what i will miss is the COMFORT i had with her. we both knew, trusted and accepted each other and i was comfortable being myself around her.

i never felt like i was waiting for the other shoe to drop, like i was with women i was “dating.”

i HATED “dating” because it was such a fast, forced, RUSHED. things started off ok, but i was always like, this is gonna end soon. and it always did. they lost interest, flaked out. i thought it was stupid to get physical so soon, but i did so anyway because when was i ever gonna get a cute young gurl again, so im glad i did. but the whole pseudo relationships were so gay and stupid. beginning, middle, and end all within a couple months. you never get to really KNOW the person, you never get comfortable around them, you never TRUST them, and they decide they know you well enough to dump you, lost interest in you?

this is why i prefer becoming friends with women before dating them. and i never had that work, but i know its better than the alternative.

because the alternative SUCKS.

but it takes at LEAST 6 months to a YEAR for me to become full friends with somebody. and by then, most women will have you in the “FRIENDZONE” if you havent FOOKED them within a few WEEKS.

well thats on them. women shouldnt BE fooking men within a few weeks. they shuld be willing to wait a year. thats how i would raise my daughter hehehe.

i think when i first met That Person, i appreciated that she was a good looking young woman and i wouldnt mind banging her.

BUT when i found out we got along really well, i soon began to care much LESS about banging her and much MORE about just getting along with her. plus i didnt really want to bang anyone, i was still stuck on the previous woman who had recently rejected me.

when i get rejected, i dont really want to bang anyone, even attractive women.

last night i struggled to think of attractive women to B34t off to, and i couldn’t. i could think of attractive women sure, but none i wanted to bang more than HER.

thats is, that tears it: I AM A DEMISEXUAL. coming out of the closet.

meaning i cant be super secsually interested in someone unless i have deeper feelings for them, and know them.

how about this. as soon as you meet a female friend you tell them that they are attractive but since you are a heartbroken demisexual, you dont really want to bang anyone right now. you are sexually and emotionally unavailable.

and if you get along really well with your new female friend and want to do something physical….




I’m not against cuddling and making out AT ALL. i think you CAN do these within 1 month. just no fooking!

but noooooooo, you start making out with a woman and then during the first makeout she is shoving her tongue in your mouth, grabbing your D, and thinks youre a beta if you dont fook her at the time of the First Makeout!

degenerate! morally abhorrent!

make out (tongueless, that tongue shit is DEGENERATE) and cuddle for a YEAR! THEN have secs!

of course, it seems kinda STUPID to do this with a woman who has ALREADY had S with 90 guys all within 1 week. then honestly they dont DESERVE to be treated with the kid gloves, because they are not innocent as all.

great comment on Woes video:

” Robertus Antoninus 4 hours ago (edited)
+Millennial Woes Keep the young women and use their wombs to carry to term in-vitro fertilized eggs from high quality white women. Now that is eugenics!

In fact, we could make that a stipulation for aid to the third world. The technology exists to cause a population boom in high iq whites. Our only problem would be looking after so many newborns when we take them back.

I sound like Dr Strangelove, lol.  ”

now thats thinking outside of the box!

he’s talking about basically muslim (asian, arab, brown) women carrying white children. white eggs, white sperm, growing to term in a brown uterus.

this definitely CAN be done and you will get a white baby, but i wonder about the bath of Brown Hormones for 9 months hahahaha. I would be willing to experiment with it tho.

i mean you would have to harvest the eggs from the women, then fertilize them, then implant these fertilized eggs into the nonwhites, which would probably cost at least….50000 dollars? per fertilized egg. but well worth it imho hahahaha.

basically, brown women having white babies, because white women are not willing to do so. VERY INTERESTING.

she was very important to me. she was one of my favorite people. the thought of her motivated me and lifted me up and made me stronger and more confident. just the thought of cuddling with her and being With Her and being Soulmates hahahahaha. and now she is gone forever. that is gonna be painful for anyone.

a GOOD breakup is painful enough. a BAD breakup is EVEN MORE painful, it makes you blame yourself and lose all confidence in yourself, you feel worthless, begin to doubt your ability to do anything in life.

also it hurts more to be the dumpee than the dumper because you didnt want it to end, you were willing to work on it.

SO, THEREFORE, QED, to be dumped in a BAD way is super painful.

i shouldnt have to mansplain these Day 1 Basics of Emotional Intelligence. That a Bad Breakup is worse than a Good Breakup. COME ON! am i talking to INFANTS? yes. hahahaha.

but even when she was being mean and awful, just having her in my life gave me some emotional support and strength. and all that is gone now. i like having a person who can play that role. a kind loving woman to be nice to me and spend time with and give some (not ridiculous amount) of emotional support.

so thats all gone.

it hurts when you lose someone important to you. period.

why am i even saying this? all people know this. even women. even her. women arent so emotionally infantile that they dont understand this. she probably knows im hurting. shes just not courageous enough to face it. or she is so disgusted by me daring to like her that she thinks i deserve this. but no one deserves this.


google am i demisexual


i dont fooking know it seems autistic. i mean i am comfortable with being generally CIS HETERO, just that i dont have a STRONG secs drive for people i dont know. I mean i can say yeah she’s attractive but i just dont CARE. i dont start CARING about secs until i know the person (WOMAN) and have developed something of a friendship or emotional connection with them.

i think its stupid you have to have sex with somebody RIGHT AWAY. i lose respect for the woman, i dont trust her, i get dumped quickly, and i am rightfully worried about getting dumped quickly, becuase i dont trust the person not to lose interest in me.

yeah i mean i have sexual attraction to lots of attractive women, so i guess im not demisexual.

i just prefer not to have secs unless there is an emotional connection, because i believe secs should not be separated from emotion. what do you call this orientation hahaha? its clearly similar to demi, but not quite.

OK i guess im not demi:

”  Most people on the non-asexual side of the spectrum feel sexual attraction regardless of whether or not they have a close emotional bond with someone. They may have sexual feelings for attractive people on the street, classmates or coworkers they’ve barely spoken to, or celebrities. However, they may choose to wait to have sex for a variety of reasons: it might not be feasible or appropriate, they want to make sure the person is respectful and kind, it’s against their religious beliefs, they only want to have sex in a romantic relationship, etc. The difference is that demisexuals don’t start out with these sexual feelings at all.  ”

Are You Demisexual Test
You have reached 72 of 100 points, (72%)

demisexual quiz

If you got 60 points or above, you are Demisexual.

If you received a score below 60 points, you may like to take our following tests:

Are You Asexual? Test
Sapiosexual Test
Are You Pansexual? Test
Note: It’s normal to receive a score within the 40 – 60 range, as most people aren’t necessarily attracted to other people on a regular basis.


from this quiz. imho the quiz is not valid and doesnt understand what demisexuals think demi is.

this is the top definition on urban dictionary

Demisexuals are characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction. It is an orientation that is not chosen.

Demisexuality does not refer to the active restraint or repression of sexual desires or actions.

Demi- is a prefix meaning half. This is used to mean halfway between sexual and asexual. The term originated in the asexual community, specifically within the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).
Sexual partner: Hey, I think you are sexy. *aroused*
Demisexual partner: I’d have to reach a higher level of emotional intimacy before I could feel the same way. =\
Sexual partner: Oh, I see. Well, we can do something enjoyable together. =/
Demisexual partner: =D We can bake a cake for now!
Sexual partner: Sure! That’s always fun, although we seem to be doing that a lot. =D
Demisexual partner: *squeee! bonding time!*
by chara89 May 11, 2011”

so in other words, true demi is autistic and phaggy becuase how else would the conversation play out like that. and who else would say “SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! BONDING TIME!!!” like a real phaggot. and why wouldnt the sexual partner say your weird im out, theres millions of guys who will fook me, im not willing to bake LOTS of cakes with you.

squeeee. what the fook does that mean. sounds like something an anime neet would say.

god damn how is this so hard for you normies to understand. i see attractive women all the time. 21 year old, yound purty women. but i dont CARE about putting in the EFFORT to actually have secs with them.

however if i make friends with a pretty young gurl, get to know her, then get feelings for her, THEN i care a great deal about havin secs with them, and find secs a very emotional physical act hahahaha.

have i ever had secs wihtout emotions?

well usually i start getting positive emotions right after making out with a grill, even if they are a dirty skank hahha.

so i am NOT demi.

I am attracted to people all the time. i just dont CARE tho. because i treat sex with REVERENCE and CHOOSE to save myself for essentially moral reasons.

but if an attractive gurl wanted to have secs with me with no effort on my end……..i definitely would. i just wouldnt TRUST a woman for a long term rel tho, if she has secs early. i dont TRUST women who ALSO dont have reverence for secs, and i think women SHOULD have more reverence for S than men……because S is much more dangerous for women than men.

A person pretentious enough to refer to themselves as a demisexual; a straight person piggy-backing onto the LGBT movement.
Person 1: OMG I could never come out to my parents that I’m a demisexual. I’m so unique and different from all the people at my school who just want to have sex casually, I’m waiting for love and that’s why I’m queer!

Person 2: My IQ just dropped 20 points listening to you.
by Dr. Bluefish December 28, 2012
1470 upvots   2639 down ”

from urban dictionary, a downvoted definition that i thought was funny.

so if its a pretentious way for a CIS HET NORMIE person to feel like a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE, that means its fairly NORMAL to Prefer Sex with an Emotional Attachment??? I WOULD HOPE SO!!! in my moral paradise, yes, that WOULD be normal, than a bunch of degenerate r-types having casual sex like RATS!!!!!!

just say i am anti casal sex.

IM NOT A DEMISEXUAL, I JUST DONT LIKE CASUAL SEX. because i think its degenerate.

i have sexual attraction for many, and “romantic attraction” for only a few, ie people i know, and I prefer not to act on sexual attraaction unless there are romantic attraction.

IM NOT A DAMN AUTISTIC DEMISEXUAL SNOWFLAKE SJW. I just like to KNOW, TRUST, LIKE, and have a proper relationship with the people i have secs with.

well, i suppose if i WERE a confident normalfag extravert and it came NATURALLY to me, that i always had OPPORTUNITIES for sex with attractive women, then i guess i would prob partake of that a little bit. but i would prob tire of it and still want a real rel.  and not with the types of women who give themselves up casually.

ok lemme explain it this way. secs with someone you love would be 1000000000000000000000 times better and more meaningful and profound and emotional and positive than secs with someone who you DONT know, even though that may be fun, even though they may be technically more attractive than the person you love.

for example, i saw a gurl at the fatness club who technically was easily more attractive than THAT PERSON: about 20 years old, long blond hair, perfect body, beautiful skin, great shape, long legs, pretty much a perfect 10, amazing that women this beautiful even exist. oh she must be airbrushed or anorexic hahaha. bullshit. she was drop dead gorgeous, no bullshit makeup, no computer trickery, just a young gurl at the Gym, not all slutted up, ALTHOUGH she was waering too tight of clothes for my liking, but this is the norm at the Gym, and its unfortunately. you wonder why guys are staring at you? because you are a perfect 10, in great shape, and it looks like your clothes are PAINTED ON.

anyway i was of courshe “sexually attracted” to this woman, yet i didnt raelly care about having S with her, and would 90000000000000000000000000000000 times more prefer to have Intimate Emotional S with That Person. even if That Person had more physical shortcomings hahahaha.

so in other words, S with someone you love is 9000000000000000000000 times better than S with the Best Looking Random Stranger. even if that random stranger is a 20 year old perfect 10. and your loved person is a 25 year old 7.5 hahahahaha.