14 people dead in mass shooting in san bernardino, welp better ban guns and not get islamophobic about it hahahaha.

from urban dictionary:

unrequieted love
when one person is in love with another and knows they don’t love them back but just can’t shut the f*ck up about it.
she: we really need to talk….

he: UGH!! ya know, we’d get along much better if you didn’t speak.

(she can’t help herself, she’s in unrequieted love…..)
by thelilsis May 10, 2010  ”

of courshe shwitch the he and she for my situation hahahaha.

i liked that she was a “chill” person, NOT meaning what 25 year old women mean, when a woman is a “chill girl” or “cool girl”, that means they are low maintenance fook buddies; and “chill hangouts” mean chill CASUAL SEX; or “netflix and chill” means to FOOK, probably casually and nonmonogamously; basically “chill” means degenerate casual sex, and i dont mean CHILL like that, I mean it like a person is LAID BACK and Low Drama and Not Crazy, and Not Uptight. but laid back and calm and friendly and not all hyper and anxious and weird and annoying.

most gurls love drama and are all hyper but not her. she was honestly “chill”  in the way that i mean chill. of course maybe that means she does chill casual sex with other guys. well, not when i first got to know her!

most gurls are hyper and all over the place like bats jumping around spastically. she was not. she seemed to Not Be Crazy, in the way that so many women Are Crazy. Because of this i became friends with her and gradually fell in luv with her.

so i was at the fatness and saw this skinny guy, prob a teensy bit older than me, keeping in good shape, but he looked weird and psycho. he had the treadmill on a ridiculous incline and was jogging for a long time without slowing down. he got off and i saw that he had it at 4 percent incline at least, and had gone 5.2 miles in like 52 minutes, and had done 1000 calories. 1000 calories in 52 minutes. that was probably his goal, and its a good goal, to get to 1000 calories. in 52 goddamn minutes. by comparison, it takes me about 140 minutes to do 800 calories.

so he was on FLEEK going about 3 times harder than me at all times hahahaha.

maybe his job is 3 times more stressful than mine was hahaha. he looked smart enough to have a tech degree therefore a good job; but also looked awkward and beta with the ladies and was probably single and very frustrated hahahaha. i think he was white but i guess he could have been arab or albanian like many people. like the annoying arab guy who regularly gets on a treadmill near me and talks on his phone loudly in arabic hahaha.

it would be annoying if it was a white guy but its even more annoying with an arab hahaha. muslim terrorist hahaha.

the unignorant would call me islamophobic and racist, YES I AM, of courshe i dont care, i am happy to be islamophobic and racist. race exists, race matters, races are different, muslims are different.

so yeah, if you can burn 1000 calories in one hour, that would be GREAT. Working People cant afford to spend 3 hours at the gym every day! maybe 1 but not 3! they have to either get back to work or go home and study for work! while their gf complains about them being boring and lame and not fun and then goes and gets tons of side dick hahahaa.

because why wouldnt you be a damn cheater. sex means nothing to anyone hahahaha.

i once assumed that woman2005(a) had an Eating Disorder but now im not so sure. she wasnt fat, but she wasnt grotesquely skinny either, she just seemed like a normal attractive 22 year old gurl. i think she had a healthy amount of fat on her thighs and stomach. i think she used to be fatter when she was in high school but i dunno. she only mentioned it once briefly and i never saw pictures or really got to know her hahaha. i dont know how i thought she was anorexic. she was crazy sure but nowadays im not so sure she was anorexic because she simply didnt LOOK sickly or grotestquely skinny!

she probabyl had secs with at least 5 guys by age 22 and i think she was a “late bloomer” . any rate, 5 by 22 is TOO MUCH for ME!

so i much prefered the 2 by 25 of That Person!!!!!!!!

how about at LEAST 5 by 17 hahahahaha like with woman2004? now she was a REAL slut, gave it up REAL easy to lots of guys.

2 by 25! i really like that! it Signals that you have Serious Sexual Morality! so i felt we were on the same page there. maybe we were. but she SURE couldnt communicate with me like an adult. well, she could; but not about US, not when it mattered the MOST. when i needed her the most, she just left me in the lurch. not cool.


best comment ever, by delicious tacos, on a mediocre article at ROK, which demonstrates how great of a writer DT is. i first “discovered” him like 4 or 5 years ago and was impressed, then i randomly saw him in this 2 year old article/comment.

Unemployment Diary: The Job Market


hes still got great shit, great writer. kind of bukowski ish but he was working in shitty white collar office jobs


meh i just dont want too many pingbacks on 10 of his posts hahaha




great guy, i can really relate, although he is tougher than me, has achieved more than me, been more successful than me with jobs and women, i would have quit any of these jobs within 1 day. yet hes still miserable and despairing and anxious and compulsive drinker and sex obsessed.  but a great guy who just needs to get out of LA methinks. “JUST”. and “JUST” find a decent woman to be loyal to him, and job that doesnt destroy his soul. EASY>!!!!!!

he needs to stop being a damn sex addict, but he DOES want a true decent woman monog wife just like i do, just like every honest man does. i have the greatest sympathy for DT. great guy and i hope he finds some kind of peace. but yeah him jerking off all the time, looking at pron, fooking disgusting women from okcupid, fantasizing about asian women all the time, these are not healthy things.

becoming racially aware or a neoreactionary might help him. i think he already IS somewhat racially aware. but he just hates everything hahaha. i know that feel hahaha. but he is degrading himself with degenerate behavior more than he should be. hey i used to do the same thing. i drank way too much and idolized bukowski too. and i will always think of bukowski as a great man, but he got too wrapped up in a degenerate, sad life. this is probably largely related to drinking. so its good that DT has stopped drinking. im glad I stopped drinking!

but right now i feel so low i want something to block and numb the bullshit. ok so if alcohol is out of the question, try everything else. MJ. benzos. opiates. all of em at once. then maybe your inhibitions will be dulled and youll say FOOK IT and have your first drink in 6 years hahahaha.

ah whatever i havent made out with a gurl in 6 years either hahahaha.

DT would prob go crazy too if he had been dumped by My Woman hahahaha. its one thing to get dumped by a dirty slut who does Prolapse Party on the first date. its another to get badly dumped by a gurl who has only fooked 2 guys by age 25, who actually takes sex seriously and has to know the guy for MONTHS. you dont see that very often. not even with girls with good fathers!

yeah my thing is going to the Gym. i SHOULD lift the weights because testosterone is the best thing for a man. but i have too many excuses hahaha. as for anything.

the value of work. take abuse all day for not enough money to live on and become a monster. pass the abuse down to your family if youre lucky enough to have one. abuse yourself with drugs and alcohol to escape. DT captures this very well.

you never get trained on how exactly to take the abuse. just BE TOUGH. you have to learn toughness through these trials. BUT WHAT IF YOU DONT???? When the going gets tough, I do not toughen up, but rather break down like a Basic Beta Bitchboi! no wonder women and employers dont want me!

well its kinda insulting to women to put them on the same level as EMPLOYERS hahaha.

but it IS similar. you’re competing with other candidates for the position of slave hahahaha. crabs in a bucket. but the women give you more pleasure. but are less necessary than the jobs. and though the job crushed muh soul plenty, it was the WOMAN who crushed my soul more and made me quit the job. which i obviously would not do if i were not working with her!

this was not a stupid “work crush.” i knew her long before i started there. if anything, we were real life, outside of work friends, and then i got downgraded to “work friends”, and that was painful! it hurt! then downgraded to garbage thrown away without a word and forgotten.

theres that horrible anxiety dread feeling when you have a bad job or read DT’s tales of shitty jobs. overwhelming anxiety and despair that makes you think, i totally understand why people K themselves. WHY WOULDNT YOU hahahahaha.

and really the total OPPOSITE feeling is that you get from a special woman, like i got from her. confidence and strength and luv and optimism and everythings gonna be all right as long as we have each other.

this world is hard and cruel and unfair but we will fight the bastards together and support each other through it all.

and then they dump the shit out of you and dont even CARE! they’re DONE with you and thats that! how can you not even CARE when you do that to someone? because if you let yourself CARE, youd feel such guilt and shame over doing such a bad thing that youd K yourself hahahaha.

well i found a youtube channel by DT and he is a tall, in shape, truly quite handsome man. he apparently gets laid by attractive women rather frequently. he jsut cant connect decent women becuase he is a masochist, he is a drunkard degenerate, he doesnt want to give up degenerate things, and worse, he DOES degenerate things.

good guy and a great writer but he has to stop doing degenerate things!

a 34 year old asian womans ass is his god and master!

he is a smart capable healthy handsome white man! he needs to start treating himself wiht more self respect! this pornified degenerate neurotic stuff smacks of YOU KNOW WHO!!!! i think being in LA is a big part of it.

women reject you for being TOO NEEDY. well if they were EMOTIONALLY MATURE/INTELLIGENT enough to look beyond themselves, and put themselves in YOUR shoes – to show EMPATHY – then theyd KNOW that its not “neediness”, its just feelings. its LUV.


To have feelings for somebody IS to be needy ie NEED them. period.

so dont let bitches try to SHAME you for being “needy”.

respond by saying OF COURSHE IM NEEDY, that’s what it MEANS to have FEELINGS for someone, MORON! you emotional infant!

in this video millennial woes is wearing a “tom petty and the heartbreakers” shirt.

that is awesome because i didnt think he liked degenerate classic rock type music.

which it is degenerate but tom petty is a big exception. TP is a degenerate like all musicians, but his music is honest and sublime and real and much less degen than he is. someone i could see never growing out of. just a top tier True Musical Artist like tom waits or leonard cohen or neil young. but being professional musicians, ALL of these people flirt with a degenerate world. banging tons of sluts, doing tons of drugs, hedonist, sensualist.

now i think the best musicians like the above are less degen than average musicians.

anyway delicious tacos is  a great writer but so is MW and MW is much more where i wanna be morally and spiritually etc. fighting against degeneracy and standing up for the good guys, fighting the good fight.

i just cant take abuse very well. i am not tough enough. cant take abuse from employers, customers, coworkers.

well i think if you are taking abuse 8 hours a day MINIMUM, that is gonna have effects on you. it is gonna turn you into a monster who abuses people too. like the human centipede society in s.korea, see the klownisms blog.

when you get abused you gotta abuse someone else. i mean its OBVIOUS how this cycle perpetuates. its OBVIOUS that people who got abused as children are very lkely to grow up to be abusive adults. it just makes sense!

i mean yeah you can choose to stop the cycle of abuse. i would try to. i never got abused at home thank god! i just never dealt with rejection well. or stress.

i wonder if becuase i was so stressed out at work, that i took that stress out by being abusive to THAT PERSON, without even knowing.

NOOOOO. i was stressed about work and stressed about her but i was coming at her like please lets talk about this problem and she was like nope i never want to talk to you again cuz yr too weird, would rather get rid of you than talk to you about stuff, esp if you like me. nope. dont want to let you down gently. just want to throw you away cuz its easier that way.

google how to take verbal abuse hahahahaha

“Feel guilty for causing the bad vibes at work (Hint: if the victim were the bully, s/he wouldn’t feel guilty.)”

from http://www.healthyplace.com/abuse/verbal-abuse/dealing-with-verbal-abuse-at-work/

regarding verbal abuse at work, but its very appropriate to the guilt i felt for “causing her to throw me away”

yeah i was annoying and weird but i was Open to Talk, she was so Closed it was not even funny. i was standing there saying PLEASE RESPOND and she was turning her back and walking away without a word.

because i abused her. fook that. no i did not abuse her. abuse is: physical abuse like beating and raping.

then theres verbal abuse. that is calling someone a bitch and cvnt and all that. calling them a worthless whore. nope never did that either.

then theres covert psychological abuse, like controlling them, manipulating them, isolating them from their friends and family. you might say i was TRYING to control or manipulate her into talking or hanging out with me…………..

but when the stakes are that low you CANT really manipulate them. you can BEG them sure.

for you to even be ABLE to manipulate or control them, THEY have to have at least a LITTLE skin in the game. just a little personally invested.

if youre BEGGING someone, they have all the power, they are not invested at all, and uh…..in order to control someone, you gotta have some power to begin with.

you gotta start out with something like a 50/50 power balance before you can start WRESTING THAT POWER AWAY.

by the point i was begging, she had 99% of the power. SHE CONTROLLED ME. not intentionally certainly. in fact i probably GAVE her that power!! but i couldnt control her if she already controlled me! i couldnt manipulate her, that would be like…….i dunno. a poor peasant trying to manipulate the fooking KING.

no, peasants dont manipulate the king, they BEG the king.