

OR she was just upset at my COWARDICE in not telling her directly.

i dunno tho!!!! i wouldnt get upset at somebody for that! i would say yep ive been there, it takes a lot of courage.

BUT i was giving signals anyway, and she prob WAS picking up on the signals tho!!!!!

yes, im honestly pretty sure of that, she was picking up the signals, and PROBABLY thought, oh god, hes getting feelings for me, this sucks, i hope i can ignore it and he will stop.

and she was furious that i didnt stop. but i couldnt stop because muh feelings didnt stop. they didnt just go away. so we had to DEAL with them. and you cant do that by yourself. you have to engage the borg hahahaha. it takes the person who has feelngs, AND the person they have feelings for, to have a mature grown up conversation or Emails abotu it.

shit write emails thats fine. you can get nervous and flustered in person. writing emails in peace and quiet without them GLARING at you and HATING you is probably even BETTER!

its just so hard finding a decent woman, and then when you do, she rejects you in such a brutal way that you think its all your damn fault, but it probably is more her fault than yours, but since you are a self loathing omega loser, its real hard for your to reach that conclsuion hahahaha.

shes a decent person but she has NO IDEA how to reject people or deal with difficult situations.

i had no control over whether i LIKED her or not. she had TOTAL control over Agreeing to Meet and Talk and Respond to me.

well shes mad i was HIDING it.

but i WASNT hiding it! i was singaling like a madman and trying to get her to meet to talk about it, whihc she didnt want to do!

and ill never know if she was more angry about me liking her, or me being Omega.


more mad than they should be hahahaha.

how omega was i? maybe i was just beta?


well i think i was a high delta at least. i was submissive and weak but i aspired to change the status quo. weakly hahaha.

anyway i think some women have agency. they can GET WHAT THEY WANT.

she could have molded me whatever way she wanted. but she didnt even want to MOLD me. she didnt even WANT to FIX me. hahahaha. i was unfixable hahahaha.

but IF i had been more DOMINANT, then would she have WANTED to fix me? like the other guys?

she preferred DOMINANT men. ALL women prefer DOMINANT men.  and i have NEVER been dominant. therefore i have ALWAYS failed with women. sometimes in absoultely devastating manner.

i dunno. what happened here was confusing and weird and i have no frame of reference for it, and i am afraid of learning the wrong lessons from it, like: it was ALL MY FAULT;

or, she would have liked me if i were more dominant (variation of all my fault; also, i deserved it, etc)

all women would do this

when the more reasonable lesson to learn is, yeah, it would have been better if i had been more courageous and dominant, BUT she still acted way out of line. WHO DOES THIS?

its not that weird to fall in luv with your female friend and get a little cowardly. nobody would say that is the crime of the century.

it is much more monstrous to throw the person away like a piece of garbage.

anyone can agree on that objective truth.


lefty swpl phaggot writes smartypants article no one will ever read for inconsequrntial lefty website, that he probably either wrote for free, or got less than 5 bucks for, yet he has a shitty degree from a halfway decent skool hahahahaha.

basically we now have SMART, YOUNG people in the Movement, to make it COOL and FUN, and this is huge. has never happened before. shifting the overton window hahahaha. before it was a bunch of old alcoholic losers doing nothing, failed white men who could not get good jobs or wives or have children hahahaha. of course me personally i am more like that, but i much prefer the Optimistic Tone and youthful vigour of TRS.

also hanging around with young guys makes you more likely to meet younger girls hahahahaha


virgin male who became obsessed with bjork and got mad she was dating a guy (race mixing with electronic artist goldie, i kinda like bjork, but she shouldna done that!) and lopez originally wanted to send her a bomb with hiv infected needles to explode on her and give her aids, and lopez had a huge inferiority complex because he had giant male breasts and could never get a gf, so he was obsessed with that, then became obsessed with celebrities. finally he sent bjork an acid bomb and K’ed himself on camera. today i learned hahahaha.

i could have depressive personality disorder. also avoidant personality disorder.

i bet SHE has avoidant personality disorder to. she avoids everything. she is more avoidant than me! so when you get two avoidant people together……it does not end well hahahaha.

i dunno i was trying to get better abotu my avoidance,  i was trying or at least wanting to NOT avoid it. she wanted to avoid it entirely. and she got what she wanted hahaha.

i wanted to confront it, she wanted ot avoid it.

bjork. why the hell do i like bjork. because she’s white, icelandic, i really liked the gling glo album, really liked dancer in the dark…….but thats about it. i was reading about matthew barneys new movie “rivers of fundament” which is a 6 hour experimental art film with scenes of degenerate shitting assholes and pregnant lesbian sex hahahaha. gee i wonder who could be behind this. hahahaha. i used to think barney was kewl for being uncompromising and arrogant, and now im like, yep all modern art is degenerate as fook, into the trash it goes, and bjork is into that art scene, i bet they made the perfect couple. then i learned that they ended their rel. hehehe. she race mixed with goldie BEFORE she went out with barney, a strapping white goy from idaho, who went to YALE and possibly even played FOOTBALL……but he was into ART. and got more into NYC art scene after yale. oh boy. and of course bjork was into ART as well.

((((ART)))) hahahahaha.

when i was young i enjoyed the pretentiousness and arrogance and (((transgressiveness))) and got along well with some artists in college hehehehe. but this kind of bullshit has NO PLACE in the REAL WORLD. art is degen and “pozzed”. good people should shun and shame it. i am done with art. unless it is like old school classic shit with no degen.

i wish all my old friends well, who got into ART. they are good people but would likely try to convince me how art isnt bad…..because art is what they have built their lives around. yikes.


classic dilemma, whats better, a degenerate who treats you nicely, or a good person who treats you badly?

well you are supposed to avoid degenerates right? dont hang out with losers!!!!

but what if you ARE a loser!

but you dont have ot be a loser to be a degen! two diff things!

also i have never known someone that was SO DEGEN that i considered them hopeless. they all started out as good people but maybe they lost their way by being drowned in a degen culture.

people that are bad people, i always avoid them as a rule!

i know shes not a bad person. shit shes a good person. a very good person. thats why i got so into her. but becuase she is also avoidant, and i luv her, she is able to hurt me GREATLY by avoiding me, by ending the rel thru avoiding.

fook. might as well go back to fatclub.  using myfitnesspal i dont really need to go. you dont need to exercise at ALL to lose weight. you just have to not eat hahahaha. but i LOVEEEEEE to eat. and you do not need to eat ridiculously lots to gain weight!!!!!!