there is the youtube guy common filth who stares into the abyss, and probably the abyss is getting to him. he clearly hates the degeneracy but he cant stop looking on tumblr and finding new degeneracy.

this is a great example of, it is prob better for your health just to not look at this degen garbage, even if you are fighting it.

a similar thing might be happening with WOESY, engaging edgy autistic trolls who say YOU CANT PROVE THAT BESTIALITY IS BAD! IF IT FEELS GOOD AND THEY CONSENT, DO IT!!!!!!

i certainly well its triggering to me too hahahahaha.

playing DEVILS ADVOCATE. its interesting and sometimes useful to do, but also sometimes its harmful to do it too much. spend too much time in the horrible mindset of the degenerate. not healthy 2 U. u have to then heal thyself!

so i am certainly guilty of this too, always thinking about degeneracy and thinking all people are disgusting degenerates when they really arent.


Schlomo Shekelburg 11 hours ago
If sex had no mental or moral component why do we get pissed if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats?

I mean if your girlfriend cheats she is just using the guy as a flesh dildo right? It would be idiotic to assume that sexuality had no mental component. The sick thing is that there are so people who are so fucking progressive that cheating no longer becomes and issue either.

If societies embrace these degenerates and mentally ill people, without reservation, there no way that can be good for civilization. Are we expected to believe that these people can raise children with healthy ideals? There is a reason western civilization was so sucessful, and it wasn’t because we were so tolerant and free we embraced such disgusting behaviour.
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source from the woes bestiality video

so yeah you can say logic always is superior to emotion…..but sometimes the nihilist fedora autists use this to troll you and say USE LOGIC TO PROVE WHY BESTIALITY IS WRONG. just trolling edgy bullshit that is the kids ways to scare the squares. and now im an old square, but i remember all too when when i was an edgy teen too! although i was not having any degen sex then. i really wish i were! cuz i got into the bad habit of looking at too much porno filth. i regret that.  well thank god now i can go a month or more easily without looking at porno filth. but its amazing how many guys in their teens and 20s look at porn EVERY DAY. holy shit. i mean i would say go ahead and jerk off every day, just use your imagination instead. you will probably find your thoughts becoming less pornographic over time.

i would have been one of those guys who would have been fine marrying their “high school sweetheart”, except i didnt have a high school sweetheart hahaha.

barring that, i would have been okay marrying my “college sweetheart”, but i didnt have a college sweetheart either. i met a few girls who wanted CASUAL DATING and i fell quickly in luv with them and would have been happy having them as muh sweetheart, but they weren’t willing to do that.

and then after that, it was just total failure at life and being Adrift hahahaha. for going on 10 years. no sweethearts in there either hahaha. That Woman would have been a great one, but she was so DISGUSTED by the idea that someone as WEAK as me could be INTERESTED in her that she threw me away like garbage hahahaha.

getting older and older and always finding self at the bottom, having to start over again. good times hahahaha.

shit at this point i say take meds. take as many meds as it takes to be able to get and keep a damn job hahahaha. take 60 mg of paxil a day. who cares.

i was thinking i might be able to get on social security DISABILITY because muh medical records will show at least 7 years of taking despair meds and some anxiety meds in there too. my case would prob be improved by a stay in the Psych Ward, even just 72 hours hahahaha. but i dont really want to do that, and i dont really want to be on Disability. that is like a total admission i cant function in life hahaha.

when in fact i can sorta function for limited amounts of time hahahahaha

and then something pushes me over the edge and then im back at the bottom again.

well the job already had me at the edge most of the time. that sucked.

and then the women had me at the edge as well.

being at two edges at once! or two different but combined forces pushing ME off my one and only edge.

i never abused or manipulated women before or ever. my main mistake was i got too much feelings for them, that they didnt reciprocate, and when they dumped me i was very angry and upset. one gurl i kinda harrassed but i never did that again. she fookin survived. it didnt hurt her that much. she is 9000000000000 times more successful and respected than me now hahahaha.

if anything i am impressed at how well behaved i was to That Woman. I begged and pleaded a little bit, enough to be annoying, and i was devastated and ruined when it ended……….but i never stalked her or harrassed her beyond sending 3 fooking emails. that’s it. they were pretty long, but still. no hysterical 100 texts a day. no dirving by the house. no 1000 emails a day. just 3 thoughtful heartfelt emails. the real pain is what i inflicted on myself, not her, by totally self-destructing and falling apart.

theres devils advocate, then its a slippery slope to trolling, and you say you arent trolling, but youre TAKING THE PISS, being disingenuous. and guys like me and MW stare into the abyss and try to articulate logical arguments on why x is wrong, when anyone who says x is right is fooking deranged and should be shamed and shunned and is not worth our time. the best response MW could have given the guy is, youre a degenerate to encourage this mental masturbation and degenerate mental olympics trying to prove why bestiality is immoral. im blocking you, have fun getting fooked by horsecox, degenerate. you deserve to be stomped by skinheads and machine gunned into a ditch hahahaha.

basically, anything really stupid that ive done to women has been a result of alcohol. i would be angry and desperate AND i would get falling down drunk and do something more embarrassing than abusive, that showed that i was just very very butthurt about being dumped/rejected. because of this, i learned that no contact is best for me when dumped; and also alcohol is bad when dumped.

so i have not drank alcohol in 6 years, total teetotaler; and i go no contact when dumped.

commenters tell stories of Ghosters coming crawling back after 6 months or so, then the ghostee got their comeuppance by saying fook you you piece of shit, do you even know what you did? and you think im gonna take you BACK?

yeah well i totally WOULD take her back hahahaha. and in these stories, if the person took the ghoster back, oftentimes the ghoster would ghost them AGAIN.

well i would sit her down and have a longgggggg 8 hour talk on why this is such an mmature and hhurtful thing. i wuld make her sign a contract saying she would never do that again. i would make her write long emails. and i would try not to lord that thing over her, because that would be manipulative on my part. on the other hand, i know what she is capable of. how do you TRUST after that. she’d prob be capable of cheating too. youd think most women are easily capable of cheating because most wmen HAVE cheated before [citation needed hahaha] and i liked her so much because she had never cheated before and hated cheaters and sluts.

of course, cheaters and sluts can also hate cheaters and sluts and the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance does not bother them.

Your scores are:
Care 69.4%
Fairness 63.9%
Loyalty 55.6%
Authority 61.1%
Purity 69.4%
Liberty 61.1%

You have no one strongest moral foundation.
Your morality is closest to that of a Conservative. ”

hmm thought my loyalty would be higher hahaha

moral foundations test based on haidt, one you can actually easily take yourself

2005 was too exciting of a year for me. too much happened. i was in luv with 3 different gurls, got heart broken by all of them. fully casually dated one of them. had final term of college and graduated and did rather well considering. made contact with a very nice professor and did research assistant work for him and ultimately let him down hahaha because i did bad work because i was too worried about gurls. sort of made contact with another professor, well, with their research staff hahaha. i never met that professor, they were kind of a celebrity and i think had written books presenting their research to the middle-class layman.  worked a job in an office for 4 months. made a bunch of new friends and found myself in a new social clique. but i was already in another social clique and i didnt like ignoring them, but i was too easily led by muh heartstrings. felt guilty about shirking my work with teh prof because he was so nice. if he were harder with me i might have shaped up, but he was just too nice. such a decent good hearted man for being at a thorough marxist university and marxist department! god bless him. i had cut back my MJ partaking in 2004 but now i was drinking more in 2005, drinking on skool and work nights, i remember i would drink 3 or more glasses of wine at dinner then go study or do homework hahaha a couple times i snuck some wine into the school computer lab when i wrote my essays hahaha. i went on actual dates with this one gurl, fell in luv with her, had the green light to bang her but i wanted to go slow, first and only girl i spent the night with; she dumped me after 2 months or so because she just wanted casual dating and could tell i wanted a serious rel; got drunk and angry at her a lot, fighting and trying to guilt trip her; met a new gurl i fell in luv with but was too drunk and neurotic to impress her; my drinking increased; i did ok in actual classes but didnt do the other work needed to get started on a proper career; drinking too much; was a social butterfly but drinking too much in those situations; at that time my female friend of recent was an underage teen gurl;

anyway there was too much going on. and i was drinking too much. and i didnt know how to handle women. i should have just asked that other gurl if she wanted to hang out one on one and go to a movie but i was too scared. and then touched her hand and said i think u are qt or something. then she could have rejected me because she was an asexual cold fish dyke hahahaha no srsly she was, and i liked that, as opposed to the promiscuous college gurl stereotype. i wanted a gurl who took secs seriously. which was very reasonable on my part!

anyway if i had just stopped drinking, and went to the college shrink, and used the damn college career center more, i probably could have turned things around, got on a decent path. but i didnt hahaha.

again i was too preoccupied with GURLS than with JOBS and REAL LIFE.

same shit 10 years later!!!!!!!!!! and now i dont drink, i have gone to a shrink, taking Medz, but i feel way more than 10 years older hahahahaha.

anyway probably the worst most abusive thing i ever did to a woman was in that same year. i met a gurl i had a “mini crush” on, which was notable in that i was not hopelessly in luv with her, and i thought it would be fun to bang her. i guess the norm here would be to CASUALLY DATE and indeed bang the shit out of her. damn that would have been a lot of fun and i wish i had! but i didnt because i didnt have the Charm to Charm her. i just got drunk and stupid. even when i got drunk, i was not charming, i was still nervous and awkward with New People. anyway i was out partying with her and a group of people one night and everyone got drunk and i got raging drunk and at the end of the night i wanted to get her alone and make out with her and see what happens, i mean thats how college kids do it right? so miracle of miracles i got her alone and watching a movie on couch with me. i was like YAAASSSSSSSSS time to have casual secs with this super qt gurl, winnnnnnnnn! but as i recall she wasnt giving any secsy signals, more like she was PASSING OUT before my very eyes, she could not even Coherently Cuddle. and so she PASSED OUT sitting next to me, and i was raging drunk and like uhhhhhhhhh this sucks. so while she was passed out i touched her leg and she did not wake up. i continued to feel her leg for probably a creepy amount of time. she did nothing. i thought she was passed out. but what if she was conscious and TERRIFIED of what i was doing to her? i only thought this later. i felt terrible for possible raeping her, or at least molesting a gurl wihtout her consent.

so she got up after about an hour and went to bed and was not all secsy to me either. she just wanted to go to bed and pass out. i will never know if she was conscious while i fondled her leg or not, but she probably wasnt.

and thats the story. afterwards i felt horrible and guilty and ashamed but i didnt want to ask her, hey did you feel me fondling you the other night. but she never said anything to me and continued to be sort of friendly with me, neither scared of nor attracted to me. i really think she just didnt know. she went on to get a masterz degree at an ivy league skool and a prestigious career in nonprofitz, and most certainly took lots of cox, but i dont think she had taken TOO manny cox in 2005.

a makeout would have been nice! and now im not too ashamed of fondling her anymore hahahaha. not my finest hour but i dont think it means i am capable of raeping a passed out gurl. i mean the real raepist would have jumped on the opportunity as soon as he realized the gurl was unconscious, tearing her clothes off and sticking it in, and the gurl probably would have felt THAT im sure, and groaned some sort of sound of non-consent but been too weak or scared to physically fight back.

so certainly i didnt do anything like that, and wouldnt WANT to.

but i honestly think she was just out cold the whole time i was touching her leg.

either way, pretty creepy hahahahahaha.

i mean i might not respect women but im not gonna RAEP them. if they tell me no then i take that no means no. besides, i dont usually ever REALLY WANT to have secs anyway because i am hella nervous and the woman has to do a HELL of a lot to make me comfortable with her. like i say the first time i had secs i was not comfortable with it at all. second time i was markedly more comfortable but still not very. and that was it. i had a CHANCE to have secs one more time, with a different gurl, but i was nervous THEN too, and decided i was much more comfortable with just makign out with her and fondling her Genitalia with my hand. and that WAS very fun. but that was my last chance, and so in hindsight, i wish i had just stuck it in.

it takes TIME to be THAT COMFORTABLE with someone! and with that woman, i knew her for long enough to finally become THAT comfortable wiht her!

but yeah the SECOND you get feelings you HAVE to tell the gurl, so you dont dig yourself into a damn hole.

its also confusing when some qt girl is making out with you and lettng you pound her pvssy……and then you start liking her, and get confused when she doesnt like you, just wants to keep it CHILL and CASUAL. wtf?

i havent had that lately tho hahaha. i dont raelly like associating with loose women like that. i hope SHE doesnt do shit like that……but it wouldnt MATTER anymore would it? i just didnt want to be wrong about her being a whore. i STILL dont want her to be a whore. id rather her be a totally immature Ghoster than to be a promiscuous casual whore. its just an unnatural disgusting way for women to be. kinda like bestiality hahahaha.

its totally R selection and not K selection.

so i guess the infamous book “sex at dawn” is in support of female promiscuity and r selection and shit. fook that degenerate shit. so this way whole villages would take care of children because noone knew who the father was, so all people pitched it as communal fathers. fook that shit. like any healthy society does that for long. those people get rightly conquered by stronger, better, more k-selected societies.

anyway its not like i wasnt TYRING to tell her i had feelings. i just couldnt get any time alone with her and i was too stubborn to talk at the job. doing stupid phone calls all day. why couldnt we just. shit we could have just gone to starbucks after work  or go to a restaurant after work like we USED TO. shit we had our best conversations at those times. well now we both worked longer, and did not get out at the same time. so fookin hell. why not hang out on a day off. and i tried. and she was not willing. but she said was willing………just not right now. and then it turned into one of THOSE things. keep saying later later later and attempting to sweep it under the rug. i could not do that forever. just a few months of it was bad.

hey she coulda said yeah lets hang out right now and talk about this stuff and get it out in the open and over with.

ok gotta go to fatness club. i was looking at “common filth” and thats not a good influence hahaha. but at least he KNOWS what he is seeing is degenerate, unlike delicious tacos. well, somewhat unlike DT. as a handsome smart white man, I will never believe DT is beyond redemption. he just needs to really WANT to not be a degen. but how do you teach that. you can lead them to water but not make them drink.

being a lazy loser is the most degen thing i do now. and i think that is better than Pozzing and Traps and Genderqueer and being a Zooophile or Casual Fun or women giving away a 90000000000000 dollar babymaker for .000000000000000000001 cent, or porno.

its degrading.

well what does DEGRADING mean.

yeah id take her back. but we would have to have serious talks on the reg. and i would never be afraid to blurt out important shit. say we need to talk.

then i would say we need to talk every damn day and push her away with too much talking or wanting to talk hahahaha and she would say i cant take this any more im done, i need a less insecure guy hahahaha.

although maybe i would make her needy for ME if i gave her enough good manly poundings hahahaha.

ok better go already.