that was my big lesson yesterday.


That Person TURNING on me, that was for the REASON on, to teach me the LESSON of, I thought she was the ONE……but she WASNT. I was WRONG about her being my soulmate or wife or waifu or gf. i was so in luv, and the luv itself wasnt wrong…..but the person was wrong.

i thought she was the one…..and this is the hands of fate or muh higher power saying NOPE. WRONG. SHE IS NOT the ONE.


and similarly, that job was not meant for me. i mean i hated it anyway but i learned how to survive it and prob would have kept surviving if SHE wasnt there. but it wasnt the job i was destined for hahahahaha.

besides even if the next job i get is even shittier…….itll also by definition be somewhat better because SHE wont be there.

and if i fall in luv with a coworker, then i will just tell her and get it over with. it will be easier because i wont have a long term friendship/relship on the line.

its not like i just met That Woman at That Job. it was a very unusual situation, where we were ALREADY friends, and then BOTH got this new job at the same time, as kind of a cooperative coordinated effort. i didnt get into the new job THEN meet her.

heh though i did meet her at my previous job. then we became friends, gradually became closer in IMHO a very Natural and Slow Normal Right Good Process, rather than fooking somebody in a damn Grotesque Charade of Intimacy within a few weeks.

we became closer and of course talked about jobs and finding better jobs. found out a company was hiring a ton of people. both got in.

what if i fell in luv with her while at previous job? well…..during that time she was still with her boifran. and i didnt have feelz for her. and if i DID, we were CLOSER then, and TALKED and HUNG OUT more, so, i prob would have found it easier to tell her.

heh. i wonder if she became friends with me just to try to make her bf jealous. its possible. she wanted him to luv her more and i dont think she was above trying to make him jealous.

that didnt really work, cuz i just became normal friends with her, and i eventually became somewhat friendly with HIM! not sure if she saw that coming. but she said she was happy about that because he didnt have many friends.

it was really weird how she took so long to tell me about HIM. she told me about other things but took forever to tell me about him.

its not that she wanted to cheat on him, in fact i fully believe she wanted to make him jealous so HE could prove his luv for her, because she was hopelessly in luv with him, and wanted him to luv HER. sound familiar???? hahahaha

well eventually she opened up to me about him. i took that to mean that these topics it took her FOREVER to talk about but she eventually would. but eventually wiht my case, i couldnt wait forever. it was killing me!

there were a lot of moving parts here. variables. makes my situation unique. i just cant refer to the manual for what to do when you fall in luv with your friend, after 2 years, when you work together, at a horribly stressful job, but you didnt meet at THAT job, and they give you a terrible silent treatment and avoiding, and refuse to hang out with you, when they used to hang out with you. lot of moving parts hahahahaha.

cant just look this one up in the manual and get step by step process of what to do.

no i mean i already know what i should have done, blurted it out within 3 months. so, by like january or feb 2015 at the latest, pulled her aside and told her at work, and or written an email. in feb, not july. that extra 5 months pushed me over the edge.

link to trs forum 2.0 which was completely SHOAHED plus they wouldnt want outsider normies reading their threads ANYWAY

hehehe good thread. marry a loyal feminine nonwhite woman or a piece of shit white woman hahahaha

maybe she owuld have liked me if i PUT HER IN HER PLACE and corrected her bad behavior. it was all a massive shit test, which i failed MISERABLY hahahaha. because i have always been bad at shit tests. and thats why ive never “been with” a woman more than 2 months. but i can still be friends with women becuase then theres no shit tests.

heh. i wish they didnt give such STUPID shit tests. also there were times when i sort of teased her in a masculine strong way.

heh i regret not being more of an ASSHOLE to her. maybe that would have passed her SHIT TEST and she would have been muh wife hahaha.

but thats the problem with being friends first, is that youre not used to being an ASSHOLE to them.

great thread on trs forum racecucks on hahaha

great forum altogether, been visiting it on the reg and getting useful info from decent “fashy” “based” people. kind of like /pol but not anonymous and more camaraderie towards a more explicit goal than /pol .  these are real people and we all want basically the same thing. sort of.

shit if she wanted me to SPANK her to teach her to be a good gurl and not a bad gurl, and respect me as the man, i was/am MORE THAN WILLING to give her a GOOD spanking!

but yeah when is the first shit test given?

honestly whats more likely is that she was not interested in me at ALL in that way and was not “shit testing” me, even though shit testing is not conscious; but it was her just wanting to avoid dealing with an Inconvenient Truth.

thats a bit different than a simple standard shit test.


i have never been good at shit tests. i have always cracked. i have always been willing to give the women whatever they want. cuz im scared they will leave me. and im like i wish you could just TELL ME what you want and i would work with you. but you just get mad and then leave me because i dont do the right thing apparently. tell me what you want. but thats a joke because its womens nature to never tell you what they want? you have to figure out that they want a strong man to put them in their place somehow. they dont even really know what they want. they need a manly man to SHOW them what they want. and i have never been that kind of man.

and i have ALWAYS failed with women. but its always been uncertain what the cause was. BUT ive always been kinda unmanly in that repsect, that i dont PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE.

of course theyre not going to TELL YOU. theyre TESTING you. they might not even REALIZE theyre testing you. its a NONVERBAL test and i ALWAYS fail it.

but the more reasonable and Positive for me interpretation here is, it wasnt a real shit test, because she was never really interested in me.  she wouldnt even hang out with me. dont shit tests happen when they hang out with you?

try to explain things you dont understand.

trying to fix things, where you dont even know what they ARE. saying fix this car and you dont even know what a car IS.  you bring it back and say uhhhhh does that look good to you? and they say yeah i guess but would you know if you fixed it? and then you bullshit bakc, well, you have to try it though to see if it breaks again. because i dont even know what a car is, i dont know how to test it.

i dont know what its supposed to look like when it works. i couldnt even tell it was broken. now that ive Reset it, im not sure if ive done that right, and i dnt know how to test it.

yes youre right, i DONT know what im doing! but its the current year and dont you know companies dont train people? im an FNG and i am jsut trying to figure stuff out.

its confidence building to figure out a problem on your own, but its not confidence building to take an exam without studying or preparing. and the entire work day is the exam. and people are bitching at you, dont you know what youre doing? no, not really!

mgtows say yes all women are like that or will become like that with the poisonous influence of our culture. women jsut cant be trusted.

traditionals say have you ever TALKED to women? not as many women are shitty like you think. there are more good woman out there than you think.

hehehehehe i really hope so.

i was trying to think of a good right wing fascist traditional role model for Rels. well you go to the man, Uncle Al himself, AH, 1488, and……while being a powerful thinker and leader and man, not sure he was the best role model for rels with women. i mean he never even had any children! although i think he had a good rel with eva braun. who was a traditional nonslut woman who loved and supported him and i am sure he luved her too hehehehe.

so WWAHD if eva braun gave him a shit test and stopped talking to him?

a degenerate r-selected rat might say, demonstrate higher value, be unflappable, and become unavailable to her, maybe even “spin plates.”

or do you confront the issue directly, say I DEMAND SATISFACTION, I WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY, YOU CHANGE OR IM GONNA LEAVE YOU. then you look butthurd and man and thats not secsy to care that much and get so emotional!

plus Uncle Al was probably not one to play Childish Merchant Mind Games with White Women. He would probably go the direct route and say,


you are pushing my boundaries. stepping over the line.

so if you are not happy about that……i mean you let that UPSET you, because you CARE too much… thats BAD? and pushes the woman away? because you CARE about her? damn.

well to keep a woman from leaving you, you have to not care about them too much?

i guess. what would Uncle Al do. he would say, you treat me with respect, or i;ll find someone who will.

and then she can say oooo u mad and then dump him for not handling the shit test like a Cool Guy.

is that immature? arent all women immature until they have at least 3 kids? which most women never do?

i mean i am immature but i want to communicate when there are problems. maybe that is NAIVE? to think women will be willing and able to communicate, when you should know just  to PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE??!?!?!?!!

i was watching pbs and they had rolling stones live in 1971 at the marquee club in london. it was a very good performance, very electrifying, the stones were at a peak. sound quality was great but the video was very spastic, with fast cuts or just close ups on mick jaggers face. just show the damn band and move and zoom slowly. and dont do so many face close ups. the band is more than mick jagger. or is this pandering to women who dont care about the rest of the band. but theyd certainly fook one of the other guys if mick was occupied. hahahaha. see how much i hate women? its a poisonous attitude.

basically, you should not be looking for a good gurl backstage at a rolling stones concert hahahaaha or any rock concert. gurls hanging around trying to FOOK rock stars. ok a woman can GO to the rock concert but dont try to FOOK the rock stars. just enjoy the concert and GO HOME when its over.

also i cant PROVE that it was my lack of masculinity that drove all the gurls away. i am unmanly and i do always get dumped but i cant PROVE that it was THIS common factor that was the root cause. but its a very easy way to scapegoat myself. i mean i am trying to improve my manliness.

anyway the stones show was excellent BUT the band is HUGE degenerates. mick prancing around like a faggot, but he sounded great. all the guys on drugs and booze and banging sluts after their shows. this is no way to live. yet they were young and strong and virile and the drugs was working well at that time. they looked young. it was strange to think, holy shit, i am OLDER THAN THE ROLLING STONES were in this video. the guy said mick and keith were 27 in this video and i was like shit i am way older than that! also they looked better than i did at 27! and they drank more! so why did they look good? because they were happy to be rocking out and banging bitches? but it was weird how some of them looked like they were dead. very wooden. well i am talking particularly about the bass player bill wyman looked dead. but who gives a shit about the bass player? nonetheless i felt he should have been having more fun. unless he was morally conflicted about being with degenerates. but im sure he wasnt. he was doing drugs and banging sluts too. so have a little more fun. a similar issue was happening with the second player, who i learned was “mick taylor” of john mayalls blues band. brian jones came before and ronnie wood came after.

anyway they did degenerate shit. i learned there was a push by their ((((MANAGER)))) to give them more of a bad boy image around this time. its an interesting lesson in how women give it up easy for badbois hahahahahaha.

the music and the performance were outstanding but there is a LOT of degeneracy to Parse Out here, which most degenerate rock fans would not be willing or able to do. ive been there myself! but i dont want to give up the music itself entirely. its the kind of degenreate wild oats i wanted to sow when i was young and never managed to do that for myself. although 27 is too old for them to be doing that hahahaha.

theres a thought that mgtow is just the opposite of feminism in the sense that its a psyop by our masters to make men and women hate each other. good goyim, women are scary and bad, maybe you should go mgtow or go gay and never have a white family! yes good goyim!

where feminism does the same thing just to women. yes shiksa hate those oppressive men! be a slut and give yourself away and let us indoctrinate your bastard mixed children!

but i never understood how haivng a bunch of welfare parasites is in the interest of the powers that be. its not like you can get tax money out of them, if they are not working. do you tax their welfare benefits hehehehe

but i would think the ideal situation is have as many people working so you can get as much tax money as possible.

anyway i might go on a blackout of mgtow type stuff because its just not good for my mental health to be that hateful to women hahahahah.

but i also gotta avoid PUA/Game stuff becasue thats even worse. total degeneracy.

yes the pro-white alt-right is a good place for me right now.

there is some overlap with manosphere and mra and mgtow and maybe even game. and i cant say mgtow is BAD. i totally understand it, almost TOO well.

i just wanna be a white knight to women and mgtow doesnt let me do thatttttt!!!!!!!

hehehe alt right says that mgtow is a mirror of sjw leftists; mgtow sayz that alt right is a mirror of sjw leftists oh good lord.

so i shouldnt have let her become so important to me?

i couldnt help it i swear. and i told her stuff like you are very imporatnt to me and weve been friends for a while now and i really appreciate that and i hope we can be friends for a long time and maybe become even closer and hang out more.  i said shit like that in my infamous xmas 2014 message which i sorta wish i saved. that was probably the biggest signal to her.

hehehe. so you should take ritalin or adderrall before you start work so you are ready to hit the ground running and not seem like you aer stupid or drugged or slow.

but also take valium or xanax so youre not freaking out. then the second you get

off the clock, take some nyquil or a sleeping pill. but of course stay at your office at LEAST an extra hour reading and studying and self training and asking Senior TeamMates questions and Signaling and especially if there are Higher Ups there who can see you staying after your shift.

once they go home, then you can go home and also by now the nyquil should be kicking in.

then go home and take care of your aging family, and you have no wife or gf or kidz, and study more work shit and take MJ if youre lucky hahahaha. you got about 1-2 hours to do all this then you SHOULD get to bed so you get enough rest to be ON for the long day tomorrow.

but it can be hard to sleep when you are worried about the job and life. but you have to sleep to be ON because every day is like a Big Exam that you’re never quite ready for.

come on. things coulda been so good. hahahaha. it was nice just to get along with a woman over the long term. thats why i like the “being friends” thing cuz that never happened when i pseudodated bitches.  i like getting to know someone, and trust them, respect them, get comfortable with them, and it would be perfect to be able to upgrade that. but do all women put you in the friendzone hahahaha.

was this wasnt even really friendzone, it was more like, i am gonna be SO OFFENDED by you liking me that i am never gonna talk to you again and we are gonna end a long term friendship right now and thats it.

are all women like this?

no, most women are even worse hahahahahaha i got off lucky!

well she was one of the most positive things in my life. i remember the good times. there really were not NEARLY as many. cause we didnt hang out enough. i regret not hanging out with her enough ahhahaha. but kinda hard if she doesnt WANT to hang out hahahaha.

but yeah i had never even been friends with a woman for years. just totally rusty. i am not used to any drama with women or how to deal with women at all! well things only got WEIRD once i got feelings for her.

but now i know can get feelings for a woman after several years.

i guess for future reference, WARN the women so they get fair warning. yeah who knows i might get feelings for you 2 years in. so lets always talk about this in the open.

shit. it doesnt even matter if they are ugly and old and have 5 mud kids and been with 30 guys and have shitty tattoos and are < 6/10 hahaha. i might still fall in luv with them. PREPARE FOR THE WORST.

basically anything can happen. i didnt think i would ever get feelings for her and i sure did. and it totally makes sense. we were close, i liked her as a person, AND she was an attractive young woman, low number, nice, not obnoxiously, not a whore, nothing blatantly ugly like obese or ugly face or stumpy hahahaha, yeah whats weird is i didnt get feelings sooner.

but yeah i hate feeling incompetent at everything job related. cant talk to customers, dont know what i am doing. but i CAN talk to customers and i CAN fake my way until after a year i sorta DO know what i am doing!

just the thought of her was a big support for me. the fantasy i had. being in luv with her. i cant believe the feelings only lasted 10 months. well, technically they are still ongoing hahaha.

i cant believe how much i invested in her. when i didnt want to get that invested in ANYONE. i was invested in her without even realizing.

and you always question yourself. mauybe i didnt beg ENOUGH hahahaha.

no of course i begged enough. but as soon as the tension was rising by feb, which was already like 4 months in, should blurted.

just sad. stuff was once so good and it went so so so so bad. it has left behind a huge void in muh life. unfort i really do need wimmin hahahahaha.