hmm. thought i had written more on that last post haaahahaha.

not only could she have written a damn email………….SHE COULD HAVE READ MY DAMN EMAILS.

not only was she not willing to communicate with me, she was not willing to listen to what i was trying to damn tell her.

well, i have no proof, but chances are good she did not read most of the stuff.

when someone loses all respect for you like this, is that your fault? sometimes. it depends hahahaha. but i dont think it was all my fault here. she could have at least read/listened to what i was writing/saying.

i cared about how she felt! she didnt care about how i felt!

so do we blame her father for abandoning her which may have been the root cause? so that she doesnt know how to have a mature rel? but she does know how to have a mature rel. which makes me think it was all my fault. but really. she could have READ my emails at least!

or do we blame her mother for CHOOSING her father who probably showed huge signs of being a deadbeat or badboi?

i mean its sad that her father abandoned her, he shouldnt have done that, she turned out to be a decent person in spite of it all. decent except for the horrible shit she did to me hahaha. but she turned out to be a most decent person, not a slut and not a cheater, which happens to 99% of fatherless gurls, so.

but she hurt me more than any SLUT ever did!

also the SLUTS i knew had fathers in their lives! wtf?!?!?!?!??!

well, not all the sluts.

but yeah. i think i deserved to have my emails READ, AND responded to. i dont think i deserved to be thrown away like YESTERDAYS TRASH. i cant believe that.

(CANT CLOSE) THE WOES has a chat with Copy, an English guy who seems pretty with it. I enjoyed their talk and had a favorable reaction to Copy. He talks about how College can be very destructive to young men who are not well prepared, and i was not well prepared, and neither was  he or Mr Woes. and so now we are all a broken record of dont go to college, go to trade skool, or if you do go to college, do stem. stem stem stem stem stem stem stem stem stem.

i liked him talking about how stuff like the humanities and nonstem naturally attracts kind of introverted outsider shy sensitive men, so they get a double whammy, because their masculinity is further destroyed by the masculine-hating educators and theories and knowledge and what is taught. and young men start to get anxious and this is really bad for men to be anxious. i agree, anxious kills confidence and its just very counter-masculine. an anxious man is not a masculine man. its okay to be sensitive and introverted and in touch with your emotions, just dont become anixious or shy or beta. unfort that first group veyr readily leads to the second group.

and to be surrounded by beautiful young girls and you really want to have secs and cuddle and make out and have a gurlfran but you cant because youre beta and different and weird and the gurls are like sheep led by those with power in the univ, ie huge fookin anti male marxists. and then you finish and are unable to deal with the real world, and realize you should have done stem or not gone at all. great vidya. and now you are 10 years behind the dumb degenerate mainstream normie jocks hahahahaha no you dont end up the winner because you were the “smart nerd”, you were the wrong kind of nerd, and no you wont get the last laugh, you will continue being under the thumb of extravert normies and only get their sloppy seconds at best. at worst you will be a 30 year old virgin hahahahaha.

35 year old virgin! hahahaha.

thank god i stopped being a virgin at age 21 with an Easy Slut! now I can’t say I’m a 30+ year old virgin at least!

a two year friendship where i was once your special friend and now youre NOT EVEN WILLING TO READ AN EMAIL when the going gets tough???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

because me being weird and acting like i like you is just THAT BAD that youre NOT EVEN WILLING TO READ AN EMAIL from me.

well when you put it THAT way, shes OBVIOUSLY the bad guy hahahaha

to ask the question is to answer it, and of course the author knows that.

i know muh gurl hadnt done that, she hadnt been so damn used up wawawaawawawawawa

it sucks she could be so mean to me, couldnt even READ muh emails.

she treated guys who were bad to her better than she treated me (certainly not an uncommon thing with women!) she CARED abotu them more than she cared about me!

she did AMAZINGLY well for a girl without a strong father. ive seen gurls WITH decent fathers turn out to be big sluts. but at least the big sluts talked to me like a human being when they dumped me so they could get shit on by muslims. and they didnt HATE me for liking them.

if you get CASTRATED, can you still get feelings for women?

do you still get aroused or erotic feelings for women?

i thought she was exceptionally strong morally because she could discipline and control HERSELF without the strong guiding hand of a masculine role model. without which, many/most women seem like they would naturally DEGRADE themselves unless you keep them under lock and key. and this was just sad but true reality for the Creators of Human Life. The Sacred Gun, given to a Baby with a huge Id.

Women can’t handle the responsibility given to them by nature!

Unless Reasonable Adults Control them. doesnt have to be JUST men. their mothers can control them almost as good as their fathers.

like you see these mothers who LOVE being mothers. traditional wives and mothers. they have several children and love it. GOD BLESS THEM. THESE women I would trust to not Automatically Degrade Themselves when left to their own devices. But an unmarried Young Gurl? HELL TO THE NO!

so thats why i liked my female friend so much, she had a lot of SELF CONTROL, which earned liking and loyalty from me.

of course, i should only have given her loyalty once I got HER loyalty…..and her secs.

She couldnt even ******READDDDDDDDD****** ONE EMAIL!!!!!!

you dont have to love me, you dont have to like me, but respect the two good years we had and READ one email from me, when I am trying to tell you how I feel at the End of our Relationship.

she knew me for 2 and a half years and couldnt even READ ONE EMAIL from me after throwing me away like YESTERDAYS RUBBISH.

she was SO UNWILLING to commuincate with me, she could not even READ ONE EMAIL from me.

she couldnt even write me one email even though i quit the job because of her and i think she knew it.

if some gurl quit the job because of me, i would at least write her an email and say IM SORRY.

well this all pertains to people who work together in the same room every day and see each other every day. if you work in different workplaces…..uhhhh no need to quit your job son.

i would have said no, you dont need to quit the job because of ME, lets smooth this out so we don’t hate each other and nobody has to quit their JOB.

nope. no willingness on her part to do any such thing. i just disappear one day forever and she doesnt even CARE. god damn how could you be so COLD.

thats the PROBLEM. if one woman can do such a 180, pull the rug from underneath you, so can ANY woman. but dont you trust me? yeah i trusted HER too. yeah she was nice and loyal to me TOO. in the beginning. yeah i never thought she would leave EITHER.

hehehe i was watching this ridic show “90 day fiancee” where a 58 year old man was marrying a 19 year old filipina gurl. and he had been Hosed by his ex wife who totally betrayed him like that, so he wants the gurl to sign a prenup. supposedly the law is, she HAS to go over it wiht a lawyer (cuz shes on a k1 visa) and get advice from a lawyer. the lawyer tells her its “garbage, he’s stabbing you in the back” and blatantly advises her not to sign it. i wish the lawyer went into more detail here. the husband was making a ton of relevant and strong arguments for the prenup.

sign the prenup because you luv your husband to be and it proves you are not willing to ever betray him. simple. i’d sign a prenup if she asked me to! but when do women ever ask MEN to sign prenups????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

i mean its a ridiculous show and 58 year old men should not be marrying 19 year old mail order brides. maybe from russia hahahaa.

there was a 21 year old girl from russia marrying a 22 year old virgin mormon american boy. he was kinda gay but thats just from being a virgin mormon. they had by far the healthiest relationship.

everything else was just weird:  a 27 yo israeli guy with a 27 year old american gurl, probably a j00 too, well that was the next best rel. he was angry she went to a strip club on her bachelorette party and wouldnt speak to her. you could tell she really cared for him because she really wanted to talk to him and didnt want him to go back to israel.

but that was weird because israel is a damn first world country and he could certainly find a wife there.

then there was a loser 27 year old american white beta male with a 25 year old woman from thailand, the love of his life;

a 38 year old latino american man with a 22 yo gurl from columbia, who was really cute and had a lot of white in her and was very innocent and feminine; but she did have a dumb tattoo and was not fully white are the two main strikes against her. the guy was an overbearing mamas boy with an overbearing mother who was pushing the cute willing young girl away from her fat beta son who could never otherwise marry a cute willing nice 22 yo american gurl.

a 33 white american woman with a 26 year old black jamaican man, so he could be the stepfather to her white son. yikes. her family understandably did not really trust him.

think thats it. by far the best couple was the russian girl and the young american mormon. it seemed natural and right for them to be getting married both at age 21 or so.

pretty soon i will be so old it would be “weird” for me to marry a 25 year old woman.

but after that age…..they are so old its hard to get that loving feeling, where you want to luv and protect them. its just like you arent married YET? you must have some baggage then.

heh. its not a huge coincidence that thats how old she is hahahahaha. which by the way, is the oldest woman i have ever been actively in lv with. well the previous woman was 24/25. she is techincally 2 years older than That Person hahaha but was a little younger than That Person was when TP rejected me.

when i was 22, i was in luv with another 22 year old. much more age appropriate hahahaha. but she was a slut who just wanted to have fun. sex means nothing unless its an alpha male youre in luv with. she respected her father although her parents were divorced and i dont think she saw her father that much cuz he lived in a different state. but she talked to him regularly. i dont think he was a deadbeat per se!

well she was a j00 and i will never again date a j00. its a good thing i DIDNT get married to her hahahaha.

now j00s can be very cute and they are the most white looking of the races, in fact, back then, i thought they WERE white. but now i appreciate the differences and i want a WHITE woman thank you very much.

unfortunately, white women are in a poor ass state right now…….as are white men. the white race is truly SUICIDING itself. willingly playing into the powers that be who want to GENOCIDE the white race, and the whites say yep okay we suck we deserve it, we dont deserve to exist.

note that a white woman having babies with a nonwhite man is a form of racial suicide.

or white men mating with asians or mestizos.

i wonder if these jewish gurls ended up marrying jewish men once they got out of college. and during college they ride the goy carousel. but i would imagine their strong j00ish families would want their women to marry j00ish men only.

do middle class j00s have stronger nuclear families than middle class whites? working class whites?

or are whites, who practically invented the nuclear family, moving more towards a “ghetto matriarchy” ie r-selection?

damnéd whore!!!!!

éééééééééé hahahahahaha hué hué hué

ëëëëë the dirty albaniëns use this one a lot hahahahaha

i saw a guy the other day driving a shiny black mercedes benz with a license plate that said ALB BOSS. there is no doubt as to what the ALB stood for hahahahahaha.

albanians used to be white but…..not so much any more imho.

so why didnt the turks rape thousands of women in like ukraine or moldova and bulgaria when they were part of the ottoman empire? why are bulgarians still white but albanians not? is what i want to know. does it have something to do with albanians also being more muslim? why didnt the turks just rape the bulgarians AND force them to become muslims?

the azerbaijans are an iranian people like the kurds. but the georgian people are…..a caucasian people? what people who live in teh caucausus are not really caucasian? armenians GOTTA be caucasian i would think.

note: i do not view caucasians in this sense as “white.” i dont know WHO started calling whites caucasians but imho its wildly misleadingly inaccurate.

so turks hate armenians cuz they genocided them. so armenians must not be a Turkic people i would think hahahaah.

well koreans would genocide each other if they were paid well enough, they have no racial solidarity.

nor do whites, in their suicidal state!

so if your RACE is in a suicidal state, is it any wonder many individuals of that race are in despair? hahahaha.

are armenians iranian hehehehehe.

it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe i was SO BAD that I deserved her to not be willing to READ ONE EMAIL after a TWO AND A HALF YEAR Relationship.

well when you put it that way hahahahaha. so that s the best way to put it.

also in that vidya with copy and MW, they mention this culture of nihilism in the 90s where it was considered COOL to be despairing and self destructive and do drugs adn throw your life away and not care about anything and be hateful and suicidal and a gothic despairing loser as part of your teen angst, and i dont think that is the same about the teen angst of the younger millennials, who accept their generational role with less rebellion hahaha. and its easier for them to get gurls. (that is my own interpetation hahaha)

so, in 2015, a 20 year old beta will have an easier time getting gurls than a 30 year beta did when he was 20 in 2005 hahahaha.

its like the younger millennials dont even HAVE adolescent angst, while the Older millennials never outgrew their insanely severe adolescent angst!!!!!!

hehehe thats the problem with being an older millennial. you dont like those millennial phaggot degenerates and dont want to be a part of that generation, but you’re too young for generation x too.

so yeah. like MW i am an Older Millennial.

maybe thats why things failed with that person. since she is SQUARELY smack dab bona fide full millennial.

if older millennials were nihlistic and anti-moral, then younger millennials are….situational, opportunistic, relativistic, and completely amoral.

to us, morality MATTERS; to them, morality is an outdated myth, only the situation and the rationalization matters.

so us olders rebelled and rebelled and rebelled and eventually became super moral neoreactionaries hahahahaha big supporters of traditional morals.

although some 20 year olds are jumping right into the nrx stuff, well good for them, i wish i was half that smart when i was 20. instead i believed middle class college bullshit like males are oppressive and whites are oppressive. oy vey im sorry, so sorry. i was wrong.

well ya know by age 26 i was well on my way towards Red Pill, I had lived and failed in the real word long enough.

but even 26 is a little old. if i had gotten a proper job immediately after college maybe i would have been redpilled by 23 or so. oh well. not a huge deal.  better than 30 hahaha. by 30 i was already a hardcore mgtow neoreactionary neonazi white nationalist, still am, except i dont identify so much with “mgtow” any more because i dont want to GIVE UP on women. I am much more comfortable with the term “neoreactionary.”