that you are a terrible person, who did something terrible, to force the person to dump you in such a terrible way.

it is very bad for the confidence of a secure normie. it is DEVASTATING for somebody who is not super secure/confident. you always want to blame yourself. WHAT DID I DO THAT WAS SO BAD? you think you HAD to. that nobody would dump a person like this if they didn’t deserve it.

ESPECIALLY if that person didn’t seem like the type to do something like that ever. and she didn’t seem like that. so yeah i blamed myself. i was too this or too that.


” Texting is easier than having a face to face conversation because you aren’t directly confronted with the other person’s emotions. Because of this, sending a text may seem like the easiest way of telling the former man of your dreams that your relationship has become a nightmare, but ending it with a text message tells him that what you once shared means so little to you now that he isn’t even worth a phone call.

there’s also one on AVOIDING as well.

this is coming from a super girly source too. even women think this is bad. theoretically.


medical experts at webmd advise Teens to break up in person, don’t do a text, you want to avoid “arguments and tears” so you’re tempted to avoid them, but dont do it! that is very disrespectful and even more hurtful! (i concur. i would have LIKED even a text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


even shitlords at huffpo say DONT “become invisible.”

eh. its been about…..115 days since we “broke up” and about 85 days since i sent the last email.

maybe when she Like Likes a guy, she DOES have sex with him without even knowing him, within 1 month or less of meeting him, like all the other average damn whores hahahahahaha.

but yeah we actually had something special for a while. from about….. i dunno, how about summer 2013 to fall 2014. even though things were good at the very beginning, it takes TIME to really get to know and trust somebody; also near the end, she had just checked out and i didn’t want to believe it.


basically every expert or pseudo expert says dont text them, dont avoid them, try to be nice and not hurt their feelings, because why would you want to hurt someone? you wouldnt want to be hurt. put yourself in their shoes! empathize!



they start mentioning the research study

” University of Kansas psychologists Tara Collins and Omri Gillath conducted a series of studies to test out a 7-strategy relationship breakup measure and then, in turn, to examine which strategies worked more effectively than others”

” In general, if you were to pick the best relationship-ending strategy, it would be open confrontation, and if you wanted to pick the worst, it would be either avoidance/withdrawal or distant/mediated communication. ”




oh lord gillaths psych lab on intimate relationships, should been a phd student at kansas hahahaha


the actual paper mentioned, gillath collins 2012


decent article from the rel “Experts” at eharmony

“While breaking up can be awkward, if you keep your boyfriend or girlfriend around just because you dread the breakup conversation, then you’re just going to wind up becoming bitter toward this person for not taking the hint. She might fool herself [himself hahaha] for quite a while that the relationship is working because she’s blinded by love (or fear).”

good job guys.

so yeah i keep hoping she will see the light and come back to me and say im sooo sorry i was soooo wrong, but that is extremely unlikely, that never happens, she is probably enjoying life and getting fooked by exciting guys she just met. this is what women call ADVENTURE and EXCITEMENT and not being BORING. is code for they want to be a huge slut and ABUSE AND DEFILE the Natural Function of their Babymaker.

why cant i be a slut? because you can get pregnant, and pregnant is a big fookin deal, YOU IGNORANT SLUT!

women are so brainwashed/stupid they dont even realize that getting pregnant is a big deal.

i think this is a consequence of feminist marxist brainwashing and also wide availability of the pill and abortionz. if you took away abortionz, women would be a LOT more SCARED of getting pregnant, and they WOULD be less slutty.

yeah it sucks that we have to manipulate them through FEAR….but i don’t think anything else would WORK!

was i needy? yeah a little. i was texting more and inviting more. but i WAS trying to limit myself so as not to be NEEDY. and i dont think its NEEDY to want to TALK. however i should have just said WE NEED TO TALK. usually that means someone is gonna get broken up with. if i had said that, she prob would have dumped me right then and there. but at least it would be talked about, and would happen sooner rather than later.

but yeah i just have a type, i like women in their 20s with long legs and pale untanned pasty white skin. and nice Apple Bottoms on their long legs. long legs usually go along with long arms and long fingers. i just really dont like stumpy legs, arms, fingers. is that such a problem. BUT THATS SEXIST, YOU SHITLORD!!!! that is a form of RAEP towards non body normative wxmxn identified!!!

heres my jewish buddy dr omri gillath phd on youtube giving a lecture hahahaha he does not have a lot of vidyas

oh god a tedx talk on marriage 2.0 by a woman, certainly she must be advocating ((((((( POLYAMORY )))))))) hahahahaha.  take all the dicks! abort all the babeez! no im not sure what she says. i actually want to listen to this one.

so yeah. i still want her to Come Back; which still tempts me to contact her and beg her to come back. of course i know that is a terrible idea! but i wish i would stop WANTING this, just ERASE her from my mind altogether. damn.

if i made a new female friend who was even better than she was, i wouldnt be able to get feelings for her……because my feelings for THAT PERSON are not OVER yet. i have not gotten over her yet. and you cant have feelings for a new person, NO MATTER HOW AWESOME THEY ARE, until you have gotten over the previous person.

that was partially why i did not get feeligns for HER right away!

its just simply hard living life without her becuase she was so important to me. a big part of my life. and i told her, gave her big hints, specifically telling her in writing in december 2014 at the latest: “you are very important to me, i care about you a lot, we have been friends for a while now, and i only appreciate you more and more, i hope we can become even closer in the future, and spend more time together. you mean a lot to me and are one of my favorite people.”

i told her that in december 2014. in writing. in a ridiculous crimmus card. that i think she said made her cry. whoopee. anyway i laid it on pretty thick there, didnt come right out and say “I LIKE YOU” but i had never really said things like that to her before, so it was clear there was a change, that i was putting more into the rel. so i wish she had responded to these ideas at all. like if she said “I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!!” that would be a very good sign.

she could have also said “does this mean you like like me? lets talk about this. it looks and feels like things are changing. lets hang out over crimmus away from stupid work and have a nice heart to heart talk” hahahahahaha

people get FIRED ALL THE TIME even when they are working their hardest, because they cant meet ridiculous demands from management. produce more and more and more with no training. oops, not good enough, youre fired. your best isnt good enough.


had a weird but not horrible dream, where i and some friends had won a vacation to what seemed to be a super luxurious hotel resort in vegas or something. not the type of thing i really care about, but it was interesting and not unpleasant. the main thing i remember is that bob dylan was just hanging out in like a kiosk in the middle of a stream of people, and he played a version of a newer song, not sure what, or if it was even a song, in bob dylan style, and nobody recognized it, but he looked right at me and winked and pointed at me, because he knew i knew what the song was. then i went around boasting that bob dylan had pointed at me.

weird because im not a huge bob dylan fan. OR a modern music fan. so if he played a cover of a modern song, i would prob not know it. plus people usually do covers of bob dylans songs, not the other way around. this made no sense. UNLESS bob dylan is a symbol of another Elder Statesman Iconic Singer Songwriter, which was the Big Event which was the last time i talked to That Person. now this person i like much more than bob dylan. and i remember a story where this person played a cover version of some retarded top 10 song last year.

now ive always liked this artist and always will, but unfort have to take a break from him because he reminds me too much of HER. and i am kinda mad at HER for ruining HIM for me. how ridiculous. my rel with HER essentially ended at a concert of a very iconic singer songwriter. not bob dylan tho hahahahahahaha. but a guy who came like 5 or 7 years after dylan.

hey if you want to get out of this rel, TELL ME. i obviously DONT want to get out of the rel, thats why I keep trying to make it work.

women dump you because they get in an argument with you and it never occurs to them that you can work it out by talking about it, trying to compromise. theyd rather throw you away and pick someone else. its PAINFUL to be DISPOSED OF and REPLACED like that. you might not be super awesome like drake or whatever, but you know you’re not THAT shitty!

no i hate drake hes a huge n199er f4990t hahahahaha.

heh i looked up the place my male friend from the job worked at before, and he said it sucked and the current place was better, which i found hard to believe, but sure enough there was like 15 google reviews saying “THIS IS THE WORST PLACE EVER, TERRIBLE SERVICE, THEY ARE INCOMPETENT, GIVE US LAME EXCUSES, DONT DO THEIR JOB, NEVER RETURN CALLS OF EMAILS. WORST COMPANY EVER.” i noticed they were hiring for a job that looked like his old job hahahahahaha. what do you do when your company doesnt want to be held accountable? he said he was pretty much told to like or make up stories for the callers and he didnt like that and i dont blame him!

its amazing that businesses can be run like this and dont go out of business QUICKLY. maybe its a front for black market money laundering hahahahaha. that would be one logical explanation. cuz they sure dont seem to be providing value for their customers.

angry customers, who are RIGHTFULLY angry, and you just blow them off, pass the buck, dodge all accountability, becuase everyone from top to bottom is incompetent, and no one is accountable. just put the lowest people in impossible position, fire them, force them to quit, hire another lost soul like me hahahahaha.

google how to lie to a customer hahahahahaha


customers lie; customer service people lie; everybody lies;


” i lie to customers all day every day, because that is what the job requires me to do” yikes




did a 5 miler

yeah i was def OVERBEARING and too INTENSE and too much to HANDLE and too NEEDY to her, so it makes sense that she was overwhlemed and didnt know how to handle me, didnt want to handle me, just wanted to avoid the situation and hope it went away in time.

why was i so intense and needy to her?

because i was in LUV with her!

why was i in luv with her?

because i knew and trusted her and had a foundation with her and she was very special and important to me. i valued her.

why did i know and trust and value her?

because we had been friends for a long time.

why had we been friends for long time?

because we got along well and very naturally.

why did we get along well?

becuase we were on the same page and had a lot of similarities.

why were we on the same page?

i dunno, because we had similar values and similar personalities. now it starts getting circular.

so basically the root cause is, we were SIMILAR. we had a lot in COMMON. we could relate to each other very easily.

and then that stopped.

well i dont think we STOPPED having a lot in common! we still had a lot in COMMON, she just didnt want me to be in love with her. fine thats fair.

and yeah i didnt need to luv her SO MUCH…..but i have always been desperate to luv a woman, to get a gf, etc.

but yeah i dont think she MEANT to THROW ME AWAY, she jsut wanted to AVOID me because she didnt know how to DEAL with my intensity. but it still FELT like getting thrown away! and that hurts intensely!!!!!!

i could have reduced the intensity by just _________________ . you guessed it, BLURTING IT OUT MONTHS EARLIER. ABOUT 5 MONTHS EARLIER EVEN. 150 days.

but yeah i read stuff i wrote before the big change, and i wish i could go back to those simple peaceful days. i truly did not have deeper feelings, it was totally not killing me, i thought about her sometimes but not a lot, i wanted to Bang other women. then i started wondering well why NOT, why am i NOT attracted to her? then she became single and started dating a new guy, and then i had damn feelings and everything changed and now i CANT STOP thinking about her. before i fell in luv i NEVER thought about her this much.

i wonder if she will find a good man and get married to him, of course she certainly COULD, ALL women CAN before they get too damn OLD. or will she do what her mother did and have dramatic, not very long relationships with The Wrong Type Of Men. Deadbeat Badboiz. well, she (That Person) had a long rel with kinda a badboi. where she luved him more than he luved her. but he never cheated i dont think. he was just distant and not very luving.

like why do not companies fix the equipment their workers need to get the job done? like have not enough forklifts, or broken down forklifts, in the LTL less than truckload distribution centers where pallets need to be moved in and out of truck trailers. they do not want to spend the money to fix a lightbulb let alone a TRUCK that is FALLING APART. because it COSTS MONEY to FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT. holy shit. its stuff like this that makes me furious.

i have no idea how companies like this can stay in business, how their customers dont leave them for the competition. cuz this company treats their employees like shit too of course.

today i thought of another woman i used to work with and how she was attractive, in her 20s, and i wouldnt mind banging her. then i thought, wow, just a young womans naked bod pressed up against me would be good, BUT it could also trick muh oxytocin into firing up and getting feelings. i blame the oxytocin. how can you kill your oxytocin.


so, have S with a lot of women then.

however that is hard to do for a man! only a few top alpha men like roosh v are actually TIRED of banging TOO MANY cute young gurls!

roosh has got it all out of his system and he is FINALLY focusing on more important things, like The Future Of The West. He only had to bang 9000000000000000 cute young girls to get there!

i only had to bang 1 hahahaha. and get muh heart totally REKT a number of times.

ive never worked a proper POS cash register, just the shittiest cash register. i never had to count muh own cash register, i never even had a computerized POS that had credit and debit cards, shit. so now i am using google to train myself SELF TRAIN on how to do a pos.

MW, MGTOW video i seem to have overlooked

Todd Magnusson 1 year ago (edited)
I don’t think MGTOW is extremely bad, but not an end all-be all for “red pill” men.

I got to give it to Rollo in his book The Rational Male, 12 years of research and he nails it down pretty well— The problem is primarily male and social imprinted. We let ourselves believe women are romantic as men. Men saying to a girl “you are so romantic,” said no man ever. The belief that women share the level of idealization of their partner that men do is far from reality. I know this first hand because the first girl I ever loved to my core, was the one I loved more than myself, and even a decade later still love deep down, but the truth is its a delusional pursuit. Loving a girl more then yourself is like putting the cart before the horse. Girls and women want to be lead, want things to be asserted, not do lead and be asserting.

Men must hold themselves higher, never get too comfortable, never sell their dignity down the river, never give all their heart to a woman. Their always has to be plates spinning, and I think some men just don’t feel the effort is worth it, and frankly I don’t blame them, most women aren’t worth it. No man enjoys always “keeping frame.” That is why there is MGTOW.  ”

yeah buddy