yeah big terrorism in paris yesterday, 150+ dead, thats a big deal!

mill woes talking about mgtow and his own painful rel with a female friend and how he threw away 7 years, age 18 to 25, being a “milk sop” hopeless in love with her, dear god.

” The Reactionary Tree 1 year ago
I have mixed feelings about MGTOW. Right now, I am in a relationship with a woman I care a great deal about. If I didnt have a woman who I cared a great deal about, I could see myself “going my own way.” Perhaps that is just being a bachelor. I have zero intent on settling because I see that I would myself ultimately becoming terribly unhappy in such a relationship.

They are free to do what they want and they are at least bright enough to see that Western women have become pretty terrible for the most part.

The sad thing is that these guys, who can see through the bullshit of the new Western woman and what she has become, should be the ones raising children. They have lots of knowledge to pass on to the future generations of young men. There are a few good women left out there, perhaps not as many as there used to be but that is no reason to cut yourself off from women entirely. Sift through the bullshit and find the ones worth being with. I guess trying and failing is better than never trying at all… perhaps a bit cliche.


I would say that 99.999% of women are not poisonous (though I realize a lot of western women are). I think reclamation of patriarchy is the strategy men should adopt. I am not saying man up and marry those sluts. I am saying reclaim our masculinity, improve ourselves, game these broads and only marry the ones you have courted and decided are worthy of us.  ”

” Albion Myway 11 months ago (edited)
Regarding to your story with that girl (and I could tell a similar one, as it happens, having been a romantic fool prone to fixation and clueless idiocy.) I think you would be somewhat justified in putting some blame on her, since she must indeed have known your feelings, on some level. Indeed it would be nice to go back in time and give one’s younger self a good talking to- a dose of reality. Including such unsentimental terms as ‘friend zone’ ‘beta orbiter’ and ‘oneitis’. There is some use to this ‘red pill’ stuff. Not necessarily to go one’s own way, though that is useful as an option – to know women aren’t the be all and end all, and that one can survive without one, and doesn’t need one for validation. The real torment is the thought that having known then what one knows now, one could have upped one’s ‘game’ and potentially achieved one’s original objectives. There again one also recoils from the amoral, cynical, manipulative and mechanical view of human nature promoted by many of these theories. One doesn’t wish to inhabit such a soulless and disenchanted world. ‘Game’/’PUA’ stuff is as depressing as MGTOW in the sense that it promotes such a bleak and hollow outlook.

As a humanist and a nationalist one is obliged to reject the extreme forms of MGTOW anyway for obvious reasons. ”

Pinnacles49 9 months ago (edited)
accidentally deleted this….You were a milk sop. Same as me. Check the tendency, because it will continue through the years. It’s , in general, toxic to your well being. And you have to realize that even if you did by chance or effort “win” get her, you would have inevitably come back to reality; and the infatuation would have dissolved, romance faded. Then you might have found someone else and developed a distaste for the previous woman you had put on a pedestal.

No, I don’t practice what I preach; it takes constant vigilance. I am giving advice to myself, I guess.

This problem of course has continued throughout the centuries (i.e., troubadour poetry, etc.); but in ours, my theory is that this milk sop obsessive lovelorn type has increased because of FEMINISM. I’m not a mgtow- didn’t even know what it was until a few months ago.

Or, it could be Feminism combined with an excessive compassion for fellow human beings, projected onto one individual; in an absurd way this is a divine impulse erroneously hyper-focused.

Another thing to consider is that 4% of the general population could be diagnosed as narcissistic manipulative sociopaths, to some degree at least. These persons prey easily on
good-willed and kind men, “nice guys”. I’m not saying this is true in your case; however I have experienced this and heard of other victims.

Whatever, just my ideas .
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just copy and pasting some ok comments there.

what i would say to MW is, SO WHAT if you were awkward around gurls and didnt know how to deal with them cuz you were inexperienced and was Not Quite Assertive in the Right Way and came off as Obsessive Maybe Or Maybe Not.  Was she not an Adult Too who was responsible for 50% of the relationship? could she have not talked to you about these things?

where MW’s big error was, was pretending like his feelings would “just go away” and then keeping up with the friendship with the woman, talking to her all the damn time. I guess she really beleived him that his feelings were gone, and he should have been more honest, but oh well, I aint dissing MW, I love him hahahaha. I luv this guy!

and I appreciate You sharing this painful story with us. Yes I can totally believe it. I am sorry that you gave up SEVEN YEARS, the best years of your Youth, on a woman who didnt have feelings for you.

Yeah some of it was on you, like living in the delusion for 7 years and still talking to her……..but a lot of it was on her too. she should have been more of a damn adult and been like “you seem like youre still in luv with me. maybe we should take a break for a few months. this doesnt seem like its good for you.”

so yeah dont blame yourself so much MW. she was an adult, she had responsibility for the relationship too.

or is that one of the differences between men and women? that in men-women rels, the man has to have 100% responsibility all the time, so anything that happens is always all his fault?

so he had kinda a breakdown when she fell totes in luv with a man  and then she and MW stopped talking? i would like to know more about exactly what happened at that point of ending. who said and did what. did she or he say finally ok we have to stop talking now? or did they just drift apart?

did they ever see each other physically, or just talk on phone or computer?

anyway this is really a much different situation than i had. sounds like they DID have a talk early on where she said no i dont share your feelings, LJBF, and he didnt react to that too well, namely, pining after her for 7 more years, talking to her, and lying to her that his feelings were dying away. and so its not HER fault if she takes that at face value, its HIS fault for lying. well i can understand why he lied, people go nutters when they are IN LUV, they will say and do ANYTHING.

and yeah when YOU are the one having the feelings, the onus is ON YOU to SAY SOMETHING and say we need to talk, because how are they supposed to know if you dont TELL THEM?

note: i will always luv WOESY and im not BLAMING him, he didnt DESERVE 7 years of pain, but I think we despairers have a terrible skill at inflicting pain on ourselves!

i am like the commenter that wanted to give him a big hug for his sad pathetic story! MW is prob my favorite person, i just like listening to him and i feel a connection with him and i should probably do a skype chat with him.

but yeah i have personal issues with women and so that is why i am always talking about women.

also i wonder how long it took him to get over it AFTER that 7 years. certainly it must have taken another year at least for him to stop thinking about her all the time!

i wonder if he dated or fooked any other women in that time. if so it certainly didnt seem to help!!!!!! he might as well just have stayed celibate for 7 years!

very important woes vidya for me. cuz of my own personal issues with women.

well is it all women or just some women?

well…hard to say. i think all women are Too Promiscuous, so i am happy to meet Some WOmen who arent promiscuous. but then they turn out to be HORRIBLE in other ways. i mean this same person was BOTH the BEST and THE WORST woman i had dealt with in a LONG time. and she was NOT a slut. but it ended MUCH WORSE than it did with some sluts. i mean if sluts are gonna be nicer to me, why not prefer sluts to nonsluts?

so i would say i wasted about 7 months hiding my true feels, better than 7 years i guess hahahahaha.

but i understand completely, and its already taken me TOO LONG to get over this bullshit and i keep telling myself nawalt nawalt nawalt hahahaha. which is funny. its not like she was a slut who dumped me for more exciting me, well i guess technically she will be attracted to more exciting men and never me hahahaha. but the MAIN ISSUE with her is her being a terrible communicator who horribly avoids attempts to communicate.

also i was not as forthcoming about communicating as i should have been.

BUT it was not unreasonable that i wanted to talk in person!

and it WAS unreasonable that she refused to meet in person EVER!

but it WAS unreasonable for me, confronted with THAT, to continue to push for in person, rather than blurt it out.

anyway yeah i guess not all women are like that but i have learned yet another valuable lesson hahahaha.  ok time for a 5 miler hahahaha.

ok did a 5 miler.

funny a woman hurt me more by being a bad communicator, than by being a damn whore.

well i was nto a great communicator either.

also the onus was ON ME, because I was the one who had something to say, I was the one who changed, not her. so the responsibility was on me to talk.

well i wanted to, i sorta tried to, i didnt try hard enough? well i kinda tried too hard in the wrong way. i was pushing too hard for a physical hang out when i should have just blurted it out on email or text or phone.

I LEARNED MY LESSON OK???!?!?!?!?!!!!!???!?!?!?!

white women talk about how its good not to race mix, and Sleeping Around is Detrimental, and then in the comments (or on their other interview with red ice / radio 314 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFeNOFhTAPY ) some black guy says taht white women prefer black guys to white guys because white guys are unmanly pussies; and there is a rumor that the one woman had a black boifran; but havent they all really hahahahaha.

anyway i learned my lesson, i just wish she were nicer to me when she dumped me or at least responded to my damn emails. yeah she was probably NAIVE as was the woman for MW but how hard is it to respond to an email.

but i was OVERBEARING so i didnt DESERVE a response.

damn this shit is so stupid.

well what if i HAD hung out with her then been a huge pussy and not SAID anything?

well lets not go down THAT road.

yeah i could have been better about communicating but so could she.

she could have hung out with me once in 10 months.

well i was stupid for not taking that as a HINT!!!!

well thats what happens when you you fall in luv, you DONT GET SUBTLETY, YOU DONT GET HINTS, you pretty much HAVE to have a talk.

i am just butthurt that i am not man enough to pull a decent white woman, and the best i will ever do is white trash at best hahahaha. with mud babies. but im not man enough to get a better woman!

yeah crazy shit in paris amirite.

ok so i screwed up. i admit that. i did nto communicate well. i let shit get out of control. and it was MY responsibility to communicate because i was the one with the feelings. ok i can accept that. also its not like anything would have changed the outcome. ie, if she liked me too, uhhhh she would have hung otu with me, also


so /pol makes vidyas now? good for them. this looks like good “propaganda” to help save our european brethren

anyway  think we might have turned the peak of peak leftism and people arent as Wilfully Blind as they were 10 years ago even, people are waking up to the fact that wow shit is fooked UP. whether its feminists, or race baiting idiots, or anti free speech pussy college students, or people scared about being called islamophobes while their children are getting raped and blown up etc.

that is, normal average everyday people and even Former Progressive Professionals are waking up and saying hmm maybe i was wrong, maybe all these muslims and feminists and dindus and leftists are not good things after all.

everything that our leftist leaders say is good…..is not good at all.

so in other words, its reached such a boiling point that the Mainstream is deciding to React and Resist!

and then will vote for donald trump who might build a wall against Illegal Aliens, but will prob find other ways to sell USA out to the globalist bankster elite hahahahaha

so there were terror attacks in MADRID in 2014? over 100 killed? where was I? ok that was 2004, 191 dead, march 2004. i was…..i had dropped out of college in my final year like a real big winner. i was in luv with a gurl like a moron. i was still a virgin. i was 10 times more responsible than i was now. i had a nice head of hair. i was kind of a bad boy or enfant terrible in the sense that i drank a lot, smoked a lot of w33d, and had a reputation as an asshole, but also a slightly charming asshole to my friends, and i had more friends than i had had in a while, so that was cool, met some nice people, had a decent social life, pretty fun, BUT i was also an irresponsible idiot re my future, i was being a DEGENERATE, my life was focused on drinkin & smokin & writing embarrassing bukowski ish poetry about luv and being a loser hahahaha. some of the poems were pretty good but i cant believe how stupid i was. also i was not getting any action from women, this women i was FIXATED on, shit i never even dated her, also i was not nearly as good of friends with her as i was with THAT PERSON. she was in my social circle but we never hung out one on one, she never Confided in me, we were never close, she never told me i was a good friend, because i WASNT, i wasnt that close to her. but i did fall hard in luv with her right away!

i dunno. it was cool to have friends but i wasnt really doing anything different, i was just in an environment where there were more people around i could talk to when i was stumbling around drunk hahahaha

so yeah those were some great people but i was not doing myself any favors. also i was certainly not watching the news at that time.

anyway that was 11 years ago hahahaha.

ok so i def related to what MW was saying: i was TOTALLY FIXATED / OBSESSED with HER, she was THE MOST POSITIVE person / aspect of my life, she kept me going, just the thought of her was the most positive encouraging thing ever.

it was insane how i could go from doing Pretty Good in like July 2014 to being a Total Fooking Mess in July 2015. holy shit.

well shit yeah i was overwhelming to her. but but but but. so she never responded to me because she was scared of how i would react to her response. she knew i would just write her another huge email. and she didnt want to deal with that.

well i think that when you want to end a rel, then yes you do have to deal with that. thats the price you pay for choosing to end the rel. you have to talk to the person.

but she knew i would go crazy if she did. therefore she didnt have to.

i dunno i probably would have gone crazy.

well i think when you have feelings for someone, you DO go a bit crazy for them. you get very emotional and you do put them on a pedestal, you do become kind of obsessed with them.

ORRRRRRRR is that what happens when your feelings have been “MARINADING” for TOO long?

now theres a good idea.

so in other words, confess your god damn feelings BEFORE they have time to MARINADE and turn you into an OBSESSED MANIAC.

but say the gurl rejects you and then you still have to see her.

i dunno this was just such a weird situation cuz i had been actual friends with her, and it took so long for the feelings to happen. but then after that it only took a few months before it because a horrible god damn obsession.

MW was having what he seemed to describe as phone talks with his female friend almost every day or every other day.  that was really much more communication than i was haivng with my female friend. i was jsut doing some small talk via text with her. nothing substantial.


so yeah it was partially my fault because i should have said something earlier but my god when you are in luv you are SEVERELY, DESPERATELY, DEVASTATINGLY emotionally compromised and mentally compromised. you cant think straight to save your life. you will walk right into a goddamn speeding bus.

i dunno i wish she just showed a bit more RESPONSIBILITY in this RELATIONSHIP. IT TAKES TWO. i screwed up sure but i still…..well she did what she did because she was scared and overwhelmed. so there’s the emotional compromised for her. i was EC because i was in LUV, she was EC because she was OVERWHELMED.

results: i was devastated totally; and she was annoyed and angered and hated me.

i mean i may get friendly with a woman again, but i cant see myself getting those feelings, or really having a connection, or wanting to be with a woman long term ever again. cuz as i become an older loser, i cant see myself getting close to a woman of that high quality again. just stumpy potato shaped single moms with tramp stamps because they are MY AGE, ie, they were young 9000000 years ago when it was cool for women to get tramp stamps. now it just says to the world, i am a 35 year old slut single mom hahhahahahaha.

trying to stay positive. ITS HARD!

men dont NEED women, but they DO need friends.

well i would say that men DO need women on some level. and they DO need friends too.

men and women were designed by nature to be together. maybe even GOD. but you can still be a damn ungrateful atheist fedora dawkins fag and believe that men and women go together naturally. different, but complementary. a man who mgtows or voluntarily goes without women seems to be missing out on an important part of life.

also i dont expect to ever find a woman who is red pill savvy, and i am more than willing to Train and Educate the woman. HOWEVER, that means you got to get to them YOUNG, before they have taken 90000000 cox! you cant teach an old dog (cat?) new tricks! and she was young enough to be taught. she was teachable. coachable. wawawawawawawawawawawaw. ok gotta go to church and beg to GOD for mercy.

women will have secs with guys they dont even know.

they will have OOPS babies with guys they dont even know.

have oops abortions after having unprotected secs with guys they dont even know.

they have NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE and the fact that they have the power to CREATE LIFE.


nawalt nawalt nawalt! some not all!

its just funny. i think whenever any woman has secs, she does it TOO SOON. whenever i had secs or came close to having secs with a woman, i felt it was TOO SOON. and i was THE MAN. and the WOMAN always wanted to have secs SOONER than i did! yet they are the ones CREATING LIFE! they should be more careful and cautious than me!

why do women have secs with men SO FAST? dont they care about the lives they are creating, or coming dangerously close to creating? do they have that little foresight? do they have that little moral qualms about Abortion? are they THAT stupid and immoral?!

yes yes yes!

well i would say, just to build confidence up from being an omega male, go and have secs with any woman who says yes. then kindly inform them afterwards that you have lost a lot respect for them because they have secs with men they dont even know. then tell them you have herpes and aids and you jsut got them preggers and also youre a clingy needy omega male. with no job and you live at home and youre a balding neckbeard. just to show them what happens when you have secs with men you dont even know.

do you look like a POTATO. if so, thats not good. not a good shape to have for your physique. time to Hit The Gym Fatty.  because do you want a woman that looks like a potato? fook no. i am stealing this from “the cleveland show” where donna insults clevelands mom by saying she looks like a potato. there are a lot of people in thsi world who look like a Potato, are Shaped like a potatoe, and its not a good look.

i have gotten more comfortable going to the Gym and sweating buckets on the treadmill like a fat slob, spending 2 hours on the treadmill, going 7 miles, and losing no weight.


“vocal fry” is a thing leftist journalists write articles about as a way of Old White Men to be Oppressive and Punch Down on the way Women talk, as a way of oppressing women and The Patriarchy Inventing New Ways to Hate Women ahahahaha.

im SORRY i communicated poorly. i accused you of commnicating poorly but i communicated poorly to. the responsibility was on me to say something and i didnt, i just got crazier and crazier and annoyed you more when i should have just come out and said it. i just wish you had treated me better at the end. was it really such a god damn evil thing that i did? was the idea of me having feelings for you that damn disgusting and offensive? couldnt you just say sorry? did our friendship mean anything to you? i know we were on the outs but i really didnt want it to end like such a TRAINWRECK. i communicated like a coward but i didnt want everything to end like that. did i really bring ALL that on myself? part of it yes but not all. i am not entitled to anything from you but i wish you had treated me better.

IM SORRY OK???? i wasnt thinking straight. i had feelings. now this isnt an excuse when someone does something bad like abuse or beat their wife, “i did it bc i luv u!!!!” but i didnt beat or abuse you, at worst i was annoying in not saying something, i dont think thats quite the same level of abuse. i dont think you HAD to react so negatively to this. i wish you had just said AW, IM SORRY, i dont feel the same way, sorry, instead of treating me like a total piece of shit. so i was cowardly. i admit it. i wont be so cowardly in the future. did you HAVE to be so mean?

im sorry i was so cowardly and annoying when you were having tough times with your family. but did this mean you had to stop communicating with me altogether? if you wanted to end the rel, and its clear you did, i really wish you had just told me. ending a relationship without TELLING the other person can really hurt their feelings. damn.

ok enough of my letter hahaha. yeah its HARD to get feelings for women. and once you get feels for one, its HARD to get rid of them, and HARD to transition to a new woman. i mean i LIKE having feels for women…..except when they are unreturned and or leading to grief, which is always.

had a weird dream i was with a male high school friend i havent seen in over 10 years, good guy but i felt i was always wearing a mask or playing a role with him, but he was a good guy and probably became a successful engineer. in the dream i was going along with him to hs friends house where we we going to “smoke some K” and i had no idea what “K” was. it was either “special K” or “ketamine” which was more well known about 10 years ago, or it was PCP, which i think is like ketamine anyway. and i was like jeeez why cant people just smoke weed or drink? i dont want to smoke weed with “K” on it!!!!!! but the implication was, there will be some slutty girls there, and if you smoke PCP, then they will give up that slutty pvssy to you, if you don’t, youre a wimp. I sighed and took one puff of the PCP/K/ whatever. I felt it turned me into a complete idiot, completely incoherent, although I was not nervous or anxious, so that was good. the people were total white trash and I knew both me and my friend could do a lot better than this, we didnt NEED to hang out with white trash just to Get Laid, it wasnt worth it, or to do shitty drugs. why were we even here.  also i did not get any action from the white trash gurls hahahaha.

anyway. im not blameless. i have a lot of issues to work on myself. shit is just painful though, going day by day waiting for your feelings for someone to die. i wonder how long it took MW after the initial 7 years. it sounded like she ended the rel with MW after she fell in luv with this guy, and MW went nuts. hey im not judging. i recently went nuts myself. i am gonna try to double muh dose of SSRIs hahahaha. i quit muh job because i couldnt handle my emotions about a Broken Heart. Granted That Person worked with me 10 feet away, i couldnt escape her, and it was a VERY BAD TRAINWRECK of a dumping, as bad as it gets. maybe she wanted me to quit. she certainly didnt try to get me to come back! i could be fookin DEAD for all she knows! and she doesnt CARE! you dont have to like me, it would be nice if you CARED if your Good Friend was alive or dead! jeeeeez! i will NEVER do this to a person, also i will NEVER let things get to this point again.

anyway i would luv mw to do a follow up to that vid.

man of the year

dont blame yourself so much woesy! sure you were living in a fantasy world but is that so wrong? you wanted luv! certainly she had actually BEEN IN relationships and should HOPEFULLY be a little more emotionally intelligent as to the feels you are signalling to her! even if she is “NAIVE” to the “obsessive nature of men” etc. its not EITHER OR, ALL OR NOTHING, either she is an evil bitch 100% to blame, or you are a lying coward 100% to blame! WHY NOT BOTH? you could have acted smarter………BUT SO COULDVE SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! its great that you recognize your role…..but dont FULLY absolve her of HERS!!!!!!

there are bigger fish to fry than mgtow woman hating shit. but i am obsessed about that shit too because of my own personal issues with women: heartbreak and disappointment. HUGE. also i DO like to slut shame because i think being a slut IS shameful! how about KNOWING the guy who is showering your eggs with sperm?

to paraphrase the QT Reactionary Gurl “The Truth Will Live” who i am sorta woman hating towards because she has too much attention from us lonely reactionary men, and she’s a j00, but she expressed the simple point that its terrible that sex has been made more abotu recreation than procreation. hardly the first person to say that, but thats exactly whats happening, and i’m making the same point when i say: WOMEN, DONT FORGET YOU CAN GET PREGNANT. AND GETTING PREGNANT IS A HUGE DEAL.

cuz when women have casual sex, it sends the message that they DONT care they can get pregnant!

also i get a lot more woman hating seeming when i dont have any female friends. having a female friend really PROVES to MYSELF that i am not a huge woman hater, that i can relate to women as human beings. this is hard to do when i have NO female friends anymore. which is why i need to have at least TWO female friends at all times, in case one GOES DOWN IN FLAMES.

it has been….4 months (120 days?) since The End, and about 3 months (90 days) since i Initiated Contact (with the final email, and received no response) and i feel……well still a ball of emotionz but slowly getting over it. the no contact helps you get over it. if i were to contact her now, i wouldnt go back to square one, but i would definitely lose a few WEEKS or so. just not worth it. and what am i gonna do? Apologize again? every time i contacted her i was apologizing and groveling like a bitch. apologizing just did nothing. well because i proved i wasnt really sorrry because i kept bugging her. because i really wanted to talk. yeah i get it, i should have blurted it out, i was wrong in not blurting it out. but i wish she could have agreed to hang out with me once in ten months, or respond to my damn first email, or just been kinder and gentler to me at the end. kind and gentle rejections are hard enough for me; mean and nasty trainwreck rejections are ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING.