i was thinking, if i were to have S with a woman before really knowing her, like within a week or even a month of meeting her, i would say to myself: I DONT TRUST THIS WOMAN. Sure it’s great that i’m getting S so easily, but IF SHE GIVES IT UP TO ME EASILY………SHE’LL GIVE IT UP TO ANY MAN EASILY.

She’s PROMISCUOUS. She’s EASY. She doesn’t respect the Power of Pregnancy. Baby with a Gun.

she doesnt even KNOW me. i could be a total psychopath. if she can do this with me, she can do this with other guys. possibly while she’s WITH me. she doesn’t respect the power of pregnancy, she doesn’t respect sex itself, this is NOTHING to her, she’s just in an emotional swoon and not even thinking. boy now i don’t feel so special any more. well you SHOULDNT. she does this with ANY GUY.

i have such an aversion to SLUTS, that i never THOUGHT about how a woman could deeply hurt me in ways OTHER than being a slut. THAT PERSON hurt me more than any slut ever has, and she was not a slut!

well….she didnt intentionally hurt me. the hurt came from me being in luv with her.

BUT….she could have been nicer. she didnt have to be so mean.


and that is the key to my liberation hahahaha. she didnt have to be nice nice. she didnt have to be super cordial or emotionally intelligent or mature. she just had to write ONE EMAIL and she couldnt even do that.

of COURSHE it was SHOCKING because even though the Signals said our Rel was On the Outs and we were Ending,  i simpyl thought she cared more about me as a person than to do that to me. maybe she DID. but she sure didnt SHOW it.

got in 9 miles on treadmill yesterday, it was awwwwwright. goosh goosh hahahahaha. i listened to a bunch of MOONMAN and it was awesome. the mother fookin racist n199er killin moon hahahaha. using n199er babies as fleshlights, twistin there heads off hahahaha. moonman is just what i need right now and i thank GOD for him. or for the 4chan / 8 chan guys who “repurposed” him from a mcdonalds mascot into a hilariously racist rapper hahahaha.

IMHO, and not all would agree, I would like to see moonman as more of a general neoreactionary, and direct more of his ire towards j00s and marxists and mudslimes and leftists and be very tuned into current events (although he already is) and maybe be adopted by like TRS (the right stuff) or even THA WOES.

while also promoting traditional values and nuclear families, and not adopting the degenerate sex practices of the culture he is mocking hahahaha. cant have it both ways moonman. its enough that you are rapping hahahaha.

but yeah. i knew she was mad or scared or annoyed or distant or hated me at that time…………..but i didnt think she was SO DONE with me that she COULDNT WRITE ME ONE EMAIL.


What else can I do? KEEP begging her to respond? because Im still in luv with her, yes, thats what i want to do.


she doesnt have to suffer through that drawn out process! because she wasnt in luv with me!

if she was, then she would have been WILLING TO WRITE AT LEAST ONE EMAIL TO ME!!!!!!!!

i wonder how long it takes HER to have S with guys. PROBABLY NOT LONG, NOW.

with a real fly by night, jaded, un-innocent attitude like that, its IMPOSSIBLE to get that PROTECTIVE feeling you get for women you truly luv.

it shows them as being DESTRUCTIVE and RISKY and a BAD INVESTMENT and DISLOYAL and UNLOVING and UNLOVABLE hahahahaha.

dykes in the ikea commercial with their cutesy takeout at home drawer, phaggots in the campbells soup commercial for star wars soup, and the poor kid with 2 phaggot fathers has them both saying luke i am your father WOW now that actually shocked me hahahahaha.

although i do think two gay fathers would probably be better than a bad single mother, or two straight parents who hate each other and shouldnt be parents. cuz gays are usually successful professionals who can make sure their kids become successful professionals too and not loser layabout neets like us hahahahaha.

i mean i wouldnt have a problem with gay parents who otherwise act like traditional nuclear parents.

its gonna make women go out and cuck their boyfrans, it encourages female disloyalty hahahahaha.

i mean i used to have gay male friends, i got along with gay men all right and they were ok with me not being gay for them. maybe i even liked the attention, that hey SOMEBODY finds me desirable and is being Fun and Flirty with me! this must be what an Alpha Male feels like when Women are Fun and Flirty and Friendly and Open to him hahahaha.

at the end of the day, its the women not men who bother me with their weirdness and degeneracy:

  1. they have sex too soon and too easily, indicating no proper respect or knowledge of what their own bodies can do
  2. they lose interest too easily and are “monkey branching” to another man, always have one foot out the door, classic hypergamy leading them to get bored with you and withdraw a once-present interest, which is really crushing
  3. general disloyalty, infidelity, untrustworthiness. you cant trust em. do they love you, or will they disappear forever one day without warning, without willing to work on the relationship?

its hard to like, love, or respect people who act like this! whyidontlikewomen.txt


well arent men hypergamous too? they always want a younger, fresher, more fertile, better woman?

NOT AS MUCH AS WOMEN, I claim. maybe i’m just wrong about that becuase i’m USED TO rejection from women, so i don’t like women and have become prejudiced against them. yeah definitely a little!

so in other words, maybe women ARENT more hypergamous than men, it just SEEMS like it to ME, becuase women have always rejected me for being a weak omega hahahaha.

i found a long womans hair on my clothes recently and i thought oh god i hope its not from THAT PERSON, because i remember distinctly back in the day how painful it was when a woman dumped me and then in the future i found one of her hairs somewhere, left months ago when she was cuddling or more with me.

then i realized it COULDNT be that persons hair because i never even cuddled with her and never got physically close enough to her to have one of her hairs fall on my clothes. it was just some random woman hair i picked up at some random public place, possibly the fatness gym.

comment on this vidya :: ” Listener 18 hours ago
James Howard Kunstler speaks of the creation of the suburbs are the greatest misallocation of resources in history, and that may be true in a material sense. But I think an equally great misallocation is what the modern West does with its young women. A young blond girl should not be serving immigrants in McDonalds. She should be serving her husband and children in her home. There is perhaps no greater evidence of a lack of solidarity than this, that our young women, upon whom our future existence depends, are allowed to waste their youth in frivolous pursuits, destroy their bodies with piercings, tattoos, and obesity, and associate with and even have children with the least desirable elements of society. No society that would tolerate this deserves to exist.  ”

NOICE hahahahaha

well i would clarify that we do deserve to exist, but god damn we need to stop encouraging such destructive horrible degenerate behavior in OUR young women!!!!!!!!!!

someone else linked to this blog


where an american teaching english in korea complains abotu how degenerate and horrible korea is, just a terrible culture. hehehehe like 10 years ago i had signed up for a company to teach english in korea, glad i decided not to follow through hahahaha. i wouldnt have the guts. he has the guts and his patience is wearing very thin. he needs to get out!


yeah sounds like a shitty culture where everyone hates and abuses everyone else, there is no solidarity or community or luv, not even religion or class or race for gods sakes! and everyone beats their wives and children and is an alcoholic and kills themselves hehehe.

and they eat their young and are all crabs in a bucket and human centipede and eating shit and giving shit and have no honor and all they do is lie cheat and steal, and they like fooking children because theyre monsters.

this is all leading from THA WOES arguing with a “Korean Dandy” in the above video and then the comments talk about how the Korean Psyche is godawful.

a girl giving it up to YOU easily is reason not to trust her, is reason to make you uneasy. happy in the short term but unhappy past that.

this is partially why i am not comfortable With Sex. cuz the only chances i got to do it, was with women i barely knew, who barely knew me, and i am much more comfortable with Going Slow, and women should want to go even more slow, but theyve been Sped Up by Marxism, and if you arent willing to go their speed, you’re not getting S at ALL. and i wasnt willing to be a virgin forever. so i sucked it up hahahaha grinned and beared it with the beautiful teenage slut hahahahahaha and im kinda glad i did because after i became an older adult, i never got the chance again. so i practically still am a V hahahaha. i only had secs with 1 gurl, 2 times, and thats all folks hahahaha. i had a chance with 1 other gurl but i wanted to “take it slow” with her. then she dumped me soon after and i regret not banging her when i had the 1 chance.  the end.

but yeah i should really do my own moon man raps where i encourage serious neoreaction stuff. thats the thing. there are many different people involved in moonman, there is really no barrier to entry, anyone can do a moonman rap, and i am SURE some “nRx” (neoreaction) types have taken notice, the way he blatantly calls out social justice warriors and feminists and his supporters prob intersect a lot with /pol.

and i agree that ridiculous over the top shock value (eg “k1lling n199ers”)  is a core part of his identity. but that need not be mutually exclusive with wholesome traditional reactionary morals like faith, family, and folk hahahahaha. blood and soil and honor hahahaha.

also song parodies are becoming more and more popular with the nRx so that is kewl. moonman is similar but different. he does some parodies based off of well known rap songs but i would say it is more about getting his moonman message across.

sigggghhhhh. seemingly mundane things were special to me, just spending time with her, going to fooking wendys and sitting in the car talking, and her sharing things with me. this is when i know she cared about me. and of course at the end she couldnt even write one goddamn email to talk abotu her decision to remove me from her life.

she used to be able to communicate with me! talk about her feelings!

i listend to this marriage 2.0 tedx talk by a lmft where they talked back to several popular “myths” such as “never go to bed angry”, “be prepared to compromise”, “it takes two.” no she said it takes ONE, you need to change you attitude and your expectations and what you want.

yeah right. i am gonna change my expectations to i expect my wife to be a cold loveless bitch to me and then i will be happy when she is a cold loveless bitch. the person did not explain the tedx talk very well.

well she did not encourage cucking which i thought she was and was the reason i listened to it.

like, make your wife haaaaaaaaappy by saying ok darling when she wants to go fook other men.

so yeah the talk did not make much sense. course nothing makes much sense to me hahaha.